Mid Rivers Newsmagazine 5-1-24

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.


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Vol. 21 No. 9 • May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />

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Three generations of care<br />

PLUS: Mature Focus ■ Redefining Defiance ■ Improving I-70 ■ Building Futures

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Mike Johnson<br />

is a hero<br />

Author Herman Wouk captured well<br />

how to understand heroism.<br />

“Heroes are not supermen; they are<br />

good men who embody – by the cast of<br />

destiny – the virtue of their whole people<br />

in a great hour,” observed Wouk.<br />

We have today an American hero by the<br />

name of House Speaker Mike Johnson.<br />

Anyone with eyes open knows the<br />

world today is a very dangerous place.<br />

Johnson, a conservative Republican and<br />

a devout Christian, knows that the way for<br />

it to become even more dangerous is for<br />

the leader of the free world to withdraw<br />

from its responsibilities as such.<br />

In the face of threats from some within<br />

his own party, in the face of the possibility<br />

of a purge like that which happened to<br />

his predecessor Kevin McCarthy, Johnson<br />

stepped up, rounded up 101 Republican<br />

votes in the House and, together with<br />

Democrats, passed a $95 billion military<br />

aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.<br />

As a Christian, Johnson understands<br />

that there is no understanding of what<br />

freedom is without appreciation that there<br />

is good and evil in this world.<br />

Our tendency in our country is to<br />

emphasize individual rights when we<br />

think about freedom.<br />

But the equal and opposite side of rights<br />

is responsibilities. Without responsibility,<br />

whether as individuals or as a nation, freedom<br />

is gone.<br />

As President Ronald Reagan famously<br />

observed, “Freedom is never more than<br />

one generation away from extinction. We<br />

didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.<br />

It must be fought for, protected<br />

and handed on for them to do the same,<br />

or one day we will spend our sunset years<br />

telling our children and our children’s<br />

children what it was once like in the<br />

United States where men were free.”<br />

Speaking to reporters after the vote,<br />

Johnson noted that this is a “critical time”<br />

and that “Xi (China) and Vladimir Putin<br />

and Iran really are an axis of evil.”<br />

This is not a matter of our nation aspiring<br />

to be the world’s policeman.<br />

It is a matter of knowing that the force<br />

of evil cannot be ignored and the price<br />

of believing that it can be ignored only<br />

grows and becomes increasingly more<br />

dangerous.<br />

Is this a matter of focusing abroad at the<br />

expense of what is happening at home?<br />

Certainly not.<br />

If a hero, in the words of Herman Wouk,<br />

embodies the “virtue” of his or her people,<br />

how do we define the virtue of the American<br />

people?<br />

It’s about the principles of a free nation<br />

under God.<br />

We also face great danger at home as we<br />

have departed from these principles.<br />

The $95 billion that will go in aid<br />

abroad is peanuts compared to what we<br />

waste at home in spending programs that<br />

do nothing.<br />

The Biden administration has appropriated<br />

$80 billion to the IRS to bolster tax<br />

collection. But at the same time, Biden<br />

has submitted a 2025 budget to Congress<br />

increasing federal spending by some $800<br />

billion.<br />

We are now trillions of dollars in the red<br />

as a result of bankrupt entitlement programs<br />

that are basically socialism. These<br />

programs are gushing red ink because<br />

they are not about, and never have been<br />

about, American principles of freedom<br />

and personal responsibility.<br />

We, of course, need to ensure that those<br />

that immigrate to our country come to<br />

embrace the principles that make our<br />

country great.<br />

But Republicans need to contend with<br />

a president and his party who have long<br />

abandoned those principles.<br />

Enough Democrats do seem to understand<br />

the importance of defending our<br />

principles abroad, and here Republicans<br />

and Democrats must work together.<br />

So it’s not a matter of either/or.<br />

Freedom is about knowing that we have<br />

choices, that there is good and evil, and<br />

we must fight evil everywhere by choosing<br />

the good.<br />

Johnson has done us all a favor through<br />

his principles and courage. We have great<br />

challenges at home, but we cannot ignore<br />

what’s happening around us.<br />

• • •<br />

Star Parker is president of the Center<br />

for Urban Renewal and Education and<br />

host of the weekly television show “Cure<br />

America with Star Parker.”<br />

© 20<strong>24</strong> Creators.com<br />

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May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I OPINION I 3<br />


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All of the Sudden ...<br />

Law Matters<br />

I met Mike<br />

at a wedding in<br />

Illinois. We<br />

were both outsiders<br />

standing<br />

off to the side.<br />

Although it<br />

embarrasses<br />

my family, I'll<br />

often just strike up a conversation<br />

with strangers under those kinds of<br />

circumstances. It turns out Mike<br />

was a lawyer from Chicago. When I<br />

mentioned I was a lawyer in Saint<br />

Louis, he became interested.<br />

Their firm was trying to establish<br />

a foothold in Saint Louis, and he<br />

asked if we'd be interested in talking<br />

to them. I naively said yes. Our<br />

senior partner eventually identified<br />

them as a “merge-and-purge” firm.<br />

They would merge with a firm,<br />

dump the younger attorneys, and<br />

eventually steal the clients. I would<br />

have been one of the first ones to<br />

go. Fortunately, we dodged that<br />

bullet. But I digress.<br />

After that initial encounter, our<br />

firms struck up a conversation.<br />

Mike was our main contact. He was<br />

pretty slick. He made it all sound so<br />

wonderful. We had a lot of<br />

discussions trying to figure out if<br />

there was a fit.<br />

And then all of the sudden, Mike<br />

went silent. We tried to follow up<br />

with him, but we heard nothing, and<br />

no one else in the firm told us<br />

anything.<br />

After some time, we heard from<br />

another of their partners who asked<br />

if he could come down and talk to<br />

us. So next thing we know, we are<br />

(636) 537-7884 | fvilbig@lawmatters.llc | www.lawmatters.llc<br />



meeting with this burly attorney.<br />

He was not at all as smooth as<br />

Mike had been, but he told us that<br />

Mike had died.<br />

Evidently, Mike had been a<br />

workaholic. His partners forced<br />

him to take some time off. The<br />

stress was apparently too much.<br />

While “relaxing” on a beach in<br />

Florida, Mike had a heart attack<br />

and died. I don't understand how<br />

laying on a beach in Florida could<br />

stress anyone out, but there are all<br />

kinds of people on this earth.<br />

The point of my story is that<br />

things can happen when we least<br />

expect it … even on vacation. Life<br />

is fine one minute, and then, all of<br />

the sudden …. Without planning,<br />

things can go badly awry. If you<br />

don't plan your estate, the state has<br />

written a will for you. Depending<br />

on how assets are held, a surviving<br />

spouse could end up with only a<br />

little more than half of the<br />

deceased spouse’s assets.<br />

It is a good idea to plan. Give<br />

me a call if you want to talk.<br />

Everyone’s experience<br />

with estate planning is<br />

unique and you don’t<br />

always know what to<br />

expect. Fred has gathered<br />

some of the most<br />

interesting examples he<br />

knows into an entertaining<br />

and educational book.<br />

You Can’t Take It With You is available<br />

to order online at www.law-matters.net<br />

Fred L. Vilbig is an attorney with over 30<br />

years of experience in the areas of wills<br />

and trusts, small businesses, and real<br />

estate. This column is for informational<br />

purposes only. Nothing herein should be<br />

treated as legal advice or as creating an<br />

attorney-client relationship. The choice<br />

of a lawyer is an important decision<br />

and should not be based solely upon<br />


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BRICK<br />

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6 I OPINION I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





Random thoughts<br />

With a tip of the hat to our old friend<br />

Thomas Sowell, we offer the following<br />

random thoughts on the passing scene:<br />

Let’s be real, the Cardinals are off to<br />

a bad start. We are in last place. Jordan<br />

Walker just got sent down to the minors.<br />

Paul Goldschmidt has just three extra<br />

base hits. Our lineup ranks <strong>24</strong>th in onbase<br />

percentage, and that is our highest<br />

relative offensive ranking. The worst part,<br />

however, is that the team is just boring to<br />

watch.<br />

That being said, it is still disappointing<br />

to see how quickly the vibe around Busch<br />

Stadium has turned sour. John Mozeliak<br />

got booed on opening day. Last week, a<br />

very small but vocal home crowd booed<br />

the Redbirds incessantly during a loss to<br />

the Diamondbacks. Showing your displeasure<br />

by not buying tickets is one thing, but<br />

showing up and being vocally displeased<br />

in person is, well, very 20<strong>24</strong> we suppose.<br />

On the plus side, Sonny Gray has been<br />

awesome. So has Masyn Winn.<br />

• • •<br />

Demonstrations on college campuses<br />

are spreading like wildfire. A bunch of<br />

people got arrested at Columbia University<br />

for protesting, so a bunch of campuses<br />

erupted in protest of the arrests. Not to<br />

be outdone, the University of Southern<br />

California shouted “hold my beer” and got<br />

their entire graduation ceremony canceled.<br />

It would be nice if things like academic<br />

achievement could spread as virally as<br />

these ridiculous protests.<br />

Certainly, we should not make light of<br />

a few things concerning these protests.<br />

Some of the protests have been blatantly<br />

antisemitic. Plus, a large portion of the<br />

people arrested in campus protests have<br />

not been students at the college where they<br />

were arrested. That’s frightening.<br />

One of the ideas that keeps getting<br />

floated during these protests is that you can<br />

be anti-Zionist without being anti-Jewish.<br />

We’re not sure how.<br />

• • •<br />

Joe Rogen’s interview of Tucker Carlson<br />

is bonkers. It’s just bonkers. Of course, it’s<br />

also three full hours of must-see entertainment,<br />

so maybe bonkers was the point?<br />

• • •<br />

ON THE COVER: Three generations of healthcare (from left) Sharla Emery, Paula Allen and Jessica Emery (BJC photo)<br />

In regard to the many trials of Donald<br />

Trump, we simply hope that the legal<br />

system en masse can look beyond any<br />

opinions of the ex-president, and focus<br />

instead on precedent and the presidency.<br />

There is a risk of laying some really bad<br />

road for future administrations to drive on.<br />

• • •<br />

The Missouri legislature made national<br />

headlines when it supported a legal<br />

shield for Bayer, owner of Roundup<br />

weed killer. Roundup has long been<br />

controversial because of claims that it is<br />

cancer-causing. The reality of whether<br />

Roundup is carcinogenic is complicated,<br />

but nothing brings out the sound bites<br />

like a good fight between lawyers and<br />

chemical companies.<br />

“If you vote for this bill, you are voting<br />

for cancer – and it will hurt my feelings,<br />

and I will not smile at you on the elevator,”<br />

said state Rep. LaDonna Appelbaum, who<br />

is undergoing treatment for cancer.<br />

In a statement, Bayer responded, “We<br />

are grateful that members of the Missouri<br />

House have supported farmers and science<br />

over the litigation industry.”<br />

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Features Editor<br />

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Graphic Designer<br />

Graphic Layout<br />

Advertising Account Executives<br />

Nancy Anderson<br />

Vicky Czapla<br />

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Suzanne Corbett<br />

Reporters<br />

Doug Huber<br />

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Tim Weber<br />

Dan Fox<br />

Kate Uptergrove<br />

Tracey Bruce<br />

Laura Brown<br />

Lisa Russell<br />

Erica Myers<br />

Donna Deck<br />

Aly Doty<br />

Emily Rothermich<br />

Linda Joyce<br />

Joe Ritter<br />

Sheila Roberts<br />

Robin S. Jefferson<br />

DeAnne LeBlanc<br />

John Tremmel<br />


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Where will Millie be this week? St. Charles County Police’s therapy dog,<br />

Millie, travels during the school year with Officer Stephen Schue and<br />

spends her summer months visiting area hospital patients. Don’t miss the<br />

County Police’s Open House from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May 11.<br />

