2008 Annual Report - Humane Society Silicon Valley


2008 Annual Report - Humane Society Silicon Valley

News from Humane Society Silicon Valley

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

2008 Annual Report

Winter 2009


The President’s Desk

Dear Friends

2008 was a year for the history books. Our ears,

eyes and especially our hearts have been filled

with words of inspiration that are causing people

everywhere to stand up and make a change for the

better in their world. My favorite of those words

was a simple statement issued by President Barack

Obama. “We’re going to adopt a dog”. No matter

what your background, political affiliation, or family

history, adopting a pet is an act of compassion that

offers the adopter as many rewards as it gives to

the pet whose life is saved. As a result of this high

profile adoption, many Americans are considering

the “adoption option” for the first time.

In doing this, our neighbors have discovered what

you and I already know. By supporting Humane

Society Silicon Valley in 2008, you made it possible for

us to find loving homes for nearly 4,000 animals and

reunite 200 lost pets with their families. Our Regional

Rescue program saved nearly 900 animals that were

in danger of being euthanized at local shelters due to

lack of resources or space. Our Medical Center treated

more than 5,000 public patients. Our Education

Department served more than 8,700 students

through nationally recognized leading-edge programs

that do more than teach students how to understand,

respect, and treat animals; they teach them how to

become better citizens in their communities.

And the best part? HSSV isn’t done making

history yet.

Charting a New Path

In March 2009, we will open the doors of our new

Animal Community Center, a one-of-a-kind regional

facility that will be a life-enriching destination for

people and their pets. In doing so, we’re breaking

down the barriers imposed on us by false stereotypes

of animal welfare organizations as sad places filled

with undesirable animals. Our community will see

HSSV for what you and I know it to be – a place of

hope for people and animals alike, where our mission

to save and enhance lives is fulfilled every day.

By creating this special Animal Community Center,

we’ll be able to save more lives than ever. Lives like

Katie’s, a six-year-old shepherd mix that spent her life

tethered to a tree outdoors. Thankfully, Katie found

her way to HSSV, where a wonderful gentleman who

she sleeps next to every night, adopted her.

None of this lifesaving work would be possible

without your support. Thank you for all you do for

the animals at HSSV!

Our Shelter

Is Open Every Day


Monday – Friday

10:30 am – 8:00 pm

(last appointment 7:00)

Saturday – Sunday

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

(last appointment 6:00)

Lost and Found

Monday – Friday

10:30 am – 8:00 pm

(last tour 7:30)

Saturday – Sunday

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

(last tour 5:30)

Our Mission Is To Save

and Enhance Lives

Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) offers high-quality

adoptions, medical care, and educational programs to

enhance the human-animal bond.

HSSV is an independent, nonprofit organization. We are

not governed by or affiliated with the Humane Society of

the United States (HSUS) or the American SPCA (ASPCA)

and receive no funding from these organizations.

If you would like to help, a donation envelope is enclosed

in this newsletter, or visit www.hssv.org to make a

donation online.

Pet Supply Store

Monday – Saturday:

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Medical Center

Vaccination Clinic:

Monday – Saturday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Spay/Neuter Clinic Surgery:

Monday – Friday

(By appointment only)

Emergency euthanasia is

available for your pet

24 hours a day.


of Directors

Chair: Kate Mulligan

Vice-Chair: Melissa Dyrdahl

Treasurer: Geoffrey Powell

Secretary: Sue Levy

Board Members

Leonard Almalech

Kara Berg

Michael “Mickey” Bonasera

Susan P. Diekman

Dr. David H. Mack

Shellie McLean Fry

Lars Rabbe

Honorary Board

John Diekman

Judy Kleinberg

Judy Marcus

Betty Moore

Gordon Moore

Nathan Oliveira

Tara VanDerveer

Steve Wozniak


Concept inspired by

Malcolm Bramwell,

Volunteer Photographer.

Humane Society Silicon Valley

2530 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 727-3383 www.hssv.org

We're moving! Our new address as of March 2009:

901 Ames Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035. (408) 262-2133

Christine Benninger, President

2 2

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

HSSV “Thinks Outside the Cage” and “Goes

Green” With New Animal Community Center

In March 2009, HSSV will make history when we open

the Nation's first environmentally certified "green" Animal

Community Center that offers a full spectrum of pet and

community services under one roof.

The 48,000 square-foot center is located at 901 Ames

Avenue in Milpitas, and is easily accessible to Highways

101, 237, and Interstates 680 and 880. It will offer a spay/

neuter medical center, a community dog park and training

center, doggie daycare, boarding and grooming, a

veterinary hospital with a public viewing room, an

education center, a community center, a pet store, a

pet-friendly café, and more!

“By offering a variety of services and education

programs that support families with pets, we hope to

create a new paradigm for animal welfare organizations

that will help break the cycle of pet abandonment and

neglect,” says HSSV President Christine Benninger.

“We believe our Animal Community Center will be

an inspiring model of humane care, community

involvement and green building design for shelters

and nonprofits nationwide.”

No More Cages!

Main Entrance

Our animal habitats will simulate home

environments, enabling real-world training

opportunities as well as greatly reducing animal stress

and behavioral issues created by traditional shelter

designs. The center will be able to accommodate up

to 10,000 animal adoptions a year.

Environmentally Certified Center

The facility will be a “green” structure that meets Leadership

in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards set by

the national Green Building Council. HSSV expects to be the

first Gold level LEED certified animal facility in the Nation!

Key “green” components include photovoltaic arrays to

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

generate 40% of the center’s power needs, a highly efficient

cleansing system for kennel maintenance, synthetic turf in

the community dog park, a cool (reflective) roof to reduce

the roof surface temperature, and heat recovery technology

on all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

For more information about our new

Animal Community Center or how you can contribute a gift

to our Happy Endings, New Beginnings campaign,

please visit http://giving.hssv.org/campaign.

Community Cat Room

Open House

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

10am to 6pm ~ 901 Ames Ave., Milpitas


The Numbers

Behind the Lives

July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008


Cats Dogs Rabbits Critters* Total

Adoptions at the Shelter 1,583 1,083 110 87 2,863

Adoptions Through

Rescue Partners 127 350 36 588 1,101

Total Animals Adopted 1,710 1,433 146 675 3,964

Animals Reunited w/ Owners 61 177 – 3 241

Strays Transferred 221 134 13 24 392

Total Shelter Animals Saved 1,992 1,744 159 702 4,597

Animals Euthanized (Due to 945 327 5 361 1,638

severe health and/or behavior issues)

Sub Total 2,937 2,071 164 1,063 6,235

Public Animals Served

Owner Requested

Euthanasia Due to Illness 372 774 16 161 1,323

Non-live Incoming Animals 294 254 27 162 737

Medical Center Patients 1,664 3,328 39 – 5,031

Total Animals Touched 5,267 6,427 246 1,386 13,326


Spay/Neuter Surgery (includes

shelter animals and public animals)

2,027 2,132 116 – 4,275

Microchips (includes shelter

animals and public animals)

– – – – 3,275

Vaccines (Public Animals) – – – – 11,195

Vaccines (Shelter Animals) 8,500


ThRough ouTREACh

Foster Care** 619 157 – – 776

Regional Rescue** 311 523 37 – 871

* Critters refers to: Goats, Guinea Pigs, Rodents, Reptiles, Pigs, Wildlife and Fowl.

**These numbers are included in the total number of animals saved.


Students Served .....................................................................................................8,757


Animal Pals Club .......................................................................................................189

Classroom Presentations....................................................................................3,567

Workshops and Tours ................................................................................1,160

Caring Communities School Enrichment Program ........................................... 980

Compassion in Action (CIA), a Service Learning Program ......................... 344

Other Outreach Presentations ...........................................................................2,517


# of homeless cats spayed/neutered as part of low cost TNR program .........513

Humane Society Silicon Valley follows the guiding principals of the

Asilomar Accords for keeping uniform statistics. Information is available

at www.hssv.org and at www.asilomaraccords.org.

4 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

76 cents out of every dollar raised

directly supports our animals!


➤ 93% Fundraising & New Building Campaign

Individual Support, Bequests, Foundation Grants,

Special Events, Corporate Support, New Building

Campaign (of the 93%, 54% came from Bequests)

➤ 6% Programs & Community Services

Adoption Services, Pet Store, Spay/Neuter and

Vaccination Clinic, Humane Education, Obedience

Training Classes, Investments

➤ 1% Animal Service Contracts

Services provided by contractual agreement to

the cities of Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Sunnyvale and

Santa Clara County


Current Assets: .......................$24,130,878

Property & Equipment: ............ $13,667,814

Pledges & Endowments: ............ $2,745,096

Total: ................................. $40,543,788

Current Liabilities: .................... $1,866,259

Bonds Payable Net: .................$15,503,319

Net Assets: ............................$23,174,210

Total: ................................. $40,543,788

➤ 52% Adoption & Placement Programs

Adoptions, Animal Shelter & Care, Animal Behavior

Evaluations & Training, Veterinary Care, Foster Care,

Animal Outreach & Rescue

➤ 3% Animal Service Contracts

➤ 21% Community Programs

Humane Education, Animal Behaviorist, Obedience

Training Classes, Volunteer Program, Spay/Neuter &

Vaccination Clinic, Pet Store

➤ 17% Fundraising & New Building Campaign

➤ 7% Support Services

Finance, Administration, Planning, Management



Adoption & Placement Programs: $3,291,608

Animal Service Contracts: $187,272

Community Programs: $1,342,719

Fundraising & Campaign: $1,091,702

Support Services: $410,469

Total: $6,323,770

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


For Year Ended June 30, 2008

6% Programs

& Community


1% Animal Service




93% Fundraising

& New Building


Fundraising & Campaign: $14,595,354

Program Services: ............. $898,282

City Contracts: ................. $218,220

Total: ........................... $15,711,856

52% Adoption &

Placement Programs





17% Fundraising

& New Building


3% Animal Service


21% Community



Providing lost and abandoned animals with quality,

compassionate care is the heart of what we do. Every animal

that comes through our doors is given veterinary care, a

warm bed, nutritious food, and lots of TLC. Last year, HSSV

saw a large influx of animals surrendered because of home

foreclosures. We also took in dozens of animals from Santa

Cruz County shelters when their shelters became full with

animals after the Summit Fires. And, we partnered with

Project Homeless Connect to provide pet food and vaccine

Animal Care

HSSV's Judy Kpa and Selah Albrightson tend to Patches

vouchers to the County’s un-housed pet owners and those

at risk of losing their homes.

Patches, a sweet 7-year-old Calico, was surrendered by

her family after she suffered a broken leg and they could not

afford her medical treatment. Our veterinarians set Patches’

leg, which took several weeks to heal. During her stay in

our hospital, Patches received special attention by staff and


“Every animal deserves a second chance. At HSSV, we invest our time and resources

to help sick and injured animals no matter what their age.”

– Beth Ward, Vice President of Animal and Customer Care

6 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Medical Center

HSSV's Julie Bettencourt and Amy Back listen to a patient's heart

Homeless Cats

HSSV continues to work in a leadership role with the

South Bay Homeless Cat Coalition to reduce the number

of feral cats in Santa Clara County. It’s estimated there

are 125,000 homeless cats throughout the county.

Last year, HSSV partnered with corporations like

Align Technology and SanDisk Corporation to help

them trap and spay/neuter homeless cats on their

properties. We also made our Medical Center available

to Peninsula Fix Our Ferals, so they could host low cost

spay/neuter clinics for homeless/feral cats.

During Fiscal Year 2008, more than 500 feral/

homeless cats were sterilized as part of the county

funded TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Program.

“The Humane Society Silicon Valley

helped us employ a Trap-Neuter-

Return Program that has reduced

our feral cat population over the

past two years from 90 to 20 cats.

It’s easy to implement and it’s the

humane thing to do.”

– Liz P. Newman, Align Technology

Managed cat colony at Align Technology

HSSV offers affordable,

high-quality spaying/neutering,

vaccinations, microchipping,


and testing services to the

public and their pets.

On any given day, our

veterinarians will perform

as many as 25 spay/

neuter surgeries and our

veterinarian technicians

will vaccinate hundreds of

animals each week.

Last year,

HSSV’s Medical

Center spayed/

neutered 4,275



more than

19,000 vaccines



3,275 animals.


Our Adoption Counselors dedicate themselves to

finding the right home for every pet in our Adoption Program.

Whether it takes a few weeks or several months, every

animal in our Adoption Program is kept until it is placed in a

permanent, loving home. Our efforts to find the perfect

match with each adoption are yielding impressive results: In

2008, 3,964 animals were placed in loving homes through

our Adoption or Rescue Partner Program.

Satellite Adoption Center

To increase our adoptions and geographical reach, we

expanded our PETCO Satellite Adoption Center in the El

Adoption Program

Garrett Mack gets a kiss from Bear

Bonnie is the first pet rabbit I've had and

she just cracks me up. She keeps the

entire family entertained and brings out

the best in my 18-year-old cat Mu and our

7-year-old dog Panda. Bonnie is litter box

trained so she's rarely in her cage. She

spends most of her day hopping around

the house making sure everyone is happy.

You could say she is one spoiled girl, but I

wouldn't have it any other way."

– Jacqueline Scholler, Adopter

Paseo de Saratoga Shopping Center in San Jose. The center

has dedicated staff and volunteers working full time to find

loving homes for cats, rabbits and pocket pets.

Golden Pet Program

Increasingly, adult pets and those with a bit of gray around

their muzzle are being relinquished to HSSV. Our Golden Pet

Program counsels potential adopters about the benefits of

adopting a mature pet and offers discounts in our pet store

and medical center to those who adopt older pets. Senior

citizens also receive a 50 percent discount on the adoption

fee when they adopt a Golden Pet.

“When I was 9, my

parents said it was OK to

visit the Humane Society

to look for a dog. I knew

that’s where my sister

found her dog Stinson

and I thought I would

have good luck there too.

I walked up and down

the kennels looking at

all the dogs, and then I

saw Bear – an 8-monthold

puppy. Bear came up

to me and looked right

into my eyes, and gave

me a special look. That’s

when I knew he was

meant to be my dog.”

– Garrett Mack, Adopter

Jacqueline Scholler and Bonnie enjoy each other's company

8 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Shiloh lost a leg but not his spirit

Foster Care

Foster Parents care for animals in their home for a few

weeks or months. Animals that enter foster care are usually

kittens that are not old enough to be adopted, dogs that

need extra socialization or animals that need time to recover

from a medical procedure. HSSV provides food and medical

care – the Foster Parent provides the love! In FY 2008, 776

animals were fostered.

“I’ve been a foster parent for 7 years

and I love it. It’s so rewarding to

watch a shy, young kitten become

confident and then get adopted into a

wonderful home. My latest foster cat

Spice broke her foot so she’s staying

with me until she recovers from her

injury. I can honestly say, there’s

nothing I’d rather be doing.”

– Margie Croall, Foster Parent

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Regional Rescue


HSSV’s Regional Rescue Program saves animals that are

in danger of being euthanized at other shelters due to a lack

of resources, time or space. Last year, the program found

homes for 871 dogs, cats and rabbits.

Shiloh, was one of those dogs — a sweet but scared

German shepherd puppy who had been abused by his

owners and whose leg was shattered beyond repair. His leg

was amputated but the shelter did not have the resources to

care for him after his surgery.

HSSV took Shiloh in to place him in a foster home where

he could recover and learn to trust people again. As his true

personality blossomed, his foster family knew Shiloh was

the dog for them. Today, Shiloh gets around quite well on

three legs, accompanying his new family on neighborhood


“We invest time and resources to help

save the lives of animals that not only

come through our doors, but those that

other organizations may not have the

ability to help due to lack of resources,

time or space.”

– Jeri Seiden, Manager of Special Needs

Margie Croall and foster cat Spice


HSSV’s Volunteer Program enables

people to become part of the direct

link between community action and

our mission to save and enhance

lives. We achieve this partnership by

including volunteers in every aspect

of our organization through a variety

of volunteer positions, including

adoption counselors, customer service

assistants, pet store clerks, foster

parents, special events coordinators,

and animal socializers.

Last year, approximately

500 active volunteers

donated nearly 26,000

hours of time valued at


In addition to working with

individual volunteers, our Corporate

Volunteer Program provides Silicon

Valley employees with a teambuilding

experience that makes a difference in

the lives of homeless animals. During

a corporate volunteer day, employees

receive a shelter tour, participate in

an animal experience with our shelter

guests, and roll up their sleeves to

complete a group project alongside

HSSV staff.

"I like volunteering

at HSSV because they

make it easy to get

involved with and care

for the animals. The

animals are always

happy to see me and

spending time with

them is the highlight

of my day. It makes

me happy to know that

every animal will have

a better chance at life

because of the work

HSSV does."

– Tommy Nguyen

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Tommy Nguyen with Maximus

10 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Our Education Department offers

a variety of programs for children

and teens that are highly interactive,

student-centered and age-appropriate.

Last year, more than 8,700 students

benefited from HSSV’s Education

Outreach programs, including:

Caring Communities – an eightweek

school enrichment program that

teaches third-graders lifelong skills

such as responsibility, compassion

and citizenship.

Compassion in Action (CIA) – a

nationally recognized service learning

program that lets students ages 14-

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Education Programs

"Our Education

Department strives to

change the lives of kids

and animals, creating

a more compassionate

world for the future."

– Jaime Allen,

Education Program


Maiah gets a kiss from shelter guest Jackie

17 explore animal welfare topics and

work on service projects for HSSV

and their community.

Animal Pals Club – provides monthly

hands on opportunities at the shelter

for youth ages 10-15. Students meet

animal-care experts, tour our shelter

and complete a project to help the

animals in our care.

Summer Camp, Amazing Animals –

a two-week class for campers grades

1-7 enrolled in the City of Sunnyvale

Summer Express Camp Program.

Students meet and learn about a

variety of animals and their impact on

people’s lives.

Youth Advisory Board

(YAB) – encourages

feedback and ideas from

teens to help develop

youth centric programs at

HSSV. Students develop

leadership skills and form

a life-long interest in

animals and philanthropy.


Presentations – three

innovative, hands-on

educational programs

for K-6 classrooms.

Animal Careers, Pet Care

101 and My Dog Said

What? The latter teaches

students to determine an

animal's mood by its body

language, distance, and

vocalizations, and learn

strategies for staying


Girl Scout Programs –

designed to help scouts

complete their Bronze

or Silver Award service

project and includes an

educational workshop,

hands-on activities,

access to professionals

from animal-related

fields, and guided

opportunities to help girls

make a difference in their


“I have learned that when you are dealing with an animal and you give him lots of

love, you have created a best friend for life.” – Maiah, a tenth grader and member of

HSSV’s nationally recognized Compassion in Action program.


Development Programs and Events

HSSV is privately funded and receives

no funding from the government,

Humane Society of the United States, or

United Way. Development offers many

programs and events that are helpful to

the community and that help us raise

funds to save the lives of animals.

With our Monthly Giving Program,

you can arrange to automatically donate

a specific amount to HSSV each month

and receive an email acknowledgement.

This saves HSSV the cost of processing

your gift and mailing a thank you letter,

and you will no longer receive frequent

appeals in the mail, saving paper. By

becoming a "Faithful Friend," you can

ensure that 100% of your gift will go

directly to care for our animals. Our

program not only makes budgeting

donations easier for you, but you will

receive a year-end summary of your


Our Pet Guardianship Program

helps you secure your pet’s future and

can give you peace of mind. All we ask is

that you provide information on your pet

by filling out a Pet Biography form, make

an annual donation of any amount to

HSSV, and include HSSV in your will. In

return, in the event that you predecease

your pet, we will provide the care needed

and will work to help them find a new

loving home.

