Rally Guide 2 - Neste Oil Rally Finland

Rally Guide 2 - Neste Oil Rally Finland

Rally Guide 2 - Neste Oil Rally Finland


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Rally Guide 2

28. - 30.7.2011


© AKK Sports Ltd 5

Neste Oil Rally Finland

28.7. - 30.7.2011

Rally Guide 2


1. Introduction & Welcome 8

1.2 Environmental Policy 8

2. Contact Details 8

2.1 Permanent Contact Details 8

2.2 Rally HQ Contact Details 8

2.3 Media Contact Details 9

2.4 Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 Organisation 9

3. Programme & Critical Deadlines 10

3.1 Schedule before Rally Week 10

3.2 Schedule during Rally Week 10

4. Entry Details 11

4.1 FIA Titles for which the Rally counts 11

4.2 Content of entry packages for legal and private entrants11

4.3 Draft Entry List 12

5. Service Park 12

5.1 Location 12

5.2 Admission to the Service Park 12

5.3 Opening hours and parking 13

5.4 Remote Service Zone - Lahti 13

5.5 Facilities in the Service Park 13

5.6 Recycling and waste 14

5.7 Green Oil 14

5.8 Official Rally weather Service 14

6. Two-way Radio 15

7. Fuel and Tyres 15

7.1 Tyre Suppliers 15

7.2 Competitor Requirements 15

7.3 Tyre Quantities 16

7.4 Tyre service during the Event 16

7.5 FIA Fuel Refuelling 16

7.6 Dispensing of Pump Fuel 17

8. Import of Vehicles and Spare Parts 17

8.1 Competitors from the European Union 17

8.2 Competitors outside the European Union 17

9. Helicopters 17

9.1 General 17

9.2 Registration & Briefing 18

9.3 Restrictions & Instructions 18

9.4 Drop Zone, Overnight Parking & Refuelling 18

10. Hospitality arrangements 19

11. Accommodation and Travel 19

11.1 Accommodation 19

11.2 Airports and Travel Arrangements 19

11.4 Neste Oil Rally HQ Hotel 19

12. Reconnaissance 20

12.1 Registration 20

12.2 Reconnaissance GPS tracking 20

12.3 Reconnaissance schedule 20

12.4 Marking of the Route 20

© AKK Sports Ltd


12.5 Prohibited Road Sections during Reconnaissance 20

12.6 Speeding Offences during Reconnaissance 21

13. Scrutineering, Sealing and Marking 21

13.1 Location 21

13.2 Times / Schedule 21

13.3 Preparations for Scrutineering and Sealing 21

13.4 FIA Safety Tracking System 22

13.5 Traffic Insurance 22

13.6 Final Checks 22

14. Shakedown 22

14.1 Who may participate 22

14.2 Schedule 22

14.3 Location 23

14.4 General information 23

15. Start procedure 23

15.1 Ceremonial Start 23

15.2 Location and time 23

15.3 Procedure and instructions 23

16. Finish procedure 23

16.1 Unofficial Podium Ceremony at the Finish of SS 22 23

16.2 Official Finish of the Rally 23

16.3 Finish Podium and Prize-Giving Ceremony 23

17. PR activities 24

17.1 Promoting Driver Performance 24

17.2 AKK-Motorsport ry - 60 years Theme Events 25

17.3 Family World with Disney/Pixar 25

17.4 Rally Hall of Fame Exhibition 25

17.5 Red Bull X-Fighters Jams 25

17.6 ZZone Rally Party 25

17.7 Official Rally After Party 26

17.8 Neste Oil Rally Finland Promotional Cavalcade 26

18. Media 26

18.1 Before the Event – contacts 26

18.2 At the Event – contacts 26

18.3 Accreditation Desk 26

18.4 Media Centre 26

18.5 Media Activities and Press Conferences 27

18.6 2011 FIA WRC PR representatives 27

18.7 Media Coverage 28

19. Medical and Safety service 30

19.1 Medical information 30

19.2 Medical and Safety Service phone numbers 30

20. Useful Facts and Information 31

20.1 General Facts about Finland 31

20.2 City of Jyväskylä 33

20.3 City of Lahti 34

20.4 Other Rally Cities, town and municiapalities 34

20.3 Useful telephone numbers 35

Appendix 1 Itineraries

1.1 Itineraries 74

1.2 Stages Compared to Previous Years 76

1.3 Recce Schedule 77

1.4 Pump Fuel Refuel Locations 78

1.5 Road Closing Times 79

Appendix 2 Maps

2.1 Overview Section 1 82

2.2 Overview Sections 2-4 83

2.3 Overview Sections 5-7 84

2.4 Stage Maps 85

2.5 Jyväskylä City Map 101

2.6 Lahti City Map 102

2.7 Map to Trailer Parking area 103

2.8 Map to FIA Fuel Refuel Zones 104

Appendix 3 Road Books

3.1 Jyväskylä Airport - HQ Hotel 106

3.2 Rally HQ - Scrutineering - Rally HQ 108

3.3 Rally HQ - Shakedown AUX Vehicles - Rally HQ 112

3.4 Rally HQ - Remote Service Zone, Rally HQ 116

Appendix 4 Drawings and Layouts

4.1 Rally HQ/Service Park 124

4.2 Rally HQ/Service Park 3D 125

4.3 Rally HQ Paviljonki 3D 126

4.4 Remote Service Zone, Lahti 127

4.5 Remote Service, Lahti 128

4.6 Remote Service 3D, lahti 129

4.7 Scrutineering area, JAO Viitaniemi 130

4.8 Shakedown Service, Ruuhimäki 131

4.9 Start Area 132

4.10 Finish Area 133

4.11 Tyre Traffic 134

4.12 SuperRally 135

Appendix 5 Installation and Operation Instructions

5.1 FIA Safety Tracking System Installation Guide 138

5.2 FIA Safety Tracking System Operation Guide 146

5.3 Sealing wire installation 149

Appendix 6 Reconnaissance form

6.1 Reconnaissance Form 152

Please note this document has no regulatory power. It is for information only.

© AKK Sports Ltd 7

1. Introduction & Welcome

Dear rally friends,

What an exciting Neste Oil Rally Finland we have ahead of us!

An abundance of new stages with loads of tricky moments for our competitors and loads of entertainment for

our spectators, Lahti as a new city to host our remote service and super special, an extended format with more

stages on Thursday in Central Finland - Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 is all about discovering something new.

And those who want to discover seem to be in abundance, too. A record number of entries in this year’s

Championship, most likely an all-time high in the number of R2 cars in any WRC event, four local guest entries

in the Production and Super 2000 WRCs - and as a first ever event in the world, we can welcome Volkswagen

Motorsport as an entrant to the World Rally Championship.

Not only the competitors seem to take a keen interest. We have also had huge interest from the business

community to bring their guests to the rally, spectators have welcomed the new format and media has been

very active in following our progress through the preparations for the rally.

For the last weekend in July, it’s all about rallying in Finland - we are happy to welcome you as part of it!

Neste Oil Rally Finland

Organising Committee

1.2 Environmental Policy

The organiser of Neste Oil Rally Finland, AKK Sports Ltd, wishes to act responsibly towards the environment in a

most effective way and wants to make sure that its event causes minimal harm to the society and environment.

The company also puts focus on pursuing a more eco-friendly all-round approach by awakening consciousness

of environmental issues in rally fans and all other factions involved.

In order to promote environmental responsibility, the organiser will:

- obey all laws and bylaws

- educate its own organisation and volunteers in environmental issues

- pursue options for better use of energy and eco-friendly solutions

- focus on minimising the amount of waste from the event and looking after its recycling, both in the special

stages and in the service park

- favour eco-friendly materials when building up the event

- strive to minimise the use of private cars in its event by increasing public transport

- fill the cars used by its organisation with the best eco-friendly fuel available

- demand eco-friendly solutions from its suppliers

- commit to decrease the number of prints and photocopies in the media centre

2. Contact Details

2.1 Permanent Contact Details

Permanent contact details of the organiser of the 61 st Neste Oil Rally Finland are:

AKK Sports Ltd. telephone: +358 207 219 460

Neste Oil Rally Finland fax: +358 207 219 470

PO BOX 19 e-mail: rally@autourheilu.fi

FI-01301 Vantaa, Finland internet: www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi

Courier / visitor’s address: Kellokukantie 7, FI-01300 Vantaa

2.2 Rally HQ Contact Details

Contact details for the Rally HQ for 25 - 31 July 2011 will be:

Neste Oil Rally Finland telephone: +358 14 685 100

Jyväskylä Paviljonki fax: +358 14 685 122

Messukatu 10 e-mail: rally@autourheilu.fi

© AKK Sports Ltd


FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland internet: www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi

Official Notice Board will be located in the Rally HQ - Ground floor

Rally Office opening hours:

Monday 25 July 10.00-20.00

Tuesday 26 July 07.00-21.00

Wednesday 27 July 07.00-21.00

Thursday 28 July 07.00-24.00

Friday 29 July 07.00-24.00

Saturday 30 July 06.30-23.00

Sunday 31 July 10.00-12.00

2.3 Media Contact Details

Press Officer: Ms. Anu Haapalainen

telephone: +358 40 565 3946

e-mail anu.haapalainen@autourheilu.fi

2.4 Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 Organisation

General Manager Mr. Jarmo Mahonen @ +358 400 459 650

Promoter Ms.Tiina Lehmonen @ +358 400 546 410

Clerk of the Course Mr. Kai Tarkiainen @ +358 40 846 6766

Deputy Clerk of the Course Mr. Seppo Harjanne @ +358 40 835 5151

Assistant Clerk of the Course Mr. Kari Nuutinen @ +358 40 520 9990

Secretary of the Rally Mr. Henrik Frank @ +358 40 534 9977

Press Officer Ms. Anu Haapalainen @ +358 40 565 3946

Press Secretary Miss Rita Pasanen @ +358 50 434 2426

Marketing Manager Miss Heli Kemppainen @ +358 40 705 9975

Marketing Assistant Miss Laura Koivuluoma @ +358 50 361 4816

Service Park Manager Mr. Juha Hautsalo @ +358 40 502 8677

Service Park Co-ordinator Mr. Mikko Huuska +358 40 547 8775

Technical Co-ordinator Mr. Jukka Monto +358 50 3554 544

Telecommunications Mr. Heikki Lavanko +358 45 657 6608

Hospitality Miss Sanna Kinnunen @ +358 50 331 0182

Sales Assistant Mr. Niko Laakkonen @ +358 40 749 4333

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Silfvast +358 50 427 1719

Assistant Medical Officer Dr. Timo Kaukonen

Route Manager Mr. Pekka Tähtinen @

Assistant Route Managers Mr. Riku Bitter

Mr. Antti Nordström

Safety & Rescue Mr. Jari Wilén @

Mr. Pentti Kangas

Mr. Mika Häyhänen @

Project Manager, Lahti Mr. Mika Mäki @ +358 400 658 672

Project Assistant, SS Laajavuori Mr. Sami Kolsi @ +358 50 368 7213

Results & Timekeeping Mr. Juha Viitanen

Mr. Petri Tilus

ASN Scrutineer Mr. Petteri Sappinen +358 400 607 869

Communications & Materials Mr. Timo Lampinen @ +358 40 847 0155

Mr. Pasi Harjula @ +358 50 364 6959

Traffic Control Mr. Juha Elomaa

Mr. Matti Kaukoranta

Competitors´ Relations Officers Ms. Katja Niemelä +358 40 514 2825

Mr. Anssi Tawast +358 50 341 5000

@ denotes that the person has an e-mail address complying with firstname.lastname@autourheilu.fi

