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8 issues per year

Print ISSN: 0267-3037

Online ISSN: 1466-1810

Recent Articles

• Mixed Messages about

Mixed Tenure: Do Reviews

Tell the Real Story?

Lyndal Bond,

Elena Sautkina and

Ade Kearns

• Conceptualising Social

Housing within the

Wider Housing Market: A

Vacancy Chain Model

Ed Ferrari

• The Trappings of Home:

Young Homeless People’s

Transitions Towards

Independent Living

Martin Brueckner,

Meredith Green and

Sherry Saggers

Housing, Lone Parenthood

and Gender: A Qualitative

Approach in Southern


José María González-

González, Francisco

Diaz Bretones, Andrés


and Juan Sánchez-


• Understanding Risk,

Choice and Amenity in

an Urban Area at Risk of


Karen F. Willis, Kristin

Natalier and Mhairi



Housing Studies


Chris Leishman, University of Glasgow, UK

Moira Munro, University of Glasgow, UK

Ray Forrest, City University of Hong Kong and University of Bristol, UK

Alex Schwartz, Milano, The New School for Management and Urban Policy, USA

Hal Pawson, Univresity of New South Wales, Australia and Heriot-Watt University, UK

Housing Studies is the essential international forum for academic debate in

the housing field and has played a major role in theoretical and analytical

developments within this area of study.

The journal has explored a range of academic and policy concerns including the


• linkages between housing and other areas of social and economic policy

• the role of housing in everyday life and in gender, class and age relationships

• the economics of housing expenditure and housing finance

• international comparisons and developments

• issues of sustainability and housing development

• demographic and social trends and the changing role of housing tenures

• theoretical and conceptual frameworks for housing studies

Housing Studies welcomes contributions on housing and housing related issues

in any national or cross-national context. The journal also features contributions

from many different disciplines including economics, political science, urban

studies, history, social administration, sociology, geography, law and planning.

A wide range of important refereed articles makes Housing Studies a vital

resource for all of those who need access to major research and debate in

this area.


All submissions should be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts at

More instructions for authors can be found at the journal homepage:

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Housing Policy


Published on behalf of

the Metropolitan Institute

at Virginia Tech


Thomas W. Sanchez, Virginia Polytechnic and State

University, USA

4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1051-1482, Online ISSN: 2152-050X

Housing Policy Debate provides a venue for original research

on U.S. housing policy. Subjects include affordable housing

policy, fair housing policy, land use regulations influencing

housing affordability, metropolitan development trends, and

linkages among housing policy and energy, environmental,

and transportation policy.

Features of the journal include an Articles section and

a Forum section. The Forum, which highlights a current

debate, features a central article and responding comments

that represent a range of perspectives. On a recurring basis,

Housing Policy Debate also publishes an Outlook section

where the editors, occasionally with expert guest writers,

comment on emerging areas of housing and metropolitan

research or current events.


Recent Articles

• Minimum Parking Requirements and Housing Affordability in New

York City

Simon McDonnell, Josiah Madar and Vicki Been

• Cleveland’s EcoVillage: Green and Affordable Housing Through a

Network Alliance

Wendy A. Kellogg and W. Dennis Keating

• How Local Public Administrators, Nonprofit Providers, and Elected

Officials Perceive Impediments to Fair Housing in the Suburbs: An

Analysis of Erie County, New York

Kelly L. Patterson and Robert Mark Silverman

• Intrametropolitan Residential Mobility and Older Inner Suburbs:

A Case Study of the Greater Columbus, Ohio, Metropolitan Area

Moon Jeong Kim and Hazel A. Morrow-Jones

• Integrating Equity and Environmental Goals in Local Housing Policy

Elizabeth J. Mueller and Frederick Steiner


All submissions should be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts


More instructions for authors can be found at the journal homepage:

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Journal of

Housing Policy


Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Heriot-Watt

University, UK

4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1461-6718, Online ISSN: 1473-3269

International Journal of Housing Policy aims to be the leading

forum for the critical analysis of housing policy, systems

and practice from a social science perspective. It welcomes

articles based on policy-relevant research and analysis focused

on all parts of the world and particularly papers which link

developments in housing with broader social, economic and

political change and which place housing policies and practice

in the context of other public policies. Articles that contribute

to comparative housing analysis are especially encouraged,

but articles on national or sub-national housing systems

relevant to an international audience are also welcome.