Through our Vehicle Donation

Program, if you have a vehicle you no

longer use or plan to replace, we provide

an easy way to make a big impact on

the lives of our animals. Our partner

picks up your vehicle, and once it is

sold, we provide a donation receipt for

your tax records. We accept almost all

automobiles, boats, motorcycles and RVs

that are currently registered with the

DMV: vehicles in good running condition,

Leanne and Steve Troy at The Fur Ball

“We promise to be good

stewards of your gifts.

That's why we make

sure that 76 cents out of

every dollar we receive

goes directly towards

caring for and supporting

the animals.”

– Stephanie Ladeira, Vice

President, Development

Margaret Davis

and Hot Dog

go for a ride.

and ALSO non-running vehicles!

The Development Department also

holds three major fundraising events

each year: The Fur Ball in April, an

annual black tie event where guests and

dogs dress up in their finest and enjoy fine

wine and food, silent and live auctions

and dance the night away; Imagine the

PAWSabilities in June, a fundraising

breakfast that gives our supporters a

chance to invite their friends, family and

associates to learn about HSSV’s lifesaving

programs and services; and Walk

‘n Wag, our popular community walk-athon,

which draws hundreds of animal

lovers and their canine companions.

For more information on our

programs and events, visit:


“The first thing I did after

adopting Hot Dog from

HSSV was enroll him in

the Pet Guardianship

program. It gives me

peace of mind to know

that HSSV will find Hot

Dog a new home should I

die before he does. I want

to make sure he’s taken

care of.” – Margaret Davis

Walk ‘n Wag, our popular community walk-a-thon

12 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Counseling, Training and Nutrition

Our Counseling Department helps frustrated pet

owners deal more effectively with their companion

animals’ behavior problems. Throughout the year, they

field hundreds of calls and emails on everything from

excessive barking and chewing to litter box training

and how to maintain peace in a multiple animal

household. HSSV’s website also offers an abundance

of free information on cat, dog, and rabbit behavior.

To help dog adopters start out on the right paw,

HSSV worked with A Dog's Life in Sunnyvale to offer

Dog Training Classes. The training program uses

positive reinforcement methods to strengthen the

bond between people and their canine companion.

There are courses for all canine ages and all canine

(and human!) skill levels.

HSSV’s Pet Store specializes in high-quality,

human-grade pet foods and nutritional supplements,

and offers quality pet products including bedding,

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

leashes, apparel, and enrichment toys. If you don’t find a particular

product, we will special order it for you. All proceeds from the

store support our mission to save and enhance lives.

“I was at the end of my rope when I contacted

HSSV about my dog Teddy’s fear-related

behavioral issues. The counseling team took a

multi-faceted approach to Teddy’s issues that

addressed his psychological, physical and

nutritional needs. I truly appreciate the care

and attention HSSV gave to Teddy and me.

They have helped him become a much more

happy and confident, boy.” – Janet Barry

Janet Barry and Teddy


It is our honor to be able to share this list

of special friends who made life-saving gifts

to Humane Society Silicon Valley in 2008.

Because every gift is crucial to our work, we

wish we could include all gifts in this report.

However, due to space and in the interest of

cost-savings, we are publishing this edited list

of supporters who have given a total of $100

or more in 2008. We have not included gifts

toward previously vowed pledges, gifts totaling

less than $100, “in kind” gifts or gifts to our

Happy Endings, New Beginnings campaign for

our new Animal Community Center (opening

in Milpitas in March 2009). Thank you to ALL

who supported saving animals’ lives at HSSV –

you have our deepest gratitude.

Last year, we omitted the names of three

special supporters in our 2007 Annual Report.

We would like to apologize to those friends by

acknowledging their 2007 gifts. We appreciate

these generous and thoughtful contributions:

$500 to $999

BD Biosciences

$1,000 to $2,499

Richard and Nikki Beyer

$5,000 to $9,999

Edward Jacklitch, a gift in memory of his

wife, Carol Jacklitch

$100,000 and Over


Lorraine E. Cantor Living Trust

Estate of Charles William Henderson

Estate of Nancy Kelsey

Sue and Richard Levy

Nancy Travers Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Valenzuela

Deborah and Bob Walt

$2,500 to $4,999

David Albertalli

Mr. and Mrs. Len Almalech

ASPCA Adopt-a-Bull

Jennifer Blair

Geneva Block

Brad Boston and Karen Knutson

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Boucher

Julie Brandt

Campus Community Association

Daniel Case

Corinne Celio

Madhuri Chattopadhyay and

Anurag Acharya

Deborah A. Coleman

Barbara Courtney

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeSantis

Peter Detkin and Michelle Oates

ETRADE Financial

Edward and Shannon Farrell

First Republic Bank

Jeanne and Frank Fischer

Fort Dodge Animal Health

Jann and Graham Freeman

David Fry and Shellie McLean-Fry

Kurt Gross

Growth Capital Associates, Inc.

Ms. Vicki Haines

Jim Harrington

Arline L Hayden Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Ross A. Jaffe

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Johnson

John Kennett

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce La Fountain, Jr.

Elizabeth Laverty and

Kevin Williamson

Judy and George Marcus

Elaine Mathews

Glen Scott Mau

Scott Meeth

Ronald J. Meetin


Peggy and Wayne Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Miller, Jr.

Foundation of Gordon and

Betty Moore

John V. Moore

John and Mary Moriarty

National Semiconductor Corp

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Nichols,

Nichols Research, Inc.

Estate of Pearl E. Oyler

Virgil Parsons

Guila and Jim Pollock

Rainmaker Properties

Royal Canin

Patricia and Kevin L. Shives

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Sickal

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sletten

Kerry Stanton

Star One Credit Union

Shirley C. Sutton and Peter Moore

Symantec Corporation

Homayoun and Virginia Talieh

Marie and Scott Tiraschi

James Tucker

Brenda and Daniel Wang

Suzanna Wong

Steve Wozniak


$1,000 to $2,499

$50,000 to $99,999

Anonymous for Homeless Cats

Ms. Yvonne Maggio

Estate of Elbe C. Young

$25,000 to $49,999



Ms. Kara Berg

John and Arlene Campi

Estate of Josephine Hayward

Higgins Family Fund

Ms. Kate Mulligan and

Dr. David Mack

Estate of Norine Wedig

$10,000 to $24,999

Rita and Michael J. Bonasera

Fred Chilton and Susan C. Klynn

Margaret M. Chrisman Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cook

Ms. Anna Cook

Leesa Gidaro

Samuel Halper

Digby Horner and Nora Sandoval

Bob Hudson and

Kennon Dickson-Hudson

Estate of S. Kinoshita

Estate of Mazie Georgiana Krebs

Joanie and Scott Kriens

Greg Krodel

Maddie’s Fund

Estate of Albert Joseph Martel

Mickie and Loai A. Najjar

Mrs. Pat Ruch

SanDisk Corporation

Simon-Strauss Foundation

Soper Family Trust

Jim Stephens and Abraham Brown

David Towle and Luvonne S. Stewart

Theresa Varni 2000 Revocable Trust

VCA Antech Inc.

James and Therese G. Vorsas Trust

$5,000 to $9,999

Applied Materials, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ball

Carolyn Bell and Forest Baskett

Adony and Rebecca Beniares

Andrea and Christopher Borch

Bring Light Fund

Gail Bush Chizen and Bruce Chizen

Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust

Cisco Foundation

Sue and John Diekman

Melissa and Clyde Dyrdahl

Barbara J. Ferguson

Walli Finch

Fry’s Electronics


Diana Grubbs

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Hewlett Packard Company

Estate of Ms. Donna Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Kabcenell

Robert Kieve, The Kieve Foundation

KLA-Tencor Foundation

Keith Lundquist

Cathy and Marco Mendez

Heather and John Mozart


Sonya Paz and Mark Kovich,

Sonya Paz Fine Art

PETCO Foundation

Verity and Geoff Powell

Alice Robertson

Martha Sessums and Philip Mustain

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Taylor

Catherine G. Ticer


Estate of Victoria A. Adair

Adobe Systems Inc.

Align Technology, Inc.

Mrs. Dorothy J. Amstutz

Dana A. Anderson and Stanford S. Au


Applied Systems Engineering, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Francesco G.


Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Asplund

David and Marcia Baker

Robert Ball

Joan F. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. James Barta

John Bartlomiejczyk and

Siuming Cheng

James Barton

Carol R. Bartunek

Elena and Matt Battles

Elva A. Baty

BEA Systems, Inc.

Christine Benninger

Mrs. Esther Benninger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bereziuk

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Berg

Mrs. June A. Berggren

Steve Berry

Aldo J. Bertolotti

Robert J. Bettencourt

Irene Black

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Blackwell

Julie Bonds

Michael L. Bordoni

Barbara Branaman and Richard Volle

Stacy Braslau-Schneck &

David Schneck, Stacy’s Wag ‘N’ Train

Roger Bredek

Rodger Brown

The Val A. Browning Foundation

Courtney Brubaker

Lori Budin

Barbara Ellen Burns

Tom Byers and Michele Mandell

California Labradoodles, LLC

Holly Campbell

Claire Maria Campodonico

Antonio Canova and

Elena Gutierrez Canova

Cars 4 Causes

Philip Chang and En-Hao Chiang

Joey and Kae-Chy Chang

Douglas A. Chapman and

Marie Manning-Chapman

Toni-Lynn Charlop-Harris

Lewis Chew

Mary Chiao

Linda Chicca

Karen Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. David Coe

Donal V. Croall and Margie

Harris-Croall, Croall Radiography

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Crow, Jr.

Tracey and

Mitchell Cutler, La Fondue

Linda P. Davidge

The Davidson Family Foundation

Christine Davis

Gregory Davis

Janice Deenean

Yoshiteru Deguchi

Sean and Ellen Dempsey

Betsy Dickinson

Dwight Diercks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiNapoli

DK Aqua Clear Inc.

Shirley Doxtad

Aliza Dubin

Dennis Dunham

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Duport

Romano Durini

eBay Foundation

Rolayne Edwards

Electronic Arts

Barrie Fairley

Charles and Janet Fee

Cynthia A. Ferebee

Linda Floyd

Mike Francini and Alys A. Milner

Debbie Fraser

Laura and Eric Fulda

Ed Fussell

Geroncio Galicia

Dave and Jill Galiotto

Lauren Gallagher and Don Reierson

Lester Gallahorn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Garner

Patrick Geddes and

Jessica Sempek-Geddes

Genesys Telecommunications

Laboratories, Inc.

Zoya N. Gerhath

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gilbeau

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goldby

Martha Gonzalez


Janet R. Graham

Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander,

Reubens and Thomas

David A. Graves and

Carol Ann Krug Graves

Joseph and Nancy Greenbach

Richard Gregory

Horngyih Guo

Robert J. Hakim,

Silicon Valley Logistics, LLC

Estate of Carol A. Hale

Suzie Hall

Sherry Harley

Mary Ann Harrigan

Mr. and Ms. Bruce Hatz

Judit Havadtoy

Mrs. Barbara A. Hawthorne

Jeremy Hayes

Jeffrey Hayes

Ruth and Chuck Haynes

Kathleen Henline

Mary Ellen Hennig

Patricia J. Hernas

Jerry Higgins

Antje Hirt

Jeannette Hoffman

Mrs. Mary Hontalas

Hotel Los Gatos

Mark C. Huang and Janet C. Ru-Huang

Nancy E. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hunt

Jan Hutchins

Mary Anne Hutson

IBM Corporation

Simon Inman, Carle, Mackie,

Power & Ross LLP

International Association of Admin

Professionals, San Jose Chapter

Hiromi Ishihara

Lynne Jacka

Laszlo and Leah Jakusovszky

Dorothy Jannink

Robert and Renee Janosch

Karen Jemison

Chris and Beth Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Family of


Tara Jones

David and Alicia Julian and Cooper

Jennifer Julian

Megan A. Kalbfleisch

Barbara Kanki

Jeremy Kashian

Bruce Kenner and Robin D. Collet

Ketayun Keown

Richard H. and Kathryn Kimball

Mary Kirtley

Jeffrey P. Knopow and

Pauline A. Santucci

Charles Knowles

Ellen Ko

Greg Kodani

Scott and Jana Krause

Judith F. Kristofferson

Stephanie and Paul Ladeira

Mr. and Mrs. Yatman W. Lai

Mrs. Carmen Lasar

Bob and Sharon Lathrop,

Lathrop Engineering Inc.

Genevieve Lau

Anya Lee and Joshua Schachter

Carl L. and Debra S. Leong

Lisa and Tom Lloyd

Somnath Lokesh

Roberta London

Sally S. Lucas

14 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Keye Luke

Lundquist Construction Management

Robert B. MacKenzie

Kurt Martin

M. Cathy Martin

Rebekah Martin

Linda and Jim Mazzone

Sarah and William F. McCollam

Ruth A. McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McCready

Mr. and Mrs. Will McLaren

Kenneth and Nancy L. Mednick

Sandra T. Mitchell

Ruth Mitchell

Robert and Paulette Moore

Jerry D. and Vicky R. Moore

Bill and Brenda Murphy,

Clos LaChance Winery

Megan Nance

Yasuhiro Narita

Dr. Margaret A. Neale and

Mr. Alfred C. Lindahl

Brian Neel

Dawn and Kim Niederman

David Nix

Lynn J. Noble

Cynthia Fae Nolan

Susan L. Norman

Holly Nottage

Mike and Holly O’Brien

Lisa and Bob O’Hara

Vernon and Jane Oi

Palo Alto Research Center

Suresh and Marla Panikar

Nila and Surendra Patel

Tisa Pedersen

Robert Peebles

H. Eric Petersen

Kenneth J. Peterson and

Patricia Hanley-Peterson

Peggy Pezzoni

Lee Piazza

Allison J. Pon

Connie Priddy

Principal Financial Group

Frank P. Quattrone and

Denise Foderaro

Lars Rabbe and Cecilia Claudio

Jennifer Randolph

Catherine Ressler and Douglas Jones

Lynn Richards and John Leong

Stacey E. Robinson

Godelieve P. Roelandts

Jane Rosen

Jenny Rutherford,

Del Sol Productions

Kevin and Sandy Ryan

Frank Sainato

Lisa K. and Alfred Santillan


Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Schmidt

Mildred Rose Schob

The David E. and

Jerilyn A. Schricker Family

Anna Selin

Michael Shannon

Dan Shore, Shore Associates, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sims

Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Sobrato

Kris Sowolla

Paul and Linda Spangler, P.A.L.S.

Foundation, Inc

Sara Spears

Molly Stamos

Eva Stiles

Estate of JoAnn Strand

Fraser Street


Feliks and Irene Sukhovitsky

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Sukovez

Robert A. Swirsky and

Steven G. Warner

Jean and Bruce Switzer

Patricia Sylvie

Mary S. Takaichi

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tallea

Tena Taormina and Steve Barcos

Karen L. Taylor

Marty A. Terzakis

Joe Thornton and Tabea

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tinor

Linda and Charles Toeniskoetter,

Toeniskoetter & Breeding Inc

Charles and Beth Travers

Leanne and Scott Troy

Keith and Theresa A. Uchida

Faye Underwood and Mark Walter

Polly Vitkovich

Raymond L. von Savoye

Bruce Walthers

Jeanne Ware

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watson

Bradford F. Weetom

Westfield ShoppingTown

Estate of Willis M. Wheeler

Mr. and Ms. Walt Whelan

Sam Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. William Whittemore

Jean Wilder and Jim Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Willard

Kathryn Williams

Richard M. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Williams

Bill Workman

Jeanne and Jim Wu

Dianne and Mike Yamada

Ronald Yamaguchi

Leslie A. Yates

Lani D. Yoshimura

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zega

$500 to $999

Camellia Adams

Gunther and Sigrid Alberts

Selah Albrightson

Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Allen

Noreen and Frank Amdur

April K. and Jeremiah D. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. David Andresen

Mrs. Fang-Ching Aneals


Beth and Rich Anselm

Naomi Y. and Bruce Appleton

Cheung Auyeung

Teresa J. Awtrey

Mr. and Ms. Robert Bachmann

Bank of America Foundation

Corporate Affairs

Pamela Baptist

Jill Barnes and Paul Colin

Todd Barrett

Arthur Bashford

Florence Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bateman

Cathy and Lee Battles

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford O. Baugh,

Law Offices of Bradford Baugh

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Baum

Bay Area Pet Patrol Pet Sitting

Carl Bayer

Joanne C. Beatty

Becton Dickinson & Company

Janelle Beeson

Richard and Nikki Beyer

Madera Bibb

Antoinette Bibb

Dianne Bies

Bradley and Denise Bini,

Particle Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Birdsall

Carl Blaha and

Judith N. La Galante-Blaha

Dana Bloomberg

Franceen Borrillo

S. and B. Boucher

Richard Bourque

Faye Brackett

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brand

Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Brewer

Julie Brooks and Gerd Bode

Evelyn G. Brown

Richard Burns

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


David and Melanie Burns

Marlene Burrow

John Busco and Susan Chen Busco

Sandy Cademartori

Bernice Capitano

Dan and Dorothy J. Caputo

Karen Cassin

Libby and Mike Castro

Berit Cattolico

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chan

Cecil Chan

Betty O. Chang

Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Chang

Jerry Chappell

Alice V. Chetkovich

The Christiano Family

Charitable Fund

The William H. Cilker Foundation

Bruce Clarke

Gaea Coburn

Dane M. Collins

Eddie B. Collins

Patrick Condran, Jr.

