Piccadilly Press 30th Anniversary


Piccadilly Press 30th Anniversary





Happy birthday Piccadilly! 1983 - 2013


My Humongous Hamster 1

The Littlest Bird 2

Two Bad Grans 3

It’s Time for Bed 4

Who Loves Baby? 5

Wishes For You – Gift Edition 6

Bad Manners, Benjie! 7

Grub’s Pups 8


Princess Katie’s Kittens : Suki in the Snow 9


We’re Having a Party! Treasury 10

Bella Donna: Witch Camp 11

Super Soccer Boy and the Monster Mutants 12


Captain Valiant and Me: Revenge of the Black

Phantom 13

Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs in Disguise 14

Alien Schoolboy’s Z–A Guide to Earthlings 15

Genie Academy: Genie in a Trap 16

Buttercup Magic – A Mystery for Megan 17


The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me 18


Timedance: Starlight’s Edge 19

Firewallers 20

Hold Your Breath 21

Me Myself Milly 22

The Summer of Telling Tales 23

The Boy from France 24

The Cate Carlisle Files: Viper’s Nest 25

REVIEWS 26 – 47

My Humongous Hamster

by Lorna Freytag

Publication date: April 2013

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

My hamster doesn’t do much. He just sleeps and eats and eats and sleeps. He eats so much I think

one day he is going to get bigger and bigger . . .

And then this imaginative story grows and grows!

Lorna Freytag’s stunning photographs are surreal and comforting at the same time.

An absolute delight for children and adults alike.

Selling Points:

• A unique picture book

• Everybody loves hamsters

• Described by US publisher as best picture book of Bologna 2012

• Ideal for imaginative play with children



The Littlest Bird

by Gareth Edwards and Elina Ellis

Publication date: August 2013

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World


The Littlest Bird has to share the nest with all her brothers and sisters and it’s a real squeeze. So she packs up her slippers and toothbrush and things, and looks

for another home. She finds a lovely large nest which seems to be empty – apart, that is, from one very large egg . . .

A charming story, beautifully illustrated by Elina Ellis.

Selling Points:

• A funny, sweet story which all children with siblings will relate to

– especially a youngest child

• A first picture book for both author and illustrator


Two Bad Grans

by Geraldine Durrant and Sarah Horne

Publication date: September 2013

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Mrs O’Grady and Mrs Maloney were two naughty old ladies.

They never said please and thank you, they didn’t wash dishes or bake pies, and their knitting was awful! Their hair

needed brushing and so did their floors. They sneezed without hankies, crossed roads without looking,

and stayed all day long in their nighties and slippers.

But then something happened: those naughty old ladies became grandmothers!

The moment they were handed their babies, they knew exactly

what they must do. Now they were grans, they would have

to be good!

Selling Points:

• A very funny story of misbehaving grandmothers!

• Brilliant, energetic artwork by Sarah Horne

• The hilariously anarchic behaviour of the two old ladies

will appeal hugely to young children



It’s Time for Bed

by Adèle Geras and Sophy Williams

Publication date: October 2012

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Finland (Makela), Germany (Brunnen)

It’s time for bed but Little Hare says he can’t go to sleep until Mouse does. So Mother Hare sings a lullaby for Mouse,

and then all the rest of Little Hare’s friends need a lullaby!

Beautifully told, and tenderly illustrated, this is the perfect bedtime story.

Selling Points

• Told in the engagingly simple words of Adèle Geras

• Sophy Williams’ illustrations capture the humour and

warmth of the story


“This is a classic bedtime story, so tender and reassuring and beautifully

told that parents won't mind reading it again and again.”

– Jacqueline Wilson

“A lyrical lullaby of a book; perfect as a shared

bed-time wind-down.”

– Pippa Goodhart

“A happy, lovely book that would make a delightful

end to a day for both child and grown up.”

– Penny Dolan, An Awully Big Blog Adventure


Who Loves Baby?

by Julia Hubery and Sean Julian

Publication date: August 2012

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Netherlands (Veltman)

Baby’s asleep in his beautiful pram at last.

Mummy and me are snuggled up reading (but not for long).

Uh-oh, here it comes.

Ding Dong.

It’s the Gooey Gang. They love Baby.

Everyone seems to love Baby, but his older brother isn’t so sure.

Baby’s icky and sicky and pongy and pooey.

Baby cries and wails and whinges . . .

A charming, funny story about a new baby sibling.

Selling Points:

• A delightful picture book about a new baby in the family

• Told in the engagingly simple words of Julia Hubery

• Sean Julian’s illustrations capture the humour and warmth

of the story

• Included in the Children’s Bookseller Choice August 2012

“Perfectly pitched, warm and

reassuring . . . a beautifully

creative and clever story.”

– Lancashire Evening Post



Wishes For You – Gift Edition

by Adèle Geras and Cliff Wright

Publication date: April 2013

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: China (Dolphin Media), Germany (Brunnen), Indonesia (Erlangga), Korea

(Little Land)

I wish you . . .

Light from behind the hill spilling into the sky.

Kisses to wake you, warm sun on your face.

Award-winning poet and author Adèle Geras writes lyrically about the things we wish for our children.

Brought to life by Cliff Wright’s timeless and evocative illustrations, this book is perfect for families


Selling Points:

• A perfect present to treasure

• Adorable illustrations



Bad Manners, Benjie!

by Lynne Garner and Mike Brownlow

Publication date: June 2013

Format: 278 x 214 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Rights Under Option: China (Children’s Fun), Israel (Sefer Lakoi)

Boris had a new friend called Benjie, but he didn’t like

his manners.

One morning, Benjie came for breakfast. As they ate their breakfast, Boris slurped and slobbered.

‘Mmm, this is nice,’ he said, his mouth bulging with green worm porridge.

Benjie waited until he’d swallowed his mouthful.

‘Yes it is,’ he replied, wiping a small dribble of porridge from his chin.

‘Thank you.’

Benjie is not behaving at all like a troll should and Boris has to teach him some manners!

Selling Points

• Hilarious story that will get all children giggling

• Children will love to spot all the disgusting details

in the illustrations

• Fun way of teaching children manners

“A hilarious story guaranteed to get children

chuckling. Beware – you may be asked to read

it over and over again!”

– www.parentsintouch.com on Dog Did It!



Grub’s Pups

by Abi Burlingham and Sarah Warburton

Publication date: October 2011

Format: 278 x 218 mm

Extent: 32 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Slovenia (Zalozba Skrivnost)

A very exciting thing is going to happen.

Grub is going to be a dad.

Ruby and her friend from next door, Billy, are having a

competition to guess how many puppies Billy’s dog Tilly is going to have.

But puppies can also make life more complicated . . .

Selling Points

• A delightful picture book about a lovable dog and his owner, Ruby

• Two strong, endearing characters that children will identify with

• Told in the engagingly simple words of the little girl

• Sarah Warburton’s illustrations capture the humour and warmth of the story

Grub bounced into Billy’s garden.

He and Tilly raced up and down.

And then we brought the puppies outside.

Tilly and Grub jumped over plant pots,

they jumped over toys,

they even jumped over the Grublets!

It’s just like old times . . .




“This is one of those picture books that really

makes your heart glow and your face light up!”

– Liverpool Echo


“These are very sweet stories with some gentle life lessons and lots of fun.” – The Bookseller

“Children will love the puppies who can be found throughout the book, getting up to all sorts of

fun. This is a warm, fun and gently humorous story.” – www.parentsintouch.com


Princess Katie’s Kittens 4: Suki in the Snow

by Julie Sykes

Publication date: September 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 128 pages

Rights: World

The cutest royal family ever!

Princess Katie is setting off on a skiing holiday with her family and best friend Becky.

As the royal plane lands, Katie discovers that Suki, the white kitten, has hidden in her bag!

But Suki soon misses the other kittens and decides to

make her own way home – just as a snowstorm starts.

Katie and Becky must race to find the lost kitten

before night falls!


Selling Points

• Purr-fect for little princesses wherever they live – very collectable,

with lots of sparkle and cute illustrations by Sue Hellard

• Author Julie Sykes has written many successful

books for children, including the

classic Little Tiger book,

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed!


We’re Having a Party!

Piccadilly Press 30th Anniversary Treasury

by various authors

Pub date: July 2013

Format: 190 x 152 mm, paperback

Extent: 192

Rights: World

Seven top authors, seven brilliant short stories originally

written for the Piccadilly Pips series and now in a special

30th anniversary edition.

Stories included:

Anne Fine – Press Play

Jacqueline Wilson – Jimmy Jelly

Robert Swindells – The Muckitups

Jan Mark – A Worm’s Eye View

Susan Price – Pedro

Hilary McKay – Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Helen Cresswell – Mister Maggs

Selling Points

• Classic stories by best-selling authors

• Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark



Bella Donna 5: Witch Camp

by Ruth Symes

illustrated by Marion Lindsay

Publication date: March 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: China (Guizhou People’s Publishing),

Germany (Fischer), Israel (Sefer Lakol), Poland (Hachette)

Be who you really are . . . whoever that may be!

Bella Donna's very excited to be going off to her first witchling Summer camp. When she

arrives, with her stowaway cat, Pegatha, it seems to be just as magical as she thought it

would be. But suddenly everything changes in the camp – the waterfall turns to mud and the

flowers to weeds. It seems that someone must have cast a horrible spell – but who, and why?

Selling Points

• Author Ruth Symes was nominated

for the Carnegie Award

• Featuring wonderful illustrations

throughout the book by Marion Lindsay,

winner of the Egmont Best New Talent


• A great combination of magic, adventure

and being true to yourself

“A sweet and entertaining story about

whether to fit in or be yourself.”

– Daily Mail on Coven Road



Super Soccer Boy 8: and the Monster Mutants

by Judy Brown

Pub date: October 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 128 pages

Rights: World

Ever since lightning struck and changed Harry Gribble who couldn’t even dribble

into Super Soccer Boy, Harry’s had to use his super soccer skills to stop all sorts of

villains and their dastardly schemes . . .

In this latest books, monster plants seen to be attacking humans!

