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and project


at its fi nest.

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Jan/Feb 2010 – volume 25 – no. 1

4 Clean Talk with Rose

4 Behind the Aloha

4 The Green Way with Bryce Sprecher

5 Wine in 2010

5 Top Beverage Trends in 2010

6 Tool Men: Hospitality Engineering


11 Calendar of Events

12 Capital Success: Sheraton Waikiki

16 News Briefs

17 Association News

17 Advertiser Contacts & Index

18 Carl Lindquist (1934-2009)

ON THE COVER Sheraton Waikiki

porte-cochere. Photo by Elaine Terry. Design by

Ursula A. Silva.

As we get ready to send this issue to press, it’s early

december. in late november, we received the tragic

news that carl “link” lindquist and his wife rae had gone

missing — and were apparently swept out to sea by heavy

rains the night of nov. 26, thanksgiving day. they had their

last meal at hotel hana-Maui, where link served as vice

president and managing director during the ‘80s, after a nearly 25-year career

here at trade publishing.

i was given the assignment of writing a memorial piece about link for this

magazine and have interviewed many people so far. i only met link once or

twice over the past five years of working here at trade but my first impression

was on par with what people have said: he was a quiet and kind man with a

great sense of humor. As I dig deeper and learn more about this extraordinary

person, i wish i could have had the opportunity to know him better.

What a great loss for the close-knit hana

community and for everyone the lindquists

touched over the years. i’ve been told that

anywhere from 800 to 1,500 people are expected

at their memorial service in hana this coming

weekend, Dec. 13, with many flying in from the


thanks for all you did for us, link. Your

memory here at trade publishing lives on.




CHECkiNgInn 3


with Rose

By Rose Galera,


Hi Rose,

What should cleaning professionals

consider important in cleaning for health

and cleaning as a science?

Mahalo, Miko

Aloha Miko,

Many cleaning professionals will agree

that the most important tool is the cleaning

cloth. Yet, why do many still call it a “rag”?

the dictionary defines cloth as “a piece

of fabric used for a specific purpose.” it

defines rag as “a worthless piece of cloth.”

A professional cleaning cloth should by

no means be considered worthless. this

valuable tool should rightfully be called a

“professional cleaning cloth.” one in good

condition will reduce cleaning time and

improve the cleaning process dramatically.

Edges should be hemmed, and the best

sizes generally recommended are 11x11,

13x13 and 15x15. Properly folded, it can

provide a maximum of 16 cleaning sides.

cleaning cloths generally are taken for

granted without much thought given to

their type, use, care, cleaning processes,

rotation of and budget inclusion.

the most phenomenal, efficient and

effective cleaning cloths today are the

super and ultra microfiber cloths. they

collect more particles of dirt and enhance

germ kill more than any other fabric

known. their cost is absorbed by their

ability to perform outstandingly; they also

do not require the use of chemicals, are

environmentally safe and leave behind no

chemical residue. A “green” cleaning tool

is beneficial to everyone, especially allergy

and chemically sensitive individuals.

As a cleaning professional, i have

worked with and promoted microfiber

technology for nearly 10 years and highly

recommend it.

consider this: A cleaning cloth is to a

professional cleaner like a paintbrush is to

a professional painter. it is the professional

tool of the trade.

Rose Galera has 50 years of professional

cleaning experience. She can be contacted at

678-8021 or

4 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010


By Peter Apo

Mass travel

has become

so commonplace in

the last half century

that we forget it’s

still a new global

phenomenon. in

less than a hundred years, we have

gone from animal-powered wagons to

high-speed trains and jumbo jets. From

moving small groups of people a few

miles a day to moving millions across

continents in hours. And in the same

day, we house them, feed them and

entertain them.


travel is the world’s largest growth

industry, and there’s no end in sight.

Why should we be so sure the growth

curve will continue? Because the

urge to travel is innate to the human

condition. to see how other people live,

to experience the great wonders of the




Bryce with


wrote earlier about i the U.S. Green

Building council’s

creation of the

leadership in Energy

and Environmental

design (lEEd)

standard. While

LEED efforts are excellent, a new

organization has been formed recently

called the international living Building

institute (ilBi), and its approach goes

much further.

As stated on the ilBi Web site, “the

international living Building institute

issues a challenge ... to all of humanity

to reconcile the built environment

with the natural environment, into

a civilization that creates greater

biodiversity, resilience and opportunities

for life with each adaptation and

development.” this goes for hotels as


One example of a living building

is the omega center for Sustainable

living (ocSl) in rhinebeck, n.Y. this


world, to escape the humdrum of life

in our hometown. humans are travel

junkies — and they are willing to spend

a significant percentage of their annual

income seeking respite and rejuvenation.

i would note one profound global

condition being impacted by mass travel.

the solution to the world’s conflicts

cannot be achieved through politics.

the conflicts are cultural. tourism

brings people together in intimate

cultural exchanges. As we meet each

other eyeball to eyeball, friend to

friend, host to hosted, we build bridges

of understanding and friendship one

encounter at a time.

tourism is paving a road to world

peace, and i am proud to be a part of it.

Peter Apo is a cultural tourism consultant,

providing training for incorporating

Hawaiian values and hospitality traditions

into the visitor industry.

state-of-the art water reclamation facility

and environmental education center

brings together wastewater recycling,

clean energy, green architecture and

other sustainability elements that can

be replicated locally. the ocSl is in

many ways like a hotel — there are lots

of people coming and going, they have

conferences and parties, etc. — yet it

supplies all its own energy and recycles

all of its water. its operation is carbon

neutral. this self-sustaining building

is heated and cooled using geothermal

systems, and utilizes photovoltaic


if just one hotel could apply this

model here in hawaii and then show

the rest of the industry how it makes eco

and financial sense — due to the great

reduction in operating and maintenance

costs — now that would be something.

it’s not going to happen tomorrow,

but just imagine a Waikiki that produces

its own energy and no wastewater!

Find out more at

thanks to laurens laudowicz, founder

of 100% Green, for sharing his expertise!

Bryce Sprecher is the president of Summa

Hawaii, a full-service procurement and

project management firm.

By Chuck Furuya

Wine in 2010

Here are some thoughts on wine for 2010.

