Renegade Rip, issue 3, March 6, 2024

Campus news publication of Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, Calif.

Campus news publication of Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, Calif.


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The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong><br />

Vol. 101∙ No. 3 Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Bakersfield College<br />

Pesky campus<br />

visitors?<br />

News, Page 2<br />

Introducing BC’s<br />

new president<br />

News, Page 3<br />

Opinion, Page 7<br />

Meet L.U.P.E.<br />

“Noises Off” full of<br />

fabulous chaos<br />

Campus, Page 6<br />


New automated coffee machine installed in the main campus<br />

Dining Commons.<br />

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News<br />

Page 2<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Is open campus a safety concern?<br />

By Joscelyn Martinez<br />

Reporter<br />

A vendor selling jewelry and clothes<br />

on campus was robbed during a transaction<br />

on Feb. 14 at around 12 p.m.<br />

While Campus Safety and police officers<br />

were unable to answer any questions,<br />

a few students witnessed the end<br />

of the robbery.<br />

“I was walking in the parking lot by<br />

the baseball field when a man got tackled<br />

by police,” said Carmen Gallegos, a<br />

fellow BC <strong>Rip</strong> reporter. “He had a red<br />

shirt and a cowboy hat; I was shocked<br />

to see it.”<br />

Details are still limited due to the recent<br />

nature of the event and ongoing<br />

investigation.<br />

Many vendors, clubs, organizations<br />

and religious groups come to Bakersfield<br />

College to promote their items or<br />

ideas. But is an open campus becoming<br />

more of a concern than an actual<br />

benefit?<br />

A few days before this, a recent email<br />

thread was shared amongst students,<br />

revealing an anonymous report that<br />

was made by a woman who claimed<br />

to have witnessed three other women<br />

approach students at night and ask religious-based<br />

questions.<br />

Executive Director of College Safety<br />

Joseph Grubbs claimed to have heard<br />

very few reports or complaints like this<br />

one. “We have had very few similar reports,”<br />

Grubbs said. “Bakersfield College<br />

is an open campus, and we have<br />

people who are not students who utilize<br />

the campus for things such as walking<br />

their dogs, visiting for dinner, etc.”<br />

Grubbs concluded his statement by<br />

saying that there have been “few incidents<br />

of those activities interfering with<br />

students.”<br />

While BC doesn’t have a prominent<br />

history of crime or harassment, that<br />

doesn’t mean its slate is necessarily<br />

clean.<br />

“I remember starting to walk home<br />

from campus and there were a group<br />

of religious protestors by the cafeteria,”<br />

said Luiz Negvete, a BC freshman. “I<br />

ignored it and walked home; they didn’t<br />

look like student protestors, it was kind<br />

of weird.”<br />

In the email sent to students by College<br />

Safety, they reminded all students<br />

that it is okay to set boundaries and<br />

“not engage in conversations you’re not<br />

comfortable with.”<br />


A man holding a sign proclaiming<br />

his beliefs at BC’s campus.<br />

Kern County’s fentanyl crisis<br />

By Kaley Soren<br />

Reporter<br />

A new study shows Kern County has<br />

more than doubled the amount of fentanyl-related<br />

traffic fatalities per capita<br />

than any other county in the California.<br />

The numbers, released by car insurance<br />

company Jerry, are yet another<br />

development in the county’s ongoing<br />

fentanyl crisis.<br />

However, fentanyl isn’t the only<br />

substance impairing drivers involved<br />

in crashes. Jerry found Kern also has<br />

the most alcohol-related crashes per<br />

capita in California. Additionally, the<br />

same study found that the county has<br />

the most fatal crashes involving pedestrians<br />

per capita. In total, Jerry found<br />

that 29.8% of crashes in Kern County<br />

involved alcohol, 8.3% involved drugs<br />

and 2.3% involved extreme speed.<br />

The data, gathered from the National<br />

Highway Traffic Safety Administration,<br />

was data collected from between<br />

2018-2021. Students at Bakersfield<br />

College may not be strangers to the<br />

epidemic, which is why the school is<br />

prepared in case of a drug-related<br />

emergency.<br />

According to Joseph Grubbs, Executive<br />

Director of College Safety at BC,<br />

officers on campus have begun training<br />

for these situations. “We just trained<br />

all our officers in the use of and <strong>issue</strong>d<br />

each a dosage of Naloxone, otherwise<br />

known as Narcan,” Grubbs wrote to<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong>. “Officers carry the<br />

