Bower Magazine Issue 1

Bower Magazine is here to recognize and celebrate the hard work and peoples dedication on their craft that is put in the forefront to inspire young stars. This is a home for every individual to see their faces reflected on the stories told to bring about change in our society

Bower Magazine is here to recognize and celebrate the hard work and peoples dedication on their craft that is put in the forefront to inspire young stars. This is a home for every individual to see their faces reflected on the stories told to bring about change in our society


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ISSUE 1 | VOL | 14 March 2024






Top 10 tips for models

Toxic clothing brand

Bower! Magazine: Issue1


Beauty and glam

Base Beauty Bar

Beauty by Norleen

Seth’Belle collection

Men’s fashion and life style

Masculine Confidence

The inspiring journey of Siseko Diko

Toxic Clothing Brand

Unpacking with Boss Lady

The story behind the brand :

Pretty Mqolweni


Zizipho Gusha: Becoming Miss

Remarkable SA

Nandipha Mbalo: Rising Star

Catch up on what’s coming on

current trends

Magazine Cover: Royalty Models

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam

Zenande Gexu

Aesthetic beauty salon

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01

“Take charge of

your dreams”


hile the term “Beauty”

has a variety of definitions

which entails a combination

of qualities that are pleasing

to aesthetic senses. In the

heart of East London we

found a beauty salon that

works to tick all your beauty


Base Beauty Bar is your go to

beauty spot in Vincent. It was

initiated in 2022. “BASE

focuses on a niche part of the

Beauty industry. We

specialize in individual lash

extensions, brow treatments,


brow lamination, nail

treatments and pedicures. To

put it more simply lashes,

Brows, Nails.” Said Zenande

Gexu the founder and CEO of

Base Beauty Bar.

What is unique ?

“What sets BASE apart is our

commitment to upholding

industry standards and

quality. We always stay upto

date on beauty trends and

focus on our niche. “

The motivation

“have always been in the business of

beauty even since my College days. I

made a decision to upskill myself and

take charge of my dreams.” The

words from the wise woman

enlightening Bower on what

motivated her to start this kind of

business. She proceeds to say the

vision is much more bigger as she is

looking into grabbing every

opportunity that involves giving back

to the community by providing

classes whereby other people can

upskill themselves with accredited

courses within the Beauty industry,

which will empower them to achieve

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01

Be Intouch


ase Beauty Bar is a proud

sponsor of a Youth development

program called “Miss Empower

Eastern Cape”. She describes it as an

initiative that strives to build

confidence by empowering women to

be better versions of themselves, This

perfectly aligns with her daily

motivation to not only strive to be the

best but also empower others.

You can follow Zenande’s amazing

journey as young vibrant business

woman hoping to make a change on all

social media platforms using the

following handles.

Facebook: Base Beauty Bar

Instagram: @basebeautybar_el

TikTok: basebeautybar_el

Or contact us on 060 711 0889

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01


eth’belle collection is a business

owned by a young woman from

Mthatha, Siphosethu Esisiphiweyo

Mankai. Siphosethu is juggling

between being a full time student at

Rhodes University, model and

business owner. Well, the business

idea came about mid 2021 but was

launched on the 22nd of August


The branding

This name is a combination of the founder’s

name: Sethu and belle which means

beautiful in French, Seth’belle. She was

assisted by a friend( Lisa Simelane-Krymer)

in the combination and name making for the



The fundamental colours for the

business are: Red, white and black. The

business sells beauty products namely:

Eyelashes, eyelash glue, lipscrup and

lipgloss. Lipgloss shades are named

after significant people that have

positively impacted Siphosethu’s life.

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01


Starting with a clear gloss that has

earned Itself a top selling product and

flavour of the year title is uMhlengethe.

This gloss is named after Siphosethu’s

mom. Ibinzana elithi Mhlengethe

libinzana elihloniphayo esiXhoseni

elisisithetha ntonye no-umoya. It

loosely translates to AIR/Fresh breeze,

and this product is a breathe of fresh


The Clear with strawberry decor is

named after Siphosethu's younger

brother: Kamva which loosely

translates to FUTURE, just as it's

unique decor, this product is the

future. It is second best selling

product at the moment from the

collection. The nude shade

The Red shade is named after

Siphosethu's sister: Vuyo, which means

Happiness/joy. Red is Siphosethu's

favourite colour and it is also a bright

colour that is mostly associated with


The nude shade is also named after

Siphosethu's little brother: ALUNAMDA

which loosely translates to "No limits"

Truly this number is limitless, you can

even use it to mix and create beautiful


Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01

Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01

Make Up


Bower Magazine |Beauty and Glam| Issue 01

To Do:

MUA: Nolinda Nogaga





It is essential to moisturize

your face before applying any

makeup product (this could

be your daily facial

moisturizer or serum)

Make sure that you use a

primer as your makeup

base(You can’t put any

makeup product without

applying primer)

When Purchasing makeup

products, make sure they are

dermatological approved to

avoid damaging your skin.

