Penguin Books summer 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group

Penguin Books summer 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group

Penguin Books summer 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group


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<strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong><br />

<strong>summer</strong> <strong>2013</strong>

A deluxe, expanded edition of one artist’s chic and humorous visual<br />

homage to two of the world’s most iconic cities<br />


The Complete Series of Two Cities<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312383-5 $35.00 ($37.00 CAN)<br />

7 11 /16 x 11 1 /4 288 pp.<br />

Rights: V00<br />

On sale: 10/24/12<br />

Inspired by the popularity of French graphic<br />

artist Vahram Muratyan’s original Paris versus<br />

New York book, here is an expanded largetrim<br />

edition with more than thirty additional<br />

new pairings of iconic images from the City of<br />

Lights and the Big Apple. This deluxe edition is<br />

a great gift for those who love the warmth and<br />

wit of Maira Kalman and Christoph Neimann’s<br />

I Lego New York, the design-savvy eye of The<br />

Sartorialist, and the adventurous imagination<br />

of The Atlas of Remote Islands. Muratyan’s<br />

visually striking graphics paired with witty,<br />

thought-provoking taglines celebrate the<br />

special details of each city—favorites of<br />

denizens from both cities and those happily<br />

torn in between.<br />

■ This new expanded edition includes 35 previously<br />

unpublished spreads, including Debussy vs. Gershwin,<br />

Marie-Antoinette vs. Madonna, Ballet vs. Basket, and<br />

Place des Vosges vs. Brooklyn Heights<br />

■ A hardcover book featuring a larger trim size and striking<br />

new cover to make an even better gift or collector’s item<br />

■ Since the publication of the original Paris versus New York,<br />

Vahram Muratyan has received commissions from Prada,<br />

Colette, and Le Monde, with exhibitions at Colette in Paris<br />

and at The Standard in New York City<br />

■ Visit parisvsnyc.blogspot.com and vahrammuratyan.com<br />

VAHRAM MURATYAN is a graphic artist based in<br />

Paris, where his clients include Prada, Colette, and<br />

the City of Paris. He is the author of the series La<br />

ville est belle, a weekly column in M, the magazine<br />

of Le Monde. He lives in Paris and New York City.

<strong>Penguin</strong> Summer <strong>2013</strong><br />


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2<br />





ISBN 978-0-14-016854-9 $17.00<br />

n Mo Yan is <strong>Penguin</strong> and <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’<br />

24th Nobel Prize Winner<br />

Red Sorghum<br />

Mo Yan<br />

Legendary Chinese author and recent Nobel<br />

Prize winner Mo Yan has been compared<br />

with writers such as Gabriel García<br />

Márquez and William Faulkner for his<br />

ability to interweave folk tale, oral tradition,<br />

and contemporary social criticism into<br />

incredible stories of the Chinese experience.<br />

His award-winning novel, Red Sorghum,<br />

which inspired an Oscar-nominated film,<br />

combines fable and history to produce<br />

fiction that is entirely new and utterly<br />

unforgettable. Now with a Nobel Prize seal,<br />

Red Sorghum is sure to catch the eye of new<br />

readers and old fans alike.

Dear <strong>Books</strong>ellers,<br />

Thanks so much for all your efforts on behalf of our books and authors. I hope you have sold a lot of<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong>s in 2012 and that you’re optimistic about the rest of the year!<br />

Big fiction leads the way in Summer <strong>2013</strong>, with Tana French’s bestselling Broken Harbor coming out<br />

in May, followed in June by Deborah Harkness’s blockbuster Shadow of Night.<br />

As you know, we have been building Sophie Hannah’s following over the course of six novels, and it<br />

seems time to publish this internationally bestselling author in hardcover. Kind of Cruel will come<br />

out in June and it’s a stunning novel of domestic suspense.<br />

Over the years we have published some wonderful literary fiction in trade, and this season we have<br />

two spectacular books: Jack Wolf ’s thrilling and controversial debut The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody<br />

Bones, and Caleb Crain’s Necessary Errors, an exquisite first novel about the lives and romances<br />

of young expatriates in newly democratic Prague. I would also draw your attention to A. S. A.<br />

Harrison’s The Silent Wife, which I hope will attract readers of Gone Girl.<br />

Two very strong novels—especially for book groups—are Jennie Field’s novel about Edith Wharton’s<br />

love affair, The Age of Desire, and Cascade by Maryanne O’Hara, the story of a young American<br />

woman in 1930s New England caught between her promises and her desires.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> has always published wonderful international mystery writers, and this season includes<br />

Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon, M. L. Longworth, and Fred Vargas. We will also bring out the<br />

international bestseller Malavita by Tonino Benacquista, a comic novel about the Mafia that is soon<br />

to be a major motion picture starring Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones.<br />

On the American mystery front, it’s exciting to have As the Crow Flies, the eighth novel in Craig<br />

Johnson’s bestselling Walt Longmire series, with a second season of A&E’s hit show Longmire<br />

scheduled for next year.<br />

For nonfiction readers our lead bestselling titles include Henry Crumpton’s The Art of Intelligence, a<br />

gripping account of his action-packed career in the CIA’s Clandestine Service; Paul French’s Midnight<br />

in Peking, the riveting story of a murder in Peking in 1937 just before the Japanese invasion; and<br />

Pulitzer Prize–winning author Steve Coll’s Private Empire, a monumental exposé of Big Oil.<br />

On the quirkier side, an upcoming major cable television series prompted us to reissue the story of<br />

the famous Chateau Marmont hotel, Life at the Marmont, by Raymond Sarlot and Fred E. Basten; and<br />

in August we will publish Outlaws, the shocking inside story about life in a biker gang.<br />

I hope you agree that the list is strong and that you have a chance to read some of these<br />

wonderful books.<br />

With best wishes,<br />

Kathryn Court, President and Publisher of <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong><br />


Photo: Kyran O’Brien Broken<br />

4<br />


Harbor<br />

A Novel<br />

Tana French<br />

Tana French’s rise can only be called meteoric. Starting<br />

with her award-winning debut, French has scored four<br />

consecutive New York Times bestsellers and established<br />

herself as one of the top names in the mystery genre.<br />

Broken Harbor is quintessential French—a damaged hero,<br />

an unspeakable crime, and an intricately plotted mystery<br />

nestled in a timely examination of lives shattered by the<br />

global economic downturn.<br />

Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy always brings in the killer.<br />

Always. That’s why he’s landed this high-profile triple<br />

homicide. At first, he thinks it’s going to be simple, but<br />

the murder scene holds terrifying memories for Scorcher.<br />

Memories of something that happened there back when<br />

he was a boy.<br />

TANA FRENCH grew up in Ireland,<br />

Italy, the United States, and Malawi. Her<br />

debut novel, In the Woods, won the Edgar,<br />

Barry, Anthony, and Macavity Awards for<br />

Best First Novel and the IVCA Clarion Award<br />

for Best Fiction. She lives in Dublin with her<br />

husband and daughter.<br />

“ Every bit as piercingly brilliant as its<br />

predecessors.” —Chicago Tribune<br />

“ Salon.com’s Laura Miller has this advice for<br />

anyone who has not yet read EVERY Tana<br />

French novel, ‘Just go out and get them right<br />

now.’ ” —NPR’s Weekend Edition<br />

“ A psychological thriller of exceptional<br />

complexity and depth.” —The Washington Post<br />

“ Compelling . . . French has never been less<br />

than very good, but Broken Harbor is a<br />

spellbinder.” —Booklist (starred review)<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750926-0 $192.00 (NCR)<br />

24-Copy Mixed Floor Display (Includes 6 copies each of<br />

In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, and Broken Harbor)<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750928-4 $378.00 (NCR)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Online Publicity<br />

National Print Advertising<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

Online Advertising

The latest New York Times<br />

bestseller from the acclaimed<br />

author of In the Woods and<br />

Faithful Place<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Tana French’s In the Woods, The Likeness, and Faithful<br />

Place were also New York Times bestsellers<br />

n Her debut novel, In the Woods, won the IVCA Clarion<br />

Award for Best Fiction and the Edgar Award for Best<br />

First Novel<br />

n There are more than 1.5 million copies of French’s<br />

books in print<br />

n Visit tanafrench.com<br />


Faithful Place 978-0-14-311949-4 $16.00<br />

In the Woods 978-0-14-311349-2 $16.00<br />

The Likeness 978-0-14-311562-5 $15.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312330-9 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction/Mystery 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 464 pp. Rights: F25<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02365-3<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



MAY<br />


Photo: Carrie Osbourne<br />

6<br />

The Tale of Raw Head<br />

and Bloody Bones<br />

A Novel<br />

Jack Wolf<br />

Meet Tristan Hart, a brilliant young man of means. The<br />

year is 1751, and at the age of twenty he leaves home to<br />

study medicine at the great hospital of St. Thomas in<br />

London. It will be a momentous year for the intellectually<br />

ambitious Mr. Hart, who, in addition to being a student of<br />

Locke and Descartes and a promising young physician,<br />

is also, alas, psychotic. He is obsessed with the nature of<br />

pain and medically preventing it, but—equally strong and<br />

much harder to control —is his obsession with causing it.<br />

Desperate to understand his deviant desires before they<br />

are his undoing, he uses the new tools of the age—reason<br />

and science and skepticism—to plumb the depths of his<br />

own dark mind.<br />

Profoundly imaginative, unexpectedly funny, and with<br />

a strange but moving love story at its heart, The Tale of Raw<br />

Head and Bloody Bones is an oddly beautiful and daring<br />

novel about the relationship between the mind and body,<br />

sex, madness, pain, and the existence of God.<br />

JACK WOLF is currently studying for a<br />

Ph.D. and is at work on his second novel. He<br />

lives in the United Kingdom.<br />

“ There is no doubting the talent, I might<br />

even say brilliance, of the author, Jack Wolf . . .<br />

I simply cannot imagine whence came the idea<br />

for such a beautifully bizarre story. . . .<br />

A deeply original and startling<br />

read.” —S. J. Bolton, author of Blood Harvest<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

The darkly thrilling and<br />

controversial debut novel by a<br />

major new voice in fiction<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n Also publishing in the U.K., France, and Spain.<br />

n For fans of Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr<br />

Norrell, Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Michel<br />

Faber’s The Crimson Petal and the White, and Bret<br />

Easton Ellis’s American Psycho<br />

From The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones:<br />

Mrs H. sighed heavily; I sensed her Willpower falter, and<br />

finally fail. I narrowed mine Eyes, and surveyed her closely.<br />

Mention of mine Illness, it appeared, had won the Trick. I<br />

pondered this. Whatever Appellation it was given, whether<br />

Exhaustion or Melancholy or even—I hesitated—sheer<br />

Insanity, Mrs H. had been terrified by my Illness. [ . . . ] And<br />

suddenly, I understood this one, plain, incontrovertible<br />

Fact: that Mrs H. would let me get away with anything,<br />

anything at all, if she believed that it would make me sane;<br />

all I would have to do to influence her would be to threaten<br />

that I felt unwell again, or, if mere Threat should fail, to<br />

counterfeit Sickness.<br />

I pushed back my Chair and rose to my Feet. The red<br />

marble Mantelpiece stood at mine Eye level. I was a young<br />

Man; I was strong, I was something over six Feet tall and,<br />

seemingly, I was quite mad. I smiled.<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312382-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 560 pp. Rights: C00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Janklow and Nesbit<br />

Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />



APRIL<br />


Photo: Cindy Lou<br />

8<br />


The Art of Intelligence<br />

Lessons from a Life in the CIA’s Clandestine Service<br />

Henry A. Crumpton<br />

Revelatory and groundbreaking, The Art of Intelligence<br />

will change the way people view the CIA, American intel-<br />

ligence, and international terrorism. Henry A. “Hank”<br />

Crumpton, a twenty-four-year veteran of the CIA’s<br />

Clandestine Service, offers a thrilling account that delivers<br />

profound lessons about what it means to serve as an<br />

honorable spy. From participating in CIA recruiting missions<br />

in Africa to pioneering new programs like the UAV<br />

Predator, from running post–9/11 missions in Afghanistan<br />

to heading up all clandestine CIA operations in the United<br />

States, Crumpton chronicles his role—in the battlefield<br />

and in the Oval Office—in transforming the way America<br />

wages war.<br />

HENRY A. CRUMPTON is the<br />

chairman and CEO of Crumpton <strong>Group</strong><br />

LLC, a global business advisory firm. After<br />

a twenty-four-year career in the CIA’s<br />

Clandestine Service, he served as the U.S.<br />

coordinator for counterterrorism with the<br />

rank of Ambassador at Large. He lives in the<br />

Washington, D.C., area.<br />

“ Crumpton’s narrative . . . moves like a<br />

thriller, presenting a story of ingenuity and<br />

courage under fire.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ A lively account . . . combines the<br />

derring-do of old-fashioned spycraft with<br />

thoughtful meditations on the future of<br />

warfare and intelligence work. It deserves to<br />

be read.” —The Washington Post<br />

“ Riveting . . . A treasure for every citizen<br />

who wants to know the sacrifices, courage, and<br />

strategic vision of the clandestine services in<br />

war and peace.” —Tom Brokaw<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising

A legendary CIA spy and<br />

counterterrorism expert tells<br />

the spellbinding story of his<br />

high-risk, action-packed career<br />

n A New York Times bestseller, debuting at #3<br />

n More than 100,000 copies sold<br />

n Featured on a number of television programs, including<br />

60 Minutes, Today, Dateline, Anderson Cooper 360,<br />

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and Charlie Rose<br />

From The Art of Intelligence:<br />

Some of the best agents began collaboration with the CIA in<br />

isolated, stressful hardship posts where help from their own<br />

governments was often limited. On one occasion, I delivered<br />

porno videos to a recruitment target. Eventually, in a<br />

team effort, we recruited him. I never met a North Korean<br />

diplomat who did not want porn, either for personal use or<br />

resale. U.S. tax dollars for the sexual titillation of North<br />

Koreans? No problem, if one North Korean source helps the<br />

CIA understand their nuclear threat. U.S. tax dollars for an<br />

incorrigible, dubious agent who spent his salary on whores?<br />

Sure, if he could provide valuable secrets or assessment<br />

information on other prospective targets, like Hezbollah<br />

terrorists. An operations officer, however, seldom knows the<br />

answer to this moral calculus until he recruits and directs<br />

the agent—and even then results are often uncertain. He<br />

makes the best assessment possible, continues to test the<br />

asset, and he and the CIA take on the physical, political, and<br />

moral risks.<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312337-8 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Memoir/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 352 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-334-3<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged CDs • 11 CDs, 13 hours<br />

978-1-61176-071-2 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Unabridged Download • 13 hours<br />

978-1-10-156421-9 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Snap here<br />

to watch the<br />

60 Minutes<br />

piece on the<br />

author<br />


MAY<br />


Photo: Maud Reavill<br />

10<br />

The Orphanmaster<br />

A Novel of Early Manhattan<br />

Jean Zimmerman<br />

In 1663 in the hardscrabble colony of New Amsterdam—<br />

today’s lower Manhattan—orphan children are going<br />

missing and residents suspect a serial killer. The list of<br />

possible culprits is long and strange. Among those looking<br />

into the mystery are a shrewd young Dutch woman,<br />

Blandine van Couvering, and a dashing Englishman,<br />

Edward Drummond, whose newfound romance is threatened<br />

by horrible accusations.<br />

In this spellbinding work of historical fiction, Jean<br />

Zimmerman relates the harsh realities of life in early<br />

Manhattan, re-creating the sights, smells, and textures of<br />

the rough settlement surrounded by wilderness and subject<br />

to political turmoil. Compulsively readable and filled<br />

with New York history, The Orphanmaster will delight<br />

fans of Caleb Carr, Hilary Mantel, and Geraldine Brooks.<br />

JEAN ZIMMERMAN is the author<br />

several works of nonfiction, including Love,<br />

Fiercely: A Gilded Age Romance and The<br />

Women of the House: How a Colonial She-<br />

Merchant Built a Mansion, a Fortune, and a<br />

Dynasty. She lives in Ossining, New York. This<br />

is her first novel.<br />

“ The ideal historical mystery for readers who<br />

value the history as much as the mystery.”<br />

—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book<br />

Review<br />

“Immersive . . . exhilarating.”<br />

—USA Today<br />

“ A thriller, love story, and costume drama in<br />

one.” —Good Housekeeping<br />

“ A sweeping novel of great and precise<br />

imaginative intelligence; it’s also the most<br />

entertaining and believable<br />

historical novel I’ve read in years.”<br />

—Darin Strauss, author of Half a Life and<br />

Chang and Eng<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Author Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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Online Advertising

A love story wrapped<br />

around a murder mystery,<br />

set in seventeenth-century<br />

Manhattan<br />

n Jean Zimmerman has written several books of women’s<br />

history, and her attention to period detail shines here<br />

n For fans of Year of Wonders, Wolf Hall, The Alienist, and<br />

The Island at the Center of the World<br />

n Viking will publish Zimmerman’s next novel, Savage Girl,<br />

in Winter 2014<br />

n Visit jeanzimmerman.com<br />

From The Orphanmaster:<br />

Without risk, no profit. Her father taught her that at his<br />

knee. More risk, more profit. From a young age Blandine<br />

van Couvering saw buying and selling as a delightful game.<br />

Trade was all she ever wanted to do.<br />

This year was her year. The portents others saw as grave<br />

she interpreted as omens of her coming success. A great<br />

burning comet flew nightly across the heavens. On the first<br />

day of the last month of <strong>summer</strong>, a double rainbow aimed<br />

northward, pointing to the path of the North River, towards<br />

the fur-rich wilderness.<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312353-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp. Rights: W00<br />

b/w maps Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02364-6<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 15.5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-105-4 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Unabridged Download • 15.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-156430-1 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Snap here<br />

to watch the<br />

book trailer<br />


MAY<br />


Photo: Lucy Cavender<br />

12<br />


Midnight in Peking<br />

How the Murder of a Young Englishwoman Haunted the Last Days of Old China<br />

Paul French<br />

Chronicling an incredible unsolved murder, Midnight in<br />

Peking captures the aftermath of the brutal killing of a<br />

British schoolgirl in January 1937. The mutilated body of<br />

Pamela Werner was found at the base of the Fox Tower,<br />

which, according to local superstition, is home to the maliciously<br />

seductive fox spirits. As British detective Dennis<br />

and Chinese detective Han investigate, the mystery only<br />

deepens and, in a city on the verge of invasion, rumor and<br />

superstition run rampant. Based on seven years of research<br />

by historian and China expert Paul French, this true-crime<br />

thriller presents readers with a rare and unique portrait<br />

of the last days of colonial Peking.<br />

PAUL FRENCH lives in Shanghai,<br />

where he is a business advisor and analyst<br />

He frequently comments on China for the<br />

English-speaking press around the world.<br />

French studied history, economics, and<br />

Mandarin at university and has an M.Phil in<br />

economics from the University of Glasgow.<br />

“ Never less than fascinating . . . One<br />

of the best portraits of between-the-wars<br />

China that has yet been written.”<br />

—The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ Compulsively readable.”<br />

—The Atlantic<br />

“ This is a good murder story, well told, with all<br />

the additional pleasures that a knowledgeable<br />

tour guide to old China can provide.<br />

Grateful readers could scarcely<br />

ask for more.” —Joseph Kanon, author of<br />

Istanbul Passage, in The Washington Post<br />

“ Fascinating and irresistible. I<br />

couldn’t put it down.” —John Berendt,<br />

author of Midnight in the Garden of Good<br />

and Evil<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750924-6 $192.00 ($204.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

Online Advertising

A riveting true-crime tale<br />

presenting the thrilling account<br />

of a murder in 1937 China that<br />

caused an international media<br />

sensation<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Features a beautiful full-color photo insert<br />

n Published by <strong>Penguin</strong> in the U.K., Australia, and China<br />

n Television rights have been sold in the U.K.<br />

n For fans of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City and<br />

In the Garden of Beasts<br />

n Visit midnightinpeking.com and follow<br />

@chinarhyming on Twitter<br />

Look for the upcoming <strong>Penguin</strong> Special featuring<br />

new material on the most notorious characters in<br />

Midnight in Peking<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312336-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

True Crime/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 272 pp. Rights: G15<br />

16 pp. color photos Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> hc<br />

978-0-14-312100-8 On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged Download • 8 hours<br />

978-1-10-156443-1 $29.95 ($31.50 CAN)<br />

Snap here<br />

to watch the<br />

book trailer<br />


MAY<br />


Photo: Erin Nickerson<br />

14<br />


As the Crow Flies<br />

A Walt Longmire Mystery<br />

Craig Johnson<br />

The recent A&E premiere of Longmire—a television series<br />

based on Craig Johnson’s New York Times–bestselling Walt<br />

Longmire Mystery Series—was the highest-rated scripted<br />

drama in the network’s history and consistently held its<br />

viewers throughout the season. Its success has readers<br />

stampeding to the bookstore, making As the Crow Flies<br />

Johnson’s biggest hardcover success.<br />

In his eighth adventure, Walt Longmire doesn’t have<br />

time for criminals. His daughter is getting married in two<br />

weeks, and the wedding locale arrangements have just<br />

gone up in smoke. He needs to find a new site for the nuptials—fast.<br />

Unfortunately, his expedition to the Cheyenne<br />

Reservation is derailed by a grisly death. It’s not Walt’s turf,<br />

but he’s coerced into the investigation by Lolo Long, the<br />

beautiful new tribal police chief.<br />

CRAIG JOHNSON lives in Ucross,<br />

Wyoming, population twenty-five.<br />

“ Walt continues to be excellent<br />

company.” —Marilyn Stasio, The New York<br />

Times Book Review<br />

“ A rich and satisfying series.”<br />

—Houston Chronicle<br />

Praise for the A&E television series, Longmire:<br />

“ Based on the novels by Craig Johnson . . .<br />

Longmire is the best of two worlds:<br />

a modern crime drama with dry wit and<br />

sometimes heart-wrenching emotion that’s<br />

also got a glorious setting under the big sky of<br />

Wyoming.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750923-9 $180.00 ($192.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide bound into every book<br />

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On the heels of A&E’s<br />

blockbuster show Longmire—<br />

the latest New York Times<br />

bestseller is a “a top-notch<br />

tale” (USA Today)<br />

n A New York Times hardcover bestseller, debuting at #17<br />

n Longmire was renewed for a second season after only 4<br />

episodes on A&E and stars Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond<br />

Phillips, and Katee Sackhoff<br />

n Viking will simultaneously publish the ninth book in the<br />

series, A Serpent’s Tooth<br />

n Craig Johnson’s 7 Longmire mystery paperbacks have<br />

dominated the <strong>Books</strong>can Mystery Trade bestseller list since<br />

the A&E series debuted<br />

n Visit craigallenjohnson.com and aetv.com/longmire<br />


The Cold Dish 978-0-14-303642-5 $15.00<br />

The Cold Dish (TV tie-in edition) 978-0-14-312317-0 $15.00<br />

Death Without Company 978-0-14-303838-2 $14.00<br />

Kindness Goes Unpunished 978-0-14-311313-3 $14.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312329-3 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02351-6<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Another Man’s Moccasins 978-0-14-311552-6 $14.00<br />

Junkyard Dogs 978-0-14-311953-1 $14.00<br />

The Dark Horse 978-0-14-311731-5 $14.00<br />

Hell Is Empty 978-0-14-312098-8 $14.00<br />


MAY<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-750877-5 $57.00 ($61.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 x 2 5 /8 1,392 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> pbs 978-0-14-303642-5 (The Cold<br />

Dish); 978-0-14-303838-2 (Death Without Company );<br />

978-0-14-311313-3 (Kindness Goes Unpunished );<br />

978-0-14-311552-6 (Another Man’s Moccasins)<br />

On sale: 11/27/2012<br />


“ Craig Johnson does it right, with<br />

style, grace, wildfire pace, and a<br />

sense of humor.” —Bob Shacochis<br />

“ Craig Johnson is flat out one of the<br />

best storytellers around.”<br />

—Margaret Coel, author of<br />

The Girl with the Braided Hair<br />


16 DECEMBER Online Publicity<br />

The perfect gift for Longmire fans:<br />

A boxed set of the first four books in the<br />

bestselling Walt Longmire Mystery series<br />

The Walt Longmire<br />

Mystery Series Boxed Set<br />

The First Four Novels<br />

Craig Johnson<br />

With the hit A&E television series Longmire capturing millions of<br />

viewers and Craig Johnson’s last two novels hitting the New York<br />

Times bestseller list in hardcover, Walt Longmire is a name on<br />

everyone’s lips and has earned his star.<br />

For fans of the show and newcomers to the novels, we now<br />

offer the first four books in the series in one boxed set, giving<br />

Longmire devotees a chance to catch up on the world of their<br />

favorite small-town sheriff before the second season of the show<br />

begins next year.<br />

n A boxed set that includes the first 4 books in the<br />

Walt Longmire Mystery series: The Cold Dish, Death Without<br />

Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, and Another<br />

Man’s Moccasins<br />

n Longmire was A&E’s most-watched scripted series of all time,<br />

with an average of 4 million viewers for the first airing of each<br />

episode<br />

n The second season of Longmire is scheduled to premiere<br />

in <strong>2013</strong><br />

CRAIG JOHNSON lives in Ucross, Wyoming,<br />

population twenty-five.

