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I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW I© Dominique-SilbersteinMaggieHenriquezCEO KrugTHE RESPONSIBILITYOF LUXURY HOUSES ISTO CONTINUE TO LEADTHE WAY IN THEIR FIELDTHROUGH INNOVATIONAND THE PURSUIT OFEXCELLENCE.TODAY, THEY MUST DOTHIS IN WAYS THATALSO PROTECT THEPLANET AND DO GOODTO THEIR EMPLOYEES,CLIENTS AND THE WIDERCOMMUNITY.THE RESPONSIBILITYOF LUXURYKRUG'S PHILANTHROPICFOUNDATION FOCUSESON MUSIC, INVESTING INRESEARCH, EDUCATIONAND BRINGING MUSICTO HOSPITALS ANDSCHOOLS.Krug CEO Maggie Henriquez shares her philosophy onhow luxury houses can help protect the environmentand promote well-beingFollowing her talk about the role of luxury brands inpromoting a sustainable environment, we asked her whatthe "responsibility of luxury" means for her.Luxury for me is really the light thatenlightens the path for others. If youtalk about leather goods, 25 yearsago this industry was not half asbeautiful as it is today. Lower brandsall became beautiful because theywere inspired by the leaders. Sothe leaders have to continue to beleaders. The leaders need to continueto have this light that enlightens thepath for others.Luxury starts with a founder whodecides to do something that nobodyelse has done. But it always has togo further. It is always to providesomething of a higher quality, of ahigher level, that is going to makepeople dream, but it is always infront. This is why I like to say it isalways the light. And for this light tocontinue to give light to others, it hasto be alive.That is where the responsibilityof luxury houses comes in. Untiltoday, it was based on creativity andinnovation. But there is somethingthat is happening today and it comeswith millennials: this consciousnessof the importance of protecting theplanet and doing good. You can givein many ways but what people areexpecting is: How do you make yourproducts? Are you taking care of theplanet? How do you care about theworld besides your products? Andthis is the future. All luxury houseshave to think in this way.What are the key ingredients of thisresponsibility?It must involve the planet, you havetake care of how you produce, andyou have to do good to people, tosomebody, to a population that youselect.In terms of sustainability, whatactions do you favour?You have to do carbon offsettingand take it very seriously. Luxuryhouses will have to be very carefuland continue to innovate but nowthe innovation will have to considerhow they achieve new results andhow they take caring for the planetinto account. It also involves themethods, and the way you treatyour terroir, and I think everybodyis conscious of this. I’m in favour oforganic – I think everybody is. Butam I a fanatic? No.How do you give to the widercommunity at Krug?We have a foundation called Fonds Kfor Music. We invest in research intothe connection between sound andtaste. I'm sure this can be translatedinto well-being. Second, we supporteducation. We are investing in agroup of solo musicians who couldn'tsucceed as soloists and are helpingthem to play together. And thirdly,we pay musicians to go and play inplaces where music rarely arrives - inschools, in hospitals. We are doingthis now in France and next year, wewill start doing this wherever Krugcan be found8 • VINEXPO DAILY • THURSDAY 20 TH FEBRUARY

I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IMARC ALMERT,WORLD'S BESTSOMMELIER,DISCUSSESAUSTRIANWINE© Jean BernardMarc Almert, named last year as the Best Sommelier of theWorld by the International Sommelier Association (ASI)The man named last year as the Best Sommelierof the World by the International SommelierAssociation (ASI), showcased wines from Austriaat a special Vinexpo event.Organised by the Austrian WineMarketing Board, the DiscoverAustria's Wine masterclasshighlighted the many regionsand types of wine that Austriahas to offer at a time of growinginterest from the public."I think Austria has really comea long way in the last coupleof decades. To me it's reallyinteresting to see there aremany different grapes on offer,"said Almert. "There are manywhites and reds, and you havemany interesting sweet and rosewines, and the quality to priceratio is really good. They're goodfor sommeliers and wine buyersto put on their lists. On many ofthe key estates you're seeingthe second and even the thirdgeneration coming up and sothey're at an interesting point intheir development."Almert said the Zurich hotelwhere he works as headsommelier, the Baur au Lac,which includes the Pavillonrestaurant, offers severalAustrian wines, including someby the glass. Certain Austrianwines, he said, can be enjoyedin their youth while also havinggreat ageing potential: "Wedefinitely see a growing interest,especially in the red winesand sparkling wines. They'remore established and popularin Switzerland because manyguests know Austria from theirskiing holidays and want to enjoyAustrian wines when they'reback at home."All the wines at the event werefrom exhibitors who were onsite, so attendees were able tovisit their stands to taste somemore.Almert's diary during the threedays of Vinexpo Paris was afull one and Discover Austria'sDiversity was not the only eventin which he took part. He was alsohosting the Vinexpo Challenge,during which participantsattempted to identify wines bygrape variety, country of originand vintage. Almert gave tips onhow to approach a blind tasting.The wine expert's schedulehas been full for most of thepast year since he was namedBest Sommelier of the Worldin early 2019. "It's been avery exciting year with a lot oftravelling and a lot of chances todiscover new people. It's beena really fascinating years," hesaid, adding, "I think it's a veryexciting time because the nicething about the wine world isthat it never stands still.""We see new wine regionsentering the market, includingChina and others, some witha long wine-growing history -Eastern Europe, Portugal andGreece. As any industry, wealways face challenges, but wehave enough dynamism to facethe challenges and turn theminto opportunities," concludedAlmertLE PAVILLON,ZURICHLe Pavillon is gourmet restaurant in theheart of Zurich. As one of the top restaurantsin Switzerland, the restaurant boasts twoMichelin stars and 18 Gault Millau pointsawarded to Chef Laurent Eperon.BESTSOMMELIER ASIThe Association de la SommellerieInternationale (ASI) participates in all eventsrelated to wine, spirits and other drinks, andruns a competition to find the World's BestSommelier.France will host the next Best Sommelier of theWorld Contest from 8-13 May 2022.Contestants were given tips by Almert on how to taste winesVINEXPO DAILY • THURSDAY 20 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 9

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