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At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? To have lived a full life;

a life that resonates attained goals, fun times, and struggles overcome? That

is our hope for every member of The Carmel Foundation and why we

provide the extensive programs and services that keep our members active

and provide support when it is needed.

As we reflect over the past fiscal year, we are grateful for the

contributions of our members, instructors, volunteers, and philanthropic

donors. Peek through the windows at the Foundation and catch the

breathless enthusiasm of line dancing or aerobics, feel the calm emanate from

yoga, smell the fresh baked bread wafting from the kitchen, see the grateful

smiles of homebound friends… and know this happens because of you.

The Carmel Foundation is that helping hand along the way for life’s

adventures after fifty-five to help you continue living the life you love. The

Foundation had a good year, which is reflected in this report. We hope you

did, too!




Stretching is a form of

physical exercise in which a

specific muscle group is

elongated resulting in increased

muscle control, flexibility, and

range of motion. Staying

physically strong at any age is

vital. At The Carmel

Foundation, you are sure to

find fitness activities to keep

you moving at any fitness level.

The Foundation offered classes

such as Yoga (including Easy

Does it Yoga), Personal Fitness,

Zumba Gold, Line Dancing,

Beginning and Intermediate Tai

Chi, and Ball Room Dancing.

In fact, your health is the

Foundation’s priority. This past

year, the Foundation provided

more than 1,500 rides to

members for medical related

appointments, shopping for

necessities, and personally

important destinations. The

Foundation also provided

nearly 400 medical equipment

loans at no charge to its

members. More than 250

members received assistance


with Medicare D during open

enrollment. The Foundation

provided In Home Supportive

Services and Respite Care

grants, connected members for

friendly visits and helped with

critical daily tasks, and made

approximately 300 visits to

homes, hospitals, and treatment


The Carmel Foundation is

also about preventive medical

care: offering on-site blood

pressure checks, immunization

clinics, and lectures on

wellness, holistic medicine,

and nutrition. The Foundation

provides support groups for

men, women, low-vision

sufferers, and members dealing

with early memory loss.

Being fit and staying active

isn’t just about meeting the

body’s physical and

“To be seventy years young is sometimes far more

cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

physiological needs; it’s also

about mental acuity and

challenging the mind. With

classes like Beginning Writing

Memoirs, Literature on the

Run, Current Events, and

Reader’s Theater, there are

many ways to challenge the

literature enthusiast. You can

learn more about other cultures

with the Japanese Tea

Ceremony, Conversational

Spanish, or Beginning and

Intermediate French. Discover

your inner artist with Wood

Carving, Plein Air Painting,

Acrylic Art Class, or a

Photography Workshop.

Members enthusiastically

embrace technology and the

Foundation supports this

with new computers in the

Computer Lab, graciously

provided by Dena and

Joel Gambord. This was

accompanied by the class

offerings of Facebook, Skype,

How to Use Your Smart Phone,

Creating Your Family Tree on

the Computer, and E-Readers

and Tablets: An Introduction.

According to Pulitzer Prize

winning science writer Ronald

Kotulak, “The brain craves

positive training, education,

and experience throughout

the life span.” We hope

you’ve enjoyed all that the

Foundation is offering to

exercise your mind!

“Anyone who stops

learning is old, whether at

20 or 80. Anyone who keeps

learning stays young. The

greatest thing in life is to

keep your mind young.”

Henry Ford


Part of living the life you

love is simply taking the time

to have FUN! The Carmel

Foundation likes to have fun,

too. Enjoy games? The

Foundation offers Scrabble,

Chess, Mah Jongg, and Bridge.

There are always puzzles

started in the Field Lounge. If

you have a green thumb, there’s

room for one more in the

Gardening Group that enjoys

an on-site greenhouse and

planting beds. Stop by on

Saturdays and enjoy a movie,

ping pong, classes, activities,

and special events.

Maybe you are a music

enthusiast. You are sure to meet

new friends on Wednesdays

with the singing group or come

twice a month for the ever

popular Jazz Appreciation

Group. The Foundation also

offers Beginning Piano and

Topics in Music.

If travel is your passion, the

Foundation can help! Taking,


on average, two trips per

month, the Foundation takes in

musicals, museums, shopping,

and unique experiences. With

thanks to a partnership with

Colette Travel we even offer

destinations abroad!

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into

the space between the notes and curl my back

to loneliness.”

Maya Angelou

A shared meal created by

loving hands nourishes so

much more than the body; it

also nourishes the soul! This

is why the Lunch and

Homebound Meal Delivery

Programs are so important in

this community. This past fiscal

year, the Foundation chefs

prepared 21,692 lunches and

4,122 homebound meals!

Homebound meals are

delivered by volunteers

bi-weekly to help support an

ailing member or assist a

caregiver. The Foundation’s

lunch room is staffed with

caring volunteers always ready

to greet a newcomer and

introduce them to new friends.

Our community has placed

such a value on senior nutrition

that financial support this past

fiscal year has increased by

more than 2,000% over the

previous year! This is due in

no small part to granting

organizations and individual

donors making this a funding

priority and auction gala atten-

dees moved to support the

Foundation’s meal programs.

If you haven’t had the

opportunity to join the many

members who come for lunch,

we hope to see you soon!

Bon Appetit!

“Eating is not merely a

material pleasure. Eating

well gives a spectacular joy

to life and contributes

immensely to goodwill and

happy companionship. It is

of great importance to the


Elsa Schiaparelli


C armel went…

May 21, 2011

at Quail Lodge Golf Club

for its second annual

auction gala. 170 guests

with the help of sponsors,

friends, and businesses

helped raise more than

$113,000 for the Lunch

Program and Homebound

Meal Delivery Program.

