Adapts the coin validator to any free standing machine

Adapts the coin validator to any free standing machine

Adapts the coin validator to any free standing machine


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<strong>Adapts</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>any</strong><br />

<strong>free</strong> <strong>standing</strong> <strong>machine</strong><br />

Integration made easy<br />

Easy integration of 3.5“ or 5“ <strong>coin</strong><br />

<strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong>s<br />

Optional integrated cashless payment<br />

system<br />

Long-lasting, robust metal housing<br />

Crane Payment Solutions GmbH • Zum Fruchthof 6 • 21614 Buxtehude • Germ<strong>any</strong><br />

Phone +49(0)41617290 • Fax +49(0)4161729115 • Web info@craneps.com • www.craneps.com

<strong>Adapts</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>any</strong> <strong>free</strong> <strong>standing</strong> <strong>machine</strong><br />

The a² long-channel housing provides a standard <strong>coin</strong> changer<br />

format housing for <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong>s or optional cashless payment<br />

system for <strong>free</strong>-<strong>standing</strong> vending <strong>machine</strong>s just requiring <strong>coin</strong><br />

acceptance. By providing both <strong>coin</strong> acceptance and a cashless<br />

system, a loading station facility can be created using just <strong>the</strong><br />

vending <strong>machine</strong>.<br />

We reserve <strong>the</strong> right for technical changes. June 2012 GDS<br />

Functionality:<br />

• Metal housing compliant with standard <strong>coin</strong> changer dimensions for<br />

vending <strong>machine</strong>s<br />

• Can easily be retrofitted in place of a <strong>coin</strong> changer without adjustment<br />

• Housing provides standard chute positions for cash box and <strong>coin</strong> return<br />

• Can be equipped with:<br />

• 3.5“ <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong> v² colibri using an adapter frame (standard)<br />

• 3,5” <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong> G-13.mft using an adapter frame<br />

• 5“ <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong> v² eagle using an additional power plug<br />

• Cashless payment system currenza clip control unit is installed inside<br />

<strong>the</strong> long channel housing while <strong>the</strong> reader can be mounted outside<br />

<strong>the</strong> vending <strong>machine</strong><br />

• Robust metal housing designed <strong>to</strong> cover all environmental challenges of<br />

<strong>any</strong> vending <strong>machine</strong><br />

Secure <strong>coin</strong> acceptance:<br />

• 3.5“ or 5” high-performance <strong>coin</strong> <strong>valida<strong>to</strong>r</strong><br />

• Unique MFT <strong>coin</strong> validation technology for optimum <strong>coin</strong> security<br />

• Anti-stringing protection and pro<strong>to</strong>col encryption for high manipulation<br />

security<br />

Bespoke cashless payment:<br />

• High security through contactless MIFARE technology<br />

• Cus<strong>to</strong>mizable means of payment: cards, keys or tags<br />

• Flexible set-up <strong>to</strong> provide bespoke cashless solution<br />

• Traffic light system for clear system status information<br />

With <strong>the</strong> a² long channel housing it‘s so easy <strong>to</strong> provide acceptance of <strong>coin</strong>s,<br />

non-cash transactions as well as a loading station for cashless reloading in<br />

standard <strong>coin</strong> changer format.<br />

v² colibri<br />

G-13.mft<br />

v² eagle<br />

currenza clip<br />

Cash box<br />

& return chute

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