May 2009 - American Philatelic Society

May 2009 - American Philatelic Society

May 2009 - American Philatelic Society


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<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong><br />

Womenon<br />


Pittsburgh<br />

APS<br />

StampShow<br />

August 6–9<br />

David L. Lawrence<br />

Convention Center<br />

Interim Executive Director<br />

Ken Martin, ext. 218<br />

kpmartin@stamps.org<br />

Director of Internal Operations<br />

Rick Banks, ext. 216<br />

rbanks@stamps.org<br />

Director of Library Services<br />

Gini Horn, ext. 246<br />

gini@stamps.org<br />

Manager of Membership Administration<br />

Judy Johnson, ext. 210<br />

judy@stamps.org<br />

Address Changes: requests@stamps.org<br />

Director of Education<br />

Gretchen Moody, ext. 239<br />

gretchen @stamps.org<br />

Young Stamp Collectors of America<br />

Janet Houser, ext. 238<br />

jehouser@stamps.org<br />

Director of Expertizing<br />

Mercer Bristow, ext. 205<br />

mercer@stamps.org<br />

Director of Information Technology<br />

Brian Krasinski, ext. 220<br />

brian@stamps.org<br />

Exhibits • Dealers<br />

Seminars • Youth Area<br />

First Day Ceremonies<br />

APS Membership Meeting<br />

Beginner Activities<br />

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<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research Library<br />

100 Match Factory Place • Bellefonte, PA 16823<br />

Phone: 814-933-3803 • Fax: 814-933-6128<br />

Director of the Sales Division<br />

Thomas W. Horn, ext. 227<br />

twhorn@stamps.org<br />

Director of Internet Sales<br />

Renee Gardner, ext. 270<br />

StampStore@stamps.org<br />

Director of Shows and Exhibitions<br />

Dana Guyer, ext. 207<br />

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Barb Johnson, ext. 217<br />

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ἀe <strong>American</strong> Philatelist<br />

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Fred Baumann, ext. 212<br />

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APS Official Family<br />

–2008–<strong>2009</strong>–<br />

President<br />

Wade E. Saadi<br />

93 80th Street<br />

Brooklyn, NY 11209<br />

wade@pencom.com<br />

Board of Vice Presidents<br />

Nicholas A. Lombardi<br />

8605@comcast.net<br />

Steven J. Rod<br />

sjrod@aol.com<br />

David L. Straight<br />

dls@library.wustl.edu<br />

100 Match Factory Place<br />

Bellefonte, PA 16823<br />

Secretary<br />

Wayne Youngblood<br />

P.O. Box 111<br />

Scandinavia, WI 54977<br />

youngblood@tds.net<br />

Treasurer<br />

W. Danforth Walker<br />

P.O. Box 99<br />

Lisbon, MD 21765<br />

dan@insurecollectibles.com<br />

Directors-at-Large<br />

Michael D. Dixon<br />

3439 N.E. Sandy Boulevard, PMB 252<br />

Portland, OR 97232-1959<br />

mdd10@att.net<br />

Joann Lenz<br />

P.O. Box 296<br />

Sterling Heights, MI 48311-0296<br />

joann@stampsjoann.net<br />

Robert P. Odenweller<br />

P.O. Box 401<br />

Bernardsville, NJ 07924-0401<br />

OdenwelRP@yahoo.com<br />

Denise L. Stotts<br />

P.O. Box 690042<br />

Houston, TX 77269-0042<br />

stottsjd@swbell.net<br />

Immediate Past President<br />

Janet Klug<br />

6854 Newtonsville Road<br />

Pleasant Plain, OH 45162<br />

tongajan@aol.com<br />

APS Insurance Plan<br />

Hugh Wood Inc.<br />

P.O. Box 414, Bowling Green Station<br />

New York, NY 10274-0414<br />

Toll Free: 888-APS-6494<br />

Phone: 212-509-3777<br />

Fax: 212-509-4906<br />

insurance@stamps.org<br />

Stamp Theft Committee<br />

Ephraim W. Day<br />

2700 Lake Avenue<br />

Cheverly, MD 20785-3038<br />

stamptheft@msn.com<br />

410 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

AP<br />

Volume 123 • No. 5 • Whole No. 1,300<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong><br />

445 Women & Stamps — Festival for<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Women & New APS Stamp Albums<br />

448 Achtung Panzer! Panzer Division Feldpost<br />

by Rene Chavez Detailed resource and introduction to<br />

collecting and researching World War II German Panzer Feldpost.<br />

457 <strong>2009</strong> APS Election of<br />

Officers — Directions for voting.<br />

458 <strong>2009</strong> APS Election Candidates’<br />

Statements<br />

467 Duties of Directors & Officers<br />

of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong> — Taken from the APS<br />

Bylaws.<br />

468 Bylaws of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong> (APS) — Proposed Revisions<br />

(January <strong>2009</strong>).<br />

Featured Columns<br />

437 Collecting Coast to Coast — Wayne L. Youngblood<br />

The Oddballs of Bull’s-Eye Collecting — “Challenging to<br />

collect” cancels don’t always translate to “Expensive to collect.”<br />

504 Worldwide in a Nutshell — Bob Lamb<br />

Republic of Finland — Governed first by Sweden for nearly<br />

700 years and then by Russia for another century, Finland<br />

finally declared its independence in 1917.<br />

Page 338<br />

APS News<br />

Advertisers Online 494<br />

Classifieds 498<br />

From the Executive Director 479<br />

In the Know: High Technology<br />

& Counterfeiting 480<br />

Index of Advertisers 501<br />

Letters to the Editor 418<br />

Membership Report 496<br />

President’s Column 412<br />

Sales Talk 482<br />

Show Time 484<br />

U.S. New Issues 502<br />

Featured Online<br />

Bus Mail: Highway Post Offices —<br />

The Commercial Cover Issue<br />

by Nancy B. Clark In search of<br />

commercial mail handled by<br />

the short-lived HPO mail pickup,<br />

transportation, and distribution system<br />

Since 1887<br />

ἀ e Premier <strong>Philatelic</strong> Magazine in the Nation<br />

Barbara Boal • Editor<br />

baboal@stamps.org<br />

Bonny Farmer • Associate Editor<br />

bfarmer@stamps.org<br />

Doris Wilson • Webmaster/<br />

Associate Graphics Designer<br />

doris@stamps.org<br />

Fred Baumann • Public Relations<br />

fred@stamps.org<br />

Helen Bruno • Advertising Manager<br />

hlbruno@stamps.org • adsales@stamps.org<br />

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president’s column<br />

by wade saadi<br />

The <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

— Today & Tomorrow<br />

As you may already be aware, Executive Director Peter Mastrangelo will leave<br />

the APS on April 30th. Deputy Executive Director Ken Martin will then assume<br />

the role of Interim Executive Director. Indicated in my letter below to<br />

the membership that was posted to the APS website on March 25, the <strong>Society</strong> is facing<br />

many difficult financial challenges.<br />

I wish Peter the best in his future endeavors and will miss him in the days to come.<br />

However, in this time of transition, we must keep our eyes on the goal and focus on the<br />

processes to achieve those targets.<br />

As your <strong>Society</strong> makes these difficult decisions and transitions, we need your continued support. You can<br />

help by renewing your APS membership at the patron or supporting level when you receive your dues renewal.<br />

You can also help by recruiting a new member or by making a donation to the Campaign for Philately. Participate<br />

in the President’s Challenge and help the hobby grow: www.stamps.org/Videos/index.htm<br />

I pledge my best to accomplish the new APS Vision. Please make this pledge with me.<br />

AmericAn PhilAtelic <strong>Society</strong><br />

93 80th Street • Brooklyn, NY 11209-3511<br />

Phone: 212-513-7777, ext. 109 • Fax: 212-513-1975 • wade@pencom.com<br />

Wade E. Saadi<br />

President<br />

March 25, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Our <strong>Society</strong> is a dynamic one, and as such, it needs to respond to the forces that affect it. In November 2008 the Boards approved<br />

<strong>2009</strong> budgets that included use of $442,000 in unrestricted donations. 1 The Boards agreed that this was not prudent<br />

and that they would establish a process to address the long-term issue. In January <strong>2009</strong> the Boards approved the creation of<br />

a Long Range Planning Committee to investigate and recommend plans of action to the Boards.<br />

Using most of our donations to balance this operating deficit is imprudent. To correct this situation, we must bring spending<br />

in line with income. Otherwise, we cannot continue as a viable organization responsible to our membership.<br />

In February, the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> (APS) board and the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research Library (APRL) board<br />

authorized the formation of a Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) to investigate and recommend plans of action to<br />

them. The committee comprises:<br />

APRL President — Ken Grant<br />

APRL Treasurer — Jack Flannery<br />

APS President — Wade Saadi<br />

APS Treasurer — Dan Walker<br />

APS Immediate Past President — Janet Klug<br />

Executive Director (CEO) — Peter Mastrangelo [Will be leaving APS on April 30th <strong>2009</strong>]<br />

Deputy Executive Director (COO) — Ken Martin<br />

Controller (CFO) — Rick Banks<br />

John Barwis<br />

1 Financial Information can be found at http://www.stamps.org/almanac/alm_Reports.htm<br />

412 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

The LRPC has met several times since and has reported to the boards accordingly; the LRPC acting as a facilitator. It is the<br />

LRPC goal to provide the APS/APRL boards with recommendations on reducing the operating budget deficit by April 30th<br />

<strong>2009</strong>, and a 20-year plan that will be presented by StampShow in Pittsburgh. While understanding that it is impossible to<br />

“see” that far ahead, it is better to think and plan for long-range contingencies than to simply take things as they come.<br />

Going forward, the APS/APRL shall provide for balanced operating budgets, so that cash in equals cash out.<br />

The plan shall be based on realistic assumptions rather than hope; the logic here is that if tactics yield better results than<br />

expected, they will not have the negative ramifications of coming up short on the forecast. The APS/APRL can no longer<br />

afford to maintain a “wait and see” way of thinking.<br />

The plan shall rank-order existing programs based on comparisons of net costs and value to members, so the APS/APRL<br />

boards can get a rough idea of cost per member using the service and the significance of the service to the membership.<br />

This is being done so that we know which of our services are cost effective and which need to be retooled.<br />

The APS/APRL Campaign for Philately will be re-energizing our fundraising efforts and need your continued generous<br />

help and support. Donations of any amount are important and appreciated. We will also be ramping up solicitations of large<br />

donations, grants, multi-year pledges, and bequests. If you can help, please contact me — wade@pencom.com<br />

The trend of membership loss needs to be abated and APS/APRL need to use modern technology (the new APS website<br />

to be launched by Stampshow, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to the maximum to retain our current members and attract new<br />

members. Diversifying our membership gives us the best shot of growing our membership and a diversity committee is in<br />

the process of being formed.<br />

Lastly, the boards will be reviewing all of the physical assets of the APS and APRL to see how they may best be utilized.<br />

Four years ago the APS Board of Directors approved the below Vision for the APS Strategic Plan (in regular text). To ensure<br />

a strong, bright future for the APS and APRL, the boards are considering adding the italicized sentence:<br />

APS Vision — The <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> encourages and promotes the philatelic arts as endeavors that are relaxing,<br />

mentally stimulating and historically and culturally important; and is the national center in serving and supporting members<br />

who engage in philatelic and related arts. ἀ e APS will achieve its vision in a financially responsible way that exemplifies<br />

good stewardship of the members’ investments in the <strong>Society</strong>, and ensures the <strong>Society</strong>’s long-term continuity.<br />

We have a lot of work to do, to get to where we need to be, but I am confident of the outcome — a financially secure <strong>Society</strong><br />

in which all members will continue to take pride. I believe it in my heart and feel it in my bones.<br />

Respectfully,<br />

Wade E. Saadi<br />

Staff Spotlight<br />

Lisa Clemson, Staff Accountant<br />

“I’ve enjoyed meeting many of our members and also<br />

recruiting some new ones. ἀ e APS is a terrific place to<br />

work, and we really are a family here.”<br />

I came to the APS as a business student in high school<br />

in <strong>May</strong>1980 for a two-week on-the-job training program<br />

we were required to do our senior year. I saw “<strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>” among the options we could choose for<br />

training, and asked my instructor about it. He said it was<br />

all about stamp collecting, and that it would be a good<br />

place to go, with many different things to do there. I said,<br />

“Send me there.” Later, one week before graduation, APS<br />

Sales Division Director Gordon Wrenn called and asked<br />

me if I wanted a job. I started the week<br />

after I got my diploma, and the rest is<br />

history!<br />

I started in Sales Division as a clerk,<br />

doing whatever was asked of me. In<br />

those days, we had no computers and<br />

everything was processed by typewriters<br />

and addressograph plates. A<br />

couple of years later I became Gordon<br />

Wrenn’s secretary, and that’s where I stayed until March<br />

of 1987 when I moved over to the Accounting Department,<br />

where I’ve been ever since. My first duties were to<br />

process all Sales Division income, all <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Research Library income and expenses, all fund-raising<br />

