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Dish cloths - For happy

Dish cloths - For happy household work The original since 1994. We introduced the screen printed dish cloths on the market 1994, since then millions cloths have left our factory. This pure natural product will cheer up the kitchen work with your unique design. We print for among others H&M, Moomin, Lisa Larson, Nobel Peace Center, Disney, Laura Ashley, Anneko and Galleri Ann. For us, all jobs and customer are equally important and we see ourselves as a part of your team. We can print for you as well, be inspired!

Dish cloth 172x200 mm 70% cellulose / 30% cotton Maximal printing area 152x180 mm It was in 1949 that Curt Lindqvist in Norrköping invented the dish cloth. It absorbs 15 times its own weight. Since it’s made of cellulose and cotton it is also compostable. The dish cloth has evolved during the years, from a simple everyday product in the 50s to a design product used around the world. With your logotype, design or text the dish cloth will be a holder of your message for a long time. Printed with our water based and environmentally friendly colour. Washable in dish washer and washing machine. Art. 115 White Art. 142 Pastel pink Art. 141 Pastel green Art. 131 Pastel purple Art. 140 Pastel yellow Art. 118 Grey Art. 116 Yellow Art. 126 Apple green Art. 122 Red Art. 121 Blue Art. 124 Purple Art. 138 Turquoise Art. 119 Orange Art. 120 Green Art. 139 Cerise

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