Brochure - 1 - Great Lakes

Brochure - 1 - Great Lakes

Crafted for the Emerging Markets,

Cultured to Perfection


PGDM 2012 -14




- Barack Obama


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It is a matter of delight for me to write this message for the maiden class of the

PGDM program soliciting your help and support in offering internships and

projects/assignments for our students.

Great Lakes has always prided itself in offering the highest degrees of customer

satisfaction bordering on delight and may be even ecstasy. In fact, we have had a

successful run right from our inception in 2004 to date precisely because of this -

we are able to provide a 'Great' learning experience to our 'student' customers at

one end of the continuum, while offering our 'Corporate' customers (recruiters) a

fantastic range of business-ready professionals at the other end.

This brings me to our present proposition. As a part of the curricular requirements

of our two-year PGDM program, our students are required to undertake a twomonth

long project-work during the summer months. We are very keen to have

your organization participate in this 'Internship' phase of our program and are

keen to enlist your support in leading this initiative to fruition.

In return, we are delighted to provide you with complete access to all students

from which point forward you may shortlist and select just the specific talent you

are looking for. I am in no doubt that you will find exceptional managerial and

leadership talent at Great Lakes. Our students not only possess contemporary

management skills and knowledge learned from some of the best known

international faculty but are also a set of people with the right attitude and team

skills who are result-oriented. Add to this their specific course differentiators

(which include a semester abroad program, student exchange flexibility, a

heterogeneous classroom composition plus a unique CXO mentoring exercise

through the year), and I am sure that you are able to realistically assess the true

value of my proposition!

In conclusion, I wish to reiterate that Great Lakes is best at creating and

executing win-win offers for both the sets of customers that we cater to the

students and you, the industry patrons. The opportunity to participate in our

summer internship program is yet another avenue for mutual collaboration and I

am excited at the infinite benefits that such an association can bring forth to all


Best wishes,

Bala V Balachandran.


Dear Recruiters,

Greetings from Great Lakes Institute of Management!

Great Lakes Institute of Management which has been in existence for the last 8

years is one of the leading institutes for preparing business ready managers

capable of responding to complex business requirements that arise in a

changing global business environment.

We have been rated among the top 10 B-Schools in the country in the recent

Outlook as well as Business Standard Survey.

The uniqueness of our current batch is primarily because of our two main USPs,

namely, Karma Yoga - the unique leadership and rural empowerment program

and the focus on emerging economies. Apart from this, each student will have a

CEO/ CXO level person from a top company to mentor and guide them in taking

important career decisions as well as grooming the overall personality of the


Great Lakes’ state-of-the-art green campus sets the tone for a dynamic

environment that plays a great role in motivating everyone - faculty, staff and

students - to deliver their best. Augmented by a truly world-class faculty from top

International B-Schools such as Kellogg, Stanford, Harvard, IIT Chicago,

Columbia, Yale, among many others, our core faculty team is comparable

amongst the best in the country. This is complemented with insightful guest

lectures delivered by eminent personalities from the industry. Great Lakes has

signed MOUs with eminent Universities worldwide including Yale University,

Illinois Institute of Technology, Nanyang Technological University, to name a


I welcome you all to associate with us in the placement process for our pioneer

batch PGDM Class of 2014, and provide an opportunity for some of the Global

socially responsible leaders of tomorrow to work and enrich your organization's

business prosperity. Look forward to meeting you.


S. Sriram

“Excellent firms don't believe in excellence

only in constant improvement and constant change”


Dear Sir/Madam

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the summer internship program

for Two Year Post Graduate Diploma Program in Management (PGDM) of Great

Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India. As Program Director, here is an

opportunity for me to communicate with you about the uniqueness of this

program and students thereof. This program has been a unique challenge for me

as an academician and Program Director in many ways. I worked along with Prof.

Srikant Dattar of Harvard Business School in designing this program based on

his path breaking research in seminal book covering the paradigm of the New


While many MBA programs drive the orientation towards enhancing functional

capabilities, this program is conceptualized and executed at three levels viz.

functional, experiential and augmented learning levels. The core functional

levels offer the traditional MBA courses in various areas such as Marketing,

Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management and Information Science.

To enrich the student learning process, there is an additional layer added to the

core in the form of courses on foreign language and soft skills, which is important

for the holistic growth of a budding manager. The final level, called the

augmented level, brings in key learning from emerging economies like China,

Brazil, Russia and many more countries. Students are able to not only appreciate

unique opportunities that exist in these economies but also have in depth

understanding of how to do business in these countries.

The experiential learning is augmented with language courses in Mandarin (in

the first year) and Spanish (in the second year). We also spend considerable time

in improving student's interpersonal communication and group behavior skills by

integrating the same with learning in business etiquette. Our student managers

are groomed to become socially responsive through our unique experiential

leadership learning program called 'Karma Yoga”. While working on the design

of this program, I had the chance to interact with many senior managers from

corporate world and one of the key inputs that I got is the gap between theory in

the classroom and practice in the real world. We have a CXO mentoring program

along with industrial visits and guest lecture programs that helps in bridging the

gap between what is being 'taught' and practiced.

Our students are admitted through GMAT/CAT and other international level

tests, through which we ensure that we have quality students joining the

program. We have sharpened their conceptual, analytical and reasoning skills.

Now it is turn for corporates to give them an internship opportunity over 8 weeks

and build them as future leaders.

I welcome you to our internship program and will be happy to answer any

questions that you may have related to the program. Please free to connect with

me at for any further clarifications.

“We cannot become what we need to be

by remaining WHAT we are!”


Dear Partner,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the epitome of academic

excellence and business preparedness - Great Lakes Institute of Management.

For the past 8 years, we at Great Lakes have dedicatedly produced ‘business

ready managers’ capable of handling the vigor of the corporate world. Under the

mentorship of Dr. Bala V. Balachandran and stewardship of eminent

management gurus, we are striving to give the best management education

through advanced learning pedagogies and tools, with internationally acclaimed

faculties and professionals.

After witnessing great success with our one year PGPM students excelling in the

corporate sector, this year Great Lakes has added another feather to its cap the

two year PGDM program, catering to the huge and highly talented pool of

students having a work experience of less than two years.

Keeping the current and evolving world scenario, this program is designed with

focus on emerging markets and how to succeed in these countries. Along with

this, through our traditional leadership program 'Karma Yoga', we imbibe strong

values, making every student a socially responsible global leader.