© AKK Sports Ltd 9

3. Programme & Critical Deadlines

3.1 Schedule before the Rally Week

Tue 28 June 2011

Publication of Draft Entry List (subject to FIA approval)

Fri 1 July 2011

Rally Guide 2 and Road Book published

Competitors wishing to use joint service areas must notify the organiser

Tue 5 July 2011

Publication of approved Entry List

Wed 6 July 2011

Requests for accreditation from International Print Media must reach the FIA WRC Press


Requests for accreditation from Electronic Media must reach North One Sport

Thu 7 July 2011

Closing date for ordering FIA fuel

Fri 15 July

© AKK Sports Ltd

Closing date for Helicopter Registration

3.2 Schedule during the Rally Week

Mon 25 July 2011

Official Notice Board available Rally HQ

09.00 Service Park opens for all Priority Drivers Service Park Paviljonki

10.00-20.00 Rally Office open

10.00-14.00 Collection of reconnaissance GPS trackers Rally HQ

10.00-15.00 Reconnaissance registration (all drivers) Rally Office

10.00-15.00 Collection of documents and materials Rally Office

10.00-15.00 Administrative Checks (P3 & non priority) Rally Office

15.00-20.00 Day 1 of reconnaissance (details in Appendix 2)

Tue 26 July 2011

07.00-21.00 Rally Office open

07.00-21.00 Day 2 of reconnaissance (details in Appendix 2)

14.00 Media accreditation opens Sokos Hotel Alexandra

14.00 Media Centre opens Rally HQ

13.00-19.00 Collection of FIA Safety Tracking Systems Stage1Tech truck in SP

Wed 27 July 2010

07.00-21.00 Rally Office open

07.00-14.00 Day 3 of reconnaissance (details in Appendix 2)

08.00-14.00 Administrative Checks (P1 & P2) Rally Office

09.00-15.00 Collection of FIA Safety Tracking Systems Stage1Tech truck in SP

09.30-13.30 Sealing and marking, Manufacturers and WRC Teams Service Park Paviljonki

12.00 Service Park opens for non priority drivers Service Park Paviljonki

13.00-14.00 Weight checks, Manufacturers and WRC Teams Service Park Paviljonki

15.00-16.00 Scrutineering, sealing and marking (P2) JAO, Viitaniemi

16.00 Team Managers’ briefing Rally HQ

16.00-21.00 Scrutineering, sealing and marking (P3) JAO, Viitaniemi

15.00-18.00 Return of reconnaissance trackers Rally HQ

Thu 28 July 2011

07.00-24.00 Rally Office open

07.00-13.30 Scrutineering, sealing and marking (non-P) JAO, Viitaniemi

08.00-10.00 Shakedown (P1 & P2) Ruuhimäki


10.00-12.00 Shakedown (P1, P2 & P3) Ruuhimäki

12.00 Helicopter pilots’ briefing Jyväskylä Airport

13.30 FIA Pre-Rally Press Conference Media Centre, HQ

14.00 First meeting of the Stewards Rally HQ

15.00 Publication of start list for Section 1 Official Notice Board

14.15 Pre-Start Holding opens Service Park Paviljonki

16.00 Start of the rally Service Park Paviljonki

21.15 Overnight Parc Fermé Rally HQ

24.00 Publication of start list for Section 2 Official Notice Board

Fri 29 July 2011

07.00-24.00 Rally Office open

07.30 Start Section 2 Rally HQ

22.11 Overnight Parc Fermé Rally HQ

24.00 Publication of start list for Section 5 Official Notice Board

Sat 30 July 2011

06.30-23.00 Rally Office open

07.00 Start Section 5 Rally HQ

20.19 Finish of the rally Service Park Paviljonki

21.00 Podium - Prize-giving Service Park Paviljonki

21.45 FIA Post-Event Press Conference Media Centre, HQ

22.00 Final checks JAO, Viitaniemi

22.15 Publication of provisional final classification Official Notice Board

24.00 Parc Fermé closes Rally HQ

Sun 31 July 2011

10.00-12.00 Rally Office open Rally HQ

10.00-12.00 Parc Fermé open for car collection Rally HQ

4. Entry Details

4.1 FIA Titles for which the Rally counts

FIA World Rally Championship for Drivers

FIA World Rally Championship for Co-Drivers

FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers

FIA Production Car World Rally Championship for Drivers

FIA Production Car World Rally Championship for Co-Drivers

FIA Super 2000 World Rally Championship for Drivers

FIA Super 2000 World Rally Championship for Co-Drivers

FIA Production Car Cup for Drivers of 2WD Cars

WRC Academy Cup for Drivers

WRC Academy Cup for Co-Drivers

4.2 Content of entry packages for legal and private entrants

Vehicle Plates

Product Legal Entrant Private Entrant

Service Plates 2 2

Auxiliary Plates 3 -


Service Passes 12 6

Driver Passes 2 2




© AKK Sports Ltd 11

2(2) 1(1)

Official Route Maps 4 (4) 2 (1)

Road Books 3 (1) 2 (1)

Official Programmes 5 2

Rally Guide 1

Rally Guide 2


© AKK Sports Ltd

Rally Guide 1 available only at


Rally Guide 2 available at


with 1 printed copy given at Admin Checks

All results available at


Service Park Area 15x10m 9x9m

4.3 Draft Entry List

Draft entry list will be published on www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi on 28 June 2011.

5. Service Park

5.1 Location

GPS references of the Service Park (TC ”Service Out”): North 62° 14.266’ - East 25° 45.401’

The main Service Park is located in the area around the Paviljonki Rally HQ. Manufacturers and WRC Teams

entered in the FIA WRC will have their designated areas in the Service Park according to the Appendix VI of FIA

WRC regulations.

The area of Paviljonki HQ is under major development, so the layout of the Service Park has changed from last

year. Therefore, a number of competitor service areas are located inside the Paviljonki exhibition centre.

The complete layout of the Service Park can be found as Appendix 4.1.

Detailed layout with competitor locations marked will be published on www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi on Wednesday

20 July 2011.

The service area surface is gravel or equivalent. For competitors whose service area is located inside Paviljonki

exhibition centre the surface will be concrete. All competitors must use ground protection sheets in the whole

service park.

A minimum 6 kg fire-extinguisher must be kept in each service bay at all times.

5.2 Admission to the Service Park

The Service Park will be opened on Monday, 25 July 2011 at 09.00 for the Manufacturers, WRC Teams and

Priority 3 Drivers and on Wednesday 27 July 2011 at 12.00 for the non-priority competitors. All parties are kindly

asked to respect these opening times. On arrival all competitors should contact Service Park Co-ordinator Mr.

Mikko Huuska by phone +358 40 5478775.

Teams or Tyre Manufacturers wishing to bring equipment or sea containers to the Service Park area before the

given opening time must inform the organiser thereof. Should the organiser not have received such notification,

we cannot guarantee any access to the area. All costs of moving the equipment either within or outside the

Service Park to its final position will be borne by the relevant owner of the equipment.

Competitors are kindly asked to remind all their team staff to always carry their Service Passes, as the organiser

will be collecting an admission fee into the Service Park from anyone without a valid pass. Service Passes must

be carried also in the Remote Service Zone at Lahti in order to gain access to the service bays.

5.3 Opening hours and parking

The Service Park will be open for spectators as follows:

Thu 28 July 07.00 – 00.30

Fri 29 July 07.00 – 01.00


Sat 30 July 06.30 – 23.00

Teams will be allowed to enter/exit the area at times different from those above with their Team passes.

During the rally only vehicles with affixed Service, Auxiliary or WRC TV plates will be given access to the Service

Park. Auxiliary vehicles may only enter the Service Park to bring or collect personnel and/or equipment. Due to

restricted room in the Service Park, privateer teams will not be given any auxiliary plates. For the same reason

all trailers and tractor units must be removed to the dedicated parking area outside Service Park. Map to parking

area can be found from Appendix 2.7.

Parking of Auxiliary, Media-Tabards, Media, Guest, Rally HQ vehicles will be located in the car park inside the

service park. The car park will operate during the rally week as follows:

Wednesday to Sunday after rally (until noon): free access with organiser’s car passes as given above.

Parc fermé will be located in the underground level of the car park, which leaves some 360 parking spaces for

the auxiliary vehicles and media. Please note that the maximum height available in the car park is 2.15 metres!

During the night Service Park will be closed. Accommodation of team staff in motor homes is not allowed inside

the exhibition centre.

5.4 Remote Service Zone - Lahti

GPS Coordinates: North 60° 59.647’ East 25° 38.887’

On Friday, 29 July, a Remote Service Zone (RSZ) will operate at the harbour of City of Lahti, some 170 km from

Jyväskylä. A regrouping area will precede the 15-minute service. At the regroup the drivers will be presented to

the spectators, who also have the possibility to get autographs from the drivers.

A car wash will be placed on the route of the rally 1.5 km before the RSZ. The following rules must be followed

at the RSZ:

a) There will be a waiting area for service vehicles at the RSZ. Service vehicles may enter this area 20 minutes

before the crew’s due time at the RSZ (TC 6B). Separate arrangements may be agreed with Priority drivers.

b) At the waiting area, a driver must always stay with the service vehicle.

c) A service bay will be assigned to the service crew at the waiting area. It is the sole responsibility of the service

crew to inform their driver of the correct bay to drive to from TC 6B.

d) Maximum length of a service vehicle for Priority 3 and non-priority drivers is 8 metres.

e) All competitors must use ground protectors under the rally car during the service.

f) A minimum 6 kg fire-extinguisher must be available in all service vehicles.

g) The service crew must leave the RSZ and empty their service bay immediately and with no hesitation after

their rally car has left. All waste must be taken with the service crew or disposed of in the appropriate waste bins.

The competitors have the possibility to use a number of restaurants and restaurant ships in the harbour to take

care of their team catering during the regroup. For more information, please contact Rally Office.

5.5 Facilities in the Service Park

The organiser will provide the following facilities in the Service Park free of charge:

- waste collection for mixed waste, oil, paper etc.

- toilet facilities (these exist both in the outside area as well as inside the HQ building)

- WLAN connection

- general security in the Service Park area

- water (direct pipelines to Manufacturers and Manufacturer Teams plus common sources for others)

- car wash before the TC IN (competitors must take care of the washing, one mechanic allowed)

The organiser can contract various services for the Manufacturers, WRC Teams, North One Sport and Tyre

Manufacturers DMACK and Michelin. The following can be ordered through the organiser:

© AKK Sports Ltd 13

Price €

- portable toilets to your team area 170€/Unit

- toilet emptying 27€/Each

- portable waste water tanks 125€/Unit

- waste water tank and motorhome septic tank emptying 27€/Each


All service bays inside the Paviljonki exhibition centre will be offered a 1 x 16A connection to the grid. Should a

competitor wish to use a different type of connection these can be arranged for a fee, please see order form at

event website. The use of generators is strictly forbidden inside Paviljonki.