Selling Points

• Judy Brown is a very well-known author and illustrator

• Fun and wacky stories packed with illustrations

• A perfect combination of football and superheroes


“Sparkling . . . snort-inducingly gloopy!” – Daily Telegraph

“With lots of humour and footballing action, this is

tremendous fun!” – Red House

“Fabulously funny.” – Primary Times


Captain Valiant and Me: Revenge of the Black Phantom

by Adam Britten

Illustrated by Arthur Hamer

Publication date: July 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 160 pages

Rights: World

Mark Taylor seems to be an average schoolboy, but he's really Dynamic Boy!

He and his family – Captain Valiant, Ms Victory and Moon Girl – are a superhero team. If only his name, costume and superpower

weren't so rubbish, Dynamic Boy might enjoy saving the world from baddies . . .

But when people start turning into monsters, they all realise this is no ordinary baddy – it’s the revenge of the Black Phantom.

Selling Points

• A fun and wacky story packed with illustrations

• Author Adam Britten is a huge fan of superheroes

• Wonderful humour that will appeal to both boys and girls

• A first book for both the author and illustrator

• Superheroes are more popular than ever with films

such as Batman and The Avengers


Coming July 2013:

Captain Valiant 2: Return of the Silver Cyborg


Downtown Dinosaurs 2: Dinosaurs in Disguise

by Jeanne Willis

Illustrated by Arthur Robins

Publication date: September 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: Italy (Gribaudo)

Rights sold: Israel (Kinneret-Zmora)

Flint Beastwood the T. Rex is furious! Dippy has gone missing in the forest, just when Flint needed him to cut his toenails!

And then Darwin the stegosaurus disappears too.

Darwin’s mum and dad send out a search party. But it’s dangerous in the woods, with Flint’s deadly carnivore gang

AND a scary new dinosaur! So the herbivores come up with a brilliant idea – to disguise themselves as trees . . .

Coming April 2013:

Downtown Dinosaurs 3: Dinosaur Scramble

Mayhem and chaos follow, and all the hilarious consequences that mark a Jeanne Willis book.


Selling Points

• A hilarious story which is sure to appeal to even the most reluctant readers

• Great dinosaur characters with the potential for lots more adventures

• Jeanne Willis is the writer of the hugely popular Dr Xargle series, and has won

numerous prizes including the Smarties prize.

• Arthur Robins is an enormously popular cartoonist and illustrator, and has

illustrated best-selling books by Laurence Anholt, Martin Waddell and Michael


“Daft dinosaurs create delightfully

madcap fun in this hilarious family

saga with a difference.”

– Julia Eccleshare,



Alien Schoolboy’s Z – A Guide to Earthlings

by Ros Asquith

Publication date: October 2012

Format: 152 x 191 mm, paperback

Extent: 224 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: Denmark (Flachs), France (Flammarion), Germany (Boje),

Israel (Sefer Lakol), USA (Skyhorse)

A hilarious look at one of the most ridiculous places in the Universe.

Flowkwee, visiting Earth in schoolboy disguise, has put together this Z-A guide to

help other bamboozled aliens get to grippers with the primitive planet and its

hideous inhabitants.

Selling Points

• Letters from an Alien Schoolboy shortlisted for the


• A madcap story which is sure to appeal to even the most reluctant readers

• Packed with hilarious illustrations

“Inventive, clever, warm . . . a short

course in learning how to laugh.”

– Michael Rosen

“Shrewd observation of human

behaviour, and alien neologisms,

it’s enough to drive you

bootglarked with laughter.”

– Nicolette Jones,

The Sunday Times

“Very funny . . . lots of jokes about

perfectly ordinary things we do but

if you view it from an alien’s point of

view, of course they look perfectly

ridiculous . . . very good fun to read

and the illustrations are fantastic.”

– Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian



Genie Academy 3: Genie in a Trap

by Ciaran Murtagh

Illustrated by Adria Meserve

Publication date: March 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Jamie goes back to Genie School!

Jamie’s playing football when he receives an urgent message from his friend, Balthazar, asking him to come back to

Genie School immediately. Jamie’s really pleased to go back – and even brings his human friend Dylan with him. But

it’s a trap!

Selling Points

• Author already very well known to children from CBBC appearances

and really knows what makes them laugh

• A hilarious story which is sure to appeal to even the most reluctant readers

“Ciaran is one of the funniest people I know – don’t miss this book!”

– Andy Stanton, creator of Mr Gum, on Genie in Training

“Wildly inventive.”

– Daily Telegraph on Ciaran

“He has a keen eye for material that makes young people roll about.”

– The Scotsman on Ciaran

“Full of clever word play and silly jokes. The kids love it and I really rather

enjoyed it too.” – The Guardian on Ciaran



Buttercup Magic – A Mystery for Megan

by Abi Burlingham

Pub date: April 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Megan was nine and there were lots of things she knew – especially that if you got bored you should use

your imagination. But there were also lots of things that Megan didn’t know until she went to Buttercup House.

With her new best friend Freya, Megan finds out all the wonderful secrets about her new home, and she meets

the magical animals that live there: some mice, Dorothy the cat, and a very special golden dog called Buttercup.

This is a charming story about friendship and magic.

Selling Points

• A heart-warming magical story with the lovely idea of animals as the magical protectors of children

• Abi Burlingham is the author of the very popular Ruby and Grub series of picture books

“Some very special animals live in the house and the young reader will enjoy meeting them through the stars of

this story – only little girls can see the magic animals – but Granny knows something . . . An ideal read for young

girls – magic, animals, friendship all interwoven.” – Parents in Touch

“Readers will identify with the main characters – they are ordinary little girls, just like them . . . [the story] deals with the central

theme of these animal protectors in a way that young readers will find very appealing . . . It is quite magical and utterly charming

and I’m sure little girls will love [it].” – Jayne Howarth, Birmingham Post



The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me

by Joanna Nadin

Publication date: February 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 160 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Poland (Akapit)

Billy Grimshaw Jones is almost looking forward to having a new baby in the family – especially as

that means they’re moving to a bigger house.

But then his mum loses her job. Disaster! Money will be tight and they’ll have to cut back. So Billy

does what Billy always does: he makes a plan.

With the aid of little brother Stan and best friend Big Lauren, Billy sets out to make his fortune.

Nothing seems to work, until Billy stumbles across an envelope full of twenty-pound notes . . .

Selling Points

• Hilarious and heart-breaking by turns – a comic and

poignant portrait of modern family life

• Billy is just one of a brilliant cast of characters from this highly

successful author of Penny Dreadful, My So-Called Life and

Buttercup Mash

• Will appeal to both boys and girls

• Spies, Dad, Big Lauren and Me Selected for WH Smith’s Richard

and Judy promotion

“A beautiful, skillfully written story.

Readers will weep and laugh.”

– Irish Examiner on

Spies, Dad, Big Lauren and Me



Timedance 2: Starlight’s Edge

by Susan Waggoner

Publication date: March 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 276 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Germany (Ars Edition), USA (Holt)

How far would you go for the person you love?

Zee has given up her entire world to be with David, confident that love and their desire to be together will

overcome all obstacles. But is love enough?

Beneath its lustrous surface and dazzling technology, New Earth is full of challenges, including David's wealthy,

powerful and highly competitive family, whose plans for David's future don't include anyone like Zee. As Zee

struggles to adapt to her new life, she must also find a way to re-establish her career as an Empath and

fledgling Diviner. And then when David vanishes on a mission to Pompeii on the eve of the Vesuvius eruption,

Zee realises that he is in mortal danger. Will she be able to rescue him in time?

Selling Points

• Futuristic ER meets Time Traveler’s Wife

• Strong grounded characters who struggle to do what’s right

• Imaginative, well-researched and plausible science fiction

• A realistic future that forces difficult choices but also holds adventure

and opportunity.

• Characters who face issues today’s teens will relate to, such as

prejudice, assimilation, and the challenge of making one’s own

way in the world.




by Simon Packham

Publication date: May 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Rights sold: Germany (DTV)

When Jess's dad is suddenly suspended from work, her mum takes her and her sister out of school and off to

the remote Scottish commune of Dawdlers, where all modern technology is banned. But Jess soon discovers that

not everyone is as idealistic as they first appear, especially among the teenagers.

Meanwhile Jess is desperate to find out exactly what her father has done.

A daring and compelling story, full of real drama.

Selling Points

• Very well-written and witty

• Simon's previous books have been very well reviewed.

• One of the few teenage writers who appeals equally to both sexes.

“Hilarious, thought-provoking, moving.”

– Red House on The Bex Factor

“A wonderful book – gripping, funny, heartbreaking

and thought provoking. 5*”

– Books for Keeps on Silenced

“One of the best teen contemporary

novels of the year so far.”

– The Book Bag on Silenced

“Moving, poignant and perceptive.”

– Susan Elkin, Independent on Sunday on Silenced



Hold Your Breath

by Caroline Green

Publication date: June 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 224 pages

Rights: World

Tara has the power to find missing things and people, but it’s only been a source of trouble for her so far

and she’s relieved when her family move house so she can make a fresh start and try to forget about the

odd images in her head.

Making friends at her new school hasn’t been easy, especially with mean girls like Melodie Stone running

the show. Then Melodie disappears. Tara’s not too sorry, but she starts to see strange images of a captive

girl who she gradually realises must be Melodie. Tara tries but fails to ignore the pictures in her head and

finally goes in search of Melodie, with the help of Melodie’s attractive half-brother. She finds herself trapped

with her former enemy, and Tara and Melodie must work together to get free, with the help of Tara’s gift.

Selling Points

• Caroline Green is one of the most exciting voices in teenage fiction

• A dark and gripping psychological romance / thriller

• Dark Ride won the RONA Young Adult Romance of the Year and the Waverton Good Reads award

“If you devoured The Hunger Games, (this) will hit the

spot. Green’s fast-paced thriller is a standalone novel,

and you’re on her hero’s side all the way . . .

entertaining, funny and thoughtful enough to be

worth relaxing with after exams.”