We would be delighted to have you at our Dr. Bala V. Balachandar campus, a

LEED platinum rated green campus with state-of-the-art learning and

development facilities, to identify future global leaders from one of India's Best B-

School talent pools.

We look forward to your active participation in the campus recruitment program

for summer internship of our PGDM batch, giving opportunity for our talents to

associate with you.

R. Shreenath


Dr. Bala V. Balachandran

J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and

Information Management (Emeritus in Service),

Northwestern University, Illinois, USA;

Founder, Dean and Chairman,

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India

Dr. Seenu V. Srinivasan

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management (Emeritus) and

Director - Strategic Marketing Management Executive Program,

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, California, USA

Prof. Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Charles E Merrill Professor of Economics and Finance,

Leonard N Stern School of Business, New York University, USA

Dr. Shyam Sunder

James L. Frank Professor of Accounting, Economics and Finance,

Yale School of Management, Yale University,

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Dr. Swaminathan Sridharan

John L and Helen Kellogg Distinguished Chair Professor of

Accounting Information and Management,

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University,

Illinois, USA

Dr. Krishnamurthy Surysekar

Associate Professor of Accounting,

Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA

Dr. Asher Tishler

Associate Professor of Economics

Director - Executive MBA Program,

The Leon Recanati School of Business Administration,

Tel Aviv University;

Director, The Georges Leven High-Tech Management School,

Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. M. B. Athreya

Sri Sringeri Sharda Institute of Management, New Delhi, India

Dr. Nirmal Gupta

Marketing Educator, India

Dr. Srikant M. Datar

Professor of Business Administration,

Senior Associate Dean,

Chair, Executive Education,

Harvard Business School, Soldiers Field, Boston, USA

Note : This is an indicative list

Dr. M. S. Krishnan

Area Chairman and Professor of Business Information Technology,

Co-Director Center for Global Resource Leverage, India

Professor of Technology and Operations, Ross School of Business,

University of Michigan, USA

Dr. Finn E. Kydland

Henley Professor of Economics, University of California,

Santa Barbara, USA

Dr. Lakshmanan Shivakumar

Associate Professor of Accounting Group,

London Business School, Regents Park, London, UK

Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth

Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Goizuela Business School,

Emory University, USA

Dr. K. K. Srinivasan

Founder President of two e-com ventures,

Former faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology,

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Ram T. S. Ramakrishnan

Department of Accounting,

University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Keshavamurthy Ramamurthy

Professor, Management Information Systems,

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dr. V. Kasturi Rangan

Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing,

Harvard Business School, Harvard University,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Hayagreeva Rao

Professor of Organizational Behavior,

Director - Human Resource Executive Program,

Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA

Dr. Suresh P. Sethi

Charles & Nancy Davidson Distinguished Professor of Operations


Director, Center for Intelligent Supply Networks,

University of Texas, Dallas, USA

Dr. Konduru Sivaramakrishnan

Bauer Endowed Chair of Accounting,

C. T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston,

Texas, U.S.A

Dr. Jitendra V. Singh

Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management,

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Dr. Ratan N. Tata

Chairman, Tata Sons Ltd.,

Chairman, Business Advisory Council,

Great Lakes Institute of Management

Dr. Bala V. Balachandran

L Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting Information

Management (Emeritus in Service),

Northwestern University, Illinois, USA

Founder, Dean and Chairman,

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai,

Mr. Madhur Bajaj

Vice - Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd., India

Mr. Kumarmangalam Birla

Chairman, Aditya Birla Group, India

Mr. K. B. Chandrasekhar

Chairman and CEO, Jamcracker Inc., USA

Mr. John Fisher

Chairman, Solid Systems Engineering, USA

Mr. Jamshyd N. Godrej

Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.,


Mr. G. P. Goenka

Chairman, Duncans Group, India

Mr. Deshbandhu Gupta

Chairman, Lupin Labs, India

Dr. Abid Hussain

Chancellor, RAI University, India

Note : This is an indicative list

Mr. T. Kannan

Managing Director, Thiagarajar Mills Ltd., India

Mr. L. Lakshman

CEO, Rane (Madras) Ltd., India

Mr. A. Mahendran

Managing Director, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.,

Mr. A. M. Naik

Managing Director and CEO, Larsen and Toubro Ltd.,

Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy

Chairman & Chief Mentor, Infosys Ltd., India

Dr. S. Narayan IAS

Secretary, Economic Affairs, India

Mr. N. Srinivasan

Vice Chairman & Managing Director, India Cements Ltd., India

Mr. Arun Bharat Ram

Chairman & Managing Director, SRF Ltd., India

Mrs. Rajshree Pathy

Managing Director, Rajshree Sugars Ltd., India

Mr. R. K. Krishna Kumar

Director, Tata Sons Ltd., India

Mr. Vivek Paul

Partner, Texas Pacific Group

Mr. P. Murari

Advisor to President of FICCI &

Former Secretary to President of India


The Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] is the

foray of Great Lakes Institute of Management into the two-year

Management education space. The program has a clear focus

on emerging economies and their growth. An AICTE approved

program, PGDM offers a unique and nonpareil coverage of the

economies of China, Far-East, Latin America and Africa in

comparison to the India growth story. The PGDM has been

designed by the Great Lakes Academic Advisory Council,

which comprises the best in the world of managerial

academia. This in turn has been streamlined with inputs from

the Institute's illustrious Business Advisory Council, to keep it

in sync with the needs of an ever changing marketplace. The

course helps the students to develop into business-ready

managers, capable of responding to complex business

requirements that arise in a changing global business


Short term international immersions, optional study-asemester-abroad

programs, joint summers with global student

pools, CEO mentoring, entrepreneurial incubation,

experiential learning through simulation etc are some of the

features that are being conceived for this program.


