Kondor Facility Routing System

The facility router is at the core infrastructure of a modern tele-production facility. As the entire facility depends on

the router, quality, reliability, redundancy and support are of primary importance. These criteria are taken into

account in the Talia Kondor, a 7th generation router design using the absolute latest technology. The Kondor ensures

optimum signal transparency, redundancy and hot swappability to keep your signals

clean and your plant operating 24 hours a day. Additionally, Ross provides free 24

hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year technical support to help you through challenges

you might encounter at any time.

Kondor Facility Router

Kondor is available with the widest possible range of matrix

types available. These matrices can be combined freely to

build a system tailored to the exact needs of your application.

Any Card. Any Slot.

> Wide Range of Configurations

√ 32x32 to 256x256 Matrix Sizes

Kondor routers are available in a wide array of configurations. Ross

provides a list of standard configurations to simplify budgetary planning,

however configurations specific to your requirements can be easily put

together. Please contact Ross Video with your router requirements for a

free consultation.

> Wide Range of Matrix Types

√ Serial Digital Video



√ AES/EBU Digital Audio

(Synchronous or Non-Synchronous)

√ Analog Video

√ Analog Audio

√ Machine Control (RS-422)

12 Rack Unit > 128 x 128 SDI

> Unique Options

√ D to A Output Board (Analog Converted Outputs)

The Kondor features unique options such as the SDI D to A Output Board

which provides 8 monitoring quality analog composite outputs from an SDI


> Future Proof Design

√ HDTV Matrix Core for SDI Matrices (I/O Card Swap for HDTV Upgrade)

√ Super Flexible Architecture for Best Expandability

√ No ZIF Connectors, Active Rear Modules or Fixed Backplane

Kondor Routers are designed to maximize your investment over the long

run with a future proof architecture. The architecture of the system is such

that radical change of the configuration can be achieved. This enables

future growth while protecting the initial system investment.

Kondor enables easy conversion to HDTV with all SDI matrices shipping

with an HDTV matrix switching core.

AES/EBU and machine control matrices are built on a flexible crosspoint

architecture that allows future adaptation via reprogramming of the matrix


Geneos Router Control System

The Geneos Control System is a robust and powerful configuration and control system for the Kondor Router. The

control system uses a realtime kernel that executes instructions continuously and keeps both the main and back-up

controller in sync. Dual redundant control provides instant, automatic changeover in the case of a master controller

failure or removal of the master controller board.

Tie-Line Management is the ability to interconnect router levels such as HDTV and SDI and switch the

interconnecting tie-lines automatically. This feature is useful in distributed routing and hybrid

HDTV/SDI/Analog facilities. Resource management enables set up and management of hierarchical access

for efficient sharing of expensive resources such as A-D converters or HD upconverters.

A unique feature of Geneos is it’s ability to reconfigure only portions of the system while leaving the rest of

the configuration unchanged. This allows simple changes, like the addition of a control panel with virtually

no impact to the system.

There are a wide range of Geneos control panels that will integrate with your

Kondor system. Additional panels are being added to the line, so be sure to

check the website or call Ross Video for the latest list of control panels.





> Advanced Features

√ Tie-Line Management

√ Resource Management

√ Virtual Routing

> Wide Range of Intuitive, Configurable Control Panels

√ Geneostat Windows Network Based Controller

√ RCP-SN Spin Knob Control Panel

√ RCP-251 X-Y Control Panel

√ RCP-K Kameleon Fully Configurable Control Panels

Geneostat Control Panel

The Geneos Windows based configuration

software is intuitive and powerful.

Geneostat Windows Network Based Status & Control

Geneostat is a “status only” version of Geneos. It allows viewing of

system set-up and status of the Kondor Router from a Windows

based P.C. over an Ethernet network. Also provided is a Windows

based control panel to allow source/destination switching.

RCP-SN Spin Knob Control Panel

The RCP-SN "Spin Knob" is a good master panel for the technical

shop or where access to advanced functions are required.