Recent Articles

• Transforming Irish Home Ownership through Credit Deregulation,

Boom and Crunch

Michelle Norris and Nessa Winston

• Responding to the Housing and Financial Crises: Mortgage Lending,

Mortgage Products and Government Policies

Kathleen Scanlon, Jens Lunde and Christine Whitehead

• The Evolution of Housing Renewal in Shanghai, 1990-2010: A

‘Socially Conscious’ Entrepreneurial City?

Stephen Wei-Hsin Wang

Housing Vouchers, Benefits and Allowances (VBAs): Comparing

Rental Tools in the US, England and the Netherlands

Abiy Agiro and Jonathan Matusitz

• Policy Transfer of Choice-based Lettings to Britain and Australia:

How Extensive? How Faithful? How Appropriate?

Hal Pawson and Kath Hulse


All submissions should be sent as an MSWord email attachment to

More instructions for authors can be found at the journal homepage:

Housing, Theory

and Society


David Clapham, Cardiff University, UK

4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1403-6096, Online ISSN: 1651-2278

Housing, Theory and Society is an international academic

journal that aims to encourage the application and

development of social theory in the housing field. The

journal has a broad focus that includes content related to

international housing, social theory and other social issues.

Contributions regularly integrate housing research into

particular aspects of social science, social research and policy,

including welfare studies, employment, education, gender,

public health and the environment.

The journal also includes systematic and theoretical

comparative studies of housing, and conceptually refined

approaches to differences between housing systems.

With a distinguished international editorial board, the journal

furthers the agenda of housing research as an integrated,

multidisciplinary field that is theoretically informed and

embedded in wider societal issues.

The editor welcomes original contributions on all aspects

of housing and social theory. Housing, Theory and Society

accepts papers from across the world and is aimed at an

international audience.

Recent Articles

Housing Studies, Social Class and Being Towards Dwelling

John Flint

• Sceptical, Disorderly and Paradoxical Subjects: Problematizing the

“Will to Empower” in Social Housing Governance

Kim McKee

• Trouble at the Top: The Construction of a Tenant Identity in the

Governance of Social Housing Organizations

Quintin Bradley

• Using Big Ideas: The Application of Political Philosophy in Housing


Peter King

• Home Ownership and Pensions: Causality and the Really Big Tradeoff

John Doling and Nick Horsewood


All submissions should be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts


More instructions for authors can be found at the journal homepage:

Journal of Housing

for the Elderly


Benyamin Schwarz, University of

Missouri, USA

4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 0276-3893, Online ISSN: 1540-353X

The Journal of Housing for the Elderly aims to serve the needs

of gerontological professionals in the fields of architecture

and housing, urban planning, and public policy who are

responsible for the residential environments of the elderly in the

community. The journal’s goal is the rapid publication of new

research in the housing and aging fields as well as the synthesis

of cross-disciplinary efforts made to enhance the residences

of the elderly. This journal is useful for scholars, policymakers,

legislators, architects and urban planners, lending institutions,

religious groups, developers, and the lay public in general who

have an interest in the subject-personal, professional, or civic.

The journal covers the latest efforts of housing researchers

and policy experts-from research on energy conservation

or privacy needs to policy implications of home equity

conversion. It also examines management issues, housing

related service delivery innovations, case histories of successful

housing alternatives, and financing strategies.

Recent Articles

• Ready or Not: Transitioning from Institutional Care to Community


Noelle L. Fields, Keith A. Anderson and Holly Dabelko-


• The Psychological Effects of Considering a Move into Residential

Care: An Age-Related Study

Sarah J. E. Leggett, Stephen Davies, Syd Hiskey and James

A. K. Erskine

• Perceived Aspects of Home Environment and Home Modifications

by Older People Living in Rural Areas

Mira Ahn and Asha L. Hegde

• Finnish Seniors’ Move to a Senior House: Examining the Push and

Pull Factors

Tanja Tyvimaa and Candace L. Kemp

• A Study of Residential Condition and Satisfaction of the Elderly in


Bin Li and Sheying Chen


All submissions should be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts


More instructions for authors can be found at the journal homepage:


Journals of Related Interest


Building Research

& Information

International Council of

Research and Innovation in

Building and Construction


Richard Lorch

Building Research & Information is a leading international

refereed journal uniquely focused on a holistic,

transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the complexity

of issues involving the built environment with other systems

over the course of their life: planning, briefing, design,

construction, occupation and use, property exchange and

evaluation, maintenance, alteration and end of life. Published

articles provide conceptual and evidence-based approaches

which reflect the complexity and linkages between cultural,

environmental, economic, social, organisational, quality of

life, health, well-being, design and engineering of the built

environment. BRI’s wide scope embraces:

• the linkages between the built, natural, social and economic

environments, with an emphasis on the interactions

between theory, policy and practice: impacts on ecologies,

resources, sustainable development and climate change

• the performance, impacts, assessment, contributions,

improvement and value of buildings, building stocks and

related systems

• the supply chain capabilities to innovate, design, create,

maintain and improve the performance of both buildings

and products

• changing demands and aspirations for architectural design,

development and property

• formulation of public policy; research, academic and

innovation capabilities; organisational structures and

networks; engagement between research users, policy

makers and practitioners to effectively support the above

scope and objectives


*©2011 Thomson Reuters, 2010 Journal Citation Reports ®


Planning Studies


John Lovering, Cardiff University, UK

Planning, at urban, regional, national

and international levels, faces

new challenges, notably those related to the growth of

globalisation as both an objective socio-economic process and

a shift in policy-maker perceptions and modes of analysis.

International Planning Studies addresses these issues by

publishing research in a variety of specific fields and from a

range of theoretical and normative perspectives, which helps

improve understanding of the actual and potential role of

planning and planners in this context.

Specific policy areas covered include:

• urban design • housing

• economic development • transport

• environmental policy • social inclusion

• spatial planning

International Planning Studies fills a gap between the more

specialist theoretical and empirical journals in planning and

urban-regional studies. In so doing it throws new light on

the influences on, and effects of, the evolution of planning

around the world.

Journal of Property



Bryan D. MacGregor, University of

Aberdeen, UK

The Journal of Property Research is an

international journal of research, particularly applied research,

into all areas or real estate and property investment and

development. Articles may be theoretical, empirical, case

studies or critical literature surveys. The journal provides a

forum for research in the field and assists researchers and

practitioners to keep abreast of new developments. There are

two major areas of focus:

Property investment and finance. This covers topics such

as the characteristics of property as an investment class,

forecasting of markets and property portfolio construction.

Much of this research will be an application to property of

techniques developed in other investment markets.

Land development. This covers a wide range of issues

surrounding the development and redevelopment of property.

The focus may be financial, economic or environmental; urban

or rural; public or private sector.


Journal of the

American Planning


Published on behalf of the

American Planning Association


Randy Crane, University of California, USA

For more than 70 years, the Journal of the American Planning

Association (JAPA) has published research, commentaries,

and book reviews useful to practicing planners, policymakers,

scholars, students, and citizens of urban, suburban, and rural

areas. JAPA publishes only peer-reviewed, original research

and analysis. It aspires to bring insight to planning the future,

to air a variety of perspectives, to publish the highest quality

work, and to engage readers.

JAPA is interested in manuscripts that examine historical

or contemporary planning experience, broadly defined, in

domestic or global contexts, and that do at least one of the


• contribute to the theoretical and conceptual foundation of


• improve the link between planning and successful policy


• advance the methods used in planning practice and

planning research

• explain empirical relationships important to planning

• interpret noteworthy physical, economic, and social

phenomena that have spatial dimensions

• analyze significant consequences of planning approaches,

processes, and contexts.

Planning Theory

& Practice

Published in conjunction with the

Royal Town Planning Institute


Heather Campbell,

University of Sheffield, UK

Planning Theory & Practice provides an international focus for

the development of theory and practice in spatial planning

and a forum to promote the policy dimensions of space and

place. The journal aims to encourage more effective, two-way

communication between theory and practice. The Editors

invite robustly researched papers which raise issues at the

leading edge of planning theory and practice, and welcome

papers on controversial subjects.

The innovative Interface section promotes analytical reflection

on practice and practical engagement with theory through

a multifaceted investigation of a topical theme, in the form

of a series of contributions reflecting on an issue from

different perspectives. The Reviews section, comprising Policy

& Planning Briefs, provides critical insights into key policy

developments and analysis of spatial plans, and Book Reviews.

The range of Planning Theory & Practice includes:

• defining the nature of spatial planning

• developing the theoretical and methodological foundations

of planning

• developing the contributions of the planning field to social

science, both analytically and normatively

• exploring the relationship between theory and practice,

including reviews which examine emergent practices and

interpret them in the light of current debates

• examining the contribution of planning practitioners to

governance and public policy focused on the tensions

between social, economic and environmental concerns

• shaping practice through critical reflection and review

• experiences of particular types of practice or of the

development of policy in particular fields

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