ISBN 978-0-14-312273-9 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 400 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02329-5<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Sharp, invigorating and<br />

remarkably assured, Mike<br />

Cooper’s financial thriller Clawback has<br />

done the unthinkable: it’s made Oliver<br />

Stone’s Wall Street look downright naïve.”<br />

—Josh Bazell, author of the New York Times<br />

bestseller Beat the Reaper<br />

Unabridged Download • 9.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-153876-0 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Someone is killing off Wall Street’s<br />

shadiest financiers, and only Silas Cade<br />

can get to the bottom of it<br />

Clawback<br />

A Silas Cade Thriller<br />

Mike Cooper<br />

With breakneck pacing, nonstop action, and cutting-edge details<br />

from today’s financial intelligence technology, Clawback offers<br />

a stunning narrative set in the world of Too Big to Fail. Silas<br />

Cade, a black-ops vet and gray-zone contractor, is no stranger to<br />

gunslinging or shady finance. After coming home from America’s<br />

wars abroad, he becomes an “accountant”—the go-to for Wall<br />

Street financiers who need jobs done quickly, quietly, and by any<br />

means necessary. Hired by a major player to visit a tanking hedge<br />

fund manager and extract ten million dollars in clawback—the<br />

mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal that goes bad—<br />

Silas instead discovers that someone is killing off bankers all over<br />

New York.<br />

n Viking will simultaneously publish the next book in the series,<br />

Full Ratchet<br />

n Will appeal to fans of Lee Child and Robert Crais<br />

n Visit mikecooperbooks.com<br />

MIKE COOPER is the pseudonym of a former financial<br />

executive. Under a different name, his work has received wide<br />

recognition, including a Shamus Award, an International Thriller<br />

Writers Award nomination, and inclusion in The Best American<br />

Mystery Stories. He lives in Boston.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

Author Appearances<br />

Media Tied to Viking Publication of<br />

Full Ratchet<br />


MAY<br />


18 MAY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312324-8 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 304 pp. Rights: G12<br />

b/w map Pub history: Atlantic Monthly Press<br />

978-0-8021-2023-6 On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ After this case, the city [Brunetti]<br />

loves will never quite be the same<br />

for him.” —Marilyn Stasio,<br />

The New York Times Book Review<br />

“ Written with such delicacy and<br />

emotional force that we can’t help<br />

but be reminded of Greek tragedy.”<br />

—Booklist<br />


The twenty-first Commissario Brunetti<br />

mystery and Donna Leon’s biggest<br />

New York Times bestseller yet<br />


Beastly Things<br />

Donna Leon<br />

It’s no wonder that Donna Leon’s latest mystery debuted on<br />

the New York Times bestseller list at number ten. The series’s<br />

tantalizing crimes, Venetian setting, and much-loved commissario<br />

are a winning combination that continues to earn critical acclaim<br />

and a growing readership around the globe.<br />

In Beastly Things, Leon lives up to her reputation as a writer<br />

unafraid to address the corruption underlying La Serenissima’s<br />

outward beauty. When an unidentified murder victim winds up in<br />

a canal, Brunetti travels beyond his usual sphere of Venice to find<br />

the connection between the dead man and a local slaughterhouse.<br />

n A New York Times hardcover bestseller, debuting at #10<br />

n There are more than 1.5 million copies of Donna Leon’s <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

paperbacks in print<br />

n Leon’s new novel, The Golden Nugget, will be published by Atlantic<br />

Monthly Press in April <strong>2013</strong><br />

n Visit donnaleon.net and facebook.com/pages/Donna-Leon<br />

DONNA LEON was born in New Jersey and has lived<br />

in Venice for thirty years.<br />

Media Tied to Atlantic Monthly Press Publication<br />

of The Golden Nugget<br />

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Dressed for Death<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311589-2 $14.00<br />

Death in a Strange Country<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311588-5 $14.00<br />

Death and Judgment<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311591-5 $14.00<br />

Acqua Alta<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311590-8 $14.00<br />

Quietly in Their Sleep<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311593-9 $14.00<br />

A Noble Radiance<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311592-2 $14.00<br />

The Girl of His Dreams<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311561-8 $14.00<br />

A Sea of Troubles<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311620-2 $14.00<br />

Friends in High Places<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311706-3 $14.00<br />

Fatal Remedies<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311705-6 $14.00<br />

Doctored Evidence<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311708-7 $14.00<br />

Uniform Justice<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311707-0 $14.00<br />

Through a Glass, Darkly<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311710-0 $14.00<br />

Blood from a Stone<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311709-4 $14.00<br />

Suffer the Little Children<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311711-7 $14.00<br />

About Face<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311659-2 $14.00<br />

Willful Behavior<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311758-2 $14.00<br />

A Question of Belief<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311895-4 $15.00<br />

Drawing Conclusions<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312064-3 $15.00<br />



20 MAY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312311-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Pop Culture 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

8 pp. b/w photos Pub history: Roundtable Publishing hc<br />

978-0-915677-23-8 On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Chateau Marmont inspires deep<br />

devotion. Billy Wilder said, ‘I would<br />

rather sleep in a bathroom than in any<br />

other hotel.’” —Hollywood Style<br />

“ Chateau Marmont is a soothing,<br />

idiosyncratic jewel of Hollywood<br />

history.” —Movieline<br />

Unabridged Download • 11 hours<br />

978-1-10-161942-1 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />


Back in print after two decades, the<br />

story of Hollywood’s most exclusive<br />

hotel and its star-studded guest list<br />

Life at the Marmont<br />

The Inside Story of Hollywood’s Legendary Hotel of the Stars—<br />

Chateau Marmont<br />

Raymond Sarlot and<br />

Fred E. Basten<br />

Raymond Sarlot bought the Chateau Marmont in 1975, but what<br />

was originally a business purchase became a love affair as he delved<br />

into the hotel’s incredible history. From its perch overlooking<br />

the Sunset Strip, the glamorous Marmont reigned for decades as<br />

the spot for artists, writers, musicians, and actors of every stripe<br />

and remains a home-away-from-home for A-listers like Scarlett<br />

Johansson and Johnny Depp. Here, Sarlot and coauthor Fred E.<br />

Basten share a wealth of scandalous and intriguing tales about<br />

them all, from the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era like Jean<br />

Harlow and Grace Kelly to idols of the sixties and seventies like<br />

Jim Morrison and John Belushi (who tragically died there in<br />

1982). Whether your obsession is Hollywood history or celebrity<br />

gossip, Life at the Marmont has plenty of gripping, juicy stories.<br />

n This updated edition includes a new afterword from coauthor<br />

Fred E. Basten<br />

n Currently in development as a major cable television miniseries<br />

RAYMOND SARLOT was the owner of the Chateau<br />

Marmont from 1975 to 1991. He lives in Los Angeles.<br />

FRED E. BASTEN is the author of more than thirty books,<br />

including Max Factor’s Hollywood and Steve McQueen:<br />

The Final Chapter. He lives in Santa Monica, California.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

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ISBN 978-0-14-312351-4 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 368 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02602-9<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Cascade unfolds like a<br />

Shakespearean tragedy, with an<br />

ending you won’t see coming. . . . The novel<br />

becomes something that you can’t take your<br />

eyes from or stop thinking about in wonder.”<br />

—Caroline Leavitt, The Boston Globe<br />

“ I stayed up very late into the night to<br />

finish Cascade. . . . Compelling and<br />

fascinating, the story unfolds in such<br />

unexpected ways, and with such gathering<br />

tension, that I couldn’t stop until I’d read the<br />

final, beautifully written, line.”<br />

—Kim Edwards, New York Times–bestselling<br />

author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and<br />

The Lake of Dreams<br />

During the 1930s in a small town fighting<br />

for its survival, a conflicted new wife<br />

seeks to reconcile her artistic ambitions<br />

with the binding promises she has made<br />

Cascade<br />

A Novel<br />

Maryanne O’Hara<br />

Fans of Richard Russo, Amor Towles, Sebastian Barry, and Paula<br />

McLain will devour this transporting novel about the eternal tug<br />

between our duties and our desires, set in New York City and New<br />

England during the Depression and New Deal eras.<br />

It’s 1935, and Desdemona Hart Spaulding has sacrificed her<br />

plans to work as an artist in New York to care for her bankrupt,<br />

ailing father in Cascade, Massachusetts. When he dies, Dez finds<br />

herself caught in a marriage of convenience, bound to the promise<br />

she made to save her father’s Shakespeare Theater, even as her<br />

town may be flooded to create a reservoir for Boston. When she<br />

falls for artist Jacob Solomon, she sees a chance to escape and<br />

realize her New York ambitions, but is it morally possible to set<br />

herself free?<br />

n Received high praise from bestselling authors, including<br />

Kim Edwards, Lily King, Janice Y. K. Lee, Margot Livesey, and<br />

Susan Vreeland<br />

n Visit maryanneohara.com<br />

MARYANNE O’HARA was the longtime associate<br />

fiction editor at the award-winning literary journal<br />

Ploughshares. She received her MFA from Emerson College<br />

fifteen years ago, and wrote short fiction that was widely<br />

published before committing to the long form. She lives on a<br />

river near Boston.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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Online Advertising<br />


MAY<br />


22 MAY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312365-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02358-5<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A beach read for strong-willed, independent<br />

souls.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

“ A galvanizing social novel, spacious and<br />

strenuous, like a film that would have been<br />

cosigned by Ken Loach and Gus Van Sant.”<br />

—Libération (France)<br />

Unabridged Download • 14 hours<br />

978-1-10-156629-9 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />


The provocative international<br />

bestseller about two young girls<br />

growing up fast in a failing industrial<br />

town on the coast of Italy<br />


Swimming to Elba<br />

A Novel<br />

Silvia Avallone<br />

Translated by Antony Shugaar<br />

They were always a pair: daring, intelligent Anna, and<br />

breathtakingly gorgeous Francesca. Just shy of fourteen, their<br />

newly acquired curves and skimpy bathing suits have earned<br />

them celebrity status on the beaches of their gritty town, where<br />

the glittering resort island of Elba taunts them from across the<br />

bay. The girls, aware of their new power, are on the brink of<br />

everything—high school, adulthood, ambition—but when their<br />

intense friendship suffers a blow, each sets off on her own, only<br />

to learn that the “glamorous” world of adult physicality can be<br />

at best banal and at worst dehumanizing. As their choices take<br />

them to a painful crossroads, they must reconnect if they have<br />

any hope of escaping their small-town destinies.<br />

Frank, sensual, and evocative of the Academy Award–<br />

winning Cinema Paradiso and the international bestseller The<br />

Solitude of Prime Numbers, Swimming to Elba is a harrowing yet<br />

redemptive meditation on politics, family, sex, and the power of<br />

friendship.<br />

n An international bestseller<br />

n A finalist for Italy’s prestigious Strega Prize<br />

n Rights have been sold in 18 countries<br />

SILVIA AVALLONE is a poet and novelist who was born in Biella, Italy, in<br />

1984 and now lives in Bologna. This is her first novel.<br />

ANTONY SHUGAAR’s recent translations include A Pimp’s Notes by Giorgio<br />

Faletti, Bandit Love by Massimo Carlotto, and Sandokan by Nanni Balestini.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

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ISBN 978-0-14-312346-0 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Travel 5 5 /16 x 8 240 pp. Rights: E00<br />

b/w photos and illustrations throughout; 8 pp. color photos<br />

and art Pub history: Putnam hc 978-0-399-15917-6<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ There is no more witty, worldly, cultivated<br />

or amiably candid observer imaginable<br />

than Benjamin Taylor. This book<br />

belongs on the shelf of the<br />

very best literary travel<br />

guides.” —Phillip Lopate, author of<br />

Waterfront: A Journey Around Manhattan<br />


Saul Bellow: Letters Edited by Benjamin Taylor<br />

978-0-14-312046-9 $20.00<br />

A lively, elegantly concise historic tour<br />

of Italy’s city by the bay<br />

Naples Declared<br />

A Walk Around the Bay<br />

Benjamin Taylor<br />

An invaluable contribution to the art of literary travel writing,<br />

Naples Declared presents an informative and compulsively<br />

readable account of three thousand years of Naples history.<br />

From the catacombs of San Gennaro to the luminous paintings of<br />

Caravaggio to the ruins of Pompeii in nearby Campania, renowned<br />

author Benjamin Taylor takes readers on a stroll around the city<br />

Italians lovingly call Il Cratere. Gracefully written and full of good<br />

humor, wisdom, and amusing anecdotes, Naples Declared is a<br />

wholly original work that will be welcomed by anyone seeking to<br />

know more about the art, culture, and history of this fabled place.<br />

n Material from Naples Declared is included in the upcoming<br />

Discovery World documentary Waterfront Cities of the World,<br />

scheduled to air in Spring <strong>2013</strong> in the U.S.<br />

n Benjamin Taylor’s Saul Bellow: Letters was chosen as a Best Book<br />

of the Year by Michiko Kakutani for the New York Times and by<br />

Jonathan Yardley for the Washington Post<br />

n Visit benjamintaylorauthor.com<br />

BENJAMIN TAYLOR is the author of two acclaimed<br />

novels—The Book of Getting Even and Tales Out of School—<br />

and the editor of Saul Bellow: Letters. He lives in New York City.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />


MAY<br />



24<br />





City of Djinns<br />

978-0-14-200100-4 $16.00<br />

Bicycle Diaries<br />

978-0-14-311796-4 $16.00<br />


The Condé Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys: Volume I<br />

978-0-14-311261-7 $16.00<br />

The Condé Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys: Volume II<br />

978-0-14-312147-3 $16.00<br />


In Patagonia<br />

978-0-14-243719-3 $15.00<br />


Eat, Pray, Love H<br />

978-0-14-303841-2 $15.00<br />


Finding George Orwell in Burma<br />

978-0-14-303711-8 $16.00



The Snow Leopard<br />

978-0-14-310551-0 $16.00<br />


Britain and Ireland’s Best Wild Places<br />

978-0-14-102922-1 $22.00<br />


The Black Nile<br />

978-0-14-311937-1 $16.00<br />


The Rise and Fall of Alexandria<br />

978-0-14-311251-8 $17.00<br />


Travels with Charley in Search of America ★<br />

978-0-14-310700-2 $16.00<br />




ISBN 978-0-14-312348-4 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Science/Ecology 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 416 pp. Rights: G12<br />

16 pp. b/w photos Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02354-7 On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A rare treasure . . . immensely<br />

entertaining, although it chronicles<br />

a tragedy. A skilled storyteller, Roberts<br />

leads us through complex scientific debates<br />

with grace and humor. No account of the<br />

cataclysm is more engaging.”<br />

—Mark Kurlansky, The Washington Post<br />

“ Probably the scariest book I’ve read in recent<br />

years. For anyone who loves the sea, [The<br />

Ocean of Life] is a strident wake-up<br />

call; an urgent alert.” —Philip Hoare,<br />

Daily Mail (U.K.)<br />


26 MAY Online Publicity<br />

A Silent Spring for oceans—from<br />

“the Rachel Carson of the fish world”<br />

(The New York Times)<br />

The Ocean of Life<br />

The Fate of Man and the Sea<br />

Callum Roberts<br />

The sea feeds and sustains us, but its future is under catastrophic<br />

threat. In this powerful and ambitious book, Callum Roberts,<br />

one of the world’s foremost conservation biologists, tells the<br />

story of the sea, from the earliest traces of water on earth to<br />

the oceans as we know them today. He offers a devastating<br />

account of the impact of overfishing, deep-sea mining, pollution,<br />

and climate change and explains what we must do now to preserve<br />

our rapidly dwindling marine life. Passionate and persuasive,<br />

The Ocean of Life is a wake-up call that will appeal to anyone who<br />

loves the sea and its creatures.<br />

n For readers of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Four Fish, and Cod, and<br />

the books of Elizabeth Kolbert and Rachel Carson<br />

n Strong adoption potential for courses on environmental issues<br />

and sustainability<br />

CALLUM ROBERTS is the author of The Unnatural<br />

History of the Sea, a Washington Post Book of the Year and<br />

winner of the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award. A<br />

professor of marine conservation at the University of York, in<br />

England, he consulted on the Blue Planet series and the IMAX<br />

film The Wild Ocean.

ISBN 978-0-14-312342-2 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Science 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: E00<br />

b/w charts Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02363-9<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Brilliant. . . . For science mavens of a<br />

philosophical bent, this may be the book of<br />

the year.” —Booklist<br />


How the Canyon Became Grand 978-0-14-028056-2 $17.00<br />

Voyager 978-0-14-311959-3 $15.00<br />

An enthralling scientific and cultural<br />

exploration of the Ice Age—from the<br />

author of How the Canyon Became Grand<br />

The Last Lost World<br />

Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene<br />

Lydia V. Pyne and<br />

Stephen J. Pyne<br />

From a remarkable father-daughter team comes a dramatic synthesis<br />

of science and environmental history—an exploration of<br />

the geologic time scale and evolution twinned with the story of<br />

how, eventually, we have come to understand our own past.<br />

The Pleistocene is the epoch of geologic time closest to our<br />

own. The Last Lost World is an inquiry into the conditions that<br />

made it, the themes that define it, and the creature that emerged<br />

dominant from it. At the same time, it tells how we came to discover<br />

and understand this crucial period in the Earth’s history and<br />

what meanings it has for today.<br />

n Features the same tone and treatment that made Stephen J. Pyne’s<br />

How the Canyon Became Grand a success<br />

n For readers of popular science, such as Stephen J. Gould’s The<br />

Mismeasure of Man and Richard Holmes’s The Age of Wonder<br />

LYDIA V. PYNE, a lecturer and visiting fellow at Drexel University,<br />

has done extensive fieldwork in archaeology and paleoanthropology. She<br />

lives in Philadelphia.<br />

STEPHEN J. PYNE is the author of Voyager, Year of the Fires, The Ice,<br />

and How the Canyon Became Grand, among many other books. He lives in<br />

Glendale, Arizona.<br />


MAY<br />



28<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-303858-0 $17.00<br />


Michael Pollan<br />

The Omnivore’s Dilemma★<br />

“ Thoughtful, engrossing . . . You’re not likely to get<br />

a better explanation of exactly where your food comes from.”<br />

—The New York Times Book Review<br />

n One of the New York Times Book Review ’s Ten Best <strong>Books</strong> of the Year<br />

Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Food Rules 978-0-14-311638-7 $11.00<br />

In Defense of Food 978-0-14-311496-3 $16.00<br />

Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in May<br />

<strong>2013</strong>—Cooked<br />

In the bestselling The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan revolutionized<br />

how we ask and answer a seemingly simple question: What should we have<br />

for dinner? His latest book, Cooked, explores the previously uncharted<br />

territory of his own kitchen. Along the way Pollan discovers the enduring<br />

power of the four classical elements—fire, water, air, and earth—to<br />

transform food and recounts the story of his own culinary education.<br />

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National Print Advertising, Online Advertising

ISBN 978-0-14-100182-1 $16.00<br />

n Winner of the National Book Award<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

Nathaniel Philbrick<br />

In the Heart of the Sea<br />

“ A book that gets in your bones . . . Scrupulously researched<br />

and eloquently written . . . it would have earned Melville’s<br />

admiration.” —The New York Times Book Review<br />

Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Away Off Shore 978-0-14-312012-4 $16.00<br />

The Last Stand 978-0-14-311960-9 $18.00<br />

Mayflower 978-0-14-311197-9 $16.00<br />

Sea of Glory 978-0-14-200483-8 $16.00<br />

Coming from Viking in May <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

Bunker Hill<br />

As he did in his New York Times bestsellers Mayflower, In the Heart of the<br />

Sea, Sea of Glory, and The Last Stand, award-winning historian Nathaniel<br />

Philbrick drills down on a story we think we know in his latest book, Bunker<br />

Hill. In his first book on the American Revolution, Philbrick takes on the<br />

foundational myth of the Shot-Heard-Round-the-World—to make it fresh,<br />

disturbing, and blisteringly real.<br />

Marketing for Bunker Hill: 10-City Author Tour, National Publicity, National Review and<br />

Feature Attention, National Radio Satellite Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Online<br />

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30<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311700-1 $18.00<br />

n Almost 550,000 copies sold<br />


Jared Diamond<br />

Collapse★<br />

“ A magisterial effort packed with insight and<br />

written with clarity and enthusiasm.” —Businessweek<br />

Coming from Viking in January <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

The World Until Yesterday<br />

In his multimillion-copy bestsellers Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse,<br />

Jared Diamond explored how Western civilizations came to dominate much<br />

of the world and how they can best avoid committing ecological suicide.<br />

Now, in The World Until Yesterday, he gives us a picture of human history<br />

and considers what the differences between that past world and our present<br />

one mean for our collective future.<br />

Marketing for The World Until Yesterday: 12-City Author Tour, National Publicity,<br />

National Review and Feature Attention, National Radio Campaign, National Print<br />

Advertising, Online Advertising

Photo: Stephen Cornell for White Hare 2010<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311978-4 $16.00<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

John le Carré<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy<br />

Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Call for the Dead 978-0-14-312257-9 $15.00<br />

The Honourable Schoolboy 978-0-14-311973-9 $16.00<br />

The Little Drummer Girl 978-0-14-311974-6 $16.00<br />

The Looking Glass War 978-0-14-312259-3 $16.00<br />

A Murder of Quality 978-0-14-312258-6 $15.00<br />

The Naïve and Sentimental Lover 978-0-14-311975-3 $16.00<br />

Our Kind of Traitor 978-0-14-311972-2 $15.00<br />

A Perfect Spy 978-0-14-311976-0 $16.00<br />

A Small Town in Germany 978-0-14-312260-9 $16.00<br />

Smiley’s People 978-0-14-311977-7 $16.00<br />

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold 978-0-14-312142-8 $15.00<br />

Coming from Viking in May <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

A Delicate Truth<br />

John le Carré’s last novel, Our Kind of Traitor, won critical acclaim and hit the<br />

New York Times bestseller list just as the Oscar-nominated film adaptation of<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy introduced a new generation to his chillingly amoral<br />

universe. In his latest book, A Delicate Truth, Sir Christopher (“Kit”) Probyn,<br />

a retired British diplomat, must choose between his conscience and duty to<br />

his Service.<br />

Marketing for A Delicate Truth: National Publicity, National Review and Feature Attention,<br />

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32<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311673-8 $15.00<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n More than 120,000 copies sold<br />


Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica<br />

The Element<br />

“ With a crackling wit and a deep humanity, [Robinson] urges us<br />

to ignore the naysayers, bypass the crowd, and find the place<br />

where our talents and desires intersect. This is a truly<br />

inspiring book.” —Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive<br />

Coming from Viking in May <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

Finding Your Element<br />

Ken Robinson, author of the bestselling book The Element, is one of today’s<br />

foremost voices on creativity and education. His latest book, Finding Your<br />

Element, takes the groundbreaking ideas he puts forth in The Element and<br />

hones them into a practical guide to finding your talent and fulfilling<br />

your dreams.<br />

Marketing for Finding Your Element: 5-City Author Tour, National Publicity, National Review<br />

and Feature Attention, National Radio Satellite Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Online<br />

Publicity, Online Advertising

ISBN 978-0-14-311846-6 $16.00<br />

n A New York Times bestseller in both hardcover<br />

and paperback<br />

Danielle Trussoni<br />

Angelology★<br />

“ Richly allusive and vividly staged . . . Sensual and intelligent,<br />

Angelology is a terrifically clever thriller.”<br />

—The New York Times Book Review<br />

Coming from Viking in May <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

Angelopolis<br />

What became of Sister Evangeline after the explosive events at the end of<br />

Danielle Trussoni’s bestselling debut, Angelology? In the captivating sequel,<br />

it’s ten years later and, once again, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance<br />

as angel-human hybrids rise to create their own metastasizing Eden.<br />

Marketing for Angelopolis: 5-City Author Tour, National Publicity, National Review and<br />

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34<br />





Big Sur<br />

978-0-14-016812-9<br />

$15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

The Dharma Bums<br />

978-0-14-303960-0<br />

$16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Maggie Cassidy<br />

978-0-14-017906-4<br />

$15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

On the Road<br />

(Movie tie-in edition)<br />

978-0-14-312028-5<br />

$16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

On the Road: The Original Scroll<br />

978-0-14-310546-6<br />

$17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

The Portable Jack Kerouac<br />

978-0-14-310506-0<br />

$20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

Visions of Cody<br />

978-0-14-017907-1<br />

$16.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Visions of Gerard<br />

978-0-14-014452-9<br />

$15.00 ($17.50 CAN)