– Amanda Craig, The Times on Cracks

“Caroline Green’s thriller is taut and suspense-packed right

up to the last page.” – Financial Times on Cracks

“A beautifully crafted, complex story.” – Susan Elkin,

Independent on Sunday on Cracks



Me Myself Milly

by Penelope Bush

Publication date: May 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 224 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: Australia (Stabenfeldt), Finland (Stabenfeldt), Germany (Boje),

Norway (Stabenfeldt), Poland (Akapit), Sweden (Stabenfeldt)

What happened to Milly last summer? She can’t talk about it. Instead, she’s writing in her journal.

About growing up in the shadow of her identical twin sister Lily. About the American boy who’s moved in

upstairs. (There’s something he’s not telling either.) Milly can’t keep her secret forever – can she?

Selling Points

• A totally absorbing story of sisters and a dark secret

• Penelope Bush creates richly textured slices of life, with

rounded, totally believable characters

• Alice in Time went to auction with three major US publishers

“Penelope Bush goes beyond clichés and

creates quirky, truly believable characters

with complicated lives.”

– Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

“As well as being an enjoyable read, this is a

novel which has much to teach young readers.”

– School Librarian on Diary of a

Lottery Winner’s Daughter

“Immensely satisfying.” – Kirkus on Alice in Time



The Summer of Telling Tales

by Laura Summers

Publication date: January 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 256 pages

Rights: World

Rights under option: Finland (Stabenfeldt), Germany (Uebereuter), Norway (Stabenfeldt),

Poland (Akapit), Sweden (Stabenfeldt), Taiwan (Global Kids Books)

I can feel the anger bubbling up inside me.

‘Grace, we’ve got a brand new life now. We can be anyone we want.’

‘So what happens when your new friends find out you’ve just spun them a story?’

‘They won’t. I’m not going to let anyone spoil things. Never again.’

Ellie and Grace have left their old life and their bullying father behind. The future seems better, brighter, more exciting.

But as their past threatens to catch up with them, how long can silence and lies keep their dark secret safe?

Selling Points

• Laura Summers’s first novel, Desperate Measures, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s

Book Prize 2010 and nominated for the Carnegie Medal. In addition, the novel won the

prestigious Literature Ability Media International Award.

• This book similarly combines compelling plot and deep emotion to great effect.

“Perceptive, pacy . . . With strong engaging characters and a vivid school

setting, this novel combines some very dramatic moments with everyday

friendship and romance. A highly appealing novel for teenage girls.”

– Miriam Halahmy, writer, on The Summer of Telling Tales

“A fabulous book . . . incredibly poignant.”

– Birmingham Post on Desperate Measures

“A distinctive and original new voice.”

– The Bookseller on Laura Summers



The Boy from France

by Hilary Freeman

Publication date: February 2013

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Rights: World

Everybody at school has heard that some of the French exchange students will be boys, and all the girls are desperate

to host one of them. All except Vix, who isn't bothered who she gets. She can't imagine that French boys are any

better than English boys - and they all seem to be a waste of space. Anyway, she has enough to do, what with schoolwork,

seeing her friends, and helping out her sick mum. There's no time for a boyfriend. Vix's exchange student does

turn out to be a boy, named Xavier. And he's gorgeous – and charming. And has a sexy French accent. All her friends

and schoolmates are jealous, especially when Xavier seems to have eyes for nobody but Vix. But as usual life is very

complicated. What does Xavier really think about her? Is he just playing a game? With the help of her friends Rosie

and Skye, Vix needs careful steering through her first big romance.

Selling Points

• Hilary Freeman has her finger on the pulse of what appeals to teens

• Teen readers will love the mix of friendship, relationships and celebrity life


“Fresh, funny and very readable.” – The Bookseller on The Celeb Next Door

“Well written . . . engaging . . . a mix of ingredients which can scarely fail.”

– School Librarian on The Celeb Next Door

“An absorbing read that has the perfect mix of escapism and reality.”

– Chicklish on Stuck on Me


The Cate Carlisle Files 3: Viper’s Nest

by Isla Whitcroft

Publication date: July 2012

Format: 198 x 129 mm, paperback

Extent: 276 pages

Rights: World

Sixteen-year-old Cate Carlisle is staying with her mother in Los Angeles. She’s looking forward to a holiday

of swimming and sunshine. But then her friends go missing from an archaeological dig in Mexico – along

with some priceless artefacts. It’s not long before Cate discovers her mother’s new boyfriend is selling

Mexican antiques . . .

Cate’s investigations take her from the glitz of LA to the wilderness of Mexico in this unputdownable thriller.

Selling Points

• The third book in this fast-paced exciting new series with plenty

of action and adventure

• Cate is a spirited, quick-witted heroine

• An inspiring look at amazing people and places just waiting to

be explored

• Readers love Cate’s glitzy, glamorous life

“A glamorous setting with a fast-paced plot involving endangered

animals – a great teen read.” – The Guardian on Trapped

“Light-hearted, highly entertaining escapism. Cate – think a 21st-century

young female James Bond seasoned with some rock star stuff – gets into

trouble with ruthless criminals but is so brave and clever that, of course, she

lives to tell the tale. It will go down well with intelligent readers wanting

light relief that is not dumbed down.”

– Independent on Sunday on Deep Water



Reviews arranged by author surname


Ros Asquith

Letters from an Alien Schoolboy

“Very funny . . . lots of jokes about perfectly ordinary things we do but if you view it

from an alien’s point of view, of course they look perfectly ridiculous . . . very good

fun to read and the illustrations are fantastic.”

– Julia Eccleshare

“Inventive, clever, warm . . . a short course in learning how to laugh.”

– Michael Rosen

“This is the first in a terrific new series for 7+ year olds – both boys and girls. Packed

with some hilarious illustrations and the story itself is a real page-turner. Full of

humour and pace which is sure to appeal to even the most reluctant of readers.”

– Lovereading4kids featured in September Books of the Month 2010

“The story is fun with plenty of cartoon annotations to help Rok and the reader

understand the challenges faced by Flowkwee and his family on their mission to


– School Librarian

“Imagine My Step Parents are Aliens colliding with The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole .

. . This funny tale, underscored with some cracking cartoons is a great laugh.”

– Carousel

“I enjoyed this book because of the fantastic sense of humour and wit spilling from

every page and because it made me question some of the things us humans do.”

– First News Children’s Paper

“Infectiously funny. A child’s version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

– Write Away


“By the time I got past page three I was hooked . . . The humour is well balanced,

infectiously funny, and more importantly relevant. So relevant, that is to say, that it

has genuine deeper undertones on diversity – bio-diversity – equality – acceptance

– historical meaning – lessons learned – and the danger of not learning them . . .

It is like reading a child’s version of Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The

Galaxy and anyone reading it will be affected by it – on some level. It might even

open their mind . . .”

– Just Imagine

“Packed with some hilarious black and white illustrations and the story itself is a

real page-turner”

– National Literacy Association Guide

“A really entertaining book, which looks at just how silly some of the things we do

might appear . . . very funny . . . I definitely recommend this. It’s a great book for

getting kids into paperbacks. It’s also one of those books which makes you think at

the end.”

– 5 star review on Amazon

“Hilarious story that will have kids laughing out loud . . . fantastically funny


– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

Letters from an Alien Schoolboy: Cosmic Custard

“This new adventure of the Alien Schoolboy is packed full of excellent jokes that will

delight fans of the original title.” – Julia Eccleshare, lovereading4kids

“Ros Asquith has endlessly inventive ways with words and pictures to tickle and

touch children’s imagination. Out of this world!"

– Ian Whybrow, bestselling author of the Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs



“Every bit as witty and entertaining as the first . . . It’s unusual to find a book where

there is something funny and clever on every page, but Ros Asquith has managed it.

The Alien Schoolboy stories entertain on lots of different levels: buried within the sheer

daft exuberance of the plots are astute observations on human life in all its

irrationality, including mankind’s obsession with the weather, bathrooms, cars and

money. There are sharp one liners, and some favourite old jokes too, but Asquith’s

invention never flags. Her cartoon illustrations and their droll captions add to the fun.”

– Books for Keeps

“This book has been called one of the funniest books of the year. We agree . . .

very funny and will have you laughing out loud. Parents will love this one too.”

– Primary Times in the Midlands & Black Country

“This book is weird, funny and freaky and made me giggle a lot . . . I would

recommend this strange book to anyone who doesn’t find pink furry animals scary.”

– Spartacus, The Guardian Children’s Books website

Letters from an Alien Schoolboy: Galactic Poodle

“With amusing illustrations, shrewd observation of human behaviour, and alien

neologisms, it’s enough to drive you bootglarked with laughter.”

– Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times children’s books for the summer holidays

“If it’s intergalactic madness you’re after, then look no further than the talented and

imaginative Ros Asquith’s brilliant Alien Schoolboy adventures. Brimful of mayhem,

laughter and quirky illustrations, they are perfect for parents to read or for young

readers to tackle alone.The spirit of childhood is alive and well in these wonderfully

entertaining stories which pack in some wise life lessons as well as baddies, goodies,

aliens and all those other beings that little ones love . . . The ideal book to send

young imaginations into orbit . . .”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“A series which repays attentive reading, with its clever comments on some of the

absurdities of life – adults will enjoy the subtleties when they share the book with their

child . . . a hilarious story.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk


Judy Brown

Super Soccer Boy series

“Fabulously funny.”

– Primary Times

Super Soccer Boy and the Evil Electronic Bunnies

“With lots of humour and footballing action, this is tremendous fun!”

– Red House

Super Soccer Boy and the Snot Monsters


“If you struggle to keep your little ones on the carpet (let alone sitting still), then you

may be able to win them over with one of this summer’s football-related reads . . .

snort-inducingly gloopy.” – Daily Telegraph, Children’s Books Early Readers feature

“It’s a fun, wacky story packed with lots of pictures throughout and a perfect combination

of football and superheroes that will absorb even the most reluctant readers,

particularly boys with a brand of humour they’ll relate to brilliantly.”