414 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

income, and to send out receipts for donations. We did<br />

not have accounting software back then, so I posted all<br />

the monthly accounting transactions to the general ledger<br />

by hand. Every entry in the four-inch-thick ledger book<br />

had to be added by calculator. The balance at the end had<br />

to equal zero or you had to look at all your postings to be<br />

sure your debits and credits were correct and add again.<br />

Have I mentioned how much I love accounting software?<br />

I was promoted to head bookkeeper — or Staff Accountant,<br />

as it is referred to today — in 1993, and that’s<br />

where I’ve been ever since. Among my responsibilities<br />

are maintaining the three major checking accounts (APS,<br />

Sales Division, and Internet Sales Unit); processing all<br />

<strong>Society</strong> disbursements; generating the AP display billing;<br />

and keeping track of payments. I also process all income<br />

and balance the accounts for the two national-level stamp<br />

shows that the APS organizes each summer and winter,<br />

the next one being StampShow <strong>2009</strong> in Pittsburgh. I<br />

pretty much process all other income and maintain the<br />

day-to-day operation accounts except for the Sales Division<br />

and APRL. I’ve also been given the wonderful opportunity<br />

to travel to two or three World Series of Philately<br />

shows a year for the past four or five years to represent the<br />

APS. I’ve enjoyed meeting many of our members and also<br />

recruiting some new ones. The APS is a terrific place to<br />

work, and we really are a family here.<br />

I have been married to my husband Kirk for almost 23<br />

years. We bleed Penn State blue and white and have season<br />

football tickets. I am also a New York Mets fan, which<br />

makes baseball season interesting in our house since my<br />

husband is a Philadelphia Phillies fan! We enjoy traveling,<br />

and we try to go someplace new every year. I collect cookbooks<br />

and love cooking and am lucky to have a husband<br />

who isn’t afraid to try new foods or anything I make.<br />

Log On Today!<br />

www.stamps.org<br />

416 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

letters to the editor<br />

My Views Exactly<br />

Terence Hines’ “The Culture of Complaint<br />

in Stamp Collecting” (March AP,<br />

page 196) expressed my views exactly. I<br />

always read the Letters to the Editor first<br />

and never ceased to be amazed at the<br />

agony that many collectors experience in<br />

the course of pursuing this incredibly interesting<br />

hobby. Complaints, when there<br />

is so much to savor and enjoy. And next,<br />

I always read the wonderfully informative<br />

articles by fellow Wisconsinite,<br />

Wayne Youngblood.<br />

John Pare<br />

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin<br />

Rude and Insulting<br />

I thought the article by Terence<br />

Hines, titled “The Culture of Complaint<br />

in Stamp Collecting,” was rude<br />

and insulting to stamp collectors. I am<br />

surprised that ἀe <strong>American</strong> Philatelist<br />

would publish such an article.<br />

While I agree with the writer that<br />

many of the complaints by some stamp<br />

collectors are superfluous and petty, to<br />

call these collectors in a published article<br />

whining, moaning, selfish, out of touch,<br />

bad tempered, cranky people who sit<br />

around looking for things to complain<br />

about, and “We all know the type” is, in<br />

my view bad tempered itself.<br />

If anyone is to blame for this complaints<br />

“culture,” it is that stamp publications<br />

take the trouble of publishing an<br />

unending series of such complaints in<br />

every issue. Enough is enough. I suggest<br />

that we call a moratorium on publishing<br />

petty complaints and, in its place, emphasize<br />

the fun and educational benefits<br />

of our hobby.<br />

Herb Meyers<br />

New Rochelle, New York<br />

I Like Us<br />

I am shocked and amazed that Terence<br />

Hines would lower himself to mix<br />

with others of us in this stamp collecting<br />

hobby, or that he would take the time to<br />

bother writing on the premise that he is<br />

going to change any of us.<br />

Not that I haven’t been called worse,<br />

but in the course of Hines’ diatribe, he<br />

calls us stamp collectors (or at least some<br />

of us) whiners, complainers, cranky,<br />

trivial, quitters, selfish, cheap, gripers,<br />

moan(ers), bad tempered, fussy old<br />

coots, anti-social, nasty, and ill-tempered.<br />

WOW! He missed calling us fussbudgets,<br />

curmudgeons, geezers, and<br />

grumpy old men.<br />

But he’s not far off. Here is the truth<br />

as I see it:<br />

1. Yes, we are a bunch of whiners,<br />

because we have to make critical<br />

decisions about minute details in<br />

order to have the best collection<br />

we can. We look at two stamps and<br />

decide if we want the one with the<br />

straight edge or the pin hole, the<br />

one with a heavy hinge remnant<br />

or with a heavy cancel. We look at<br />

centering first when purchasing<br />

even new stamps at the Post Office,<br />

and ask for a different copy of the<br />

one we were given isn’t up to our<br />

standards. And we absolutely HATE<br />

pen cancels! Hines may see us as<br />

whiners, but we have spent our lives<br />

being discriminating collectors. We<br />

are not shy in speaking our minds<br />

when things aren’t as we hoped they<br />

might be.<br />

2. Yes, we are a group of old coots,<br />

mostly men (my apologies to<br />

those who aren’t old, or men).<br />

Demographic studies have<br />

ascertained that we are an aging<br />

hobby. And if Hines wants to<br />

criticize those of us who ARE active<br />

in the hobby, he may succeed in<br />

getting a few more of us to quit, but<br />

he won’t recruit younger enthusiasts<br />

to our passion with a letter like his.<br />

3. Yes, we are anti-social. On the<br />

Myers-Briggs personality scale, I’m<br />

sure that most of us will score as<br />

“introverts,” as we are energized by<br />

sitting with little pieces of paper and<br />

catalogues and albums all day long<br />

and loving it. An extrovert who is<br />

energized by being around other<br />

people would have gone nuts in our<br />

hobby long ago, and given or sold<br />

his collection and used the profit to<br />

have friends in for a party! It’s no<br />

wonder stamp clubs don’t attract<br />

new members. Introverts don’t join<br />

clubs, and if we do go, the other<br />

418 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

introverts are too shy to talk to us,<br />

anyway.<br />

4. Yes, we are cheap. Most of us worked<br />

hard all our lives, and are happy<br />

to have some time to get involved<br />

in our stamps now that we are<br />

retired and out children are grown<br />

and out of the house, and, by the<br />

way, if we are still married, she is a<br />

saint for putting up with us. And<br />

we know the cost of building our<br />

collections. It’s not just the stamps.<br />

It’s the albums, the acid-free pages<br />

and plastic sheet protectors, the<br />

mounts, the annual catalogues, the<br />

tongs, the perforation guides, the<br />

color chart, stronger and stronger<br />

magnifying glasses as the years pass,<br />

the periodical subscriptions, not to<br />

mention “shipping and handling”<br />

added on to everything that comes<br />

to the house (and don’t they know<br />

we can really see just how much<br />

they paid to send it to us?). And we<br />

know that we (or our heirs) will be<br />

lucky to get half the “actual cash<br />

value” the catalogues list when we<br />

wish to sell, with nothing added<br />

for the pages, mounts, or other<br />

expenses that go with preserving<br />

our precious little darlings. We<br />

save where we can, so that we can<br />

continue to enjoy this hobby we<br />

love.<br />

5. Yes, we are complainers. Hines is<br />

critical of us for being this way<br />

(isn’t it strange, he writes a rant of<br />

complaint about complainers!).<br />

But we know our hobby. We have<br />

definite ideas about how we would<br />

like our world to operate, and we<br />

hope that by expressing ourselves<br />

out loud or in print, others might<br />

join our cause and help to make<br />

the world and our hobby a better<br />

place to spend our time and money.<br />

Does that make us so bad that we<br />

have to read a diatribe about who<br />

we are and how we behave in our<br />

own organization’s journal? Perhaps<br />

Hines should be reprimanded for<br />

not being nicer to us.<br />

If you don’t fit into my categories,<br />

please don’t get mad at me, or even that<br />

complainer Hines. It takes all kinds<br />

to make the world go round, and one<br />

could do worse than spend a life associating<br />

with stamp collectors, even if we<br />

are sometimes whining, anti-social, old<br />

coot, cheap complainers. I happen to like<br />

us, and am pleased to associate with us!<br />

Rev. Robert L. Anderson<br />

York, Pennsylvania<br />

Living Green<br />

Matt Todd’s letter in the March issue<br />

of the AP (“Old Faithful,” page 200),<br />

regarding almost inevitable damage<br />

to stamps on Express Mail and Priority<br />

Mail envelopes, raises another point:<br />

they are designed so that the envelopes<br />

themselves cannot be reused. In this age<br />

of recycling and “living green,” this is certainly<br />

undesirable also. An examination<br />

of about half a dozen varieties of mailing<br />

envelopes and boxes in my local post office<br />

turned up only one marked “Made<br />

with recycled materials.” All the rest said<br />

only “Please recycle.” It seems to me that<br />

the Postal Service needs to look at their<br />

policies in this area, to bring them in line<br />

with current philosophy.<br />

George Ashman<br />

Palmerton, Pennsylvania<br />

422 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Mending Tape<br />

I just finished reading the article<br />

“Yes, There Are Some Rules” by Ada Prill<br />

(March AP, page 222) and agree with<br />

everything that is said, especially the use<br />

of “Scotch Tape.” However, the statement<br />

“Tempted to fix a small tear on a cover<br />

with tape? Don’t do it!” could have been<br />

expanded. This statement should only<br />

apply to using “Scotch Tape,” as there is<br />

a tape that can be used without a problem.<br />

I collect and research stampless<br />

folded letters, which are letters that were<br />

written before the issuance of postage<br />

stamps. A letter was written and folded<br />

in such a way that the contents were not<br />

visible. It was then sealed with a wax seal,<br />

and taken to the post office for mailing.<br />

When letters that have been folded for<br />

over 150 years and are then unfolded<br />

to read, you may discover seam splits,<br />

tears, and pieces missing. You can’t do<br />

anything about the missing pieces, but<br />

you can do something about the tears<br />

and seam splits.<br />

I use an archival mending tape to<br />

repair these problems. It is very thin,<br />

extremely transparent, non-yellowing,<br />

has a neutral pH, and is available from<br />

University Products in Massachusetts. I<br />

have had no problems with repairs that<br />

were done 20 years ago.<br />

Of course, it is up to the collector, to<br />

repair or not repair, but paper that is 150<br />

years old can be quite brittle, and I do<br />

not want to cause more damage to the<br />

letter.<br />

Ken Hall<br />

Las Vegas, Nevada<br />

Thanks for the Help<br />

Thank you APS for educating this<br />

new collector. Well, not really a new collector.<br />

I collected stamps in the forties<br />

when for fifteen cents at the dime store<br />

you could buy a used Columbian. I’ll be<br />

eighty next year and thought it was time<br />

to return to the stamp book.<br />

The article on rules by Ada Prill was<br />

real helpful. Thanks Ada.<br />

Wayne Youngblood’s article on SOTN<br />

was great. After reading Wayne’s article, I<br />

brought out the used stamps and this is<br />

what I found (Scott 899). I have no idea<br />

if it has any value or not. Thought your<br />

readers might like<br />

to see one that looks<br />

perfect to me.<br />

Richard G.<br />

Hutchins<br />

Fowlerville,<br />

Michigan<br />

Bull’s-Eyes<br />

A few comments on Wayne Youngblood’s<br />

column in the March AP, “Bull’s-<br />

Eye Cancel Collecting (page 216). As an<br />

old timer from the post office, started in<br />

1946, I recall with horror learning about<br />

canceling stamps with the town and<br />

date.<br />

Naturally, being the junior man, I<br />

was the hand stamper, taking care of the<br />

non-machinable pieces. Not knowing<br />

any better, I just wacked away and hit the<br />

stamps with the town and date part as<br />

well as the defacer. My boss came over,<br />

gave me hell, and told me to “never” use<br />

the town and date part of the handstamp<br />

to cancel the stamps. My “nobody told<br />

me” excuse didn’t work. In those days,<br />

learn by making a mistake was how you<br />

learned in the old P.O. I also remember<br />

428 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

when they came out with roller cancellers<br />

and changed the rules to allow the<br />

town and date to show on stamps.<br />

I also recall when in stamp magazines,<br />

especially club bulletins, would<br />

show you how to make a gauge out of<br />

cardboard to correctly place a stamp on<br />

your mail piece so that the town and<br />

date hit the stamp exactly and you had a<br />

real “socked on the nose” stamp.<br />

I am not a collector of these items,<br />

but I agree that the new computer-generated<br />

postmarks are for the birds. It<br />

was always fun to get a postmark from<br />

Greasy Elbow or High Stakes. I have a<br />

friend who always mailed his Christmas<br />

cards from a town that matched his last<br />

name, which I thought was real cool, but<br />

no more for him.<br />

Jim Luddy<br />

Swansea, Massachusetts<br />

More To Discuss<br />

Marty Bratzel’s article in the March<br />

AP (“A Modern Forged Postmark,” page<br />

238) provides more to discuss than<br />

meets the eye. First, a user of a Canadian<br />

postage meter who swaps between the<br />

Canadian die and a U.S. die defrauds the<br />

U.S. Postal Service of postage, because<br />

all the postage logged on the Canadian<br />

meter goes to Canada Post. Next, we<br />

must question how the user managed<br />

to swap dies. A postage meter is supposed<br />

to be locked against tampering.<br />

Only the Canada Post or a Pitney Bowes<br />

representative would be allowed to have<br />

a key. Next, the meter shown was a U.S.<br />

Official Mail die. This Canadian company<br />

was fraudulently representing itself as<br />

a branch of the U.S. Government. That<br />

$300 penalty statement would be applied<br />

to each instance of use. The greater part<br />

of the story would be to determine just<br />

how they got their hands on this U.S. Official<br />

meter die.<br />

I would think the U.S. Postal inspectors<br />

would come down on this company<br />

pretty hard for all of these offenses before<br />

they got around to complaining about<br />

the forged canceller or the date issues. I<br />

wonder how it happened that someone<br />

didn’t get a very large fine or even end up<br />

doing some jail time.<br />

David Crotty<br />

Editor, Meter Stamp<br />

<strong>Society</strong> Quarterly Bulletin<br />

Covington, Kentucky<br />

430 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

‘Forged Postmark’ —<br />

Author Update<br />

Re: “A Modern Forged Postmark”<br />

(March AP, page 238).<br />

Permit me to update two bits of information.<br />

While my article was in the<br />

queue awaiting publication, the postage<br />

rate for a letter from Canada to the United<br />

States increased (January <strong>2009</strong>) to 98<br />

Canadian cents, but the Goods and Services<br />

Tax (GST) decreased (January 1,<br />

2008) from 6% to 5%. Even with the significant<br />

fluctuation in the currency exchange<br />

rate over the past several months,<br />

it remains considerably less expensive to<br />

post letters in Detroit.<br />

Marty Bratzel<br />

Windsor, Ontario<br />

A Proof? An Essay?<br />

This message is in response to Ray E.<br />

Carter’s “Is It a Proof? Is It an Essay? in<br />

the March AP (page 214).<br />

For many years, before retiring, I<br />

worked as a graphic designer for a global<br />

corporation. And now I’m still used as<br />

an active consultant for the same organization.<br />

Since the conception of the<br />

computer, there have been revisions<br />

in the titling of the parts of the printed<br />

piece. The computer has allowed the<br />

“shipping” of “PDF (Portable Document<br />

Format) Proof ” copies to the customer<br />

via e-mail. These files cannot be edited<br />

by the customer unless he/she has a full<br />

version of Adobe Acrobat®. And we, as<br />

designers, do not want these files edited.<br />

We like the customer to make a “Hard<br />

Copy Proof,” mark it up and return the<br />

copy to the designer.<br />

PDF files also allow the shipping of<br />

readable documents between Apple and<br />

PC systems. The use of Adobe Acrobat<br />

(PDF) Reader® is available to all computer<br />

owners as a free download from<br />

Adobe at www.adobe.com.<br />

This method of proofing continues<br />

along the full production line until the<br />

printer needs the actual live graphic files.<br />

The live files allow the printer to print<br />

the final product from a more adjustable<br />

software program. And these files can<br />

be uploaded to the printer’s “FTP (File<br />

Transfer Protocol) Site” via the Internet.<br />

Or the commercial printer could print<br />

the final piece from a high-resolution<br />

PDF file. But most do not prefer this<br />

route. With this system, there is no need<br />

for personal contact with the printing<br />

vendor.<br />

So, the words we are now using are<br />

“PDF Proof,” “Hard Copy Proof,” “Press<br />

Proof,” “Production Proof,” and “FTP<br />

Site.”<br />

Keep up the good work.<br />

Bob Stolarz<br />

Hamilton, New Jersey<br />

Beethoven Connection<br />

It is quite rare to run across classical<br />

music-related articles in ἀe <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist. The last article on classical<br />

music was published exactly one year<br />

ago: my own “Mysterious Conductor<br />

on a Japanese Stamp” (March 2008,<br />

page 234). I was, therefore, pleasantly<br />

surprised to see Michael O. Nowlan’s<br />

“Finding a Beethoven Connection in the<br />

United States and Canada” in the March<br />

AP (page 242).<br />

432 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

There were nine illustrations in Mr.<br />

Nowlan’s article. Every one of them was<br />

explained in both caption and text, except<br />

for the “Wills’s Cigarettes” card<br />

showing a portrait of Beethoven (page<br />

242). I was baffled by this omission —<br />

whatever the reason might be.<br />

The Beethoven cigarette card in<br />

question was published by Wills’s Cigarettes,<br />

W.D. & H.O. Wills in Bristol and<br />

London; the Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.<br />

of Great Britain and Ireland. It was from<br />

a series titled “Musical Celebrities” in<br />

two sets. The first set was published in<br />

1912, the second in 1914; each set contained<br />

fifty musical celebrities such as<br />

composers, conductors, opera singers<br />

and instrumentalists. A brief biographical<br />

sketch was printed on the back of<br />

each card along with the serial number<br />

and name of the tobacco company. The<br />

Beethoven card was no. 5 in the first set.<br />

David Shaw<br />

Boulder, Colorado<br />

Anti-Semitic Currency<br />

I really enjoyed Ralph Harpuder’s<br />

article, “My Parents’ Wedding & Rabbi<br />

Joachim Prinz,” in the March AP (page<br />

232). It is always interesting when one<br />

can tie family history to the broader story<br />

of world history. I would like to make<br />

a point of clarification to this otherwise<br />

excellent article. Mr. Harpuder states on<br />

the first page that “A good example is the<br />

anti-Semitic currency issued in August<br />

1923. On the back of the 100 million<br />

marks is a verse that translates as ‘The<br />

Jews took our Gold, the Silver and the<br />

Bacon, and left us with this Garbage.’”<br />

On page 234 he provides an example<br />

of the front and back of the 100 million<br />

mark bill. The front of the bill is authentic<br />

as it was issued by the Reich Bank<br />

(Germany’s central bank). However, the<br />

original note was blank on the back. The<br />

German Government of 1923 was commonly<br />

referred to as the Weimar Republic<br />

and inflation was rampant. This note<br />

was literally not worth the paper it was<br />

printed on. The Weimar government<br />

was not particularly anti-Semitic. The<br />

verse that Mr. Harpuder refers to was<br />

printed on the 100 million mark bill by<br />

the National Socialist Workers Party, or<br />

Nazi Party, as a propaganda technique.<br />

The verse also urges the German people<br />

to follow Hitler.<br />

In 1923 Adolf Hitler was an obscure<br />

regional politician, and his Nazi party<br />

had little influence outside of Bavaria.<br />

However, the use of the 100 million mark<br />

note is an example of the sophisticated<br />

propaganda machine that the fledgling<br />

party was developing in its virulent anti-<br />

Semitic campaign. Why did the German<br />

government leave the back side blank?<br />

Probably to save ink and speed the printing<br />

process. This economy effort unwittingly<br />

provided Hitler and the Nazi Party<br />

with a cheap propaganda tool. I am not<br />

a serious collector of German inflation<br />

currency, but I do note that some other<br />

bills were printed on both sides. I wonder<br />

if this was to prevent further use of<br />

the bills by the Nazis?<br />

George M. Lauderbaugh<br />

Jacksonville, Alabama<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 433

Great Story<br />

My wife is a nanny of a seven-yearold<br />

boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He<br />

is highly functional and actually quite<br />

brilliant, but he does have his problems.<br />

Recently he started collecting stamps off<br />

envelopes. I have a great many duplicates<br />

which I don’t need, and have started giving<br />

him some. He is delighted and is<br />

starting to collect stamps in earnest. After<br />

talking with my wife, it became clear<br />

that he needed a stock book to organize<br />

his stamps. I happened to have an empty<br />

stockbook that suited his immediate<br />

needs, which I gladly gave to him. I also<br />

posted on an e-list a request for people<br />

to send me stamps to give to this young<br />

collector. In response, I received in the<br />

mail a large manila envelope filled with<br />

thousands of stamps. My wife passed<br />

them along to him in a shoebox. He<br />

was delighted to no end. His mother<br />

has pitched in to help him organize the<br />

stamps by country, and I’ve ordered a<br />

new and larger stockbook for him, which<br />

he will now need, plus I also ordered a<br />

magnifying glass. My wife helps him,<br />

too. It is so heart-warming to see this<br />

young boy take to stamp collecting with<br />

such verve and enthusiasm. I remember<br />

how much I loved stamp collecting when<br />

I was his age. And his temperament and<br />

emotional profile is suited to this great<br />

hobby, as he loves to see and organize all<br />

sorts of different designs and countries.<br />

He loves geography, too, and stamp collecting<br />

is a perfect way for him to learn<br />

more about the world we live in. I just<br />

wanted to share this great story with everyone.<br />

Richard St. Clair<br />

Cambridge, Massachusetts<br />

When To Soak<br />

As members of the McAllen Stamp<br />

Club, we, too, have been following and<br />

have been affected by the increased use<br />

of paper without a water soluble layer,<br />

which some of the contract printers retained<br />

by the United States Postal Service<br />

have been using for stamp production.<br />

Though many of us cut our stamp<br />

collecting teeth by soaking and sorting<br />

used stamps (a practice many of us still<br />

find to be a pleasing passing of time), it<br />

appears that paper for stamp production<br />

without a water soluble layer will remain<br />

a fixture of at least some of the future<br />

USPS stamp production programs, if<br />

for no other reason than it increases the<br />

likelihood that uncanceled stamps will<br />

not be reused, thus aiding the USPS in<br />

Yet, the challenge for<br />

stamp collectors of used<br />

stamps remains: when<br />

to soak? when not to<br />

soak?<br />

their revenue enhancement and protection<br />

efforts.<br />

Yet, the challenge for stamp collectors<br />

of used stamps remains: when to<br />

soak? when not to soak?<br />

We applaud the editors of Linn’s<br />

Stamp News for the J.A. Watercutter’s<br />

updates, published periodically in their<br />

publication. Though this feature allows<br />

for a collector to know about relatively<br />

current stamp issues and their soakability,<br />

the first appearance of U.S. stamps<br />

without a water soluble layer, excluding<br />

the 1976 Weather Vane issue, is now several<br />

years old. Several foreign countries<br />

are also jumping on the water insoluble<br />

band wagon, as again noted by Royal<br />

Mail’s announcement of the introduction<br />

of elliptical cuts into some of their<br />

definitive stamps.<br />

We feel that the time has come for<br />

the stamp hobby to devise a symbol that<br />

434 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

could be incorporated into the stamp<br />

catalogues, such as is used now to indicate<br />

blocks, used, unused, etc., so that the<br />

knowledge of stamp issues with no water<br />

soluble layer can be captured for future<br />

reference. This would allow stamp collectors<br />

to avoid damaging used stamps<br />

by attempting to soak them in the future.<br />

Perhaps a symbol for soakable stamps<br />

can also be devised at the same time. This<br />

would allow catalogue editors to declare<br />

in their catalogues that as of a specific<br />

date, unsoakable stamps before that date<br />

are denoted with the unsoakable symbol,<br />

and all soakable stamps after that date<br />

are denoted with the soakable symbol.<br />

We are asking the editors of Linn’s<br />

Stamp News and ἀe <strong>American</strong> Philatelist<br />

to coordinate efforts in soliciting symbol<br />

ideas from their respective memberships<br />

that could then be submitted to the<br />

editors of the Scott Catalogues for use in<br />

their publications.<br />

Members of the McAllen Stamp Club<br />

Edinburg, Texas<br />

Editor’s Note: Readers — How about<br />

it? We look forward to receiving your suggestions.<br />

What Fun!<br />

I just joined the APS and have been<br />

exploring the APS website. I found The<br />

First Fifty Women on United States<br />

Stamps. What fun! I normally make my<br />

own pages from the blank Scott pages<br />

but quickly put the blank sheets in the<br />

printer for some of your pages offered.<br />

Now, I am off on a quest to fill the First<br />

Fifty Women on United States Stamps<br />

and learn more information about those<br />

noted. What a wonderful idea on APS’s<br />

part. Thanks for the idea of putting those<br />

together...terrific...terrific...terrific!<br />

Who knows, maybe I’ll see U.S.<br />

space quests, transportation, or inventors<br />

next. There are so many ways you<br />

could go with these. Talk about regenerating<br />

interest in collectors! Thanks again<br />

for such a grand idea.<br />

Terry D. Wright<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 435

collecting: coast to coast<br />

by wayne youngblood<br />

The Oddballs of Bull’s-Eye Collecting<br />

The odd ducks of the bull’s-eye<br />

collecting world include unusual<br />

cancel types, fancy cancels, pictorials,<br />

slogans, town names, humorous<br />

SOTN cancels, late uses, and items bearing<br />

bull’s-eye cancels that were never intended<br />

to be canceled. Some of these are<br />

found in the traditional SOTN format<br />

(city, state, and date), others are not; but<br />

all are forms of bull’s-eye cancels.<br />

Within the areas of both handstamped<br />

and machine cancels, there are<br />

unusual cancellation devices that were<br />

created for specific purposes and happened<br />

to become SOTN examples located<br />

later by collectors. Some of these, such<br />

as “money order branch” and “foreign<br />

mail” markings are not all that uncommon.<br />

Even New York and Washington,<br />

DC, bull’s-eyes on foreign stamps (at the<br />

point of their entry into the U.S. mail<br />

system) or military mail cancels (APO<br />

and FPO) are unusual, but not that hard<br />

to find; however, other special cancels,<br />

including paquebot markings as bull’seyes<br />

are quite scarce.<br />

Unusual bull’s-eye cancels include devices such as<br />

money order branch, Army Post office, foreign mail,<br />

Paquebot and others.<br />

Well-struck fancy cancels have been a mainstay<br />

with collectors since long before the terms “bull’seye”<br />

or “SOTN” came into existence for their<br />

current meanings.<br />

Although there have been machine<br />

cancels available in United States possessions<br />

for decades, I’ve rarely seen SOTN<br />

examples, other than those illustrated<br />

from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and Pago Pago,<br />

Samoa. One of the more unusual (but<br />

not terribly scarce) U.S. bull’s-eye cancels<br />

that can be found is a metal die-hub<br />

cancel with the slogan “Say No to Drugs”<br />

embedded in the city-state portion of the<br />

dial.<br />

Well-struck fancy cancels have been<br />

a mainstay with collectors since long<br />

before the terms “bull’s-eye” or “SOTN”<br />

came into existence for their current<br />

meanings. Classic-era stamps with nearperfect<br />

strikes have consistently brought<br />

significant premiums over<br />

other used stamps for more<br />

than a century. These cancels<br />

include pictorials, letters,<br />

grids, targets, geometrics,<br />

and many others.<br />

But the classic era isn’t<br />

the only time period to feature<br />

unusual SOTN cancels.<br />

The early twentieth century<br />

brought in both the era of<br />

metal die-hub cancelers and<br />

fourth-class post office fancy<br />

cancels (usually on registered<br />

covers). When struck<br />

just right, pictorials and machine cancels<br />

both can yield highly collectible items.<br />

The proliferation of pictorial-type<br />

metal die-hub cancellations of the last<br />

half of the twentieth century brought<br />

with it a number of what I feel are modern<br />

SOTN pictorial fancy cancels that<br />

will be prized by collectors of the future.<br />

The cancels are common, but the SOTN<br />

placement of many is not.<br />

Somewhat related are bull’s-eye strips<br />

of stamps. These are strips featuring a<br />

full SOTN single, along with a complete<br />

slogan or pictorial killer. Although most<br />

are found with metal die-hub cancels,<br />

they occasionally show up either as<br />

handstamped items or as private mailer’s<br />

postmarks. In some cases these strips<br />

pay a specific postal rate, in others they<br />

are part of a larger rate. Either way, finding<br />

such strips intact, readable and wellcentered<br />

is challenging to say the least,<br />

although they won’t break your budget<br />

when you do.<br />

Town names also can be collected<br />

as SOTN examples. It this case, these<br />

are SOTN cancellations that bear a full<br />

town name, but no date. Examples of<br />

nineteenth-century town names and<br />

comparable examples from the twentieth<br />

century (including parcel markings)<br />

are illustrated.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 437

Bull’s-eye cancellations from U.S. possessions, such as Ponce, Puerto Rico, or Pago<br />

Pago, Samoa, are fairly difficult to find.<br />

Not particularly scarce,<br />

but unusual, is the<br />

1990s-era “Say No to<br />

Drugs” SOTN cancel.<br />

Well-struck, clear SOTN fancy cancels on nineteenth-century<br />

stamps have been popular since long before bull’s-eye<br />

cancel collecting was a specialty.<br />

Even twentiethcentury<br />

fancy<br />

cancellations can<br />

be found on stamps<br />

on or off cover. In<br />

this case the cancel<br />

is large enough it<br />

requires two stamps<br />

to show fully as a<br />

SOTN example.<br />

438 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Using old stamps on mail to other collectors is not a new<br />

thing, and bull’s-eye cancels can be found occasionally to illustrate<br />

this. When a number of stamps are lined up to make a<br />

more recent rate, the odds of a SOTN cancel increase. Such is<br />

the case with two stamps illustrated together: a Scott 213 (issued<br />

in 1887 but used seventy years later, in 1957), and a Scott 803<br />

(issued in 1938 and used fifty-five years later, in 1993).<br />

Some of the most entertaining types of bull’s-eyes, however,<br />

include humorous, promotional and non-cancel cancels. For<br />

example, a stamp with part of a pictorial slogan machine cancel<br />

with a winged Pegasus horse struck perfectly the 1958 Overland<br />

Mail issue to give one of the stagecoach horses wings, and a 23-<br />

cent Mary Cassatt stamp with a SOTN panda pictorial cancel<br />

that leaves her with an odd face indeed!<br />

A 1975 illegal use of an illustration cut from an auction catalogue<br />

(a bottom plate strip of 3-cent 1861 stamps) not only successfully<br />

passed through the mail, it also inadvertently picked<br />

up a perfect SOTN strike from Hawley, Pennsylvania, on the<br />

left “stamp.” The stamp area of the cover is shown. Similarly, an<br />

illustration of a $2.60 Zeppelin and a label cut from the Spanish<br />

set of 1992 Columbian souvenir sheets each picked up a perfect<br />

SOTN cancel in 1992 and 1995, respectively. Other items, such<br />

as the various promotional labels shown (including an APS label),<br />

were never intended to be canceled but sport perfect bull’seyes<br />

nonetheless!<br />

My favorite in this category, however, is a multicolored label<br />

created for the 1901 Pan <strong>American</strong> Exposition that also bears a<br />

1901 Exposition Station cancellation.<br />

There also are bull’s-eyes that aren’t — in the true sense of<br />

the word — bull’s-eyes. These are non-official markings that appear<br />

on genuine stamps. They are, however, quite fun to collect.<br />

For example, shown are four stamps. The top two have a<br />

Strips of stamps that have fully struck cancels are highly<br />

collectible and attractive.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 439

Metal die-hub machine cancellations brought with them the ability to create a new type of pictorial SOTN cancel.<br />