MK2 MEDIA<br />

On the Road: The Official Movie Companion<br />

978-0-14-312384-2<br />

$30.00 ($31.50 CAN)<br />


Queer<br />

978-0-14-008389-7<br />

$14.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

With the film adaptation of On the Road making every must-watch list this fall, these<br />

seminal texts from and about the Beat Generation will be on everyone’s must-have lists<br />

as old and new fans alike continue to be inspired by Kerouac’s masterpiece.<br />

n The film will be released in the U.S. in December 2012 and distributed by IFC Films<br />


Minor Characters<br />

978-0-14-028357-0<br />

$16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />


n The film stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortenson, Kirsten Dunst,<br />

Elisabeth Moss, and Steve Buscemi, and is directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries; Paris, je t’aime)<br />


Jack’s Book:<br />

An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac<br />

978-0-14-312188-6<br />

$16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg:<br />

The Letters<br />

978-0-14-311954-8<br />

$20.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

The Portable Beat Reader<br />

978-0-14-243753-7<br />

$20.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />



The #1 New York Times–bestselling sequel to<br />

A Discovery of Witches is “enchanting,<br />

engrossing, and as impossible to put down as<br />

its predecessor” (Miami Herald)




“ A great spell, one that can enchant a reader and make a 600-page book<br />

fly through her fingertips, is cast.”<br />

—Entertainment Weekly<br />

“ Fans of Harkness’s 2011 debut A Discovery of Witches will be delighted. . . .<br />

She delivers enough romance and excitement to keep the pages turning.<br />

Readers will devour it.” —People<br />

“ Deborah Harkness takes us places we’ve never been before. . . . Shadow ends<br />

as Discovery did, with promises of more to come. Lucky for us.” —USA Today<br />

“ Rich, period fun, particularly delightful in its witty characterizations of<br />

historical immortals . . . Shadow ramps up the supernatural suspense.”<br />

—New York Daily News<br />

“ Harkness exudes her own style of magic in making the world of late 16th century<br />

England come alive. . . . If you’ve already read and enjoyed A Discovery of Witches,<br />

picking up Shadow of Night is an absolute requirement. Otherwise, pick up both,<br />

and consider your <strong>summer</strong> reading list complete.” —Miami Herald<br />



38<br />

of Night<br />

A Novel<br />

Deborah Harkness<br />

J. K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Anne Rice—only a few writers capture the imagination the way that<br />

Deborah Harkness has done with books one and two of her New York Times–bestselling All Souls trilogy.<br />

A Discovery of Witches introduced reluctant witch Diana Bishop, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont,<br />

and the battle for a lost, enchanted manuscript known as Ashmole 782.<br />

Harkness’s much-anticipated sequel, Shadow of Night, picks up from A Discovery of Witches’ cliffhanger<br />

ending. Diana and Matthew time-travel to Elizabethan London and are plunged into a world of<br />

spies, magic, and a coterie of Matthew’s old friends, the School of Night. As the search for Ashmole 782<br />

deepens and Diana searches for a witch to tutor her in magic, the net of Matthew’s past tightens around<br />

them, and they embark on a very different—and vastly more dangerous—journey.<br />

Photo: Vania Stoyanova Shadow<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750927-7 $204.00 ($216.00 CAN)<br />

18-Copy Mixed Floor Display with special header<br />

(includes 12 copies of Shadow of Night and 6 copies of A Discovery of Witches)<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750929-1 $198.00 ($210.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Social Media Campaign<br />

Book Club Promotion and Giveaway<br />

Blog Giveaways<br />

Online Publicity<br />

National Print Advertising<br />

Online Advertising<br />

DEBORAH HARKNESS is a professor of<br />

history at the University of Southern California.<br />

A Discovery of Witches was her fiction debut.<br />

She lives in Los Angeles.

n A New York Times bestseller, debuting at #1<br />

in hardcover<br />

n Also a bestseller at independent bookstores and on<br />

bestseller lists in Publishers Weekly, the Wall Street<br />

Journal, USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Denver<br />

Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and<br />

on NPR’s website<br />

n A film adaptation of A Discovery of Witches is<br />

currently in development with Warner Brothers<br />

n A Discovery of Witches has 18,000 Facebook fans and<br />

Harkness herself has 25,000<br />

n Visit deborahharkness.com and follow<br />

@DebHarkness on Twitter<br />


A Discovery of Witches 978-0-14-311968-5 $16.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312362-0 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 592 pp.<br />

Rights: E30 Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02348-6<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged CDs • 20 CDs, 24.5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-070-5 $49.95 ($52.50 CAN)<br />

Unabridged Download • 24.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-156420-2 $49.95 ($52.50 CAN)<br />


JUNE<br />


Photo: Mark Mather<br />

40<br />


Kind of Cruel<br />

A Novel<br />

Sophie Hannah<br />

Amber Hewerdine suffers from chronic insomnia. As a last<br />

resort, she visits a hypnotherapist, doubtful that anything<br />

will really change. Under hypnosis, Amber hears herself<br />

saying, “Kind, cruel, kind of cruel.” The words awaken a<br />

vague memory, but she dismisses the whole episode as<br />

nonsense. Two hours later, however, Amber is arrested for<br />

the brutal murder of a woman she’s never heard of, and<br />

the only way she can clear her name is by remembering<br />

exactly where she’s seen those words.<br />

Kind of Cruel—the latest page-turner featuring<br />

Detectives Charlotte “Charlie” Zailer and Simon<br />

Waterhouse—will enthrall Hannah’s ever-growing<br />

readership.<br />

SOPHIE HANNAH is the author of six<br />

novels and is also an award-winning poet.<br />

She lives in Cambridge, England, with her<br />

husband and two children.<br />

Praise for Sophie Hannah:<br />

“ Hannah . . . understands<br />

psychological mayhem as well<br />

as Ruth Rendell and maybe even<br />

Sigmund Freud.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

“ Hannah goes in for all those bizarre plot twists<br />

and outlandish behaviors that have come to<br />

define the psychological suspense story, but<br />

she does it with style and wit.”<br />

—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

“ So convincing—and so unsettling.<br />

Hannah takes domestic scenarios, adds<br />

disquieting touches, and turns up the<br />

suspense until you’re checking under the bed<br />

for murders.” —The Independent<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750925-3 $312.00 ($330.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

Sophie Hannah’s latest<br />

gripping Zailer/Waterhouse<br />

mystery debuts as a <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Hardcover<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover<br />

n Sophie Hannah’s novels are international bestsellers<br />

and have been translated into 22 languages<br />

n The U.K. TV series based on The Wrong Mother<br />

averaged 6 million viewers per episode and just<br />

completed its second season<br />

n Visit sophiehannah.com and follow<br />

@sophiehannahCB1 on Twitter<br />


The Cradle in the Grave 978-0-14-311994-4 $15.00<br />

The Dead Lie Down 978-0-14-311749-0 $15.00<br />

Little Face 978-0-14-311408-6 $15.00<br />

The Other Woman’s House 978-0-14-312151-0 $15.00<br />

The Truth-Teller’s Lie 978-0-14-311585-4 $15.00<br />

The Wrong Mother 978-0-14-311630-1 $15.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-670-78585-8 $26.00 (NCR)<br />

Mystery 6 x 9 352 pp. Rights: F25<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover Original Agent: Hodder & Stoughton<br />

Limited First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged Download • 14.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-161982-7 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />


JUNE<br />


Photo: Lauren Shay Lavin<br />

42<br />


Private Empire<br />

ExxonMobil and American Power<br />

Steve Coll<br />

In this, the first hard-hitting examination of ExxonMobil—<br />

the largest and most powerful private corporation in the<br />

United States—Steve Coll reveals the true extent of its<br />

power. Private Empire pulls back the curtain, tracking<br />

the corporation’s recent history and its central role on<br />

the world stage beginning with the Exxon Valdez accident<br />

in 1989 and leading to the Deepwater Horizon oil<br />

spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The action—featuring<br />

kidnapping cases, civil wars, and high-stakes struggles at<br />

the Kremlin—spans the globe and the narrative is driven<br />

by larger-than-life characters, including corporate legend<br />

Lee “Iron Ass” Raymond, ExxonMobil’s chief executive<br />

until 2005. A penetrating, news-breaking study, Private<br />

Empire is a defining portrait of Big Oil in American politics<br />

and foreign policy.<br />

STEVE COLL is a regular contributor to<br />

the New Yorker and the author of the Pulitzer<br />

Prize–winning Ghost Wars and, most recently,<br />

the New York Times bestseller The Bin Ladens.<br />

“ Private Empire is meticulous, multiangled<br />

and valuable. . . . Mr. Coll’s<br />

prose sweeps the earth like an IMAX camera.”<br />

—Dwight Garner, The New York Times<br />

“ A masterful study of Big Oil’s biggest player . . .<br />

A must-read.” —San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Fascinating . . . A book meticulously<br />

prepared as if for trial . . . A compelling and<br />

elucidatory work.” —Bloomberg BusinessWeek<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

National Print Advertising

An “extraordinary” and<br />

“monumental” exposé of<br />

Big Oil from a two-time<br />

Pulitzer Prize winner<br />

(The Washington Post)<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n The first hard-hitting, book-length examination of<br />

ExxonMobil<br />

n Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars and The Bin Ladens were also<br />

New York Times bestsellers<br />

n Ghost Wars won the Pulitzer Prize<br />


The Bin Ladens 978-0-14-311481-9 $18.00<br />

Ghost Wars 978-0-14-303466-7 $18.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312354-5 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Business/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 704 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-335-0<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unabridged CDs • 20 CDs, 25 hours<br />

978-1-61176-072-9 $49.95 ($52.50 CAN)<br />

Unabridged Download • 25 hours<br />

978-1-10-156422-6 $49.95 ($52.50 CAN)<br />


JUNE<br />


Photo: Adrian Kinloch<br />

44<br />

Little Night<br />

A Novel<br />

Luanne Rice<br />

Luanne Rice knows women. The author of thirty-one<br />

novels, Rice is a master at creating vivid female characters<br />

and capturing their complex family dynamics, and Little<br />

Night is one of her most powerful novels yet.<br />

Clare Burke’s life took a devastating turn when she<br />

defended her sister, Anne, from an abusive husband and<br />

ended up serving prison time for assault. Nearly twenty<br />

years later—long estranged from her sister—Clare is<br />

living a quiet life in Manhattan as an urban birder and<br />

nature blogger, until Anne’s daughter, Grit, shows up on<br />

her doorstep. When it appears that Anne has followed Grit,<br />

each woman wonders what their long-awaited reunion<br />

will bring. Little Night is a riveting story about women and<br />

the primal, tangled family ties that bind them together.<br />

LUANNE RICE is a native of<br />

Connecticut and divides her time between<br />

New York City and Southern California.<br />

“ Poetic and thrilling . . . Beautifully<br />

combines [Rice’s] love of nature and the power<br />

of family.” —Publishers Weekly<br />

(starred review)<br />

“ An outstanding read that both chills<br />

and warms the soul. . . . Highly recommended.”<br />

—Library Journal (starred review)<br />

“ Rice reaches the satisfying conclusion that<br />

while wounds run deep, love runs deeper.”<br />

—Booklist<br />

“ A classic Rice page-turner.”<br />

—Good Housekeeping<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Media Tied to Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking<br />

Publication of The Lemon Orchard<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

The New York Times–bestselling<br />

author’s heart-wrenching<br />

chronicle of a woman and her<br />

niece attempting to build the<br />

relationship they longed for all<br />

their lives<br />

n Luanne Rice is the author of 22 New York Times<br />

bestsellers<br />

n Five of her novels have become movies or miniseries,<br />

and 2 of her short pieces were featured in off-Broadway<br />

productions<br />

n There are more than 22 million copies of Rice’s books<br />

in print worldwide<br />

n Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking will simultaneously<br />

publish Rice’s next book, The Lemon Orchard<br />

n Visit luannerice.com<br />


The Silver Boat 978-0-14-312103-9 $16.00<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312332-3 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 336 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02356-1 On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



JUNE<br />


46 JUNE<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312269-2 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Humor 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 240 pp.<br />

Rights: E00 Pub history: previous edition<br />

978-0-14-009284-4 On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Just lie back and enjoy.<br />

. . . I’ll take my language lessons<br />

from a humorist rather than a<br />

linguist any day.”<br />

—The Minnesota Star-Tribune<br />

“ Planning a trip to the Big Soybean?<br />

Study this handy guide so you won’t<br />

have people pointing or staring.”<br />

—The Washington Post Book World<br />


A new edition of the classic Minnesotan<br />

culture guide from a former writer for<br />

A Prairie Home Companion<br />

How to Talk Minnesotan<br />

Revised for the 21st Century<br />

Howard Mohr<br />

With his dry wit and distinctive voice, Howard Mohr won millions<br />

of fans across the country on Garrison Keillor’s radio show<br />

A Prairie Home Companion. His popular commercials and ad<br />

spots, including one for “Minnesota Language Systems,” became<br />

the best of the best of Minnesota humor. Now, Mohr has updated<br />

his classic guide, How to Talk Minnesotan, to advise visitors on<br />

how to use Twitter and Facebook, cell phone etiquette, and more<br />

while in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.<br />

n In print since 1987 with more than 400,000 copies sold<br />

n Revised and updated, with a new package<br />

HOWARD MOHR was a writer and performer for<br />

several years on the radio program A Prairie Home Companion.<br />

He has since created two long-running musicals based on<br />

How to Talk Minnesotan. Twin Cities Public Television filmed a<br />

popular award-winning version of Mohr’s book in 1991.<br />

He lives with his wife in Cottonwood, Minnesota.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

Online Advertising

ISBN 978-0-14-312356-9 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 304 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-337-4<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ You’ll learn—or relearn—history<br />

effortlessly, as du Plessix Gray spins the<br />

affair of Marie Antoinette and a Swedish<br />

count into riveting drama.”<br />

—Entertainment Weekly<br />

“ The voice of history rises up out of the<br />

pages. . . . [A] lively, incredibly<br />

readable, definitely R-rated version<br />

of the life and death of Marie Antoinette.”<br />

—Alan Cheuse, NPR<br />


Them 978-0-14-303719-4 $18.00<br />

A “spellbinding” and “deeply intelligent”<br />

historical novel about Marie Antoinette on<br />

the eve of the French Revolution<br />

(The Washington Post)<br />

The Queen’s Lover<br />

A Novel<br />

Francine du Plessix Gray<br />

Through the untold love story between Marie Antoinette and<br />

Swedish aristocrat Axel von Fersen, acclaimed author Francine du<br />

Plessix Gray weaves history with romance in a captivating novel<br />

that also offers a fresh vision of the French Revolution.<br />

Paris, 1774. The dashing nobleman meets nineteen-yearold<br />

Marie Antoinette at a masquerade ball. As their relationship<br />

deepens at Versailles, Fersen discovers the court’s secrets, even<br />

the startling erotic details of Marie Antoinette’s marriage. But<br />

this intimacy is disrupted when he leaves to join the American<br />

Revolution. When he returns in 1783, he finds France on the brink of<br />

disintegration. Following the Revolution of 1789, the royal family<br />

is moved to the Tuileries and suffers increasingly harsh captivity.<br />

After a failed attempt to liberate them, Fersen goes home to<br />

Sweden, where he soon meets his own tragic end.<br />

n Visit francineduplessixgray.com<br />

FRANCINE DU PLESSIX GRAY is the author<br />

of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, including<br />

Them: A Memoir of Parents, and has been a regular contributor<br />

to the New Yorker and the New York Review of <strong>Books</strong>. She lives<br />

in Connecticut.<br />

Unabridged Download • 10 hours<br />

978-1-10-156432-5 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

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JUNE<br />


48 JUNE<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312360-6 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: G12<br />

16 pp. color photos; b/w map Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Press hc 978-1-59420-506-4 On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A passionate and measured<br />

account.” —Financial Times<br />

“ As well-paced and exciting as it is<br />

authoritative. . . . Written by one of the<br />

finest war correspondents of our time, this<br />

is a must-read.” —Jon Lee Anderson,<br />

author of Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life<br />


A vivid and astonishing reckoning with<br />

the Gaddafi regime, from one of our<br />

most acclaimed and gifted international<br />

journalists<br />

Sandstorm<br />

Libya in the Time of Revolution<br />

Lindsey Hilsum<br />

The fall of Muammar Gaddafi, who was for forty-two years the<br />

great autocrat-madman on the world stage, is among the past<br />

decade’s most dramatic turning points. In Lindsey Hilsum, a<br />

renowned British correspondent for over a quarter century, the<br />

end of the Gaddafi regime has found its definitive chronicler.<br />

Following six individuals living through this time of unprecedented<br />

danger and opportunity, Hilsum tells the full story of the<br />

Libyan revolution—from the uprising of the early months through<br />

the toppling of Gaddafi’s regime and his savage death in the<br />

desert. For the paperback edition, Hilsum brings her analysis<br />

up to the present day—with new material on the killing of U.S.<br />

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the July elections, and the<br />

Benghazi anti-militia demonstrations—and explores what the<br />

future of Libya will bring.<br />

n Includes new material on recent events in Libya<br />

LINDSEY HILSUM is the international editor for<br />

Britain’s Channel 4 News and appears regularly on PBS’s<br />

NewsHour, CNN, and NBC. She lives in London, England.<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312256-2 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 384 pp. Rights: F25<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Fletcher & Co.<br />

First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ [A] big-hearted Moby-Dick story<br />

for our times.” —The Guardian (London)<br />

“ Beautifully done. . . .<br />

A brilliant piece of<br />

storytelling.” —Andrew Miller,<br />

author of Pure, Costa Book of the Year 2011<br />


The White Woman on the Green Bicycle<br />

978-0-14-311951-7 $16.00<br />

A mesmerizing tale of a father and<br />

daughter’s sailing adventure from<br />

Trinidad to the Galápagos Islands<br />

Archipelago<br />

A Novel<br />

Monique Roffey<br />

Monique Roffey, vibrant new voice in Caribbean fiction and<br />

author of the Orange Prize finalist The White Woman on the Green<br />

Bicycle, returns with Archipelago, a new novel that is a journey of<br />

redemption, healing, and hope in the wake of devastating loss.<br />

When a flood destroys Gavin Weald’s home in Trinidad and<br />

rips his family apart, life as he knows it will never be the same. A<br />

year later he returns to his house and tries to start over, but when<br />

the rainy season arrives, his daughter’s nightmares about the<br />

torrents make life there unbearable. So father and daughter—and<br />

their dog—embark upon a voyage to make peace with the waters.<br />

Their journey takes them far from their Caribbean island home<br />

as they sail through archipelagos, encounter the grandeur of the<br />

sea, and meet with the challenges and surprises of the natural<br />

world.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n Monique Roffey’s novel The White Woman on the Green Bicycle was<br />

chosen by Nancy Pearl as one of NPR’s 10 Terrific Summer Reads<br />

of 2011<br />

n For fans of Edwidge Danticat, Barbara Kingsolver, Jesmyn Ward,<br />

and Ann Patchett<br />

n Visit moniqueroffey.co.uk<br />

MONIQUE ROFFEY was born in Trinidad and<br />

educated in the United Kingdom. She is the author of the<br />

Orange Prize finalist The White Woman on the Green Bicycle,<br />

among other books. She lives in London.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

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JUNE<br />


Photo: Elvira Giorgianni<br />

50 JUNE<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312368-2 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 704 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> pbs 978-0-14-200471-5 (The Shape<br />

of Water ), 978-0-14-200473-9 (The Snack Thief ),<br />

978-0-14-200472-2 (The Terra-Cotta Dog)<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Though each book stands on its own,<br />

there is a value to consuming the novels in<br />

sequence: It allows one to savor running<br />

gags, the changes in recurring characters,<br />

and—most of all—Montalbano’s growing<br />

self-awareness. . . . [A] marvelous<br />

saga.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />


The Age of Doubt 978-0-14-312092-6 $15.00<br />

The Potter’s Field 978-0-14-31<strong>2013</strong>-1 $15.00<br />


Collected in one volume—the first<br />

three books in the bestselling Inspector<br />

Montalbano mystery series<br />

Death in Sicily<br />

The First Three Novels in the Inspector Montalbano Series—<br />

The Shape of Water; The Terra-Cotta Dog; The Snack Thief<br />

Andrea Camilleri<br />

Translated by Stephen Sartarelli<br />

American readers were first introduced to Sicily’s inimitable<br />

Inspector Salvo Montalbano more than ten years ago. Since then,<br />

the detective, with his characteristic mix of humor, cynicism,<br />

compassion, and love of good food, has won the affection of crime<br />

fiction aficionados and Italophiles alike. With Andrea Camilleri’s<br />

last two mysteries appearing on the New York Times bestseller<br />

list, it’s clear that interest in the series is at an all-time high. Now,<br />

Death in Sicily features the inspector’s first three adventures in<br />

one handy volume, offering new readers just the enticement they<br />

need to get started.<br />

n Includes an introduction by the author<br />

n Includes The Shape of Water, The Terra-Cotta Dog, and<br />

The Snack Thief<br />

n Andrea Camilleri’s The Potter’s Field and The Age of Doubt were<br />

both New York Times bestsellers<br />

n The Potter’s Field won the CWA’s International Dagger Award<br />

ANDREA CAMILLERI is the author of eighteen<br />

Montalbano novels, fifteen of which have been translated into<br />

English, as well as historical novels set in nineteenth-century<br />

Sicily. He lives in Rome.<br />

STEPHEN SARTARELLI is an award-winning translator and<br />

poet. He lives in France.<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312331-6 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 384 pp. Rights: F25 Pub history:<br />

Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc 978-0-670-02627-2<br />

On sale: 6/5/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Praise for the series:<br />

“ [A] richly layered, engaging historical<br />

series.” —Library Journal<br />

“ Robertson’s enjoyment of the period and<br />

her characters is infectious.”<br />

—The New York Times Book Review<br />


Anatomy of Murder 978-0-14-312263-0 $15.00<br />

Instruments of Darkness 978-0-14-312040-7 $15.00<br />

The third novel in the critically acclaimed<br />

Crowther and Westerman historical<br />

suspense series reveals the dark secrets<br />

of Crowther’s past<br />

Island of Bones<br />

A Novel<br />

Imogen Robertson<br />

England, 1783. For years, reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther<br />

has pursued his forensic studies—and the occasional murder<br />

investigation—far from his family estate. But an ancient tomb<br />

there will reveal a wealth of secrets. When laborers discover an<br />

extra body in the tomb, the lure of the mystery brings Crowther<br />

home at last, accompanied by his partner in crime, the forthright<br />

Mrs. Harriet Westerman. What Crowther learns will rewrite his<br />

family’s past—and spill new blood in a land torn between old magic<br />

and modern justice.<br />

The next installment in a series described as “CSI: Georgian<br />

England” (The New York Times Book Review), Island of Bones is a<br />

riveting tale that will captivate fans of Jacqueline Winspear and<br />

Charles Finch.<br />

n Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking will publish the next book in the<br />

series, Circle of Shadows, in Summer <strong>2013</strong><br />

n Shortlisted for the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Award<br />

n Visit imogenrobertson.com<br />

IMOGEN ROBERTSON worked as a television, film,<br />

and radio director before becoming a full-time writer. She lives<br />

in London.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

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JUNE<br />


52 JUNE<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312244-9 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Mystery Original Agent: Curtis Brown<br />

First serial, Audio, U.K.: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Death at the Chateau Bremont 978-0-14-311952-4 $14.00<br />

Murder in the Rue Dumas 978-0-14-312154-1 $14.00<br />


Praise for M. L. Longworth:<br />

“ Longworth’s voice is like<br />

a rich vintage of sparkling<br />

Dorothy Sayers and<br />

grounded Donna Leon.”<br />

—Booklist<br />

A crime wave jolts Aix-en-Provence<br />

in the third delightful Verlaque and<br />

Bonnet mystery<br />

Death in the Vines<br />

A Verlaque and Bonnet Provençal Mystery<br />

M. L. Longworth<br />

Fans of Donna Leon and Andrea Camilleri, mystery lovers,<br />

Francophiles, and foodies will adore this who-done-it with a beautiful<br />

European setting. In her riveting follow-up to Death at the<br />

Chateau Bremont and Murder in the Rue Dumas, M. L. Longworth<br />

evokes the sights and sounds of late-<strong>summer</strong> Provence, where the<br />

mistral blows and death comes in the most unexpected places.<br />

Olivier Bonnard, the owner of Domaine Beauclaire winery,<br />

is devastated when he discovers the theft of a priceless cache of<br />

rare vintages. Soon after, Monsieur Gilles d’Arras reports that his<br />

wife, Pauline, has vanished from their lavish apartment. As Judge<br />

Antoine Verlaque and Commissioner Paulik tackle the case (with<br />

a little help from Marine Bonnet), they receive an urgent call:<br />

Bonnard has just found Madame d’Arras—dead in his vineyard.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n M. L. Longworth has written about Aix-en-Provence for<br />

the Washington Post, Bon Appétit, the Times (U.K.), and<br />

the Independent (U.K.)<br />

n Visit mllongworth.com<br />

M. L. LONGWORTH has lived in Aix-en-Provence<br />

since 1997. She divides her time between Aix and Paris, where<br />

she teaches writing at New York University’s Paris campus.<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312334-7 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 432 pp. Rights: F25<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02359-2<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ An accomplished novel. . . .<br />

Multi-themed and far reaching.”<br />

—The Guardian (London)<br />

“ Well-drawn . . . richly<br />

imagined.” —The Independent (U.K.)<br />

From a rising literary star, a thrilling<br />

debut novel of psychological suspense<br />

set among the colleges of Cambridge<br />

The Bellwether Revivals<br />

A Novel<br />

Benjamin Wood<br />

When bright and bookish Oscar Lowe follows the haunting sound<br />

of an organ into the chapel of Kings College, Cambridge, one day,<br />

his whole world changes. He meets a beautiful and seductive medical<br />

student, Iris Bellwether, and her charismatic and troubled<br />

brother Eden. Oscar is seduced by their life of scholarship and<br />

privilege, but when Eden convinces Iris and her close-knit group<br />

of friends to participate in a series of disturbing experiments,<br />

Oscar fears he has entered into something from which he cannot<br />

escape. Reminiscent of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, The<br />

Bellwether Revivals is a gripping exploration of the line between<br />

genius and madness that will hold readers spellbound until its<br />

breathtaking conclusion.<br />

n Longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize, one of the most<br />

prestigious prizes for new fiction<br />

n For fans of Donna Tartt, Ian McEwan, Tana French, and<br />

Julian Barnes<br />

n Visit benjamin-wood.com<br />

BENJAMIN WOOD was born in 1981 and grew up in<br />

northwest England. He received his MFA in creative writing<br />

from the University of British Columbia. He is a lecturer in<br />

creative writing at Birkbeck, University of London. This is his<br />

first novel.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

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JUNE<br />


54 JUNE<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312164-0 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

History/Politics 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 576 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02343-1<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Why We’re Liberals 978-0-14-311522-9 $16.00<br />


“ Alterman’s magnum<br />

opus. . . . All aspects of<br />

liberalism are surveyed.<br />

. . . The definitive work on<br />

its subject.”<br />

—San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Crisply written and<br />

emphatically argued.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

A major history of American liberalism<br />

and the key personalities behind the<br />

movement<br />

The Cause<br />

The Fight for American Liberalism from Franklin Roosevelt to<br />

Barack Obama<br />

Eric Alterman and Kevin Mattson<br />

Why is it that nearly every liberal initiative since the end of the<br />

New Deal—whether busing, urban development, affirmative action,<br />

welfare, gun control, or Roe v. Wade—has fallen victim to its<br />

grand aspirations, often exacerbating the very problem it seeks<br />

to solve? In this groundbreaking work, the first full treatment of<br />

modern American liberalism, bestselling journalist and historian<br />

Eric Alterman together with Kevin Mattson present a comprehensive<br />

history of this proud yet frequently maligned tradition.<br />

In The Cause, we meet the politicians, preachers, intellectuals,<br />

artists, and activists—from Eleanor Roosevelt to Barack Obama,<br />

Adlai Stevenson to Hubert Humphrey, and Billie Holiday to<br />

Bruce Springsteen—who have battled for the heart and soul of<br />

the nation.<br />

n The first full-scale history of postwar liberalism<br />

n Visit ericalterman.com<br />

ERIC ALTERMAN is the author of eight previous books,<br />

including the New York Times bestseller The Book on Bush and<br />

What Liberal Media? He lives in New York City.<br />

KEVIN MATTSON is the Connor Study Professor of<br />

Contemporary History at the University of Ohio. He lives in<br />

Athens, Ohio.

