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Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik GmbH is a leading medical

company, specialising in ENT-surgery

We offer the complete range of ENT instruments for:

• Rhinology

• Otology

• Laryngology

• Sinus surgery

• Tonsillectomy / Adenectomy

All our instruments are made in Germany – it's quality you can rely

on. Please feel free to ask our instrument sales team for more details.

For further information contact:

Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik GmbH,



Dx-pH measurement system revolutionises pH testing

The Dx-pH Measurement System revolutionises pH testing. Designed for both adult and paediatric patients,

Restech’s patented technology is capable of sensing and recording aerosolised and liquid pH levels and allows

for less invasive studies. Rule in or rule out reflux and eliminate the need for empiric trial when assessing and

diagnosing those with ENT or respiratory problems, or sleep disorders.

The Dx-System is available throughout Europe and over 20 other countries in the world. Restech’s distributors

were selected for their outstanding market coverage. They have long-standing relationships with physicians,

medical offices and hospitals to supply the newest technology and provide professional, efficient

customer service.

Leo Roucher, Restech CEO, says ”Our distributors have done a superb job working with physicians to train

and support the integration of our evidence-based test for the diagnosis and management of reflux disease.”

More about the Dx-System and distributor contact information can be found at

For further information contact: ResTech, Tel: +1 858 673 3700,


SSL-7170 – Swallowing Signals Lab from Laryngograph

The SSL-7170 is a portable device for monitoring key physiological signals during swallowing. By integrating various

devices into one unit, Laryngograph aims to provide a cost-effective and easy to use instrument to help clinicians

to diagnose swallowing problems with the aid of signals from various phases of swallowing. The device has an

external pharyngeal impedance sensor, two channel SEMGs, one tongue pressure sensor, four channel solid

manometer, one nasal cannula for airflow, throat microphone for ausculation sound. It integrates electronic circuit

for synchronisation with FEES and videofluroscopy images too. Laryngograph has developed user friendly software

to allow clinicians to acquire and review the signals easily.

Speech language pathologists will also be able to use this

device as a visual feedback tool during therapy.

For further information contact: Laryngograph Ltd.,

Tel: +44 (0)20 8773 3910, Fax: +44 (0)20 8835 2920,



CURIS ® All-In-One Radiofrequency System for ENT

Radiofrequency is gentle to the tissue and effective for

coagulation, for lesions and for cutting while patient trauma

is reduced to a minimum. Radiofrequency Volume

Reduction RaVoR has become a very popular minimally

invasive treatment option for habitual snoring and mild

OSA. The most commonly treated areas are the nose, the

soft palate, the posterior pillars, the tonsils and the tongue

base. With the use of special accessories, the CURIS® system

becomes an all-in-one energy source, which offers the

radiofrequency advantage, precision, to all cutting and coagulating applications in ENT.

Special design probes allow for faster, less traumatic and less costly larynx procedures. Malleable non-stick

suction coagulation tubes can be used for sinus surgery or for adenoids. Bipolar clamps and non-stick bipolar

forceps can be used for tonsils and for head & neck dissections.

For further information contact: Sutter Medizintechnik, Web:

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6




Oticon Medical’s Ponto Pro Power earns iF Product Design Award 2012

Oticon Medical announced in November

that Ponto Pro Power has been recognised

for design excellence by the iF Product

Design Awards 2012. An international panel

of judges awarded Ponto Pro Power, the

world’s most powerful fully digital and

programmable bone anchored power

processor, for a range of outstanding design

features including design quality, degree of

innovation, functionality and ergonomics.

Ponto Pro Power is the newest addition

to Oticon Medical’s expanding portfolio of

bone anchored hearing solutions for people

with hearing loss due to malfunctioning of

the ear canal or middle ear (conductive or

mixed hearing loss) and single sided deafness.

Ponto Pro Power and the entire Ponto

product family are designed to provide new,

innovative solutions and more choice in

bone anchored hearing systems.

“We are very proud that the iF Design

VARTA Microbattery presents environmentally compatible hearing aid batteries

At the 56th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians in

Nuremberg last October, VARTA Microbattery GmbH presented the

latest generation hearing aid batteries of the premium brand power

one. Under the motto ‘Premium energy made in Germany’, various

assortments of hearing aid batteries were presented. The energy

source in the sizes p10, p13, p312 and p675 is manufactured in an

environmentally compatible production facility in Ellwangen,

Germany, according to certified environment management systems.

power one hearing aid batteries use almost fully recyclable packaging.

The premium brand power one already only use suppliers with

sustainable concepts. The power one environment package has material

saving construction and environmental material insert. power one

observes the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) by

using packaging for mercury-free batteries which is produced with

FSC certified wood products. VARTA Microbattery is a member of

the GRS batteries trust which does redemption and environmental

suitable recycling or disposal of batteries.power one ACCU plus

hearing aid batteries.