Narcan on their uniforms as part of<br />

their <strong>issue</strong>d safety equipment.”<br />

Additionally, there are steps one can<br />

take to avoid becoming another statistic<br />

in Kern County’s fentanyl crisis.<br />

“Most important thing is to not use any<br />

substance that they do not know from<br />

where it came,” wrote Grubbs. “So if<br />

they are at a party and something is offered<br />

to them, legal (what appears to be<br />

a pharmaceutical) or illegal, do not accept<br />

it. Only use substances from a legitimate<br />

source like a pharmacy or over<br />

the counter boxed and sealed medications.”<br />

The BC Student Health Wellness<br />

Center also offers resources in case of<br />

an emergency, including first aid, mental<br />

health crisis intervention and medical<br />

care provided by a family nurse<br />

practitioner. For more information, visit<br />

their website.

Page 3<br />

News<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Introducing Dr. Jerry Fliger<br />

By Julian Caro<br />

Editor-in-Cheif<br />

A new epoch approaches Bakersfield<br />

College (BC), with the arrival of<br />

new President Dr. Jerry Fliger; officially<br />

marking the much-anticipated end of a<br />

two-year search for a new president.<br />

A permanent solution was found<br />

in Dr. Fliger, after former President<br />

(current Chancellor of the California<br />

Community Colleges) Sonya Christian,<br />

vacated the position nearly two years<br />

ago.<br />

Already confirmed by the Kern Community<br />

College District (KCCD) Board<br />

of Trustees during their Jan. 23 board<br />

meeting; he will look to begin his threeyear<br />

term on <strong>March</strong> 11.<br />

Dr. Fliger who was the previous<br />

interim president at College of the<br />

Mainland, located in Texas, cited BC<br />

as being a “comprehensive community<br />

college that embraces” its community,<br />

as appealing to him to apply for<br />

the position. Despite his previous stay<br />

in the Lone Star state, he understands<br />

that being the president of BC will not<br />

be a one-man job, acknowledging that<br />

“leadership is about achieving a mission<br />

by listening to folks.” The mission<br />

at BC is put simply, with the mantra “Is<br />

it serving our students?” He touts this<br />

as being his “north star” when making<br />

any decisions for BC.<br />

Further speaking about his leadership<br />

style, he said, “I lead by principles, not<br />

by preferences,” explaining that preferences<br />

change in accordance with mood,<br />

whereas principles remain constant. He<br />

hopes that this approach will make it so<br />

that others will already know what he<br />

plans to do on a given subject.<br />

One of these principles is to foster<br />

an environment of open communication.<br />

He understands the uncertainty<br />

brought upon with change, and therefore<br />

spoke on his strategy in which,<br />

“You meet them where they’re at.”<br />

Furthermore, he plans to hold open<br />

forums every month at the Panorama<br />

Campus and additionally at each satellite<br />

campus (Delano, Southwest, Arvin),<br />

as well as hosting an open forum for<br />

students in the hopes of learning “what<br />

we BC can improve in and what we’re<br />

doing right.”<br />

He shared that he wants to be available<br />

for the community, “it’s about<br />

building bridges of opportunity to<br />

make families feel comfortable with BC<br />

by creating events that bring them to<br />

campus.”<br />

Dr. Fliger is set to start his term on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 11.<br />

