Air Care Brochure - Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Air Care Brochure - Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Air cAre



Surface Care


with a new coordinated range

Welcome to a whole new washroom experience

with our new coordinated family range.

Our latest ranges, Surface care, Skin care, and Air care, are designed

especially with you in mind, solving all your problems, and offering

the perfect solution tailored to your individual washroom needs.

These beautifully designed, streamlined ranges guarantee the

highest hygienic standards and promote a positive image of your

business, reflecting passionate care and professionalism to all visitors

to your washroom.

Our products are not only effective, durable and reliable, but

always maintain our strong commitment to the environment, while

combining powerful hygiene formulas with cost-efficient solutions.


Our Air care range ensures that the first thing you and your customers notice

when you enter your washroom are not bad odours, but a clean, fresh,

and pleasant fragrance. By combining innovative and reliable dispensing

technology with your chosen designer fragrance, our range of automated air

care systems are highly cost-efficient and long-lasting, delivering consistent

and continuous freshness, offering the perfect solution to suit your specific

washroom needs.

FiVe GOOD reASONS TO choose our systems:

1) A complete coordinated look, visitor will revisit and stay longer in places where they feel well-cared for.

2) A well cared for facility will improve employee morale and increase customer and tenant satisfaction.

3) Satisfy the consumers requirement, a fresh, pleasant smell.

4) A wide range of fragrances that can meet any customer preference.

5) Microtrans technology that eliminates, rather than masks unpleasant and unavoidable odours.


TCell Continuous Air Care

Your Problem: A washroom that smells unclean and stale, and poor-quality manual air fresheners,

which are cloying and harsh.

Our Solution: Tcell continuous Air care is an innovative and reliable air freshener delivery system,

which uses fuel cell technology to continuously dispense doses of pure, designer fragrance and

odour neutraliser.

Features & Benefits


n A choice of 10 high-quality, long-lasting designer fragrances.


n An air freshener system that dispenses without the need for batteries, releasing a continuous and consistent level

of fragrance – each refill delivers the same fragrance intensity on Day 60 or Day 90 as on Day 1. Simple installation.

No need of batteries.


n Available in 3 stylish dispenser types, standard,

heavy-duty, and fan-operated – allowing

the Tcell to be used in offices, retail,

transportation, education, sports facilities,

anywhere that effective performance

and quality would benefit visitors to

your washroom.

Patented fuel cell technology

Choose your TCell fragrance:

Fragrance Description Intensity

Polar Mist Lavender, mint, musk

Blue Splash Cool watery marine

Crystal Breeze Eucalyptus, lavender, menthol

Floral Blaze Geranium, lily, sandalwood, amber, musk

Citrus Mix Orange, grapefruit, lemon

**TCellcontains no propellants, no VOC’s or ozone-depriving compounds.

Install and go:

Position the dispenser in an area where moving air will dispense the fragrance

throughout the room. Select 60 or 90 days, insert the refill, and go!

Dispenser Position

180 cm

180 cm

initialise refill

each dispenser will fragrance an area of

approx. 15m 3 (2.5m x 2.5m) to 40m 3

(4m x 4m). For a small washroom select

90 days refill setting, for larger just

install two or more dispensers.

Fragrance Description Intensity

Mandarin Orange, grapefruit, lime

Fruit Crush Lilies, rose, cyclamen with fruit notes

Oudh Sandalwood

Tropical Sunrise Pineapple, guava, mango, melon, passion fruit

Sweet Lavender Lavender, vanilla

Fragrance Intensity Key: Mild Mid range Maximum

choose your dispenser:


Good airflow required e.g. near doors,

air conditioning and high traffic areas

Heavy Duty

Good airflow required but risk

of vandalism or pilferage

Fan Operated

For areas with poor airflow

Microburst Duet System

Your Problem: The same lacklustre and poor-smelling air fresheners, that leave your washroom

unpleasant for customers.

Our Solution: Microburst Duet System automatically alternates between two beautiful

complimentary fragrances, eliminating fragrance boredom for continually renewed freshness.

Features & Benefits


n each refill contains Microtrans odour neutraliser and a unique combination of exclusive aromas – choose from four different

innovative fragrances. Alternating scents eliminate fragrance fatigue.


n Programmable fragrance is dispersed through Microburst technology, meaning you can decide which fragrance will disperse

and when, whilst ensuring a long lasting performance. Best cost-in-use, each refill last up to 180 days, ensuring low labour

and odour management costs.


n compact design means 64% less packaging waste.

Available in 4 different stylish colour options to coordinate

with any washroom style.