NEWS<br />

BRIEFS<br />

O’FALLON<br />

New McDonald’s authorized<br />

for north Bryan Road area<br />

Residents of O’Fallon and Dardenne Prairie<br />

soon will be able to satisfy their McDonald’s<br />

cravings without driving a mile or two<br />

east to Hwy. K or west to Lake Saint Louis.<br />

The O’Fallon City Council has approved<br />

conditional use permits (CUPs) to enable<br />

construction and operation in the North<br />

Bryan commercial area of a Dutch Bros<br />

Coffee shop with a drive-thru, a Dobbs Tire<br />

& Auto store and a Heartland Dental building.<br />

At its April 25 meeting, the City Council<br />

voted 9-0 to approve a bill also authorizing<br />

a CUP for a new McDonald’s restaurant<br />

with a drive-thru on 1.93 acres at 962<br />

Bryan Road, also within the commercial<br />

area. Council member Dr. Jim Ottomeyer<br />

(Ward 4) was absent/excused.<br />

North Bryan Commercial is a development<br />

along the east side of Bryan Road,<br />

north of White Magnolia Drive, south of<br />

Veterans Memorial Parkway, and directly<br />

across Bryan Road from the O’Fallon Justice<br />

Center.<br />

The McDonald’s will have Heartland<br />

Dental adjacent to the north, Dobbs to the<br />

south, Columbia Meadows subdivision<br />

common ground to the east and Bryan<br />

Road to the west.<br />

One of the decisions remaining for future<br />

North Bryan Road Commercial plans is<br />

what to do about its new entrance/exit from/<br />

to Bryan Road, directly across from the<br />

entrance/exit to the O’Fallon Justice Center.<br />

Those traffic turn-points are only a<br />

few hundred yards from the already busy<br />

intersection of Bryan Road with Veterans<br />

Memorial Parkway. The North Bryan<br />

Commercial intersection might eventually<br />

need a roundabout or a traffic signal.<br />

Council tables votes on Post<br />

Family subdivision bills<br />

At its April 25 meeting, the O’Fallon City<br />

Council originally planned to vote on voluntary<br />

annexation, rezoning and an area plan<br />

for a proposed and controversial Post Family<br />

subdivision. Planning and Zoning (P&Z)<br />

had unanimously recommended denial.<br />

Instead, at the applicant’s request, the<br />

council tabled the votes until its next meeting<br />

on May 9. The developer said some<br />

personnel are out of town, and given the<br />

amendments made to the bill, they want<br />

to be sure their full team is available to<br />

address everything accurately.<br />

Bill No. 7633 would approve a petition<br />

for voluntary annexation of 103.73 acres<br />

at 1065 E. Hwy. N. The land is currently in<br />

unincorporated St. Charles County, zoned<br />

agricultural and located across Hwy. N from<br />

the, 896-unit Harvest at Hopewell subdivision<br />

under construction in western O’Fallon.<br />

Bill No. 7634.1 would approve rezoning<br />

that property to R-1/Planned Unit Development<br />

(PUD) and would have approved an<br />

area plan for a 311-lot subdivision with various<br />

lot widths, the smallest being 42 feet. The<br />

original bill had 35 conditions listed, all of<br />

which must be completed by the developer.<br />

As agreed by the council at the prior meeting,<br />

revised Bill No. 7634.1 now is being<br />

considered. The revised bill adds two more<br />

conditions, bringing the total to 37. Suggested<br />

by council member Steve Koskela<br />

(Ward 3), the two additional conditions are:<br />

• Construction gates shall be required on<br />

Spirit and Knowledge Drive for the duration<br />

of the construction of Phase 1.<br />

• Provide traffic calming measures (dips,<br />

bottlenecks, medians) at Spirit and Knowledge<br />

Drive to ensure safe driving.<br />

In the prior council meeting, nearby<br />

residents and several council members had<br />

opposed the development because of concerns<br />

about the traffic study, traffic on Hwy.<br />

N, the impact on neighboring subdivisions,<br />

such as Dove Meadows, the turn into the<br />

Post development from Hwy. N and other<br />

worries.<br />

Even though the bills were being tabled,<br />

five people still spoke in opposition to the<br />

Post Family Subdivision during Citizen<br />

Comments on April 25. They each asked<br />

the council to vote “no” on the bills.<br />

Additional water well to<br />

be built for O’Fallon<br />

The city of O’Fallon currently has five<br />

wells supplying water to its water treatment<br />

plant on Firma Road. An engineering<br />

study completed in 2022 indicated another<br />

well is needed.<br />

At its April 11 meeting, the City Council<br />

unanimously approved a resolution authorizing<br />

a construction contract with Martin<br />

General Contractors for $1,495,950 to<br />

build Alluvial Well No. 6.<br />

An alluvial well is a well that is supplied<br />

or charged by surface water. It is drilled in<br />

an alluvial aquifer or an alluvial floodplain<br />

deposit, such as near a river. Most of these<br />

are shallow with water levels that tend to<br />

fluctuate with rainfall conditions.<br />

The five existing wells were constructed in<br />

the early 2000s, as was the city’s treatment<br />

plant. The wells have experienced typical<br />

degrading of capacity over time as the aquifer<br />

screen system ages, limiting capacity.<br />

The city’s water division has made<br />

several improvements to the existing alluvial<br />

wells to maintain capacity, including<br />

“regular chemical treatments, variable frequency<br />

drives, new submersible motors<br />

and level transducers.”<br />

To increase water supply, the city completed<br />

a test well at the treatment plant in<br />

2022 that proved successful. The city then<br />

hired Black & Veatch to prepare bid documents<br />

for a new alluvial well on the property<br />

near the test well location.<br />

Funds for this well were included in the<br />

city’s 20<strong>24</strong> budget.<br />

ST. PETERS<br />

Poetry Out Loud<br />

winners recognized<br />

Timberland High junior Aiden Storms<br />

was honored at the Apr. 11 St. Peters Board<br />

of Aldermen meeting for winning the<br />

regional Poetry Out Loud championship. St.<br />

Peters has hosted the regional competition<br />

at the Cultural Arts Center in recent years,<br />

drawing special interest from city officials.<br />

Currently, Storms performs in drama<br />

productions, loves reading and plans to<br />

enter the Poetry Out Loud competition<br />

again next year.<br />

He aspires to attend the University of<br />

Missouri and enter its journalism program,<br />

with the goal of entering the political<br />

broadcast journalism field.<br />

Poetry Out Loud is a national high<br />

school event that encourages students to<br />

memorize famous poems and recite them<br />

to increase their public speaking skills and<br />

gain confidence. It has reached over 4 mil-



May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I NEWS I 9<br />

lion students across all states and offers a<br />

$20,000 grand prize to the national winner.<br />


School transportation<br />

housing approved<br />

Work to develop a new transportation<br />

center for the Fort Zumwalt School District<br />

is proceeding.<br />

Laura Wagner, director of communications,<br />

said this project will bring all of the<br />

buses “under one modern roof.”<br />

District mechanics will then be moved<br />

to the new location.<br />

The district’s current transportation<br />

department operates from a 50-plus-yearold<br />

site off of Tom Ginnever Avenue and<br />

a temporary site on Homefield Boulevard.<br />

The new transportation center was<br />

approved by a $125 million bond issue<br />

(Proposition 4) passed in 2022.<br />

Engineering firm chosen for<br />

Hoff Road Phase 2 project<br />

From 2017-2019, Hoff Road Phase 1<br />

improvements were completed from north<br />

of the railroad tracks (north of West Terra<br />

Lane) to Progress Lane West.<br />

The purpose was to improve safety for<br />

vehicles traveling on Hoff Road by realigning<br />

and increasing the radius of the curve<br />

and by widening the pavement to provide<br />

two 12-foot lanes with two-foot shoulders<br />

with rumble strips.<br />

Phase 2 will improve Hoff Road, beginning<br />

north of Progress West Lane and ending<br />

north at the termination of the O’Fallon city<br />

limits. This will include re-alignment of<br />

the intersection of Hoff Road and Kemmar<br />

Court, and fully reconstructed pavement for<br />

the entire length of Phase 2.<br />

The existing pavement is narrow and<br />

has significant drop-offs at the edge of the<br />

roadway. Phase 2 will also include a sidewalk<br />

that workers in the adjacent industrial<br />

areas can use.<br />

At its April 11 meeting, the O’Fallon City<br />

Council unanimously passed a resolution,<br />

authorizing an agreement with HR Green<br />

Inc. to provide professional engineering<br />

services for Hoff Road Phase 2. The cost<br />

is not to exceed $299,994.89.<br />

Design funds are included in the city’s<br />

20<strong>24</strong> Budget. Federal funding has been<br />

awarded for this project. City staff also<br />

submitted an application for additional<br />

funding from St. Charles County.<br />


Education reform<br />

package passes<br />

In mid-April, the Missouri General<br />

Assembly passed two education reform<br />

bills, Senate Bill 727 and House Bill 2278,<br />

aimed at enhancing elementary and secondary<br />

education.<br />

SB727 includes updates to the Missouri<br />

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program,<br />

which was established by the General<br />

Assembly in 2021. That legislation established<br />

tax credits for contributions to nonprofit<br />

educational assistance organizations,<br />

approved by the state treasurer’s office, for<br />

the purpose of awarding scholarships to<br />

Missouri students with individual education<br />

plans and students living in low-income<br />

households. SB727 increases the maximum<br />

tax credits from $50 to $75 million.<br />

Additionally, SB727 adjusts the state’s<br />

minimum school term requirements and<br />

establishes the Elementary Literacy Fund to<br />

boost literacy among elementary students.<br />

Under SB727, school terms are to be a<br />

minimum of 169 school days, given a fiveday<br />

week. SB 727 and HB2287 also establish<br />

procedures around the average daily attendance<br />

of students enrolled in the Missouri<br />

Course Access and Virtual School Program.<br />

The Elementary Literacy Fund, through<br />

an annual appropriation not to exceed $5<br />

million, will provide grants through the<br />

Department of Elementary and Secondary<br />

Education to school districts and charter<br />

Let’s Be Active Together!<br />


gardenviewcarecenter.com<br />

636-<strong>24</strong>0-2840 | O’FALLON<br />

636-537-3333 | CHESTERFIELD<br />

636-861-0500 | DOUGHERTY FERRY<br />

A<br />

C<br />

T<br />

I<br />

V<br />

E<br />

schools for home reading programs for<br />

children in kindergarten to fifth grade.<br />

Teachers also benefit from provisions in<br />

SB727 that increase minimum wages from<br />

$25,000 to $40,000 for the 2025-26 school<br />

year. For teachers with a master’s degree and<br />

at least 10 years of experience, minimum<br />

salaries increase from $33,000 to $46,000 in<br />

2025-26 and by $1,000 each year until 2027-<br />

28, when the minimum shall be $48,000.<br />

Additionally, SB727 addresses teacher<br />

certification, school board vacancies and<br />

suicide prevention.<br />

To view SB727 in its entirety, use the<br />

“Bill Search” feature on senate.mo.gov.<br />

ctivity promotes physical,<br />

cognitive and emotional<br />

well-being<br />

hair yoga is just one of<br />

the physical activities<br />

we promote<br />

herapists are at all of our<br />

locations to monitor a<br />

resident’s mobility<br />

and movement<br />

ndividual care programs<br />

include activities and<br />

exercise therapies<br />

itality<br />

is the key<br />

to happiness<br />

veryone<br />

is encouraged<br />

to be active

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Wentzville superintendent to receive nearly $1 million in separation agreement<br />




Wentzville School District Superintendent<br />

Dr. Danielle Tormala has announced<br />

a sabbatical and her early retirement after<br />

serving only two years in the position. In<br />

addition, she is receiving a nearly $1 million<br />

total payout as part of a separation<br />

agreement.<br />

The announcement of Tormala’s retirement<br />

was sent in an email to district families<br />

on April 12. In the message, Tormala<br />

stated, “This role has challenged me and<br />

allowed me to grow both personally and<br />

professionally. While this decision comes<br />

with mixed emotions, I am confident it<br />

is the right choice for the district, for my<br />

family and for me personally.”<br />

Tormala did not explain the reason for<br />

her departure, but stated, “My decision<br />

was made collaboratively with the Board<br />

of Education, and this transition will allow<br />

for continued progress for the district.”<br />

This came after the Wentzville School<br />

Board held an “emergency meeting” on<br />

Apr. 11. The details of this session remain<br />

closed.<br />

Tormala’s separation agreement with the<br />

school district discloses the terms of her<br />

sabbatical leading into early retirement.<br />

Although she was under contract to work<br />

for the district through June 30, 2027, she<br />

started a sabbatical on April 12, and her<br />

retirement will now begin on June 30 of<br />

this year, according to the agreement.<br />

She will receive two $492,500 payments.<br />

The first is due by May 3, and the second<br />

is due by June 30. A third payment of<br />

$42,558.50 will also be remitted by June<br />

30 for unused vacation days.<br />

“The consideration provided by the district<br />

under this agreement shall be made in<br />

return for settlement of any and all claims<br />

that Dr. Tormala may have against the district,<br />

and its affiliates and subsidiaries,” the<br />

agreement states.<br />

The agreement prevents Tormala from<br />

taking legal action against the district and<br />

those related to it and also prevents the<br />

district and board members from filing suit<br />

against her.<br />

Tormala is now barred from seeking<br />

employment with the district in the future,<br />

and must cooperate with current pending<br />

lawsuits.<br />

In 2023, interactions between Tormala<br />

and newly elected school board members<br />

were alleged in a Change.org petition to<br />

have her removed.<br />

The petition accused her of holding<br />

“closed-door meetings with selected board<br />

members and the board attorney as a tactic<br />

to intimidate and single out each new<br />

board member.” This came as the school<br />

board was discussing the district’s biological<br />

sex bathroom policy.<br />

Missouri Attorney General Andrew<br />

Bailey filed a lawsuit in the fall alleging<br />

Sunshine Law violations, and then in February<br />

sent a letter to Tormala warning her<br />

of further alleged incidents.<br />

“I understand that the Wentzville School<br />

Board initiated an investigation into the<br />

three whistleblowers and, for the past<br />

several months, the district or the rest of<br />

the board has been taking steps to silence<br />

them,” Bailey said in the letter.<br />

It is not known if this lawsuit or other<br />

incidents affected the decision for Tormala<br />

to retire.<br />

In the meantime, Dr. Jeri LaBrot and<br />

Brian Bishop have stepped into the newly<br />

vacated role as co-interim superintendents.<br />

“As co-interims, we are committed to<br />

serving our community to ensure student<br />

learning and district operations continue<br />

without interruption,” they said in a joint<br />

statement.<br />

Wente’s Roadhouse coming soon to Defiance<br />


The Defiance Roadhouse, known<br />

affectionately by locals for years as<br />

“the squirrel bar,” has been closed<br />

for about six months, but now has a<br />

new lease on life and is targeted to<br />

reopen as Wente’s Roadhouse sometime<br />

between May 19 and June 1.<br />

The actual opening date depends on<br />

how much time is needed to complete<br />

repairs and obtain the required<br />

permits. The Hoffmann Companies<br />

property in Defiance is now being<br />

leased-to-own by Marla Conn.<br />

Conn said the Defiance Roadhouse<br />

building “is from 1930, and, nobody’s<br />

fault, during this past winter when the<br />

restaurant was closed, water pipes<br />

burst and damaged every sink, every<br />

toilet, the walls and the floors. There<br />

were leaks and holes everywhere.”<br />

Conn said she has been working<br />

with Don Simon, chief operating officer<br />

for Hoffmann Companies’ Missouri operations,<br />

to get the repairs completed. While<br />

the Hoffmann Companies have received<br />

criticism regarding the economic development<br />

of Defiance and Augusta, Conn<br />

spoke highly of her interactions with the<br />

company.<br />

“They have been very cooperative and are<br />

working to fix the holes and other damage<br />

from the burst pipes,” Conn said. “Don has<br />

been great. I want to be clear: they are not<br />

bad people. I believe the Hoffmanns had<br />

good intentions but were just not equipped<br />

Wente’s Roadhouse under renovation and rehab, April 21, 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

to run a restaurant such as the Roadhouse.<br />

Let’s just move on and move forward.”<br />

She signed the Roadhouse lease in early<br />

April.<br />

Conn has been at the Defiance Roadhouse<br />

while repairs are being done and has<br />

been working inside to set up the business.<br />

While she has been on-site, people have<br />

been stopping by to see what is going on.<br />

One of her visitors was the husband of<br />

the woman whose grandfather created the<br />

squirrels that have been part of the unusual<br />

decorations within the Roadhouse for<br />

years. Conn sent the husband home with<br />

(John Tremmel photo)<br />

one of the squirrels as a gift, bringing the<br />

memories along with it. Conn still has<br />

some of the stuffed squirrels and will continue<br />

to showcase them in the bar.<br />

Wente’s Roadhouse menu will include<br />

wings, pizza, specialty sandwiches, burgers,<br />

ribs, appetizers, salads and soft drinks.<br />

Billed as a “food shack and saloon,” it will<br />

have beer and adult beverages. Conn said<br />

it will be opening for breakfast as well.<br />

Conn also is the owner of the original<br />

Wente’s restaurant and bar at 18000 Chesterfield<br />

Airport Road in Chesterfield Valley.<br />

That landmark Wente’s is known as a “nofrills<br />

American restaurant serving burgers,<br />

sandwiches, wings and beer amid<br />

sports memorabilia.” The location is<br />

popular and frequently busy.<br />

She bought the business from Terry<br />

Wente in 2020, during the COVID-19<br />

pandemic. She added a temporary tent<br />

to accommodate outside and socialdistanced<br />

seating during the pandemic,<br />

then installed a permanent, canvaswalled<br />

and canvas-roofed structure for<br />

an outdoor patio<br />

Conn holds a Master of Science<br />

degree in elementary education and<br />

reading. She taught for 15 years in New<br />

York, has written dozens of children’s<br />

books, is a reading-literacy specialist<br />

and is an educational consultant. She<br />

continues to write and consult from her<br />

home in Wildwood, she said.<br />

Conn and her family moved to Chesterfield<br />

15 years ago after selling their<br />

book distribution company to a St.<br />

Louis-based company. While Conn’s husband<br />

does not have ownership in the bar,<br />

he is her best customer and very supportive,<br />

she said. He is building a warehouse<br />

for The Classroom Library Company in<br />

Chesterfield on Edison Road, close enough<br />

to golf cart over to Wente’s for lunch every<br />

day.<br />

“The original Wente’s will remain open,<br />

and we are excited to have a second location<br />

in a nearby community,” Conn said.<br />

“Both Wente’s and Wente’s Roadhouse are<br />

stand-alone businesses that cater to the<br />

community and bring people together.”