Thank you for your



Central Coast Senior Services

Doolittle & Ganos Investment

Counsel, LLC

First National Bank


E. & J. Gallo Winery


1st Capital Bank

Fermin Sanchez, Bruno’s Market

SBI Builders, Inc.

Wells Fargo



Ms. Julie W. Beck

Clayton G. Berling and

Sarah M. Berling

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burns

Dr. Loretta Chou

Jacqueline Clampett-Jones

David Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cowdrey

Mr. and Mrs. Damon E. Danielson

John Diedrich

Bill Edminston

Mary K. Finley and C. Edward


Stanley and Ilene Gold




Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hammerslough

Ms. Maggie N. Hardy

Lori Hightower

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hollingsworth

Ute Isbill-Williams Esq.

Theresa Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Kren

Logan Kruger

Gary and Lynn LaMar

Linda J. Lee

Dr. Richard B. Levine

Sue Lewis

Gary and Judy Logan

Ms. Susan A. McCloud

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Morris

John and Sue O’Brien

Alan and Jean Pederson

Mrs. Luci L. Post

Dan Priano

Don and Janet Reilly

Chris and Graeme Robertson

Fred Rowden

Carrie and Fermin Sanchez

Raine Sarlat

Ms. Susan Freeland and

Mr. Ken Schley

SBI Builders, Inc.

Luisa and Nick Scully

Mr. William H. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James Swallow

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Weil



17th Street Grill

5th Avenue Deli

Alpha Stationers

American International

Transportation Services, Inc.

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

Artisan’s Salon & Day Spa

Augustina Leathers

Basil Seasonal Dining

Ms. Mary C. Bell

Bernardus Lodge

Boëté Winery

Brandon Harris

Wendy Brodie, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burns

California Rodeo, Inc.

Cannery Row Chiropractic

Canty & Marquez Salon & Day Spa

Carmel Art Association

Carmel Bach Festival

Carmel Belle

Carmel Plaza

Carmel Preferred Restaurant Group

Anton & Michel

Grill on Ocean Avenue


Carmel Valley Ranch

Carried Away Boutique

Casa di Campagna, Inc.

Hope A. Cater

Chamisal Tennis & Fitness Club

Pimporn Chavasant

Christopher’s Restaurant

Jacqueline Clampett-Jones

Concorso Italiano

Concours d’Elegance


Cottage Veterinary Care

Lisa Cotter

Dametra Cafe

Diggidy Dog

Gary Donner

Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand

& Organic Cafe

Camilla M. Mann, EcoChic Designs

Eddison & Melrose

Euphoria Lounge

Family InHome Caregiving, Inc.

Mark Farina

Jo Fasciona

Fifi’s Cafe & Bistro

Forest Theater Guild

Fourtane Jewelry

Galerie Plein Aire

Gallant Friedman

Joel Gambord

Marion Gellatly

Granite Rock

Mildred L. Grieve

Ms. Maggie N. Hardy

Horizon Inn

Hudson & Company

Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana at

The Pine Inn

Jan de Luz

Jarilyn’s Spa Retreat

Joullian Vineyards

Just Beth Glass

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kaminske

Katy’s Place

La Bicyclette

La Playa Hotel

Land Rover Experience Driving


Valerie E. Lane

Pamela W. Lawrence

Walt Little

Little Napoli

The Little Swiss Cafe

Lloyd’s Shoes

Melvin F. Loop

Lula’s Chocolates

LUSH Cosmetics, Carmel


Leela Marcum

Marian Blum Acupuncture

Max’s Grill

Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway

Liam McCurry

Me... Too! Luxury Salon

Miss Trawick’s Garden Shop

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey County Bank

Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

Monterey Symphony

Morgan Winery

Nancy’s Attic

Nico Ristorante Mediterraneo

Pacific Grove Florist

Pacific Repertory Theatre



Patisserie Bechler

Patisserie Boissiere Restaurant

Pebble Beach Company

Peggy Olsen Art

Carlos G. Pina

Portola Hotel & Spa at

Monterey Bay

Mrs. Luci L. Post

Post Ranch Inn

Precision Nails

Prim & Proper

Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club

Rancho Canada Golf Club

Red House Cafe

Charlotte Redstone

Don V. Reilly

Rio Grill

Robert Hunter Winery

Robinson Jeffers Tor House


Salinas Airshow

Carrie and Fermin Sanchez

Sand Pebbles

Sandra & Jim Jordan

Scheid Vineyards

Schubert Nursery, Inc.

Luisa and Nick Scully

Barbara Simmons

The SPCA for Monterey County

St. Moritz Sweaters

Tarpy’s Road House

Taste Cafe & Bistro

The Cheese Shop Inc.

The Grill at Ryan Ranch

Tiffany & Co.

Tommy’s Wok

Trader Joe’s

Travel Bag

Trotters Antiques

UPS Store

Vanguard Gallery

Ventana Inn & Spa

Ventana Vineyards

Ventana Wildlife Society

Victorian Bird Homes & Patio Art

Sally Weil

Wells Fargo

Weston Gallery

Wild Bird Center of Monterey

Wild Things, Inc.