RCP-251 X-Y Control Panel

The RCP-251 is a good, cost effective X-Y or cut-bus control panel.


Kameleon Fully Configurable Control Panels

Ever wish that you could invent your own control panel? Now you

can! The Kameleon panels are designed to be completely flexible in

their configuration. Every button and display can be configured to

the function you desire via the Geneos configuration software.

Kookuburra Tally & Under Monitor Display System

Kookuburra is a tally and under monitor display system that fully integrates with Geneos, Kondor and other Ross

products such as Synergy production switchers. The Kookuburra master controller connects to the Geneos controller

and is kept up to date with cross point status changes. These changes are then communicated to the under monitor

displays(UMDs) and GPI tally outputs that are connected to the Kookuburra master controller. There is a

comprehensive range of UMD panels with both rack, and front monitor mounting options available.

UMD LED Display

Main CPU Redundant CPU Option Slot

Geneos Rack Frame includes both main, and redundant controllers.

Windows is a

Trademark of Microsoft

Preconfigured Systems

Matrix Type

Preconfigured systems are shown below to simplify budgeting and system design. Many additional

configurations are possible. Please contact Ross Video with your specific requirements for a consultation.

Matrix Size

32x32 64x32 64x64 96x96 128x128 192x192 256x256

HDTV Reclocking K2-32x32-H-R K2-64x32-H-R K2-64x64-H-R K2-96x96-H-R K2-128x128-H-R K2-192x192-H-R K2-256x256-H-R

SDI Non-Clocking K2-32x32-S K2-64x32-S K2-64x64-S K2-96x96-S K2-128x128-S K2-192x192-S K2-256x256-S

SDI Reclocking K2-32x32-S-R K2-64x32-S-R K2-64x64-S-R K2-96x96-S-R K2-128x128-S-R K2-192x192-S-R K2-256x256-S-R

Analog Video K2-32x32-V K2-64x32-V K2-64x64-V K2-96x96-V K2-128x128-V K2-192x192-V K2-256x256-V

Analog Stereo Audio K2-32x32-AA K2-64x32-AA K2-64x64-AA K2-96x96-AA K2-128x128-AA K2-192x192-AA K2-256x256-AA

AES/EBU Non-Synchronous K2-32x32-D-N K2-64x32-D-N K2-64x64-D-N K2-96x96-D-N K2-128x128-D-N K2-192x192-D-N K2-256x256-D-N

AES/EBU Synchronous K2-32x32-D-S K2-64x32-D-S K2-64x64-D-S K2-96x96-D-S K2-128x128-D-S K2-192x192-D-S K2-256x256-D-S

Machine Control K2-32x32-C K2-64x32-C K2-64x64-C K2-96x96-C K2-128x128-C K2-192x192-C K2-256x256-C

> Ross Video Technical Services

√ Technical Support

√ Commissioning

√ Technical Training

√ Extended Warranties

A complete range of technical services is available from Ross Video to ensure that your Kondor Installation is a success.

> Frames For A Buck!

Purchase a Talia Facility Router and

Conversion Gear and get a Ross 2RU

Digital DA Frame and Power Supply for

• Call Ross Video for details. (613) 652-4886

Commissioning may be purchased to assist your staff in finalizing your

configuration and bringing your Kondor system on-line. Once your Kondor

installation is complete, Ross technical personnel visit your site to assist with

system configuration and provide a system orientation.

Technical training can be provided at the Ross Video factory in Iroquois, Ontario or

on-site at your location. Technical training will teach your engineering staff the

technical details of the system you have purchased. Signal flow, system

configuration and routine maintenance procedures are some of the topics covered.

Kondor comes equipped with a 5 year comprehensive warranty. Extended

warranties are available for an annual fee.

Technical advice is available free for the life of your router simply by telephone, fax

or email to Ross Video.


Ross Video Limited

P.O. Box 220, 8 John Street

Iroquois, Ontario, Canada K0E 1K0

Tel: (613) 652-4886

Fax: (613) 652-4425

E-mail: solutions@rossvideo.com

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