Value - adds Inside Classrooms

• Emerging economy centric curriculum

• Foreign language learning [ Mandarin & Spanish]

• Horizontal Function + Vertical Domain focus

• Study of socio-economic environment of specific emerging

economy clusters

• Experiential learning through simulations

• Technology driven virtual classrooms with global


• Emotional and ethical quotient building

• Exposure to latest curriculum by faculty from across the


Value - adds Outside Classrooms

• Entrepreneurial incubation

• Technopreneurship with emerging market focus

• Emerging economy centric empirical study

• CEO mentoring for every student

• Internship with Indian companies having operations


• Karma Yoga Program to build socially conscious Manager

International Tie ups

• Tie ups with Schools in Emerging Economies, Europe &


• Faculty & student exchange programs across the globe

• MOUs for consulting, knowledge exchange with leading

global schools

• Short term international immersions

• SAP [Semester Abroad Program]

• Term structure in sync with international schools

• Sharing of online resources with global schools

• Free boarding / lodging on reciprocal basis for students

during exchange

• Joint Global Summers [8-12 weeks]



Empirical study is one of the excellent means to demonstrate

Great Lakes' firm belief that the best way for students to

advance their knowledge is to question conventions and

established frameworks. The empirical study requirement

achieves the Institute's mission of creating business-ready

managers by enabling every student to do a real life study

under the guidance of the best people from the industry and

academics. The most practical benefit of writing an empirical

article is that one learns how to actually persuade and

convince others by culling out relevant information, gathering

and analyzing data, and presenting the output to support one's



Trying to learn leadership in a classroom is like trying to learn

swimming in a classroom. Just as a swimming pool is required

to learn swimming, a live setting with actual potential followers

is needed to learn leadership. Karma Yoga, a Leadership

Experiential Program (LEP) is an integral part of the Post-

Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) and Post-

Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at Great Lakes.

There are 20 villages surrounding the Institute's campus that

have been adopted by Great Lakes for the LEP. Students visit

these Karma Yoga villages every week. The mission is to

enhance the self-esteem and self-efficacy of the villagers (i.e.,

to empower them), so that they are able to lead a better quality

life. Karma Yoga is a real life practical lab to learn and

experience the power of transformational leadership. In this

attempt by Great Lakers to transform people belonging to

nearby villages, the key focus has been in the fields of

Education, Health, Agriculture, and Small Business.


Micro Economics

Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Karma Yoga


Core Level

Financial Accounting for Decision Making

Managerial Computing

Individuals in Organizations (OB-1)

Quantitative Methods for Decision Making-1

Marketing Management-1

Human Resource Management

Written Analysis of Communication

Empirical Study (Problem Formulation)

Language Lab (Mandarin/Spanish)

Potential Level

Understanding Emerging Markets-1

(Relevance of Emerging Markets in New

Global Economy)


Core Level

Strategic Management

Management Information Systems

Specialization Course-4

Specialization Course-5

Specialization Course-6

Specialization Course-7

Specialization Course-8

Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Interactive Presentation & Corporate Etiquette

Interview Skills-1

Potential Level

Understanding Emerging Markets-4

(Doing Business in Africa)

Financial Management-1

Social Research Methods

Economic Environment of Business

Groups in Organization (OB-2)

Marketing Management-2

Quantitative Methods for Decision Making-2

Production and Operations Management

Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Karma Yoga


Core Level

Verbal Communication

Empirical Study (Research Design)

Language Lab (Mandarin/Spanish)

Potential Level

Understanding Emerging Markets-2

(Doing Business In China)


Core Level

Negotiation Skills and Strategy

Organization Structure and Design

Specialization Course-9

Specialization Course-10

Specialization Course-11

Specialization Course-12

Specialization Course-13

Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Creativity and Management

Interviews Skills-2

Potential Level

Understanding Emerging Markets-5

(Doing Business in Far East Countries)


Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Karma Yoga


Core Level

Cost and Management Accounting

Financial Management-2

Marketing Research

Production Management and

Operations Research

Specialization Course-1

Specialization Course-2

Specialization Course-3

Interactive Presentation & Corporate


Empirical Study (Research Report Writing &


Language Lab (Mandarin/Spanish)

Potential Level

Understanding Emerging Markets-3

(Doing Business in Latin America)

Experiential Learning Module

(Augmented Level)

Stress Management


Core Level

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Business Law

Specialization Course-14

Specialization Course-15

Specialization Course-16

Specialization Course-17

Specialization Course-18

Potential Level

Emerging Market Strategies



Consumer Behavior

Sales and Distribution


Brand Management

Business Analytics

International Marketing Laws

Neuro Marketing

Business to Business Marketing

Customer Relationship


Marketing Strategy and Market

Entry Options

Strategic Marketing Planning

Consumer Focused Product


Services Marketing

Global Marketing

Marketing Strategies for

Emerging Markets

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Marketing and International


Rural Marketing

Product Management

Managing Customer Equity

Marketing Engineering


Transformational Leadership & Human Values

Human Resource Information System

Industrial Disputes and Grievance


Strategic HRM

Labour Laws

Training and Development

Performance Management

Human Resource Planning

Executive Reward and Compensation


Employment Branding

Conflict, Power and Resolutions in


Innovating for Sustainability (Field Course)



Governance and Globalization

International Trade and


International Business Strategy

Strategy Execution

Management of Family Owned


Change Management &

Corporate Transformation

Competitiveness of Nations

Economic Policy and European


Globalization and Emerging


Managing International Trade

and Investments

Competing through Business


Creating and Sustaining

Competitive Advantage

Global Strategic Management

Business in South Asia: Strategic


Strategy and Technology

Knowledge-based Strategy

Business Failures


Database Management Systems

Structured Programming and Algorithms

Object Oriented Software Development

Software Project Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Artificial and Neural Networks

