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10. RW CSU Internship Guide 1

10. RW CSU Internship Guide

Internship Development & Guidelines Cleveland State University Wolstein Center Internship Program The Wolstein Center is committed to the continuing contribution of its experience and leadership in the sport and entertainment industry. Our success is dependent upon our employees, and our employees have embraced the challenge of meeting the high standards that are expected of Cleveland State University. In keeping with this commitment, the Wolstein Center recognizes the need to encourage and foster skills and talents necessary in the facility management field. With this in mind, the Wolstein Center Internship Program, in conjunction with Cleveland State University, has been designed to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in our industry. Our internship program is an investment in the students who represent the ever changing future in facility management . The Wolstein Center Internship Program also serves as a symbol of our ongoing commitment to the communities and clients that support our business. The intent of the Cleveland State University and Wolstein Center Internship Program is to build relationships with students intending to pursue careers in facility management, sports and entertainment, and related fields. As a private facility management company, we believe that experience gained on every level of operation is the single most productive way to learn and advance in our industry. Through our Internship Program, we intend to provide our students with hands-on experiences, encompassing the many facets of facility management. We require of every intern, as we require of every employee, the willingness to stretch and expand their abilities to meet the demands of our business. 2 Cleveland State University & Wolstein Center Internship Responsibilities Wolstein Center Responsibilities *To Provide the student with adequate orientation to the company’s structure and operations, policies and procedures, including dress codes, office hours, and any pertinent concerns. •To introduce students to appropriate staff members. •To provide the student with the resources necessary to accomplish his or her job objectives. •To afford the student the opportunity to participate in appropriate office and professional functions, including meetings, conferences, projects, and other personnel or management functions. •To assign and supervise the completion of tasks and responsibilities that are consistent with the student intern’s role in the company. •To consult with the student’s academic coordinator in the event that the Internship Coordinator becomes aware of personal, communication or other problems that are disrupting the student intern’s learning performance. •To meet regularly with the student to evaluate intern’s performance/experience, and to review goals and objectives, including participating in joint conferences with the student and his or her academic adviser. •To submit a final and comprehensive evaluation of the student’s job performance at the completion of the internship term. Student Intern Responsibilities •To adhere to all company policies and procedures. •To assume personal and professional responsibilities in all work-related actions and activities. •To maintain a professional relationship with company employees and clients. •To utilize a courteous, enthusiastic, open minded, critical approach to policies and procedures within the workplace and the industry. •To relate and apply knowledge acquired in the academic setting to the company setting. •To prepare for and utilize conference and other learning opportunities supported by the company. •To be consistent and punctual in the submission of all work assignments and evaluations. 4

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