Make sure you ask help from a

beauty consultant at the shop

before you purchase products

such as foundation,

concealers and compact

powders so that you can have

clarity about your skintone

type and color.

5. If you're a beginner, opt for

matte shadows, which are

more forgiving of mistakes

and easy to wear on any skin

type. If you're going for a

dramatic look, go for loose

powder shadows.⁠

6. Invest on high quality

brushes and beauty blender

sponges for flawless makeup.



Make sure you wash your

makeup brushes and beauty

blenders everytime before using


For long lasting makeup?

You need to use a settling



Do not sleep with your

makeup on! Your skin pores

need to breath.

Men’s fashion and Style | Bower magazine issue 1


There’s Smoke

There’s Fire”

Unmask and bring the heat this season

Men’s fashion and Style | Bower magazine issue 1





#Have a clear understanding of

who you are, your priorities and

values . Read books to improve

your vocabulary and expand

your knowledge.

#Keep your skin clear and

hydrated, invest in skin care


#Always practice good posture.

A weighed down body will only

give you negative energy.

#Wear clothes that fit you well.

Your wardrobe does not need

expensive clothes but a good

color combination and a perfect

fit will not only make you look

good but will also make you feel


#To be confident you also need

to stay healthy and fit, exercise


#Always smile, let go off the

tired face.


he Standard of Musculinity varies

but it is best described as strength,

courage, independence, leadership,

and assertiveness.

If you ever wondered what can/

should you do to feel more

confident as a man, here are few

tips to assist you on that.

#Keep your hair and nails neat

and well groomed.

#Always keep a positive mind

set, open for new adventures to

self growth and development.

#Don't give up easily, your goals

need you to commit, so work on

being consistent and always

believe in yourself!

Men’s fashion and Style | Bower magazine issue 1

Be Simple


& clean

Find your style..

Men’s fashion and Style | Bower magazine issue 1

The inspiring

journey of

Siseko Diko

Siseko Diko is a

19-year-old student

currently doing his second year at the

University of Fort Hare, he sell’s luxury

watches for men and exquisite fragrances for

men. “I am originally from Ntabankulu

eLucungweni in the Eastern Cape, but I grew

up in Kwa-Zulu-Natal in a small town called

Kokstad” he said. The journey started back in

2019 when he was only doing grade 9 he

opened a small spaza .

“Money I earned from

those sales allowed me to

buy myself soccer boots

and other essentials”

When he was in grade 12, he tried selling

perfumes, but back then it was challenging

because “I was doing it in a rural area called

Mjila at Zwelakhe S.S.S” he says. This is also

where he finished his Matric, few kilometers

away from Mount Frere, and there weren't

many customers among the students and

teachers. However, that experience never

discouraged me.

When I started my first year in East London at

the University of Fort Hare in 2023, things

changed. I didn't receive my National Student

Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) allowance early

like other students did, so I decided to take the

perfume business seriously. I started selling on

the streets, on campus, and even at the gym.

With just R600 saved from the previous year, I

never expected to make much, but by the end

of the year, I had earned over R15,000! That

was a huge amount for me, and it proved that

hard work could pay off.

My passion for business grew, and I wanted to

expand beyond perfumes. I have recently

started my other business as a Herbalife fitness

coach where my team and I offer coaching,

group support, meal plans, and workouts to

help people achieve their fitness goals and also

teach people how to make an extra income as I

am doing myself.

While I'm still learning and growing, I've already

achieved some incredible things. I have a

registered business, I deliver products

nationwide using courier services, and I'm

building a strong online presence through

Facebook (Siseko Diko), Instagram (diko.siseko),

and TikTok (Siseko Diko).

My dream is to one day have my own store

where I can personally serve my valued clients

and customers. Currently, I'm located at

iKamva Residence in Quigney, and I even offer

free deliveries to customers around town.

This journey has been an amazing learning

experience, and I'm excited to see what the

future holds for my businesses and my passion

for helping others”.

Unpacking with the

The Story behind the brand


retty Mqolweni talks about how she

ended up being called “Boss Lady”.

She said it was in 2020 early February

when it all started.

It wasn’t long after she had recently

registered her company “Royalty

Models” when one of the models

decided to call her “Boss Lady” in the

middle of a photoshoot. “I just didn’t

feel a need to reprimand

him, it

somehow felt good. It gave me more

reasons look forward to what the

future holds ” she said. Now it has

become an everybody’s thing and it

keeps her going.

How do you stay focused?

Boss Lady

“I was never prepared for what’s

happening “

Everyone has their on and off days

and just like everyone else I don’t

always focus on things that matter or

make the right decisions, however my

dreams are bigger than whatever that

might have distracted me therefore I

always find ways back to my path.