P9 parking lot closure update<br />

By Angela Medina<br />

Reporter<br />

BC’s P9 parking lot has been subject<br />

to ongoing construction for awhile now.<br />

With P9’s limitations, expect to still see<br />

construction trucks for just a few more<br />

weeks.Executive Director of College<br />

Safety, Joseph Grubbs stated, “Construction<br />

shouldn’t take too long, 3-4<br />

more weeks.”<br />

Once the parking lot is completed,<br />

students will have plenty of more parking<br />

availability. Students can also expect<br />

an alternative way to get to class, since<br />

there is only so much parking. When<br />

P9 is completed, “students will need to<br />

cross the road, south of the pool from<br />

P8, which will take several weeks during<br />

which there will be no vehicular or foot<br />

traffic” added Grubbs.<br />

Ongoing construction is expected<br />

soon. Grubbs also stated that we can<br />

expect more parking disruptions for the<br />

next two years. “The P6 (stadium) parking<br />

lot is expected to last around two<br />

years and a large portion of P7 will also<br />

be lost.” With these upcoming projects<br />

and P7’s loss, this will be due to possible<br />

student housing to break ground May<br />

<strong>2024</strong>.<br />

With an exciting chance in planned<br />

student housing, students can look forward<br />

to more opportunities in education<br />

and day-to-day living. Even though<br />

construction could be a hassle now, BC<br />

is working towards a new look to the<br />

main campus.<br />

BC student Calvin Hodges stated<br />


The front view of P9’s closure<br />

that he is “excited for the new look,<br />

even though parking is a little difficult, I<br />

would prefer a more modern campus.”<br />

It is clear parking will be an <strong>issue</strong><br />

for the foreseeable future. Although<br />

College Safety ensures they will do everything<br />

to keep those disruptions as<br />

manageable as possible.<br />

Even though students are faced with<br />

day-to-day parking restrictions, they<br />

can expect a greater outcome.<br />

Whether one loses their favorite parking<br />

spot or cannot park in their favorite<br />

parking lot, a few solutions can involve<br />

getting up earlier to beat traffic or taking<br />

a shorter route to campus to ensure<br />

one can cooperate with BC’s parking<br />

limitations.<br />

Despite possible parking incapability,<br />

it is important to remember this will<br />

eventually end and students can look<br />

forward to a new BC campus.

Page 4<br />

Sportss<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Softball, There’s<br />

