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Identical Sextuplets - FAWO

Identical Sextuplets - FAWO

Identical Sextuplets -

PRESS RELEASE Identical Sextuplets Supply Elements in Uniform Design With an eye on the specific requirements of mobile customers, systems developer FAWO offers a complete program for elegant supply elements for caravan and camper exteriors. Special emphasis is placed on optically uniform, modern design as well as installation sizes. Up to now, the product system Caravan of the manufacturer ABL SURSUM has consisted of a three-pole input plug, a mutli- functional socket with 12-V-DC-, SAT, antenna and shockproof socket as well as a water and diesel fillers. Now, the very harmonious quartet has turned into identical sextuplets. Two new fair novelties at the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF now guarantee the optimal supply connection for the gas and water mains system. The "City Water Connector" can be connected to the public water supply via an integrated pressure regulator. The "Exterior Gas Plug" enables the external connection of gas-driven devices, such as grills. All supply elements are distinguished by sophisticated technology and highest standards of quality. Their robust finish and UV resistance provide for long service life. On top of that, customer-specific features and color variants are no problem at all.

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