Claire G. Cook

Cameron Corry and

Karen Hallstein-Corry

D. B. Costa

Susan Cramer and Eldon Grupp

Christine Crawford and Leigh Cagan

Billy Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D’Addio

Teri Dakan

Claire Darling

Cheryl, Sandra and

Stephanie Davidson

Margaret A. Davis

Wenyong Deng

Mr. and Mrs. A. Francois Derendinger

Neil and Nerissa Dexter

Tom Do

Sandra Douglas, Douglas Properties

Nadine Douglass

Kristie and Vance Driscoll

Richard Thomas Duesbury

Chuck Dunn

Joe and Carol Eder

Christopher and

Melanie Kay Edwards

Robert Egelston

Mark Ellak

Alice J Ellis

Elizabeth and Michael Engle

Robert Evanikoff

Elsie Ezell

Sean Fagan

David P. Fanara and Mary Gipe Inman

Kathy Fantauzzi

John C. Faraone

Farrington Historical Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Farris

Stephen H. and Kaye M. Feller

Sheila Ferneyhough

Terri and Doug Festa, Society Dog

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Finan

Pat Fisher

John Fitzgibbon and

Kimberly Schneider

Ms. Peggy Fleming Jenkins and

Dr. Greg Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Jess A. Flores

Victoria Fong

Corrie Foos and Leslie Shimizu

David E. Fowler and

Kathleen A. Demetri

David Fradin

Danielle M. Frankina

Mr. and Mrs. John Fraser

David Friedlander and Robin Howard

Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Fuqua

Marla L. Gallo

The Brett and

Michelle Galloway Foundation

Mischelle Garcia

Michael Gatschet

GE Foundation

Ellen Gilbert

Douglas Ginter

Howard Goodman

Catherine Y. Gordon

Kathie Gorman

Wayne Goulding

Mary C. and Sheila C. Graham

Hellen M. Greenway

Mary Jane Gritton

Wayne Grodt

Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Gross

Mike and Beth Guarino,

Mike Guarino Insurance Agency

Clifford H. and Susan P. Gutterman

Mrs. Adele L. Haeussler

Mrs. Philippe Hammerness

George Hammitt

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hare

Diane F. Harney

Jodi A. Haskins

Lisa and Richard Hatchett

Marsha Hatfield

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Hazen

Joan Healy

John Hein

Paul and Patricia Henneke

Rick Hernandez and

Cathy Stevens Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Herrick

Kathy Hewitt

Bradley and Maria Hill

Mrs. Roberta Hitt

Doris Hoffman

Patricia Holaday

Ruth Holmberg

Homestead Technologies

Mary Hoover

Eric Hoppe

Ronni Horrillo

Jody Horst

Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Horton

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Horton

Shirley L. Hosfeldt

Walter Huff and

Anne Munemitsu Huff

Shannon Hunt-Scott and Kevin Scott

Brenda Hutto

Faith Hydie

Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Iacomini

Jennifer Ikeda

Chad Iken

Charles Inman

Intuit Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jaquette

Joy Jeng

John’s Pet Products

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Mr. Rolston Johnson,

Butler-Johnson Corporation

Jeff Johnson and Laura Reichle

Mr. and Mrs. James O. Jones

Kathleen Jorge

Harish J. Joshi

Michael Julian

Alice Kada

Laurel V. and Raymond Kaleda

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kataoka

Hitomi Susan Kawaguchi

Mark Keavney and Mia Ringbom

Ellie and Emily Kehmeier

John Kerwin and Gretchen A. Ehlers

Kelley Ketchmark and

Conrad Sauerwald

Yasmin Khan

Soo Kim

The Honorable and

Mrs. Donald B. King

Christopher Klein

James and Judith Kleinberg

Linda K. Knowles

Jonathan and Kelly Knowles

Jane Koca

Mr. and Mrs. Sieg Koch

Lief Koepsel

Kathy Kolder and Ken Lutz

Mrs. Elizabeth Kolowitz

Mark Krag

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Kruep

KT Foundation

Mary Kunkel

Kathryn and Mike Ladra

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Landshof

Stephen and Susan Lapinski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaRocca

Mogens Lauritzen and Sally M. Abel

William and Cheryl Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Lawson

Allan Lazarus

Anthony Le

Christian and Gina Ledoux

Left Bank Brasserie

Linda Lee Lester

Alan and Jennifer Liebthal

Lisa M. Lindores

Mr. and Mrs. Lee I. Lippert,

Lippert & Lippert Design

Rob and Anne Little

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Littreal, Jr.

Shu Liu

Stuart Loewenthal

Maria Lopez-Delgadillo

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lowden

Susan M. and Karl Lucas

Stephanie Lykam

Melody Lynd, M.D.

Suzanne Maas

Rossanna MacDougall

Clay and Patty Maeckel

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Manfroy

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Matlack

Ms. Catherine T. McCarthy

Dennis McCormick

June McCullough and

Michael A. Abrams

Nick M. McCurdy and

Rozane M. Bey-McCurdy

D. Anne McFarlane

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McLarney

Drew McManus

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Meltzer

Marti Menz

Cassandra W. Messner

Susan Michaelides

Mrs. Bernard Miller

Sydney Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller

Pat and Joyce A. Milligan

Geneve and Colin Monnes

Antonio Montagano

Ryan and Amy Moore

Peter C. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Morrow

Nydia Mota

Andrew Myles

Dr. Natraj Narayanswami

Anthony F. S. Naylor

Marianne Nelson

Spaulding A. Norris

Loretta and Kenneth Nussbacher

Mr. and Mrs. Ismael Obeso

Peter J. O’Connor

Kimberly Okumoto

Neil Oronsky

Mark Orrock and

Barbara Conkin-Orrock

Mr. and Ms. Charles Ott

Robert W. Overby, Jr.

The David and

Lucile Packard Foundation

Deepti Panchawagh-Jain and

Vivek Jain

Robin Pape and Mary Panyan Pape

Kay Parkinson

Freddie Park-Wheeler

Carol Paul

Andrew and Helen Pavicich

Dr. Robert Pearl and Mrs. Jane Hiatt

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pedersen

Genine M. Penumarthy

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Peters

Pfizer, Inc.



Robin Pimentel

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Pipe

Maria Placer

Polycom, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick L. Potter

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Prescott

Chuck and Barbara Preuss

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The Progressive Insurance Foundation

Natalie and Norman Chu

Celia E. Radcliffe

Robin Rakusin

Amber Ramos

Amy Rasley

Deborah E. Reek

Re-Elect Rod Diridon For City Clerk

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Reidenbach

Julia Reigel

Ramon Rico

Marilyn Riding

Marcia and Chris Riedel

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Riese

Jennifer Rios

Christine L. Robbins

Kathleen Roberts

Robin Robison

Christine Rosales

Cathy Rounds

Riva M. Rubnitz

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rubnitz

Linda and Richard Ruedy

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Russell

Ruben Salazar

Katherine Sanborn and

Phillip Hellmuth

R. John Sanders

Monica M. Saneholtz

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Sant

Erin Sarpa

Gunther and Sally Scheibel

Kareen and Frank Schellack

Amy and Dan Schiff

Carl and Teri Schindler

Susan Schmitt

Vandy Schraeder

Donald Schroder

Charles and Helen Schwab


Robert G. and Jane Scribner

Minda and Sourav Seal

Frank and Lynne Seay

Louis H. and Michelle Selincourt

Karen Shamban

Anup Sharma and Lisa Meteyer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shebanek

Sarah J. Shema

Rounda Sheng

Gary O. Shepcaro & Diane M.

Disbrow, The Yellow Brick Road

Theresa Shula

Paul W. Sick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sidenblad

Mrs. Roni Sinclair

Carroll J. Skow

The Shawn Smith Family

Yvonne Smith

Roy and Carey Smith

Randy Snider

Pam Sorich

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Spanggord

Heather Speaks-Bagby and

John Bagby

Richard Specht

Kurt and Kelly Speck

Leila Spencer

Blakeney Stafford


Martha Steffen

Joan Stelling

Michael Stephens

Ann and Bob Stephens

Kimberly A. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Straetker

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Ash Sundaram

Joyce and Ken Sweezey

Scott Switzer

Matt Taylor

Gerald E. Teaderman

Paul Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Hsuan Ting

John and Ginny Tolan

Stephen Tsu

The Turner-Gilliland Family Fund

Jennifer and Bill Tynes

Debra A. Ulmer

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Underwood

Joe Uzzardo, Jr. and

Karen Roberts Uzzardo

Mr. and Mrs. Ruut Van Den Hoed

Krista Van Laan

Tara VanDerveer

Lynn Marie Vaudagna

Vidhya Venkatesan

Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Viale

Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Viswanathan

Nancy Wagner and Holly Hansen

Tom Wagner

Walter Waite

Sue Jei Wang

Elisabeth Weatherford

Mary Margaret Wedge

Charles and Alice Weidner

Curtis and Margaret Weil

Mrs. Marjorie M. West

Drew C. and Brenda Westcott

Western Exhibitors Inc

Jeffrey Lee and Leibschon White

Gail Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Whitlock

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Widman

Patricia A. Williams

James Wilson

Jennifer Wisefield

David Wishner and

Joanna Brown Wishner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Witham

Rena Wittkopf

Holly and Derek Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wong

Janice N. Woods

John J. Wright

Yahoo! Inc.

Susan W. Yost

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Young

Caleb Young

Robert Zaccheno

Michael Zeller

Andy Zorio

Hugo B. Zorrilla

$250 to $499

Yelena F. Abubekerova

Franklin Acree

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Acrivos

John S. Adams and June C. Yamamoto

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Adams

Dawn Adams

Sherrie Albin

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Albrecht

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Alexander

Patricia Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alvarado

Margaret Anderson

Keith R. Anderson

Gunilla Andre

Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Andrew

Mr. and Mrs. John Angood

Celia H. Anna

Marie Anthony

Aqua Design Inc.

Arizona Sun RV Park

Sally K. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Arnon

B. Atkins

James L. Babcock

BAE Systems

Carl Baeuerlen

Carolyn Bailey and

Panos Lambrianides


Mr. Howard Baldwin and

Dr. Monica Delzeit

Mr. and Mrs. John Banks

Barlocker Insurance

Dr. Edward M. Barrall, II

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bartlett

Claire Barto

Christopher L. Battles and

Heather A. Brien & Charley

Diana and Robert Bauman

Barbara Baymiller

Matthew M. Bays

Ioana Bazavan Justus

Christopher and Sarah Beauchamp

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce L. Beck

Fred J. Bedard

Deborah Bedell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Bednar, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. Beghtel

Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Belanger

“It is really gratifying

to me to have an

organization to support

that loves animals

as I do and is doing

such a fabulous job of

serving animals, and

also the community.”

– Barbara Courtney,


Debra F. Belmessieri

Michael Benham

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Beninger

Samir and Kathy Maag Bentaieb

Laura Berezin

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bergland

Jeffrey Bermillo

Dr. Monte Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Beveridge

Susan Bezenek

Katrine and Raja Bhadury

Jean M. Biancalana

Tito and Cameron Bianchi

Mrs. Virginia Biondi

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Blasgen

Adam Block and Hobbes

Lea Anne Borders

Susan Borelli

Joan Bornstein

Sandra Bouja

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bower

Yaowaluk and Brand Bowman

Abbey Bowman

Daphne Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Bradbury

James N. Bradford

Faith Braff

Yvonne Brand

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Brandenburg

Joe Bravo

Kathy N. and Dan Brenzel

Julie Brittis

Clara M. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Brooks

Mrs. Cynthia Brooks

Ed Brown, Sr.

Janis C. Brown

Mrs. Maureen Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Brown

Wanda Brown

Linda Brown

Katherine Brubaker

Lorraine Bubb

Ed Buckingham

Mrs. Alice D. Bullard

Cheryl Bunnell

Bonnie L. Burke

Michael Burke and Lynn Kennedy

Tina Burling

Anne Burris

Brent and Debbie Bushnell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Byrne

Lina Cabrera

Celeste Francesca Cademartori

Linda Cadogan

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cancilla

Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Cantow

Ronald L. Capener

Linda Carlson

Hector D. Carrillo

Carol L. Carroll

Susan Carsen and Sarah

Robert Garry Castro

Richard L. and Maya J. Caudill

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cavallaro

Mr. and Mrs. Morse Cavender

Anna Celia

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Chaffee

Vicky Chan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Chang

Luan Chang

Kat Charette

Andrew and Cheryl Chasin

Howard Chen

May Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Chiang

Tony Chin

Erika Chinn

Harvey Chock

Harold F. Christensen, Jr.

Dr. Carol L. Christensen


Judith C. Clark

James F. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Clark

Julie R. Claypool

Catherine Clifton

Nancy M. and Sarah F. Clish

Barrie D. Coate

Debon M. Cochrane

Joan Coffman

Robert S. and Valorie M. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. William Coleman, III

Ronald Compratt

Ramiro Contreras

Mrs. Jill J. Conway

Shirley Cook

Cheryl Cook

France Cornu

Avelina V. Corpuz

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Corsello

Roland and Kimberly Cortes

Dave S. Costain and

Linda Ayotte Costain

Kathleen Costello

Lorraine Courtney

Andrea Couvrey

Kristine Cowherd

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Craig

Mandy Crane

Jane Creighton

Nancy J. Creveling and

Stephen T. Gilbert

Steven Crouch-Baker

John A. Crowley

Jim and Arlene Dalton

Philip Damberg and Claudia Lohnes

Helen Danna

Barbara A. Davis

Jeanette Dayan

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirch De Martini

Pamela De Moor

Irene Deanda

Izeaha Debruyn

Cherie K. Del Carlo

Dennis Demille

Mr. and Mrs. Norman DeNardi

Arlette and John Denham

Sandra A. DeVries

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Nucci

Jack and Jennifer Di Nucci

Sue S. Dibble

Diane Diggins

Sharon Disman

Denise Doetsch and Chris Kruger

Genie Donnell

Kathy Donohue

Heather A. and Jeffrey S. Draeger

Hilde C. Drawbaugh

Candy Duchesne

Phillip M. Dunkelberger

Robert B. Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dym

Echo Bell Apartments

Ardell L. Eddy

William J. Edwards

Martin and Jeannie Eichner

David L. and Karlene Elder

Carola V. Elliott

Rob and Mary Enderle

David English

Judy Enos

Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Epling

Anne Faria

Sandy Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. Toby Farrand

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Farris

Gwen Farry

Delwin Fassett

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fedor

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fehr

Marty and Bob Ferguson

Ian Ferguson

Bryan W. and Jan B. Ferguson

Richard W. and Josephine A. Ferrie

Robert Filuk, M.D.

Elisha and Clint Finney

Robert Fletcher

Alfredo Flores

Marilyn M. Foley

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Fong

Elizabeth M. Fontanetti, Fontanetti’s

Athletic and Batting Cages

Mrs. Carol Forbes

Jerrie A. Foreman

Ellen Forster

Mary K. Forster

Dennis and Kathy Foster

Jessie F. Fournier

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fraedrich,

Hedy Fraedrich & Associates

AnnMarie Francis

Paulo Frank

Cheryl Frank

Ashley and Justin Franke

Carolyn Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Frazee

David and Gwyneth Anne Freedman

Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Frenzel

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Frey

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Friedrichs

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Frisbie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fuller

Lindy Fung

Judith S. Galindo

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gall

Michael J. Gallagher

Thomas Garvey

Norman Gary and Alice Gosak Gary

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Gates

Bridget Geiser

Ann Ghiorso

Tracy C. Gibbons

Sophie Giles, Ph.D.

Girl Scout Troop 276

Marylyn Glover

Werner Goese

Ezequiel Gonzalez and

Maria E. Gonzales

Barbara Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Grant

Kathleen S. Grimes

Debbie Gross

Anne H. Grugan

Linda Guevara

16 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Maryalice Gulino

Mr. and Mrs. Sushant Gupta

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Guthrie

Kara Hackenburg and Eric Tallman

Jill Hadley

Carol B. Halter

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hamill

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Hanley

Suzette Hannah-Hessler

Jacque Hansen and Hector Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harnack

Richard T. Harrer

Paul W. Harrington

Beverly Harrison

John G. Hata

Mitchel Hatch

Kristin K. Hauck and

David R. Koberstein

Mr. and Mrs. Reino E. Hautala

Dr. Kenneth Hayes and

Mrs. Janet Gray Hayes

Atha J. Haywood

Heavenly Greens

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Heihn

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heiman

Robert Heimgartner

Eric Heistermann

Chris B. Heithoff and Carien Veldpape

Emily and Eric Heitmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Helmer

Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Henry

Asa C. Henry

Stephen Henry

Anita Hermann

Clyde R. Hermoso

Max R. Herrmann and Julia Sachon

Mr. and Mrs. Eric O. Hexem

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Hiatt

Bill Hicks

Joyce Higashi

Julie Hill

Robert Bruce Hill

Ursula Hilson

Audrey E. Hinze

Patricia Ann Hjelmhaug

Arlene Hoff

Judy Hoffmann

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holic

Ralph A. Holiday

Robert Hollis

Karrie L. Holm

Nannette Holt

Susan Hoopes

Mr. and Mrs. George Hopkins

Patrick R. Howlett and Cindy S. Au

Hsin-Liang Huang

Maureen Hudson

Steve Hughes

James Hulseman

Thomas and Carol Hunter

Julia Huot

Coleen Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Hurst, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Husher

Icing on the Cake

Lawrence B. Ickes

Randen Ireson

Ed Irvine

Jane F. Irvine

Mrs. Jean M. Isbell

Anthony Todd Iwamiya

Ellen Iwatsubo

Karen Jachens

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Jackson

Karen A. Jacobson and Daniel Kessler

Lisa A. James


Robin Jankowski

Kathryn Janoff

Patricia Jenab

Gloria Jerome

Laura Jimenez

Diana Jimenez

Emil J. Jiracek

Jennifer C. Johanson and

Jason S. Loveman

Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Johnson,

Craig M. Johnson Construction

Harry Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Bob J. Jones

Meghana Joshi

Anthony and Jacqueline Juarez

Karen Jung

Juniper Networks

Julie Juracich

Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Kahan

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kahn

Barbara Kaiser and Ken Agle

Gerald and Virginia Kaminitz

Sean Kanakaraj

Jon Kannegaard and

Patricia T. Sandoval

Abigail Kaufman

Amanda Kaufmann

Bridget Keenan

George Kehl

Barbara Kehoe

Angela Kellen

R. Kelley

Kevin D. Kelley and

Randy D. Saldinger

Beth Kendall

Anne Kenny

Donna Kermin

Fayette A. Keyes

Jim Keyes

Joanne Kezer

Kathy Kikoshima

Joseph Kim

David A. King

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Kirtley

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiss

Stephanie Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Knox

Penny Koenig

Jane Ann Kopcke

Dr. Joshua M. Korman and

Dr. Siobhan Korman

Mr. and Mrs. Radhika Krishnan

Claudia Kronfeld

Steven C. and Martha G. Krow-Lucal

Mr. and Mrs. Shiro Kubota

Richard R. Kubota and Robin L. Cole

Andrew Kuehle

David Kunis

Don T. Kuwabara

Theresa La Bounty

Judy K. La Cara

Sharon La Fountain

Keith La Haie

Michele La Rosa

Laguna Maddison, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lahti

Charles Lamprey

T K Landgraf

David K. Lang

Larry Lang

Larry Langfeldt

Rose Y. Lanoie

Farah Lari

Theresa R. Lash

David R. Lasich

Ziemowit Laski

Robert Laton

Duncan and Sarah Laurie

Janet K. Lawrence

James A. and Elena Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lee

Victoria Lee and Alfred Chin

Beatriz Lee

Dawn Lee

Mr. and Mrs. James Leege

Matthew Leek

Scott Lefaver and Lizabeth Yee

Roberta Leger

Lauren E. Lenhart

Levi Strauss Foundation

David Levine and Genevieve Yu

Jeff Lew and Linda Kahn

Julia and Scott Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Don Lewis

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Suzanne Lewis

Jeanna Licata

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lieb

Pauline Limongello

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lindholm

Elizabeth Linn

Sheralyn Listgarten

Lisa Little and Philip Brennan

& Porridge

Dave and Beth Little

Judy Livengood

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Lo

Nancy C. Lofts

Robbin Lonergan

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Long

Debra P. and Gene Longinetti

Cindy Lonnstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Burt Lopes

James N. Loring

Patricia Lovelace

Linden Lovvik

Mr. and Mrs. Yung S. Lu

Edwina Lu

Richard F. Luker

Merle Lustig

Susan Lynott

Dawn MacDonald

Mr. and Mrs. John MacDonald

Ronald W MacDougall

Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. MacInnes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Mahaffey

Dale Mahon

Prasanna Malaiyandi

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill J. Maloney

Wissuta K. Mandel

Dwight and Jillian Mansolf

John Maraviglia

Liz Markland

Kathy N. Marona

Deborah Marques

Barbara Marshman

William H. and Simona H. Martin

Melissa Martin

Elizabeth Martin

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Martin

Karen L. Maskell

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Massengale

Sherri Matteo

Jane Matulich

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Maxfield

Theresa G. Maxie

Michele Maxwell

Carole Mayer

Robert McBee

Helena McCathern

Mr. and Mrs. Steven McDermott

Kelly McDonough

Debra McFall

Charles and Joy McGorvin

Carrie McInness

Marcia McIntyre

Kevin McLarney,

McLarney Construction

William K. McNeilly

Ida McQuilliams

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meester

Michelle C. Mendizabal and

Mark A. Del Greco

John S. Menhennet

Renjith Menon

Meriwest Credit Union

Lorna J. Merriman

William S. Michael, M.D.