Nothing Soft About It<br />

Angela Medina<br />

Reporter<br />

<strong>Renegade</strong> softball showed<br />

out at their latest game at<br />

home with a dominating<br />

doubleheader against Allan<br />

Hancock. These girls finished<br />

with a score of 15-0 in game<br />

1 and game 2 finished with a<br />

score of 8-3. As soon as those<br />

bats clinched the air, BC was<br />

off to a great start with game 1<br />

consisting of four runs on five<br />

hits. Number six, utility player,<br />

Emily Hernandez scored<br />

multiple points in game one<br />

following them shutting out<br />

Hancock with fifteen runs on<br />

zero hits. As the game went<br />

on its thirty-minute recess,<br />

the crowd gathered their<br />

snacks from the concession<br />

stand and eagerly waited for<br />

the <strong>Renegade</strong>s to arrive at<br />

game 2 with another victory.<br />

As game 2 began, the <strong>Renegade</strong>’s<br />

first strikeout was by<br />

pitcher, Savannah Figueroa.<br />

In true <strong>Renegade</strong> fashion,<br />

all players played their best<br />

and shined throughout the<br />

entire game. With the crowd<br />

cheering for Bakersfield College,<br />

the game became more<br />

exciting and captivated the<br />

audience. As three batters<br />

were up, three were down.<br />


THE RIP<br />

Bakersfield<br />

<strong>Renegade</strong>s and<br />

Allan Hancock<br />

standing for the<br />

National Anthem.<br />

A single was then secured<br />

by number one, Sadie Salas.<br />

That was then followed by<br />

an RBI single by the number<br />

four hitter, outfielder, Camille<br />

Chavez. After those defining<br />

scores, pitcher, Savannah<br />

Figueroa, led the game with<br />

a total of 7 strikeouts. A true<br />

star and sophomore coming<br />

from Independence High<br />

School. After the game, 2nd<br />

base, Alyna Ruiz, said, “the<br />

energy was up and I’m glad<br />

we got our game back and<br />

we look forward to more wins<br />

at home with the biggest energy<br />

yet”. Another player,<br />

infield star, Sadie Salas also<br />

said that this game “was incredible”.<br />

When asked what<br />

we can look forward to this<br />

season, Salas said “Moving<br />

forward, we will keep pushing<br />

and it will be nothing<br />

but progress.” Whether they<br />

were dominating the field or<br />

getting worked up by Missy<br />

Elliot’s ‘Work it’ these players<br />

zoomed through the field<br />

and left no room for the visitors<br />

to score. As <strong>Renegade</strong><br />

softball picked up their sixth<br />

win of the season, they will<br />

be continuing their quest this<br />

weekend by playing Cuesta<br />

College.<br />

<strong>2024</strong> Dodgers<br />

Sports Buzz<br />

Gesus Garcia<br />

Sports Editor<br />

After a shock defeat to the<br />

Arizona Diamondbacks in<br />

the 2023 MLB playoffs, the<br />

Los Angeles Dodgers made<br />

it a priority to upgrade the<br />

bats that went cold & the<br />

pitching that served batting<br />

practice last October. As of<br />

Feb. 28, the Dodgers have<br />

spent over $1 billion dollars<br />

in free agency, a number<br />

that has seen criticism from<br />

people around MLB. The<br />

Dodgers began the offseason<br />

by making superstar designated<br />

hitter/pitcher Shohei<br />

Ohtani. The two-way Japanese<br />

sensation received<br />

a 10-year contract worth<br />

$700 million dollars. While<br />

Ohtani won’t pitch in <strong>2024</strong><br />

due to elbow surgery, he will<br />

be inserted right into the<br />

all-star caliber lineup and is<br />

among the favorites to win<br />

NL MVP. The other major<br />

acquisitions were made on<br />

the pitching side. On Dec.<br />

15, the Dodgers gambled on<br />

a trade that brought Tampa<br />

Bay Rays ace Tyler Glasnow<br />

to southern California.<br />

When healthy, Glasnow is<br />

among the top 5-10 pitchers<br />

in the league. But injuries<br />

have plagued his career, and<br />

he is yet to pitch over 120 innings<br />

in a season when the<br />

average is 170. Although<br />

Glasnow boosted the pitching<br />

rotation to an extent, it<br />

would not be the final domino<br />

on the Dodger offseason.<br />

On Dec. 27, the Dodgers<br />

signed Japanese superstar<br />

Yoshinobu Yamamoto to<br />

a 12-year contract worth<br />

$325 million dollars. The<br />

25-year-old had pitched in<br />

Gesus Garcia<br />

the NPB (Japan’s version<br />

of MLB) since he was 19.<br />

Now, he is expected to be<br />

the Dodgers’ #1 pitcher<br />

right out of the gate. Looking<br />

forward to the upcoming<br />

season, it is easy to see<br />

why the Dodgers are the<br />

betting favorites to win the<br />

<strong>2024</strong> World Series. Most<br />

of the core that won 100<br />

games in the regular season<br />

return besides designated<br />

hitter J.D. Martinez, who is<br />

replaced by Ohtani. However,<br />

the rotation did see a<br />

vast change throughout the<br />

offseason with the additions<br />

of Yamamoto, Glasnow,<br />

and fellow free agent acquisition<br />

James Paxton. More<br />

likely than not, the Dodgers<br />

will win their 11th NL<br />

West title in the last 12 seasons,<br />

yet this is a franchise<br />

still looking for their first<br />

full season World Series title<br />

since 1988. All in all, the<br />

<strong>2024</strong> season will be defined<br />

by their performance in the<br />

MLB playoffs. Whether<br />

unfair or not, the $1 billion<br />

offseason has placed a<br />

humongous target on their<br />

back, and it will be up to<br />

them to overcome the ghost<br />

of October.

Page 5<br />

Campus<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Coffee bot opens business<br />