By the 1960s and later there<br />

were a number of pictorial<br />

machine cancels that can<br />

be found perfectly struck on<br />

stamps off cover. Will these<br />

be prized as fancy cancels by<br />

collectors of the future?<br />

A selection of SOTN nineteenth-century citystate<br />

bull’s-eyes with no dates.<br />

Because many bull’s-eyes are created by<br />

collectors, and because collectors like to use<br />

obsolete stamps, items like these extremely<br />

late-use bull’s-eyes occasionally show up.<br />

When struck just right, SOTN<br />

cancels occasionally have<br />

humorous results, such as the<br />

winged stagecoach horse or<br />

panda-faced Cassatt.<br />

440 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

An illustration from an old auction catalogue, cut out and used illegally, ended up<br />

becoming a very interesting bull’s-eye item!<br />

Other stamp reproductions,<br />

including a Zeppelin and<br />

Columbian, bear perfect bull’seye<br />

cancels.<br />

perfectly centered marking that reads “IN<br />

U.S. NOTES.” One has a “31” in the center,<br />

the other a “32.” These were applied by a<br />

rubber stamp and were, as I recall, originally<br />

contained as philatelic souvenirs in a<br />

publication by the name of U.S. Notes. Similarly,<br />

the lower-left item also is a philatelic<br />

souvenir — one that I created a number of<br />

years ago when a group of collectors visited<br />

the offices of Linn’s Stamp News in Sidney,<br />

Ohio. I created the mock bull’s-eyes and affixed<br />

them to participants’ name tags. The<br />

lower-right item is a near-perfect strike of<br />

“Keatskotoos,” Nebraska, the only Pawnee<br />

Indian U.S. post office. The only problem is<br />

that no genuine strikes from this post office<br />

are known. I created a latex cast from<br />

the original cancellation device, which was<br />

housed in a museum at which I worked<br />

early in my career.<br />

One of the most interesting recent<br />

bull’s-eyes that never were includes three<br />

Presidential series stamps (the 1-, 2- and<br />

3-cent denominations), applied to the title<br />

pages of paperback editions of Lawrence<br />

Block’s first three Keller novels; Hit Man,<br />

Hit List, and Hit Parade. John Keller, the<br />

main character, is a stamp-collecting hit<br />

man. The stamps, each hit with a “Keller”<br />

cancel, are dated 2008 in Roman numerals<br />

as a special philatelic edition. An autographed<br />

title page from Hit Parade is illustrated.<br />

A special multicolored label for the<br />

Pan-<strong>American</strong> Exposition received<br />

a 1901 Exposition Station bull’seye<br />

cancel.<br />

All kinds of charity labels and promotional items are placed near stamps on envelopes.<br />

These items (including an APS sticker) frequently end up with SOTN cancels.<br />

Although each of these items appears to have a nice bull’s-eye cancel, not one is<br />

genuine.<br />

A 2-cent Prexy received a perfect<br />

SOTN “Keller” cancel at the hands<br />

of stamp-collecting novelist<br />

Lawrence Block.<br />

442 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Women & Stamps<br />

Festival for <strong>Philatelic</strong> Women & New APS Albums<br />

O<br />

n <strong>May</strong> 28–31, <strong>2009</strong> the Festival for <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Women comes to the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Center<br />

in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, with twenty-two handson<br />

seminars, “how-to” demonstrations, workshops, and<br />

other practical programs to help women get the most from<br />

the stamp hobby. The Festival for <strong>Philatelic</strong> Women is a WE<br />

event — Women Exhibitors (WE), Affiliate No. 260 of the<br />

APS — co-sponsored by the <strong>American</strong> Association of <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Exhibitors and hosted by the APS and <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Research Library.<br />

In conjunction with this event, the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong> has created two new mini-albums: ἀ e First Fifty<br />

Women on United States Stamps and Fifty Years of Women<br />

on U.S. Stamps, 1958–2008. These mini-albums were created<br />

for free use in the public domain, with generous permission<br />

from Scott Publishing Co. to use its copyrighted catalogue<br />

numbers. Each is available as a pdf file that can be viewed<br />

or downloaded and printed at www.stamps.org/Education/<br />

edu_AlbumPages.htm. For more information and a registration<br />

form, visit www.aape.org/Weweb.asp.<br />

The First Fifty Women on United States Stamps<br />

by Fred Baumann<br />

Between 1998 and 2008 — the most recent decade for<br />

which we have records — the U.S. Postal Service issued 155<br />

adhesive stamps that pictured or honored women and their<br />

accomplishments. But it was not ever thus.<br />

In the eighty years between 1873 and 1953, the United<br />

States Post Office Department included or alluded to women<br />

on the three postal cards and fifty-two stamps. Fully twentythree<br />

of these are goddesses or allegories, including the eleven<br />

designs used on seldom-seen newspaper and periodical<br />

stamps of 1875 and 1895, four personifications of Liberty,<br />

and three representations of the magnificent 15,000-pound<br />

bronze Statue of Freedom that crowns the Capitol Dome in<br />

Washington, DC.<br />

Six stamps — more than 10 percent of the total, including<br />

the only U.S. dollar denominations ever to depict a fleshand-blood<br />

female — portray a Spanish monarch, Queen<br />

Isabella I of Castile, patron of Columbus. The 1893 $4 value<br />

on which her cameo and that of the explorer appear is the<br />

key stamp in the first U.S. commemorative set, the finest examples<br />

of which have sold for as much as $20,000.<br />

Of the rest, fifteen pay tribute to historically noteworthy<br />

women: Martha Washington (three times), Pocahontas,<br />

Molly Pitcher (by overprint alone), the tragic Virginia Dare<br />

and her mother Eleanor, Susan B. Anthony, Louisa <strong>May</strong> Alcott,<br />

Frances E. Willard, Jane Addams, Clara Barton, Betsy<br />

Ross, Moina Mitchell, Juliette Gordon Low, Elizabeth Cady<br />

Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Carrie Catt.<br />

The remainder are stamps I collectively characterize as<br />

“She, the People.” Little-known or unnamed, they huddle<br />

with their spouse and child as the Pilgrims land at Plymouth<br />

Rock, await rescue by the National Guard, or help their<br />

brother plant a tree on Arbor Day. One is a working woman<br />

marching proudly with the men for the National Recovery<br />

Act in 1933, elder sister of the Women in the Armed Services<br />

of 1952. Many are generic, but some are remarkably moving.<br />

Among them are the mother and daughter looking on<br />

in terror as the fallen horse that drew their covered wagon<br />

is put out of its misery on the 1898 10-cent Hardships of<br />

Emigration stamp. For any woman, this would surely be the<br />

most dramatic and depressing <strong>American</strong> commemorative of<br />

this eight-decade era were it not for one other: the Gold Star<br />

Mothers issue of 1948.<br />

Some stamps that might be here are not. The backs of<br />

at least two onlookers in the 1939 Baseball Centennial issue<br />

may be girls, but I excluded them as androgynous window<br />

dressing. Similarly, that may be the silhouette of a woman in<br />

a bonnet in the wagon on the 1947 Utah Centenary issue —<br />

or it may be a bent shovel. There is a woman, with a bonnet,<br />

and a swaddled infant pressed firmly to her bosom, on the<br />

1948 Fort Kearny issue. However, the four men on the stamp<br />

have faces, the two oxen have faces, the horse has a face, the<br />

bird has a face, and even the herd dog has a face. But neither<br />

the woman nor her offspring have faces — apparently the<br />

April <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 445

engraver couldn’t find the time — so I didn’t include them,<br />

either. These stamps don’t honor women.<br />

I deliberately depicted the modern reissues of the Columbian<br />

and Trans-Mississippi stamps on these pages because<br />

their bright white paper makes the designs easier to<br />

see. The rare 1875 Newspaper & Periodical stamps on page 4<br />

of the album appear through the generous courtesy of Robert<br />

A. Siegel Auction Galleries of New York.<br />

I hope that reflecting on the selection of images here<br />

will stimulate your thinking and your imagination as it did<br />

my own. For a different, more wide-ranging appreciation of<br />

women on U.S. stamps, visit the Smithsonian National Postal<br />

Museum’s Arago project’s “Women on Stamps, Part I” at<br />

http://tinyurl.com/c2tjm6.<br />

Fifty Years of Women on U.S. Stamps, 1958–2008<br />

by Bonny Farmer<br />

While it might seem as though designing album pages to<br />

honor women who have appeared on United States stamps<br />

during the last fifty years would be an enormous task, it may<br />

surprise many collectors to learn that the pickings are actually<br />

rather sparce — especially as regards individuals. There<br />

are generic “women in the background” stamps (see 1973<br />

Posting a B roadside, <strong>American</strong> Bicentennial, Scott 1477);<br />

stamps that honor “<strong>American</strong> women” (1964 Homemakers<br />

issue, Scott 1253); and stamps that commemorate a symbolic<br />

woman (see the numerous Olympic Games issues). These are<br />

all important icons for the collector of Women on Stamps,<br />

but the fact remains that, without the annual Christmas<br />

stamp featuring the Virgin Mary (beginning in 1966), stamps<br />

that honor individual women are thin on the ground.<br />

The album pages include all U.S. stamps from 1958–2008<br />

with images clearly identifiable as women or girls (although<br />

some are very small), all stamp topics from that period specifically<br />

related to women and/or women’s concerns, the occasional<br />

stamp generically related to male and female concerns,<br />

and all stamps created to honor individual women.<br />

Some years there was no choice: only a single stamp related<br />

to women appeared in 1959, 1963, 1965, 1967, and 1977.<br />

Other years only two stamps appeared, neither of which<br />

honored a specific woman (except for the Virgin Mary).<br />

Apart from these years, the annual stamp highlighted on<br />

these pages simply reflects one woman’s choices of the most<br />

interesting stamp or most admirable individual honored in<br />

a given year. Other stamps issued for that year are listed but<br />

not illustrated. Occasionally, with an individual who has<br />

been honored with more than one stamp (for example, Eleanor<br />

Roosevelt appears three times), the final choice of which<br />

stamp to include has been governed by how many relevant<br />

stamps appeared that year, and not necessarily the best and/<br />

or favorite stamp image.<br />

Within the broad theme of “Women on U.S. Stamps,” a<br />

number of specialty collections could be formed: women in<br />

literature, women in sports, women in civil rights and/or<br />

women’s rights (these were often one and the same concern<br />

in the nineteenth cenutry), women in politics, women in<br />

science, women in entertainment, women as religious icons,<br />

or even symbolic female figures (such as the “Columbia” or<br />

“Spirit of Freedom” images not included in this overview,<br />

with the exception of 1958). But overall, for me, the fascination<br />

lies in examining the evolving role of women on United<br />

States stamps.<br />

Although symbolic or allegorical figures began to appear<br />

on postal cards in 1873 (1-cent Liberty, Scott UX3) and on<br />

newspaper stamps in 1875 (e.g., 3-cent Statue of Freedom,<br />

Scott PR10), it was forty-six years before a recognizable<br />

woman appeared on a U.S. postage stamp: Queen Isabella of<br />

Spain (1893). And it was another nine years before the first<br />

<strong>American</strong> woman — Martha Washington (1902). The first<br />

First Lady was followed in 1907 by Pocahontas, but an individual<br />

woman was not again honored until Martha made a<br />

repeat appearance in 1923 (Scott 556). It is telling that, even<br />

within the last fifty years, the first four years of stamps in this<br />

album do not show an identifiable woman. Eleanor Roosevelt<br />

appears in 1963, on the only stamp that year to include a<br />

representative female. We’ll have to wait and see what <strong>2009</strong><br />

brings; as of the end of April, only one issue includes women:<br />

Civil Rights Pioneers (Scott 4384a–f), souvenir sheet released<br />

February 21, <strong>2009</strong>, whose commemorative images show<br />

Mary Church Terrell, Mary White Ovington, Daisy Gatson<br />

Bates, Fanny Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, and Ruby Hurley.<br />

446 Americ An Phil Atelist / April <strong>2009</strong>

Achtung Panzer!<br />

Panzer Division Feldpost<br />

by Rene Chavez<br />

World War II German Feldpost (fieldpost) mail is<br />

a large and varied field with many specialities to<br />

appeal to the collector. This article is a brief introduction<br />

to one of these specialties: collecting and<br />

researching World War II German Feldpost used by<br />

soldiers assigned to Panzer (tank) formations, primarily<br />

Registered Feldpost. First, it is important to<br />

give a brief description of the Panzer Divisions that<br />

existed during the war.<br />

Panzer Division Formation<br />

During the 1920s and 1930s many countries looked at<br />

tanks as an untried weapon, and paid little attention to their development and possible<br />

deployment in future conflicts. Germany, however, was preparing for a new kind<br />

of warfare known as Blitzkrieg (lightning war), which involved the rapid deployment<br />

of large numbers of tanks, motorized infantry, and air force. Interestingly, during the<br />

early Polish and French campaigns of 1939–40, the German formations included a<br />

greater number of tanks than the actual Panzer Divisions would field later in the war<br />

(the panzer units would not be recognized as independent entities until late 1939). 1<br />

As the war progressed, the overall strength of the panzer formations diminished in<br />

the number of tanks in service, but this loss in numbers was<br />

compensated for by the production of better, more powerful<br />

tanks and the addition of Panzer-Grenadiers (armored personnel<br />

carriers). During the war, the strength of the different<br />

panzer formations can be divided into three approximate<br />

stages:<br />

The first stage began in 1940 with the formation of ten<br />

Panzer Divisions, numbered 1 to 10. Each division included<br />

320 tanks. Towards the end of that year, the number of tanks<br />

per division was reduced to 230. During the early years of<br />

the war the Germans used light Panzerkampfwagen (armored<br />

fighting vehicle) PzKpfw I, II & III model tanks and the medium-sized<br />

PzKpfw IV tank that ran wild through the disorganized<br />

infantries of Poland. 2<br />

During the second stage, which encompassed the invasion<br />

of Russia in the summer of 1941 and the North Africa<br />

campaigns, seventeen more Panzer Divisions were created<br />

Tanks were shown on semipostals issued for<br />

Army Day and Hero Memorial Day in March 1943<br />

(top) and 1944 (bottom).<br />

448 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Examples of postal cards depicting tanks that were released by the Propaganda Postal Ministry: (top) Panzer IIIs<br />

storming the Russian Steppe; (below) Panzer IVs crossing an icy road somewhere on the Eastern Front.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 449

Left: Ordinary German Feldpost mailed by a<br />

soldier who was in a Panzer training school.<br />

Note the skull label attached as a seal. This style<br />

of skull was attached to the collar tabs of the<br />

German Panzer tunics. They are quite different<br />

from the skulls known as Totenkopf (Death<br />

Heads) that were attached to the center of the<br />

visor on caps worn by members of the Waffen-<br />

SS.<br />

Right: German propaganda card and the actual<br />

Panzer Assault Badge, Silver Class. When it was<br />

first created on December 20, 1939, this award<br />

was given only to tank commanders, drivers,<br />

gunners, and radiomen. On June 1, 1940, a<br />

Bronze version was created for qualifying<br />

Panzer-Grenadier members assigned to<br />

armored vehicles other than tanks (half-tracks,<br />

assault guns, etc.). Medical personnel who rode<br />

into combat in an armored vehicle to attend to<br />

wounded soldiers and personnel assigned to<br />

armored cars also were eligible to receive the<br />

Bronze Class award.<br />

Regular Feldpost cover mailed by a German soldier assigned to the 15th<br />

Panzer Division, which was stationed in North Africa. The reverse side shows<br />

Feldpost Number “34445,” indicating that he was attached to the 33rd Panzer<br />