The particularly eco-friendly alternative to conventional hearing aid

batteries offers the rechargeable power one ACCU plus batteries.

They have a high stability and secure corrosion protection due to a

stainless steel case with surface coating through the use of nanotechnology

and contain neither mercury nor lead and cadmium.

Awards have chosen to recognise Ponto Pro

Power’s unique combination of function

and aesthetics,” said Jes Olsen, Oticon

Medical General Manager. “Through userdriven

innovation and development, we

have created a bone anchored hearing solution

that delivers both the positive

emotional benefits of good design and the

functional benefits that ensure reliability in

everyday use.”

Olsen noted that the design challenge for

Ponto Pro Power was to create a slim,

discreet, ergonomic device that also featured

an easy-to-locate and operate push button

for selecting programs. Ponto Pro Power’s

resulting sleek, organic shape follows the

natural contours of the ear and blends easily

with surrounding ear and hair. The smooth,

easily accessed push button provides a

modern graphic element that can also be

adapted for colourful decals to appeal to

GDS MedTech Ltd., Cotswold Business Centre, Rissington Business Park, Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire, GL54 2QB United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1451 812402 Fax: +44 (0) 1451 812201 E-mail:

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

news update

younger wearers. The sound processor’s

smooth, semi-shiny shell is available in four

colors to match a range of skin and hair


For further information contact: Oticon

Medical, Web:

Sutter CURIS ® 4 Megahertz Radiofrequency Generator for minimally

invasive treatments. The all-in-one ENT machine.

Coagulation, cutting and volume reduction with Auto Stop function

- For all ENT indications such as:

� Endonasal surger y

� Turbinate reduction

� Otoplasty

� Soft palate


� Tonsillotomy

� Tonsillectomy

� Tongue Base surgery

� Lar ynx surger y

� Radioplasty®

For more information and/or a demonstration contact :

“Diagnostic &Treatment Solutions for Sleep & Snoring”

For further information contact: VARTA Microbattery GmbH,

Tel. +49 7961 921 0, Fax +49 7961 921 553,


Turbinate reduction

GDS MedTech


news update

“A world leader for otoplastic


‘Anything but bland’. True to this

motto Detax were present at the EUHA Congress. The visitors

to the colourful Detax booth met a highly motivated

exhibition team using iPads for product presentations and

interactive promotions. Hands-on-demonstrations proved

why DETAX products count among the best the market

has to offer. The focus was on addition mini Junior +

Sensitive, the first ear impression silicone for children. The

new precision impression series has been perfectly adjusted

to the needs of little patients and the special requirements

for paediatric adaptions. It begins with the application of

the soft, easily flowing silicone, directly from the new

handy minimix cartridge with extra small mixing tips. The

big ‘standard injector’ becomes redundant, just like dyes,

flavouring or preserving agents, addition mini Sensitive is

skin-friendly & biocompatible. The extra short time in the

ear of only two minutes is child friendly as well!

Another highlight: addition protect XPress, impression

silicone particularly for adaptions of noise protection, fast &

effective, with minimised physical effort during application.

Ultimate precision, great cost / performance ratio and

extremely short time in the ear!

DETAX want to thank all visitors, they look forward to

seeing them again in 2012!

For further information contact: DETAX,

Web: or

Widex receives

world's first wind

power consumer


Widex is among a group of

pioneering enterprises to receive

the newly-established

WindMade label – the world’s

first global consumer label for

companies that use wind energy.

The Danish hearing aid producer

procures its energy from a windmill

at the site of its new global

headquarters in Denmark. The windmill produces all the

energy needed for the company’s headquarters, including

the production.

Making hearing aids using ‘clean energy’ has made

Widex a role model across industries. In receiving the

WindMade label, Widex joins a select group of major

companies – including Deutsche Bank, Motorola and

PricewaterhouseCoopers – who have expressed their

commitment to renewable energy.

“These companies are at the forefront of the global

sustainability movement,” says Henrik Kuffner, WindMade’s


WindMade is a non-profit organization backed by the

UN Global Compact and WWF.

For further information contact: Widex,

Web: or


A new and better

The world’s largest hearing and hearing loss-based website,, has been

modernised and reorganised. The most noticeable features are that it has a new

layout and can now also be read in Portuguese.