Outside the Paviljonki exhibition centre, the competitors can order electricity from Toplak. For price information,

please see order form at event website.


There are several restaurants operating in the Service Park area, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner througout

the weekend. Save your energy for rallying and let professionals take care of catering! For example Paviljonki

main retsurant in the 2nd floor of the HQ is offering following option for competitors:

Lunch 9.50 € / person (special price for pre-event orders only)!

During the event, rally lunch 11.50 € / person

Pre-event reservations: +358 14 339 8141 or by e-mail: ravintola@jklpaviljonki.fi

Ordering of extra facilities

Extra facilities can be ordered directly from the Rally Office (Secretary of the Rally Henrik Frank). Orders must be

made by using the Service Park Facilities Order Form, which can be downloaded at www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi/

en/competitors/. Orders are valid only when accompanied by the total amount payable.

Security and Dry-cleaning

Extra security services are operated by Securitas Ltd. Price of the services are 29,90€/h (Sunday +100%) + VAT.

For extra security services, please contact Mr. Jarkko Vähälä at jarkko.vahala@securitas.fi, telephone +358 40

743 4396

Dry-cleaning services are provided by SOL Pesulapalvelut. For dry-clean and pick-up service, please contact

jyvaskyla@sol.fi or by telephone +358 40 707 3978.

5.6 Recycling and waste

For environmental reasons all competitors are kindly asked to use the recycling areas arranged at the Service

Park for waste. It is absolutely forbidden to spill any oil or waste water on the ground in the Service Park.

Before leaving the Service Park after the rally (or possible retirement) each team must report to the Service Park

Co-ordinator, who will check that their allocated area has been left in good condition.

5.7 Green Oil

Green Oil is an absorption material which is developed for oilspill prevention and response. It is fabricated from

rock wool and has been found to be of extremely high quality in several tests, concerning its absorbing capacity,

floatability and collectability. It is an inorganic, natural product, which is fireproof and non-polluting. After use,

it can be disposed of in a compost. Green Oil products can be used multiple times, if the oil is pressed off in

between. They can be used both on land and in water. The product, which has been used by fire and rescue

authorities for over ten years, is now being adapted by an increasing number of businesses.

AKK Sports and Green Rock have designed a Green Oil Spill Kit for motorsport use. As part of our environmental

responsibility, the organiser together with Green Rock gives one free spill kit into each car competiting in Neste

Oil Rally Finland 2011.

5.8 Official Rally Weather Service - Produced by Finnish Meteorological Institute

As in previous years, the organiser will provide a specialised weather service as produced by the Finnish

Meteorological Institute. This service offers the latest weather radar animations with actual information from

the past hours combined to a forecast - all in the same animation. There are also various forecasts for Jyväskylä

© AKK Sports Ltd


and parts of the rally area, with hourly updates, including air and road temperatures, rain, wind, etc. Official

Rally Weather Service can be found from following internet site: ilmanet.fmi.fi . More information of the weather

service will be available at Rally Office.

6. Two-way Radio

GSM and UMTS mobile stations, LA (CB), PR 27 and PMR 446 (analog and digital) telephones are exempted from

licensing, provided they fulfil the requirements of relevant equipment standards and specifications. The use

of all other kinds of radio transmitters is subject to a licence issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory

Authority (FICORA). FICORA shall be notified of the frequencies in the equipment in question, upon which it will

decide on assigning the customer a suitable frequency and will issue a licence for the radio transmitter.

Throughout the rally, the use of frequencies for amateur radio is prohibited.

At the pre-event scrutineering, the radio transmitters and the licences will be inspected. Radio transmitters in

aircrafts will be inspected, too.

The use of radio transmitters will be monitored throughout the rally. Unlicensed use, or use outside the terms of

a licence, of a radio transmitter, may lead, in case of serious interference, to prohibition of the use of the radio

transmitter, in accordance with the Act on Radio Frequencies and Telecommunications Equipment in Finland.

Further information is available from:


Mr. Joni Kallio telephone: +358 9 696 6879

P.O. Box 313 fax: +358 9 6966 410

FI-00181 e-mail: joni.kallio@ficora.fi

Helsinki, Finland internet: www.ficora.fi

7. Fuel and Tyres

7.1 Tyre Suppliers

The FIA has nominated the following 2 tyre supplier companies for 2011 World Rally Championship:

Michelin Competition DMACK Tyres

36, Rue du Clos-Four 42 Millbrook Road

63040 Clermont Ferrand, France Kingstown Ind. Estate, Carlisle, England


Contact: Mr. Jacques Morelli Contact: Mr. Dick Cormack

telephone +33(0) 608011350 telephone +44(0) 1228 672100

e-mail jacques.morelli@fr.michelin.com e-mail dick.cormack@dmacktyres.com

Competitors must make their tyre orders with the order forms which can be found on our website.

7.2 Competitor Requirements

7.2.1 Entrants of 4WD cars

All entrants of 4WD cars must use the specific tyres produced by the FIA nominated tyre companies (see 7.1)

except for 4WD 2-litre turbocharged Gp. N cars driven by non-priority drivers.

7.2.2 Priority 2 & 3 drivers

Prioriy 2 & 3 drivers of 4WD cars must use FIA specified tyres supplied by the nominated tyre companies (see


7.2.3 WRC, Super 2000 and R4 cars

WRC cars and S2000 cars driven either by priority or non-priority drivers must use the specified tyres produced

by the FIA nominated tyre companies (see 7.1).

7.2.4 Non-priority drivers

When driven by non-priority drivers, all 2WD cars and Gp. N 2-litre turbocharged cars may use free tyres. Such

tyres must be in conformity with Appendix J and Appendix V of FIA WRC Regulations.

© AKK Sports Ltd 15

7.3 Tyre Quantities

In addition to complying with Art. 60, 61 and 62 of FIA WRC, the following quantities and type of tyre are

confirmed for use.

© AKK Sports Ltd

Driver Priority Max. number

of tyres

Extra if



Priority 1 30 6

Priority 2 30 6

Priority 3 4WD 20 5

All other 4WD


2WD cars (P3

and non-priority)

20 n/a

30 6 (P3 only)

WRC Academy 18 n/a

FIA Listed Tyre


Michelin Latitude Cross S1



205/65 R 7 x 15

Tyre Compound




WRC Academy competitors may only use Pirelli K4 175/70-15 tyres.

7.4 Tyre Service during the Event

Michelin and DMACK will transport tyres to the event and supply the tyres to be used during the event in

accordance with FIA WRC regulations. Both tyre manufacturers will be operating in the rally service park from

Sunday 24th July onwards, more accurate timing available from Rally Office. For tyre traffic at Service Park,

please see Appendix 4.11.

7.5 FIA Fuel Refuelling

All cars of the Priority drivers must be fitted with FIA fuel sample couplings for taking fuel samples and with fast

couplings for refuelling. All competitors must comply with WRC regulations Art 59.3.2.

The use of FIA fuel is obligatory for all Priority drivers. No later than 3 weeks prior to the day of shakedown, the

competitors must notify their fuel requirements to the sole supplier Petrochem Carless Ltd. at the following


Petrochem Carless Ltd.

fax +44 1981241169

e-mail wrcfuelorder@vitalequipment.co.uk

FIA Fuel order form is available at www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi under competitors section.

Refuelling will be located at the Service Park Paviljonki and in several remote locations listed below. The

competitors need to pay attention to the refuel locations when making their service plans. Also, please notice

that FIA fuel will not be available in the Paviljonki Service Park on Friday morning, which must be taken into

consideration should you retire on Thursday and wish to continue in SuperRally.

In the Paviljonki Service Park, FIA fuel will be available at the following times, in addition to the refuellings given

in the itinerary of the rally:

Wed 27 July 09.00-12.00 delivery in cans only

14.00-17.00 pumps open

Thu 28 July 07.15-13.30 pumps open

GPS references of the Refuel Zone (FIA Fuel) locations:

RF Kuhmoinen North 61° 34.438’ East 25° 10.502’ (Section 2, RZ 3)

RF Järvelä North 60° 52.866’ East 25° 16.181’ (Section 2 & 3, RZ 4 & 5)

RF Sysmä North 61° 30.075’ East 25° 41.367’ (Section 4, RZ 6)

RF Keuruu North 62° 15.967’ East 24° 41.991’ (Section 5 & 6, RZ 8 & 10)

7.6 Dispensing of Pump Fuel

The pump fuel will be dispensed at petrol stations as directed in the road book for the non-priority drivers who

have indicated the use of it in their entry form. However, these drivers’ attention is drawn to the fact that the

locations of available petrol stations for the pump fuel are not given in the itinerary of the rally (Appendix 1.1)

and the distances from one refuel to the next are different from the ones given in the afore mentioned itinerary.

The distances between the pump fuel petrol stations are given in Appendix 1.4.

Competitors using pump fuel do not have to follow the route marked in the road book to visit the FIA fuel remote

refuel zones, as given above in Art. 7.5 - NB! Be careful to follow any instructions given by officials concerning

e.g. technical checks at the refuel zones. Please note shortening of road section distances as given in Art. 12.5.

The competitors using pump fuel are reminded to refuel their cars before the start of the rally for 25.06 km of

road section as the first official refuel point is on the road section between Start and SS 1. Also, please note that

there is no pump fuel in the Paviljonki Service Park, but you must always return to the Parc Fermé (and end-ofday

service) with enough fuel to reach the next refuelling in the following day.

Competitors who use pump fuel and retire from the rally, must refuel their car before reporting in the parc fermé

for re-start. Refuelling in the service park area is forbidden, please contact scrutineers for instructions.

The competitors using these petrol stations are kindly asked to pay attention to other customers as the stations

are open to public. The petrol stations have kindly promised the organiser to reserve at least one fuel pump

for competitors use to minimise queueing. Please be reminded to settle the payment immediately after each

refuelling at the petrol station till. Please take enough cash with you, in case your credit card should not work.

8. Import of Vehicles and Spare Parts

8.1 Competitors from the European Union

Competitors coming from the European Union do not need to make any special customs clearance. They may use

any vehicle in Finland for up to 6 months without clearing it, provided that the vehicle is not brought to Finland

with the intention of selling it. All vehicles need to have valid traffic insurance. Tyres and spare parts can also be

imported without clearance. It is always good to have a list of tools and equipment you bring into the country, in

case you will be asked to prove what you had with you on the way in.

8.2 Competitors from outside the European Union

Competitors coming from outside the European Union will have to report at the customs on their way in. Please

prepare a list of all the tools and equipment you are bringing with you. This list will be stamped at the customs

and they may collect a bond (the amount is negotiable). Tyres are liable to duty as they are non-durable goods.