Decision Support Systems

IT and e-Business


Business Intelligence

Enterprise Business Applications and

Emerging Issues



Building a Business in the

Context of a Life

Building and Sustaining a

Successful Enterprise

Creating High Impact Ventures

Managerial Capitalism in New


Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurship and Global


Entrepreneurship and Venture


Entrepreneurship in the Private

and Social Sector

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Entrepreneurship in Clean


Entrepreneurship in Bio-medical

and Life Sciences

Launching Technology Ventures

Techpreneurship and Silicon

Valley Projects


Corporate Financial Strategy

Financial Engineering

International Finance

Options, Futures and Swaps

Fixed Income Security


Financial Institutions and


Corporate Valuation

Project Appraisal

Security Analysis and Portfolio


Investment Banking

Retail Banking

Developmental Banking in

Emerging Economies

Financial Statement Analysis and


Understanding Capital Markets

in Emerging Economies

Creating Value through

Corporate Restructuring

Investment and Finance in

Emerging Markets - China

Investment Strategy

Venture Capital and Private



Project Management

Supply Chain Management

Operations Strategy

Total Quality Management

Lean Manufacturing Systems

Business Process Re-engineering

Innovation Management

Managing Service Operations

Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis

Strategic Operations Planning



Dr. Bala V. Balachandran

J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information

Management (Emeritus in Service),

Northwestern University, Illinois, USA

Founder, Dean and Chairman,

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India

Prof. S. Sriram

Executive Director

Professor of Strategy

Prof. Sanjoy Sircar

Director of PGPM

Professor of Finance

Dr. Tapan Panda

Director of PGDM

Director of Kotler-Srinivasan Centre for Research in Marketing

Professor of Marketing

Prof. R. S. Veeravalli

Director of Executive Education

Associate Professor

Dr. Prakash Mathure

Principal & Director of PGWPM

Professor of International Business

Dr. Venkat R. Krishnan

Director of Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Dr. S. Bharadwaj

Dr. Bala V. Balachandran and Vasantha

Balachandran Chair Professor of Marketing

Dr. S. K. Shanthi

Chair Professor - Union Bank Center for Banking Excellence

Professor of Economics

Dr. K. C. John

Professor of Technology,

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Prof. T. N. Swaminathan

Director of Branding, PR & Alumni Relations

Professor of Marketing

Prof. Easwar Krishna Iyer

Director of Admissions

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Alok Jain

Director of Corporate Engagements & Communication

Professor of Marketing

Prof. T. N. Seshan

Distinguished Faculty of Leadership and Strategy

Dr. T. N. Badri

Associate Professor of Operations

Dr. Hema Bajaj

Associate Professor of Human Resource Management

Prof. Elankumaran Srinivasan

Professor of Organizational Behavior & Business Ethics

Dr. Mangalam Srinivasan

Distinguished Professor of Management

Director of China Study Center

Prof. Narayanan Sridhar

Associate Professor of Finance & Marketing

Prof. B. Venkatesh

Adjunct Professor in the area of Finance

Prof. P. B. Ramanujam

Adjunct Professor in the area of Finance

Prof. P. K. Viswanathan

Adjunct Professor in the area of Quantitatives

Dr. Sitikantha Mishra

Adjunct Professor, Strategy and Corporate Governance


Indian Faculty

Prof. Nirmal Gupta

Professor of Marketing

Dr. Irudayaraj

Professor of Organizational Behavior, XLRI, Jamshedpur

Dr. Rakesh P. Singh

Founder and Chairman, Institute of Supply Change Management,


Dr. Sunil Rai

Professor Operations/IT

Vice President, NIIT

Dr. K. N. Vaidyanathan

Professor of Strategy and Leadership,

Director, Xavier Institute of Management & Research, (XIMR),


Prof Arjun Chakraverti

Professor of Marketing,

Principal, Indusage Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan

Professor of Leadership,

Executive Director, Tata Sons

Prof. Devakunjari

Professor of Mandarin

Prof. Jayavelu

Professor of Operations, IIT Madras

Prof. Jijo Lukose

Professor of Finance, IFMR

Ms. Lalitha Maheswaran

Freelance Consultant,

Corporate Trainer with Multi National Corporations

Prof. Raghu Iyer

Professor of Finance,

Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

Prof. Rajmanickam

Professor of Strategy and Leadership,

President and Chief Process Officer, Trimentus Technologies,


Prof. S. Kalyanaraman

Professor of Operations/IT,

Founder-Director, The Academic Mentors, India

Prof. V. K. Murti

Professor of Marketing,

Adjunct faculty member at SPJIMR

Mr. U. Jayraj Rau

Professor of Marketing,

Former Sr. Vice President & GM, JWT

Mr. Kiruba Shankar

Professor of Marketing,

CEO, Business Blogging Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Badhe

Professor of Marketing,

Former Senior Vice President, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd


Dr. Krishnamurthy Surysekar

Associate Professor - Accounting,

College of Business Administration, Florida International University

Dr. Narendar Rao

Professor of Finance,

Coordinator, Graduate Programs in Business, Northeastern Illinois

University, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Paul Prabhakar

Professor of Marketing,

Associate Dean, Northern Illinois University

Prof. Venkat Raman

Faculty - Mandarin, Beijing

Prof. Purba H Rao

Faculty - Business Analytics, Philippines

Prof. Siva Balasubramanian

Professor of Marketing,

Harold L. Stuart Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean

Dr. Gerald J. Lobo

Arthur Andersen Chair and Professor of Accounting Chairman,

Department of Accountancy & Taxation,

C. T. Bauer College of Business University of Houston, Houston,

Dr. Krishnan Dandapani

Professor of Accounting, University of Florida

Dr. Shyam Sundar

Professor of Accounting, Economics and Finance,

President, American Accounting Association

Prof. V. S. Mahesh

Professor of Marketing,

Director of Centre for Service Management,

University of Buckingham, England

Prof. Ram Krishnan

Research Professor of Marketing, University of Miami

Prof. Seenu Srinivasan

Professor of Marketing,

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management,

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford

Prof. Sridhar Ramaswami

Heggen Fellow and Professor of Marketing,

Director - PhD Program,

College of Business, Iowa State University

Dr. Ramesh Subramanian

Visiting Fellow, Yale Information Society Project,

Yale Law School New Haven

Gabriel Ferrucci Professor of Computer Information Systems,

Quinnipiac University, Hamden

Dr. Vaidy Jeyaraman

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management,

School of Business Administration, University of Miami,

Coral Gables, Florida

Prof. B. Natarajan

Professor - Operations, National University of Singapore

Prof. Balasubramaniam Ramesh

Professor - Computer Information Systems,

J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Dr. Ashok Vasudevan

Professor - Strategy and Leadership,

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Preferred Brands International,

a Stamford CT based Food company

Prof. Shiva Sivaramakrishnan

Professor - Finance, University of Houston, Texas

Dr. Subba Iyer

Professor - Information Technology, SPJAIN Singapore

Dr. V. Ananthanageswaran

Professor - Finance, Independent Financial Analyst, Singapore

Prof. Sridhar Nerur

Professor - Information Technology, University of Texas, Arlington

* Note: This is an indicative list



The Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Excellence in Marketing was created to bridge the academia-industry gap in marketing intelligence,

analytics and insight-led solutions. The aims of the center include academic research and industry-led consulting innovations in

keeping with the needs of marketing managers across the country.


The Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research aims to promote, facilitate and advance India-centric management related

research, which contributes to the development of basic and applied knowledge in the field of management. It has been publishing a

half-yearly refereed journal “Great Lakes Herald” since 2007.


Union Bank Great Lakes Center for Banking Excellence (UBCFE) has been established at Great Lakes Institute of Management with

generous contribution and unstinting support from Union Bank, to conduct research and training programs and undertake initiatives

in the field of Banking and Financial Services.



OPCET was established at the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai with support from Orchid Chemicals &

Pharmaceuticals Limited in 2010. Its focus is on knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial ventures across high technology, low

technology and services sectors. It aims to create a future that is more conducive to eliciting excitement and fresh thinking pivoted

around entrepreneurship, technology and innovation that spurs accelerated growth in key clusters of industries in Tamil Nadu,

working in tandem with CIE.