By Brandon Pearce<br />

Reporter<br />

A brand new Coffee Robot was just<br />

opened for business inside of Bakersfield<br />

College. The robot features a<br />

multitude of options differing from hot<br />

chocolate to coffee. A full service is provided<br />

as one would pick their preferred<br />

drink and watch the robot make their<br />

orders.<br />

The design of the robot features a<br />

sleek white outside with a big window<br />

for the customer to look in as the robot<br />

makes their coffee.<br />

The process of ordering a coffee is<br />

very unique and many customers are<br />

happy with their experience. The initial<br />

process of ordering the coffee starts<br />

with the tablet on the side. Picking a<br />

drink from its menu can be as easy as<br />

choosing the most popular. Once an order<br />

is placed the robot starts to make<br />

the drink. The Orders are placed in a<br />

holding area in which then the customer<br />

will scan their receipt and receive<br />

their drink. The experience was overall<br />

well received with students at Bakersfield<br />

College. One student, Jorge Gutierrez<br />

says, “watching the robot make<br />

my drink was a really cool experience”.<br />

The robot was opened to the public<br />

with a launch period giving the first 50<br />

people to arrive a free drink. This allowed<br />

for many of the students to get<br />

familiar with the robot and try out the<br />

brand-new technology.<br />

The size and portion of the coffees<br />

are all the same. With the cups being<br />

recyclable, it is being generally received<br />

positively amongst the students. Lily<br />

Smyth, a student at Bakersfield College<br />

said, “I love the recyclable cups, and the<br />

coffee is really good and cheap”. The<br />

price ranges from around three dollars<br />

to five. The drinks are priced differently<br />

based on the type.<br />

Overall speed in which the robot<br />

makes the coffee is slow. Since the machine<br />

can only make one at a time if<br />

there are multiple orders in, it takes<br />

longer to finish. The one-armed robot<br />

takes its time making each cup with every<br />

process being automatic.<br />

The Coffee Robot provides an alternative<br />

to other options to students at<br />

Bakersfield College.<br />


Inside of the Coffee Bot machine<br />

BC hosts Paint Night hangout<br />

By Mario Saldana<br />

Reporter<br />

The BCSGA hosted their annual<br />

paint night on Feb. 13, and it was a<br />

night filled with painting, music, and<br />

fun for many Bakersfield College students.<br />

Students stayed late at night on campus,<br />

painting for a chance to win a<br />

‘swipe bag’ filled with goodies. Five art<br />

pieces made by students were chosen at<br />

the end of the night.<br />

Students took advantage of the freeto-all<br />

event to hang out with friends,<br />

and couples even used it as a date night.<br />

Students with backgrounds in art or<br />

people just looking to have fun took<br />

part in the competition. Melissa and<br />

Shaun, students who were both at Paint<br />

Night, thought it was a great idea to use<br />

the free event as a date.<br />

“We’re both here because we are on a<br />

date, and what else can beat eating free<br />

food and painting for some free food,”<br />

Melissa said.<br />


Kira Pham-Arreola and Robyn Franco using Paint<br />

Night as a event to hangout.<br />

The event wasn’t just for lovers or<br />

companions, as students were also there<br />

to hangout with their friends. They enjoyed<br />

painting and meeting new people.<br />

“We’re both here to hang out with<br />

friends, have fun, and have a great night<br />

with our friends and stuff,” said Genesis<br />

Cruz, one of the art winners, and Galilea<br />

Cruz. Both joined the event to have<br />

a place to hang out with their friends<br />

and have something to do.<br />

Bella Saldivar, BCSGA Director of<br />

Student Activities, said that is the point<br />

of the event, not only for students to<br />

have a chance to win some prizes, but<br />

also a fun way to destress and have the<br />

strong BC community show up to have<br />

an enjoyable time.<br />

“This is something we regularly host<br />

and love to do, always an awesome way<br />

for BC students to destress in a fun free<br />

environment where we provide paint,<br />

food, and drinks” Saldivar said.<br />

BC students Kira Pham-Arreola,<br />

Ryan Stone, and Robyn Franco, one<br />

of the winners, all wanted to win prizes.<br />

“We’re all painting cause we all just<br />

want to win free food!” said Pham-Arreola,<br />

laughing with her friends.

Page 6<br />

Opinion<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Bienvenidos a L.U.P.E<br />