The customs payment will be returned if the used tyres are exported from the country on the way out, as well as

the bond, if all equipment is exported.

For more accurate information, please contact the Finnish Customs Information Service at telephone: +358 20

690 601. All competitors coming from outside EU countries have to report at the customs!

9. Helicopters

9.1 General

In accordance to FIA guidelines on helicopter use, all helicopters flying in support of the Rally must be registered

with the organiser. Please find the Registration Form from Event website. Form must be returned before 15 July

2011 to following address:

AKK Sports Ltd./Neste Oil Rally Finland

Helicopter registration


© AKK Sports Ltd 17

FI-01301 Vantaa, Finland

e-mail: rally@autourheilu.fi

fax: +358 207 219 460

The organiser retains all rights to accept or refuse the registration of any individual pilot or aircraft. Also, please

see AIS Products and Services at following internet address: https://ais.fi/information-services.

9.2 Registration & Briefing

As in previous years, the organiser will be working in close co-operation with the Finnish Civil Aviation Authorities.

This means all pilots using the helipads provided by the organisers must attend the pilots briefing and must

acquire the organiser’s pilots’ pack, including all GPS coordinates and aviation/rally maps needed. Price for this

package is 1300 € (plus VAT).

The pilots’ briefing will be held on Thursday 28 July 2011 at 12.00 at Jyväskylä Airport in Tikkakoski (EFJY, https://

ais.fi/ais/eaip/html/efjy.htm). Be careful to fill in your correct e-mail address to your registration form, as

organiser’s bulletins will only be sent by e-mail. During the event, all the latest information concerning helipads

or other important issues will be sent to the pilots as SMS.

9.3 Restrictions & Instructions

The pilots flying in support of Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011 must have flying experience in excess of 500 hours.

The organiser recommends that only helicopters with a capacity of carrying at least 3 passengers (plus pilot) to

be used during the rally. All pilots must attend the pilots’ briefing and register with the organiser. Identification

numbers given by the organiser must be attached to the helicopter (1 pcs 50x50 cm to the bottom, 1 pcs 34x50

cm to both sides, i.e. three numbers altogether) for the duration of the rally for identification purposes.

All pilots are reminded of the follwing:

- please take a copy of your pilot’s licence to the briefing to be given to FCAA

- please keep all your aircraft registration papers with you during the event

- always prepare your mass and balance calculations before take-off, as these may be required by FCAA inspectors

Only if these conditions are fulfilled may the pilot use the helipads listed in the official pilots’ package. Also,

please be careful to read the FCAA AIP Supplements from http://ais.fi/ais/aipsup/AipSup_en.htm. There will not

be a special AIP Supplement concerning the Rally.

9.4 Drop Zone, Overnight Parking & Refuelling

A Drop Zone will operate next to the Service Area in Jyväskylä harbour.

Approach / take-off is only from above the water. There is one Drop Zone (marked with a white circle with DZ)

which may be used by all registered helicopters for dropping off / picking up of passengers. There is ABSOLUTELY

NO PARKING at the DZ, except for Medivac, Safety and organiser’s VIP. Should this change, the information will

be given at the briefing.

Penalty for parking at DZ is 1000 Euros per landing. All helicopters have to park at the Day Park (DP), which has

been arranged close to the service park (1.5 km). More information is given at the briefing and in the bulletins

from the organiser. There will be no shuttle service from the DP to the Service Park. Also, there is no security

service at the DP at any time.

Overnight parking is possible at DP or Jyväskylä Airport, unless other arrangements have been made by the

pilot himself. These must be reported to the organiser. Please note that you always need a permission from the

landowner to land.

A Drop Zone is also planned for the Remote Service Zone in Lahti. There will also be a parking area close to the

Jokimaa Super Special Stage. More details in Pilot’s Book.

Refuelling is available at Jyväskylä airport 24 hours a day. There will be no extra refuel locations during the rally,

i.e. fuel is only available at Jyväskylä airport, unless the operators make their own arrangements.

© AKK Sports Ltd


10. Hospitality Arrangements

The new route concept gives us the unique opportunity to offer Super Special Stage VIP hospitality services at

city of Lahti at the SSS Jokimaa(Friday), as well as at the SS Laajavuori in Jyväskylä (Thursday and Saturday). In

addition to our VIP area at the Super Special Stage, we will have a selection of opportunities to join the rally

action on our Special Stages both on Friday and Saturday. Book your tickets to the heart of the action and

excitement in the capable hands of our staff, who are more than happy to help you in tailoring a VIP programme

to suite your special needs!

Should you be interested in the hospitality packages, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Sanna Kinnunen. Telephone:

+358 50 331 0182 or e-mail sanna.kinnunen@autourheilu.fi.

More information about our VIP services is available on our website; www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi.

11. Accommodation and Travel

11.1 Accommodation

All main hotels in the Jyväskylä area are booked for registered teams and media representatives. Therefore, all

others are kindly asked to look for alternative accommodation in smaller hotels, hostels, private flats, cottages

etc. In these matters you will be assisted by:

Jyväskylä Booking

Miss Milja Ikonen telephone: +358 20 748 1830

P.O. Box 166 fax: +358 20 748 1801

FI-40101 Jyväskylä, Finland e-mail: rally@jyvaskylabooking.fi

If you need hotel accommodation in the Lahti area, you will be assisted by:

Lahti Travel

Ms. Tiina Kallio telephone: +358 207 281 755

Rautatienkatu 22 fax: +358 0207 281

FI-15110 Lahti, Finland e-mail: tiina.kallio@lahtitravel.fi

internet: www.lahdenseutu.net/en

11.2 Airports and Travel Arrangements

Jyväskylä Airport (JYV/EFJY) is located in Tikkakoski, 21 km north of Jyväskylä. Other options for travellers coming

to Jyväskylä via international airports are Helsinki-Vantaa (280 km) or Tampere (150 km).

City of Lahti is located 104 km north of Helsinki (100 km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport). Perhaps the most

convenient way to travel to Lahti is to use the frequent train connections between the cities of Lahti and Helsinki.

There is a bus connection from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the Tikkurila railway station, from where you can

easily take a train to Lahti or Jyväskylä. More information can be found at www.vr.fi/en/index.html .

11.3 Neste Oil Rally HQ Hotel

The official HQ Hotel for Neste Oil Rally Finland is Sokos Hotel Alexandra. The hotel will also host the Neste Oil

Rally Finland box office for two weeks, from 20th to 30th July 2011. Event Media Accreditation desk will also be

located in the Rally HQ Hotel.

Sokos Hotel Alexandra is located centrally in Jyväskylä, opposite the railway station and only a short walking

distance from Jyväskylä Paviljonki. The hotel restaurants, Fransmanni and Gastropub Jalo, will be serving special

rally menus during the event.


Jyväskylä Booking

Miss Milja Ikonen telephone: +358 20 748 1830

P.O. Box 166 fax: +358 20 748 1801

FI-40101 Jyväskylä, Finland e-mail: milja.ikonen@jyvaskylabooking.fi

HQ Hotel Contact details:

Sokos Hotel Alexandra telephone: +358 20 1234 642

© AKK Sports Ltd 19

Hannikaisenkatu 35 e-mail: alexandra.jyvaskyla@sokoshotels.fi

FI-40100 Jyväskylä

12. Reconnaissance

12.1 Registration

Reconnaissance registration will take place as follows:

Date and time: Monday 25 July 2011 10.00-15.00

Place: Rally Office in Jyväskylä Paviljonki Rally HQ

For Priority 1 & 2 drivers, the materials can be collected by a team member duly designated in writing. Others have

to make the registration themselves. At registration each competitor must give the organiser the reconnaissance

information sheet including details of the reconnaissance car, mobile number during reconnaissance and place

where the competitor is accommodated. The sheet can be found as Appendix 6.1.

12.2 Reconnaissance GPS tracking

The FIA will require a certain number of competitors to install a tracking system to their recce vehicles. These

trackers will be given to the designated drivers at the Rally HQ on Monday 25 July 2011 at 10.00–14.00. After the

reconnaissance, the competitors must bring the tracker to the FIA representative who will download the data

from the tracker. This will take place in the Rally HQ on Wednesday 27 July 2011 at 15.00–18.00.

12.3 Reconnaissance schedule

Reconnaissance schedule can be found as Appendix 1.3. The distances from finish to start are measured using

Genimap GT Suomi Plus map programme.

12.4 Marking of the Route

All 5 km radio points will be marked on the route using miniature radio point signs.

Red and yellow turning arrows will be used in certain junctions considered by the organiser to require special

attention. During reconnaissance, there will be red arrows on both sides of the road at the junction, pointing

to the direction of the turn. In addition to the these red arrows, there will be yellow arrows as advance signs

100 metres before the junction on both sides of the road during the actual running of the rally. Please note that

these arrows are not used in all junctions, but the road book must be used to follow the rally route on the stages

during recce.

The road book contains some comments to be noted during the recce, too.

12.5 Prohibited Road Sections during Reconnaisance

The following roads and pavements are not to be used during reconnaissance:

- the pavements used within the Paviljonki Service Park

- the use of any private roads which are not a part of the itinerary of the rally, for example taking a short cut

through roads leading to private houses is forbidden

- at the Shakedown: page S4/box 10 NO right turn, please drive to second round by turning right at S5/box 2

- RB page 13/box 25 -27 and RB page 108/ box 15-Page 109/box 3

- RB page 38/box 33- page 39/box 2. Entrance to RG and Service area not allowed

- arrival to SS13/18: please do not use page 74/box 24-page 75/box 26 (page 95/box 24-page 96/box 26); instead

continue straight at page 74/box 24 (page 95/box 24) for 0.37 km and turn right at sign KUUSANMÄKI 17 / MOKSI

11; continue 4.79 km to start of the stage

Other useful hints and instructions:

- re-run of SS 13/18: at the STOP control, make a U-turn at page 77/box 11 and follow route given in the recce map;

please mind on-coming rally traffic!

- Jukojärvi and Isojärvi: please run these two together, instead of one by one

- at Super Special Stage Jokimaa the organiser may restrict the number of cars on the track; recce time card will

only be filled at the start of the SSS

The competitors are kindly asked to use the routes suggested by the organiser between special stage finishes

© AKK Sports Ltd


and starts. These routes will be given to competitors in the Road Book. Entering and leaving the special stage

elsewhere than through start and finish controls is prohibited.

12.6 Speeding Offences during Reconnaissance

During reconnaissance, any speeding offence whether recorded by ERTF, police or officials on a special stage or

on a road section, will result in fines levied by the Clerk of the Course, as per FIA WRC, Art. 20.2. The amount of

the fine is unaltered by any fine that may or may not be levied by the Police.

The fine is doubled for all drivers if 2 nd offence committed in the same rally.

Severe traffic violations, including speeding, during the reconnaissance or the rally may lead to losing your

driving licence. This may result in exclusion or refusal to start.