The 2007 Vintage

Many wine collectors are biting at the bit for the 2007 californian pinot noir

& cabernet-based collectibles. there are some already in the market with more

coming along throughout the year. 2007 was also a stellar vintage for France’s

rhone valley and German rieslings, and a strong case can be made also for the

2007 white Burgundies. With high quality vintages like these, one can also find

tremendous values in the lower tier wines.

Stainless Steel

We are seeing more and more wines that have been fermented in stainless steel

tanks (and other less reactive material than oak barrels). Many of these exuberantly

fruity, forward wines are made to be delicious and interesting drinking right out of the

gates. Also because they normally cost less to make, they can offer tremendous value.


With these distressed economic times, finding wine values is a very pertinent

topic. consider Sauvignon Blancs from chile, Malbec from Argentina or Spanish

cava (sparkling wine). Savvy wine buyers might also want to check out wines

grown in less famous areas — such as lodi, calif.; languedoc, France; or puglia,

Italy, for example — as there are more and more values being produced really

worth seeking out.

Young Turks

Up and down california’s wine-growing country, we are seeing a new

generation of winemakers meteorically rising to the top. You will find that a little

research on your part can go a long way.

Proprietary Blends

today, we are seeing more and more wine blends being made. While Meritage

wines are normally at the top of ladder, one can also find some really interesting

wines from other grape varieties, especially from masterfully skilled blenders. in

fact, rather than adjusting or enhancing a wine through the addition or subtraction

of components like acidity, some of the new wine-making turks do so skillfully by

blending in a bevy of different grapes and terroirs. in doing this, the wine is more

natural and much more about a sense of place than scientific wine-making.

Food & Wine

When dining at a cafe or bistro in Europe, i am always amazed at how many

diners have wine with their meals. they drink their wine just as we would an ice

tea, fruit punch or soda. it is a way of life. this concept is also catching on in the

U.S. and other parts of the world more and more.

Have a great 2010. Aloha.

Chuck Furuya is a master sommelier and wine director for DK Restaurants.






According to the national

restaurant Association

(nrA), these are the top beverage

trends to watch in 2010:

� locally produced wine and beer

� culinary cocktails

� Artisan liquor

� organic beer, wine and spirits

� Food-beer pairings

� craft beer

� Bar chefs/mixologists

� Gluten-free beer

� Specialty beer

� organic cocktails

“Alcohol can be an important

part of the restaurant experience,

and the What’s hot in 2010

survey clearly shows that wine,

beer and spirits are essential

menu items,” says dawn Sweeney, president

and cEo of the nrA.

“in addition to the local sourcing trend

that is also big in food items, we are seeing

a fresh approach to integrating beer into

meals, with chefs and ‘beer sommeliers’

working closely to select complementary

solid and liquid flavors. the culinary cocktail

is another concept emerging as a top trend,

taking guests beyond the traditional drink

into more complex and adventurous culinary

landscapes, often with savory ingredients

such as bacon, hot peppers and fresh herbs.”

The NRA surveyed 1,854 American

culinary Federation member chefs in october

and asked them to rate 214 individual food/

beverage items, preparation methods and

culinary themes, divided into categories

labeled “hot trend,” “yesterday’s news” or

“perennial favorite.”

registration is now open for those

interested in attending the nrA’s

international Wine, Spirits & Beer Event

— May 23-24 at McCormick Place in

chicago. According to the show producers,

it is the only beverage alcohol trade event

with vintner, distiller and brewer tastings

and demonstrations. Registration is $95

per person until April 16 or $55 per NRA

member. visit or call the

NRA’s convention office at (312) 853-2525 for

more information. 5



regional director

of engineering


Castle resorts &


6 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

Tool Men

Tool Men

Profiles of five hospitality

engineering professionals

Bandsma moved to Kauai in october

’92 seeking a simpler way of life. At the time,

during the aftermath of hurricane iniki, the

island needed people like him — those with

construction experience who could help rebuild

and reroof damaged homes and buildings.

now, 17 years later, Bandsma has set down

deep roots on Kauai. he has a small farming

cooperative. he hunts pigs, goats and deer. he’s

on a softball team and plays beach volleyball on

Saturdays with his girlfriend. he has a black belt

— his “insurance card” — in Kajukenbo, a type

of martial arts founded in hawaii in 1947. he

also just bought a new house and is raising two

children, ages 6 and 10.

While growing up in Southern california,

Bandsma began working with tools as a

teenager; his father, a general contractor, would

take him out to various jobsites and pay him

$25 a day. From there, he became interested

in electrical engineering and took courses at

community colleges.

“i started out at the bottom as a room call

guy, like a lot of us who are in the position i have

today,” he says. “i went through all the different

job descriptions up to where i am now. A lot

of the knowledge i have is on-the-job training,

being in and around resorts for nearly 20 years.”

Although based on Kauai, Bandsma oversees

castle’s properties throughout hawaii, Saipan

and new Zealand. he travels frequently and

assists general managers with daily operations,

reserve study analysis and renovation projects, as

well as homeowner associations and individual

owners with their capital projects.

Bandsma’s construction background in

commercial, residential and industrial settings

has paid off well, and he’s ready to take on

projects himself if necessary. For example, he

rewired an entire front desk — just himself and

By Elaine Terry

hotel’s engineering department keeps the facility running

A smoothly and comfortably for the guests and staff. it’s easy to

take for granted lighting, air conditioning and working elevators; but

remember, it takes skilled men and women to oversee, maintain and

manage these complicated systems. A man with tools is valuable, indeed.

castle’s it person working on it together —

which he says saved the company considerable


he also gives credit to his membership in the

hawaii hotel & lodging Association’s (hhlA)

Engineers Advisory council. he’s attended many

meetings over the years and has made contacts

throughout the state. through the council, he’s

able to problem solve with the assistance of

fellow hotel engineers. “We’re almost saving

consulting fees, in a way, where these (AoAo)

boards don’t have to hire a consultant to come in

and help us with issues that may have come up,”

he says.

ToP 10 requesTs for serviCe

1. Replace a light bulb.

2. Retrieve something (e.g. earring, contact

lens, etc.) dropped in a drain, elevator

shaft, toilet or pool.

3. Open locked luggage.

4. Show a guest how to use the in-room


5. Guest is locked out of the room due to

an electronic lock failure. (Drill out the

lock or break into the room.)