Being a student-managed and student-run institute, all key

functions of the institute are ably supported by committed

student bodies be it admissions, placements, web

management or branding.


Admission Committee ADCOM

Alumni Committee ALCOM & GLAA

Branding & Public Relations Committee

Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Committee

Consulting Committee

Events Committee

Finance Committee

Green Committee

International Relationship Committee

Karma Yoga Committee

Placement Committee

Social Service Committee

Student Council Committee

Web Committee

Yale Research Committee


Editorial Team Gravity

Film Appreciation Club

Fund Raising, Sponsorship, Scholarships and Endowment


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Operations & Decision Science Club

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• Successful Women in Management (SWIM)

Great Lakes Financial Conference

Great Lakes HR Conclave 2012

• Business Analytics Conference

• Yale Great Lakes Conference

Great Lakes-NASMEI Marketing Conference


• L'Attitude 13 05'

• Annual International Entrepreneurship Conference







Since the PGDM program is being offered for the first time, we do not have any placement statistics at this point of time. Please find

below the list of recruiters who have recruited from our one year PGPM program in 2012.


247 Innovation Labs


Apollo Hospitals

Axis Bank

Beacon Higher Education Services P. Ltd.

Blue Lotus

Cognizant Business Consulting

Cognizant Research Consulting


Defiance Technologies

Deloitte Consulting

Dunia Finance


Eicher Motors

Euromonitor International

Fractal Analytics

G4S India

Galaxy Surfactants


HCL Technologies



HSBC Technologies Ltd.


iNautix Technologies (BNY Mellon Company)


Kotak Mahindra Bank

KPIT Cummins


L & T Infotech Ltd.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. - E & C Division

Latentview Analytics

Leitner Shriram Manufacturing Limited

Mahindra Satyam

Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited

Manipal Education



Mu Sigma

Optima Advertising

Orchid Pharma

Perfint Healthcare

Photon Infotech



Saudi Development & Innovation Group

Scope International (subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, UK)

SPIC - A M International Holdings

Suprabha Protective Products Pvt Ltd

Svapas Innovations

Tata Consultancy Services

Tecnova Global


Tenvic Sports

TVS Logistics

TVS Motors

TVS Motors (Sundaram Clayton)

Universal Consulting

UST Global




Xcode LifeSciences

ZS Associates

*This is not an exhaustive list


Summer Internship is an integral part of the PGDM course at Great Lakes. During their first year, students are trained in functional

areas of Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Economics, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Operations and

Information Technology which orient them towards a business culture. The courses aim at molding their work ethic and developing

skills highly valued by the corporate world.

The purpose of having students do their internship is to integrate the management education with the current business practices and

partner with the leaders of today, to groom the students to be Business Ready Managers of tomorrow.

Our faculty would be providing ongoing support and monitor the progress of the intern and suitable remuneration may be provided by

the company for the contribution of work rendered by the student.

Nov 2012 onwards Summer Placement Week

13 -16 Dec 2012

21 Apr -16 Jun 2013 Jul 2013 - Nov 2013


We hire consultants each year from the top Indian business schools, and have

recruited at GLIM for the past 3 years. The GLIM students we have hired

demonstrate excellent business, consulting and leadership skills, and we look

forward to continuing our relationship with the school and its students.

Mr. Ramkumar Moorthy, Director & Office Managing Principal, ZS Associates India Pvt. Ltd.

Candidates from Great Lakes have relevant work experience. It's not easy to

find such candidates at other management institutes. The one-year duration of

the program is a major advantage that draws aspirants who have greater than 2-

3 years of experience and want to get back to a better career in a short duration.

Mr. Uday Sreeram, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

To date, Euromonitor International has hired 3 highly talented and motivated

individuals from Great Lakes during the past placement exercises.

They are now assets to our organization. We are looking forward to participating

in the next round of placements to seek out more bright new talents.

Mr. Sunil Devmurari, Country Manager-India, Euromonitor International

Down to earth and approachable along with an attitude to learn and grow are

the key traits of Great Lakers.

Mr. V. Murali, Senior Vice President-Zonal Business Manager (South & East),

Privy League Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.