13. Scrutineering, Sealing and Marking

13.1 Location

Scrutineering, marking and sealing will take place at the Jyväskylä Vocational Institute (JAO), Viitaniementie 3,

Jyväskylä. Entry to the building will be from ‘Wilhelm Schildtin katu’. Road book to scrutineering can be found as

Appendix 3.2.

13.2 Times / Schedule

The cars of registered Manufacturers and WRC Teams will be scrutineered on Wednesday 27 July 2011 at 09.30-

13.30 by engineering certificate only. They will have their spare parts sealed in the Service Park Paviljonki. Please

agree specific times with FIA Technical Delegate.

For other competitors, scrutineering (including sealing of all cars and marking of spare parts) will take place

according to the following schedule:

Priority 2 and 3 drivers:

Wednesday 27 July 2011

P2: 15.00-16.00

P3: 16.00-21.00

Non-priority drivers:

Thursday 28 July 2011 at 07.00-13.30

Detailed schedule is given in a Bulletin.

13.3 Preparations for Scrutineering and Sealing

Read carefully Article 11 of the Supplementary Regulations!

In reference to the FIA WRC regulations, articles 26, 59.3, 63 and 64 concerning the use of mechanical components,

sealing and marking, all competitors are asked to carefully read these articles.

These regulations order competitors to prepare for sealing:

- turbochargers/compressors and air restrictors

- Engine block

- For priority drivers only, all transmission units (front/central/rear differentials and gearboxes, the ones installed

and spares)

For the purpose of controlling the engine block and chassis used during the rally, these will be sealed on all cars.

This means that the competitors must themselves make all the preparations for sealing before arriving to the

scrutineering, i.e. they have to drill the holes for the sealing wires and they must have a reliable wire installed

in these holes. The wire may be wrapped for a maximum of 20 mm, and an excess of at least 20 cm of the

unwrapped wire must be available. This way the scrutineers only have to check the parts and the wires, as

well as do the actual sealing. The sealing holes on the engine block should be placed so that the seal is easily

accessible and visible when opening the bonnet.

All underbody protection hindering these operations must have been removed from the car before coming to the

© AKK Sports Ltd 21

scrutineering. Anyhow, these items must be carried with the car for the purpose of weight checks.

- The sealing will be carried out during scrutineering

- Competition numbers must be attached to the cars before the scrutineering (NB! Please note the correct

positioning of the number plates, see Supplementary Regulations, appendix 3)

- FIA or ASN stamped copy of homologation form must be presented, as well as the original homologation

document of homologated rollcage. Special effort is aimed to rollcage structure and weldings (compliance with

specs/drawings and welding of whole perimeter of the tube)

- There will be a mandatory noise check at the scrutineering (maximum acceptable level is 103 dB at 3500 rpm).

- Only clear window films are accepted (No tinted or reflecting films allowed)

- all driver’s equipment must be presented in the scrutineering (also spare ones)

- Homologation forms of homologated catalytic converters must be available

- Certificate of FIA FT fuel cells must be available

- Finnish competitors are reminded that the national technical regulations for Group N do NOT apply in Neste Oil

Rally Finland, but the cars must be in full international Group N specification!

Should any questions arise, please contact Mr. Petteri Sappinen at mobile: +358 400 607 869 or e-mail petteri.


13.4 FIA Safety Tracking System

All competitors must carry an FIA Safety Tracking Unit in their rally car. Stage 1 Tech will distribute the units to

all Priority drivers in their service area. Other competitors must collect the units from the Stage 1 Tech truck,

located at Service Park on Tuesday 26 July 2011 at 13.00–19.00 or Wednesday 27th July at 09.00–15.00. Nonpriority

drivers must present a credit card for a refundable deposit on collection of the unit. The organiser will

publish a bulletin listing the competitors who do not need to carry the equipment on the first day of the rally.

The installation and operating instructions of the Safety Tracking System can be found as Appendix 5.1 and 5.2.

At the end of the rally the Stage 1 Tech technicians will remove the tracking units from the classified cars either

at the final service or in parc fermé, therefore cars should not be locked.

Retired competitors must return the tracking units and associated cables to the Stage 1 Tech, as soon as possible.

Please contact Stage 1 Tech at their warehouse/truck, as marked in the Rally HQ lay-out, Appendix 4.1. In case of

returning the tracking unit, please contact Mr. Andy Flynn at mobile: +44 7775 742910.

13.5 Traffic Insurance

All competitors are reminded that competing cars must have an insurance that complies with the Finnish

Insurance Code as described in the Supplementary Regulations Art. 5.1. The article demands all competing

cars to have a third party insurance which is valid on special stages. The organiser will have such an insurance

available for cars registered outside Finland for the duration of the rally.

Please make sure that the organiser has up-to-date information concerning your car, in order to be able to take

this insurance for the correct vehicle. Information needed is: make, model, year of manufacture and chassis

number. If any questions appear about traffic insurance, please contact Rally Office.

13.6 Final Checks

The final checks will take place on Saturday 30 July 2011 at 22.00 in Jyväskylä Vocational Institute (JAO),

Viitaniementie 3, Jyväskylä.

For details, see Supplementary Regulations, Art. 15. Road book can be found as Appendix 3.2.

14. Shakedown

14.1Who may participate

Shakedown on Thursday 28 July 2011 at 08.00–12.00 in Ruuhimäki is open to all Priority 1, 2 and 3 drivers.

Competitors attending the Shakedown are not required to register.

14.2 Schedule

Thursday 28 July 2011

08.00–10.00 Priority 1 and 2 drivers may participate (mandatory for Manufacturer and WRC

© AKK Sports Ltd


Team drivers)

10.00–12.00 Priority 1, 2 and 3 drivers may participate (optional).

14.3 Location

Shakedown will take place in Ruuhimäki, 29 km from the Rally HQ. The stage is 3.19 km in length. A shakedown

service park will be set up at the karting circuit paddock in Ruuhimäki. The shakedown stage starts next to the

paddock and the distance from the stage finish to service is 400 metres.

The service area is on tarmac. There is a cafeteria in the area. A more detailed lay-out will be supplied later, but

for a preliminary lay-out, please see Appendix 4.8. A road book to the shakedown service area can be found as

Appendix 3.3.

FIA fuel will be available in the Paviljonki Service Park during the Shakedown. Any other arrangements must be

agreed with WRC fuel supplier. There is an area reserved for refuelling from cans at the shakedown paddock.

14.4 General information

Shakedown will be run as a special stage. Times will be published in the Rally HQ and Media Centre. Competitors

must use helmets, overalls, etc., just as on special stages during competition.

Any person found onboard the car during shakedown, who is not part of the entry for the rally must sign a

disclaimer which indemnifies the organiser. This disclaimer can be collected from the Rally Office. They also need

to comply with all regulations concerning drivers’ equipment.

15. Start procedure

15.1 Ceremonial Start

There will be no separate ceremonial start in the rally.

15.2 Location and time

The cars will start from TC 0 on Thursday 28 July 2011 from 16.00 according to the starting list published at 15.00

on the same day.

15.3 Procedure and instructions

The crews are requested to be in the start area max. 30 minutes and min. 15 minutes before each car’s individual

starting time. The crews will be interviewed in the start area and they are also requested to give autographs to

the spectators.

The manufacturer and WRC Teams are encouraged to bring any promotional materials to be signed and given

to the fans. The organiser suggests that their drivers should be present at the manufacturer display area in the

WRC Square 30 min before their start time to meet spectators. The cars may be driven to the waiting area by

mechanics. This opens at 14.15. Details will be agreed at a later date.

There will be no service between the start and special stage 1. Time cards will be given at TC 0. Please see

appendix 4.4.

16. Finish procedure

16.1 Unofficial Podium Ceremony at the Finish of Power Stage SS22 Laajavuori 2

For the purposes of live TV, there will be an unofficial ceremony for the winner of the Power Stage at the end

of SS 22. The organisers may stop any car and its crew on the road section immediately after the STOP control

of the stage, so that they can take part in the ceremony and media interviews. The crews concerned will be

directed by officials at the STOP control of the stage. If necessary, a new start time for the road section to TC

22A will be given at the STOP control.

16.2 Official Finish of the Rally

The official finish of the rally will be TC 22C (Finish Holding Area IN).

16.3 Finish Podium and Prize-Giving Ceremony

From the final service the cars will be driven to the finish holding area, which entrance is TC 22C. The finish

holding area will be a parc fermé area, but media will be allowed in to make interviews, as well as team members

with approriate passes (as to any Media Zone). The drivers, team members and media representatives should

© AKK Sports Ltd 23

carefully follow all marshals’ instructions. For finish area details please see Road Book and Appendix 4.10.

From the holding area, marshals will guide the competitors to the finish ramp. Miss Heli Kemppainen will be

acting as Master of Ceremonies for the rally finish.

First the crews positioned 10 th to 4 th overall drive to the finish ramp, open doors, climb out, wave to crowd, climb

back in the car and drive to the parc fermé.

The crew positioned third overall drives onto the ramp. They stop with the nose of the car dropped onto the exit

ramp. They stop the engine, crew gets out of the car and stands on either side of the car with doors open waving

for the photographers (20 sec). They drive off the ramp and park their car, which will be then taken care of by

the team’s technicians. The crew goes to a waiting area. This same procedure is repeated for the crew positioned

second overall.

The winners drive onto the finish ramp with nose dropped to the exit. The crew gets out, closes doors and climbs

onto the bonnet. They may be joined by their team personnel for a maximum of 30 seconds, if this has been

agreed with the FIA Media Delegate. Team personnel then leaves the ramp. The car stays on the ramp until the

finish of the ceremonies.

Then the crews positioned third, second and first overall are called to podium. The winning crews are called

from their waiting area to stand behind the appropriate box. Dignitaries are called in to present the awards.

The drivers are announced to ascend the podium in order third, second, winner. The presenters then move

forward to present the awards simultaneously to all crew members, they shake hands and move back out of the

photographers’ view.

After each crew has received their awards, a representative of the winning manufacturer is asked to join. He/she

will be presented with the trophy in front of the winning crew, then moves to one side. The national anthem of

winning crew is played and the national flags of all three crews are hoisted. Immediately following, the national

anthem of the winning manufacturer will be played and their national flag will be hoisted. The crew members

must not wear hats or sunglasses at this moment. Should the winner and the manufacturer be of the same

nationality, the anthem will be played once.

After the national anthems, the crews will be given six bottles of champagne for the traditional ”spray fight”.

The winning car is driven down the ramp by a team representative and taken to parc fermé and final scrutineering.

The top three crews will then be taken to the FIA Press Conference in the Media Centre.

For the top three crews of the FIA Production and Super 2000 WRC, there will be a ceremony similar to the one

of the top three overall. After the ceremony the winning crews of FIA Production and Super 2000 WRC will be

guided to the Media Centre, where they will be introduced in the press room for interviews.

All other crews drive over the ramp and receive their awards.

WRC Academy will have their own podium ceremony after their arrival from SS 18.


17.1 Promoting Driver Performance

Since 1989 the Finnish ASN, AKK-Motorsport, has been developing a coaching system in order to secure the

success of Finnish automobile sport also in the future. Over the years, several rally and racing drivers have risen

to internation success through the federation coaching groups.

