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The Principal's Report 2

50th Jubilee 2021 3

Staff 4

Haere Mai to new staff 6

Ka kite anō au i a koutou 7

Haere rā e te piki kōtuku,

Jocelyn Maitland

Head Girl’s Report 10

Head Boy’s Report 11

Student Leaders 12

Prizegivings 13

Support Staff 20



Our Library 22

Refugee Activities 24

Ofa Tu’ungafasi and Hunter

Paisami visit MC



The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 27

MC Media 29

Rise of the To’a book launch 30

Nga Rangitahi Toa 31

Toko Hauora 32



Languages 43

Mathematics 49

Performing Arts 50

Physical Education 55

Science 56

Student Services 57

Technology 59


Sports Awards 63

Basketball 67

Netball 69

Rugby 71

Tag Football 74

Volleyball 75


Leavers 2020

Year 13 Students 79

Year 13 Quotes 80

Class of 2020 84


Achievement Centre 34

Art Department 35

Business Department 36

Careers 37

English: Creative Writing 39

Form photos 86

Sponsors 96


PLEASE NOTE: All artwork labels are to be read clockwise from top left.

Front Cover: Afu’alo Fonise

Back Cover: Dave Siulangapo

Inside Front: Dave Siulangapo, Mahdieh Ahmadi, Hermon Mani,

Afu’alo Fonise, Cejaye Ikiua

Inside Back: Dhuet Metotisi, Lemalie Seiuli, Lemalie Seiuli



Joanne Latif


Deb Ward, Emily Heeney,

Hermann Arp, Faye Wong, Helen Nicholls

Printing and Design: Repro Graphics

Māngere College - 2020 1

The Principal's Report

Well, what a year 2020 has

been! Who could have

foreseen that we would

be here at the end of the

year with a pandemic still

affecting many parts of

the world, having lived

through two lockdowns

and for us to have faced

the many challenges

that have been thrown

at us. I am immensely

proud of our whole school

community and how

we have risen to these

challenges together.

2020 marks my 5th year at Māngere

College and I love my job now just as

much as when I started - probably

even more so. The students and staff

at this school work hard to improve

what we do each day and have a

strong bond with each other, what

we call the MC Family, and I am

humbled to be a part of this family.

Our school strengths of support and

kindness have been highlighted this

year more than ever and brought us

through some tough times but also

brought us closer together.

I am more excited about the future

for Māngere College now than ever

before - to be able to build on these

strengths and prepare our students

for their futures.

COVID and lockdowns have taught

us many things and have magnified

differences and highlighted

inequalities in our communities

but they have also created


The arrival of laptops from the

Ministry gave us the ability to

provide all of our senior students

with a device at home and have set

us up with a base to work on in the

future - to ensure all our students

have access to online learning at

home in this digital era.

We have seen the advantage of

online learning but returning

to school after lockdown also

highlighted the connections that we

all thrive on. Coming back together

gave us an appreciation of our

students’ need to be connected to

each other and their teachers.

It was the focus and sense of

urgency that our students had

when they returned to school that

really impressed me and their

resilience shone through this year.

Our Wellbeing focus and our

work with the Toko collaboration

has gained more relevance and

importance this year. We know that

students’ well-being is taken care

of when they have a strong sense

of their own identity, language and

culture. When they can connect

strongly with other people and

important places and when they

feel a control over their education

and feel equipped with the skills to

succeed. These are things that we

focus on at Māngere College this

year more than ever.

We have continued to work closely

with local schools in our Community

of Learning - the Māngere Kahui

Ako. The goals of our Kahui Ako

align strongly with what we want

for our students: to be digitally

competent and equipped to face

the future, to have a strong sense of

their own education pathway and a

feeling of control over their destiny

and to be strong in their own wellbeing.

Our future is exciting with a 50th

Jubilee to celebrate next year and

significant property development

to plan for. But we are not waiting

for new buildings to make changes.

This year we have started with a

curriculum review to ensure that our

curriculum is engaging and relevant

for our students. We have focussed

on improving our mentoring and

guidance of students to support

them to reach their goals and on

monitoring their progress more

closely with the use of up to date


The housing developments in the

area point to the growth we will

see in the school over the next few

years and we have started talks

with the Ministry about property

developments. Our challenge as we

move forward is to keep our strong

values and connections as we grow

and change.

The strength of Māngere College is

in its people - staff, students and our


Kei te tika te korero

He aha te mea nui o te ao?

He tangata! He tangata! He


‘The strength

of Māngere

College is in

its people -

staff, students

and our


2 Māngere College - 2020

Māngere College



APRIL 2021


APRIL 2021

Tickets available through www.eventbrite.co.nz or through

our website - www.mangere.school.nz

Māngere College - 2020 3

Māngere College Staff

Back Row: Elizabeth Tupua, Brian Aubrey, Daniel Wong, Asariah Potini, Parwati Reddy

4th Row: Maryam Akhlaqi, Malae Aloalii, Melissa Tualaulelei, Tai Uamaki, Huni Fifita, Subrail Naidu, Milo West, Rapuani Wade, Raselin Imraan, Satend Sharma

3rd Row: Neville Padavatan, Faye Wong, Jose Torres, To’asavili Telea, Alisi Tatafu, Mohammed Sameem, Fuatino Nuusavili, Kevin Davis, Nicholas Chan, Levi Manhire,

Ngatokorua Teina, Frances McIntosh, Xiang Zhao

2nd Row: Samer Hormes, Rosalie Kwan, Amera Franso, Pauline Monteiro Kumar, Abtesam Salim, Kathleen Beaton, Mereana Bobbie McMaster, Mohammed Zaim,

Emma McCosh, Nalini Singh, Arihana Hakiwai, Kirita Leniu, Fisiitotoa Bloomfield

Front Row: Nicky Haeata-Ruwhiu, Henry Fesulua’i, Mike Christo, Ben Euden, Michael Darragh, Vivian Maskell, Keir Whipp, Deborah Ward, Tom Webb, Melegalenuu

Ah Sam, Helen Faamoe, Lynn Keating, Roshni Singh, Savitri Nadan, Viliami Bloomfield

4 Māngere College - 2020

Staff List



T Webb, BA (Oxon), PGCE, MEdLd (Hons)


M Ah Sam, PCT, ACTD, Dip T

D Ward, MA (Hons), MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), Dip T

K Whipp, MEdLM (Hons), Dip T, Dip Dr, BA (Term 1 & 2)

J Hardy, BA Hons, PGCE (Term 3 & 4)


H Faamoe


Achievement Centre

N Haeata-Ruwhiu, B Ed in PE & Health,

Dip T


M Christo, MFA, Dip T

Careers M Karanga, BVA, Dip T, PG Arts, MAEdL

Commerce S Nadan, PGDE, BA, Dip Ed



L Keating

Helen Nicholls Ph D, Dip ELT (Dist),

Dip Tchg

Languages H Fesulua’i, BA, Dip T, PGDED (Term 1 & 2)

A Hakiwai, MTEL, BA (Term 3 & 4)

F Bloomfield, BA, Dip Ed, Dip T (Term 3 & 4)

Learning Support R Singh, MEd(Hons), PGDE,


Mathematics K Ma, BSc, Dip T

Performing Arts

B Euden, BMus, PGCE

Physical Education & Health

M Darragh, BA (Hons) (QTS), PGTC

A Potini, BPhEd

Science V Bloomfield, MEdL, BSc, Dip T,


D Wong, BSc, Dip T

Social Sciences V Bloomfield, MEdL, BSc, Dip T,


Student Services

P Campbell, MC, BSc, Dip T



Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

V Maskell, TTC, Dip SS


B Aubrey, B.Ed, Dip T

F Bloomfield, BA, Dip Ed, Dip T

N Chan, PG Dip CS, Dip AT

K Davis, BSc, Dip T

K Fale, BSR

H Fifita, BA, Dip T

A Franso, Dip T

S Hormes, BSc, Dip T

R Imraan, PGCE, BSc, Dip T

A Tatafu, BA, Dip A, PGDT, PGCertAP

T Telea, MTEL, BCA

M Aloalii, BEd, Dip Ed, Cert TESL

E McCosh, BEd, Grad Dip OEd

N Padavatan, BA, HEDip, FDip Ed,


A Potini BPhEd

E Tupua, MA(Hons), Dip TESL, Dip T

S Sharma, BEd, Dip T, PG Cert DCL

F McIntosh, MSc(Hons), Dip T

S Folau, BCA, Dip T

L Manhire, Dip T

S Naidu, BA, Dip T

F Nuusavili, BA, Dip T

P Reddy, BCom, Dip T, Grad Dip TESL, PGDip AT

M Sameem, PGDip AT, BEd Tech, Dip T

N Samu, MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), BA, Dip T

N Singh, BEd

N Teina

J Torres

L Tu’ua

M Tualaulelei, BPE

A Upokokeu-Henry, BDanSt, PG Dip DanSt, Dip T

R Wade, BVA, Dip T

Z Xiang

M Zaim, BA, Dip AS, Dip T


Accounts & Payroll

Administrator E Sayasaya (Term 4)


B McMaster

Communications Manager J Latif, BCMS, Dip T, Dip CA

Community Liaison & Mentor K Leniu BA Crim

Counsellor T Elder, BA, Dip T,

PGDip Counselling

Data Manager

J Lafo’ou


A Beazley


M Nuku



P Kumar

L Williams, BNurs,

PGCert Child Health

H Aish,

R Cabilla (Term 1, 2 & 3)

E Hunt (Term 3, 4)

Office Administrator

K Beazley

Performing Arts Technician E Heeney, LTCL, AIRMT

Principal’s PA

& School Administrator F Wong


K Franklin

Refugee Bilingual Tutor M Akhlaqi

& Liaison Support Worker

Refugee Support Worker R Kwan

Resource Room Manager A Salim

Science Technician

S Narrayan

Student Services’ Administrator K Beaton

Social Worker

T Allan Poko

Sports’ Coordinator

T Uamaki

Staff Support Technician R Siulangapo

Star and Gateway Coordinator L Reade

Teacher Aides

H Arp, C Masoe,

N Palelei, C-M Savaiinaea

Tuckshop Contractor

L Jacobs

Uniform Shop Volunteer M France


R Parkinson

Volunteer Gardener

M Aerenga


Drum Tutor

Piano/Strings Tutor

Vocal/Woodwind Tutor

Guitar Tutor

E Whyte

E Allen

E Heeney

N Loo

Māngere College - 2020 5

Haere mai to new staff


Tarsha started working at MC

in term 1 as our MASSiSS Social

Worker. Previous to working at our

school, she was the social worker for

Otahuhu College.

Tarsha tells us, “I can be cool and I

can be mean, but I am fair. I call it

how I see it and I’m always down for

a feed.”

She is finding working at MC

interesting. Thanks for joining us



Kylie had an interesting start to her

job, joining at Alert Level 2 as the

new Receptionist. She has returned

to the workforce after being a

stay-at-home mum to her 2 young


Kylie loves being the first point of

contact for all the lovely families

that come in and she is enjoying

the supportive staff. She likes the

outdoors, sports and F45.


Levi started at MC in term 1 as a

Health and PE teacher. Previous to

working here, he was teaching in

Porirua. Levi enjoys playing Rugby

League, Rugby and Volleyball. He

also enjoys spending time with

his daughter. Levi is finding the

students and staff really welcoming,

and a highlight is scoring 2 tries in

the 1st XV vs Teachers rugby game.


We welcome Sarita as our new

Laboratory Technician at MC this

year. She worked previously in a

commercial laboratory, SGS NZ

Ltd, for 30 years. She has also

been employed by the Ministry of

Agriculture and Fisheries. Although

Sarita started in Term 3, she is

enjoying the staff and students

and her science team. When not in

school, Sarita likes to travel, garden


Tane Teina is our new Kuki Airani

Language Teacher. He was

previously working as a contractor

in the building industry. Tane

Teina enjoys being a grandad and

spending time with his wife and

family. He is loving his time at MC

and connecting with the students

and seeing his language and culture

still alive at MC.


Jose joined us this year as a Social

Studies/History Teacher. He was

previously teaching at Riccarton

High School in Christchurch. Jose is

an avid skier and also plays soccer

and table tennis. He is finding his

time at MC really enjoyable with the

strong staff family and the students

have made him feel really welcome



Lālāosalafai has joined us as a

Samoan and Careers teacher.

Previous to coming to MC, he was

teaching at De La Salle College. He

is enjoying getting to know staff

and students here at MC. In his

spare time he does triathlons, ocean

swims, exercising with his kids and

doing the gardening.

6 Māngere College - 2020


This year Misato was our volunteer

for the uniform shop. She has

enjoyed interacting with the

students in the shop and staff also.

Misato has been in NZ for 1 year,

previously living in Thailand and she

was born in Japan. Misato will work

with Learning Support next year as a

Teacher Aide .


Zhao started in term 1 as our new

Mandarin teacher. He was previously

working at Elim Christian College.

Zhao loves music, reading and


He is enjoying the students here at

MC and loves their energy.



This year we welcomed our new

Deputy Principal Jonathan Hardy.

The school held a powhiri for Jonathan in which

students from his previous school Kaipara

College came to tautoko him.

Jonathan was previously the Associate Principal

at Kaipara College in Helensville between 2014

and 2020.

Jonathan’s beginnings at Māngere College

have been a little different than usual. After only 2 days we went into Level

3 lockdown. He is getting to meet everyone and learn the ways of Māngere

College. Jonathan has been impressed with how friendly, polite and

supportive everyone has been in the past few months he has worked at

Māngere College.

Jonathan loves sports, particularly football, league, rugby, cricket, and he

plays golf regularly. Jonathan’s real passion is travelling and experiencing

new cultures, visiting temples, going on treks, trying new activities like scuba

diving, hang gliding and canyoning.

Ka kite anō au i a koutou

This year we said goodbye to our Deputy

Principal, Keir Whipp, as he started his new

position at Botany Downs Secondary College.


Keir began at Māngere College in 2017 as he intended to

go on giving his best for the school community. During

lockdown you could see him in the background of TV

clips working up to the last minute sorting out devices

and workbooks for students. His calm, thoughtful and

highly supportive leadership will be truly missed both

by students and staff. Keir was a rare person who is ever

cheerful and looking to improve in everything he does.

He crafted the complex arrangements needed for the

whole school always putting students and staff before

his own needs. We look forward to this link with Botany

College and to sharing these ideas and connections for

our students.

Māngere College - 2020 7


Debra Pene has left Māngere

College after 12 years as the STAR

and GATEWAY co-ordinator. She

gave students the opportunity to

gain workplace experience while

also achieving credits from on-thejob


of trades courses while getting a boost

towards completing NCEA level 2 or 3.

She was Year 13 Dean for 5 years and

was able to use her skills to build and

support very effective student leader


Many students benefited from her

encouragement and care as they

completed their work placement,

gained first aid certificates,

forklift licences, confidence in the

workplace, knowledge of their future

career choices and motivation.

Debra Pene also managed the

students doing courses at Manukau

Institute of Technology. The

opportunities for the students

increased because of her drive to

get the best for them. Many of our

senior students were able to attend

MIT and build an understanding

Students and staff have appreciated

Mrs Pene’s professional and realistic

approach. Whether it was teaching

Career Development, arranging a

Careers Expo, supporting students

who needed CV’s or knowledge of

their career pathways, everything Mrs

Pene did was to advance student’s

confidence, achievement and choices.

She has moved into a job where she will

continue to use her energy and skills to

support help create career pathways for

young people.

We wish her well in this endeavor and

for her future.


In Term 1 we sadly said farewell

to Mr Fesulua’i. Unfortunately

due to the Covid Lockdown we

were unable to farewell him

properly at the time but we had

a staff farewell in June. It was

a beautiful celebration with

sharing of gifts, ie toga from

Lemoa’s aiga, speeches and

some dancing.

Lemoa had been teaching for

almost one year when he joined

the Māngere College staff in 2009.

His teaching subjects are Gagana

Samoa and English. Throughout

his time at MC, Lemoa was highly

committed to engaging the

students in their learning. Some of

the highlights for him have been the

MC Malaga to Samoa, leading the

Samoan group during Polyfest with

many wins, the gardening activities

during the Wider Living week and

seeing the students achieving

excellent knowledge of the Samoan

language and culture.

He is leaving Māngere College to

take up a position of Professional

Teaching Fellow / Lecturer in Pacific

Studies (Samoan) at the University

of Auckland. We wish him all the

best and know that the University

of Auckland will benefit highly from

his knowledge and experience.

Lemoa will be greatly missed by our

students and staff.

I le fa’aiuga o le masina o Mati, na

faaiuina ai galuega fa’afaiaoga a le

Tofa ia Lemoa Henry Fesulua’i mai

le tatou Kolisi ona o lona valaauina e

avea ma Faiaoga i le gagana Samoa

i le Iunivesite a Aukilani.

Sa lei mafai ona fai se fa’amavaega

aloa’ia ma le Susuga i le faiaoga ona

sa tapunia faatopetope le aoga ona

o le fa’ama’i o le Covid 19. E ui i lea,

sa taumafai lava vasega a Lemoa e

faatino pea lo latou valevalealofa i le

Susuga a le faiaoga.