By Jacqueline Villatoro<br />

Reporter<br />

Bakersfield College is a school that is<br />

proud to be part of the Latino community<br />

and proof of this is its club Latinos<br />

Unidos Por Educacion (LUPE)<br />

This Club started 6 years ago when a<br />

couple of students asked Manuel Rosas<br />

what they could do so that Latinos in<br />

BC could find out about the help for<br />

Undocumented/AB540<br />

students, Dreamers,<br />

DACA recipients, Permanent<br />

Residents, and Citizens<br />

but also make it fun<br />

and that was when the<br />

idea of creating this club<br />

arose.<br />

“LUPE It is not just a<br />

club in which we meet,<br />

it is a place where we are<br />

not judged, we feel like<br />

family, it is also a place<br />

where we meet other students<br />

who have our own<br />

past.” said Ernie Quintero,<br />

member of LUPE It<br />

is a place where members<br />

are not judged and are<br />

supported so they can feel<br />

comfortable.<br />

“The best thing about being part of<br />

LUPE is all the information that they<br />

give us and that can be useful to us,<br />

but we can also help a friend or family<br />

member who is immigrants, also that<br />

we can live together and do something<br />

fun although it is always part of College.”<br />

Arlyn Dominguez said member<br />

of LUPE. Many times, students only<br />

arrive at their classes and leave without<br />

getting involved in any of the school<br />


All of L.U.P.E’s members posed outside of the CSS<br />

Building.<br />

activities.<br />

“The biggest impact I have had being<br />

the president of Lupe is the responsibility<br />

and, more than anything, being<br />

able to cover those who cannot attend,<br />

also that I have had the opportunity to<br />

share stories about our lives and our<br />

battles and not feel like the only ones.”<br />

Maria M. Madrigal said President of<br />

LUPE.<br />

LUPE is a place where you can not<br />

only meet because you<br />

don’t have something<br />

to do or because you<br />

are bored, it is a place<br />

where you are accepted<br />

and supported as Maria<br />

mentions that sometimes<br />

many people feel<br />

that they are alone or<br />

that only they have these<br />

types of problems but at<br />

LUPE there are many<br />

students with the same<br />

background as you.<br />

Don’t be shy, everyone<br />

is welcome and even if<br />

you don’t know anyone,<br />

all the members are<br />

friendly and will make<br />

you feel welcome.<br />

First place nationally for two year college Websites at<br />

the Associated Collegiate Press 2020 midwinter conference.<br />

Fifth place newspapers. First place for newspaper<br />

in 2011, third place in 2013, 2014, 2015 for CNPA General<br />

Excellence<br />

Fourth place nationally in 2019 for website publication<br />

by Associated Collegiate Press<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> is produced by Bakersfield College<br />

journalism classes and is circulated on Thursdays<br />

during the fall and spring semesters. The newspaper is<br />

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Opinion<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

