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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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FROM RIVERS TO OCEANS — NOW PERFECTING THE EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE Exploring the world in comfort AFTER LEADING THE RIVER CRUISE INDUSTRYfor over two decades and reinventing ocean cruising with our small ship experience, we are taking our destination-focused journeys to the far reaches of the globe. Many expedition ships are refurbished survey vessels or smaller, older cruise ships with limited amenities, small windows and limited public areas. The belief was that if you wanted to explore these places, you had to do it in relative discomfort. But at Viking, we have a different perspective—you can explore in comfort. We have applied our years of expertise to create the perfect expedition experience. The result is two new, purpose-built ships optimally sized for expeditions: small enough to navigate remote areas, yet large enough to provide speed, superior handling and stability in the roughest seas. Our vessels merge comfort and exploration in an unprecedented way. This optimized size also facilitates enhanced enrichment activities by carrying a fleet of zodiacs, RIBs, kayaks and submarines, and providing outstanding venues for onboard lectures and learning. A NEW STANDARD FOR EXPEDITIONS: SHIPS LIKE NO OTHER.Marvels of technology, our expedition ships have a dynamic positioning mode, enabling a “hover in place” when anchoring is difficult or prohibited. This preserves sensitive wildlife habitats on the sea floor and also provides guests with safer, more comfortable excursion craft embarkation. Additionally, our vessels feature both conventional fin stabilizers that reduce rolling while sailing, and a U-tank stabilizer that can significantly decrease rolling by about 50% when the ships are stationary. The Hangar—a unique in-ship marina complete with a slipway—provides guests with smooth RIB launches from inside the ship, sheltered from the wind and waves. BUILT FOR EXPLORATION IN SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENTS,our ships meet the most stringent standards. We designed these vessels with a suite of sensors to collect oceanographic data, our operations are fully compliant with all polar organization guidelines, and we employ state-of-the-art biosecurity. EVERYWHERE, A FOCUS ON PANORAMIC VIEWS.State-of-the-art technology is just one benefit of our outstanding vessels: with more indoor and outdoor viewing areas than other expedition vessels, guests are as close as possible to the most majestic scenery on Earth. We located public spaces on the upper decks, furnishing them with floor-to-ceiling windows for optimal viewing. Our unique panoramic auditorium at sea, The Aula, offers stunning 270° views. And of course, even guests’ private retreats are designed to maximize observation opportunities, from our industry-leading Nordic Balcony staterooms to Explorer Suites with verandas and gardens, and an Owner’s Suite complete with a private veranda, sauna, terrace and badestamp, a Norwegian hot tub. 14 VIKING.COM TOP: VIKING LONGSHIP,® ASCHAFFENBURG, GERMANY MIDDLE: VIKING OCEAN SHIP, MONTE CARLO, MONACO BOTTOM: ARTIST’S RENDERING, VIKING OCTANTIS