Mannem Anudeep Reddy 14234 30

Anosh Cherag Doodhmal 14109 27

Surojeet Mukherjee 14252 26

Stuti Maheshwari 14149 25

Shantanu Kumar 14144 24

Gautam Malhotra 14119 24

Surekha R 14151 24

Akhil Dhingra 14103 24

Ananya Das 14107 24

Sankuru Anil Kumar 14203 24

Kushal Khemka 14231 24

Tarun Ajwani 14154 24

K Keerthi 14229 24

Sharvani Jha 14246 23

Anand M S 14106 23

S Alekhya Gayathri 14162 23

S Nirupa 14131 23

Jivitesh Patra 14224 23

Meena L 14161 23

Nittish V 14132 23

Rishabh Joshi 14243 23

N Santosh Krishnan 14143 22

Kadambari Chakravarthy 14226 22

Vidhi Gupta 14259 22

Neha Gupta 14129 22

Nimisha Jain 14239 22

Chirag Dagar 14113 22

Anand Nambiar 14202 22

Shubham Goyal 14146 21

Sindhuja D 14147 21

Ankit Kohli 14205 21

Mohit Madan Kokil 14237 21

Samiksha Kamra 14245 21

Karthick Koragappa Bhandary 14228 21

Avinash Kumar Jha 14111 20

Jayaprasad S 14120 20

Om Joshi 14133 18

Tanmay Srivastava 14255 18

Priyank Kapoor 14136 18

Himanshu Varandani 14218 17

Deepak Bedi 14212 16

Garima Bharadwaj 14118 15

Vikas Sharma 14159 15

Manoj D 14235 13

Vikram Falor 14157 12

Ankur Baj 14208 12

Pooja Ravi Shankar 14135 12

Inder Deep Singh 14220 12

Dron Malhotra 14115 12

Tejas Tushar Nahar 14155 12

Surbhi Sinha 14163 11

Lakshya Chawla 14232 11

Namita Verma 14238 11

Rashika Binani 14241 11

Maddula Mahendra Avinash 14233 10

Mrinalini Sri Dosapati 14127 10

Harshita Preetam 14217 9

Abhiraj Singh Shaktawat 14263 8

Shouvik Bhattacharjee 14249 7

Aditi Goyal 14264 6

Aishwarya R 14102 6

Patel Khushali PareshKumar 14230 6

Abhina Mudgal 14267 0

Anand K V 14105 0

Ankit Jain 14108 0

Anupam Sabat 14110 0

Ankit Roy 14206 0

Anirudh Vijay 14204 0

Ankita Pandey 14207 0

Anuj Shrivastava 14209 0

Amit Shukla 14104 0

Arjun Tiku 14262 0

Arnav Talwar 14210 0

Bobby Jacob Philip 14112 0

Bhavesh Kuchhadiya 14165 0

C Mukund 14128 0

Deepak Raj 14214 0

Deepak Mendiratta 14213 0

Divya Mehrotra 14114 0

Dishank Wadhwa 14216 0

Earle Prithvi Raj 14116 0

Esham Agarwal 14117 0

Jeetesh S Irudayraj 14223 0

Juhi Saini 14225 0

Jyoti Ramakrishnan 14121 0

Ipsita Dharashree Mohanty 14222 0

Insha Rahman 14221 0

Karthick S 14123 0

Kanika Saxena 14227 0

Kamani Nirav Dhinesh 14130 0

Milu Jacob 14125 0

Mridula Dayanand Mallya 14126 0

Maitri Anilkumar Patel 14260 0

Naman Sreen 14265 0

Parul Srivastava 14134 0

Priyank patel 14164 0

Pulkit Kohli 14137 0

Popuri Aditya Krishna 14101 0

Rachna Menon 14160 0

Ramyaa Ramesh 14266 0

Reha Aggarwal 14242 0

Runzhun Gangrade 14139 0

Sach Sehgal 14244 0

Sachin Sood 14140 0

Saheel UdayJoshi 14141 0

Sanjay Dutt Gajja 14142 0

Shilpa Kevlani 14247 0

Shiven Saluja 14248 0

Shruti Venugopalan 14145 0

Srinivassan R 14148 0

Sriram S 14250 0

Sudeep Saini 14150 0

Sundeep Babbar 14261 0

Surbhi Khanna 14251 0

Surya Murali 14253 0

Susan Cheeran Chandy 14152 0

SushamaVasudevan 14153 0

S.V.Ramaswamy 14166 0

Swetha Subhaschandran 14254 0

T N Ranjana 14240 0

Tulsi Choudhury 14256 0

Varun Talwar 14156 0

Vijay Krishnan A 14257 0

STUDENT PROFILES - 6 to 30 months experience

Mannem Anudeep Reddy

BE - Computer Science, CMRIT

30 months at Sree Vishnu Mines &

Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Shobha Mines &


Knows English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil,


Anosh Cherag Doodhmal

BHM - F & B Service

Welcome Group Graduate School of

Hotel Administration, Manipal

27 Months at Sheraton, Bangalore

Westin, Mumbai

Knows English, Hindi, Gujrati

Surojeet Mukherjee

B.Tech - Electronics and Tele-Communication,

Sathyabama Institute of Science and


26 Months at Wipro

Knows English, Hindi, Bengali

Stuti Maheshwari

BE - Electronics & Telecommunication,


25 months at Wipro Technologies

Knows English, Hindi, Bhasa Indonesia

Shantanu Kumar

BE - Electronics & Telecommunication


Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai

24 Months at iGATE Global Solutions Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Gautam Malhotra

B.Tech - Computer Science,

Maharaja Agrasen Institute of

Technology, GGSIPU, Delhi

24 Months at Computer Sciences


Knows English, Hindi

Surekha R

B.Tech - Biotechnology, SRM University

24 Months at Tata Consultancy Services,

Lionbridge Technologies

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil, German


Akhil Dhingra

B.Tech - Electronics and


Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of


24 Months at CSC

Knows English, Hindi

Ananya Das

B.Tech - Computer Science

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

24 Months at Tech Mahindra

Knows English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali

Sankuru Anil Kumar

BE - Electronics & Communication

GITAM (Andhra University)

24 Months at iGate Global Solutions

Knows English, Hindi, Telugu

Kushal Khemka

BE - Electronics and Communication

PES School of Engineering

24 Months at Pensol Industries Limited


Knows English, Hindi

Tarun Ajwani

BCom - Commerce,

Ness Wadia College of Commerce

Diploma in Business Finance; CFA Level 1

24 Months at Ernst & Young;

State Street Syntel Services Pvt. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, Sindhi

K Keerthi

B.Tech - Textile Technology

University College of Technology,

Osmania University

24 Months at Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu,


Sharvani Jha

B.Tech - Civil Engineering

Visvesvaraya National Institute of

Technology, Nagpur

23 Months at Jones Lang Lasalle

Knows English, Hindi

Anand M S

BE - Mechanical

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

23 Months at Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, Malyalam, Tamil,


S Alekhya Gayathri

BE - Electronics and Communication


Vasavi College of Engineering

23 Months at Headstrong - a Genpact


Knows English, Hindi, Telegu

S Nirupa

BE - Electronics & Communication

College of Engineering, Guindy

23 Months at VersaGear Products Pvt.

Ltd.; Cognizant Technology Solutions


Knows English, Hindi, Tamil

Jivitesh Patra

B. Tech - Mining Engineering

NIT Rourkela

23 Months at Tata Steel

Knows English, Hindi, Oriya, German,


Meena L

BE - Electrical & Electronics


Velammal Engineering College,

Anna University

23 Months at Infosys Ltd.

Knows English, Tamil,

Malayalam, French (basic),

Japanese (basic)

Nittish V

BE - Electrical and Electronics

M N M Jain engineering College,

Anna University, Chennai

23 Months at Infosys Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,

Telegu, Kannada

Rishabh Joshi

B-Tech - IT

Jaypee University of Information


23 Months at Infosys Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

N Santosh Krishnan

BE - Electrical & Electronics


Hindustan College of

Engineering, Anna University,


22 Months at JSW ISPAT Steel


Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,

Bengali, Malayalam

Kadambari Chakravarthy

BBM - Finance

Jain College

22 Months at Parikrama Humanity


Fidelity Investments

Knows English, Tamil, Kannada

Vidhi Gupta

B.Tech - Cosmetology

LAD and SRP College for

Women, Nagpur

22 Months at

Kalptaru Hospital (Family


Chemspark India Pvt. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, Marathi,

French (Basic)

Neha Gupta

B Tech - Information Technology

NMIMS, Mumbai

22 Months at Infosys

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Nimisha Jain

BBA - Finance

Sinhgad College of Science

22 Months at Parwati Textile

Agency (Family Business)

