Name Surname Company Abstract Title Topic ID Name Surname ...

Name Surname Company Abstract Title Topic ID Name Surname ...

# Name Surname Company Abstract Title Topic ID

1 1 T. Haeusler GAF

2 2 M. Schardt



3 3 J. Hill University of Trier

4 4 FM Seifert ESA

5 5 H. Poilve

6 6 I. Jonckheere FAO

7 7 M. Molinier

8 8 I. Ozdemir

9 9 A. Rappl

10 10 A. Elatawneh

Astrium GEO-

Information Services

VTT Technical

Research Centre of


Suleyman Demirel

University, Forestry


Bavarian State Institute

of Forestry (LWF)

Technische Universität


11 11 F. Fassnacht University of Freiburg

12 12 G. Galidaki

Aristotle University of


The Operationalisation of GMES Forest Monitoring Services- Preparation for Sentinel 2

Applications -

EUFODOS - European Forest Downstream Services, Improved Information on Forest

Structure and Damage

Perspectives of integrating Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Data for

providing Improved Forest Inventory Parameter

Systematic Observations of our Forests - Achievements and Strategy of CEOS to

support GEO FCT and GFOI





Use of Sentinel-2 Data for Global Forest Monitoring and the REDD Programme Forestry

The Role of Satellite Data for the National Forest Monitoring Systems in the Context of


Combining Cellular Phone Images and Wall-to-Wall Satellite Imagery in Forest

Management Planning



Mapping Forest Stand Structural Diversity Using RapidEye Satellite Data Forestry

Reduction of Forest Inventory Plots by applying RapidEye Data Stratification Forestry

A Comparison between monotemporal Hyperspectral and multiseasonal Multispectral

Image Analysis for Forest Parameters Extraction

A New Type of Vegetation Index for Forest Damage Detection from Imaging

Spectroscopy Data



Forest Species Differentiation and Mapping using EO-1 Hyperion Imagery Forestry

13 13 M. Dees University of Freiburg Fast Mapping of large Scale biotic and Weather caused Forest Damages Forestry

14 14 A. K. Gjertsen

Norwegian Forest and

Landscape Institute

A new Forest Map of Norway based on Satellite Images Forestry

Name Surname Company Abstract Title Topic ID

15 1 M. Bachmann DLR Requirements for and potential of Sentinel-2 for Regional Applications Land Cover

16 2 Tim Buchholz ESA

17 3 J. Reiche Wageningen University

18 4 S. Bontemps

19 5 G. Kirches

20 6 E. Järvenpää

Université catholique

de Louvain

Brockmann Consult


Finnish Environment


On the Effectiveness of Sentinel-2 Data for Land-cover Mapping: Comparison with

Landsat and SPOT Imagery

Concepts and processing Techniques for a global Sentinel 1- 3 Land Cover Dynamics

and Change (LCDC) Product

Building a validation Database for global Land Cover Products - The Land Cover Project

of the ESA Climate Change Initiative

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

LandCover CCI Pre-Processing Land Cover

Integration of GIS Datasets and EO Data in Land Cover Production Land Cover

21 7 M. Paganini ESA Sentinel 2, an essential Tool of the International Environmental Conventions Land Cover

22 8 C. Fonte

23 9 J. Inglada CESBIO

24 10 G Trianni JRC

25 11 P. Salvador

26 12 M. Törmä

27 13 L. Gonçalves

28 14 S. Shrestha

29 15 P. Mhangara

30 16 H. Reese

31 17 K. Turlej

32 18 F. Santaniello

33 19 C. Gläßer

34 20 M. Kadiri CESBIO

University of Coimbra /

INESC Coimbra

Universidad de


Finnish Environment

Institute SYKE

Polytechnic Institute of

Leiria, School of

Technology and


Institute of Geodesy

and Cartography

South African National

Space Agency


Swedish University of

Agricultural Sciences


Institute of Geodesy

and Cartography

University of Rome


Martin Luther University


Establishing a consistent Training Set with available low Resolution Ancillary Data Land Cover

Fusion of Sentinel-2 and Proba-V/Sentinel-3 Images for Multi-Temporal Land-Cover Map


From Landsat to Sentinel for a global urban Mapping using the Normalized Difference

Spectral Index

Land Cover

Land Cover

Reflectance Measurement of main urban Covers in the Sentinel-2 spectral Windows Land Cover

Seasonality of Land Cover Types as Basis for Improved Land Cover Classification within

Pan-European Area Frame Sampling Scheme

A Novel Approach for Land Cover Mapping Based on the Combination of Soft Classifiers

and on Uncertainty Information

A Comparison of supervised classification Techniques for Landcover Classification for

the Warsaw Region using SPOT 4 Imagery

Object based Land Use and Land Cover Classification using Sumbandilasat Imagery in

Pretoria, South Africa.