Gale Wrausmann


Split Interest Agreements


Realized Gain


Unrealized Gain




Other Income


Summary Financial Information for the Year Ending June 30, 2011


4% Membership






Interest & Dividends


Statement of Activities

July 1, 2010-June 30,2011


Grants $ 145,988

Membership $ 235,782

Donations $ 629,757

Bequests $ 522,305

Interest & Dividends $ 188,423

Other Income $ 41,221


Securities Gain & Loss

$ 1,763,476

Unrealized Gain (Loss) $ 944,624

Realized Gain (Loss) $ 75,572

Total $ 1,020,196

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTS) / $ 137,000

Split Interest Agreements

Programs & Misc Income $ 496,581

Total Revenues $ 3,417,253


Housing $ 584,372

Support Services $ 310,566

Activities & Classes $ 401,354

Lunch Program $ 320,390

Transportation $ 135,558

Fundraising & Development $ 322,202

General & Administrative $ 381,966

Total Expenses $ 2,456,408

Change in Net Assets from Operations $ 960,844

Net Assets, Beginning of Fiscal Year $ 13,012,400

Net Assets, End of Fiscal Year $ 13,973,244


Fundraising & Development


General & Administrative




Summarized Statement of Financial Position

June 30, 2011


Cash & Other Liquid Assets $ 270,420


Accounts Receivable $ 8,245

Bequest Receivable $ 352,075

Split Interest Agreements $ 845,000

Accrued Interest & Dividends $ 15,726

Prepaid Expenses $ 28,297

Total $ 1,249,343

Investments (at Market) $ 6,630,401

Total Currents Assets $ 8,150,164

Long Term Assets

Land Lease (Norton Ct) $ 1,000,000

Land/Bldg/Equip Net $ 5,384,835

Total Long Term Assets $ 6,384,835

Total Assets $ 14,534,999

Liabilities & Fund Balance


Accounts Payable $ 47,204

Accrued Wages & Vacation $ 58,869

Payroll Taxes Payable $ 4,460

Advance Deposit $ 29,220

Line of Credit (S/T) $ 422,000

Total Liabilities $ 561,753

Fund Balance

Unrestricted $ 10,715,930

Temporarily Restricted $ 2,001,844

Permanently Restricted $ 1,255,470

Total Net Assets $ 13,973,244

Total Liabilities & Net Assets $ 14,534,997


Annual Giving

The Carmel Foundation

gratefully acknowledges

the following donors who

provided support to our

annual operating fund in

the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

$20,000 AND ABOVE

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kaminske

$10,000 - $19,999

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Pedersen

Ms. Barbara W. Seeburger

Mr. William H. Smith

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. Dieter Back

Mrs. Sigrid S. Banks

Mrs. Walter Berg

The CF Needlecraft Group

D. Terry Layne, Col. Ret.

$1,000 - $4,999

Ms. Mary C. Bell

Clayton G. Berling and

Sarah M. Berling

Mr. Richard L. Burns

Dr. Loretta Chou

Jacqueline Clampett-Jones

Jim and Sue Coleman

Scott and Susan Daniels

Ms. Carole A. Davis

Mrs. Madeleine A. Dowdakin

Mrs. Jean L. Draper

Mrs. Karen D. Egan

Joel and Dena Gambord

Stanley and Ilene Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hammerslough

Mrs. Dorothea Mumford Horton

Mary Lou and Emil Kissel

Mrs. Mary Krecki

Ms. Linda J. Lee

Ms. Susan A. McCloud

Dorothee Pakusch

Ms. Marjorie C. Perrine


Mrs. Luci L. Post

Dan Priano

Don and Janet Reilly

Neil K. Robertson

Marion Robotti

Luisa and Nick Scully

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Walker

Ms. Sandy Williams

Mr. David C. Wilsey, CPA

$500 - $999

Dr. and Mrs. George A. Albright

Ms. Julie W. Beck

Mrs. Bernice Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Bristow

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burns

Ms. Paula L. Cianciarulo

Mrs. Dawn Cohan

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Conklin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cowdrey

Ms. Diane M. De Moss

Mary Delfino and Diane Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Elliott

Ms. Marjorie Fisher

Ms. Nona Fitzgerald

Rear Admiral and

Mrs. Robert H. Gormley

Mr. and Mrs. Dave C. Harris

Ms. Maggie N. Hardy

Mr. James Himonas

Ms. Janet S. Hoehn

Ms. Jan Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Jensen

Mrs. Lise V. Jensen

Mrs. Yvonne Kerby-Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Kitchen

Ms. Jeannine Koby

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Kren

Mr. and Mrs. Armand L. Labbe

Gary and Lynn LaMar

Dr. Richard B. Levine

Dr. Ernest R. Marshall

Mrs. Kathleen H. McDonald

Mrs. Joanne B. McFann

Ms. Jo Ellen Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Morris

Ms. Jeannette Stern and

Mr. Robert Moskowitz



Mr. McKenzie Moss

Donald R. and Laura G. Newmark

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Otrich

Mr. Francis A. Pastor

Chris and Graeme Robertson

Ms. Susan Freeland and

Mr. Ken Schley

Karen and David Sharp

Neil and Jill Sheffield

Barbara Simmons

Kathy Spake and Michael Whitsett

Ms. Patricia A. Steele

Mr. and Mrs. James Swallow

Ms. Margaret S. Swenson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Breck Tostevin

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tyler

Mr. Ralph B. Unterbrink

Ms. Marge Van Dusen

Mr. and Mrs. Leon L. Vickman

$100 - $499

Mr. Mahmoud Abouzeid

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Adams

Ms. Susan M. Adams

Mr. Francis Aebi

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Aeschliman

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Agron

Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Ahmann

Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Aldana

Ms. Luann G. Davis and

Mr. Glen T. Alder

Dr. Robert H. Alexander

Mr. John T. Alger

Mr. and Ms. Harvey C. Allison

Ms. Dawn Anderson

Ms. Monica N. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard E. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Anderson