Ginnie Mickelson

Carol Miller

Roy E. Milling and

Edna M. Lucas-Milling

Mr. and Mrs. Manual Minhoto

Gordon S. and Pamela A. Mitchard

Carol L. Mittlesteadt

Janice and Burt Miyatake

Shoko Miyazawa

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Modrell

Mr. and Mrs. William Moershel

Alane Mohn

Beverly and Katsuhiko Momoi

Bernadette M. Montalbano

Alfredo Montelongo

Robin Moore

Allison Moorwood

Brittmari Morgan

Joe Moriarty

Motorola Foundation

Diana Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mulbry

Peter and Kathleen Muller

Collen Jenness Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Murphy

Rick Murtagh and

Christina Armstrong

Ghulam Mustafa and

Birgit Horz-Reynard

Ernest F. and Marion A. Napier

Mrs. Mary N. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Nelson

Eleanor Nemzura

Linda Netsch

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Newlin

Benjamin C. Newsom

Steve R. Nunamaker

Victoria Nuttall

Thomas P. Nycz and Nancy L. Walters

Ms. Stella O

Jim and Michele O’Brien

Lily Obuchi

Marianne O’Connor and

Shannon Foody

Mrs. Tammy L. Ogram

Dee O’Hara

Fabian Okonski

Marta Olds and Martin E. Ganschow

Franklin D. Oliver

Patricia A. Olson

James O’Neill

Greg Onufer

Jeri Opalk

Florence S. Ortgies

Catherine O’Toole

James Paduan

Victor Paramo

Jessica Parreno

Christa Parrish

Zafar Parvez

Stephen J. Patterson and Bambi Cask

Wendy Pauli

Frank Pearce

Derek Perez

Susan and Ken Pergrem

Leonard C. Perham

Jesus and Leslie Pernas-Giz

Beth and Charles Perrell

Michael Perry

Girvin Peters

Kenneth J. Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Peterson

Synthia Petroka

Kathy Picard

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Piini

Rahul Pinto

John J. and Valerie S. Poggi, Jr.

Polishing Corporation of America

Don and Ernie Porter

John W. Poysa, Jr.

Bob and Ruth Prillinger

Kenneth Alan Prodger

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Profitt

Leslie Proudfit

David R. Pulvino

Mr. and Mrs Bill Puopolo

Joseph Puthussery

Mr. and Mrs. Michel Quenon

Belen Quinonez

Mr. and Mrs. Erhard Rabe

Jean Raisch

Deepak Rammohan

Carol Rannals

Gordon R. Ray, MD

Jean Reiner

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rexford

Michael Reynolds

Herbert F. Richards

Ellen Duff Richardson

Nicole Richardson

Alfred N. Riddle

Curtis R. Riffle and Karen L. Scussel

Seppo O. Rinne

Jason Rissanen

Geraldine Rivas

Mildred C. Riveness

Jeanie Rizzuto

Dianne M. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Robinson

Heidi Roizen and David Mohler

Jane Roos

Rosie’s Dog Salon

Florence U. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ross

Linda J. Rowlett

Richard T. and Janet L. Rowley

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ruby

Rachel R. Rueda

Martha Ruiz

Alicia Ryan

Dr. Michele Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sabin

Shirley A. Saddoris

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Salata

San Jose Woman’s Club

Richard Sanders and

Donna Armstrong

Santa Clara Corvettes

Rudy S. Schaarschmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Schiffman

Jason and Julie Schnitzer

Margaret Schroeder

Ross Scoles and

Maria Poleselli Scoles

Lyle and Sally Sechrest

Larry and Nancy Seiden

Dawn Mie Sekimura

Merrill Seng

Julio Sermeno

Kevin and Susan Shaffar

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shapiro

Setareh Shariffar

Dov Sharon

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shay

Geri Sheffield

Val and Jim Shehan

Mitchell T. Shetterly and

Tammy K. Thompson-Shetterly

Shelley Shostak

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Shoup

Michael K. and Jennifer Shum

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Silver

Virginia M. Sincich

R. G. Smalley

Kevin L. Smith

Marcie Smith

Chester W. Smith

Bruce Smith

Ron Smithson, Jr

Carl and Jill Snyder

Jeffrey Snyder

Craig Soldat


Edward Soloko

Mr. and Mrs. Rafael G. Sosa

Specialized Bicycle Components

Gretchen Sprenger

David St. Gemme

Mary Stahl

John Stallone

Fran Stancavage

Georgette Stanley, Nothing But Nails

Emily J. Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Stark

Kathleen Starmer

Jason Steinhorn

Helen M. Stepanov

Jocelyn L. Stephen

Mrs. Fay Stevens

Mr. Robert L. Stoker

Jack D. and Annette C. Stransky

Susan Straub

Scott Stroh

Lawrence Sudalter

Bob and Gail Swarbrick

Linda Tabor-Beck

Adam Talcott and Amalia Kessler

Serena F. Tam

Vincent Tandberg

Rosemary Tanner

Margaretta Taylor

Thomas Taylor

Jan Telesky,

Telesky Financial Services

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Thom

Patricia C. Thoman

Michael Thong

Richard Thornton

Sharon M. Thorp

Pamela Thurston

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Tilles

Ryan and Sharon Tiraschi

Murray Tobak

Vicki Tolari

Curtis Tom

Linda Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Y. Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Tost

Laura and David Towle

Tanya Tran

Justine Travers

Nancy Trudeau

Tenny H. Tsai-Eng

Anne Tsirfa

Laura and Patrick Tucci

Ray Tufts

Ashley Turner and Cliff Williams

Elizabeth Tzaratzouris

A Dog’s Life

Michael Uhl

Mr. and Mrs. Mochio Umeda

Janos and Anna Umfuhrer

United Way of the Wine Country

Unity Community Church

Ryan Uyehara

Jenna Vaccaro and St. Christopher's

School, Class of 2009

Pedro and Guadalupe Valencia

Mieka and Derrick Van Der Maden

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Van Gorder

C.J. Van Noorden

Mrs. Mary Ann Van Paul

Barbara Vance

Derrick Vandermaden

Roxanne Vane

Tony and Jean Vecchiet

Jessica Vernon

Phyllis J. Vierra

Robert L. Vigeant

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Vincent


Barbara Vold

Edwin H. Vollertsen

Sue Von Tersch

Robin S. Wada

Mrs. Myra E. Wagner

Peggy L. Waite

Walter F. Walczak, Jr.

Mr. and Ms. Delbert G. Wallace

Dave Wallworth

Mrs. Sheryl Walters

Casie Walz

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Y. Wang

Ping Hann Peter Wang

Beth Ward and Jill Haddan

Dave and Lisa Warden

Sharon Warter

Margaret Weatherford

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Webb

Suzanne Wehde

Mr. Basil Weir, The Weir Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weller

Trevoli Welsh

Sandra J. Welsh

Carrie E. Welte

Marvin R. Wentz

Richard Wentz

Beatrice I. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Whitney

Barbara Whittle

Whole Foods Market

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Wilder

Dennis Wilkinson

Anola L. Will and Violet R. Thiessen

Cynthia L. Williams

Erin Williams

Richard C. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams

Ian Williams

Willow Glen School Leadership Team

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Winningham

Mary M. Wolf

Sanchia Wolfe

Bonita Wong

Kim Worsencroft and

Dennis L. McEvoy

Cheryl R. Worstell

Paul B. Wright

Terri Wright-Scheer

XL Construction

Deanna Yamamoto

Phyllis Yamasaki

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Yamashita

Carolyn R. Yates

Kathleen Yen

Mary Ellen Ylisikkila

Janis York

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Yount

Richard Zacher

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Zanardi

Paula Zebrowski

Joseph Frank Zullo, Jr. and Cayce Hill

$100 to $249

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Aamold

Joanne Aasen

James D. Abdella

Mike Abell

Valerie A. Abid

John Abinsay

Matthew Abrams

Rachel Aceves

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Ackerman

Thorsteinn Adalsteinsson and

Randi Stebbins

Felipe Adame

Pamela Adams

Carla Adams

Sarah Adams

Becky Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Adona

Sonia M. Agee

Terry Agens

Dr. David Aguilera

Sharon L. Ahrendt

Eric and Elaine Ahrendt

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Aldinger

Barbara Alexander

Boyd Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Alexander

Gerald L. Alexanderson

Nancy Alford

Dr. Donald L. Allari

Jaime and Ron Allen


Tom Allen

Kate Allen

Mrs. Emanuela M. Allgood

Katrina G. Alloo

Mrs. Verdie Alsop

Robert Altemus

Andrea Alvardo

Luis Alvarez

Elvin and Bruce Ambler

Kathleen America

Ameriprise Financial

Mike Amodeo

Vicki Amon-Higa and Peter Higa

Mr. and Ms. Howard C. Anawalt

Jackie Ancheta

Richard P. Andersen

Mrs. C. Anderson

Wendy Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Elaine Anderson

Byron Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Anderson

"I am really impressed

with HSSV - how clean

the facility is, how well

the animals respond

to visitors and how

helpful the employees

and volunteers are. I

am thrilled with my

cat, Lucy and can't say

enough good things

about adopting from

HSSV to friends and


– Lisa Strom, Adopter

Marilyn Anderson

Golda Anderson

Carolyn Anderson

M. Andrade

Andi Andrea

Darlene L. Andreine

Tina Andrews and Rodney Iwamoto

Stacie Andrews

Andy Andrews

Jenny Ang

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ang

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Angell

Allison Angstadt

Eleanore A. Antal

Mr. and Mrs. Victor T. Antink

Janett Antle

Alexis Applegate

Ellen L. Aragon

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Archambeault

John J. Archer

Martha A. Archie

Claudio R. Argento and

Ms. Kimberlee R. Mozingo

Argonaut Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Armanini

Sara Armstrong

Roger S. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arnesen

Christina Arnold

Diane L. Arnold

Kristi Arrington

Adelma L. Arsenault

Artco Construction Company

Justina Arvanitakis

Ernee E. Asch

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ash

Elizabeth J. Asher

Kristine Ashfield

Jessica Ashizawa

Mrs. Gail A. Ash-Rea

David and Robin Aslin

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ater

Ms. L. E. Atondo

James Audino

Katharine E. Augason

Michael Ault

Elizabeth Austin

Gloria Avila

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Avila

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Axelsen

Rebecca and David Ayer

Carol A. Ayres

Mr. and Mrs. Dewain G. Azevedo

April Babbit

Joanne Babunovic

Diane and Douglas Bacon

Amanda Baer

Mr. and Mrs. Maxie J. Baer

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bagley

Sara Bagliere

Lisa Bail

Carol Bailey and Ed Gane

Mark C. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney O. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bailey

Sandy L. Baily

Sandra J. Bain

Michael Baisuck

Susan Baker

Miyoko Baker, Baker Art Enterprises

Michael A. Baker

Erin Baker

Paul and Deborah Baker

Kim Baker

Christina D. Baker

Fred Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Balanesi

Jacqueline E. Balbiani

Diane L. Baldwin

Anne Baldwin

Maria Balicka

Dennis and Vickie Ball

Margaret D. Ball

Louis Ballaro

Bally Draggers Ranch

Jeffrey and Tammy Baltor

Cynthia Banaag

Cari A. Bandy

Shirley J. Banic

Bank of America United Way


Haydee H. Bannon

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Barasch

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Barats

Julia J. Barbosa

Deborah Barcelona

Susan A. Barkan

Alex Barkas and Lynda Wijcik

Phyllis A. Barker

Amy Barker

Beverly Barkhau

Alice Barlow

Charles L. Barndt, Jr.

Gary Barnes

Diana Barnhart

Mr. Omer BarNir

Ms. Connie Barnum

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Barr

Ms. Doris Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Barrett

Brooke Barrie

Ms. Joyce E. Bartlett

Ms. Lynn M. Bartz

Ms. Janet Basler

Salvador Basquez

Mr. James W. Bater

Ms. Connie Bauer

Ms. Rhona R. Baum

Ms. Cynthia P. Bauman

Mr. and Mrs. Darrel W. Baumbach

Ms. Rebecca Baybrook

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bayer

Elayn M. Bays

Ms Diane Bazinett

BD Biosciences

Mrs. Jean L. Beardsley

Barbara Beasley

Paul W. and Barbara A. Beatty

Ms. Janice Becker

Ms. Diana Becker

Frederick Becker

Ms. Liz Beech

Marcia Bell

Karen Bella

Ms. Melissa Beltran

Mr. Todd Bender

Ms. Susan Benjamin

Ms. Dori Benke

Tabitha A. Benner

Ms. Naomi G. Bennet

Ms. Sharon Bennett

Mr. Bryant Bennett

Jennifer Berg

Mr. Eric M. Berg

Fred Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Berge

Ms. Diane Berger

Ms. Anna Berger

Mr. Robert Bergquist

Ms. Jacqueline Berman

Mr. Donald K. Bernardo

Bill Berner

Lois M. Bernier

Ms. Betty Berry

Carol Berry

Mr. John Bertaina

Ms. Janet M. Bertaina

Deborah Best

Ms. Maureen Bevens

Randy Beyea

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bialek

Ms. Marcia Bieber

Thomas E. and Susan T. Bigelow

Trish Billard

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Billat

Kenneth W. and Phyllis A. Billman

Miss Marianne Bilter

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Biocini

Ms. Linda Bishop

Ms. Cosette L. Bixler

Ms. Bonnie J. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Black

Jack Black and Rick Partridge

Ms. Julie Blacklock

Sandy Blair

Mr. Stuart Blakewood

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Blanchard

David and Barbara Blanks

Michele and Dennis Blatchford

Sharon Blau

Mr. John M. Blaul

Mr. Robert Bleibler

Mr. David Blitz

Ms. Carol Blodgett-Mercer

Mr. and Mrs. David Blohm

Mr. Arthur C. Blomseth

Ms. Karen L. Bloomer

Ms. Iris L. Bloomer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Bloomfield

Brian Bluford

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Blum

Dona Blyler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bobbitt

Richard and Jackie Boberg

Rhoda Bobis

Ms. Bobbie J. Bockes

Ms. Kay K. Bodis

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Boes

Magdalena and Steve Bogart

Ms. Mary Bogdanovich

Hannah and Susan Boland

Aliza Bolliger

Cathy Bolton

Mrs. Sina Bonacorso

Ms. Sue Bonak

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bonasera

William and Barbara Bond

Ursula E. Bondura and

Mary Ann Gentry

Ms. April L. Bongi

Ms. Mary Bonnee

Julie Bonner

18 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Ms. Mary P. Boorn

Catherine N. Boos

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Borge

Ms. Leonora S. Borthwick

Glonlese W. Boswell

Mark Boucher and Amy Yu

Ms. Nancy Boucher

Judy Boudreau

Ms. Sivly Boun

Debra Bour

Ms. Lisa Bourgault

Ms. Annette Bournazian

Ms. Eloise Bouye

Mr. Patrice Bovell

R. Bower

Ms. June Bower

Patricia Bowling

Ms. Trina Bowman

Mr. Bob Boyajian

Ms. Lynn Boyd

Les and Ellen Boyd

Mr. Douglas A. Boyett

Mr. Michael Boyle

Ms. Jan M. Boynton

Kimberly Boynton

Mr. William Peet, BP Air

Mr. Chuck Brackett

Ms. Mary J. Bradley

David Bradley

Evelyn Brady

Dianna and Scott Brady

Iggy Bragado

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bramwell

Mrs. Ann Brand

Mrs. Theresa J. Brandi

Mr. James Breeding

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Breen

Ms. Patricia Ann Brennan

Brenda Brenner

Harvey Bresler

Mr. and Mrs. William Brichetto

Ms. Christine Brienzo

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brigham

Ronda and Jack Brigham

Mr. and Mrs. Carlise R. Bright

Mr. and Mrs. George Brisker

Ms. Kay Broadway

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Broberg

Taylor Brock

Sarah Brodbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Brogdon

Ms. Lydia R. Broggi

Mr. Bob Broleman Jr.

John and Dorothy Brookman

Mr. James L. Brooks

Hoa and Christopher Brothers

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Browder

Ms. Irene Brown

Ms. Shirlee J. Brown

Mr. E. Keith Brown

Brookes and Owen Brown

Ms Cindy Brown

Melanie Brown

Robert M. Brown and

J. V. Thibodeaux

Mr. Kevin C. Brown

Peggy Bruggman

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Bruner, Jr.

Ms. Betty Brunett

Mr. A. Bruns, Jr.

