Side-pull roller blind - Liedeco


Side-pull roller blind - Liedeco



Fig. 2 Fig. 3

Assembly with clamp

support for window sash


Installation Instructions

Side-pull roller blind

Please read these instructions

from start to finish before

installing the roller blind.

To complete the installation,

you will need:

a spirit level, a Phillips screwdriver,

a hand drill and a ø 6

mm concrete drill bit.

The roller blind holders (1+2) Fig.1 differ according to the locating pins

of the roller blind. Roller blind holder (1) = square pin, roller blind holder

(2) = round pin. Both roller blind holders are designed for installation on

walls, ceilings and window sashes. The fixing material is only suitable

for use on solid walls. On other wall types, special dowels must be used.

Before drilling, you must check for and take into account the presence of

electric cables and water pipes.

Start by fitting the side-pull mechanism (3) and the roller blind holder

(4) Fig.1 into the roller blind shaft. (Note the desire operating side) mark

out the hole for a roller blind holder and attach it. Using the spirit level,

mark the fitting for the second roller blind holder. To achieve the correct

clearance, first insert the roller blind into the roller blind holder (1) and

then mark the position of roller blind holder (2) and secure it. Note the

maximum extension length of the roller blind: 180 cm.

Care instruction: All roller blinds are washable and crease-resistant

See the reverse side for important information

Attention, important!

Attaching the chain stopper (5).

After fitting the roller blind, unroll it until at least one winding of

fabric remains on the shaft. Then fit the chain stopper (5) directly

beneath the mechanism on the front part of the chain to prevent

the fabric detaching from the shaft when the roller blind is fully



Small children can be strangled in the loops of cords, chains or belts used

to and operate window blinds. Children can also wrap cords around their

necks. Cords must be kept out of reach of children to prevent the possibility

of entanglement and strangulation. Beds, children‘s cots and furniture

should be positioned well away from window blind cords.

Fitting the chain holder

Step 1

Step 2

Hang the ball chain into the chain


Now remove the protective foil from

the double-sided adhesive tape (1)

and use the adhesive tape to fix the

chain holder in the desired position

on the window frame. (2)

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