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<strong>April</strong> 2024 - <strong>Vol</strong>ume 8, <strong>Issue</strong> 2<br />

TUT’s Asande Mthembu<br />

flies to gold at African Games<br />

By Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

T<br />

shwane University of Technology (TUT) athlete Asande Mthembu<br />

leaped to victory at the 13 th African Games in Ghana, claiming the<br />

gold medal in the long jump with a distance of 7.86m.Mthembu<br />

credits the experience with sharpening his mental focus and boosting his<br />

confidence. "Competing internationally has been a game-changer," he says.<br />

"Winning outside of South Africa has given me a newfound edge."<br />

He also highlights the supportive environment at TUT: "The love from<br />

teammates and management is incredible. It empowered me to give my all<br />

and represent TUT proudly.<br />

“Beyond the competition, Mthembu cherishes<br />

the impact he has on younger fans. The<br />

highlight was kids asking for pictures<br />

afterwards. If 15 minutes can inspire a child,<br />

it's worth it every time," he reflects.<br />

Asande Mthembu, Computer Science student<br />

Mthembu strives to be a positive role model, not just for young athletes,<br />

but also for TUT's reputation. "By increasing my reputation positively, I<br />

contribute to TUT be goal of becoming the top sports university in the<br />

country. “This win marks a significant achievement for both Mthembu and<br />

TUT, solidifying their positions at the forefront of African athletics.<br />

Asande Mthembu in action<br />

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• Editor<br />

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• Journalist<br />

• Asiphe Mjongile<br />

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• Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

• Social Media<br />

Excel Fongoma<br />

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Nadia Ross<br />

TUT Printing Services<br />

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• Cover Photo: Nhlawulo Chauke<br />

• Mack Mokganyana<br />

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The TUT 20 th<br />

Anniversary Lecture<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) marked its 20 th<br />

anniversary with a thought-provoking lecture on <strong>April</strong><br />

10 th at the TB Hall. The event focused on the crucial<br />

relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and universities.<br />

TUT aspires to be a leader in integrating AI to propel societal<br />

progress across various sectors, including education, healthcare,<br />

agriculture, and manufacturing. Professor Anish Kurien, Acting<br />

Director of the TUT AI Hub, emphasized the importance of<br />

embracing AI and adapting educational methods to this evolving<br />

landscape.<br />

Established in March 2023 through collaboration with the<br />

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies<br />

(DCDT), the TUT AI Hub spearheads projects in diverse areas<br />

like healthcare, farming, manufacturing (including the 4th<br />

Industrial Revolution - 4IR), transportation, telecommunications,<br />

education, and tourism.<br />

Professor Tinyiko Maluleke, Vice Chancellor and the Principal of<br />

TUT said, "We need to use these machines as we use calculators"<br />

which resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance<br />

of AI as a tool to enhance, not replace, human capabilities,<br />

addressed the audience alongside the keynote speaker, Professor<br />

Tshilidzi Marwala, Rector of the United Nations University.<br />

Professor Marwala championed AI's integration into universities,<br />

advocating for accessibility across all faculties. However, he<br />

issued a critical reminder, “AI can be a powerful tool, but it<br />

is vital to approach information with a discerning eye. Factchecking<br />

and background verification remain essential skills in<br />

the age of AI”, Professor Tshilidzi explained.<br />

One of the AI Hub sectors at the TB Hall<br />

The lecture hall itself embodied this message, showcasing<br />

cutting-edge advancements like incubators, drones, robots, and<br />

even a smart mirror that transforms into a television set.<br />

TUT's dedication to building AI<br />

capacity through innovative projects<br />

is unwavering. This 20th-anniversary<br />

celebration marks a turning point in<br />

TUT's journey "from Good to Great,"<br />

ensuring its students are equipped to<br />

thrive in a world increasingly shaped<br />

by AI while remaining critical and<br />

discerning users of this powerful<br />

technology.<br />

Acting Director of AI Hub, Prof. Anish Kurien<br />

Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala, rector of the United Nations University<br />

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The installation of Dr Gloria Serobe<br />

as TUT chancellor<br />

Dr Gloria Serobe Dr Gloria Serobe leaving the Podium<br />

TUT choir performing<br />

By Phidiso Makwana<br />

On<br />

th<br />

the 14 of March the chairperson of the Tshwane university of<br />

technology council Mr Ivan Ka Mbonane invited TUT community to<br />

the installation of chancellor, Dr Gloria Serobe at building 7, TB hall,<br />

where professors from different colleges and Universities, staff members as<br />

well as students came in numbers to support and cherish the moment. TUT<br />

choir performed as part of the entertainment.<br />

“I promise to do my job as a chancellor and<br />

I am not taking this opportunity for granted<br />

also I’m looking forward to contributing to<br />

the solutions that may be required "<br />

Chancellor Dr Gloria Serobe<br />

Vice Chancellor, Prof Tinyiko Maluleke said, “The university if very pleased to<br />

have a person of the calibre of Dr Serobe to join it as a Thuthula Head of this<br />

university who will be exercising real power of awarding Degrees, Diplomas<br />

and other qualifications to students who have completed their courses.”<br />

The Installation ceremony was a success and the university is looking forward<br />

to the new changes that Dr Gloria Serobe will bring in her new position as a<br />

chancellor. Dr Gloria serobe was showered with gifts as a way of welcoming<br />

and showing admiration towards her.<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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First Year’s<br />

Open Days<br />

on TUT campuses<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu and Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Student Affairs and Extracurricular<br />