Reconnaissance Battalion, 15 Panzer Division.<br />

and numbered 11 to 23. But the number of tanks continued<br />

to be reduced, and by the end of 1941, each<br />

Panzer Division had only 190 tanks of various types.<br />

As the war progressed on the Eastern Front, the<br />

tanks were further reduced in number to approximately<br />

165 tanks per division; however, these Panzer<br />

Divisions became more formidable and<br />

better equipped following the introduction<br />

of the medium-heavy tank the “Panther.”<br />

The final stage began during the fall of<br />

1943 into early 1944 when four more Panzer<br />

Divisions were created, numbered 24 to 27.<br />

However, during 1944 the number of tanks<br />

assigned to each division was drastically reduced<br />

to only 54 tanks. Nevertheless, with<br />

the introduction of the massive German tank<br />

the “Tiger” joining the “Panther,” these divisions<br />

remained a powerful force to be reckoned<br />

with. 3,4<br />

In the spring of 1944 another Panzer Division<br />

was added, 5 reorganized from remnants<br />

of the 16th Panzer-Grenadier Division. It departed<br />

from the usual numbering system to<br />

became the 116th Panzer Division.<br />

In addition to the regular formations, the<br />

Germans also had the following elite Panzer<br />

units:<br />

450 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

• The Panzer Lehr (training) Division was<br />

formed in late 1943 and fought mainly<br />

on the Western Front in 1944.<br />

• The Panzer Division Grossdeutschland,<br />

which was upgraded from a motorized<br />

infantry division in late 1943.<br />

• The Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle,<br />

which was not a full Panzer Division<br />

since it never exceeded regimental<br />

strength in size.<br />

• The Hermann GÖering Panzer Division,<br />

an Air Force infantry unit that was<br />

converted into a Panzer Division.<br />

A final group was the Waffen-SS (Armed<br />

SS) Panzer Divisions, considered political party<br />

units. Seven of these SS Panzer Divisions were<br />

formed separately and commissioned in early<br />

to mid-1943; they were largely better equipped<br />

than their Army counterparts. 6,7<br />

The German Reichspost only issued a few<br />

postage stamps illustrating tanks in action. The<br />

March 1943 and March 1944 the “Army Day<br />

and Hero Memorial Day” semipostals honoring<br />

the German Armed Forces each included a<br />

panzer stamp: Scott B228 (Michel 841) shows a<br />

PzKpfw IV, and Scott B264 (Michel 880) shows<br />

a light-weight PzKpfw III, commonly known<br />

as the Sturmgeschutz (assault gun). Both tanks<br />

have a short, 75mm main gun barrel. The Propaganda<br />

Ministry also released numerous propaganda<br />

postal cards depicting all types of German<br />

tanks in action.<br />

German Feldpost Mail<br />

During the early campaigns of 1937–39, the<br />

German Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) operated<br />

a military mailing system that provided free<br />

postal services within Germany. By September<br />

3, 1939, the expanded Feldpost military mail<br />

system, carrying mail to and from armed forces<br />

personnel throughout the war zone, was placed<br />

in service. Postcards, letters, and newspapers<br />

weighing up to 250 grams could be mailed<br />

free of charge. As of November 1939, packages<br />

weighing up to 1,000 grams could be mailed<br />

at the nominal rate of twenty reichspfennig<br />

(Rpf). 8<br />

Each German military branch had its own<br />

postal administration in charge of receiving<br />

and delivering mail, and these were subordinated<br />

directly to the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht<br />

(OKW) (Supreme Command of the<br />

Armed Forces). For Feldpost offices closest to<br />

the combat zones, however, a mobile facility<br />

usually processed mail for all military branches<br />

Table I<br />

A list of Tactical Numbers (“FpA”) with their respective FPN and<br />

Kenn Numbers assigned to Panzer Divisions between 1940 and<br />

1945. 13<br />

Panzer FpA Feldpost — Kenn Numbers —<br />

Div. No. No. 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945<br />

1 81 22979 909 909 909 909 909 909<br />

2 82 35046 135 135 135 135 135 330<br />

3 83 17222 650 650 650 650 650 660<br />

4 84 37311 130 130 130 130 130 762<br />

5 85 30521 778 778 778 778 778 778<br />

6 57 19831 294 294 294 294 294 294<br />

7 58 15035 355 355 355 355 355 355<br />

8 59 27559 548 548 548 548 548 548<br />

9 60 09132 608 608 608 608 608 608<br />

10 90 21630 985 985 985 † * *<br />

11 61 07865 x 433 433 433 433 433<br />

12 2 16277 x 806 806 806 806 806<br />

13 13 08874 x 729 729 729 729 729<br />

14 4 10262 x 828 828 **† 455 455<br />

15 33 05524 x 597 697 † * *<br />

16 16 25537 x 445 445 **† 326 326<br />

17 27 22764 x 263 263 263 263 263<br />

18 88 47400 x 287 287 287 * *<br />

19 19 11324 x 104 104 104 104 104<br />

20 92 47680 x 508 508 508 508 508<br />

21 200 21589 x 615 615 † 793 793<br />

22 140 46216 x 796 † * *<br />

23 128 42550 x x 788 788 788 788<br />

24 40 12654 x 128 ** 184 184<br />

25 87 09209 x x 166 166 166 166<br />

26 93 10194 x x 278 278 278 278<br />

27 127 48484 x x 749 † * *<br />

116 66 13858 x x x x 167 167<br />

Lehr 130 40076 x x x x 730 730<br />

GD 400 42200 x x x x 602 602<br />

Holstein 144 32993 x x x x x 996<br />

Feldhernhalle 160 43121 x x x x x 436<br />

HG 921 L45871 x x x x 822 822<br />

Waffen-SS Panzer Divisions<br />

LAH SS-1 12388 x x x x 235 235<br />

Das Reich SS-2 09600 x x x x 781 781<br />

TK SS-3 32052 x x x x 560 560<br />

Viking SS-5 12106 x x x x 558 558<br />

Hohenstaufen SS-9 08801 x x x x 676 676<br />

Frundsberg SS-10 26310 x x x x 883 883<br />

HJ SS-12 58910 x x x x 833 833<br />

x = not a Panzer unit<br />

* = destroyed, not reformed (10, 15 Africa; 27 Stalingrad)<br />

** = destroyed and reformed (14, 16, 24 after Stalingrad)<br />

† = half a year only<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 451

Typical official Registered<br />

Feldpost, which includes the<br />

following requirements: (1) The<br />

word “Feldpost” had to appear<br />

on all letters or parcels — either<br />

handstamped, handwritten,<br />

or typed. (2) The unit official<br />

seal, with or without its<br />

feldpost number. (3) The word<br />

Einschreiben (Registered). (4) A<br />

label in the form of a conventional<br />

German Registry Label, but with<br />

the capital R followed by the word<br />

Feldpost in small letters and<br />

the Registry number below. The<br />

label also includes space for the<br />

Kenn number, which was either<br />

handstamped or handwritten on<br />

the label. (5) The final, and most<br />

important, piece of information<br />

on the cover is the dated<br />

cancellation, which also displays<br />

a three-digit Kenn number.<br />

Table II<br />

Panzer Corps postal facilities with corresponding Kenn postal<br />

code and the years of operation.<br />

FpA Tactical Feldpost — Kenn Numbers —<br />

No. No. No. 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945<br />

403 3 25239 x x † 101 101 101<br />

404 4 17363 x x x x x 398<br />

414 14 15709 x † 542 x 154 154<br />

424 24 19539 x x † 773 773 773<br />

439 39 32482 x x † 119 119 119<br />

440 40 30177 x x † 201 201 396<br />

441 41 08315 x x † 953 943 316<br />

446 46 08276 x x † 835 835 835<br />

447 47 06043 x x † 642 642 642<br />

448 48 18220 x x † 126 126 126<br />

456 56 40690 x † 462 462 462 462<br />

457 57 41212 x x † 217 217 217<br />

458 58 04440 x x x x 281 281<br />

476 76 21630 x x x x 273 273<br />

x = not a Panzer unit † = half year only<br />

involved in the area. In order to preserve the secrecy of troop<br />

movements by concealing the name of the unit and its location,<br />

each division was assigned a five-digit code number,<br />

which served as its postal address. These five-digit numbers<br />

were referred to as Feldpost Numbers (FPN). By the end<br />

of 1939, the letter prefixes “L” and “M” were placed before<br />

each FPN to designate divisions belonging to the Luἀwaffe<br />

(Air Force) and Kriegsmarine (Navy), respectively. A further<br />

coded breakdown by military unit was achieved by employing<br />

letter suffixes “A” through “E” at the end of each FPN. 9<br />

The letter “A” generally signified a Headquarters Company;<br />

the others stood for line companies. The sequence of an FPN<br />

does not necessarily mean that the units were located in the<br />

same area. FPNs were sometimes reassigned to other units,<br />

particularly when a unit ceased to exist. Identification of the<br />

units from their FPN became possible only after several issues<br />

of the Feldpost Directory were captured. They are available<br />

on microfilm from the National Archives in Washington,<br />

DC. 10<br />

Feldpost mail was usually stamped with a military<br />

Feldpost cancellation and the Dienstsiegel (official<br />

military unit seal). These seals were usually circular<br />

and included the national emblem and the inscription<br />

“Briefstempel-Dienststelle Feldpost Nr.” or some variation<br />

thereof. Each Command postal facility normally<br />

was provided with two types of official seals. One type<br />

contained the complete name and number of the unit<br />

(referred to by collectors as an “open address”) for use<br />

on internal mail within the Wehrmacht. The other type<br />

contains just the Feldpost number address for use on<br />

non-official mail.<br />

Normally, Feldpost mail could not be dispatched<br />

or received by civil post offices. If a soldier wanted to<br />

send mail through a civil post office, full postage was<br />

collected.<br />

Panzer Feldpost Mail<br />

While an ordinary German Feldpost cover can be<br />

recognized as being of Panzer origin by the process of<br />

decoding the five-digit FPN and checking the Order of<br />

Battle, there is no assurance that the letter was actually<br />

processed by the Panzer Division post office. The excep-<br />

452 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

tion is Official Registered Feldpost, which<br />

displays the sending post office’s Kenn<br />

number (a three-digit code).<br />

A Feldpostamt (FpA) (Feldpost Office<br />

Number) is a tactical number that was used<br />

mostly for mobile postal facilities close to a<br />

combat zone or for certain permanent facilities<br />

located to the rear of the combat.<br />

Each Army, Corps, Division, and Independent<br />

Brigade had its own FpA, and each<br />

FpA was assigned a three-digit code number<br />

between 100 and 999, called a Kenn.<br />

This code number was used for routing Official<br />

Registered Feldpost mail. The Kenn<br />

number was applied in the Feldpost cancel<br />

and on the Registered label. Provisions for<br />

official registered and insured mail were<br />

offered for a small postal charge. Express<br />

mail from the front required a 40-reichspfennig<br />

fee. Feldpost express mail had to be<br />

delivered by special messenger. 11<br />

The Panzer Armee Oberkommando<br />

AoK (Panzer Army Headquarters) controlled<br />

the Panzer Divisions in the field. Panzer Army<br />

Headquarters directed the operations of two or more<br />

Panzer Corps, while each Panzer Corps controlled two<br />

or three Panzer Divisions. These divisions fought under<br />

the Army Command but were responsible to the<br />

Waffen-SS and the Luftwaffe for administrative matters<br />

and supplies. Army Corps post offices can be identified<br />

by their having Tactical Numbers (FpA) in the 400 series.<br />

Panzer Army Post Offices can be identified by this<br />

FpA number, or under the FpA designation “FpLst”<br />

(Feldpost Distribution Center), or by an “APM” (Army<br />

Postmaster Office) number, the latter being the scarcest<br />

of the three. Only a few APM offices existed. 12<br />

In addition to collecting actual examples of Panzer<br />

Division feldpost mail and the few German stamps depicting<br />

tanks, there is wonderful collateral matter to be<br />

found relating to armored vehicles, particularly the numerous<br />

propaganda cards showing tanks in action that<br />

were produced by Germany during the war. I hope this brief<br />

article will stimulate your interest not only in Panzer Division<br />

Feldpost but in all military-related fieldpost mail.<br />

Endnotes<br />

1. During the early campaigns in 1939–40, panzer formations were composed<br />

of two panzer regiments attached to German Army units. Each regiment included<br />

two or three panzer battalions with a total of 320 tanks.<br />

2. A German Panzer Division consisted of a panzer regiment, two panzer-grenadier<br />

regiments, and a panzer artillery regiment. It also included an assortment<br />

of battalion-size formations such as motorcycle, reconnaissance, anti-tank, engineer,<br />

and signal units.<br />

3. For more information on German military formations, see Samuel W. Mitcham<br />

Jr., Hitler’s Legions — ἀ e German Army Order of Battle, World War II<br />

(Stein & Day Publishing, 1985). See also, Samuel W. Mitcham Jr., ἀ e Panzer<br />

Legions: A Guide to the German Army Tank Divisions of World War II and ἀ eir<br />

Commanders (Greenwood Publ. Co., 2000).<br />

A late postal cancel Registered Feldpost cover with Kenn number 602,<br />

indicating that it belonged to the elite Army “Grossdeutschland” Panzer<br />

Division.<br />

Table III<br />

Panzer Corps post offices that were assigned to Waffen-SS<br />

Panzer Divisions. Note that the Feldpost Amt and Tactical<br />

Numbers have a different pattern from their Army Panzer<br />

Corps counterpart. The 4th and 7th SS Corps had the same<br />

Kenn Number assigned, but with different FpA and Feldpost<br />

numbers. 13<br />

FpA Tactical Feldpost — Kenn Numbers —<br />

No. No. No. 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945<br />

SS101 1 SS 59414 x x x x 792 792<br />

SS102 2 SS 22620 x x x x 764 764<br />

SS103 3 SS 58808 x x x x 799 799<br />

SS104 4 SS 09508 x x x x 886 886<br />

SS107 7 SS 43100 x x x x 886 886<br />

x = not a Panzer unit<br />

4. To view a wide assortment of German tanks, visit the Panzer Museum website<br />

at www.panzermuseum.com.<br />

5. Two additional Panzer Divisions, the “Holstein” and “Muenchberg,” are<br />

known to have been formed a few days before the fall of Berlin; however, they<br />

existed in name only.<br />

6. For a detailed history on Waffen-SS panzer formations, see Bruce Quarrie,<br />

Hitler’s Teutonic Knights: SS Panzers in Action (PSL Publishing,1986).<br />

7. The Waffen-SS panzer units were still under the German Army Command,<br />

but not under Army administration. It is interesting to note that some of these<br />

Waffen-SS units, like the “Wiking” Division, had a large percentage of non-<br />

German personnel from Holland, Norway, Denmark, and some Flemish men<br />

from Belgium.<br />

8. For more information relating to Feldpost privileges, see Ben Beede, “Fee<br />

Privileges in Military Mail Service,” ἀ ird Reich Study Group (TRSG) Bulletin<br />

No. 15 (April 1969). The Third Reich Study Group is a member of the German<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. Information on its activities and other publications can be<br />

found at www.gps.nu/.<br />

9. As indicated, a five-digit FPN was assigned to units of the German Armed<br />

Forces. However, because of the frequency of troops being refitted, withdrawn,<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 453

Registered Feldpost cover that was mailed by the Panzer Corp postal facility.<br />

Note the Kenn number 462 written on the Feldpost Registry label and in the<br />

Feldpost cancellation.<br />

disbanded, etc., the FPNs were always being changed. This elaborate coding<br />

system required a means by which postal workers could determine the proper<br />

routing of mail with the five-digit FPN. This was supplied by the Feldpost Directory,<br />

which was Top Secret and had a limited distribution of individually numbered<br />

copies. These Feldpost Directories also were being revised constantly.<br />

10. The Third Reich Study Group has published a twelve-volume computerized<br />

listing of German FPNs: Projekt Himmelblau; A Computerized Listing of German<br />

Feldpost Number Assignments (1978–80). Another<br />

helpful TRSG publication is Norbert Kannapin’s<br />

Die Deutsche Feldpost: Organisation und Lokalisation<br />

1939–45 (Biblio Verlag, 1979), in three volumes.<br />

11. In 1977 the Third Reich Study Group published a<br />

cross-reference guide to the FpA and Kenn numbers<br />

assigned to feldpost offices of the German Combat<br />

Divisions.<br />

12. Information relating to Panzer Division Post Offices<br />

also can be found in “Panzer Divisions,” TRSG<br />

Bulletin X (1976), by R.J. Houston.<br />

13. Cross-reference tables relating to FpA Numbers<br />

and Kenn Numbers assigned to Panzer Division<br />

Registered Feldpost Offices also can be found in Gianluigi<br />

Soldati’s “German Military Panzer Feldpost<br />

Offices, Second World War,” ἀ e German Postal Specialist<br />

(April 1989). The <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research<br />

Library has a copy of his 1990 exhibit on the same<br />

topic.<br />

14. For a comprehensive listing of all Feldpost numbers<br />

assigned to Waffen-SS formations, I recommend<br />

James Lewis’s Waffen-SS Feldpost Numbers and Order<br />

of Battle (Third Reich Study Group, 1984).<br />

The Author<br />

Rene Chavez is a logistics engineer working for the U.S.<br />

Department of the Navy. He specializes in military postal<br />

history.<br />

Table IV<br />

A list of the most significant Panzer Army Post Office Facilities (Armee Post Meister) (APM). The Army<br />

Post Offices were recognized under the following German designations: Armee Briefstelle (ABSt) (Army Letter<br />

Office), Feldpost Leitstelle (FpLst) (Mail Routing Facility), and FeldpostAmt (FpA) (Main Post Office). They also<br />

included Branch Post Offices (Zweigamt) (Zw) and Special Use facilities (zur besonderen Verwendung) (zbV).<br />

Post Office Tactical FPN — Kenn Numbers—<br />

No. No. 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Early Name<br />

FpA 419 2 12541 x † 845 845 845 845 Pz Gruppe 2<br />

FpA 422 1 02266 x 401 401 401 401 401 Pz Gruppe 1<br />

FpA 473 4 01420 x 158 158 158 158 158 Pz Gruppe 4<br />

FpA 415 3 27659 x 365 365 x x x Pz Gruppe 3<br />

zbV 416 3 34880 x x 509 x x x<br />

zbV 492 1 02266 x x x x 401 401<br />

zbV 495 3 27659 x x x x 365 365<br />

FpA 639 5 14881 x x 420 † x x Pz AOK Afrika<br />

Zw 639 5 14881 x x † 550 x x Pz AOK Afrika<br />

FpA 686 5 06677 x x † 538 x x Pz AOK Afrika<br />

FpA 762 5 44777 x † 282 † x x Pz AOK Afrika<br />

FpA 791 5 47294 x x 212 † x x Pz AOK Afrika<br />

APM PzAOK 2 03400 x x † 845 845 845<br />

APM PzAOK 1 24000 x 401 401 401 401 401<br />

APM PzAOK 3 32100 x x † 645 645 645<br />

APM PzAOK 4 11266 x x † 158 158 158<br />

APM PzAOK 5 40299 x x x x x 775<br />

ABSt 590 1 24450 x x † 443 x x Mobile P.O.<br />

ABSt 501 4 26700 x x † 496 496 496 Mobile P.O.<br />

FpLst 504 1 36286 x x 695 571 571 x<br />

ABSt 529 2 13769 x x x x 690 x<br />

ABSt 538 3 11729 x x x x 470 x<br />

x = not a Panzer Unit † = half a year only<br />

454 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

<strong>2009</strong> APS Election<br />

of Officers<br />

Ballot for the<br />

<strong>2009</strong> APS Election<br />

(Candidates are listed as<br />

they appear on the ballot.)<br />

For President<br />

Wade E. Saadi<br />

For Board of Vice Presidents<br />

(Candidates Run as a Group of ἀ ree)<br />

Nicholas A. Lombardi, Steven J. Rod,<br />

and David L. Straight<br />

For Secretary<br />

Steve Zwillinger<br />

George F. Dekornfeld<br />

For Treasurer<br />

W. Danforth Walker<br />

Douglas N. Clark<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Michael D. Dixon<br />

Denise L. Stotts<br />

James C. Cate<br />

Joann Lenz<br />

Wayne L. Youngblood<br />

Robert P. Odenweller<br />

For Trustee<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Research Library<br />

Larry Nix<br />

Peter D. Martin<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> officers and an <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Research Library trustee will be elected by APS members using the<br />

ballot included with this issue of ἀe <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. After<br />

reading the candidates’ statements, members are asked to remove<br />

the ballot and return envelope from this magazine, read the voting<br />

instructions, then mark their choices and return the ballot in accordance<br />

with the instructions. Ballots must be received by noon<br />

on June 6, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />

Newly elected officers will be installed at the APS General Meeting,<br />

August 8, <strong>2009</strong>, at StampShow in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All<br />

candidates listed here have received the required seconding nominations.<br />

They are listed in order in which their names appear on the<br />

ballot, which was determined by a drawing.<br />

Voting Instructions<br />

• Please use the ballot and<br />

Note: In order for a<br />

accompanying return envelope ballot to be valid, the<br />

bound in this issue of the<br />

voting member’s name<br />

magazine.<br />

and APS number must<br />

• Vote as indicated on the ballot. be entered in the spaces<br />

Space is provided for alternate provided on the tab on<br />

choices for officer positions. the outside back flap of<br />

• Do not sign the ballot itself or the mailing envelope.<br />

make any other identifying<br />

mark on it.<br />

• Do not enclose any other<br />

correspondence with your ballot.<br />

• Please DO NOT detach the tab from the return envelope.<br />

After the APS verifies each voter’s membership status, the tab<br />

will be removed and the unopened ballots turned over to the tabulators<br />

under the direction of the Board of Elections.<br />

To be counted, your ballot must reach the Board of Elections no<br />

later than noon, June 6, <strong>2009</strong>. Do not send the ballot to APS Headquarters.<br />

Ballots not properly mailed to the Board of Elections at<br />

the address given here will not be counted.<br />

Send ballot to:<br />

Board of Elections (<strong>2009</strong>)<br />

P.O. Box 55<br />

Bellefonte, PA 16823-0055<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 457

<strong>2009</strong> APS Election<br />

Candidates’ Statements<br />

Candidate Statements and the representations contained therein are solely the<br />

opinions of the candidates and do not necessarily reἀect the opinions of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research library, their respective governing<br />

Boards or management. Candidates are listed by office alphabetically.<br />

For President<br />

Wade E. Saadi — New York • APS 145318<br />

The most qualified candidate for APS President will<br />

possess the diverse skill sets to best serve the <strong>Society</strong> and<br />

its membership. The <strong>Society</strong> is facing many challenges that<br />

require a President with:<br />

• Leadership experience<br />

• The ability to think creatively<br />

• The resolve to make tough decisions.<br />

With a four million dollar annual operating budget, millions<br />

of dollars in assets, and a full time staff of 35 employees,<br />

the APS is much more a business than a local stamp club. In<br />

these very tough economic times,<br />

it is even more essential that its<br />

President be familiar with budgets,<br />

finance and real estate matters,<br />

for the well-being of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

and in order to provide you,<br />

the members, the best and most<br />

cost effective services.<br />

The three most important issues<br />

currently facing the <strong>Society</strong><br />

are membership growth, a balanced<br />

budget and fund raising.<br />

These are daunting tasks and we<br />

must recognize them as such, but<br />

not be deterred from implementing resourceful solutions<br />

that will keep our hobby and our society healthy and vigorous.<br />

The APS must:<br />

Initiate creative programs to promote, recruit and retain<br />

membership in the APS.<br />

The APS shall provide for balanced operating budgets, so<br />

that cash in equals cash out. Assure current members receive<br />

the highest value for their membership dollars.<br />

Seek new income sources that will enable APS to maintain<br />

a balanced budget.<br />

My combination of business and philatelic management<br />

experience coupled with previously demonstrated leadership<br />

commitment to the hobby makes me ideally suited to<br />

continue as your President.<br />

Personal<br />

I am a businessman and leader of several diversified companies.<br />

Collecting interests span from classic US through<br />

plate number coils; both an exhibitor and philatelic writer<br />

and hold several leadership positions in organized philately.<br />

I was born and raised in New York, where I reside with<br />

my wife of 36 years, Gail. Our son Wade Jr., his wife Andrea<br />

& daughter Sophia live nearby.<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Leadership Experience<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>: President (2008-<strong>2009</strong>).<br />

Chair - Board of Vice Presidents (2007-08). Board of Directors<br />

(2005-<strong>2009</strong>). Chaired the APS Executive Director<br />

Search committee, the Membership Promotion/Recruiting<br />

Committee; introduced the Chapter Outreach program.<br />

Smithsonian National Postal Museum: Chair, New Initiatives<br />

Committee (2006-Present). Chaired Arago® Committee<br />

(2004-06) and helped conceive the Arago® project.<br />

Council of Philatelists (2003-Present). Council Operations<br />

Committee (2003-Present). Conceived and implemented<br />

complete restructure of the Council of Philatelists.<br />

US <strong>Philatelic</strong> Classics <strong>Society</strong>: President (2007-Present).<br />

Vice President (2004-2007) and Director (2002-Present).<br />

The <strong>Society</strong> has had positive membership growth and profitability<br />

since 2004. Also serve as ἀ e Chronicle 1847 Section<br />

Editor since 1997. Awarded Chase Cup ‘97 for a 3-part article<br />

in <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.<br />

Collectors Club (New York): President (2005-2008) and<br />

Vice President (2003-2005). Had overall responsibility for<br />

operations and finances of the Club.<br />

World Stamp Show — New York 2016: President of New<br />

York <strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibition, Inc. (2005-Present) Led the effort<br />

to secure NYC as the site for the next US International <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Exhibition in 2016.<br />

458 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Professional Business & Leadership Experience<br />

Corporate: 1973–Present, Pencom Systems Inc. Founder,<br />

President and CEO of this computer services company. Matured<br />

the company into a 600-employee conglomerate, having<br />

offices in nine states and Canada. Spun off division and<br />

led it to public offering as a NASDAQ listed stock; served<br />

as Chairman of the Board and CEO. Corporate finance and<br />

governance is part of my everyday work. Entrepreneur of<br />

the Year Award®, 1996 in NYC, the Ernst & Young award for<br />

technology.<br />

Real Estate: 1984–Present, over 20 years experience as a<br />

licensed real estate professional. Syndicated several real estate<br />

investments; managed several full and partial building<br />

rehabilitations; own and operate a management company<br />

and a full service real estate office.<br />

Please vote for me<br />

Having worked closely with people my entire life, as both<br />

a leader and a follower, I understand motivation, and how to<br />

tweak performance or empower broad based change. As a<br />

consensus leader, I believe a decision is best arrived at if all<br />

parties involved understand and appreciate the viewpoints,<br />

irrespective of their position on the issue. The APS is at a<br />

critical juncture in its existence, where its leader must be the<br />

owner of certain management talents and a personality that<br />

can inspire others to the tasks at hand. I am that person.<br />

I pledge to you to do my very best for the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, using all of my abilities. Please cast your vote<br />

for me in this issue of the <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.<br />

Nicholas A. Lombardi<br />

New Jersey<br />

APS 165290<br />

For Board of Vice Presidents<br />

Nicholas A. Lombardi, Steven J. Rod, &<br />

David L. Straight<br />

We are seeking reelection to a second two-year term as<br />

your Board of Vice Presidents (BVP). With the tragic death<br />

of President Nick Carter, there was a change in the make-up<br />

of our BVP. Former Vice President Wade Saadi was elected<br />

President and Nick Lombardi<br />

was nominated and confirmed<br />

to take Wade’s position as the<br />

third member of the BVP. His<br />

experience in so many different<br />

aspects of our hobby resulted<br />

in a seamless transition and the<br />

Board continued its work without<br />

interruption.<br />

We believe the variety of<br />

experiences from our first term<br />

will enable us to serve the <strong>Society</strong><br />

in the most effective and<br />

efficient manner possible. On<br />

your behalf, we have met every<br />

60 days to fulfill our mandate<br />

as the disciplinary body of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>. In this capacity, we<br />

have adjudicated more than<br />

two dozen cases involving<br />

both allegations of member<br />

misconduct as well as the admissibility<br />

of new members.<br />

We have dutifully fulfilled<br />

our responsibility to review<br />

all cases brought before us.<br />

In each case, we listened, explored<br />

all aspects of each person’s<br />

story, and gathered as<br />

much relevant information as<br />

possible in order to arrive at<br />

an accurate assessment of the situation and an appropriate<br />

resolution. We are pleased to have resolved a number of cases<br />

to the satisfaction of both parties without having to take<br />

any disciplinary action whatsoever. We have gone “the extra<br />

mile” to learn from the cases that we have heard by recommending<br />

changes in APS Headquarters procedures and by<br />

suggesting steps that both members and dealers could take<br />

to avoid problems in the future, such as to reducing all agreements<br />

to writing.<br />

In addition to our responsibilities<br />

as APS Vice Presidents,<br />

each of us have continued to<br />

serve in leadership roles in a<br />

variety of stamp organizations<br />

and societies. We are each active<br />

in our local stamp clubs — the<br />

Webster Groves (MO) Stamp<br />

Club, Westfield (NJ) Stamp<br />

Club, and the West Essex (NJ)<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. In addition,<br />

we all serve as officers of our<br />

regional WSP (World Series<br />

of Philately) stamp shows – St.<br />

Louis Stamp Expo and NOJEX.<br />

David serves on the National<br />

Steven J. Rod<br />

New Jersey<br />

APS 117153<br />

David L. Striaght<br />

Missouri<br />

APS 177213<br />

Postal Museum Advisory Council and established the annual<br />

Postal History Symposium in partnership with the National<br />

Postal Museum. Steven is a member of the Council of<br />

Philatelists at the National Postal Museum and Vice President/General<br />

Exhibition Chairman for World Stamp Show<br />

2016. Nick is president of the United States Stamp <strong>Society</strong><br />

and a member of the Board of Governors of the Collectors<br />

Club (NY). We also have many years of experience leading a<br />

variety of projects for the APS membership. David and Steven<br />

have served prior terms on the APS Board and Nick is<br />

Co-Chairman of the Stamp Theft Committee.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 459