The Importance of Pixel Size and Amount of training Data for supervised Classification

of alpine Vegetation

Change Detection and Direction of Changes for Europe - Case Study based on

KOMPSAT-2 Satellite Data

Monitoring land cover changes in the Siberian region of Komi. Estimate of the

vegetation trend using remote sensing

Enhanced mulitscale Vegetation Mapping using phenological Data, DEM and

multisource remote sensing Data

Dry and wet Grasslands Characterization: use of multi-temporal spot Images over

several contrasted Climatic Years.

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

35 21 N. Oppelt Kiel University Integration of Land Cover Data into the open Source Model SWAT Land Cover

36 22 K Wester

37 23 K. Stelzer

Brockmann Geomatics

Sweden AB

Brockmann Consult


38 24 A. Dehouck GEO-Transfert

39 25 S. Losmanova

CENIA, Czech


Information Agency

Operational Monitoring of the Swedish Wetlands using Satellite Data Land Cover

Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in intertidal Flats - the Step to operational


High-Resolution Optical and Radar Data for Mapping Intertidal Flats and Coastal Salt-


Limits and Perspectives of Satellite hyperspectral Data Utilization for Identification of

contaminated Sites

Land Cover

Land Cover

Land Cover

Name Surname Company Abstract Title Topic ID

40 1 W. Park Yonsei University

41 2 C. Rogass

42 3 C. Brockmann

43 4 M. Huc CESBIO

44 5 M. Eder DLR

45 6 A Cristo

Helmholtz Centre

Potsdam GFZ German

Research Centre for


Brockmann Consult


Universidad de


Radiometric Cross-Calibration of polar orbital Sensors using Geostationary Ocean Color

Imager (GOCI)

Tools and Methods

Striping Reduction for pushbroom Sensors - Applications to the SENTINEL-2 Mission Tools and Methods

Cloud Screening and Pixel Characterisation at Level 1: IdePix Approach and Validation

using PixBox

Multi temporal Methods for Cloud and Shadow Detections for high resolution optical


On-board Cloud Detection and as a Result on-board Rescheduling of the planned Tasks

for optimization of the Satellite Efficiency

Simulation of Sentinel-2 Data Acquisition and Fusion by using the Diffused Matrix


Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

46 7 F. Thonfeld University of Bonn Simulation of Sentinel-2 images from hyperspectral airborne Data Tools and Methods

47 8 A. Damm RSL

48 9 P. D'Odorico RSL

49 10 J Dash

University of


50 11 J Jackson ARGANS

51 12 A. Alessandrini INRA

52 13 M. Weiss INRA

53 14 C. Brockmann

54 15 S. Mantovani MEEO

Brockmann Consult


The APEX Vegetation Toolbox to assess Sentinel-2 biochemical and -physical Data


The Dilemma of spectral Performance and Continuity:Comparability of Sentinel-2 SRFs

with other Sensors for Vegetation Monitoring

Evaluating the Performance of the S-2 MSI Sensor for the Estimation of biophysical

Variables in Vegetation

Preparation for Sentinel-2 through Landsat: Data Quality Control within the ESA IDEAS


DEMENAGE: A Meta-Analysis of VALERI Database for the Evaluation of retrieval

Algorithms over a large Range of vegetation Types

The On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE) Tool: a CEOS/LPV Initiative for Validation of

Land Products

Calvalus - Supporting agile Algorithm Development and large scale Data Processing for

Sentinel 2 and other EO Missions

The Multi-sensor Evolution Analysis (MEA) System for Multi-temporal / Multi-field Data


Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

55 16 R. Ruiloba C-S Using exogenous Data for image Analysis in the Orfeo ToolBox Framework Tools and Methods

56 17 R. Ruiloba C-S

The Orfeo Toolbox, an open source software for the development of the Venus ground

segment L2 and L3 processors.

Tools and Methods

57 18 M. Grizonnet CNES Potential of Orfeo ToolBox for the Sentinel 2 Preparatory Program Tools and Methods

58 19 S Cherchali CNES The National Land Thematic Centre and its Links with S2 Data Tools and Methods

59 20 C. Tinel CNES

60 21 G. Dedieu CESBIO

61 22 O. Hagolle CESBIO

The Kalideos Databases: a Framework for the scientific Analysis and Exploitation of

Sentinel-2 Images

The Potential of long term territorial Experiments and Living lab Approach to develop

Research and Applications

Production And Distribution Of LANDSAT Time Series To Prepare Sentinel-2


Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

62 24 C. Woodcock Boston University The Importance of Data Policy: Lessons from Landsat and Implications for Sentinel-2 Tools and Methods

63 25 Z. Mitraka ESA

Land Surface Emissivity Estimation from Synergistic Use of Sentinels 2 and 3 based on

Spatial-Spectral Unmixing Techniques

Tools and Methods

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