Mrs. Gloria Anello

Mrs. Marie M. Angrist

Ms. Hanne D. Myers and

Mr. Richard C. Armbrust

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstead

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Armstrong

Ms. Kathleen Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Arnot

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Aronson

Mrs. Jean Artz

Mr. Robert J. Axley

Mr. William L. Babaian

Jill Bachman

Mr. Rushton O. Backer

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bacon

Mrs. Carol F. Baird

Mrs. Linda H. Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bardsley III

Mrs. Lois M. Barker

Mrs. Janet P. Barker

Mr. Edwin K. Barker

Mrs. Diana L. Barrett

Mrs. Marion Barton

Mrs. Geraldine R. Bassford

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baszucki

Ms. Elizabeth Bates

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Baumgardt

Ms. Cindy M. Beam

Ms. Marcia U. Beaumont

Ms. Anna W. Beck

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Bell, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Bell

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Bell

Mrs. Joan R. Beller

Mr. L. R. Bemis

Mr. Gregory S. Benedict

Mrs. Patricia J. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. David Bentel

Mr. and Ms. Peter Bernstein

Ms. Mary N. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Besmehn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bestor

Mr. and Mrs. R. Harwood Beville

Virginia A. Bickford

Mr. Bill F. Bishop

Mr. Robert K. Blaisdell

Mrs. Roxana H. Blanks

Mrs. Leticia V. Blodget

Mrs. Susan D. Blois

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bloom

Mrs. Barbara A. Bobrow

Mrs. I. G. Boelter

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bohland

Mrs. Mary A. Boland

Mr. Roger D. Bolgard

Judy and Dick Borda

Maureen Bordan

Mrs. Geraldine M. Borovilos

Ms. Jenifer E. Bovey

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bowen

Mr. Philbrick Bowhay

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bowles

Mr. Thomas A. Boyden

Ms. Mary E. Boyken

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Bramblett

Ms. Marjorie L. Brand

Dr. Ruth Bravo-Madamba M.D.

Mrs. Vilma E. Bray

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Breck

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Breiholz

Mr. William J. Bridges

Gary and Sherry Brient

Ms. Jane Natalie Britton

Mr. and Mrs. Lyn F. Bronson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Brown

Dr. John S. Brown and

Ms. Trixie Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Brown

Mrs. Barbara J. Bruhn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bruner

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brunn

Ms. Katherine L. Bucquet

Mrs. Barbara B. Bucquet

Ms. Jane S. Buell

Ms. Edee Heiser and

Mr. Duong A. Bui

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bullock-Wilson

Mrs. Nathalie W. Bunn

Mrs. Nancy A. Burbank

The Rev. and Mrs. John H. Burk

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burnis

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bush

Miss Helga B. Buss

Mrs. Sally F. Calabrese

Mr. Clyn Smith and

Ms. Chris Campbell

Mr. Daniel G. Campbell and

Mr. Jerry M. Fielder

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Cardoza

John and Alice Carley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Carlisle

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Carr

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Carver

Mrs. Beatrice A. Case

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Castagna

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Castle

Ms. Ellyn G. Roemelt and

Mr. Vincent P. Catania

Jeannie and Ed Cavallini

Mrs. Sandy R. Chaix

Ms. Pearl Chan

Mrs. Winifred J. Chandler

Mr. Ralph N. Channell

Ms. Charl A. Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. H. Keith Chase

Ms. Pimporn Chavasant

Ms. Clara Cherry

Mr. and Mrs. Elio A. Chiappe

Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Chibidakis

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cicero

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Claas

Mr. Walter N. Clark

Ms. Marjorie J. Clark

Mrs. Fern Clark

Mrs. Mary L. Clarkson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Cogan

Dan M. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Colehower

Ms. Rose Marie Coleman

Ms. Virginia M. Colwell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Condry

Mrs. Carla Lepori Coniglio

Mr. Eugene A. Conley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conmy

Ms. Carole Connelly

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cooney

Ms. Vivian Cornwall

Mrs. Merryll M. Cottrell

Mrs. Mary Cary Coughlan

Mrs. Shirley D. Coyne

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Craig

Dr. Pamela H. Craig and

Dr. John R. Craig

Mrs. Mary Kay Crockett

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Crook

Mr. and Mrs. Al C. Crosby

Ms. Julia N. Crow

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff R. Crusan

Ms. Penny K. Crymes

Aimee and Jeff Cuda

Ms. Bonnie Culp

Miss Gayle Cureton

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Currier

Ms. Sharon L. Dalkey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D’Ambrosio

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Daniel

Mr. and Ms. Damon E. Danielson

Mrs. Andrea J. Darin

Ms. Cathy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Davis

Ms. Norma H. Davis

Mrs. Ramona B. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Davis

Mrs. Eileen Davey

Mrs. Denise Dekens

Mr. Pierre Delfausse

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick L. Dewar

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Dillon

Ms. Sandra Dinubilo

Ms. Muriel I. Dobry

Mr. Douglas Dodge

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Dolley

Ms. Patricia L. Dombrink and

Mr. Jeffrey D. Green

Ms. Mary Lou Donegan

Miss Gin Donohoo

Aileen and William Doolittle

Mrs. Beverly J. Doud

Ms. Estelle Douglas

Mrs. Marguerite L. Downer

Ms. Isabel K. Draper

Mr. and Mrs. George W. DuBois

Mrs. Joy Dudley

Ms. Constance Anne Dudley

Mrs. Jean M. Duff

Mrs. Coramae Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunbar

Ms. Diane Duncan

Ms. Norma E. Dunipace

Mr. Bruce Dunlap

Mr. D. D. Durant

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Durein

Mrs. Alice Dutton Bergin

Ms. Cynthia Duvall

Ms. Ellen S. Dwyer and

Mr. Larry K. Suvled

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie J. Eagling

Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Eastlack

Mr. and Mrs. Don Eastman

Mr. Paul R. Eastman

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eccher

Mrs. Gloria Edelen

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Eggleston

Ms. Frances H. Elgan

Mr. and Mrs. Les M. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Emery

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Engen

Mrs. Ellen P. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ewen

Ms. Margaret L. Farrier

Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Feistel

Mrs. Grace Woltz Fenwick

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Ferguson

Mrs. Carroll A. Fergusson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Ferruci