Valerie Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bryant

Mr. Randall R. Brynsvold

Mrs. Marsha A. Buchen

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Buchholz

Laura Buckingham


Christine Buckmaster

Ms. Renee L. Budak

Jon Bui

Ms. Judi Bull

Marie Bullock

Gregory Bulman

Ms. Charlene Bunger

Sasima Bunnag

Willow Bunting

George W. Bunting

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Burak

Ms. S. J. Burden

Mr. Jerry R. Burdick

Lisa M. and Tom Burke

Jennifer Burke and Jeremy Lieb

Ms. Patricia Burke

Ms. Karen Burley

Conde Burnett

Ron and Buff Burns,

Burns Studio Publishing LLC

Ms. Roberta Buron

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Burress

Ms. Tammy Burton

Mrs. Marylou Busch

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Bussey

Ms. Evie Butcher

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Butera

Ms. Margaret Butts

D. W. Byerley

Ms. Shirley Bytheway

Victor and Jennifer Caballero

Ms. Carolyn L. Cable

Ronald L. and Patricia A. Cachopo

Terry Cadenasso

Cadette Girl Scout Troop #779

John Cain

Ms. Dorothy Caldeira

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Calder

Terry Calderone

Matthew Caldwell

Jason Calhoun

Alan L. and Susan H. Calhoun

Doreen Cali

California Gamma Kappa-ADK

Mr. and Mrs. William Callahan

Carol Callejon

Ms. Elisa R. Camahort

Loretta Camarano

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cambouris

Ms. Candice T. Cambra

Ms. Susan J. Cameron

Debbie and Craig Cameron

Sami and Gary Campagna

Coralee Campagnolo

Ms. Linda M. Campbell

Mr. Larry Campbell

Ms. Susan Campbell

Ms. Elizabeth W. Campbell

William Campos and Linda Murray

Ms. Ella L. Canaan

Bill and Jan Cann

Douglas Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Canouse

Ms. Nancy J. Canter

Michael W. Capitina

Kimberlee Caple

John and Bonnie Caporale

Louis Caputo

Mrs. Marie Caralli

Mr. Charles A. Caramella

Ms. Lori Carava

Christopher A. Carcia and

Jennie Maureen Jensen

Mr. Robert A. Carino

Allen Carkner and Patricia Tind

Ms. Holly Carless

Ms. Pam Carlino

Douglas Carlson

Ms. Deborah Carlton

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Carman

Marjorie Carmichael and

Robert Segalle

Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Carmick

Ms. Barbara Carney

Staecy Carpenter

Ms. Kimberlea Carr

Ms. Rhonda Carrigan

Mr. Charles D. Carroll

Nancy Carter

Diane Carter

Joan Carvalho

Lindsay Casablanca

Ms. Deborah Casanova

Ms. Charlene Cascino

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Case

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Carrie Case

Nick Cassarino

Dorothy Cassidy

Reed Casteel

Mrs. Judy A. Castleman

John W. and Eve C. Castles

Ms. Diana Castro

Ms. Cheryl Catron

Keith D. Cauble

Ken and Kathy Caveney

Ms. Jill Cembellin

Center for Spiritual Discovery

Mr. Michael Ceraolo

Ms. Zola C. Cerny

Mr. Nick Cervantes

Mrs. Mary Chabiel

Mr. David Chaboya

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Chaboya

Elizabeth Chaboya

Ms. Victoria Chaides

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chambliss

Karen C. Champion

Kimy Chan and Hani Ajus

Philip Chan

Li Chan

Hugh Nicholas Chance and

Marianne Hunter Chance

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Chaney

Tammy Chang

Yan-Fen Chang

Michael Y. Chang

Ms. Kathy Chao

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Chapel

Mr. and Mrs. Don Chapman

John Charlebois

Ms. Barbara A. Charlet

Mr. Marvin Charney

Jeffrey A Chase and

Denise Clay-Chase

Ms. Emily Chatfield

Ms. Helen J. Chavez

Ms. Joanne Chayut

James R. Chen and Robin R. Lan

Qiao Chen

Nini Chen

Ms. Shirley Chen

Linda Chen

Dr. Eddie Chen

Christine Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Cherne

Ms. Ruth Chesarek

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Chessin

Agnes Cheung

Esther Chi

Machelle Chiesa

Yu-Ming Chieu

Ms. Sharon A. Childress

Alfred K. Chin and

Victoria Wing-Yan Lee

Ms. Minnie Y.F. Chinn

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chisvin

Sanjeev, Deepa, Pandu and

Gundu Chitre

Ms. Carrie I. Chiung Lin

Mr. Craig Chivatero

Rosa Choi

Fen Choi

Christine, Pashmak &

Skittles Chojnacki

Ms. Nancy Chou

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chow

Ms. Elaine Christensen

Ms. Evadean C. Christianson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Christopher

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Chrusciel

Te-Yu Chu

Mr. David Chu

Kiam Chuan Yeap

Carolyn Chuang

Philip Chung

Ms. Viola Chung

Mr. and Mrs. Irenio A. Ciriales

Ms. Phyllis Claassen

Ms. Katherine Clancy

Ms. Margaret Clark

Ms. Cicely Clark

Rudi Clark

Ms. Debbie Clark

Mr. Dennis Clark

Peter J. Clarke

Mr. Raymond Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Clary

Ms. Denise R. Clay

Mr. John M. Claycomb

Terence and Kim Clearkin

Ms. Sarah Clish

Kyle and Ruthann Cloman

Ms. Eunice Coates

F. Del Coates and Mary E. Carroll

Ms. Laura Coburn

Ms. Linda Coelho

Ms. Michelle Coffman

Ms. Marilyn Coghlin

Mr. Dennis J. Coh

Patricia W. Cohen

Marcia Cohen

Dr. James Cohen

Mr. Daniel P. Cole

Trudy Cole

Ms. Helena Cole

Mr. Paul C. Cole

Ms. Jana M. Coleman

Chris Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. David Colker

Mr. Ronald Coll

Sheila Collecott

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Collier

Colliers Parrish International, Inc.

Ms. Karen Collins

Ms. Shirley M. Collis

Mr. Steven Collishaw

Maria Colosi

Mr. Ian D. Colson

Ms. Rosemarie Coltrin

Anne Colwell

Judy Colwell

Comerica Bank

Joan R. Compuesto

Computer Curriculum Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Conceicao

Jim Condy

Paul Coney

Richard Coney

Congregation Shir Hadash

Ms. Christine Conklin

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Conmy

Mr. Doug Conn

Ms. Cheryl Conner

Mr. Gary E. Connor

Maria Elena Conseco

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard L Cook

Linda Cook

Bruce Robert Cooley and

Jeanette Seiji Cooley

Richard Coolman

Mrs. Phyliss Cooper

Dean Copans

Ms. Carole Coppock

Mr. Kevin Corbett and

Dr. Joanna Zimmerman

Dr. Barbara Cordell

William K. and Gail E. Cordier

Mr. Steve Corio

Ms. Margie Cornehl

Ms. Sandy Cornell

Bill Corneth

Fabrizio Piero Corno and

Antonella Corno

Kathleen Corsello

Marlo A .Cortese

Alison Costa

Ms. Kathleen Costanza

Shannon Costanza

Linda Coven

Mrs. Gloria A. Cowan

Ms. Artie M. Cowan

Mr. Stephen D. Cowan

Mrs. Hilda Coward

Ms. Cheryl Cox

Russell Cox

Melinda Cox

Lynn Coye

Sherri and Mike Cozzens

Ms. Glenda Cracknell

Jennifer Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Craven

Ms. Karen Craven

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Credi

Ms. Nancy Creger

Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Creger

Ms. Carla Cremers

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Croft

Brian Croll and Iris Capdeville Croll

Dale Cropper

Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Cross

Chiaki Crossman

Crossroads Trading Co., Inc

Ms. Leslie S. Crowell

Laurie J. Crowell

Mr. Jim Crowther

Ms. Catherine C. Crumpton

Norman J. Cruz and Sophia M. Higa

CSAA Insurance

Robert Cuddie

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cunnington

Ms. Rita F. Curbow

Ms. Lois M. Curry

Mr. Jeff Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Curtis

Cuschieri Horton Architects, APC

Mr. Perry K. Cushman

Ms. Kathi Cushman

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Cushnie

Mr. Mark Cutkosky

Carol Czyzewski

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dahl

Joanne Dahla

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dal Busco

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dalfior

Ms. Helen E. Dallmar

Shannon Daly

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Daly

Ms. Genevieve C. Dames

Paw Printers, Vina Daniels Ceramics

Kathleen Daniels

Ms. Karen Daniels

Larry and Sunnie Daniels

Denise Daniels

Ms. Karen Danna

Siva Darivemula

Jennifer Darling

Ms. Mona D’Astarte

Ms. Megan Daudistel

Ms. Stephanie Daugherty

Ms. Susan Davenport

Alex Davidson

Ms. Sheena Davidson

Jessica Davidson

Ms. Marian E. Davis

Mrs. Verna Davis

Mr. Paul M. Davis


Julianna Davis

Mick Davoudian

Sara Dawdy

Mr. Darryl Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. De Benedetti

Julieta I. De Graziano

Karen E. de Jonge

Mr. Serge De La Porte

Maria De La Torre

John R. and Carole S. De Lany

Mr. and Mrs. John F. De Oliveira

Ms. Sandra Deagman

G. T. Dean

Ms. Bobie Dean

Theresa Deane

Elizabeth Degn

Susan DelMedico

Mr. John P. Demorest

Lynn and Craig DeNamur

Ms. Laura Denicore

Mr. and Mrs. Andre Dermant

Ms. Ingrid Desilvestre

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Desler

Laura DeTata

Ms. Louise B. Detwiler

Jerald and Renee DeVaughn

Douglas G. and Irene E. DeVivo

Denise Devlin

Lou Dewing

Rishi Dhall

Mr. Michael Di Tore

Elizabeth Di Vita

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Dickerson

Maryam Dickey

Greg and Cynthia Dickson

Ms. Christine Dietrich

Mr. Lawrence Dietz

John Dietz

John Dilks

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Dimas

Mr. and Mrs. Phil DiNapoli

Mr. and Mrs. George Dinolt

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Dippell

Mr. Jerry R. Ditto

Anna Dmitrieva and

Sergey Shumarayev

Whitney Do

Luong Do

Ms. Helen Doan

Mr. and Ms. L. Dobbins

Lee Dobbs

Ms. Lynn Dobson

Estelle Dodson

Ms. Sherie Dodsworth

Ms. Mary Lou Doehring

Ms. Nancy Doherty

Paul Doherty and Ellen Henson

Alexandre Dokoutchaev

Ms. Linda K. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dolen

Mr. Mario Dominguez

Frank A. and Janet Dompe

Michele Don Durbin

Ms. Nola Donato

Ms. Diane Donegan

Christopher Donnelly and

Jill Burton Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Donnelly

Michael and Linda Donnelly

Monica Donovan and James Kern

Ms. Elena Dorabji

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Dorr

Betsy Dougherty and Mark Seibert

Ms. Dianne Doughty

Jim Douglas

Ms. Carol Downey

Dr. Vincent M. Downey

Ms. Cheryl Downing

Ms. Janet Drakes


Ms. Kathleen Drayson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Dries

Ms. Christine Driskell

Keiko Dubray

Lisa Duca

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. DuMond

Kelly Dunbar

Ms. Jill C. Dunkin

Ruth K. Dunklau

Ms. Sylvia A. Dunn

Ms. Erika Dunn

Ms. Valerie Dunn

Kathy Duran and Tracy Jones

Mr. Timothy K. Duranti

Brenda Duterte

Pat Dutra

Mr. Jim Duvall

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney G. Dwelle

Ms. Evelyn P. Dye

Ms. Susan A. Eanes

Ms. Ruth E. Eastlack

Francesca Eastman and

Edward Goodstein

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Eastman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Eastridge

Ms. Deanne Ebner

Suzanne Ebright

Mrs. Allen Edwards

Martin Edwards

Ms. Alison A. Edwards

Mr. Robert Edwards

Linda Egan

Brian and Sue Egbert

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Eggen

Patty Einarson

Mrs. Phyllis Eisenbaum-Apple

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eisenberg

Shirley Eitreim

Michael Ekwall

Ms. Miriam Eldridge

Ms. Elaine Elkin

Martha Elle

Ms. Trudy J. Ellerbeck

Ms. Denise Ellestad

Ms. Colleen Elliott

Miss Gwen Ellis

Mrs. Elaine C. Ellison

Joshua Elman and Clover Huang

Brian Elwood and

Pamela J. Rogers Elwood

Eugene W. Ely

Mr. and Mrs. Tim K. Emami

Patricia Emslie

Ms. Joan Ender

Misako Endoh

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Engel

Tina D. Engle

Ms. Catherine Ennis

Damon Ennis

Ms. Cindy Enright

Environmental Strategies

Consulting, LLC

Kevin Epes

Ms. Kathy Ericksen

Ms. Eileen M. Erickson

Ericsson Components, Inc.

Chris Ernst

Janet Errico

Ms. Charlotte M. Ersted

Daxx Esparza

Ms. Judy A. Etherington

Jamie Evans

Paul and Kristina Everhardt

Cleopatra Ewing

Theodore and Mary Fainstat

Ms. Kathleen A. Faith

Rhoda Falkow

Jim Fantozzi

Mr. Gene Fanucchi

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Faraola

Sandy Faria

Mr. John E. Farley, Jr.

Morley and Patricia Farquar

Mr. Brian Farquharson

Jean F. Farran

Mr. James Farris

Mr. Robert Farwell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Faubel

Ms. Louise W. Faulkner

Ms. Linda Faulkner

Ms. Cheryl Favors

Sherryl Fawx

Joe Fazzio

Ms. Cheryl R. Feci

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Feeney

Hemi Fein

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Feinberg


Sharol Felch

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Feldman

Joyce Felix

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Fellman

Mrs. Irene Felt

Ms. Donna L. Fergon

Ms. Debby Fernandez

Ms. Donna L. Ferrando

Josephine A. Ferrie,

Jo’s House Of Beauty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ferris, II

Ms. Patricia A. Ferro

Ms. Jean M. Field

Mrs. Figone

Carla Filipe

Beth Amy Finck

Ms. Jill Findlay

Gerald P. Finnegan and

Carolyn M. Bircher

Ashley Fiore

Women’s Fellowship, First

Congregational Church of San Jose

Wayne Firsty and Julie Seltzer Firsty

Mr. Mark Firth

John Fischer

M. Fischetti

Josh Fisher

"I have been a supporter

of HSSV for many

years. When I was

ready to adopt a dog,

I was impressed with

how much in-depth

attention is paid to each

animal in determining

its individual behavior

traits in an attempt to

find their forever home

match." – Lynn Nickles,

Adopter and Donor

Kristy Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fisher

Ms. Diane M. Fisher

Mr. Steven E. Fisher

Diane Fisher

Dianne Fishwild

Michelle Fisk

Todd M. Fitch

Sue and Sandy Fitch

Laura Fitsemons

Michael R. and Lynne T. Fitzjarrell

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Fleckles

Mr. Mark Fleming

Ms. Sarah Flick

Sheila O. Flodberg

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Flores

Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Floyd

Ms. Jamie Foelker

Oak Follett and Rich Clark

Ms. Cynthia J. Fong

Erin Fong

Mrs. Melinda Foos

Ms. Barbara J. Ford

Mr. Andrew J. Ford, Jr.

Ed Forman and Jan Swanberg

Ms. Lynne A. Formigli

Alana Forrest

Mona Forrester

Melany Forsgren

Joe and Carmel Forte

Richard P. and Gwen E. Forte

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Foster

Jim Fox

Stephen and Lynda Fox

Jim and Missy Fox

Beth Fox

Marilyn A. Francesco and

Paul Askounis

Alice V. Francia

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Francois

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Frandsen

Constance A. Frank, Aqua Dog

Caryn Franklin

Mr. Raymond E. Franks

Mr. Douglas Fraser

Ms. Marisa Frassine

Ms. Angela M. Frazier

Mrs. Helen Fredkin

Mr. Marc Freed

Mr. and Mrs. Jack O. Freeman

Ms. Rhoda Freiman

Manda French

Adrian Fretland

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Frey

Mr. and Mrs. George Friedenbach

Louise K. Friend

Richard W. and Nancy I. Frosch

Everett B. and Colleen M. Fryslie

Jerry Fugel

Donna Fujino

Dean Fujiwara

Herbert Fulda

Michele A. Fuller and

Dale R. Flowers

Mr. Donald L. Fuller

Ms. Madelyn M. Furze

Carl A. and Sonja Fussell

G & L Precision Die Cutting, Inc.

Ms. Deborah R. Gabris

Mr. Jay D. Gach

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gallagher

Mrs. Ursula H. Gallichotte

Griselda Galvan and Dan Cooper

Visvanathan Ganapathy

Ms. Kristen Ganjoo

Lesley Garcia

Rosamaria Garcia

Clarence and Joline Garcia

Elsie Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gardner

Ms. Anne Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Garino

Ms. Wanda Garner

Raymond and Carrie A. Garra, III

Ms. Abby Garrison

Mr. Stephen Garrity

Jacqueline Gartman

Alan and Celia L. Garton

Ms. Maureen Gates

Ms. Donna L. Geary

Victoria Gee

Ms. Liliane Geisseler

Mr. Edward T. Gelinas

Frank and Kathleen G. Genco

Ms. Mija Gentes

Ms. Jennifer M. George

Mrs. Noelle George

Ms. Long and Students, George W.

Simonds Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerbino

Mr. Oreen C. Gernreich

Colleen Gerstner

Verdell Ghiorso

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest G.

Giachetti, D.D.S.

Cathy Giammona and Linda Kinnard

Ms. Kelly Giannini

Mr. Dennis Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibeau

Mr. Tom Gibson

Mr. James Gibson

Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP

Mrs. Johanna L. Gil

Ms. Doris F. Gilbaugh

Michael P. and Michele L. Gillespie

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Gillespie

Ms. Robyn Gillette

Lori Gilliar

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gillmore

Eliot Gillum

Sean Gilpin

Ms. Peggy Ginsburg

Girl Scout Troop 1148

Girl Scout Troop 289

Girl Scout Troop 60934

Girl Scout Troop 611630

Girl Scout Troop 718

Girl Scout Troop 932

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gisler

David Givens and Limei Lin

Ms. Jean Glass

Ms. Harriett Glass

Kelli and Jake Glass

Mr. David Glenn

Ms. Nancy C. Glover

Ms. Geralyn Glowski

Kedra Gluck

Ms. Carol Y. Godsave

Ms. Anitha Gogineni

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gokey

Charlotte and Claudia Goland

Gina Gold, Great Portraits

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt O. Goldbach

Nancy Goldcamp

Melinda Golden and Lorrie Daniel

Mrs. Vera Goldsmith

Leigh A. and Simona E. Goldstein

Fred and Julie Gomez

Cyra Gomez

Allan R. and Carol R. Gontang

Mr. Alvin Good, Jr.

Chris Goodfellow

Mr. Greg Goodhue


Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Goodwyn, Jr.

Dr. Lisa A. Gordon

Anthony Gordon

Ms. Marlene Gordon

Elsa Gordon

Ms. Stacy Goss

Ms. Patricia E. Gotelli

Beth L. Gottschall and

Stefan Myslicki

Ms. Ethel L. Gould

Clifford M Govaerts

James W. and Anita K. Gower

Ms. Katherine H. Grady

Edward and Karen Grady

Ms. Nanci Grady

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Grady

Kim L. Graham

Angela Graham

Meg Graham

Ms. Jannine E. Grant

Kathy and Buzz Graves

Ms. Gayle A. Green

Steven Green and

Becky Stromka-Green

Ms. Tammy Green

Ms. Kelly Green

Mr. Brandon Green

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greene

Mr. Robert L. Greenfield

Ms. Patricia R. Greenwale

Ms. Joan E. Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greguras

Jean and Dorothy Grenbeaux

Alexis and Anton Grenzer

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Griffen

Steven Griffith

Ms. Ann M. Griffiths

Donald E. Grimes

James R. and Daelene C. Groff

Paul Grolitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Gross

Ms. Betty J. Grosskreuz

Ms. Carol L. Gruetzner

Ms. Ursula Grunfeld

Mr. and Mrs. George Gryc

B. W. Gryder

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Guengerich

Ms. Margaret Guernsey

Ms. Kathi M. Guerrant

Melissa Guerrero

Ms. Louise Guinn

Brenda H. Gummeson and

Gary R. Mount

Ms. Sarojini Gunasekera

Mr. William B. Gustafson

Ms. Dianne Gutierrez

Mr. Jack Guydish

Ms. Jennifer J. Hagan

Ms. Kara Hagen

20 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Jennifer Hagen

Jeanne Hagestad

Mr. Al Hagmann

Ms. Susanne Haislet

Ms. Frances H. Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Halla

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hallenbeck

Ms. Linda G. Halloran

Ms. Christine Halsey

Ms. Victoria S. Hambly

Ms. Teri S. Hamma

Mrs. Margie Hammack

Su Hammel

Ms. Joan P. Hammel

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Hammer

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Hammer

Mr. Michael Hammes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hammond

Sandra Hammonds

Julie and Rich Bontrager

Barbara and Kevin Handly

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Handzel

Ms. Patricia Hanford

Mr. Aaron Hanna

Kathy Hansen

Pernilla Hansen

Pat Hansen

Ms. Erma A. Hanson

Michael Hara

Savitri Hardesty

Ms. Victoria C. Hardiman

Mr. Robert R. Hardy, Ph.D.

Joan and Ron Hare

Ms. Pamela J. Hares

Pamela Hargan

John Hargreaves

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harmon

Ms. Dixie Harner

Ms. Diana Harper

Mr. John Harrell

Mr. Steven L. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Neale C. Harris

Matt and Kathy Harris

Ms. Lee Ann Harris

Jennifer Harris

Heather Harris

Ms. Roberta Harrison

Ms. Beverly B. Harrison

Mr. Charles Harrison, Jr.