Development (SAED) welcomed first year students with an on-going orientation<br />

program that is set to make new students feel at home. The first orientation was<br />

held at the TUT Soshanguve South campus on March 12, and included different activities<br />

by different directorates that students happily participated in. Phiwenkosi Diale, who<br />

attended and participated in the orientation, shared his experience. “All was well<br />

honestly. I learned a lot about different societies and emergency services provided by the<br />

university,” he said.<br />

Among these activities was dance performances by students of different TUT residences<br />

under the directorate of Accommodation Residence Life and Catering (ARLC). Water for<br />

refreshment and health information was provided by the Health and Wellness Directorate,<br />

to teach students on their well-being and how to stay safe and protected. Poetry and<br />

drama was part of the program under the Directorate of Extracurricular Development,<br />

and advised students on gender-based violence and femicide. Additionally, aerobic lessons<br />

were offered to students to encourage them about the importance of staying fit and<br />

keeping your body energised and healthy.<br />

It is typically serves as an important introduction to campus life, helping new students<br />

adjust to University environment, connect with peers. And learning about activities<br />

available in SAED division. It is informative and positive experience that sets the tone for<br />

the academic year ahead”, said Katlego Mashala, Administrator for DED at TUT Mbombela<br />

Campus.<br />

Mbombela Campus first<br />

year students<br />

John Kubayi<br />

Katlego Mashala<br />

Peer educators<br />

Aerobics during orientation<br />

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“I am Lwethu<br />

Nkosi (18)<br />

Landscape<br />

Technology<br />

student, at the<br />

moment I am conflicted<br />

between two parties and I<br />

have a reason for each. I am<br />

still doing my research as<br />

to which party deserves my<br />

vote and I hope whatever<br />

decision I make I’m not<br />

going to regret.”<br />

2024 Elections<br />

By Phidiso Makwana<br />

“My name<br />

is Bonolo<br />

Mosesane<br />

(22) Bachelor of<br />

nursing student, I<br />

cannot disclose the party I’m<br />

going to vote for, but what<br />

I can say is I am voting for<br />

change. There are so many<br />

things happening in South<br />

Africa, one of them being<br />

corruption.”<br />

My name<br />

is Kganya<br />

Lebohang<br />

(21),<br />

an Industrial<br />

Engineering student. I have<br />

registered to vote simply<br />

because I want to see change,<br />

we have been struggling for<br />

so long under the current<br />

ruling party, and it is time<br />

we change our leadership.<br />

“My name<br />

is Itumeleng<br />

Aphane (26)<br />

Industrial<br />

Engineering<br />

student, EFF is a party of<br />

young people, and as I’m<br />

about to graduate, I am<br />

confident that EFF will come<br />

to our rescue in terms of<br />

employment. With that being<br />

said, I am voting for EFF.”<br />

“I am Silindile<br />

Zwane (22),<br />

Indurstrial<br />

Engineering<br />

student. I am<br />

going to vote for EFF<br />

because it is promising, they<br />

advocate anything youthrelated<br />

and that stands out<br />

for me. Being led by a party<br />

that knows how to attend to<br />

the needs of the country is<br />

vital.”<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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Youth Take<br />

Center Stage at<br />

TUT Political<br />

Debate<br />

Leaders from different political student structures<br />

By Excel Fongoma and Images by Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

T<br />

shwane FM and <strong>BUA</strong> ignite political fire as student organizations<br />

clash and collaborate for a better South Africa. Student<br />

Governance and Leadership Development facilitated the<br />

participation of the Political Structures.<br />

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) campus became a hotbed<br />

of political discourse on [Date of Debate] as Tshwane FM, in partnership<br />

with the <strong>BUA</strong> Student Newspaper, hosted a dynamic Political Debate.<br />