Choose your Microburst Duet refills:

Fragrance Description Intensity

Clean Sense / Cool Breeze Uplifting watery tones / blend of orange and lime - twist of warm woods & soft musk

Floral Cascade / Vibrant Sense Citrus fragrance / fruity floral bouquet - invigorating atmosphere

Tender Fruits / Citrus Leaves Crisp, invigorating citrus / ocean-splashed shores - indulgent atmosphere of warm spices & exotic musk

Sparkling Fruits / Cotton Berry

Fragrance Intensity Key: Mild Mid range Maximum

Install and go:

Aroma of melon, cucumber & pineapple / luscious florals, sultry woods & smooth musk - enchanting sensation

of a tropical paradise

Position the dispenser at a minimum height of 2.2 m for best

results. Avoid placing near an extraction fan or doorway.

Dispenser Position

2.2 m

2.2 m

Programming options

60 / 90 120 / 180 days

8 / 12 / 16 / 24 hr

5 / 6 / 7 days per week

Can to Can

Day to Day

AM to PM

Hour to Hour

Spray to Spray

Microburst 3000 Aerosol System

Your Problem: A washroom with strong bad odours, needing a powerful odour

neutraliser and a pleasing fragrance.

Our Solution: Microburst 3000 Aerosol System is a compact odour control aerosol

system, which delivers three times more odour neutralising fragrance with each spray

than ordinary refills.

Features & Benefits


n combining a high-impact designer fragrance with Microtrans odour neutraliser, Microburst 3000 disperses molecules further

and keeps them airborne for longer, offering a powerful and long-lasting antidote to bad odours.


n in order to suit the specific requirements of individual washrooms,

flexible programming options are available. reliable

and easy to service and 75ml cans reduce waste.


n A compact design with each refill delivering

3000 sprays with visual indicators showing

battery life.

Install and go:

see installation chart for Microburst Duet

Programming options

30 / 60 / 90 days

8 / 12 / 16 / 24 hr

5 / 6 / 7 days per week

Automatic Aerosol Systems

Your Problem: Persistently bad washroom odours, that need to continually and consistently

eliminated and replaced with a clean, fresh smell.

Our Solution: Automatic Aerosol Systems provide a pioneering automatic air care system that

keeps washrooms smelling hygienic, fresh, and pleasant, keeping visitors happy 24-hours a day,

7-days a week.

Features & Benefits


n A wide range of long lasting designer fragrances to choose from, combined with Microtrans odour neutraliser, ensures

bad odours are not just hidden or covered-up, but eliminated.


n Flexible programming options allow a controlled performance programme

to be put in placing, allowing you to save on labour an servicing costs.


n Two dispenser types – the LcD Aerosol is ideal for tailored

programming and operation, and the LeD Aerosol is perfect

for adjusting fragrance levels.

Install and go:

see installation chart for Microburst Duet

LCD Programming options

30 / 60 / 90 days

8 / 12 / 16 / 24 hr

5 / 6 / 7 days per week

LED Programming options

day / night / 24 hr option

variable dosing interval from

approx. 5 - 25 min.

Air Care Fragrances

Your Problem: Visitors to your washroom are met with bad odours: both unhygienic

smells and from air fresheners that are commonplace and unpleasant.

Our Solution: Air care Fragrances offer a range of over 25 innovative fragrances, which

create an environment that leaves visitors with the sensation of a clean, hygienic and

safe washroom.

Features & Benefits


n A wide choice of customer-preferred designer fragrances of varying intensities,

ranging from citrus, Fruit, Floral, Herbal, Fougere, Oriental to Gourmande Fragrances.


n combined with Microtrans odour neutraliser, bad odours are eliminated

and not simply masked.


n Long lasting fragrances, noticeable and appreciated by washroom users,

whilst be cost efficient – saving on servicing costs.

Citrus fragrances

characterised by

fresh citrus scents

such as lemon,

orange, lime and


Choose your refills:

Fragrance Description Intensity

Expressions Citrus

Clean Sense Citrus

Mediterranean Charm Citrus

Tranquil Sense Citrus

Vibrant Sense Citrus

Anticipation Fruity

Discretion Fruity

Orchard Fruity

Inspirations Floral

Oriental Nights Floral

Sensations Floral

Devotion Floral

Radiant Sense Floral

Fruity fragrances

characterised by

fruity notes such as

apple, pear, plum,

mango and melon.

Floral fragrances

characterised by

floral notes such

as rose, jasmine,

violet and green


Fragrance Intensity Key: Mild Mid range Maximum

Herbal fragrances

characterised by

herbal notes such

as rosemary, mint,

coriander, lavender

and sage.

Fougere fragrances

characterised by

cologne-type notes

such as lavender,

moss and wood.

Fragrance Description Intensity

Impressions Floral

Floral Sense Floral

Rainforest Herbal

Ice Age Fougere

Illusions Fougere

Essence of Oudh Oriental

Kilimanjaro Oriental

Marrakesh Oriental

Island Cocktail Gourmande

American Diner Gourmande

Odour Neutraliser Odour Neutraliser

SWAK Insecticide Insecticide

Oriental fragrances

characterised by

notes such as

spices, sweet

balsams and resins.