6. Fix cars.

7. Fix eyeglasses.

8. Rescue people stuck in the elevator.

9. Fulfill special requests made by VIP


10. Adjust a wire on a guest’s dentures.

Note: This is an unscientific list based on our

collected data from various sources.

Bed bugs are rapidly becoming one

of the most important urban pests

in Hawaii. Losses from bed bugs

have cost some hotels in Hawaii over

$200,000 in 2009. Many hotels have

a policy that requires all furniture

including beds and box springs in bed

bug infested rooms to be removed

and destroyed. One hotel in Waikiki

has reported spending over $200,000

in 2009 just to replace mattresses

and box springs infested with bed


In the past upholstered furniture,

mattresses and box springs were

impossible to treat with conventional

bed bug treatments. Chemicals do

not penetrate the surface, steam

does not penetrate more than two

inches and nothing seems to kill the

bed bug eggs. Consequently the only

solution has been to discard the

infested items. However, there is new

A Division of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Meet “Scout” and “Ally” our Bedbug Detection K9s

An Innovative Solution to Nature’s Challenges

Our Canine Team’s 97% Accuracy is Unsurpassed!!

Early detection is key to managing bed bug infestations.

Follow-up inspections can verify if treatment was successful.

Let K9 Scent Detection Hawaii partner with you to

protect your reputation.

We’ll save you time and money!

We ServICe All ISlANDS

Oahu (808) 456-7716

NESDCA has certified that our canines and handlers meet the hightest standards in the industry.


Bed Bugs Cause $100,000s in Losses to Hotels

By Michael Botha

technology available that can curb

these losses.

EnviroPureHeat is a proven

and green technology that utilizes

superheated air from highly effective,

portable heaters to heat the entire

structure or room and its contents to

a temperature of approximately 140

degrees. Not only are all life stages of

bed bugs killed, but the heat also kills

their eggs in one service. Previously

infested furniture, mattresses and box

springs can be used again and do not

need to be replaced.

Bed bug proof mattress covers are

another good solution to replacing

mattresses. In some cases an

otherwise perfect mattress or box

spring that has minor bed bug staining

or an infestation would have been

discarded. Bed bug proof mattress

and box spring covers can be used

to encapsulate bed bugs inside the

cover, and

prevent future


from entering.

For hotels

that are required by internal policy to

discard beds and furniture that is in

a bed bug infested room, there is a

wonderful program that benefits the

needy. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

has been coordinating the pickup,

bed bug eradication and delivery of

previously infested beds and furniture

in serviceable condition to shelters

and low-income housing. Sandwich

Isle has been providing the link

between these associations and

hotels, and coordinates the delivery

and provides the bed bug eradication

for free. Please call me, Michael

Botha, at 456-7716 if your hotel

is interested in participating in the


The Hottest Bed Bug

Solution Under The Sun!

Bed Bugs are Guaranteed to Be

Eliminated in a Single Service

EnviroPureHeat is an ecological and

technological breakthrough in treating

entire structures. EnviroPureHeat is clean

and efficient and is now approved to

eliminate bed bugs in Hawaii.

(808) 456-7716



area director

of engineering

for north asia,

Hawaii and

south Pacific;


international and

waikiki Beach

marriott resort

& spa



chief engineer,

aston waikiki

Beach Hotel

8 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

CroCkwell originally hails from Bermuda,

where he first joined Marriott in ’88 working in

the engineering department. “it was kind of on

the lower level — changing light bulbs, taking

care of smaller stuff, kind of getting to know

and understand engineering,” he says. “then i

realized, hey, this is pretty cool.”

While working days at Marriott, crockwell

attended night school and began working his

way up the ranks. He moved to Texas to work

at the San Antonio Marriott riverwalk hotel for

two years, then moved to hawaii in 2002 — first

at Marriott’s Maui ocean club, then the JW

Marriott ihilani resort & Spa at Ko olina — and

now he’s at the Waikiki Beach Marriott.

At the Waikiki Beach Marriott — one of the

few Energy Star hotels in the state — crockwell

is continuing the hotel’s

leadership role in energy efficiency

with pilot projects in renewable

energy. in the hotel’s open parking

lot, he recently oversaw the

installation of small photovoltaic

panels that allow each light pole

to generate its own power. But

his most exciting project is wind

— the potential installation of 17,

9-foot wind turbines on the roof

of the hotel. the initial study has

been done, and they are working

on approvals and permitting. if

completed, the project could save

the hotel $35,000 a year.

nearly 30 years ago, local boy Lacar

discovered he enjoyed maintenance because of

the challenging nature of the work. “i’m pretty

analytical, and i like to have a lot of things going

on at the same time,” he says. After working

for companies like Spencecliff corp. and love’s

Bakery, he moved into the hotel business,

working at turtle Bay.

“i liked it,” he says. “it was different, because

now i was dealing with people more than with

the machinery.”

over the years, lacar helped to open the

Ihilani in 1993, returned to Turtle Bay for a while

and then later worked for the Gas co., before

being approached by Aston three years ago to

assist with renovations.

he currently chairs the hhlA’s Engineers

Advisory council and is also participating in the

hawaii clean Energy initiative.

But one of the most important roles lacar

enjoys is on-the-job mentoring, because when

he started out, there was no one around to teach

him. “i wanted to help someone else,” he says. “i

groomed a couple engineers who worked with

me. they started from the second-class position

and they worked all the way up to a first class

“that’s a huge project for me, because first of

all we’ll be the no. 1 hotel to have wind turbines,

plus i love renewable energy,” crockwell says.

“i think it’s there to be taken advantage of, and i

kind of push it.”

When he’s not working, crockwell enjoys

getting away from it all by hiking and traveling.

he tries to go hiking three times a month but

admits he can’t pronounce the hawaiian names

of his favorite trails. “i’ve done some really nice

trails,” he says, mentioning only the easy-topronounce

Aiea trail. he also is a serious traveler.

he’s been to vietnam, thailand, the philippines,

Singapore, Alaska, canada and throughout

the U.S. “Each year i try to do something very

different,” he says.

At left: Pictured here is one of the

solar panels installed at the Waikiki

Beach Marriott’s open parking lot.

Below: A rendering of two potential

wind turbines that may soon find a

home atop the hotel.

and then they got their own properties. i got two

success stories.”

those two individuals are raymond li,

director of facilities, Marriott’s Ko olina Beach

club; and philip cadiz, assistant director of

facilities, turtle Bay resort.