Mrs. Kimberley Dawn Findley

Ms. Mary K. Finley and

Mr. C. Edward Holden

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Finley

Ms. Rita J. Thangaraj and

Mr. Paul M. Finnegan

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fisher

Capt. And Mrs. Cyrus F. Fitton

Mr. Joseph A. Flinn

Dr. James. L. Fobes and

Dr. Jacqueline T. Fobes

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Foster

Ms. Gwendolyn G. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Foster

Ms. Margaret R. Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Frasca

Mrs. Jacqueline Frazier

Mrs. Julia M. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Frederiksen

Mr. Don Fredrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Ron C. Fredrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck E. Gang

Mrs. Abigail Gardiner-Freed

Ms. Mary Anne Garner

Mr. James J. Gaudineer

Mrs. Carol George

Ms. Rosemarie George

Mrs. Consuelo Cabuto Georis

Mrs. Amalia Gillette

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gilpin

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ginsburg

Mr. John W. Goings

Mr. and Mrs. Dean D. Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Goldenson

Mr. and Mrs. Burton M. Goldfield

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Goldman

Mr. Bruce M. Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Gorn

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison G. Gough

Mrs. Lucille M. Gould

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gould

Ms. Smillka Goynich

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Graber

Mrs. Isabel Y. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenwood

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Grier

Miss Hilde Grill

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gross

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Grundy

Mrs. Gloria M. Gullander

Dr. and Mrs. Stan Gum

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Gurries

Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Gutches

Mrs. Candace I. Haber

Mr. Peter S. Hagerman

Mrs. Dolores P. Hagey

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Hall

Mrs. Eileen W. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Hammerland

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hammerslough

Mr. and Mrs. Galyn C. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Handler

Mr. Bob Hanley

Mr. and Mrs. Burt Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Harrison

Mr. Sydney P. Harrison

Esther N. Haskins

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Harvey

Ms. Kris Hauswirth

Mr. Phil E. Hawthorne

Mrs. Virginia M. Hayes

Mr. and William D. Haynes

Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Hays

Dr. E. Ronn Heiner

Mr. Dale J. Hekhuis

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hemphill

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Hendrick

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Peter Henney

Mrs. Lois Joan Herschede

Mrs. Delores A. Heyl

Mrs. Joan S. Heyler

Ms. Judy A. Higgerson and

Mr. Jim P. Procida

Mr. Donald High

Michelle and Tom Hill

Mr. W. S. Hintz

Mrs. Merilyn M. Hobbs

Dr. and Mrs. Manfred M. Holl

Mr. Willard Hollenbeck

Mrs. Belinda V. Holliday

Jennifer and Paul Hollingsworth

Mrs. Leslie S. Holt

Mrs. Nancy L. Holtrop

Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Holz, Jr.

Jean M. Hontalas

Ms. Jeanne C. Hope

Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Horan

Ms. Vivian Lucile Horn

Mr. Harold H. Houghton

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Hubb

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hudson

Ms. Nancy Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Hunter

Mrs. Nancy G. Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Hutton

Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Hyde

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. Hydorn

Ute Isbill-Williams

Ms. Patricia J. Jackson and

Mr. Dayle A. Parkes

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jacobson

Ms. Sue Jarman

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. James

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jamison


Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jenkins

Ms. Donna S. Jett

Mr. Joseph Jewett

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Jo

Mrs. F. Catherine Johnson

Ms. Carol Johnson

Barbara and James Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Johnson

Miss Doris C. Jolicoeur

Nancy J. Jones and

Charles Grauling

Mr. and Mrs. Reggie H. Jones

Mr. Richard L. Jones

Mrs. Christina H. Judson

Dr. Ruth McClendon and

Dr. Leslie B. Kadis

Dr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Kahn

Mrs. Denise D. Kaku and

Mr. Richard L. Lausten

Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Kallay

Lee Kaplan

Mrs. June E. Karnok

Mrs. Tomiko Katsumata

Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kelley

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Kelly

The Honorable Lorraine Kendall

Ms. Ovilee Kennedy

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Kepp

Mrs. Lois B. Kettel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kiatta

Mr. J. Robert Killian

Mrs. Andrea R. Kim

Ms. Lee J. Ure and

Mr. Dennis C. King

Mr. Gerald E. King

Ms. F. Petra King

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Klaas

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Klepich

Mrs. June D. Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Piter R. Kokellar