X-Bac Smoke Neutraliser




by notes such

as vanilla.

Ref Description Type

1817130 Rubbermaid Dispenser Microburst 3000 LCD - black Dispenser

1817131 Rubbermaid Dispenser Microburst 3000 LCD - white Dispenser

1817132 Rubbermaid Dispenser Microburst 3000 LCD - chrome Dispenser

R0260001C Perceptions 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260002C Impressions 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260003C Anticipation 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260004C Expressions 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260006C Floral Sense 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260007C Inspirations 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260015C Reflections 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260017C Sensations 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260018 Odour Neutraliser 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260024C Illusions 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260026C Essence of Oudh 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260028 Devotion 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260034 SWAK Natural 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260035 X-bac 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260037C Discretion 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260040C Radiant Sense 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260041C Clean Sense 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260042C Vibrant Sense 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260043C Tranquil Sense 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260046 Orchard 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260050C Kilimanjaro 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260051C Mediterranean Charm 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260052 Island cocktail 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260053C Rain forest 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260054 American Diner 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260055C Oriental Nights 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260056C Ice Age 75 ml microburst aerosol

R0260057C Marrakesh 75 ml microburst aerosol

1817133 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LED - black Dispenser

1817134 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LED - white Dispenser

1817135 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LED - chrome Dispenser

1817137 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LCD - black Dispenser

1817138 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LCD - white Dispenser

1817139 Rubbermaid Dispenser aerosol standard LCD - chrome Dispenser

R0220001 Perceptions 243 ml aerosol

R0220002 Impressions 243 ml aerosol

R0220003 Anticipation 243 ml aerosol

R0220004 Expressions 243 ml aerosol

R0220006 Floral Sense 243 ml aerosol

R0220007 Inspirations 243 ml aerosol

R0220015 Reflections 243 ml aerosol

For more product references or accessories, see catalogue –


Newell Rubbermaid Europe Sàrl

10, Chemin de Blandonnet

1214 Vernier Geneva, Switzerland

BSI ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 registered company.

Ref Description Type

R0220017 Sensations 243 ml aerosol

R0220018 Odour Neutraliser 243 ml aerosol

R0220024 Illusions 243 ml aerosol

R0220026 Essence of Oudh 243 ml aerosol

R0220027 Marine 243 ml aerosol

R0220028 Devotion 243 ml aerosol

R0220030 SWAK Natural 243 ml aerosol

R0220035 X-bac 243 ml aerosol

R0220037 Discretion 243 ml aerosol

R0220040 Radiant Sense 243 ml aerosol

R0220041 Clean Sense 243 ml aerosol

R0220042 Vibrant Sense 243 ml aerosol

R0220043 Tranquil Sense 243 ml aerosol

R0220046 Orchard 243 ml aerosol

R0220050 Kilimanjaro 243 ml aerosol

R0220051 Mediterranean Charm 243 ml aerosol

R0220052 Island cocktail 243 ml aerosol

R0220053 Rain forest 243 ml aerosol

R0220054 American Diner 243 ml aerosol

R0220055 Oriental Nights 243 ml aerosol

R0220056 Ice Age 243 ml aerosol

R0220057 Marrakesh 243 ml aerosol

1817140 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL FAN KEY - black Dispenser

1817142 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL FAN KEY - white Dispenser

1817143 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL FAN KEY - chrome Dispenser

1817144 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL KEY - black Dispenser

1817146 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL KEY - white Dispenser

1817147 Rubbermaid Dispenser TCELL KEY - chrome Dispenser

FG402430 Heavy Duty TCELL dispenser - white Dispenser

R402304E TCell Crystal Breeze refill 48 ml refill

R402305E TCell Blue Splash refill 48 ml refill

R402306E TCell Polar Mist refill 48 ml refill

R402307E TCell Floral Blaze refill 48 ml refill

R402308E TCell Citrus Mix refill 48 ml refill

R402309E TCell Mandarin refill 48 ml refill

R402310E TCell Sweet Lavender refill 48 ml refill

R402311E TCell Tropical Sunrise refill 48 ml refill

R402312E TCell Oudh refill 48 ml refill

R402313E TCell Fruit Crush refill 48 ml refill

FG4870001 Microburst Duet Dispenser - White/Grey Pearl Dispenser

FG4870002 Microburst Duet Dispenser - Black/Black Pearl Dispenser

FG4870055 Microburst Duet Dispenser - Black/Chrome Dispenser

FG4870056 Microburst Duet Dispenser - White/White Dispenser

R026558081 Microburst Duet Tender Fruits & Citrus Leaves refill 2 x 212 ml refill

R026558283 Microburst Duet Sparkling Fruits & Cotton Berry refill 2 x 212 ml refill

R026558442 Microburst Duet Floral Cascade & Vibrant Sense refill 2 x 212 ml refill

R026558541 Microburst Duet Clean Sense and Cool Breeze refill 2 x 212 ml refill

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