“typically, maintenance has engineers who

are just hired off the street or have very low

experience,” Lacar says. “I try to train them so

they can do things on their own and make their

own decisions. they’ve got to be self-supporting,

because if i’m not here, somebody’s got to make

that decision.”

When he’s not training, lacar tries to think

outside of the box to come up with cost-saving

solutions for the hotel. For example, he recently

designed a new waterfall feature for the hotel

and then trained his staff to build it. they were

able to do the entire project in house, and the

new amenity provides added ambiance and a

place for guests to take pictures.

At home, lacar’s “therapy” is his workshop

where he has all the tools for welding, carpentry

and electrical work. he also enjoys kayaking,

bicycling and hiking to stay in shape.

arT lePage,

journeyman plumber,

sheraton Princess

kaiulani Hotel

growing up in Massachusetts in

the ’50s and ’60s, Lepage wanted to be

a welder like his dad. But his eyesight

was poor, so his dad pushed him into

plumbing. “i really didn’t have much

say in it. Back then, your parents were

the boss,” lepage says. “not that i

didn’t like the idea. it was oK.”

After getting his plumber’s license

and working for a few years, lepage

became interested in surfing. one

day in 1973, he decided to come out

to hawaii to try out the waves. “i

thought i’d only be out here for a

year,” he says, “but one year turned

into two and three, and then my wife

and I had kids, and now it’s 36 years

later, and i’m still here.”

in between surfing, lepage

continued his career by working at

the princess Kaiulani. But, he says, his

favorite part of the job doesn’t involve

plumbing. “one of the hotel’s main

goals is to keep the guests happy,

entertained and smiling. i like that

part of the job,” he says.

For example, at the start of his 3

p.m. shift, lepage rounds up the kids,

and they feed the koi in the hotel’s

two ponds. Every Saturday at 1:30

p.m. for the past year, the hotel has

allowed him to entertain guests by

singing rock-and-roll songs on a stage

by the hotel’s pool. he does it for free.

But when he’s working the swing

shift, lepage is often on call. As a

man with tools, requests from guests

or staff to fix this or that are usually

sent his way. he’s also asked to find

things — a guest’s lost contact lens

or piece of jewelry. here’s a tip: “the

secret to finding little things is to have

a really good, strong light and to get

09-CAR-1182A HiHospitality 12/01/09 4:24 PM Page 1

The greenest

commercial AC systems

in the world are

available from the

company with the

bluest logo.

• Non-ozone depleting refrigerant: PuronTM • Non-ozone depleting refrigerant: Puron

and R-134A

• The highest overall efficiency levels

• Micro channel corrosion resistant coils

• Easy serviceability and Carrier Hawaii support

• Micro processor controls for maximum performance and reliability

TM and R-134A

• The highest overall efficiency levels

• Micro channel corrosion resistant coils

• Easy serviceability and Carrier Hawaii support

• Micro processor controls for maximum performance and reliability

AquaSnap AquaForce Centurion Rooftop Evergreen 19XR Evergreen 23XRV

Distributed in Hawaii by: Carrier Hawaii

(808) 677-6339 9

Matsumoto & Clapperton Advertising Date: 12/1/09

Client: CARRIER HAWAII Job #:09-CAR-1182A

Title: “The greenest commercial AC system in the world...”

Pub: Hawaii Hospitality magazine Run: Jan.’10

Size: 2/3 pg (v),4.625” x 10”, 4/color Film/Specs:PDF-X/1a

Over 7,500 hotel rooms

re-painted and wall covered.


27 Years of

Quality Work at a

Reasonable Price

Celebrating 26 Years of Quality

Work at a Reasonable Price

We have successfully serviced Hawaii's hotel and

condominium industries, as well as Oahu's hospitals

and public and private business since 1983 by

practicing one basic business principle:

A Commitment to excellence and affordability.

Contact us for a free consultation and list of references at

808 671-3773 or email us at

10 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

We have successfully serviced

Hawaii’s hotel and condominium

industries, as well as Oahu’s

hospitals and public and

private business since 1983 by

practicing one basic business

principle: A commitment to

Excellence and Affordability.

Contact us for a free

consultation and list of

references at 808 671-3773

or email us at

09-HFA-1144A HiHospitality 11/23/09 3:05 PM

Page 1

A higher standard from top to bottom.

Working with a

member company of

Hawaii Finishing Alliance

means one thing. You can

be sure that everyone is

trained to do the job right.

Our craftsmen receive

ongoing training to ensure

that they’re always up-to-date

on the latest professional, safety

and environmental compliance

standards. So you’re always

assured of a professional job.

Done to the highest standards.




To make sure your contractor

measures up, call us at 808-254-2322

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Matsumoto & Clapperton Advertising Date: 11/17/09

Client: Hawaii Finishing Alliance

Title: “A higher standard ...”

Job #: 09-HFA-1144 A

Pub: Hawaii Hospitality Run: Jan.- Feb. 2010

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down on your hands

and knees, and you

can find all kinds of

things,” he says.

now 64, lepage

is starting to think

about retirement and

devoting more time

to his hobbies. he Lepage enjoys singing Elvis

enjoys basketball, Presley, Roy Orbison and

Buddy Holly songs during

hiking, fishing, skin

his Saturday poolside shows.

diving, scuba diving

and wants to start surfing again. he also

has a lot of fun with his wife, Joann.

“the two of us are laughing all the

time,” he says. “i have a good time with

her. i think we keep each other young.”

vinCenT lin,

general maintenance and

lead engineer, outrigger

reef on the Beach

lin moved from Guangdong, china to

honolulu in 2000. he studied English,

got a housekeeping job with outrigger,

took vocational classes in his spare time

and started a family. (he and his wife

have a girl and boy, ages five and four,

respectively.) he likes hawaii — enjoys

going to the beach and swimming —

and says, frankly, he wouldn’t go back

to china.