“We have tried to make the new hear-it easy and logical to use. We have therefore

built the website around four main areas: ‘hearing loss’, ‘hearing aids’, ‘tinnitus’ and

‘your situation’. ‘Your situation’ is also divided up depending on whether you suspect

that you might have a hearing loss, you actually have a hearing loss or are a relative or

colleague of someone with hearing loss. We also have our news section where we

continually publish the latest news about hearing and hearing loss. We hope that

users will welcome the new hear-it,” says Editor-in-chief Søren Petersen.

“We have launched a Portuguese version of to inform and support the

many Portuguese-speaking countries affected by hearing loss. This includes Brazil, of

course, but also Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries around the world,

where almost 300 million people live. One in six of these has a noticeable hearing

loss. That is around 50 million people,” says Secretary General Kim Ruberg, hear-it

AISBL, who is behind hear-it’s websites.

The first, which was in English was launched in 2000, and since then has been launched in Spanish, German and French. has been

named the best health website by The International Web Page Award. Since then,

the website has been greatly expanded and is today the world’s largest and furthest

reaching website on hearing and hearing loss.

For further information contact: Kim Ruberg, Secretary General, Hear-it AISBL,

Tel: +45 40 300 500, E-mail: Web:

The fourth edition of Widex's corporate

magazine LISTEN is now available

This issue features articles

on art in sound and

sound as art, as well as a

report on a charity for

hearing impaired children

in conflict-stricken

Sri Lanka. One can also

meet the Widex brand

ambassadors and read

the dramatic story about

the birth of the Chilean subsidiary.

The magazine is available in several languages – to obtain a copy, contact

your local Widex distributor.

For further information on your local Widex distributor see the list on


New Otometrics training


In Otometrics’ training catalogue for 2012, you

will find two new courses 'Vestibular Days' and

'Patient Journey Days' besides our well-known

courses on REMs & RECDs and VNG/ENG.

'Vestibular Days' are aimed for all interested

in balance assessment. Our skilled instructors

will introduce the underlying theory behind Head Impulse and VEMP testing.

The Masterclass will also allow for hands-on experience with the new video

Head Impulse Testing device ICS Impulse designed in collaboration with Ian

Curthoy and Michael Halmagyi.

The 'Patient Journey Days' is a one day course aiming to refresh the patient

management skills of clinicians. The morning will include psychosocial aspects of

hearing loss and counselling techniques. This will lead on to investigating the

impact and benefit of hearing aids, their features and methods of verification

and measurement. The second part concerns different applications of the

patient journey.

For further information contact: GN Otometrics UK,

Tel: +44 (0)870 9000 675, Fax: +44 (0)1868 343 466,

Email: Web:

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

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The world’s only swimmable

sound processor

For more information on Neptune, Neptune

AB’s revolutionary sound processor, visit

Advanced Bionics AG

Laubisrütistrasse 28 — 8712 Stäfa — Switzerland

+ 41.58.928.01.01 —

news update


PC Werth and Etymotic Research announce UK Partnership

Announced at the EUHA Congress, this exciting development brings

together Etymotic Research – one of the world's truly innovative

organisations for hearing and hearing health care - and PC Werth, with

its unique position in the UK's hearing healthcare industry.

Tom Parker, Managing Director at PC Werth, comments on why this

could be a game changer: "For the very first time, audiologists have a

portfolio of products that is genuinely attractive to all consumers. The

importance of this wellness and quality-of-life mission grows day by

day. Evidence suggests that we are seeing the first age groups with

degraded hearing early in life, due to modern listening habits and


"So if your business is already a destination for sound or you have an

active community communication program, then we'd like to hear

from you."

Dr Cynthia Compton-Conley,

Director of Family Hearing Wellness

at Etymotic, continues, "We are

delighted to work with PC Werth

to provide hearing solutions to

audiologists and hearing health care

providers in the UK. Their extensive

experience in all areas of audiology,

including their expertise with

custom moulds, gives providers an

Interacoustics wins supply award to new born

hearing screening programme

Interacoustics UK has successfully tendered to supply the world-leading Interacoustics

TITAN® range on the recently-awarded New Born Screening Equipment and Consumables

tender. TITAN® pushes the boundaries of Newborn Hearing Screening by offering

impedance, OAE and automated ABR all in one ergonomic and lightweight handheld


The TITAN® platform is the ultimate solution for Newborn Hearing Screening

Programmes and for diagnostic follow-up in Audiology or ENT clinics. The modular unit

can be configured to perform automated ABR, OAE and tympanometry, making it possible

to test the entire auditory pathway in one go from a single device.

TITAN® is a true hybrid, giving the end-user the benefits of customised

protocols, screen tests and patient reports, ensuring they precisely match the

specific needs of every clinic. In combination with the latest in audiological test

technology such as the ground-breaking CE-Chirp® stimulus, Bayesian weighting,

automatic or manual screening or diagnostic OAE capabilities and a state-of-theart

tympanometry module, these benefits make TITAN® the first and only one of

its kind!

