LACROIX TRAFIC, solutions for a smoother traffic flow - Brintex

LACROIX TRAFIC, solutions for a smoother traffic flow - Brintex

Solutions for a smoother traffic flow

LACROIX TRAFIC, solutions for a smoother traffic flow

LACROIX TRAFIC, a subsidary of the Lacroix Group, is an Intelligent Transportation System

(ITS) company, which designs, manufactures and markets traffic management and regulation

products intended for urban and motorway applications.

Lane Control Signals

Variable Message Sign

for security vehicle

Highway Variable

Message Signs

Supervisory and traffic

control software

Lane Control Signals

for toll gates

License plate capture

and recognition

Traffic data

collection stations

SCADA system

Full Matrix

Variable message signs

Lacroix Trafic has a wide line of products such as: variable message signs, traffic light, traffic

junction controllers, data-collection stations…, all of these products are set up to help improve

the traffic flow and increase user safety.

Car park guidance sign Traffic junction

Pedestrian signs



Traffic light


Towards continuous improvement Certified ISO 9001-V2000

since 2003 and committed to compliance with regulatory and environmental

requirements, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction common

goals which are shared by all the Lacroix Trafic teams.

Urban transport public

message signs

Urban variable

message signs

Portable data





Urban variable

message signs

Traffic light

A proven experience

With more than 25 years of experience and being

positionned as the leader in the development of

solutions implementing the latest technologies,

LACROIX TRAFIC has been able not only to impose

its line of products and systems, but also to take

part in numerous national and international traffic

management projects.

Lacroix Trafic has an extensive experience with several thousands of completed projects

around the world.

Complete control of technologies

With its own Research and Development departments and substantial Design and Industrialisation

means, Lacroix Trafic has a complete control over the skills involved in collecting, processing and

distributing information.

Electronic design, software development, mechanical integration, display technology, data

transmission ... are all part of the know-how of our engineers

and technicians.

Our range of products

Whether urban, motorway or public transportation applications

are involved, Lacroix Trafic proposes a wide range of solutions

built around means of communication which use standardised

communication protocols (NF).

Our manufactured products satisfy EC

marking requirements and they are

produced in an environment which

meets ISO standards.

Our three main fields


Designed to interface with various types of sensors, including electromagnetic loops, piezoelectric

sensors, hyperfrequency detectors, cameras, ….. the purpose of our automatic data-collection

stations and our junction controllers is the real-time analysis of traffic (vehicle presence,

speed, traffic jam, overload,…)


Connected to data-collection stations or to our traffic junction controllers, our Sphinx and Odyssée

software applications analyse and store, in real or non-real time, various data from the field. As soon

as an abnormal traffic condition appears, our algorithms work out strategies and propose scenarios

to the operator. These solutions are intended to improve the information for user-safety. Once these

scenarios are validated by the operators, they are transmitted to the diverse signalling equipment.


Through a complete range of products and information proposed by Lacroix Trafic, operators currently

dispose of the best means to inform users about traffic conditions.

Use of a standardised protocol and communication language, along with CE marking of the dynamic

signalling equipment, guarantee the quality and durability of investments for project managers.

Made-to-measure skills

Combining technical skills with physical proximity, Lacroix Trafic proposes numerous solutions

to provide users and installers with its products and its assistance.

Further more, thanks to our Marketing network and our Customer Service, we provide customer

support at the project design stage as well as training (approved training agent number 52 44

05014 44), commissioning, technical support and maintenance, thus enabling us to satisfy

each specific application according to its own expectations.

Technology expertise

Displaying solutions

International projects which

we have successfully completed




Burkina Faso



French Polynesia

Gaza Strip

Guadeloupe Island






Martinique Island

Mascarene Islands




New Caledonia





ZI - 1 ère avenue - 11 ème rue - BP 525 - 06516 Carros Cedex - France

Tél. +33 (0)4 92 08 43 00 - Fax +33 (0)4 92 08 43 19

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