Emily Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hart

Ms. Rhonda Hart

Mr. George Hart

Steve Hartford

Catherine Hartford

Ms. Julia A. Hartung

Leslie Hartzheim

Ms. Diana Harwood

Mrs. Noriko Hasebe

Ms. Amanda Hashfield

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Hatcher

Ms. Bette M. Hathcoat

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haukom, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad A. Hauser

Michele Haver

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hawke

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Hawkins

Ms. Nicole Hawkins

Brad L. and Theresa Hawthorne

Mr. Steven Hayashi

Ms. Sharon Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hayes

Ms. Theresa Hayland

Ms. Maryalice Heim

David Heller

Sherry Heller

Heather L. Hellman

Mr. Perry L. Heme

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hemenez


Jere Hench

Ms. Melissa Henderson

Mr. Rick Henderson

Tom and Roberta Henderson

Sheila Antoinette Hendrex

Ms. Maribeth Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Hennessey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Henriksen

Andrew Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Henshall

Ms. Lori A. Hensley

Mrs. Maija T. Hepokoski

Paulina Hernandez

Ms. Rebecca Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hertl

Ms. Christine Hewett

Richard Heyliger

Jeannie Hiatt

Larry and Sharon A. Hicks

Lawrence and Mary Higashihara

Col. Wanda J. Higdon, USAF Retired

Mr. and Mrs. Clark L. Hildebrand

Mr. Timothy Hill

Mr. Craig E. Hill

Hill & Co. Realtors

Doniell Hillegas

Ms. Loretta A. Hillig

D. W. and F. M. Hills

Steve Hinds

Mr. Philip J. Hines

Mr. Fred Hines

Stacey Hirata

David Hird and Eromi Guneratne

Mr. Ernest Hirose

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hively

Ty T. Hoang and Tam T. Nguyen

Loc Hoang

Ms. Carolyn Hobbs

Mr. Robert D. Hobbs

Ms. Kathy Hobson

Ms. Susan Hoch

Wendy Hodgkins

Robin D. Hodgson

Ms. Mary R. Hoefler

Mr. Edward Hofer

Mrs. Marcian E. Hoff

Wesley O. and Lee E. Hoffman

Jill and Todd Hoffman

Doug and Atsuko Hoffman

Ms. Laura Hoffman

Ms. Elizabeth Hofstetter

Mr. and Mrs. James Hohenshelt

Mr. Don Holcomb

Karima Holdman

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Holland

Ms. Susan Hollis

Ms. Kirsten R. Holmquist

Swapna Honavar

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Honig

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hood

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hook

Suzanne and Pete Hooper

Ms. Sandra Hope

Anthony and Ryan Horiye

Theresa and Tom Horiye

Ms. Susan L. Horvath

Birgit Horz-Reynard

Ms. Wendy Hoskin

Ms. Linda C. Hoskins

Ms. Barbara Hoskinson

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hospidor

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Houck

Lois Houk

Scott Thomas Hounshell and

Anne-Marie Nobriga-Hounshell

Mrs. Brynhild Housh

Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Houston

Caroline Houston

Frederick Hovey

Ms. Carol M. Howard

Ms. Marily D. Howden

Ms. Maria A. Howe

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Howe

John Hower

Ms. Cynthia L. Hoye

Donald A. Hoying and Diane J. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Hoyle

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hoyt

Ms. Lynn Hozer

S. C. Hsia

Ms. Alice Hsu

Shihlin Hsu

Yayen Hu

Ms. Katherine Hu

Peng Huang

Mr. Tim Huang

Mr. Alan Hubbard

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Ms. Cindy Huber

Ms. Beatriz Hubert

Annika Hudak

Ms. Colleen T. Hudgens

Ronald Huff

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Huff

Mr. Philip L. Hufton

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hughes

Mr. John Hughes

Kathie Hugins-Fitch and Sean Fitch

Ms. Peggy Hugo Lavenson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Hulberg

Ms. Martha A. Hull

Ms. Jennifer Hull

Jill Hulme

Gretchen Hummel

Annie Hung

Ms. Shelly Hunter

Ms. Liz Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. John Hutcheson

Ms. Katherine Hutchison

Amanda Hutton

Ms. Nancy Hwang

Ms. Beverly J. Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hynes

Ms. Mary Ifft

Jemarie Ignacio

Chris Imazumi

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Imboden

Infineon Technologies Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Inghram

Nancy A. Ingle

Mr. Joseph P. Ingoglia

Letha Ingram

Mrs. Joan A. Innis

Stuart and Julie Inouye

Mr. E. Martin Isenberg

Ms. Stephanie Iseri

Mark S. Isfeld and

Ruth A. Schlotzhauer

Ms. Barbara Ishii

Josephine Ishou

Ms. Deanna K. Iverson

Ms. Christine Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Deron K. Jackson

Susan Jackson

Ms. Sandra K. Jacobs

Ms. Nancy F. Jacobs

Ms. Melinda O. Jacobs

Ms. Karen Jacobs

Holly Jacobs-Khazam and

Jonathan Khazam

Mrs. Margaret Jacobson

Ms. Lenore F. Jacobson

Ms. Esther Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Jacobus

Ms. Pamela Jahnke

Dr. and Mrs. Bulent Jajuli

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jakovina

Ms. Jacqueline O. James

Ms. Elizabeth James

Ms. Patricia Jamison

Ms. Denise L. Janjigian

Mrs. Melissa Jankowski

Ms. Janet E. Jansen

Terry Jansen

Ms. Janet Jarmann

Mr. and Mrs. Dean N. Jaynes

Virginia Jean

Ms. Nancy Jelincich

Frederick Jen and Lilian Leung

Ms. Judith Jensen

Regina Jimenez

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jinks

Mr. and Mrs. David Jio

Susan Jogidzinski

Ms. Laura Johanson

Mr. and Mrs. William Johns

Ping C Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Johnson

David and Susan Johnson

Ms. Carol Johnson

Robin Johnson

Woody and Gayle Johnson

Ms. Nancy Johnson

Ms. Johna Johnson

Ms. Felicitas Johnson

Mr. David Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Derk Johnson

Katelyn Johnson

Mr. Brian Johnsrud

Ms. Judith Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Jones

Ms. Nelda Jones

Ms. Kathy Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones

Lynn Jones

Gerald L. and Janet P. Jones

Elisa Jones

Donald Jones, DVM

Ms. Tamara Jorajuria

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Jordan

Ms. Amy June Jorgensen

Mr. William A. Joseph

Ms. Gerlinde Judd

F. Graham and

Deborah Ann Judge, Jr.

Phillip Juncker and Krista Gaudie

John G. and Sandra I. Juracich

Ms. Karin Jurcevich

Jennifer Kaeding

Mr. Timothy Kain

The Henry J. Kaiser Family


Mr. and Mrs. Maarten Kalisvaart

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Kalvelage

Sumiko Kamiya

Ms. Jane Kamvar

Ms. Betty M. Kanapilly

Ms. Sandra Kandarian

Ms. Helen Kane

Ms. Margery Kanemoto

Ms. Julie Kang

Alma Kangas

Cathryn Karabag

Ms. Shirley H. Karabian

Julie Karasek

Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Karioki

Ms. Nancy H. Karp

Bill Karpowicz and Janis Cosor

Ms. Elizabeth Karren

Ms. Phyllis Karsten

Jeff Kasper

Eric and Anne Kastner

Patti Katai

Ms. Marilyn Kato

Jeffrey and Anne Katz

Mr. Sidney Kaufmann

Anne Kaur

Jasmine Kaur and Gurmeet Khehra

Stacey Kazan

Kevin W. and Gail W. Keck


Ms. Judith Keddington

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kedell

Mary Keenan

Charles Keenan

Ms. Kathleen Keenly

Ms. Claudia Keeping

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Keible

Ms. Diane Keihl

Ms. Melissa Keith

Kathy Kelemen

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kellenberger

Ms. Bonnie Kellerby

Ms. Myra M. Kelley

Mrs. Patricia Kelley-Pogue

Ms. Millicent Kellogg

Ms. Colleen M. Kelly

Ms. Arloa Kelsen Mulock

Carolyn Kempton

Paul and Michelle Kennedy

Ms. Irene Kennedy

Ms. Carol Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy

Ms. Judy Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy

Ms. Heidi Kennedy

Andi Jackson & Leadership Class,

Kennedy Middle School

Lynnea Kennelly

Terrie Kent

Mr. Christopher Kepner

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keppel

Ms Ruth Ann Kerkoc

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kern

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kersteen

Montgomery Kersten and

Sheryl Heckman

Steve and Cherie Kessinger

Steve Kessler

Mr. Greg Kevin

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Keyes

Farinaz Khatibi

Eugene Khaw and Lai Yung Chu

Wendy Khoshnevis

Ms. Lynn Kidder

Ms. Laverne M. Kidwiler

Ms. Nora Kim

Hyung Kim

Kevin Kimerer

Mr. and Mrs. David L. King

Ms. Dianne King

Ms. Kimberly King

Ms. Laurie King

Jennifer Kingsburg

Michael R. Kinoshita

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kinsman

Patrick and Jennifer Kirby

Ms. Sharon Kirk

Ms. Diane Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Kirk

Jean Kirk

Ms. M. Kirkley

Greg Kirschner

Ms. Gisele Kirsner

Mr. and Mrs. James Kirwan

Ms. Marie K. Kitajima

Alicia Kite and Rene Franco

Ms. Michelle Kitlas

Susan Kitrosser

Richard G. and Susan L. Kitson

Heather Kiuttu

Joan Kjemtrup

Mr. George A. Klaar

Sue Klapholz and Patrick Brown

Cynthia Kleinfeld

Ms. Susan Klinck

Ms. Susan Klingberg

Dave and Judy Klinger

Mr. Leonard F. Klosinski

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kluge

Michael Knapp

Ms. Sheryl L. Knight

Mr. Craig F. Knight

Mr. Roger L. Kniss

Molly Knox

Wendy Koba

Mr. Masao Kobashi

Mr. Mark Kobayashi

Tim Kober

Daniel and Susan Kocher

Ms. Christine Koehler

Kara E. Koenig

Ms. Lori Koennecke

Karolyn Maureen Koerner

Susan Koester

Mr. and Mrs. George Kohler

Sonoko Kojiri Brown and

Tokiko Nambu


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Y. Kok

Ms. M. J. Kolar

Diane G. Kolff

Ms. Krystyna Konopka

Ms. Antoinette F. Konski

Libby Kopecky

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Korns, Jr.

Ms. Paulina Kosiaty

Lisa Kostlan

Elizabeth Kosuth

Brian and Stacey Kott

Mrs. G. Kougias

Ms. Cynthia Kovacs

Mr. and Mrs. Irv Kovalik

Ms. Irina B. Kovlerova

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kowalski

Grace M. Krag

Kimberly Kramer

Mrs. Ruth E. Krandel

David and Laura Krane

Ms. Cherie Kraus

Ms. Uta Kremer

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kreuter

Abby Krimotat

Ms. Mary Krotky

Ms. Nancy M. Ku

Ms. Charlene S. Ku

Bill Kuckens

Ms. Patricia A. Kucker

Larry and Ivonne Kuechler

Amy Z. Kundert

Ms. Marilyn J. Kupcho

Ms. Diane Kuraitis

Alex Kwok

Ms. Sylvia Kyle

Ms. Joan Kyle

Miss Ann La Borde

Mr. Jack S. La Corte

Sandy LaBadie

Labels and Moore

Susan Labicane

Ms. Cherry LaBrun

Ms. Miriam Lacambra

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Ladd

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lafferty

Alan Lagod and Deborah Ryan

Melissa Lagorio

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Laine

John Laino

Mrs. Noriko Lake

Mr and Mrs. William Lambson

George H. and Linda M. Lampe

Audrey Landgraf

Ms. Lori Landucci

Ms. Marguerite L. Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Lang

Marilyn J. Lang and Walt Donovan

Rich Lang

Mr. Cliff Lange

Kenneth D. and Arlene E. Langel

Paula Langley

Bea Langsdorf and Charles Denault

Mr. Alan Lantow

Ms. Charlotte Larin

Ms. Janay Lariviere

Robert Larocca

Judith K. and Nick Larsen

Ms. Julia Larson

Ms. Candace J. Larson

Ms. Bambi Larson

Mr. Douglas Larson

Ms. Karen A. Latchford

Ms. Carol Latham

Mr. John Lattyak

Ms. Carol Laucella

Denise Laugesen

Mr. Jim Laumann

Ms. Dawn Launer

Troy and Dana Lauritsen


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Lausten

Ms. Leslye Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Lawrence

James F. and Elsie A. Lawrence

Mr. William Lawrence

Ms. Bettye Lawrence

Mr. Jeffrey Lawrence

Ms. Eva M. Lawrence-Fischer

Ms. Ann Lawson

Nancy Layman

Ms. Rona Layton

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Lazarus

Militza R. Lazich

Ms. Yardley Lazovsky

Ms. Tuyet Le

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Le Blanc

Ms. Denise Leader

Ms. Karen Learn

Alan Lee

Ms. Clare Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Naisin Lee

Erin Lee

Brian R. and Coleen A. Lee

Samuel Lee

Ms. Deborah H Lee

David Lee

Charles Lee

Mary Leeburg

Mr. Daniel Leeming

Mr. and Mrs. David Leeson

Ms. Teri Leffel

Ms. Carol A. Leger

Ms. Terri Lehan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Lehman

Ms. Joanne Lehmkuhl

Robert Leibbrand

Ms. Jessica Leister

Ms. Jolene Lema

Mark Lemke

Paul Lemmo

Ms. Erikka Y. Lenbergs

Ms. Marlowe J. Lenz

Ms. Nicole Leonard

Mr. Gregory Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Leonard

Gaye Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Leone

Ms. Helen J. Leonelli

Raymond Leong and Kitty Shih

Ms. Linda Leong

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Leong

Darlene Leong

Lisa M. and James R. LeSage

Jessica Lesmana

Mr. Peter Letchworth

Ms. Robin Lettire

L.M. Letzring

Mr. Stephen Leung

Liza Leung

Anne Leung-Stevens and

Larry Stevens

Renee LeValle

Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Leviton

Jonathan Levitow

Mrs. Allison Levy

Albert Lew and Anita Colasante

Ms. Ellen W. Lewanda

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lewis

Tonya Lewis and Sweetie

Mark Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ley

Mrs. Dolores A. Lichtenwalter

Ms. Nancy Lichtle

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lickwar

Tina Liddie

Mrs. Florence K. Liddie

Jeff Liebgold

Kathleen Liermann

Ms. Christine Liewer

Ms. Arlene Lightford

Ms. Patricia Lim

Ms. Lucy Lim

Julian Lin

Bonnie Lin

Mrs. Barbara B. Linder

Ms. Linda C. Lindley

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Lindsay

Patricia Lindsey

James and Julie Lineberger

Daniel E. Lira

Ms. Alice R. Lishman

Ms. Judith Little

Mrs. Juanita O. Littrell

Feng Liu

Mr. and Ms. Richard Livengood

Christine Livezey

Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Lobo


Ms. Bethany Locatelli

Mr. Robert E. Locke

Ms. Linda Logsdon

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lohman

Carla Loiacono

Juna Lok

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lombardi

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Lombardo

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. London

Laura Lopez and Joe Biagini

Mr. Jesus Lopez

Christina Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. LoPresto

Marie E. LoPresto

Durward Lorman

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Losness

Mr. Andy Lott

Ms. Barbara J. Love

Jane Love

Mrs. Lorraine Lovelace

Judi Lovell

Gregory and Bernadette Lowitz

Loyola School

Nina Lu

Ms. Patty Lucas

"We love volunteering

at HSSV because

we get a sense of

satisfaction knowing

we're doing something

positive for the animals

in our community. We

also like being involved

with an organization

that is committed to

finding loving homes

for all adoptable

animals - no matter

how long it takes."

– Malcolm and Jane


Donald Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lucchesi

Gary and Nancy Lucchesi

Ms. Nancy Lucero

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lui

Mr. Larry L. Lundberg

Janice M. Lundberg

Alan and Alvina Lundberg

Mr. Sam Luong

Ms. Sue Luptovic

Mr. James D. Lyle

Ms. Dianne Lynch

Ms. Judy E. Lynch

Ms. Patricia Lynch

Fadi Maamari and Deborah L. Garvey

Ann Macdonald

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. MacDougall

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Machado

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Machlan

Ms. Tamara Maciulis

Ms. Carolyn MacKay

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy X. Mackie

Ms. Betty C. Mackie

Lynn Macon

Macy’s West G.I.F.T.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Madda

Ms. Julia Madden

Carl Madson

Dr. Jim H. Maeno

Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Maggi

Lois Maggio

Ms. Rachel A. Magnus

Amy and Richard Magnuson

Mr. Gene Magpayo

Yoke Mah

Ms. Eileen Mah

Ms. Margaret A. Maher

Ms. Michaela Mahl

Mr. and Mrs. William Mahoney

Grace Mailhot

Ms. Jane Mairose

Elizabeth Majoch

Pat Major

Eve Majure

Bruce Makinen

Barbara Malaspina

Mr. Carl H. Malberg

Pamela Mallory

Ms. Sadie Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Mancuso

Jay and Susan Mandell

Mr. Albert J. Mangini, III

Ms. Karen Manning

Laurie Manske

Vicki Manzanares

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mar

Carolyn J. and Karen Mar

Jean-Luc Marce

Ms. Elizabeth J. Marcell

Mr. Dominic Marchetti

Ms. Rita Marcojohn

Marie Marcos

Ms. Jo Mariani

Daniel and Terri M. Marine

Duane W. Marion

Mr. Larry R. Mark

Michael Mark

Jeff Markham

Ms. Sandra R. Marlowe

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Marques

Maj. Gen. Ret Richard C. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marsh

John Marshall and Tony Tellone

David Marshall, D.M.D.

Alex Martelli and Anna Ravenscroft

Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Martens

Ms. Martha C. Martin

Donald V. and Margaret G. Martin

Linda Martin

Alan Martin

Marlena Martinez

Joseph Martinez

Ms. Joann Martinez

Amber Martinez

Mr. Richard O. Marwin

Mr. Charles H. Mashburn

Nicole Mason

Ms. Ann Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Mason

Jeffrey A. Mason

Mr. Elmer L. Massera

Birgit Massion

William Masuda

Ms. Margaret Mathias

Dr. and Mrs. Juri Matisoo

Ms. Lynnda Matsuo

Ms. Edith K. Matsuyama

Ana Mattana

Ms. Donna Matthews

Ms. Florence G. Matthews

Chris Mattison

Thomas O. Matula

William T. Matuzek, Sr. and

Patricia Mueller

Ms. Pamela Mauseth

Mr. Robert Maximoff

Ms. Alison Maxwell

Mayfield Fund

Tracey Mazur

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Mazutis, III

Ms. Elizabeth Mazzei

Tracy Mazzurco

Ms. Wendy McAdam

Ms. Margo A. McAfee

Ms. Beth A. McAlliser

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. McAllister

Karen McCabe, J. McCabe

Plumbing, Inc.