ISBN 978-0-241-95326-6 $18.00 (NCR)<br />

History 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 528 pp. Rights: A00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-017619-3<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



The <strong>Penguin</strong> Book of 20th-Century Speeches<br />

978-0-14-028500-0 $17.00<br />

The definitive collection of famous<br />

speeches by some of the most<br />

important figures in world history—<br />

newly repackaged<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Book<br />

of Historic Speeches<br />

Edited by Brian MacArthur<br />

In this superb companion volume to the acclaimed <strong>Penguin</strong> Book<br />

of 20th-Century Speeches, veteran journalist Brian MacArthur<br />

brings together the words of more than one hundred influential<br />

men and women who changed and inspired the world through the<br />

sheer power of their oratory.<br />

This newly updated edition includes the best speeches in<br />

history from notable modern political figures such as Winston<br />

Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther<br />

King, Jr., as well as famed historical figures such as Cicero and<br />

Socrates. Helpfully divided into categories such as Ancient Times<br />

(Moses, Jesus, Mohammed), The Birth of the United States (John<br />

Hancock, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin), and Women’s<br />

Liberation (Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Betty Freidan),<br />

this indispensable reference deserves a spot on the shelf of every<br />

student, armchair historian, and teacher.<br />

BRIAN MACARTHUR is the editor of the acclaimed<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Book of 20th-Century Speeches and is the author of<br />

several books, including For King and Country: Voices from the<br />

First World War. A former editor of the Times Higher Education<br />

Supplement and executive editor of the Times (London), he lives<br />

in London and Norfolk, England.<br />


JUNE<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312373-6 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Poetry 6 x 9 96 pp. Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Poets<br />

Original Agent: c/o author First serial, Audio, U.K.<br />

Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Contemplative enough to evoke ‘the<br />

sound of your head’ and strangely<br />

perceptive enough to assert that sound<br />

is like ‘a car starting in the rain,’ these<br />

poems are marvelously resourceful<br />

while being elegantly composed. With<br />

Chaplinesque pathos, Nathan Hoks fills<br />

The Narrow Circle with imaginative<br />

verve.” —Dean Young<br />


NATHAN HOKS is the author of Reveilles, which won Salt<br />

Publishing’s Crashaw Prize in 2010. His poems and translations<br />

have appeared in Crazyhorse, Lit, Circumference, and Verse. He is<br />

an editor and letterpress printer for Culsive Editions, and lives with<br />

his wife and son in Chicago.<br />

56 JUNE Select Author Appearances<br />

Selected as a winner of the<br />

National Poetry Series by Dean Young<br />

The Narrow Circle<br />

Nathan Hoks<br />

Selected by Dean Young<br />

John Ashbery called Reveilles, Nathan Hoks’s debut book, a<br />

“dazzling” collection and Hoks a poet whose “fine gradations of<br />

observation turn the reader into a barometer of strong subtleties<br />

like those of the weather, that can be minute even as they effect us<br />

powerfully.” The poems in Hoks’s new book, The Narrow Circle,<br />

perform a similar magic. In associative lyrics and fabulist prose,<br />

Hoks explores inner and outer experiences. The poems frequently<br />

focus on the body as a membrane where everything becomes<br />

inside-out—where the “face disperses with angels of teeth and<br />

loam,” where “sky comes out of the mouth,” where a giant green<br />

worm “burrows a hole in the head,” and where the heart is a vestibule<br />

that cannot be closed. Suites of pictures within the text further<br />

delineate this inward-outward pull, offering visualizations of<br />

interior voices and sketches of exterior shadows.

ISBN 978-0-14-312372-9 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Poetry 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 96 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Poets Original Agent: c/o author First serial,<br />

Audio, U.K., Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Mixology 978-0-14-311583-0 $16.00<br />

From a prizewinning poet, a new<br />

collection that examines the myth and<br />

history of the prizefighter Jack Johnson<br />

The Big Smoke<br />

Adrian Matejka<br />

The legendary Jack Johnson (1878–1946) was a true American<br />

creation. The child of emancipated slaves, he overcame the violent<br />

segregationism of Jim Crow, challenging white boxers—and<br />

white America—becoming the first African-American heavyweight<br />

world champion. The Big Smoke, Adrian Matejka’s third<br />

work of poetry, follows the fighter’s journey from poverty to the<br />

most coveted title in sports through the multilayered voices of<br />

Johnson and the white women he brazenly loved. Matejka’s book<br />

is part historic reclamation and part interrogation of Johnson’s<br />

complicated legacy, one that often misremembers the magnetic<br />

man behind the myth.<br />

ADRIAN MATEJKA is a graduate of the Southern<br />

Illinois University Carbondale MFA program. The author of The<br />

Devil’s Garden and Mixology, his work has appeared in the<br />

American Poetry Review, the Crab Orchard Review, and Prairie<br />

Schooner. He teaches creative writing and English literature at<br />

Indiana University.<br />

Author Appearances<br />


JUNE<br />



58<br />


City of Dark Magic<br />

978-0-14-312268-5 $16.00<br />




Caleb’s Crossing ★<br />

978-0-14-312107-7 $16.00<br />

March ★<br />

978-0-14-303666-1 $16.00<br />

People of the Book ★<br />

978-0-14-311500-7 $16.00<br />

Year of Wonders ★<br />

978-0-14-200143-1 $16.00<br />


Faithful Place<br />

978-0-14-311949-4 $16.00<br />

In the Woods ★<br />

978-0-14-311349-2 $16.00<br />

The Likeness<br />

978-0-14-311562-5 $15.00<br />


The Lake of Dreams ★<br />

978-0-14-312036-0 $16.00<br />

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter<br />

978-0-14-303714-9 $16.00


The True Story of Hansel and Gretel<br />

978-0-14-200307-7 $16.00<br />



A Discovery of Witches ★<br />

978-0-14-311968-5 $16.00<br />


Rules of Civility ★<br />

978-0-14-312116-9 $16.00<br />

JANICE Y. K. LEE<br />

The Piano Teacher ★<br />

978-0-14-311653-0 $15.00<br />



The Secret Life of Bees ★<br />

978-0-14-200174-5 $16.00<br />


The Shadow of the Wind ★<br />

978-0-14-303490-2 $16.00<br />




60<br />




Getting Things Done<br />

978-0-14-200028-1 $16.00<br />



The 33 Strategies of War<br />

978-0-14-311278-5 $22.00<br />

The 48 Laws of Power<br />

978-0-14-028019-7 $23.00<br />

The Art of Seduction<br />

978-0-14-200119-6 $21.00<br />

AMY CHUA<br />

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother ★<br />

978-0-14-312058-2 $16.00<br />


Moonwalking with Einstein ★<br />

978-0-14-312053-7 $16.00<br />


Committed ★<br />

978-0-14-311870-1 $16.00<br />

Eat, Pray, Love ★<br />

978-0-14-303841-2 $15.00


Tao of Pooh<br />

978-0-14-006747-7 $14.00<br />



BRUCE PATTON, and<br />


Difficult Conversations<br />

978-0-14-311844-2 $16.00<br />


Salt<br />

978-0-14-200161-5 $17.00<br />


ZANDER and<br />


The Art of Possibility<br />

978-0-14-200110-3 $15.00<br />


E.B. WHITE<br />



The Elements of Style Illustrated<br />

978-0-14-311272-3 $16.00<br />




Nudge<br />

978-0-14-311526-7 $16.00<br />



Photo: Catherine Ventura<br />

62<br />

The Age of Desire<br />

A Novel of Edith Wharton<br />

Jennie Fields<br />

It has been said that behind every great man is a<br />

great woman. Behind Edith Wharton, there was Anna<br />

Bahlmann—her governess turned literary secretary and<br />

confidante. At the age of forty-five, despite her growing<br />

fame, Edith remains unfulfilled in a lonely, sexless<br />

marriage. Against all the rules of Gilded Age society,<br />

she falls in love with Morton Fullerton, a dashing young<br />

journalist. But their scandalous affair threatens everything<br />

in Edith’s life—especially her abiding ties to Anna.<br />

At a moment of regained popularity for Wharton,<br />

Jennie Fields brilliantly weaves Wharton’s real letters<br />

and diary entries with her fascinating, untold love story.<br />

Told from the points of view of both Edith and Anna, The<br />

Age of Desire transports readers to the golden days of<br />

Wharton’s turn-of-the century world and—like the recent<br />

bestseller The Chaperone—effortlessly re-creates the life<br />

of an unforgettable woman.<br />

JENNIE FIELDS received an MFA from<br />

the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. The author of the<br />

novels Lily Beach, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,<br />

and The Middle Ages, she spent twenty-five<br />

years as an advertising creative director in<br />

New York and now lives with her husband in<br />

Nashville, Tennessee.<br />

“ Somewhere between the repressiveness of<br />

Edith Wharton’s early-twentieth-century Age<br />

of Innocence and our own libertine Shades of<br />

Grey era lies the absorbingly sensuous<br />

world of Jennie Fields’s The Age of Desire.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

“ Fields brings a secret side of<br />

Wharton to life and shows us a woman<br />

whose elegant façade concealed a turbulent<br />

sensuality.” —Daisy Goodwin, author of The<br />

American Heiress<br />

“ In the vein of Loving Frank or The Paris Wife,<br />

Jennie Fields has created a page-turning<br />

period piece.” —Mary Morris, author of<br />

Nothing to Declare and Revenge<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

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For fans of The Paris Wife,<br />

a sparkling glimpse into the<br />

life of Edith Wharton and<br />

the scandalous love affair<br />

that threatened her closest<br />

friendship<br />

n Editor’s Choice in the New York Times Book Review<br />

n Jennie Fields had access to Edith’s actual letters to<br />

Anna Bahlmann, which were auctioned at Christie’s<br />

after being hidden in an attic for more than 100 years<br />

n Great selection for book groups<br />

n Visit jenniefields.com<br />

From The Age of Desire:<br />

Anna takes a deep breath and tries to find the even tone<br />

she once used when her students provoked her. “He loves<br />

you. He counts on you. You made a vow. You have a<br />

responsibility. If we all pursued nothing but happiness,<br />

the world would crumble. We’d be adrift in a sea.”<br />

“Look at me,” Edith says. “Do you see me before you?<br />

Well, it’s a miracle, because I’ve been dead for years.<br />

I am finally tasting life. How can you ask me to spit it<br />

out?”<br />

Anna sits down in the chair by the desk, singed by<br />

Edith’s incendiary gaze. What can she say? What can she<br />

do? She is not equal to the task. “Is Fullerton the sort of<br />

man you can trust?”<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312328-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 368 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02368-4 On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Snap here<br />

to watch<br />

Jennie Fields<br />

speaking at<br />

The Mount<br />




Three Novels of New York<br />

by Edith Wharton<br />

978-0-14-310655-5 $25.00<br />


JULY<br />


Photo: Connor W. Reynolds<br />

64<br />

The Read-Aloud Handbook<br />

Seventh Edition<br />

Jim Trelease<br />

For three decades, millions of parents and educators have<br />

turned to Jim Trelease’s beloved classic to help children<br />

become avid readers by awakening their imaginations and<br />

improving their language skills. It has also been a staple<br />

in schools of education for new teachers. This updated<br />

edition of The Read-Aloud Handbook discusses the benefits,<br />

the rewards, and the importance of reading aloud<br />

to children of a new generation. Supported by delightful<br />

anecdotes as well as the latest research (including the<br />

good and bad news on digital learning), The Read-Aloud<br />

Handbook offers proven techniques and strategies for<br />

helping children discover the pleasures of reading and<br />

setting them on the road to becoming lifelong readers.<br />

JIM TRELEASE is a frequently cited<br />

author who has spent thirty years addressing<br />

parents, teachers, and librarians on the<br />

subjects of children, literature, and the<br />

challenges of multimedia to print. His other<br />

books include Hey! Listen to This, for grades<br />

K–4, and Read All About It! for preteens and<br />

teens. He lives in Enfield, Connecticut.<br />

“ This book is about more than reading aloud.<br />

It’s about time that parents, teachers, and<br />

children spend together in a loving, sharing<br />

way.” —The Washington Post<br />

“ The Read-Aloud Handbook promises to give<br />

parents, teachers, and all others who care<br />

about children, reading, and the pursuit of<br />

happiness new inspiration.” —The Denver Post<br />

“ No household should be without a copy of The<br />

Read-Aloud Handbook.” —The Sacramento Bee<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

Online Publicity

The classic million-copy<br />

bestselling handbook on<br />

reading aloud to children—<br />

revised and updated<br />

n Revised and updated throughout<br />

n More than 1 million copies sold<br />

n This edition includes an extensive suggested readaloud<br />

list of over a thousand books<br />

n Visit trelease-on-reading.com<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312160-2 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Education/Literature 6 x 9 432 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-303739-2<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />



JULY<br />


66<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312367-5 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 656 pp. Rights: E33<br />

16 pp. b/w photos; b/w maps Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Press hc 978-1-59420-341-1 On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Deserves a spot on the short list of<br />

must-read books on United<br />

States–Iran relations.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ This is the foreign policy book of the<br />

year, perhaps of many years. And it<br />

could not be more timely.”<br />

—Thomas E. Ricks, author of Fiasco<br />

and The Generals<br />


JULY<br />

The dramatic secret history of the<br />

undeclared, ongoing war between the<br />

U.S. and Iran<br />

The Twilight War<br />

The Secret History of America’s Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran<br />

David Crist<br />

For the past three decades, the United States and Iran have been<br />

engaged in an unacknowledged secret war. This conflict has frustrated<br />

five American presidents, divided administrations, and repeatedly<br />

threatened to bring the two nations to the brink of open<br />

warfare. Drawing upon unparalleled access to senior officials and<br />

key documents of several U.S. administrations, David Crist, a<br />

senior historian in the federal government, breaks new ground on<br />

virtually every page of The Twilight War. From the Iranian Revolution<br />

to secret negotiations between Iran and the United States<br />

after 9/11 to Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions against it, Crist<br />

brings vital new depth to our understanding of “the Iran problem”—and<br />

what the future of this tense relationship may bring.<br />

n Based on 20 years of research and unprecedented access to<br />

government documents<br />

n For fans of Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars and Dexter Filkins’s<br />

The Forever War<br />

DAVID CRIST is currently a historian for the federal<br />

government. As a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve,<br />

he served in the first Gulf War and made two tours with elite<br />

special operations forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. He lives<br />

in Maryland.<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour

ISBN 978-0-14-312323-1 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp. Rights: 200 A <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Original Agent: Inkwell Management First serial,<br />

Audio, Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


A chilling psychological thriller about<br />

a marriage, a way of life, and how far<br />

one woman will go to keep what is<br />

rightfully hers<br />

The Silent Wife<br />

A Novel<br />

A. S. A. Harrison<br />

Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their marriage. Much is at<br />

stake, including the affluent life they lead in their beautiful waterfront<br />

condo in Chicago, as she, the killer, and he, the victim,<br />

rush haplessly toward the main event. He is a committed cheater.<br />

She lives and breathes denial. He exists in dual worlds. She likes<br />

to settle scores. He decides to play for keeps. She has nothing left<br />

to lose. Told in alternating voices, The Silent Wife is about a marriage<br />

in the throes of dissolution, a couple headed for catastrophe,<br />

concessions that can’t be made, and promises that won’t be kept.<br />

Expertly plotted and reminiscent of Gone Girl and These Things<br />

Hidden, The Silent Wife ensnares the reader from page one and<br />

does not let go.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n Copublishing with <strong>Penguin</strong> Canada<br />

n Rights have been sold in the U.K. and Holland<br />

n For fans of Gillian Flynn and Sophie Hannah<br />

A. S. A. HARRISON is the author of four books of<br />

nonfiction. She lives in Toronto, Canada.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

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JULY<br />


68 JULY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312357-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 5 /16 x 8 288 pp. Rights: W00 b/w photos<br />

and illustrations throughout Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02373-8 On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Keen and exceptionally<br />

well-written.”<br />

—San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ This fascinating book moves quickly,<br />

exploring both the marginalized status<br />

and deadly nature of the virus. . . .<br />

Nearly impossible to put<br />

down.” —New Scientist<br />

“ Readable, fascinating, informative, and<br />

occasionally gruesome, this is highly<br />

recommended.”<br />

—Library Journal<br />


An engrossing, lively history of a fearsome<br />

and misunderstood virus that binds man<br />

and dog<br />

Rabid<br />

A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus<br />

Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy<br />

The most fatal virus known to science, rabies—a disease that<br />

spreads rapidly from animals to humans—kills nearly one hundred<br />

percent of its victims once the infection takes root in the brain.<br />

In this critically acclaimed exploration, journalist Bill Wasik and<br />

veterinarian Monica Murphy chart four thousand years of the<br />

history, the science, and the cultural mythology of rabies. From<br />

Greek myths to zombie flicks, from the laboratory heroics of Louis<br />

Pasteur to the contemporary search for a lifesaving treatment,<br />

Rabid is a fresh and often wildly entertaining look at one of<br />

humankind’s oldest and most fearsome foes.<br />

n Featured in Wired, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times,<br />

as well as on NPR’s All Things Considered<br />

n For readers of Cod and Salt<br />

n Visit billwasik.com<br />

BILL WASIK is a senior editor at Wired and was formerly<br />

a senior editor at Harper’s.<br />

MONICA MURPHY, Wasik’s wife, is a veterinarian. They<br />

live in Oakland, California.<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

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ISBN 978-0-14-312345-3 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 368 pp. Rights: G12<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02367-7<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ An extraordinary debut . . . unique and<br />

magnificent . . . There’s a sense of<br />

having experienced something genuinely<br />

unforgettable.” —The Guardian (London)<br />

“ One of the most challenging and<br />

impressive novels I’ve read all year.”<br />

—Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal<br />

Unabridged Download • 16 hours<br />

978-1-10-156630-5 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

“ Merciless and penetrating . . . difficult<br />

and disturbing . . . unsentimental yet<br />

intensely moving.” —Dwight Garner,<br />

The New York Times<br />

Mountains of the Moon<br />

A Novel<br />

I. J. Kay<br />

After a ten-year stint in a London prison, Louise Alder has a new<br />

name, a cold room, and a past full of secrets. Her story takes us<br />

back to a shattered childhood world, through a runaway’s odyssey<br />

of love and madness, and ultimately to a legendary mountain<br />

range in central Africa. In Mountains of the Moon, I. J. Kay has<br />

crafted a haunting, hallucinatory, and suspenseful tale of the triumph<br />

of language and imagination, of witnessing and forgiveness.<br />

This richly imagined debut novel has garnered comparisons to the<br />

swift pacing of mystery master Stieg Larsson and the dazzling literary<br />

styles of Cormac McCarthy and William Faulkner.<br />

n Selected as a Huffington Post Book of the Week and as one<br />

of Flavorwire’s 10 Best Summer Reads<br />

n For fans of Stieg Larsson, Emma Donoghue, Sapphire, and<br />

Irvine Welsh<br />

I. J. KAY has lived in West Africa and the United Kingdom,<br />

where she currently travels the waterways by houseboat. She<br />

holds an MA in creative writing. This is her first novel.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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JULY<br />


70 JULY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312352-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Nature/Science 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 304 pp. Rights: W00<br />

b/w photos and illustrations throughout<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-339-8<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ [An] inspiring tale . . .<br />

brings home the message that we<br />

must ‘respect and cherish all animals<br />

as partners on this earth.’” —People<br />


An inside look at a renowned marine<br />

biologist’s quest to save an abandoned,<br />

endangered seal pup<br />

The Odyssey of KP2<br />

An Orphan Seal and a Marine Biologist’s Fight to Save a Species<br />

Terrie M. Williams<br />

Only eleven hundred Hawaiian monk seals survive in the wild.<br />

Without intervention, they face certain extinction within fifty<br />

years. When a two-day-old Hawaiian monk seal pup, later named<br />

Kauai Pup 2, or KP2, is attacked and abandoned by his mother on<br />

a beach, he is rushed off on a journey that will take him across the<br />

ocean to the California marine lab of eminent wildlife biologist Dr.<br />

Terrie M. Williams. As Williams works with the boisterous KP2 to<br />

save his species, she forms a lasting bond with him that illustrates<br />

the importance of the survival of all earth’s creatures and the<br />

health of the world’s oceans.<br />

n The story of KP2 was featured in the Wall Street Journal and People<br />

magazine, as well as on NPR<br />

n KP2 is a charming animal who already has a large following on<br />

Facebook and YouTube<br />

n A portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to monk<br />

seal research<br />

n Visit savemonkseals.ucsc.edu/KP2/ and<br />

facebook.com/SaveMonkSeals to join the rescue team for the<br />

Hawaiian monk seal<br />

TERRIE M. WILLIAMS is the director of the Marine<br />

Mammal Physiology Project at the University of California,<br />

Santa Cruz, and a cocreator of the Center for Ocean Health.<br />

She was named one of the Fifty Most Important Women in<br />

Science by Discover magazine. She lives in Soquel, California.<br />

Local Author Appearances<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312343-9 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 448 pp. Rights: F25<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02360-8<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A grand read, funny and<br />

provocative.” —Annie Proulx,<br />

The Guardian (London)<br />

“ A family saga bristling with curiously<br />

appealing oddballs and misfits.”<br />

—Entertainment Weekly<br />

“ Enthralling, luminous, heart-warming,<br />

brilliant, charming, compulsively readable,<br />

extraordinary.” —The Miami Herald<br />

From “Ireland’s finest living novelist”<br />

(Roddy Doyle), a funny, moving,<br />

exquisitely written novel about a<br />

community on the cusp of change<br />

Long Time, No See<br />

A Novel<br />

Dermot Healy<br />

Acclaimed Irish author Dermot Healy’s first novel in more than<br />

ten years is a rich, beguiling, and wonderfully funny story about<br />

community, family, love, and bonds across generations, an epic<br />

in miniature that features an unforgettable cast of innocents<br />

and broken eccentrics. The novel presents the bemusing and<br />

unsettling misadventures of Philip Feeney, known to one and all<br />

as Mister Psyche, a teenager haunted by a recent traumatic event<br />

who takes up with two men some fifty years his senior. Its still,<br />

lyrical power casts a miraculous literary spell and will appeal to<br />

readers of William Trevor, Roddy Doyle, John McGahern, and<br />

Anne Enright.<br />

n Dermot Healy has won the Hennessey Award, the Tom Gallon Award,<br />

the Encore Award, and the 2002 America Ireland Literary Award,<br />

given in recognition of his contribution to Irish letters<br />

DERMOT HEALY is a poet, novelist, and dramatist. His<br />

books include the novels A Goat’s Song and Sudden Times and<br />

the memoir The Bend for Home. He lives in County Sligo, Ireland.<br />

Online Publicity<br />


JULY<br />


72<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312385-9 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 288 pp. Rights: G12<br />

