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Business Travel News from Deutsche Bahn

Summer 2012

BahnCard Business:

excellent progress one year after launch

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proactive information in case of disruptions Page 4

Your hotline to Deutsche Bahn Page 4

“Call a Bike” – fl exible mobility around town Page 5

Team-building offi ce outings Page 5

High-speed services to the

business metropolises of Europe Page 6



News from the Bordbistro:

delicious snacks from morning till night Page 6

Interview with Marita Klöppel,

Head of Business Travel Sales, SME Page 7

Lost & found:

Roughly 18,000 items of lost property land at

Zoologischer Garten station in Berlin every year Page 8

Publication details Page 8

Cover story

BahnCard Business:

excellent one year after launch

Just one year after the launch, BahnCard Business is now well established. Corporate customers appreciate

the numerous benefi ts of the new card, which off ers fl exible solutions that are designed to meet

the specifi c requirements of corporate customers.

Great demand – easy changeover

BahnCard Business is celebrating its first birthday: Deutsche

Bahn launched the new product for corporate customers on

12 June 2011. Before the rollout, it had already consulted its

customers and major players in the travel industry, so that their

requirements were taken into account right from the start.

The result is a BahnCard which perfectly reflects the needs and

demands of corporate customers. Taking stock after the first year,

Claudia Möhlenbruch, Head of Business Travel Sales, sums up,

BahnCard Business has met with excellent acceptance.”

She points out, “There has been a slight increase in demand

compared with previous BahnCard sales to corporate customers.”

This success is also due to the intensive discussions between

Deutsche Bahn, its sales partners and customers during the

transition phase from the standard BahnCard to BahnCard

Business. A special collective exchange process was organised

for major customers, which also included customised solutions

for individual companies to minimise the work required to

exchange the cards.

BahnCard Business pays off for corporate customers

BahnCard Business is always worthwhile for business travellers

and companies, because only BahnCard Business enables them

to combine BahnCard discounts with the corporate discount.

BahnCard Business 25 normally pays for itself by the second

journey, while BahnCard Business 50 holders usually recoup

the costs after an average of ten single journeys.

Save time and money thanks to the exclusive

advantages of BahnCard Business

Companies benefit from the tailor-made solutions of BahnCard

Business 25 and BahnCard Business 50. For example, the card

expires automatically after twelve months, unlike the standard

BahnCard which the customer has to cancel. Another benefit

is the longer period for returning tickets. bahn.corporate

customers can cancel tickets which have been purchased with

a BahnCard Business discount free of charge up to at least one

day after the first day of validity. This longer cancellation period

is a real boon for business travellers who frequently have to

change their bookings or cancel a journey at short notice, as it

saves them travel expenses. Moreover, the online order process

includes an option to have the invoice addressed directly to

the company, which again saves time and effort for both the

company and the employee. Customers ordering a new card also

save time as a photograph is no longer needed for BahnCard


BahnCard Business also simplifies processes for travel managers:

status reports on all cards in circulation at the company

make matters more transparent. The reports show how many

cards have been issued for the company, which employees have

which type of card and when the cards will expire.

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 2

BahnCard Business sales count towards the

bahn.corporate volume of the company

The BahnCard Business purchase price and the costs of all rail

journeys made by the employees are automatically included

in the company’s bahn.corporate sales volume and taken

into account when calculating the corporate discount for the

following year.

Corporate customers can choose between cards with a discount

of 25 or 50 per cent, alternatively available for first or second


BahnCard Business Price

BahnCard Business 25 EUR 160

BahnCard Business 25 First EUR 120

BahnCard Business 50 EUR 280

BahnCard Business 50 First EUR 560

All the usual BahnCard advantages still apply

BahnCard Business includes all the familiar features of the

standard BahnCard. Tickets purchased with BahnCard Business

can be used as a City-Ticket for free travel on local transport in

120 cities, which saves taxi costs. BahnCard Business also has

an optional credit card function and entitles the holder to take

part in the bahn.bonus programme offered by Deutsche Bahn.

Depending on the company’s travel regulations, the BahnCard

Business is also valid for private travel, but no corporate

discount can be granted on such journeys.

Renewal reminder

BahnCard Business holders are informed shortly before their

card expires that it is time to purchase a new BahnCard Business.

BahnCard Business is available from all online booking portals

for corporate customers, travel agencies with a DB licence and

the DB corporate client desks.

For further information, go to:

Cover story

State the right type of BahnCard and receive the

corporate discount automatically

To combine the discounts available under the

corporate programme with a BahnCard Business

discount, it is important to state the right type

of BahnCard Business when booking a ticket.

