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ents it out to guests. e buyer with the lease gets a share of

the revenue, and then they get free 24-nights-a-year stay at the

hotel,” Ramos said, adding that this is great setup for overseas

Filipino workers because they can earn money as well as enjoy

free accommodations when they come from for vacations.

“ere are some people here who are also leased with us and

we’re giving them 30 percent of the revenues of their unit,”

Ramos added. “For example, if the unit is being leased for

Php10,000 a day, then they get Php3,000 a day.”


“What we’re trying to show here is total community,” Ramos

said, announcing the plans to accommodate the vast demand

from the market. “In fact, we are encouraging retirees even from

abroad. We have talked to a lot of retirees f rom the US who

want to retire here. We are tying up with medical groups so that

we can have a retirement community. You know how it gets very

expensive to retire in the US or some European countries.”

By the end of the year to early 2012, the public can expect

a rollout of grand oerings from the Ponteno development.

As part of extending its land area to an 8.5 hectare commercial

project, the group will build two additional hotel towers, with

the East Tower as home to 119 rooms, more than doubling the

hotel’s present capacity.

An 8-storey tower will have 105 purely residential units; 64

of these will be oered as condotel units and will ll the rst

four oors, while the top oors will serve as condominium units.

Shop house-style town houses will add to the commercial district

of Ponteno Residences. “We are oering these to entrepreneurs

who would like to put a store in the ground oor and

live in the second and third oor,” Ramos adds. Clearly a protable

investment option, the four shop house units are double

in size—240 square meters—to accommodate the bulk of the


Apart from the condotel and residential plans for expansion,

the management is set to open up the development for our

balikbayans and investors who seek to live in the retirement hub

but is privy to the price. e Ponteno Prime, twelve initial single

detached houses are priced below Php3M each. Compared

with the existing residences, which are sold at an average of ve

to seven million, the Ponteno Prime answers the needs of the

OFWs who wish to provide a luxurious dwelling to their families

at an aordable price.


“is is in response to the growth of Batangas that we are

expanding the hotel,” Ramos said. Just in time for the Batangas’

ongoing plans for tourism, the Ponteno Hotel and Residences

oers balikbayans, OFWs, and local and foreign investors an option

for business, residence, and relaxation.

“It’s a good investment for people who are not here yet, who

are planning to retire in the future,” Ramos added. “Take a

break from the stress of Metro Manila and the pollution, and it’s

not so far. It’s only one and a half hour away.”

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