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PMP flash

PMP Training Guntram Bechtold, 13.Juli 2013 This course helps you to quickly and efficiently learn for your pmp examination. Questions and answers are grouped by topics and can be used as a flashcards Index PMP is about organizing and developing relationships 1 PMP is about creating good Estimations 1 PMP describes nature. Therefore, normal distribution is very important 2 PMP is about creating value. How to calculate the earned value 5 PMP is about organizing and developing relationships How many Things will be referring to PMP Relationships in the exam? Expect up to 10 Questions refer to Relationships. Scheduling, creating and organizing or updating Networkdiagrams and scheduling PMP Issues What is FS in terms of relationships? FS = Finish-­‐to-­‐start What is FF in terms of relationships? FF = Finish-­‐to-­‐finish What is SS in terms of relationships? SS = Start-­‐to-­‐start What is SF in terms of relationships? SF = Start-­‐to-­‐finish What is considered as a „lead“ in Lead = An acceleration in the relationships relationships? between activities What is seen as a „lag“ in relationships? Lag = A directed delay in the relationship between activities What is a „mandatory dependeny“? A mandatory dependency is based on the nature of the work What is a „descretionary dependency?“ A discretionary dependency is based on a best practice or preferred way of doing something What is an „external dependency?“ An external dependency is based on a situation outside the project PMP is about creating good Estimations What should be estimated in PMP(3)? Estimations need to developed for time, cost