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Technical Documentation<br />

09.03 Schn/vBi<br />

Edition 1.2<br />

BA.WINFlash-GB<br />

PC program<br />

WINFlash<br />

Operating instructions<br />

to update the firmware of coin validators<br />

National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH • Zum Fruchthof 6 • D-21614 Buxtehude<br />

Phone: +49 (0) 41 61-729-0 • Fax: +49 (0) 41 61-729-115 • E-mail: info@nri.de • Internet: www.nri.de


Table of contents<br />

1 General information 5<br />

General information about these instructions 5<br />

General information about WINFlash 5<br />

2 System requirements 6<br />

3 Installation 7<br />

Installing WINFlash 7<br />

Installing device environment 8<br />

Starting WINFlash and carrying out basic settings 9<br />

4 Programming coin validator/coin changer 10<br />

National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude<br />



1 General information<br />

This chapter should provide a general overview of the function regarding the<br />

PC software WINFlash. The first section, however, is designed to help you<br />

navigate easily within these instructions.<br />

General information about these instructions<br />

These operating instructions describe the installation of the software and<br />

the PC device environment. Afterwards, chapter 4 explains the necessary<br />

steps for updating the coin validator’s firmware.<br />

To make it easier for you to navigate within these instructions and to operate<br />

the software, the following markings were used within the text:<br />

• Safety instructions, which have to be taken note of in order to<br />

protect operators and equipment, have been written in bold and given<br />

the pictogram .<br />

• Special notes, which are to facilitate the use of the software, have<br />

been written in italics and also been given a pictogram .<br />

• Requests to perform an action are numbered in another typeface.<br />

General information about WINFlash<br />

Using the program WINFlash the software of validators fitted with the<br />

microprossor HC08 as for instance G-40.4000 from /3 on and<br />

G-18.mft can be updated.<br />

Furtheron you can also program the Flash-Prommer G-55.0350. Using the<br />

Flash-Prommer it is possible to program validators without requiring a PC<br />

and programming adapter.<br />

National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude<br />



2 System requirements<br />

WINFlash<br />

To run the software WINFlash, your system must have the following<br />

hardware and software conditions:<br />

• operating system Windows 95/98/NT<br />

• working memory of at least 8MB<br />

• serial interface COM1 ... COM 4<br />

The use of the program WINFlash as well as the explanations in<br />

these instructions pre-suppose a certain amount of basic Windows<br />

knowledge.<br />

6 National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude


3 Installation<br />

WINFlash exists out of the following 4 files:<br />

• WINFlash.exe = executing program<br />

• WINFlash.cnf = program setting<br />

• Boot.mx = boot program<br />

• 3xx_xxx.bin = software to be programmed in the validator, e.g.<br />

311_010.bin = software version 92 00 311-010<br />

Installing WINFlash<br />

The program WINFlash is delivered on a disc. If you have an access code,<br />

you can download the program from our homepage www.nri.de on the hard<br />

disk of your PC. For installation please proceed as follows:<br />

1 Close all open programs on your PC.<br />

2 Open Windows Explorer and establish a new folder.<br />

3 Call this folder e.g. as the software version to be programmed (such<br />

as 92 00 311_010).<br />

4 Store all four files delivered within this folder.<br />

Before the software is started we recommend that the device environment<br />

is connected to the PC.<br />

National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude<br />



Installing device environment<br />

WINFlash<br />

The device environment consists of tester G-19.0641 and programming<br />

adapter G-19.0646 (for G-40.4000) or G-19.0649 (for G-18.mft) and is<br />

connected to the coin validator and PC as follows (see Fig. 1a):<br />

1 Switch the mains switch off on tester G-19.0641.<br />

2 Connect tester to PC using its serial connecting cable.<br />

3 Connect the 10-pole cable of tester to programming adapter<br />

G-19.0646 or G-19.0649.<br />

If a coin changer is to be connected, the validator has to be<br />

separated from the changer now, by removing the 40-pole<br />

connector on the rear of the validator.<br />

4 Connect the 10-pole cable of the programming adapter to validator.<br />

5 Switch the mains switch on again on tester.<br />

Fig. 1a: Connecting validator/changer to PC<br />

Fig. 1b: Connecting Flash-Prommer to PC<br />

The separate operating instructions "Flash-Prommer G-55.0350"<br />

reveal how to program a Flash-Prommer.<br />

8 National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude


Starting WINFlash and carrying out basic settings<br />

1 Open Windows Explorer and start WINFlash by double-clicking on<br />

the WINFlash.exe file installed on your hard disk.<br />

2 Select validator to be programmed and serial interface, with which<br />

the device environment is connected to the PC, in menu Settings.<br />

3 Confirm entries with OK.<br />

These basic settings are stored after finishing the program. Thus<br />

they have to be carried out only once.<br />

National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude<br />

If the Flash-Prommer G-55.0350 is to be programmed, the validator<br />

to be programmed by the Flash-Prommer afterwards must also be<br />

selected.<br />

4 If necessary, select type and type size in menu Font.<br />

These settings also have to be carried out only once.<br />



WINFlash<br />

4 Programming coin validator/coin changer<br />

If WINFlash has been started and preset, as described above, the firmware<br />

of the validator connected can now be updated:<br />

1 Select menu item Program and then Program Validator.<br />

The data transfer is started.<br />

Running points show the procedures<br />

of the programming. After a successful<br />

data transfer the program signalizes<br />


2 If necessary connect other validators of these series and repeat<br />

process.<br />

If differnet validator family is to programmed, please first check the<br />

connection of the device environment and the basic settings (see<br />

Chap. 3 "Installation").<br />

If programming is cancelled by an error message, please repeat the<br />

process.<br />

10 National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH, Buxtehude

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