Agent: Gallimard First serial: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Savagely funny and surprisingly touching.”<br />

—The Guardian (London)<br />

“ A queasily-comic, stylishly-executed romp.”<br />

—The Independent (U.K.)<br />

“ A fireworks display . . . Benacquista is<br />

definitely the goodfella of French literature.”<br />

—L’Express (France)<br />

Unabridged Download • 8.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-161984-1 $29.95 ($31.50 CAN)<br />

JULY<br />


JULY<br />

A thrillingly comic Mafia farce—soon<br />

to be a major motion picture starring<br />

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and<br />

Tommy Lee Jones<br />

Malavita<br />

A Novel<br />

Tonino Benacquista<br />

The Blakes are newcomers to a small town in Normandy, France.<br />

Fred is a historian researching the Allied landings, Maggie enjoys<br />

charity work, and their kids are looking forward to meeting other<br />

teenagers at the local lycée. Or so it seems.<br />

In fact, Fred is really Giovanni Manzoni, an ex-goodfella<br />

turned stool pigeon who’s been relocated from New Jersey to<br />

France by the FBI’s witness protection program. He’s got a twomillion-dollar<br />

bounty on his head, but he and his family can’t<br />

help attracting attention (imagine the Sopranos in Normandy).<br />

And when imprisoned mobster Don Mimino gets wind of their<br />

location, it’s Mafia mayhem à la Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper, or<br />

like The Godfather as if written by Carl Hiaasen. Because while<br />

you can take the man out of the Mafia, you can’t take the Mafia out<br />

of the man.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n Soon to be a major motion picture starring Robert De Niro,<br />

Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones, and directed by Luc Besson<br />

(La Femme Nikita)<br />

n An international bestseller with more than 300,000 copies sold in<br />

France and rights sold in 14 countries<br />

n For fans of Mafia dramas like GoodFellas, The Sopranos,<br />

The Godfather, The Departed, and the Netflix original<br />

series Lilyhammer<br />

TONINO BENACQUISTA was born in France to<br />

Italian immigrants. He is the acclaimed author of several<br />

novels, including The Thursday Night Club, as well as film<br />

scripts and graphic novels. He lives in France.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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Photo: James Creighton<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312333-0 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Memoir 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02372-1<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A devastatingly honest<br />

memoir.”<br />

—San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Riveting. . . . A genuinely<br />

important book.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

An inspiring story of redemption, from a<br />

young girl who grew up on the streets but<br />

found the strength to succeed<br />

Runaway Girl<br />

Escaping Life on the Streets<br />

Carissa Phelps with Larkin Warren<br />

At age twelve Carissa Phelps ran away from abuse and neglect at<br />

home, lived on the streets, and was discreetly abducted and sold<br />

by a savage pimp. She was repeatedly sent to juvenile hall and to<br />

group homes that would house her but rarely see to her needs. Yet<br />

with a few helping hands, she accomplished the unimaginable,<br />

earning both a law degree and an MBA from UCLA. Her accomplishments<br />

meant she could leave the streets behind, but her success<br />

only drew her closer to other children in need; she is now a<br />

mentor, a crisis counselor, and an advocate for runaway and homeless<br />

youth. This is the tale of a girl who, despite the odds, found<br />

her strength and faith through the kindness of strangers. Like the<br />

multimillion-copy bestseller The Glass Castle, this memoir moves<br />

us with the power of its unflinching candor and generosity.<br />

n Carissa Phelps was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered<br />

n Phelps is the subject of the award-winning documentary Carissa<br />

n Visit carissaphelps.com and facebook.com/RunawayGirlFPC<br />

CARISSA PHELPS is an attorney, a social entrepreneur,<br />

and a youth advocate. She is CEO and founder of Runaway<br />

Girl, FPC, a California flexible purpose corporation.<br />

LARKIN WARREN’s recent book collaborations include<br />

Mary Forsberg Weiland’s Fall to Pieces and Elyn R. Saks’s<br />

bestselling The Center Cannot Hold.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

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JULY<br />


74 JULY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312312-5 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Mystery 5 5 /16 x 8 368 pp. Rights: F25 Agent: c/o<br />

Random House U.K. First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Mystery Original On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />



An Uncertain Place 978-0-14-312004-9 $15.00<br />

Wash This Blood Clean from My Hands<br />

978-0-14-311216-7 $14.00<br />


“ [A] high degree of<br />

intelligence [and]<br />

sophistication informs<br />

[Vargas’s] fiction . . . It’s a<br />

tangled web she weaves<br />

and a hard one to escape.”<br />

—The Washington Post<br />

A #1 French and Italian bestseller<br />

from the three-time winner of the CWA’s<br />

International Dagger Award<br />

The Ghost Riders<br />

of Ordebec<br />

A Commissaire Adamsberg Mystery<br />

Fred Vargas<br />

More than ten million copies of Fred Vargas’s Commissaire<br />

Adamsberg mysteries have been sold worldwide. Now American<br />

readers are getting hooked on the internationally bestselling<br />

author’s unsettling blend of crime and the supernatural.<br />

As the chief of police in Paris’s seventh arrondissement,<br />

Commissaire Adamsberg has no jurisdiction in Ordebec. Yet he<br />

cannot ignore a widow’s plea. Her daughter Lina has seen a vision<br />

of the Ghost Riders with four nefarious men. According to the<br />

thousand-year-old legend, the vision means that the men will<br />

soon die a grisly death. When one of them disappears, Adamsberg<br />

races to Ordebec, where he becomes entranced by the gorgeous<br />

Lina—and embroiled in the small Normandy town’s ancient feud.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n A #1 bestseller in France (selling more than 430,000 copies)<br />

and Italy<br />

n Fred Vargas’s novels are published in 40 countries and have sold<br />

more than 10 million copies<br />

n For readers of Henning Mankell and Jussi Adler-Olsen<br />

FRED VARGAS is an archaeologist, a historian, and an<br />

internationally bestselling author. She lives in Paris.<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312338-5 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Memoir/Beauty 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 272 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02361-5<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A Kate Chopin–like<br />

awakening to the sensual<br />

joys of perfume and to<br />

fulfillment, happiness, and<br />

fragrant friendships.”<br />

—Los Angeles Times<br />

“ Bursting with<br />

sensuous delights.”<br />

—The Dallas Morning News<br />

Honest and beautifully written—<br />

a nuanced exploration of femininity<br />

and pleasure through the enchanting<br />

world of fragrance<br />

Coming to My Senses<br />

A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride<br />

Alyssa Harad<br />

Alyssa Harad’s affair with scent begins in secret, late at night, by the<br />

glow of her computer screen, when she stumbles on a blog devoted<br />

to perfume. Bookish and practical, and a stranger to beauty<br />

counters, she is surprised to find herself lured into a sensual world<br />

of quirky characters that changes her mind about much more than<br />

perfume. Candid, elegant, and full of lush description and humor,<br />

Coming to My Senses takes readers from a private museum of rare<br />

essences in Austin, Texas, to the glamorous fragrance showrooms<br />

of Manhattan and finally to a homecoming in Boise, Idaho, to<br />

prepare for Harad’s wedding. This deeply personal story reveals<br />

the intimate connections between scent, our senses, and the<br />

people we are and want to become.<br />

n Excerpted in Marie Claire and the Chronicle of Higher Education<br />

n Alyssa Harad received media coverage in the Los Angeles Times,<br />

People, Allure, and the Huffington Post<br />

n A BookPage top pick and must-read memoir for 2012<br />

n Visit alyssaharad.com and facebook.com/alyssa.harad.author,<br />

and follow @alyssaharad on Twitter<br />

ALYSSA HARAD holds a PhD in English from the<br />

University of Texas, Austin. She has written about perfume for<br />

O, The Oprah Magazine and the award-winning perfume blogs<br />

Now Smell This and Perfume-Smellin’ Things. She lives with<br />

her husband in Austin, Texas.<br />

Online Publicity<br />


JULY<br />


Photo: Liza Johnson<br />

76<br />

Necessary Errors<br />

A Novel<br />

Caleb Crain<br />

It’s October 1990. Jacob Putnam is young and full of ideas.<br />

He has arrived a year too late to witness Czechoslovakia’s<br />

revolution, but he still hopes to find its spirit, somehow. He<br />

discovers a country at a crossroads between communism<br />

and capitalism, and a picturesque city overflowing with<br />

a vibrant, searching sense of possibility. As the men and<br />

women Jacob meets begin to fall in love with one another,<br />

no one turns out to be quite the same as the idea Jacob has<br />

of them—including Jacob himself.<br />

Necessary Errors is the long-awaited first novel from<br />

literary critic and journalist Caleb Crain. Shimmering<br />

and expansive, Crain’s prose richly captures the turbulent<br />

feelings and discoveries of youth as it stretches toward<br />

adulthood—the chance encounters that grow into lasting,<br />

unforgettable experiences and the surprises of our first<br />

ventures into a foreign world—and the treasure of living<br />

in Prague during an era of historic change.<br />

CALEB CRAIN is a frequent contributor<br />

to the New Yorker, the New York Review<br />

of <strong>Books</strong>, the Nation, the New York Times<br />

Magazine, the London Review of <strong>Books</strong>, n+1,<br />

the Paris Review Daily, and the New York<br />

Times Book Review. A graduate of Harvard<br />

and Columbia, he is the author of the<br />

critical work American Sympathy. He lives in<br />

Brooklyn, New York.<br />

“ Caleb Crain’s beautiful novel is a real feat<br />

of memory and invention, which<br />

captures the feeling of being young, sensitive,<br />

and vaguely but intensely ambitious better<br />

than anything I know in recent fiction.<br />

Everything in Necessary Errors feels both<br />

transitory and indelible, and isn’t that the<br />

way?” —Benjamin Kunkel, author of Indecision<br />

“ Caleb Crain describes a young man’s and a<br />

country’s first tastes of freedom with a lucid<br />

and matter-of-fact intelligence. Necessary<br />

Errors offers an invaluable record of Prague<br />

at the beginning of the 1990s in a style that<br />

places it among the great novels of Americans<br />

abroad. It’s The Ambassadors for the<br />

generation that came of age with<br />

the downfall of the Soviet Union.”<br />

—Marco Roth, author of The Scientists<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Author Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

An exquisite debut novel<br />

that brilliantly captures<br />

the lives and romances of<br />

young expatriates in newly<br />

democratic Prague<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n A deluxe paperback featuring french flaps and<br />

deckle-edged paper<br />

n For fans of Arthur Phillips, Chad Harbach,<br />

Alan Hollinghurst, and Teju Cole<br />

n Visit steamthing.com and follow @caleb _crain<br />

on Twitter<br />

From Necessary Errors:<br />

Jacob had arrived in Prague with a project. He couldn’t<br />

see that he was carrying it; to see that would have required<br />

standing a little farther outside himself than he was able<br />

to. He would have said it was a mood, if anyone had asked,<br />

or maybe a spirit, if he was writing in the privacy of his<br />

journal. But he wouldn’t have understood that it took the<br />

shape of a story he wanted to live out. It was a common<br />

enough project for an earnest, idealistic young person who<br />

was comfortable with only one pleasure, reading, and who<br />

had graduated from college in the year of the protest in<br />

Tiananmen Square, the breaching of the Berlin Wall, and<br />

the Velvet Revolution, so that his first personal experience<br />

of adult freedom—which he knew didn’t count for much<br />

in the grand scheme of things but which he felt with great<br />

intensity—seemed echoed by the wider world.<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312241-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 560 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: The Wylie Agency<br />

Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



AUGUST<br />



78<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312359-0 $18.00<br />

Victor Hugo<br />

Les Misérables<br />

Movie Tie-In Edition<br />

n 2012 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of<br />

Les Misérables<br />

n The upcoming film adaptation opens December<br />

2012 and stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe,<br />

Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham<br />

Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Eddie Redmayne<br />

n Official movie trailer now available:<br />

lesmiserablesfilm.com<br />


Publishing in time for the<br />

star-studded film adaptation<br />

of Broadway’s longest-running<br />

musical<br />

Victor Hugo’s timeless story of injustice, heroism, and love in<br />

nineteenth-century Paris comes to theaters this December<br />

in a new film adaptation with a stellar cast that includes<br />

Hugh Jackman as the intrepid Jean Valjean and Russell<br />

Crowe as the relentless policeman Javert.<br />

Wildly popular since its first publication in 1862,<br />

Les Misérables has entranced generation after generation—<br />

not least through the seminal, long-running Broadway<br />

musical. The upcoming film will lead an entirely new<br />

audience to read Hugo’s sweeping masterpiece.

ISBN 978-0-14-312386-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 1 /4 384 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Mulcahy Conway Associates<br />

First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ This incredible story will play on your<br />

mind. Two weeks after I read it, I can’t stop<br />

thinking about it. The book of the<br />

year.” —The Sun (U.K.)<br />

“ Dark, twisty and full of good<br />

surprises and insights. Marwood<br />

has delivered a compelling debut crime<br />

novel.”—The Daily Mail<br />

A gritty psychological thriller that<br />

asks the question: How well can you<br />

know anyone?<br />

The Wicked Girls<br />

A Novel<br />

Alex Marwood<br />

On a fateful <strong>summer</strong> morning in 1986, two eleven-year-old girls<br />

meet for the first time. By the end of the day, they will both be<br />

charged with murder. Twenty-five years later, journalist Kirsty<br />

Lindsay is reporting on a series of sickening attacks on young<br />

female tourists in a seaside vacation town when her investigation<br />

leads her to interview carnival cleaner Amber Gordon. For Kirsty<br />

and Amber, it’s the first time they’ve seen each other since that<br />

dark day so many years ago. Now with new, vastly different lives—<br />

and unknowing families to protect—will they really be able to keep<br />

their wicked secret hidden?<br />

Gripping and fast-paced, with an ending that will stay with<br />

you long after you’ve read it, The Wicked Girls will appeal to fans of<br />

the Academy Award–nominated film Heavenly Creatures and the<br />

novels of Rosamund Lupton and Chevy Stevens.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n Rights have been sold in 6 territories, with more than 50,000<br />

copies sold in the U.K. alone<br />

n For fans of Laura Lippman, Tana French, and Sophie Hannah<br />

n Visit facebook.com/alex.marwood and follow<br />

@alexmarwood1 on Twitter<br />

ALEX MARWOOD is the pseudonym of a successful<br />

journalist who has worked extensively across the British press.<br />

Marwood lives in South London and is working on her next novel.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312361-3 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Social Sciences 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 288 pp. Rights: E33<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-344-2<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ At once an inspiring portrait of<br />

a Texas principal’s fight to reform<br />

her school and an indictment of the<br />

American education system.”<br />

—O, The Oprah Magazine<br />

“ A compelling,<br />

enlightening account of a<br />

school community rising to save<br />

itself in the unforgiving, data-driven,<br />

often nonsensical world bequeathed<br />

to public education.”<br />

—The Washington Post<br />


80 AUGUST<br />

In the race to save a failing public high<br />

school, one principal finds that making<br />

the numbers is only the beginning<br />

Saving the School<br />

One Woman’s Fight for the Kids<br />

That Education Reform Left Behind<br />

Michael Brick<br />

Being principal of Reagan High in Austin, Texas, was no dream<br />

assignment. Test scores were low, dropout rates were high, and<br />

poverty was endemic. But when Anabel Garza took the job, she<br />

started something no one expected. Racing against a deadline just<br />

to make the numbers, she set out to rebuild the kind of school that<br />

once unified neighborhoods across America. By her side, a basketball<br />

coach showed kids they could be winners, a young science<br />

teacher showed them they could learn, and a community rallied<br />

around a treasured institution. In this powerful rejoinder to the<br />

prevailing winds of education policy, Michael Brick takes readers<br />

inside the high-pressure world of a school on the brink. Paying<br />

overdue tribute to a vital tradition—the great American high<br />

school —Saving the School exposes the flaws of a broken system<br />

but also tells an inspiring story of faith, hope, and perseverance.<br />

n Featured on Oprah.com as one of 15 Must-Read <strong>Books</strong> for<br />

September 2012<br />

n For fans of Friday Night Lights, Random Family,<br />

Waiting for Superman, and Whatever It Takes<br />

MICHAEL BRICK, a former New York Times reporter,<br />

lives in Austin, Texas.<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312371-2 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 528 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02375-2<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ The Doctor Zhivago of Vietnam, a book<br />

that explodes the sacred pieties of a<br />

Communist revolution by looking at the<br />

cost that revolution exacted on individual<br />

lives and romances.” —The Boston Globe<br />

“ A resonant work of historical fiction . . .<br />

offers rich detail and provocative insights.”<br />

—Booklist<br />


Memories of a Pure Spring 978-0-14-029843-7 $17.00<br />

Novel Without a Name 978-0-14-025510-2 $16.00<br />

From the most important Vietnamese<br />

author writing today, a powerful,<br />

ambitious novel about the thirst for<br />

absolute power<br />

The Zenith<br />

A Novel<br />

Duong Thu Huong<br />

Widely considered today’s preeminent Vietnamese novelist,<br />

Duong Thu Huong has won acclaim for her exceptional lyricism<br />

and psychological acumen, as well as for her unflinching portraits<br />

of modern Vietnam and its culture and people. In her latest book,<br />

she offers a sweeping tale of thwarted love, political intrigue, and<br />

treachery that centers on the final months in the life of Ho Chi<br />

Minh at an isolated mountain compound where he is imprisoned<br />

both physically and emotionally. The Zenith reveals moral truths<br />

that still reverberate today among those many Americans who<br />

still silently live with sadness and regret over the Vietnam War.<br />

n Duong Thu Huong’s Paradise of the Blind was the first Vietnamese<br />

novel to be translated into English<br />

n She was awarded the Oxfam Novib/PEN International Freedom of<br />

Expression Award<br />

DUONG THU HUONG is an award-winning<br />

Vietnamese novelist and activist living in exile in Paris. Her<br />

novels include Paradise of the Blind, No Man’s Land, Memories<br />

of a Pure Spring, and Novel Without a Name.<br />

Online Publicity<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312349-1 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

History 6 x 9 544 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02378-3<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />




American Colonies 978-0-14-200210-0 $19.00<br />


82 AUGUST<br />

“ A terrifically useful widelens<br />

survey of the United<br />

States in the last half of the<br />

20th century.” —Kirkus<br />

Reviews<br />

“ Ambitious and<br />

imaginative.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

A landmark history of postwar America<br />

and the second volume in the <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

History of the United States series<br />

American Empire<br />

The Rise of a Global Power, the Democratic Revolution at Home,<br />

1945–2000<br />

Joshua B. Freeman<br />

In this momentous work, acclaimed labor historian Joshua B.<br />

Freeman presents an epic portrait of the United States in the<br />

latter half of the twentieth century, revealing a nation galvanized<br />

by change even as conflict seethed within its borders. Beginning in<br />

1945, he charts the astounding rise of the labor movement and its<br />

pitched struggle with the bastions of American capitalism in the<br />

1940s and ‘50s, untangling the complicated threads between the<br />

workers’ agenda and those of the civil rights and women’s movements.<br />

Through the lenses of civil rights, the Cold War struggle,<br />

and the labor movement, American Empire teaches us something<br />

profound about our past while illuminating the issues that continue<br />

to animate American political discourse today.<br />

n The second volume in the <strong>Penguin</strong> History of the United States<br />

series—edited by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Eric Foner<br />

n For readers of Michael Kazin’s American Dreamers, Tony Judt’s<br />

Postwar, and Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States<br />

JOSHUA B. FREEMAN is a professor of history at<br />

Queens College and the Graduate Center of CUNY. He is the<br />

author of Working-Class New York. He lives in New York City.

ISBN 978-0-14-312347-7 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Biography/Music 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 496 pp. Rights: E00<br />

16 pp. b/w photos Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-340-4 On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A milestone in contemporary<br />

cultural criticism.”<br />

—San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Inspirational . . . Larson is an<br />

exuberant writer about Buddhism and the<br />

art world.” —Los Angeles Times<br />

“ Revelatory . . . The best book written<br />

yet about John Cage.” —Slate<br />

A “heroic” biography of John Cage and<br />

his awakening through Zen Buddhism—<br />

“a kind of love story” about an American<br />

pioneer of the arts (The New York Times)<br />

Where the Heart Beats<br />

John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists<br />

Kay Larson<br />

Composer John Cage sought the silence of a mind at peace<br />

with itself and found it in Zen Buddhism, a spiritual path that<br />

changed both his music and his view of the universe. “Remarkably<br />

researched, exquisitely written,” Where the Heart Beats weaves<br />

together “a great many threads of cultural history” (Maria Popova,<br />

Brain Pickings) to illuminate Cage’s struggle to accept himself<br />

and his relationship with choreographer Merce Cunningham.<br />

Freed to be his own man, Cage originated exciting experiments<br />

that set him at the center of a new avant-garde forming in the<br />

1950s. Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Yoko<br />

Ono, Allan Kaprow, Morton Feldman, and Leo Castelli were<br />

among those influenced by his teaching and preaching. Where<br />

the Heart Beats shows the blossoming of Zen in the very heart of<br />

American culture.<br />

n Presents startling revelations about John Cage’s catalytic role in<br />

the arts avant-garde<br />

n Visit wheretheheartbeatsbook.com<br />

KAY LARSON was the art critic for New York Magazine<br />

for fourteen years and has been a frequent contributor to the<br />

New York Times. In 1994, she entered Zen practice at a<br />

Buddhist monastery in upstate New York.<br />

National Radio Telephone Interveiws<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising<br />

Online Advertising<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312366-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02374-5<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Self-Made Man 978-0-14-303870-2 $16.00<br />

Voluntary Madness 978-0-14-311685-1 $16.00<br />


84 AUGUST<br />

“ At once a misanthropic<br />

rant, a voyeuristic freefor-all,<br />

and a philosophic<br />

thriller, Thy Neighbor<br />

is . . . a heady and<br />

wonderful read.”<br />

—Gary Shteyngart<br />

“ A raging, jolting, hard-edged novel of<br />

paranoia and revenge in the suburbs.”<br />

—Terry Teachout, drama critic, The Wall<br />

Street Journal<br />

Thy Neighbor<br />

A Novel<br />

Norah Vincent<br />

Norah Vincent’s first two books—the New York Times bestseller<br />

Self-Made Man and Voluntary Madness—were masterworks of immersion<br />

journalism. Now Vincent unleashes her considerable talents<br />

in a spellbinding novel that’s as provocative and absorbing<br />

as her acclaimed nonfiction.<br />

Since his parents’ violent deaths thirteen years ago, Nick<br />

Walsh has been living alone in his childhood home, drinking,<br />

drugging, and debauching himself into oblivion. Deranged by his<br />

relentless sorrow, he begins spying on his neighbors via hidden<br />

cameras and microphones. As he observes all the strange, sad, and<br />

terrifying things people do when they think no one is watching,<br />

Nick begins to unravel the shocking truth about how and why his<br />

parents died.<br />

n Norah Vincent’s Self-Made Man: One Woman’s Year Disguised as a<br />

Man was a New York Times bestseller<br />

n For readers of Chuck Palahniuk and Sam Lipsyte<br />

NORAH VINCENT is a former op-ed columnist for the<br />

Los Angeles Times whose books include Self-Made Man and<br />

Voluntary Madness. She lives in New York City.<br />

Unabridged Download • 12.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-156429-5 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Author Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

ISBN 978-0-14-242260-1 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

True Crime/History 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 272 pp.<br />

Rights: N43 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Sanford J.<br />

Greenburger Associates First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