Nine student organizations and political party youth leagues – SASCO,<br />

EFFSC, SCO, BOSA, Mkhonto we Sizwe, IFP, ANC YCL, and YCL came<br />

together to engage in a lively and thought-provoking exchange on<br />

critical issues facing South Africa.<br />

This diverse gathering ensured a multifaceted discussion.<br />

Representatives from across the political spectrum tackled a range<br />

of topics relevant to South African students, potentially including,<br />

Access to quality and affordable education, The unemployment crisis<br />

and graduate prospects, The National Student Financial Aid Scheme<br />

(NSFAS), Social justice and equal opportunities and The trajectory of<br />

South Africa's economy.<br />

Tebogo Magubane, Station Manager at Tshwane FM, captured the<br />

essence of the event, stating, “The youth of today can only write their<br />

will at the voting booth, and for the first time we have a large number<br />

of young people who are registered to vote. And if they do pull through<br />

on the voting day we will see their efforts, as we have seen today<br />

with the political debate that we had and how driven they were when<br />

addressing issues that were talked upon.”<br />

Amantle, a second-year Administrative Information Management<br />

student, offers a critical analysis of the recent political debate<br />

at TUT. Amantle feels the debate lacked respect and decorum,<br />

hindering productive discussion. She worries that self-interest<br />

overshadows genuine concern for student and citizen well-being.<br />

While acknowledging some progress under the current administration,<br />

Amantle remains cautious. She expresses concern that personal gain<br />

may trump collective advancement in future leadership.<br />

The TUT Political Debate serves a crucial<br />

role in fostering political awareness and<br />

engagement among students. By creating<br />

a platform for open discussion and debate,<br />

the event empowers future leaders to<br />

become informed citizens who actively<br />

participate in shaping South Africa's future.<br />

Motshabi Phakwe and Mohale Molala<br />

Amantle Hlatshwayo TUT Debate Society Chairperson 2024<br />

Mr Makhushe, Student Governing and Leadership<br />

Development HOD<br />

Political debate<br />

page<br />

7<br />


TUT Vocal Arts Alum<br />

Opens Munchie Box<br />

Restaurant<br />

By Asiphe Mjongile<br />

T<br />

shwane University of Technology (TUT) alumnus<br />

Sylvester Hlongwane is making waves not with<br />

his voice, but with his delicious food! On March<br />

2nd, Sylvester celebrated the grand opening of his first<br />

restaurant, Munchie Box, located on Rebecca Street in<br />

Pretoria West.<br />

Munchie Box offers a menu that will tantalize your taste<br />

buds, featuring an array of crowd-pleasing favorites like<br />

burgers, kotas, fries, and cocktails. The opening was a<br />

vibrant celebration, packed with TUT students and Pretoria<br />

West residents eager to show their support for Sylvester's<br />

venture. Local artists, including Jelly Babie, Jay Jody,<br />

Sedii, Thato.R., and Fortune, provided the soundtrack to<br />

the festivities.<br />

Buhle Damane, a TUT student who attended the opening,<br />

raved about the experience. "I was so impressed! The<br />

service was fantastic, and the burgers and cocktails were<br />

absolutely delicious," she shared.<br />

Sylvester's journey to restaurant ownership is an inspiring<br />

one. Born and raised in Mamelodi, Pretoria, his passion for<br />

music blossomed at a young age, leading him to pursue<br />

vocal arts at TUT. He excelled in his studies, graduating<br />

after three years.<br />

Sylvester Hlongwane<br />

However, after completing his degree, Sylvester's interests<br />

shifted. He enrolled in project management at TUT's main<br />

campus and even ventured into the world of event hosting.<br />

His first show, "Campus Crush," achieved remarkable success,<br />

garnering a whopping 138,251 views on YouTube for its<br />

premiere episode.<br />

In 2024, Sylvester's entrepreneurial spirit took center stage.<br />

Inspired by the desire to help his unemployed sister, he<br />

envisioned Munchie Box as a way to create opportunities.<br />

"My sister kept asking me when I would open something for<br />

her," Sylvester explained. "I promised her not to worry, and<br />

that's exactly what I did."<br />

Originally planned for Mamelodi, Munchie Box found its home<br />

in Pretoria West. Sylvester meticulously crafted the menu,<br />

offering unique options unavailable elsewhere in the area.<br />

He envisions Munchie Box as a haven for students and friends<br />

seeking a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.<br />

Sylvester's story is proof of the versatility and drive of TUT<br />

alumni. From music to project management and now to<br />

the restaurant industry, his journey proves that success can<br />

be found by following your passions and embracing new<br />

opportunities. So next time you're craving a delicious meal<br />

and a vibrant atmosphere, head over to Munchie Box and<br />

support a fellow TUT graduate.<br />

Food served<br />

at Munchie<br />

Box<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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TUT Alumni Spotlight:<br />

Congress Mahlangu Activist,<br />

Leader and Entrepreneur<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Tshwane University of Technology graduate Congress Mahlangu's<br />

life story is one of activism, education, and social change. As<br />

the firstborn of nine, his passion for politics began early. After<br />

graduating as a journalist from TUT (then TNG) in 1998, he became<br />

TUT's SRC President, kicking off a career in media.<br />

Mahlangu's media journey included roles at Farmer's Weekly, the<br />

Department of Rural Development (focusing on land restitution),<br />

and the Land Bank (as spokesperson). He also co-founded the<br />

Galito's Franchise, creating jobs and empowering TUT students with<br />

marketplace skills.<br />

“I give my credit to TUT for shaping me<br />

into a leader. As a businessman now. I can<br />

tell the importance of continuous learning<br />

and giving back to the community.”<br />

An activist at heart, Mahlangu encourages current TUT students to see<br />

education as a tool for social good and avoid the pitfalls he faced, like<br />

alcohol abuse.<br />

Congress Mahlangu's story is an inspiration, showing how activism,<br />

education, and business can work together to create positive change.<br />

Abigail Mogola<br />


“Full of Blindness”<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Abigail Mogola, a 22-year-old electrical engineering student<br />

from Mogaung village, Limpopo, has penned a book titled<br />

"Full of Blindness. “Mogola’s passion for writing blossomed at<br />

a young age, fueled by her introverted nature. With pen and paper<br />

as her companions, she began crafting stories and expressing herself<br />

creatively. "Full of Blindness" is a culmination of these experiences,<br />

blending real-life events with imagined narratives.<br />

While the details of "Full of Blindness" remain undisclosed, Mogola's<br />

journey to publication is one of self-belief and determination. Despite<br />

lacking formal writing education, she persevered, driven by the<br />

positive reception of her work.<br />

Mogola's story serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers, emphasizing<br />

the importance of dedication and a positive attitude. Her advice to<br />

fellow students is simple:<br />

"If they have something in mind anything<br />

at all they should write or record it.<br />

Somewhere somehow it will make sense."<br />

While her engineering<br />

studies may seem far<br />

removed from the<br />

literary world, Mogola's<br />

book demonstrates the<br />

power of following one's<br />

passions. The impact<br />

of her book has yet<br />

to unfold, but with<br />

the support she has<br />

garnered, "Full of<br />

Blindness" is poised to<br />

make its mark.<br />

Congress Mahlangu<br />

page<br />

9<br />




Sports Awards<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

This year's "Best Sport Journalists of the Year" award at the<br />

Gauteng Women in Sports Awards held special significance for<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) graduate Kelebogile<br />

Chokoe. It marked her second consecutive win in this category, having<br />

also received the "Best Journalist of the Year" award in 2023. Joining<br />

her fellow alumnus, Obedience Mkhabela, both from TUT's Department<br />

of Journalism, they were recognised for their outstanding contributions<br />

to sports journalism. The ceremony took place on Saturday, March 2nd,<br />

2024, at the Kyalami Country Club in Midrand.<br />

Kelebogile Chokoe expressed a mix of emotions upon winning the<br />

award, stating, "I honestly don't know how I feel. I guess I'm happy,<br />

overwhelmed, and still in disbelief. I didn't think I'd be a provincial<br />

winner. But I'm happy I won." This quote highlights the range of<br />

emotions she experienced, including joy, surprise, and a sense of<br />

accomplishment.<br />




By Excel Fongoma<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Law student Ponego<br />