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Koehnen

Mrs. Adeline L. Kohn

Mr. William Krauthoefer

Mr. Jack D. Krell

Miss Marie I. Krumenacher

Erling Lagerholm


Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Lallaman

Mrs. Lillian Lampi

Mr. and Mrs. H. Warner Landau

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight G. Langley

Mr. Joseph P. Lantz

Mrs. Irene D. Larson

Mr. Paul Laub

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Lavorini

Mrs. Millicent Lawitzke

Mrs. Jill Leach

Mr. and Mrs. Zad Leavy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lee

Mrs. Marian Leidig

Miss Emily Leonardi

Ms. Darlene J. Wright and

Mr. Chris L. LeVenton

Mr. Thomas M. Leverone

Mrs. Helen Levet

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lewis

Ms. Rita J. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Lippman

Mrs. Jean A. Livingston

Patricia Lockhart and

Jonathan Lockhart

Mrs. Patricia D. Lockhart

Gary and Judy Logan

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Logan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Longo

Mr. Melvin F. Loop

Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Loper

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lovejoy

Mr. Sal E. Lucido

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lunding

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lundy

Mrs. Jacqueline R. Lynch

Ms. Jill N. Lynch

Mr. Pierre de St. J. Macbeth

Ms. Virginia B. MacLeod

Mrs. Laurie MacTavish Best

Mrs. Judith A. Magee

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Magner III

Mrs. Jennifer S. Mallory

Dr. and Mrs. Jack U. Marchi

Ms. Judy Tatlebaum and

Mr. Allan G. Marcus

Ms. Patty A. Marlow

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Marsh

Our Donors (continued)

Mr. and Mrs. Leland E. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Kneale Marshall

Mrs. Rose Marie Marsiguerra

Mrs. Helga M. Marty

Mrs. Nancie S. Martzloff

Ms. N. Keyte Marui

Mr. Don Mathews

Ms. Rosemary Matson

Mr. Robert A. Mattson

Mrs. Betty McAninch

Mr. and Mrs. Norman McBride

Mr. and Mrs. James McCammon

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. McCarthy

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R.


Ms. Mae McCoy

Mrs. Pearl K. McCullough

Mr. Victor G. McCullough

Mrs. Jane D. McCune

Mrs. Margie McCurry

Mr. and Mrs. Delaplaine McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. McDonough

Ms. Nancy A. McGraw

Mr. Jack W. McKay III

Mr. James T. McKibbin

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. McKnight

Mrs. Joan B. McVay

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Meadors

Ms. Channaorah Meir

Mr. Thomas D. Melville

Ms. Myrtle Menczkowski

Dr. L. Bruce Meyer

Mrs. Sheila Michasiow

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Milani

Mrs. Nell Milich

Mr. and Mrs. William Miles

Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Milistefr

Mr. and Mrs. Perry D. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. James I. Miller

Ms. Harriet Mitteldorf

Mr. Hamilton Montgomery

Janet Mooers

Wayne and Shirley Moon

Ms. Barbara D. Moore

Dr. John H. Moore

Mr. McKenzie Moss

Dr. and Mrs. Julius H. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcay

Mrs. Jessie Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mullen

Mrs. Grace E. Munzer

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. Sadri Musavi

Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Neidenberg

Karen S. Nelson

Mrs. Margaret J. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Nelson, Jr.

Ms. Sue E. Nelson

Mr. Barney J. Neufeld

Mrs. Diana F. Nichols

Mrs. Nancy M. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nielsen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Niemeyer

Mr. John F. Nolan

Ms. Liz L. Nolan

William Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nordhof

Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Norgaard

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Norwood

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nystrom

Mrs. Charlotte H. Ober

Ms. Sue E. O’Brien

Mrs. Bruna R. Odello

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Odom

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Oechsel

Ms. Betsy L. Olson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Ottley

Mrs. Hilda G. Owen

Mr. Tony Padilla

Dr. and Mrs. Shepard F. Palitz

Mrs. Sieglinde Pansby

Nancy Panziera

Mrs. Judith Parham

Mrs. Sunzah Park

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan S. Parks

Mr. Charles F. Parsons and

Mrs. Verna D. Test-Parsons

Keith and Karen Paterson

Mrs. Betty C. Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Paulson, Jr.

Ms. Victoria Peach

Dr. June H. Phillips and

Dr. John P. Phillips

Mrs. Marian E. Pierce

Ms. Marine S. Pierce

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Pifer

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pirotte

Ms. Joan Marilyn Pitnick

Mrs. Barbara M. Poitras

Mrs. Marian L. Poling

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Poole

Mr. Howard Portnoy

Mrs. Trish L. Portnoy

Mr. Arne Poulsen

Mr. John F. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Powles

Capt. and Mrs. Donald A. Prescott

Dr. Stephanie Taylor and

Mr. Daniel Presser

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Priestley

Mr. and Mrs. William Probasco

Jean Rasch

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rausch

Mr. and Mrs. Clive H. Rayne

Mrs. Gerda H. Rayne

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Redfern

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reding

Mrs. Borit M. Reeder

Dorothy M. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reiman

Nora and Gunner Reimers

Mr. and Mrs. Niels J. Reimers

Mrs. Mary W. Reimers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reiter

Mrs. Margaret E. Renaut

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Q. Reynolds

Mrs. Maryann Reynolds

Mrs. Rosemary Rhodenbaugh

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Riccardi

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Richards

Mr. Parnell A. Rickerson

Ms. Lillian C. Rico

Ms. Nita Robbins

Mrs. Joan Seeler and

Mr. Ken Robins

Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W.