May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 11<br />

An IRA for<br />

retirement.<br />

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At Schwab, you can get both.<br />

Come to Schwab for clear, practical advice on choosing the IRA that’s<br />

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4579 Highway K<br />

636-486-8094<br />

schwab.com/ofallon<br />

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12 I NEWS I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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You may not know when it was that<br />

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don't truly believe balance can be<br />

improved "at their age". Fortunately,<br />

there are several options to get you<br />

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Over the last 17 years, I’ve worked<br />

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info@housefitstl.com<br />

HouseFit www.housefitstl.com<br />


A much-needed increase in available<br />

healthcare services is expected in the<br />

shape of a proposed a 75-bed, next-generation<br />

hospital in Wentzville.<br />

According to a press release issued on<br />

April 5, Mercy, the sixth largest Catholic<br />

healthcare system in the nation, has filed<br />

a letter of intent with the Missouri Department<br />

of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)<br />

to construct a hospital in order to “address<br />

the soaring population growth in the state’s<br />

tri-county area, encompassing St. Charles,<br />

Lincoln and Warren counties …”<br />

Mercy announced a projected investment<br />

of $650 million in a 483,000-squarefoot<br />

medical complex to be located on<br />

approximately 60 acres near the intersection<br />

of interstates 64 and 70.<br />

If approved, according to the release,<br />

the complex will be the state’s first acutecare<br />

hospital campus built since 2015<br />

when Mercy opened its hospital in Joplin<br />

following the 2011 tornado.<br />

Mercy began focusing on the tri-county<br />

region in 2010, when it developed a community<br />

master plan and sought out feedback<br />

from residents and local community<br />

leaders about needed services.<br />

City Administrator Douglas Lee said<br />

the Wentzville has provided a letter of<br />

support to DHSS for the project.<br />

“As a city of almost 50,000, there is a<br />

recognized need to provide healthcare to<br />

not only the existing residents, but also<br />

to plan for the future and be aware of the<br />

growth of the surrounding counties that<br />

utilize Wentzville as a regional destination,”<br />

Lee said in an email.<br />

“Mercy will be required to complete a<br />

traffic impact study that analyzes existing<br />

infrastructure and capacity as well as<br />

the potential impacts their project could<br />

generate. They will also evaluate what<br />

improvements will need to be accomplished<br />

for the project to be successful,”<br />

Lee said. “The project will coordinate<br />

with stakeholders, and will follow the<br />

city’s Thoroughfare Plan to provide project<br />

access and regional transportation<br />

improvements.”<br />

The Missouri Department of Transportation<br />

(MoDOT) announced last August<br />

that it would begin adding lanes to an<br />

18-mile stretch of I-70 from Wentzville<br />

to Warrenton in November of this year.<br />

MoDOT had already planned in 2021 to<br />

add a third lane in each direction on I-70<br />

under the railroad bridge in Wentzville to<br />

ease traffic on the current limited number<br />

of lanes between Hwy. Z and Wentzville<br />

Parkway.<br />



Mercy announces plans for 75-bed<br />

hospital in Wentzville<br />

Lee said the city has requested that<br />

Mercy contact MoDOT’s design team<br />

to better understand how the “Improve<br />

I-70” and adjacent interchange projects<br />

can coordinate with the Mercy project.<br />

He said the majority of responses regarding<br />

the project so far have been from<br />

residents seeking information about the<br />

specific location of the development. On<br />

the city’s post about the project, residents<br />

voiced support as well as concerns over<br />

the potential of added traffic congestion<br />

in the area.<br />

Lee said the project, if approved, will<br />

generate a significant number of jobs<br />

during construction, as well as a wide<br />

range of permanent employment opportunities<br />

upon the hospital’s completion. “As<br />

with many large employment centers, it<br />

should also create an opportunity for local<br />

dining and service-related businesses to<br />

fill a need,” he said.<br />

In the press release, Mercy president<br />

and CEO Steve Mackin said that the new<br />

hospital is a continuation of the healthcare<br />

provider’s ongoing commitment to<br />

offer more services to residents west of<br />

St. Louis.<br />

“We have grown our Mercy presence in<br />

the area over the past decade from three<br />

locations to nearly 40, providing adult and<br />

pediatric primary and specialty care as<br />

well as a critical access hospital in Troy,”<br />

Mackin said. “Now is the time to invest<br />

in the future and better serve our patients<br />

closer to home. Our data shows us many<br />

Mercy patients travel, sometimes more<br />

than an hour, from Lincoln and Warren<br />

counties into St. Louis County. The need<br />

for this facility, while significant today,<br />

will only increase as projected growth<br />

continues.”<br />

According to Mercy, there is a significant<br />

need. When tri-county residents are<br />

admitted to a hospital, some 18% travel<br />

for care at a Mercy hospital, the healthcare<br />

provider reported, adding that according<br />

to the U.S. Census Bureau, St. Charles,<br />

Lincoln and Warren counties are three of<br />

the top seven fastest growing counties in<br />

the state. Officials said by 2032, the population<br />

in the area is predicted to grow by<br />

approximately 9.5% to more than 500,000<br />

residents.<br />

Mercy officials said they will hold<br />

roundtable discussions that allow the<br />

public and community leaders an opportunity<br />

to provide feedback and ideas for<br />

the new hospital and expanding healthcare<br />

services in the region. Updates on<br />

the process will be posted on Mercy.net/<br />

WentzvilleCampus as soon as they’re<br />





Local family celebrates generational<br />

impact of caring for others<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I NEWS I 13<br />


“I love people.”<br />

Across multiple generations, those<br />

simple words have motivated the women<br />

of one local family to seek careers in<br />

healthcare.<br />

During the pandemic, Paula Allen came<br />

out of retirement and chose to begin a new<br />

career as a concierge/screener at Progress<br />

West and BJC St. Peters hospitals. In many<br />

ways, she was following in the footsteps<br />

of her grandmother, daughter and granddaughter.<br />

“What Paula won’t tell you, because she<br />

is so humble, is that during COVID she<br />

wanted to give back,” Sharla Emery said.<br />

“She took the role of concierge/screener so<br />

that she could be at the hospital and help in<br />

any way she could.”<br />

It was a bold decision, given that most<br />

people her age were being advised at that<br />

time to stay home and stay safe.<br />

“We had lived at the Lake of the Ozarks<br />

for about 20 years,” Paula said of her and<br />

her husband. “When we moved back I<br />

needed something to do and decided to<br />

get into the health field because of Sharla.<br />

Now, I am the first person everyone sees<br />

when they come to the hospital. I get to<br />

greet people and help them. I enjoy that.”<br />

In addition to being the director of<br />

patient care services at Progress West<br />

and BJC St. Peters, Sharla is also Paula’s<br />

daughter and one of her favorite people to<br />

see at work. Paula’s other favorite is her<br />

granddaughter, Jessica Emery, who works<br />

as a patient care technician (PCT) in the<br />

Progress West emergency department.<br />

“I got into healthcare because of my<br />

mama,” Jessica said of Sharla. “She has<br />

been working for BJC for as long as I can<br />

remember, probably longer than I have<br />

been alive.”<br />

She’s not wrong. Sharla has been a nurse<br />

since 1989 and with BJC HealthCare for 31<br />

years, though most of her career was spent<br />

in critical care and cardiothoracic surgery<br />

at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.<br />

“In April 2020, I made the decision<br />

to take a position in St. Charles County<br />

because we live in St. Charles County and<br />

there were some exciting things to me<br />

about its growth and where it was going<br />

and community needs for healthcare,”<br />

Sharla said.<br />

Two years ago, she moved into her current<br />

position, and spoke highly of Progress<br />

West and the role it plays in providing care<br />

to the community.<br />

Rachel Yann, with BJC media relations,<br />

said it’s “evident how strong these three<br />

ladies are together, how dedicated they<br />

are to caring for people, how they strive to<br />

inspire each other and how proud they are<br />

of each other.”<br />

“They want each other to grow and succeed,”<br />

Yann said.<br />

In that regard, Paula and Sharla are huge<br />

See LOCAL FAMILY, page 31<br />

Paula Allen, Sharla Emery and Jessica Emery<br />

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Call today to schedule a visit<br />

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14 I NEWS I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




MoDOT unveils plans for massive Improve I-70 road project<br />


Rep. Tricia Byrnes (R-District 63) hosted<br />

an open house meeting on Apr. 18 for St.<br />

Charles County elected officials and the<br />

public to learn about the new Improve I-70<br />

construction project that will update 200<br />

miles of road throughout Missouri.<br />

Byrnes brought in MoDOT workers to lay<br />

out preliminary plans and answer questions,<br />

mainly centered around the portion that<br />

reaches from Wentzville through Warrenton<br />

on I-70 and to Dardenne Prairie down I-64.<br />

“This is one of the biggest town halls<br />

MoDOT has seen,” Byrnes said.<br />

MoDOT Deputy Director Chris Kelly<br />

gave the presentation. He explained that the<br />

main goal of the St. Charles County piece<br />

of the project is to widen I-70 to three lanes<br />

between Wentzville and Warrenton, as well<br />

as on I-64 between I-70 and Hwy. K.<br />

The project will also realign the railroad<br />

bridge on I-70 between Wentzville Parkway<br />

and Route Z, and improve the interchanges<br />

at I-70 and I-64/Route 61.<br />

The railroad expansion was of high interest<br />

as it currently bottlenecks traffic down<br />

to two lanes.<br />

“Traffic volumes are much higher than<br />

what it was designed for,” Kelly stated.<br />

A large group turned out to attend the open house, despite thunderstorms on April 18.<br />

(Jessica Marie Baumgartner photo)<br />

Kelly noted the plan for the railway is<br />

to tear it down and build a new bridge that<br />

accommodates eight lanes of traffic, four in<br />

each direction, with room to add two more<br />

in the future. Kelly said once completed, the<br />

bridge should last another 100 years.<br />

Most of the plans for this project are<br />

already fully funded and in the works individually,<br />

but came together as one project<br />

to combine efforts and ensure that these<br />

updates are constructed as efficiently as<br />

possible, according to Kelly.<br />

With Gov. Mike Parsons’ road project<br />

advocacy and the gas tax increases from<br />

MO SB 262, funding has been acquired for<br />

the entire Improve I-70 road project, and<br />

the railroad will not have to pay anything<br />

for the bridge reconstruction.<br />

Contract bids for each portion of the project<br />

will be accepted and approved by the<br />

end of the year, with construction beginning<br />

as early as spring of 2025.<br />

Kelly also noted that the Improve I-70<br />

project will utilize a design-built engineering<br />

strategy, in which MoDOT allows<br />

contractors to complete their own designs<br />

within certain parameters.<br />

“We get a great value out of it,” he said.<br />

The project pieces will have individual<br />

processes and timelines, but by allowing the<br />

design and construction to overlap, contractors<br />

are afforded the freedom to pursue the<br />

project from every phase.<br />

While the Wentzville through Warrenton<br />

section of the Improve I-70 project is just<br />

one of six major road improvement portions<br />

planned to update 200 miles of road<br />

throughout the state, Kelly also noted that<br />

MoDOT plans to have that section completed<br />

by 2028, and the entire project finished<br />

in 2030.<br />

During the Q&A portion of the meeting,<br />

questions regarding overpasses, noise studies<br />

and concerns about design-built projects<br />

were raised.<br />

When addressing concerns about noise<br />

impact, Kelly confirmed that noise studies<br />

are an environmental requirement for this<br />

project and will be held at peak travel times.<br />

A concerned resident noted that testing at<br />

night while most people are sleeping may<br />

better measure the impact, but Kelly said<br />

testing has specific requirements and is<br />

solely focused on peak travel times during<br />

the day.<br />

Former Wentzville Mayor Meade Foster<br />

praised the work that is being done to handle<br />

Wentzville’s expansion but also questioned<br />

See MODOT, next page



General Store continues to serve<br />

Defiance, Katy Trail<br />

The Defiance General Store, opened in late 2023<br />


On September 16, 2023, local residents<br />

Victoria and Jim Meder opened the Defiance<br />

General Store in a building at 3002<br />

S. Hwy. 94 in Defiance. The Meder’s operated<br />

the General Store in space leased from<br />

the Hoffmann Companies.<br />

The Hoffmann Companies also owned<br />

and operated the Kickstand Katy Trail bike<br />

shop in the same building Don’s Place, a<br />

classic biker bar located around the corner<br />

on the same side of Hwy. 94. They also<br />

owned and operated the Defiance Roadhouse<br />

across the street.<br />

In November 2023, the Hoffmanns<br />

announced that they would focus on just<br />

their wineries and wine business, and<br />

would exit most, if not all, of their other<br />

businesses in the Augusta and Defiance<br />

areas. Consequently, they shuttered most<br />

businesses in Augusta and Defiance “for<br />

the winter,” then put numerous commercial<br />

properties up for sale.<br />

For Defiance, recent good news is that<br />

the Roadhouse now will be re-opened as<br />

Wente’s Roadhouse in May or June 20<strong>24</strong>,<br />

under a new lease-to-own arrangement<br />

between the Hoffmann Companies and<br />

Wente’s proprietor Marla Conn (see page<br />

(John Tremmel photo)<br />

10).<br />

In more good news for Defiance, the<br />

building that housed Kickstand Katy<br />

Trail (closed since November 2023) and<br />

still houses the fully operational Defiance<br />

General Store, has been sold Larry Winkler<br />

plans to open a meat market in the<br />

that building.<br />

Meanwhile, since last fall, the Defiance<br />

General Store has offered fresh brewed<br />

coffee, lattes, grab-and-go breakfast, pastries<br />

and freshly made sandwiches in addition<br />

to groceries, sports drinks, snacks,<br />

liquor, local wines by the glass, gourmet<br />

foods, ice cream, gifts and more.<br />

Victoria said she and her husband opened<br />

the General Store as a business needed<br />

in the Defiance community and to serve<br />

cyclists and hikers using the Katy Trail that<br />

runs adjacent to their building.<br />

“The nearest grocery store is over seven<br />

miles away in both directions, and there<br />

isn’t anywhere to stop on the trail with<br />

restrooms and refreshments between St.<br />

Charles and Jefferson City,” Victoria<br />

said.<br />

She said she loves the area. Her husband,<br />

Jim, grew up in Defiance. They were married<br />

25 years ago in the small church just<br />

up the hill on Defiance Road.<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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MODOT, from previous<br />

the design-built strategy.<br />

“Contractors are going to design what’s<br />

profitable to them,” Meade said. He noted<br />

previous experiences where this caused<br />

problems for him.<br />

Central Project Director Jeff Gander<br />

pointed out that MoDOT has found much<br />

success with this form of construction over<br />

the past 15 years and that contractors who<br />

are only seeking benefits for themselves<br />

will not win the bid.<br />

Byrnes closed out the Q&A by asking<br />

about keeping commuters safe during construction.<br />

“We’re worried about the people traveling<br />

through the work zone, we’re also really<br />

focused on the people doing the work,”<br />

MoDOT’s Improve I-70 program director<br />

Eric Kopinski said. “We’re working very<br />

closely with our elected officials and highway<br />

patrol at a statewide level to make sure,<br />

regardless of where you are on Interstate 70,<br />

that it will be safe for the traveling public<br />

and the workers doing the work.”<br />

Health Care Family<br />

Credit Uni<br />

HealthCareFamilyCreditUnion.org<br />

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16 I NEWS I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Streets of Caledonia today<br />