For information (or to arrange a demonstration of TITAN®) contact:

Interacoustics UK,

Tel: +44 (0)1698 208205, Email:


Free Doctor to Doctor Booklets from Karl Storz

opportunity to offer a broad range of hearing solutions. We are

especially excited about Etymotic's newest ETY•Kids safe-listening inear

earphones for kids."

Etymotic's diagnostic, communication, entertainment and assistive

technology products are available from PC Werth now, comprising

Etymotic's full product range and accessories, including:

• noise isolating earphones for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones and


• the world famous ‘ER’ series of noise filters in custom Musicians


• universal-fit high-fidelity earplugs

• electronic hearing protection devices for gun users, workers in

extreme noise and musicians

• noise dosimeters

• QuickSIN & BKB-SIN speech-in-noise tests.

Audiology professionals should contact PC Werth for information.

For further information contact: PC Werth Ltd.,

Tel: + 44 (0)20 8772 2700, Email:

Web: www.


The resources below are offered free of charge to readers. Simply tick the items of interest on the Reader Enquiry Service on page 138 and return the coupon via fax.

Karl Storz Endoscopy has continued to make huge contributions to education across all

surgical specialities worldwide. With their ongoing commitment to surgical education and

the support of courses, workshops and new pioneering surgical techniques, Karl Storz has

developed a huge library of literature in the form of their famous silver Doctor to Doctor

booklets. These are written by doctors and surgeons for doctors and surgeons on topics of

interest or to describe a new surgical technique. Further material includes the popular

EndoWorlds and EndoGrams which provide brief overviews of new surgical techniques.

Please visit the Karl Storz website for a full listing of publications on

Alternatively, contact the Karl Storz Endoscopy UK Ltd Customer Service Department for a full

list of publications currently available.

For further information contact: Karl Storz Endoscopy UK Ltd on Tel: +44 (0)1753 503500,

Fax: +44 (0)1753 578124, or Email:

Please specify the area of interest on the Reader Enquiry Service when requesting literature.

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

New electronic noise

protection solutions



new electronic



solutions win

on usability and performance. Providing best

hearing protection technology, ‘EB’ series products

provide instant fit and custom fit solutions

in the same unit. Highlights include:

• 25dB protection against noise / blasts / gun


• 15dB protection against ambient noise

• Enhanced hearing mode amplifies soft sounds

• Supply and fit ‘off the shelf’ with ACCU.FIT

ear tips

• Improve fit, comfort and value with custom

moulds from PC Werth.

Because the EB range is fully automatic, activated

by ambient noise levels, users maintain full situational

awareness. In practice, EB products are

therefore safer than traditional passive systems:

• Users wear the product and are protected at

all times – wear & forget

• Greater situational awareness reduces hazards

• Optimised models for shooters; industry or


Etymotic products, including the EB series are

available from PC Werth.

For further information contact: PC Werth

Ltd., Tel: + 44 (0)20 8772 2700,


Web: www.

ALPS enters European


ALPS, India's hi-tech hearing aid supplier, has

recently received CE certification. The company

exhibited their products for the first time at the

EUHA convention in Nuremberg, Germany last

October, and received a very encouraging

response from many European and international

buyers. Uniquely, ALPS offer hi-tech, stateof-the-art

hearing aids at affordable prices. In

this way ALPS is helping hearing impaired

people in many countries across the globe to

buy digital hearing aids within their budget.

For further information contact: ALPS,

Email: Web:

Mr Anup Narang (right) and colleague at the

recent EUHA congress in Germany.

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

news update

Comfort Audio’s global expansion continues – this

time in North America

In November, the Swedish company, Comfort Audio launched its latest digital hearing product

platform, Comfort Digisystem, in Canada together with their partner there, Supportive Hearing

Systems. The launch event took place in Toronto – joined by the 30 most prominent audiologists

within Canadian education. In conjunction with the event, Comfort Audio received the first

order at a value of one million SEK (125,000 US$).

Earlier this year, Comfort Digisystem had been introduced in the USA at the AudiologyNOW!

Congress in Chicago. At that occasion, Comfort Audio received the prestigious award Best New

Product of the Year.

“The Canadian market has a fantastic potential since the care for children in the educational

system is very high. The response in North America for the Comfort Audio product line of

digital hearing products has been tremendous. Not only the uniquely clear sound quality but

also the flexibility of the complete system has been highly appreciated by the users, and also by

the audiologists at the launch event, “says Mats Dörring, CEO at Comfort Audio.