Kimi Räikkönen, Heikki Kovalainen, Markus Palttala, Valtteri Bottas and rally drivers Marcus Grönholm, Mikko

Hirvonen, Juho Hänninen and Toni Gardemeister are only a few examples of federation’s academy drivers who

have gained international recognition. At the moment the Driver Academy is taking care of 17 drivers, who work

with their team to continue to rich tradition of Finnish motor sport.

As part of the federation’s 60th anniversary, AKK-Motorsport organises an international coaching seminar

together with the University of Jyväskylä, under the heading Promoting Driver Performance. This seminar is

aimed to motor sport coaches and others with an interest to driver performance and related factors both in

© AKK Sports Ltd


everyday traffic and in racing.

Papers will be heard from AKK-Motorsport’s rally coaching expert Risto Mannisenmäki, director of FIA Youth

Academy Robert Reid and from professors and researchers of the University of Jyväskylä.

The seminar is in English and open to public for no fee. Registration is required by 15th of July to akk@autourheilu.

fi. For more information, please contact AKK-Motorsport’s mananing director Jani Backman, tel. +358 40 522

4346, jani.backman@autourheilu.fi or communications manager Anu Haapalainen, +358 40 565 3946, anu.


17.2 AKK-Motosport ry – 60 Years Theme Events

Finnish national sporting authority, AKK-Motorsport, presents it 60th anniversary at the Paviljonki Service Park.

Future stars of the sport can be seen when the federation’s Driver Academy is showcased. The AKK-Motorsport

road show will also visit the service park. There you can find out all about the federation and find your own place

in the world of motorsport.

17.3 Family World with Disney/Pixar

Jyväskylä Paviljonki will again host our Family World, a firm favourite of the children, which this year will feature

a “Cars 2” cinema theme produced in cooperation with Disney/Pixar. Cars with remote control, pedals and even

kick power will feature, as well as “Cars” cinema shows and surprise presents. Family World could be found

together with the family restaurant in Paviljonki exhibition centre’s Hall A.

17.4 Rally Hall of Fame Exhibition

Rally Hall of Fame, the gallery of rally legends located in Mobilia Museum in Kangasala will bring to Rally HQ

Jyväskylän Paviljonki an exhibition celebrating its latest inductees. The careers of Hannu Mikkola and Walter

Röhrl are to be recalled by exhibiting relevant machinery and nostalgic souvenirs. Exhibition can be found in

Paviljonki exhibition centre’s Hall B.

17.5 Red Bull X-Fighters Jams

The pride of the Red Bull extreme family, the international elite group of freestyle motocross riders known as the

X-Fighters is knocking the socks off in this summer´s Neste Oil Rally Finland.

Performing at the Jokimaa Super Special Stage on Friday July 29th and at the Jyväskylä Laajavuori Special Stage

on Saturday July 30th the FMX riders will show their best tricks and stunts to the spectators of Neste Oil Rally


The gravity defying daredevils are including world class FMX names like Nick Franklin (NZ), Ryan Logan (USA),

Morgan Karlson (SWE) and Bjorn Van den Broeck (BE). Come and watch the breathtaking show - but please, do

not try these tricks at home!

17.6 ZZone Rally Party

Fri 29 July 2011 at 20.00-02.00

Sat 30 July 2011 at 20.00-02.00

Neste Oil Rally Finland will really turn loose on both Friday and Saturday 29.-30.7. in ZZone Rally Party in central

Jyväskylä. This festival will host some of Finland’s top artists for 3000 fans. It’s going to be the most talked about

rally party of the whole season – definitely not to be missed!

Ticket prices:

Pre-ordered 25€/each

Pre-ordered with Rally Pass 20€/each

Ticket bought from the door 30€/each

2-day ticket 40€/each

VIP-ticket 80€/each

Advance tickets can be bought from Lippupiste at www.lippu.fi (event number 100343) or their telephone service

at +358 (0) 600 900 900.

A limited number of VIP tickets are available. These give priority access past any queues to a VIP area. For VIP

© AKK Sports Ltd 25

tickets, please contact: festago@festago.fi or by phone +358 (0) 400 645 435 or +358 (0) 40 504 1974.

17.7 Official After Rally Party

Neste Oil Rally Finland’s official after rally party starts on Saturday 30 July at 22.00 in nightclub Senssi, downtown

Jyväskylä (Väinönkatu 32). This ’Mercedes of all discotheques’ will offer a WRC party of the year, which you do

not want to miss!

17.8 Neste Oil Rally Finland Promotional Parade

Neste Oil Rally Finland’s promotional parade will pass through selected stages before the rally cars to lift up the

spirits. This parade of cars visits spectator areas and offers free surprise samples from our sponsors.

18. Media

18.1 Before the Event – Contacts

FIA WRC Media Delegate: Mrs. Hayley Gallagher

Telephone: +44 (0)1252 781 431

Mobile: +44 (0)7887 508 890

e-mail: hgallagher@fia.com

National Press Officer: Ms. Anu Haapalainen

Telephone: +358 207 219 444

Mobile: +358 40 565 3946

e-mail: anu.haapalainen@autourheilu.fi

18.2 At the Event – Contacts

Accreditation (26 - 28 July 2011)

Accreditation +358 50 414 9007

Press Officer Ms. Anu Haapalainen +358 40 565 3946

e-mail : anu.haapalainen@autourheilu.fi

Media Centre (26 – 31 July 2011)

Press Officer Ms. Anu Haapalainen +358 40 565 3946

Service Desk +358 14 685 030

Service Desk +358 14 685 033

fax: +358 14 685 103

Info Team (28 - 30 July 2011)

Info Team (Paviljonki) +358 14 685 057

Info Team (Paviljonki) +358 14 685 058

FIA Media Delegate’s Office

Mrs. Hayley Gallagher +44 (0)7887 508 890

18.3 Accreditation Desk

As last year, the Accreditation Desk is situated in the HQ Hotel – Sokos Hotel Alexandra

Hannikaisenkatu 35, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

Opening hours:

Tue 26.7. 14.00-18.00

Wed 27.7. 08.00-21.00

Thu 28.7. 08.00-19.00

18.4 Media Centre

Jyväskylä Paviljonki

Messukatu 10, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

The exact location of Media centre is shown in the rally HQ layout in Appendix 4.3.

Opening hours:

Tue 26.7. 14.00-18.00

© AKK Sports Ltd


Wed 27.7. 08.00-21.00

Thu 28.7. 07.30-23.00

Fri 29.7. 07.00-24.00

Sat 30.7. 06.30-24.00

Sun 31.7. 10.00-12.00

During the event there is also a working room reserved for media in the HQ Hotel – Sokos Hotel Alexandra. For

more information, please ask the Media Centre Staff.

On Friday, 30 July, there will be a Media Service Point in the remote service area in Lahti. The Service Point is

open from 10.00 to 18.00.

As previous years, Nikon Camera Service for photographers will be located near the Media Centre.

18.5 Media Activities and Press Conferences

Sunday, 24 July Red Bull Show Run with Sébastien Loeb and Kimi Räikkönen, Helsinki

12.00 for more information, please contact Ms. Leena Tirronen at leena.tirronen@


Wednesday, 27 July

15:30 WRC Academy Photo Shoot, location TBC

for more information, please contact Ms. Katie Traxton at katie.traxton@


Thursday, 28 July

13.30 FIA Pre-Event Press Conference, Media Centre

approx. 20.45 End of Day ‘Meet the Crews’ session, Paviljonki

Friday, 29 July

approx. 21.45 End of Day ‘Meet the Crews’ session, Paviljonki

Saturday, 30 July

approx. 21.45 FIA Post-Event Press Conference, Media Centre (immediately after the podium


18.6 2011 FIA WRC PR representatives


Miguel Mattos

mobile: +59 9 3541 631856

e-mail: mmattos@crmpatrocinios.com


Marie-Pierre Rossi, Linda Martins

mobile: +33 6 7687 0212 (Rossi)

e-mail : mariepierre.rossi@citroen.com; linda.martins@citroen.com


Mark Wilford, Georgina Finney

telephone (during the event): +358 14 685 062

mobile: +44 7770 756214 (Wilford), +44 7879 438993 (Finney)

e-mail: mwilford@ford.com; gfinney2@ford.com


Roel Schoondermark

mobile: +31 65 19 56623

e-mail: roel@rspns.com; roel@fermwrt.com


Marie-Pierre Rossi

© AKK Sports Ltd 27

mobile: +33 6 7687 0212

e-mail : mariepierre.rossi@citroen.com


Heike Bartsch, Ann Bradshaw

mobile: +49 176 601 33115 (Bartsch), +44 7713 317006 (Bradshaw)

e-mail : heike.Bartsch@mini.com; abc@annieb.co.uk



Rachel Cavers

mobile: +44 7920 548 976

e-mail : rachel@the-inside-line.co.uk


Tone Nesheim Tonerud

mobile: +47 90 74 3182

e-mail : tone@pettersolberg.no


Nick Thodey, Ben Faber

mobile: +971 5 061 76368 (Thodey), +971 5 061 33024 (Faber)

e-mail: nick.thodey@fasttrackagency.com; ben.faber@fasttrackagency.com


Gerard Grouve, Dirk Heebels

mobile: +31 620 39 232 (Grouve)

e-mail : g.grouve@vm-motorsport.nl;d.heebels@vm-motorsport.nl;



Alessandro Barlozzi

mobile: +33 6 4223 5593

e-mail : alessandro.barlozzi@fr.michelin.com


Glenn Patterson

mobile: +44 7872 470115

e-mail : glenn@reallycleverpr.com


Steve Webb

mobile: +44 7899 065985

e-mail : steve.webb@northonesport.com


Katie Traxton

mobile: +44 7909 990565

e-mail: katie.traxton@northonesport.com

18.7 Media Coverage


The host broadcaster of Neste Oil Rally Finland is MTV3. They will send several daily updates of the rally on the

nation-wide free-to-air channel MTV3, plus on their digital pay-tv channel MTV3 MAX, starting from Wednesday

27 July. The rally will also be covered daily in all the MTV3 sports news (Tulosruutu). Other channels will also

follow the rally in their daily sports news programmes.

Neste Oil Rally Finland programmes by MTV3 will be sent as follows (changes possible):

© AKK Sports Ltd


Wednesday 27.7.

MTV3 MAX 20.00–21.00

MTV3 MAX 21.00–21.15

Thursday 28.7.

MTV3 MAX 19.45–21.00 SS 3 Laajavuori 1 LIVE

MTV3 MAX 22.35–22.50 LIVE

MTV3 MAX 23.00–23.30

Friday 29.7.

MTV3 MAX 16.30–16.45 LIVE

MTV3 MAX 17.45–19.30 SS 10 Jokimaa LIVE

MTV3 MAX 19.30–20.00 LIVE

MTV3 MAX 22.30–23.00 LIVE

MTV3 22.35–22.50 LIVE

MTV3 01.30–02.00

Saturday 30.7.