Six years after it was announced and<br />

despite bumps in the road, the Streets<br />

of Caledonia mixed-use development is<br />

clearly taking shape.<br />

The planned unit development (PUD) is<br />

primarily located northwest of the intersection<br />

of Interstate 64 and Hwy. DD, with<br />

a smaller parcel near the Missouri Rush<br />

Soccer Club fields.<br />

Residential development is about 80%<br />

complete, years ahead of schedule.<br />

In October 2017, Payne Family Homes<br />

announced a $400 million, mixed-use<br />

development to be built in O’Fallon, along<br />

Hwy. DD, across I-64 from the Winghaven<br />

development and Mastercard International.<br />

The developer then worked for about 17<br />

months with the city and its staff to flesh<br />

out and finalize rezoning requirements and<br />

an acceptable overall area plan.<br />

In March 2019, the O’Fallon City Council<br />

gave final approval to a request by<br />

Payne Family Homes for the rezoning of<br />

land along with an area plan for a 260-plusacre<br />

PUD named the Streets of Caledonia.<br />

In acreage, the development is about onefourth<br />

the size of the huge Winghaven<br />

development built between 1998 and 2005.<br />

The original Streets of Caledonia plan<br />

included 657 Payne single-family houses<br />

and townhomes on 153 acres. Ground<br />

was broken and construction started in<br />

May 2020, with sales starting in the fall of<br />

2020. Payne subsequently became Fischer<br />

Homes and was joined in the development<br />

by Lombardo Homes.<br />

The PUD was designed to have 30 acres<br />

of common ground, with lakes, fountains,<br />

walking trails, a community pool, a clubhouse,<br />

a playground, a bocce ball court and<br />

a pickleball court.<br />

However, in late March 20<strong>24</strong>, council<br />

member Nathan Bibb (Ward 3) said, “All<br />

residential amenities are done.”<br />

He predicted that the project should be<br />

sold out in 2025.<br />

The original plan included 93 acres of<br />

mixed-use retail development, entertainment,<br />

office space, medical and hospitality<br />

space. Some of that has started, with much<br />

more to come.<br />

Commercial businesses opened since<br />

2019 include the new Barron Swim School<br />

(indoor); Casa Tequilla Cantina & Grill<br />

(in the former Llewelyn’s restaurant and<br />

former Q64 restaurant location next to<br />

the Missouri Rush Soccer Club); a new<br />

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select<br />

Properties building; a new MotoMart gas<br />

station with a car wash and drive-through<br />

food service; and a new Exxon-Mobile<br />

On The Run gas station with car wash and<br />

drive-through food service.<br />

In addition, a two-story, 66,000-squarefoot<br />

SSM Outpatient Center at 301 Caledonia<br />

Parkway is scheduled to be completed<br />

in July and open in September 20<strong>24</strong>, creating<br />

about 125 jobs.<br />

A new 8,000-square-foot First Community<br />

Credit Union branch is also under<br />

construction at the corner of Caledonia<br />

Parkway and Hwy. DD.<br />

On March 7, O’Fallon Planning and<br />

Zoning approved a site plan for a dental<br />

building at 200 Rush Way, adjacent to<br />

the soccer fields and across Rush Way<br />

from the Exxon-Mobil gas station. Kraner<br />

Family Dentistry will occupy that building<br />

as soon as construction is completed.<br />

Bibb explained that Streets of Caledonia<br />

Commercial continues to market to medical,<br />

office, hospitality, technology and<br />

retail developers. The retail areas looked<br />

at are large-store sports, grocery, large<br />

discounters, large home improvement and<br />

membership wholesale clubs.<br />

Bibb said that commercial developers<br />

continues to take in fill dirt for the middle<br />

areas and is designing the distribution of<br />

storm sewer, sanitary sewer and electrical<br />

infrastructure throughout the planned commercial<br />

areas.<br />

Bibb said about $900,000 of work is left,<br />

including adding third lanes along Dalriada<br />

Boulevard and Longhaven Drive.<br />

The council and nearby residents had<br />

insisted on upgrades to the road network in<br />

the Streets of Caledonia area.<br />

In January 2020, the O’Fallon City<br />

Council approved plans and funding for<br />

improvements to Hwy. DD from the I-64<br />

interchange to the western boundary of the<br />

Streets of Caledonia, plus improvements<br />

to the I-64 interchange itself at Winghaven<br />

Boulevard and Hwy. DD.<br />

Construction started in late summer 2021<br />

and was completed by fall 2022, including<br />

additional lanes, widened lanes, more<br />

turn lanes, a new signalized intersection, a<br />

new roundabout, a new two-five lane road<br />

named Caledonia Parkway, a new two-lane<br />

Dalriada Boulevard and a new two-lane<br />

Longhaven Drive, all designed to accommodate<br />

the higher traffic volumes from, to<br />

and within the development.<br />

The $20 million cost of those road<br />

improvements was split, with 50% coming<br />

from the St. Charles County Road Board,<br />

25% from MoDOT, 12.5% from the developer<br />

and 12.5% from the city of O’Fallon.<br />

In addition, St. Charles County completed<br />

the connection of Caledonia Parkway’s<br />

western end with the I-64 South<br />

Outer Road, which in turn runs west to<br />

connect with Town Square Avenue/Hwy.<br />

N. If desired, westbound drivers can exit<br />

Streets of Caledonia “the back way” without<br />

getting on Hwy. DD.



May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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Trades take center stage at Build My Future STL<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 19<br />


The third annual Build My Future STL<br />

took place at the St. Charles Family Arena<br />

on April <strong>24</strong>-25. The event featured handson<br />

exhibits and virtual reality simulations<br />

focusing on the building, trades and construction<br />

industries. Over 2,000 students<br />

from 70 high schools across 14 counties<br />

were expected to be in attendance. The<br />

event is co-chaired by representatives from<br />

the Home Builders Association of St. Louis<br />

& Eastern Missouri and the Francis Howell<br />

School District, who aim to address labor<br />

shortages in the industry.<br />

The concept for Build My Future came<br />

about in 2014 by industry professionals in<br />

Springfield, Missouri, to remedy the “dwindling<br />

pipeline of workers” and lack of interest<br />

in the skilled trades. Today, Build My<br />

Future is the largest event of its kind in the<br />

country, and takes place annually in 12 states.<br />

During Build My Future STL, students<br />

get the opportunity to explore trade jobs<br />

and meet local construction professionals<br />

while having unique hands-on experiences.<br />

In addition, there are virtual reality simulations,<br />

educational displays, equipment operations<br />

and learning labs in the areas of new<br />

construction, plumbing, masonry, welding,<br />

flooring, landscaping, roofing, siding, heavy<br />

equipment machinery operation, excavating<br />

and more.<br />

Hands-on activities are a big part of the<br />

event.<br />

(Photos courtesy of Jeanie Smith)<br />

Francis Howell College and Career Specialist<br />

Katie Vargas said the top benefit for<br />

students participating in the event is realworld,<br />

experiential learning across the participating<br />

industries.<br />

“Classroom learning is important, for sure,<br />

but students learn tremendously by doing,”<br />

Vargas said. “Trying on a variety of jobs in<br />

the trades at Build My Future allows students<br />

to affirm their strengths and interests in<br />

multiple skill areas, which in turn helps them<br />

better plan for their post-secondary future.”<br />

Companies benefit as well, getting the<br />

chance to engage with the workforce of the<br />

next generation.<br />

“As an educator, I feel like this generation<br />

of students doesn’t get enough credit<br />

for their innovation, creativity and selfawareness;<br />

this event affirms that the future<br />

is bright,” Vargas said.<br />

Matt Schindler, career shadowing facilitator<br />

at Rockwood School District, knows<br />

that not every student wants to go to college.<br />

“With student loan debt being what it is,<br />

we are starting to see a shift in mindset from<br />

many that college isn’t a must, especially<br />

if you have to borrow money to attend,”<br />

Schindler said. “This event exposes students<br />

to zero-debt career options in a way<br />

that schools are not able to do. From the<br />

heavy machinery to the non-stop hands-on<br />

activities, Build My Future is an invaluable<br />

resource for the Rockwood District to<br />

expose the students in our schools to a wide<br />

variety of options that don’t require college<br />

or college loans.”<br />

In 2023, 47 states passed 115 laws about<br />

career and technical education, which<br />

increased financing for job training programs<br />

and opportunities for work-based<br />

learning beyond conventional high school<br />

and college learning models. The goal of<br />

this initiative is to reverse a long-term trend<br />

away from vocational education that has<br />

resulted in a scarcity of competent laborers.<br />

The amount of shop courses offered<br />

in American high schools has decreased,<br />

and between 1982 and 2013, shop credits<br />

dropped by more than 26%. In addition,<br />

many school districts completely removed<br />

industrial tech workshops, like welding and<br />

metal shops, from the curriculum.<br />

There has been a stigma against trade jobs<br />

that has been hard to shake after decades of<br />

society prioritizing the four-year degree.<br />

“I think the lack of workers in trades was<br />

due to the mindset that college is a must,”<br />

Schindler said. “There was a point where<br />

‘for-profit’ schools were popping up all over<br />

the place and selling false hope to students<br />

who were probably questioning whether<br />

college was the right path.”<br />

Jason Hughes, president of T.R. Hughes<br />

Homes in St. Charles and the current president<br />

of the St. Louis Home Builders Association,<br />

agreed that college is not for everyone,<br />

and feels more investments should be made<br />

into industrial tech classes within schools.<br />

“In my opinion, more investments should be<br />

made in industrial tech classes in schools.<br />

College isn’t for everyone,” Hughes said.<br />

“You can make a very good wage in the<br />

trades.”<br />

The home building industry has seen<br />

wages for residential building workers rise<br />

significantly over the last several years.<br />

According to Build My Future, average<br />

hourly earnings for residential building<br />

Local students at the 20<strong>24</strong> Build My Future STL.<br />

workers were $30.71 per hour in November<br />

2023, increasing 4% from $29.52 per hour a<br />

year ago. This was over 14% higher than the<br />

manufacturing’s average hourly earnings<br />

of $26.91 per hour and 8.9% higher than<br />

transportation and warehousing earnings of<br />

$28.19 per hour.<br />

Boosting the skilled trade workforce will<br />

be especially prioritized as more opportunities<br />

become available due to federal legislation<br />

like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,<br />

a U.S. federal statute enacted by Congress<br />

and signed into law by President Joe Biden<br />

in 2021, and the CHIPS and Science Act,<br />

ratified in 2022.<br />

Hughes believes the reason for the lack<br />

of interest in the skilled trades of late is a<br />

combination of two factors coming together<br />

at once.<br />

“For a long time, parents and schools have<br />

been pushing students to get a four-year<br />

degree, but the trades also have an aging<br />

workforce,” Hughes said. “We are making<br />

great headway with the local high schools/<br />

tech schools, to get the word out.”<br />

Vargas believes the shortage is caused<br />

by both the mass exodus of Baby Boomers<br />

from the workforce and a misleading<br />

message given to families for years that a<br />

four-year college is the only acceptable,<br />

successful path after high school graduation.<br />

“The remedy is to continue righting this<br />

message through the de-stigmatization of<br />

non-four-year college training opportunities,”<br />

Vargas said.<br />

Vargas and Schindler both agreed that<br />

through events like Build My Future STL,<br />

students and parents can see many successful<br />

career pathways previously hidden by<br />

mainstream pressures.<br />

“Many regional high school tech schools<br />

are out of real estate and seats. Money is<br />

tighter in public education now more than<br />

(Photos courtesy of Jeanie Smith)<br />

ever, so all the more reason to forge strong<br />

school-industry partnerships to solve these<br />

pain points,” Vargas said.<br />

The pendulum is starting to swing the<br />

other way, Schindler said. Discussing the<br />

event with students after the fact shows the<br />

message about other options is sinking in.<br />

“As far as being able to tell if Build My<br />

Future STL is making a difference, I think<br />

it’s unquestionably yes,” Schindler said.<br />

“Processing the experience with students<br />

who attend the event, you can see their faces<br />

light up when they talk about the options<br />

opened up to them post-high school.”<br />

Stefan Sigurdson, owner of Allen Roofing<br />

& Siding in Ellisville and HBA member<br />

exhibiting at Build My Future STL, said,<br />

“This event presents an opportunity for students<br />

to discuss a career path in the trades<br />

with representatives from different companies<br />

and to gain direct insight into what each<br />

position entails. I believe more investment<br />

into school trade programs will help more<br />

students to get excited about trade careers.<br />

Exposure in high school to different trade<br />

positions helps create familiarity as career<br />

options are considered. The community can<br />

help by creating more awareness around<br />

Build My Future STL as a resource for students<br />

evaluating different career paths and<br />

considering a position in the trades.”<br />

Since the showcase began, Allen Roofing<br />

& Siding has seen an increase in interest<br />

in trade jobs, with some translation to fulltime<br />

hires.<br />

Hughes says that his company can also<br />

tell a difference in student interest in trade<br />

work since Build My Future STL began.<br />

“We have actually had students hired right<br />

from the show floor. That is not the norm,<br />

but it has happened,” Hughes said.<br />

To learn more about Build My Future<br />

STL, visit buildmyfuturestl.com.

20 I SCHOOLS I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





7-Month<br />

CD Special<br />

%<br />

5.15APY*<br />

(636) 916-8300 | TheBetterWayToBank.org<br />

$25,000 minimum to open *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. See credit union for details. Requires 100% of funds as new funds not currently on deposit at Alltru. Federally insured by NCUA. Rates are subject to change.<br />

Academy students answer<br />

service call to action<br />


Nestled in the heart of Saint Charles is<br />

the historic Academy of the Sacred Heart.<br />

Surrounded by history and imbued with<br />

traditions, those who walk through the<br />

halls are charged with the task of looking<br />

outward to the community around them.<br />

One of the school’s hallmark programs is<br />

its acts of service.<br />

Religion and social studies teacher<br />

Tammy Strother has been a faculty<br />

member of the Academy for 14 years and<br />

is in charge of the service-learning program.<br />

“Since one of the subjects I teach is religion,<br />

service learning goes hand in hand<br />

with our belief that each person should be<br />

valued and respected and that we are to<br />

live in communion with others,” Strother<br />

said. “Teaching allows me to interact<br />

with students and watch and encourage<br />

them to be independent thinkers, true to<br />

themselves and active in their community.<br />

Watching students experience service<br />

brings me great joy.”<br />

Academy middle school students have<br />

always participated in service to the community,<br />

but in 2020, when COVID hit, the<br />

program ground to a halt. Fast forward<br />

to the 2022-23 school year, the servicelearning<br />

program resumed at the sites<br />

where the students had previously worked<br />

so hard to establish a relationship.<br />

“That is when I started coordinating the<br />

program,” Strother said. “Our established<br />

sites were open and excited to hear about<br />

us returning and we also reached out to<br />

some new facilities to join our program.”<br />

Brimming with excitement to venture<br />

out into the community again, middle<br />

school students made plans to visit a specific<br />

service site each month from September<br />

to April.<br />

“This allows them to build relationships<br />

with the people they support,” Strother<br />

said. “Many residents and clients at<br />

the service sites look forward to these<br />

monthly visits.”<br />

The service-learning<br />

program has three components:<br />

learning about the<br />

needs of the community<br />

and how they can best support<br />

those needs, direct<br />

service while developing a<br />

receptacle relationship and<br />

making time to reflect on<br />

the experience of serving<br />

and the relationships that<br />

are built – an important<br />

pillar of the success of the<br />

program.<br />

“All the service sites are<br />

asked to meet with the students<br />

to share information<br />

about their clients and program,”<br />

Strother explained.<br />

“We want the students to<br />

have an idea of what they<br />

will be experiencing and<br />

ask any questions they may<br />

have.”<br />

Throughout the year, students visit<br />

13 off-campus service locations with<br />

each grade level focusing on a need in<br />

the community. Ranging from the needs<br />

of the elderly, families in crisis, people<br />

experiencing poverty, and those with<br />

physical and/or intellectual challenges,<br />

some facilities have been working with<br />

the Academy for years while others are<br />

new.<br />

“The most exciting thing is I get to see<br />

the residents every month and build on<br />

the relationships,” one Academy student<br />

shared. Another said it was exciting to<br />

“get to play games with the residents and<br />

make strong bonds with them so each<br />

time you come back they remember you<br />

and you remember them.”<br />

A longtime partner with the Academy is<br />

TheBridge STL, a foundation that offers<br />

“dignified” shopping experiences for individuals<br />

and families.<br />

“On our last visit, we sorted clothing by<br />

Academy students go off-campus to serve at community organizations such as TheBridge STL.<br />

(Source: Academy of the Sacred Heart)<br />

size and color, sorted through new donations<br />

to see what could be used or sent to<br />

other facilities, sorted shoes, helped put<br />

new inventory out on the boutique floor<br />

and even set up a new display,” Strother<br />

said. “The students love feeling their<br />

efforts make a difference.”<br />

Serving brings a kind of adventure with<br />

the impact that is being made.<br />

“What excites me whenever we go to<br />

TheBridge is putting things on the racks<br />

that I like so someone else can enjoy<br />

them,” shared one of the middle schoolers.<br />

Service learning is just one aspect of<br />

the plan to action. There also are sustainability<br />

and social justice clubs that meet<br />

weekly, and the sixth grade class focuses<br />

on poverty and collects donations to put<br />

together “blessing bags” for people who<br />

are experiencing homelessness or families<br />

who are experiencing want.<br />

“We want our students to become aware<br />

of the needs of others in our community,”<br />

Strother said. “Students (need) to understand<br />

their responsibility for being stewards<br />

of the earth which includes taking<br />

care of all people, and that we must<br />

preserve the earth’s resources for future<br />

generations. Everyone has value and is an<br />

important part of our society and that ultimately<br />

they can make a difference.”<br />

Strother said the greatest need for community<br />

service is finding individuals that<br />

will help, and encourages thinking about<br />

what kind of service appeals to each student.<br />

“I would also find out what way they<br />

would like to be involved and tell them,<br />

‘don’t be afraid to pursue your passion,’”<br />

Strother said.<br />

“Helping the community always makes<br />

me feel needed in the world,” a student<br />

said. “If someone wanted to help, I would<br />

tell them sure, because the community<br />

needs more helpers to make the community<br />




May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Timberland’s Tucker helps power Wolves to solid season start<br />