O le a misia lava Lemoa e le Kolisi

a Magele ae maise tama ma teine

o loo a’oa’oina le gagana Samoa,

faapea latou sa i le Kulupu Samoa.

Ia manuia lou vala’auina, foai e


Kuldip began at Māngere

College 16 years ago as the

Science Laboratory Technician.

le Atua le malosi ma le atamai e

fa’aauauina ai le galuega ua tofia oe

e te galue ai.

He brought a wealth of knowledge

along with him as he had

previously been a Principal at a

high school in Fiji as well as having

vast experience in the laboratory.

Kuldip has been a valued member

of the Science Department. He was

always willing to help staff in the

classroom and out of the classroom

as well as supporting students with

their science work and coming

along to the field trips.

Kuldip has left MC to head into

retirement. We wish him all the

best for the next chapter of his life.

8 Māngere College - 2020

Haere rā e te piki kōtuku,

Jocelyn Maitland

On the 11th of November,

two days before her 78th

birthday and two years into

her retirement, Jocelyn passed

away peacefully at home with

her family.

We remember Jocelyn for her

dedication and commitment to this

kura. In her four decades working in

the office at Māngere College she

supported every principal from Ivan

Armstrong, the founding principal,

to Tom Webb, our current principal.

Jocelyn was renowned for her

knowledge of school protocols and

procedures and made sure we all

knew what to do and when.

Always at her desk by 7am she

would start her day putting things

in place so that our day would run

as smoothly as possible. Whether it

be clearing messages and sending

us important information, doing

mountains of photocopying,

organising the school vans for

trips out or greeting visitors at the

reception counter, she was ‘onto it’.

Ex-students coming to enrol their

own children would be surprised

and reassured to see Jocelyn’s

familiar face as their first point of


Jocelyn’s daughters were both

educated at Māngere College. Like

their mother they have shown

dedication to this school – Louise

is the current tuckshop manager

and both Stephanie and Louise are

assisting with preparations for our

50th Jubilee next year. We offer

them and their families our sincere

sympathy. Their loss is ours.

Jocelyn was a constant in our lives.

She gave her best years to us and for

that we are most grateful.

Nō reira e te whaea, haere atu ki

a ratou mā kua taka i te nuku o te

whenua i mua i a koe.

Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa

pounamu te moana, kia tere te

kaarohirohi i tō haerenga.

Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa

pounamu te moana, kia tere te

kaarohirohi i tō haerenga.

'Jocelyn was

a constant in

our lives. She

gave her best

years to us

and for that

we are most


Māngere College - 2020 9

Head Girl’s Report

Ae oute le’i asaina le nata i fale o aana lea na pisia ai

vae o le nofoa fia o Lilomaiava, e ao ina ou faatulou.

Tulou, tulou, tulouna lava. Lulu atu outou paia ma outou

mamalu o le a le o’o iai se faamatalaga.

O a’u o Herilla Victoria Salu Finauga,

oute mimita lava i lo’u aganu’u ma

lo’u gagana.

First and foremost, all the glory and

praise be to the Most High, who has

blessed me beyond measure.

Four years ago I entered the front

gates, scared, isolated and extremely

nervous. It is difficult to describe

what has been a rollercoaster of

a journey for us all. Whether you

arrived at the very start of Year

9 or joined us along the way -

undoubtedly our experiences have

brought us together as a family.

The class of 2020. What a year this

has been for us. Thank you everyone

for your patience and perseverance

throughout the year. Despite

COVID 19 being in the way of many

opportunities and activities, we

managed to fight through it and

created the most memorable year

for us all.

I have overcome a lot of barriers

this year, and I am proud to say that

due to the unconditional lectures

and daily prayers from my parents,

the support system from my family,

I was able to complete the year

as your Head Girl of 2020. A goal

that I had aimed for, and now have


My fellow students of Māngere

College, it does not matter whether

you’re academically skilful or

physically skilful or both. Believe

in yourself and have a positive

mindset. Make careful choices,

so that your choices will reflect

positively on yourself and the course

of your actions will take you further

in life. The teachers at this school

have helped me grow into the

person I am today and for that, I am

very grateful. The Māngere College

family has helped me strengthen

my cultural values and embrace my


There are so many of you I would

like to give credit to, for making

this journey a memorable one. You

have shaped and moulded me

into the bold person I am today. I

acknowledge my subject teachers

who pushed me to the limit, to

complete assessments and made

sure I went home with a bulk of

homework to do. Also, to my friends

who motivated me to run for Head

Girl, and always complimented my

mum’s tuna sandwiches, thank you

for being by my side.

Thank you Mr Webb for believing

in me and trusting me as your

Head Girl for 2020. Thank you Mrs

Ah Sam. A mother figure to us all,

a matriarch to the school and an

influential woman at heart. You

continue to inspire me and always

push me beyond limits. Mālo Le

tautua Mama.

Thank you to all the teachers

at Māngere College who have

supported me through my time and

who continue to be an inspiration

for our students.

Finally, my deepest gratitude to

the two people who believed in

me and invested in my dreams

right from the start. My parents

are my ultimate role models and

my driving force in life. As migrants

from Samoa, they sacrificed their

home to come to New Zealand to

find a better future for me and my

siblings. Because of you, I am who I

am today.

As my final encouragement to our

students, I would like to leave with

you a little thought in mind. No

matter where life takes you, never

forget the sacrifices your parents

made to get you this far in life. The

future belongs to those who are

prepared for it. Set your goals, work

hard to achieve them and continue

to ‘Seek the Heights .’

Faafetai Lava Kolisi o Magele, mālo

le tautua mālo tautai.

- Herilla Salu

10 Māngere College - 2020

Head Boy’s Report

Fakatapu ki he ‘Otua Mafimafi ‘oku ‘afio hotau

lotolotngá Tapu ki he Puleako, Tokoni puleakó pea pehē

ki he kau faiako ‘o e Kolisi Māngere. Tapu ki he Poate ‘o

e ‘apiakó, kau matāpule, mo e fānau ako hono kotoa.

Faka’apa’apa lahi ki he ngaahi mātu’a tauhi fānaú pea ki

ha sola mo ha vūlangi ‘oku tau tefua he Kolosi Māngere

he ‘aho ni kae ‘ataa mo‘oku ke fakamonū hoku koloa he

kātoanga tānaki tu’unga ‘o e ta’u fakaako 2020.

What a journey it has been this

year. From the moment I walked

through those gates I had no idea of

the family that I was about to join, I

had no idea of the journey that I was

about to begin. Because I walked

through these gates, I was able to

meet new people that I would call

lifelong friends. I was able to hone

my talents and improve greatly in

certain areas of my education.

This school not only exceeded my

expectations but expanded my love

for it during my time here. I was

shown the importance of a school

family and how embracing it is

always better than hiding from it.

Something I will always remember

is the MC values and the message

of a school family that we always


I would like to give a huge thank you

to every teacher that I have had the

pleasure to work with during my

time at MC. You have played a huge

part in my successes. To my dear

parents, you play the biggest role in

my life. You do the most for me and I

am truly grateful for you. At the end

of the day all my accomplishments

reflect on you both and everything

I do is for you. To my beautiful

Mum, thank you for everything. I

will never forget what you say to

me, whether it’s during a car ride

or whether you’re growling at me.

Everything you do for me is always

more than enough. If it weren’t

for your ongoing encouragement,

continuous love and support, I

wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thank you, Mum.

To all my Year 13s, we made it.

Whether you joined late, or if you

were here at the start, we are all

family now. From singing in pretty

much every class with the boys to

finally performing together, and

from cracking jokes in the hotspot

and anywhere where we could all

laugh as only polys could.

This is the saddest part of our high

school years. The part when we

leave our second home or for some

of us our first. A place where we not

only developed in our education

but evolved as individuals. The place

where the iconic John & the Boyz

was formed, and the home of our

very own Samoan Cowboy. The

memories go on and will live on in

our hearts, but it does not end here.

Be prepared and eager to go out

into the real world and take on the

challenges of life head-on. Always

remember your whys and the

importance of family. At the end of

the day, it is all on us to make our

parents proud and to push ourselves

and strive for what we’re aiming

to achieve. So be ready and don’t

hesitate when the world comes

knocking at your door. It has been

a pleasure being able to endure

through this journey with such a

unique and diverse bunch.

I am grateful for the time I’ve had

with you all and the memories that

we’ve made. From the bottom of my

heart, I wish nothing but love and

support for your future endeavours.

But for now, this is us. So, cheers to

us, the class of 2020.

- ‘Unaloto Leleifi

Māngere College - 2020 11

Back Row: Olathe Taumihau, ‘Etina Kaliopasi, Ane Filimoehala, ‘Emalata Kiole

2nd Row:Ofa ‘Ahomana, Petissa Leha’uli, Reupena Kilipati, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, Sanele Ioane, Asena Panuve

Front Row: Diana Pio, Aaron Koiatu, Herilla Salu, Mr Tom Webb (Principal), ‘Unaloto Leleifi, Patricia Beazley, Pj Campbell

Student Leaders

The student leaders have been a great example to the rest of the school

this year. With 2020 being such a difficult year, it was great to see our

student leaders stepping up and being so present and visual especially in

the lockdowns.

They have all contributed to the needs of the students, responding

appropriately and with compassion when needed and ensuring everyone

feels part of the MC Whanau.

It has been a pleasure working alongside them this year.

- Mr Darragh

12 Māngere College - 2020

Year 11 and 12 Prizegiving


Excellent Attendance for 2020

Year 11

Brandon Reid

Trent Lafaele

Glassie Fabian Thomas

Indi Reihana

Krizzia Mae Quinones

100% Attendance for 2020 Year 11

D’nadcyn Matia

Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah

Lua Omoregie

Sifila Palu

Gardenia Lemoa

Johnathan Losefa

100% Attendance for 2 Years Year


Makarios Si’uoalii Lelemia

100% Attendance for 3 Years Year 11

Fatima Hussaini

Loreal Urika Filifilia

Excellent Attendance for 2020

Year 12

Bobbie Sue Sood

Onosa’i Ah Mann

Faith Tanu Talapa

Shivashna Raj

Teinia Akama

Alec Ah-Lam

Romeo Fidow

Aliitasi Seuteni

O’Shay Murphy

Salote Seuteni

Phuong Nguyen

Tarial Seuteni

100% Attendance for 2020 Year 12

Luisa Toomata

Tupou Filipine

Salealii Mau'u

100% Attendance for 2 years

Year 12

Reuben Funaki

Mason Chan-Ting

Adam Isitolo Lui

Makeleta Alofaki

Hser Chri

Mele Tonga

100% Attendance for 3 years Year 12

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Jordan Mauu

Anne Tupou

100% Attendance for 4 years Year


Ethan Sigglekow

Mahdieh Ahmadi

Talalelei Senitofo


Rugby 1st XV – Player of the Year

Rugby Girls – Player of the Year

Tag Football Girls – Player of the Year

Tag Football boys – Player of the Year

U17 Girls Basketball Player of the Year

U17 Boys Basketball Player of the Year

Volleyball Senior Girls - Player of the


Sportsmanship Girl of the Year

Joe Saina

Mele Lelenoa

Jahriena Maybir

Te-Mana Williams-Tawhi

Jorjane Aerenga

Likaan Davis-Ratumu

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Mele Tu'akalau


FOR 2021

Anne Tupou - Head Girl

Jordan Mauu - Head Boy

Alec Ah-Lam

Rachel Auora

Romeo Fidow

Jahriena Maybir

Talalelei Senitofo

Bobbie Sue Sood

Luisa Toomata

Makeleta Alofaki

Alexis Fenton

O-Shay Murphy

Dave Siulangapo

Nathan Taufahema

Mele Tu’akalau

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Māngere College - 2020 13





Level 1 Māori

Sheree Bell

Form Class Prize 12AU

Bobbie Sue Sood

Form Class Prize 11BF

Trent Lafaele

Level 2 Career Development

Bobbie Sue Sood

Level 1 Mathematics Band 2

Trent Lafaele

Level 2 Geography

Bobbie Sue Sood

Level 1 Physical Education

Brandon Reid

Level 2 Health

Bobbie Sue Sood

Level 1 Mathematics Band 4

Jacinta Uluakiola

Level 2 English Literacy

Katherine Pairama

Level 1 English

Dhuet Metotisi

Level 2 Mathematics Band 3

Katherine Pairama

Level 1 Mathematics Band 3

Dhuet Metotisi

Level 2 Cook Islands Māori

Rachel Auora

Level 1 Digital Studies

Glassie Fabian Thomas

Level 2 History

Ruby Winter

Level 1 Mechanical

Engineering Technology

Level 1 English Literacy

Level 1 Art

Level 1 Music

Level 1 Samoan

Form Class Prize 11BM

Form Class Prize 11FA

Level 1 Accounting

Level 1 Mandarin

Level 1 Mathematics Band 1

Level 1 Science Physics

Level 1 Building Construction

and Allied Trades

Level 1 Accounting

Level 1 Tongan

Level 1 Sports Science

Form Class Prize 11FO

Level 1 English Academic

Level 1 History

Level 1 Design and Visual

Communication Technology

Level 1 Business Studies

Level 1 Fashion Focus

Level 1 Dance

Form Class Prize 11HE

Level 1 Catering

Form Class Prize 11ZA

Level 1 Geography

Level 1 Health

Level 1 Science Biology

Multi Level 1 ESOL

Level 1 Cook Islands Māori

Glassie Fabian Thomas

James Dean

Lemalie Seiuli

Pearl Taisi

Pearl Taisi

Susana Tooala

Krizzia Mae Quinones

Krizzia Mae Quinones

Krizzia Mae Quinones

Krizzia Mae Quinones

Krizzia Mae Quinones

Raees Ali

Roselyn Tafa

Elizabeth Cocker

Genesis Poko

Lua Omoregie

Lua Omoregie

Maddison Elkington

Makarini Puiri

Sifila Palu

Sifila Palu

TeAmorangi Nuku

Siobahn Mafileo

Tai Puiri

Honora Lynch

Honora Lynch

Loreal Urika Filifilia

Loreal Urika Filifilia

Suaesi Leaula

Tereapii Mani

Level 2 Hospitality

Level 2 Accounting

Level 2 Mathematics Band 2

Form Class Prize 12HI

Level 2 Fashion Focus

Level 2 Music

Level 2 Samoan

Level 2 Technology

Level 2 Digital Studies

Form Class Prize 12HS

Level 2 Samoan

Level 2 Sports Science

Multi Level 2 ESOL

Level 2 English

Level 2 Mathematics and


Level 2 Art

Level 2 Biology

Level 2 Chemistry

Level 2 Physics

Level 2 Mechanical

Engineering Technology

Vocational Pathways Careers

Form Class Prize 12RE

Level 2 English Academic

Level 2 Māori

Level 2 Building and Construction

and Allied Trade


Level 2 Business Studies

Level 2 Art Printmaking

Level 2 Health

Level 2 Tongan

Form Class Prize 12SI

Ruby Winter

Alec Ah-Lam

Alec Ah-Lam

Luisa Toomata

Luisa Toomata

Rheima Misa T Iuta

Rheima Misa T Iuta

Sebit Ayak John

Xaviar Rehu

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Adyhana Urika Filifilia

Faith Tanu Talapa

Jordan Mauu

Jordan Mauu

Mahdieh Ahmadi

Shivashna Raj

Shivashna Raj

Shivashna Raj

Teina Akama

Abigail Panuve

Hermon Mani

Alexis Fenton

Alexis Fenton

Cejaye Ikiua

Henry Ah Sam

Loti Fehoko

Makeleta Alofaki

Makeleta Alofaki

Talalelei Senitofo

Most Improved 1 ESOL

Fuifui Faatafe 11FA

Level 2 Tourism Studies

Level 2 Dance

Talalelei Senitofo

Jahriena Maybir

Level 2 Design and Visual

Communication Technology

Pesi Tevaga

Level 2 Mandarin

Phuong Nguyen

Form Class Prize 12WE

Tarial Seuteni

Level 2 Sports Leadership

Faye Tapuosi

14 Māngere College - 2020


Emily Heeney Cup for Best Vocalist

Senior Dance Award

Renouf Cup for Musical Performance

Renouf Cup for Musical Performance

Renouf Cup for Musical Performance

Thwaites Cup for the Most Improved

Senior Music Student

Ryders Cup for Achievement

with Distinction in the 'Gateway'


The Pedder Cup for Most Progress in

the Achievement Centre

Outstanding Achievement in the

Arts – The Pedder Cup

Year 12 Speech Award

Year 12 Speech Award

Library Prize

Sports Council

Knight Award for Outstanding

Contribution to Sport

Outstanding Achievement in the

Performing Arts

Trish Smith Prize for Courage and


First Foundation Scholarship

D'nadcyn Matia

Mele Lelenoa

Crystal Fineaso

Hoparonee Aleni

Pearl Taisi

Siobahn Mafileo

Adam Isitolo Lui

Violetta Langi

Hermon Mani

Mele Tu'akalau

Romeo Fidow

Ethan Sigglekow

Alec Ah-Lam

Adyhana Urika


Adyhana Urika


Maddison Elkington

Mahdieh Ahmadi


Top R2 Winner of the Year – Year 11 Sifila Palu

Top R2 Winner of the Year – Year 12 Talalelei Senitofo



Siobahn Mafileo


Bobbie Sue Sood




Krizzia Mae Quinones



Shivashna Raj

Māngere College - 2020 15

Year 13 Prizegiving


Volleyball Senior Boys - Player

of the Year

Blessing Tanu Talapa

Netball Player of the Year Patricia Beazley

Sports Girl of the Year Patricia Beazley

Sports Boy of the Year Kaisa Faamausili

Mixed Netball Player of the Year Kaisa Faamausili

Hall Award for Sportsmanship Ane Filimoehala

Johnson Cup for Outstanding

Personal Achievement in Sport

Ramona Mafileo

Sportsmanship Boy of the Year Daniel Esera

Aldridge Award for


Reupena Kilipati


Excellence Attendance for 2020

'Ofa 'Ahomana

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Diana Pio

Ferila Falanai

Euangelion Pasa

Reupena Kilipati

100% Attendance for 2020

Tauiai Falanai

Ane Filimoehala

100% Attendance for 3 years

‘Etina Kaliopasi

100% Attendance for 5 years

‘Unaloto Leleifi

16 Māngere College - 2020






Glenys Erickson

Memorial Cup

Ramona Mafileo

For the senior student who has best demonstrated throughout

their time at Māngere College a high standard of achievement,

participation and perseverance.

