Order Your AOL Memorabilia - Academy of Our Lady Alumnae ...


Order Your AOL Memorabilia - Academy of Our Lady Alumnae ...


It may have been a dull rainy April afternoon

outside, but inside there was nothing

but laughter, joy, renewing old

acquaintances, and, of course, indulging

in delicious punch, cookies and cake at a

social the Alumnae Board hosted April 7

for the Sisters in the AOL convent.

Alumnae attending included Patricia

Kelly Boyd ’43, Mary T. Burke ’72,

Marge Carroll ’54, Sandi Gill Malone

’53, Betty Shanahan ’74, Faith Kilburg

McNamara ’48, Pat Sullivan Roach

’48, Joan Bernhardt Radtke ’67 and a

former Alumnae Association president,

Mary Jayne Maloney Fahey ’41. This

delightful afternoon, enjoyed equally by

Sisters and alumnae, elicited such comments

as “Let’s do this again next year!”

No. 28 Academy of Our Lady Alumnae Association Summer 2002

Good afternoon, Sisters!


Academy of Our Lady Alumnae

Reunion 2002 will be a reception from 2

to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, in the

Astoria Room at the Oak Lawn Hilton,

94th and Cicero Avenue, Oak Lawn.

Cocktails and substantial hors d’oeuvres

will be served.

A change from recent previous

years, the reception format was chosen

because our older alumnae have told us

they prefer an afternoon event and our

younger alumnae have said they prefer

an evening event. The Alumnae Board

hopes the reception will bring all our

alumnae together to celebrate AOL’s spirit

and then those who wish to do so may

make their own separate plans for dinner.

The Reunion is open to all alumnae.

Five-year anniversary classes—those of

graduation years ending in -2 and -7--will

be saluted as always. The Class of 1952

will celebrate in the Chicago Room.

Class photos will be taken in the

Sheffield Room and may be ordered.

AOL memorabilia will be available for

purchase in the Astoria Room.

LIKE OLD TIMES: Sister Ladisla Gogowski, former

AOL teacher of history and English and alumnae moderator,

chats with Mary Jane Maloney Fahey ’41, alumnae

president in the 1960s.

Guests at a Mass and brunch at AOL for SSND donors April 28

included, left to right: Marge Piper Corbett ’48, Sister Jane Joyce,

donor Catherine Malin, Christina Horde ’79, Marge Carroll ’54`

and Sister Anne Mayer.


Rosalima Maszka prepares

to enjoy herself.

Above: Sister Nora

(Margaret O’Connor ’34),

former AOL Latin teacher,

catches up with Alumnae

Board member Sandi Gill

Malone ’53.

Left: Sister Lois

Lamb, Sister

Marie Rose

Augustyn and

Sister Margaret


Why are we here?

Whether we ponder it lightly or in

search of an ultimate purpose in life,

that question can be perplexing.

Consider the AOL Alumnae

Association, for example. I wonder

sometimes whether it is worthwhile

to maintain the Alumnae Office now

that our alma mater has closed. But

then, on any given day:

an alumna may call seeking information

on classmates for a grade school

class reunion.

a mother and two daughters, all AOL grads, may call volunteering

to provide lunch for the Sisters in the Convent.

an emergency plumbing problem may pop up at Sister House, an

SSND-sponsored ministry for rehabilitation of women addicted to

alcohol and drugs. A financial donation can fix it.

a newspaper article may relate that an AOL graduate is receiving

a major award. Her classmates would be so happy to know that.

an alumna’s husband may call to let us know his wife has died,

and to thank AOL for being such a lovely influence in her life.

In fact, all these situations have occurred. And so . . . the AOL

Alumnae Office remains open. We hope you will continue to support

your Alumnae Association with your enthusiasm, your moral

and financial support.

In this issue of Update, you will see (and, I hope, read) more

biographies of current Alumnae Board members. These are the

people who, with guidance from Alumnae Coordinator Sister Jane

Joyce and the computer skills of office volunteer Irene Burke, keep

things going along. You have seen board members at the annual

Reunion, checking you in at the reservations table, selling you

AOL memorabilia and raffle tickets. And as you can see, although

our interests may differ, we share at least one thing in common-gratitude

for the foundation in learning AOL gave us.