“hawaii is like open air. Even in our

hotel, it’s open air,” lin says. “You feel

free. Whatever you want, you go and

then you talk to your supervisor. then,

if it’s really necessary or good for the

hotel, they will give you the chance.

china is sometimes limited. You’ve

got to have some relationships with

somebody, that kind of stuff.”

lin’s first job in hawaii was as a

houseman at the ohAnA reef tower

(now a Wyndham). When the ohAnA

reef began its renovation/rebranding,

he transferred to the outrigger reef

on the Beach. he became interested in

maintenance because of the everyday

challenges and the opportunity to

learn a variety of new skills — air

conditioning, electrical, plumbing,

carpentry, pool maintenance, etc. After

taking several night courses at the new

York technical institute, lin was ready

to join the maintenance department

when a position became available in

March 2005.

the feeling lin gets when he solves

a problem is what he likes most about

his job. “(this job) makes you learn

and makes you think hard,” he says.

“We find out the problem, we solve the

problem — that’s the feeling i really



lin continues to learn more about

engineering and maintenance by

reading books at the library. he wishes

one day to be chief engineer — if

everything goes smoothly, he says.

in just a few short years, lin has

built up his resume as a Universal

certified technician, as approved and

certified by the U.S. Environmental

protection Agency, learned basic

welding and become a certified pool

and Spa operator through the national

Swimming pool Foundation. he also

is a member of the national technical

honor Society.

Hale Aina Ohana

• Kitchen financials and theoretical food costing workshop for professionals

(working cooks, chefs and owner/operators) with Executive Chef Scott McGill of

TS Restaurants. Jan. 19; 10 a.m. to noon. Hula Grill. $25 per person.

• Sous vide workshop for professionals with chef patrick clark of the culinary

Institute of America at Greystone. Feb. 15; 11 a.m. Location to be announced. For

more information on hale Aina ohana programs, contact hayley Matson-Mathes,

Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association

• 20 th annual Na Poe Paahana Awards recognition luncheon. Jan. 15; 11 a.m.

to 1:30 p.m. Sheraton Waikiki. $65 per person or $650 for a table of 10. For more

information, call 923-0407.

International Executive Housekeepers Association, Hawaii chapter

• General membership meeting featuring guest speaker Anna Elento-Sneed, a

labor law expert with Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing Lawyers. Jan. 13; 10 a.m. OHANA

East Hotel, 150 Kaiulani Ave. RSVP to Maile Broniola, 926-8569, mbroniola@

TOBE Co. Food Safety

• ServSafe food safety and certification one-day class. Jan. 19 and Feb. 16; 8 a.m.

to 5 p.m. 300 Ala Moana Blvd., fifth floor, Prince Kuhio Café. $164 per student with

a 15 percent discount available for HRA and HHLA members. Call Tom Frigge,


Visionary Leadership Programs

• dynamic leadership workshop: “Awaken the Authentic leader Within!” Jan.

29; 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Hawaii Prince Hotel, 100 Holomoana St. Early bird price:

$175 per person (includes lunch); $250 at door. Call (973) 680-0271 or visit www.



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• 96 Floors

• 1440 feet per minute

m Maintenance & Repair of All

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m Serving Hawaii Since 1965

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A $187 million investment

spanning several years repositions

and revitalizes this prominent

Waikiki resort.

By Elaine Terry

B uilt in 1971, the mammoth 1,636-room,

beachfront Sheraton Wakiki was

starting to show its age, as most of Hawaii’s

concrete high rises do when they reach

their 30s. Simultaneously, owner Kyo-ya Co.

Ltd.’s neighboring Sheraton properties —

The Royal Hawaiian and Moana Surfrider

— were on the verge of rebranding, and it

was time to revisit what the Sheraton Waikiki

had to offer.

General Manager Kelly Sanders

transferred from the Sheraton San Diego

Hotel & Marina, one of Starwood’s top

performing Sheraton properties in North

America, in 2006 to oversee the Sheraton

Waikiki’s $187 million transformation.

Three years later, nearing the completion

of the project, Sanders says, “I’m so

happy, because a lot of the passion and

excitement were really the team coming

together and really planning.

Ph: (808) 487-3614 Lic. No. ABC-13362


Hawaii’s Premier Concrete & Masonry Contractor

12 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

• Stamped Concrete

• All Types of Masonry

• Structural Concrete

• Concrete Polishing

and Staining

• Large Commercial


• Somero Laser


• Hydro-Mobile

Platform Scaffolding

• Design Build


Above, top: Twist at Hanohano, the hotel’s fine-dining

restaurant, serves contemporary European cuisine

created with local ingredients; above, bottom: Spa

Khakara, offers 6,000 square feet of tranquility.

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

02 Suites Renovation




for over

120 years

“i think i’m most happy about the

arting program,” he adds, “because i

think it really brings in a unique flavor

from hawaii that is different.”

the arting-in-place program Sanders

is referring to was the installation of

original artwork by local hawaiian artists

during a seven-day residency program in

September. For the first three days, five

professional artists — Meleanna Meyer,

carl pao, harinani orme, Solomon Enos

and Al lagunero — collaborated with 22

local students, ranging from age eight to

18, to create a 72-foot mural that tells the

story of helumoa. during the remaining

days in residence, the artists created

commissioned paintings that can be

viewed on the ground floor of the resort.

“it is no coincidence that the beauty

and energies of this storied place

evoked energies and images, because,

old style, this wahi pana speaks to us

in our naau, our guts, and did inspire

our best efforts. the children worked

their life into these pieces, as we all

did,” says artist and educator Meleanna

Meyer, who oversaw the mural project.

At left, top: the new Helumoa Playground, which

opened Dec. 30, 2008, and features a 70-foot

water slide; at left, below: a renovated suite with

an ocean view.

“This was an extraordinary event that


Another important element of the

“new” Sheraton Waikiki is the way the

hotel has been opened up to bring in

Contractor Voices

ur design looks

“Oto recapture these

spaces and convert them

back to the functions they

once served — interior

spaces that provide shady

respites and cool breezeways

that engage the royal

coconut Grove and Waikiki

Beach.” — robert K. iopa,

AiA, president and principal, Wcit


t’s been a great honor

“Iand privilege to be

part of Sheraton Waikiki’s

renovation projects: rumFire,

’02 Suites and Guest

Arrivals.” — Gary W. Moura,

operations manager for

special projects, Swinerton


Sheraton Waikiki Hotel


1003 Bishop Street, Ste. 1340, Honolulu (808) 521-8408 & License # ABC-3753 13

more of the outdoors and greater views

of Waikiki Beach and diamond head.