I have grown to realize that life

doesn’t get easy as you age instead, it

gets more challenging so owning up to

what I believe in and what i stand for

is crucial for me so i use that as my

main focal point to eliminate

distractions and stay focused.

What keeps you busy?

What keeps me on my feet lately are my

beauty pageants and school. Both these

fields need my undevided attention and I

was never prepare for what’s happening.

Having my schedules tight on a daily

basis is now a thing, This steals a lot of

my social life but I can’t complain much

because it is also for my good.

I have allowed my self to dream big and

that should come at a cost of something

which in my case is free time.

Features| Bower Magazine issue 1

Nandipha Mbalo

Shares her story

“thank you for not letting what

people say about you break you

instead motivate you to be strong

at a very young age"

Features| Bower Magazine issue 1

I’m Nandipha Mbalo born and

bred in Mount Ayliff, I'm a third

born in a family of 4. I was

raised by a single mother. I am

a student at the university of

Fort hare, doing bachelor of

commerce in industrial

psychology. I started modeling

back in 2021 when I entered for

Miss Empower Eastern Cape

but unfortunately I did not

make it to top 3.

My biggest achievement so far

is winning 2 titles on a national

pageant (second runner up and

ambassador for Miss Royal

Empire SA)

The vision of Miss royal empire

SA is giving back to the

community, as a way of giving

back to my community, every

month I take kids from

disadvantaged backgrounds

and fix their hair for free as I'm

also a hairstylist because I

believe that giving back does

not only have to require

monetary items , I'm using my

talent to give back. I also

entered for Miss empower EC


As I'm advocating against body

shaming, I want people to learn

to love and accept themselves

the way they are, I grew up

being mocked for my body and

height and as I grew I had the

courage to do something that

will put me in the spotlight and

force me to love and embrace

my body. I want people to learn

that from me

The most memorable difficult

time I have faced is when

someone posted about me on

Facebook saying all sorts of

horrible things about me but I

had to keep my cool and not

respond even though it was

hurting. What kept me going was

knowing that I have worked so

hard to be where I am and have

the confidence I have so I cannot

be shaken by what is being said

about me about things I cannot


"Courage is being yourself

everyday in a world that tells

you to be someone else" My

advice to young stars is that

they must have the courage to

start now and not wait for "the

right time" because it will never

come. Get out of your comfort


The message I want to give to my

younger self is that "thank you

for not letting what people say

about you break you instead

motivate you to be strong at a

very young age"

My aspirations are to be a

business woman who owns her

salon, hire people and create job

opportunities. To be a modeling

director and have my own

modeling school where I focus

mainly on young kids.

People can get hold of me on

Facebook at :Ipha Mbalo II

Instagram: @iphambalo


Whatsapp: 0793406108

Features| Bower Magazine issue 1

Her majesty

I am Zizipho Gusha, a 26 year old

sophisticated young woman

from a small town called

Mthatha, In the Eastern Cape

Province. I was raised by a

single parent in Port St John’s

but due to circumstances I

ended up spending most of my

upbringing in Mthatha where I

was studying at Mzimvubu



School(Ngangelizwe Location)

then moved to Nozuko Senior

Secondary School(Kwezi

extension) after completing my

matric 2016 my mother asked

me to go and upgrade my grade

12 results at Dalibaso Senior

Secondary School(Mqanduli)

2017, I am also a business

management diploma graduate

at King Sabata Dalindyebo TVET


“My modeling


started in

2018 when I

was doing my

first year”

One of my most memorable

moment and my biggest

Zizipho Gusha

being able to complete my



difficulties and challenges.

⁠On the 10th of February I was at

Mpumalanga where I got

crowned as Mrs Remarkable

South Africa 2024 so right now I

will focus on my reign till


⁠Independence, I run a small

business Zizi’s Lavish Bar, I sell

Perfumes from Arthur Ford,

beauty care products and

health care products from

sekret also sell Sweets and

Milky ice for school children as

I’m planning to open my own


The most memorable difficult

time is where I was at school

during my first year I was not

funded by NSFAS no one was

looking for me at home because

my mother lost her work when I

was doing grade 12 for the

second time so I had to ask for

part time jobs during holidays

so that I can have money that

will last me for the whole

semester that’s when I learn

that life will not always run

smooth, you will face difficulties

Features| Bower Magazine issue 1

Word Of Motivation

“confidence is

the key, dream

and always


You are strong capable and enough

stay believing and love every single

person you come across with, some

people need to be shown love

because we go through so much as

youth of our country that is why

others end up taking drugs and being

in streets.

Being a leader, a woman who’s self

driven, God fearing woman who is

responsible in giving more to the

society more than I do for myself.

⁠people can get ahold of me through

social media on facebook :

Zizipho Libhongolethu Gusha,




Features| Bower Magazine issue 1


By: Bandile Owen Yolwa

Features| Bower Magazine issue 1

Be In Touch

Find your style

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