perfectControl is a motorised calibrating and adjusting ... - Stahlwille


perfectControl is a motorised calibrating and adjusting ... - Stahlwille

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perfectControl is a motorised calibrating and adjusting

unit for torque wrenches. Quick to set up, quick to connect

and easy to operate using just three buttons - these and

other features make using the perfectControl unit a

simple matter. Thanks to the power

drive and intelligent control system,

this motorised calibrating and

adjusting unit considerably

reduces the amount of effort

and time required for


And that's not all: the spindle's

precision bearing and the fine

motor control system enable

bad readings resulting from

operator error to be avoided to

a large extent.

Measurement is possible without moving the point

of application of force.

The tool to be calibrated remains in the same position

throughout the loading process. Thanks to a low-friction

linear ball bearing, the torque wrench is automatically

levelled as it is placed in the unit.

The design of the square sensor mounts reduces the

lateral forces acting on the transducer, which further

optimises the accuracy of the readings. The overload

protection system prevents damage to the tools being

calibrated and the transducer.

Flexible transducer change

Quick and easy change of transducers thanks to the

QuickRelease system makes it possible to calibrate a

wide range of tools.

Modular design

perfectControl can be adapted to meet each end user's

needs. Extensions with additional components are

possible any time. The extension system is easy to

attach thanks to its accurate fit. It can be fixed in place

quickly using the screw fasteners integrated in the


The unit can be partly dismantled for transport purposes.

Simple operation

The controls and automatic speed adjustment coupled

with the single-handed clamp mechanism for the counterbearing

make operating the equipment an easy matter.

The readings are transferred via a USB interface from

the transducer to a PC where they can then be processed

(e.g. to print a calibration certificate) and archived with

the "as found" and "as left" calibrations.

The unit can be used for calibrations in both clockwise

and anticlockwise directions by selecting the appropriate

buttons. Fully automated processes can be programmed

for adjustments and calibrations.

perfectControl can be checked on-site using a reference

torque wrench.

Software included

The adjustment mode for torque wrenches and

transducers is an integral part of the Torkmaster


Transducers can, as an option, also be adjusted.

This function requires an additional licence to upgrade

the software to Torkmaster Premium. In addition,

customers will require a corresponding reference torque

wrench, 7770–100/–1000. This functionality is currently

only available for STAHLWILLE transducers.

The calibration mode supports DIN EN ISO 6789: 2003

in numerous languages. Additional standards and works

standards on request.


Extension section

Included with product:

7759-2 USB hub,

jack cable and

Torkmaster software

734K Calibrating square

drive insert tool


Square drive adapter



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