Elizabeth Ellett

Memoral Prize

for Meritorious


Liona Vaihea

For the senior student who has achieved to a high level in one

or more areas of the school

David Gock Cup for the

Spirit of Rotary

Aaron Koiatu

For the senior student who upholds the Rotary Four Way Test:

Of the things we think, say or do, is it the TRUTH, is it FAIR to all

concerned, will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS

and will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Stan Kepa Prize for

Leadership in Cultural


Reupena Kilipati

For the student who has shown leadership and role model

qualities in one, or across a range of cultures.

Williams and

Cunningham Prize for


Reupena Kilipati

For the student who is polite, courteous and cheerful; showing

respect for others yet retaining their own personal strength.

Watson Prize for

Service to the


Teava Tonitara

For the student who puts themselves forward to help out in the

school and the wider community.

Benson Award for

Service to Others

PJ Campbell

For the student who cheerfully helps staff and other students

in a range of activities without being asked.

Lambie Prize for


Patricia Beazley

For the student who demonstrates leadership qualities and is

looked up to by the student body as a role model.

Bader Award

Madina Salam


The recipient will have overcome a significant hurdle in

their life to become a model citizen of the school and make

considerable progress in their education.

Māngere College


Diana Pio

This Scholarship has been made possible by an anonymous

donation to the school. It covers the fees, up to $6000, for the

first year of tertiary study.


Form Class Prize 13EU 'Ofa 'Ahomana

Level 3 Technology 'Ofa 'Ahomana

Level 3 English 'Ofa 'Ahomana

Level 3 Sports Science Tiri Atiau

Level 3 Biology 'Etina Kaliopasi

Level 3 Tongan 'Etina Kaliopasi

Level 3 Business Studies Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Level 3 Mathematics Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Level 3 Tourism Studies Chu Moo Paw

Vocational Pathways English Leo Akeripa Sa

Form Class Prize 13FI Pj Campbell

Level 3 Chemistry Pj Campbell

Level 3 Digital Technology Pj Campbell

Level 3 English Academic Pj Campbell

Level 3 Art Printmaking (Digital) Monalisa Selu

Level 3 Māori Parani Toetoe

Level 3 Cook Islands Prize Teava Tonitara

Level 2 Catering Tauiai Falanai

Level 3 Samoan Language Herilla Victoria Salu

Level 3 Hospitality and Customer


Form Class Prize 13IM Siti Pio

Teina Whakatane

Form Class Prize 13NA Ferila Falanai

Level 3 Dance Patricia Beazley

Level 3 Geography Patricia Beazley

Level 3 Catering Roimata Engu

Form Class Prize 13SA Ane Filimoehala

Level 3 Economics Ane Filimoehala

Level 3 History Ane Filimoehala

Level 3 Sports Leadership Otila Niko

Level 3 Art Nika Taufa

Level 3 Design and Visual

Communication Technology

Nika Taufa

Vocational Pathways Mathematics Younis Ahmat Abdallah

Vocational Pathways Technology Younis Ahmat Abdallah

Level 3 Building and Construction

and Allied Trade Skills

Level 3 Samoan Language

Reupena Kilipati

Reupena Kilipati

Level 3 Music Reupena Kilipati

Form Class Prize 13TN Daniel Esera

Level 3 Accounting Thu Nguyen

Level 3 Career Development Thu Nguyen

Level 3 Fashion Thu Nguyen

Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus Thu Nguyen

Level 3 Mathematics with Statistics Thu Nguyen

Level 3 English Literacy Madina Salam Khel

Level 3 ESOL Madina Salam Khel

Scholarship Samoan

Cynthia Misi Tuitamai

Elizabeth Ellett

Scholarship Recipient

2021 - 2023

Herilla Victoria


This Scholarship is made possible by a bequest from the estate

of Elizabeth Ellett, a long-time supporter of the College. The

Scholarship is $4000 per year for 3 years of University study.

Māngere College - 2020 17


FOR 2020:


Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

This cup is awarded to the year 13 student who has achieved the best

results in NCEA assessments this year.


‘Etina Kaliopasi

18 Māngere College - 2020


Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Principal's Prize for Head


Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Performing Arts Showcase

Supreme Award

Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Rhyders Cup for Achievement

with Distinction in the ‘Gateway’


Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of

the Year Award for the Best

Production Manager of the Year

'Ofa 'Ahomana

'Unaloto Leleifi

'Unaloto Leleifi

'Unaloto Leleifi

Tererei Samuel

Benjamin Tuilaepa

Liona Vailea

Writers' Award PJ Campbell

The 2020 SENIOR Manawa

Whenua Hauora

Award for Leadership in


Outstanding Contribution as a

Student Leader

PJ Campbell

PJ Campbell

Leadership of Student Council PJ Campbell

Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Ngatokorima Epi


Puhoro Student of the Year Malachi Karika-Lole

Principal Prize for Deputy Head


Principal's Prize for Head


Aaron Koiatu

Herilla Victoria Salu

Courtney Award for Commerce Herilla Victoria Salu

The Sports Council Award Herilla Victoria Salu

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the

Year Award for the Best CEO of

the Year

Herilla Victoria Salu

Lion Foundation Young

Enterprise Award: The

Entrepreneur for the year 2020

for South Auckland Region


Opeloge Ah Sam Award for

Senior Music Composer

of the Year

Principal Prize for Deputy Head


Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Outstanding Achievement in

the Performing Arts

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of

the Year Award for the Best

Marketing Manager of the Year

Most Improved Student in the

Learning Centre

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the

Year Award for the Best Sales

Manager of the Year

Senior Samoan Oratory Trophy

(sponsored by 5 Star Motors)

Anavatausi- Ethnic Guardian


Herilla Victoria Salu

Alex Angaa’elangi

Patricia Beazley

Kaisa Faamausili

Johnathon Lemalu

Cezanne Ratumu-


Faamanu Sanerivi

Joell Fuimaono

Aaron James

Cynthia Misi Tuitamai

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Teava Tonitara

Measina - Ethnic Value Cup Cynthia Misi Tuitamai

Year 13 Top R2 Winner of

the Year

Year 13 Student of the

Year 2020

Chu Moo Paw

Daniel Esera


The University of Auckland Vaka

Moana Scholarship 2020

The University of Auckland Vaka

Moana Scholarship 2020

The University of Auckland Vaka

Moana Scholarship 2020

The University of Auckland Vaka

Moana Scholarship 2020

The University of Auckland Vaka

Moana Scholarship 2020

University of Waikato Pacific

Excellence Scholarship

The Prime Minister’s Vocational

Excellence Award

‘Etina Kaliopasi

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Monalisa Selu

Petissa Leha’uli

Cynthia Misi Tuitamai

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Shakwon Aria

Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Māngere College Leavers’


Younis Ahmat


Reupena Kilipati

Asena Panuve

Chu Moo Paw

PJ Campbell

Madina Salam Khel

Teava Tonitara

Ema Piutau Scholarship Ane Filimoehala

Chemical Solutions Scholarship

‘Etina Kaliopasi

Māngere College - 2020 19

Support Staff

2020 is the Chinese year of

the Rat. The beginnings

of an auspicious year and

one to show strength of

personality as revealed

throughout the year.

The return excitement after the long

hot summer was met with energy

and enthusiasm as staff re-united

again with colleagues and students.

The keenness and eagerness of staff

to support the new Year 9 intake

journey and the continuance of

work with the returning students a

year older was positively telling.

The successes of the school and

ultimately student achievements

are celebrated by support staff. They

were there, they were involved, they

supported, and they contributed to

the student’s pathway of learning.

Support staff contribute towards

meeting the school’s strategic

objectives which include

■ extra learning support assisting

students to achieve their goals

■ supporting students for gateway

experience and identifying

pathways options for career


■ options and assistance to

embrace and overcome

language challenges and cultural

barriers in a new country and

adjusting to school life

■ widening different learning

opportunities to engage in

alternative education

■ providing expert and specialised

support in a healthcare model

for mental, physical, emotional


■ delivering a safe and connected

learning environment through IT

and property needs

■ keeping updated information

20 Māngere College - 2020

and links through the school

website, facebook and instagram

■ safe management of hazardous

chemicals and walking the talk

on health and safety

■ supporting green fingers and

benefitting from the school


“It takes a village (our school) to raise

a child (our students and leaders of

the future)”. Support staff are part

of that village who walk alongside

teaching staff led by the school

leadership team who help to shape

students’ learning potential to excel.

Bang! – Covid19 and lockdown, a

100-year event that took everyone

by surprise. The impact of this

significant health phenomenon

on students, staff and the wider

community, the country, the world

was nothing anyone expected to


Fast-tracked into a realm of

technology-based solutions saw

students learning from home,

teachers engaging in virtual

classrooms. Using the cloud, google

classrooms and other tools to

help maintain and engage in ongoing

learning from the comfort

of home was a new experience

for many. Support staff assisted

teachers and students to maintain

a connected home learning

environment. Administration staff

coordinated responses to a barrage

of community enquiries and made

learning resources available.

As the pandemic set in, Support

staff forums moved online.

Technology fast-tracked everyone

to engage and work differently. The

normality of usual day to day school

life was challenging.

Online connections became a

melting pot of blurred and frozen

images and robotic voices. Good

humour, patience and kindness

helped us maintain sanity. The

support staff forums have

benefitted staff with professional

development and strengthened the

group network.

Sadly, we farewelled the following

staff during the year

■ Science Technician Kuldip Singh

left us in Term 2 after more than

10+ years

■ Nurse Roman Cabilla who was

relieving for Erin Hunt was

farewelled in Term 3

■ Teacher Aide Carmel-Maria

Savaiinaea left in Term 4 to

pursue a pathway to teaching

We welcomed new support staff

■ Kylie Franklin the new office


■ Sarita Narayan the Science Lab


■ A welcome back to Nurse Erin

Hunt returning from maternity


A special acknowledgement to the

many school volunteers supporting

the Sports Department, uniform

and stationery shop and the school

garden. Their commitment to our

school has been invaluable.

The year has now ended, and the

major disruptions almost seem

to be past us, however the work

continues for admin staff behind

the scenes completing end of

year processes with planning and

preparations for the new year.

Thank you to all support staff

and the work you do – it makes a


Season’s greetings and a prosperous

New Year.

- Helen Faamoe



Māngere College - 2020 21


Despite the challenges 2020 brought, the library did not

fail to be a safe and peaceful haven for students. Our

library family consists of 54 students and is constantly

increasing as we have new and existing students of

the college eager to become librarians. The existing

librarians also upgraded their skills by completing their


Throughout this year there have

been various events celebrated

in our library such as the cultural

language weeks. Like every year,

with the help of various teaching

staff and students, Mrs Kumar

dressed up the mannequins in

traditional costumes according

to the various language weeks

celebrated in school this year as well.

The library also hosted Matariki

celebrations where students learned

how to make shapes and objects

with strings.

students in the club.

Our library also plays an essential

role in appealing to our potential

students. Each year we have

students from various schools

come in to experience first-hand all

that Māngere College has to offer.

This year Māngere East, Bader and

Viscount visited the library and got

to experience the opportunities and

services our library has to offer. Our

treasure of books was one of the

main highlights.

Being a student librarian unlocks

various hidden potential in students,

and serves to give back to our

community. Not only does it build

our confidence and skills, it also

provides a sense of belonging, bond

and friendship between fellow

librarians and the entire student


It has been a rewarding and

memorable year and I am sure our

library family will work together to

make the coming years even better

than the last.

- Shivashna Raj 12HS

The Tongan language week was

especially memorable, as Māngere

College was graced with a visit from

David Riley, the author of Rise of To’a

(who also happens to be an ex MC

student). Ms Alisi Tatafu was the coauthor

of this book. The visit made

students of the college motivated to

indeed seek the heights and realise

the importance of books in our lives.

The library also hosts Scholars’

Club twice a week. This club

assists students to complete their

assessments, homework and study

for difficult exams. Our friendly and

helpful teachers make beverages

and snacks for the hardworking

22 Māngere College - 2020


Sitting on the floor: Aqila Rajab Ali, Kalara Williams, Shwe Ko, Danielle Mancer, Jade Peniuesi & Hserku Hser

Sitting on chairs: Shivashna Raj, Chu Moo Paw, Mrs. Kumar, Asena Panuve, Chri Hser & Ruth Williams

Standing – first row: Mee Cho Shwe, Roanna Wah, Katherine Pio, Krizzia M Quinones, Tavara Williams & Fatima Hussaini

Standing – second row: Jordan Mauu, Adyhana Urika Filifilia, Ali Habibi, Alec Ah-Lam, Thu Nguyen, Tala Senitofo &

O-Shay Murphy

Standing on chairs: Nargis Hussaini, Mahdieh Ahmadi, Bobbie Sue Sood, Alexis Fenton, Anne Tupou & Lua Omoregie.

Absent: Mahnaz Barbari, Engelene Gasologa, Toalima Leilua, Tukura Munokoa, Hadi Sultani, Josiah Ah-Lam,

Shriti Chandra, Fetalaiga Mauu, Katarina Singh, Latai Tonga, Eh Htaw Kue Wah, Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah,

Saleha Sameem, Najia Hussaini, Violetta Langi, Abigail Panuve, Kwae Reh, Me Reh, Ethan Sigglekow, Mele Tonga,

Abdirizak Abdulmanan Ahmed, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, ‘Etina Kaliopasi, Reupena Kilipati, Madina Salam Khel &

Olathe Taumihau.

Māngere College - 2020 23

Refugee Activities


Going out on the Refugee

Big Day Out was the best

opportunity for the students to

meet new students of Māngere

College and get to know each

other better.

We played lots of different

Icebreaker games, introducing

names with favourite body actions.

We also talked about our future

goals and how to achieve them,

which was so fun. We also really

enjoyed the different variety of

foods at lunch. Thanks to RASNZ

(Refugee as Survivors New

Zealand) who were there with us

students and made the day more

special for the refugees.

For every refugee, Māngere

College is the best place they

could wish to come to because we

celebrate World Refugee Day with

honour and love. I would like to

say a big thanks to you all for your


- Madina Salem Khel

2020 RASNZ


RASNZ held an awards evening at

the Refugee Resettlement Centre,

to acknowledge and thank those

who have made an exceptional

contribution to resettled

communities in Auckland.

Chu Moo Paw, who is a passionate

advocate for young people was

awarded the Youth Award. She

choreographed the Bamboo and

karen dances for Polyfest. Chu Moo

also coordinates and teaches the

karen language to the youth, assist

with fundraising activities for her



During Term 4 we held our annual Refugee Careers Dinner in

the Staff Room at Māngere College.

There were speakers from MIT, AUT and University of Auckland who gave

our refugee students a slide show presentation and were able to help

inform students of various University programmes, scholarships and

enrolment information.

The families were all given a supermarket voucher to buy ingredients

towards a plate food representing their culture.

24 Māngere College - 2020


Every Wednesday after school,

there is an active group of refugee

students and other staff and

students who plant, weed and get

to take home vegetables to their

whanau. The club is led by Rosalie

Kwan and we also have volunteer

Metua Aerenga tending to the

garden and supporting our students

to get the best possible outcome

from their gardening. Everyone is

welcome to join!




People around the world are marking World Refugee

Day on June 20, 2020.

Every year, millions of people are

forced to flee from their homes

in order to keep safe from war,

persecution or natural disaster.

Those who have to leave their

country are called refugees. The

International World Refugee Day

aims to raise awareness of this issue,

which affects millions of people

across the world.

The latest figures from the United

Nations (UN) suggest that every

minute, around 25 people have to

leave everything behind in search of

a safer life.

It is a time to acknowledge the

strength and courage of millions of

people who have been forced to flee

their homes.

Māngere College - 2020 25

From Friends to Foes:



Wallabies centre

Oikoumene “Hunter”

Paisami and All Blacks

prop Ofa Tu’ungafasi both

hail from Māngere College

and the pair returned to

school in term 4 this year.

“We really appreciate them coming

back and showing what hard work

and strong values can get you.” says

principal Tom Webb.