Knows English, Hindi

Chirag Dagar

B.Com (H) - Commerce

Hans Raj College

22 Months at Spectra ISP



Knows English, Hindi

Anand Nambiar

B.Tech - Electrical and

Electronics Engineering

Amrita School of Engineering

22 Months at Cognizant

Technology Solutions

Knows English, Hindi, Malyalam,


Shubham Goyal

BE - Electronics &


G H Patel College of Engineering

& Technology

21 Months at Tata Consultancy


Knows English, Hindi ,Gujarati

Sindhuja D

B.Tech - Biotechnology

Kumaraguru College of


21 Months at Cognizant

Technology Solutions

Knows English, Tamil

Ankit Kohli

B.Tech - Electronics and


Chitkara Institute of Engineering

and Eechnology

21 Months at Matrix Cellular

Ranstad India

Knows English, Hindi

Mohit Madan Kokil

BE - Printing Technology

P.V.G's C.O.E.T.

21 Months at Inspiration

Knows English, Hindi, Marathi

Samiksha Kamra

BBA - General

Maharaja Surajmal Institute

21 Months at DCM Shriram

Consolidated Ltd.;

Noble Moulds Pvt. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Karthik Koragappa Bhandary

B.E - Computer Science &


Manipal Institute of Technology

21 Months at Al-Qabandi United

Co. W.L.L.(US Army Services);

Al-Mansouriya Consumer Trading

Co. W.L.L. (FMCG Dist.)

Knows English, Hindi, Tulu,

Arabic (Basic)

Avinash Kumar Jha

B.Tech - Electronics and


Faculty of Science and

Technology, Dehradun

20 Months at Accenture;

Google Maps (Serco)

Knows English, Hindi, Maithali

Jayaprasad S

BE - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

Meenakshi Sundararajan

Engineering College/Anna


20 Months at Tata Consultancy


Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Om Joshi

BE - Computer Science

Gogte Institute of Technology,


18 Months at TCS

Knows English, Hindi, Kannada,


Tanmay Srivastava

BE - Mechanical Engineering


18 Months at Perfect Electricals

Pvt. Ltd.;

Larsen and Toubro Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Priyank Kapoor

BE - Computer Science


Thakral College of Technology,


18 Months at Indian Navy;

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Knows English, Hindi

Himanshu Varandani

BE - Computer Engineering

MIT College of Engineering

17 Months at Infosys

Technologies Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi, German,

Marathi, Sindhi

Deepak Bedi

B.Tech - Electronics and


Jaypee Institute of Engineering

and Technology

16 Months at Plus Automation,


Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Garima Bharadwaj

B.Tech - Information Technology


15 Months at PNC Infratech Ltd.;

Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Vikas Sharma

Bachelor Of Management Studies

- Marketing

Raheja College of Arts &


M. Com. - Management, Mumbai


15 Months at JP Morgan

Knows English, Hindi, Marwari

Manoj D

BE - Electronics &


Don Bosco Institute Of


13 Months at Cognizant

Technology Solutions

Knows English, Hindi, Kannada,


Vikram Falor

B Com - Commerce

Loyola College

12 Months at Goldman Sachs

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil

Ankur Baj

BBA - Management

Ansal Institute of Technology,


12 Months at Xchanging


Knows English, Hindi

Pooja Ravi Shankar

BE - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

Thiagarajar College of


12 Months at IBM

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Inder Deep Singh

B.Pharma - Pharmacy

St. Lawerence Pharmacy College

12 Months at Wipro Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Dron Malhotra

BBS - Marketing

Shaheed Sukhdev College of

Business Studies, Delhi


12 Months at MRH Associates

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Nahar Tejas Tushar

BE - Industrial Engineering

Vishwakarma Institute of

Technology, Pune

12 Months at Portescap India Pvt.


Knows English, Hindi, German


Surbhi Sinha

B.Tech - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

Sikkim Manipal Institute of


11 Months at TCS

Knows English, Hindi

Lakshya Chawla

B.Com (H) - Marketing

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

of Commerce

11 Months at Bharat Motors

(Family Business)