“A lot of that was hidden behind stairs

and walls (previously),” Sanders says. “i

really feel the openness of the hotel has

made a dramatic change.”

the most popular new amenity has

been the helumoa playground, which

14 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

introduced a neighbor-island resort pool

experience to Waikiki with its 70-foot

slide. “there was a such demand for that

pool (when it opened),” Sanders says.

“Even though we had 400 chairs, we

didn’t have enough — which is crazy,

right? honestly, before we only had 200

chairs between the two pools combined.

And now i added 400 chairs to the new

resort pool, and we ran out every day.”

Bottom left: the arting-in-place program’s

crowning achievement was this 72-foot

mural; additional pieces created during that

time are on view on the ground floor, like

this piece (top left) by Carl Pao.

Contractor Voices

he renovation of the

“TSheraton allowed

me to meet and work

alongside some wonderful,

very professional people.

i must say, it was a

pleasure working with all

contractors, subs, shop

owners and Sheraton

engineers. hSSi had the

opportunity to provide professional

geophysical utility locates and high

imaging services for the royal hawaiian

and Sheraton Waikiki renovations.” —

dale l. haggith, president and manager,

haggith’s Structural Scan & inspections

t is amazing to see

“Ithe transformation of

the two Sheraton pools.

NPCL did an excellent

job coordinating all of

the subcontractors, and

everyone’s ability to

work together in tight

quarters made the project

a success.” — chris lee,

project manager, Jayar construction inc.

Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspections, LLC

Providing subsurface interface radar for

engineering and geophysical investigations

Before Drilling, Cutting, Coring or Digging


With our high-quality data acquisition,

analysis, and imaging that is a non-invasive

method to locate underground utilities,

tension cables, rebar, conduit and voids

Dale L. Haggith

President / Manager

Office (808) 239-4330 • Fax (808) 239-5157

47-338 Mawaena St. Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

For more info go to

other new amenities at the hotel

include Spa Khakara, located on the

fourth floor, and link@Sheraton Waikiki,

a multimedia communications and social

networking hub located in the lobby.

link@Sheraton is part of a corporate

initiative to provide guests with a

communications center in an intimate

coffee-house atmosphere within the hotel

lobby. the Sheraton Waikiki is building

on this by adding nightly events, such

as family game nights, wine and cheese

tastings, and art gallery tours.

three years of guiding the property

through the renovation process has been

a learning experience, Sanders says. The

hotel always made sure there was a pool

available and a restaurant open serving

high-quality food. he also blocked an

hour in his schedule every day to speak

personally with and apologize to unhappy

or concerned guests — averaging three to

four calls a day. “i think the reaching out

and touching the customer and making

sure they understand that you know that

they’re concerned really goes a long way,”

he says.

Another service initiative in place

now are back-of-the-house guest resource

centers, which are stocked with greeting

cards and small gifts. this empowers the

employees to surprise a guest with a little


Waikiki Hotel

memento that is unique to hawaii.

looking into 2010, Sanders projects

a 6 percent growth in room rates

compared to 2009, and a 1 percent

increase in occupancy. Fortunately, the

hotel is seeing a “huge demand” in its

group bookings for 2011.

“We’re kind of positioned really well

to own that upswing in the market,”

Sanders says. “it’s going to take a little

bit longer than i think we hoped … with

everything that’s going on, it’s obviously

been delayed. We are seeing June of next

year really starting to pick up, and the

fall really starting to strengthen as well

— all the way through 2011.”


Congratulations on Your New L ok

Jayar ConstruCtion, inC.

1176 Sand Island Pkwy.

Honolulu, HI 96819-4346


Servicing Oahu and Maui

Hawaii Hospitality magazine

would like to thank the following

renovation team members who

helped make this section possible:

Haggith’s Structural Scan &


Jayar Construction, Inc.

Palekana Permits

Quality General

Swinerton Builders

Contractor Voices

ider levett Bucknall

“Rhas had the pleasure

of providing project and

cost management services

on this exciting rejuvenation

project. As construction

enters the final stage, we are

very pleased to turn over

this multiphased project

back to the owners and operator. We hope

all the tremendous improvements made

will be enjoyed by everyone that frequents

this fantastic property.” — paul McElroy,

associate, rider levett Bucknall

yo-ya’s investment

“Kdemonstrated their commitment and

continued confidence

in hawaii as a premier

visitor destination.

palekana is grateful for

the owner’s confidence

in our capabilities to minimize the permit

processing time, enabling the renovation

to meet an aggressive schedule.” — dan

ide (left) and dennis Enomoto, principals,

palekana permits


on Your Latest Renovation!

Sheraton Waikiki

Porte Cochere

Palekana Permits

Third Party Review & Building Permit Expediting

Dan Ide 285-1333 v Dennis Enomoto 948-8728 15


WIA Elects Five

the Waikiki improvement

Association (WiA) elected

five new members to its

board of directors at its

annual membership meeting

in october. the new board

members include chair

Marleen Akau (the Festivals

co.), vice chair Greg

dickhens (Kyo-ya co. llc),

vice chair les Goya (Queen

Emma land co.), director

Kathryn Acorda (Kiewit

Building Group) and director

Kirk horiuchi (Kamehameha


Aston Gives

Away $2.5K

As part of its 25 th

anniversary celebration, the

Aston Waikiki Beach tower

gave away a $2,500 Neiman

Marcus shopping spree to a

randomly selected guest in

november. the lucky guest

Kelvin Bloom (left) shakes hands with

Kaoru Tomita and poses for a photo

with the Tomita family.

was Kaoru tomita and his

family, who were surprised

in the lobby by Aston

president Kelvin Bloom

and General Manager Mike


Kona Brewing

Green Certified

Kona Brewing co.’s two

pubs — in Kailua-Kona

and in hawaii Kai — have

become certified Green

restaurants by the Green

restaurant Association. By

working with the association,

Kona Brewing received

solutions, guidance and

education that enabled the

16 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

company to improve its

efforts toward reducing

its environmental impact

in the areas of water

efficiency, waste reduction

and recycling, sustainable

furnishings and building

materials, sustainable food,

energy, disposables, and

chemical and pollution


Duke’s Opens on


duke’s Beach house,

owned and operated by t S

Restaurants, was expected

to open at honua Kai resort

& Spa in late december. A

tribute to duke Kahanamoku,

the beachfront restaurant

was designed by philpotts

& Associates to capture

the spirit and essence of its

namesake. the 7,000-squarefoot

restaurant features an

open-air dining room that

extends into an outdoor

dining lanai. this will be

t S restaurants’ fourth

establishment on Maui.