Paisami and Tu’ungafasi know each

well off the field, as Paisami is good

friends with Tu’ungafasi’s younger

brother and often stays with the

family when he returns to New

Zealand. Even though Tu’ungafasi

left high school three years before

Paisami began, he says the

accomplished Blues and All Blacks

prop was an inspiration growing up.

“He would always say it doesn’t

matter what school you go to

because you can make it from

anywhere. Given he has been able

to make it out of Māngere College

to the Super Rugby and All Blacks

level, I’ve always looked up to him.”

Both players shared with the pupils

the challenges they’ve overcome to

make it into professional rugby. For

Paisami, he says moving to Australia

in Year 12 and having to make new

friends and learn a new culture was

tough. While he quickly made it into

the Australian school boys team,

his career hit a crossroads when he

was cut by the Melbourne Rebels

squad in 2018. However, he was able

to catch the eye of former All Blacks

lock and Reds coach Brad Thorne,

and within a short period of time

he’s become a consistent figure for

his new team.

rugby career, as it has taught him

the importance of hard work and

taking nothing for granted. He says

his main inspiration was seeing how

hard his own parents worked.

“I had 12 siblings, and my dad was

the only one working to support

us, so life was pretty tough. When

I started at Māngere College, I

couldn’t speak any English, but

I remember sitting in assembly

thinking I want to get to the end of

my time here and be able to give a

speech to all the students – and I’ve

done that. I believe anyone else can

achieve what they want if they work

hard and believe in themselves.”

Māngere College head girl Herilla

Salu says having two successful

Pasifika former pupils share their

journey had a big impact on her and

her peers.

“Knowing they’ve come from

the same background as us can

definitely inspire us – and as Year

13s who are leaving school soon and

having to decide what we’re going

to be doing in our future, it can

motivate us to believe in ourselves

and go for what we dream of doing.”

Was originally published in The


Tu’ungafasi says being from a

smaller public school has been the

best foundation for his professional



26 Māngere College - 2020

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

An adventurous journey



Earlier this term a group of

students from our school were

chosen to participate in the

Duke of Edinburgh Award

with Shannon Bentermen, our

award leader from the Blue

Light organisation. Through

this journey of self-discovery, we

were pushed to our limits and

recognised our own personal

achievements. To complete this

award we had to learn a new

skill, volunteer service to others,

and take part in physical activity.

There is also an adventurous

journey camp where we did

outdoor activities. The biggest

challenge we faced was hiking

up Mt Tauhara that took us a

total of three hours. The Duke

of Edinburgh Award is a great

opportunity for students to break

out of their comfort zone and

try new things to enhance their

personal potential.

- Alexis Fenton



We headed to Mt Tauhara to

begin our adventurous journey.

We challenged ourselves to be

responsible, caring for other

members of our group and we

pushed each other to hike that

winding and sometimes narrow and

steep trail. The total distance was a

2.5 km climb to the summit at 1088

metres. This experience helped us to

improve our health and fitness.

We got out of our comfort zone

and completed the hike to the

summit, taking in the breath-taking

panoramic view.

The next day we hiked from Taupo

township to Spa Park along the

riverbank of the Waikato River to

Huka Falls for lunch. We had to to

complete challenges on the way

and took the opportunity to develop

self-confidence and teamwork skills.

to develop self-confidence and

teamwork skills.

We all accepted the challenge and

made it to the end of the journey!

- Rosalie Kwan

Māngere College - 2020 27

Students who took part in the

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

Henry Ah Sam 12SI

Mahdieh Ahmadi 12HS

Oumaima Ahmat

Abdallah 11BM

Lovely Alipate 12RE

Makeleta Alofaki 12SI

Mahdi Barbari 10TR

Loti Fehoko 12SI

Alexis Fenton 12SI

Tupou Filipine 12HS

Reuben Funaki 12AU

Ali Habiabi 12HS

Hserku Hser 10TU

Fatima Hussaini 11FA

Najia Hussaini 12HS

Nargis Hussaini 10TR

Noelani Mataki 12SI

Charlie Nguyen 9ND

Phuong Nguyen 12WE

Thu Nguyen 13TN

Abigail Panuve 12RE

James Harry Punzalan


Krizzia Mae Quinones


Aqila Rajab Ali 10TR

Kwae Reh 12WE

Me Reh 12WE

Oo Reh 12WE

Soe Reh 12WE

Sonia Salaikeni 12HI

Tamera Sale 11FA

Tala Senitofo 12SI

Mee Cho Shwe 9DV

Dave Siulangapo 12SI

Hadi Sultani 9CS

Agnes Talataina 12HI

Pesi Tevaga 12WE

Mele Tonga 12WE

Luisa Toomata 12HI

Anne Tupou 12SI

Adyhana Urika Filifilia


Lilio Vea 10TR

Eh Htaw Kue Wah 10TR

Roanna Wah 10TU

28 Māngere College - 2020

MC Media

This is the second year of the MC Media club running

at MC. Covid-19 slowed down some of the MC Media

activities, but we were still able to capture many

exciting school events. We had some new students

join the group and learn some technical skills and

gain some media exposure. Looking forward to some

exciting things happening in 2021 – watch this space!



On July 31, there was a Māngere

Candidate Debate in the Māngere

Town Centre in preparation for the

2020 Election.

Olathe Taumihau, Mele Tuakalau

and PJ Campbell from Māngere

College were invited as part of MC

Media to speak to the four local

candidates and ask them questions

relating to the youth of Māngere.

The candidates were Labour’s

Aupito Su’a William Sio, National’s

Agnes Loheni, the Greens’ Reverend

Peter Sykes and Fuiavailili Ala’ilima

from the New Conservatives Party.

The students did an exceptional job

with some challenging questions

directed at the candidates.

Awesome work!



After being postponed twice, our

Performing Arts Showcase was

finally able to go ahead on Monday

28th and Tuesday 29th September,

in the school holidays. The Showcase

was an awesome celebration for

our school with singing, dancing,

spoken word and drama. MC Media

had a crew of 6 students who

helped to photograph and film the

event. Thank you to Alec Ah-Lam,

O-Shay Murphy, Tavake Kamana,

Makeleta Alofaki, Anne Tupou

and Tala Senifo who all worked

hard to capture the amazing

performances. Check out the photos

on our Instagram account - @

mangerecollege.media and videos

on the Māngere College Performing

Arts Youtube channel.



Some of the Auckland Ballers visited

school during term 4 to document

our senior basketball students.

They let MC Media students Mele

Tu’akalau, Makeleta Alofaki, Tavake

Kamana and Anne Tupou use the

cameras and gave them some

quick tutorials on how to handle

the professional gear. It was such

a great learning experience for

the MC Media students who came

away really excited about the media

industry with also the possibility of

further connections, part-time work

or apprentice type training.

The group that came through

included Seth Siope, Matavai

Taulangau and Reagan Butler who

are all professionals in the media

industry and are mostly from South


- Joanne Latif

Māngere College - 2020 29

Rise of the To’a:


During Tongan Language Week, Year 9 Dean and Social Sciences teacher, Alisi Tatafu

launched her new book ‘Rise of the To’a’ alongside co-auther David Riley.

David is an alumni MC student, so launching the book at the school and in our school library seemed the perfect fit.

‘Rise of the To’a’ is about the Mate Ma’a Tonga League team, and was written to inspire our Pasifica youth to overcome

their challenges just as the MMT team did to win the Rugby World Cup in 2017.

Well done to Ms Tatafu, what an awesome achievement!

30 Māngere College - 2020

Ngā Rangatahi Toa

This year has seen us

have some amazing

opportunities where there

haven’t been any before!

We have grown, we have adapted

and we continue to respond to the

needs of our rangatahi and whānau.

While our landscape changed,

so have we. We remained agile,

open and continued processing

in real time. Throughout this year

we planned to fail and shoot those

gaps when windows would open

up where we could be together

and connect. This has enabled

us to reach some phenomenal

achievements alongside our

Māngere College students.

Here are some highlights from the


■ Online workshops in Level 4 & 3

■ Creation of our haka

■ Base FM internships

■ performing at We love Aotearoa

■ Wassup at 10am project

■ Auckland Live workshop week

■ Fresh Movement and creative

artist workshops

■ Allpress Coffee barista training

■ Fresh new students for 2020/2021

■ 3 new rangatahi leaders in paid

employment with us

- Huia O’Sullivan

‘Executive director

Ngā Rangatahi Toa’

Māngere College - 2020 31

Toko Hauora



The 2020 Manawa Whenua Hauora programme began with

breakfasts for all year levels in Term 1, providing a platform for

students to connect with each other, their form teachers and

other staff as MC family at the beginning of the school year.

The advent of the Covid 19

pandemic with two lockdowns

affected how things were organised.

During lockdowns, the Toko team

ran a series of online workshops for

both staff and students covering

such topics as Keeping Connected,

Dealing with Emotions, Coping

with Stress, Mindfulness, Resilience

and Identity. They also supported

Ms Elizabeth Tupua, the school’s

wellbeing coordinator, by providing

prizes for her lockdown challenges.

Once the lockdowns were lifted,

workshops continued in the

auditorium on Wednesdays after

school, and guest speakers included

Māngere College’s very own Mr Mike

Darragh and Mr Paul Campbell.

Prior to school re-opening, the

Toko Collaboration Charitable Trust

collaborated with Māngere College’s

Hauora team to produce a video

that reassured students they were

welcome back, would be safe in

Alert Level 2 and that looking after

their wellbeing would help them

cope and build resilience.

The Manawa Whenua Hauora

programme has gone from strength

to strength with a Toko leadership

training day held in the first week

of the July school holidays for its

leaders. This was a very successful

joint venture with the NZ Defence

Force and the Māori wardens. A new

Manawa Whenua Hauora badge

was designed by Matua Maehe

Nuku and presented to students

at a Parents’ Fono in October. New

wellbeing awards for prizegiving

were also set in place for the

Manawa Whenua Hauora leaders.

It is very pleasing to see these

young leaders develop and grow

in confidence and leadership, and

the Toko Collaboration Charitable

Trust would like to wholeheartedly

thank all the staff and parents for

supporting the students in this


- Marina Potter

32 Māngere College - 2020


Māngere College - 2020 33

Achievement Centre

Tasi Limoni started at the Ambury School for Riding in 2019 – a partnered approach

to helping him achieve in both his learning and in life. After an unsettled start, Tasi

soon became an inspirational leader among his peers and a pillar of respect and

responsibility. Adding to this, Tasi mastered the art of riding and caring for the


This year with the recommendation

of the Principal and staff at Ambury,

Tasi attended an Automotive

class at the Manukau Institute

of Technology (MIT), in what was

only to be a two-week trial. Oneweek

in, Tasi was accepted into

the full Automotive Course at

MIT. From successfully stringing

paragraphs together and solving

math problems in the Learning

Centre, to cooking and baking in

the Achievement Centre, through

to riding and tending to horses

at Ambury…Tasi is now a full-time

student at MIT. Congratulations


This has been quite the year for

everyone. Even with the Covid19

lockdowns, students in the

Achievement Centre qualified for

their learners licenses, participated

in cultural performances for

language weeks and public

events, taught Year 7 and Year 8

students sports skills, went on work

experience and first aid courses and

were even named in the school’s 1st

XV Rugby team. We acknowledge

Jeremiah Falanaipupu and Nathan

Taufahema who were named in

the team for 2020. Nathan was also

appointed as co-captain.

We are also extremely proud of

Violetta Langi and Nathan for taking

a leap outside their comfort zones

to submit applications to become

Student Leaders. Nathan was

successful and will be a Student

Leader in 2021. The mere fact they

applied, is a huge achievement.

The Mamba Mentality (introduced

and made famous by the late L.A

Lakers and NBA great, Kobe Bryant)

means “to be on a constant quest

to try be better today than you were

yesterday”. This has been our ACH

focus for 2020. We’re ACHIEVING IT

every single day.

- Hermann Arp

34 Māngere College - 2020

Art: Hermon Mani

Hermon Mani has clearly

demonstrated his creative

powers this year, excelling

in the Art disciplines of

painting and printmaking

at NCEA level 2.

He came into his own when helping

with the tutoring of the year 8

groups from neighbouring schools

for our Open Week, being able to

confidently demonstrate skills and

communicate ideas. Hermon is

from the Cook Islands and has been

in New Zealand since he was in year


- Mike Christo

Māngere College - 2020 35

Business Department

2020 was a very unusual year for everyone. Though we

planned to do so many school trips, COVID-19 stopped

us. Our Accounting, Economics and Business students

were to travel to Wellington, so instead a virtual outing

was organised to help them complete their course

work, to gain their NCEA credits.

the Regional Final Award and the

Excellence in Sustainability Award.

The students in this business group:

Herilla Salu, Miraclerena Tuta, Liona

Vailea, Cynthia Misi, Joell Fuimaonu

and Esther Siaki.

The Year 11 and 12 Business groups

were able to carry out their market

days successfully, selling food that

had been prepared by students and

making a profit.

Our Year 13 business students had

a successful year with their creative

ventures. One of the groups called

‘Handy Mates’’ created fruit and

veggie bags out of donated Air

New Zealand head rest covers.

The students made the product,

advertised it and sold them

successfully. Led by Herilla Salu,

Cynthia Misi, MIraclerena Tuta, Joell

Fuimaono, Liona Vailea and Esther

Siaki, they were selected to present

in the final round of an almost

“Dragon’s Den-like” pitch at Young

Enterprise Studies, resulting in an

overwhelming win. They will be

awarded a prize for their fantastic

work with a sustainable product.

The second Year 13 business group,

‘Corona Busters’, was led by Olathe

and they produced masks which

helped to prevent the spread of

COVID-19. While the lockdowns

hindered the profit margins, they

had first-hand knowledge on how to

run a business in a difficult scenario.

Young Enterprise Studies Auckland

South Awards

In term 4, our Y13 Business students

won 3 awards at the Young

Enterprise Studies (YES) South


Group 1 - ‘Handy Mates’ received

Group 2 - ‘Corona Busters’ received

the Excellence in Validation Award!

Students in this business group:

Ofa Ulunga, Olathe Taumihau,

Amelia Fehoko, Sapela Tiavaasue,

Eneleata Pulemau, Rozlyn Tikinau,

Anasta Manukau.

Our Head Girl Herilla Salu won the

best Chief Executive Officer of the

year award.

A special mention goes to Ms.

Nadan for her support in helping

these students to succeed.

The Business Education

Department has had a successful

year considering nationwide and

global challenges.

36 Māngere College - 2020

Careers at

Māngere College

Kia ora and warm Pacific greetings to you all. I am Ms Karanga

and 2020 was my first full year at Māngere College, in charge of the

Careers Department, and what a whirlwind year it has been.

We coped through two lockdowns, which threw all our plans for

work experience out the window and into the unknown.

Mrs Reade stepped up into the

position of Star and Gateway

Coordinator like a boss, and worked

miracles around the Auckland area.

She has undertaken a mammoth

job, vacated by Mrs Pene who

resigned last year. Mrs Reade, along

with Mrs Kwan and Mrs Akhlaqi has

helped us numerous times with our

students’ needs in Careers, and I

would like to acknowledge them for

their efforts.

Careers would not cope without our

awesome teacher Mrs Nu’usavili,

she has worked wonders in our

career programme ensuring that

all students reach their highest

capabilities. I am glad to announce

she has become a permanent

member of our team and will help

facilitate again in 2021. “Faafetai tele



In Vocational Pathways the boys

have had an opportunity to attend

various training institutes around

Auckland and develop different

skill sets. This year has seen them

journey them from MIT, to KIWA in

Papakura, to Vision College in East

Tamaki and to On Demand Logistics

in Manurewa, to work experience in

Waiuku, and to complete their driver

licensing, forklift licences, and Site

Safe certificates.

We would like to acknowledge the

work of Mr Perks, and Mr Aviga from

Manurewa High School who helped

us bring our students into these

amazing opportunities.

Also, to Ms Sarah Redmond from

ARA who has done a fantastic job,

organising our school to be given

these life changing opportunities.


During Māori Language week,

we were able to secure ABSCA,

Aotearoa Bone and Stone Carving

Academy to come and hold a

workshop for our young Rangatahi

at Māngere College. This is the

first time we have been able to do

this, and Whaea Arihana was able

to share in this experience with

our students. Mr Maha Tomo, is

the carver who also came with his

partner to present and facilitate

our students. This workshop will be

available again in 2021.

Māngere College - 2020 37

Throughout the Careers classes

we have had some outstanding

students who have in one year

completed Level 2 and 3 in 2020,

which has allowed them to focus on

a sixth subject in 2021. I would like to

also mention a massive thank you

to all the students who have made

the next step forward in their Hikoi/

Malaga/Journey into tertiary studies.


The Careers Expo on July 31st

allowed students to see what was on

offer in the wide world. 2021’s Expo

will be bigger and more focussed

on industry, apprenticeships and

Universities, so watch this space.

Māngere College has had some

fantastic students accepted all

over the beautiful country of

Aotearoa, into universities and

training institutes that will enable

them to work towards their dream

degrees and careers. Massive

congratulations to those of you

who were successful in securing

scholarships and placements at our

top Universities.