Purchasing a ticket at a DB travel centre

or travel agency with DB licence

Don’t forget to say that you have a BahnCard Business.

We recommend that your travel agency creates a

personal profile for you. The data will then be taken

into account in all subsequent bookings so that you

automatically receive the corporate discount.

Purchasing a ticket on the bahn.corporate


Enter your BahnCard Business details every time you

book a ticket or save the data in your booking profile.

We recommend using the function “Managing travel

profiles” to create a personal profile, where you can

save your BahnCard Business details for the fast

booking travel profile and as identification document

for Online-Tickets. It can also be used to collect

bahn.bonus points. The data will then automatically

be taken into account every time you make a booking.

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 3


More customer service:

proactive information in

case of disruptions

Deutsche Bahn is now offering its customers an additional

service for long-distance journeys. If a train is delayed by

more than ten minutes or in case of any other disruption, the

passenger will be notified by e-mail up to two hours before the

start of the journey and receive a link to a website showing

the individual connection and the relevant information about

the disruption. If necessary, the link also states alternative train

connections, so that the customer does not have to research this

data online. This automatic e-mail notification of disruptions

and delays also enables business travellers to notify the other

parties at their meeting that they will be delayed. Moreover,

this early information gives them the chance to use the time

for other purposes and minimise the time spent waiting at the

station. No further e-mail is sent if the train is delayed further

or no longer delayed. The only exception is if the train is cancelled,

in which case the customer receives a second e-mail.

Activating the delay alarm

Registration booking special features e-mail

To use the e-mail notification service, you have to activate the

“Delay alarm” by clicking “Other services“ on the payment

page when making an online booking, provided the booking

includes at least one long-distance train and is made at least one

day before the day of travel. You have to state your e-mail

address to use this service.

Your hotline to

Deutsche Bahn

We have compiled a list of the most important hotlines for

business travellers.

Contact Tel. number

General information about services

(fares, timetables etc.) 0180 5 996633*

Questions about booking an Online-Ticket 0180 5 996644*

Free timetable information


** 14 cents/min for German landline calls, mobile phone charges max. 42 cents/min

** 59 cents/min for German landline calls, mobile phone charges may vary

Business Travel recommends

bahn.bonus rewards

for business travellers

3 x free access to DB Lounges

0800 1507090

BahnCard service 0180 5 340035*

bahn.bonus 0180 5 340035*

Passengers’ rights 0180 5 202178*

Free information about construction work


0800 5996655

Lost and found 0900 1990599**

Make the most of the service at the DB Lounges:

relax in peace and quiet and enjoy a free beverage,

read the latest magazines and newspapers or use one

of the laptop workplaces with Wi-Fi access. For just

750 bahn.bonus points, you and one accompanying

person are entitled to 3 x free admission to all

DB Lounges (except the fi rst-class area). For further

information and to order, go to

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 4

“Call a Bike” – flexible

mobility around town

Switch from train to bike. The Deutsche Bahn red and silver

rental bicycles are available in many cities throughout Germany.

More and more customers are now opting for “Call a Bike”,

the DB bicycle rental system, a trend which is clear from the

year-on-year increase of more than 40 per cent. Many business

travellers also appreciate the benefits of this flexible urban

mobility option, especially since almost all major German cities

have an excellent network of cycle tracks.

Good for the environment – and for your budget

Choose to cycle and you can be sure to reach your destination

safely, quickly and without having to cope with traffic jams

or finding a parking space. What’s more, cycling is not only

good for the environment, but also for your travel budget. The

basic rate is just 8 cents per minute and a maximum of 15 euros

a day. Frequent users can book a flat-rate charge of 48 euros

per annum, which means they only have to pay as from the

31st minute of each trip. BahnCard Business holders are also

entitled to a discount on the daily or annual rates. Various

companies meanwhile use the Deutsche Bahn bicycle rental

system, as “Call a Bike“ is the convenient, quick and environmentally

friendly option for their employees to move around

the different buildings on the company’s premises. Customised

offers are available for each individual company.

Book by telephone or app

You can either book “Call a Bike” in advance by using the app

(iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) or decide to use it spontaneously.

In Berlin, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart

there are bikes located all over the city centre. All you have

to do is call the telephone number in the red box on the cover

of the bicycle lock and follow the instructions. The lock is

released and you can set off right away.

Team-building office



Office outings are a chance to get away from everyday routine,

improve the atmosphere at work and boost staff motivation.

However, preparing an office outing usually calls for extensive

organisation – and this is where the experienced Deutsche Bahn

experts for group and leisure travel come into their own. They

compile individual packages for office outings to match the

individual wishes of the company concerned, free of charge and

without obligation. The portfolio ranges from day trips, such

as a visit to a vineyard, to short breaks and city packages incl.

overnight accommodation. The DB travel pros support you all

the way from the first consultation to professional planning

right through to the booking process. They also cater for special

requirements, such as travel by coach or plane instead of train.

