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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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North Pole POLAR ICE CAP Arctic Ocean CANADA Baffin Bay GREENLAND Alicehamna Smeerenburg Fjortende Julibukta Barentsburg Bellsund Greenland Sea Svalbard NORWAY Liefdefjorden Longyearbyen Hornsund Bjørnøya Barents Sea RUSSIA Labrador Sea North Atlantic Ocean ICELAND A r c IRELAND t i c FAROE ISLANDS SCOTLAND Norwegian Sea C i ENGLAND r c l e NORWAY SWEDEN DENMARK FINLAND ESTONIA LATVIA GERMANY POLAND LITHUANIA BELARUS UKRAINE KAZAKHSTAN GEORGIA TURKEY EXPLORE THE TOP OF THE WORLD Experience the stark beauty of the Arctic, where polar bears reign and blue ice floats serenely on the horizon. Here it is silent and still one moment, a cacophony of migrating birds, barking seals and crackling icebergs the next. From the seas surrounding Svalbard— a far northern Norwegian archipelago of frozen tundra, dramatic fjords and remote human settlements—witness this world awakening from winter slumber to a land of midnight sun. CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL ADVISOR 47