HTA Positive About

Visitor Arrivals

Mike Mccartney,

president and cEo of the

hawaii tourism Authority

(htA), released a statement

in november voicing

optimism about visitor

arrival data. he notes

that arrivals from the U.S.

West and Japan markets

have continued to increase

and that there has been a

stabilization of arrivals by air.

Although the market is down

overall, hawaii’s occupancy

rates and room rates are

strong compared to other

U.S. destinations.

Hawaii Wins Bid for

2011 APEC

president Barack obama

announced in november

that hawaii has been chosen

to host the 2011 Asia-pacific

Economic cooperation

(ApEc) leaders Meeting. the

hawaii meeting, scheduled

for november 2011, will

be the first ApEc leaders

Meeting held in the U.S. since

1993. The Hawaii Convention

center will host the various

meetings that will take place

during the week. the highlevel

international gathering

is expected to attract more

than 10,000 participants,

including leaders from 21

ApEc economies.

Volunteer Training

the Waikiki Aquarium’s

Education department will

be offering free volunteer

exhibit interpreter training,

beginning Jan. 16. Exhibit

interpreters share natural

history information on the

Waikiki Aquarium’s outdoor

reef exhibit, guide visitor

observations and answer

questions about hawaii’s

marine environment.

training sessions will be held

Thursdays (6:30 p.m. to 9

p.m.) and Saturdays (9 a.m.

to noon) during January and

February in the aquarium’s

classroom. volunteer

interpreters work one twohour

shift per week for a

minimum of six months. Call

440-9020 or e-mail volunteer@ for more


Outrigger Lauded

for Recycling

outrigger Enterprises

Group received the inaugural

Green leader Award from

reynolds recycling in

From left: Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Reynolds

Recycling President Terry Telfer, Outrigger

President and CEO David Carey and Sen.

Brickwood Galuteria

november. outrigger’s owned

and operated hotels in Waikiki

have prevented more than

48,000 pounds of recyclable

material from entering

hawaii’s landfill by recovering

more than 1 million beverage

containers from its guest

rooms since 2006. Additional

statistics include: 14,595

pounds of aluminum recycled

since 2006 and 36,317 pounds

of plastic recycled since 2006.

For 2009, Outrigger expects to

recycle 500,000 containers.

Aqua Adds Maile

Sky Court

As of dec. 1, Aqua

hotels & resorts assumed

management of the 596-room

Maile Sky court hotel. the

previous management firm

was castle hotels & resorts.

Aqua now has a portfolio of

17 properties on four islands,

and the Maile Sky court is

Aqua’s fifth addition in 2009.

“the owners were also

pleased Aqua agreed with

their request to rehire all

of the hotel employees,

thus insuring the smooth

transition of management

and operations,” says ron

Watanabe, the hotel’s asset


Wolf Farms: Best

Kona Coffee

At the 2009 Kona coffee

classic cupping competition

held in november, Mark

and denise Wolf, owners of

Wolf Farms, were awarded

first place. Judge John King

remarked, “the balance

and pleasing aftertaste

made this Kona coffee

the obvious winner.

the overwhelming final

fragrance was the tipping

factor.” Second place was

awarded to hawaiian King

coffee, and third place

went to healani Farms.

Sixty-one Kona coffee

farmers submitted entries

and 15 advanced to the

final round.


Worst and Best of Times

By Murray Towill

this past year

has been the

worst and best of

times for our industry. 2009 was plagued

with long-time businesses forever

closing, mass layoffs and everyone

struggling to survive the economic

recession. the lodging industry was hit

with a Transient Accommodations Tax

increase, which did not help.

this also has been the best of times.

The 31st annual Visitor Industry

charity Walk raised over $1 million and

allocated monies to 229 local nonprofits.

We had a very successful 182nd general

membership meeting at the Sheraton

Maui in october and a november

membership mixer at The Kahala Hotel

& resort.

in 2009, the hhlA continued its

support of the Aloha Festivals by

coordinating ribbon sales and internet

t-shirt sales. We will continue to

support this long-standing tradition.

We are looking forward to 2010.

our first event is the na poe paahana

Awards on Jan. 15 at the Sheraton

Waikiki. We will announce the stars of

the lodging industry at this event. the

planning also has started for the charity

Walk on May 15 under the leadership of

chair chris tatum, general manager of

the Waikiki Beach Marriott resort.

We wish everyone the best and a

prosperous new year!

For more information, contact the

HHLA, (808) 923-0407, hhla@hawaii, or visit

Team Clean Hosts Dan Wagner

By Shelly Awaya

Advertiser ContACts & index

Recap of 2009 and Forecast for 2010

ABC Corp. p. 19

Carrier Hawaii p. 9

Haggith’s Structural

Scan & Inspections p. 14

Hawaii Finishing Alliance 254-2322 p. 10

Jayar Construction Inc. 843-0500 p. 15

Kone Inc. p. 11

Oahu Painting & Decorating 671-3773 p. 10

Palekana Permits p. 15

Quality General p. 12

RCM Construction 545-2177 p. 20

Sandwich Isle Pest Control p. 7

Swinerton Builders p. 13

Summa International p. 2

As of early december, the outlook for the U.S. restaurant

industry remained uncertain. restaurateurs continue to report

sales and traffic declines and are less optimistic about sales growth.

“the restaurant business is always challenging,” says hrA chair

chris colgate of tS Enterprises. “in 2009, we had all the economic

issues in regards to lower hotel occupancies and the local population spending less

and being a little bit more conservative with their dining dollars.”

hrA board member Mike Wilson also saw less diners and less dollars per person

spent at Morton’s. “the one thing that we did as a restaurant to counter that was to do

everything we could to control the costs of operating a business, which allowed us to

look at a new way of doing business and have a very good year,” he says.

