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famous icons like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, fashion

models, and body builders to name a few. Despite its reference

to pop culture, Johnny Bravo’s character is a reection of several

narcissistic men around us—the point reference of the artist


“I’ve always been surrounded by guys who got the girl,” Van

explained during the interview. “I was always very jealous of that.

Johnny Bravo is basically me overcompensating my shortcomings

in the dating pool.

“Besides that, I pulled a lot from my life. For example, back in

college, my roommate, Chris Kelly, used to do an impersonation

of Elvis as a skirt-chasing, meat-eating ladies’ man while my other

roommate used to walk around our apartment without his shirt and

have me guess his body fat.”

To balance Johnny Bravo’s skirt-chasing personality, the show

added depth to the story with two female characters—Bunny

“Momma” Bravo, the one, constant woman in his life; and

Little Suzy, the smart, little girl who has a crush on Johnny.

Unfortunately, Little Suzy is the only girl he’ll never run after.

ese two characters were able to highlight the soft, sweet

side of the obnoxious beefcake. Despite his overcondent

ways, Johnny listens and respects his “momma” and eventually

gives in to the whims of his kid neighbor. Fans all over

the world learned to love his character because of his

“endearing honesty and that everybody has a Johnny Bravo

in their life that people can relate with.”


“I think that growing up in an American culture had a great eect

on me as I was always trying to t in. Having said that, Johnny

Bravo is constantly looking for armation that he is an amazing

catch but no matter what he does, he’s always his own worst enemy,”

Van revealed, explaining the Filipino machismo trait found in

Johnny Bravo’s character.

With Johnny Bravo being a suave ladies’ man and a

mama’s boy, it’s natural to think that his character is

patterned after certain Filipino characteristics. Countless

male characters in the Philippine entertainment are

reminiscent of that distinct Johnny Bravo air. For

the Van, however, Johnny is the misguided attention

seeker who loves women, his momma, and himself.”

ough it wasn’t Van’s intention to make Johnny

more Filipino, the eect of Van’s

surrounding while growing up

left a big impact. Van further

explains that, “Johnny Bravo

symbolizes the men who never

grow up and believe that life

revolves around them.”

Despite Johnny’s shortcomings and somewhat dimwitted

attitude, this suave, self-loving hunk of a man knows how to

strike back and give it a try again and again. Perhaps, this is

Johnny’s most endearing trait that is often overshadowed

by his huge ego and a bigger hairdo.

After four highly successful seasons and a muchdeserved

fame, Johnny Bravo is sitting prettily up there on

a pedestal. But since summer is just around the corner, we

simply had to ask Van what Johnny is doing for the rest of the


“Working on his tan,” Van replied. We simply assume that

Johnny’s currently posing as lifeguard in Salinas, California (Van’s

hometown) checking out the women in bikinis and chasing some.

#P balik!"#"$ February – March 2012


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