If you, too, are grateful for your AOL years and would like to

help us keep Longwood’s spirit alive, please join our Alumnae

Board. We meet once a month. If you would like to help contact

classmates for the Reunion October 26 at the Oak Lawn Hilton in

Oak Lawn, please call 773-445-2300. Or e-mail Sr. Jane at


One way or the other, please, join us the Reunion. You do

your part. We’ll do our part. That’s why we’re here.


Margaret Carroll ’54

Alumnae Association



Spirituality of Seeking and Dwelling

Saturday, September 14, 2002

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Academy of Our Lady Convent,

9535 S. Loomis St., Chicago

Cost: $10 (includes lunch)

For reservations: Sister Carolyn at 708-749-1380

(business hours)

Brady Photography

From the Editor

Allow me to give you a

strong reminder about our

need for your annual dues.

The return envelope in the

fall 2001 Update inadvertently

omitted a request for

2002 dues. They are now

due. Please return your

envelope, and I also

remind you that any additional

amount for alumnae

projects is much appreciat-

ed. Our organization contributes to the SSND Retirement

Fund and to SSND ministries such as Corazon a

Corazon, a community center serving women and children

in the South Chicago community. Thank you for

your continued interest in and support of your AOL

Alumnae Association.

If you have a special prayer intention, please call the

Alumnae Office at 773-445-2300. We shall write it in a

book now kept in the AOL Convent chapel. The Sisters

who live in the convent will include your intention in their

prayers. And all alumnae are invited to attend a Mass for

living and deceased alumnae at 9 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, in

the AOL Convent chapel, 9535 S. Loomis St., Chicago.

Blessings to you and your families!

Sister Jane Joyce, SSND

Alumnae Relations



A comparison of Classmates.com enrollees to

dues-paying AOL alumnae:

Classmates.com currently lists 1,500 AOL


1999 dues-paying AOL members = 564

2000 dues-paying AOL members = 616

2001 dues-paying AOL members = 534

2002 dues-paying AOL members = 101 to date

Each year’s collective sum barely covers

UPDATE costs, with some to spare for supplies,

utilities, reunion mailings and other unforeseen


Irene Burke, AOL Office volunteer



Brady Photography

The Summer 2001 Longwood

Update carried profiles of Alumnae

Board members Elaine Brown

’78 and Christina Horde ’79. In

this issue, to acquaint AOL alumnae

with others among our faithful

volunteers (and hoping that

more AOL alumnae will join us),

Update is featuring several other

board members. We look forward

to telling the stories of still more

board members in future issues.

Pat Kelly Boyd


Following my

graduation from

AOL, I spent two years (World War II

years) at Mundelein College, working

Saturdays and holidays at Marshall Field

& Co. (at $2.40 per day!) In August

1945 I went to work for Leo Burnett

Co., an advertising agency, as a secretary.

On June 11, 1952, I married

William A. Boyd. In January 1953, I

retired from the business world to await

the birth of the first of our 10 children,

Mary Ellen, born April 27, 1953. She is

a 1971 graduate of AOL. Her sister

Celeste graduated in 1973. On May 18,

2001, Bill went to Heaven.

My most influential teachers at

AOL included Sister Francine, my

freshman homeroom teacher, who was

responsible for my attitude for four

years at AOL--loved school, biology and

religion. Sister Kathleen, my senior

homeroom teacher, was a wonderful religion

teacher and friend. And last but not

least, Sister Claude, with her intense

awareness of spiritual and cultural

demons, was fiercely passionate in the

classroom. She talked a lot about

Communism and the devil. She really

Meet your Alumnae Board members

put the fear of God in us.

As a freshman, with Ruth Rinderer

as my "big sister," we delivered

Thanksgiving food baskets to the poor.

That opened the door for me to volunteer

wherever possible.

I serve on the Alumnae Board

because I would like to give a little back

to the AOL Sisters for the huge

contribution they gave to me and our


I have been a parishioner of St.

Barnabas Church since 1961. I volunteered

at the school in many roles. At

present I coordinate the parish Linen

Ministry. I have been a lector since that

program was inaugurated. I’ve also been

active in our local civic association, serving

as an officer at all levels, as well as

years on the board of the Beverly Area

Planning Association. And I’ve been

coordinator of a


meals program for

20-plus years.