There will be some students who

are still planning their future and

have joined the ARA expo which will

happen on the 12th of November.

These students will have been

bridged into permanent work by

this day but have been working

hard to gain the licences and tickets

in training for their employment


Scholarship planning for 2021

students in Year 12: this is the year

that you will need to aim for those

Merits and Excellences in your

subjects, this will help you apply

for University scholarships in 2022.

Tertiary study is all about planning

and working towards a common

goal of personal achievement.

On a final note to all students who

want that dream career, plan and

commit to seek the heights of

personal achievement, and believe

in yourself!

“He Mahi Tahi Tatou Mo Te Oranga


We should work together for the

wellbeing of everyone.

- Ms Karanga

38 Māngere College - 2020

English: Creative Writing


Hi, my name is Reupena

Luamanu Kilipati and I am

a country singer and the

MC Samoan Cowboy.

I was born and raised in Samoa.

When I was little, I started singing

everyday especially when I would go

to the plantation to work. It made

working fun. When I finished work,

I would take a break and naturally

begin singing to myself. I had a little

bit of a country twang and I thought

to myself how amazing it was

because I felt that God had given

me a gift and I had recognised it. I

began to sing at church in the choir

and solo. This is where I was able

to get a lot of experience and over

time, I began to create my own style.

My voice was always strong, but it

began to develop more and more.

As I grew it seemed so did my voice.

I’ve always been appreciative of it

because it is a blessing from God.

In Samoa I had dreams of recording

my music, but it seemed impossible

to me. It wasn’t until I moved

to New Zealand that I began to

see a way of turning my dreams

into reality. At Māngere College,

I took music. It has always been

my passion and my number one

subject at school. I think that it

was the first step in my journey. I

began to become more confident

in myself. During this time, I started

playing around with music with

my friends and sometimes we

recorded ourselves on our phones

and uploaded these to youtube so

that we could share our music with

a wider audience. It was fun, but I

still wanted to do something more


I was thinking about recording a

cover of the song called ‘Trying to

get over you’ by Vince Gill because I

loved the lyrics and melody. I wasn’t

sure how to go about it, so I talked

to the music teachers to see if they

could help. They suggested we

record it at school. The equipment

wasn’t state of the art, but I think we

got a pretty good recording. After

getting the soundtrack down I was

thinking of making a music video

for it. I felt so inspired to make it

happen that I discussed it with Ms

Emily. She suggested that we could

film it at Ambury Farm. I asked my

best friend to help me out. She

agreed to act for me in the video.

The song is about a relationship. His

girl moves on and he sings to her

about all the things that they were

promised from the stars. The words

of the song are so powerful to me

because I feel the emotions of the

song when I sing it. The video was

fun and difficult to produce all at the

same time. We incorporated riding

a horse in the clip and so that was a

challenge because I wanted to look

natural as if I had grown up around

horses. It was the same for my best

friend. It was the first time she had

been around horses too.

With some clever editing the video

turned out really well. I was proud

of it. I hope to follow my musical

dream and I can’t wait to find out

where it takes me.

Māngere College - 2020 39


“Mevrig” Mum sighed.

“You’re finally sixteen my dear!” She

continued, as I watched her peel the


“Go get ready now darling, the

guests are going to be here any

time now!” She said.

I nodded and quickly ran up the

stairs to search for a suitable dress

for tonight. We had invited our new

street neighbours to come over for

dinner and suggested a ‘90’s style’

theme. I was excited, kind of. I mean

my mum wasn’t really the type to

let anyone in the house since her

boyfriend went missing. I picked the

dress I randomly found in the attic

once when I was up there and put it

on. Then I quickly rushed down to

take over my mum’s duties so she

could get ready as well.

“Ding, Ding.” The doorbell rang! I

walked politely to the door with a

smile ready to greet our new socalled

neighbours. As I opened the

door - wait - there was no one there.

I turned around to look at mum

only to find her looking at my knees.

My knees? I wanted to know what

she was looking at, but it wasn’t my

knees. It was a child! It was a little

girl with her teddy that had a name

tag reading ‘Louisa’. The teddy was

a bit ugly, but the little girl looked

quite presentable.

“What’s your name?” I asked kindly.

She didn’t say anything, in fact,

5 seconds later she just put her

teddy near her ear and walked in

MY house like she owned it. It was


“Bella!” Mrs Carol said as she

appeared in our doorway looking at

her child.

“I deeply apologise for my daughter.”

She worriedly exclaimed.

“No need for that! Children are so

innocent. They don’t know what not

to say!” Mum replied, grinning.

As Mum and Mrs Carol laughed,

Mr Carol decided to join the



A few moments later Mr and Mrs

Carol introduced their daughter and

said that she always held her teddy

to her ear everywhere she went

because she felt safe with her teddy

close. Moments later we all sat down

to eat dinner. We were supposed to

have five dining seats, but instead

we added an extra one for ‘Louisa’

the teddy. Even better Louisa was

right next to me. I stared at it for

a few seconds then I looked back

at mum. She was too busy talking

with the guests to notice me so I

just sat there.

As we all had to close our eyes for

prayer, I heard a whisper…

“I know what you did!”

“...What was that? Who said that?”

I said, interrupting the prayer. I

was scared. I looked to see that the

teddy beside me was gone.

Mum looked at me angrily. Til

‘BOOM’ The ceiling fell down out of

nowhere. A body covered in blood

fell from the attic with a note saying

‘Mevrig did this.’ Mum screamed as

she noticed the ring on the body’s


It was her boyfriend.

- Mary Silva 9NU

40 Māngere College - 2020

ESOL Department



One day Danny knew that

he had won the lotto, but he

realised that he had lost the


Then he looked for it in the

rubbish but it was already empty.

He asked Sam (his friend), “Do you

know where the rubbish goes?”

Sam showed him where the

rubbish bin was.

He went to where he had left the

rubbish but he couldn’t find it.

Next, he went and asked a group

of people to help him find his

lotto ticket. He was looking for his

ticket. Everyone was searching.

They heard Sam say “I found it”.

They all looked at Sam.

Sam found the lotto ticket in the

rubbish. They went to the shop

and said “we won”

Sam gave the lotto ticket to the man

and HAPPILY shared the money





BY Mary Ainiu YEAR 9NU




In 2017 Kwae, Oo and Me

Reh came to New Zealand

from Karenni Banmai Naison

Refugee Camp in Thailand.

The camp is situated on

the border of Burma and


We were born in the camp. All

refugees are not allowed to leave the

camp. You are allowed to go to the

hospital only with an appointment.

The education is very low and we

can grow vegetables for our use.

It’s difficult to get a passport which

is required to work outside the


Soe Reh came to NewZealand in

2018. Our families applied to UNHCR

(United Nations High Commissioner

for Refugees) to be resettled. We

had to wait two years before the

paperwork was finalised.

Now we have a better life, education,

a warm home and an opportunity to

own a car.

We are very fortunate to be

welcomed by a friendly country.

- Oo Reh, Kwae Reh, Soe Reh, Me

Reh and Key Reh

Māngere College - 2020 41



Refugees are people who

have been forced to leave

or escape their country

because of war or natural

disasters, but those are only

some reasons. I came to New

Zealand because my parents

wanted to start a new

chapter in life for my siblings

and me.

It was an awesome first experience

of New Zealand and I felt very

blessed to be coming to Aotearoa.

The freedom of life came back, even

though I missed my friends back

there. I had no clue how to speak

English, and it was pretty hard back

then. Looking back, I was nervous

about learning from the start.

My first school really supported

me with subjects and my everyday

routine. It was tough getting used to

everything and where places were.

My hard work and dedication

helped me to be motivated to

keep going, even when it felt

like a rollercoaster. I actually felt

really happy and proud of my

parents for leaving their family

to help my sister and me with

our future. Looking back to our

first arrival, it was quite funny

and I was nervous because every

road we took, there was always

sand in our faces. We got to stay

in a hotel for 2-3 days until we

got to the place we had to stay.

Life was surely impressive, to be

honest. So every road or path

we take is always possible for

right and wrong. Don’t give up

in life and keep working towards

your dream. Right now I’m at

Māngere College to learn more

about the future dreams for our


- Shwe Ko


I was born in Afghanistan but moved

to Pakistan with my mother and two

sisters when I was young. We stayed in

a place for widows and had a room with

a shared kitchen and bathrooms. I went

to school and made friends who I played

hide and seek with in the dark.

My Mum worked as a cleaner, sometimes my sister

and I would help her.

I can see the differences between Pakistan and

New Zealand. In Pakistan, there were no flowers

or trees. Sometimes I miss my friends. I can speak


When I came to New Zealand my life changed, and

I am happy to be able to smile. Thank you.

- Aqila Rajab Ali

42 Māngere College - 2020


‘E ivi no toku nei ivi, e kiko no toku nei kiko,


Kia Orana tatou katoatoa. This year we celebrated Cook Islands Language

Week in full Cook Islands style and fashion. “Te atua mou e, ko koe rai te pu,

o te pa enua e.” Our anthem opened up Cook Islands language week in the

hotspot. We hosted events at lunchtime to show our Cook Islands culture

and closed our week of celebrations with a Rotaianga event for families on

Saturday. Overall our Cook Islands Students Association worked together to

bring about a week of culture, language and celebrations. Te atua te aroa.

Cook Islands

- Mr Upokokeu-Henry

Māngere College - 2020 43

Māori Department


Matariki 2020 was

celebrated throughout

the kura.

Our students learnt Mahi Whai

(string games), Māori hand games

such as Hei Tama – Tu tama, Takatu

and Hipitoito. We also had a Staff

Professional Learning Development

in which staff were able to learn

about the importance of the names

and meanings of each star in the

Matariki Cluster.

These stars are Tipuanuku,

Tipuarangi, Waiti, Waita,

Waipunarangi, Ururangi,

Pohutukawa, Hiwaiterangi, Matariki.


Despite Covid-19, we are as a school

looking forward to continuing with

Mau Rakau into the year 20201. We

will have 2 of our students (Sylas

Wilson Year 11 and Kasey Wehi

Year 10) representing Māngere

College achieving their Level 1 or

‘Poutahi’ in Mau Rakau 2020. It has

been a challenging year for the 2

boys, however, they were able to

learn the Kupu (words), Karakia

(prayer or chants), Mahi Rakau

(Taiaha movements) and Waewae

Nuku (Footwork). A huge thanks

to Chris Wiremu and Nga Pou

Tuakana (Higher Level Seniors) for

coordinating Mau Rakau this year.


Kapa Haka has been a struggle

this year. Because of the Level

restrictions, we were not able to

have mass gatherings or people

from other bubbles to achieve what

we wanted to, however at the start

this year Matua Maehe, Whaea Jane

Paul and Whaea Arihana had the

opportunity to see how talented

some of our MC students are. Our

range included vocals, action songs,

haka, good memory with words and

other fundamentals.


WEEK 2020

Māori Language week 2020 was

filled with amazing opportunities for

tauira and Kaiako.

We had ARO music running

workshops with our tauira Māori,

Māori music playing all week, Toi

Manawa Pounamu workshop,

Staff doing their pepeha and a

department kaitiaki for PLD, year

9 Te Reo Māori students teaching

the other year 9 students different

things and the school wide Māori

Moment where MC all contributed

to the 1 Million people sharing in

the Māori moment. Ka mau ra te

wehi! We really did contribute to the

theme, Kia kaha te reo Māori.

44 Māngere College - 2020


Māngere College - 2020 45

Samoan Department

E muamua ona te’a mea i

Matautusa, o le vi’iga ma le

fa’afetai i leTapaau Sili oi le

lagi, aua o lona alofa ma lona

agalelei, o lo’o maua ai pea

le soifua laulelei i lo outou

soifua ma so matou ola. E

muamua ona fa’atalofa atu

i le Susuga i le Ali’i Pule ma

ona soatau fa’apea le vasega

o ali’i ma tamaita’i faiaoga

o le laumua, tainane le paia

ma le mamalu i matua o lo’o

faia le faiva o le taputapua’i,

e pei o le faiva o le toeaina

o Fe’epo i lona atali’i o le

Leatiogie. Talofa, Talofa lava!

a’afiaga o le fa’amai o le Koviti 19,

ua a’afia ai le lalolagi atoa aemaise

ai polokalame fa’ata’atitia i le

fa’atauaina o le aganu’u a Samoa i

totonu o Niu Sila nei. Peita’i ua le

tini ma tau lau o le fa’amoemoe o

alo ma fanau o le Kolisi o Magele

sa tapena ma sauni iai. E momoli

ai le agaga o le fa’afetai i le paia

ma le ma’ave ese’ese o matua i le

latou titifaitama ma le manatu i

alo ma fanau o le kulupu Samoa o

lo’o aotauina i le Kolisi maualuga

o Magele. Liliu mai ala o le lupe

i le vasega o fai’aoga mo le latou

foi pitola’au i le fa’afaileleina ma

le tapu’eina o alo ma fanau ina ia

fa’atumauina tu ma aga fa’asamoa

moni. Ae lei la’aloa se fa’amatalaga, e

ao foi ina avatu se agaga fa’afetai i le

vala’ulia fa’aaloalo sa auai atu ai nisi

o tama ma teine o le Vasega 12 ma le

13 Gagana Samoa sa fa’ataunu’uina

i le Faletusi i Magele. O se tasi lea

o avanoa matagofie e fa’ailoa ai le

taua o tu ma aga fa’asamoa i Niu

Sila nei. Mulia’i ai se fa’amatalaga, e

momoli atu ai se fa’afetai le a’ua’u i

alo ma fanau o le kulupu Samoa, i lo

outou talisapaia ma le lagolagosua

i le fa’amoemoe e pei ona iai. E ui

lava e lei tau lau o le fa’amoemoe

ae talitonu se lagona o Aganu’u ma

Agaifanua o se oso, po’o se ai lea mo

lau malaga i le lumanai.

O lenei tausaga i le vaiaso o le

Gagana Samoa sa fa’aautuina e

fa’apea, “Tapena sou oso ma lau

malaga”. Ua le’o toe po se lilo i

46 Māngere College - 2020



First of all, we give all the glory and

praise to our Heavenly Father who

has guided us throughout this

year. Unfortunately, because of the

horrible pandemic of COVID 19, our

yearly event at the ASB Polyfest was

canceled. However, our Samoan

Polyfest Group had the opportunity

to perform in front of families and

friends during the Fiafia Night that

was held in the gym. Within that

short amount of time that was

given to us, we made some very

memorable memories together as

a family.

With Polyfest being cancelled,

we received some very sad news

that one of our greatest teachers

was leaving Māngere College. Mr.

Fesulu’ai has been working at this

school for more than 4 years, and

though it was heartbreaking for us

to see him leave, we couldn’t have

been happier to see that he is going

to do bigger and greater things at

the University of Auckland. Words

are not enough to describe your

hard work and dedication towards

your gagana Samoa classes and to

the school.

We were very fortunate that with

the lockdown being at Level 1

during Samoan Language Week, we

were able to celebrate our cultural

activities in school. Special thanks

to Carmel who was our MC for the

week and her team. Also, thank you

to every performer who was brave

enough to take part in the interval

and lunch time activities. We also

had the opportunity to celebrate

Samoan language week with the

teachers and staff members of

Māngere College.

Another memorable time for us

was when we had the privilege

to perform at the Māngere East

Festival at the Māngere East Library.

We were so thankful to Joanne

Latif our productions and media

manager who got us involved in the

festival and we were able to perform

to get some extra credits.

Our theme this year is “Prepare

yourself a gift for your travels”. We

believe that COVID 19 was a way

for us to realize how important it

is to always prepare for the future

or what may happen next. Our

motivation for you is that you

prepare yourself today so you won’t

need to worry tomorrow. Set your

goals now and work hard to achieve

them. Thank you and God bless!

- Miraclerena Iuta & Herilla Salu

Māngere College - 2020 47

Tongan Department

“We welcome you to join us in Enriching Aoteroa through faith & prayer.” (Theme of Tonga

Language Week 2020) Fakakoloa ‘o Aotearoa ‘aki ‘a e lotu mo’oni.

Māngere College’s Tonga Language

week was a treat for both the

eyes and soul. Every lunchtime

activity was opened with a hymn &

prayer by our Tongan teachers and

students. Every day was packed

with performances from all year

levels, displaying the nature of the

“‘Ulungaanga Faka-Tonga”.

It has been inspirational to watch

our students showcase their passion

for their culture through songs,

dance, and even a traditional kava


From colourful “teunga” customs to

beautiful “faiva” traditional dances,

our Tongan students brought us

the real live Tongan experience.

But this week could not have

happened without the help of

all our performers and Tongan

students & staff. Thank you so much

for enriching MC in your culture.

To all our staff members who

stayed patient and understanding

throughout the week “‘oku mau

hounga ‘ia” we are truly grateful

and appreciate your support for our

students. To the students and staff

who were the backbone of Tonga

Language Week who held the

foundation of every performance

and off/on stage preparation – thank

you. A special shoutout to all our

senior students who worked behind

the scenes in preparation for Tonga

Language Week. You have all played

a big role in Tonga Language week


- Ms Bloomfield

48 Māngere College - 2020


With an excitingly different approach to the

year, it was testing times for our students and


But being able to model attributes that we promote in our

classrooms, we were able to problem-solve and try to deliver

the curriculum as best we could given the disruptions

caused by COVID. What was pleasing to see was the

increased number of students using Education Perfect

for Math, teachers upskilling in using online platforms to

communicate and more importantly becoming more

flexible and understanding of our students’ needs.