I SCHOOLS I 21<br />


Timberland junior Gabby Tucker changed<br />

positions this spring for the Wolves and it<br />

helped lead the school’s soccer team to its<br />

best start ever.<br />

The Wolves started the season 12-0.<br />

Tucker scored 11 goals in those wins. She<br />

played center back last spring and earned<br />

first team all-conference honors in the GAC<br />

South.<br />

“I think as a coach, you always want to<br />

have high expectations for your players, and<br />

Gabby has done just that,” Timberland coach<br />

Paige Abert said.<br />

This spring, Tucker is playing as a forward.<br />

It’s a position she’s played before.<br />

“I have been playing forward since fifth<br />

grade,” Tucker said. “Coming into my high<br />

school season last year I was mainly a forward<br />

but had started playing defense with my<br />

club team that fall. Last year, I played mostly<br />

defense but a little forward. I love the change<br />

because I get to play a position that I also<br />

love and am successful in.<br />

“I like center back because I get a view of<br />

the whole field. I started playing center back<br />

for my club team about two years ago after<br />

not playing it for a long time. I honestly<br />

couldn’t say why I love it so much back there.<br />

Timberland junior Gabby Tucker scored<br />

11 goals for the Wolves, who started the<br />

season 12-0. (Photo courtesy of Gracie Rae Photography)<br />

But it’s definitely got something to do with<br />

the bond you have with the people you play<br />

with.”<br />

The position switch was made, Abert said,<br />

because she got a couple of players this year<br />

that could fill in those defensive roles.<br />

“Gabby has such a great vision of the field,<br />

crazy speed and just an eye for working off<br />

the ball offensively and defensively,” Abert<br />

said. “She wants to do whatever she can for<br />

the team. She has always had the ‘We before<br />

Me’ mentality.”<br />

So far this season, Tucker has scored two<br />

hat tricks. She also scored two goals in a<br />

win over Fort Zumwalt West that halted an<br />

eight-game losing streak in the series dating<br />

to 2018.<br />

“My season is really successful. The team<br />

is doing amazing as we had the best start to<br />

the season in school history,” Tucker said.<br />

“Eight goals in three games was a high point<br />

for me. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the<br />

season and postseason goes for us.<br />

“I am having so much fun this season. We<br />

are doing great and the chemistry that we all<br />

have with each other is amazing to be around.<br />

The relationships that I have made or built on<br />

this year are some of my favorites. I love all<br />

the girls so much.”<br />

Abert likes what she sees from Tucker.<br />

“(I’m) very pleased with the start of Gabby’s<br />

season,” Abert said. “She is such a team<br />

player and really gave our team confidence<br />

to work and grow together throughout the<br />

season.<br />

“I think in a game, the best thing is her work<br />

ethic. Yes, she is a forward, but she will track<br />

someone all the way back to win a ball, or<br />

cover a teammate who maybe made a run,<br />

and challenge any ball or player. She just has<br />

that grit to do her very best in every moment.”<br />

Tucker is a three-sport athlete for Timberland.<br />

She plays basketball in the winter. In<br />

the spring, she also competes on the track<br />

team.<br />

She has played all three sports all three<br />

years for the Wolves.<br />

The 5-foot-4 Tucker is a guard in basketball.<br />

She was the second leading scorer and<br />

rebounder on the team last winter. She averaged<br />

6.4 points and 3.9 rebounds a game. In<br />

track, she runs the 100-yard dash and is a<br />

member of the 4x100 relay team.<br />

“I feel like it has become more rare to have<br />

a three-sport athlete, but I think that shows<br />

you how much she loves the sports, the attitude<br />

and work ethic she has,” Abert said. “It<br />

shows just how involved she is in our school<br />

and their programs.”<br />

She tore her ACL playing summer basketball<br />

before her freshman year. Tucker wasn’t<br />

able to do contact until early May of her<br />

freshman year.<br />

Tucker explained she took a jump ball<br />

See TUCKER, page 30<br />

St. Louis Community College's new<br />

bachelor of science in respiratory<br />

care program offers an affordable<br />

pathway to a fulfilling profession.<br />

<br />

<br />

Respiratory therapists assess, diagnose and<br />

treat patients who have breathing difficulties<br />

and specialize in areas such as critical care<br />

transport, sleep medicine, neonatal and<br />

pediatric care. Bachelor of science graduates<br />

will develop the skills needed to advance<br />

within the field in areas of leadership,<br />

education, research and advanced clinical<br />

practice. Learn more about this affordable<br />

and in-demand degree in a high-paying<br />

industry where you can positively impact lives.<br />

Learn more at stlcc.edu/respiratory

22 I HEALTH I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />







St. Luke's Urgent Care - O'Fallon<br />

5511 Winghaven Blvd.<br />

Suite 100<br />

O'Fallon, MO 63368<br />

stlukes-stl.com/urgent-care<br />

314-695-2500<br />


10-0069<br />

4/20<strong>24</strong><br />

Even for young women, having more than one drink per day carries significant<br />

cardiovascular risks, according to a new study.<br />

(Adobe Stock photo)<br />

HEALTH<br />



Siteman offers newly approved<br />

melanoma treatment<br />

May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer<br />

Awareness Month; and while skin cancers<br />

are the most common cancers diagnosed<br />

in Americans, melanoma is the deadliest<br />

of these cancers, claiming close to 10,000<br />

lives every year. In 20<strong>24</strong> alone, well over<br />

100,000 Americans are expected to be<br />

diagnosed with melanoma. They will join<br />

more than a million U.S. adults already<br />

battling the disease.<br />

This year, certain patients with melanoma<br />

receiving treatment at Siteman<br />

Cancer Center will have early access to a<br />

promising new therapy.<br />

Siteman is one of the first cancer treatment<br />

centers nationwide to offer a newly<br />

approved cell-based immunotherapy that<br />

targets advanced melanoma. The therapy is<br />

for patients with metastatic melanoma that<br />

can’t be treated with surgery and that has<br />

continued to grow and spread after other<br />

approved treatments have failed.<br />

The immunotherapy drug, called lifileucel,<br />

received accelerated approval from<br />

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration<br />

in February. To receive this type of fasttracked<br />

approval, treatments must be<br />

shown to have likely clinical benefits to<br />

patients, allowing them to access promising<br />

treatments quickly, even as further<br />

clinical trials are underway.<br />

Lifileucel is the first treatment for cancer<br />

that uses immune cells called tumor-infiltrating<br />

lymphocytes, or TILs. The therapy uses<br />

a patient’s own T cells – which are immune<br />

cells that have already found and infiltrated<br />

the tumor – in an attempt to kill the cancer.<br />

Washington University doctors and<br />

researchers were involved in clinical trials<br />

that led to the FDA’s fast-tracked approval.<br />

They also continue to participate in ongoing<br />

clinical trials investigating TIL therapy<br />

for patients with advanced lung and cervical<br />

cancers<br />

According to the results of an initial clinical<br />

trial reported in The Journal for ImmunoTherapy<br />

of Cancer, melanoma tumors<br />

shrank at least 30% in about a third of<br />

patients treated with lifileucel. About half of<br />

the patients whose tumors responded to the<br />

therapy experienced a remission of at least<br />

12 months following a single treatment.<br />

More than one drink a day<br />

raises women’s heart risks<br />

A recent large study suggests that even<br />

for younger women, averaging more than<br />

one alcoholic drink per day can significantly<br />

raise the risk of coronary heart disease.<br />

Scientists from Kaiser Permanente<br />

Northern California conducted the analysis<br />

of more than 430,000 adults between the<br />

ages of 18 and 65 over a four-year period,<br />

based on the participants’ self-reported<br />

average alcohol intake. For women, the<br />

cutoff line between moderate and heavy<br />

drinking was seven drinks per week; for<br />

men, that level was 14 per week.<br />

They also looked at “binge” drinking<br />

behavior, defined as three or more drinks<br />

on one day for women and four for men.<br />

Although heart disease risk was highest<br />

among adults who reported binge drinking<br />

– for both men and women – drinking<br />

even slightly above average significantly<br />

increased women’s risk in particular, said<br />

Jamal Rana, M.D., Ph.D, FACC, a cardiologist<br />

with the Permanente Medical Group.<br />

“For women, we find consistently higher<br />

risk even without binge drinking…I wasn’t<br />

expecting these results among women in<br />

this lower age group because we usually<br />

see increased risk for heart disease among<br />

older women. It was definitely surprising,”<br />

Rana said.<br />

Specifically, women who averaged over<br />

seven drinks per week had a 29% higher<br />

risk of heart disease compared with those<br />

who drank up to that amount; and a 45%<br />

higher risk compared to women who averaged<br />

two drinks or less per week. Female<br />

binge drinkers were 68% more likely to<br />

A recent analysis found that after several<br />

years, intermittent fasting for weight<br />

loss may increase the risk of death from<br />

cardiovascular causes. (Adobe Stock photo)<br />

develop heart disease compared with<br />

women who drank moderately.<br />

The study is among the largest and most<br />

comprehensive to date examining the<br />

links between alcohol and heart disease,<br />

which has been rising among younger<br />

Americans in recent years. At the same<br />

time, alcohol use and binge drinking have<br />

become more common among women,<br />

whose bodies process alcohol differently<br />

than men’s.<br />

“Women feel they’re protected against<br />

heart disease until they’re older, but this<br />

study shows that even when you’re young or<br />

middle aged, if you are a heavy alcohol user<br />

or binge drink, you are at risk,” Rana said.<br />

Long-term intermittent fasting<br />

could harm the heart<br />

Time-restricted eating, also called intermittent<br />

fasting, has become an extremely<br />

popular weight loss method over the past<br />

several years. About 10% of Americans<br />

over 18 have tried intermittent fasting<br />

for some period of time, according to the<br />

International Food Information Council.<br />

The simplicity of this diet method is part<br />

of its appeal. Intermittent fasting involves<br />

eating only during a shortened window<br />

of time each day, forcing the body into<br />

a quasi-fasting state where it burns more<br />

fat for fuel. The diet has been found to be<br />

effective for weight loss in many studies,<br />

while others have pointed to health benefits<br />

including lower cholesterol and blood<br />

pressure, improved insulin sensitivity and<br />

more.<br />

But the news about intermittent fasting<br />

is not all good. A recently published longterm<br />

analysis of more than 20,000 U.S.<br />

adults found that those who fasted for 16<br />

hours or more per day were more likely to<br />

die of cardiovascular disease than peers<br />

who ate normally over the course of 12-16<br />

hours per day.<br />

Key findings of the analysis, which<br />

spanned a period of between eight and 17<br />

years, included:<br />

• People who followed a pattern of eating<br />

all of their food across less than 8 hours per<br />

day had a 91% higher risk of death due to<br />

cardiovascular disease.<br />

• Among people with existing cardiovas-



May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I HEALTH I 23<br />

cular disease, an eating duration of 8-10<br />

hours per day was also associated with a<br />

66% higher risk of death from heart disease<br />

or stroke.<br />

• Time-restricted eating did not reduce<br />

the overall risk of death.<br />

“We were surprised to find that people<br />

who followed an 8-hour, time-restricted<br />

eating schedule were more likely to<br />

die from cardiovascular disease. Even<br />

though this type of diet has been popular<br />

due to its potential short-term benefits,<br />

our research clearly shows that, compared<br />

with a typical eating time range<br />

of 12-16 hours per day, a shorter eating<br />

duration was not associated with living<br />

longer,” said senior study author Victor<br />

Wenze Zhong, Ph.D.<br />

Zhong noted that, although the study<br />

noted a long-term relationship between<br />

intermittent fasting and cardiovascular<br />

death, this doesn’t mean that timerestricted<br />

eating was the cause. He said its<br />

findings should encourage a more cautious,<br />

personalized approach to dieting.<br />

Popular flea and tick meds<br />

dangerous for some cats<br />

Flea and tick season is already well<br />

underway … and that means most pet<br />

owners are treating their dogs and cats<br />

with one of many topical medications<br />

used to repel these pests. For cat owners<br />

in particular, though, a recent announcement<br />

from Washington State University<br />

scientists may be of interest. They found<br />

that cats with a particular genetic mutation<br />

could become seriously ill or even<br />

die after receiving certain popular flea and<br />

tick medications.<br />

More than half a million cats in the U.S.<br />

could be at risk of a severe or fatal neurological<br />

reaction to eprinomectin, the active<br />

ingredient in top-selling parasite preventatives<br />

including NexGard COMBO ® and<br />

Centragard , according to the WSU team.<br />

These cats have a genetic mutation called<br />

MDR1, causing them to lack a protective<br />

mechanism that prevents eprinomectin<br />

from entering the brain and causing serious<br />

neurological toxicity.<br />

“Almost every week we receive reports<br />

about someone’s pet cat having serious<br />

reactions to eprinomectin. This is not an<br />

issue with the drug itself – the problem lies<br />

in the genes of 1% of cats. That is a sizable<br />

number considering there are over 60 million<br />

pet cats in the U.S., and we’re trying<br />

to increase general awareness of these<br />

risks,” said Dr. Katrina Mealey, a WSU<br />

veterinarian and pharmacologist who led<br />

the research.<br />

“If this were happening in human patients,<br />

federal agencies would be issuing regulatory<br />

actions immediately,” Mealey said.<br />

Cats having adverse reactions to eprinomectin<br />

can display many symptoms,<br />

including loss of coordination, increased<br />

salivation, tremors, partial paralysis,<br />

dilated pupils, coma, seizures and death.<br />

Additionally, some cats in the study were<br />

unable to retract or use their tongue completely<br />

for days to weeks after eprinomectin<br />

application. Since the medications are<br />

applied topically, these symptoms may not<br />

appear for up to 12 hours.<br />

On the calendar<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital offers<br />

a Helmet Check event on Saturday, May<br />

4 from 9:30 a.m.-noon at Parkway Early<br />

Childhood Center, 14605 Clayton Road in<br />

Ballwin. Children may bring their own helmets<br />

to this check by a trained professional.<br />

Please register each child needing a fitting,<br />

for $10 each. Register for this free event at<br />

classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Good<br />

Sleep is a Possible Dream: Steps to<br />

Sounder Sleep on Thursday, May 9 from<br />

6:30-8 p.m. at the Desloge Outpatient<br />

Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive, in<br />

Classroom 3 of Building A. Attend this<br />

free class to learn more about sleep, and<br />

strategies you can use to sleep better. Register<br />

at slukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC presents a Family and Friends<br />

CPR virtual course on Wednesday, May<br />

15 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., live via Teams<br />

Meeting. This class uses the American<br />

Heart Association curriculum to teach<br />

hands-on CPR skills (course does not<br />

include certification upon completion).<br />

The cost is $50 for two people. Register<br />

online by visiting bjc.org/cpr-class.<br />

• • •<br />

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital<br />

offers a Bariatric Surgery Information<br />

Session on Monday, May 20 from 5:30-<br />

6:30 p.m., live via Zoom. Join a Washington<br />

University bariatric physician to learn<br />

more about surgical weight loss treatment<br />

options available at BJC for patients who<br />

meet certain criteria. To register, visit<br />

classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Be Still to Chill: Basics of Meditation<br />

is on Wednesday, May 22 from noon-1 p.m.<br />

at St. Luke’s Hospital’s Desloge Outpatient<br />

Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in<br />

Chesterfield, in Classroom 3 of Building A.<br />

Attend this free program to learn the basics<br />

of meditation and many tips to support your<br />

practice. Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

A St. Luke’s Nutrition Class is on Thursday,<br />

May 23 from 2-3 p.m. at Schnucks Eatwell<br />

Market, 220 THF Blvd. in Chesterfield.<br />

A St. Luke’s Hospital dietitian will discuss<br />

how to find and make healthier choices at<br />

the grocery store. The registration cost is $5.<br />

Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

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News & Notes<br />


Mature Focus<br />

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interest to our 50-plus readers.<br />