The shocking inside story of life in a<br />

biker gang, from one of Britain’s top<br />

true-crime writers<br />

Outlaws<br />

One Man’s Rise Through the Savage World<br />

of Renegade Bikers, Hell’s Angels and Global Crime<br />

Tony Thompson<br />

As a member of the international motorcycle club known as the<br />

Pagans, Daniel “Snake Dog” Boone had a ringside seat to some<br />

of the most violent biker battles ever fought. When he joined<br />

his small-town club in the early 1980s, Boone could never have<br />

imagined that the ragtag group would one day grow to become a<br />

part of the Outlaws, a major gang that would challenge the Hell’s<br />

Angels for supremacy around the globe in a battle lasting decades.<br />

Through Boone’s eyes, true-crime master Tony Thompson takes<br />

us into the fray, and into the heart of a shocking subculture.<br />

Outlaws is filled with outrageous stories that will have you gasping<br />

with equal parts laughter and horror.<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

n For fans of motorcycles and TV shows about biker gangs, such as<br />

Sons of Anarchy, now in its 5th season<br />

n Visit tonythompson.com and follow @tonythompson10 on Twitter<br />

TONY THOMPSON is the bestselling author of<br />

Reefer Man, Gangs, and Gangland Britain. He has twice been<br />

nominated for the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association Gold<br />

Dagger Award for nonfiction. He lives in the United Kingdom.<br />

Online Publicity<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312363-7 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02371-4<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



86 AUGUST<br />

“ The picture Colby creates,<br />

of base tribalism and<br />

failed good intentions,<br />

is simultaneously<br />

disheartening and inspiring,<br />

but this contradiction<br />

seems perfectly in<br />

keeping with the larger<br />

contradictions of the land of<br />

the free.” —The Daily Beast<br />


The Chris Farley Show 978-0-14-311556-4 $16.00<br />

An irreverent, powerful exploration<br />

of race relations by the New York Times<br />

bestselling author of The Chris Farley Show<br />

Some of My Best Friends<br />

Are Black<br />

The Strange Story of Integration in America<br />

Tanner Colby<br />

Frank, funny, and incisive, Some of My Best Friends Are Black<br />

offers a profoundly honest portrait of race in America. In a book<br />

that is part reportage, part history, part social commentary,<br />

Tanner Colby explores why the civil rights movement ultimately<br />

produced such little true integration in schools, neighborhoods,<br />

offices, and churches—the very places where social change most<br />

needed to unfold. Weaving together the personal, intimate stories<br />

of everyday people—black and white—Colby reveals the strange,<br />

sordid history of what was supposed to be the end of Jim Crow,<br />

but turned out to be more of the same with no name. He shows us<br />

how far we have come in our journey to leave mistrust and anger<br />

behind—and how far all of us have left to go.<br />

n Visit tannercolby.com<br />

TANNER COLBY is the author of Belushi: A Biography<br />

and the New York Times bestseller The Chris Farley Show:<br />

A Biography in Three Acts. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

ISBN 978-0-14-312344-6 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 528 pp. Rights: W00 b/w photos<br />

and illustrations throughout Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Press hc 978-1-59420-342-8 On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ [A] most striking departure from<br />

previous scholarship. . . . Succeeds<br />

admirably in bringing vividly to life<br />

. . . a neglected chapter in<br />

the long struggle for racial<br />

justice.” —Eric Foner, The Nation<br />

A major new account of the Northern<br />

movement to establish African Americans<br />

as full citizens before, during, and after<br />

the Civil War<br />

More Than Freedom<br />

Fighting for Black Citizenship in a White Republic, 1829–1889<br />

Stephen Kantrowitz<br />

In More Than Freedom, award-winning historian Stephen<br />

Kantrowitz offers a bold rethinking of the Civil War era.<br />

He shows how the fight to abolish slavery was always part<br />

of a much broader campaign by African Americans to<br />

claim full citizenship and to remake the white republic<br />

into a place where they could belong. More Than Freedom<br />

chronicles this epic struggle through the lives of black and<br />

white abolitionists in and around Boston, including Frederick<br />

Douglass, Senator Charles Sumner, and lesser known but<br />

equally important figures. Their bold actions helped bring<br />

about the Civil War, set the stage for Reconstruction, and left<br />

the nation forever altered.<br />

n The newest volume in the <strong>Penguin</strong> History of American Life series<br />

STEPHEN KANTROWITZ is the author of Ben<br />

Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy, which<br />

was a New York Times Notable Book and won several scholarly<br />

awards. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-312364-4 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Science 5 5 /16 x 8 320 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02355-4<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ A fascinating theory on Earth’s origins<br />

written a sparkling style with<br />

many personal touches.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

(starred review)<br />

“ With infectious enthusiasm for<br />

his subject, Hazen introduces readers to<br />

Earth’s defining moments.” —Susan Yitbarek,<br />

Discover<br />


88 AUGUST Online Publicity<br />

“ A fascinating story, far more alive than<br />

you might guess.” —Bill McKibben,<br />

bestselling author of Eaarth: Making Life<br />

on a Tough New Planet<br />

The Story of Earth<br />

The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet<br />

Robert M. Hazen<br />

Hailed by the New York Times for writing “with wonderful<br />

clarity about science . . . that effortlessly teaches as it zips along,”<br />

nationally bestselling author Robert M. Hazen offers a radical<br />

new approach to Earth history in this intertwined tale of the<br />

planet’s living and nonliving spheres. With an astrobiologist’s<br />

imagination, a historian’s perspective, and a naturalist’s eye,<br />

Hazen calls upon twenty-first-century discoveries that have<br />

revolutionized geology and enabled scientists to envision Earth’s<br />

many iterations in vivid detail—from the mile-high lava tides<br />

of its infancy to the early organisms responsible for more than<br />

two-thirds of the mineral varieties beneath our feet. Lucid,<br />

controversial, and on the cutting edge of its field, The Story of<br />

Earth is popular science of the highest order.<br />

n Makes complex science entertaining and accessible in the tradition<br />

of John McPhee’s Annals of the Former World and Brian Greene’s<br />

The Fabric of the Cosmos<br />

n Visit hazen.gl.ciw.edu<br />

ROBERT M. HAZEN is the Clarence Robinson<br />

professor of earth science at George Mason University and<br />

a senior scientist at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical<br />

Laboratory. The author of numerous books, including the<br />

bestselling Science Matters, he lives in Glen Echo, Maryland.

ISBN 978-0-14-310643-2 $40.00<br />

Edited by Rita Dove<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Anthology of<br />

Twentieth-Century<br />

American Poetry<br />

n Edited and with an introduction by former<br />

U.S. Poet Laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize<br />

Rita Dove<br />

n April is National Poetry Month<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover Original featuring beautiful<br />

printed endpapers and a matching ribbon marker<br />

n A perfect gift for Mother’s Day<br />

This stunning volume features the most influential voices in<br />

twentieth-century poetry, including Amiri Baraka, Elizabeth<br />

Bishop, e. e. cummings, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jorie Graham,<br />

Langston Hughes, Marianne Moore, Theodore Roethke,<br />

Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, James Wright, and<br />

many others.<br />

“ This book is sure to become an important resource<br />

for those interested in poetry, and especially students, for<br />

decades to come.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)<br />


For National Poetry Month and<br />

a perfect gift for any occasion—<br />

a beautifully packaged collection<br />

of the most significant poems of<br />

the past hundred years<br />

“ Dove’s incisive perception of the role of poetry in cultural and<br />

social awakenings infuses this zestful and rigorous gathering<br />

of poems both necessary and unexpected by 180 American<br />

poets. This landmark anthology will instantly enhance<br />

and invigorate every poetry shelf or section.”<br />

—Donna Seaman for Booklist<br />

“ Intelligent, generous, surprising, and altogether thrilling<br />

to read—literally, a heart-thumping<br />

collection. . . . Dove’s selection—and this book—will<br />

long stand as the definitive anthology of American poetry.”<br />

—Elizabeth Alexander<br />



90<br />


Because what you read matters.<br />

For more than sixty-five years, <strong>Penguin</strong> has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world,<br />

providing readers with a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. We focus<br />

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you love our familiar black-spine series, our <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Editions, or our <strong>Penguin</strong> Enriched eBook Classics,<br />

we bring the writer to the reader in every format available.<br />

Highlights from the <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Summer <strong>2013</strong> Season:<br />

It all begins with a letter. . . . Here come more <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps, collectible books from A to Z, including “G” for<br />

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Type geeks won’t be able to resist collecting them all (and spelling out their<br />

names, like ED, BEA, DEB, or GABE—for now), which feature specially commissioned letters by type and design<br />

superstar Jessica Hische.<br />

Catch our first sports classic for baseball season and Father’s Day: Pitching in a Pinch, an insightful and charming<br />

memoir by Baseball Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson, with a new foreword by Chad Harbach, author of the New<br />

York Times bestseller The Art of Fielding. A historic essay by the great Pulitzer Prize–winning sportswriter Red<br />

Smith is made available for the first time in thirty-five years as an afterword.<br />

We offer more classic debuts from two great twentieth-century American literary writers: John O’Hara’s first and<br />

best-known novel, Appointment in Samarra, in a <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition with a new introduction by<br />

Charles McGrath; Shirley Jackson’s The Road Through the Wall—the very first novel of suburban horror—with a<br />

new foreword by Jackson biographer Ruth Franklin; and Hangsaman, Jackson’s second novel, with a new foreword<br />

by Francine Prose.<br />

Siegfried Sassoon’s The Memoirs of George Sherston chronicles the unforgettable journey of George Sherston from<br />

his aristocratic childhood and his days as a war hero and an antiwar martyr all the way to being a wounded veteran<br />

trying to move on from the Great War. A major addition to our WWI classics program that will appeal to both fans of<br />

Downton Abbey and readers of Pat Barker’s Regeneration, the trilogy includes a historical introduction by acclaimed<br />

scholar Paul Fussell.<br />

New to our global bookshelf, from Brazil, are Jorge Amado’s Captains of the Sands, in a translation by Gregory<br />

Rabassa and with a new foreword by Colm Tóibín, and The Violent Land, with a new introduction by Alfred<br />

Mac Adam. From South Africa, Down Second Avenue, the powerful apartheid-era childhood memoir by Es’kia<br />

Mphahlele, becomes a <strong>Penguin</strong> Classic with a new introduction by award-winning novelist Ngugi ũ ĩiwa<br />

wa Thiong’o.<br />

And an in-house favorite, Demian by Hermann Hesse, appears for the first time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics, in a new<br />

translation by Damion Searls, and with a foreword by—wait for it—Oscar-nominated actor and artist James Franco.<br />


—ELDA ROTOR, Associate Publisher & Editorial Director


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92<br />


From A to Z, the <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps series collects<br />

26 unique hardcovers—featuring cover art by Jessica Hische<br />

MONTH<br />

It all begins with a letter. Fall in love with <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps, a new series of twenty-six<br />

collectible hardcover editions, each with a type cover showcasing a gorgeously illustrated<br />

letter of the alphabet. In a design collaboration between Jessica Hische and <strong>Penguin</strong> Art<br />

Director Paul Buckley, the series features unique cover art by Hische, a superstar in the world<br />

of type design and illustration, whose work has appeared everywhere from Tiffany & Co. to Wes<br />

Anderson’s recent film Moonrise Kingdom to <strong>Penguin</strong>’s own bestsellers Committed and Rules of<br />

Civility. With exclusive designs that have never before appeared on Hische’s hugely popular Daily<br />

Drop Cap blog, the <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps series launches with six perennial favorites to give as<br />

elegant gifts, or to showcase on your own shelves.<br />

n Introducing a 26-book series of collectible hardcovers that will create<br />

a gorgeous spectrum of colors as a set<br />

n Each gift-sized book features a foil-stamped case and a decorative<br />

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n Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap website sees an average of 5,000 unique visitors<br />

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n <strong>2013</strong> is the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice<br />

n Our next set of six titles will begin with “G” for William Golding and his treasured<br />

first novel Lord of the Flies<br />

n Visit dailydropcap.com and jessicahische.is, and follow @jessicahische on Twitter<br />

A: Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen<br />

978-0-14-312316-3 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

B: Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë<br />

978-0-14-312314-9 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

C: My Ántonia Willa Cather<br />

978-0-14-312315-6 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

ALL TITLES ON SALE 11/28/2012<br />

D: Great Expectations Charles Dickens<br />

978-0-14-312379-8 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

E: Middlemarch George Eliot<br />

978-0-14-312381-1 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

F: Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert<br />

Translated by Lydia Davis<br />

978-0-14-312380-4 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)

A—Jane Austen<br />

Pride and Prejudice<br />

D—Charles Dickens<br />

Great Expectations<br />

B—Charlotte Brontë<br />

Jane Eyre<br />

E—George Eliot<br />

Middlemarch<br />

C—Willa Cather<br />

My Ántonia<br />


F—Gustave Flaubert<br />

Translated by Lydia Davis<br />

Madame Bovary<br />



ISBN 978-0-14-310724-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Sports/Memoir 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 304 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ [Mathewson] gripped the<br />

imagination of a country that<br />

held a hundred million people<br />

and held his grip with a firmer<br />

hold than any man of his day<br />

or time.” —Grantland Rice,<br />

legendary sports writer and<br />

journalist<br />


94 MAY Online Publicity<br />

An inside baseball memoir from the<br />

game’s first superstar, with a foreword<br />

by Chad Harbach<br />

Pitching in a Pinch<br />

Baseball from the Inside<br />

Christy Mathewson<br />

Foreword by Chad Harbach<br />

Afterword by Red Smith<br />

Christy Mathewson was one of the most dominant pitchers ever<br />

to play baseball. Posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall<br />

of Fame as one of the “Five Immortals,” he was an unstoppable<br />

force on the mound, winning at least twenty-two games for twelve<br />

straight seasons and pitching three complete-game shutouts in<br />

the 1905 World Series. Pitching in a Pinch, his witty and digestible<br />

book of baseball insights, stories, and wisdom, was first published<br />

in 1912 and presents readers with Mathewson’s plainspoken perspective<br />

on the diamond of yore—on the players, the chances they<br />

took, the jinxes they believed in, and, most of all, their love of the<br />

game. Baseball fans will love to read firsthand accounts of the<br />

infamous Merkle’s Boner incident, Giants manager John McGraw,<br />

and the unstoppable Johnny Evers and to learn how much—and<br />

just how little—has really changed in a hundred years.<br />

n A perfect Father’s Day gift and publishing to coincide with the<br />

<strong>2013</strong> baseball season<br />

n For all kinds of baseball fans—from readers of R. A. Dickey’s<br />

Wherever I Wind Up to viewers of Ken Burns’s Baseball and fans of<br />

sports websites Grantland, The Classical, and Deadspin<br />

CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880–1925) was the first national<br />

baseball superstar through his seventeen-year major league career, mostly<br />

with the New York Giants.<br />

CHAD HARBACH is the author of the bestselling and critically<br />

acclaimed novel The Art of Fielding. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.<br />

RED SMITH (1905–1982) was one of the greatest sportswriters of all<br />

time. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1976.

ISBN 978-0-14-310707-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 272 pp.<br />

Rights: E30 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Appointment in Samarra lives frighteningly<br />

in the mind.”<br />

—John Updike<br />

“ If you want to read a book by a man who<br />

knows exactly what he is writing about<br />

and has written it marvelously well, read<br />

Appointment in Samarra.”<br />

—Ernest Hemingway<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

“<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” Event<br />

Online Publicity<br />

The writer Fran Lebowitz called “the real<br />

F. Scott Fitzgerald” makes his <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Classics debut with this beautiful deluxe<br />

edition of his best-loved book<br />

Appointment in Samarra<br />

John O’Hara<br />

Introduction by Charles McGrath<br />

One of the great novels of small-town American life, Appointment<br />

in Samarra is John O’Hara’s crowning achievement. In December<br />

1930, just before Christmas, the Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, social<br />

circuit is electrified with parties and dances. At the center of the<br />

social elite stand Julian and Caroline English. But in one rash moment<br />

born inside a highball glass, Julian breaks with polite society<br />

and begins a rapid descent toward self-destruction.<br />

Brimming with wealth and privilege, jealousy and infidelity,<br />

O’Hara’s iconic first novel is an unflinching look at the dark side<br />

of the American dream—and a lasting testament to the keen social<br />

intelligence of a major American writer.<br />

n Exclusive to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition featuring french flaps and<br />

deckle-edged paper<br />

n The first of four books of O’Hara’s coming to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n For fans of Revolutionary Road and The Great Gatsby<br />

n Available in e-book for the first time<br />

JOHN O’HARA (1905–1970) was among the most prominent<br />

American writers of the twentieth century. Championed by Ernest<br />

Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Parker, he wrote<br />

fourteen novels, including BUtterfield 8, which was made into a<br />

film starring Elizabeth Taylor. O’Hara had more stories published in<br />

the New Yorker than anyone in the history of the magazine.<br />

CHARLES MCGRATH is a writer-at-large for the New York<br />

Times and the former editor of the New York Times Book Review and<br />

the New Yorker. He lives in New Jersey.<br />


MAY<br />


96 MAY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-043990-8 $14.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp. Rights: N00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-043089-9<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



The Picture of Dorian Gray (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-310614-2 $16.00<br />


A definitive new collection of<br />

Oscar Wilde’s best prison letters<br />

and poetry, with an introduction<br />

by Colm Tóibín<br />

De Profundis and Other<br />

Prison Writings<br />

Oscar Wilde<br />

Edited with an Introduction by Colm Tóibín<br />

Bankrupt and with his reputation in ruins, Oscar Wilde wrote<br />

the astonishing letter “De Profundis” to his lover, Lord Alfred<br />

Douglas, while in prison. Editor Colm Tóibín, the acclaimed<br />

author of The Blackwater Lightship, The Master, and Brooklyn,<br />

describes it as Wilde’s “greatest piece of prose writing.” Also<br />

included is “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” Wilde’s most famous<br />

poem and one of the greatest ballads in the English language,<br />

as well as other letters Wilde wrote from prison that reveal the<br />

true effects of incarceration on the people he met. Based on the<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics edition of the Complete Letters, this collection<br />

features a new introduction, notes, and appendices.<br />

n Includes a new introduction by bestselling author Colm Tóibín<br />

n Based on the authoritative Complete Letters, edited by<br />

Oscar Wilde’s grandson Merlin Holland<br />

OSCAR WILDE (1854–1900) was the author of the novel<br />

The Picture of Dorian Gray and several well-loved plays, including<br />

An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest.<br />

COLM TÓIBÍN is the author of The Blackwater Lightship and<br />

The Master, both shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, among other<br />

books. He lives in Dublin.

ISBN 978-0-14-119176-8 $14.00 (NCR)<br />

Religion 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 224 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb<br />

978-0-14-044027-0 (translated by Leo Sherley-Price)<br />

On sale: 4/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



The Book of Common Prayer (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-310656-2 $20.00<br />

One of the best-loved books of<br />

Christianity after the Bible, now in<br />

a new translation<br />

The Imitation of Christ<br />

Thomas à Kempis<br />

Translated with Notes by Robert Jeffery<br />

Introduction by Max von Habsburg<br />

A passionate celebration of God and his love, mercy, and holiness,<br />

The Imitation of Christ has inspired conversion and stimulated<br />

religious devotion for more than five hundred years. With great<br />

personal conviction, the medieval monk Thomas à Kempis<br />

demonstrates the individual’s reliance on God and on the words<br />

of Christ, and the futility of life without faith. Thomas spent<br />

some seventy years of his life in the reclusive environment of<br />

monasteries, yet in this astonishing work he demonstrates an<br />

encompassing understanding of human nature. His writing<br />

speaks to readers of every age and every nationality.<br />

n First new <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics translation in more than 60 years<br />

n Includes a chronology, notes, and suggestions for further reading<br />

THOMAS À KEMPIS (1380–1471) was a medieval<br />

monk and priest who served as chronicler of the monastery at<br />

Mount Saint Agnes in what was the Holy Roman Empire.<br />

ROBERT JEFFERY was ordained in 1959 and has written on<br />

matters of church history, spirituality, mission, and ecumenism.<br />

He lives in Oxford, England.<br />

MAX VON HABSBURG is the author of a book-length study<br />

of translations of The Imitation of Christ. He lives and teaches in<br />

Northamptonshire, England.<br />


MAY<br />


98<br />


Memoirs of a<br />

Fox-Hunting Man<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310715-6 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp.<br />

Rights: A00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Memoirs of an<br />

Infantry Officer<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310716-3 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 240 pp.<br />

Rights: A00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong>

The Memoirs of George Sherston, available with an<br />

introduction by award-winning historian Paul Fussell<br />

Sherston’s Progress<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310717-0 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp.<br />

Rights: A00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


Online Publicity<br />

A highly decorated English soldier and an acclaimed poet<br />

and novelist, Siegfried Sassoon won fame for his trilogy of<br />

fictionalized autobiographies that wonderfully capture the<br />

vanishing idylls of Edwardian England and the brutal realities<br />

of war. The first in the series, Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting<br />

Man, is Sassoon’s account of his privileged childhood and<br />

his enlistment in the British Army channeled through the<br />

character of George Sherston. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer<br />

and Sherston’s Progress follow the young soldier deep into the<br />

trenches of the Western Front, his hospitalization after being<br />

wounded, and his ultimate dedication to the antiwar cause.<br />

As do Ernst Jünger’s Storm of Steel, Humphrey Cobb’s Paths<br />

of Glory, and Richard Aldington’s Death of a Hero, Sassoon’s<br />

novels provide a poignant view of the Great War and its<br />

horrific impact.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n Publishing in anticipation of the centennial of the start<br />

of World War I (July 2014)<br />

n Pat Barker’s bestselling Regeneration Trilogy is based<br />

on Siegfried Sassoon’s life<br />

n For fans of Downton Abbey and readers of Under Fire,<br />

Storm of Steel, and Paths of Glory<br />

SIEGFRIED SASSOON (1886–1967) was a poet and<br />

novelist whose novels include the James Tait Black Award–<br />

winning Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man. He is recognized as<br />

one of the great poets of World War I and one of the war’s most<br />

influential opponents.<br />

PAUL FUSSELL (1925–2012) was a writer, editor, and<br />

historian whose experiences in World War II led him to write<br />

the National Book Award–winning classic The Great War<br />

and Modern Memory. He was also the editor of the collection<br />

Sassoon’s Long Journey.<br />


JUNE<br />


100<br />


Captains of the Sands<br />

Translated by Gregory Rabassa<br />

Introduction by Colm Tóibín<br />

A Brazilian Lord of the Flies, about a gang of orphans and<br />

runaways who live by their wits and daring in the slums<br />

of Bahia, Captains of the Sands is a favorite among Jorge<br />

Amado’s novels. The boys—including the leader, fifteenyear-old<br />

Bullet; the crafty liar, Legless; the intellectual<br />

Professor; and the sexually precocious Cat—dodge and<br />

dupe the rich and privileged of Brazil. But when a public<br />

outcry demands their capture, this vivid portrait of a<br />

divided culture becomes a poignant, intensely moving<br />

drama of love and freedom.<br />

The Violent Land<br />

Translated by Samuel Putnam<br />

Introduction by Alfred Mac Adam<br />

Foreword by Jorge Amado<br />

Two powerful families scheme to control Brazil’s lush,<br />

cocoa-growing forests in this exotic novel of greed,<br />

madness, and seduction that does for Brazil’s cocoa<br />

rush what Upton Sinclair’s Oil! did for the early days<br />

of California oil prospecting. With its cast of assassins,<br />

gamblers, opportunists, and beautiful women, The<br />

Violent Land is an unbridled adventure novel set among<br />

the power dealers of one of Brazil’s most profitable and<br />

coveted natural resources.<br />

“ Amado is Brazil’s most illustrious<br />

and venerable novelist.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ Brazil’s leading man of letters . . . Amado is<br />

adored around the world!” —Newsweek<br />

“ Passionate and supremely moving . . . A<br />

big, brawling novel about the cacao-rush to<br />

southern Bahia. Everything in it is on<br />

a heroic scale.” —The New York Times on<br />

The Violent Land<br />

“ No other of my books is as dear to me; in it lie<br />

my roots; it is of the blood from which I was<br />

created.” —Jorge Amado, from the foreword to<br />

The Violent Land<br />

JORGE AMADO (1912–2001) was born in the state of Bahia, Brazil,<br />

whose society he portrays in such acclaimed novels as Gabriela, Clove and<br />

Cinnamon and Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.<br />

GREGORY RABASSA is a National Book Award–winning translator<br />

whose English-language versions of works by Gabriel García Márquez, Mario<br />

Vargas Llosa, and Julio Cortázar have become classics in their own right. He<br />

lives in New York City.<br />

COLM TÓIBÍN is the author of the bestselling novels The Master, which<br />

was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and Brooklyn. He worked as a<br />

journalist in Latin America in the 1980s and now lives in Dublin.<br />

SAMUEL PUTNAM (1892–1950) was a translator and scholar of<br />

Romance languages famous for his English translation of Don Quixote.<br />

ALFRED MAC ADAM is a professor of Latin American literature at<br />

Barnard College and Columbia University. He lives in New York.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com

Two novels of love, adventure,<br />

rebellion, and daring by the<br />

foremost Brazilian writer of the<br />

twentieth century<br />

n Both titles exclusive to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n New introduction to Captains of the Sands by<br />

bestselling author Colm Tóibín<br />

n New introduction to The Violent Land by Barnard<br />

College literature scholar Alfred Mac Adam<br />

Captains of the Sands<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310635-7 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

288 pp.<br />

The Violent Land<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310637-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

304 pp.<br />

Both: Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />


The Discovery of America by the Turks 978-0-14-310698-2 $14.00<br />

The Double Death of Quincas Water-Bray 978-0-14-310636-4 $14.00<br />




JUNE<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-310722-4 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 240 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 5/28/<strong>2013</strong><br />



An African Millionaire 978-0-14-310657-9 $15.00<br />

Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief 978-0-14-310486-5 $16.00<br />

The Leavenworth Case 978-0-14-310612-8 $16.00<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Book of Gaslight Crime<br />

978-0-14-310566-4 $15.00<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Book of Victorian Women in Crime<br />

978-0-14-310621-0 $16.00<br />


n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

102 JUNE Online Publicity<br />

One of literature’s first, greatest, and<br />

most dastardly gentleman rogues finally<br />

joins the <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics crime list<br />

A Prince of Swindlers<br />

Guy Boothby<br />

Introduction by Gary Hoppenstand<br />

First published in 1900, A Prince of Swindlers introduces Simon<br />

Carne, a gentleman thief predating both E. W. Hornung’s A. J.<br />

Raffles and Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin. The British Viceroy<br />

first meets Carne while traveling in India. Charmed, he invites<br />

the reclusive hunchbacked scholar to London, little suspecting<br />

that his guest is actually an adventurer and master of disguise.<br />

Carne—aided by his loyal butler, Belton—embarks on a crime<br />

spree, stealing from London’s richest citizens and then making<br />

fools of them by posing as a detective investigating the thefts.<br />

Now back in print after over a century, Guy Boothby’s tale<br />

promises to delight a new generation of crime fans.<br />

n A complement to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’ <strong>Penguin</strong> Book of Gaslight<br />

Crime, An African Millionaire, and our other crime fiction (see<br />

listing below)<br />

GUY BOOTHBY (1867–1905) was born to a prominent<br />

Australian political family. He wrote more than fifty books before his<br />

death at age thirty-seven.<br />

GARY HOPPENSTAND is a professor of English at Michigan<br />

State University and wrote the introduction of <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’<br />

An African Millionaire. He lives in East Lansing, Michigan.