– Lovereading4kids

“A fun, wacky story . . . from the title on, this book is just full of the sort of humour

that appeals to boys – a cat turned into a snot statue, anyone? The witty illustrations

add greatly to the enjoyment of this book. Great fun.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk


Super Soccer Boy and the Attack of the Giant Slugs

“Here is a hilarious story for boys and girls alike that includes a wonderful

grandfather and grandchild relationship.”

– Ed on the Web, Year 2 Book of the Month

“Boys especially should love the mixture of humour, action and football, as well as

the funny black and white illustrations . . . As a free-standing story it works well and

should tempt many readers to seek out the others in the series.”

– National Literacy Association Guide March 2011

Super Soccer Boy and the Alien Invasion

“Packed with pictures . . . just the thing to get boys interested in reading – not that

girls won’t enjoy them too!”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“This is another fantastic book in this series. With super illustrations by the author, it is

funny and very entertaining.” – Maggie Humphreys, Ed on the Web, Book of the

Month for 7 and under

Super Soccer Boy and the Laser Ray Robbery

“A fun series for young readers, especially boys . . . getting them hooked on a series

like this is a great way to encourage reading . . . Football and a super hero – a perfect

combination for boys in an action-packed story.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“Hilarious for boys, girls, mums and dads.”

– Primary Times in the Midlands & Black Country

Super Soccer Boy and the Raging Robots

“I like this series – it’s an excellent way to interest boys in reading . . . The gentle


humour and generous use of illustrations combine to make this a series which appeals

to even reluctant readers and the storyline is intriguing enough to draw them in.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“This is a humorous and gripping story. It is very well written and brilliantly illustrated by

the author. If you enjoy it as much as I did, look out for the other books in the series.”

– Maggie Humphreys, Ed on the Web

Abi Burlingham

Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan

“Readers will identify with the main characters – they are ordinary little girls, just like

them . . . [the story] deals with the central theme of these animal protectors in a way

that young readers will find very appealing . . . It is quite magical and utterly charming

and I’m sure little girls will love [it].”

– Jayne Howarth, Birmingham Post

“A lovely comforting read for the 6 – 9 bracket . . . I hope this special little book gets

the recognition it deserves . . . The story is sweet and charming, whilst avoiding sentimentality.

It will undoubtedly appeal to girls – magic and animals, what’s not to love?

– but it doesn’t succumb to the cloying girliness sometimes thrown at this age group.

Abi Burlingham respects her young readers and doesn’t insult their intelligence.”

– Beth, Thoughts from the Hearthfire blog

“Such a lovely story, and a book I would have held onto as a child, as it is full of all

the things I loved best then and still do . . . This book is lovely but has values that we

should all perhaps emphasise to our young ones. The importance of friendship, of

using your imagination and not least the unconditional love we get from animals and

what a privilege that is – all this plus mystery and a sprinkle of magic, I wanted


– YvonneS, Amazon review

“Delightful and charming . . . I was so taken with this tale full of gorgeous magical


creatures I desperately wanted to hug that I finished it in one sitting. It really brought

back the magic that childhood should be full of . . . A magical little tale, that I hope

will be the first of many in the Buttercup Magic series.”

– Serendipity Reviews blog

“Some very special animals live in the house and the young reader will enjoy

meeting them through the stars of this story – only little girls can see the magic

animals – but Granny knows something . . . An ideal read for young girls – magic,

animals, friendship all interwoven.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

Ruby and Grub

“A lovely story . . . told in a very simple way that the youngest of children can understand.

It portrays family life well and helps children to understand that some things

are more important such as love, affection and companionship.”

– theschoolrun.com

“Youngsters with pesky pets will be able to empathise a great deal with Ruby and

Grub . . . in this touching and warm tale, we see that love conquers all . . . It is a

subtle lesson in what's important in life: despite everything, love is the significant factor

in family life – even if it means there are holes in your back lawn. The story is

simple, but encompasses humour and life lessons that even the smallest child could

appreciate. Youngsters will also adore the delightful illustrations by Sarah Warburton,

who has created a very mischievous-looking pooch in Grub. Expect to see a lot more

of him in the future.”

– Jayne Howarth, Birmingham Post

Grub in Love

“The simple story, told in the words of Ruby, will have instant appeal to children. Really

appealing characters, beautifully drawn by Sarah Warburton.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk


“The book scores well in all areas: the cover is attractive and enticing, the

illustrations are clear and humorous and there is lots of rhythm and repetition.

It is a book that can be enjoyed by adults and children sharing or by developing

independent readers.”

– Carousel

Grub’s Pups

“These are very sweet stories with some gentle life lessons and lots of fun.”

– The Bookseller

“A gentle and warm book about pregnancy, birth and babies, made delightful by

endearing characterisation and witty scenes from Sarah Warburton . . . Siblings

will identify with the difficulties surrounding new offspring and they will applaud the

joyous ending where life does not exactly get back to normal but is even better.”

– Books for Keeps

“The story benefits hugely from being told from Ruby’s perspective and the lively

illustrations present the dogs as engaging characters: their changing feelings show in

their faces.”

– School Librarian

“Children will love the puppies who can be found throughout the book, getting up to

all sorts of fun. This is a warm, fun and gently humorous story – a lovely one for

children whose dog is expecting puppies.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“A charming and fun story about a natural event and how it affects all the characters.

Artist Sarah Warburton's whimsical drawings are great, especially for those just

learning to read. My three year old nephew loves books and the pictures really got

his attention. If you have kids, especially if they have pets, this is a fun book for


– Edward Owen, writer

“Grub is in fact the father of the five pups that arrive to his mate Ruby, and he isn’t


always sure they are welcome. A new look at an old situation, therefore, nicely told

by Abi Burlingham and wittily illustrated by Sarah Warburton in huge pictures

bursting with light and life. Children with or without their own dogs will surely enjoy

this one.”

– Nicholas Tucker, Carousel

“A delightful picture book that entranced both my four year old son and eighteen

month old toddler . . . a lovely story told in an engaging style . . . the illustrations are

really sweet and gently humorous.”

– Becca, My Little Notebook blog

“This is a gentle tale that presents pregnancy in a light-hearted, sensitive way. The

story is engaging and warm and the pictures are full of humour, making the book an

ideal Christmas present for children aged 2-5.”

– Mel, lifebeyond blog

Grub’s Pups wins Bizziebaby Gold Award! – The Bizziebaby testers adored Grub’s

Pups, awarding it the Bizziebaby Gold Award 2011/12.

“Lovely book . . . excellent quality . . . illustrations are appealing to kids, bright and

colourful . . . stimulating book . . . my kids will read it over and over again.”

– Isla, Bizziebaby

“Quality of this book is superb, colourful, good story and illustrations are lovely . . .

stimulating book . . . Harry loved this book.”

– Riana, Bizziebaby

“A lovely book, nice story and well illustrated . . . this is one of [my daughter’s]

favourite books now and we will be looking to purchase more in the series.”

– Naomi, Bizziebaby

Penelope Bush

Alice in Time


“The pace of this novel is well sustained, the characterisation of Alice and Rory is

strong and the story is narrated convincingly by Alice in the first person . . . an

ambitious and largely successful first novel that promises well.”

– Books for Keeps

“This is an engaging and deceptively undemanding novel which will appeal to girls

who enjoy relationships-based fiction. The novel is narrated in the continuous present

which helps to establish an informal and conversational tone . . . Alice is an appealing

character despite her selfishness and girls who enjoy Cathy Cassidy and Karen

McCombie will respond positively to her story.”

– School Librarian

“Anyone who’s ever had a rough time at school or been at the mercy of the ‘cool

girls’ will enjoy this quirky story.”

– Crème Magazine

“I absolutely loved this book. It’s an exciting page-turner that 99% of teenage girls

will love . . . cleverly written and definitely a book I would recommend to my

thirteen/fourteen-year-old friends . . . I would give it 4½ stars.”

– Georgia, Chicklish

“Wish I’d had the chance to read it when I was 14!! Since then my daughter who is

14 and I have had some interesting and thought provoking discussions. The idea that

a positive attitude can change things, and that a 14 year old can have a happy life

whilst dealing with what life throws at them is very refreshing.”

– Sally, Chicklish

“Wow. Normally I don’t read girly books but this is one of the best books I’ve read.

Waiting for the next one.”

– Tod, Puffin Book Club


“Bush’s first novel offers the message that we choose our futures, sometimes

unwittingly, and subtly hints at some control over the mistakes of the past. Immensely

satisfying for readers just realizing the power to make their own choices.”

– Kirkus

“I found it a hundred per cent page turner and a totally fabulous book. This plot idea

has rarely been done before, and I am pretty sure almost all my fellow teenage girls

will like it. Penelope Bush has done a great job.”

– Teen Ink blog

Diary of a Lottery Winner’s Daughter

Selected by Lovereading for Summer Reading, a list of all their favourite books for

this season (July 2011)

“Charlotte’s diary is funny, warm-hearted and sometimes frighteningly honest! . . .

Penelope Bush goes beyond clichés and creates quirky, truly believable characters

with complicated lives.”

– Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

“Told in the currently popular diary format, the chatty style and light-hearted workings

of the plot reveal Charlotte coming to terms with the changes in her life following

her mum’s win, and the much deeper changes resulting from the whole business of

growing up . . . a good read for girls who, like Charlotte, are not quite ready for the

disturbances of adolescence and are not sure that they are altogether comfortable

with what it may involve.”

– Books for Keeps

“I thought that the writing was first class and the characterisation works very well. The

story and situations all make complete sense as they are super-believable. It's not all

sunshine and roses all the time, not even when you've won the lottery, as it brings its

own ups and downs . . . a fun read and it's given us a great new heroine who is just

a tiny bit fabulous and cool, for all her geeky bookishness. This is the author, Penelope

Bush's second novel . . . I think we've got a new voice for younger girls in the

vein of Cathy Hopkins and Cathy Cassidy.”

– My Favourite Books blog

“Delightful, easily readable . . . an irresistible read.”