Chadi is not just passionate about human rights, he is taking<br />

action to make a difference. This Human Rights Day, Ponego<br />

went beyond celebrating the day and embarked on a mission to<br />

directly help those in need.<br />

Witnessing the struggles of homeless people in Nelspruit daily moved<br />

Ponego to act. "Every time I go to school or the shops, I see people<br />

experiencing homelessness sleeping on the streets," he shared. "It<br />

truly saddened me to see them hungry and without necessities."<br />

Driven by compassion, Ponego decided to distribute bread and milk to<br />

those in need.<br />

"On Human Rights Day, I wanted to make<br />

a real difference, I would save some<br />

money beforehand, and I asked a friend<br />

to help me distribute the food."<br />

Ponego's act of kindness serves as a powerful reminder of the<br />

importance of human rights in action. His story is an inspiration to all<br />

TUT students, demonstrating the impact that even small gestures can<br />

have.<br />

Looking ahead, Ponego aspires to create a lasting impact. "My goal is<br />

to establish a Foundation focused on helping disadvantaged families,<br />

homeless individuals, sick children, and orphanages," he revealed.<br />

TUT applauds Ponego’s initiative and encourages all students to<br />

embrace the spirit of human rights by getting involved in their<br />

communities and making a positive change in the world.<br />

Obidience Mkhabela and Kelebogile Chokoe TUT Alumni<br />

"Currently, I work in local community newspaper," Kelebogile Chokoe<br />

shared, "but my aspirations lie in the mainstream media or even running<br />

my own media venture someday." This estimation reflects her ambition<br />

and desire to progress from local community media to a broader<br />

audience or even entrepreneurial endeavours in the media landscape.<br />

Obedience Mkhabela's childhood was a kaleidoscope of aspirations,<br />

from culinary creations as a chef to taking flight as a pilot, and even<br />

upholding justice as a soldier or police officer. However, it was her<br />

father's dream that sparked a passion for journalism, particularly<br />

inspired by the late Vuyo Mbuli. Guided by this inspiration, Obedience<br />

chose journalism as her path and found the perfect partner in her<br />

academic journey - Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). The<br />

university, she says, "equipped me for the future" by providing a solid<br />

foundation in journalism fundamentals. This laid the groundwork for<br />

his success, culminating in his current status as an award-recognised<br />

journalist.<br />

Obedience also holds the distinction of being part of the first cohort of<br />

students to intern at Caxton in 2019 through the collaborative program<br />

between the university and the media house. Expressing her gratitude to<br />

the award organizers, Obedience aspires to use her achievements as a<br />

source of inspiration for young people seeking a career in journalism.<br />

Ponego Chadi Law sudent at TUT Mbombela Campus<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


TUT ALUM<br />


Serves Up<br />

Success on<br />



By Excel Fongoma<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) alumna Zamokuhle Mafuleka is a rising star in the culinary world. Recently featured in Essential<br />

Flavours magazine, Zamokuhle is an inspiration to all aspiring chefs, particularly those at TUT.<br />

"I am incredibly honored and grateful to have my cooking recognized," Zamokuhle said. "Honestly, I never imagined this level of success<br />

would come from just my talent. Some people might assume I have formal training, but I am completely self-taught."<br />

TUT played a pivotal role in Zamokuhle's culinary journey. "Being away from home at TUT gave me the space and freedom to experiment," she<br />

explains. "It was there that I truly discovered my passion for being in the kitchen."<br />

For aspiring chefs, Zamokuhle offers these golden nuggets of advice, “Never give up on your passion," she emphasizes. "Consistent practice and<br />

patience will take you far. ”Social media is a powerful tool," Zamokuhle highlights. "Use it to learn, connect, and showcase your talents. It can<br />

be a springboard for marketing and sharing your culinary creations with the world."<br />

Zamokuhle's story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the supportive environment fostered at TUT. So, TUT chefs, take<br />

inspiration so your culinary dreams can become reality!<br />

Zamokuhle Mafuleka holding<br />

the Essential Flavours Magazine<br />

Essential Flavours<br />

Magazine<br />

Amazing food prepared by<br />

Zamokuhle Mafuleka<br />

page<br />

11<br />





Wine Label Competition<br />

By Phidiso Makwana<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is celebrating the success of<br />

its students at the recent Rotocon Wine Label Design Competition<br />

held on <strong>April</strong> 16th, 2024. Zenzele Nkambule, an Integrated<br />

Communication Design (ICD) Advanced Diploma student, was crowned the<br />

grand prize winner. Nkambule walked away with an impressive R30,000<br />

cash prize and a trip to Cape Town. Siyamdunisa Ntebeko Mbele, another<br />

ICD student (third year), secured the runner-up position, taking home an<br />

R15,000 prize.<br />

Nkambule expressed his joy and gratitude, acknowledging the support of<br />

his lecturers in his achievement. He highlighted the demanding nature<br />

of the competition but emphasized his immense pride in winning. Mbele<br />

shared his excitement and surprise at his success, vowing to keep honing<br />

his design skills and personal growth.<br />

The judges acknowledged the exceptional quality of entries, making the<br />

final decision a challenge. Michael, a representative from the judging<br />

panel, commended all participants' efforts and encouraged them to<br />

persevere. Schalk van Staden, an ICD lecturer, echoed this sentiment,<br />

reminding students that while there can only be one winner, their hard<br />

work and talent are commendable.<br />

The ICD department is proud of its student's accomplishments and will<br />

continue to inspire and empower them to push boundaries. Upcoming<br />

competitions are on the horizon, and all students are encouraged to stay<br />

tuned for exciting opportunities.<br />

Victory for<br />


By Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

Luyanda Mampane emerged victorious at the ACGL EA Sports FC 24 NG<br />

gaming tournament . “Personally, I am very happy because it means I’m<br />

improving and professionally it gives me some hope. I have a future in<br />

the game”, said Luyanda. The gamer continued to add on how he did<br />

not even score the first goal in any of his matches but that did not stop<br />

him from winning the whole thing.<br />

Luyanda has been working on a new formation which is probably<br />

familiar within the world of football today where the fullbacks are used<br />

during attacking, they will overlap and surprise the opposing team with<br />

crosses and goals. Mampane also mentioned on how he plays ultimate<br />

team as much as he can, and it has really improved his game.<br />

“I will just keep entering more competitions and use what I have<br />

learned to improve and win even more”, said Luyanda gamer when he<br />

was asked about his future after the competition. The highlight of the<br />

tournament was during the final when he equalized in the final minutes<br />

of the game which earned him a replay, the very same replay that<br />

ensured that he wins the whole tournament.<br />

Luyanda mentioned on how he dedicates himself to his studies first and<br />

then goes hard on gaming if he gets a chance and only if he feels like<br />

he has covered most things on the academic side.<br />

Siyamdumisa Mbele , runner<br />

up for Rotocon Wine Label<br />

Competition, third year student<br />

for ICD<br />

Zenzele Nkambule Winner of<br />

the Rotocon Wine Label, TUT<br />

Alumni and Advanced Diploma<br />

Student<br />

Luyanda Mampane<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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13<br />

page<br />

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<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Live Stream


