Mangere College Term 3 Newsletter 2020

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Māngere College









Photo by MC Media student Makeleta Alofaki

Kia ora, talofa lava, mālō e lelei, kia orana, fakalofa lahi atu, namaste, assalaam-alaikum

and greetings.

Even though it has been a disruptive term due to Covid-19, our students have continued

to rise above and shine through despite the challenges. We have had multiple language

weeks this term which were all celebrated with much enthusiasm, and as you will read

from this publication, there have been a number of exciting activies in and out of school

this term. Stay safe over the holiday break and we also wish our senior students the best

as they contintue to work towards attaining their NCEA credits.



A word from the

Principal, and NCEA



Māori Language

Week and



Farewell to Keir

Whipp and welcome

to Jonathan Hardy


Sports Update:

Rugby, Basketball,

Netball & Duke of

Edinburgh Award


Cook Islands and

Tongan Language



Performing Arts


1st XV Rugby



Career Expo and

Māngere Candidate



Toko Hauora

Manawa Whenua,

Measles Campaign



Rangatahi Toa,

Refugee students

Book launch of

'Rise of the To'a'


MC Term 3 Newsletter - 1

A word from the Principal

I have been very encouraged by the resilience of our students this year and I am

pleased to see that despite the disruptions we are on track for a very successful

year. The changes to NCEA to support students to achieve have helped to focus

them on their goals. There is still a lot of work to do before the end of the year

but we are confident that with the right support students will do very well.

During this term we have celebrated Epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki 'Āirani, Uike

Kātoanga'i 'o e Lea Faka-Tonga and Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori with our usual

enthusiasm even if the events have taken a different look to ensure we are

following Level 2.5 guidelines. The passion our students have for their culture

and language is always inspirational and it is a pleasure to join them to

celebrate these language weeks

During the Term 3 break, our Performing Arts Department will be

putting on a scaled down version of our annual Performing Arts

Showcase. Originally planned to take place at the Māngere Arts Centre,

the Showcase has been postponed twice this year so we are glad that

we are finally able to go ahead and give the students the opportunity

to display their talents.

We continue to plan for the future growth and development in the

school and the feedback you gave us in our survey last term has

contributed to our thoughts. Our immediate development includes:

• new classrooms

• a land swap to get more land at the front of school and

• a satellite unit for Sir Keith Park School (see our website for


We are also working with the Ministry of Education for a full rebuild

of the school in the longer term.

Tom Webb

Principal of Māngere College


NZQA, in the interest of student

wellbeing, has increased

the number of Learning

Recognition credits for


The new totals are:

Level One – 64 credits

Level Two – 68 credits (48 + 20

from Level One)

Level Three - 68 credits (48 + 20

from Level Two)

Congratulations if you have

achieved your year

level certificate.


consider your

subjects for next

year. Have you

achieved enough

in the subjects you

want to be accepted into courses

for next year?



This is now 44 credits.

Congratulations to those

students who now have Merit or

Excellence endorsement. Check

your totals - so many of you are

almost there!


IF you have your NCEA level (ie

L1 64 credits, L2 and 3 48 +20

credits) you can now apply for

study leave. If approved you are

allowed to go on study leave

from the beginning of NCEA

exams (Monday 16 November).

How will you get approved? SLT

and Deans will consider your

application. Keep in mind -Be

cautious! Have you achieved

enough in your subjects to

be accepted into courses for

next year? The study leave

application form will be emailed

to you - check your school email.


You can check these via your

NZQA login. You will also have

received a recent updated NCEA

achievement report.

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 2

Farewell to Keir Whipp

Keir Whipp pictured on his last day of


This term we said goodbye

to our Deputy Principal, Keir

Whipp, as he started his

his new position at Botany

Downs Secondary College.

Keir began at Māngere

College in 2017 as he

intended to go on giving

his best for the school

community. During lockdown

you could see him in the back

ground of TV clips working

up to the last minute sorting

out devices and workbooks

for students. His calm, thoughtful

and highly supportive leadership

will be truly missed both by

students and staff. Keir was a rare

person who is ever cheerful and

looking to improve in everything

he does. He crafted the complex

arrangements needed for the

whole school always putting

students and staff before his

own needs. We look forward to

this link with Botany College

and to sharing these ideas and

connections for our students.