“The successful introduction of our products in Canada means we will be present on yet

another market that sees and understands the values of providing best possible quality hearing

products for children at school. The establishment in Canada is another step for us in our offensive

internationalisation plan,” says Dörring.

Comfort Digisystem is based on digital processing of sound signals and the latest radio transmission

technology, which means persons with limited hearing can get back a sound quality,

enabling them to lead a perfectly normal life.

For further information contact: GN Otometrics UK, Tel: +44 (0)870 9000 675,

Fax: +44 (0)1868 343 466, Email: Web:

Upgrade to Cochlear Baha ® BP100

Cochlear is constantly working to develop new technologies to ensure

that patients have the best hearing opportunities possible throughout

their lifetime.

As a result of this, Cochlear Baha® users with a Classic, Compact or

Divino® Sound Processor can now upgrade to the Baha BP100 without

the need for additional surgery.

Cochlear says that research shows that patients, using the Baha

BP100 compared to the Divino sound processor, can experience up to

25% improved speech understanding, even in noisy situations.

Patients who upgrade to the BP100 can take advantage of following

advanced technology:

• 12-channel sound analysis for better signal processing

• Adaptive directional microphone designed for better speech-in-noise ratios

• GORE-TEX® microphone covers for better water protection than ever before

• Paediatric features: Keylock and optional tamper-proof battery door.

For further information contact: Cochlear AG,

Tel: +41 (0)61 205 04 04, Fax: +41 (0)61 205 04 05, Web:

Puretone win Best Accessory

Provider at AIHHP 2011

It was another record-breaking year for Puretone when

they were awarded Best Accessory Provider for a fifth

consecutive year at the 2011 AIHHP Golden Lobe

Awards. The ceremony has been a key part of the

AIHHP Autumn programme since their inception in

2007, and Puretone have had the honour of being

consistently voted the UK’s number one Accessories

Provider by the body’s discerning members.

To collect the award from Robert Davies were

Puretone General Manager Gerry Allchorne and

From left to right:

Gerry Allchorne (GM, Puretone),

Robert Davies (AIHHP Chairman) and

Baz Choudhry (MD, Puretone).

Managing Director Baz Choudhry, who said, “To be continually recognised in this way by a

professional body such as AIHHP is a great achievement. The last two or three years have

seen many additions to our range of audiological accessories, which is now the most comprehensive

in the UK, and we aim to further cement our position in the marketplace over the

coming months and years.”

For further information contact: Puretone Ltd.,

Tel: +44 (0)1634 719427, Fax: +44 (0)1634 719450, Email:



news update


Siemens Hearing Instruments

strengthens its audiology offering

Siemens Hearing Instruments has appointed Clare Heaviside

as Audiologist for the South East of England. The

appointment will ensure the company continues to

strengthen customer focus and provide a first class service

to all its customers in the South East of England.

Clare brings 22 years of industry experience to the role

that will see her providing technical support and training

for dispensers and clinicians using Siemens Hearing Instruments’ equipment.

Commenting on her appointment, Clare states: “This new role is a complete change

from my last role in the NHS and I am looking forward to bringing my experience of

working in both the public sector and my own small private business to all Siemens’

customers in the South East. I look forward to deepening my knowledge of Siemens

Hearing Instruments’ expansive portfolio of hearing devices, equipment and practice


For further information contact: Siemens Hearing Instruments,


World's first cochlear

mercury free battery

Rayovac has expanded its mercury free hearing aid

battery range with a new specialist product for

those with severe hearing problems.

The Rayovac cochlear mercury free is designed

for cochlear implant wearers and offers up to 45

per cent more power than the company’s existing

standard cochlear product.

The new battery from the world’s No.1 selling hearing aid battery manufacturer,

combines the highest environmental standards with the best performance.

The battery has a higher operating voltage of 1.45v and testing has demonstrated

improved quality, reliability and longer life.

Rayovac’s success in developing mercury free products has been rewarded with a series

of prestigious awards. It has gained a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category

as well as two International Business Stevie Awards.

Vince Armitage, from Rayovac said: “We’re delighted to add the cochlear mercury free

to our growing family of non-mercury batteries."

For further information contact: Rayovac, Tel: +44 (0)845 6431 675,


The new PowerTel 700 Series Cordless

Phones that are louder and clearer!

The new amplicomms PowerTel 700 Series of phones are the first

cordless phones with amplification gain of 40dB and less than 1.5%


The phones are hearing aid compatible (Preferred level) and

feature an automatic high frequency boost so people with mild to

moderate and moderate to severe hearing difficulty will be able to

use these phones with or without hearing aids.

For households who have people with different listening

requirements, the range offers personalised user profiles at the touch

of a button. These recall personalised amplification and tone


There are three speed dial keys, a flashing alert to incoming calls

and an intercom button that allow calls to be transferred easily to

another handset.