COMING AGAIN June 5<br />

We’re redefining senior living<br />

with independence at the forefront.<br />

Senior living at Clarendale of St. Peters is anything but traditional.<br />

Why? We encourage and celebrate the independence of<br />

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living and assisted living, where residents share amenities, lifeenriching<br />

experiences, and many laughs. It’s the perfect balance<br />

of freedom and support.<br />

To learn more or schedule a visit, call 636-<strong>24</strong>2-6096<br />

or visit ClarendaleOfStPeters.com.<br />


10 DuBray Drive | St. Peters, MO 63376 em ClarendaleOfStPetersLIFE@ClarendaleOfStPeters.com<br />

AI advancing ALS treatment<br />

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),<br />

also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a<br />

frightening diagnosis. The fatal motor<br />

neuron disease, characterized by gradual<br />

degeneration of nerve cells in the spinal<br />

cord and brain, remains incurable.<br />

This May, as the U.S. marks ALS Awareness<br />

Month, development of a potential new<br />

weapon in the fight against this devastating<br />

disease is underway … one that exists<br />

thanks to artificial intelligence technology.<br />

A drug candidate currently known as<br />

FB1006 is being advanced as a potential<br />

new treatment for ALS. The Chinese<br />

company leading the drug’s development,<br />

4B Technologies, has already successfully<br />

completed patient enrollment in an initial<br />

clinical trial set to begin in August.<br />

AI technology was utilized in multiple<br />

stages of the drug’s discovery and development,<br />

including target identification,<br />

patient enrollment and efficacy assessment.<br />

The use of AI enabled the 4B Technologies<br />

team to significantly shorten the patient<br />

screening process and complete enrollment<br />

in less than one year, as well as maximize<br />

the use of the clinical data. Analysis of the<br />

trial’s results is expected in February of<br />

2025.<br />

Missed opportunities<br />

to save lives<br />

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)<br />

can be life-savers when someone has an outof-hospital<br />

cardiac arrest … an emergency<br />

which happens more than 1,000 times every<br />

day in the U.S. on average, and is fatal in<br />

about 90% of cases. When used together<br />

with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, however,<br />

an AED – which analyzes the heart’s<br />

rhythm and delivers electric shock if necessary<br />

– greatly increases the odds of survival.<br />

While AEDs are often located nearby<br />

when cardiac arrests happen, they are very<br />

seldom used, say University of Missouri –<br />

Kansas City researchers. And this may be<br />

because people don’t know where the nearest<br />

one is located.<br />

Their recent study analyzed data from<br />

about 1,800 cardiac arrests that occurred<br />

either in homes or public places around<br />

Kansas City from 2019-2022. Despite the<br />

fact that many of these out-of-hospital cardiac<br />

arrests occurred within a four-minute<br />

walk of a public AED, the devices were<br />

used in only 13 of the cases, or less than 1%.<br />

AED devices are often available close by<br />

when someone has an out-of-hospital<br />

cardiac arrest, but they’re almost never<br />

used – an outcome that can and should<br />

be changed, say University of Missouri –<br />

Kansas City researchers. (Adobe Stock photo)<br />

“Public AED availability is critical for<br />

people to be able to use them in the appropriate<br />

time and fashion. However, people<br />

need to know it’s there to be able to use it.<br />

It’s not sufficient just to have them in the<br />

right places,” said Mirza S. Khan, M.D., a<br />

physician and medical informatician at the<br />

university and the study’s lead author.<br />

The analysis found that a large majority<br />

(about 85%) of cardiac arrests occurred at<br />

home. While someone in the home administered<br />

CPR in 42% of these cases, an AED<br />

was never used. Researchers calculated<br />

that nearly one-quarter of at-home cardiac<br />

arrests occurred within a four-minute walk<br />

of a public AED.<br />

Among the remaining 15% of cardiac<br />

arrests that occurred in public places, a<br />

bystander administered CPR in about 40%<br />

of cases as well, using an AED in only<br />

7%. Nearly half of these cardiac arrests<br />

occurred within a four-minute walk of<br />

an AED. Even in the “optimal” scenario<br />

where someone administered CPR and an<br />

AED was accessible nearby, the devices<br />

were used only about a quarter of the time.<br />

According to Khan, the study’s findings<br />

should speed efforts to improve signage<br />

around AEDs, provide apps or mapping<br />

tools to help people locate them, and<br />

increase education and awareness about<br />

these life-saving devices.<br />

Better news about eggs<br />

Eggs are a perennial breakfast favorite,<br />

but concerns that they may raise cholesterol<br />

levels and threaten heart health cause<br />

many older adults to leave eggs off their<br />

morning menus.<br />

But results from a recent trial conducted<br />

at the Duke Clinical Research Institute<br />

offer better news for egg lovers. They<br />

showed that, after a four-month period,<br />

cholesterol levels were similar among participants<br />

who ate fortified eggs most days



May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



of the week compared to those who ate<br />

none or very few.<br />

While all eggs are a good source of<br />

protein and dietary cholesterol, this trial<br />

focused on fortified eggs, which contain<br />

less saturated fat than regular eggs and<br />

provide added vitamins and minerals. Popular<br />

fortified egg brands include Eggland’s<br />

Best, Organic Valley and Vital Farms along<br />

with many individual store brands.<br />

The trial’s goal was to measure the impact<br />

of eating eggs on both the HDL and LDL<br />

cholesterol levels of 140 patients over age 50.<br />

All had either been diagnosed with cardiovascular<br />

disease or were at high risk for heart<br />

issues. Some participants were randomly<br />

assigned to eat 12 or more fortified eggs a<br />

week, cooked however they chose, during the<br />

trial period; those in the “control” group ate<br />

two eggs or less (fortified or not) per week.<br />

Contrary to popular belief, eating fortified<br />

eggs on a daily basis doesn’t raise<br />

cholesterol levels or heart risk, a recent<br />

study found.<br />

(Adobe Stock photo)<br />

After four months, blood tests actually<br />

showed very slight decreases in both HDL<br />

“good” cholesterol and LDL “bad” cholesterol<br />

in those who ate a dozen eggs per<br />

week. While these decreases weren’t statistically<br />

significant, the researchers said their<br />

results suggest that eating 12 fortified eggs<br />

each week has no adverse effect on blood<br />

cholesterol.<br />

“…There’s been a lot of conflicting<br />

information about whether or not eggs are<br />

safe to eat, especially for people who have<br />

or are at risk for heart disease,” said Nina<br />

Nouhravesh, M.D., the study’s lead author.<br />

“This is a small study, but it gives us reassurance<br />

that eating fortified eggs is OK with<br />

regard to lipid effects over four months,<br />

even among a more high-risk population.”<br />

Nouhravesh added that one factor behind<br />

eggs’ bad reputation could be the less hearthealthy<br />

foods people are eating along with<br />

them – such as buttered toast and bacon.<br />

She said it’s a good idea for people with<br />

heart disease to talk with their doctors about<br />

the components of a heart-healthy diet.<br />

Hit by a boomerang<br />

As Americans over age 55 cruise toward<br />

retirement, millions are running into an<br />

unexpected financial roadblock: their adult<br />

children moving back into the family home.<br />

According to a 2023 Harris Poll, about 45%<br />

of young adults between the ages of 18 and<br />

29 now live with their parents, the highest<br />

percentage recorded since the 1940s.<br />

Known as the “boomerang” generation,<br />

these young adults find themselves facing<br />

extraordinarily high housing and living<br />

costs, a crushing amount of student debt,<br />

and not enough income to cover it all. As a<br />

result, they’re forced to move back in with<br />

mom and dad.<br />

In many cases, these boomerang kids<br />

are also forcing their parents to tap into<br />

retirement savings to support them financially.<br />

A survey conducted by the personal<br />

finance company Bankrate last year found<br />

that just over two-thirds of parents have<br />

made or are currently making financial<br />

sacrifices to help their adult children.<br />

Nearly 20% said they have used retirement<br />

savings to do so.<br />

Even when parents of boomerang kids<br />

are able to keep their retirement savings<br />

intact, many are staying in the workforce<br />

longer than they intended to help<br />

them pay for these unplanned expenses.<br />

A 2023 report from the National Bureau<br />

of Economic Research stated that while<br />

a “boomerang event” doesn’t generally<br />

impact parents’ long-term wealth, it does<br />

increase their probability of continuing<br />

to work full-time after age 65, especially<br />

for men.<br />

Luckily for parents, though, the data<br />

also shows that most of these return visits<br />

are temporary, allowing boomerang kids<br />

to get back on their feet and get ahead<br />

financially. For example, more than a<br />

quarter of boomerang kids who participated<br />

in Thrivent Financial’s second<br />

annual Boomerang Kids Survey, also conducted<br />

in 2023, said they are living with<br />

mom and dad in order to save money for<br />

their own home purchase.<br />

Interestingly, parents may also be contributing<br />

to a disconnect between themselves<br />

and their boomerang offspring by<br />

failing to communicate with them about<br />

money. More than three-fourths of parents<br />

participating in the Thrivent survey said<br />

they didn’t discuss money management or<br />

set financial expectations with their adult<br />

children … and 92% had not set a timeline<br />

for them to move back out.<br />

On the calendar<br />

St. Louis Oasis offers an 11-session Exer-<br />

Start course on Mondays and Thursdays,<br />

May 6- June 13, from 9-9:45 a.m. at the<br />

Chesterfield Community Center, 237 Chesterfield<br />

Mall (second floor inside the mall,<br />

next to Macy’s). ExerStart is a low-intensity<br />

exercise class that can help you add more<br />

activity to your life. The course fee is $66.<br />

Register at st-louis.oasiseverywhere.org.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital offers an Empowered<br />

Caregiver Series designed to help<br />

families living with dementia, beginning<br />

on Tuesday, May 7 from 6-7 p.m.<br />

presented online via Zoom. The threepart<br />

series will also include sessions on<br />

May 14 and May 21. In partnership with<br />

the Alzheimer’s Association, St. Luke’s<br />

experts will discuss how caregivers can<br />

navigate the responsibilities of caring for<br />

someone with dementia while also caring<br />

for their own well-being. This free class is<br />

intended for family and friends caring for a<br />

loved with memory loss; it is not appropriate<br />

for people living with memory loss or<br />

paid professionals or caregivers. Register<br />

at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Join St. Louis Oasis for a group bicycle<br />

ride, the Chesterfield to Weldon Spring<br />

Interpretive Center Ride, on Friday, May<br />

10 beginning at 9:30 a.m. The ride will<br />

begin on the Monarch Levee Trail from<br />

the Chesterfield Athletic Center across the<br />

Missouri Greenway to the Katy Trail and<br />

Busch Greenway. The group will also visit<br />

the Weldon Sprint Site Interpretive Center.<br />

The length of the ride is approximately 18<br />

miles; there is no cost to participate. Register<br />

and find more information at st-louis.<br />

oasiseverywhere.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Senior Resource Expo and Health<br />

Fair hosted by Guide4SeniorLiving.com<br />

on Tuesday, May 14 from 9 a.m.-noon at<br />

the VFW Post #2866, 66 VFW Lane in<br />

St. Charles. Join us for a day of fun and<br />

discover senior resources in the community.<br />

Food, giveaways and raffles will be<br />

offered at this free event. The first 150<br />

people receive a free bag. For more info<br />

and vendor registration go to www.guide-<br />

4seniorliving.com/events/senior-resourceexpo-and-health-fair/<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Coffee and<br />

Conversations on Wednesday, May 15<br />

from 10-11 a.m. at the Desloge Outpatient<br />

Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive, in<br />

Building A, Conference Room 3. Join us<br />

monthly for a cup of joe and a conversation<br />

with St. Luke’s health professionals about<br />

health and wellness topics. This month’s<br />

topic is Happy Feet; join a board-certified<br />

podiatrist to learn more about taking care<br />

of your feet throughout your life. The program<br />

is free. Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC Missouri Baptist Hospital offers<br />

Today’s Grandparents classes on Thursday,<br />

May 23 and Wednesday, June 5 from<br />

6-8:30 p.m. at the Missouri Baptist Medical<br />

Center Clinical Learning Institute, 3005<br />

N. Ballas Road. The course fee is $20 per<br />

person (each person attending must register<br />

separately). Registration is available<br />

online at classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

What keeps you<br />

up at night?<br />

Let our team of<br />

registered nurses<br />

assist you with<br />

solving your healthcare<br />

or eldercare worries.<br />

Melissa Q. Leavy<br />

Owner/Attorney<br />

ACMCare.org<br />

314-293-0697<br />

ZOOM<br />

Meetings<br />

Available<br />

For Your<br />

Convenience<br />


• Trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney<br />

• Long-term Care Planning<br />

• Medicaid, Veterans Administration,<br />

and other government benefits<br />

• Special Needs Planning<br />

• Probate and Trust Administration<br />

• Guardianships and<br />

Conservatorships<br />

A caring approach to legal planning,<br />

representation and advocacy for<br />

older and disabled persons.<br />

220 Salt Lick Road • St. Peters<br />

(In the “Legal Center” Building)<br />

636-333-9160 or 83-ELDERLAW<br />

info@yourelderlawyers.com • yourelderlawyers.com

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Tips for setting and paying children’s allowances from Neighbors Credit Union<br />

A well-structured allowance<br />

can teach children and teens<br />

valuable money-management<br />

and decision-making skills, as<br />

well as the trade-offs for the<br />

decisions they make. An allowance<br />

also provides autonomy<br />

to children and teens – encouraging<br />

financial independence,<br />

rather than relying on parents or<br />

guardians for money.<br />

There are three types of<br />

allowance:<br />

• Fixed or unconditional<br />

allowance is a set amount at a<br />

set interval given regardless<br />

of circumstances (i.e.: $10 per week).<br />

The benefit of this allowance approach<br />

is that it provides children with a set<br />

amount of money, making it easier<br />

for them to budget and learn financial<br />

skills. Plus, it separates the allowance<br />

money from chores, teaching children<br />

that chores and responsibilities are just<br />

a part of life (and do not always come<br />

with financial rewards).<br />

• Rewards-based allowance rewards<br />

children for completing household<br />

chores such as cleaning the kitchen<br />

or walking the dog or achieving other<br />

objectives (earning a B+ average, for<br />

instance). The benefits of this approach can<br />

help teach children the importance of work<br />

ethic and the consequences of neglecting<br />

responsibilities.<br />

• Hybrid allowance combines aspects of<br />

a fixed and a rewards-based allowance.<br />

When should you begin giving an<br />

allowance? A general recommendation is<br />

to begin giving an allowance between the<br />

ages of 4 and 6. Of course, the right time<br />

to give an allowance is when the child<br />

is ready, as children develop at different<br />

rates, especially if they have siblings. It’s<br />

wise to start giving an allowance as soon<br />

as the child can grasp financial concepts,<br />

like counting.<br />


Is there an “ideal” allowance<br />

amount? A commonly used rule of<br />

thumb is giving children $1 to $2<br />

per week for each year of their age.<br />

An allowance should be enough<br />

that it is meaningful and useful but<br />

not so much that the child has more<br />

than needed. The amount will vary<br />

based on several factors, including<br />

the child/teen’s age, financial<br />

literacy level, what expenses the<br />

child/teen has and what their parents/guardians<br />

do not cover and<br />

the parents/guardians’ goals for<br />

providing an allowance.<br />

Allowance tips:<br />

• Set the amount and frequency upfront:<br />

Let your child/teen know how much you’ll<br />

give in allowance and when and be prepared<br />

to stick to that schedule.<br />

• Establish how (if anything) they will<br />

be expected to spend their money. While<br />

kids will learn the most by being able to<br />

decide how to spend their money, you’ll<br />

also likely still want to put some ground<br />

rules or expectations in place.<br />

• Consider digital options for teens with<br />

cell phones. Transferring their allowance<br />

to their account will get your teens used to<br />

checking their balance and managing their<br />

money digitally – a skill they’ll need as we<br />

(photo provided)<br />



become an increasingly cashless society,<br />

introducing new methods of sending and<br />

receiving money. When you pay an allowance<br />

digitally, you can set it up to happen<br />

automatically, so you never have to worry<br />

about remembering to make the transaction.<br />

• Allow your children to make mistakes<br />

with their money. Resist the urge to<br />

sweep in and “fix the mistake” by giving<br />

them extra money. When this occurs, talk<br />

through the decision, the consequences and<br />

ways to avoid this from happening again.<br />

• • •<br />

The Neighbors Credit Union SMART<br />

Program is designed to give young savers<br />

a great financial foundation at every stage<br />

of growing up through age 22. Visit neighborscu.org<br />

or call 314-892-5400 for complete<br />

details. Federally insured by NCUA.<br />

Neighbors Credit Union serves all those<br />

who live or work in St. Louis City, St.<br />

Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson<br />

County (MO) and Madison County,<br />

Monroe County and St. Clair County (IL).<br />

Neighbors Credit Union<br />

4745 Mexico Road • St. Peters<br />

314-892-5400 • Neighborscu.org<br />

Welcoming new patients<br />

• State-of-the-art office<br />

• Locally owned and operated<br />

• Relationship-focused dentistry<br />

• Don’t have dental insurance?<br />

Ask about our Dental Savings Plan.<br />

OVER 500 REVIEWS<br />

ON GOOGLE!<br />

www.cottlevillesmiles.com | 636-928-4090<br />




Trane systems are put through the harshest testing imaginable — all so they can run through anything. Now,<br />

you can get an instant rebate up to $600.* We never stop finding ways to bring you comfort that never stops.<br />


(636) 332-4141 | www.johnson-heatingandcooling.com<br />

LIC.NO. M54810B<br />

*See your participating independent Trane Comfort Specialist ® Dealer or visit Trane.com for complete program eligibility, dates, details, and restrictions.<br />

Available through participating independent Trane Comfort Specialist Dealers. Instant rebate up to $600. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States<br />

Void where prohibited. Valid on Qualifying Equipment only. Offer valid through 04/01/20<strong>24</strong> - 06/30/20<strong>24</strong>.