Our professional backgrounds have also contributed substantially<br />

to our ability to fulfill our Vice Presidential duties.<br />

Nick has spent thirty-six years in federal law enforcement.<br />

He had been an IRS special agent for twenty-eight years and,<br />

since retirement eight years ago, has been a consultant to a<br />

number of federal agencies. Since 1980, Steven has been an<br />

executive director of a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization<br />

and since 1995 has served as personnel and management<br />

consultant to a group of 150 of these agencies. David has<br />

three decades of experience in academic libraries, including<br />

provision of library services to remote users.<br />

As fellow collectors, the three of us represent the broad<br />

range of collecting styles and interests which are reflected<br />

within the APS membership. Our individual collecting habits<br />

and interests are quite diverse and they have enabled us<br />

to bring a variety of viewpoints to the table when dealing<br />

with both the disciplinary and general APS issues that have<br />

confronted us.<br />

In asking for your support, we pledge:<br />

TO continue to represent your best interests when<br />

reviewing disciplinary cases as your Board of Vice-<br />

Presidents and to disseminate information on “best<br />

practices” when engaging in philatelic transactions.<br />

TO continue working aggressively with the APS staff,<br />

the Board of Directors, and the <strong>Society</strong>’s many<br />

volunteer leaders to ensure that the APS maintains<br />

the strongest membership base possible, particularly<br />

by finding new members who may not be aware of<br />

the value that membership in the APS will afford<br />

them.<br />

TO seek, promote, and help facilitate partnerships with<br />

such collaborators as the Smithsonian’s National<br />

Postal Museum, public TV, and postal authorities to<br />

further our <strong>Society</strong>’s educational mission.<br />

TO continue our support of the Campaign for Philately<br />

and assist in every way possible to reach its<br />

fundraising goals.<br />

TO encourage the solicitation of all opinions during<br />

Board deliberations on every issue and seek input<br />

from every member who would like to have his/her<br />

voice heard.<br />

TO remain deeply committed to sound financial<br />

planning, balanced budgets, and regular review of<br />

our strategic planning and thinking.<br />

For Secretary<br />

Geroge F. Dekornfeld — New York • APS 180251<br />

Institutional memory is critical for the smooth and effective<br />

operation of any organization. Minutes taken need to be<br />

accurate and permanent records of the activities and actions<br />

of the Executive Board, serving as reminders of what has<br />

taken place (and what hasn’t). Realizing that this position is<br />

highly task-orientated, I have<br />

volunteered to run for Secretary<br />

of the APS.<br />

Owning a successful dental<br />

practice since 1989, I am well<br />

versed in the need for keeping<br />

detailed and accurate records.<br />

Professionals are called upon<br />

to keep records showing what<br />

occurred from the outset to the<br />

outcome of any situation. Both<br />

philately and dentistry are very<br />

task-based processes that require<br />

organization and attention to detail. I offer my experience<br />

in both as a candidate for this position.<br />

My memberships include the APS (since 1996), USPCS,<br />

USCC, Empire State Postal History <strong>Society</strong>, AAPE, RPA,<br />

and VSC. I’ve served as ESPHS Treasurer since 2006 and am<br />

a regular contributor to their journal.<br />

I am a frequent exhibitor having won gold and ‘best of<br />

show’ on the local level; on the national level I’ve worked<br />

my way up to vermeil, receiving several society awards. My<br />

collecting interests include NY State Postal History, US, GB,<br />

Hungary, China, Austria, Hunting & Fishing Revenues,<br />

and World-Wide Classics.<br />

Here’s the bottom line: as cliche as it may sound, my<br />

only purpose in running for position of Secretary is to give<br />

something back. There have been countless occasions where<br />

I have been mentored and helped out by society members<br />

and staff in my collecting pursuits. I’ve also been fortunate<br />

enough to be able to pass on some of the knowledge gained<br />

to others. I want to do more, and this is why I’ve thrown<br />

my name into the hat. Further, as a potential new face in<br />

the national sphere of organized philately, I’m hoping I can<br />

bring some new ideas with me should I be elected, especially<br />

regarding openness, membership retention/expansion, and<br />

services utilization. Our APS is intimately connected with<br />

the future of philately: I want to be sure our hobby thrives<br />

and is available to future generations of collectors.<br />

It is with this statement that I respectfully request your<br />

vote for the position of APS Secretary.<br />

George F. DeKornfeld<br />

For Secretary<br />

Steven Zwillinger — Maryland • APS 173946<br />

I am Steven Zwillinger and I am running for Secretary<br />

of the APS. The APS Secretary has two major sets of responsibilities:<br />

To keep accurate and permanent records for all of the<br />

regular and special meetings of the <strong>Society</strong> and of the Board<br />

of Directors, and to attest legal documents including charters<br />

for chapters and certificates for life members<br />

460 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

These duties touch every<br />

APS member. Frequent, useful<br />

and targeted communication<br />

efforts — using as many communication<br />

processes as possible,<br />

beyond the innovations of<br />

the past, must be a characteristic<br />

of the next elected board.<br />

I am committed to providing<br />

the membership with a<br />

record of outcomes of Board<br />

decisions as well as the context<br />

under which the issue was considered.<br />

I will work to ensure that every action taken by the<br />

Board should be transparent so the membership knows the<br />

consequences of Board decisions. I see clear communication<br />

skills as a mandatory requirement for the Secretary.<br />

Let’s make reports on Board actions more easily available<br />

— perhaps through more e-mails, an expanded on-line<br />

presence, or real-time web posting.<br />

The Secretary is a member of the Board and has significant<br />

responsibilities in setting policy and direction for the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>. I have over 25 years experience in Strategic Planning<br />

(what do we want to do and where do we focus resources?),<br />

Performance Management (how are we are doing?) and<br />

Program Evaluation (what have we accomplished?) and<br />

will bring these skills to the Board. My work in creating and<br />

overseeing multi-million dollar contracts has given me skills<br />

in financial planning, cost estimating, and financial management,<br />

the skills needed to meet the fiduciary responsibilities<br />

of a Directors of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

I have collected since 1963 and exhibited since 2005. My<br />

collecting interests focus on India (especially Edward VII)<br />

but like other stamp collectors I keep starting new areas and<br />

have just begun an FDC collection of Scott 938: the 1945<br />

Centenary of Texas Statehood issue. I have published in<br />

India Post, Burma Peacock, Burma Fantail, First Days, ἀ e<br />

Dhow, and ἀ e <strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibitor. I am on the Board of Directors<br />

of NAPEX and am an apprentice judge. If you have<br />

questions or wish to see an expanded version of this note,<br />

please write me at steve@zwillinger.org.<br />

For Treasurer<br />

Douglas N. Clark — Massachusetts • 68510<br />

My qualifications include teaching mathematics of finance<br />

at the university level and serving as treasurer of<br />

another nonprofit organization, for which I wrote payroll<br />

checks and filed tax forms. I have considerable experience<br />

serving on the boards of other philatelic organizations, as a<br />

stamp show judge and as a stamp show organizer. As well as<br />

seeing that the financial side of the society is responsibly run,<br />

I intend to make financial reporting understandable to the<br />

membership.<br />

I collect U.S. postal history<br />

and postal stationery and have<br />

thematic and first day cover<br />

exhibits. I am president of the<br />

Postal History <strong>Society</strong>, Secretary<br />

and journal editor of the<br />

Mobile Post Office <strong>Society</strong> and<br />

a board member of the <strong>American</strong><br />

Topical Association. I am<br />

also a member of the U.S. <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Classics <strong>Society</strong>, United<br />

Postal Stationery <strong>Society</strong>, Confederate<br />

Stamp Alliance, <strong>American</strong> First Day Cover <strong>Society</strong><br />

and <strong>American</strong> Association of <strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibitors. I am a<br />

member of the APS Writers Unit Hall of Fame.<br />

I was deeply concerned, as were many members, by some<br />

of the campaigning and how it was handled in the last APS<br />

election. I hope that by joining the board, I can help to heal<br />

this injury to our society and promote openness and ethical<br />

conduct by the officers.<br />

I have been an APS member for over 35 years and look<br />

forward to taking a serious role in serving the society. Please<br />

help me achieve this goal by seconding my nomination and<br />

voting for me in the election.<br />

For Treasurer<br />

W. Danforth Walker — Maryland • 2788-062713<br />

For most of my 38-year membership in the APS, I have<br />

been active in the <strong>Society</strong>. I am serving currently as APS<br />

Treasurer and actively working to build the financial<br />

strength of the <strong>Society</strong> for the next 20 years as a member<br />

of the Board and the Long<br />

Range Planning Committee.<br />

I ask for your support to continue<br />

this important effort for<br />

the next two years as your APS<br />

Treasurer.<br />

I started my career as an<br />

accountant in New Hampshire,<br />

migrating to financial and security<br />

analysis on Wall Street<br />

before moving to Washington<br />

DC as a policy and financial<br />

analyst for a member of President<br />

Reagan’s cabinet.<br />

In 1983 I acquired Horace Harrison’s insurance business,<br />

which focused on insuring the stamps of APS members.<br />

Through that connection, I established relationships<br />

with thousands of members, many of whom are friends. The<br />

company expanded and evolved and was sold to a “big” insurance<br />

company three years ago. Now I am an employee of<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 461

the successor company.<br />

Stamps have really been my life. My wife is an avid collector<br />

and APS member who has also served on the APS Board<br />

of Directors.<br />

Goals:<br />

Financial Planning & Budgeting — No more deficit<br />

spending or unbalanced budgets. The APS needs to use its financial<br />

resources more effectively to plan and position itself<br />

as a viable and healthy <strong>Society</strong> for the long term.<br />

APS Headquarters, Bellefonte — The <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Center is a great home for philately. The current financial<br />

challenge of the mortgages and the future resources needed<br />

to complete will take extremely careful long range planning.<br />

The APS and APRL must look at all the options available to<br />

effectively use the APC for <strong>Society</strong> needs and generate the<br />

maximum returns for space we do not need.<br />

Membership — We need to maximize the use of technology<br />

to provide the services our members want, and use<br />

this technology to retain our current members and attract<br />

new members.<br />

My Experience:<br />

APS Treasurer, 8 years<br />

APRL Treasurer, 15 years<br />

Washington-2006 International Exhibition, Chief<br />

Financial Officer<br />

APS 2003 Luff award – for service to the APS<br />

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)<br />

Please vote.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

James C. Cate — Tennessee • 150595<br />

I have been an APS member since 1988 with a vast<br />

amount of philatelic experiences dated to 1975. This<br />

includes membership in the U.S. <strong>Philatelic</strong> Classics <strong>Society</strong><br />

(USPCS), U.S. Cancellation Club, Confederate Stamp<br />

Alliance, Chattanooga Stamp<br />

Club, Tennessee Postal History<br />

<strong>Society</strong> (TPHS), and the<br />

Southeast Federation of Stamp<br />

Clubs. As an exhibitor, I have<br />

twice won a Grand and Gold<br />

Single-Frame Exhibit and<br />

participated in the Champion<br />

of Champions competition<br />

(2007–2008). I have authored<br />

numerous philatelic articles<br />

published in ἀ e Chronicle<br />

(USPCS), Confederate<br />

Philatelist, and Tennessee Posts<br />

of the TPHS. It was a pleasure to share philatelic knowledge<br />

in the presentation of programs at the APS AmeriStamp<br />

Expo (Charlotte 2008), major shows such as Garfield-Perry<br />

(<strong>2009</strong>), and numerous local APS clubs and chapters over the<br />

years. After college, I served as a Special Agent, U.S. Army<br />

Counter Intelligence Corps with experiences in Counter<br />

Espionage –Soviet (Tokyo, Japan), and Counter Espionage<br />

Special Investigations — North Korean espionage in Seoul,<br />

Korea. Prior to retirement, I spent forty years with four<br />

industrial valve manufacturers and twice headed Sales and<br />

Marketing for two large industrial valve manufacturers.<br />

With philatelic and industrial executive management<br />

experience, I feel these experiences can be of immense<br />

value as a Director-at-Large — APS and specifically to the<br />

APS membership to maintain common sense and sound<br />

financial management practices to enhance the APS in<br />

the future, hopefully get the APS back on the path of a<br />

growth. Your ideas for the betterment of the APS and vote is<br />

requested and appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity<br />

to serve the APS.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Michael D. Dixon, PhD — Oregon • 127513<br />

Now just over halfway through my term as an APS Director-at-Large,<br />

a review of my accomplishments shows that<br />

I have diligently served the membership. I have attended,<br />

either in person or by telephone, each Board Meeting held<br />

since taking office and have voted on numerous motions<br />

brought to the Board; each time<br />

I believe in the best interests of<br />

the membership.<br />

My efforts have focused on<br />

several aspects of APS management:<br />

I served as Chair of a select<br />

committee appointed by the<br />

President to critically evaluate<br />

the 2006 Membership Survey<br />

in order to assist in the development<br />

of midterm and long<br />

range APS Strategic Plans.<br />

Following from my professional<br />

background as an information scientist, I was able to<br />

play a leading role in the evaluation and award of the contract<br />

to revamp the <strong>Society</strong>’s website.<br />

Experience gained in finding sources of financing for<br />

Washington 2006 has enabled me to significantly contribute<br />

to the Committee for the Future of Philately in its fund<br />

raising activities.<br />

These areas each represent a “work in progress”. For these,<br />

and many other actions being worked on by your leadership,<br />

there are countless incomplete tasks: we continue to work on<br />

a Strategic Plan; despite the hard work by many, the website<br />

is still in development; there is always another lead to a hitherto<br />

unrecognized source of funds.<br />

462 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

The late March <strong>2009</strong> statement by President Saadi addressing<br />

the formation of the APS Long Range Planning<br />

Committee and elucidating the challenges facing the society<br />

in the near, medium and long terms, adds emphasis to<br />

the need for experienced Directors to continue their team<br />

work.<br />

Should I receive your support and be re-elected as a Director-at-Large<br />

of the APS, I shall be able to continue uninterrupted<br />

in each of these endeavors.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Joann Lenz — Michigan • 10577-069566<br />

I am seeking a second term as Director-at-Large to continue<br />

to serve APS. My goals for the <strong>Society</strong> include: keeping<br />

business of APS open to all members; completing the Match<br />

Factory providing APRL its<br />

permanent home; ensuring<br />

APS is a welcoming organization<br />

serving all, beginners to<br />

long-time collectors; expanding<br />

recruiting and membership<br />

retention efforts; providing a<br />

secure future for the APS by<br />

encouraging and participating<br />

in more aggressive fund-raising<br />

efforts.<br />

I have been an APS member<br />

for 36 years; member of the<br />

original Campaign for Philately Committee, APRL member<br />

and Tiffany donor. I have attended numerous APS Summer<br />

Seminars where I learned from, shared with, and befriended<br />

instructors and other collectors, and made presentations.<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> service includes: chair of the Nicholas G. Carter<br />

Volunteer Awards Committees; secretary of the United<br />

States Stamp <strong>Society</strong> for thirteen years and a member of the<br />

Board. I have had various leadership responsibilities in the<br />

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club being secretary for four<br />

years and chairing its Ethics Committee. I have written articles<br />

for the US Specialist and contributed material to other<br />

philatelic publications.<br />

As a teacher, I served on major committees developing<br />

curriculum in a school district of 1,100+ teachers and 25,000<br />

students. In the classroom, I coordinated stamp topics with<br />

subject matter and was a Benjamin Franklin stamp club<br />

leader. I will work for the continuation and expansion of the<br />

APS outreach to youth and adults.<br />

My current collecting interests are modern US with a<br />

concentration on the Liberty era, electronic mail, dummy/<br />

testing material, tagging varieties, postal counterfeits, personalized<br />

postage and Dead Letter Office mail. I discovered<br />

the joys of exhibiting starting with one-frame exhibits and<br />

now have a multi-frame exhibit: 6¢ Roosevelt stamp from<br />

the Liberty series.<br />

Some other affiliations include: Virtual Stamp Club,<br />

<strong>American</strong> Association of <strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibitors, EFO Collectors’<br />

Club, Meter Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, <strong>American</strong> First Day Cover<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Precancel Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, Auxiliary Markings Club,<br />

US Specialized Yahoo Group, Women Exhibitors, Germany<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, and the International <strong>Society</strong> of Japanese<br />

Philately.<br />

Active in Internet stamp groups for 20 years, my email<br />

signature is: Stamps are fun, but collectors are the greatest!<br />

I subscribe to that philosophy and hope APS members will<br />

support my candidacy for APS Director-at-Large.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Robert P. Odenweller — New Jersey • 9084-54776<br />

Service to the APS:<br />

Board Member as Director at Large (six years<br />

previously, and currently),<br />

Chairman of Luff Committee (2003–2006),<br />

Delegate to F.I.P. Commission for Traditional<br />

Philately (18 years),<br />

Committee on Accreditation of National Exhibitions &<br />

Judges (CANEJ),<br />

Publications Committee.<br />

Statement: I believe that all<br />

members of the A.P.S. Board<br />

should have deep administrative<br />

experience. These days it is<br />

not enough to be just a collector<br />

or expert or writer, or even<br />

just a good committee member.<br />

The A.P.S. is a corporation with<br />

a substantial annual budget that<br />

requires good business sense.<br />

Although the philatelic side is<br />

needed to see where problems<br />

may lie, being a “good philatelist”<br />

is by itself just not enough.<br />

Besides A.P.S. service, these include:<br />

Collectors Club (NY), governor continuously since<br />

1969 (also four years as secretary, four years as vice<br />

president and three years as president);<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Foundation, 23 years as Trustee;<br />

F.I.P. 18 years as president of the F.I.P. Traditional<br />

Philately Commission;<br />

International Association of <strong>Philatelic</strong> Experts (A.I.E.P.),<br />

Director since 1987;<br />

<strong>Society</strong> of Australasian Specialists (SAS/O), past<br />

president;<br />

Vice chairman of NOJEX (WSP National show held in<br />

New Jersey in late <strong>May</strong>) since 1999.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 463

Experience and how it can help<br />

Exhibiting: New Zealand: 1855-1874 APS Champion of<br />

Champions 1973; FIP Grand Prix d’Honneur 1980; Samoa:<br />

1836-1914, FIP Gold plus Special Prize<br />

Judging: Internationally (and APS) accredited since<br />

1974, also for literature (both APS and FIP).<br />

Expertizing: APS Expertizing Committee since 1971,<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Foundation Expert Committee Chairman and<br />

Member since 1968, AIEP expert for New Zealand and nineteenth<br />

century Samoa since 1980.<br />

Literature: Editor of ἀ e Collectors Club Philatelist<br />

(2005–). Author of ἀ e Stamps and Postal History of Nineteenth<br />

Century Samoa published by the RPSL and RPSNZ.<br />

Regular column (“Ask Odenweller”) in ἀ e <strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibitor.<br />

Bottom Line: As a team player with no personal agenda,<br />

I’ve found that doing things most efficiently and reaching<br />

the needs of the largest number of members for the least<br />

cost should be the continuing goal of the A.P.S. board. At the<br />

same time, the various interests of the membership should<br />

all be addressed—all are important.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Denise Stotts — Texas • 160584<br />

I am running for re-election for Director-at-Large. During<br />

my term, I have learned much about the workings of the<br />

APS and the board, and feel that two years is just not enough<br />

time to contribute what I can. While I do not hold a degree in<br />

business or law, there are others<br />

on staff and the board who do.<br />

My contribution comes from<br />

being involved in every level<br />

of philately, from local to international.<br />

I also feel that being<br />

a homemaker in these tough<br />

economic times, I can bring excellent<br />

budgeting skills to the<br />

table.<br />

During my term in office,<br />

I initiated the idea for the new<br />

policy to help smaller clubs retain<br />

their free membership by<br />

lowering the required number of APS members needed. I<br />

also serve as board liaison to the many committees that provide<br />

so much to the society.<br />

The key issues facing our society remain the same as in<br />

the last election – but more crucial than ever. We MUST<br />

increase membership and continue to keep the APS relevant<br />

to the members that we do have. We need to continue to do<br />

outreach to grow new collectors through the many media<br />

venues that are available to us. We also must find a way to<br />

make the Match Factory viable by finishing sections and<br />

finding tenants. I would like to find ways to lower expenses<br />

at Headquarters by reaching out more to members – we all<br />

have special talents and we need to share our special skills<br />

with the society instead of having to outsource. While fundraising<br />

is essential, giving of our time and skills can also help<br />

the APS.<br />

Background: I have collected since childhood and have<br />

been involved with organized philately for almost 30 years. I<br />

am an exhibitor and local level judge, and am proud to have<br />

been awarded the Distinguished <strong>Philatelic</strong> Texan medal.<br />

Some positions include:<br />

Greater Houston Stamp Show chair – 15 years<br />

Secretary - Ohio Postal History <strong>Society</strong> – 21 years<br />

Director of Seminars – <strong>American</strong> Association of<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibitors<br />

Past member of the APS Ethics Committee<br />

APS Mentor – 20 years<br />

Club and Show Manager of APS Chapter Activities<br />

Committee – 10 years<br />

Awards chair for AAPE, USSS and WE<br />

Board member – Texas <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, Women<br />

Exhibitors<br />

Personal: I have been married for 35 years to fellow philatelist,<br />

Jay. I work part time at a used book store and volunteer<br />

at my local library, where I also serve as an officer of the<br />

Friends of the Library.<br />

For Director-at-Large<br />

Wayne Youngblood — Wisconsin • 083411<br />

When I became a junior APS member more than 30 years<br />

ago, I couldn’t have been happier. I used my APS number<br />

on checks, correspondence and<br />

displayed it proudly. That attitude<br />

has never changed. I am a<br />

proud supporter of APS, doing<br />

whatever I can to help the organization<br />

remain strong and<br />

grow. While not in a position<br />

to be a large financial donor, I<br />

consistently give freely of my<br />

time and talents to benefit APS<br />

and the hobby I love, whether<br />

it’s serving on the board (4<br />

terms), public speaking, developing<br />

a course and serving as<br />

a lead instructor of the Summer Seminar on Philately (for 19<br />

years), expertizing, editing, writing, serving on committees<br />

and more. Other service includes nearly 20 years as a Boy<br />

Scout leader (also serving as Stamp Collecting merit badge<br />

counselor), judging numerous local and national shows and<br />

speaking to retirement communities and nursing homes.<br />

As a candidate I have no agenda other than continuing to<br />

464 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

keep APS a vibrant and healthy organization that serves its<br />

members well and is responsive to their voices. My history<br />

within the hobby and my voting record as a board member<br />

show this.<br />

As subcategories to my primary goal I have ongoing concerns:<br />

• It is vital to keep the workings of the APS transparent<br />

to all members (a position I’ve consistently<br />

promoted). I believe if we have no secrets from the<br />

membership we should act accordingly. Discussion<br />

should be spirited and not without disagreement.<br />

Democracy is messy, but far transcends and exceeds<br />

mere “consensus building.”<br />

• We need to finish the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Center in a<br />

fiscally responsible manner. From the beginning I’ve<br />

felt this facility is essential to APS achieving its longterm<br />

goals.<br />

• We need to keep APS functioning efficiently<br />

financially, while looking for additional ways to<br />

provide stability for the future.<br />

• We must reach out through all means available<br />

(including in person and through the Internet) to<br />

draw collectors into the organized aspects of the<br />

hobby. But that is not enough.<br />

• APS also needs to be open to the needs of a rapidly<br />

changing hobby and reach out to other hobbies,<br />

such as deltiology (postcards), photo collecting and,<br />

perhaps, other forms of related paper ephemera.<br />

For APRL Trustee<br />

Peter D. Martin — Connecticut • 130405<br />

As the incumbent candidate for the APRL trustee position<br />

that is elected by the APS membership, I am well<br />

aware of the diverse issues facing the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