Mr. Drew McCalley

Ms. Kelly McCarthy

Ms. Evelyn McCay

Ms. Sarah McClammy

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. McClane

Ms. Pattie McConnell

Michelle McCormick and Sara Davis

Mr. Doyle McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. James S. McCrank

Ms. Karen L. McCreddin

Ms. Florence M. McCullough

Ms. Elizabeth McCullough

Mrs. Christine McCutcheon

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McDevitt

Mr. Joseph M. McDonough

Mr. Frank McElroy

Cheryl McFadden

Mrs. Gladys E. McFarland

Ms. Linda McGee

Joyce and Robert McGill

John McGrane and Michelle Doyle

Mr. Terry McGrath

Mr. Kevin McGreevey

Ms. Michele McGregor

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McGuire

Mr. Charlie Mcguire

Ms. Kelly McHaffie

Jeanine Mckay

Berta M. McKay

Ms. Wendy S. McKee

Donald McKenna

Stephan and Judith McKeown

Mr. and Mrs. Craig V. McKinna

Mr. T. J. McLachlan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McLeod

Ms. Kaye McMaster

Thomas P. and Maureen McMullen

Ms. Tricia Lee McNabb-Lanzino

Molly McNamara

Ms. Kathy McNamee

Alice McNelis

Ms. Marge McQueen

Ms. Deb McQueen

Ms. Laura L. McRae

Ms. Pat McRoberts

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. McShea

Ms. Dorothy Mead

Diana Mecum

P. Medefesser

Mr. Paul Medeiros

John A. and Ofelia Medeiros

Shrikant Medepalli

Michael and Patti Medlin

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medrano

John Meeker

Lee Mei

Dennis Meidinger

Sarah Melendez

Mr. Linus J. Melliand

Mrs. Patricia Mello

Mrs. Joell Mello

Kimberly Meloche-Long

Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett Melton, Jr.

Mrs. Audrey L. Mendenhall

Gregory Bruce Mendenhall

Ignacio Mendez

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mendia

Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo E. Mendieta

Matthew A. Mendizabal

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar E. Mendoza

The Men’s Warehouse

Mentor Graphics Foundation

Ms. Lisa Mepham

Mr. Larry Mercado

Colette Mercer

Ms. Melody A. Merckens

Mr. and Mrs. Michel Meredith

David Merrick and Hung-Tsu Chen

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Merzon

Mesa’s Floor Covering

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Messersmith

Mr. Darrell E. Messick

S.B. Meyer

Ms. Melinda Meyers

Bridgette MGuinness

Thomas R. and Margaret J. Miars

Ms. Carole C. Michelson

Ms. Linda Michener

Jennifer Middlekauff

Patricia Mikkers

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Miles

Tasha and Steve Miles

Ms. Betty F. Milioto

22 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Junius W. and Patricia A. Millard

Ms. Rhina Miller

Ms. Phyllis A. Miller

D Miller

Ms. Eileen M. Miller

Sharon Miller and Connie Gardner

Darrell Miller and Morgan Godare

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Miller

Mr. Marco Milletti

Milpitas Christian School

Paula Mints

Mr. Saul Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mirassou

Mrs. Ann R. Mirassou

Kenlyn Mirbach Philanthropic Fund

David Mirelez

Ms. Karen Mitchell

Kris Mitchell

Mr. Curtis L. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell

Anubrata Mitra

Sanjiv Mittal

Brian Miyakusu and Karen Tanner

Ms. Lynne M. Mizufune

MJM Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Antonio R. Modica

Terry Moe

M. G. Moitozo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Molina

Ms. Yolanda Molino

Ms. Teresa Monaghan

Raelyn Mondzak

Ellie Fisher & Apprentices,

Monroe Middle School

Leonora Ann Montanez

Ms. Joanne E. Montes de Oca

Mrs. Vi Montgomery

Ms. Shirlie A. Montgomery

Pat Montgomery

Ms. Pamela Montgomery

Alan F. Moo and Barbara E. Park

Erik and Hope Moon

Ms. Sylvia A. Moore

Robert Moore and Allen Matkins

Ms. Sharon Moore

Mrs. Norma G. Moore

Angie Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan N. Moore

Kenneth and Kris Moore

Christina Moore

Ms. Stephanie Moore

Ms. Lisa L. Moore

Andrea Moore, DVM

Ms. Sonya Moore-Wells

Fred and Joan Moosally

Mr. Peter P. Moosman

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moraes

Mary Moreno

Mr. Philip Morgan

Morgan Stanley

Ms. Naomi Morimoto

Edward M. and Penny Morimoto

Ann Morin

Ms. Marsha L. Morphew

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Morris

Mary E. Morris and Robert A. Baylor

Ms. Katherine L. Morris

Ms. Linda Morrison

Ms. Linda Morrone

Ms. Diana Morshead

Joost and Kristien E. Mortelmans

Ms. Dorothy Mortensen

Marion E. Morton and

Elberta Battlase

Ms. Jacqueline Morton

Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Morton

Ms. Melissa Morwood

Mr. and Ms. Daniel S. Moser

Donald W. and Paula J. Moser


Mr. George Mosle

David Mou

Mountain View High School

Mountain View Woman’s Club

Brett Moyer

John T. Moynihan

Dane Mrazek

Terrence P. Mudrock and

Margaret E. McFarland

Mike and Deborah Mullen

Dr. Eileen Mullin

Chuck and Linda Mulloy

Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Munio

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Munoz

Ms. Heidi Munzinger

Ms. Valerie Muonio

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Murakami

Mrs. Mavis Muraoka

Paul Murata

Mrs. Beverly J. Murbach

Ms. Jacquelyn Murdock

Ms. Carole P. Murphy

Ms. Ane Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Murphy

Ms. Jacqueline Murray

Mrs. Marjorie J. Murray

Mr. James A. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. David Murray

Barbara Murray

Allan and Marsha Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Myers,

Carter Myers Public Relations

Mr. Glen E. Myrberg

Ms. Margaret Nabors

Ms. Jennifer Nadeau

Rob J. and Shari A. Nafus

Eric S. and La Reine M. Nagel

Neil and Tina Marie Najibi

John Nakagawa

Russell L. Nakano, D.D.S.

Ms. Barbara Nappo

Rich Narasaki

Mr. Cory Nash

Nobuo Nashiguchi

Ms. Mary Nassau

Ms. Leslie Navarro

Patrick R. and Valerie M. Neargarder

NEC Corporation

Mr. Jim Neff

Leslie Neft

Mr. James B. Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Nelms, Jr.

Norval E. and Gloria K. Nelson, Jr.

Ms. Nancy A. Nelson

Kristin E. Nelson

Ms. Barbara B. Nepple

Mrs. Carmela Ness

Ms. Sara Ann G. Nesse

Ms. Anita Nettenstrom

Richard Q. Nevile and Carol J. Nevile

Ms. Nancy New

New Beginnings Preschool

Carolyn Newburn

Ms. Virginia A. Newcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newhard

Roger Newlander and Irmeli Vatanen

Ms. Janice Newman

Lisa M. Newman

Ms. Marie Newton

G. Ng

Catherine Ngo

Anh Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Quan Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Donna Nguyen

Scot Nicholls

Mr. and Mrs. James Nichols

Michael A. and Karen A. Nierenberg

Ms. Jeanne Nighbor

Kathryn Nimz

Rekha Nirula

Ko and Haruyo Nishimura

Dr. Israel Niv and Dr. Noga Niv

Ms. Nancy Noel

Ms. Alice Terry Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Nolen

Ms. Debbie Norman

Mrs. Carrol B. Norman-Chrys

Patrick R. Normandin and

Tania L. Scotti

Ms. Linda G. Norrett

Zoey North

Ms. Nancy A. Noto

Ms. Georgette Novak

Ms. Nina Nowak

Alexandra Nugent

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Petre D. Nunan

Ms. Yelena Nurutdinov

Ms. Amanda Oakson

Ms. Angela Obeso

Ms. Kathleen M. O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly D. O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. O’Brien, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ockerman

Marianne O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. O’Connor

Ms. Katherine O’Doherty

Mr. Glenn T. Ogino

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Ohlson

Mr. Arthur Okada

Ms. Mary E. Okarma

Ms. Victoria Oldberg

Ms. Susan Oldham-Fritts

Mr. Michael J. O’Leary

Ms. Diane Oliver

Marky Olsen

Ms. Linda R. Olson

Mae and Ron Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ondyak

Leland B. Ong

Oracle Corporation

Orchard City Grange #333

Keely Oreilly

Ms. Noreen C. O’Reilly

Mr. Donald C. Orgish, Jr.

Miss Donna M. Orlando

Ms. Maria Orlando

Joseph and Anhela Oropeza

Rocquie O’Rourke

Mr. Christian F. Orr

Esther Orsi

Penny Ortega

Ms. Lucinda Osborn

Steven Justin Osborne

Julie Osier

Ms. Rhona Ostrow

Ms. Kathy O’Sullivan

Warren I. and Claudia Otsuka

Ms. Yolanda Ottley

Ms. Bernice G. Otudeko

Ms. Laurie Ouchida

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Overstreet

Mr. Kelly Overton

Frank Owczarzak

Ms. Judy M. Owen

Dan E. and Sheila A. Owen, Jr.

Kristine Paaso

Ms. Agnes Paccagnini

Mr. Edward Pacheco

Ms. Jennifer Padilla

Ms. Joni Padron

Chong Su Paek

Mrs. Virginia Page

Albert D. and Janice A. Pagin

Sandra Pakaski

Ms. Amy Palazzolo

Ms. Barbara Paldus

Helen Paleologos

Palm Foundation

Hesper Pan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Pangelina, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pannell

Nadine Papalias

Shidokht Paparoski

Mr. James Paramo

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Parce

Ms. Joan Pariani

Ms. Kay Parker

Ms. Elizabeth M. Parker

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Parker

Twila Adele Parker

William R. Parks

Kathryn and Donley Parmentier

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Parmentier

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Paros

Mrs. Kathy Pasek

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pass

Penny Pass

Ms. Karen Pass

Ms. Barbara Passalacqua

Ms. Judy L. Passanante

Mr. Jeremy Pasternak

Henry Pastorelli and Carla Dorow

Mrs. Joseph D. Patten

John D. Pattinson and

Monica Yoshioka

Sherry Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Pavlak

Marie Pavlidis

Gary S. Pavone and Janice A. Sutton

Lisa Payne and Ken Hooper

Leslie and Samuel N. Pearl

Mr. Kent Pearse

Cecelia Pearson

Laura Pease

Ms. Melodie Pehr

Mr. Allan Pelley

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pelosi

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Penisten

Mr. Duncan Penman

Mr. Richard H. Penrose

Ms. Linda Pense

Emiko and Douglas Pensinger

Mrs. Karen Peoples

Mr. and Mrs. James Perazzo

Mrs. Sandra Peregrina

Robert and Nancy Pereyda

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Perez

Ms. Maria L. Perez

Ms. Cecilia Perez

Mr. Bob Perlman

Florence Perot

Ms. Ada A. Perruccio

Greg Perry

Danielle Perugini

Pet Food Express

Erik Petersen

Ms. Zona G. Peterson

Rev. and Mrs. Richard T. Peterson

Ms. Carol D. Peterson

Mr. Tom Peterson

Mr. John F. Petrilla

Mrs. Deborah A. Petrone

Mr. Luther J. Pettack

Bryan and Lisa Pham

Ms. Andrea Philliber

Ms. Amy C. Phillips

Mr. Frank Phillips

Mrs. Linda M. Phipps

Maryanne F. and Ron Piccoli

Srini Pichumani and

Anna Ramakrishnan

Samuel Pickard

Ms. Jacki Pickett

Ms. Christine Picozzi

Tina and David Pidwell

Donald Pierce

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Pietrobono

Mark J. Pietsch and

Elizabeth A. Rivas

Julie Pifer

Ms. Ann M. Pine

Mr. Hugh Pinney

Leslie Pirritano

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pisanich

Mr. Mohanan Pisharody

Fred Pisturuno

Sal and Amy Pizarro

Jayson Pizarro

Mr. and Mrs. Fernando M. Placer

Ms. Irina Platonova

Ms. Pamela S. Pledger

Ms. Elizabeth Plette

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Pliner

Mr. Richard P. Pointer

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Pollak

Mr. Edwin Pollock

Robert A. Ponce and Lisa Scott-Ponce

Yvonne Ponessa

Diana L. Ponton

Marjorie L. Pope

James Porter

Michael Posey

Barry Posner

John Potosky

Ms. Rosemarie Pottage

Mr. Ronald Powell

Ms. Alice J. Power

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Pratt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Pratt

Ms. Barbara G. Pratt

Daniel B. and Frank E. Pratt-Dermer

Presentation High School

Ms. Sandra Preston

Mrs. Joanne Preston

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Preston

Linda Price

John Price

Janet Priefer

Gordon and Janiece Prieur

Dean Prikazsky

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Leo T. Profilet

Teri Provence

Mrs. Donella Provence

Mr. Richard A. Prydz

Ms. Dolores A. Pryor

Mr. Rudy Pugh

Ms. Antonia Pulone

Akhila Purushothaman

Mr. Eric Purviance

Ms. Pamela J. Putman

Daun S. Putnam


Michael Quigley

Angela Quong

Ms. Sandi J. Radcliff

Mr. Douglas Radcliff

Mr. Kurtis Rader

Renate Radke

Lisa Radloff

Helen and Jim Raeside

Mr. Ali Raghian

Ms. Sandra Hosier & Students,

Rainbow of Knowledge

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Rally

Ms. Ilda Ramic

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley R. Ramirez

Rene and Abby Ramirez

Michelle Ramos

Mrs. Alice J. Ramsauer

Janaka Ranatunga and Don Kumudu

Ms. Lisa Randazzo

Marianna Rapoport

John J. and Sandra N. Rasmussen

Mr. William A. Rasmussen

Ms. Joan E. Rawson

Ms. Sandy M. Ray

Mr. Pete Raykovich

Donna Raynor

Sabrina Raza

Patricia A. Reardon and Barry Sardis

Sarojamma C. Reddy

Kathleen Reding

Mrs. Maureen Reek

Mrs. Myrna A. Reh

Mr. and Mrs. Guenter Reichert

Mr. Hunter Reid

Nan and Tim Reiley

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Dennis Reinholz

Ms. Lisa D. Reiss

Jose Luis Relinque, Iberia Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Renken

Mr. and Ms. Ren Renzel

Ms. Linda L. Reyes

Mr. Justin Reyneri

Shannon Reynolds

Lloyd and Maryviola Reynolds


Mrs. Bernice Reynolds

Joseph Rhinehart

Fern E. Rhoades

Victoria Ricard

Caryn L. and Robert E. Rice

Ms. Mary Bell Rich

Ms. Erika N. Richards

Marla Richards

Ms. Patricia Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Ms. Carol J. Richardson-Cole

Ms. Claudia M. Richter

Judith M. Rickard

Ms. Elsie K. Riddle

Ms. Gina Ridgway

Elizabeth Ridley

Ms. Joan Rieke

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Rinsky

Mr. Juan Rivas

Ferdinand Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rivers

Joseph J. Rizzuto and Judith Quan

Brian Ro

Ms. Mary A. Roa

Ms. Mary Roach

Kathryn Robbins

Charles A. and Margaret Roberts

Phyllis J. Roberts and

Byron W. Gutheil

Ms. Kathleen Roberts

Ms. Kim Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Robesky

John Robinson

Ms. Patricia J. Robinson

Harry Robson

Ms. Michelle L. Rocca

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rochefort

Claudia Rodas

William S. Roden

Ms. Susan A. Rodin

Reverend Rick Rodoni

Ms. Joan I. Rodrigues

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Rodriguez

LeRoy G. and Jennifer Rodriquez

Charles Roe

Karen M. Roediger

Mrs. Anne Roemer

Annie Rogaski

Ms. Judith M. Rogers

Ms. Vicki Rogers

Mr. Keith Rogers

Mr. Ralph H. Rohwer

Ms. Genevieve Rolla

Cmdr. and Mrs. Gordon Rollman

Deirdre Romac

Ms. Susan Rombach

Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Romiti

Rashel Rosa

Ms. Mary L. Rosales

Ron and Marcia Roschke

James Rose

Janelle Rose

Ms. Pam Rose

Ms. Barbara A. Rosen

Amir and Dusanka Rosenbaum

Daniel Rosenberg, DVM

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Rosenthal

Linda K. Roshon-Harville and

James Harville

Gary A. Ross

Ron Ross

Ms. Christina Ross

Geordel Rossmann

Mrs. Joan L. Rotar

Mr. John C. Roth

Liza Roth

Patricia L. Roth

Charles J. Rothschild


Gay Routh

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rowland

Ms. Kathleen A. Roy

Mr. Jay D. Rubenstein

Dr. Robert H. Ruby

Gary Rudd

Mr. and Mrs. David Rudick

Jason Rudolph

Patricia Rudolph

Mr. Robert Ruge

Alison Ruge

Lawrence Ruiz

Tyler Rullman

Ms. Rebecca Rupe

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rusnak

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Russo

Amy Rutherford

Delma Rutherford

Ms. Carol Ryall

Sandi Ryan

Ms. Judy Ryan

Ms. Kathleen Rydar

Katrina Rymill

Mr. and Mrs. Henk Rysdorp

Marian Eppie Sadowski

Ms. Judy K. Saeler

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Safberg

Mr. Wilfredo T. Sagun

Balbir Saini

Saint Andrew’s School

Steven K. Sakai and

Lydia Y. Uchida-Sakai

Joseph Salamon and Tatyana Perkis

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salcedo

Myrtha Saleme

Ms. Bette Samdahl

Ms. Sharon Sampson

Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Samson

Heidi Samuels

Jorge Sanchez

Mr. Hedley Sandercock

Mr. Robert Sandie

Ms. Carol Sands

Ms. Lupe Robles Sane

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Sano

Santa Clara Aquamaids

Synchronized Swimming Club, Inc.

Santa Clara Emblem Club #522

Santa Clara Women’s Club-Mariposa

Mr. David D. Santiago

Ms. Joanne Santner

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford R. Santos

George B. Santoya

Ms. Connie Sardinha

Ms. Nancy Sargent

Ms. Marla Sarkozy

Kenneth A. Sasaki and Jill Surdzial

Kimiko Sato

Mr. Steven K. Saunders

Catherine Savinovich Reinhardt

Jasmine Scandalis

Brenda Scarpelli

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Scarsdale

David Schaal

Mr. Harry Schaefer, III

Ms. Margo Schaper

Ms. Karen Scharff

Ms. Rena Schaut

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Scheaffer

Jon and Susan Schechter

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Scheele

Peggy Scheer

Mr. W. James Scheuermann

Ms. Gretchen Schiffer

John Schiffer

Ms. Jane H. Schindler

Mrs. Cecilia Schlagenhaft

John Schmelzer and

Suzanne Cameron

Marylin Schmid

William Schmidt and Nika Esfahani

Ms. Lori Schmidt

David Schneiderman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Schnieder

Tiffany Schnitger

Ms. Julie Schnurbusch

Mr. Erik E. Schoennauer

Willy Scholten and Carolus Boekema

Ms. Marianne Schondelmayer

Ms. Leanne Schott

Mr. William G. Schottstaedt

Ms. Christine Schramm

Marcella and Mark Schroeder

Kenneth and Barbara A. Schroeder

Mr. David Schroit

Marvin L. Schroth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schubert


Martha Schumacher

Mrs. Margaret Schuster

Laura Schuster

Mr. Randy B. Schwartz

Ms. Kay Schwartz

William R. Scoble and

Sharon K. Bosley

Miss Margo D. Scolari

Mr. Barton P. Scott, III

Ms. Peggy Scott

Vera Scott

Ms. Mary F. Scruggs

Timothy Seaman

Janet Seamons

Mrs. Ann Sebastian

Jamie Secola

Brad and Jojo Segal

Ms. Sheila M. Seghieri

Daniel E. Segovia

Mr. Paul Self

Patricia Selinger

Ms. Geraldine L. Sello

Ms. Liz Semmelmeyer

Bethani Semple

Ms. Christine Senner

Ms. Josefa Sepulveda

Oleg Serebryanov

Mr. Sal Serio

Cheryl and David Serna

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Serra, Sr.