The Pink Willow Café celebrates its grand opening with members of<br />

the Cottleville-Weldon Spring Chamber of Commerce. (Source: CWSCC)<br />


BRIEFS<br />

PEOPLE<br />

Heather McDorman, vice president<br />

for marketing, professional development<br />

and community relations<br />

(ret.) at St. Charles<br />

Community College, has<br />

received the D. Richard<br />

Petrizzo Award for Career<br />

Achievement from the<br />

National Council for<br />

Marketing & Public<br />

Relations (NCMPR). The<br />

Petrizzo Award honors a professional for<br />

career accomplishments in community college<br />

marketing and public relations.<br />

• • •<br />

Hi-Pointe Drive-In and Taco Buddha<br />

have joined forces as Gastronauts Food<br />

Group. The collaboration aims to build<br />

sustainable growth, streamline operations,<br />

and develop collaborative marketing<br />

while maintaining each brand’s character.<br />

Ben Hillman, operating partner of Lewis<br />

& Clark Capital, will serve as president<br />

of Gastronauts Food Group. Kurt Eller,<br />

founder and partner of Taco Buddha, and<br />

Mike Johnson, Hi-Pointe Drive-In chef<br />

and partner, will represent their respective<br />

brands within the new group. Johnson also<br />

will remain a partner and owner of Sugarfire<br />

Restaurant Group.<br />

PLACES<br />

McDorman<br />

The Salted Lime, a fast-casual Mexican<br />

restaurant has opened at Ameristar Casino<br />

Resort Spa St. Charles. Hours of operation<br />

are 5-9 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.<br />

• • •<br />

The Pink Willow Café, owned by Terry<br />

and Allison Tonsing, opened at 5523 Oak<br />

St. in Cottleville. On April 17, members of<br />

the Cottleville-Weldon Spring Chamber of<br />

Commerce, elected officials and community<br />

leaders celebrated the new restaurant with a<br />

ribbon-cutting. The restaurant offers a breakfast,<br />

brunch and lunch menu, plus custom<br />

salads and sandwiches along with specialty<br />

teas, coffees and hand-crafted drinks.<br />

• • •<br />

Spectrum has announced the launch of<br />

Spectrum internet, mobile, TV and voice<br />

services to more than 1,500 homes and<br />

small businesses near the communities of<br />

Augusta, Defiance, Foristell, New Melle,<br />

Schluersburg and Wentzville. The buildout<br />

of the fiber-optic network was partly<br />

offset by $1.2 billion in the Federal Communications<br />

Commission funds.<br />

• • •<br />

The O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce<br />

& Industries joined WingHaven Country<br />

Club for a ribbon cutting celebrating the<br />

opening of Jack’s 18, a reception area that<br />

can accommodate up to 100 people for<br />

larger meetings or events.<br />

• • •<br />

DuMá Nail Studio is now open at 513<br />

Salt Lick Road in St. Peters. The studio<br />

offers offering current nail trends including<br />

more than 500 colors in matching gel,<br />

dip and regular lacquer as well as signature<br />

manicures and pedicures, Gel-X, dipping<br />

and character nail art. Appointments preferred<br />

at (636) 281-8272.<br />

EVENTS<br />

The St. Charles Regional Chamber<br />

of Commerce has named its 20<strong>24</strong> Small<br />

Business of the Year Finalists: Exit 11<br />

Coffee, Fierce Creative Agency and Cozy<br />

Shop. For nearly 50 years, the chamber has<br />

celebrated National Small Business Month<br />

with an annual luncheon and award presentation.<br />

This year’s event is scheduled<br />

for Wednesday, May 15 at the St. Charles<br />

Convention Center. To learn more and register,<br />

visit stcharlesregionalchamber.com.<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Log on to AmisPizza.com for Full Menu!<br />


Large Slice of Cheese Pizza & Salad<br />

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any other offer. Expires 5/31/<strong>24</strong>.<br />

& PIZZERIA<br />

www.AmisPizza.com<br />

Pizza, Pasta, Steaks Seafood, Salad<br />

Pizza, Pasta, Steaks, Seafood, Salad<br />

Carryout Delivery • Catering<br />

Carryout & Delivery • Catering<br />

Now Available Ordering Online<br />

3728 Monticello Plaza • 636-329-8787<br />

98<strong>24</strong> Manchester Rd. Rock Hill • 314-963-1822<br />

I BUSINESS I 27<br />

Large One<br />

Topping Pizza,<br />

any appetizer, large<br />

combination salad<br />

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Sunday - Thursday.<br />

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$25.00<br />

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Sunday - Thursday.<br />

Dine in or Carryout. Not valid with<br />

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IF YOU'RE UNDER 21!<br />

LUCKY YOU!<br />

Here's a free drink card!<br />

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636-561-5202<br />

3761 New Town Blvd.<br />

Right at the Hwy. 370<br />

636-925-2961<br />

Celebrating our 10th<br />

“Patio Season”<br />

Upscale Casual<br />

Dining & Drinks<br />

Since 2014

28 I EVENTS I<br />


May 3 | Peter Pfeifer, US Representative<br />

District 2 candidate<br />

May 10 | Michelle McBride, St. Charles County<br />

Collector of Revenue - Seniors Real Estate<br />

Property Tax Relief Program<br />

May 17 I Judge Matthew Thornhill,<br />

Circuit Judge Div. 4 candidate<br />

May <strong>24</strong> I NO MEETING<br />

May 31 I David Wasinger, Lt. Gov. candidate<br />


B. Hall’s Family Grill | 3782 Monticello Plaza Dr I O’Fallon 63304<br />



NOW<br />



SERVICE!<br />

St. Charles County<br />

Pachyderm Club<br />

@St.CharlesCountyPachydermClub<br />

Ask about our new lunch specials!<br />

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$20 OR MORE<br />

Not valid with any other coupon or discount.<br />

Limit 1 coupon per customer per visit.<br />

Must present ad. Expires 6/4/<strong>24</strong><br />



ST. PETERS, MO 63304<br />


636-<strong>24</strong>4-2587<br />

6663 Edwardsville Crossing Dr. | Edwardsville, IL<br />

618-307-9966<br />

4519 N. Illinois St. | Swansea, IL<br />

618-416-4633<br />

9983 Manchester Road | St. Louis, MO<br />

314-858-9091<br />

7289 Watson Road | Shrewsbury, MO<br />

314-769-9775<br />

Family Owned and Operated.<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


LOCAL<br />

EVENTS<br />


Ann Croghan - Light & Color II Art<br />

Exhibition is on display through Saturday,<br />

May 18 in the East Gallery at the<br />

Foundry Art Centre, 20 N. Main Center in<br />

St. Charles. For details, visit foundryartcentre.org.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles County Youth Orchestra<br />

Summer Concert is at 2 p.m. on Saturday,<br />

May 18 at Grace Baptist Church, 3601<br />

Ehlmann Road in St. Charles. Hear a selection<br />

of classical favorites from three youth<br />

ensembles. Tickets are $9 for adults and $5<br />

for children. Tickets are available at sccyotickets.org<br />

or at the door. To audition for<br />

the 20<strong>24</strong>-2025 season contact sccyomusic@gmail.com.<br />

​<br />

• • •<br />

History in Harmony is from 1-4 p.m.<br />

on Sundays, May 19 and 26 and June 23<br />

and 30 on South Main Street in St. Charles.<br />

For details, visit discoverstcharles.com.<br />

​• • •<br />

Self Portrait Art Exhibition is through<br />

Tuesday, May 28 at the Crossroads Arts<br />

Council, 310 West Pearce in Wentzville.<br />

Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m. For<br />

details, visit crossroadsartscouncil.org.<br />

​• • •<br />

Calls for Art - The Color of Water<br />

Exhibition is from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday,<br />

June 2 at Crossroads Arts Council, 310<br />

West Pearce in Wentzville. Artists will give<br />

an interesting view of any subject that has<br />

a relationship with water. Artist drop-off<br />

date is May 29 and the pick-up date is June<br />

25. Gallery hours are from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.,<br />

Thursday-Sunday. Apply online at crossroadsartscouncil.org.<br />

​• • •<br />

First Fridays are from 5-8 p.m. on the<br />

first Friday of every month at the Foundry<br />

Art Centre, 520 N. Main Center in St.<br />

Charles. Visitors can spend time in the galleries,<br />

meet resident studio artists, engage<br />

with the community and enjoy a wide array<br />

of art programming, entertainment and<br />

special events. There will be free activities<br />

and paid workshops hosted by local business<br />

owners. For details, visit foundryartcentre.org/first-fridays.<br />

​• • •<br />

Hit the Bricks History Tours are on<br />

most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at<br />

230 S. Main St. in St. Charles. Join history<br />

tour guides as they “Hit the Bricks”<br />

through St. Charles’ 25-plus years of history.<br />

Tours are $7 per person. Children<br />

under 10 are free. To book a tour, visit<br />

discoverstcharles.com/things-to-do/mainstreet/hit-the-bricks.<br />

​• • •<br />

St. Charles Riverwalk Market is from<br />

7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday mornings<br />

through November 30 at the Foundry Art<br />

Centre Parking Lot, 520 N. Main Center in St.<br />

Charles, featuring fresh produce and crafts<br />

from local vendors, live music and more. For<br />

details, visit stcharlescitymo.gov/1132/The-<br />

St-Charles-Riverwalk-Market.<br />

​• • •<br />

St. Charles Flea and Artisan Market<br />

is from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on the second Saturday<br />

of every month through December<br />

at Saint Charles City Hall (Upper Level<br />

of City Hall Parking Garage), 200 N.<br />

Second St. in St. Charles. For details, visit<br />

stcharlesflea.com.<br />


Rock n’ Roll Bingo is from 6-10 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, May 4 at the Boys and Girls<br />

Club of St. Charles, 1211 Lindenwood<br />

Ave. Round prizes, raffle items and a silent<br />

auction are featured. Admission includes<br />

water, soda and snacks. $25 per person.<br />

Benefits Seven More Cats Rescue and<br />

Shelter Friends, Inc. For tickets, call (314)<br />

750-7979.<br />

​• • •<br />

Canines & Cars is from 6:30-9:30<br />

p.m. on Saturday, May 4 at Fast Lane<br />

Classic Cars, 427 Little Hills Industrial<br />

Blvd. in St. Charles. Check out some<br />

classic cars in the Fast Lane showroom,<br />

visit with adoptable pets, enjoy delicious<br />

food and drinks and bid on silent auction<br />

items. All proceeds will benefit the City<br />

of Saint Charles Animal Shelter. Tickets<br />

are available for $50 each and include<br />

food, wine, beer and soft drinks. A cash<br />

bar will be available. To purchase tickets,<br />

visit stcharlescitymo.gov/1176/Canines-<br />

Cars.<br />

​• • •<br />

St. Louis LDA Scholarship Golf Tournament<br />

is from 11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.<br />

on Thursday, May 9 at Missouri Bluffs<br />

Golf Club, 18 Research Park Circle in St.<br />

Charles. Cost is $125 per player. Register<br />

at ldastl.org/golf-classic or call (314) 966-<br />

3088.<br />

​• • •<br />

A Blood Drive is from 8:30 a.m.-1:30<br />

p.m. on Sunday, June 2 at Sts. Joachim &<br />

Ann Church School, 4112 McClay Road in<br />

St. Peters. Snacks & drinks provided. To<br />

register, call ImpactLife at (800) 747-5401.<br />

​• • •<br />

St. Charles Optimist Club Golf Tournament<br />

is at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, June<br />

3 at the St. Peters Golf Club, 200 Salt<br />

Lick Road in St. Peters. Shotgun start is<br />

at 7:30 a.m. The four-person scramble is<br />



$500 per team, an individual is $125 each<br />

and includes the green fee, cart, breakfast,<br />

lunch and refreshments. The entry fee<br />

includes a Mulligan. Player reservations<br />

must be received by May 30. For details,<br />

call (314) 393-0706.<br />


Twilight Market is from 3-7 p.m. on the<br />

second Saturday of every month through<br />

November at 301 Main Street in St. Peters,<br />

featuring artists, makers, vendors, musicians,<br />

food and drink. Free event. For<br />

details, visit stpetersmo.net.<br />

​• • •<br />

Fiesta in the Park is at 6 p.m. on<br />

Friday, May 3 in O’Day Park in O’Fallon.<br />

Mexican cuisine and a mariachi band are<br />

featured. Tickets start at $40 and are available<br />

at celebrationoflights.ticketspice.com/<br />

fiesta.<br />

​• • •<br />

Augusta Plein Air Art Festival is<br />

through May 4 in various locations<br />

throughout Defiance, New Melle and<br />

Augusta. The public is invited to observe<br />

art “paint-out” events of over 100 artists<br />

scattered through local wineries, historic<br />

sites and surrounding towns. Completed<br />

art will be on display and available for sale<br />

at the Augusta Harmonie-Verein Hall and<br />

on location at each event. For details visit<br />

augustapleinair.com.<br />

• • •<br />

The St. Louis Scottish Games are on<br />

Saturday, May 11 in Schroeder Park, 359<br />

Old Meramec Station Road in Manchester.<br />

Activities begin at 9 a.m. with the final<br />

Mudmen concert continuing into the evening.<br />

Tickets are $25 for adults over age<br />

18 and $10 for youth ages 13-17. Children<br />

age 12 and younger are free. For details on<br />

parking, shuttles, event times and tickets,<br />

visit stlouis-scottishgames.com,<br />

• • •<br />

A Food Truck Event is from 5-8 p.m. on<br />

Tuesday, May 14 at Blanchette Park, 1900<br />

W Randolph St. in St. Charles. Enjoy live<br />

entertainment and local food truck vendors.<br />

Some trucks may be cash only. Bring lawn<br />

chairs or blankets. No alcoholic beverages<br />

or glass during food truck events; no pets,<br />

except service animals. For details, visit<br />

discoverstcharles.com/event/food-truckevent.<br />

• • •<br />

Dardenne Prairie Summer Concerts are<br />

from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Fridays beginning<br />

May 17 at City Hall Park, 2032 Hanley<br />

Road. Bring lawn chairs and blankets.<br />

Concessions will be available for purchase.<br />

May 17 - Butch Wax and the Hollywoods.<br />

June 21 - Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys Band.<br />

July 19 - Trixie Delight. Aug. 16 - Dr.<br />

Zhivegas. For details, visit dardenneprairie.<br />




May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I EVENTS I 29<br />

​• • •<br />

St. Peters’ Sunset Concert featuring<br />

Zydeco Crawdaddys is from 6:30-8:30<br />

p.m. on Friday, May 17 at 370 Lakeside<br />

Park. For a full concert schedule, visit stpetersmo.net/sunset.<br />

• • •<br />

Paint the Town: A Frenchtown<br />

Street Mural Art Festival is from 11<br />

a.m.-9 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, and<br />

from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 19<br />

on Second Street in Historic Frenchtown<br />

in St. Charles. Artists will paint designs<br />

directly onto the pavement on intersections<br />

in Frenchtown. This event will also<br />

feature vendors, crafts, music and more.<br />

Applications are open for artists interested<br />

in participating. For details, visit<br />

stcharlescitymo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>west Maifest is from 2-6 p.m. on<br />