Welcome to

Jonathan Hardy

This term we welcomed our new Deputy

Principal Jonathan Hardy.

The school held a powhiri for Jonathan in

which students from his previous school

Kaipara College came to tautoko him.

Jonathan was previously the Associate

Principal at Kaipara College in Helensville

between 2014 and 2020.

Pictured are the Kaipara College students who came to support

Jonathan for the powhiri.

Jonathan's beginnings at Māngere

College have been a little different than

usual. After only 2 days we went into

Level 3 lockdown. He is gradually getting

to meet everyone and learn the ways of

Māngere College. Jonathan has been

impressed with how friendly, polite and

supportive everyone has been in the 2

months that he has worked at Māngere


Jonathan loves sports, particularly football,

league, rugby and cricket. He plays golf

regularly. Jonathan's real passion is

travelling and experiencing new cultures,

visiting temples, going on treks, trying

new activities like scuba diving, hang

gliding and canyoning.

Jonathan (left) and Deputy Principal Mele Ah Sam after the powhiri.

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 3

Cook Islands Language Week

‘E ivi no toku nei ivi, e kiko no toku nei

kiko, ieeeeeekoookooo’.

Kia Orana tatou katoatoa this year we

celebrated Cook Islands language week

in full Cook Islands style and fashion.

“Te atua mou e, ko koe rai te pu, o te pa

enua e.” Our anthem opened up Cook

Islands language week in the hotspot.

We hosted events at lunchtime to show

our Cook Islands culture, and closed our

week of celebrations with a Rotaianga

event for families on Saturday. Overall

our Cook Islands Students Association

worked together to bring about a week

of culture, language and celebrations.

Te atua te aroa.

- Mr Upokokeu-Henry

Tongan Language Week

“We welcome you to join

us in Enriching Aoteroa

through faith & prayer."

Fakakoloa ‘o Aotearoa

‘aki ‘a e lotu mo’oni.

Māngere College’s

Tongan Language week

was a treat for both the

eyes and soul. Every

lunchtime activity was

opened with a hymn &

prayer by our Tongan

teachers and students.

Every day was packed

with performances

from all year levels,

displaying the nature

of the “‘Ulungaanga

Faka-Tonga”. It has been

inspirational to watch our

students showcase their

passion for their culture

through songs, dance, and

even a traditional kava

ceremony. From colourful

“teunga” customs to

beautiful “faiva” traditional

dances our Tongan

students brought us the

real live Tongan experience.

But this week couldn’t have

happened without the

help of all our performers

and Tongan students &

staff . Thank you so much

for enriching MC in your


- Ms Bloomfield

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 4

Māori Language Week

Māori LanguageWeek 2020 was filled

with amazing opportunities for tauira

and Kaiako.

We had ARO Music doing work shops

with our tauira Māori, Māori music

playing all week, Toi Manawa Pounamu

workshop, staff doing their pepeha and

a department kaitiaki for PLD, year 9


Te Reo Māori students teaching the

other year 9 students and the school

wide Māori Moment where Māngere

College contributed to the 1 Million

people sharing in the Māori Moment.

Ka mau ra te wehi! We really did

contribute to the theme, Kia kaha te

reo Māori.

- Ms Hakiwai

Our Level 3 Catering students at Manukau Institute of Technology completing an


Level 1 and 2 Fashion class.

Level 1 and 2 Fashion class.

Students making masks at lunchtime.

Level 3 Hospitality student Metua serving coffee

to the stall holders at the Careers Expo.

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 5


Our 1st XV wearing their new rugby jerseys for

the first time for a game against Pukukohe

High School.



Our 1st XV checking out their new rugby gear after

it has been presented by LionFIT and blessed by

Mr Nathan Samu.



The 1st XV held a raffle this term to

raise funds for new rugby training

gear. Pictured is Mark Callander

(left) with Kiri Leniu (Manager).

Mark donated an iphone and free

internet towards the raffle.

Julian Savea pictured with our 1st XV Rugby boys after

their game against Pukekohe High School.

This term our 1st XV

Rugby team have

been filmed by

Kava Bowl Media for

the Real XV Show

on Pacific Brothers

on SKY TV.

