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July 2016

Help for hips, backs and

Help for hips, backs and knees sports clinics, etc, about the benefits of Gyrotonic exercise. These particular case studies will unravel an individual's problems related to back, hip, and/or knee pain. These are common ailments and ones which many people suffer from, so it's important to understand how to cope and retrain the body for ease and relief. Advertorial Do you suffer from back, hip or knee issues? The Gyrotonic Method could be for you, says Kindall Payne If you're a health and fitness enthusiast, I'd love to talk to you about taking part in a case study which will introduction you to the Gyrotonic® Method. You'll receive 1 to 1 training for just £25 per session, with weekly progress reports and takehome fitness tips and exercises. About the Gyrotonic Method Gyrotonic exercise stems from movements such as yoga, swimming, and dance, so there is a natural emphasis on lengthening the whole body to find strength, true range of motion and alignment. The method focuses on spiralling movements to increase flexibility. It also uses specialised equipment such as the Pulley Tower, which consists 14 LOVEEAST of pulley cables with weights, a bench, and a set of circular moving handles, designed to enhance full range of motion and optimal alignment. Although London is only now beginning to catch on to the Gyrotonic Method, it has been an important and thriving form of exercise and rehabilitation for the past 20 years in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. About the case study I will use the case studies to improve the participant’s knowledge about their injury and problem areas, as well as using the collected information to educate other trainers, therapists, dance schools, More research is needed to share the Gyrotonic Method’s benefits and generate interest and awareness, and your help will be invaluable. All case studies will take place at my home studio in Homerton, East London. Give me a call! About me: I'm a dancer, certified Gyrotonic trainer, and Kinetic Chain Release therapist. I have over 5 years' experience working with people of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds and I will cater each session to your needs, increasing fluidity, strength, flexibility, and awareness. Contact me at 07972 317 410:or The Pulley Tower

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