– School Librarian


“Refreshing to find a novel that is securely based on the here-and-now and focused

on a very normal, very average and very wholesome family . . . valuable topics

related to money are aired. The myth that money equals happiness and solves all

problems is exposed; the inherent and not simply the financial value of work is highlighted;

the meaning and value of true friendship is revealed. As well as being an

enjoyable read, this is a novel which has much to teach young readers.”

– School Librarian



Hilary Freeman

The Celeb Next Door

“Fresh, funny and very readable, with a pretty cover too.”

– The Bookseller

“Characters so realistic you feel you might bump into them at Camden Town tube!

The setting is wonderfully described . . . Rosie, Sky and Vix are great characters

whose friendship is tested by their differing attitudes to relationships – and to

fame. I really enjoyed Rosie’s breezy, confessional and sometimes self-delusional

narrative . . . there are some really interesting issues raised about self-worth and

how far the attitudes of others can affect how you view yourself. I also loved the

girls’ families, especially Rosie’s dad and Sky’s mum, who are very funny and lifelike.

Camden comes to life on the page in this engaging and fun story of friendships

and celebrities. I can’t wait for the next instalment!”

– Chicklish

“A fast-paced, easy to read story perfect for teenage girls. It’s chock-full of romance,

friendship and celebrities and paints a brilliant picture of London . . . Each character

is realistic and likeable, and generally behaves as teenagers do . . . Freeman has a

great style when it comes to writing teen behaviour. Fans of Cathy Hopkins . . . and

Cathy Cassidy will love this.”

– Wondrous Reads

“Descriptions of the market and town are precise and very vivid . . . Characters are

fun and Rosie, the protagonist, is developed incredibly well . . . her personality and

emotions are portrayed very convincingly and we come to understand her moral

dilemmas through her thoughts and feelings . . . really amusing, I’m looking forward

to reading the next book – a brilliant start!”

– Bookbabblers

“Gives the familiar teen themes of boys and friendships a celebrity twist.”

– Ham & High

“It really makes you think about celebrities’ privacy and how hard it must be for them

. . . unpredictable ending which went really well . . . loved it.”

– Zoe, bookhi blog

“Well written, light-hearted story told in an engaging way and focusing on matters of

interest to teenage girls: parents, relationships, friendships, fashion and shopping. It

will be enjoyed particularly by any young person who loves London, who loves

Camden and who loves the pop scene. A mix of ingredients which can scarcely fail.”

– School Librarian

“Sure to please teenage girl readers who are fans of Luisa Plaja, Cathy Cassidy and

the like . . . harmless fun and a joy to read, perfect for the long summer break. The

characters . . . are brilliant, especially Rosie . . . Sky and Vix are great supporting

characters and I definitely think readers will see a bit of themselves in at least one of

the girls . . . manages to discuss some difficult issues, like body image, without ever

sounding preachy . . . I wish this series had been around when I was a teen as I

know I would have adored it. The cover design is really pretty as well, containing all

the cute motifs and sparkles you’d expect from a book aimed towads this age


– Writing from the Tub blog

Stuck on Me


“I wish I could send this book in a time machine back to my teenage self . . . the way

this book tackles body image issues is fantastic . . . also shows a realistic, sensible

approach to romance . . . I adored the Camden setting and the anything goes

atmosphere of the girls’ neighborhood . . . An absorbing read that has the perfect

mix of escapism and reality.”

– Chicklish


“Cover is just amazing. Beautiful . . . Rosie’s voice felt so real, and I could so relate

to her – by the end, she was my friend, my trusty companion – I almost forgot that

Rosie wasn’t real . . . I connected with the book . . . it was so girly, but somehow not

trashy, and not the things your mums don’t want you to read . . . this book is perfect

for the teenage audience who are in between that ‘older readers’ stage and teenage

books . . . the best of both worlds! Perfect for whatever you like, and a real girly,

worthwhile read. Read this book!”

– whatorlidid blog

“Loved the cover, I really like covers without a picture of the main character, so that it

is left up to the imagination what she looks like! . . . A fantastic read . . . I truly adore

Stuck on Me! This is, without a doubt, the best book I have read!!”

– Ella, everythingandanythingandlife blog

“This is a story full of love and laughs, and definitely one that's not to be missed! . . .

It isn't just a funny read either, it’s also a very inspirational book too, for instance the

friendship that Sky, Rosie and Vix share seems very realistic and sweet, they are very

supportive friends . . . Freeman is great at writing characters and the realistic

situations she gives them are great, it makes them all very real, like you could meet

them one day! . . . I loved the little twist at the end too, where Freeman introduces my

second favourite character (no spoilers, go and read the book to find out!) I wasn't

expecting this and I loved it. It was a fabulous ending to a great, feel-good book.”

– Writer-on-Wheels blog

“The type of book that I really enjoy reading and I did really enjoy reading it! Great

book, definitely worth a read!!” – TashBrilliantBookBlog

“Wow. Normally I don’t read girly books but this is one of the best books I’ve read.

Waiting for the next one.”

– Tod, Puffin Book Club


Lynne Garner

Dog Did It


“Very funny picture book. With very large print and just a few sentences on each

page it is perfect for new readers.”

– Primary Times

“Inevitable appeal to children who love ‘toilet humour’ . . . The illustrations are full of

gruesome detail which children will just love to spot. A hilarious story guaranteed to

get children chuckling. Beware – you may be asked to read it over and over again!”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“Given just the right degree of official disapproval, I can see quite a future for this book

in class libraries belonging to just-beginning-to-read-ers. Peer-group recommendations to

tackle quite difficult phonic constructions do not come along very often.”

– School Librarian

“A fantastically funny look at what happens when you pass the blame. This will have

children of all ages giggling.”

– Bump2baby magazine

Adele Geras

It’s Time for Bed

“Truly gorgeous . . . a classic bedtime story, so tender and reassuring and beautifully

told that parents won't mind reading it again and again.”

– Jacqueline Wilson


“A lyrical lullaby of a book; perfect as a shared bed-time wind-down.”

– Pippa Goodhart

“A comforting, settle-down-to-sleep sort of story . . . The soft-edged illustrations are

delightful with the wonderful colours re-creating the deepening blue of the evening

light. I almost wish I had someone small to read this book to right now – a happy,

lovely book that would make a delightful end to a day for both child and grown


– Penny Dolan, An awfully big blog adventure

“Almost edible in its deliciousness. The illustrations have a warm, dusky, lush

quality and enhance the sleepy, soothing quality of the text . . . There is a real

performance quality to this book which can be shared by parent and child. I have

a feeling this is a book which might encourage even the most recalcitrant toddler

to close its weary eyes. Just 5* delightful. Bravo Adele and Sophy!”

– Liz the Librarian blog

Caroline Green


“Clever flights of fantasy: if you devoured The Hunger Games, [this] will hit the spot

. . . Cracks is yet another dystopian novel, but better than most . . . Green’s fastpaced

thriller is a standalone novel, and you’re on her hero’s side all the way . . .

entertaining, funny and thoughtful enough to be worth relaxing with after exams.”

– Amanda Craig, The Times

"Caroline Green's thriller is taut and suspense-packed right up to the last page."

– Financial Times

"Beautifully crafted, fast-paced thriller in which nothing is as it seems. I worried at it

like a dog with a rabbit until I reached the last page. More like this please."

– Susan Elkin, The Independent

“A beautifully crafted, complex story.”

– Independent on Sunday


“A gripping story, impossible to put down. Green cranks up the tension with every


– L A Weatherly, bestselling author of Angel

“Caroline Green creates a tense teenage adventure which examines identity, friendship

and loyalty, and questions corporate humanity and individual reality. Cal’s

experience is both moving and terrifying.”

– Booktrust

“A real nail-biting thriller . . . Teenagers will love the fast pace and energy that trips

over each page in this tense, futuristic novel.”

– Liverpool Echo

“Cracks grabbed me from the very start. Cal's family life is brilliantly depicted, with so

many details that I felt like I was with Cal in the stifling atmosphere of his unhappy home

. . . There were several scenes that had me holding my breath as I turned the page, and

I was rooting for Cal every nail-biting step of the way. Throughout all the action and intrigue,

Cal's emotions come across clearly and it is easy to empathise with him. I loved

the exploration of Cal's sense of self and his developing friendships with Jax and Kyla.

There's a cast of other fascinating characters, including some more sinister ones. No one

ever seems completely trustworthy. The futuristic elements in Cracks are wonderful. The

novel's vision of the future is chilling and believable, though there are also welcome

touches of humour in the grim surroundings. Cal's story comes together in a moving and

satisfying conclusion. An action-packed, stunning and gripping dystopian thriller.”

– Chicklish

“I was hooked by this book right from the beginning . . . As with Bella, the main

character in Dark Ride, I was completely drawn into Cal’s everyday life – and so it

came as a shock when Cal’s reality began to disintegrate . . . Caroline Green cranks

up the tension masterfully, making you as breathless as if you were on the run. As

with all good dystopia, the settings are familiar and yet strange . . . An action-fuelled,

clever and engaging thriller (and a CRACKing good read).”

– Liz Bankes, Books, Bonnets and Full-Frontal Blogging


“I was rooting for Cal the entire way through the book and as you read through the

novel there are parts that you speed up reading because of the action making the

book impossible to put down . . . Caroline Green created two entirely believable

worlds . . . I can't find a fault with Cracks. It really is an amazing book.”

– Tyler-Rose, The Reading Pile blog

“Dystopian worlds have an eternal fascination for readers young and old, and the

one conjured up by talented new author Caroline Green in her gripping teen story

Cracks makes the book virtually impossible to put down . . . Tensions reach thrilling

heights in this edgy, no-holds-barred story which is visually stunning and delivers an

enormous emotional wallop.”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“Definitely has you on the edge of your seat . . . well worth reading!”

– JeanzBookReadNReview blog

“Had me that on edge that I was actually digging my nails into the palm of my hand!

The tension never stops getting more intense. Beautifully written, I found myself many

times wanting to actually get in the book and help Cal, but instead had to hold my

breath and read on. Such an amazing thriller!”