Knows English, Hindi

Namita Verma

M.Sc. - Biotechnology

All India Institute of Medical


B.Sc. - Microbiology

Institute of Home Economics,

Delhi University

11 Months at Ayursiddha Inc.

Knows English, Hindi

Rashika Binani

BE - Electrical and Electronics


11 Months at Supreme & Co.

Knows English, Hindi

Maddula Mahendra Avinash

B.Tech - Information Technology

SSN College Of Engineering

10 Months at Career Launcher

Knows English, Hindi, Telegu,


Mrinalini Sri Dosapati

B.Tech - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

Sreenidhi Institute of Science and


10 Months at Cognizant

Technology Solutions

Knows English, Hindi, Telugu

Harshita Preetam

B.Tech - Bioinformatics

SASTRA University

9 Months at Tata Consultancy


Knows English, Hindi, Telegu,


Abhiraj Singh Shaktawat

B.Sc. - Electronic Media

Educational Multimedia Research


8 Months at DB Corp. Ltd.

Knows English, Hindi

Shouvik Bhattacharjee

B.Sc - Mathematics

St. Anthony's College, Shillong

7 Months at IBM Global Process


Knows English, Hindi, Bengali

Aditi Goyal

B.Com - Commerce

School of Open Learning

6 Months at M/s Bindal


Knows English, Hindi

Aishwarya R

B. Com - Commerce

University of Madras

Chartered Accountancy

Institute of Chartered Accountants

of India

6 Months at TCS (Business


Knows English, Gujarati, Tamil,


Patel Khushali Pareshkumar

BE - Electronics and


G. H. Patel College of

Engineering and Technology

6 Months at TCS

Knows English, Hindi, Gujarati


Abhina Mudgal

B Com (H) - Commerce

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

Knows English, Hindi

Anand K V

B.Tech - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

Vidya Academy of Science and


Knows English, Malayalam

Ankit Jain

BBM - Finance

MATS College

Knows English, Hindi, Oriya

Anupam Sabat

BBA - Management

Amity International Business


Knows English, Hindi, Oriya

Ankit Roy

BBA - Management in Marketing

Institute of Engineering and


Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Anirudh Vijay

B.Com - Commerce

R.A. Podar College of Commerce

and Economics

C.A. - Finalist

Institute of Chartered Accountants

of India

Knows English, Hindi, Marathi,


Ankita Pandey

BE - Electronics And


Shri Shankaracharya College of

Engineering And Technology

Knows English, Hindi, Marathi,


Anuj Shrivastava

BSL (Bachelor of Socio-Legal

Sciences) - Law

ILS Law College

Knows English, Hindi, Marathi

Amit Shukla

B.Tech - Electrical and

Electronics Engineering

Krishna Institute of Engineering

and Technology

Knows English, Hindi

Arjun Tiku

BE - Electronics &


K. J. Somaiya College of


Knows English, Hindi


B.Tech - Electronics

Instrumentation & Control

Global Institute of Technology

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Bobby Jacob Philip

B.Com - Marketing


Knows English, Hindi, Bengali,


Bhavesh Kuchhadiya

B.Pharm - Pharmacy

Sinhgad College of Pharmacy,


M.Pharm - Medicinal Chemistry

Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma


Knows English, Hindi, Gujrati,


C Mukund

B.Tech - Electronics &


Jagannath University

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil

Deepak Raj

BBA - International Business

Amity International Business


Knows English, Hindi, Bengali

Deepak Mendiratta


Delhi College of Arts and


Knows English, Hindi

Divya Mehrotra

B.Sc (H) - Physics

Maitreyi College

Knows English, Hindi

Dishank Wadhwa

B.Tech - Electronics and


Technological Institute of Textile

and Sciences

Knows English, Hindi

Earle Prithvi Raj

BE - Electronics and


Raghu Institute of Technology

Knows English, Hindi, Telugu

Esham Agarwal

B.Tech - Computer Science

SRMCEM, Lucknow

Knows English, Hindi

Jeetesh S Irudayraj

B.Com - Finance

Loyola College, Chennai

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Juhi Saini

B.Tech - Electronics And

Communication Engineering

Guru Premsukh Memorial

Collegeof Engineering

Knows English, Hindi

Jyoti Ramakrishnan

B.Com - Commerce

Sivanath Sastri College

Knows English, Hindi, Bengali,

Tamil, German

Ipsita Dharashree Mohanty

B.Tech - Biotechnology

Amity University

Knows English, Hindi, Oriya

Insha Rahman

B.Tech - Information Technology

Guru Nanak Institute of


Knows English, Hindi, Bengali,


Karthick S

BE - Mechanical Engineering

Velammal College of Engineering

and Technology

Knows English, Tamil

Kanika Saxena

BBA - General


Knows English, Hindi

Kamani Nirav Dhinesh

BE - Electronics and


K J Somaiya College of


Knows English, Hindi, Gujrati,


Milu Jacob

BE - Biotechnology & Biochemical


Sree Chitra Thirunal College of


Knows English, Hindi, Malayalam

Mallya Mridula Dayanand

B.Com- Tourism, Commerce

Christ University

Knows English, Hindi, Konkani,


Maitri Anilkumar Patel

B.Sc - Mathematics

St. Xavier's College

Knows English, Hindi, Gujarati

Naman Sreen

B.Tech - Computer Science

Punjabi University, UCOE

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Parul Srivastava

BA - Economics, Statistics,

Mathematics, English

Miranda House

Knows English, Hindi

Priyank Patel

BE - Mechatronics Engineering

G H Patel College of Engineering

& Techology

Knows English, Hindi, Gujarati

Pulkit Kohli

BBA (General) - Finance

Amity School of Business, Amity

University, Noida

Knows English, Hindi, French

Popuri Aditya Krishna

BE - Electronics and


Birla Institute of Technology

Knows English, Hindi, Telugu

Rachna Menon

B.Com - Commerce

Rajagiri College of Management

and Applied Sciences

Knows English, Hindi, Malyalam

Ramyaa Ramesh

B.Tech - Computer Science


SRM University

Knows English, Hindi, Sanskrit,

German, Tamil

Reha Aggarwal

B.Com - Economics

SD College, Chandigarh

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Runzhun Gangrade

B.Sc - Electronic Media

Educational Multimedia Research


Knows English, Hindi

Sachin Sood

B.Com - Commerce

D A V. College, Chandigarh

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Sach Sehgal

BBA - International Business

Amity International Business


Knows English, Hindi

Saheel Uday Joshi

BE - Computer Science



Knows English, Hindi, Marathi,


Sanjay Dutt Gajja

B.Tech - Computer Science

JECRC, Jodhpur

Knows English, Hindi, Marwari

Shilpa Kevlani

B.Com - Computer Application

Renaissance College, Indore

Knows English, Hindi

Shiven Saluja

B. Sc - Hospitality and Hotel


IHM Pusa

Knows English , Hindi, Punjabi

Shruti Venugopalan

BE - Computer Engineering

De La Salle University, Manila

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Srinivassan R

B.Com - Finance

Loyola College, Chennai

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,


Sriram S

B.Com - Accounting & Finance

Christ University

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil.

Kannada, French

Sudeep Saini

B.Sc (H) - Physics

Miranda House, Delhi University

Knows English, Hindi

Sundeep Babbar

B.Com (Hons.) - Commerce

S G T B Khalsa College, Delhi


Knows English, Hindi

Surbhi Khanna

B.Com - Commerce

Government College for Women,

Ludhiana, Panjab University

Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Surya Murali

B.Tech - IT

Sri Venkateswara College of


Knows English, Tamil

Susan Cheeran Chandy

BA - Arts

Stella Maris College

Knows English, Hindi, Malyalam,


Sushama Vasudevan

B.Com - Marketing

MOP Vaishnav College for


Knows English, Hindi, Malayalam,


S. V. Ramaswamy

B-Tech - Electronics and

Communication Engineering

VIT University

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil,

Telugu, Malayalam

Swetha Subhaschandran

B.Com - Marketing Management

M.O.P. Vaishnav College for


Knows English, Hindi, Malayalam,


T N Ranjana

B.Sc - Physics Chemistry


MES Degree College of Arts,

Commerce and Science

Knows English, Hindi, Kannada,


Tulsi Choudhury

BBA - Commerce

Utkal University

Knows English, Hindi, Bengali,


Varun Talwar

B.Tech - Electronics &


Lingaya's Institute of

Management and Technology,


Maharishi Dayanand University,


Knows English, Hindi, Punjabi

Vijay Krishnan A

B.Tech - Aerospace Engineering

Amrita School of Engineering

Knows English, Hindi, Tamil

Great Lakes Dr. Bala V. Balachandar LEED Platinum-rated Green Campus at Chennai

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Great Lakes Institute of Management

City Office : 19, North Mada Street, Srinagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai - 600 015. Ph : +91 44 4312 3126.

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