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104<br />

Ry- unosuke Akutagawa<br />

Rash- omon and Other Stories<br />

Cover by Yoshihiro Tatsumi<br />

978-0-14-303984-6 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Louisa May Alcott<br />

Little Women<br />

Cover by Julie Doucet<br />

978-0-14-310501-5 $14.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Dante Alighieri<br />

The Divine Comedy<br />

Cover by Eric Drooker<br />

978-0-14-310719-4 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

On sale 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

Hans Christian Andersen<br />

Fairy Tales<br />

Cover by Anders Nilsen<br />

978-0-14-303952-5 $17.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Jane Austen<br />

Persuasion<br />

Cover by Audrey Niffenegger<br />

978-0-14-310628-9 $16.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Pride and Prejudice<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310542-8 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Sense and Sensibility<br />

Cover by Audrey Niffenegger<br />

978-0-14-310652-4 $16.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />



Paul Auster<br />

The New York Trilogy<br />

Cover by Art Spiegelman<br />

978-0-14-303983-9 $16.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Charlotte Brontë<br />

Jane Eyre<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310615-9 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Emily Brontë<br />

Wuthering Heights<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310543-5 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Geoffrey Chaucer<br />

The Canterbury Tales<br />

Cover by Ted Stearn<br />

978-0-14-310617-3 $18.00 ($22.50 CAN)<br />

Joseph Conrad<br />

Heart of Darkness<br />

Cover by Mike Mignola<br />

978-0-14-310658-6 $13.00 ($13.99 CAN)<br />

Roald Dahl<br />

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory<br />

Cover by Ivan Brunetti<br />

978-0-14-310633-3 $15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

James and the Giant Peach<br />

Cover by Jordan Crane<br />

978-0-14-310634-0 $15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Charles Dickens<br />

Great Expectations<br />

Cover by Richard Sala<br />

978-0-14-310627-2 $15.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Alexandre Dumas<br />

The Three Musketeers<br />

Cover by Tom Gauld<br />

978-0-14-310500-8 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Stella Gibbons<br />

Cold Comfort Farm<br />

Cover by Roz Chast<br />

978-0-14-303959-4 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Robert Graves<br />

The Greek Myths<br />

Cover by Ross MacDonald<br />

978-0-14-310671-5 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

Nathaniel Hawthorne<br />

The Scarlet Letter<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310544-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Shirley Jackson<br />

We Have Always Lived in the Castle<br />

Cover by Thomas Ott<br />

978-0-14-303997-6 $15.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Franz Kafka<br />

Metamorphosis and Other Stories<br />

Cover by Sammy Harkham<br />

978-0-14-310524-4 $14.00 ($17.50 CAN)

Jack Kerouac<br />

The Dharma Bums<br />

Cover by Jason<br />

978-0-14-303960-0 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Ken Kesey<br />

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest<br />

Cover by Joe Sacco<br />

978-0-14-310502-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

D. H. Lawrence<br />

Lady Chatterley’s Lover<br />

Cover by Chester Brown<br />

978-0-14-303961-7 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

H. P. Lovecraft<br />

The Call of the Cthulhu and<br />

Other Weird Stories<br />

Cover by Travis Louie<br />

978-0-14-310648-7 $17.00 ($19.50 CAN)<br />

Sir Thomas Malory<br />

The Death of King Arthur<br />

Cover by Stuart Kolakovic<br />

978-0-14-310695-1 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels<br />

The Communist Manifesto<br />

Cover by Killoffer<br />

978-0-14-310626-5 $13.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Herman Melville<br />

Moby-Dick or, The Whale<br />

Cover by Tony Millionaire<br />

978-0-14-310595-4 $18.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />


Huey P. Newton<br />

Revolutionary Suicide<br />

Cover by Ho Che Anderson<br />

978-0-14-310532-9 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Dorothy Parker<br />

The Portable Dorothy Parker<br />

Cover by Seth<br />

978-0-14-303953-2 $20.00 ($25.00 CAN)<br />

Thomas Pynchon<br />

Gravity’s Rainbow<br />

Cover by Frank Miller<br />

978-0-14-303994-5 $20.00 ($22.00 CAN)<br />

Marquis de Sade<br />

Philosophy in the Boudoir<br />

Cover by Tomer Hanuka<br />

978-0-14-303901-3 $16.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Mary Shelley<br />

Frankenstein<br />

Cover by Daniel Clowes<br />

978-0-14-310503-9 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Upton Sinclair<br />

The Jungle<br />

Cover by Charles Burns<br />

978-0-14-303958-7 $15.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Bram Stoker<br />

Dracula<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310616-6 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />


Mark Twain<br />

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn<br />

Cover by Lilli Carré<br />

978-0-14-310594-7 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Vatsyayana<br />

Kama Sutra<br />

Cover by Malika Favre<br />

978-0-14-310659-3 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Various<br />

Titanic, First Accounts<br />

Cover by Max Ellis<br />

978-0-14-310662-3 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Voltaire<br />

Candide<br />

Cover by Chris Ware<br />

978-0-14-303942-6 $14.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Edith Wharton<br />

Ethan Frome<br />

Cover by Jeffrey Brown<br />

978-0-14-310593-0 $12.00 ($15.00 CAN)<br />

Three Novels of New York<br />

Cover by Richard Gray<br />

978-0-14-310655-5 $23.00 ($24.00 CAN)<br />

Oscar Wilde<br />

The Picture of Dorian Gray<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310614-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />



106<br />


Hangsaman<br />

Foreword by Francine Prose<br />

Seventeen-year-old Natalie Waite longs to escape home for<br />

college. Her father is a domineering and egotistical writer<br />

who keeps a tight rein on Natalie and her long-suffering<br />

mother. When Natalie finally does get away, however, college<br />

life doesn’t bring the happiness she expected. Little by<br />

little, Natalie is no longer certain of anything—even where<br />

reality ends and her dark imaginings begin. Chilling and<br />

suspenseful, Hangsaman is loosely based on the real-life<br />

disappearance of a Bennington College sophomore in 1946.<br />

The Road Through<br />

the Wall<br />

Foreword by Ruth Franklin<br />

Pepper Street is a really nice, safe California neighbor-<br />

hood. The houses are tidy and the lawns are neatly mowed.<br />

Of course, the country club is close by, and lots of pleasant<br />

folks live there. The only problem is they knocked down<br />

the wall at the end of the street to make way for a road<br />

to a new housing development. Now, that’s not good—it’s<br />

just not good at all. Satirically exploring what happens<br />

when a smug suburban neighborhood is breached by<br />

awful, unavoidable truths, The Road Through the Wall is<br />

the tale that launched Shirley Jackson’s heralded career.<br />

“ Jackson is an exceptional writer.”<br />

—London Times<br />

“ No one can question [Jackson’s]<br />

great ability.” —San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Alive, complex, and clear . . . The<br />

characters are true to themselves (and to life)<br />

with every breath they draw.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ Uncommonly good reading.”<br />

—Chicago Tribune<br />

SHIRLEY JACKSON (1916–1965) received wide critical acclaim<br />

for her short story “The Lottery,” which was first published in the New Yorker<br />

in 1948. Her works include We Have Always Lived in the Castle and<br />

The Haunting of Hill House both available from <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics,<br />

and Come Along with Me and Life Among the Savages both available<br />

from <strong>Penguin</strong>.<br />

FRANCINE PROSE is the bestselling author of more than twenty<br />

books and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the<br />

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She lives in New York.<br />

RUTH FRANKLIN is currently working on a biography of Shirley<br />

Jackson and is a book critic and contributing editor at the New Republic.<br />

She lives in Brooklyn, New York.<br />

“<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” Event<br />

Online Publicity

Masterpieces of the macabre—the<br />

first two novels from the author of<br />

“The Lottery” and The Haunting of<br />

Hill House return to print<br />

n The Road Through the Wall features a foreword by<br />

Ruth Franklin, Jackson’s biographer<br />

n Hangsaman features a foreword by bestselling author<br />

and National Book Award finalist Francine Prose<br />

n The first 2 of 4 early Jackson novels that <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Classics is bringing back into print<br />

Hangsaman<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310704-0 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

192 pp.<br />

The Road Through the Wall<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310705-7 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

288 pp.<br />

Both: Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />




Come Along with Me 978-0-14-025037-4 $15.00<br />

We Have Always Lived in the Castle 978-0-14-303997-6 $16.00<br />

Life Among the Savages 978-0-14-026767-9 $15.00<br />


JULY<br />


108 JULY<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-310702-6 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 304 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ One of the great love stories in the world.”<br />

—Henry James<br />

Media Tied to Knopf Publication of<br />

The Girl Who Loved Camellias<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />


The landmark novel that inspired La Traviata,<br />

in a sparkling new translation published to<br />

coincide with a major biography of the<br />

real-life “Lady of the Camellias”<br />

The Lady of the Camellias<br />

Alexandre Dumas fils<br />

Translated by Liesl Schillinger<br />

Introduction by Julie Kavanagh<br />

One of the greatest love stories of all time and the inspiration for<br />

Verdi’s opera La Traviata and the Oscar–winning musical Moulin<br />

Rouge!, The Lady of the Camellias tells the story of Marguerite<br />

Gautier, the most beautiful, brazen, and expensive courtesan in all<br />

of Paris. Known to all as “the Lady of the Camellias” because she is<br />

never seen without her favorite flowers, she leads a glittering life<br />

of endless parties and aristocratic balls, with the richest men in<br />

France flocking to her boudoir to lay their fortunes at her feet. But<br />

despite having many lovers, she has never really loved—until she<br />

meets Armand Duval, young, handsome, and from a lower social<br />

class, yet hopelessly in love with Marguerite.<br />

n New translation —the first in English in more than 25 years<br />

n Simultaneous publication of The Girl Who Loved Camellias<br />

(Knopf) by Julie Kavanagh, about the real-life courtesan who<br />

inspired the novel<br />

n <strong>2013</strong> is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi,<br />

whose opera La Traviata is based on The Lady of the Camellias<br />

ALEXANDRE DUMAS FILS (1824–1895) was the son of<br />

the famous novelist Alexandre Dumas. He published many novels, and<br />

after the success of the dramatic version of The Lady of the Camellias,<br />

he became equally prolific as a playwright.<br />

LIESL SCHILLINGER is a journalist and literary critic who writes<br />

regularly for the New York Times Book Review and spent many years on<br />

the editorial staff of the New Yorker. She lives in New York.<br />

JULIE KAVANAGH is an award-winning biographer whose latest<br />

book is about the courtesan Marie Duplessis, who inspired The Lady of<br />

the Camellias. She has been London editor of both Vanity Fair and the<br />

New Yorker. She lives in London.

ISBN 978-0-14-119594-0 $22.00<br />

Lewis Carroll<br />

Jabberwocky and<br />

Other Nonsense<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n The first collected and annotated edition of Lewis<br />

Carroll’s poems<br />

n A wonderful companion to the <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Classics clothbound edition of Alice’s Adventures<br />

in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass,<br />

also designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith<br />

n Includes an introduction by Gillian Beer that<br />

discusses Carroll’s love of puzzles and wordplay<br />

and the relationship of his poetry to the<br />

Alice books<br />

The collected poems of<br />

Lewis Carroll, newly edited<br />

and published in a beautiful<br />

clothbound edition designed<br />

by Coralie Bickford-Smith<br />


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass<br />

978-0-14-119246-8 $22.00<br />

“Twas brillig, and the slithy toves / Did gyre and gimble in<br />

the wabe” wrote Lewis Carroll in his wonderfully playful<br />

poem of nonsense verse, “Jabberwocky.” This new edition<br />

collects a marvelous range of Carroll’s poetry, including<br />

nonsense verse, parodies, burlesques, and more.<br />

A beautifully designed clothbound edition edited with a<br />

new introduction by Gillian Beer, Jabberwocky includes,<br />

along with the title piece, such enduringly wonderful<br />

pieces as “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” “The Mock<br />

Turtle’s Song,” “Father William,” and many more.<br />




ISBN 978-0-14-310674-6 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />



n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

110 JULY Online Publicity<br />

Putting the sex back in Pleasure,<br />

here is the first new English translation<br />

since the Victorian era of the great Italian<br />

masterpiece of sensuality and seduction<br />

Pleasure<br />

Gabriele D’Annunzio<br />

Translated with a Foreword and Notes by Lara Gochin Raffaelli<br />

Introduction by Alexander Stille<br />

Like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, Andrea Sperelli lives his life as<br />

a work of art, seeking beauty and flouting the rules of morality<br />

and social interaction along the way. In his aristocratic circles in<br />

Rome, he is a serial seducer. But there are two women who command<br />

his special regard: the beautiful young widow Elena, and the<br />

pure, virgin-like Maria. In Andrea’s pursuit of the exalted heights<br />

of extreme pleasure, he plays them against each other, spinning a<br />

sadistic web of lust and deceit.<br />

This new translation of D’Annunzio’s masterpiece, the first in<br />

more than one hundred years, restores what was considered too<br />

offensive to be included in the 1898 translation—some of the very<br />

scenes that are key to the novel’s status as a landmark of literary<br />

decadence.<br />

n New translation—the first in English in over a century<br />

n <strong>2013</strong> is the 150th anniversary of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s birth<br />

n For fans of Oscar Wilde<br />

GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO (1863–1938), a novelist, poet,<br />

journalist, dramatist, and daredevil, is the most influential and<br />

controversial Italian author of the twentieth century.<br />

LARA GOCHIN RAFFAELLI is a senior lecturer at the University<br />

of Cape Town in South Africa.<br />

ALEXANDER STILLE is a frequent contributor on Italy to the<br />

New York Review of <strong>Books</strong>, the New York Times, and the New Yorker and<br />

the author of several books. He lives in New York.

ISBN 978-0-14-144223-5 $18.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 448 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 6/25/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida<br />

978-0-14-044846-7 $18.00<br />

For fans of fairy tales and the literary<br />

supernatural: a unique collection of<br />

Russian short stories from the last<br />

200 years<br />

Russian Magic Tales from<br />

Pushkin to Platonov<br />

Edited with an Introduction by Robert Chandler<br />

Translated by Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler with<br />

Sibelan Forrester, Anna Gunin, and Olga Meerson<br />

Afterword by Sibelan Forrester<br />

In these folk tales, young women go on long and perilous quests,<br />

wicked stepmothers turn children into geese, and tsars ask<br />

dangerous riddles, with help or hindrance from magical dolls,<br />

cannibal witches, talking skulls, stolen wives, and brothers<br />

disguised as wise birds. Some of the stories here were collected<br />

by folklorists during the last two centuries, while the others are<br />

reworkings of oral tales by four of the greatest writers in Russian<br />

literature: Nadezhda Teffi, Pavel Bazhov, Andrey Platonov, and<br />

Alexander Pushkin, author of Eugene Onegin, the classic Russian<br />

novel in verse. Among the many classic stories included here are<br />

the tales of Baba Yaga, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Father Frost, and the<br />

Frog Princess.<br />

n Robert Chandler’s acclaimed Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida<br />

has sold 20,000 copies worldwide for <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n New translations<br />

n Includes a new afterword, an appendix, a bibliography, and notes<br />

ROBERT CHANDLER is an award-winning poet and<br />

translator from Russian, French, and Greek, and the editor<br />

of <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’ Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to<br />

Buida. He lives in the U.K.<br />

SIBELAN FORRESTER is a professor of Russian at<br />

Swarthmore College. She lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.<br />


JULY<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-310678-4 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 192 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ Demian became . . . a voice I could listen<br />

to and contemplate as I tried to find my<br />

way from childhood to adulthood and<br />

into the world of art.” —James Franco,<br />

from the Foreword<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

“<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” Event<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising<br />


112 AUGUST<br />

Photo: Anna Kooris<br />

A powerful new translation of Nobel Prize<br />

winner Hermann Hesse’s masterpiece of<br />

youthful rebellion—with a foreword by<br />

James Franco<br />

Demian<br />

Hermann Hesse<br />

Translated by Damion Searls<br />

Introduction by Ralph Freedman<br />

Foreword by James Franco<br />

A young man awakens to selfhood and to a world of possibilities<br />

beyond the conventions of his upbringing in Nobel Prize winner<br />

Hermann Hesse’s beloved novel Demian. Emil Sinclair is a quiet<br />

boy drawn into a forbidden yet seductive realm of petty crime and<br />

defiance. His guide is his precocious, mysterious classmate Max<br />

Demian, who provokes in Emil a search for self-discovery and<br />

spiritual fulfillment. A brilliant psychological portrait, Demian<br />

is given new life in this translation, which together with James<br />

Franco’s personal and inspiring foreword will bring a new generation<br />

to Hesse’s widely influential coming-of-age novel.<br />

n New translation<br />

n Foreword by Academy Award–nominated actor James Franco, who<br />

also created the cover illustration<br />

HERMANN HESSE (1877 –1962) won the Nobel Prize in Literature<br />

in 1946. His many books include Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, and Narcissus<br />

and Goldmund.<br />

DAMION SEARLS has translated many classic twentieth-century<br />

authors, including Proust, Rilke, and Thomas Bernhard. His translation of<br />

Hans Keilson’s Comedy in a Minor Key was a New York Times Notable Book<br />

and a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist. Searls lives in Brooklyn.<br />

RALPH FREEDMAN is a professor emeritus of comparative literature<br />

at Princeton University and the author of an acclaimed biography of<br />

Hermann Hesse. He lives in Decatur, Georgia.<br />

JAMES FRANCO is an Oscar-nominated<br />

actor and director. His writing has appeared<br />

in Esquire, the Wall Street Journal, and<br />

McSweeney’s. Franco lives in New York City.

ISBN 978-0-14-310679-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Literature/Memoir 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp.<br />

Rights: W22 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />


“ The dreams of Prophet Es’kia Mphahlele<br />

are forever engraved in Down Second<br />

Avenue. Reading it reunites us with the<br />

spirit of Mphahlele, the exile, who never<br />

stopped dreaming of a home for all.”<br />

—Ngũg ĩ wa Thiong’o, from the Foreword<br />

“ If Nelson Mandela is our political star,<br />

Mphahlele was his literary equivalent.”<br />

—The Star<br />


In Corner B 978-0-14-310602-9 $15.00<br />

A seminal memoir of life in apartheid<br />

South Africa—available for the first time<br />

in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

Down Second Avenue<br />

Es’kia Mphahlele<br />

Foreword by Ngugi ˜ ˜wa<br />

Thiong’o<br />

Nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1969, Es’kia Mphahlele is<br />

considered the Dean of African Letters and the father of black<br />

South African writing. Down Second Avenue is a landmark book<br />

that describes Mphahlele’s experience growing up in segregated<br />

South Africa. Vivid, graceful, and unapologetic, it details a daily<br />

life of severe poverty and brutal police surveillance under the<br />

subjugation of an apartheid regime. Banned in South Africa after<br />

its original 1959 publication for its protest against apartheid,<br />

Down Second Avenue is a foundational work of literature that<br />

continues to inspire activists today.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n New foreword by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o<br />

ES’KIA MPHAHLELE (1919–2008) published two<br />

autobiographies, Down Second Avenue and Afrika My Music, and<br />

three novels, The Wanderers, Chirundu, and Father Came Home, in<br />

addition to short stories and nonfiction. His short story collection<br />

In Corner B is available from <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics.<br />

NGUGI ˜ ˜ WA THIONG’O’s writings have been translated into<br />

more than thirty languages. His novels Petals of Blood; Weep Not,<br />

Child; and A Grain of Wheat are availablefrom <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics.<br />

He lives in Irvine, California.<br />

Online Publicity<br />


AUGUST<br />


ISBN 978-0-14-119665-7 $11.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 384 pp. Rights: N00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-018316-0<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



Just So Stories 978-0-14-144240-2 $9.00<br />


114 AUGUST<br />

A new edition of Rudyard Kipling’s<br />

best-loved book<br />

The Jungle <strong>Books</strong><br />

Rudyard Kipling<br />

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Kaori Nagai<br />

Jan Montefiore, Series Editor<br />

The story of Mowgli, a man-cub who is brought up by wolves in<br />

the jungles of Central India, is one of the greatest literary myths<br />

ever created. As he embarks on a series of thrilling escapades,<br />

Mowgli encounters such unforgettable creatures as the bear<br />

Baloo, the graceful black panther Bagheera, and Shere Khan,<br />

the tiger with blazing eyes. Other animal stories range from the<br />

dramatic battle between good and evil in “Rikki-tikki-tavi” to<br />

the macabre comedy “The Undertakers.” With The Jungle <strong>Books</strong>,<br />

Kipling drew on ancient beast fables, Buddhist philosophy,<br />

and memories of his Anglo-Indian childhood to create a rich,<br />

symbolic portrait of man and nature, and an eternal classic of<br />

childhood.<br />

n The Jungle <strong>Books</strong> completes <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’ new Kipling series<br />

n Includes a new story, “In the Rukh,” not included in previous<br />

editions<br />

n Introduction by Kaori Nagai explores Kipling’s life, his inspirations,<br />

and how he transformed “beast talk” into English<br />

RUDYARD KIPLING (1865–1936) is the author of<br />

such classics as The Jungle <strong>Books</strong>, Kim, and Just So Stories,<br />

and was the first English writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize.<br />

KAORI NAGAI is a research associate at the University of<br />

Kent and the author of Empire of Analogies.<br />

JAN MONTEFIORE is a professor of twentieth-century<br />

English literature at the University of Kent and the author of<br />

numerous books in literary studies.

