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Küchenartikel individuell bedruckt

Küchenartikel wie Geschirrhandtücher und Schwammtücher mit individuellem Druck.

Packing, labels &

Packing, labels & distribution We always try to find the best solution for your request and offer custom made packaging after printing your products. We are there for you all the way, from ideas to deliver the products the way that suits you. We give you solutions like plastic bags, cartons, labels and banner and always looking forward for new way to pack and promote your products. Dish cloths with banner Kitchen towel packaging Labels, standard size 38x60 mm and 60x80 mm Plastic bags for dish cloth, kitchen towels and bath towles, for single pack or more Dish cloth card with envelope Dish cloth stands

We belive that blue is green. And so are red and yellow. We use water based colours with minimum environmental impact. They are blended in our colour room in order to provide the exact shade for the company logo or the exact yellow tone you imagine when you created your pattern. For us it is simply a matter of respect - for nature and for what is important for you. Respect is an integral aspect for creating long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers and this represents a key objective for us. This leads to significantly improved results. And it makes our work far more interesting. Why is our company so popular? It may have to do with the short lead times (orders delivered within just a few weeks) and the opportunity to handle everything from small batches to huge print runs. Or it may be because of the expertise of our staff, with their long and broad experience in pattern processing and textile printing. Most likely, however, it comes down to the excellent working relationship we establishes with our customers. Your future is our future!

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