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EPP Europe P2.2018

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PACKAGING Tidy workplace

PACKAGING Tidy workplace and precise results Volumetric dispensing without contamination Franklin Electric, a manufacturer of water and fuel pumps, faced a difficult challenge when tasked with optimizing dispensing processes at their Czech production site. The objective was to reduce the waste of UV curing material during the application process. Source: Intertronics The system has a cavity pump that has a suck-back function to ensure cleanliness. The eco-PEN450 system provides repeatable, precise volumetric dispensing. Dispensing equipment previously used by the company had been very inaccurate, not only did it create unnecessary waste, but it also caused high costs in material and additional cleaning efforts. After completing preliminary tests, the company’s team was convinced that the preeflow eco-PEN450 precision volumetric dispensing system would support their intentions. The system was fully integrated with the help of preeflow’s partners in Germany. Made by ViscoTec, the dispensing system provides repeatable, precise volumetric dispensing with consistent results every time. For Franklin Electric, it vastly reduced both material usage and cleaning costs, which was associated with large amounts of excess adhesive produced by the old dispensing system. The progressive cavity pump that is now being used has a reliable suck-back function which ensures cleanliness on the work-piece and also at the workplace, as well as precise dispensing. The integration of the new dispenser was very simple and the operators found it easy to implement. The preeflow eco-PEN450 system has made it possible to dispense without contamination. The result is considerably less cleaning effort and a quicker processing time. Franklin Electric, headquartered in the USA, is constantly striving to improve internal processes. They work with high-tech machines, including the eco-PEN450 dispenser, which is available in the UK and Ireland from the sales partner, Intertronics., Source: Intertronics Zusammenfassung Ein Hersteller von Wasser- und Kraftstoffpumpen sollte die Dosierprozesse in seiner tschechischen Produktionsstätte optimieren und beweist, dass die Verwendung von UV-härtendem Material während des Applikationsprozesses reduziert werden kann. Résumé Un fabricant de pompes à eau et à carburant a voulu optimiser les processus de dosage dans son usine de fabrication tchèque, en prouvant que l’utilisation du matériau à séchage UV peut être réduite pendant le processus d’application. Zusammenfassung russisch Производитель водяных и топливных насосов оптимизирует процессы дозирования на производственных мощностях в Чехии и доказывает, что использование отверждаемого УФ материала во время процесса применения можно уменьшить. 58 EPP EUROPE November 2018

PRODUCT UPDATES PACKAGING Smart dispensing robot, valve controllers and pneumatic applicators Techcon, a provider of precision fluid dispensing technologies presents the TSR2000 smart dispensing robot, their recently released smart valve controllers, and the new TS2560 series pneumatic applicators. The TSR2000 smart dispensing robot is designed specifically for precise fluid dispensing applications and is compatible with all valve types and controllers. The user-friendly, smart PC-based software makes the robot easy to program and simple to operate. The vision system allows the robot to automatically correct part misalignment and shorten programming time via pattern recognition feature. The company’s series of smart valve controllers include the TS550R, TS560R, TS570R and TS580R. Equipped with a universal power supply, the smart valve controllers are fully ‘plug and play‘ and can be used immediately, anywhere in the world. The smart controllers are equipped with Ethernet and WiFi interfaces that allow users to configure the exact parameters, and monitor and control the process from anywhere. This feature complies with Smart Factory requirements of Industry 4.0. The TS2560 series pneumatic applicator guns allow for the processing of the company and standard sealant cartridges with ease. Available in both palm grip and pistol grip options, the TS2560 dispensing gun is ideal for dispensing silicones, greases and a variety of other materials in a multitude of applications. Source: Techcon The TSR2000 smart dispensing robot has a userfriendly, smart PC-based software that makes it easy to program and simple to operate. Techcon has a series of smart valve controllers that are fully ‘plug and play‘. Source: Techcon More efficient placement of flip-chips While inline solutions with die bonders reduce productivity, ASM‘s smart solution decouples the wafer handling from the flip-chip placement process. The combination of the Sunbird inspection and packaging solution and the Siplace TX micron machine improves process stability, yield rates, and productivity, with speeds of up to 78,000 cph. While inline solutions with die bonders reduce the productivity and flexibility of SMT placement lines, ASM offers a smart combination solution to decouple the wafer handling from the flip-chip placement process. To combine dies and components in miniaturized modules, inline die bonders are used, which take dies from the wafer to place and bond them. With a maximum throughput rate of 15,000 dies per hour, the die bonders can slow other placement solutions down. The combined solution decouples the wafer handling and placement processes. To take the dies from the wafer, it uses the Sunbird back end solution, which can test, sort, and mark up to 30,000 dies per hour. To place the flip-chips, the micron machine is used, which is part of the Siplace series. Using glass-ceramic scales, a vision system, vacuum tools, linear drives and control software, the Siplace TX micron with its two SpeedStar heads can place up to 78,000 cph with an accuracy of 15 μm @ 3 sigma. The machine places flip-chips as small as 0402 (metric) with precision, as long as the dies on the wafer have been prepared for flip-chip placement (with bumps) and can be contacted via printed solder pads. Source: ASM EPP EUROPE November 2018 59

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