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<strong>SECOND</strong> <strong>RISING</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

"One Journey, One Organisation"<br />




To date the Festival Appeal<br />

£1,415,426 in donations & pledges.<br />

To set up your regular payment use<br />

this link<br />



&<br />


Robert Ian Frankl<br />

Once upon a vibrant evening in Bury, the<br />

Arcade Club was excited as it opened its<br />

doors to host a special charity arcade night.<br />

This unique event drew the attention of<br />

Masons from all corners of Lancashire,<br />

creating a magical atmosphere filled with<br />

camaraderie and goodwill.<br />

Word spread like<br />

wildfire among the<br />

Masonic lodges in<br />

Lancashire,<br />

capturing the<br />

interest of many<br />

members eager to contribute to a<br />

meaningful cause while indulging in some<br />

nostalgic gaming fun. Read more HERE<br />

Brethren and Companions,<br />

I am delighted to have been given the<br />

opportunity to pen a few words in this<br />

very first edition of our Provincial<br />

Magazine, Second Rising.<br />

In a Province such as ours, with a<br />

membership of thousands spread over a<br />

large geographical area, it is not<br />

possible to know everything that’s going<br />

on, all the time. This magazine provides<br />

a sense of the range of activities, both<br />

within our Lodges and Chapters, and in<br />

the wider community, as well as useful<br />

information and insight – all in, what I<br />

hope you will agree, is an easily readable<br />

and entertaining format.<br />

I am grateful to all those involved in<br />

creating Second Rising, and wish you all<br />

happy reading!<br />

Robert I Frankl<br />

Provincial Grand Master and Grand<br />


On Thursday 22nd February <strong>2024</strong>, Felicity Lodge<br />

4365 hosted “Talking Heads” which was<br />

presented excitingly and educationally. The<br />

Royal Arch presentation team delivered a play<br />

which describes the ceremony of exhalation,<br />

why the Royal Arch is important and the jewel<br />

that companions wear in craft lodges.<br />

With a full Lodge Room of almost 100 Brethren<br />

and Companions, Felicity Lodge 4365 opened<br />

their Meeting<br />

Read the full article HERE<br />

At the age of 95, WBro Allen Clarke<br />

PProvJGW celebrated 60 years as a<br />

member of Naphtali Lodge 266. Allen’s<br />

suffering from mobility issues would not<br />

stop him celebrating this milestone<br />

acheivement as WBro’s John Griffin and<br />

John Curry visited<br />

him at home to<br />

present him with<br />

his certificate.<br />

Read more HERE<br />

On the 13th of February, the RW<br />

Provincial Grand Master, Robert Frankl,<br />

visited the Blackburn & Darwen Youth<br />

Zone to gain an in-depth understanding<br />

of how the organization had benefitted<br />

from a grant of £36000 awarded to<br />

them by the Masonic Charitable<br />

Foundation back in <strong>March</strong> 2023.<br />

Read the full article HERE<br />

In the spirit of camaraderie,<br />

sportsmanship, and making a positive<br />

impact, two Manchester Masons will<br />

strap on the leather gloves and enter<br />

the ring in one of man’s<br />

oldest sports and<br />

do battle in the<br />

squared circle in<br />

support of the EL<br />

Festival Appeal.<br />

Click on the<br />

image to read<br />

more & book<br />

tickets.<br />


Don’t forget to attend the meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter on <strong>March</strong> 21st.<br />


A huge congratulations to Paul Bowen on his forthcoming appointment to<br />

Deputy Grand Superintendent!<br />

This year’s meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge will take place on Tuesday the 19th November.

Tuesday the 13th of February <strong>2024</strong> saw a<br />

convocation of Ark & Menorah Chapter<br />

when the Exhaltation of a brother<br />

involving part of the ceremony being<br />

undertaken by his husband.<br />

View the full article HERE<br />

On Tuesday, February 27, <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

Salford Masonic Hall played host to a<br />

momentous gathering of<br />

Freemasons from various<br />

backgrounds. Members, young and<br />

old, both local and from distant<br />

places, converged to witness a rare<br />

occurrence: a quadruple initiation<br />

ceremony hosted by the University of<br />

Manchester Lodge in the presence of<br />

a Provincial Deputation and the<br />

Deputy Grand Master of the United<br />

Grand Lodge of England..<br />

Read more HERE<br />

A Note from East Lancashire Masonic Charity<br />

ELMC, our very own charity, continues to<br />

support Freemasons, their families and the<br />

wider comunity. This year once again the<br />

Young Peoples Commitee arranged for young<br />

people who themselves or their families had<br />

been supported by the charity,<br />

to attend a Christmas<br />

pantomime and party.<br />

Read all about this event<br />

HERE<br />

To make it easier for Royal Arch Masons<br />

to demonstrate the value of becoming a<br />

“Companion” (The Royal Arch equivalent<br />

of a Brother) to Craft Masons who have<br />

yet to join, and to give Companions and<br />

their Chapters (the Royal Arch equivalent<br />

of a Craft Lodge) more material to further<br />

enhance their Masonic experience, United<br />

Grand Lodge has brought together an<br />

online resource called ARCHWAY.<br />

Read the East Lancs’ guide to the<br />

Archway HERE<br />

If you have an intersting story or an event to<br />

publicise - send details to your Area<br />

Communications Officer - Their contact details<br />

can be found in the ALMANAC section of the<br />

Provincial website or email -<br />

communications@PGLEL.co.uk<br />


Provincial Grand Almoner - WBro Tony Stephenson<br />

Freemasons have always supported those in need.<br />

Through our charitable giving and the work of our<br />

Charity Stewards we support 1000’s of vulnerable<br />

people, groups and charities, every year. Our<br />

Almoners care for those closer to home - looking<br />

after the welfare and providing support for fellow<br />

Freemasons and their loved ones in their hour of<br />

need. The Provincial and Lodge Almoners are<br />

supported by colleagues at the Masonic Charitable<br />

Foundation. The MCF casts a huge net of support;<br />

providing advice, guidance, medical and financial<br />

support. The majority of the funds needed to provide<br />

all this support comes from the fundraising and hard<br />

work of those provinces in Festival. Festivals happen<br />

in eleven year cycles and the target for our current<br />

festival asks us to raise £2.4m over 5 years, but, in the<br />

11 years to the start of the next festival our province<br />

will receive more than £6m in support.<br />

Learn more HERE

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