The phones have a very loud ring tone that can be adjusted to

>90dB, a large backlit LCD screen with large readable fonts, big

buttons and hands free speakerphone. Other useful features include

a 200-entry phone book, caller ID and 11 hours talk time.

The series offers a variety of options with additional handsets that

can be easily programmed into the system. The PowerTel 780 is a

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

IAC launch new wall


Audiology and Speech Therapy Room specialists

IAC, has launched a new acoustic wall

treatment. The product, Absorbatone can be

easily applied to walls and ceilings, reducing

background noise and reverberation times

within Clinical Rooms. Absorbatone can also

be applied to existing booths and rooms,

improving the overall acoustics and aesthetics.

The foam-based, fabric covered 25mm or

50mm thick acoustic plaques can greatly

improve speech intelligibility within testing

environments and not susceptible to fibre

migration. As such, Absorbatone can be used

safely within clinical environments and is also

easy to keep clean.

Absorbatone panels can be used as a lowbudget,

fast turnaround solution to converting

existing rooms for Audiology, Hearing Aid

Fitting and Speech Therapy. Due to the flexibility

and range of panel sizes available, individual

panels can also be used at strategic

points within rooms or can be used to

completely cover wall sections.

For further information contact: IAC,

Tel: +44 (0)1962 873000,

Fax: +44 (0)1962 873111,



single handset with an answer machine built in to the base station,

whilst the PowerTel 880 is a combination of a cordless handset and

corded phone with an answer machine, which will continue to work

in the event of a power failure. Both answer machines will amplify

playback messages.

Prices from: £79.99

PowerTel 700 Single Handset and Base Station PowerTel 701

Additional Handset PowerTel 702 Two Handsets and Base Station

PowerTel 780 Single Handset and Base Station with Answering

Machine PowerTel 880 Corded Phone with Answering Machine and

additional Cordless Handset.

For further information contact: Conevans Limited, Tel: +44

(0)1727 247571, Fax: +44 (0)1727 223475,



ENT Chairs





Caloric Stimulators



The Excellence in ENT

Finest ENT Equipment – Made by Otopront

Founded in 1950, Otopront is considered to be one of the leading

manufacturers in ENT, represented by a worldwide network of highly

respected sales and service partners in more than 70 countries.

For more information on Otopront and its international partners

please contact our German head office.

Happersberger otopront GmbH · D-65329 Hohenstein · Germany · Tel.+49-6120-9217-0 ·

news update


Widex Hearing Aids wins prestigious

design award

Widex FUSION, part of the successful CLEAR series, has won the

prestigious Good Design Award prize in Japan. The prize is given out

every year to a product that makes a positive difference for society

through design.

“It is great honour for us to be chosen,” says Sophie Rasmussen from

Widex Japan. “The design prize is a sign that we have a strong product

that is both functional for users as well good to look at. The prize also

shows that we are finally starting to break down the taboos still

associated with using hearing aids in Japan and many other countries.”

FUSION won the prize in the category ‘Health care, child care and

nursing care’. The jury commended FUSION as it ‘provides

painstakingly beautiful and natural sound and exceeds expectations

for a hearing aid’.

“We hope that the design prize can help make it even more

acceptable to use hearing aids. In Japan, many people are worried

about getting older and unfortunately that prohibits them in taking

steps to getting a hearing aid that would otherwise change their life,”

says Sophie Rasmussen.

FUSION is the latest model in the CLEAR series – the premium

wireless solution from Widex which takes wireless technology to a

new level:

Siemens Hearing

Instruments extends its

audiology workflow offerings

Siemens Hearing Instruments has strengthened its

position as a one-stop-shop for audiology workflow

solutions with the introduction of audiometers and

digital video otoscopes innovations into its product

portfolio. The new offerings provide a greater range

of choice from one specialist point of contact. This

has the potential to simplify procurement and

choice in the marketplace, plus offer greater time

and cost savings to health care organisations.

New innovations now available from Siemens

include: Otopod and Amplitude Audiometers,

incredibly small, portable and wireless audiometers

suitable for audiometry in the fitting room, patient's

home or bedside; the Kamplex PA5 Paediatric

Audiometer, a free field audiometer for testing

children's hearing with one handed operation; and a

high resolution USB Digital Video Otoscope which

links directly to the PC for ease of use. A wider range

of audiological accessories are also now available.

For further information contact: Siemens,


• Offers users and hearing care professionals a flexible solution; they

can choose from three different receivers, as well as various ear-tips

and custom earmoulds, to suit most types of hearing loss

• Extends output up to 138 dB SPL with the Output Extender

• Significantly reduces wind noise by a using a new and improved

microphone cover

• For the first time, lets users hear landline and mobile phone calls in

both their hearing aids with the Phone+ feature.