Sunday, May 19 at the New Town Amphitheater<br />

in St. Charles. German entertainment,<br />

food, craft vendors and product<br />

samples are featured. Admission is free;<br />

a wristband for ages 21-plus is needed<br />

for tastings and souvenir cup. Food truck<br />

purchases are an additional cost. Details at<br />

midwestmaifest.org.<br />

• • •<br />

O’Fallon Jammin’ Concert Series is<br />

from 6:30-9 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning<br />

May 28 at the Civic Park Bandstand, 403<br />

Civic Park Drive in O’Fallon. Admission<br />

is free. Food trucks and concessions are<br />

available. Bring seating. For concert calendar,<br />

visit ofallon.mo.us/jammin.<br />

• • •<br />

Hot Summer Nights is from 6-10 p.m.<br />

on the second Saturday of the month from<br />

June through September on Second Street<br />

between Morgan Street and Decatur Street<br />

in Frenchtown. Food trucks, local breweries<br />

and live music. Food service begins at<br />

6 p.m. and live music starts at 7 p.m. For<br />

details, visit stcharlescitymo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

Food Truck Frenzy is from 5:30-8:30<br />

p.m. on Friday, June 7 at Sports Park, 3589<br />

Hwy. K in O’Fallon, featuring a variety<br />

of popular local food trucks in a familyfriendly<br />

park setting. Bring a blanket or<br />

chair. Enjoy music from the DJ, dancing or<br />

bouncing on the inflatable obstacle course.<br />

Admission and parking are free. For details,<br />

visit ofallon.mo.us/foodtruck-frenzy.<br />

• • •<br />

A Food Truck Event is from 5-8 p.m. on<br />

Tuesday, June 11 at Frontier Park, 500 S.<br />

<strong>Rivers</strong>ide Drive in St. Charles. Enjoy live<br />

entertainment and local food truck vendors.<br />

Some trucks may be cash only. Bring lawn<br />

chairs or blankets. No alcoholic beverages<br />

or glass during food truck events. Do not<br />

bring pets, except service animals. For<br />

details, visit discoverstcharles.com/event/<br />

food-truck-event.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Peters’ Sunset Saturday is at 4:30<br />

p.m. on Saturday, June 22 at 370 Lakeside<br />

Park in St. Peters, featuring Butch Wax<br />

& The Hollywoods, The Charles Glenn<br />

Group and fireworks. For details, visit<br />

stpetersmo.net/sunset.<br />


Kids Clay Workshop - Planters with<br />

Personality is from 11 a.m.-noon on Saturday,<br />

May 4 at The Foundry Art Centre, 520<br />

N. Main in St. Charles. Cost is $40, supplies<br />

included. For ages 5-12. For details,<br />

visit foundryartcentre.org/kids-classes.<br />

• • •<br />

Jr. Picasso’s Lines and Shapes Workshop<br />

is from 6-8 p.m. on Monday, May<br />

20 at the Renaud Center, 2650 Tri Sports<br />

Circle in O’Fallon. Participants will<br />

utilize the element of line and color to<br />

develop fantastical cityscapes. For ages<br />

6-13. Cost is $39 for residents; $44 for<br />

non-residents. Register at ofallon.mo.us/<br />

parks&rec.<br />

• • •<br />

Ollie’s Sensory Trail opens at 3 p.m. on<br />

Thursday, May 23 at City Centre Park, 1<br />

St. Peters Centre Blvd. Be the first to experience<br />

the new, inclusive and accessible<br />

park and the one-of-a-kind nature route<br />

that will encourage and nurture growth<br />

for all minds and bodies. For details, visit<br />

stpetersmo.net/641/Sensory-Trail-at-City-<br />

Centre-Park.<br />


The Dardenne Prairie Knights of Columbus<br />

Horseraces are at 6 p.m. on Saturday,<br />

May 4 at 2199 Post Road. Tickets are $20<br />

and include beer, set-ups and snacks. Wear<br />

a derby hat for a chance to win a prize. For<br />

tickets, call (636) 497-5480.<br />

• • •<br />

Community Garden Plots (10 by 12<br />

feet) are available for free at Holy Cross<br />

Lutheran Church, 8945 Veterans Memorial<br />

Parkway, across from Zumwalt Park in<br />

O’Fallon. For details, call (636) 578-1766<br />

or email daschlesselman@gmail.com.<br />

• • •<br />

The Rock Stars Triathlon is at 7 a.m.<br />

(swim warm up at 6:15 a.m.) on Sunday,<br />

May 5 at the St. Peters Rec-Plex, 5200<br />

Mexico Road. Swim 400 meters, bike 13.5<br />

miles and run 3.1 miles. New this year is<br />

a longer course with a 500-meter swim, a<br />

19.7-mile bike ride and a 5-mile run. Fees<br />

start at $75. Register at stpetersmo.net,<br />

search “triathlon.”<br />

• • •<br />

Black Cat Coffee Cafe Pop-Up is from<br />

9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, May 11 at Messiah<br />

Lutheran Church, 5911 S Hwy. 94 in<br />

Weldon Spring. Support young workers<br />

with disabilities so they can gain valuable<br />

vocational experience. Enjoy complimentary<br />

coffee, tea, juice and breakfast foods.<br />

This is a tips-only event. Open to the public.<br />

For details, visit vitotracy@sbcglobal.net.<br />

• • •<br />

A Police Department Open House is<br />

from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May 11 at<br />

the St. Charles County Police Department,<br />

101 Sheriff Dierker Court in O’Fallon, featuring<br />

SWAT vehicle displays, the Bomb<br />

Unit, Metro Air Unit, CSI, Crime Lab, the<br />

Drone Unit, K9 demonstrations, Emergency<br />

Dispatch, refreshments, giveaways<br />

and more. For details, search “St. Charles<br />

County Police” on Facebook.<br />

• • •<br />

No Fuss Mother’s Day for Single<br />

Moms & Kids is from 4-7 p.m. on Sunday,<br />

May 12 at 80-Twenty United Methodist<br />

Church, 2528 Hwy. K Suite 204 in<br />

O’Fallon. Bring the kids and get pampered.<br />

Drawings for door prizes. Free event. For<br />

details, visit 80TwentyChurch.org.<br />

• • •<br />

The 20<strong>24</strong> Plant America Garden Expo,<br />

a free, family-friendly event, is from 10<br />

a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May 18 at the<br />

Weldon Springs Interpretive Center, 7295<br />

Hwy. 94 in St. Charles.<br />

• • •<br />

Whiskers & Wags Pet Adoption Drive<br />

is at 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday, May 19<br />

at Civic Park, 308 Civic Park Drive in<br />

O’Fallon. Adopt a new best friend from<br />

local agencies, pet product vendor booths,<br />

activities, food and more. Free event. For<br />

details, visit ofallon.mo.us/whiskers.<br />

• • •<br />

Historic Heald Home and Zumwalt’s<br />

Fort Tours are open from noon-3 p.m.<br />

on the second and fourth Sunday of each<br />

month beginning on May 26 and continuing<br />

through September 29 at Fort Zumwalt<br />

Park, 1000 Jessup Drive West in O’Fallon.<br />

Admission is $5 per person to see both<br />

attractions; children 10 and under are free.<br />

For private and group tours of 10 or more,<br />

call (636) 379-5574. For details, visit ofallon.mo.us/parks&rec.<br />

• • •<br />

Coca-Cola Collectors Swap Meet is<br />

from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, June 1 at<br />

Memorial Hall in Blanchette Park, (American<br />

Legion and VFW Rooms) 1900 West<br />

Randolph Street in St. Charles. Buy, sell<br />

or trade Coca-Cola items, old or new. For<br />

details about the show or getting a table,<br />

call (636) 544-4518. The deadline to<br />

reserve a table is May 25.<br />

• • •<br />

World Bird Sanctuary is at 6 p.m.<br />

on Thursday, June 13 at the City Hall<br />

Park Amphitheater, 2032 Hanley Road<br />

in Dardenne Prairie. Free event. Rain or<br />

shine. No pets are permitted.<br />

Got events? Want publicity?<br />

Send all the pertinent details to<br />

events@newsmagazinenetwork.com.<br />

Event notices for print publication are due at least six weeks<br />

out from the date of the event. Events with advance registration<br />

should be submitted six weeks out from that deadline.<br />

All events will be listed online and in print when sent in with<br />

enough advance notice.<br />

Erio’s<br />

Ristorante<br />

Since 1971<br />

Fresh Fish Daily • Certified Angus Beef<br />

Veal • Pasta • Hand-tossed Pizza<br />

951 Jungermann Rd • St. Peters<br />

928-0112<br />

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$<br />

12 Tuesdays<br />

Large 1-Topping Pizza<br />

Carry Out Only • Limit 3 Pizzas<br />

Open Monday - Thursday 4 - 9 pm<br />

Friday and Saturday 11:30 am - 10 pm<br />

Closed Sunday<br />


Ask about Catering!<br />


30 I<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




TUCKER, from page 21<br />

and accidentally tipped it to the other team.<br />

The team missed a layup and Tucker got the<br />

rebound.<br />

“I dribbled all the way down the court for a<br />

layup of my own. I went up and when I came<br />

down, I heard the immediate ‘pop,’” Tucker<br />

said. “I knew from the second that it popped<br />

what happened because I’ve heard about it<br />

and seen it with so many people.<br />

“So, when it came to basketball and soccer<br />

I sat on the sidelines and was a part of the two<br />

programs in that way,” Tucker said. “Since<br />

track is a noncontact sport, I prioritized that<br />

come spring of my freshman year. Last year,<br />

was my first full year of sports.”<br />

The rehab for her knee is something she<br />

won’t forget.<br />

“Rehab was tough to say the least, longest<br />

nine months of my life,” Tucker said. “What<br />

most people don’t know is that one of the<br />

hardest parts in recovery is the mental part of<br />

it. Being away from something and not being<br />

able to do what you love is super hard. But<br />

for me it gave me the motivation to do what<br />

I needed to do to get back to where I was. I<br />

was so thankful that I had an amazing physical<br />

therapist, Brian Manning over at Excel<br />

Sports in O’Fallon.”<br />

She does have one sport she favors.<br />

“My favorite of the three is soccer. I have<br />

been playing it for as long as I can remember,”<br />

Tucker said. “I’ve always had a strong<br />

passion for it and want to continue that in<br />

college.”<br />

While she enjoys scoring the goals, Tucker<br />

points out she doesn’t score alone. She gets<br />

help and she spreads around the credit.<br />

“My teammates are the reason I have been<br />

scoring so much this season,” Tucker said.<br />

“They are always trying their best to get<br />

someone the ball to score. We work hard for<br />

one another and put others before us.”<br />

Abert agreed.<br />

“I think one thing is the teammates that<br />

surround her. They work super hard to give<br />

Gabby and other teammates the chances,”<br />

Abert said. “Gabby works off the ball very<br />

well and gets herself into good spots and situations.<br />

She is able to take someone on one on<br />

one, finish breakaways, and finish off a great<br />

pass or cross.”<br />

Add it all together, and Tucker said she is<br />

fortunate for everything that she is able to<br />

experience.<br />

“I am so thankful for the opportunities<br />

that Timberland has brought me. I love the<br />

coaches that have always believed in me<br />

and given me the best experiences,’ Tucker<br />

said. “My favorite part about Timberland<br />

will always be the relationships that I make<br />

from sports. Those relationships will be with<br />

me for a lifetime. The bus rides, before practice<br />

goofing around, pre-game hype sessions<br />

and most importantly the laughs and giggles.<br />

Those girls are some of my best friends, and<br />

I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.”<br />

Abert believes the best is yet to come for<br />

Tucker.<br />

“I think the future is very bright for her,<br />

both athletically and in general,” Abert said.<br />

“Her work ethic and drive will take her far,<br />

and I know whatever she pursues she will<br />

give 100%. The one thing I love about<br />

coaching (is) getting to watch these players<br />

grow over the years here both at school and<br />

in sports.<br />

“Seeing the person they grow into and obviously<br />

how they grow within our team. She is<br />

a fun player to watch and I am excited to see<br />

what she does. She is a great student, leader,<br />

and representative of Timberland. Such a<br />

bright future for this young lady.”<br />




• NO Spraying or Rolling Mess!<br />

• NO Money Down!<br />

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LOCAL FAMILY, from page 13<br />

May 1, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 31<br />

fans of Jessica, who is working on her<br />

associate’s degree in nursing at St. Charles<br />

Community College. When she graduates<br />

next year, she’ll become the third nurse in<br />

the family.<br />

“My great-grandmother was an LPN,”<br />

Sharla explained. That’s where it all<br />

started. “I have her little ‘Taber’s (medical)<br />

Dictionary,’ and it is so valuable to me.”<br />

While Sharla knew from age 18 that she<br />

wanted to pursue nursing, Jessica took a<br />

more circuitous route.<br />

“I’ve been all around healthcare over<br />

the past eight or nine years,” Jessica said.<br />

“I was a medical assistant. I was a PCT<br />

at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield. I<br />

was a traveling phlebotomist. Then, right<br />

around COVID, my mom was telling me<br />

about Progress West and how they had<br />

an opening in the ER and that it might<br />

be a good stepping stone to becoming a<br />

nurse.”<br />

Jessica enrolled at St. Charles Community<br />

College, applied at Progress West and<br />

the rest is history.<br />

“I absolutely love it. I’m spoiled now,”<br />

she said. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to<br />

work for another hospital system or even<br />

another department. I love the ER so much.<br />

“I do everything except administer medication.<br />

Everything a nurse needs help with<br />

Paula Allen and her husband, William, show off their family, including Sharla and Jessica Emery.<br />

can be delegated to me, and I’ll do what<br />

I can to keep it running smoothly. If a<br />

patient pushes a call button, I come running<br />

and do whatever I can to make them<br />

feel better.”<br />

She suspects another generation of<br />

healthcare providers could be waiting in<br />

the wings.<br />

“My 10-year-old daughter says she wants<br />

to become a veterinarian, which I love. I<br />

think I said the same thing at her age<br />

because I wanted to care for something but<br />

I wasn’t sure it was humans. Then as I got<br />

older, with the influence and help of my<br />

mom and my grandma, I was like ‘Wow, I<br />

love people!’” Jessica exclaimed. “I want<br />

to make people feel good. I want to make<br />

them smile.’”<br />

Like mother, like daughter – and, as<br />

Mother’s Day approaches, Jessica and<br />

Sharla were quick to share the secret of<br />

their success.<br />

“All of the women in the family are<br />

extraordinary,” Jessica said. “But in terms<br />

(Family photo)<br />

of grandma and mom, I would not be who<br />

I am, or where I am, or anything close to<br />

successful if I did not have them in my<br />

life.”<br />

Sharla also gave credit to her dad.<br />

“We’re 100% grounded in family,” she<br />

said. “My mother and father have been<br />

married for 56 years and every day they<br />

demonstrate to us what family looks<br />

like.”<br />

That sense of family, Sharla said, extends<br />

to the community they serve.<br />




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