– Chelsea, Loving Literature blog

Dark Ride

Winner of the RONA 2012 Best Young Adult Romantic Novel, Waverton Good Read

Children’s Award

Longlisted for the Branford Bosse Award

“The combination of ghostly romance and hard-hitting novel about people-trafficking

is unexpected, but Bel's voice is fresh and convincing and it's a compelling story.”

– Booktrust

“Caroline Green has perfectly captured the atmosphere . . . I felt like I was there in

Slumpton right alongside Bel and it was easy to put yourself into her situation. Bel is a

realistic teenager, she can be moody and mouthy but you are drawn to her and feel

her loneliness like it was your own. She is the kind of character you can't help but


like and I enjoyed spending time in her head. I don't want to say much about Luka

for fear of giving spoilers so I'll just tell you I loved him and let you read the book for

yourself to find out why. The story certainly lives up to its name and takes you on a

Dark Ride covering difficult issues including family breakups and modern day slavery.

At less than 200 pages this is an easy book to devour in one sitting and in fact once

you get started it is almost impossible to put down. This is an impressive debut and I

can't wait to see what Caroline Green comes up with next. She has definitely been

added to my list of auto-buy authors.”

– Goodreads.com

“From the minute the book started I was pulled in and couldn’t put it down . . . The

main story was the love affair between Luka and Bel. However, there are two back

stories, Bel’s dad and Lili, which add to the overall feel of the story. There were

moments that were breathtaking . . . Dark Ride is a book that I will be reading again.

Caroline Green [is] one to watch in the future. A much earned and deserved 5/5 –

although I would give it more if I could!”

– Back of the Book Reviews

“I was completely caught up in this story and cared about the characters, especially

the narrator . . . Bel is sarcastic and very funny. In fact, Bel and the humour with

which she tells her story are my favourite things about the book. Humour draws the

reader into the love story and the mystery – and it is a feature that is quite rare in

teen love stories, especially the dark and magical kind.”

– Armadillo

“The setting of this novel is practically a character in its own right. Slumpton is so

well described that I could picture it clearly, and I could feel the creepy atmosphere

of the run-down fairground. Bel's sense of alienation and loneliness in her

new town comes across equally vividly. I was drawn into her life from the first

page and I felt for her and her family troubles. It's very understandable that she's

attracted to the mysterious Luka, and I loved the tentative way their unlikely friendship

developed and changed circumstances for both of them. Full of tension,

mystery and real-life drama, Dark Ride is not to be missed. Recommended for

readers aged 10+.”

– Chicklish


“I read this book from cover to cover and did not want it to end. Bella and Luka are

two very convincing characters you just don't want to let go when you close this book

for the last time. Highly recommended! Marks out of 5: 5/5”

– Charlotte Westwood (14) of Shrewsbury (The Book People)

“Bel is a great typical teenage girl character . . . really enjoyed all the family

orientated parts of this book. It deals with the difficulties of a parent’s divorce which

is really well handled . . . Some great twists and turns throughout . . . tension, heartbreak

and drama around every corner! A great read!”

– Dark Fantasy blog

“A brilliant debut.”

– Mostly Reading YA blog

“A must read, you will be engrossed from the first page finding yourself both

laughing, biting your nails and reading as fast as you can to find out what happens

next! Caroline is a very talented author who has created a unique story that flows

very well, I will definitely be looking out for more books by her. Do NOT give this

one a miss!”

– Books for Company blog

“Caroline Green managed to capture my attention from the first chapter – it has great

characters and an intriguing mystery . . . great atmosphere . . . and there were a

couple of scenes where the tension truly makes this one gripping reading.”

– I Want to Read That blog

“Gripping, fast paced and full of anticipation . . . for anyone who loves friendship,

romance and mystery, this is a must-read!”

– Marianna, Crème Magazine

“Bel’s character is really well constructed and believable. Her confusion and anger

draw her to Luka and she finds comfort in being able to support Luka in his quest for

his lost mother. Luka’s character is equally compelling, dark and brooding, which

makes him more than attractive to Bel. Even more powerful than the creation of the

characters is the town of Slumpton itself. The setting is more striking and interesting

than any other feature of this novel and Caroline Green should be commended for it


more than anything else. Every single place in the novel felt real, genuine and in

many places extremely foreboding. Loved this and loved how all the contentious and

serious issues were dealt with.”

– Book Angel Booktopia blog

“I just couldn’t put it down. I loved the way [Green] played out the delicate relationship

between Bel and her parents as they have their own issues that filter out into

Bel's life . . . Dark Ride is an emotive and harrowing tale where the puzzle pieces

slowly come together and it's left to Bel and Luca to make them fit, bringing them

closer as the solution tempts to tear them apart. Excellent!”

– Sister Spooky Bookfangirl blog



Julia Hubery

Who Loves Baby?

“Perfectly pitched, warm and reassuring . . . Using big, bold, colourful pictures

featuring cuddly creatures, little ones are introduced to the new baby in the house . .

. an ideal book for jealous brothers and sisters, helping them to understand and grow

to love the new arrival. A beautifully creative and clever story.”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“A gentle reassuring story which is perfect to share when a new baby arrives.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk


Ciaran Murtagh

Genie Academy: Genie in Training

“Great fun, and the amusing illustrations complete the story.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk




Joanna Nadin

Spies, Dad, Big Lauren and Me

Selected for the Richard and Judy’s Children’s Bookclub 2011, by Lovereading4kids

in their Book of the Month selection for January 2011 and as one of their Great

Books for Boys selection, and by Lovereading as a Summer Reading book – a list of

their favourite summer 2011 titles

“A beautiful, skillfully written story. Readers aged 10 and up will weep and laugh.”

– Irish Examiner

“Hilarious and heartbreaking by turns, this is a comic and poignant portrait of

modern family life which will appeal to both boys and girls. In Jacqueline Wilson

style, Joanna Nadin has a wonderful ability to paint an accurate picture of modern

family life but, even when there is sadness, intertwine it with humour. Billy is just one

of a brilliant new cast of characters . . . and what a welcome breath of fresh air he

is. Both entertaining and, for some, comfort reading.”

– Janet Tansley, Liverpool Echo

“A fantastic sympathetic story, Billy’s ethical concepts absorbed from his family and

from his best friend Big Lauren enable him to steer his way through the moral

quagmire to a happy and realistic ending.”

– School Librarian

“This is a story about a family starring a boy, in contrast to many of the genre . . .

Portrayed with humour and realism, Billy is a character that both boys and girls will

identify with . . . a well-written, pacy book, divided into very short chapters ideal to

encourage young readers.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me


“This is the second in a series which is a realistic yet amusing portrayal of modern

family life. The characters are very believable and readers will readily identify with

their ups and down, and the way they handle situations. A series which will appeal

to both boys and girls.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“Nadin beautifully conveys the anxiety of a year six pupil worrying about secondary

school … Billy is a lovable character who strives to find order in numbers . . . The

book has a strong heart, and a clear moral hub, but it doesn’t feel ‘messagey’. It’s

the kind of book that reminds a child that it’s OK to be odd, and that all families are

quirky, and that it’s alright. This is an entertaining and also a deeply cheering,

nourishing read. I thoroughly recommend it.”

– The School Librarian



Simon Packham

comin 2 gt u

“Modern and thought-provoking”

– New Zealand Herald

“A disturbing and revealing look at the current trend of cyber-bullying . . . a terrific

gripping and multi-layered story which will stay with the reader for a long time.”

– National Literacy Association Guide

“An exciting story that covers a serious topic in a way that readers will appreciate. A

thriller that keeps on going right to the end.”

– School Librarian

“This is a multi-layered story in which you really feel for Sam. Packham gets across

brilliantly the feelings of isolation and fear that Sam experiences . . . The action

unfolds so quickly, but lucidly and logically, that the reader struggles to catch his

breath and realise the significance of small deeds as each page turns. And who is

the Emperor? That will be revealed. All in good time -–and you won't be

disappointed. It's a cracking good read.”

– Jayne Howarth, Birmingham Post

“A book I could not put down! It is gripping, tense and very funny from the outset! I

read it within hours of receiving my copy and have started reading it to my class of

bright Year 6s who face the 'perils' of Secondary School in September for the first

time! They are fascinated by the story as they anticipate their own lives this coming

autumn. They are intrigued by the way the characters behave towards one another

and they identify with the way Sam the main character internalises his fears and

concerns . . . This would make a fantastic class reader for children as it takes serious

issues but presents them with a lot of humour and insight. I would highly recommend


this book, not just to children, but to all adults who have dealings with children as

parents or teachers. It also makes a very entertaining read for adults in its own right

as there are many amusing, but at times uncomfortable, social observations made by

the author!”

– Amazon reviewer

“A gripping, horrible, and yet totally believable description of an online and offline

bullying campaign . . . As someone with many friends who live hundreds, in

some cases thousands, of miles away from me, I absolutely love the internet

because it makes it so easy to keep in touch with people I'd otherwise have drifted

apart from. As a secondary school teacher, I find the internet increasingly scary as

I've seen the amount of our pupils who experience difficulties when they fall out

with their peers and things are written on the internet, especially on social networking

sites. I don't think it's necessarily easy for those people who grew up, as I did,

before the internet was particularly popular, to realise the impact it can have on

children's lives these days and from that point of view, I'd definitely recommend

this to all parents and teachers as an example of just what can go wrong. It could

also lead to some superb discussions in school as part of lessons. Of course, while

that's all very worthy, it wouldn't really matter if the book was boring to read –

thankfully nothing could be further from the truth, as it will definitely hold the attention

of young and old alike. I love the journal of his wartime memories that Sam's

grandfather gives him to read, and thought the two storylines were tied together

neatly in the end.”

– Robert James, The Bookbag

“We're a fan of Packham's gritty style. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty. There's

no dancing around the issue with him . . . Packham delivers killer prose . . . If ever

there was a novel that mirrors the current trend of cyber-bullying; this is it.”

– thetruthaboutbooks blog

The Bex Factor

“The Bex Factor is a great story which uses the current popularity of the reality TV

talent show as a vehicle for dealing with some serious issues. Simon Packham has

written a no-holds-barred look at the reality TV experience . . . accessible, entertain-


ing and funny and may suit older readers who struggle with reading.”