For more information contact: Sophie Rasmussen, Widex Japan,

Email: Web:

Web: (for information about Good Design


Puretone exhibit at BAA 2011

Puretone, the UK’s only independent hearing aid

manufacturer, exhibited at the BAA Conference, in

Llandudno, Wales last November. The BAA

Conference was the culmination of a busy series of

exhibitions for Puretone, both in the UK and

Europe, and the main theme of the stand was to preview and showcase the new

range of easy to use impression material from Detax.

The exhibition was also an opportunity for delegates to see the large range of

products that Puretone manufacture and supply in other areas, including noise

protection, music and tinnitus. The BAA meeting was also the chance for Puretone

to distribute their new annual Accessories and Lab Equipment Catalogue for 2012.

Containing the most comprehensive selection of audiological accessories in the UK,

the catalogue also proved to be a big hit with visitors to the stand.

Finally, congratulations to Katrina Middleton, winner of our passport competition,

receiving an iPod touch from Puretone GM, Gerry Allchorne.

For further information contact: Puretone Ltd., Tel: +44 (0)1634 719427,

Fax: +44 (0)1634 719450, Email: Web:

Cochlear leverages

knowledge for health care


Cochlear’s relationship with surgeons and audiologists

is further strengthened by targeted information via

dedicated communication instruments.

A website targeted to professionals provides critical information which is always

updated and directly relevant to the job of the professionals.

The professionals website is behind a login and is intended to support patient

management and provide trouble-shooting assistance. It offers access to current

professional knowledge, as well as scientific and research information. Professionals can

tap into Cochlear knowledge and material in downloadable text and image format.

Professionals who have received a log in will automatically find ‘Sound Connection’

in their inbox: a new e-newsletter which is issued quarterly and informs about updates

and news about clinical and surgical topics.

Enjoy finding accurate, up-to-date, pertinent and reliable information from a trusted

source ‘on tap’.

For further information visit:

Web: and ask for your login.

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

Commonwealth Games

Shooting Gold Medallist opts for

specialist audiology protection

over traditional defenders or


Steven Scott, professional shooter ranked 2nd in the UK for Double Trap*, has chosen

SecureEar, a digital hearing protection device from Siemens Hearing Instruments.

SecureEar offers an ideal alternative to bulky hearing protection devices such as ear defenders.

Discreet and comfortable, the device can reduce the sound of a gun blast by up to 35dB and

simultaneously amplify quieter sounds such as conversations with coaches or fellow shooters via

specialist, acoustic software.

Steven Scott explains: “Once you have lost your hearing, you can never get it back. I feel very

strongly about protecting against hearing loss and in addition to knowing my hearing is safe,

SecureEar makes it ten times easier to train.”

Wendy Davies, National Sales & Audiology Manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments adds:

“We’re delighted that Steven Scott has chosen SecureEar. The device is brilliant for people

working in loud environments that want to protect their hearing, without blocking out

necessary sounds.”

*From the British International Clay Target Shooting Federation 2011 Double Trap rankings.

For further information contact: Siemens, Web:

Ida Institute introduces

innovative My World

counselling tool

My World – Understanding Hearing Loss

from the Child’s Perspective, a new counselling

tool from Ida Institute, may enable

clinicians to more effectively elicit the

child’s perspective in the rehabilitation

process and thus facilitate more effective

management of the challenges children with hearing loss face in their day-to-day interactions.

The innovative counselling tool uses a child-friendly format to allow the hearing care

professional and child to explore together how hearing loss affects the child in daily life and

to collaborate on formulating effective goals and strategies that could result in better

communication. My World engages the child, the parents and the audiologist in a shared

decision-making process. Hearing care professionals can learn more about the My World

tool, purchase a copy, or download a free copy for self-assembly on

For further information contact: Ida Institute,


New Affinity Suite v2.1 –

meeting your demands!

Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of

Affinity Suite version 2.1, the most complete and

customisable pc-based platform with modular solutions

for the modern dispensing clinic.

The Affinity combines audiometry, real-ear measurement and hearing instrument testing in one

easy-to-use software suite. What’s new in the Affinity v2.1.

The new release is built on the existing Affinity Suite (V2.0.4) and includes new features like:

• Latest NAL-NL2 fitting prescription

• Superior counselling features

• True on-top mode for faster hearing aid fittings

• Optimised customisable reporting and printing features

• Support for the VIOT Video Otoscope

• Optional QuickSIN test

• Extensive stimulus selections with speech signals (in many languages) and live voice

• Ear canal monitor

For more information contact: Interacoustics, Tel: +44 (0)1698 208205 (UK),

Email (international) Email: (UK)


ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

news update

Optim announces

distribution agreement in


Endoscope manufacturer Optim LLC

announces that it has engaged VEDISE

HOSPITAL SpA of Rome, Italy to be its

exclusive distributor in Italy.