Featured on the

show was Ex-All

Black Julian Savea

who has been

supporting our

boys with their


Fa'afetai to

Producer John

Tapu for his work

with the team.

It has been a difficult term for

Sports due to Covid disruptions

and all Winter Sports being

cancelled after the Level 3

lockdown. However there have

been some good games for our

Boys and Girls Rugby teams,

Basketball and Netball teams inbetween

Covid Lockdowns.

We look forward to some

friendly games and Junior

summer sports games coming

up in term 4.

A huge thank you to our

students for your patience at

this time.

Senior Girls Basketball


Senior Boys Basketball

Junior Girls Basketball

Junior Boys Basketball

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 6


Blue Netball - Wednesday Competition

Red Netball - Wednesday Competition

Mixed Netball - Wednesday Competition

Senior Netball - Friday Competition

Wednesday Netball - Friday Competition

Girls Blue and Red Rugby Teams


Girls Red Rugby Team



Earlier this term a

group of students

from our school

were chosen to

participate in the

Duke of Edinburgh

Award with Shannon

Bentermen, our award

leader from the Blue

Light organisation.

Through this journey

of self-discovery we

were pushed to our

limits and recognised

our own personal

achievements. To

complete this award

we had to learn a

new skill, volunteer

service to others, and

take part in a physical

activity. There is also an

adventurous journey

camp where we did

outdoor activities. The

biggest challenge we

faced was hiking up

Mt Tauhara that took

us a total of three

hours. The Duke of

Edinburgh Award is a

great opportunity for

students to break out

of their comfort zone

and try new things to

enhance their personal


- Alexis Fenton

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 7




16 MC Music

Students took on the

New Found Sound

Competition this


The groups that

entered were: John

& Tha Boys; Niu

Sound; Dolce and

Una & Pypher. New

Found Sound is

a competition for

upcoming musicians,

singers and bands,

and regional heats

kicked off in July. Our

four groups headed

to the South Heats

at the Māngere Arts

Centre on 13 July and

after a fun night filled

with music, dance

and many stand out

performances, our

groups came out on

top, with John & Tha

Boys and Niu Sound

placing 1st equal in

the Band category,

and Una & Pypher

placing 1st in the Duo


Fast forward to

August, our finalists

took to the stage in

the Finals at TAPAC

in Western Springs,

competing against the

best of the best from

around Auckland and

Hamilton. They had

the opportunity to

perform to a packed

crowd and enjoyed the

comradery between all

the groups backstage.

John & Tha Boys, Niu

Sound and Duo Una &

Pypher all performed

brilliantly, with great

feedback from the

crowd and judges

alike. The competition

was stiff, with the

winners decided by a

mixture of audience

vote and judges


Congratulations to

John & Tha Boys who

placed 1st Runner Up

in the most highlycontested


category, and to Niu

Sound who gained the

highest judges scores

on the night.

On August 31, Year 13 Music student Alex

Angaa’elangi aka Mizgf.C was featured on the

Pacific Media Network’s Radio 531 PI, on the ‘E Tu

Rise Up Youth Show’. He talked about his musical

inspirations, his work ethic and his artistic process

and was able to offer words of encouragement to

other aspiring beatmakers and music producers –

“…never give up. If you are doing something and you

love doing it, don’t stop the grind. You’ve gotta stay

committed and follow your dreams, because in the

end, it always pays off.”

You can listen to Alex’s music on Spotify, Instagram,

Facebook, Tiktok, Google Play, iTunes and YouTube.


Unfortunately our muchanticipated


Arts Showcase had to be

postponed due to the

return to Covid Level 3 alert

in Auckland.

The Performing Arts team

are working hard behindthe-scenes

to deliver the

Showcase in a different

format. We hope to perform

the Showcase in the first

week of the upcoming

school holidays, from

Monday 28th – Tuesday 29th

September at 6.30pm in the

MC Auditorium. This is an

South Heats Winners.

John & Tha Boys, 1st Runner Up in the


Niu Sound with Rap Artist & Producer,

Mazbou Q, at the Finalists.

exciting development

for our students who

will finally be able to

showcase their hard




After a lot of planning

and waiting, we finally

unveiled our new

Performing Arts Hoodies!

There is still a small

amount left, so make sure

you pop by the Stationery

Shop to buy one before

they’re sold out!

