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EPP Europe P1.2019

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TRADE SHOWS + EVENTS Source: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH SMTconnect’s new name expresses the long-term connections that the show brings to the industry. Conveying the lasting connections Tackling the current challenges in microelectronics The well-established industry show, formerly known as SMT Hybrid Packaging, has received a new name. Starting in 2019, the event will be known as SMTconnect. The exhibition and Technology Days, set to take place at the Messe in Nuremberg, Germany, is scheduled from May 7–9, 2019. According to Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, the name of any event is designed to immediately communicate the main subject, plus its unique features. At the same time, the needs of the community should be mirrored to maintain value over a longer period. When it comes to the former name of the show, these unique features include the bridges and connections built by the trade exhibition. Not only the connections between people and technology and the link between the varying technologies in the supply chain, but also the valuable networking that takes place between people attending the event. This event creates contacts and connections and, therefore, will be named SMTconnect. Creating more connections While the event’s name may have changed, the concepts and focus areas remain the same. The change of name expresses what makes the event unique: it fosters connections that are made to last. For the past 30 years, the event has done just that – the new name conveys the fact that the exhibition brings together the entire SMT community; this includes end-users, suppliers, service-providers and customers. With the goal of reaching new target groups and providing the community with even more opportunities to connect and master the challenges posed by the industry, SMTconnect will proactively address numerous topics. This will include the new staging of the electronic manufacturing services – in the special showcase area “EMS Park” as from 2019. Further elements of the event will also be adapted. The tagline has been updated to “Solutions for electronic assemblies and systems.” Additionally, changes have been made to the look of the event with new design language ensuring a fresher appearance. 18 EPP EUROPE April 2019

Source: Doris Jetter The future packaging production line will also take place again this year, including guided tours to answer any questions regarding the line. Exciting events will occur this year, including the EMS Park and the hand soldering competition. Source: Doris Jetter As a solutions-oriented exhibition, the show seeks to bring the community together under one roof to tackle the current challenges in microelectronics. It also puts more of the focus on topics with development potential to facilitate valuable, applicationsbased connections among the right contacts in the industry. As of this year, it will also expand its coverage of electronic manufacturing services. “The event has been a constant on the market for 30 years,” commented Anthula Parashoudi, Vice President at Mesago. “With the further development of the name and look, as well as, the new staging of EMS, we do not only want to attract new target groups but also offer our existing exhibitors even more opportunities for high-caliber business relationships, as well as a solutions-oriented exchange.” Hundreds of people attend the show’s conference to learn about today’s most important topics in electronics production. Source: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH Special events throughout The tradeshow offers a place for the expert community to gather and exchange ideas. It strives to be a meeting place for all the areas involved in microelectronic production, including electronic manufacturing services (EMS). In doing so, the exhibition and Technology Days focus on the following subjects: system development and production preparation; materials and components; processes and manufacturing; reliability and test; and software and production control. Along with Technology Days and special showcases, product presentations and forums will also take place. Reoccurring events will also be present, including the hand soldering competition, the future packaging production line, newcomer pavilion, and more. PCIM Europe will also run in parallel, which will have presentations, forums, and guided tours. These will all focus on a variety of topics, including power electronics for e-mobility, intelligent motion, reliability and robustness validation, renewable energy, and energy management. The event brings together people and technologies from the areas of development, production, services, and applications in connection with electronic assemblies and systems. Industries covered during the event include mechanical/apparatus engineering, telecommunications, medical technology, aerospace engineering, railway technology, measurement technology, industrial electronics, safety engineering, automotive electronics. EPP EUROPE April 2019 19