MTV3 12.35–13.05 Service F LIVE

MTV3 MAX 13.05–13.15 Service F LIVE

MTV3 MAX 16.25–16.35 LIVE

MTV3 MAX 19.00–20.00 Power Stage: SS 22 Laajavuori 2 LIVE

MTV3 22.25–22.40

MTV3 MAX 22.30–23.00

MTV3 MAX 23.00–23.30

MTV3 01.10–01.40

MTV3 Internet TV Channel - Katsomo.fi

Wednesday 27.7.

Rally programmes from MTV3 and MTV3 MAX, and also extra material (e.g. interviews)

Thursday 28.7.

Rally programmes from MTV3 and MTV3 MAX, and also extra material (e.g. interviews)

Friday 29.7.

Rally programmes from MTV3 and MTV3 MAX, and also extra material (e.g. interviews)

Saturday 30.7.

10.55–12.00 LIVE coverage from the helicopter, SS 15 and 16

14.50–16.30 LIVE coverage from the helicopter, SS 18 and 19

16.50–18.00 LIVE coverage from the helicopter, SS 20 and 21

21.00– Podium Ceremonies

Also, rally programmes from MTV3 and MTV3 MAX, and also extra material (e.g. interviews).

In addition, the rally will be covered daily in the MTV3 sports website www.mtv3.fi/ralli.

Official Rally Radio

Regional YLE Keski-Suomi will be producing its familiar Rally Radio coverage to our fans out on the stages. From

shakedown to podium, Rally Radio’s highly experienced team will bring you all the news and action from the

special stages and the service park, driver interviews, behind-the-scenes gossip and much, much more. The

service will be provided in Finnish and English by a team of seasoned professionals.

Official Rally Radio on air

The Official Rally Radio can be listened to on the following frequencies at the following times:

99.3 MHz in the Jyväskylä area, 97.0 MHz in northern Central Finland, 97.9 MHz all day Friday in the Lahti area,

or live on the internet at yle.fi/keskisuomi

Thursday 28.7.

08.00-10.00 Shakedown Ruuhimäki

© AKK Sports Ltd 29

16.15-17.00 Warm-Up Studio

17.05-21.00 Lankamaa, Laukaa and Laajavuori special stages

Friday 29.7.

07.05-21.00 10 Special Stages

21.05-24.00 Rally Radio by Night

Saturday 30.7.

05.00-07.00 Rally Radio Wake Up Show

07.04-21.30 11 special stages and podium ceremonies

On the Internet: worldwide at www.yle.fi/keskisuomi

19. Medical and Safety Service

19.1 Medical Information

At the administrative checks before the rally all drivers must present their Medical Certificate of Aptitude in

accordance with the FIA medical standards, and as given to them by their own ASN. Normally this Medical

Certificate of Aptitude is included to International Competitor´s License, but if it is not, competitor is responsible

to present a separate document.

A decision in accordance with Finnish law has been taken by the Health Care District Central Finland that an

individual living elsewhere than in Finland must pay the total cost of treatment received unless other provision

has been made in international agreements.

Residents of EU/EEA/ and Switzerland

By presenting your European Health Insurance Card, you will receive medical treatment on the same terms as

the local residents. However, not all doctors and hospitals operate within the reimbursement system, which

means that any costs you incur outside the system will have to be paid by yourself. As a general rule, public

health services are covered by the reimbursement system.

The European Health Insurance Card mainly covers emergency treatment in the event of an illness or injury

and other medically necessary treatment. You can also get medical treatment if you have a pre-existing chronic

condition that requires medical attention while you are abroad.

Please contact your national health insurance authorities to get your card before travelling to Finland.

Residents of other countries

If you are a resident of a country other than those mentioned above, the patient charge will be the equivalent of

the total cost of treatment plus the patient charge for an individual living in Finland.

Payment of the patient charge

If you require first aid, collection of the patient charge will be made as you leave hospital. Collection of the charge

will take place in advance in cases where you have agreed with the hospital on treatment that is not urgent.

Should an insurance institution be responsible for your patient charges, acceptable evidence of this must be

presented to the hospital.

All competitors living in the European Community should organise themselves a European Health Insurance Card

to be able to get free medical services at the communal health care centres and hospitals.

This card can be obtained from your local social services.

19.2 Medical and Safety Service phone numbers

Emergency numbers

General emergency number: 112

Hospitals in the area

Jyväskylä: +358 14 269 1811 Jämsä: +358 14 717 31

Kuopio +358 17 173 311 Hämeenlinna (Kanta-Häme) +358 3 6291

© AKK Sports Ltd


Lahti (Päijät-Häme) +358 3 818 11

Police station

Jyväskylä +358 71 874 0521 Jämsä: +358 71 8746500

Lahti +358 71 8730 341 Keuruu: +358 71 874 7250

Hämeenlinna +358 71 873 0311

Towing Service

Jyväskylä area:

Hinausapu Hinaus-Team Oy +358 14 610 726, +358 400 241 207

Hinaus- ja kuljetuspalvelu Rantanen Oy +358 400 342381, +358 400 888 005

Hinausapu Mehtovuori +358 14 611 909, +358 20 747 9622 (24h Service)

Jyväskylä – Korpilahti:

Hinaus Javanainen +358 400 343 326


Laaksosen Autokorjaamo Ky +358 14 744 180

Lahti area:

Hinauspalvelu Hietamäki Oy +358 40 759 6901

Hinauspalvelu T.Virtanen +3583 7303700



Yliopiston Apteekki +358 203 20 200


Yliopiston Apteekki +358 3 0020200

Lahden tori apteekki +358 3 871710

20. Useful Facts and Information

20.1 General Facts about Finland


5.3 million, giving an average density of only 17.4 per sq. kilometre; annual growth rate 0.127%. Life expectancy

78.66 years. The demographic pyramid resembles that of most other industrial countries, with the middle-aged

groups predominating. Average household sizes 2.1 persons. 54% of the population live in single-family houses,

46% in apartment blocks; room area per person 36 sq. metres. 74% are urban-dwellers, with 1 million in Helsinki

and the adjacent cities of Espoo and Vantaa. Other major cities include Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Lahti.


338,145 sq. kilometres, of which 10% is water. There are more than 60,000 lakes in Finland. 7% of the land is

under cultivation, barley and oats being the main crops. Forests (mainly pine and spruce) cover 76% of the



The Finnish climate is considerably milder than one might expect from the country’s northerly location. There

are major variations in the seasons. During the rally, it is late summer and the weather may vary quite a lot,

although it is predominantly warm. It can be sunny and warm, well over 20 degrees Celsius or it can rain and be

only about 10 degrees Celsius.

Time zone

Finnish time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (UTC +2 hours). Daylight saving time is used from the

last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September.

Sunrise - Sunset at Jyväskylä Airport (EFJY at N62 o 13’48” E025 o 43’48”)

Thursday July 28 sunrise at 04.26 sunset at 22.16

Friday July 29 sunrise at 04.32 sunset at 22.14

© AKK Sports Ltd 31

Saturday July 30 sunrise at 04.34 sunset at 22.11

Civil twilight starts at about 03.30 and ends at about 23.00 at this time of the year.


Finnish 93.4% of the population

Swedish 5.5% of the population

English is spoken by almost everybody, German and French by some.

Currency and Banking

The Finnish currency unit is euro (€ or EUR), devided into 100 cents.

The denominations in circulation are:

Notes - 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros

Coins - 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents (2 and 1 cent coins not in active use in Finland).

Foreign currency may be exchanged in banks Monday to Friday at 9.30-16.30. Most banks display exchange rates

on their windows.

Current rates on 14 June 2011

1 € = 1,4440 USD 1 € = 0,8806 GBP 1 € = 40,2652 RUB

Banks in Jyväskylä:

Keski-Suomen Osuuspankki

Kauppakatu 22 (Pedestrian zone)

Sampo Pankki

Kauppakatu 37 (Pedestrian zone)


Kauppakatu 18 (Pedestrian zone)

Säästöpankki Optia

Kauppakatu 23

Banks in Lahti:

Päijät-Hämeen Osuuspankki

Aleksanterinkatu 20

Sampo Pankki

Aleksanterinkatu 8

Sampo Private Banking Lahti

Rautatienkatu 20 (Raliway Station)


Aleksanterinkatu 10

Automatic Teller Machines

All these banks have several cash dispensers all over the city. They usually operate on Visa/Eurocard. From the

ATMs you can withdraw notes in denominations of 20 and 50 €. The closest cash dispenser to the Rally HQ is in

Matkakeskus (the railway station). You can recognise the ATMs from an orange sign ”OTTO”.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are very widely accepted in hotels, car rental offices, department stores, restaurants, shops

and most taxis. Foreign credit cards can be used to withdraw cash from almost all ATMs.

Medical Services

Medicines are sold at pharmacies (APTEEKKI). Usually pharmacies are open until 17.00 or 18.00. There is one

© AKK Sports Ltd


pharmacy (Yliopiston Apteekki) at Kauppakatu 39, which is open daily 08.00 – 23.00.

All hospitals have doctors on duty around the clock. In emergencies, patients should be directed to a health care

centre or hospital emergency unit. Dental care is mainly provided by private practitioners.


There are no regulations requiring visitors to Finland to have vaccinations.


The tap water is safe to drink.


The electric current in Finland is 230 Volts. Plugs and sockets are the same as in the continental countries of the

European Union.


There are pre-paid SIM cards available for your GSM mobile phones at ‘R-Kioski’ in various values.

20.2 City of Jyväskylä

Neste Oil Rally Finland has been hosted by the City of Jyväskylä since the very beginning of the event, for over

60 years. The role of the city has grown to be a more central one over the years, as the event has grown from a

modest concentration run for a handful of enthusiasts to a full-blown world level event.

General Information

The city of Jyväskylä was inaugurated as a town in 1837 and is located in the lake district of Central Finland. It is

easily reached by road, air and water. Lively, youthful Jyväskylä is Finland’s seventh largest city with a population

of almost 130 000. New Jyväskylä was formed at the beginning of 2009 as a result of the merger of Jyväskylä,

Jyväskylä Rural Municipality and Korpilahti. Today Jyväskylä is a bustling centre for business, education, sports

and culture. The Jyväskylä region – comprising of the city of Jyväskylä and six municipalities surrounding it – has

170 000 inhabitants.

Jyväskylä is a school and university town with 45 000 students during the academic year, providing a diversity of

educational offerings for people of all ages. The multi-disciplinary University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä University

of Applied Sciences and the Jyväskylä Vocational Institute are among Finland’s leading research and educational

institutions with an increasing number of international students.

Bustling Centre of Innovation

Jyväskylä is one of Finland’s five centres of growth. Special expertise can be found in the fields of paper

manufacturing and paper machinery as well as energy production, environmental, information, welfare and


In recent years, Jyväskylä has gained reputation as organiser of many national and international congresses and

fairs in the Jyväskylän Paviljonki Fair and Congress Centre.