– Bertrams

“On the surface, this appears a light-hearted look at fame and 'TV reality shows' but

it is so much more . . . Peopled with hugely funny characters – including the

manipulative producer, Nikki Hardbody – that we can all recognise from any number

of TV shows, The Bex Factor is both fun and thought-provoking and makes the reader

re-assess what we really mean by 'success'. It should be equally appealing to both

boys and girls”

– National Literacy Association Guide to Literacy Resources

“There is plenty to like in this story. The main characters are fresh and authentic,

allowing readers to identify easily with them, and whatever mistakes they make they

do come over, in the end, as likeable people. The topic will draw readers too,

because it is so pervasive in current culture, and there is much vicarious pleasure to

be gained both from Matthew's success and from the ritual shaming of his nastier

rivals. What's more, Bex and Matthew find themselves in situations which are rich

ground for comedy, and this adds a welcome lightness . . . will provide excellent

opportunities for thought and discussion. ”

– The Bookbag blog

“I was instantly drawn into this novel by Bex's voice, and I found her and Matthew

compelling characters. They tell their stories in alternating chapters, allowing us to

see two sides to the story from the very start. The book covers some serious themes,

especially in Matthew's home life, but there are many light touches, and once

Matthew is firmly installed at the ‘The Celebrity Conservatoire’ there are lots of laughs

ahead . . . Bex's school life is brilliantly drawn, as are Matthew's largely awful but

still oddly lovable fellow contestants on The Tingle Factor – especially Twilight, who

talks of Zeitgeist and pretends to be a vampire to court popularity. The astute and

ruthless character of Nikki should make talent show fans think twice about what might

go on behind the scenes of their favourite programmes. The book takes a good look

at the potential for audience manipulation, and the reality behind contestants' sad

stories, as well as what could happen if a contestant wanted to keep their personal

life completely private. A very entertaining read for ages 10+.” -

– Chicklish


“Hilarious, thought-provoking, moving . . . will appeal to anyone who has dreams of

stardom . . . Contrasting the shallow world of TV celebrities with the characters' real

lives, this gets a Yes from us!”

– Red House

“Well written and rather entertaining, offering some funny moments and some

touching ones . . . a book that the 11+ readers will race through and enjoy.”

– Armadillo

“I loved the way that the two main characters were alternated writing every chapter,

it gave a different view and depth to the novel and was very effective and made you

want to read on. This book addresses some real issues and gives people an insight

into what life is like for young carers, but it also has a great sense of fun and teenage

likes and dislikes with an ‘X Factor’ like competition and also the romance.”

– Anna, Amazon reviewer


“Very intelligent and moving”

– The Independent

“Moving, poignant and perceptive . . . Packham gets right inside the mind of a boy

who is almost literally crippled by guilt and regret.”

– Susan Elkin, The Independent on Sunday

“A well-rounded, entertaining and satisfying novel.”

– School Librarian

“Looks set to be one of this year’s best teen reads. Darkly funny, compellingly real,

remarkably wise and beautifully written, this is the kind of book that leaves adults

convinced that youth fiction is wasted when it’s read only by the young. Using an

eclectic and instantly recognisable cast of characters, and a powerful and original

narrative voice, Packham deals with highly sensitive and emotive themes with

extraordinary warmth, understanding and humour . . . Youth culture, peer pressure,

the raw and uncompromising nature of loss and the black humour of the schoolroom


meld into a gripping, moving story which delivers a huge emotional punch. As ever,

Packham keeps his book to perfect length with snappy one-liners, fast-paced action

and a plotline that enthrals and intrigues. Not to be missed . . .”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“This is a wonderful book – gripping, funny, heartbreaking and thought provoking. It

is one of the few teenage books which should appeal equally to both sexes. Although

a standalone novel, those who have read Simon Packham’s previous books have the

added bonus of encountering previous characters in cameo roles.”

– Matthew Martin, Books for Keeps

“A great teen book about the reality of death and how it can have such a large effect

on young people. It shows the journey some teens have to go on when someone

close to them dies. It’s hauntingly real, it’s a gripping read that I would recommend to

all teens. It’s definitely one that will teach you a life lesson or two . . . an enjoyable

read that will leave a huge impact on the reader.”

– Annabelle, Read Write and Read Some More blog

“This book is brilliant. It’s gripping, thrilling and moving, and at the same time it’s

fantastically well-observed, true-to-life and really, really funny. I absolutely loved it and

I highly recommend it to young teen readers everywhere.”

– Chicklish

“Tackles a difficult subject with warmth, tact and a surprising amount of humour. Part

of the reason it’s so successful is that his characters are spellbindingly, compellingly

real . . . Really strong recommendation as being up there as one of the best teen

contemporary novels of the year so far. I can’t wait to read Packham’s next book!”

– The Bookbag blog

“Really loved the idea of this story. It’s showing grief through a teenager’s eyes,

and even though what’s happening to Chris is a tough subject matter, the way this

book approached it was brilliant. Both the topics of grief and mental health are

handled really well . . . a prime example of how to tackle these subjects for young

adult readers . . . There’s some really great humour in this book too – totally not

what you’d expect when you hear the plot summary! I loved that the book felt

really current too. In a generation of Facebook and smartphones, this book felt like

it really fitted right in with teenage life.”

– Sarah, Total Teen Fiction blog


“Being able to write about death and loss from the point of a fifteen year old boy,

and doing it well, seems an impossible feat to me, but Simon Packham pulls it off with

aplomb. There are moments in this book where your heart breaks for the main

character, as he struggles with his loss, new condition . . . and the secret behind it

all. Well worth a read for teens, especially boys, and it should be required reading

for children dealing with loss. The touch about the poem is pure genius. Read it for

yourself . . .”

– Rachel, Good Reads

“Packham writes Chris’s voice really well and the style is very assured and realistic

. . . [he] describes grief and the loss of a best friend beautifully and truthfully. Chris

felt like a real person and I was desperate for him to admit to himself whatever it

was that made him lose his voice . . . The climax of the novel was tense and poignant

as the secret was revealed and Chris’ grief became even more visible . . . an

accomplished novel and beautifully depicted the grief process, and teenagers’

approach to death and tragedy . . . a solid, well-written addition to UKYA. Silenced

is a fairly quick read but one worth reading.”

– Choose YA blog

“Simon Packham really manages to get into the mindset of the troubled teens he

writes about . . . totally realistic and heart-rending . . . There are no one-dimensional

characters here . . . direct and straight-talking . . . Having a male teen as the central

character will also appeal to teen boys who are notoriously reluctant readers.“

– Madhouse Family Reviews blog

“The intrigue of what could possibly have had such a huge impact on Chris draws the

reader on and the language is apt for the YA audience. So is the perspective of the

adolescent – as adults I think we sometimes forget that maturity (usually!) brings an

emotional intelligence.”

– Jera’s Jamboree blog



Laura Summers

Desperate Measures

Longlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2011

Longlisted for the Nasen Awards Inclusive Children’s Book

Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award 11-14 category

On Manchester Book Award list 2011

Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2011

Longlisted for the 12 – 16 category of the UKLA Children’s Book Award

Won the AMI Literature Award 2010

Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2010

“A fabulous book . . . incredibly poignant.”

– Birmingham Post

“The story works on many different levels; it’s an exciting adventure with plenty of

drama and humour but it also addresses serious social and moral issues, such as the

meaning of responsibility and loyalty. The book also explores the importance of

social acceptance and the bonds of family, and has significant comments to make

about friendship, loneliness and bullying. Thought-provoking and moving, Desperate

Measures is a valuable addition to the library of any middle or secondary school,

and will be enjoyed by both girls and boys from ten upwards.”

– Books for Keeps

“An excellent and very thought provoking book which will appeal to readers who

enjoy Jacqueline Wilson, Judy Blume or Jean Ure titles.”

– Waterstone’s Bookshop, Hitchen

“The characterisations and topics explored are hard to find fault with . . . The

reader’s emotional involvement with the characters should sustain the interest of all

but the most cynical teenager.”

– National Literacy Association Guide


“Vicky and Rhianna both have realistic and distinctive voices . . . readers will most

definitely hang on to find out what happens in the credible and happy ending.”

– Kirkus (USA)

“The underlying issues do not overpower this story of family loyalties and friendship.”

– School Librarian

“A totally absorbing tale . . . Emotionally intriguing, I was carried along by their story

and could not put it down.”

– Katie, age 10, Waterstone’s Richmond Junior Review Club

“I am so glad that I read this. It will stay with me forever because it is amazing. I

found it very touching, especially the fact that Re is brain damaged. But I also loved

the adventure which was fantastic.”

– Young reviewer on Goodreads (USA)

“I can see why Desperate Measures has been so highly regarded, as it really will

make teenagers think about disability, and what it’s like for the families involved. I’m

looking forward to seeing what Summers writes next, and I’m sure she has a long

and successful career ahead of her.”

– Jenny, Wondrous Reads blog

Heartbeat Away

“A mystery with a hint of the paranormal unsettles Becky’s life following a heart transplant.

Laura Summers’ debut Desperate Measures attracted much attention and this

proves she’s a distinctive and original new voice.”

– Bookseller

“A great book, with a totally original storyline.”

– Poppy, Crème Magazine (New Zealand)


“I liked Becky and I thought Sam was very supportive when she started acting a bit

strange. This story has a really satisfying ending.”

– Anika, City of Edinburgh Teen Titles

The Summer of Telling Tales

“I thoroughly enjoyed this perceptive, pacy story of two teenage sisters caught up in

the nightmare of domestic abuse. Escaping with Mum after years of violence from

their father, Ellie and Grace have to fit into a new school while hiding their past life.

With strong engaging characters and a vivid school setting, this novel combines

some very dramatic moments with everyday friendship and romance. A highly

appealing novel for teenage girls.”