Exciting prizes to be won!


When was the BahnCard Business launched?

12 May 2011 12 June 2011 12 July 2011

Send in your answer by e-mail to

no later than 31 August 2012.

We are giving away 3 boxes of HelloFresh for

2 people and 3 evening meals to six correct entries.

HelloFresh brings shopping bags full of fresh food,

complete with recipes, right to your door once a week


Note: The closing date for entries is 31 August 2012. No cash in lieu

of prizes. The judges’ decision is final. The competition is not open to

employees of Deutsche Bahn AG or their relatives. Winners will be

drawn from amongst all the correct entries and notified by e-mail or

post. All data will be deleted on completion of the competition. All

personal data will, of course, be treated in strict compliance with our

privacy policies.

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 5


High-speed connections

to the European business


For business travellers who have to get to a neighbouring

country, rail is the smart alternative to plane. No transfers, no

congestion, no long queues at the check-in desks: simply step

on board right in the city centre and arrive in the heart of the

metropolis at the other end. The travel time can always be put

to good use: single seats, fold-down tables, laptop socket and

internet access on selected inner-German lines provide all you

need to work eff ectively and undisturbed for a few hours.

Frankfurt: international hub for the business world

Frankfurt am Main also off ers fi rst-class rail connections to the

major European business cities. Six times a day, the ICE links

Frankfurt and Amsterdam in less than four hours. The early

train departs at 07:29 and arrives in Amsterdam at 11:25, the last

train departs from Amsterdam at 18:34.

The journey to Paris takes just 3 ¾ hours, with a choice of fi ve

high-speed trains a day. The fi rst train reaches the city centre

of Paris as early as 09:50. Services to other countries are often

just as fast as inner-German connections. The best example is

Brussels, which can be reached in just 3 ¼ hours on a choice

of four daily outbound and return connections with the ICE.

The early train arrives at 09:35, so you can arrange your fi rst

meeting for 10 o’clock.

Switzerland has better rail connections with Germany than

any other neighbouring country. There are various direct daily

services from Frankfurt to Berne, Basel and Zurich. Business

travellers can take the fi rst train to Zurich, arriving at 11:00 and

return on the last train departing at 19:00, which leaves them

plenty of time for business appointments.

News from the Bordbistro:

delicious snacks from

morning till night

Delicious baked potato with sour cream – also available as part of a menu

The Bordbistros on our ICE, IC and EC trains are literally

amongst the fastest catering outlets in Germany – what’s more,

in two different respects: firstly, guests are served while

travelling at a speed of more than 300 kilometres per hour.

Secondly, the snacks and beverages ordered are handed over the

counter in no time at all. To get the day off to a good start,

passengers can choose between various classical sweet breakfast

items, which are also available as a full menu inclusive of hot

beverage. The French breakfast naturally includes a croissant

and a cup of hot café au lait – and all for just 3.90 euros.

Varied menus

Throughout the day, the Bistro staff prepare various menus,

including nourishing dishes such as a large portion of chilli con

carne or vegetarian choices, such as a delicious baked potato

with sour cream. The penne pasta in Mediterranean tomato

sauce with olives and courgettes even comes with the organic

quality seal. All menus include a choice of cold beverage.

In the afternoon, we welcome guests to the Bordbistro for a

traditional coffee break. With a wide selection of cakes as well

as diverse coffee specialities, we have something for everyone.

In the evening, our chefs recommend the legendary “Currywurst”,

washed down with a cold beer. Together, these two

items are available as a special offer for as little as 6.60 euros.

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 6

We are delighted if you keep

your feet on the ground!

Interview with Marita Klöppel,

Head of Business Travel Sales,


Ms Klöppel, why are you so enthusiastic about

customers from Germany’s SME sector?

That is undoubtedly because I once planned to set up my

own small business. I was just about to do so after completing

my post-graduate degree, but then I was so enthralled by the

fascinating and ever-changing tasks at Deutsche Bahn that

I decided to stay. I started my career in HR management, then

moved to sales. So while I may not belong to the SME sector,

I now work on behalf of SMEs.

What exactly are you doing right now for SMEs?

I am in charge of the SME segment in the Deutsche Bahn

Business Travel Sales department. We look after more than

22,000 highly active customers from the SME sector, so there

is always plenty to do. We want to make sure that we are fully

in tune with our customers and pay close attention to what they

have to say, as this enables us to analyse future trends in the

business travel market more accurately. After all, we want to

set the course for an innovative programme which will continue

to satisfy the needs of our SME customers far into the future.