Marge Piper

Corbett ’48

After graduating

from AOL in

1948, I attended two years of business

college. In December 1950 I married

Bob Corbett. My husband was drafted

during the Korean War, three months

before we were married. We moved to

Fort Knox, Ky., where Bob was stationed.

In 1952, our son was born, and

in 1953, our daughter. Kathy Corbett

Smith graduated from AOL in 1972 and

loved it as much as I did.

In 1970 I went back to school and

studied real estate. I became a Realtor in

1971 and have continued in that field,

specializing in the Beverly area along

with the suburbs and downtown.

My most influential teachers at AOL

were Sister Eudocia and Miss Mary

Cahill. Both were excellent teachers and

easy to talk to. Sister Eudocia had a fun

personality, which was most enjoyable.

The aspect that has remained with

me through the years is the camaraderie

that we enjoyed as students and that has

remained over the years, with classmates

who live not only in the Chicago area

but across the country. When I meet a

real estate client who graduated from

AOL, I have a special feeling for that

person. The loyalty that I have always

felt toward AOL never was lost. I devoted

as much time as I could about two

years ago to the committee that was

formed to try to keep AOL open. My

biggest disappointment was that we were

not successful.

I have chosen to serve on the AOL

Alumnae Board to give back to the

SSNDs for the four wonderful years that

I spent with them.

In addition to the Alumnae Board, I

am a member of St. Barnabas parish,

and have volunteered with the Beverly

Area Planning Association. I also have

served as an officer

with Women

in Real Estate, a

professional organization.

Sister Gilmary Lemberg, SSND, ’45

My name was Dottie Lemberg when I

attended AOL, graduating in 1945. My

wonderful years as a student were filled

with art, theater and the Girls Athletic

Association (G.A.A.) In 1949 I changed

“Dottie” to “Gilmary” as a School Sister

of Notre Dame. After graduating from

Mount Mary College (Milwaukee) with

a major in art, I earned a master of fine

arts degree from the University of

Notre Dame.

Among the interesting projects of

my life was teaching art to children in a

series of 500 programs broadcast over

the Milwaukee diocesan TV channel

during the 1960s. (This was before

Chicago and Milwaukee became separate

SSND provinces.) I returned to

Longwood as chairperson of the art

department later in the ’60s. At that time

AOL had three art teachers. I was also

on the faculty of a high school administered

by the SSND in DeKalb, IL, for

several years.

In the early ’70s, I represented our


province in Rome at the Center for

Spiritual Development. Our task there

was to learn to implement changes

brought about by the Second Vatican

Council and bring them back to our

respective provinces.

After working with Sister Margaret

Ellen Traxler, SSND, in opening Maria

Shelter on Chicago’s South Side, I

became involved with Sister House in

1992. An SSND ministry, Sister House

on the Near Northwest Side is a residential

program for women in addiction

rehabilitation. The program is housed in

a former convent that is more than 80

years old and needs a lot of attention.

I’m the maintenance engineer. We have

fixed up the inside and now we have to

raise money to fix up the outside.

Two and a half years ago, I spent

six months in Pedro Juan Caballero,

Paraguay, carving statues of St. Gerard

Majella and the Immaculate Conception

(each 7 feet tall) in a native wood, trebel,

and painting a Resurrection mural (in a

Paraguayan style) for the church of St.

Gerard Majella parish, an SSND ministry.

I spent an additional two months

there this year doing remodeling work.

The teachers who influenced me

most at AOL were Sister Francine (biology)

and Sister Eudocia (history). Sister

Francine was most influential in my decision

to become a School Sister of Notre


I became a member of the AOL

Alumnae Board because of my concern

that the thousands of AOL grads remain

faithful and grateful

to their alma

mater and the

School Sisters of

Notre Dame.

Faith Kilburg

McNamara ’48

I earned a bachelor’s

degree at St.

Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN., and a

master’s degree at the University of

Wisconsin. I worked as a teacher with

the Chicago Board of Education for

more than 31 years. I am married and

the mother of two daughters. During the

10 years we lived in Brainerd, I could

see AOL’s Administration Building from

my kitchen window. We have lived in

Beverly for the last 33 years in a house


five blocks from my childhood home. I

have been enjoying retirement since


My most influential teachers were

Miss Mary Cahill, Sister Cecile and

Sister Mona. All were wonderful teachers,

instilling in me a lifelong interest in

the areas in which they taught (history,

music and literature, respectively), and a

recognition of the importance of a good

teacher to one’s success in and enjoyment

of school.