Research Library. Today more than ever, the APRL Board<br />

requires experienced leadership with in-depth knowledge of<br />

the library’s needs and capabilities.<br />

As an APRL Trustee I have worked to ensure that the<br />

APRL had the resources it needed to fulfill and expand upon<br />

its mission. I have served as the APRL Treasurer and on<br />

the APS Finance Committee. I<br />

seek re-election to ensure continuity<br />

during the challenging<br />

period that currently faces the<br />

APS/APRL.<br />

My background as an his -<br />

torian, researcher, and instructor,<br />

as well as in organizational<br />

management, allows me to<br />

bring unique insights to the decision<br />

making process.<br />

I have a long-time interest<br />

in library and museum management and have served as the<br />

librarian of the State Revenue <strong>Society</strong> since 1992.<br />

Having previously served as an APS director and on the<br />

APS Board, I also have an inside perspective on the matters<br />

confronting the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. Many of the<br />

issues facing the two boards share a common thread and it is<br />

beneficial to have experience and understanding from both<br />

sides. That synergy has become much more pronounced in<br />

recent years.<br />

I primarily collect United States postal history, topicals<br />

and back of the book, with an emphasis on federal and state<br />

revenues and I enjoy finding unusual items and conducting<br />

original research to discover the item’s history. My findings<br />

have been published in dozens of publications.<br />

I am an APS accredited chief literature and exhibition<br />

judge and a member of more than two dozen philatelic organizations.<br />

I have held leadership positions in many of these<br />

groups and currently serve as president of APS Writers Unit<br />

#30 and as chairman of the APS Publications Committee.<br />

The APRL has become the best philatelic library in<br />

North America and is an extraordinary member benefit. I<br />

want to ensure that it continues to thrive.<br />

For APRL Trustee<br />

Larry Nix — Wisconsin • 178097<br />

Philately and libraries are a wonderful combination. As a<br />

retired librarian who is a serious philatelist I appreciate that<br />

combination more than most. I am seeking your vote for<br />

Trustee of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research Library because<br />

I think my knowledge of libraries, library technology, and<br />

library networking will be an<br />

asset to the APRL in making<br />

philatelic knowledge more accessible<br />

to the philatelic community.<br />

Before I retired I was employed<br />

as Director of Public<br />

Library Development for the<br />

State of Wisconsin for twenty<br />

years. In that capacity I actively<br />

participated in the technology<br />

revolution which libraries have<br />

undergone in Wisconsin and<br />

the nation. I was responsible for<br />

administering state and federal programs for public libraries<br />

in Wisconsin which resulted in universal public library access<br />

to the Internet and over ninety percent participation by public<br />

libraries in shared automated library systems. Since my<br />

retirement I continue to be active in library activities including<br />

a variety of library consulting projects. For three years I<br />

served on the Board of the Wisconsin Library Association<br />

Foundation during which time it successfully implemented<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 465

the most aggressive fundraising and publicity program in its<br />

history. I am currently Chair of the Steering Committee of<br />

the Wisconsin Library Heritage Center, the first endeavor of<br />

its kind in the nation.<br />

Even my philatelic interests relate to libraries. I am a<br />

collector and exhibitor of postal artifacts related to libraries.<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> exhibiting has resulted in multiple gold awards<br />

and has been the impetus for my doing serious research related<br />

to library history and philately. This has provided me<br />

with a good understanding of the needs and challenges of<br />

philatelists who do not have convenient physical access to<br />

philatelic research collections.<br />

I am particularly interested in promoting the leadership<br />

role that the APRL can play in supporting and cooperating<br />

with other philatelic libraries in the nation. I recently began<br />

writing the “Library News” column for <strong>Philatelic</strong> Literature<br />

Review. This has provided me with insight into the needs and<br />

contributions of these important libraries.<br />

You can find out more about me and my qualifications<br />

for serving as a Trustee of the APRL on my website at http://<br />

www.libraryhistorybuff.com/aprl-trustee.htm.<br />

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466 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Duties of Directors & Officers<br />

of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

The following is taken from the APS Bylaws<br />

(A Pennsylvania Corporation)<br />

Adopted at the 107th Annual Convention,<br />

Houston, Texas, August 17–18, 1993,<br />

and as subsequently amended.<br />

Article 5 — Duties of<br />

Directors and Officers<br />

5.1 The Board of Directors.<br />

5.1.1 Members. The Board of Directors shall<br />

consist of the President, three Vice Presidents,<br />

the Secretary, the Treasurer, four<br />

Directors-at-Large, and the Immediate<br />

Past President. The Board shall have full<br />

power to set policy and direction of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> except as otherwise provided in<br />

these Bylaws, but shall exercise its power<br />

in conformity with such definite orders<br />

and instructions as shall be given to it by<br />

the members of the <strong>Society</strong> by majority<br />

vote taken by ballot in a referendum conducted<br />

in the manner provided herein for<br />

the adoption of an amendment to these<br />

Bylaws.<br />

5.1.2 Surety Bonds. Surety Bonds shall be<br />

provided for all employees of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

at the <strong>Society</strong>’s expense and maintained<br />

in appropriate amounts by the Executive<br />

Director. Additionally, liability insurance<br />

coverage for all officers and employees<br />

shall be provided and maintained by the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> as may be required from time to<br />

time.<br />

5.1.3 Board Meetings. The Board of Directors<br />

may be convened in session by the<br />

President, or by any three members of<br />

the Board, for the general transaction of<br />

business, or for the consideration of such<br />

special matters as may be specified in the<br />

call for the meeting.<br />

5.1.4 Mail Votes. The Board, at the direction<br />

of the President, may take votes by mail,<br />

facsimile, telephone, e-mail or other electronic<br />

means upon any written proposal<br />

within the jurisdiction of the Board. A<br />

copy in definite and specific form shall<br />

be submitted to the President who shall,<br />

without delay, cause the proposal to be<br />

submitted to each member of the Board<br />

for a vote. Any proposal which is offered<br />

will be submitted by the President to each<br />

member of the Board. Upon receipt of<br />

the votes, or such number thereof as shall<br />

indicate the adoption or rejection of the<br />

proposal by the requisite majority of the<br />

Board, the Executive Director shall record<br />

the votes and shall notify the members of<br />

the Board of the result.<br />

5.1.5 Unbecoming Conduct. The Board of<br />

Directors shall have authority to define<br />

by general resolution that conduct unbecoming<br />

a member which shall be the basis<br />

for disciplinary action.<br />

5.1.6 Record of Proceedings. The Board of<br />

Directors shall keep an accurate, complete,<br />

and permanent record of all proceedings,<br />

which record shall be permanently filed at<br />

the National Headquarters.<br />

5.2 The President.<br />

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> and the Board of Directors.<br />

(b) The President shall appoint, with the approval<br />

of the Board of Directors, the various<br />

committee chairpersons. The President<br />

or the Treasurer or the President’s<br />

designate shall sign all vouchers for payments<br />

from the funds of the <strong>Society</strong> over<br />

such amount as set from time to time by<br />

resolution of the Board of Directors. The<br />

President shall execute on behalf of and<br />

in the name of the <strong>Society</strong>, all contracts,<br />

deeds, and other legal instruments when<br />

so authorized by the Board of Directors,<br />

except as specified in Section 5.8 below.<br />

(c) The President shall have general supervision<br />

over all officers and committees, to<br />

the end that there shall be full and complete<br />

performance of their duties by each<br />

of said officers and committees.<br />

5.3 The Board of Vice Presidents.<br />

(a) The three Vice Presidents shall constitute<br />

the Board of Vice Presidents as said term<br />

is employed in these Bylaws. The Board<br />

of Vice Presidents shall elect one of its<br />

members as Chairperson and/or another<br />

as Recorder, and the Recorder (Chairperson)<br />

shall have the custody of the current<br />

records of the Board and shall act as its<br />

Secretary.<br />

(b) The Board of Vice Presidents shall have<br />

charge and control of the admission of<br />

members as otherwise herein provided.<br />

(c) It shall be the disciplinary body of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, and shall have authority, subject<br />

to appeal to the Appeals Tribunal, to discipline<br />

or expel members for failure to<br />

pay their indebtedness to the <strong>Society</strong>, for<br />

fraudulent or unethical conduct as stamp<br />

collectors or dealers, or for conduct unbecoming<br />

a member as defined by general<br />

resolution of the <strong>Society</strong> or the Board of<br />

Directors.<br />

(d) It shall keep an accurate and permanent<br />

record of of its decisions in a form determined<br />

by them, and such records shall be<br />

permanently filed in the National Headquarters<br />

after they have ceased to be current.<br />

(e) It shall submit a report to the annual<br />

meeting.<br />

5.4 The Secretary.<br />

(a) The Secretary shall keep accurate and permanent<br />

records for all of the regular and<br />

special meetings of the <strong>Society</strong> and of the<br />

Board of Directors, which shall be permanently<br />

filed at the National Headquarters.<br />

(b) The Secretary, when required, shall attest<br />

all legal documents and all charters for<br />

chapters and certificates presented to life<br />

members, and shall perform such other<br />

duties as are delegated to the Secretary<br />

elsewhere in the Bylaws.<br />

5.5 The Treasurer.<br />

(a) The Treasurer shall oversee the custody of<br />

all securities of the <strong>Society</strong> subject to the<br />

supervision of the Board of Directors.<br />

(b) The Treasurer shall advise the Executive<br />

Director in all matters concerning the financial<br />

duties discharged at the National<br />

Headquarters.<br />

(c) The Treasurer shall in collaboration with<br />

the Executive Director present an annual<br />

financial report and a report of budgetary<br />

requirements.<br />

5.6 The Directors-at-Large.<br />

The four Directors-at-Large shall have supervision<br />

of such activities of the <strong>Society</strong> as<br />

may be assigned to them by the President,<br />

and shall help promote the <strong>Society</strong> in their<br />

several localities.<br />

5.7 The Immediate Past President.<br />

The Immediate Past President in a like manner<br />

as other Board members shall participate<br />

and vote in all matters pending<br />

before the Board.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 467

Bylaws of The <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> (APS)<br />

A Pennsylvania Nonproἀt Corporation<br />

Proposed Revisions (January <strong>2009</strong>)<br />

Adopted August 17–18, 1993, and as subsequently amended<br />

The Board of Directors unanimously recommends approval<br />

of the following changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee<br />

and ask that you vote Yes on the ballot. Proposed additions<br />

are shown in red and text proposed to be eliminated is shown<br />

with a line through it. Bylaws revisions have been done to provide<br />

consistency, clarification, and in accordance with Pennsylvania<br />

State laws. Major changes are summarized below:<br />

Article 1 — Addition of the Name, Principal Offices, General<br />

Charitable Purposes and Mission of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

Article 2 — The Article on ἀe <strong>American</strong> Philatelist was moved<br />

forward as it was previously referred to prior to any definition<br />

of what it is.<br />

Article 3 — Here and elsewhere recognition of the Internet is<br />

incorporated. “Writing” is broadened to formally allow applications<br />

to be made electronically.<br />

• in this case allowing for application to be made in a format<br />

other than “writing.”<br />

• The current bylaws are inconsistent in granting some<br />

rights to members at least age 18 while other rights required<br />

the age of 21. Age 18 has been consistently applied in these<br />

recommendations.<br />

• Clarification that a suspended membership is not a membership<br />

in good standing<br />

Article 4 — The Board selection of a candidate in the case of a<br />

tie vote allows for a much quicker process at a much lower<br />

cost.<br />

• The same requirements should apply to the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents regardless of how far apart they live.<br />

• Removal of the maximum number of dealers who can<br />

serve on the APS Board.<br />

• Provides for a procedure in the case of temporary incapacity<br />

of a member of the Board<br />

Article 5 — Recognizes the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Research Library<br />

President and the Dealer Representative as non-voting<br />

ex-officio members of the Board.<br />

- Specifically allows for meetings of the Board by methods<br />

such as teleconference call other than in person.<br />

- Allows for possibility of on-line voting<br />

Article 6 — Makes provision for the position of the Immediate<br />

Past President if that individual is unable to serve.<br />

Article 7 — Elimination of referral to a specific division and<br />

provision of similar treatment for any division.<br />

Article 8 — Article on <strong>American</strong> Philatelist now Article 2.<br />

Article 11 — Allows for establishment of other funds that might<br />

be required to comply with a donor’s wishes.<br />

Article 15 — Meets the expectation of all nonprofit corporations<br />

that they have provision for the dispensation of their<br />

assets in case of dissolution.<br />

Article 1 — Mission, Purpose, and<br />

Powers<br />

1.1 Name. The name of the organization shall<br />

be the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, or<br />

“APS.”<br />

1.2 Principal Offices. The principal office of<br />

the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> (“<strong>Society</strong>”)<br />

shall be at 100 Match Factory Place,<br />

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823, until otherwise<br />

established by an amendment of<br />

the Articles or by the Board of Directors,<br />

and a record of the change is filed with the<br />

State of Pennsylvania in the manner provided<br />

by law.<br />

1.3 Additional Offices. This <strong>Society</strong> may also<br />

have offices at such other places as the<br />

Board of Directors may from time to time<br />

appoint, or as the activities of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

may require.<br />

1.4 General Charitable Purposes. The <strong>Society</strong><br />

is a Pennsylvania domestic not-for-profit<br />

corporation organized for charitable<br />

purposes within the meaning of section<br />

501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,<br />

as amended. All activities of the Corporation<br />

shall be undertaken without regard<br />

to race, religion, ethnicity, national origin,<br />

age, sex, or marital status.<br />

1.5 Specific Purposes Mission. The specific<br />

and primary purposes of the <strong>Society</strong> are:<br />

(a) To promote stamp collecting and its<br />

related areas for people of all ages;<br />

(b) To offer services to its membership<br />

and to philately in general, including<br />

knowledge and education, which enhance<br />

the pleasure and friendliness of stamp<br />

collecting;<br />

(c) To initiate and coordinate new programs<br />

for the benefit of stamp collecting<br />

and of all collectors;.<br />

(d) To represent the United States of<br />

America in the world body of philately;<br />

(e) To assist its members in acquiring and<br />

disposing of philatelic materials; and<br />

(f) To receive and maintain gifts of money<br />

and property, and to distribute money and<br />

property, for charitable and educational<br />

activities related to stamp collecting.<br />

1.6 Scope of the Bylaws. It is intended that all<br />

powers of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

conferred upon it by virtue of its incorporation,<br />

shall be executed in accordance<br />

with the provisions of these Bylaws;, and<br />

that admission to membership in the <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

the rights and obligations of members,<br />

and the tenure of membership, shall<br />

be entirely subject to and depend upon<br />

the provisions herein, and the exercise of<br />

the authority herein conferred.<br />

1.2 7 Legal Jurisdiction. The Court of Common<br />

Pleas of Centre County, Pennsylvania,<br />

shall have sole and executive jurisdiction<br />

to hear and determine any issue<br />

of for matter relating to these Bylaws,<br />

including but not limited to: membership<br />

in the <strong>Society</strong>; the rules, regulations, and<br />

requirements of the <strong>Society</strong>, and; the code<br />

of ethical standard standards to which the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> subscribes, and/or its members<br />

468 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

subscribe; and, any other matter or issue<br />

between the <strong>Society</strong> and any of its members.<br />

1.3 8 Contractual Jurisdiction. The Court of<br />

Common Pleas of Centre County, Pennsylvania,<br />

shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction<br />

to determine any contractual<br />

dispute or matter between the <strong>Society</strong> and<br />

any member(s), including, but not limited<br />

to, any action for the collection of money<br />

due the <strong>Society</strong> brought by or on behalf of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> for any reason whatsoever.<br />

Article 2 — The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist<br />

2. The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. It shall be the<br />

official journal of the <strong>Society</strong> and shall<br />

be published by the Editor under the supervision<br />

and direction of the Executive<br />

Director. The subscription price shall be<br />

determined by the Board of Directors.<br />

Article 32 — Membership<br />

32.1 Qualifications. Any person of good character,<br />

interested in philately, may become<br />

a member of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

in accordance with the provisions of<br />

this Article.<br />

23.2 Application. Application for membership<br />

in the <strong>Society</strong> shall be made in writing<br />

and, either in hard copy or electronic<br />

copy, or in such form as the Board of Directors<br />

shall from time to time prescribe.<br />

23.3 Fees and Dues. The All application fees,<br />

membership admission fee fees and annual<br />

dues of members shall be determined<br />

from time to time by the Board of<br />

Directors. If an application is withdrawn,<br />

rejected or otherwise not accepted, the<br />

any membership fees and or dues paid<br />

shall be refunded to the applicant. Application<br />

fees shall not be refunded<br />

2.4 Admission<br />

23.4 Membership Applicant Processing.<br />

23.4.1 Procedure. Notice of each application<br />

for membership shall be published<br />

in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist or in such<br />

other format and in such form and detail<br />

as the Board of Vice Presidents shall prescribe.<br />

The National Headquarters shall<br />

act upon each application for membership<br />

not earlier than thirty (30) days after<br />

such publication and after all necessary<br />

investigations have been completed, unless<br />

an objection or information relating<br />

to or questioning the good character has<br />

been developed. In the event that event<br />

an objection or information relating to or<br />

questioning the good character has been<br />

developed, the application will be referred<br />

to the Board of Vice Presidents for action.<br />

A rejected applicant may petition the<br />

Appeals Tribunal, as defined by Section<br />

3.11.7, for reconsideration of the application<br />

and may submit additional pertinent<br />

information. The decision of the Appeals<br />

Tribunal upon such reconsideration shall<br />

be final.<br />

23.4.2 Objection. Any member objecting to<br />

the admission of an applicant shall file, a<br />

written objection with the Executive Director,<br />

a written objection accompanied<br />

with by supporting facts to substantiate<br />

the objection. All objections shall be investigated<br />

by the National Headquarters<br />

and the findings and results shall be reported<br />

to the Board of Vice Presidents.<br />

32.4.3 An application Age. All applicants for<br />

membership shall be eighteen (18) years<br />

of age. All applications for membership by<br />

a person persons under 21 eighteen (18)<br />

years of age shall be subject to such special<br />

rules as the Board of Directors may<br />

direct.<br />

23.4.4 Membership Numbers. Applicants<br />

shall be assigned membership numbers<br />

seriatim.<br />

23.5 Life Membership.<br />

(a) Any member, eighteen (18) years of age or<br />

over and in good standing, may become<br />

a life member on payment of a sum to be<br />

an amount established by the Board of<br />

Directors and published in advance to the<br />

membership, and any application fee, and<br />

shall thereafter be exempt from all dues<br />

and assessments. An Any applicant desiring<br />

life membership shall include the life<br />

membership fee plus admission fee with<br />

the application.<br />

(b) A member joining the <strong>Society</strong> prior to<br />

January 1, 1974, who has been continuously<br />

in good standing for a period of at<br />

least 30 years, and who has attained the<br />

age of 65 years, shall be granted Life Membership;<br />

or, such member may obtain life<br />

membership by making a single sum payment<br />

of an amount equal to the total dues<br />

for the years required to pay dues to age<br />

65 and 30 years continuous membership,<br />

or to such time after age 65 that 30 years’<br />

membership would accrue.<br />

23.6 Family Membership. A Any child under<br />

eighteen (18) years of age and/or a<br />

spouse of a member, residing who resides<br />

with the member, may become a member<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> by complying with all the<br />

requirements for membership and will<br />

be entitled to all rights of members and<br />

will be subject to all responsibilities of<br />

membership; however,. The annual dues<br />

for each additional member of a family<br />

shall be one-half of the regular dues. The<br />

additional member or members shall not<br />

be entitled to receive The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.<br />

23.7 Good Standing. A member in good<br />

standing, within the meaning of that term<br />

as used in these Bylaws, is one who is not<br />

in default in the payment of dues or other<br />

indebtedness to the <strong>Society</strong>, and against<br />

whom no charges have been proven<br />

whose membership is not suspended.<br />

23.8 Resignation. The resignation of a member<br />

shall be submitted to the Executive<br />

Director and shall become effective at the<br />

end of the next month if such following<br />

the submission of the resignation, provided<br />

the member has no charges pending<br />

and is then in good standing, or if not,<br />

at such later date as the. A member has no<br />

against whom charges are pending and/<br />

or shall not be permitted to resign from<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> until the member has been restored<br />

to good standing.<br />

23.9 Non-Payment of Dues. If a member is in<br />

arrears in the payment of dues to the <strong>Society</strong><br />

for a period of at least thirty (30) days,<br />

that fact shall be certified to the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents by the Executive Director.<br />

If the dues in arrears are not paid within a<br />

period of time fixed by the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents, the delinquent member shall<br />

be dropped from membership.<br />

23.10 Other Indebtedness. If, after notice, a<br />

member is delinquent in the payment of<br />

indebtedness to the <strong>Society</strong> for a period<br />

of at least thirty (30) days, that fact may<br />

be certified by the National Headquarters<br />

to the Board of Vice Presidents by the Executive<br />

Director for action.<br />

23.11 Reprimand, Probation, Suspension,<br />

and Expulsion.<br />

23.11.1 Grounds, Penalty. Any member found<br />

guilty by the Board of Vice Presidents of<br />

(1) (a) Any failure to pay an indebtedness<br />

to the <strong>Society</strong> within the period of<br />

time affixed set by that Board,; and/or<br />

(2) (b) Any fraudulent or unethical conduct<br />

as a stamp collector or dealer,; and/or<br />

(3) any (c) Any other conduct which has<br />

been declared by resolution of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

or the Board of Directors to be conduct<br />

unbecoming to a member, may be reprimanded,<br />

placed on probation, suspended<br />

for a definite period, or expelled from the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, or subject to other appropriate<br />

sanctions. Actions taken by the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents may be published or unpublished.<br />

23.11.2 Charges, Notice. Charges against a<br />

member shall be in writing, and may be<br />

preferred proffered by the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents itself, by any other officer, staff<br />

member, member in good standing, or<br />

other individual. All charges shall be definite<br />

and specific. A copy of such charges<br />

and as well as a notice of the time and<br />

place of hearing them shall be served, as<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 469

hereinafter provided, upon the member<br />

against whom they are preferred proffered,<br />

not less than thirty (30) days prior<br />

to the date fixed by the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents for the a hearing thereof. On<br />

or before that the date of the hearing, the<br />

member charged shall have the right to<br />

file a written answer to the charges.<br />

23.11.3 Investigation, Defense, Hearing.<br />

Charges preferred proffered against a<br />

member shall be investigated by the National<br />

Headquarters. In the event the<br />

charges are referred to the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents, at any hearing related to such<br />

charges, any party to the charges may appear<br />

in person and/or be represented by<br />

counsel. at any hearing related to such<br />

charges. The Board of Vice Presidents<br />

shall consider the results of any investigation<br />

and all evidence, including correspondence<br />

and other documents, submitted<br />

in support of and/or in defense against<br />

the charges, and shall make written findings<br />

in writing thereon, and in case. If the<br />

charges are sustained, the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents shall impose a penalty as above<br />

provided. in these Bylaws. The findings of<br />

the Board, and the penalty imposed when<br />

the charges are sustained, shall be in writing.<br />

All data pertaining thereto shall be<br />

permanently preserved at the National<br />

Headquarters.<br />

23.11.4 Findings. When charges are preferred<br />

proffered against a member, notice thereof<br />

shall be given by the National Headquarters.<br />

The findings of the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents and the penalty imposed,<br />

if any, shall likewise be filed with the National<br />

Headquarters and entered upon<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> records. The National Headquarters<br />

shall advise all parties to the<br />

complaint of the Board of Vice Presidents’<br />

findings. The findings of the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents and the penalty imposed, if<br />

any, may also be published in The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist, unless an appeal is filed as<br />

hereinafter provided. The findings of the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents and the penalty<br />

imposed by it, when no appeal is taken,<br />

shall be final. Actions taken by the Board<br />

of Vice Presidents may be published or<br />

unpublished.<br />

23.11.5 Member Charged With Crime. Any<br />

member charged in any court of law with<br />

a felony, or charged with crime involving<br />

philatelic material or allegations of<br />

any felony crimen falsi (class of offenses<br />

involving deceit or falsification), may be<br />

suspended by the Board of Vice Presidents<br />

pending trial and, upon conviction<br />

thereof, may be placed on probation, suspended<br />

for a definite period, or expelled<br />

by the Board of Vice Presidents from the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>.<br />