Quality of Life

The landscape of Jyväskylä is varied with lakes, forests and hills within a walking distance of the city centre. The

Laajavuori skiing centre and recreation area with its new outdoor theatre facility provides excellent opportunities

for sports and other activities, and that is where the shakedown of the rally also takes place. Lively pedestrian

precinct and beautiful university campus right in the city centre are central places for different events. The trail

around Lake Jyväsjärvi is a great recreational area for both residents and visitors alike.

The Jyväskylä region is easily reached by land and air: the distance of 270 kilometres from Helsinki takes only 35

minutes by plane and some 3 hours by car or by rail. For more information about the city and what it can offer,

please log onto http://jyvaskylanseutu.fi/travel or e-mail travel@jkl.fi. For a city map, please see Appendix 2.4.

The Jyväskylä region is easily reached by land and air: the distance of 270 kilometres from Helsinki takes only 35

minutes by plane and some 3 hours by car or by rail. For more information about the city and what it can offer,

please log onto http://jyvaskylanseutu.fi/travel or e-mail travel@jkl.fi. For a city map, please see Appendix 2.4.

© AKK Sports Ltd 33

20.3 City of Lahti

The Lahti region is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Located in the heart of Southern Finland, the Lahti

region is within a two-hour reach of roughly half of the Finnish population.

Its verdant and welcoming living environment, its active business life and a broad range of diverse educational

opportunities have drawn people from all over Finland to Lahti. The city has become a rapidly growing centre for

an economic area encompassing over 200,000 people.

Lahti is especially well known for its environmental expertise and for being an internationally renowned design

centre. Its superb location in Southern Finland – along a busy railway line and at the junction of several highways

– means that the area´s companies have always enjoyed excellent transport, both to inland locations and to

coastal ports.

In Lahti, sustainable development is founded on innovation and is present in the day-to-day lives of the region’s

residents. The Lahti region is one of the Finland’s most important environmental business, education and

research hubs. More than 10 % of the country’s environmental business operations can be found in Lahti.

Lahti has the honour of being one of the five urban centres forming the 2012 World Design Capital, along with

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The city provides a point of contact for industrial designers, consumers

and design products. Design in Lahti is a source of wellbeing and competitive advantage, enabling constant

social, cultural and economic improvement in the region’s living environment.

The Lahti region boasts diverse opportunities for recreational activities, from every type of cultural fare to worldclass

sports facilities and events. The beautiful and varied natural environment, sprinkled with magnificent

ridges and glistening waterways, is accessible to all its residents. Lahti Harbour has become a lively hub of inland

passenger traffic, a meeting place for city residents and the location of many thrilling events.

For more informations, please visit www.lahti.fi and www.lahdenseutu.net

20.4 Other Rally Cities, towns and municiapalities

Notably the rally visits many other cities, town and municipalities in Central and Southern Finland. These include

such names as Laukaa, Konnevesi, Muurame, Jämsä, Kuhmoinen, Padasjoki, Asikkala, Lammi, Hämeenlinna,

Hämeenkoski, Kärkölä, Hausjärvi, Heinola, Sysmä, Hartola, Joutsa, Leivonmäki, Toivakka, Petäjävesi, Keuruu,

Multia and Korpilahti.

20.5 Useful telephone numbers

International prefix is 999, area code, Central Finland 014 (+358-14 from abroad)

General emergency number:

Ambulance 112

Directory inquiries (telephone numbers, addresses) 020202 / 118 / 0100 100


Main Post Office at Jyväskylä (Itella) +358 200 71000

Vapaudenkatu 61, 40100 Jyväskylä

(Mon - Fri 9-20, Sat 9-14)

Main Post Office at Lahti (Itella) +358 200 71000

Mannerheiminkatu 13, 15140 Lahti

(Mon - Fri 9-20, Sat 9-14)

Courier Services

DHL Global Forwarding Oy +358 20 533 7777

DHL Express Finland Oy +358 30 45 345

TNT +358 800 188 800

© AKK Sports Ltd


Tourist Services


Asemakatu 6, +358 14 624 903

40100 Jyväskylä

(Mon - Fri 9-18, Sat – Sun 10-15)


Rautatienkatu 22, +358 207 281 750

15110 Lahti

(Mon - Fri 9-17)

Jyväskylä Airport

41160 Tikkakoski +358 14 445 5701

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Finavia switchboard: +358 20 708 000 (between 8am-4pm)

Information 24h +358 200 14636

www.helsinki-vantaa.fi and www.finavia.fi


Tickets: SAS/Blue1 Central Reservations Centre +358 20 386 000

Finnair (at Jyväskylä airport) +358 14 4455 900

Finnair (Customer Care Center, 24h a day) +358 600 140 140 (3.12 €/min)

FinnComm Airlines +358 9 4243 2000

Aero Airlines +372 6110 740

Helicopter Companies

First Invest Oy/ Karelia Copters +358 400 457 868

Heliflite Oy

contact@heliflite.fi +358 16 532 100


Helikopterikeskus Oy

mail@helikopterikeskus.com +358 9 686 0630


Helitour Oy

info@helitour.fi +358 9 374 5100


Heliwest Oy

dick.lindholm@heliwest.fi +358 40 552 2122


Skärgårdshavets Helikoptertjänst Ab

info@shtab.com +358 18 17271


Jyväskylä Railway Station

Hannikaisenkatu 20 +358 600 41 900 (Switchboard)


Lahti Railway Station

Mannerheiminkatu 15 +358 600 41 900 (Switchboard)

15100 LAHTI

© AKK Sports Ltd 35


Jyväskylä area:

Jyväskylän Aluetaksi Oy +358 14 106 900

Keski-Suomen Aluetaksi Oy +358 14 106 444

Lahti area:

Lahden Taksikeskus (Taxi Central) +358 600 300 41

Car Manufacturers’ Authorized Dealers in Jyväskylä

Audi, Volkswagen

Jyväskylän Autotarvike Oy +358 207 741 500

Aholaidantie 2, Jyväskylä

Fiat, Seat

Ahjoauto +358 207 751 560

Sorsastajantie 4, Jyväskylä

Volvo, Renault, Dacia

Hämeen Autovaruste Oy +358 10 5228 200

Kuormaajantie 8, Jyväskylä

Chrysler, Dodge, Huyndai. Nissan, Jeep

Autopale Oy +358 14 860 2200

Vasarakatu 5, Jyväskylä


Käyttöauto Oy +358 14 331 4600

Alasinkatu 2, Jyväskylä


OK-Auto Oy +358 10 5228 300

Kuormaajantie 5, Jyväskylä

Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Kia, Lancia, Mitsubishi

Delta auto +358 207 408 741

Itä-Päijänteentie 45, Jyväskylä

Opel, Citroën, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet

AutoBest +358 207 990 600

Leipomonkuja 7, Jyväskylä

BMW, Mazda, Saab, Skoda, Subaru, Rover, Peugeot

Autotalo Laakkonen Oy +358 14 696 620

Palokankaantie 20, Jyväskylä

Honda, Toyota, Seat

Rinta-Joupin Autoliike +358 14 337 6300

Merasin 2, Jyväskylä

Car Manufacturers’ Authorized Dealers in Lahti

Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Kia, Lancia, Mitsubishi

Delta auto +358 207 408 751

Tupalankatu 5, Lahti

© AKK Sports Ltd


Mazda, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru

Autotalo Laakkonen Oy +358 3 883 2200

Ajokatu 261, Lahti


Vesijärven Auto Oy +358 3 871 510

Myyntimiehenkatu 4, Lahti

Ford, Peugeot

Automaa Oy +358 10 7656 600

Saksalankatu 28, Lahti

Alfa-Rome, Fiat, Citroën, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet

MegaAuto +358 207 510 400

Alhonkatu 5, Lahti

Car Rental companies in Jyväskylä

Avis +358 424 7281

Väinönkatu 8, Jyväskylä

Hertz +358 20 555 2680

Vapaudenkatu 38, Jyväskylä

Europcar +358 40 306 2851

Aholaidantie 2, Jyväskylä

Jaatinen Rent +358 14 611 649

Vapaudenkatu 48-50, Jyväskylä

Matka-Rent Oy +358 14 675 789, +358 500 676 443

Ahjokatu 12, Jyväskylä

Scandia Rent +358 14 281 524

Hannikaisenkatu, Jyväskylä

Car Rental companies in Lahti

Avis +358 3 752 4130

Mannerheiminkatu 15, Lahti

Hertz +358 20 555 2700

Hakakatu 1, Lahti

Europcar +358 40 306 2860

Mannerheiminkatu 15, Lahti

Scandia Rent +358 3 782 7017

Aleksanterinkatu 37, Lahti

Tyre Dealers in Jyväskylä

Vianor Oy

Vasarakatu 3, Jyväskylä +358 10 401 3660

Lahdentie 131, Jämsä +358 10 401 3170

Mäntymäentie 4, Keuruu +358 10 401 3350

Jyväs-Rengas +358 14 675 773

Ahjokatu 11, Jyväskylä

© AKK Sports Ltd 37

MR-Rengas Ky +358 14 675 012, +358 400 643 221

Puulaakintie 4, Jyväskylä

Rengasnuora +358 14 410 1400, +358 400 646 580

Seppäläntie 1, Jyväskylä

Muuramen Rengaspiste +358 14 372 2091


Tyre Dealers in Lahti

Motor Sport Equipment

Björk Motorsport +358 40 561 6138

Kuormaajantie 3, Jyväskylä

PrintSport +358 14 861 600, +358 40 301 1401

Liepeentie 18, Lievestuore

Euroracing +358 9 274 4460

Lahelantie 7, Tuusula

Autoracing +358 9 540 7800

Vattuniemenkatu 5, Helsinki

Windsreen Repairs

Lasi-Kalle +358 14 612 388

Kalevankatu 8, Jyväskylä

Jyväskylän Lasihuolto +358 14 217 332

Tapionkatu 4, Jyväskylä

Car Washing

Autopesula Clean Oy +358 40 086 8379

Laukaantie 1, Jyväskylä

Towing Services


Hinausapu Hinaus-Team Oy +358 14 610 726, +358 400 241 207

Hinaus- ja kuljetuspalvelu Rantanen Oy +358 400 342381, +358 400 888 005

Hinausapu Mehtovuori +358 14 611 909, +358 20 747 9622 (24h Service)

Jyväskylä – Korpilahti:

Hinaus Javanainen +358400 343 326


Laaksosen Autokorjaamo Ky +358 14 744 180

Copy shop and Sign Writer

KopiJyvä Oy +358 14 3342 800, +358 14 334 6400

Viitaniementie 15, Jyväskylä

Laundry Service


Vapaudenkatu 46, Jyväskylä +358 42 457 6029

Special Welding Services


Ainilankuja 9, Jyväskylä +358 400 649 525

© AKK Sports Ltd


Muurski Oy

Vasarakatu 11 +358 14 676 642

Gas Services

Kaasu-Matti +358 14 253 523

Laukaantie 16, Jyväskylä

Mobile Phone Rentals

Midare +358 14 24200 11

Kauppakatu 20, Jyväskylä

Official Rally Weather Service http//ilmanet.fmi.fi

© AKK Sports Ltd 39

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