Behind the Mic<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu<br />

Calvin Kamogelo Mogajane proves that his blindness<br />

impairment is not a barrier to the things he can achieve.<br />

The ‘Blind Man Behind the Mic’ commenced his radio<br />

journey at one of the Tshwane University of Technology’s<br />

campus radio station, TUT FM when he was doing his second<br />

year of Language Practice in year 2021 and has since been<br />

reaching new heights.<br />

He started as a contributor where he was hosting a segment<br />

show every Wednesday called The Social Content that was<br />

under the show Mid-Morning Connection. “My contribution<br />

was motivated by my book called Strong Woman,” he said.<br />

Not only was he focusing on radio, but Calvin has a YouTube<br />

channel where he did a show named ‘It Takes a Strong<br />

Woman to Forgive’, and further proposed the idea to TUT<br />

FM. His show included interviewing different women who<br />

are victims of abuse, then later ventured into an awareness<br />

named ‘Endometriosis’ where they tackled the social diseases<br />

happening all around the world.<br />

Growing up, Calvin had a passion for studying Law but as time<br />

went by, he believed that radio played an important role in<br />

his writing journey and his love for radio generally. The lad<br />

expressed that he has learned a lot from TUT FM in terms of<br />

Calvin Magajane's book - Strong Woman<br />

Calvin Mogajane<br />

hosting a show alone, the preparation that comes with the<br />

script, and playing the relevant music.<br />

He suggested ways that could work for him as an eye-impaired<br />

person and was fortunate for TUT FM to fully understand his<br />

terms and conditions. “I want to take this opportunity to thank<br />

one of the best presenters and producers on TUT FM, Mathekga<br />

Senyolo,” he explained and further added that Mathekga was<br />

the first person to welcome him to be a part of the radio<br />

world.<br />

However, where there are pros, there are also cons. Some<br />

of the challenges that Calvin faced include the shortage of<br />

resources when it comes to people living with disabilities. He<br />

claimed that it becomes difficult to operate the desk alone and<br />

always needs his trained friend Prince K to assist him with that,<br />

and that has made his life simpler.<br />

In addition, he feels that blind people are limited in the<br />

media world, but he hopes to grow and be a brand of himself<br />

(The Blind Man Behind the Mic). Calvin emphasized that he<br />

is grateful for the support that he gets from the students,<br />

security guards, and restaurants, as he has a familiar face and<br />

they love to listen to his show.<br />

The advice that he would like to share is that people do not<br />

become the victim of their circumstances but be the product of<br />

their decisions because the true disability of the world is a bad<br />

attitude. Calvin has recently been nominated for the Gauteng<br />

Disability Excellence Award which is under the segment of<br />

Media and Communication.<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


By Asiphe Mjongile<br />


Extravaganza<br />

after Six-Year Gap<br />

Calling all TUT students, get ready to beat your<br />

boredom away because drummies are back.<br />

After a six-year absence, the Directorate of<br />

Accommodation, Residence Life, and Catering (ARLC)<br />

is bringing back the highly anticipated Drummies<br />

Extravaganza competition.<br />

The launch event, held on 15th <strong>April</strong> 2024 at the Pretoria<br />

campus, announced the competition's return and its<br />

expansion to include all TUT campuses. Dr. Albert<br />

Mbada, Director of the Directorate of Extracurricular<br />

Development (DED), explained that drummies were a<br />

cherished tradition on the Pretoria campus, fostering<br />

vibrant student life and a sense of community.<br />

"We wanted to bring back activities that students enjoy,"<br />

Dr. Mbada said.<br />

"Drummies came up frequently<br />

in discussions with students and<br />

alumni, and we believe it is a<br />

fantastic way to unite<br />

the TUT community."<br />

Nita Van Den Berg, Director of ARLC, emphasized that<br />

this year's drummies is a pilot program, leveraging the<br />

rich experience of Pretoria residences while opening it<br />

up to all campuses. "Drummies are a spirited and healthy<br />

competition that allows students to express themselves<br />

and have fun," she explained.<br />

Vuyisile Gumede, a TUT drummie performer, initially<br />

unfamiliar with the concept, embraced the challenge<br />

after researching the rules and format. Her story<br />

exemplifies the learning and camaraderie fostered by<br />

drummies.<br />

Mark your calendars, TUT residents. The Drummies<br />

Extravaganza takes place on May 22 nd , 2024. Get ready<br />

to showcase your campus spirit, make some noise, and<br />

celebrate the return of this exciting tradition.<br />

Program director of the<br />

event Lemogang Matwa<br />

Students daning during<br />

the event<br />

Students during the launch<br />

TUT cheerleaders team<br />

Lemogang Matwa and Dr Mbada<br />

announcing groups for drummies<br />

Nita van den Berg, the director of<br />

ARLC<br />

page<br />

15<br />


Katlego Mashala<br />

Newly Elected<br />

DED Ambassadors<br />

By Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

he Directorate of Extracurricular Development (DED) recently wrapped up a three-day<br />

training session for their newly elected student ambassadors. Held at the Tshwane University of<br />