Our policy is “Rather too soon than too late.”

So you are also concerned with future trends in the

business travel market. What do you think we will be

looking at in future?

Issues such as cost transparency and price efficiency will, of

course, continue to play a central role in future – especially in

view of the rapidly evolving technical potential. But I believe

there is another aspect which will become increasingly important:

passengers will become more and more valuable for their



“Passengers will become more and more valuable for

their company.” What does that mean for you?

For us, this means we have to help SMEs get their employees

from place to place more comfortably and with minimum stress.

We are delighted to welcome all SME customers who decide to

stay on the ground and use environmentally friendly rail rather

than fly. We are constantly developing bahn.corporate, the

Deutsche Bahn corporate programme, to make life as easy as

possible for travel managers at the companies.

What benefits does “bahn.corporate” have to

offer SMEs?

We have paid close attention to the SME sector since 2003.

We are fully aware of the thought processes at these small and

mid-size companies and have developed our programme

accordingly. In the meantime, we offer numerous tailor-made

solutions: personal advice from our team of experts, an online

booking portal especially for business customers, BahnCard

Business, generous regulations for cancelling booked tickets

and, finally, tiered discounts for corporate customers. And

don’t forget – the programme is absolutely free.

You mentioned a booking portal designed especially

for business customers. What does this have to offer

SME customers?

They can save lots of time. They simply map their company’s

booking structure – whether this involves individual employees,

secretarial offices, departments or whole branches – on the

bahn.corporate online portal.

As soon as the company structure has been set up on the online

portal, people with booker status from individual departments

can organise business travel for their colleagues. Profiles can

be saved to ensure that the data is always up-to-date. Travellers

who book their own tickets can be designated self-bookers,

which saves time and makes booking very flexible.

Transparency is another important consideration: the travel

manager always has a clear overview of all bookings that are

made. And last but not least, all sales are credited to the

company’s account.

Thank you for the interview.

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 7


Lost & found: roughly 18,000 items land at

Zoologischer Garten station in Berlin every year

Suitcases, wallets, smartphones – passengers often leave items on board the train or on the platform.

All the items that are found in Berlin are collected at a central offi ce at Zoologischer Garten station.

Two out of three items can be returned to their owners.

Classics and curiosities

Every day, around 70 persons report something missing at

stations in Berlin alone. Over the course of the year, this can add

up to 30,000 search inquiries. Things that typically go astray

include suitcases and backpacks, wallets and purses, ID cards

and passports, and electronic items such as smartphones.

But occasionally, the items that are lost are more curious, for

instance a washing machine, still in the original packaging, an

Order of Merit medal and even an 18th century Italian violin.

Increasingly successful return rate

Each item that is found and each reported loss is given a code

number and is entered in the central “Lost and Found” database.

If the item and its owner can be matched within seven days, the

owner is notifi ed and then has three weeks in which to collect

the item free of charge. Alternatively, the item can be posted to

the owner for a charge of 20 euros. If the rightful owner does

not contact us within a week, the item is sent to the Deutsche

Bahn central lost property offi ce in Wuppertal.

In Berlin, the share of items which can be returned to their

owners has increased from 50 to more than 60 per cent over the

last few years. In other words, roughly two out of three items

fi nd their way back to their rightful owner.

From finder’s reward to auction

Anyone who fi nds a lost item should hand it over to the

Deutsche Bahn staff and ask for a receipt, because fi nders are

entitled to a reward if the article is worth more than 50 euros.

The fi nder is given the owner’s address as soon as the item is

returned to its owner. If the owner cannot be found despite

all our eff orts, the item is stored at the central lost property

department in Wuppertal for the legally required period of

70 days and then auctioned. The 80 local lost property offi ces

throughout Germany also regularly hold auctions.

Reporting a loss: online, in person or by phone

The easiest way to report something missing is online at, where customers can see immediately

whether anything has been found that matches their

description. They are also given an individual code number.

Losses can also be reported at any of the approx. 80 local lost

property offi ces or DB information desks.

Another way of reporting a loss is to call the lost property service

hotline on 0900 1990599. The hotline is staff ed from 8:00 am

to 8:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on

Sundays and public holidays (59 cents/min for German landline

calls, mobile phone charges may vary). The Deutsche Bahn

central lost property offi ce in Wuppertal can be contacted by fax

at +49 (0) 69 26521387 or by e-mail at

Publication details

Published by: DB Mobility Logistics AG,

Marketing Communication,

Frankenallee 2–4, D-60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Business Travel Sales:

Editors: Katrin Büchner, Simone Schreier

BusinessTravel Issue Summer 2012 8

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