The aspect of my AOL experience

that has remained is the dedication of

the nuns and lay teachers—a realization

which came to me as I reached adulthood

and became a teacher myself.

What also has remained with me are the

special bonds which exist, not only with

my personal friends, but all AOL alums

and SSNDs because of our common


I came to the Alumnae Board quite

by accident after volunteering to work

on one event and have enjoyed it ever

since. Although the focus of the board

has changed since the school closed, the

group is still cooperative and hard-working.

It is a pleasure to be part of it.

My other

activities include

the Beverly Art

Center and St.

Mary’s College



Molitor Oliver


After graduating

from AOL, I attended Bogan Junior

College and DePaul University part time

for four years while working for

Continental Assurance Company. I married

Bob Oliver in 1962. (He died in

1996.) We moved from the South Side

of Chicago to Downers Grove in 1967.

There our five children grew up and

from there they were married. I now

have 14 grandchildren. I worked part

time for Madigan’s, a clothing and

department store, and later as a supervisor

for Allendale Insurance. After

Allendale merged with another firm in

1999, I retired early. Now I attend the

College of Du Page and am a member

of Phi Theta Kappa, a community college

honor fraternity.

Sister Ann Clare was my home-

room teacher when I was a sophomore

and a senior. I remember talking a lot

with her and really enjoyed this. I had

many excellent teachers, but I remember

her most.

I have gotten involved with my

church and found it to be very fulfilling,

so when I saw the note in the Longwood

Update saying volunteers were needed, I

decided to contact AOL. My mother

also worked with her class reunions, so

I’m following in her steps.

Through my church, I am involved

with the stewardship and service committees,

PADS, Medical Missions, Right

to Life, Bible study and a prayer group.

I co-chair the Sunshine Group, whose

members supply hot meals for senior

parish members

and gifts of

baked goods to

parishioners after

a death in their


Pat Sullivan

Roach ’48

I was the firstborn

of Margaret C.

Sullivan Sullivan

and John P. Sullivan in Oak Park, IL,

on Dec. 12, 1930. I graduated from St.

Margaret of Scotland Grade School in

1944, then went on to my mother’s high

school, the Academy of Our Lady, graduating

in 1948. In 1952 I graduated

from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

in Indiana with a major in drama and

minors in biology, English and French. I

earned a master’s degree in educational

administration and supervision from

Loyola University, Chicago, in 1957. I

spent 39 years in education, four years

as a teacher and 35 as a principal in elementary

and junior high schools in

Worth (IL) School District 127.

Influential teachers included, but are

not limited to: Sister Ewald (Latin 2, 3

& 4), Sister Mary Andrew (biology)

and Sister Kathleen (French 1).

Happy memories at AOL were acting

in plays, verse choir, making new

friends, mission parties, Christmas

dances in the gym and the senior prom.

Currently a member of St. Barnabas

parish, I’m on the board of Saint Maryof-the-Woods

Chicago Club (past secretary

and president) and a trustee of the

college. I’m a member of Catholic

Charities Southwest Suburban Services,

the Beverly Area Planning Association,

Beverly Art Center, the Antique Guild of

the BAC (served as secretary and am

president now). I also belong to an honorary

educational society, the Delta

Kappa Gamma Society International,

Beta Beta chapter. I hold life memberships

in Illinois and national PTA’s. I

was honored among Those Who Excel

in Worth and in Illinois, and in 1990

received the Educator of the Year award

from National Lewis University.

I married William J. Roach in 1971

and had a happy

28 years as his

wife. Bill died in


Kathy Gallagher

Sedlack ’55

After graduation

from AOL, I

attended Loyola

University, Chicago, graduating in 1959.

I married and had three children.

I retired after 31 years of teaching

first grade in the Chicago Public Schools,

more than 20 at the Gresham

Elementary School.