T Technology Campsite (Toppieshoek) from <strong>April</strong> 12 th to 14 th , the training equipped these student<br />

leaders with the skills and knowledge they will need to plan and execute a wide range of exciting activities<br />

throughout the year.<br />

"This training prepares our ambassadors to go back and help us enrich the student experience by planning these<br />

activities," said Thabiso Mbewe, a DED Practitioner from the Polokwane Campus.<br />

With 12 ambassadors elected from each campus, these student leaders act as an<br />

extension of the DED and the face of the organization on campus. The training<br />

focused on providing in-depth information about the various activities planned<br />

for 2024, including choirs, movie nights, drama productions, debates, pageants,<br />

interfaith events, podcasts, radio dramas, recreational activities, a book writing<br />

club, comedy shows, and cultural dance events.<br />

Ambassadors during bonfire<br />

"We want students to be aware of all the exciting events happening on campus, and that's why<br />

you're here," said Dr. Ndavheliseni Mbada, Director of DED. Dr. Mbada also emphasized the DED's<br />

commitment to providing equal opportunities for all students. This year, Arcadia and Arts<br />

Campuses will be included in a wider range of activities, alongside the larger campuses.<br />

"The training was incredibly comprehensive," said Ethan Mlangeni, a third-year<br />

Entrepreneurship student and newly elected DED Ambassador. "The coordinators<br />

covered everything we need to know about being a DED Ambassador, from<br />

our responsibilities to effective leadership skills." Mlangeni further<br />

highlighted how the training not only boosted his social skills<br />

and discipline but also left him feeling motivated<br />

Ms Luvhani Nemanashi<br />

and excited to tackle the<br />

year ahead.<br />

Mr Jack Sebanyoni and<br />

Ambassadors during ice breaker<br />

Dr Ndavheliseni Mbada<br />

Ms Gaster Tshabalala<br />

Mr Thabiso<br />

Mbewe<br />

Placeholder for<br />

online video<br />

DED Ambassadors<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


Building science society promotes academic growth<br />

By Asiphe Mjongile<br />

On March 27, the department of building science launched a student society. The purpose of society is to bridge the<br />

gap between academia and the construction industry at large by providing extracurricular knowledge among students.<br />

Students from 1 st year till postgraduate who are specialising and studying building science gathered to share their<br />

knowledge and experience within the construction industry and the challenges that they face after graduating.<br />

R<br />

undzani Muthelo, the Head of Department (HOD), explained<br />

what building construction is all about by engaging with<br />

students and asking them what they understood about the<br />

course. He also shared the vision, mission, and strategy for where<br />

they are going.<br />

“The vision of this department is to pave the evolution of building<br />

sites through digital innovations. Our mission to get there push the<br />

boundaries of construction methodologies through the integration<br />

of cutting-edge digital technologies, and the strategy to do that<br />

is through collaborative research, education, and engagement, he<br />

said.”<br />

Jonathan Ilunga, who is the chairperson of the society, highlighted<br />

the benefits the students receive from the society. He said the<br />

benefits range from peer-to-peer academic support, networking<br />

with construction industry practitioners, and professional guidance<br />

as well as socialising to make the academic journey smooth and the<br />

transition to the industry world easy.<br />

"The way for students to be involved in the<br />

society is to share with us non-academic<br />

topics, they would like clarity on, together<br />

we will find more suitable way to make it<br />

happen," he stated.<br />

He stated that all building science students are to be involved in<br />

society, as their plan of action involves all students at all levels of<br />

study. He elaborated that the student society will organise different<br />

activities such as the road to professional registration, hopefully in<br />

May, mentor speed dating, fun days, as well as the year-end function<br />

and other events according to the need to be addressed.<br />

Langanani Muthembi, a Master of Building Science student, shared her<br />

experience as a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).<br />

She said she gained more insight into construction because she has<br />

been attending webinars where they have many discussions about the<br />

construction industry. She has also attended physical events like the<br />

Big Five Construct South Africa, where she engages with professional<br />

people in the industry who have more experience.<br />

“Right now, through my membership, I am a tomorrow ‘s leaders<br />

representative of the Johannesburg committee hub, she said”.<br />

Thabo Matshonge with Siyasanga<br />

Ntissa (student studying Diploma<br />

in building science)<br />

Building Science students and staff members<br />

page<br />

17<br />


Artificial Intelligence:<br />

University life to be changed<br />

By Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

A<br />

rtificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming education,<br />

and Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) students are<br />

right at the center of this change. AI offers a range of<br />

benefits, but concerns linger about its potential downsides.<br />

AI can be a powerful research assistant. Imagine having a tireless<br />

expert readily available to answer your questions, point you<br />

toward relevant sources, and even help with complex tasks like<br />

correcting programming code. This is the reality for students like<br />

Nicholas Mswani, a third-year computer science student who finds<br />

AI invaluable. "It's incredibly helpful," Nicholas shared. "Last year,<br />

AI helped me decipher coding problems I just couldn't crack on<br />

my own."<br />

However, Nicholas also expresses a valid concern about<br />

overreliance on AI. While AI can be a valuable tool, it should not<br />

replace critical thinking and independent learning.<br />

Keamogetswe Ledwaba-Maodi, Programmes Manager at Tshwane<br />

FM, emphasizes this point. "AI is there to assist you," he explains.<br />

"It can provide information and resources, but it shouldn't think<br />

for you," Keamogetswe warns against plagiarism, a serious offense<br />

that can result in failing grades. AI-generated content may seem<br />

flawless, but it lacks originality and undermines the learning<br />

process.<br />

So, is AI a friend or foe for TUT students?<br />

The answer lies in using it responsibly. AI<br />

can be a powerful tool for research, factchecking,<br />

and even brainstorming ideas.<br />

However, it is crucial to remember that<br />

AI is a tool, not a replacement for critical<br />

thinking, independent research, and<br />

genuine understanding.<br />

TUT students, embrace AI's potential while remaining vigilant<br />

about its limitations. Use it to enhance your learning, not<br />

to replace it. The future of education is a blend of human<br />

intelligence and AI's capabilities. By striking the right balance,<br />

TUT students can excel in their academic pursuits.<br />

Nicholas Mswani<br />

Placeholder for<br />

online video<br />

Keamogetswe Ledwaba-Maodi, Program Director at Tshwane FM<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