23.11.6 Appeal. Any involved party aggrieved<br />

by any decision of the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents may file with the National<br />

Headquarters a notice of appeal to the<br />

Appeals Tribunal. The notice of appeal<br />

shall be filed within thirty (30) days after<br />

receipt of notice of the findings of the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents. The National<br />

Headquarters shall transmit to the Appeals<br />

Tribunal all evidence and other data<br />

in its possession relating to the charges,<br />

and the appeal shall be determined by the<br />

Appeals Tribunal at its next regular meeting.<br />

The Appeals Tribunal may sustain or<br />

revise the findings of the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents, and may ratify or modify the<br />

penalty assessed. If the Appeals Tribunal<br />

upholds the findings of the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents, the findings may be published<br />

in “The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.” The findings<br />

or may be unpublished, at the sole<br />

discretion of the Board of Vice Presidents<br />

and the penalty imposed by it, when no<br />

appeal is Appeals Tribunal. Actions taken,<br />

by the Appeals Tribunal shall be deemed<br />

final, and may not be appealed further or<br />

otherwise challenged in an court of law or<br />

any other legal proceeding.<br />

23.11.7 Appeals Tribunal. The Board of Directors<br />

shall establish an Appeals Tribunal<br />

to hear appeals from the decisions of the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents. Decisions of the<br />

Appeals Tribunal shall be final. The Appeals<br />

Tribunal shall be composed of the<br />

following members: the APS President,<br />

Secretary, Treasurer, four Directors-at-<br />

Large, Immediate Past President, and the<br />

Executive Director, provided they are not<br />

a party to or related to any appeal under<br />

consideration. and are available to hear<br />

appeals. The Board of Vice Presidents may<br />

appoint one of its members to appear before<br />

the Appeals Tribunal and report the<br />

views of the Board of Vice Presidents relating<br />

to any appeal under consideration<br />

by the Appeals Tribunal.<br />

23.12 Reinstatement. Upon payment of appropriate<br />

fees and dues, as determined by<br />

the Board of Directors, a former member,<br />

whose membership was terminated other<br />

than by expulsion, upon payment of appropriate<br />

fees and dues may make application<br />

may apply for reinstatement. Before<br />

being acted upon notice of such application<br />

shall be published and acted upon<br />

as provided for in the case of original applications.<br />

The Board of Vice Presidents<br />

may establish a period of time in which<br />

a former member will be admitted without<br />

further action. A reinstated member<br />

may be assigned a former membership<br />

number only on upon payment in full of<br />

all dues in arrears. When an application<br />

is submitted by a person whose membership<br />

was terminated by expulsion, such<br />

the application shall be dated not less<br />

than three (3) years from the date of the<br />

expulsion and shall be accompanied by<br />

payment of a non-refundable fee, to be set<br />

by the Board of Directors, to defray the<br />

costs of investigation. It The application<br />

must also be accompanied by a personal<br />

resume outlining the activities of the former<br />

member during the expulsion period.<br />

The resume should support and substantiate<br />

the worthiness of the former member<br />

for reinstatement. In addition, the former<br />

member shall submit no fewer than five<br />

(5) letters of recommendation from <strong>Society</strong><br />

members in good standing supporting<br />

who support the application for reinstatement.<br />

If, after review, the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents decides that admission is appropriate,<br />

the application will be treated<br />

as a new application.<br />

23.13 Official Notices.<br />

(a) Notices of hearings upon of disciplinary<br />

proceedings shall be served upon a member<br />

charged in person, or by certified or<br />

registered mail upon a member charged,<br />

or by any other method of delivery that<br />

provides proof of receipt.<br />

(b) All other notices to a specific member<br />

may be served in person or by ordinary<br />

first class mail.<br />

(c) Notices sent by first class mail shall be<br />

deposited in the United States mails and<br />

addressed to the member at the last recorded<br />

address provided to the <strong>Society</strong> by<br />

the member, with postage fully paid.<br />

(d) Proof of service may be established by<br />

a postal return receipt, a postal mailer’s<br />

receipt, or by an affidavit of personal service.<br />

(e) Validity of service shall not be affected by<br />

the member’s failure to accept delivery,<br />

the member’s refusal to accept delivery,<br />

or by the member’s failure to provide the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> with a correct address.<br />

(f) Notices to the general membership may<br />

be given by publication in The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist.<br />

23.14 Services of the <strong>Society</strong>. Services provided<br />

by the <strong>Society</strong> to its members shall be<br />

considered a privilege and may be denied<br />

to any member abusing the privilege or<br />

violating the established rules governing<br />

a service.<br />

23.15 Arbitration. /Alternative Dispute Resolution.<br />

The Board of Vice Presidents,<br />

with the approval of the Board of Directors,<br />

may establish rules, regulations, and<br />

470 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

procedures for the arbitration or other<br />

method of resolution of disputes between<br />

members.<br />

Article 34 — Meetings of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong><br />

34.1 Annual Meeting.<br />

(a) The annual meeting or convention of the<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> shall be held<br />

at such time and place, and conduct such<br />

business, as the Board of Directors shall<br />

determine, and. The Executive Director<br />

shall have authority to assume on behalf<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong>, such portion of the expense<br />

of holding any such meeting as may be<br />

deemed advisable.<br />

(b) The annual meeting Board of Directors<br />

shall receive reports of all officers and<br />

committees at the annual meeting, and<br />

shall conduct any other business that may<br />

come before it.<br />

34.2 Spring Other Meeting. A Spring Other<br />

meetings of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

may be held at such time and place,<br />

and conduct such business, as the Board<br />

of Directors shall determine, and. The Executive<br />

Director shall have authority to<br />

assume on behalf of the <strong>Society</strong>, such portion<br />

of the expense of holding any such<br />

meeting as required.<br />

34.3 Special Meetings. Special meetings of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> may be called by the Board<br />

of Directors, or by not less than one percent<br />

of the membership. Notice of such a<br />

meeting shall be published in The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist or by such other method as<br />

the Board of Directors deems appropriate<br />

not less than sixty (60) days prior to the<br />

date for which it has been called. The call<br />

for the meeting shall specify the purpose<br />

of the meeting and the matter or matters<br />

to be submitted for the consideration and<br />

action by at the meeting, and; however, no<br />

other business shall be transacted at such<br />

meeting. The special meetings. Publication<br />

of the notice of such meeting in The<br />

<strong>American</strong> Philatelist as herein before provided,<br />

special meetings shall be construed<br />

as an official call for the meeting.<br />

34.4 Arrangements for Meetings. Not later<br />

than sixty (60) days prior to the date of<br />

any annual or Spring other meeting of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong>, the President shall issue the<br />

official call for the meeting. The call shall<br />

state the time and place of the meeting<br />

and shall be published in the following issue<br />

of The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.<br />

34.5 Quorum. A quorum for the transaction<br />

of any and all business at any meeting of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> shall consist of not less than<br />

twenty-five (25) members present at the<br />

meeting.<br />

34.6 Reports and Resolutions. All reports of<br />

officers and committees and all resolutions<br />

presented at any meeting normally<br />

shall be in writing.<br />

3.7 Special Convention Committees. At each<br />

annual meeting the President shall appoint<br />

a resolutions committee and any<br />

other committees that may be deemed<br />

desirable. These committees shall serve<br />

only during the period of that meeting for<br />

which they are appointed.<br />

34.7 Rules of Order. All parliamentary questions<br />

shall be decided according to the latest<br />

edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.<br />

Article 5 — Officers<br />

45.1 Eligibility. Any member of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, in good standing, who<br />

is eighteen (18) years of age or over, shall<br />

be eligible to hold any office in the <strong>Society</strong><br />

or to serve upon any committee; provided,<br />

however, that a candidate for the office of<br />

President shall have previously served either<br />

as an elective officer, or as a member<br />

of the Board of Directors.<br />

45.2 Elective Officers.<br />

(a) The elective officers shall be a President,<br />

three (3) Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a<br />

Treasurer, and four (4) Directors-at-Large.<br />

Such officers shall serve from the time of<br />

the adjournment of the annual meeting in<br />

the year of their election, to the adjournment<br />

of the annual meeting held two<br />

years thereafter, and until the election and<br />

qualification of their successors in office.<br />

(b) Other than as provided in Section 4.87<br />

of these bylaws, no person shall hold the<br />

office of President, Vice President, Secretary,<br />

Treasurer, or Director-at-Large, for<br />

more than two (2) consecutive terms in<br />

the same office.<br />

(c) No person shall hold elective office for<br />

more than four (4) terms in any consecutive<br />

twelve-(12) year period with the exception<br />

that a person may hold the office<br />

of President for two (2) terms in addition<br />

to the four (4) terms enumerated above.<br />

45.3 Administrative Officers.<br />

(a) The Administrative Officers of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

shall be: the Executive Director, the Editor<br />

of The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist, the <strong>Society</strong><br />

Attorney, and the heads of such divisions<br />

as may be established from time to time.<br />

(b) The Executive Director of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> shall be appointed or reappointed<br />

by the President, subject to approval<br />

by the Board of Directors, to serve<br />

for indeterminate terms. Compensations<br />

shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.<br />

45.4 National Headquarters. The Board of<br />

Directors shall establish a National Headquarters<br />

where the administrative affairs<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> shall be conducted. The Executive<br />

Director shall be in charge of the<br />

National Headquarters.<br />

45.5 Election.<br />

45.5.1 Time. The elective officers of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

shall be elected by the members of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> in good standing by ballot, biennially,<br />

in the odd numbered years.<br />

45.5.2 Nominations. Nominations may be<br />

made, with the consent of the nominee,<br />

by<br />

(a) A petition or petitions signed by no fewer<br />

than ten (10) members, or<br />

(b) A chapter or chapters. Nominations shall<br />

be seconded by ten (10) or more other<br />

chapters or by ten (10) or more seconding<br />

endorsements each signed by ten<br />

(10) or more members, not members of<br />

a nominating or a seconding chapter, or<br />

by a combination of ten (10) chapters and<br />

such seconding endorsements. Only one<br />

person can may be nominated or seconded<br />

for each office by a chapter or a member<br />

signing a petition. A nomination or a<br />

second thereto made by a chapter shall be<br />

signed by its President and Secretary. All<br />

nominations and seconds thereto shall<br />

be filed with the National Headquarters<br />

only during that period between the fifth<br />

and ninth months inclusive preceding the<br />

month during which the annual meeting<br />

is held in that year. Each nomination<br />

properly seconded shall be published in<br />

The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist not less than<br />

ninety (90) days prior to the date of the<br />

annual meeting. If the sole candidate for<br />

an office dies or is found to be ineligible<br />

after nominations have been published,<br />

the Board of Directors shall nominate another<br />

candidate for such office to fill the<br />

vacancy thus created.<br />

45.5.3 Official Ballot. An official ballot shall<br />

be prepared by the Executive Director,<br />

containing all nominations and spaces for<br />

indicating a choice opposite each name.<br />

The ballot shall be in such form as shall<br />

preserve the secrecy thereof and shall provide<br />

for proper identification, and may be<br />

in such form as to allow electronic counting.<br />

An official ballot shall be provided by<br />

the Executive Director to each member in<br />

good standing by direct mail or, by inclusion<br />

in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist, or by a<br />

secure online method, as permitted by applicable<br />

law, not less than ninety (90) days<br />

prior to the date of the annual meeting.<br />

45.5.4 Return of Ballot. The ballot Ballots<br />

shall be returned to the Board of Elections<br />

by mail or by a secure online method.<br />

45.5.5 Closing, Canvass, Election. The election<br />

shall close at twelve o’clock noon, on<br />

the seventh Saturday after the date the<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 471

magazine containing the ballot is mailed.<br />

The Board of Elections shall thereupon<br />

canvass the vote and report the results of<br />

the election to all officers and candidates.<br />

A plurality of all valid votes shall be required<br />

for the election of a candidate.<br />

4.5.6 Tie Votes. In the case of a tie vote for any<br />

office, an official ballot shall be prepared<br />

by the Executive Director, containing the<br />

names and offices of the candidates for<br />

which there was a tie vote, and containing<br />

spaces for indicating a choice opposite<br />

each name. The ballot shall be in such<br />

form as shall preserve the secrecy thereof<br />

and shall provide for proper identification,<br />

and may be in such form as to allow<br />

electronic counting. An official ballot shall<br />

be provided by the Executive Director to<br />

each member in good standing by direct<br />

mail or by inclusion in the next issue of<br />

The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. The ballot shall<br />

be returned to the Board of Elections by<br />

mail. The election shall close at twelve<br />

o’clock noon, 45 days following the mailing<br />

of The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. A plurality<br />

of all valid votes shall be required for<br />

the election of a candidate. In the event<br />

of a subsequent tie 45.5.6 Tie Votes. In<br />

the case of a tie vote for any office, the tie<br />

shall broken by vote of the sitting Board<br />

of Directors from among the candidates<br />

whose votes remain equal. The board shall<br />

convene and vote within ten (10) days of<br />

the date of the announcement of the tie<br />

vote. If a successful candidate dies prior<br />

to taking office, the vacancy shall be filled<br />

by appointment by vote of the Board of<br />

Directors sitting at the time of death.<br />

45.5.7 Announcement. Election results shall<br />

be announced as soon as possible.<br />

4.6 Collectors and Dealers. No fewer than six<br />

of in a manner in which the ten elected officers<br />

notice shall be stamp collectors who<br />

are not classified as dealers received by the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents. In the event that<br />

an election shall result in the selection of<br />

more than four dealers, the meeting immediately<br />

after the report of the Board of<br />

Elections shall determine which one or<br />

ones are ineligible, by a vote of the members<br />

present at the session of the meeting.<br />

all members.<br />

45.76 Board of Vice Presidents.<br />

45.6.1 Residence of Vice Presidents. Meetings.<br />

The three Board of Vice Presidents<br />

shall reside within 200 miles of each other.<br />

In order to accomplish this result in the<br />

selection convene no fewer than six (6)<br />

times per calendar year, with no fewer<br />

than two (2) of the meetings to be held<br />

in person. All members of the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents, candidates for this office<br />

shall be nominated and voted as a<br />

unit, and nominations and ballots attend<br />

in person all meetings at which do not<br />

conforma member of the <strong>Society</strong>, against<br />

whom charges have been proffered, notifies<br />

the Board in advance that either the<br />

member intends to this requirement shall<br />

be rejected appear in person or counsel<br />

intends to appear on behalf of the<br />

member. In the event that a member or<br />

counsel notifies the Board of the intent to<br />

appear, the meeting of the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents changes domicile shall be held<br />

within ninety (90) days of the <strong>Society</strong>’s receipt<br />

of the notice. Such meetings may be<br />

continued or adjourned upon good cause<br />

shown.<br />

45.6.2 Removal from the area of residency,<br />

the member may remain on the Board of<br />

Vice Presidents at the option of the APS<br />

Board of Directors.<br />

4.7.2 Exception. Notwithstanding the provision<br />

of Section 4.7.1 above, the three<br />

Vice Presidents may reside more than<br />

200 miles from each other, provided they<br />

commit in writing to the President of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> to meet as a Board in a common<br />

location at least once in a sixty day period.<br />

Office. If any Vice President fails to attend<br />

two or more than two consecutive meetings<br />

of the Board of Vice Presidents or<br />

more than four (4) meetings in during a<br />

period of one year, the Board of Directors<br />

may declare the position vacant.<br />

45.8 7 Vacancies.<br />

(a) Death, Resignation or Other Removal<br />

from Office. In case of a vacancy in the office<br />

of any of the officers of the <strong>Society</strong> because<br />

of death or removal, such vacancy<br />

shall be filled as follows: In the office of<br />

President, by election by the Board of Directors<br />

from among its own membership.<br />

In any other elective or administrative<br />

office, by appointment by the President,<br />

subject to approval of the Board of Directors.<br />

In the event of vacancy in the office<br />

of President, the Board of Vice Presidents<br />

shall call a meeting of the Board of Directors<br />

within ten (10) days for the purpose<br />

of naming a new President.<br />

4.9 Removal from Office. (b) Should the<br />

President notify the Board of Directors of<br />

he or she is temporarily incapacitated or<br />

otherwise unable to perform the duties of<br />

the office, the Chair of the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents shall assume the role of Acting<br />

President until such time as the President<br />

notifies the Board of Directors in writing,<br />

or by email or other electronic means, of<br />

his or her ability to resume the duties of<br />

the office.<br />

(c) Should the President be temporarily incapacitated<br />

or otherwise unable to perform<br />

the duties of the office, without the notification<br />

required under Section 4.7(b),<br />

then, upon proper notice to the President<br />

and all members of the Board, the Board<br />

of Directors may, upon a vote of 75 percent<br />

of the members present or voting,<br />

declare the President incapacitated, and<br />

the Chair of the Board of Vice Presidents<br />

shall assume the role of Acting President<br />

until such time as the President notifies<br />

the Board of Directors in writing, or by<br />

email or other electronic means, of his<br />

or her ability to resume the duties of the<br />

office. The President shall, upon proper<br />

notice to the President and all members<br />

of the Board, be reinstated upon a simple<br />

majority vote of the Board of Directors.<br />

(d) Should any member of the Board of Directors<br />

notify the Board that he or she is<br />

temporarily incapacitated or otherwise<br />

unable to perform the duties of the office,<br />

the Board of Directors may, upon a<br />

vote of a simple majority of the members<br />

present or voting, declare the officer to be<br />

incapacitated, and the President shall appoint<br />

a person and the board shall confirm<br />

that person to act in that officer’s<br />

stead until such time as the officer notifies<br />

the Board of Directors in writing, or by<br />

email or other electronic means, of his or<br />

her ability to resume the duties of the office.<br />

The officer shall, upon proper notice<br />

to the President and all members of the<br />

Board, be reinstated upon a simple majority<br />

vote of the Board of Directors.<br />

(e) In the event of a vacancy or appointment<br />

to fill any vacancy, notice shall be provided<br />

to the membership in the next issue of the<br />

<strong>American</strong> Philatelist or by other means<br />

that assures that all members receive notice<br />

of the vacancy or appointment.<br />

45.8 Removal from Office. Any member of the<br />

Board of Directors or the Executive Director<br />

may be removed from office or suspended<br />

for a definite period by the Board<br />

of Directors, upon being found guilty by<br />

the Board of misconduct in office, or neglect<br />

of or inattention to official duty, or<br />

upon being found by the Board unable to<br />

perform official duty by reason of physical<br />

or mental incapacity. Charges may be preferred<br />

proffered in writing by three (3) or<br />

more members in good standing, against<br />

any member of the Board of Directors or<br />

the Executive Director. Where charges are<br />

so preferred proffered by members, the<br />

Board of Directors shall first determine<br />

whether the charges are of sufficient gravity<br />

to justify a hearing thereon, and if so,<br />

or in case they shall have decided to act<br />

upon their own initiative, they shall cause<br />

472 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

notice in writing to be served upon the officer<br />

against whom the charges are made,<br />

not less than ten (10) days prior to the<br />

date fixed by them for the hearing thereof.<br />

All charges shall be definite and specific,<br />

and a copy thereof shall be served with<br />

the notice of the hearing. Not less than<br />

two-thirds of the full membership of the<br />

Board of Directors must concur in any order<br />

for removal from office.<br />

Article 56 — Duties of Directors<br />

and Officers<br />

56.1 The Board of Directors.<br />

56.1.1 Voting Members. The Board of Directors<br />

shall consist of the President, three<br />

Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer,<br />

four Directors-at-Large, and the<br />

Immediate Past President. The Board shall<br />

have full power to set policy and direction<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> except as otherwise provided<br />

in these Bylaws, but shall exercise<br />

its power in conformity with such definite<br />

orders and instructions as shall be given<br />

to it by the members of the <strong>Society</strong> by<br />

majority vote taken by ballot in a referendum<br />

conducted in the manner provided<br />

herein in Section 13.2 for the adoption of<br />

an amendment to these Bylaws.<br />

5.1.2 56.1.2 Nonvoting Members. The <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Research Library President<br />

and the Dealer Representative shall be<br />

nonvoting ex officio members.<br />

56.1.3 Surety Bonds. Surety Bonds shall be<br />

provided for all employees of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

at the <strong>Society</strong>’s expense and maintained<br />

in appropriate amounts by the Executive<br />

Director. Additionally, liability insurance<br />

coverage for all officers, directors and employees<br />

shall be provided and maintained<br />

by the <strong>Society</strong> as may be required from<br />

time to time.<br />

56.1.3 4 Board Meetings. The Board of Directors<br />

may be convened in session by the<br />

President, or by any three members of<br />

the Board, for the general transaction of<br />

business, or for the consideration of such<br />

special matters as may be specified in the<br />

call for the meeting. The meeting may be<br />

held in person, through teleconference,<br />

conference call, or as otherwise deemed<br />

appropriate.<br />

5.1.4 Mail Votes. The Board, at the direction<br />

of the President, may take votes by mail,<br />

facsimile, telephone, e-mail or other electronic<br />

means upon any written proposal<br />

within the jurisdiction of the Board. A<br />

copy in definite and specific form shall<br />

be submitted to the President who shall,<br />

without delay, cause the proposal to be<br />

submitted to each member of the Board<br />

for a vote. Any proposal which is offered<br />

will be submitted by the President to each<br />

member of the Board. Upon receipt of<br />

the votes, or such number thereof as shall<br />

indicate the adoption or rejection of the<br />

proposal by the requisite majority of the<br />

Board, the Executive Director shall record<br />

the votes and shall notify the members of<br />

the Board of the result.<br />

56.1.5 Unanimous Consent of Directors in<br />

Lieu of Meeting. Any action which may<br />

be taken at a meeting of the Board may<br />

be taken without a meeting if a consent<br />

or consents in writing setting forth the action<br />

so taken shall be signed by all of the<br />

Directors in office and shall be filed with<br />

the Secretary of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

56.1.5 6 Unbecoming Conduct. The Board of<br />

Directors shall have authority to define,<br />

by general resolution that, conduct unbecoming<br />

a member, which shall be the<br />

basis for disciplinary action.<br />

56.1.6 7 Record of Proceedings. The Board of<br />

Directors shall keep an accurate, complete,<br />

and permanent record of all proceedings,<br />

which record shall be permanently filed at<br />

the National Headquarters.<br />

56.2 The President.<br />

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> and the Board of Directors.<br />