Many notable restaurants closed, including nick’s Fishmarket, Brew Moon,

E&o trading co., rosie’s cantina and Sergio’s Kapahulu. new restaurant openings

included Annie’s island Fresh Burgers in Kealakekua, MAx in haiku, Mighty Sushi

in Pahoa and Sergs Mexican Kitchen in Manoa.

looking into 2010, the national restaurant Association reports that restaurant

operator expectations remain mixed about sales growth in the months ahead. Twentynine

percent of restaurant operators expect to have higher sales in six months (compared

to the same period in the previous year), matching the proportion who expect to have

lower sales in six months. In October, 25 percent of restaurant operators said they

expected their sales volume in six months to be higher than it was during the same

period in the previous year, while 32 percent anticipated lower sales in six months.

on nov. 4, team clean inc. provided members a great privilege by hosting iSSA

director of Facility Service programs dan Wagner, who spoke on the cleaning

industry Management Standard (ciMS) and the newly created ciMS Green Building

(GB) designation. For more details regarding certification, Wagner’s powerpoint

presentation, as well as the 21-page ciMS, is currently available

on our Web site:

Meeting attendees were given detailed information on how

to become a certification expert, as well as how to attain facility

certification for the coveted “green building.” vendor booths were set

up to showcase the latest environmentally friendly products. local

companies featured were ABc corp., crestek cleaning center inc.,

Johnsondiversey corp.,

lamers Enterprise inc.,

paperSource hawaii inc.

Dan Wagner

and the professional cleaning institute of


team clean recently became the first

professional cleaning company in hawaii to

become certified with honors by iSSA, the

Worldwide cleaning industry Association.

this shows team clean’s commitment to

keeping its employees current with industry

standards and its willingness to go above and

beyond for the customers of our profession.

A big mahalo to Brian Benz, c.E.h., i.c.E.,

and team clean for arranging this valuable


The next meeting is Jan. 13 – please

rSvp to Maile Broniola, mbroniola@, 926-8569. 17

All who knew carl Allen lindquist

— nicknamed link — describe

him as a kind, gentle, good-hearted,

quiet, humble and highly ethical man

who was also kolohe in his own way. he

was a man who loved hawaii and loved

the arts.

“i think, by and large, there wasn’t

anybody in this town or in any of our associations who didn’t

thoroughly trust link,” says carl hebenstreit.

Link’s story with Trade Publishing began in 1959, when

he — a “very smart, very local” (Roosevelt High, ’52) young

man — joined the company selling subscriptions. in 1964,

link was named editor and sales manager of trade’s primary

publication, Builders report pacific; and by the early ’70s, he

succeeded don over as president and owner.

“he knew everybody,” says lynn cook. “We’d have these

meetings, and all he would do is quietly just kind of smile and

say, ‘Well, you might call so-and-so … and here’s his number.’”

“i’d just say he had a reputation of the highest ethics in

running trade and was completely respected by his peers,”

says david pellegrin. “i felt enormous respect for him. on top

of that soul of a poet, he also had a great sense of humor.”

of all the practical jokes, perhaps the most famous is the

torpedo. the story began in 1976 when ted Sturdivant acquired

a 900-pound, disarmed torpedo. he decided to wrap it up and

place it under the trade christmas tree for link, before leaving

on a trip. He called the next day, and in the background with all

the employees gathered around, Ted heard someone exclaim:

“My God, it’s a bomb!”

ted recalls, “link gets on the phone and says to me, ‘Jesus

christ, what the hell do i do with this thing?’

18 Hawaii Hospitality ■ January/February 2010

Clockwise from top left: Link during his

early days at Trade Publishing; a more

recent photo of Link and his wife Rae;

Link and Rae on the front porch of their

Hana home; Jerry Beam, Link, Jerry Van

Volkenburg and Jim Cook; and (bottom

left) Jim Cook, Jerry Van Volkenburg, Link,

Jerry Beam and Rex Chandler at Rex &

Eric’s Restaurant during the mid-1970s.

Carl a. lindquist (1934-2009): renaissanCe Man

By Elaine Terry

“i said, ‘Well, you can stick it anywhere you want. Merry

christmas,’ and i hung up.”

When ted returned, he found the torpedo stuck through the

middle of his $2,000 teak desk.

Another joke involved a gecko. lynn cook recalls a

conversation in which “link turned around and said, ‘if i’m

wrong, i’ll eat that gecko.’” the gecko had been sitting there

on the table, and link wasn’t wrong. lynn later went into her

garden and found a gecko skeleton, for which she built a coffin

and tombstone, wrapped a piece of gauze around its head and

named it Mahatma Gecko. it was mounted and framed.

“it had waited so long for link to be wrong that it had died

and turned into a skeleton,” she explains, laughing.

Everybody gathered to present the gecko to link. “he

laughed and laughed … and grabbed a hold of the desk and

laughed some more,” lynn says. “that was, of course, the

funniest thing — to see him so pleased and laughing about

Mahatma Gecko.”

in the early ’80s, the lindquists moved to hana

permanently. link became vice president and managing

director of hotel hana-Maui, during the renovation of the

property by rosewood corp. he later co-founded the hana

coast Gallery and hana coast realty, which he continued to

oversee until his death.

chip Bahouth, who served as general manager of the hana

hotel in the ’90s, calls link a mentor. “he taught me about how

to respect the community, how to respect the culture, how to

work within the culture, to improve the experience not only for

the guests but also for our associates,” he says.

“i’m going to miss them both, that’s for sure. i’m going to

miss carl and (his wife) rae, and i’ll always have them in my




The Terminator

It’s out there. It never sleeps.

It feels no pity or remorse.

And It can’t be ignored or

bargained away with a quick fix.

Left unchecked, the cycle of corrosion and spalling

will continue and the damage to your building will accelerate.

You need the Terminator.

RCM Construction terminates spalls, cracks and rebar

corrosion in concrete with quality repair methods.

Equipped with an extensive arsenal of pneumatic tools,

injection systems and hi-tech repair materials, RCM’s team

of restoration specialists restores damaged concrete and

eliminates many of the causes of its initial failure.

Call RCM Construction today.

RCM provides proven solutions for a wide range of concrete

problems. Call us to schedule a survey of your building’s

needs and references on our past projects.

RCM Construction Corporation

The Concrete Restoration Specialist

Phone: 545-2177

Fax: 538-1914

866 Iwilei Rd., Bay 219

Honolulu, HI 96817

Lic. No. ABC 13668

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