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 8

'Rise of the To'a' Book Launch

David Riley, Alisi Tatafu and Principal Tom Webb holding the cake

which was especially made for the book launch.

Some of our MC Tongan students holding 'Rise of the To'a' books that

Ms Tatafu has gifted to them.

During Tongan Language Week,

Year 9 Dean and Social Sciences

teacher, Alisi Tatafu launched

her new book 'Rise of the To'a'

alongside co-auther David Riley.

Career Expo

David is an alumni MC student,

so launching the book at the

school seemed the perfect fit.

'Rise of the To'a' is about the

Mata Ma'a Tonga League team,

and was written to inspire our

Pacifica youth to overcome their

challenges just as the MMT team

did to win the Rugby World Cup

in 2017.

Well done to Ms Tatafu, an

awesome achievement!

The University of Otago stallholder

was an Alumni MC student - Jack


Māngere Candidate Debate

On July 31, there was

a Māngere Candidate

Debate in the Māngere

Town Centre.

Olathe Taumihau,

Mele Tuakalau and

PJ Campbell from

Māngere College were

invited as part of MC

Media to speak to the

four local candidates

and ask them

questions relating to

the youth of Māngere.

The candidates were

Labour’s Aupito Su’a

William Sio, National’s

Anges Loheni, the

Green’s Reverend Peter

At the end of July we held our annual Career Expo in the

Auditorium. It was a great experience for our students to discover

a wide range of career options and the process to get there. Thank

you to the stall holders for encouraging our students with their

future careers and to Ms Karanga for organising the event.

Sykes and Fuiavailili Ala’ilima from

the New Conservatives Party.

The students did an exceptional

job with some challenging questions

directed at the candidates. Awesome


MC Term 3 Newsletter - 9

Dr Janet Tupou, Alisi Tatafu, Marina

Potter and a Navy officer at the

leadership training day.

This term,

Māngere College

and Counties

Manukau Health

co-hosted an

event at our

school where

the Hon. Julie

Ann Genter

announced that

the government

is investing up

to $40 million

for a year-long



specifically for

15-19 year olds and

$23 million to fully

A fabulous leadership

training day trip was

held in Coatesville

before Term 3, to help

Manawa Whenua

Hauora students bond


The Toko Hauora Manawa Whenua leadership training day in


Toko Hauora Manawa Whenua

fund and develop

the National



7 of our students; Pj

Campbell, Vanessa

Samaeli, Diana

Pio, Aj Maselino,

Jessie-Lee Robson,

Tamehana Tera-

Fenton and Micaiah

Duldulao were

vaccinated in front

of many cameras

and reporters and

did our school very


The NZ Defence Force

co-hosted the day,

talking about role

modelling and what

leadership meant for

them working in the

Navy, Army and Air

Force. Māori Wardens

supervised students

on the buses and at

the Auckland Museum,

helping to make

the leadership day a

success. Wednesday

programmes continued

at school with sessions

on Coping with Changes

Measles Immunisation Launch

Welcoming guests at the launch of the Measles Campaign.

Our Nurse Laura immunising one

of our students against Measles.

after Lockdown, Setting

Goals, and Study Skills.

Mr Darragh also did

a presentation about

Leadership Roles at

MC. During Alert Level

3 Lockdown, Manawa

Whenua Hauora leaders

proactively advertised

online Hauora sessions

for staff and students

using video




All of the students who took part in the

immunisations pictured with Julie Anne-Genter.


Henry Ah Sam

Haiku Entry:

Ready for the dream,

Never pelu on the


Ready to redeem.


Mele Tu'akalau

Haiku Entry:

Melodies flowing,

I can hear beats of

the drums,

In the wind you blow.


Kaisa Faamausili

Haiku Entry:

We love Jonathon,

He's the hottest

man alive,

And full of prizes.




Over Alert Level 3 Lockdown

this term we had a 'Lockdown

Haiku Challenge' on our

school Instagram page. There

were a lot of entries but these

three contesents won by

an Instagram poll. Māngere

College staff pitched in for

prizes with a total pool of $130

of vouchers for the 3 winners.

A huge congratulations to

the winners: Henry Ah Sam,

Mele Tu'akalau and Kaisa


MC Term 3 Newsletter - 10

South Auckland Mathematics Competition

Another great season

of SAMC for our

Year 9 and 10 teams.