Omphile Tsheole<br />



By Lindokuhle Nkosi<br />

mphile Duncan Tsheole, a Tshwane University of Technology<br />

alumnus with a Logistics Diploma (2020) and honors (2023),<br />

O returned for an advanced diploma in supply chain management<br />

(2022). Driven by social justice, he participated in NGOs and later<br />

entered politics at TUT, earning his nickname "Comrade Shumba" (Lion)<br />

for his courage in advocating for others.<br />

Tsheole's love for politics blossomed in university, inspired by activists<br />

fighting for equal access to education (Feesmustfall campaign). He<br />

came to TUT determined to excel in his studies and develop a political<br />

ideology that fights for the struggles of students and communities.<br />

Joining SASCO helped him solidify these beliefs.<br />

Inspired by Nelson Mandela, Omphile<br />

strives to be a respected leader<br />

who tackles social issues. Excelling<br />

in academics, he also ventured into<br />

business. His company, ODT Global<br />

Services, initially aimed to develop<br />

a shopping app but now provides<br />

cleaning services and catering,<br />

particularly in Rustenburg. This<br />

entrepreneurial spirit reflects his desire<br />

to address unemployment and empower<br />

communities.<br />

Balancing his studies with his role as<br />

SASCO chair was not easy for Omphile. He<br />

faced personal challenges but remained<br />

committed to his academics and student<br />

activism. Like any entrepreneur, he<br />

doubted himself at times, but his thirst<br />

for knowledge and mentors like Dr. TB<br />

Phume kept him going. Now pursuing his<br />

LLB at UNISA, Omphile believes unity is<br />

key to achieving the dreams of young<br />

South Africans.<br />

Omphile Duncan Tsheole<br />

TUT stands in solidarity with<br />

LGBQI students<br />

By Phidiso Makwana<br />

T<br />

shwane University of technology is a diverse and inclusive<br />

institution that prides itself on creating a welcoming<br />

environment for all students, regardless of their sexual<br />

orientation or gender identity. This commitment to equality is<br />

in the active lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQI)<br />

community on campus. The LGBTQI students are a strong and<br />

visible presence, organizing events, support groups, and advocacy<br />

campaigns to promote acceptance and comprehension. The<br />

university offers resources and services specifically to the LGBTQI<br />

students, which includes counselling, safe spaces and educational<br />

programs.<br />

One of the most important student organizations on campus is the<br />

SAHEQA (South African Higher Education Queer Alliance) a student<br />

led group that provides a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQI<br />

students to socialize, network and support each other. SAHEQA<br />

organizes events, activities to raise awareness and also organizes<br />

transportations for students who wants to attend the LGBTQI Pride<br />

that’s held in Johannesburg.<br />

Ntethelelo Buthelezi Chairperson of Saheqa said “we offer variety<br />

of services as saheqa such as counselling and health care services.<br />

Our goal is to having more members in the year 2024 and hosting<br />

more events for our students.<br />

Omphemetse Pheto (23) who a fashion design student and the<br />

member of the LGBQI community said “I am really grateful to be<br />

in the TUT institution because it feels safe to express yourself and<br />

live your true life and I am looking forward to more activities that<br />

the university will organize for the LGBTQI students.”<br />

Zahir Russon (21) a Film student and LGBTQI member said “being a<br />

female to male transgender at TUT is a bit of a bit of a challenge<br />

because most students are not exposed to people like me but also<br />

I appreciate my lecture who made me feel safe and supported by<br />

making an awareness to other students, with that being said I have<br />

never encountered any form of hate from the students. However,<br />

the lack of facilities makes it a bit difficult for us though.”<br />

The student led initiative, TUT’s administration is also committed<br />

to supporting LGBTQI students. The university has nondiscrimination<br />

policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual<br />

orientation or gender identity and has established a diversity<br />

and inclusion task force to ensure that all students feel safe and<br />

respected on campus. Despite these efforts, LGBTQI students<br />

at TUT still face challenges and discrimination, both on and off<br />

campus.<br />

page<br />

19<br />


Exploring the<br />

diverse and delicious<br />

dining at the TUT cafeteria<br />

Byline: Phidiso Makwana<br />

T<br />

he Tshwane university of technology is known for its vibrant campus life, diverse<br />

student body and excellent academic program. One of the greatest student<br />

experience at the institution is the university cafeteria, which provides students<br />

with delicious and affordable meals throughout the day.<br />

Located at all TUT’s Campuses cafeteria offers a wide range of menu options to cater<br />

to the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of the student’s population. The cafeteria<br />

is not just a place to grab a quick meal between classes, it is a hub social activity on<br />

campus. Students gather at the cafeteria to catch up with friends, study together,<br />

simply relax and unwind after long day of classes.<br />

Ntombi Rewu is the service provider said, “The goal is to give students a perfect<br />

meal away from home, my prices are quite affordable and it accormadtes all sorts of<br />

students. The challenges that we face are delivery and shortage of equipment, we<br />

have to cook THREE times a day to cater for the students the entire day. Then we have<br />

controllers who come and regulate our store cleanliness and the food quality. Another<br />

thing is that we cater for the soccer team at a very affordable price and we have been<br />

doing this for the past years. Our staff always go for food training at City of Tshwane<br />

every Thursday.”<br />

Precious Mathebula who is the Electrical Engineering student. She said, “I am a regular<br />

customer here. I am very happy with their daily service and the quality of their food,<br />