Technology and innovation are the main

objectives of the work of the Hospital

VEDISE that, for years, is deeply committed

to the satisfaction of its end-users. VEDISE

Hospital collaborates with a network of

international partners.

During the year VEDISE Hospital

organises frequent training courses , attends

conferences and guarantees to the

companies it represents, a widespread

presence in public and private healthcare


Thomas V. Root, President and CEO of

Optim LLC, states that: “The commitment

to excellence demonstrated by VEDISE

Hospital makes them the logical choice to

distribute Optim’s line of LED illuminated

technical endoscopes and we are very

excited about this opportunity.”

For more information contact:

Optim LLC, Tel: +1 800 225 7486,



ALPS India helps

mothers of hearing

impaired children

Alps of India, who manufacture hi-tech

digital hearing aids at affordable prices,

are involved in a humanitarian

development programme to help

mothers of hearing impaired children.

The programme aims to help hearing

impaired children to develop vocational

abilities by way of computer education,

art and culture. Mr Anup Narang

explains: "The children are also taught to

produce beautiful paintings on silk in the

hope that an artistic hobby may

eventually turn into a career."

For further information contact: ALPS,




news update


Exceptional performance with the

Cochlear Nucleus ® 5 Sound

Processor and CI24RE Series

cochlear implant

Cochlear’s latest

cochlear implant

system offers


patient benefits

in the most

discreet form


The Cochlear

Nucleus® System

not only enables outstanding hearing performance in noise; it also

delivers exceptional usability and future readiness. Because the

CI24RE and the currently unavailable CI500 Series implants use the

same latest generation electronic chip, they provide identical

functionality to their users.

The Nucleus CI24RE Series implant is

combined with the Nucleus 5 Sound

Processor, Nucleus 5 Remote Assistant and

Custom Sound.

Together they provide the best possible

hearing outcome, first choice for patients,

surgeons and audiologists.

For further information contact: Cochlear,


New logo Radiesse Voice and Radiesse Voice Gel*

Radiesse Voice and Radiesse Voice Gel* are as of today published

with a new logo. We proudly present the Merz Global Voice


RADIESSE Voice (Calcium Hydroxylapatite - CaHA)

RADIESSE Voice is an injectable implant containing synthetic

calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres with a diameter range

of 25 to 45 µm, suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. These consistently

shaped and sized particles have proven safe and biocompatible

while allowing gradual tissue growth for a long lasting augmentation

shown to be effective up to 12 months or longer in many

patients. RADIESSE Voice is convenient to use without preparation

or mixing and comes with an easy-to-use needle.

product guide 2012 / 2013


with ‘No-Type’ Technology

PC Werth announce their

new feature-rich webshop at The

site leads other trade

suppliers with its No-Type

Technology and features to

make it convenient and easier

to use.

The PC Werth team say

their objective was to create a

site that is noticeably better

than others – starting with a

programme of user surveys and research throughout the

summer. The result is lively and easy to use.

• Easier to shop, with No-Type Technology login

• Better value – with free delivery

• Fast and intuitive to use with address and payment options

• Price-leading, with volume discounts

• Comprehensive, featuring a wide range of products, including

solutions for education

• Compatible with iPad and iPhone.

Customers can use their PC Werth account or other payment

methods, including PayPal.

For further information contact: PC Werth Ltd,

Tel: + 44 (0)20 8772 2700,



Hands-on Workshops

We support and co-organise different workshops around Europe.

Please let us know if you are interested and we will send all the

details. Next workshop: 27th January held during the 1es Assises de

Phoniatrie in Nice, France. Prof Dr M Hess and Prof Dr HF Mahieu

will perform the training.

For further information contact: Merz Global Voice Business,

Tel: +31 (0)612 509 856,

Fax: +31 (0)407 440 020,

Email: or

* Radiesse Voice Gel is not yet available in Europe

The ENT & audiology news product guide is an annual supplement accompanying the May/June issue of ENT & audiology news and distributed worldwide

to our readership. It’s an informative listing of products available within ENT, audiology and related fields and is listed by product type for easy reference.

Book early to guarantee your space, just £99 +VAT per listing

Alternatively increase your product awareness with a

full page display advert from £1,522 +VAT

Copy deadline is 12th March 2012

Contact: Stuart Pownall, Tel: +44 (0)131 478 8403, Email:

ENT & audiology news | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL 20 NO 6

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