As some normality came back into our year, the Math

department was involved in Open Week where we got to

share what we offer in terms of courses, support in Math

and extra-curricular to our feeder schools Viscount, Sir

Douglas Bader and Māngere Central.

Furthermore, to continue providing opportunities, we

offered the level 1 MCAT exam to more of our Year 11

students, some of our Year 12 and Year 13 students attended

the Pacific Academy study Ako sessions during term 3

holidays and we entered 4 junior teams into each of the

South Auckland Mathematics Competion (SAMC) events.

There were some pleasing results by both year 9 and year

10 teams and we were fortunate enough to host two of the

four events and be cheered on by our peers and teachers.

An interesting year to say the least but some valuable

learning experiences by both the department members

and students. We would like to wish our 13VPM, 3MAT,

3MAS and 3MAC students all the best for their future

endeavours (36° 57’ 34.96” S 174° 47’ 30.466” E).

- Katalina Ma

Māngere College - 2020 49



Mazbou Q with vocalists Caylis, Temaleti & D’nadcyn


This year our music

students had the chance

to be mentored by some

of NZ’s finest musicians.

These included Anonymouz

(Music Producer, Beat Maker,

Videographer) via the NZ Music

Commission, Shelley Cocker

(Founder & Producer, NZ Music

Theatre Company) and Mazbou Q

(Music producer, Musician, Rapper).

Anonymouz mentored our senior

music students in Songwriting

and Composition, and offered

them valuable insights into the

NZ Music Industry, whilst Shelley

worked with our talented female

vocalists, focussing on stage craft

and performance. Three of our

vocalists also had the opportunity

to workshop with Mazbou Q, where

he analysed their performances

and stage craft and helped them

to gain confidence in their ability

and potential. Many thanks to these

music mentors for working with our

students to help them achieve their


Shelley with our vocalists

Anonymouz working with L1 Songwriting Students

50 Māngere College - 2020


16 MC Music students took

on the New Found Sound

Competition this year – our

groups John & Tha Boys, Niu

Sound, Dolce and Duet Una

& Pypher.

New Found Sound is a competition

for upcoming musicians, singers

and bands. Regional heats kicked

off in July throughout the Auckland

and Hamilton regions. Our four

groups headed to the South Heats

at the Māngere Arts Centre on 13th

July. After a fun night filled with

many stand out music and dance

performances, our groups came out

on top - with John & Tha Boys and

Niu Sound placing 1st equal in the

Band category, and Una & Pypher

placing 1st in the Duo category.

Our performers backstage at the South Heats

Fast forward to 1st August, when

our finalists took to the stage in the

Final at TAPAC in Western Springs,

competing against the best of the

best. They had the opportunity to

perform to a packed crowd and

enjoyed the camaraderie between

all the groups backstage. John &

Tha Boys, Niu Sound and Duo Una &

Pypher all performed brilliantly, with

great feedback from the crowd and

judges alike. The competition was

stiff, with the winners decided by a

mixture of audience vote and judges


Congratulations to John & Tha

Boys who placed 1st Runner Up

in the most highly-contested

Band category, and to Niu Sound

who gained the highest judges

scores on the night. Outstanding

results for all our performers who

are to be commended for their

professionalism, dedication and

team spirit throughout the course of

the competition.

South Heats Winners


Niu Sound backstage

at the Finals John & Tha Boys backstage at the Finals 1st Runner Up at the Finals: John & Tha Boys

Māngere College - 2020 51




Our Performing Arts students were finally able to put their Showcase on, after two

prior cancellations due to Covid. Held at our MC Auditorium over two nights, Monday

28th and Tuesday 29th September, our 2020 Showcase was a celebration of music,

dance, drama and spoken word, all delivered by our talented performing artists.

Our Level 1 – 3 Dancers took to the

stage with a variety of hip-hop,

contemporary, Pasifika and fusion

dance styles, while our music

groups Duende, Dolce, Grace Notes,

Niu Sound, and John & Tha Boys,

together with instrumentalists,

performed a mix of pop and R&B

arrangements that showcased their

stellar vocals and rich harmonies.

More highlights included powerful

and passionate performances by

our Spoken Word Crew, and vibrant

drama pieces by our junior actors.




John & The Boys

Grace Notes

Niu Sound

52 Māngere College - 2020






Dance Leadership Award:

Patricia Beazley

Music Leadership Award:

Duende (Pearl Taisi, Hoparonee

Aleni, Crystal Fineaso)

Tech Team Award:

Monalisa Selu

Support Crew Award:

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Most Promising Actor:

Nise Lam

Most Promising Dancer:

Jahriena Maybir

Most Promising Instrumentalist:

Lakai Maea

Most Promising Vocalist:

Kaisa Faamausili

All-Rounder Award:

Mele Lelenoa

The MC Way Award:

Reupena Kilipati

2020 Supreme Award:

Unaloto Leleifi


Māngere College - 2020 53


Over the course of 7

weeks, a group of our

music students had the

opportunity to work with

Kava Bowl Media on an

original track and music


Working in the KBM studio with

Producer, Malachi Samuelu,

instrumentalists Ofa Ahomana

and Tererei Samuel laid down

instrumental tracks whilst

vocalists Adyhana Urika Filifilia,

D’nadcyn Matia, Pearl Taisi, Unaloto

Leleifi, Johnathon Lemalu, Kaisa

Faamausili, Cezanne Ratumu-

Wharton, Faamanu Sanerivi

recorded solo and harmony parts

as they watched the layers start to

form the song. The music video was

shot in three stages, both at MC

and on location close to Mangere

Mountain with filmographer Dylan

Crummer and director John Tapu.

It was an incredible experience for

everyone involved in the project;

overcoming challenges, learning

new skills and focus, and celebrating

‘The MC Way’ in the process.

The support for the song has

been immense - within the first

weekend of its release, the song saw

over 20,000 views, and hundreds

of shares and positive feedback.

Massive thanks to Kava Bowl Media

for their work on this project and to

our MC Family and Community for

the support of the song.



On 31st August, Year 13 Music

student Alex Angaa’elangi aka

Mizgf.C was featured on the

Pacific Media Network’s Radio

531 PI - ‘E Tu Rise Up Youth

Show’. This also livestreamed on

Facebook. He talked about his

musical inspirations, his work

ethic and his artistic process

and was able to offer words

of encouragement to other

aspiring beatmakers and music

producers – “…never give up. If

you are doing something and

you love doing it, don’t

stop the grind. You’ve

gotta stay committed

and follow your dreams,

because in the end, it

always pays off.”

Soon after he was featured

in another interview, live on

radio with John Pulu. You

can listen to Alex’s music

on Spotify, Instagram,

Facebook, Tiktok, Google

Play, iTunes and YouTube.

54 Māngere College - 2020

Physical Education





Yesterday Level 1 and Level 2

Sports science classes went to the

Vector Wero Whitewater Park. We

learnt about river crossing, risk

management and gained some

safety skills. We got to jump in the

river and float down the stream

through grade 4 and 5 white water.

We also got to paddle inflatable

boats down the stream. It was

very scary but fun. To finish we all

went over the 7 meter drop in the

inflatable raft.

All of the students were great and

thanks to all our teachers and to

Wero Whitewater Park for the


- Jahriena Maybir


In February this year our Year 12

sports leaders ran the Big Day Out

for the new Year 9 students. The

Big Day Out is an all day activities

day, designed to help the Year 9’s

get to know each other, their form

teachers and have loads of fun.

A big shout out to our Year 12 sports

leaders students who all planned

and delivered the activities, it was a

fantastic day.

- Mike Darragh

Māngere College - 2020 55

Science Department

In the images above, students are doing titration to find the

concentration of acid in white vinegar.

Then they compared their findings to see if the concentration

claimed by the manufactures is correct or not.

Social Science

56 Māngere College - 2020

Student Services

Our Student Services team aims to support the health and well-being of students at

Māngere College so they can reach their academic and personal potential.

We are fortunate to have a

counselling team of five, consisting

of Teresa Elder and Paul Campbell

along with three Placement

Counsellors from tertiary institutions

(Simaima Afemui, Nancy Robertson

and Robertalyn Bristowe) to

provide a confidential environment,

supporting mental well-being.

Our Community Liaison Officer &

Mentor, Kiri Leniu and Social Worker,

Tarsh Allan-Poko have formed strong

connections with students and

whanau to support their well-being

and engagement in school.

Student Services Team from left: Teresa Elder, Kiri Leniu, Paul Campbell, Tarsh Allan-Poko, Kathleen Beaton, Laura Williams,

Hanneke Aish.

Māngere College - 2020 57


What a year it has been! Our nursing team has been super flexible as we navigate our way through the

different alert levels ensuring we kept staff and students safe throughout the Covid19 outbreaks.

We said goodbye to Roman in Term

3 as we welcomed back Erin from

maternity leave. Roman will be

missed. Our nursing team is now

made up of Laura Williams, Erin

Hunt and Hanneke Aish. We were

also very proud to co-host an event

with Counties Manukau Health in

Term 3 this year. We hosted the Hon.

Julie Ann Genter who announced

that the government is investing

up to $40 million for a year-long

measles-catch-up campaign. It

was a busy but wonderful morning

vaccinating students while TV

cameras rolled. Our school sits at

approximately 85% of students

vaccinated against Measles, Mumps

and Rubella. We look forward to our

summer break and will be raring to

go in 2021.

Erin Hunt

Roman Cabilla

Nancy Robertson

Teresa Elder

Robertalyn (Birdie)


Hanneke Aish

Simaima Afemui

58 Māngere College - 2020

Technology teachers wearing masks that had been made for Covid-19 during lunch time workshops.

Technology Department


Here is a screenshot

of a Year 11 Digital

Technologies project.

This was a game

that was developed

on Scratch about


concerns, in which

players have to collect

falling trash from the

sky on school grounds

for points.



A guardian is a

person or spirit who

protects us from

ill-doing, whether

physical, mental or

spiritual. We have

chosen the RURU

as our guardian, as

it is mythologically

a guardian of the

spiritual world.


We hope to

represent the

guardianship of

RURU by making

RURU-themed covid

masks, showing how

we can protect one

another from viral


Māngere College - 2020 59


Ms Singh demonstrating how to prepare

pizzas for Year 9 Food Technology

Our Level 3 Catering students at Manukau Institute of Technology completing an


Year 9 Food Technology students

making pizza

Catering students serving teachers as part of their NCEA



60 Māngere College - 2020


The L2 Metal cohort were

introduced to CAD, primarily

focussing on mechanical CAD

that was used for product and

machinery design whereby

the students derived working

drawings of their machinists

hammer project.

L2 Metal cohort proudly displaying their constructed projects.

Cutting the taper at the

knurl termination point:

Set compound slide at –5

degrees. Calculate and

set the turning speed

appropriately. Cut the

taper down until the minor

diameter is about 0.570”.

Finish turning the remaining

handle section from the end

of taper to the nut boss at




Isaako Isaako (left) and Ngatokorima Epi Mana displaying their Level 3 BCT

Coffee Table with Rimu Curved inlays.


Lakai Maea displaying his Year 11

1BCT Small Bedside Table


Tic Tac Toe Board Game. Precision measuring,

marking, cutting and assembling. Students have

made an excellent start on their first Woodwork


Māngere College - 2020 61

62 Māngere College - 2020







Junior Girls Ruth Williams 10ZH Ruth Williams 10ZH Ariata Tonitara 9DV

Junior Boys Benjamin Temu 9MN Key Reh 9MN Joshua Siulangapo

U17 Boys Likaan Davis-Ratumu 12RE Likaan Davis-Ratumu 12RE Detroit Stewart 12RE

U17 Girls Jorjane Aerenga 12HI Jorjane Aerenga 12HI To'o Moananu 12RE


Senior Red Wednesday Anne Tupou 12SI Suaesi Vui 11ZA Cassie Lualua 11BM

Senior Blue Wednesday Emalata Kiole 13FI Herilla Salu 13IM Ane Filimoehala 13SA

Senior Mixed Kaisa Faamausili 13SA Teava Tonitara 13FI Cezanne Ratumu-Wharton


Senior Red Friday Noah Finau-Mose 11FO Merita Tuakore 11BM Monday Ayak John 10FR

Senior Blue Friday Patricia Beazley 13SA Tarleaa Grant-Te Ruahanga



Tarleaa Grant-Te Ruahanga


1st XV Joe Sania 12AU Nathan Taufahema 12WE Jeremiah Falanaipupu 12HI

Girls Red Silia Palenapa 10ZH Silia Palenapa 10ZH Azariah Fuamatu 10ZH

Girls Blue Mele Lelenoa 11ZA Mele Lelenoa 11ZA Joell Fuimaono 13TN

Tag Football

Senior Boys

Te Mana Williams-Tawhi


Hosking Viniki 10WG

Mathew Aimasi 12HS

senior Girls Jahriena Maybir 12WE Poini Lutui 12SI Vanessa Samaeli 12RE

Table Tennis

Senior Kwae Reh 12WE SimionePanuve 9DA


Senior Boys Blessing Tanu Talap 13IM Makarious Siuoalii 11FA Atunasia Tupou 11BF

Senior Girls Adyhana Urika Filifilia 12HS Loreal Urika Filifilia 11ZA Tame Tau Taupau 12HS

Māngere College - 2020 63



Senior Sports Girl

Senior Sports Boy

Knight Award for outstanding

contribution to sport

Patricia Beazley 13SA

Kaisa Faamausili 13SA

Adyhana Urika Filifilia 12HS

Hall Award for Sportsmanship (female) Ane Filimoehala 13SA

Aldridge Award for Sportsmanship


Team of the Year

Johnson Cup

Sports Council

Sportsmanship Boy of the Year

Sportsmanship Girl of the Year

Reupena Kilipati 13TN

Senior Netball Red team (Friday)

Ramona Mafileo 13SA

Alec Ah-Lam 12HI

Daniel Esera 13TN

Mele Tu'akalau 12RE

64 Māngere College - 2020

Māngere College - 2020 65

66 Māngere College - 2020





During Term 4, the

Auckland Ballers ran

a workshop with our

U17 Girls and Boy’s

Basketball teams.

The crew that visited were

a group of passionate

basketballers who run an

Instagram page called @

aucklandballers and you’ll

find their website at www.

aucklandballers.nz. From

their website: ‘Auckland

Ballers organically evolved

into a new media platform

utilizing creative gifts to

tell other peoples stories

through film, photography,

graphic design, and art.’

During the workshop, our

MC Media students used the

cameras to photograph and

video our basketball teams

and what you see here is all

taken by Māngere College


To watch the video, scan the

QR Code with an app on

your phone.

All photographs were taken

by Makeleta Alofaki 12SI.

Māngere College - 2020 67


Back Row: Roimata Engu (referee), Benitio Henry, Joseph Agafili,

Hosking Viniki, Joshua Siulangapo, Winston Ngawhika

Front Row: Sapati Faaleaoga, Benjamin Temu, Key Reh, Maufau



Back Row: Roimata Engu (Referee), Ruth Williams, Fangaipulotu

Tupou, Ariata Tonitara

Front Row: Tavara Williams, Kairangi Tekena, Kalara Williams


Back Row: Alex Angaa’elangi, Sa’I Ah Mann, Henry Ah Sam,

Likaan Davis-Ratumu, Genesis Poko, Dave Siulangapo

Front Row: Mason Chan-Ting, Tupou Filipine, Nuhaka Maitai


Back Row: Roimata Engu, Mara Vaifale, Janet Su’a,

Ramona Mafileo

Front Row: To’o Faasisila, Jorjane Aerenga,

Prettisha-Mei Atonio-Seiuli

68 Māngere College - 2020


Māngere College - 2020 69



Back Row (L-R): Roimata Engu, Sylvia Faingaanuku

Front Row (L-R): Miracleerena Misa T Iuta, Alexis Fenton, Katherine

Pairama, Patricia Beazley



Back Row (L-R): Patricia Beazley, Ane Filimoehala, Sylvia Faingaanuku,

Tulei Salu, Roimata Mafileo (Coach)

Front Row (L-R): Herilla Salu, Rheima Misa T Iuta, Miraclerena

Misa T Iuta



Back Row (L-R): Suaesi Leaula, Cassie Lualua, Kaufoou Mafi,

Sela Mafi

Front Row (L-R): Pulotu Kaifa, ‘Alamoni Matangi, Merita




Back Row (L-R): Cezanne Ratumu-Wharton, Teava Tonitara,

Cassandra Tere, Kaisa Faamausili, Ramona Mafileo (Coach)

Front Row (L-R): Pairi Enua, Johnathon Lemalu, Ella Yipouli



Back Row (L-R): Kaufoou Mafi, Pulotu Kaifa, Monday Ayak John,

Merita Tuakore, Sela Mafi, Te Amorangi Nuku

Front Row (L-R): Vani Kaufusi, ‘Alamoni Matangi, Noah Finau-

Mose, Mele Lelenoa, Maaria Karika-Nuku

70 Māngere College - 2020


This year has been one to remember but not always for the desired reasons. Preparations

were severely disrupted by the COVID pandemic and the two lock-downs came at crucial

points in the season which had the overall effect of blocking our progress in the competitions

into which we were entered. A reduced number of entries resulted in MC fielding only a boys’

first fifteen (1st XV) and two girls’ 10-a-side teams.