– Miriam Halahmy, writer

Julie Sykes

Princess Katie’s Kittens: Poppy and the Prince

“What little girl could resist the charms of adventure stories featuring some right royal

kittens? Julie Sykes has hit the animal jackpot with her enchanting, glitter-covered

books . . . Little girls aged five to seven will be like the cats that got the cream as they

lap up Sykes’ warm-hearted, illustrated stories.”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“Princesses and kittens – two things that really appeal to little girls, brought together

in an irresistible new series . . . perfect for 5 – 7 year old girls, who will love to

collect the series.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

Ruth Symes

Bella Donna: Coven Road


Bella Donna: Too Many Spells by Ruth Symes has been chosen for inclusion in

Scholastic’s Child Education PLUS 2011 Read me supplement.

“A sweet and entertaining story about whether to fit in or be yourself, that will

appeal to little girls.”

– Sally Morris, Daily Mail

“This is a well- paced story that has everything – reality and magic – to capture the

imagination for age eight-up.”

– Mary Arrigan, Irish Examiner

“Has a warmth and directness that will hold young readers: while its sympathetic

characters – especially Bella – reinforce the story’s happy outcome and good-natured

tone. Large black-and-white drawings decorating most of the double-page spreads

add to the story’s charm.”

– Books for Keeps

“Share with Bella as she tries to win the Spell-Casting Contest – I guarantee you will

be cheering her on! This is an entertaining book, which carries a reassuring message

about being true to yourself, with plenty of likeable characters. Generously illustrated

too, which is always a plus.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“An entertaining story . . . the characters are fun . . . beautiful illustrations add value

to the story.”

– School Librarian

“Has a warmth and directness that will hold young readers, while its sympathetic

characters, especially Bella, reinforce the story’s happy ending and good-natured

tone . . . Large black-and-white drawings . . . add to the story’s charm.”

– National Literacy Association Guide March 2011


“An entertaining, easy to understand tale about achieving your hopes and wishes

. . . Lovely illustrations add value to this story which deals effectively with quite

mature themes of alienation, wanting to belong and some jealousy.”

– Carousel

“This is a wonderfully written book that is at the same time hilarious and very

moving. Girls and boys alike will find it hard to put down.”

– Ed on the Web’s Book of the Month for Years 3 and 4

“Short and fun book about Bella Donna [who wants] desperately to be a witch …

she’s a little like Tracy Beaker, spunky and growing up in a children’s home … I

couldn’t resist this book, despite its intended target age of about seven or so. And

you can always be a little pink, without any ill effect.”

– bookwitch blog

Bella Donna: Too Many Spells

“Another sparkling story about Bella Donna and her Forever Family . . . beautifully

written and illustrated with a wonderful mixture of magic and mystery.”

– Ed on the Web’s Book of the Month for Years 3 and 4

Bella Donna: Witchling

“The second book in the hilarious series about feisty young witch Bella Donna is

made for long, dark, spooky nights – the perfect winter read!”

– Scholastic Book Clubs

“This lovely book is a real treat for all the family. The eye-catching black and white

illustrations help to draw readers in while the easy to read language makes it a pleasure

to read.”

– Primary Times

“As well as being a delightful fantasy story full of fun and magic, it has a moral tale

in that it illustrates that it is not always a good thing to always get what you want.


The text is broken up with amusing black and white illustrations making the book

extremely accessible.”

– School Librarian

“Children who already know Bella Donna will enjoy this latest story in the series. It’s

pleasant and easy to read with a lively and likeable main character.”

– Books for Keeps

Bella Donna: Cat Magic

“A lovely series where magic and adventure combine with a theme of being who you

are and being proud of it. Written in the first person, girls will warm to the character

of Bella Donna who is both feisty and caring.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk



Susan Waggoner

Timedance: Neptune’s Tears

“We are thrilled to be the winner of an auction to publish this book in Germany. For

us, it is what young readers want to read: a great combination of love-story and an

action-packed plot with paranormal elements. Furthermore, it is a page-turner with an

emotional touch and the story brings different contemporary elements to term:

paranormal fiction, a science fiction touch because of David as a time-traveller and

short story lines similar to those of the The Hunger Games. Overall, this is a superb

title for our young teen-fiction program!”

– Kirstin Neugebauer, Ars Verlag

“If you read nothing else this year, grab a copy of Neptune’s Tears, switch off the

iphone, ditch the ipad and lose yourself in a story that will make you laugh, gasp,

hold your breath and cry – all in the space of one chapter. Susan Waggoner has

broken the mould with this inventive story set 200 years in the future – fast-paced and

utterly believable, the story of Zee and David is much more than an adventure; it is a

tender and challenging exploration of the steadfastness of human love, the untapped

depths of human abilities and the realisation that for all of us, this moment is the only

one of which any of us can ever be certain. After the flood of dystopian novels of

recent years, Neptune’s Tears brings a fresh look at a future world and leaves the

readers toe-tappingly impatient for the sequel.”

– Rosie Rushton

“An epic love story, full of humanity with characters you really care about. Set in a

recognisable future it grapples with many of the problems society tries to cope with

today. This is not so much science fiction or fantasy, it is a great original story with

characters you believe in. And it is exceedingly well told. Highly recommended.”

– Morag McGinn, Bounce Sales and Marketing

“I loved Neptune’s Tears – it’s completely original – the central love story is wonderful

and I was amazed and surprised by the ending. It’s sci-fi with a difference and its

premise is terrifying – how much scientific/technical cleverness is too much? The story

has made me think – if we could, would we, should we interfere? A book for curious

minds. My only niggle is that I wanted to read the end of Zee and David’s story and

didn’t want to wait months for Book 2, Starlight’s Edge. Hurry, please Susan


– Wendy Cooling

“Neptune's Tears is a terrific read: genuinely page-turning but also intelligent and

satisfyingly crafted. And its setting 200 years in the future shouldn’t in any way deter

dystopia-phobes, for its themes – the importance of human connections, and power of

the imagination – are timeless ones.”

– Caroline Sanderson, writer, editor, reviewer

“The premise is both original and timeless: star-crossed lovers separated by an

apparently unbreachable barrier . . . Zee is a delightful and rounded character . . .


– The Bookbag

Isla Whitcroft

Cate Carlisle Files: Trapped


“Combining a glamorous setting (a supermodel's yacht in Antibes) with a fast-paced

plot involving endangered animals, this is a great teen summer read.”

– The Guardian

”A perfect blend of everything I like about Alex Rider along with Nancy Drew,

Francine Pascal and Willard Price! Very enjoyable and well done. Can't wait for the

next book now."

– Emma Mileham, Waterstone's Northampton


“Mystery and intrigue mix with glamour in this tightly-plotted thriller featuring a superfierce

heroine. Gripping stuff!”

– Chicklish, Five Great Summer Reads

“If you love a good fast-paced thriller, then this book is for you.”

– Steffi, Crème Magazine (New Zealand)

“Just a great read – really brilliant idea; love the heroine – so inspiring for young


– Amazon reviewer

“Finally a teenage heroine who isn't all about boys and kissing! This was a great

read and I would heartily recommend it to anyone with teenage girls. Fast, exciting,

and a great plot.”

– Amazon reviewer

“A fabulous read.”

– Amazon reviewer

Cate Carlisle Files: Deep Water

“Light-hearted, highly entertaining escapism. Cate – think a 21st-century young

female James Bond seasoned with some rock star stuff – gets into trouble with ruthless

criminals but is so brave and clever that, of course, she lives to tell the tale. It will go

down well with intelligent readers wanting light relief that is not dumbed down.”

– Independent on Sunday

“Really good book . . . also makes some really good points about the environment. I

would recommend this for any teenager and those who like mystery books.”

– Amy, City of Edinburgh Teen Titles

Cate Carlisle Files: Viper’s Nest

“She’s clever, classy, courageous and ready to whisk teens on a summer adventure

they’ll never forget . . . a spellbinding mix of adventure, glamour and worldwide

travel . . . a thrilling, fast-moving story full of action and intrigue and featuring a feisty

heroine whose daring exploits are sure to inspire teenage girls everywhere.”

– Lancashire Evening Post

“This is fast-paced, carefully constructed escapism which feeds in environmental

concerns and a look at a wider world which readers may not have seen. Its careful

mix of ingredients will appeal to a wide audience who like their fiction fast and

furious but driven by a central character who has a heart.”

– Books for Keeps

“Why should boys have all the fun? Now, in the form of feisty 16 year old Cate

Carlisle, there’s a 21st century Bond figure for girls . . . this is the third in an exciting

series, set in glamorous locations with plenty of action to keep the reader enthralled

(and guessing!) from beginning to end. Cate has the environment close to her heart –

a topical issue which will interest many readers.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

Jeanne Willis

Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Olympics


“Daft dinosaurs create delightfully madcap fun in this hilarious family saga with a

difference. When gang warfare between Darwin the stegosaurus and T Rex Flint

Beastwood breaks out, the exuberant mayor Boris comes up with a great plan. Why

not hold a dinosaur Olympic games as a way of bringing peace? Will Boris’s plan

work? It certainly sparks some very lively action amongst the dinosaurs…”

– Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

“On your marks, get set . . . and race down to the bookstore for Jeanne’s laugh-aminute

latest . . . The storyline will tickle everybody’s funny bone with its tongue in

cheek, irreverent humour. But so, too, will Arthur Robins’ inspired illustrations.”

– Janet Tansley, Liverpool Echo


“Fast-paced, crammed full of jokes and dinosaur word-play . . . a perfect match for

energetic readers. Robins’ illustrations add perfectly to the anarchic humour. The

combination of Dinosaurs and Olympics also gives plenty of scope for topical

activities and further reading in the classroom.”

– Booktrust

“Children love dinosaurs so they will be thrilled with this hilarious new series. The

first book comes out just as Olympic fever is growing, so a great reason for children

to read the book . . . This is a great story to read aloud and there is plenty

here to keep the adults entertained too! Arthur Robins’ illustrations are the perfect

complement to the story.”

– www.parentsintouch.co.uk

“Cleverly witty fun.”

– School Librarian

“This very funny story is the latest action-packed adventure from this fantastic author.

It is complemented by wonderful illustrations throughout.”

– Families North London magazine



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