I have never encountered any sort of disappointment. With that being said, “I will<br />

continue to be their customer.”<br />

Overall the TUT cafeteria is a vital part of the<br />

campus life and plays a crucial role in enhancing the<br />

student experience at the university.<br />

With its diverse menu options, vibrant atmosphere<br />

and commitment to sustainability, the cafeteria is a<br />

community hub that brings students together and<br />

enriches their time at TUT.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

Tsalanang Menu<br />

1. Staff Member preparing meals for customers<br />

2. Staff Member preparing meals<br />

3. Students socialising at the Cafeteria<br />

4. Staff Members cleaning<br />

4<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


1<br />


Talent Search<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu<br />

The Drama Society, under the Directorate of Extracurricular<br />

Development (DED) hosted a talent search on March 15, at the<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) South campus. The talent<br />

show intended to identify the talent that is among the students of TUT, and<br />

gave students the platform to express themselves in any kind of their art<br />

discipline.<br />

The business of the day was students showcasing their talents through<br />

different activities such as poetry, singing, drama, and more.<br />

2<br />

“It was more about representing yourself<br />

through what you enjoyed doing and showing<br />

the world the talent that you possess,” said<br />

Promise Makgoale, a poet.<br />

Drama coach, Aca Joe Nkabinde emphasised that students who were<br />

spotted and won will be nurtured and be exposed like they did in the past<br />

as the Drama society.<br />

1. Promise Makgoale<br />

2. Polelo Madisa Journalism Student<br />

3. DED Ambassadors assisting students to register to<br />

attend play<br />

4. DED Drama actors<br />

3<br />

4<br />

page<br />

21<br />


TUT Alumnus Paintings<br />

Uplift Mall-Goers -<br />

Tshepo Hlongwane<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Tshepo Raymond Hlongwane, a Tshwane University of Technology<br />

graduate with a Diploma in Fine and Studio Art (focusing on<br />

paintings and glass studies), has a story that exemplifies the<br />

transformative power of TUT's Faculty of Art and Design. Hlongwane’s<br />

artistic journey began early in his hometown of Ga-Pila, Limpopo. At TUT,<br />

he honed his skills and discovered a clear direction for his artistic vision.<br />

Zusakhe Ngqame: TUT Alumni<br />

"TUT is the reason I'm excelling now," he explained.<br />

"My studies helped me learn, grow, and solidify my<br />

artistic concepts."<br />

Hlongwane initially practiced his art on a smaller scale, focusing on portraits on canvas.<br />

However, his passion took a larger than life turn when he began creating murals. A volunteer<br />

opportunity at Hatfield Plaza Mall provided a platform to showcase his talent, build a fan base,<br />

and attract mural clients. Hlongwane is a versatile artist, adept at capturing both portraits and<br />

landscapes. However, his abstract expressionist portraits have become particularly popular,<br />

resonating with viewers on a deep level.<br />

Since venturing into mural art, Hlongwane's company, TR Hlongwane Art, has experienced<br />

remarkable growth. He envisions significant expansion by the end of the year, welcoming other<br />

talented creatives into his team.<br />

Hlongwane's ultimate purpose as an artist is to evoke positive emotions in his viewers. "I want<br />

my work to make people happy and give them warm feelings," he said.<br />

Tshepo Raymond Hlongwane is a testament to the impact TUT has on fostering artistic talent<br />

and preparing graduates for success in the creative industries.<br />

99 years of grace<br />

Beginning of spring<br />

Oil portrait of prof Stanley Aritua from kanaan<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />


Miss TUT 22/23<br />

Lerato Motlhasedi<br />

Reign of Excellence and Impact<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu<br />

he Tshwane University of Technology’s graduate Lerato<br />

Motlhasedi used her platform as Miss TUT to champion<br />

T academic success and student well-being. She organized<br />

study groups and mental health initiatives like a "coffee drive" to<br />

offer support and a listening ear to her peers.<br />

Lerato's reign was not just about study breaks and coffee. She<br />

participated in a Mother's Day program and distributed sanitary<br />

towels to an orphanage, demonstrating her commitment to the<br />

wider TUT community.<br />

Turning Pain into<br />

pleasure<br />

By Nosipho Mnyandu<br />

Mogale Molala<br />

Tshwane FM personality and author Mogale Molala uses his<br />

experiences to inspire others through writing and motivational<br />

speaking. Mogale is a Tshwane University of Technology Alumni from<br />

TUT Garankuwa Camps.<br />

Lerato Mothasedi - Miss TUT 22/23<br />

Through her experiences, Lerato learned the power of<br />

communication and collaboration. "I listened attentively,<br />

empathized, and found common ground," she says, highlighting the<br />

importance of building relationships for positive change.<br />

As Lerato graduates and moves on from her title, her message<br />

to her successor is clear: embrace your individuality, stay openminded,<br />

and remember, you are not alone in making a positive<br />

impact at TUT. Let your reign be one of service and inspiration.<br />

Lerato during a sanitary pad drive event<br />

Molala's passion for writing began as a way to cope with personal struggles.<br />

He channeled his experiences into his book, "The Untold Truth about<br />

Pain," which explores mental health issues like depression and addiction,<br />

offering readers guidance and hope. “My love for writing stems weirdly<br />

from talking. Growing up, I was a troubled young man going through family<br />

issues, and due to the fear of talking, I ended up writing stories down,” he<br />

said.<br />

Molala's work has resonated with many, including former Public Protector<br />

Busisiwe Mkhwebane. His book gained recognition during lockdown, a time<br />

when its message of overcoming adversity proved particularly relevant.<br />

His book was honored as one of the best books in Africa and this is when<br />

he got exposed to big media streams such as Metro FM, Thobela FM, Power<br />

FM, Morning Live on SABC 2, and many more.<br />

Currently working<br />

on a second<br />

edition of "The<br />

Untold Truth about<br />

Pain," Molala<br />

also has plans to<br />

write more books<br />

and collaborate<br />

with institutions<br />

like the Tshwane<br />

University of<br />

Technology to<br />

promote a culture<br />

of reading and<br />

writing. As he<br />

continues his<br />

journey in radio<br />

and writing,<br />

Molala remains<br />

dedicated to<br />

informing,<br />

educating, and<br />

entertaining<br />

audiences.<br />

The Untold Truth about Pain book by Mogale<br />

page<br />

23<br />


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