I still enjoy the loyal friendships of

my classmates from AOL. We get

together often. I especially remember

Sister Marian, an English teacher at

AOL, who inspired a love of poetry in

me. Others include Sister Adele, an art

teacher, and Sister Nora, a Latin

teacher, whom I still see at the AOL


I am on the Alumnae Board to keep

the spirit of AOL alive through alumnae

activities and to aid in the projects of

the SSND.

I still live close to the beautiful campus

and enjoy the alumnae meetings with

friends from many graduation years.

Betty Shanahan ’74

I graduated from St. Margaret of

Scotland in 1970 and AOL in 1974. I

give credit to the teachers at Longwood

that I was encouraged to study engineering

during a time when very few women

were entering that field. I earned an electrical

engineering degree from Michigan

State University and moved to

Massachusetts to work in the minicom-

puter industry. I

spent the first 13

years of my

career working in

computer hardware

design. An

interest in the business

and people

sides of the technology


prompted me to move into marketing,

which I have been doing for 11 years. I

am now the vice president of product

management and marketing of Stellent's

Software Components Division.

Besides the AOL Alumnae board, I

am active with the Society of Women

Engineers, including serving as co-chair

of the 1995 national convention in

Boston. I am a member of the

Community Advisory Board of Rush

Hospice Partners, a non-profit hospice

service, and last year I was invited to

join the SSND Development Board.

On the personal side, I've been married

to Bob Nuber for almost 24 years.

For 18 years we lived in different towns

in central Massachusetts. Although we

enjoyed it and still have many friends

there, we decided that we wanted to live

in a more urban environment. In 1996

we made Chicago our home. Bob had

never lived in a city before — he grew up

in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia —

but I knew he'd love it here. We have

lived just north of the Loop since we

moved back and are having a great time.

On an “unusual” personal side, Bob

and I are collectors of contemporary

American crafts and architectural artifacts.

We do get some strange looks

when people realize that we have pieces

of torn-down buildings scattered around

our apartment and old blueprints hanging

on the walls.

One reason I am involved with the

Alumnae Board is that it is fun being

with “Longwood Ladies” from a wide

range of eras. I volunteer in appreciation

for all the Sisters and teachers did for me

while I was at AOL. I wouldn't have

enjoyed my rewarding career if Sister

Terrence, Mr. Arruda and Sister

Catherine had not encouraged me to

consider engineering. I have many happy

memories of the great times at

Longwood, especially being on the forensics

team and working on the yearbook.




SSND, ’61





School Sisters

of Notre Dame

From the Provincial Leader

Despite the mild winter in Chicago, it is

still a delight to see spring come in. As I

write this, tulips and jonquils bloom in

profusion on AOL’s campus. The buds

and new leaves on the trees have transformed

the Academy grounds into a

beautiful picture of brilliant shapes and

colors. I hope you, too, are experiencing

new life as spring and the Easter season

drift into summer.

On April 7 the Alumnae Board hosted

a social for the Sisters living at the

Academy convent. An abundance of

cookies, punch and cordial conversation

provided a delightful afternoon for all

who were able to attend. It was so

thoughtful of the board to arrange this

spring event, since many of the Sisters at

the AOL convent were associated with

the school and appreciate being remembered.

If you have visited the campus

recently, you may have noticed that the

grotto was badly in need of repair. New

bracing and stonework have restored it

structurally and it now awaits the gardener's

touch. As always, Mary’s shrine

is a reminder of all of AOL’s May

crownings and is a beloved spot for the

Sisters and visitors.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame

are grateful to the Alumnae Association

for your continued support. Thank you

so much, and know that the Sisters

remember you and your loved ones

in prayer.

Do enjoy the summer and I hope to

see you at the reunion.

If you would like to attend

the reunion but live out-ofstate

and are not in a 5-year

anniversary class, please

request an invitation from

the Alumnae Office.



James McKiernan, a great nephew of Mother

Mary Aquinata Kalbacher, SSND, stopped

by the AOL campus to visit. Mother Aquinata

administered at Longwood from 1887-1895,

and again from 1906-1929. In her capacity as

treasurer and building manager, she supervised

the construction of Aquinas Hall in 1920,

Hackman Hall in 1926 and Science Hall in

1930. Truly, this woman was a great visionary

and builder. Mr. McKiernan is very proud of

his great-aunt, and the School Sisters of Notre

Dame deeply value the role she played in the

growth of the Academy in those early years.