Robinson, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Rodda

Mrs. Jeannine Rokich

Mr. and Mrs. John Roland

Mrs. Cindy L. Romero

Dr. George W. Rommel

Mrs. Ann C. Rook

Mrs. Virginia L. Rosecrans

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosen

Mr. Daniel Rosenzweig

Mrs. Martha C. Rothrock

Ms. Mary Ann Rousseau

Mrs. Anne M. Rurka

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Russo

Betty Z. Rust

Ms. Remy K. Ryan

Mr. John W. Saar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Saleen

Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Sand

Mr. and Mrs. Clive R. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sanders

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Santiago

Ms. Lorraine V. Sarlat

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Saroyan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sasso

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Scearce

Mrs. Nora Firestone Schell

Mrs. Janet Schmied

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Schuyler

Miss Lorraine I. Scott

Enid Scovil

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Selig

Mrs. Lilli R. Selvig

Mrs. Jean R. Seput

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Shachmut

Ms. Mary Lou Shapiro

Karen and David Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sharpe

Mrs. Jane V. Shedlin

Ms. Georgiana F. Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sherar

Ms. Elizabeth B. Sherard

Mrs. Mary J. Sherman

Mrs. Diana H. Shipley

Margaret Shipley

Mr. William G. Shreve

Mrs. Rose A. Silva

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Silvestri

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Silvestri

The Honorable and

Mrs. Raymond H. Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sitzman

Mrs. Zaza I. Skidmore

Mrs. Mary Jane Sligar

Mrs. Lynne E. Sloane

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Small Jr.

Mr. Bain M. Smith

Mr. Everett E. Smith

Mrs. Pamela Dormody Smith

Mrs. Hilma Smith

Mrs. Helga R. Zentner and

Mr. Philip K. Smith

Mr. Malcolm M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie P. Snortum

Mrs. Elisabeth Y. Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Snow

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Souza

Mr. Anthony Spare

Mrs. Eleanor Doyle Spare

Ernest Speno

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Spowart

Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Staley

Mrs. Noelle J. Steinbroner

Ms. Hilda H. Stengard

Ms. Bettye Stennis

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Stern

Ms. Jeannette Stern and

Mr. Robert Moskowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Stern

Dr. Barbara Stokley and

Dr. Martin H. Sternstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stephan

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Stevenson

Mr. Hunter W. Stewart

Ms. Natalie A. Stewart

Ms. Sylvia Stewart

Mr. Richard A. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Stine

Mrs. Marcella C. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. LaVelle V. Stonebraker

Mrs. Carol J. Stratton

Mr. and Mrs. Lad J. Strnad

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Strohm

Mrs. Margaret A. Sturges

Cmdr. and Mrs. Herman O.


Mrs. Renee M. Sugden

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Summers

Ms. Nora N. Sutter

Ms. Donna L. Swan and

Mr. Ronald F. San Chirico

Mrs. Marianna R. Swanson

Mrs. Roberta Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Roert S. Swarrop

Mrs. Vivian E. Sweeney

Mrs. A. T. Swett

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Swift

Mr. Joseph Szewczak

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Tagg

Mrs. Elouise Tupper and

Mr. Jerry H. Tal

Mr. Kenneth K. Talmage

Mrs. Edith Tannenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Tanous

Mrs. Alice K. Tao

Mr. Dan Tarallo

Mr. Daniel M. Tellep

Ms. Nan Borreson and

Mr. Fredrick Terman

Ms. Dianne E. Terrell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Tette

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thatcher

Mr. Jerry Theis

The Honorable and Mrs. Donald

A. Thomas

Ms. Marilyn H. Thomas

James Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Thorp

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Tillson

Howard Timm

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Titus

Mr. and Mrs. John Tolbi

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tomblin

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Torrente

Mr. and Mrs. J. Breck Tostevin

Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Treadwell

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Upp

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Van Alstyne

Mr. Noel C. Van Bibber

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Van Gansen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Meter

Mrs. Patricia Vance

Ms. Virginia Weathers and

Mr. Charles Vandagriff

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Vanderhave

Mr. and Mrs. Alex A. Vardamis

Ms. Ellen E. Verdi

Mr. and Mrs. Leon L. Vickman

Professor and Mrs. Joseph J.

von Schwind

Mr. James G. Vorhes

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Wald

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Walzer

Mr. Paul M. Waters

Mrs. Jonnie D. Webb

Mrs. Edward Wedlake

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Weil

Barbara and Kenneth Weingarten

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Weismann

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Wells

Dr. and Ms. Emory G. West

Nancy and Chuck Westcott

Miss Betty M. Weston

Ms. Jana Weston

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Whitcanack

Mr. and Mrs. George White, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ken White

Mr. Paul Whitman

Mrs. Audrey P. Wiel

Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Wiest

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan C. Wilder

Mrs. Phyllis Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Wilhelm

Ms. Carolyn F. Williams

Mrs. Dorothy J. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wilmoth

Mrs. H. L. Wilsey

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wilson

Mrs. Julia B. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Wissmeier

Ms. Diane Wolcott

Dr. Ralph H. Wolfe

Mrs. Patricia S. Work

Mr. James D. Wright

Mrs. Mary R. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Wright Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Wulfmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wunsch

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wurtz

Dr. and Mr. Alfred Yager

Michiko Yoshizato

Mrs. Anita M. Young

Mrs. Margaret Young

Mr. Richard H. Zahm

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zaslow

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Ziegenbein

Ruth Zirker

Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zug


Pillars of the Carmel


The Carmel Foundation

would like to to acknowledge

the exceptional generosity of

our newest Pillars who have

made cumulative gifts

of $10,000 or more:

Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Bristow

The Carmel Foundation

Legacy Society

We recognize with gratitude

the following members of the

Legacy Society who have

included the Foundation in

their estate plans:

Andrew Allison

Joele B. Allison

Leonard J. and Shahin Anable

Mr. Donald Balestrieri

Bethany Ann Beckman

Ella Z. Bekker

Mrs. Walter Berg

Larry and Maureen Bordan

Gary and Sherry Brient

Helga B. Buss

A. Alison Cathro

Shirley Painter Chute

Jacqueline Clampett-Jones

Mary Delfino

Dr. Albert G. Giordano

Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Guilfoil

Esther N. Haskins

Ute Isbill-Williams

Barbara and James Johnson

Nancy J. Jones and

Charles Grauling

Mary Lou and Emil Kissel

Erling Lagerholm

D. Terry Layne, Col. Ret.

Fiorella Ljunggren


Patricia Lockhart and

Jonathan Lockhart

Constance (Kat) and Robert Miller

Donald R. and Laura C. Newmark

Dorothee Pakusch

Alan and Jean Pedersen

Betty B. Plank

Karen Y. Redding

Dorothy M. Reid

Neil K. Robertson

Marion and John Robotti

Virginia Sevier Rogers

Betty Z. Rust

Mrs. Constance Segel

Margaret Shipley

Mrs. G. Marnie Shooter

Jackson and Linda Smith

Ann Solon

Kathy Spake

Marie W. Thorne

Mr. David Thorp

Peter and Anne Thorp

Claudia Treadwell and

Harry Neumann

Silvester Willmert

Evelyn V. Wood

Nancy G. Wright

Wunsch Family Trust

Ben and Madelon Zimner

Foundations, Charitable

Organizations &


We would like to thank the

following foundations,

charitable organizations, and

businesses that contributed to

The Carmel Foundation’s

annual operating fund in the

2010-2011 fiscal year:

1st Capital Bank

Brunos Market & Delicatessen

Central Coast Community Health

Central Coast Senior Services, Inc.

Community Foundation for

Monterey County

Nancy Parker Benham

Endowment Fund

Ted Fehring Family/

Carmel Host Lions

Club Fund

Monterey County Weekly

Community Fund

Murray Fund

Merritt V. Weber Fund

L&D Meyer Fund

Community Hospital of the

Monterey Peninsula

Darby Betts Fund

Doolittle & Ganos Investment

Counsel, LLC

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

First National Bank of

Central California

Fremont Bank Foundation

Mildred Hitchcock Huff

Charitable Trust

Mission Trail Lions Club of Carmel

Monterey Peninsula Foundation,

host of the AT&T Pebble Beach

Pro Am Tournament

Monterey Peninsula Volunteer


NAS Services

Ona E. and Robert E. Murphy

Charitable Trust

The Dunspaugh-Dalton

Foundation, Inc

The GE Foundation

The Lowell Berry Foundation

The Safeway Foundation

Tostevin Accountancy Corporation

TouchPoint Foundation

Vanguard Charitable Endowment


Wells Fargo

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop

Trevvett Court

Campaign Gifts

We recognize and thank the

following individuals,

businesses, and organizations

for their generous

contributions to the Trevvett

Court fund in the 2010-2011

fiscal year:

Advanced Testing & Inspection, LLC

Patricia A. Bangs

Melissa and Jason Burnett

The Burnham Foundation

Bill and Nancy Campbell

The CF Needlecraft Group

Community Foundation for

Monterey County

Farrell/Allen Fund

B & J Lee Fund

Robert & Virginia Stanton

Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doolittle

Isabel K. Draper

Mary Jane Drummond Trust

Eric Miller Architects, Inc.

The Carmel Foundation protects the

privacy of its contributors. We do not

sell or share our mailing lists with

any other organizations or

businesses. If you wish to remain

anonymous, please let us know when

you make your contribution.

Marjorie Fisher

Warwick J. Hayes

Joan S. Helyer

Jan Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kaminske

The Robert S. and Grayce B. Kerr


David Keyston

Joseph R. Killian

Mary Krecki

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little

Jean A. Livingston

Patricia Lockhart and Jonathan


The Markkula Foundation

Me…Too! Day Spa

Joan R. Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Peek

Margaret E. Renaut

Maryann Reynolds

Barbara Santry

Barnet Segal Charitable Trust

Mary J. Sherman

Sherrie Spendlove

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A Thomas

Ron & Charle Thomas

Design: Paige Johnson Design, Inc., Carmel


July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011


Terry Burns


Gary LaMar

Vice Chairman Governance

Dave Wilsey, C.P.A.

Vice Chairman Treasurer

Phil Smith

Vice Chairman Development

Barbara Simmons



George Albright

Karen Cowdrey

Maggie Hardy

Jennifer Hollingsworth

Michael Kirch

Jean Rasch

Don Reilly

Chris Robertson

Pat Steele

Andrea Thatcher

Front Cover:

Melvin Loop takes Instructor

Renata Bruce once around the

dance floor in Ballroom



September 21, 2011


Jill Sheffield


Anne Albano

Director of Support Services

Beth Bates

Director of Finance

Linda J. Lee

Director of Development

Melissa McKenzie

Director of Programs and

Volunteer Services


Ana Almazan

Apartment Housekeeper

George Bowery

Program Assistant

Bill Burns


Carlos Correa

Facilities Manager

Aimee Cuda

Development and

Communications Manager

Gayle Cureton


Greg Ellis

Facilities Assistant

Melissa Farrell


Kevin Flynn


Kelly Gilpin


Michael Goldman


Elisa Gray

Support Services Assistant

Millie Grieve


Darrin Michell


Edmundo Rodriguez

Kitchen Assistant

Suzan Salyers

Administrative Assistant

Gilda Soule

Executive Assistant

Tina Swartzel

Transportation Coordinator

The Carmel Foundation

P.O. Box 1050

Carmel, CA 93921



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