Standing (L-R): Apollonia Sofara, Kairangi

Tekena, Meliame Funaki

Seated (L-R): Faye Keniseli, Norina Paulo, Sisilia

Palenapa, Nise Lam, Asariah Fuamatu


We started after the first

lockdown ended but the real

surprise was having more

than 40 girls show up to our

training sessions.

This was a feature of the girls’

season and although the numbers

dropped away over time, we still had

sufficient numbers to send out two

teams each Monday afternoon.

The A team started with a big win

over Waitakere College. Captain

Mele Lelenoa was a standout

performer, as were Adyhana, Tame

and Jas. We faltered a little after a

mid-week non- competition game

against Otahuhu College when it

was halted because of a serious

injury to one of their players. The

game was evenly poised at the time

with no score. There was a huge

crowd for this home game (and it

continued for the whole season).

Ironically, when we played OC in the

competition rounds, the same result

occurred when one of our girls

sustained a severe head injury. That

game was registered as a 0-0 draw

and acted as another brake to our


Losses to Avondale and Howick and

a scheduled game against Tangaroa

ended the season when the second

lockdown happened in August.

Auckland didn’t open early enough

to complete the playoffs, so this is

how we ended.

The B team was captained by Silia

Palenapa. The most outstanding

feature for this season was the

wonderful team spirit carried

throughout each week, with

the numbers attending training

sessions and games remaining

consistently high. Being supportive

of teammates carried them through

tough results on-field and their

determined effort was excellent.

Comprising mostly juniors from

Years 9 and 10, it bodes well for the

future of girls’ rugby at Māngere

College. Many thanks to coaches

Rob Hukatai and Fred Leniu for their

ongoing support and instruction.

Māngere College - 2020 71


Perhaps the best way to

describe this season is

that it was an amazing

journey that took a group

of unlinked individuals

and led them from a

state of uncertainty

about what lay ahead

to one of self-belief,

increasing confidence

and eventual success.

The first steps in this journey were

made with the appointment

of new coaches Bond Tagaloa

and Sam (Oto) Tuia. Their

experience coaching school and

representative teams had an

immediate effect on the group,

starting out small and gradually

growing into a formidable team.

Together with the support of

team manager, Kiri Leniu and the

sponsorship of the Leniu family,

things were ripe to challenge and

win the Auckland Schools Rugby

1C competition and compete for

promotion to 1B in 2021. … And

then COVID-19 struck and put a

hold on everything!

Upon return from lockdown, we

restarted preparations for the

2020 promotion-relegation game

with Avondale. These included

early morning fitness sessions,

afternoon team trainings and


3rd row – Kaisa Faamausili, Malachi Karika-Lole, Folau Tongotongo, Mathew Aimasi,

Harold Fuimaono.

2nd row – Jeremiah Falanaipupu, Sweetie Neria, Sanele Ioane, Lee Toluono, Mathew


1st Row – Joe Saina, Vai Havea, Blessing Talapa, Nathan Taufahema, Daniel Esera,

Gideon Faiane, Cezanne Ratumu-Wharton.

Absent – Tevita Aleluia, John Bureta, Patalione Filipine, Kalavite Fukofuka, Isaako

Isaako, AJ Maselino, Faamanu Sanerivi, Jeffrey Taulanga, LB Tuaeu, Talia Vete, Ceasor

72 Māngere College - 2020

Pre-season games against a

teachers & dads selection, Southern

Cross Campus and Alfriston College

followed. However, we learned

some tough lessons in the loss

to Avondale 13-17 and again the

following weekend against Marcellin

in the first round of 1C competition.

During the term 2 holidays, training

sessions and a team outing to Laser

Strike gave opportunities for team

bonding that were capped with

another loss to Mt Roskill Grammar

in a non-competition match, and

our first win of the season against 1B

opponents, One Tree Hill College.

And then COVID did it again…

Our return to school and hopes

for a return to competition didn’t

eventuate due to Auckland’s Level

3 & 2.5 lock-downs which effectively

ended all rugby competitions in the

city. With scheduled, but unplayed,

games against lower placed schools

Edgewater, Papatoetoe, Alfriston

and Mt Albert Grammar C we were

unable to improve on our 2nd

placing on the table and because of

the major disruptions in 2020, the

rugby union decided there will be

no promotion-relegation next year.

The team grew as a unit. Individuals

emerged as leaders and tacticians

on-field. Things were building very

nicely as the various elements came

together into the ‘perfect storm’ of

coaches, management, players and

families to produce success in 2020.

Another constant feature of the

season was the amount of support

we had from parents and friends at

away games and home fixtures. We

hope that will continue in the future.

Off the field we became a focus

point for Kava Bowl Media Sky TV

series “Pacific Brothers and Sisters”.

The team featured in a weekly

five minute segment titled “Real

XV”. The nation was introduced

to team captains Nathan and LB,

players Jeremiah, Daniel, Blessing,

Faamanu, Vai and many others in

the team. We got a lot of interest

and support from viewers around

the country including some from as

far away as Wellington who wanted

to buy tickets in the team raffle that

also featured on the show. Another

Palmerston North viewer offered to

buy boots for the boys who revealed

they didn’t have boots that fit.

Throughout the season we had

guest visits from Julian Savea and

Danny Tusitala who helped with the

coaching. La’auli Sir Michael Jones

and Pita Alatini presented team

jerseys at the pre- season dinner.

Huge thanks go to Bond and Oto for

their work with the team and each

boy individually. Thanks again to the

Leniu Crew who sponsored the work

and to all our parents and staff who

supported us through the year. 2021

promises to be one where we build

from a starting point of strength

with the return of almost half the

squad. Onwards and upwards from

here… Keep your eyes on this team.

It was definitely a season to


- Nathan Samu

‘Huge thanks

goes to Bond

and Oto for

their work

with the team

and each boy


Māngere College - 2020 73

Tag Football

Table Tennis

In 2020 we had

an enthusiastic

group of students


weekly at


Our 2020

Champion is Kwae

Reh with runner-up

Simione Panuve.

74 Māngere College - 2020





The Senior Volleyball Boys A

team started the season in term 1

strongly with wins over One Tree

Hill, Tamaki College, Sir Edmond

Hillary Collegiate and a close 3-2 set

loss against De La Salle. The boys

had many moments of success in

all of their games in the Premier

division at Auckland Champs but

were challenged to convert that

success into winning more games.

Nonetheless, they are excited for

next year’s season as a rebuilding

phase for the team with many

promising juniors coming through

into senior volleyball.

Māngere College - 2020 75


We have two Junior Boys Volleyball teams and both teams have competed in close games and have had

some good wins. They have started to gel together and are working on their skills as a team. The Junior

A Boys Volleyball team are excited to compete at Auckland Champs and are motivated to challenge

themselves against higher-level teams.


Back Row (L-R): Antonio Tanginoa, Niko Apineru,

Ricardo Samuelu,

Front Row (L-R): Tauvela Sauni, Sione Tupou, Sakimi Vailoa


Back Row (L-R): Mary Ainiu, Sufali Pename, Christine Leatioo,

Fangaipulotu Tupou, Yona Fotualii, Fetalaiga Mauu

Front Row (L-R): Luisa Lualua, Seti Savele, Leta Aleni, Lilio Vea,

Miracle Ikahihifo



Back Row (L-R): Rahui Amarama, AJ Maselino, Sapati Faaleaoga

Front Row (L-R): Eutakio Tauia, Joseph Agafili, Avi Narayan

Reihana, Maafu Taufoou


Back Row (L-R):Jasmine Lemoa, Kurarua Mateo, Esther Paepae,

Roanna Wah

Front Row (L-R): Cancy Maro, Meliame Funaki, Tulei Salu

76 Māngere College - 2020




New homes for our community

Over the next 15 years, we’re building 10,000 new

quality homes here in Mangere so that more people

can enjoy this diverse and vibrant neighbourhood,

and live close to fantastic amenities and schools

like Mangere College.

At the heart of the Mangere Development

is the community. As new homes become

available, we’re helping Mangere locals put

down roots and purchase one of these new

warm, dry, healthy homes for themselves.


Website: mangeredevelopment.co.nz

Email: info@mangeredevelopment.co.nz

Call: (09) 953 8206

Facebook: facebook.com/mangeredevelopment

Visit the Mangere Development

Information Centre

12 Waddon Place, Mangere Town Centre

Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Māngere College - 2020 77



78 Māngere College - 2020

Year 13 Students

Back Row: Ramona Mafileo, Amelia Fehoko, Jeffrey Taulanga, Tiri Atiau, Makaila Ben

6th Row: Pairi Enua, Tiare Marsters, Thu Nguyen, Brendalee Pouwhare, Monalisa Selu, Theresa Maluatoga, Cecilia Ngani, Parani Toetoe, Caela Thompson,

Toluaiava Tavita

5th Row: Josh Kavana, Otila Niko, Teina Whakatane, Benjamin Akaiti, Ngatokorima Epi Mana, Sokoau Marama Tautu, Joela Napaa, Blessing Tanu Talapa,

Shakwon Aria, Tevita Aleluia, George Aleki Su’emai, Jasmarie Tohilima-Franklin, Joell Fuimaono

4th Row: Alex Angaa’elangi, Euangelion Pasa, Malachi Karika-Lole, Patalione Filipine, Leo Akeripa Sa, John Rimatuu, Talia Vete, Lee Tagitagiamoo Toluono, John

Bureta, Sitiveni Tongotongo, Ofa Ulunga, Daniel Esera, Liona Vailea, Cynthia Misi Tuitamai

3rd Row: Atalia Ueni, Levy Aigaalii, Kalavite Fukofuka, Felise Siaki, Maui Tereapii, Faamanu Sanerivi, Aaron James, Suia Samuelu, Sonny Maki, Cezanne Ratumu-

Wharton, Tyrone Tavita Hall, Johnathon Lemalu, Kaisa Faamausili, Sweetie Neria

2nd Row: Madina Salam Khel, Chu Moo Paw, Eneleata Pulemau, Nika Taufa, Temera Teingoa, Salome Sitani, Esther Siaki, Sylvia Faingaanuku, Sapela Tiavaasue,

Kristina Levi, Tina Vaihu, Grace Ah Chong, Ella Yipouli, Rozlyn Tikinau, Miraclerena Misa T Iuta

Front Row: Pj Campbell, ‘Emalata Kiole, ‘Etina Kaliopasi, Asena Panuve, Reupena Kilipati, Aaron Koiatu, Herilla Salu, ‘Unaloto Leleifi, Patricia Beazley, Younis

Ahmat Abdallah, Petissa Leha’uli, ‘Ofa ‘Ahomana, Sanele Ioane, Ane Filimoehala, Olathe Taumihau, Diana Pio

Māngere College - 2020 79

School LeaversCLASS OF 2020




Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

I’m Black.



Making excuses

can’t be excused

so stand beside

me, follow even

though I’m your




Sorry Ms for

eating your

lunch. You’re the



If you’re going

through hell

never give up,

you dont wanna

stop in hell By

SheffLevz 13.3z



I don’t have a




“cann I get a


- @patalione.




#4 Nigel - Rest in








Have a good day.





Make every day




And so the









I love you

straight away




Girl dont study

me, You won’t

graduate ‍♀️



Love over hate,

fight with fear,

know your not

alone cause GOD

is always there



MC for life


This world

wouldn’t be as

beautiful without



Mamiii lookin’

like a sweet one



Aint no Krabs

around here







It is what it is



Live a whole life

inside -out with a

grateful heart.



The bond

between your

brothers can

never be broken


A wise girl knows

her limits, a

smart girl knows

she has none.

-Marylin Monroe









84 Māngere College - 2020

Māngere College - 2020 85

Form Group Photos


Back Row: Paroa Tauira, Hadi Sultani,

Hekaitepo Taukiri, Fuka Kuli, Gene

Atanoa, Osai Pasikala

3rd Row: Mairi Nikau, Jeremiah

Heurea, LaceyLu Tohilima-Franklin,

Mele Fakatava, Serina Fonoti, Maiah

Hemara, Tauvela Sauni

2nd Row: Pj Campbell (Student

Leader), Mele Kaufusi, Jimmy Lee-

Lo, Moana Pouli, Ben Hepi-Brown,

Taylence Cecil, Mr Mike Christo


Front Row: Chass Ngaruhe,

Mackenzie Teaurere-West, Talita

Ake, Serena Seve, Beuty-Matagofie

Autagavaia, Manatu Tupou, Mahnaz


Absent: Ansar Abbas, Devante Roma


Back Row: Bronson Sofara, Simione

Panuve, Avi Narayan Reihana, Lana


3rd Row: Herilla Salu (Student

Leader), Rahui Amarama, Dayna

Tinirau, Charnaye Banaba, Kylie-Cacey

Tepoono, Mem Williams, Aliyah Tango

2nd Row: ‘Emalata Kiole (Student

Leader), Mercedez Petersen- Tofilau,

Maafu Taufoou, Deniro Autagavaia,

Carlin Robertson, Andrew Fepuleai,

Sapati Faaleaoga, Joseph Agafili, Mr

Michael Darragh (Teacher)

Front Row: Shwe Ko, Anna La’ai, Mafi

Latu, Marianne Tulimaiau, Lily Funaki,

Helena Tulikihakau, Mya Lokeni-Vea

Absent: Engelene Gasologa


Back Row: Thor Dey, Pasi Moimoi,

D’jon Tafili, Ezekiel Karika-Nuku, Tiori

Tairi, Isaac Rani

3rd Row: ‘Ofa ‘Ahomana (Student

Leader), Luke Soafa, Dejah Faleni

Maiava, Nise Lam, Ariata Tonitara,

Fay Keniseli, Hoki Cook, Petissa

Leha’uli (Student Leader)

2nd Row: Younis Ahmat Abdallah

(Student Leader), Joseph Apaapa,

Pula Fretton, Sonny Ofisa, Junior

Marurai, Brianna Saina, Elizana

Tuakore, Mr Kevin Davis (Teacher)

Front Row: Mee Cho Shwe, Ian

Teingoa, Maryjane Lazarus, Kalara

Williams, Kerena Emery, Jessie

Robson, Anahiiri Karamaena-


Absent: Mary Ainiu, Sufali Pename

86 Māngere College - 2020


Back Row: Dion Jones, Maaria

Karika-Nuku, Tangituangane

Tokotini, Key Reh, Oscar Siaki

3rd Row: Grace Tanginoa,

Christopher Faafiaula, Tavana Otto,

Benjamin Temu, Kurarua Mateo,

Penina Brown, Leta Aleni, Olathe

Taumihau (Student Leader)

2nd Row: ‘Unaloto Leleifi (Student

Leader), Augustino Tuala, Benitio

Henry, Sam Kaifa, Benjamayn

Faumuina, Engelene Gasologa, Jade

Peniuesi, Mr Levi Manhire (Teacher)

Front Row: Nafanua Kirisimasi, Ana

Kiel, Tavara Williams, Atalua Paulo,

Fangaipulotu Tupou, Tricia Latimer,

Tukura Munokoa

Absent: Halewayne Levi, Tulei Salu


Back Row: Miki Fonua, Litrell Vi,

Teivanui Taero, Junior Teinaki

3rd Row: Diana Pio (Student

Leader), Tra Briggs, Charlie

Nguyen, Sita Siosifa, Ramona

Tomuli Pritchard, Anthony Ioane ,

Faauila Henry

2nd Row: ‘Etina Kaliopasi (Student

Teacher), Janaia Levao, Taliah Hill,

Sam Salefao, Stanley Afualo, Nancy

Fale’ofa, Erasmus Kavapalu, Mrs

Savitri Nadan (Teacher)

Front Row: Asotolu Pelesasa,

Toalima Leilua, Halaevalu Liava’a,

Sira Singapu, Danielle Mancer, Ina

Raea, Jan Faatafe

Absent: Jacob Lal, Cherysh

Makaheti, Shyniarh Wynyard


Back Row: Clare Tauia, Soti Soti,

Patience Tuala, Sufali Pename,

Dean Alipate, Luaiva Kome

3rd Row: Vaipouli Apineru, Ane

Po’uliva’ati, Frederick Papalii, Talitai

Sila Vai, Henry Mataora, Mekarenna

Fidow, Aaron Koiatu (Student


2nd Row: Andrew Gasologa, Hugo

Ng Chok, Evangelia Utai Su’a, ‘Ileini

Loumoli, Maria Terii, Kevin Faasao,

Ms Fuatino Nuusavili (Teacher)

Front Row: Ane Filimoehala

(Student Leader), Kyarha Ngani,

Tutai Katuke, Mary Silva, Jane

Wolfgramme, Tiueti Fua, Patricia

Beazley (Student Leader)