How about this for a faithful alumna…paying

dues at the age of 97! As recently as 2001!

Florence Waddell Feeley died at the age of 98.

She was certainly one of our oldest alums, a

member of the class of 1922.


The Beverly Review, a Chicago community

newspaper, reported on Jan. 23 that Doris

Whitney ’37 had died as a result of an automobile

accident. Doris was well known for her

concern for neighbors and family, always ready

to assist whenever and however she could.

Although she was born in Milwaukee, Doris

was a Beverly resident for most of her life. She

and her sister Charlotte ’28 (also deceased)

spent many hours volunteering at Little

Company of Mary Hospital in south suburban

Evergreen Park, IL.


The women’s board of Mercy Hospital of

Chicago presented the “Sister Huberta

McCarthy Woman of Mercy Award” to Sister

Gwendolyn (Mary Catherine) Durkin ’43 on

April 14 at Mercy hospital. The award honored

Sr. Gwendolyn’s 50 years’ service to the medical

center, including her work as co-chief operating

officer. Congratulations, Sr. Gwendolyn!


Sister Camille (Rose Mary) Clark, OHM

’45, was among many AOL alumnae found on

“Classmates.com” by Irene Burke. Sr. Camille

informed us that after graduation, she attended

college for two years before entering the convent.

Her experiences have included teaching

and 10 years of working with women addicted

to drugs and alcohol. She has also been

involved in GED and ESL (English as a second

language). Sr. Camille asked Irene to help

her locate a friend and classmate, Rita Bursby

Leamy. This took place, and a friendship was

renewed after 57 years. Thanks, Irene!




Sister Miriam Patrick (Patricia) Cummings,

SSND, ’49, former AOL principal (1991-1994),

currently is principal of the Lake Shore Catholic

Academy complex in Waukegan, IL. It was

announced recently that a new school will be

constructed to serve the area in place of deteriorating

buildings. We wish Sister Miriam Patrick

well as she proceeds in the work of this ambitious

project. We also send congratulations to

her as she celebrates 50 years as a School Sister

of Notre Dame this year.


Margie Welsh Arrowood ’50 sent a note and a

photograph to her friend, Patricia Hagstrom

Kinsella, also Class of 1950, asking her to identify

the Sister in the photo. It was Sr. Lenore

Rohr, SSND, carrying on a conversation with

longtime Longwood teacher Miss Mary Cahill.

Miss Cahill taught at Longwood in both the

grade and high schools for 37 years. Many

alumnae remember her and Sr. Lenore, who

was principal at AOL from 1966-69 and again

from 1977-82.


I truly look forward to the arrival of the alumnae

newsletter. Thanks for all time and effort

keeping us up to date, informing us about

events and the whereabouts of our classmates. I

am looking forward to Reunion 2002 in


Rosemary Bender Humason ’51


Lolita Spruit Hagio ’53 is already making

inquiries about Reunion ’03, her “golden”

anniversary. She is also anxious to see the campus

again. Lolita writes from the high desert

red-rock country of southern Utah, where she

currently resides. Among her favorite memories

is the senior play, “Brigadoon.” Lolita is grateful

even now for the positive influence the school

and faculty played in her life. She also loves

receiving the Longwood Update and appreciates

the effort that goes into its publication. Thanks,


At its “April in Paris” dinner in April, Catholic

Charities (Chicago) Southwest Suburban

Services presented Dr. James A. K. Lambur

with its Helping Hands Award for his

dedication to charitable works. Among those

cheering for him was his wife, Nancy Huston

Lambur ’53.


Kay Enright Keller ’54 served as a volunteer

in the Medals Plaza at the 2002 Winter

Olympics in Salt Lake City. Kay, who lives in

Wisconsin, found the lengthy application

process—lots of paperwork followed by a background

check and months of waiting to hear-well

worth the experience of working as a

Human Resources specialist at the Games.

Human Resources volunteers checked every

person entering the Medals Plaza, where all

medals except those for ice sports were awarded.

Because security was very, very tight, Kay

wrote, those wishing to enter the Plaza “had to

have the right credentials and be scheduled to

work that day or they did not get through.”