ISBN 978-0-14-044774-3 $17.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 288 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 7/30/<strong>2013</strong><br />



The Sagas of the Icelanders (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-100003-9 $25.00<br />

The capstone volume in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’<br />

celebrated series of Icelandic sagas<br />

Comic Sagas and<br />

Tales from Iceland<br />

Various<br />

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Vidar Hreinsson<br />

Comic Sagas and Tales from Iceland brings together<br />

the finest Icelandic stories from the thirteenth to fifteenth<br />

centuries, a time of civil unrest and social upheaval.<br />

With feuding families and moments of grotesque<br />

violence, the sagas feature such classic mythological<br />

figures as murdered fathers, disguised beggars, corrupt chieftains,<br />

and avenging sons who do battle with axes, words, and<br />

cunning. The tales, meanwhile, follow heroes and comical<br />

fools through dreams, voyages, and religious conversions in<br />

medieval Iceland and beyond. Shaped by Iceland’s oral culture<br />

and its people’s conversion to Christianity, these stories<br />

are works of ironic humor and stylistic innovation.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n The books in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics’ Icelandic sagas series have sold<br />

nearly 200,000 copies<br />

n Includes a glossary, a map, and notes<br />

VIDAR HREINSSON is an award-winning scholar of<br />

Icelandic literary and cultural history. He has served as director<br />

of the Reykjavik Academy in Iceland and lives in Reykjavik.<br />


AUGUST<br />


116<br />

The works of John Steinbeck available from <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FICTION:<br />

978-0-14-310545-9 The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition $16.00<br />

978-0-14-303944-0 Burning Bright: A Play in Story Form <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-018737-3 Cannery Row <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-200068-7 Cannery Row Centennial Edition $15.00<br />

978-0-14-017738-1 Cannery Row <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-303945-7 Cup of Gold <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018639-0 East of Eden <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200423-4 East of Eden Oprah Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-303943-3 The Grapes of Wrath <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200066-3 The Grapes of Wrath Centennial Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-028162-0 The Grapes of Wrath Great <strong>Books</strong> Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-303963-1 In Dubious Battle <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200253-7 Las uvas de la ira <strong>Penguin</strong> Ediciones $17.00<br />

978-0-14-018745-8 The Long Valley <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018746-5 The Moon Is Down <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $13.00<br />

978-0-14-018642-0 Of Mice and Men <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-200067-0 Of Mice and Men Centennial Edition $14.00<br />

978-0-14-017739-8 Of Mice and Men <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-018748-9 The Pastures of Heaven <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018738-0 The Pearl <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-200069-4 The Pearl Centennial Edition $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017737-4 The Pearl <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-018739-7 The Red Pony <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017736-7 The Red Pony <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-303946-4 The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-303947-1 Sweet Thursday <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018751-9 To a God Unknown <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018740-3 Tortilla Flat <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $13.00<br />

978-0-14-004240-5 Tortilla Flat <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-243787-2 The Wayward Bus <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-303948-8 The Winter of Our Discontent <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />


978-0-670-11602-7 America and Americans (HC) Viking $50.00<br />

978-0-14-243741-4 America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-310591-6 Bombs Away: The Story of a Bomber Team <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-014418-5 Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters <strong>Penguin</strong> $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018744-1 The Log from the Sea of Cortez <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-310479-7 Once There Was a War <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-118019-9 A Russian Journal <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-311721-6 Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research <strong>Penguin</strong> $25.00<br />

978-0-14-018741-0 Travels with Charley in Search of America <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-200070-0 Travels with Charley in Search of America Centennial Edition $15.00<br />

978-0-14-005320-3 Travels with Charley in Search of America <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-014457-4 Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath <strong>Penguin</strong> $15.00<br />

PLAYS:<br />

978-0-14-311720-9 Of Mice and Men (play) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />

978-0-14-311719-3 The Moon Is Down (play) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />


978-0-14-015002-5 The Portable Steinbeck: Revised Edition <strong>Penguin</strong> $18.00<br />

978-0-14-310577-0 The Short Novels of John Steinbeck <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition $30.00<br />

978-0-14-004288-7 Steinbeck: A Life in Letters <strong>Penguin</strong> $30.00<br />

978-0-14-750605-4 Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set (East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath,<br />

Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, and Travels with Charley in Search of America) <strong>Penguin</strong> $92.00<br />


978-0-14-311718-6 The Forgotten Village <strong>Penguin</strong> $18.00<br />

978-0-670-00579-6 Viva Zapata! (screenplay) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017322-2 Zapata (includes the screenplay of Viva Zapata! ) <strong>Penguin</strong> $16.00<br />


978-0-14-024775-6 The Grapes of Wrath: Text and Criticism Critical Library Edition $22.00

Two timeless classics continue to captivate readers as groundbreaking<br />

enhanced e-books<br />


Of Mice and Men: Amplified<br />

Enhanced Edition<br />

Recipient of the Quality, Excellence, Design (QED)<br />

Award from Digital Book World<br />

This innovative edition of John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize–<br />

winning tale of commitment, loneliness, hope, and loss<br />

is now available as an e-book enhanced with exclusive<br />

content, including an interview with James Earl Jones, for<br />

the ultimate educational experience.<br />


On the Road<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong> Amplified Edition<br />

The legendary novel from the postwar prophet of<br />

American literature—brought to life as an iPad app with<br />

exclusive content for an absorbing experience<br />

“ Comes tricked out with more fancy bells and whistles<br />

than a BMW M5. . . . Pretty much the only thing missing<br />

is the chance to hear the novel read aloud by that sexyvoiced<br />

woman from your GPS.” —The New York Times<br />



118<br />

The Aeneid Virgil<br />

Read by Simon Callow<br />

Unabridged · 10 CDs, 12.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305902-8 · $49.95<br />

Crime and Punishment<br />

Fyodor Dostoyevsky<br />

Read by Alex Jennings<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305814-4 · $16.95<br />

Dracula Bram Stoker<br />

Read by Richard E. Grant<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305810-6 · $14.95<br />

Frankenstein Mary Shelley<br />

Read by Richard Pasco<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305813-7 · $14.95<br />

Great Expectations Charles Dickens<br />

Read by Hugh Laurie<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305816-8 · $14.95<br />


Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong> Audio<br />

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest<br />

Ken Kesey<br />

Read by John C. Reilly<br />

Unabridged download · 10.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-153877-7· $39.95<br />


The Iliad Homer<br />

Read by Sir Derek Jacobi<br />

Abridged · 8 CDs, 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305928-8 · $36.95<br />

Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë<br />

Read by Joanna David<br />

Abridged· 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305812-0 · $16.95<br />

Moby-Dick Herman Melville<br />

Read by William Hootkins<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305809-0 · $16.95<br />

The Odyssey Homer<br />

Read by Sir Ian McKellen<br />

Unabridged · 11 CDs, 13 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305824-3 · $39.95<br />

On the Road: 50th-Anniversary Edition<br />

Jack Kerouac<br />

Read by Will Patton<br />

Unabridged · 9 CDs, 11 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314273-7 · $29.95<br />

Little Women<br />

Lousia May Alcott<br />

Read by Christina Ricci<br />

Unabridged download · 21 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156444-8 · $49.95<br />

On the Road: The Original Scroll<br />

Jack Kerouac<br />

Read by John Ventimiglia<br />

Unabridged · 10 CDs, 12.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314379-6 · $39.95<br />

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen<br />

Read by Joanna David<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305817-5 · $16.95<br />

Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen<br />

Read by Julie Christie<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305808-3 · $16.95<br />

A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens<br />

Read by Ian Richardson<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305815-1 · $16.95<br />

Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë<br />

Read by Prunella Scales and Samuel West<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305811-3 · $16.95<br />

All titles also available as downloadable audiobooks

Available now from <strong>Penguin</strong> Audio —unabridged John Steinbeck classics<br />

Cannery Row<br />

Read by Jerry Farden · 5 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-61176-014-9 · $29.95<br />

East of Eden<br />

Read by Richard Poe · 22 CDs, 25 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242921-1 · $49.95<br />

The Grapes of Wrath<br />

Read by Dylan Baker ·17 CDs, 21 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314515-8 · $39.95<br />

In Dubious Battle<br />

Read by Tom Stechschulte · 9 CDs, 10 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242923-5 · $39.95<br />

The Long Valley<br />

Read by Holter Graham<br />

Unabridged download ·12 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-159676-0 · $29.95<br />

All titles also available as downloadable audiobooks<br />


The Moon Is Down<br />

Read by George Guidall · 3 CDs, 3.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242926-6 · $19.95<br />

Of Mice and Men<br />

Read by Gary Sinise · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242918-1 · $19.95<br />

The Pearl<br />

Read by Hector Elizondo · 3 CDs, 2.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242920-4 · $19.95<br />

The Red Pony<br />

Read by Frank Muller · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242925-9 · $19.95<br />

To a God Unknown<br />

Read by Jonathan Davis<br />

Unabridged download · 10 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-159686-9 · $29.95<br />

Sweet Thursday<br />

Read by Jerry Farden · 8 CDs, 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242924-2 · $39.95<br />

Tortilla Flat<br />

Read by John McDonough · 6 CDs, 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242922-8 · $29.95<br />

Travels with Charley in Search<br />

of America<br />

Read by Gary Sinise · 7 CDs, 8 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242919-8 · $29.95<br />



Get inside your favorite classics with <strong>Penguin</strong> Enriched E-book Classics<br />

The enriched e-book format invites readers to go beyond the pages of these beloved works and<br />

gain more insight into the life and times of an author and the period in which the book was originally<br />

written for a richer reading experience. New introductions, essays, maps, and illustrations are just some<br />

of the great features available only in our enriched e-books.<br />


Mark Twain<br />

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by R. Kent Rasmussen<br />

R. Kent Rasmussen, Enriched E-book Features Editor<br />

$11.99<br />


Jane Austen<br />

Introduction and Notes by<br />

Vivian Jones<br />

With the original <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

Introduction by Tony Tanner<br />

Juliette Wells, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />


Emily Brontë<br />

Edited with an Introduction and<br />

Notes by Pauline Nestor<br />

Preface by Lucasta Miller<br />

Sue Lonoff, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />


Erskine Childers<br />

Introduction by Erskine C. Childers,<br />

Enriched E-book Features Editor<br />

$12.00<br />


An intimate look at Mark Twain that only he himself could offer, with<br />

added photos, music, video, and more<br />

This Enhanced E-book features added by scholar R. Kent Rasmussen to this<br />

selection of Mark Twain’s autobiographical writings include:<br />

• Contemporary advertisements for Mark Twain’s autobiographical writings<br />

from newspapers around America<br />

• The only existing video of Mark Twain, taken by Thomas Edison’s production<br />

company in 1909, soundtracked with the popular contemporary song “In the<br />

Sweet Bye and Bye”<br />

• An expansive glossary linked with the text for a richer reading experience<br />



Joseph Conrad<br />

Edited with Notes by Owen Knowles<br />

and Robert Hampson<br />

J. H. Stape, General Editor<br />

Timothy S. Hayes, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$9.00<br />


Charles Dickens<br />

Edited with an Introduction and<br />

Notes by Richard Maxwell<br />

Kristie Allen, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />




Frederick Douglass<br />

Edited with an Introduction by<br />

Houston A. Baker, Jr.<br />

Houston A. Baker, Jr., and<br />

Derrick R. Spires, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editors<br />

$10.00<br />


Nathaniel Hawthorne<br />

Introduction by Nina Baym<br />

Notes by Thomas E. Connolly<br />

Monika Elbert, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />


Herman Melville<br />

Introduction by<br />

Andrew Delbanco<br />

Commentaries by Tom Quirk<br />

Foreword by<br />

Nathaniel Philbrick<br />

Mary Bercaw Edwards, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$13.00<br />

HAMLET<br />

William Shakespeare<br />

Edited with Notes by<br />

A. R. Braunmuller<br />

Stephen Orgel and<br />

A. R. Braunmuller, The Pelican<br />

Shakespeare General Editors<br />

Sean Keilen, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$6.00<br />


Mary Shelley<br />

Introduction by<br />

Elizabeth Kostova<br />

Notes by Maurice Hindle<br />

Charles E. Robinson, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />


Upton Sinclair<br />

Introduction by Eric Schlosser<br />

Jonathan Beecher Field, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$9.95<br />



Mark Twain<br />

Introduction by John Seelye<br />

Notes by Guy Cardwell<br />

R. Kent Rasmussen, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />

Visit penguinclassics.com to discover all of the distinctive features for each available title

Theodora Stella Duffy<br />

Read by Davina Porter<br />

Unabridged download · 11.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-148435-7 · $39.95<br />

City of Dark Magic Magnus Flyte<br />

Read by Natalie Gold and Orlagh Cassidy<br />

Unabridged download · 12.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-160496-0 · $39.95<br />

Midnight in Peking Paul French<br />

Read by Erik Singer<br />

Unabridged download · 8 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156443-1 · $29.95<br />

Pilgrims Elizabeth Gilbert<br />

Read by Coleen Marlo<br />

Unabridged CDs · 6 CDs, 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314335-2 · $29.95<br />

Unabridged download · 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-43-621137-6 · $29.95<br />

Stern Men Elizabeth Gilbert<br />

Read by Allyson Ryan<br />

Unabridged download · 11 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-115219-5 · $39.95<br />

The Confidant Hélène Grémillon<br />

Read by Ellen Archer, Robert Pe off,<br />

Natalie Moore, and Maggie Meg Reed<br />

Unabridged download · 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157965-7 · $29.95<br />

The Cradle in the Grave Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 12 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-152356-8 · $39.95<br />

The Dead Lie Down Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 15.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-119599-4 · $49.95<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Originals Available in Audio<br />

The Wrong Mother Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 13 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-119600-7 · $49.95<br />

Hector and the Search for Lost Time François Lelord<br />

Read by James Langton<br />

Unabridged download · 5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156445-5 · $29.95<br />

Church of the Dog Kaya McLaren<br />

Read by Kirsten Potter, Kirby Heyborne,<br />

Arthur Mosley, and Kimberly Farr<br />

Unabridged download · 7.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-105295-2 · $29.95<br />

On the Divinity of Second Chances Kaya McLaren<br />

Read by Arthur Morey, Allyson Ryan, Lincoln Hoppe, Kimberly Farr,<br />

Cassandra Campbell, and Ann Marie Lee<br />

Unabridged download · 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-105294-5 · $29.95<br />

Pyg Russell Potter<br />

Read by Simon Callow<br />

Unabridged download · 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157964-0 · $29.95<br />

Freud’s Sister Goce Smilevski<br />

Read by Barbara Rosenblat<br />

Unabridged download · 9.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157968-8 · $39.95<br />

Un Amico Italiano Luca Spaghetti<br />

Read by Edoardo Ballerini<br />

Unabridged download · 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-148353-4 · $25.95<br />



122<br />


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Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

A Tale for the Time Being<br />

My Year of Meats 978-0-14-028046-3 $16.00<br />

All Over Creation 978-0-14-200389-3 $15.00<br />


124<br />



Coming from Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking in January <strong>2013</strong><br />

Me Before You<br />

The Last Letter from Your Lover H 978-0-14-312110-7 $16.00<br />




Coming from Viking in February <strong>2013</strong><br />

Why Priests?<br />

Bomb Power 978-0-14-311868-8 $16.00<br />

Explaining America 978-0-14-029839-0 $17.00<br />

Head and Heart 978-0-14-311407-9 $17.00<br />

Martial’s Epigrams 978-0-14-311627-1 $15.00<br />

Outside Looking In H 978-0-14-311989-0 $15.00<br />

Reagan’s America 978-0-14-029607-5 $36.00<br />

The Rosary 978-0-14-303797-2 $15.00<br />

Saint Augustine 978-0-14-303598-5 $14.00<br />

Verdi’s Shakespeare 978-0-14-312222-7 $16.00<br />

What Jesus Meant 978-0-14-303880-1 $14.00<br />

What Paul Meant 978-0-14-311263-1 $14.00<br />

What the Gospels Meant H 978-0-14-311512-0 $15.00<br />


126<br />


Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

Here and Now: Letters (2008–2011) by Paul Auster and J. M. Coetzee<br />



City of Glass 978-0-14-009731-3 $15.00<br />

Moon Palace (<strong>Penguin</strong> Ink Edition) 978-0-14-311905-0 $16.00<br />

The New York Trilogy (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-303983-9 $17.00<br />

J. M. COETZEE<br />

Disgrace H 978-0-14-029640-2 $15.00<br />

Slow Man 978-0-14-303789-7 $15.00<br />

Waiting for the Barbarians 978-0-14-006110-9 $14.00



Coming from Viking in February <strong>2013</strong><br />

Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles<br />

Everything Matters! H 978-0-14-311751-3 $16.00<br />

God Is Dead 978-0-14-311348-5 $15.00<br />


Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in February <strong>2013</strong><br />

The Jackal’s Share<br />

The Silent Oligarch H 978-0-14-312298-2 $16.00<br />


128<br />




Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

Astonished<br />

Looking for Mary 978-0-14-019627-6 $16.00<br />

Riding in Cars with Boys 978-0-14-015629-4 $15.00<br />


Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

Lifesaving Lessons<br />

Seaworthy 978-0-14-311956-2 $15.00



Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

Honor<br />

The Bastard of Istanbul 978-0-14-311271-6 $15.00<br />

Black Milk 978-0-14-312108-4 $16.00<br />

The Forty Rules of Love 978-0-14-311852-7 $16.00<br />


Coming from Viking in April <strong>2013</strong><br />

The Mystery of Mercy Close<br />

The Brightest Star in the Sky 978-0-14-311849-7 $16.00<br />


130<br />




Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in January <strong>2013</strong><br />

The Myths of Happiness<br />

The How of Happiness H 978-0-14-311495-6 $16.00<br />


Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in February <strong>2013</strong><br />

Detroit: An American Autopsy<br />

US Guys 978-0-14-311306-5 $15.00<br />

Work and Other Sins 978-0-14-303494-0 $17.00<br />


Coming from Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

Beyond War<br />

Endgame 978-0-14-312031-5 $20.00<br />

A Rope and a Prayer 978-0-14-312005-6 $16.00

Age of Desire, The 62-63<br />

Alterman, Eric 54<br />

Amado, Jorge 100-101<br />

American Empire 82<br />

Angelology 33<br />

Appointment in Samarra 95<br />

Archipelago 49<br />

Aronica, Lou 32<br />

Art of Intelligence, The 8-9<br />

As the Crow Flies 14-15<br />

Austen, Jane 92-93<br />

Avallone, Silvia 22<br />

Basten, Fred E. 20<br />

Beastly Things 18<br />

Bellwether Revivals, The 53<br />

Benacquista, Tonino 72<br />

Big Smoke, The 57<br />

Boothby, Guy 102<br />

Brick, Michael 80<br />

Broken Harbor 4-5<br />

Brontë, Charlotte 92-93<br />

Camilleri, Andrea 50<br />

Captains of the Sands 100-101<br />

Carroll, Lewis 109<br />

Cascade 21<br />

Cather, Willa 92-93<br />

Cause, The 54<br />

Chandler, Robert 111<br />

Clawback 17<br />

Colby, Tanner 86<br />

Coll, Steve 42-43<br />

Collapse 30<br />

Comic Sagas and Tales from Iceland 115<br />

Coming to My Senses 75<br />

Cooper, Mike 17<br />

Crain, Caleb 76-77<br />

Crist, David 66<br />

Crumpton, Henry A. 8-9<br />

INDEX<br />

D’Annuzio, Gabriele 110<br />

Davis, Lydia 92-93<br />

De Profundis and Other Prison Writings 96<br />

Death in Sicily 50<br />

Death in the Vines 52<br />

Demian 112<br />

Diamond, Jared 30<br />

Dickens, Charles 92-93<br />

Dove, Rita 89<br />

Down Second Avenue 113<br />

Dumas fils, Alexandre 108<br />

Duong Thu Huong 81<br />

Element, The 32<br />

Eliot, George 92-93<br />

Fields, Jennie 62-63<br />

Flaubert, Gustave 92-93<br />

Forrester, Sibelan 111<br />

Franco, James 112<br />

Franklin, Ruth 106-107<br />

Freedman, Ralph 112<br />

Freeman, Joshua B. 82<br />

French, Paul 12-13<br />

French, Tana 4-5<br />

Fussell, Paul 98-99<br />

Ghost Riders of Ordebec, The 74<br />

Gray, Francine du Plessix 47<br />

Great Expectations 92-93<br />

Hangsaman 106-107<br />

Hannah, Sophie 40-41<br />

Harad, Alyssa 75<br />

Harbach, Chad 94<br />

Harkness, Deborah 36-39<br />

Harrison, A. S. A. 67<br />

Hazen, Robert M. 88<br />

Healy, Dermot 71<br />

Hesse, Hermann 112<br />

Hilsum, Lindsey 48<br />

Hische, Jessica 92-93<br />

Hoks, Nathan 56<br />

Hoppenstand, Gary 102<br />

How to Talk Minnesotan 46<br />

Hreinsson, Vidar 115<br />

Hugo, Victor 78<br />

Imitation of Christ, The 97<br />

In the Heart of the Sea 29<br />

Island of Bones 51<br />

Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense 109<br />

Jackson, Shirley 106-107<br />

Jane Eyre 92-93<br />

Jeffery, Robert 97<br />

Johnson, Craig 14-15, 16<br />

Jungle <strong>Books</strong>, The 114<br />

Kantrowitz, Stephen 87<br />

Kavanagh, Julie 108<br />

Kay, I. J. 69<br />

Kind of Cruel 40-41<br />

Kipling, Rudyard 114<br />

Larson, Kay 83<br />

Last Lost World, The 27<br />

Leon, Donna 18-19<br />

Le Carré, John 31<br />

Les Misérables (Movie Tie-In Edition) 78<br />

Life at the Marmont 20<br />

Little Night 44-45<br />

Long Time, No See 71<br />

Longworth, M. L. 52<br />

Mac Adam, Alfred 100-101<br />

MacArthur, Brian 55<br />

Madame Bovary 92-93<br />

Malavita 72<br />

Marwood, Alex 79<br />

Matejka, Adrian 57<br />

Mathewson, Christy 94<br />


132 INDEX<br />

Mattson, Kevin 54<br />

McGrath, Charles 95<br />

Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man 98-99<br />

Memoirs of George Sherston, The 98-99<br />

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer 98-99<br />

Middlemarch 92-93<br />

Midnight in Peking 12-13<br />

Mohr, Howard 46<br />

Montefiore, Jan 114<br />

More Than Freedom 87<br />

Mountains of the Moon 69<br />

Mphahlele, Es’kia 113<br />

Murphy, Monica 68<br />

My Ántonia 92-93<br />

Nagai, Kaori 114<br />

Naples Declared 23<br />

Narrow Circle, The 56<br />

Necessary Errors 76-77<br />

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o 113<br />

Ocean of Life, The 26<br />

Odyssey of KP2, The 70<br />

O’Hara, John 95<br />

O’Hara, Maryanne 21<br />

Omnivore’s Dilemma, The 28<br />

Orphanmaster, The 10-11<br />

Outlaws 85<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Anthology of Twentieth-Century<br />

American Poetry, The 89<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Book of Historic Speeches, The 55<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Editions<br />

backlist 104-105<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps 92-93<br />

Phelps, Carissa 73<br />

Philbrick, Nathaniel 29<br />

INDEX<br />

Pitching in a Pinch 94<br />

Pleasure 110<br />

Pollan, Michael 28<br />

Pride and Prejudice 92-93<br />

Prince of Swindlers, A 102<br />

Private Empire 42-43<br />

Prose, Francine 106-107<br />

Putnam, Samuel 100-101<br />

Pyne, Lydia V. 27<br />

Pyne, Stephen J. 27<br />

Queen’s Lover, The 47<br />

Rabassa, Gregory 100-101<br />

Rabid 68<br />

Raffaelli, Lara Gochin 110<br />

Read-Aloud Handbook, The 64-65<br />

Rice, Luanne 44-45<br />

Road Through the Wall, The 106-107<br />

Roberts, Callum 26<br />

Robertson, Imogen 51<br />

Robinson, Ken 32<br />

Roffey, Monique 49<br />

Runaway Girl 73<br />

Russian Magic Tales from<br />

Pushkin to Platonov 111<br />

Sandstorm 48<br />

Sarlot, Raymond 20<br />

Sartarelli, Stephen 50<br />

Sassoon, Siegfried 98-99<br />

Saving the School 80<br />

Schillinger, Liesl 108<br />

Searls, Damion 112<br />

Shadow of Night 36-39<br />

Sherston’s Progress 98-99<br />

Shugaar, Antony 22<br />

Silent Wife, The 67<br />

Smith, Red 94<br />

Some of My Best Friends Are Black 86<br />

Steinbeck, John 116-117, 119<br />

Stille, Alexander 110<br />

Story of Earth, The 88<br />

Swimming to Elba 22<br />

Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones, The 6-7<br />

Taylor, Benjamin 23<br />

Thomas à Kempis 97<br />

Thompson, Tony 85<br />

Thy Neighbor 84<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 31<br />

Tóibín, Colm 96, 100-101<br />

Trelease, Jim 64-65<br />

Trussoni, Danielle 33<br />

Twilight War, The 66<br />

Vargas, Fred 74<br />

Vincent, Norah 84<br />

Violent Land, The 100-101<br />

von Habsburg, Max 97<br />

Walt Longmire Mystery Series<br />

Boxed Set, The 16<br />

Warren, Larkin 73<br />

Wasik, Bill 68<br />

Where the Heart Beats 83<br />

Wicked Girls, The 79<br />

Wilde, Oscar 96<br />

Williams, Terrie M. 70<br />

Wolf, Jack 6-7<br />

Wood, Benjamin 53<br />

Zenith, The 81<br />

Zimmerman, Jean 10-11

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