William W. and Yee Ling Seto

Clinton H. Severson and

Connett G. Ahart

Jennifer Seward and James Tanner

Ms. Eve Shaffer

Susan Shamos

Mr. Walter Shan

Ms. Jo Ann R. Shank

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. David Shapiro

Shailendra Sharma

Ms. Gauri Sharma

Ms. Patricia C. Sharp

Jude Sharp

Catherine Shaughnessy

Mr. Charles J. Shaw

Ms. Judith M. Shaw

Christine Sheets and Andrew Pereira

Ms. Nancy E. Sheets

M. W. and Laurie Shellard

Mrs. Tony W. Shen

William F. and Barbara E. Shepard

Mr. Howard Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sherman

Ms. Debbie Sherman

Amy Shever

Ms. Hoy Shih

Mr. Charles Shih

Tricia Shilling

Ms. Mimi N. Shilov

Michel M. Shimabuku

Ms. Sandra Shimizu

Ms. Kim Shinmoto

Cristina Shinnick

Kirk Shiomoto

Ms. Carol Shiosaka

Anne Shipley

Nazzi and Hiroshi Shishido

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Shoemaker

Pamela Shore

Lois and Alastair Short

Mr. John F. Shutts

Jules and Carolyn Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Sievert

Danielle Sigrist

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sikora

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Silva

Ms. Noreen E. Silva

Nancy J. Silve

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan R. Silver

Miss Florence R. Silverman

Mrs. Rita Simke

Mrs. Denise Simmons

Lawrence A. Simmons and

Laura S. Ono

Mr. Andrew Simms

Corinne Simon

Phyllis F. Simpkins

Norma L. Simpson

Melissa A. Sims and Monte R. Wilson

Wendy and Dalip Singh

Denise C. Singleton

Ms. Marguerite Sinnett

John B. Sisk

Ms. Kristen Skavdahl

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Skillings

Mr. George I. Skoda

Mrs. Doris W. Skow

George Skrivanek

Jeff Slaney

Ms. Linda A. Slezak

Margaret Sliz

Mel and Jim Sloane

Daneen Slusser-Smith

Mrs. Axel Smedberg

John Smith

Mr. Ronald J. Smith

Ms. Maureen Smith

Ms. Mary W. Smith

Nancy A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Smith

Mary L. Smith

Linde Smith

Eugene Smith

Ms. Anne F. Smith

Victoria Smith

Ms. Lexie Smith

Ms. Josie M. Smith

Ms. Delia M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith

Michael A. and Lonna H. Smith

Linda Smith

Christopher Smith

Breck Smith

Charles Smulders

Mr. Harold R. Smyre

Gerardette Smyth

Ms. Laura Snable

Ms. Marilyn Snapp

Ms. Barbara Snarr

David Snider

Mr. and Mrs. Bill C. Snow

Ms. Melissa Snow

Ms. Alexandra Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Snowbarger

Mrs. Gail R. Snyder

Sobrato Family Foundation

Chris Soden

Ms. Victoria Solis

Mr. and Mrs. Guido Soliz

Galileo and Paula Solorzano

Ms. Anna Sombor

The Somekh Family Foundation

Ms. Mary A. Somerville

Mr. Brice P. Soriano

Ms. Katarzyna M. Sornat

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. South

Mr. Robert A. Souza

Space Systems Loral

Ms. Ann M. Spalding

Ms. Cynthia May Spann

Kurt Specht

Ms. Elinor Spellman

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Spencer

Christie Spice

Ms. Lisa L. Spiegelman

Ms. Vicky Spilman

Mr. Steven Spinola

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spiteri

Douglas Sprague,

D Sprague and Associates

Victor F. and Darlene Sprajc

Jerry Springer

Mr. Krishnan Srinivasan

Amrita Srinivasan

Jaywant Srivatsa and

Preethi Prabandham

St Francis Episcopal Youth Group

Ms. Sandra St. Amour

Sean St. Cin

Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Staffield

Allyson Stafford

James and Nancy Stainton

Mrs. Rebecca Stamm

Ms. Rachel Stanek

Stanford Cat Network

Stanford Engineering

Mr. and Mrs. Al Stankunas

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Stanley

Rev. Matthew Stanley

Mr. Michael A. Stark

Ms. Cynthia G. Starkey

Ms. Sherrie Starkie

Ms. Dixie L. Starr

DeEtte Rae Starr and Ron Terrell

Steve and Colette Staump

Ms. Juana Stavolone

Ms. Sandra Steed

Sandra Steege

Ms. Kim Steele

Ms. Amy Steele

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Steele

David and Ricki Steele

Tom and Liz Steenson

Mr. and Mrs. James Steffenson

Pam Steigerwald

Dr. Ben Stein and Mrs. Merla


Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Steinberg

Brigitte and Urs Steiner

Ms. Kerry Steinhauer

Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Steinke

Barbara Stephan

Ms. Amy Stephens

Mr. John C. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stern

Charles Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Tedder P. Stevenson

Dianalee and Annemarie Stickler

Ms. Debra D. Stikes

Holly Still

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Stillman

Ms. Zoe Stivers

Ms. Karen Stoke

Mrs. Susan H. Stokes

Frank and Katie Stokes-Guinan

Ms. Erika Stokke

Robert Stoltenberg

Mr. Clark S. Stone

Sharon Stone and Levi Fontaine

Mr. Nelson Stone

Mary Stone

Julee Stone

Ms. Darlene Stoops

K. K. Stotelmyer

Bill Stouffer

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Stow

Mary Stradner

Ms. Paula Stradter

Stratford School

Paula Strauss and John Zornes

Christie Straw

Kurt Streeter

Mrs. Madeline Streight

R. C. and Joyce M. Strickland

Steven Stringer

Lise Strom

Ms. Joni Strother

Devra and Ed Struzenberg

Mrs. Sue A. Stucker

Halanda Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stuehler

Mr. Jim Stuhlbarg

The Janet Stull Baumgartner


Ms. Geraldine F. Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sullivan

Wayne Summers

Lloyd and Dorothy Summers

Alan Sund

Ms. Mary L. Sunseri

Dipa Suri

Mr. James M. Sutter

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Swalen

Ms. Shirley L. Swallow

Carole and Greg Swan

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Swanson

Ms. Maureen Sweet

Leon and Sue Switkowski

Andy and Kathy Switky

Ms. Sandra Switzer

24 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Ms. Marialygia L. Szente

Irene Szente

T. Szewczyk

Ms. Valerie Szymanski

Linda Takagi

Christine M. Talbott and John Galli

Ms. Amy Tam

Kitty Tam

Ms. Corazon Tamayo Clark

Ms. Louise Tamm

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Tammel

Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Tamney, Jr.

June Tanaka

Mr. and Mrs. Igor Taratutin

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Tarbell

Mrs. Ruth G. Tarno

Darwin Tat

Mr. Allan K. Tate

Ms. Rosa S. Tattersall

Mr. Edward S. Taub

Mr. Ted Tawshunsky

Ms. Joan C. Taylor

Thomas E. Taylor

Beverly Taylor

Barbara Taylor

Diane Taylor-Weltz and Curt Weltz

Ms. Sandra K. Teeple

Ms. Donna Tell

Ms. Sue S. Tempey

Temple Emanu-El

Andrew Tennent

Ms. Linda C. Terrill

Ms. Phyllis Terry

Mr. O. Kevin Tezucar

Eric Thacker

Howard Thai

Steven Thannisch

Mr. Jonathan P. Thatcher

Mark Thayer and Jean M. Herschede

Mr. Brian Thayer

The Buchin Family

The Pearce Family

The Richmond Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Thermond

Sandra Thibeault

J. V. Thibodeaux and R. M. Brown

Aaron Thies

Mr. and Mrs. William Thigpen

Ravi Thiruveedhula

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thomas

Heather Thomas

Ms. Andrea Thomas

Mr. and Ms. Joseph G. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas

Jackie Thomas

Ms. Fern Thompson

Mr. John Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Thompson

Nancy Thompson and Steve Loeffler

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Thompson

Allison Thomson

Thomson North America Legal

Mr. Christopher A. Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Art Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Thornton

Edna Thornton

Mr. Louis M. Thorpe

Ms. Janet Thrasher

Christine Thurburn

Mr. Robert M. Tibbetts

Jeffrey Tice and Nicole Wing

Richard and Nancy Tieszen

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tilbury

Ms. Celeste Tillson Putnam

Ms. Barbara L. Timko

Ms. Annika Tingvall

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Tinling

Ajay Tirumala


Ms. Joyce Tisdale

Mary Tjernbert

Vickie To and Tristan Le

G. Tobias

Mr. Jack Tomlinson

Mr. and Ms. Michael Tompert

Philip Tomposki

Diane Toole

Jerri Torres

Ms. Virginia Totanes

Lisa Towell and David Cortwright

Ms. Sue Ellen F. Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. Stockton W. Townsend

Chanda and Mark Townsend

Yen Trac

Ms. Sharon Tracey

Virginia J. Trainor and Tim Siemon

Miss Jane Tranchina

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Trapnell

Ms. Marcia Trask

David Trautvetter

Ms. Juliette T. Trconic

Ms. Joy Trent

Lisa Trepel

Ms. Barbara J. Tribble

Kevin Trimble

Amanda Trinidade

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Trogden

Sonja Troncoso

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Troy

Thomas True

Mr. and Mrs. Armand Trumpp

Rosena Truong

Linh Truong

Megumi Tsukada

Eva Tung

Mr. Julius F. Tupaj

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Turgeon

Ms. Janet Turnbull

Mark and Kathy L. Turner

Ms. Katherine Turner

Tyco Corporation

UBS Foundation USA

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Uelmen

Sandra Ulery

Erin Ulrich

Judi Umbreit

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Umholtz

Ms. Marcia Underwood

Ms. Joanna Unger

Unisource Financial USA, LLC

United Way of Southeastern


Ms. Candace Upman

Pornpimon Uramoto

Mr. Robert M. Urban

Nadezda Urosevic

Ms. Cornelia V. Utley

Inna Vajdic

Ms. Barbara Valdez

Juvenal and Lucy Valencia

Joan L. Valine

Valley Management Group, Inc.

Paul B. and Karen H. Van Buren

Fransien J.M. Van Den Berg and

M. Jeroen Fonderie

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Van Dijk

Ms. Lois Van Dyck

Ms. Ursula Van Kempen

Nhat Van Meyer

Ms. Jan H. Van Schuyver

Julia A. Vanarsdel

Mr. and Ms. Jan E. Vanderlaan

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Vandeveer

Lynda Vaneck

Georgia Vanzanten

Rosanne Vargas

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vargas, Jr.

Carmen Vargas

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Varnell

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Vasick, Jr.

Mrs. Diana T. Vasquez

Ms. Sandra M. Vaurs

Olga Vaysman

Jeff Vega

Ms. Kary Veggian

Mrs. Betty Ventimiglia

Thukalan Verghese

Laurel Verissimo

Ms. Feya M. Vermaak

Ms. Frances J. Viator

Tonya Vick

Kathy Vickery

Mrs. Kellie Villanueva

Shawn and Rachel Villaron

Ms. Libby Vincent

Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Vinson

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009


Emilie and Robert Viola

Ridley T. Virdeh and Sarah C. Aird

Ms. Suzanne M. Viscovich

Bill Viscovich

Ms. Dianne Voecks

Ms. Christine Vogel

Ms. Janis A. Vogel

Dr. and Mrs. Roy G. Vogler

Ms. Carol M. Volkmann

Ms. Margit Vollrath

Chuq Von Rospach

Jamie Vos

Jarmila Vrana

Mark A. and Drew Vranicar

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Vroman

Thien Vu

Jessica R. Vuong

Mr. Roland Wacker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wagle

Nancy Wagner

Ms. Anita Wahi

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Waitte

Janice Wakimoto and Byron Cremer

Ms. Alice Wald

Randy Walden

Mrs. Toshiko T. Walker

Ms. Cynthia S. Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Wall

L. A. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wallace

Ms. Jane Wallace

Mary-Ann Wallace

Ms. Donna Waller

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Walsh

Julie Walsh

Chad Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Walstra

Frank Walsworth

Mr. and Ms. Randy Walters

Ms. Karen Walton

Mrs. Theresa C. Wang

Feng-Ming Wang and Jean Aida Kung

Mr. Jerry Wang

Ms. Lisa A. Wangsness

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Ward

Ginger Warfield and Victor Sanchez

Ms. Betsy R. Warner

Mrs. Louise G. Warner

Anne E. Warren and

Leonard Susskind

Mr. Jason Warshawsky

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie J. Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Watanabe

Watanabe Dental Laboratory

Dawn Waterhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Watson

Ms. Helen K. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Watt

Mr. Bruce Wayne

Ms. Virginia E. Weager

Peter and Judy Webb

Ms. Lynn Webb

Ms. Jennifer Webb

Mrs. Anna M. Webb

Mr. David J. Weber

Richard T. and June M. Webster

Ms. Kathleen S. Weekley

John Weeks

Ms. Gretchen Wehmueller

Ms. Joan Wehner

Julia Wei

Mr. Lyle A. Weiman

Sue M. and Mark A. Weiner

Ms. Susan Weiner

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Weisgerber

Mr. and Mrs. Stein Weissenberger

Mr. Warren P. Weitzel

Ms. Lani Wells

Leslie Wellstein

Ms. Marilyn M. Wendt

Ms. Beth Wenger

Julia Wenzin

Mr. John M. Wernli

West Valley Pet Lodge

Ms. Elena Wester

Westmont Retirement Community

Ms. Amy Weston

Westwind Enterprises, LTD

Ms. Jane Wheeler

Ms. Margaret Wheeler

Chanel Wheeler

Mr. W. Donald Whetstone

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Whitcomb

Carolyn M. White

Ms. Karen White

Ms. Catherine White

Mr. and Ms. Douglas M. White

Mr. and Mrs. David A. White

Kristine N. White

John White

Debbie White

Deborah Whiteside

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt P. Wiborn

Mr. Raymond M. Wice

Ms. Bonnie J. Wiebrecht

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Wiefels

Ms. Catherine A. Wiehe

Kurt Wilborn

Mrs. Winifred M. Wilcox

Juna Wild

Mr. Robert J. Wilger

Ms. Margaret A. Wilkes

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilkins

Ms. Karin Williams

Ms. Susan E. Williams

Ms. Anna Williams

Mrs. Kathryn M. Williams

Jason Williams and Veronica Johnson

Mr. Ronald Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Williams

Kraig and Sue Williams

Ann Williams

Elizabeth Williams-MacArt and

Jonathan MacArt

Jasmine Williamson

Ms. Tamarind E. Williston

Mr. Antony Wills

Kim Wills

Julie R. Wilson

Mrs. Alice J. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Wilson

Ms. Suzanne Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wilson

Ms. Genae Wilson

Ms. Betty Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wilson

Joan Wilson

Ms. Marian Wimmer

Ms. Robyn L. Winegardner

Ms. Glynis Wineinger

Ms. Julie M. Wing

Mr. Robert Wing

Tracy Wingrove

Ms. Lisa Kay Winningham

Mrs. Delphine Wishart

Ms. Patricia Witthun

Ms. Nona H. Wittlinger

Ms. Teresa M. Woest

Debora Wolfe

Ms. Cathy Wolfenbarger

Ms. Sally Wong

Ms. May Wong

Ms. Katrina Lynn Wong

Nancy Wong

Ms. Barbara Wong

Mary Wong

Georgia Wong

Dr. Peter D.S. Wood

Ms. Ofelia Woodfill

Ms. Linda Woods

Seth and Merritt Woodward

Mr. Richard N. Woolley

Carrie Woolley

Ms. Claudia Woolson Cohn

Ms. Lorraine A. Wormald

Ms. Hilda Worsham

Ms. Helen L. Wright

Joe Wright

Scott Wright and

Kimberley R. Cowell

Ms. Julie Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Wright

Peter B. J. Wu and Cindy S. Wei

Frances Wu

Ms. Christine Wu

John Wurr

Agnes and Bozena Wypych

Mr. John Wytman

Xilinx, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Yalich

Ms. Ryoko Yamaguchi

Ms. Joyce Yamamoto

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yamasaki

Miss Sharon Yamate

Manling Yang

Ting Yang

Tsen-Shau Yang and Shyun Duh

I. Hwa and Yu Yang

Ms. Barbara Yarnell

Boris and Annette Yatovitz

Mary Yazdani

Barbara Yeager

Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Yefet

Ms. Tellus Yeh

Melissa S. Yeoh

Cinthia Yesitis

Mr. Michael A. Yess

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Yiu

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Yoerg, M.D.

Darren Yonenaga

Ms. Terry Yordan

Ms. Victoria Yore

Mrs. Sue S. Yoshida

Mr. Paul Yoshida

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Yother

Mr. Tom Young

Mr. Roland H. Young

Ms. Beverly Yu

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. Yu

Mr. Steven Yuen

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yum

Kamil Yuneli

Harold R. and Christina L. Zable

John and Roxanne Zahnen

Steven Zapotocky

Robert Zardkoohi and Alissa Shaw

Ms. Helen Zeidner

Nancy J. Zeiszler

Ms. Monica Zent, Zent Law Group

Kaoru and Greg Zeren

Helena Zheng

Ms. Toni Zicovich

Ms. Martha Zielinski

Marie Zielinski

Ms. Doris Zimmermann

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Zink

Ms. Nina Zoria

Ms. Barbara M. Zotz

Ms. Anita Zupan

Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Zurbrick

If you supported Humane

Society Silicon Valley in

this past year and your

name is not on the list,

we offer our sincerest

apologies. To check on

your donation please call

Alexis at 408-727-3383

ext 873. Or email her at



Humane Society Silicon Valley


Act with Compassion, Kindness and Respect.

Commit to the needs of each individual,

both two-legged and four-legged.

Strive for Excellence.

Use every moment as a potential

educational Opportunity.

Act with Honesty and Integrity.

Forge Vibrant Community Relationships

to fulfill our mission.

Celebrate the Magic

of the human-animal bond.

26 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

You’re Invited to

Humane Society

Silicon Valley’s






Saturday, March 28th

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

901 Ames Avenue

Milpitas, 95035

The Bay Area’s

First Environmentally

“Green” Certified

Animal Community Center!

Key Features:

Adoption Galleria with Home-Like

Habitats for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

Affordable Medical Center

Doggie Daycare, Grooming and


Community Dog Park and

Training Center

Education Center with Programs

for Children, Teens and Families

Pet Store

Pet-Friendly Café and more!

For more information, please visit www.hssv.org

Our new phone number as of March 2009 is:



2530 Lafayette Street

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Humane Society Silicon Valley is an independent nonprofit organization

and does not receive funding from any national humane organizations.

Do you want to receive your newsletter via email?

If so, let us know – comments@hssv.org

Nonprofit Org.

U.S. Postage


Permit #2220

San Jose, CA

28 Humane Society Silicon Valley • Winter 2009

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