She described her Olympic experience as “a

truly exciting opportunity for me. I thank God

every day for allowing me to be part of a worldwide



The invitation to this year’s annual meeting of

the social service agency Children’s Home and

Aid Society of Illinois listed Mitzi Vanden Bosch

Friedheim ’55 as board of trustees chair.

Another Longwood Lady who volunteers!


A message from Texas resident Marie

D’Angelo Meyer ’60, who e-mailed Irene Burke

in the Alumnae Office: “I was sorry to hear that

the school had closed, and I am sure that things

are very different at the AOL campus now. We

live in what used to be a very small town but is

now almost as big as Houston. I don’t miss the

big city atmosphere I experienced in Chicago,

but must admit I do miss the wonderful cultural

opportunities, the zoos, theater, etc. I guess we

can’t have it all!”


Kelly Sise, daughter-in-law of Sheila Driscoll

Sise ’63, was featured in an article in the Beverly

Review recently. Kelly is director of the Beverly

Castle Academy of Early Education in

Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood. Her husband,

Patrick, is an alumnus of the pre-school program.

While Kelly’s at work, AOL alumna

Sheila shares baby-sitting chores for grandson

Liam, 2, a future pupil in the Castle program.


When Marie Clakis Larsen ’64 visited the

campus not long ago, she reconnected the

Alumnae Office with Nancy Kiewicz

Quisenberry, also Class of 1964.


The schedule of photographer Jeanne

Moutoussamy-Ashe ’67 included a May 28 lecture,

“The African Flower,” at the Art Institute

of Chicago. Her photograph, “Church Picnic,

Sebago Beach Park, New York, 2000,” was

included in the museum’s News and Events

members’ magazine for May/June. More of

Jeanne’s photographs are available for viewing

on the Internet at www.jeannemoutoussamyashe.com.


Dr. Edith Simulis Burns ’69 contacted the

alumnae office and asked for assistance in finding

her mother’s maid-of-honor, Ethelreda

Hennessy Harris ’46. The story had a happy

ending, and we are sure the two friends recalled

fond memories during their reunion.

Doneva Montgomery Riley in 1973

(above), and Judge Eve Riley today.


Judge Eve Riley, known to her classmates and

other alumnae friends as Doneva Montgomery

Riley ’73, was featured in a front-page article in

The St. Louis (MO) American newspaper on

March 6. A School Sister of Notre Dame in St.

Louis, Sr. Sharon Maureen, sent the article to

the Alumnae office. Judge Riley is administrative

law judge for the Social Security

Administration, a task that requires, among

many other things, assembling a written record

of every dispute that comes before her. Her goal

is to assure a fair hearing in disputes over disability

benefits. Two years ago, the Social

Security Administration promoted Judge Riley

to chief administrative law judge in St. Louis,

entrusting her with supervision of 7 judges and

50 employees. Longwood is proud of you,

Judge Riley!

In a recent column in the daily Chicago Sun-Times,

Laura Washington ’73, former editor of The

Chicago Reporter, addressed the issue of the current

crisis in the American Catholic Church.

Laura stated that she, like many other

Catholics, is shocked by the accusations of

pedophilia by priests and the cover-up of such

heinous acts by their superiors. Yet, amid all this

disturbing news, Laura wrote, “there’s virtually

no evidence of sexual abuse by the Sisters.” The

article included recognition of the Sisters who

taught Laura, counseled her and protected her

in grade school and at the Academy of Our

Lady High School. She further commends the

School Sisters of Notre Dame for financially

supporting Longwood over the years to continue

the “first-class education” for which the

school was known. Thanks, Laura.


