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CE China Daily - Day 3 Edition

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TRADE TALK PRESS CORNER Yin Jing President, Tmall Home BG Tmall – Transforming Retail Exclusive Interview: Yin Jing, President of Tmall Home BG After a great “first round” last year, Tmall is back supporting CE China again this year. We asked Yin Jing, President of Tmall Home BG to tell us a little more about his company’s involvement with CE China and what his goals are at the show. As we all know, IFA is one of the world’s largest and most influential international audio visual and consumer electronics shows. IFA is a very important partner of Tmall and our aim is to work together with the IFA, using Tmall’s commercial power (cloud computing, big data, Ali ecological system) to let more brands understand why the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is important to help improve the world. How is the retail environment changing, and what are you doing to adapt? How is Alibaba “reimagining” retail in China - and beyond? In December 2016, Tmall home appliances, home decoration and furniture were combined, and thus the biggest platform “home “ economic platform was established in China. At present, the business group including appliances, small appliances and 13 other industries, with products imported from nearly 50 countries and regions, covering nearly 8,000 categories, including over 75,000 domestic and international brands. The background of integration in the new retail - online and offline, has helped brand stores to achieve the transformation of new retail through Tmall channel, and Tmall channel business yearon-year growth rate has been nearly 300%. In 2017, Tmall Home Business Group’s “Superman plan” is to accelerate the implementation of spatial integration strategy, helping the brand’s reconstruction. We hope that with the new incubation of the industry, new retail will continue to move on. In the 2018 fiscal year, we hope to help in the hatching of 5-10 emerging industries, bringing of tens of billions of extra sales within in 3 years Alibaba / Bailian Partnership GETTING IT RIGHT @ CE CHINA has been online for over eleven years. and are today renowned as being among the top IT portals in China – generating huge traffic, providing a large number of original articles every day, including news, reviews and popular science articles. We asked Yesky reporter Shi Wenbin what he thought of Messe Berlin’s idea to stage CE China in Shenzhen… This activity is exactly following the trend. There was no top international electronics and technology brand show in Shenzhen. While CE China is small now, in the future, as it grows, I am sure it will bring more brands to China. Alibaba Group and China’s major retailer Bailian Group have formed a strategic partnership to explore new forms of retail opportunities across each other’s ecosystems. The companies will leverage the power of big data to achieve integration between offline stores, merchandise, logistics and payment tools with the ultimate aim of elevating efficiency and overall consumer experience. Headquartered in Shanghai, Bailian is one of China’s largest and most established retail conglomerates with more than 4,700 outlets across 25 provinces, 200 cities and autonomous regions in China. Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group said, “New retail reimagines the relationship between consumers, merchandise and retail space by leveraging mobile Internet and big data. It will upend the traditional manufacturing and supply chain, the connection between merchant and consumer, as well as the overall consumer experience. Businesses will increasingly embrace big data and new innovations to better identify, reach, analyze and serve their customers, and their digital transformation will be empowered by Alibaba’s ecosystem. Our partnership with Bailian is an important milestone in the evolution of Chinese retail, where the distinction between physical and virtual commerce is becoming obsolete.” What kind of the things are you looking for at the show? Products with more technology innovation and brands which are interested in the China market. What do you see as being the main trends in your market at the moment? Intelligent, and internet of all things What would you like to see more of in the future? More leading products of consumer electronics and more B2C solutions 6

BUYERS' GUIDE WASHING MACHINES VIEWPOINT Examples of cutting-edge technology today are innovative and wide-ranging functions, ease of operation, sometimes using virtual control panels and on some devices gesturing, voice control and personal assistants. More and more electrical appliances are connected and feature smart applications. These appliances are controlled by mobile devices and apps that can access their current program status, messages, as well as maintenance, repair and service information. Sensors can track user behavior and suggest improvements via an app. This opens up the way for even more new applications, functions and digital services offering fun and a quality experience. What is more they save time and effort and offer plenty of tips, for instance on how to save energy or do the washing. Connected appliances can also exchange information. This makes it possible to optimise laundry drying or control several appliances via a single control panel. These smart functions satisfy the users’ desire for appliances that can make intelligent decisions and make day-to-day work easier by offering improved operation, better safety and greater energy efficiency. CONTACT Natalia Andrievskaya Global Director Major Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology STATE OF PLAY Over 80% of washing machines sold in 2015 had a capacity of 7kg or more, suggesting that when home owners are upgrading or replacing their appliances they are looking for a machine that can cope with larger loads, allowing them to spend less time on their laundry every week. Current consumer buying trends, in the laundry category, tend to be very focused on energy ratings, capacity, running costs and colour – which many buyers are using to make standout features of their appliances. KEY INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT CE CHINA LOOKIN’ GOOD AND SOUNDING QUIETER With the increasing prevalence of open-plan living, noise reduction has never been such an important factor on the purchaser’s agenda as it is now. With floor space in the average home diminishing, and rooms morphing into one, quietness in the living area is essential. FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR DELICATES Steam is rising in popularity as consumers continue to invest in expensive garments that need delicate care. If consumers own a large number of delicate garments then they can invest in a machine that has gentle steam programmes specifically designed for silk, lingerie and wool. The steam market is still relatively small in home laundry, but as more consumers become aware of and understand the benefits of using steam, there is an opportunity to drive growth. INNOVATING @ CE CHINA IQ300 BY SIEMENS This iSensoric Washing Machine features intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor with 10-year warranty for highly effective and efficient laundry care. With the speedPerfect option, get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time. A+++ -10%: washes 10% more efficient than the requirement for energy efficiency class A+++. Textile guard re-proofing programme for gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles. » STAND 2A05 AUTO-DOSING SAVES CUSTOMERS MONEY Auto-dosing of detergent is rising in popularity as it allows perfect wash performance by correct dosing of detergent and ensures the minimum usage of water. It delivers automatic dosing of liquid detergent and fabric softener, avoiding getting stains on one’s clothes from using too much detergent again. One company claims its system can save up to 11 litres of detergent every year because sensors detect exactly how much each load needs. THE FUTURE Manufacturers have invested heavily in washing machine technology and this shows no signs of abating. Connectivity will play a key role, but we expect auto-dosing to become prevalent in a number of brands as the technology allows for perfect results every time, which is sure to appeal to consumers. Washing machines will continue to develop in terms of design, functionality and efficiency. MFE100-EZ1411 BY MIDEA By using the latest motor technology and control technology, it saves 20% of electricity consumption more than current highest energy efficiency standards A + + + of the front-loading, and more environmentalfriendly. Besides, super large door with deluxe appearance provides super large space for clothes washing and facilitates disposable washing of mass clothes. » STAND 2A10 CE China Daily • Saturday 6 th May 2017 7