“Griselda”<br />

“GUTS” tour<br />

By Evelyn Verdejo<br />

Reporter<br />

If you’ve ever watched<br />

the popular sitcom “Modern<br />

Family” or comedy<br />

show “Hot Pursuit,” you<br />

would recognize famous<br />

Colombian-American actress<br />

and TV personality<br />

Sofia Vergara.<br />

Vergara starrs in the<br />

highly anticipated Netflix<br />

mini-series “Griselda,”<br />

which tells the story of<br />

Griselda Blanco, a Colombian<br />

drug lord who is<br />

nicknamed “The Black<br />

Widow.” It recaps her early<br />

life, from raising a family<br />

to becoming the most infamous<br />

Colombian criminal<br />

since Pablo Escobar.<br />

The film also stars the<br />

likes of Karol G, Alberto<br />

Guerra, Vanessa Ferlito,<br />

and Juliana Aidén Martinez.<br />

Vergara has embodied<br />

a genre that is different<br />

from her comedy, acting<br />

in a dramatic and thrilling<br />

work. There are six<br />

episodes to watch in the<br />

mini-series, and you will<br />

get enthusiastic with the<br />

wonderful cinematography,<br />

which depicts it as if<br />

you were living in the early<br />

1970’s.<br />

The character has been<br />

represented as a sociopath,<br />

and despite Vergara being<br />

a traditionally comedic actress,<br />

she has proved her<br />

versatility to act in a dramatic<br />

crime role.<br />

The first ten seconds begin<br />

with the quote from<br />

Escobar, which quickly<br />

draws you into the show.<br />

The first episode sets the<br />

tone for the series, as we<br />

see great dialogues from<br />

Blanco and a close relationship<br />

with her children.<br />

The sound, production,<br />

and most importantly, the<br />

clothing is amazing. However,<br />

“Griselda” contains<br />

adult content, and viewers<br />

must be 18 years and older.<br />


Music Notes<br />

By Trevor Glenn<br />

Arts & Entertainment Editor<br />

Pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo<br />

embarked on her GUTS World<br />

Tour which began on Feb. 23.<br />

The tour started in Palm<br />

Springs, and it will conclude<br />

Aug. 17 after she visits cities such<br />

as Chicago, Toronto, New York<br />

City and London. The tour will<br />

include The Breeders (which includes<br />

former The Pixies member<br />

Kim Deal), PinkPantheress,<br />

Chapell Roan, and Remi Wolf<br />

as opening acts throughout the<br />

tour.<br />

Rodrigo sings the entirety<br />

of the “GUTS” record, and<br />

most tracks of her debut album<br />

“SOUR” except “1 step forward<br />

3 steps back” and “hope<br />

ur ok.” The star also gives fans<br />

a surprise treat on the set list by<br />

adding “obsessed,” which is one<br />

of the four hidden tracks that<br />

were only found on specific variants<br />

of each vinyl.<br />

During “obsessed,” Rodrigo<br />

gets on the floor and sings to<br />

a camera located beneath the<br />

stage, giving the audience a<br />

captivating visual as it’s being<br />

played on the screen behind her.<br />

She finishes the song with an<br />

electric guitar solo.<br />

During “enough for you,” Rodrigo<br />

sits on a lavender crescent<br />

moon with stars, and sings as<br />

the moon flies over the crowd.<br />

Of course, Rodrigo did not<br />

forget about the single that started<br />

it all, “driver’s license.” It is<br />

emotionally sung as the singer<br />

plays the piano. Purple fog covers<br />

the stage and the monitor<br />

behind her shows a live feed<br />

of her performing in black and<br />

white.<br />

Rodrigo ends the setlist with<br />

“all-american bitch,” the song<br />

that has caught the attention<br />

Trevor Glenn<br />

of users online due to her<br />

changing lyrics to more<br />

suggestive and catchy.<br />

One example is in the<br />

line “perfect all-American<br />

hips,” which is changed to<br />

“perfect all-American tits.”<br />

This has caused a mixed<br />

reaction. Some users think<br />

Rodrigo has a young audiance<br />

and needs to tone<br />

down on the spicier lyrics.<br />

The singer returns the<br />

stage to sing “good 4 u”<br />

and “get him back!” wearing<br />

a cropped tank top<br />

with a nod to No Doubt’s<br />

hit “Just A Girl,” written<br />

across the chest.<br />

You can get more information<br />

about the tour<br />

as well as order tour merchandise<br />

such as tote bags<br />

and tee’s in her website!

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Opinion<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 6, <strong>2024</strong><br />

“Dune: Part 2”<br />

Review; May thy<br />

knife chip & shatter<br />

By Ace Warren<br />

Reporter<br />

“Dune: Part Two” is the second<br />

installment into the Dune franchise<br />

directed by famous director<br />

Denis Villeneuve, which just hit<br />

theaters this Friday following a gigantic<br />

hype train from many<br />

film critics and famous directors,<br />

even Christopher Nolan who made<br />

the biggest movie of 2023<br />

claiming this movie to be “The<br />

next Empire Strike Back.” The<br />

question everyone was asking up<br />

to release date was will this movie<br />

live up to the hype? To answer that<br />

question simply, yes.<br />

The Lisan al Gaib, the Mahdi,<br />

the Maud’Dib, are all monikers for<br />

the savior of Arrakis, but what if<br />

the savior does not want to follow<br />

his destiny out of fear for what is to<br />

come, and is it possible<br />

for him to escape this path or will<br />

he succumb and be a<br />

slave to fate. This is<br />

the story of Pual<br />

“Maud’Dib”<br />

Atredies, Duke of Arrakis.<br />

The movie contains<br />

many newer young<br />

actors such as Timothée<br />

Chalamet as<br />

Pual, Zendaya as<br />

his lover Chani, and<br />

Austin Butler as one<br />

of the main villains<br />

Feyd-Rautha. This<br />

movie is<br />

essentially the magnum<br />

opus of all of<br />

these actors careers, it<br />

would not be wrong to<br />

say that this<br />

could very well be<br />

Chalamet’s best performance<br />

of his life as he plays an<br />

unwilling messiah on a<br />

path to free the people of Arrakis<br />

and get his own revenge.<br />

The most notable acting in it was<br />

from Austin Butler who many may<br />

know from his portrayal<br />

as Elvis Presley in “Elvis.” His<br />

performance as a psychopathic killer<br />

left many viewers stunned<br />

because it is a whole new way we<br />

have never seen Butler act before<br />

which caused him to steal<br />

most of the show, not to forget his<br />

terrifying appearance which played<br />

into this.<br />

From the amazing cinematography<br />

portraying many beautiful<br />

scenes of the desert planet<br />

Arrakis, the intense fight scenes<br />

that will keep you clenched to your<br />

seat, and the overall heart<br />

wrenching story you must watch<br />

as this young man tries to avenge<br />

his father but also change<br />

the whole universe.<br />

This movie will be<br />

the next generations<br />

“Lord of the Rings”<br />

and “Star Wars” and<br />

will be looked<br />

back upon as one<br />

of the largest film<br />

franchises ever. The<br />

grand scale of what is<br />

happening right<br />

now is cinema history<br />

and it is not<br />

something you will<br />

want to miss out on.<br />

Don’t be afraid of the<br />

history that is happening<br />

right before us<br />

because you must remember,<br />

“Fear is the<br />

mindkiller.”<br />


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