With the excitement

of being part of

something different

but familiar our

students performed

reasonably well overall

with placings in both

events 2 and 4. Our

students showed

commitment by

attending trainings

during lunch times

as well as doing extra

work at home. It was

great to host two of

the events here at

Māngere College

and have the support

of our peers and

staff. Hopefully the

regional competition

still happens later on

this year so we can

represent our school

and South Auckland

as a collective. A huge

thank you to our math

teachers and coaches

for preparing us for

the events and to the

organisers of SAMC

for the opportunity to

problem solve in this

way and network with

other students from

the area.

- Ms Katalina Ma

Ngā Rangatahi Toa

Photos by Emily Raftery Photography

This term we have been

recruiting our new teina

from Māngere College,

while our tuakana created

our first haka 'Hikohiko te


Due to government

restrictions, we have been

catching up online weekly

to look after ourselves and

work on our little project

"Wassup at 10am" where

we check in, send a pic,

TikTok or kupu to describe

how we're feeling both in

our taha tinana (physical)

and our taha hinengaro

(emotional). You can see this

on our instagram -


The October school

holidays will see us having

a series of performing arts

workshops based out of

Auckland Central theatres

embracing theatre, hip

hop, waiata, circus and


- Huia O'Sullivan

Refugee Students' Activites

Some of our refugee students

making masks in the lunch time

Mask Making sessions in the

sewing room.

The Refugee Group is about

communicating and providing

support to each other.

Even though we’re from

different ethnicities we still

encourage and respect each

other. When we meet up every

Friday after school we talk about

our issues and participate in

different activities.

What’s so awesome, is that we

have Group Chat apps!

- Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah

MC Term 3 Newsletter - 11

Operations Update

The lockdown

kickstarted the

Operations team in

applying a muchimproved


to managing key

systems and school


This included the

quick setup of

the drive through

despatch of learning

resources including

devices; timely


of the school


system via the office

Reception and the

application of a

high standard of

nurturing customer

service. Behind

the scenes is the

on-going reporting

of school data and

maintaining our

aims and focus for

student engagement

and success, paying

school accounts and

managing payroll;

ensuring our IT

systems continue to

provide a seamless

service off site and

remotely; keeping

our school tidy and

well maintained and

ensuring the security

of school buildings

and grounds are

always on high alert.

I applaud the work of

the Operations team

supported by the

Senior Leadership

team who contribute

to ensuring students

continue their

learning journey

from home, that

staff are assured

confidence of the

school health remit

on hygiene standards

are maintained

to the highest

standards and that

preparations for a full

return of all students

and staff is met with

enthusiasm and an

energy to regain

Caretaker Bobbie trying out the new school

golf cart for maintenance use.

the confidence of ongoing

successful learning in our


- Helen Faamoe

Operations Manager



12 Oct

13 Oct

14 Oct Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop 2.30pm

15 Oct

16 Oct


19 Oct

20 Oct Cook Islands Māori External

Level 2 Lea Faka Tonga

External Level 2 in HALL

21 Oct Cook Islands Māori External

Level 1

Lea Faka Tonga External

Level 1

Netball sports award

evening 6.30pm

22 Oct Cook Islands Māori External

Level 3

23 Oct


Lea Faka Tonga External

Level 3

26 Oct Labour Day

27 Oct

28 Oct Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop 2.30pm

Toko Parents Fono #2

29 Oct Rugby sports award

evening 6.30pm

30 Oct


2 Nov

3 Nov

4 Nov Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop 2.30pm

5 Nov Volleyball/Basketball Sports

Awards Evening - 6.30pm

6 Nov TOKO PEAU/Picnic After


7 Nov

8 Nov


9 Nov

10 Nov

11 Nov Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop 2.30pm



14 Nov

15 Nov



17 Nov

18 Nov Sports Exchange with

Birkenhead College

Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop after school for


19 Nov Teacher Only Day

20 Nov


23 Nov

24 Nov

25 Nov Manawa Whenua Hauora

Workshop after school

26 Nov



30 Nov

1 Dec

2 Dec

3 Dec

4 Dec


7 Dec Tabloid sports

8 Dec

9 Dec Junior Prizegiving



MC Term 3 Newsletter - 12

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