1922 Feeley, Florence Waddell

Esther M. Mullaney, age 100

1927 Dolores Tracy Dwyer, mother of

Mary Lou Dwyer Lysaught ’57

1931 Broad, Frances Rocca

1933 Helm, Phyllis Hackett, sister of

Shirley Hackett Lyons ’38 and

Muriel Hackett O’Connor ’40

and sister-in-law of the late Mary

Malloy Hackett ’31

Frances Reedy Shevlin

Schueneman, mother of Jean

Marie Shevlin Hills ’59, Mary

Clare Shevlin Loftus ’61, Patricia

Shevlin ’63, Peggy Shevlin ’65,

Eileen Shevlin Dowd ’67 and

Carol Shevlin Griffith ’67, and

sister of Mary Ellen Reedy

Piekarz ’54

1937 Killacky, Rita E. Evans

Doris Whitney, sister of the late

Charlotte Whitney ’28

1938 Bayer, Lorraine Graver

O’Sullivan, Millicent Duffy,

sister of the late Eileen Duffy

Cognac ’42

1940 Compher, Rita

1942 Mary Jane O’Connor O’Connell,

sister of Joanne O’Connor

Mele ’55

1945 Brooks, Sister Dolores, O.P.

Keaty, Margaret Tyrrell, sister of

June Tyrrell O’Keefe ’49 and

Mary Jean Tyrrell O’Malley ’44

1946 Bucic, Margaret Anderson

1948 Scanlon, Mary Jane

1949 Johnson, Margaret

1952 Margaret Evans Schofield,

former AOL teacher

1954 Rose Marie Dooley Grunauer,

sister of Kathleen Dooley

Othon ’56 and Dolores Dooley

Clarke ’58

1955 Dorothy Klinger New

Sister Mary Alanna Cooney, SSND,

AOL principal, 1981-1986

Patricia Feiner Costanza, a former

AOL teacher

Cain, Lester, husband of Ruth Seaman

Cain ’45, and brother-in-law of Dorothy

Seaman Gillespie ’43

Hartigan, William, husband of Jean

Graver Hartigan ’47, brother of

Kathleen Hartigan Connelly ’57,

Colleen Hartigan Dolan ’67, and the

late Rosemary Hartigan ’49.

McLaughlin, George R., husband of

Mary Graber McLaughlin ’62, brother

of Joan McLaughlin Graefen ’56 and

Mary McLaughlin Jansen ’68

Seguin, Lynn Marie, daughter of

Marilyn Honan Seguin ’60

Koenig, Dan, son of Rosemary Rach

Koenig ’30

Bowers, Doris, mother of Sr. Barbara

Bowers, SSND, ’65 and Beverly

Bowers ’66

Feely, Mary, mother of Roberta Feely

Smith ’67

Houlihan, Mary P., mother of

Maureen Houlihan Long ’72 and Sr.

Nancy Houlihan, R.S.M., ’73

Huguelet, Catherine, mother of

Barbara Huguelet Griffin ’48, Arlene

Huguelet Miles ’49, Peggy Huguelet

Kalchbrenner and Patricia Huguelet

Walsh ’53, mother-in-law of Mary

Virginia Brown Huguelet ’49

Kevin, Frances, mother of Frances

“Tunie” Kevin Carsten ’56

Newton, Catherine F., mother of Peggy

Newton Callahan ’64

Wyack, Elsie, mother of Charlene

Wyack Bolster ’51 and Marilyn

Wyack Liston ’54

Casserly, Joseph W., father of Patricia

Casserly Prost ’74

McCarthy, William, father of Denise

McCarthy Borkowski ’66 and Michelle

McCarthy Tuenge ’69 and uncle of

Maureen O’Brien ’66 and Maribeth

Boyle Gadberry ’68

McMahon, Bernard P., father of

Colleen McMahon Larkson ’67

Sheehy, John E. “Jack,” father of

Judy Sheehy Baptist ’72 and Trish

Sheehy ’76

Dobrowski, Anna, sister of Sr. M.

Ladisla Gogowski, SSND, former

AOL teacher and Alumnae moderator

O’Brien, Eleanore Beauregard, sister

of late Mary Beauregard Fiedler ’34

Vincent, Eleanor Nebel, sister of

Dorothy Nebel LeBeau ’41 and

Margaret Nebel Pavletic ’51

Grace, S.J., Brother Michael J., brother

of Mary Clare Grace O’Connell ’54

and late Donna Grace McCormack ’45

Rohr, James, brother of Sr. Lenore

Rohr, SSND, former AOL principal

Shannon, Brian, brother of Donna

Shannon Mulchrone ’49, Sheilamae

Shannon O’Hara ’53 and late Mary

Ann Shannon ’48.

Slattery, Michael, brother of Kathleen

Slattery ’73

Sierawski, Leonard, brother-in-law of

Mary Alice Grey Sierawski ’54


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