Absent: Luisa Pita, Harold Sauni

Māngere College - 2020 87


Back Row: Tydus McIvor, Aaniah

Kapaiwai, Carlito Sitenitu, Emma


3rd Row: Sandra Kakapu, Jasmine

Lemoa, Monday Ayak John,

Meliame Funaki, Andre Tangata-


2nd Row: Pauliasi Tu’akalau,

Rimoni Moananu, Kaleb

Tongotongo Samuelu, Vela Peaufa,

Yetshi Oleko, Martin Pulemau, Mrs

Amera Franso (Teacher)

Front Row: Tisharna Tarapipipi,

Kairangi Tekena, Sela Alofaki,

Cancy Maro, Shriti Chandra, Luisa

Lualua, Esther Soti


Back Row: George Akaiti, Preston

Ngawhika, Mairangi Gilbert, Grace

Iuta, Daymon Ormsby

2nd Row: Jacob Mokalei, Sakimi

Vailoa, Esther Moli, William Tolutau,

Jaezahra Rewha, Paris Martin-

Dehar, Mr Mohammed Sameem


Front Row: Almeera Shah, Belina

Aneterea, Emma Eti, Norina Paulo,

Miracle Ikahihifo, Margaret Keniseli,

Rosielina Ariki

Absent: Zivana Hafoka, Taufahema

Manu, Dvonte Tango, Alex Tapatu

Lui, Leahana Teraitua, Rawiri Toe



Back Row: Joe Seiuli, Dorian Sao-

Mafiti, Aj King, Tani Edwin, Hunter

Houltham, Pearl Afitu, Andrew


2nd Row: Tupou Tonga, Mounga

Palu, Omani Nofoagatotoa, Tavake

Kamana, Dameighn Tuakore, Mahdi

Barbari, Mr Jose Torres (Teacher)

Front Row: Eh Htaw Kue Wah,

Lilio Vea, Sharon La’ai, Nargis

Hussaini, Apollonia Sofara, Deja

Ropati, Aqila Rajab Ali

Absent: Mikayle Babulal, Barbara

Etuale, Elizabeth Magele, Trinity

Manuel, Siala Salaikeni, Kani


88 Māngere College - 2020


Back Row: Aaron Fruean,

Honehina Leleifi, Polly Henry,

Fetalaiga Mauu

3rd Row: Upulasi Sauni, Luke Kemp,

Latai Tonga, Majik Moreland, ‘Anaseini


2nd Row: Sione Tupou, Josiah

Ah-Lam, AJ Maselino, Niko

Apineru, Caylis Masinamua,

Ricardo Samuelu, Ms Melissa

Tualaulelei (Teacher)

Front Row: Hserku Hser, Reipai

Murupaenga-Falwasser, Tia

Isaako, Seti Savele, Roanna Wah,

Rangimarie Marsters, Natalee


Absent: Nancy Mataio, Eutakio



Back Row: Tyler Baker, Edward

Tutai, Cleveland Riki-Rotohiko,

Tevina Manapori-Rikiau, Taeaoalii


2nd Row: Lupemu’a Kaufusi,

Winston Ngawhika, Pati Luka,

Vailea Filipine, Zyrus Jenkins, Nila

Tupou, Simione ‘Ahomana, Joshua


Front Row: Marianda Rani,

Josie Siaosi Ah Wong, Abygale

Matamua, Mele Kata, Asi Halauafu,

Sela Mafi, Katarina Singh

Absent: Anahera Falwasser,

Manaia Graham, Azriel Henry,

Hosking Viniki, Mr Daniel Wong



Back Row: Teeu Koiatu, Jeremiah

Tapuosi, Jewls Riki-Rotohiko, Troy


3rd Row: Francois Peni, Mere

Atanoa, Xavier Tanu, Antonio

Tanginoa, Ruth Williams

2nd Row: Kasey Weh, ‘Supileo

Tongotongo, Frank Taufa, Azariah

Fuamatu, Bradley Ah Sam, Adrienne

Faamausili, Mr Xiang Zhao (Teacher)

Front Row: Priya-Tiare Toa, Nelly

Green, Ata Siulepa, Silia Palenapa,

Sharon Ioane, Jaedyn Farrell,

Shalom Faalau Pasese

Absent: Zhijaya Ahotaha, Serenay

Geros, Fitililitonga Graham,

Christopher Havili

Māngere College - 2020 89


Back Row: Tapuarorangi Koiatu,

Vaoa Lagaaia, Zac Ieremia

3rd Row: Nelly Tongotongo, Kylie

Taunga, Marion Ford, Kerriose-

Apolimafou Folasaitu, Gideon

Faiane, Vaine Katuke

2nd Row: Brandon Reid, Uasi

Tulikihakau, Ethan Funaki, Alofa

Ieriko Sepu, Mathew Tonga,

Lincoln Wehi

Front Row: Lex Ah Wong Walker,

Grace Talakai, Pulotu Kaifa, Lilyan

Kaufusi, Keri Harris Riwhi-Moihi,

Sheree Bell, Skye Kaweroa

Absent: Taylor Kahaki, Trent

Lafaele, D’nadcyn Matia, Bonnie-

Ray Osman, Atunaisa Tupou, Mr

Viliami Bloomfield (Teacher)


Back Row: Susana Tooala, Benjamin

‘Ahomana, Kaufoou Mafi, Frencesca


3rd Row: Lemalie Seiuli, Elizabeth

Apineru, Crystal Fineaso, Troy

Filipine, Pearl Taisi, Ofa Lalahi

2nd Row: Jordan Vaatiuola, Ernest

Davida, Glassie Fabian Thomas,

Christian Angaa’elangi, Dennis

Sofara, Merita-Jade Tuakore,

Brandon Baker, Ms Fisiitotoa

Bloomfield (Teacher)

Front Row: Monique Webster,

Hoparonee Aleni, Dhuet Metotisi,

Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah, Sallyrita

Anthony, Grace Terepai, Cassie


Absent: Hinemoa Ah Chong,

Tymeah Amopiu-Baker, James Dean,

Amanaki Filimoehala, Sylas Wilson


Back Row: Temaleti Sinani,

Tamera Sale, Neomai Tamo’ua,

Vani Kaufusi, Te-Mana Williams-

Tawhi, ‘Alamoni Matangi

3rd Row: Indi Reihana, Fereti

Mamoe, Anthony Kirisimasi, ‘Aki

Fonise, Soolua Sooula, Junior

Loufono, Ngatokorua William

2nd Row: Samuel Goodwin, Raees

Ali, Edgar Schaumkel, Daniel Selu,

Tehillah Siamomua, Makarios

Siuoalii Ielemia, Mr Ken Fale


Front Row: Krizzia Mae Quinones,

Lua Anae, Roselyn Tafa, Fatima

Hussaini, Saleha Sameem,

Metuangaro Rio, Fuifui Faatafe

Absent: Tuhi Baker, Ngaire Biddle,

Pandora Rani

90 Māngere College - 2020


Back Row: Doreen Lavea,

Folauhola Tongotongo, Maria

Pompey, Lucy Iona, Meaalofa

Sauni, Kadara Poaru Raki

2nd Row: Cornelius Julius Daniels,

Demitrious McIvor, Isaleli Neria, Lza

Opai, Genesis Poko, Makarini Puiri,

Sifila Palu, Henslahval Lilo

Front Row: Noah Finau-Mose,

Katherine Pio, Alofasau Pene,

Martha Peo, Val Aimasi, Lua

Omoregie, Maddison Elkington

Absent: Lilly-Anne Ikiua,

TeAmorangi Nuku, Tavailau

Roberts, April Tunupopo, Patrick

Westerlund, Mr Siosaia Folau



Back Row: Alosina Moeai’a

Toleafoa, Jason Lal, Charlotte Vili,

Makel Puiri-Tuia

3rd Row: Suli Petaia, Feloki Faiva,

Kaloni Manuel, Xavier Tumai, John


2nd Row: Anna-Tetapu George,

Loseti Masi, Lakai Maea, Dangel-

Rae Miri, Hamyoni Amituanai, Tai

Puiri, Mr Alexander Upokokeu-

Henry (Teacher)

Front Row: Lexus Walters,

Mereanna Hopoi, Te-Mauri Tokotini

Nanua, Lavinda Lemalu-Sauaki,

Siobahn Mafileo, Gardenia Lemoa,

Aaliyah Leilua

Absent: Kalos Kiel, Will Leleifi,

Nelio Mateo, Tiara Ormsby,

Raylanny Taufa, Te Mahara Taylor


Back Row: Madison Wilson,

Tereapii Mani, Ashley Toiu, Tony


3rd Row: James Wilson, Timothy

Smith, Ua Siosifa, Suaesi Leaula,

Pypher Tohilima-Franklin, Maleeq

Start, Janet Taukiri

2nd Row: Lui Joseph-Kaitani,

Harold Utaatu, Izaiah Maki, Manoa

Teata, Ceasor Vili, Johnathan

Iosefa, Loreal Urika Filifilia, Mr

Mohammed Zaim (Teacher)

Front Row: Ausage Tusi, Payton

Golotoa, Kiana Webster, Mele

Lelenoa, Honora Lynch, Kimotea

Tereda, Mara Dawson

Absent: Lupe Ofa, Marcel Tere,

Joaquin Marsters

Māngere College - 2020 91


Back Row: Ngametua Tarai, Sa’i

Ah Mann, Paul Wehi

Front Row: Tarleaa Grant-Te

Ruahanga, Joe Saina, Talita Atu,

Reuben Funaki, Katherine Pairama

Absent: Vincent Ah Sue,

Vaimanino Luamanuvae, Eedie

Muliau, Jennifer Prescott, Leylane

Rako, Bobbie Sue Sood, Mythayus

Tawhi, Ruby Winter, Mr Brian

Aubrey (Teacher)


Back Row: Aaron Enua, Jeremiah

Falanaipupu, Sebit Ayak John,

Alec Ah-Lam, Ms Arihana Hakiwai


Front Row: Antonia Vili, Te

Aroha Marsters, Jorjane Aerenga,

Prettisha-Mei Atonio-Seiuli,

Rheima Misa T Iuta

Absent: Mason Chan-Ting, Tasi

Limoni, Nuhaka Maitai, Jordyn-

Nirel Manusina, Danielle Niutao

Tafale, Daisy Rahui Tepaano, Xaviar

Rehu, Sonia Salaikeni, Agnes

Talataina, Veronica Teinaki, Luisa

Toomata, Jerimiah Tufuga


Back Row: Ali Habibi, Adyhana

Urika Filifilia, Bryniah Petersen-

Tofilau, Adam Isitolo Lui, Abraham

Utaatu, Sefo Felauai

2nd Row: Janet Su’a, Vai Havea,

Tupou Filipine, Ethan Sigglekow,

Teina Akama, Jordan Mauu, Mele

Asolelei Fretton, Mr Samer Hormes


Front Row: Shivashna Raj, Vaevae

Tariau, Mahdieh Ahmadi, Faith

Tanu Talapa, Tame Tau Taupau,

Najia Hussaini

Absent: Mathew Aimasi, Mara


92 Māngere College - 2020


Back Row: Hermon Mani, Harold

Fuimaono, Vi Viniki

2nd Row: Lovely Alipate, Romeo

Fidow, Detroit Stewart, Likaan

Davis-Ratumu, Levi Tavai, Shandra

Foai, Mrs Parwati Reddy (Teacher)

Front Row: Vaokaho Fuimaono,

To’o Moananu, Elizabeth Lavea,

Julia Ofisa, Vanessa Samaeli

Absent: Abigail Panuve, Mele

Tu’akalau, David Tavita Hall, Lb



Back Row: Poini Lutui, Anne

Tupou, Noelani Mataki, Afu’alo

Fonise, O-Shay Murphy, Wisdom


2nd Row: Felea Maluatoga, Junior

Ngakiau, Manuia Faasao, Dave

Siulangapo, Henry Ah Sam, Ms

Nalini Singh (Teacher)

Front Row: Tala Senitofo, Alexis

Fenton, Loti Fehoko, Salote

Seuteni, Aliitasi Seuteni, Makeleta


Absent: Theresa Kumar-Lui, Eirene

Teofilo, Unaloto Ofa, Ceyaye Ikiua,

De’Vante Terry


Back Row: Louisa Faireka, Salealii

Mau’u, Kwae Reh

2nd Row: Pesi Tevaga, Oo Reh, Me

Reh, Soe Reh, Nathan Taufahema,

Jas Tere, Ms Milo West (Teacher)

Front Row: Ser Moo Wah, Faye

Tapuosi, Esther Andrew, Jahriena

Maybir, Elisapeta Gasu, Jeaniro

Muavae, Phuong Nguyen

Absent: Hser Chri, Te Awaroa

Kaihe, Violetta Langi, Tarial Seuteni,

Mark Siaki, Nuulelei Tinei Fili, Mele

Tonga, Thomas Williams

Māngere College - 2020 93


Back Row: Chu Moo Paw,

Miraclerena Misa T Iuta, Eneleata


2nd Row: Caela Thompson, Tiri

Atiau, Liona Vailea, Amelia Fehoko,

Mr Ben Euden (Teacher)

Front Row: Diana Pio, ‘Etina

Kaliopasi, ‘Unaloto Leleifi, ‘Ofa

‘Ahomana, Sanele Ioane

Absent: To’oa Faasisila, Oikoumene

Futi, Julliette Mauala, Tiulipe

Palenapa, Tererei Samuel, Metua

Tonitara, Benjamin Tuilaepa, Talia



Back Row: Brendalee Pouwhare,

Makaila Ben, Pairi Enua, Monalisa


2nd Row: Ngatokorima Epi Mana,

Levy Aigaalii, Maui Tereapii, Felise

Siaki, Leo Akeripa Sa, Kalavite

Fukofuka, Mr Huni Fifita (Teacher)

Front Row: Parani Toetoe, Tina

Vaihu, ‘Emalata Kiole, Pj Campbell,

Petissa Leha’uli, Apii Tavioni, Tiare


Absent: Taitusi Hafoka, Kayleb

Himone Henry, Taylor Manuel,

Cassandra Tere, Joyce Tiotala,

Te Aroha Tokotini Nanua, Teava



Back Row: Malachi Karika-Lole,

Benjamin Akaiti

2nd Row: Joela Napaa, Blessing

Tanu Talapa, John Bureta, Lee

Tagitagiamoo Toluono, Josh Kavana,

Ms Raselin Imraan (Teacher)

Front Row: Rozlyn Tikinau, Toluaiava

Tavita, Olathe Taumihau, Aaron

Koiatu, Herilla Salu, Atalia Ueni, Ella


Absent: Marc Chand, Noelle

Eteuati, Ene Faleapa, Masina Ianusi,

Nehemiah Mafi, Siti Pio

94 Māngere College - 2020


Back Row: Patalione Filipine,

Sweetie Neria, Oliva Perenise,

Sonny Maki, Tyrone Tavita Hall,

Abdirizak Abdulmanan Ahmed, Mr

Subrail Naidu (Teacher)

Front Row: Temera Teingoa, Teina

Whakatane, George Aleki Su’emai,

Shakwon Aria, Afe Pailegutu,

Jasmarie Tohilima-Franklin,

Theresa Maluatoga

Absent: Ferila Falanai, Tauiai

Falanai, Kahdel Leilua, Shalom

Maro, Christina Soosemea


Back Row: Sitiveni Tongotongo,

Tevita Aleluia, Alex Angaa’elangi,

John Rimatuu, Sokoau Marama


2nd Row: Kaisa Faamausili,

Johnathon Lemalu, Cezanne

Ratumu-Wharton, Ofa Ulunga,

Faamanu Sanerivi, Jeffrey


Front Row: Nika Taufa, Ramona

Mafileo, Patricia Beazley, Sapela

Tiavaasue, Ane Filimoehala, Cecilia

Ngani, Otila Niko

Absent: Anasta Manukuo, Mr

Nathan Samu (Teacher)


Back Row: Kristina Levi, Salome

Sitani, Thu Nguyen, Cynthia Misi

Tuitamai, Zabiullah Salam Khel

2nd Row: Rosalie Kwan (Support

Staff), Daniel Esera, Aaron James,

Suia Samuelu, Euangelion Pasa,

Mr Ngatokorua Teina (Teacher)

Front Row: Esther Siaki, Madina

Salam Khel, Reupena Kilipati,

Asena Panuve, Younis Ahmat

Abdallah, Grace Ah Chong, Sylvia


Absent: Samuel Faasavalu,

Rosemary Felauai, Joell Fuimaono,

Isaako Isaako, Poe Myar, Siaosi

Pohahau, Blessing Taituave

Fuimaono, Savannah Vaifale

Māngere College - 2020 95

Māngere College


Māngere College continues to be very grateful to our local businesses and individuals who provide

financial support to our students. This commitment helps Māngere College students achieve to their


Financial support allows us to provide three groups of scholarships each year:

• The Māngere College Entrance Scholarships cover most of the costs associated with starting as

a Year 9 student at Māngere College.

• The Māngere College Senior Scholarships are awarded to deserving Year 10 students. These are

worth $500 and are used by the recipients to cover the cost of uniform and other school costs

over their senior years.

• Year 13 students can apply for the Māngere College Leavers' Scholarships. These awards are

valued at up to $1500 to assist students to meet the costs of tertiary study.

If you are interested in offering Māngere College any financial sponsorship which would further

enhance our students’ future pathways please don’t hesitate to contact the school on



96 Māngere College - 2020

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