(b) The President shall appoint, with the approval<br />

of the Board of Directors, the various<br />

committee chairpersons. The President<br />

or the Treasurer or the President’s<br />

designate shall sign all vouchers for payments<br />

from the funds of the <strong>Society</strong> over<br />

such amount as set from time to time by<br />

resolution of the Board of Directors. The<br />

President shall execute on behalf of and<br />

in the name of the <strong>Society</strong>, all contracts,<br />

deeds, and other legal instruments when<br />

so authorized by the Board of Directors,<br />

except as specified in Section 56.8 below.<br />

(c) The President shall have general supervision<br />

over all officers and committees, to<br />

the end that there shall be full and complete<br />

performance of their duties by each<br />

of said officers and committees.<br />

56.3 The Board of Vice Presidents.<br />

(a) The three Vice Presidents shall constitute<br />

the Board of Vice Presidents as said term<br />

is employed in these Bylaws. The Board<br />

of Vice Presidents shall elect one of its<br />

members as Chairperson and/or another<br />

as Recorder, and the Recorder (Chairperson)<br />

shall have the custody of the current<br />

records of the Board and shall act as its<br />

Secretary.<br />

(b) The Board of Vice Presidents shall have<br />

charge and control of the admission of<br />

members as otherwise herein provided.<br />

(c) It shall be the disciplinary body of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, and shall have authority, subject<br />

to appeal to the Appeals Tribunal, to discipline<br />

or expel members for failure to<br />

pay their indebtedness to the <strong>Society</strong>, for<br />

fraudulent or unethical conduct as stamp<br />

collectors or dealers, or for conduct unbecoming<br />

a member as defined by general<br />

resolution of the <strong>Society</strong> or the Board of<br />

Directors.<br />

(d) It shall keep an accurate and permanent<br />

record of of its decisions in a form determined<br />

by them, and such records shall be<br />

permanently filed in the National Headquarters<br />

after they have ceased to be current.<br />

(e) It shall submit a report to the annual<br />

meeting.<br />

56.4 The Secretary.<br />

(a) The Secretary shall keep accurate and permanent<br />

records for all of the regular and<br />

special meetings of the <strong>Society</strong> and of the<br />

Board of Directors, which shall be permanently<br />

filed at the National Headquarters.<br />

(b) The Secretary, when required, shall attest<br />

all legal documents and all charters for<br />

chapters and certificates presented to life<br />

members, and shall perform such other<br />

duties as are delegated to the Secretary<br />

elsewhere in the Bylaws.<br />

56.5 The Treasurer.<br />

(a) The Treasurer shall oversee the investments<br />

custody of all securities of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

subject to the supervision of the Board<br />

of Directors.<br />

(b) The Treasurer shall advise the Executive<br />

Director in all matters concerning the financial<br />

duties discharged at the National<br />

Headquarters.<br />

(c) The Treasurer shall in collaboration with<br />

the Executive Director present an annual<br />

financial report and a report of budgetary<br />

requirements.<br />

56.6 The Directors-at-Large. The four Directors-at-Large<br />

shall have supervision of<br />

such activities of the <strong>Society</strong> as may be assigned<br />

to them by the President, and shall<br />

help promote the <strong>Society</strong> in their several<br />

localities.<br />

56.7 The Immediate Past President. The Immediate<br />

Past President in a like manner as<br />

other Board members shall participate be<br />

a member of the Board of Directors, and<br />

may vote in all matters pending before the<br />

Board. If the Immediate Past President is<br />

unwilling or unable to serve, or if there is<br />

no Immediate Past President, the President<br />

may, with the approval of the Board<br />

of Directors, appoint another individual<br />

who has served as president to serve as<br />

the Immediate Past President.<br />

56.8 The Executive Director.<br />

(a) The Executive Director shall be responsible<br />

for the operation and functioning of<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 473

the <strong>Society</strong> as its Chief Executive Officer<br />

subject to the supervision of and consistent<br />

with the policies, orders, advice and<br />

directions of the Board of Directors. He<br />

The Executive Director shall be a member<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> qualified by experience<br />

and ability to administer the general business<br />

affairs of the <strong>Society</strong> in a satisfactory<br />

manner and shall be in charge of the National<br />

Headquarters of the <strong>Society</strong> and<br />

shall have ultimate responsibility for the<br />

financial and administrative affairs of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, its programs, services and personnel,<br />

including but not limited to the<br />

following: be responsible to the President<br />

and the Board of Directors for its proper<br />

management.<br />

(ba) The Executive Director shall s supervision<br />

of e the direct-hire and contract employees<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

(cb) The Executive Director shall executione<br />

of contracts and other legal instruments<br />

on behalf of and in the name of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

up to a value and under such conditions<br />

as may be set determined by the<br />

Board of Directors by resolution.<br />

(dc) collection and preservation The Executive<br />

Director shall have custody of all securities<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> and shall be charged<br />

with the collection and preservation of all<br />

general records and official documents<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong>, except as otherwise herein<br />

provided.<br />

(ed) keeping custody The Executive Director<br />

shall have custody of the seal, keep the<br />

and records of members., and issue membership<br />

cards and receipts.<br />

(fe)) The Executive Director shall send out<br />

the annual collection of all statements for<br />

dues and shall collect all dues and fees,<br />

and the keeping of proper books of account<br />

showing all receipts, disbursements,<br />

and balances of cash on hand.<br />

(gf) The Executive Director shall receivept<br />

of all applications for membership and<br />

shall to cause the list of applicants to be<br />

published in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. If<br />

an objection to an applicant is received,<br />

copies of the application and objection<br />

shall be furnished to the Board of Vice<br />

Presidents.<br />

(hg) furnishing The Executive Director shall<br />

send upon request a a printed copy of the<br />

Standing Resolutions, Bylaws, and approved<br />

Board of Directors’ Minutes to any<br />

member upon request.<br />

(h) managing fundraising campaigns, soliciting<br />

funds from primary donors, seeking<br />

grant funding, overseeing solicitation<br />

mailings, donor recognition, and proper<br />

accounting and use of donations, both inkind<br />

and cash<br />

(i) creating, implementing, and managing<br />

successful membership recruitment and<br />

retention programs<br />

(j) oversight and management of the operating<br />

budgets of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

(k) assisting the Board of Directors in long<br />

range planning and implementing the<br />

strategies designed to achieve its goals.<br />

56.9 <strong>Society</strong> Records. Any officers or any<br />

committees having charge or custody of<br />

<strong>Society</strong> records and/or properties shall,<br />

upon termination of their term of office<br />

or upon the appointment of a new<br />

committee, deliver such records and/or<br />

properties to the Executive Director or<br />

designate. No permanent <strong>Society</strong> records<br />

shall be destroyed unless approved by the<br />

Board of Directors.<br />

56.10 General Other Provisions.<br />

(a) In addition to the powers conferred and<br />

the duties imposed by this Article upon<br />

the several officers of the <strong>Society</strong>, such officers<br />

shall exercise the powers conferred<br />

and perform the duties imposed upon<br />

them by the other Articles of these Bylaws.<br />

(b) Except as their duties are otherwise herein<br />

provided for, the duties of the various administrative<br />

officers shall be such as may<br />

be prescribed by the Executive Director.<br />

Article 76 — Committees<br />

67.1 Appointments. Subject to the approval of<br />

the Board of Directors, the President shall<br />

designate such standing committees and<br />

appoint chairpersons of such committees.<br />

Committee members shall be designated<br />

by committee chairpersons subject to approval<br />

by the President.<br />

67.2 Tenure. Such Committees shall serve<br />

only for the specific term for which the<br />

President is elected and until their successors<br />

are appointed; or for such term as the<br />

Board shall determine.<br />

67.3 Duties. The duties of the Committees,<br />

and the rules and regulations governing<br />

their operations, shall be prescribed by<br />

the Board of Directors, except as otherwise<br />

provided herein.<br />

Article 78 — Divisions<br />

78.1 The Sales Division.<br />

(a) The Sales Division shall be conducted<br />

by the Sales Director in accordance with<br />

rules prescribed by the Executive Director.<br />

The rules may be revised from time<br />

to time, but such revisions that change the<br />

commission rate or fees assessed shall not<br />

apply to sales books then in circulation.<br />

(b) Each member in good standing shall be<br />

entitled to participate in the Sales Division,<br />

subject to the member’s strict compliance<br />

with all the rules of the Division.<br />

(c) A fee shall be assessed for the circulation<br />

of sales books in the Sales Division in<br />

such sum as the Executive Director shall<br />

determine, and such fees shall be paid<br />

into the Insurance Fund provided for by<br />

Article 11.<br />

7.2 Other Divisions.<br />

(a) In addition to the Sales Division as herein<br />

provided for, (a) The Board of Directors<br />

shall have authority to establish such other<br />

divisions any Divisions of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

as they may deem advisable.<br />

(b) When any division is established, the Executive<br />

Director shall prescribe the rules<br />

and regulations thereof, and all such divisions<br />

shall be conducted under the supervision<br />

of the Executive Director.<br />

(c) Any division so established by the Board<br />

of Directors may be discontinued by the<br />

Board at any time, by giving notice thereof<br />

in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist.<br />

Article 8 — The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist<br />

8. The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist. It shall be the<br />

official journal of the <strong>Society</strong> and shall<br />

be published by the Editor under the supervision<br />

and direction of the Executive<br />

Director. The subscription price shall be<br />

determined by the Board of Directors.<br />

Article 9 — Chapters<br />

9.1 Organization.<br />

(a) Three or more members of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

may associate themselves together for the<br />

purpose of forming a chapter of the <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

and may make application for admission<br />

as such. The application shall state<br />

the name, location, names of members<br />

and officers, and the rules of the proposed<br />

chapter. If such application is approved<br />

by the National Headquarters Board of<br />

Directors, such applicant shall become a<br />

chapter of the <strong>Society</strong>, subject to the provisions<br />

of this Article.<br />

(b) In all cases where less than five members<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong> are associated together for<br />

the formation of a chapter, the approval<br />

of their application shall be probationary,<br />

depending upon the increase of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

members in said chapter to at least five<br />

within two years.<br />

9.2 Fees and Dues. Each chapter shall pay the<br />

same admission fees and dues as an individual<br />

member of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

9.3 Non-<strong>Society</strong> Members. A chapter may<br />

admit to membership therein persons<br />

who are not members of the <strong>Society</strong>, but<br />

the number of members of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> in any chapter shall not<br />

be less than five. A chapter shall be considered<br />

for the purposes of these Bylaws<br />

as an individual member. The operations<br />

474 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

of a chapter shall be an internal matter of<br />

the chapter and the <strong>Society</strong> shall not bear<br />

any responsibility or obligation for any<br />

operation or action of any such chapter.<br />

Acceptance of the membership of a chapter<br />

constitutes an expression of warranty<br />

that the chapter is complying and will in<br />

the future comply with all laws pertaining<br />

to the chapter.<br />

9.4 Chapter Representative. Each chapter<br />

shall designate one of its members, who<br />

shall be a member of the <strong>Society</strong>, as the<br />

representative of the chapter in its dealings<br />

with the <strong>Society</strong>. The representative<br />

shall report all activities of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> to the chapter, and<br />

generally supervise the recruiting from<br />

the chapter of members of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> and make sure that all<br />

chapter reports to the <strong>Society</strong> are promptly<br />

made, and all other procedural requirements<br />

are complied with.<br />

9.5 Sales Division Service. Chapters may participate<br />

in the Sales Division under such<br />

conditions as the Executive Director may<br />

prescribe.<br />

9.6 Reports. Each chapter shall make an annual<br />

report of its activities signed by an<br />

officer, and indicate therein those of its<br />

members who are members of the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. Failure to do so or<br />

to have less than five <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong> members on its membership rolls<br />

for two consecutive years shall be grounds<br />

for the Board of Vice Presidents to revoke<br />

the charter of the chapter.<br />

Article 10 — Affiliates<br />

10.1 Specialty Societies. Upon request submitted<br />

to the Executive Director, any organization<br />

at least national in scope and<br />

character formed for the study of a special<br />

phase of philately whose objectives and<br />

activities are compatible with the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, may affiliate with<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> with the approval of the Board<br />

of Directors. Affiliation may be terminated<br />

by either the affiliate or by the <strong>Society</strong><br />

upon 90 days written notice.<br />

10.2 Purpose. The purpose of affiliation is to<br />

sponsor and engage in such activities as<br />

will be mutually beneficial to the organizations<br />

and to promote the fullest possible<br />

exchange of information and ideas for the<br />

welfare of philately.<br />

10.3 Reports. Each affiliate will designate a<br />

member of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

to be its representative who will be<br />

responsible for furnishing the Executive<br />

Director of the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

an annual report including the names<br />

and addresses of the affiliate’s current officers.<br />

This can consist of the published<br />

report of the affiliate or, if no published<br />

report exists, the report can be made on<br />

a form furnished by the Executive Director.<br />

Each affiliate shall provide the <strong>Society</strong><br />

with its bulletins and its membership list<br />

when published from time to time and<br />

in exchange the <strong>Society</strong> will provide the<br />

representative of each affiliate with the<br />

monthly issues of “The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist”,<br />

which include the periodic and annual<br />

reports of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

10.4 Terminology. An affiliate which has<br />

heretofore used the designation of “Unit”<br />

may elect to continue such designation.<br />

Article 11 — Funds, Finances, and<br />

Salaries<br />

11.1 Life Membership Fund. Monies received<br />

for Life Memberships shall constitute the<br />

Life Membership Fund and shall be invested.<br />

Yearly the Executive Director may<br />

distribute to the General Fund an amount<br />

to be determined by the Finance Committee,<br />

and approved by the Board of Directors,<br />

to be representative of the cost of<br />

services to life members.<br />

11.2 Insurance Fund.<br />

(a) The fees assessed for the circulation of<br />

sales books in the Sales Division which are<br />

provided for by Article 7.1 (c) shall constitute<br />

the Insurance Fund, the principal<br />

of which that is not needed for the current<br />

operations of the fund shall be invested,<br />

pending any future need for its use.<br />

(b) From the Insurance Fund may be withdrawn<br />

and distributed periodically to the<br />

General Fund an amount, to be approved<br />

by the Board of Directors, to cover the<br />

cost of managing the operations of the<br />

Insurance Fund.<br />

(c) There shall be paid out of the Insurance<br />

Fund claims submitted by members of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> for loss or damage to stamps<br />

in circulation in the Sales Division where<br />

such losses or damages have been substantiated.<br />

(d) There shall also be paid out of the Insurance<br />

Fund, with the approval of the<br />

Board of Directors, the cost of such protective<br />

measures as are established for the<br />

purpose of preventing substitution and<br />

fraudulent claims and substantiating just<br />

claims against the Insurance Fund, the<br />

premium upon the official bonds of the<br />

employees required to be bonded, the premiums<br />

upon insurance provided for the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, and the cost of processing claims<br />

made upon the Fund.<br />

(e) The income of the Insurance Fund, unless<br />

required to meet its obligations, may be<br />

withdrawn periodically and distributed<br />

to the General Fund for the general purposes<br />

of the <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

11.3 Tiffany Fund. Any monies donated to<br />

the <strong>Society</strong>, specifically for the <strong>Society</strong>’s<br />

endowment, shall constitute the Tiffany<br />

Fund, the principal of which shall be invested<br />

to serve as an endowment for the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>. Yearly, the executive Director may<br />

distribute to the General Fund any earnings<br />

which have accrued to that Fund.<br />

Such funds are used to improve services<br />

to the membership or to undertake new<br />

projects as approved by the Board of Directors.<br />

11.4 Other Funds. The Board of Directors<br />

may approve additional funds designated<br />

for specific purposes.<br />

11.45 General Fund. With the exception of<br />

the Life Membership Fund and the Insurance<br />

Fund, All other income of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

not otherwise designated shall constitute<br />

the General Fund.<br />

11.56 Management of Funds. Subject to supervision<br />

by the Finance Committee, the<br />

Executive Director may enter into or terminate<br />

custodial contracts or trust agreements<br />

for the management and handling<br />

of <strong>Society</strong> funds.<br />

11.67 Budget. The Finance and Audit Committee<br />

shall annually present for approval<br />

by the Board of Directors a budget for the<br />

ensuing fiscal year showing the estimated<br />

receipts accruing to the General Fund,<br />

and the proposed expenditures for the<br />

current operations of the <strong>Society</strong>. Except<br />

when expressly authorized by the Board<br />

of Directors all expenditures of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

shall be limited to the amounts authorized<br />

by the budget as thus approved and<br />

in effect at any given time.<br />

11.78 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year for the <strong>Society</strong><br />

shall commence January 1st in each<br />

calendar year.<br />

11.89 Official Bonds. The Board of Directors<br />

shall recommend and approve a practical<br />

amount of official bonds on officers and<br />

employees of the <strong>Society</strong>, which shall be<br />

conditioned on the faithful performance<br />

of all official duties. The premium on all<br />

official bonds shall be payable from the<br />

Insurance Fund as provided herein.<br />

11.9 Disbursement of Funds. All disbursements<br />

of funds of $1,000.00 and over<br />

shall be executed made on checks signed<br />

by the Executive Director or the Executive<br />

Director’s designate and reviewed<br />

by the President or the Treasurer or the<br />

President’s designate; but provided that<br />

vouchers and checks for all disbursements<br />

of amounts less than $15,000.00 may be<br />

signed by the Executive Director or the<br />

Executive Director’s designate.<br />

11.1010 9 Auditing of Accounts. All accounts<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 475

of the <strong>Society</strong> shall be audited annually by<br />

a certified public accountant employed by<br />

the Board of Directors and at any other<br />

time when the Board shall so direct.<br />

Article 12 — Limitations of<br />

Personal Liability<br />

12.1 The <strong>Society</strong> shall indemnify and save<br />

harmless directors, officers, employees,<br />

agents, and representatives of the <strong>Society</strong><br />

in accordance with and pursuant to the<br />

provisions of the Pennsylvania Corporation<br />

Code as well as criteria adopted by<br />

the Board of Directors and set forth in<br />

“Limitations of Personal Liability of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong>.” Indemnification of Directors and<br />

Officers. Each person who is or was a Director<br />

or Officer of the <strong>Society</strong> (including<br />

the heirs, executors, administrators of the<br />

estate of such person) shall be indemnified<br />

and held harmless by the <strong>Society</strong> for<br />

all actions taken by him/her and for all<br />

failures to take action (regardless of the<br />

date of any such action or failure to take<br />

action) to the fullest extent permitted by<br />

Pennsylvania law against all expense, liability<br />

and loss (including without limitation<br />

attorneys’ fees, judgments, fines,<br />

taxes, penalties, and amounts paid or to be<br />

paid in settlement approved by the APS)<br />

reasonably incurred or suffered by such<br />

Director or Officer in any such person’s<br />

capacity as Director or Officer, or arising<br />

out of such person’s status as Director or<br />

Officer. No indemnification pursuant to<br />

this Section shall be made, however, in<br />

any case where the act or failure to act giving<br />

rise to the claim for indemnification is<br />

determined by a court to have constituted<br />

misconduct or recklessness.<br />

12.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing section,<br />

a director, officer, employee, agent, and<br />

representative of the <strong>Society</strong> shall not be<br />

personally liable for monetary damages as<br />

such for any action taken, or any failure to<br />

take any action, unless:<br />

(a) The director has breached or failed to<br />

perform the duties of office as defined in<br />

“Limitations under 15 Pa.C.S. 5712 or any<br />

amendment, supplement, or re-enactment<br />

thereof (relating to standard of Personal<br />

Liability of the <strong>Society</strong>”; care and justifiable<br />

reliance); and<br />

(b) The breach or failure to perform constitutes<br />

self-dealing, willful misconduct, or<br />

recklessness.; provided, however, that the<br />

provisions of this Section shall not apply<br />

to the responsibility or liability of a Director,<br />

officer, employee, agent, or representative<br />

(a) pursuant to any criminal statute; or<br />

(b), or to the liability of a Director for the<br />

payment of taxes pursuant to Local, State,<br />

or Federal Law.<br />

Article 13 — Amendments<br />

13.1 Amendment Proposals. The Bylaws of<br />

the <strong>Society</strong> may be amended as herein<br />

provided. Amendments may be proposed:<br />

(a) By the Annual Meeting;<br />

(b) By petition signed by at least 100 members<br />

in good standing;<br />

(c) By action of a chapter of the <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

provided one or more other chapters endorse<br />

the proposal; and all proposals and<br />

endorsements thereto made by chapters<br />

shall be signed by their President and Secretary;<br />

and<br />

(d) By the Board of Directors.<br />

13.2 Amendment by the Board of Directors.<br />

The Bylaws of the <strong>Society</strong> may be amended,<br />

when appropriate, by a two-thirds majority<br />

of the Board of Directors, subject to<br />

the approval of the membership as hereinafter<br />

provided.<br />

13.3 Procedures. A proposed amendment and<br />

an amendment adopted by the Board of<br />

Directors pursuant to 13.2 shall be placed<br />

in the hands of the Executive Director not<br />

later than the last day of the fifth month<br />

preceding the month during which the<br />

biennial meeting, in the odd numbered<br />

years, is to be held and shall be published<br />

in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist at least ninety<br />

days prior to said meeting. A ballot for<br />

voting upon a proposed amendment or<br />

amendment adopted by the Board of Directors<br />

shall be provided to each member<br />

in good standing by direct mail or by inclusion<br />

in The <strong>American</strong> Philatelist not<br />

less than 90 days prior to the date of the<br />

annual meeting. Arguments pro and con<br />

furnished by members interested may<br />

be distributed with the ballot, upon such<br />

conditions as the Board of Directors may<br />

prescribe. The form of the ballot shall provide<br />

a space wherein each member may<br />

indicate a vote for or against the proposal<br />

or amendment submitted. The ballots<br />

shall be tabulated and the vote reported<br />

by the Board of Elections as herein provided.<br />

A favorable vote by two-thirds of<br />

the members voting thereon as herein<br />

provided shall be necessary for the adoption<br />

or nullification of the Bylaws.<br />

13.4 Special Election. The Board of Directors<br />

may, in lieu of the procedure set forth,<br />

direct that a proposed amendment or an<br />

amendment adopted by the Board of Directors<br />

be submitted for the vote of the<br />

membership by mail, provided due notice<br />

thereof shall be given in The <strong>American</strong><br />

Philatelist at least 90 days prior to said<br />

vote.<br />

Article 14 — Standing Resolutions<br />

14.1 Definition and Scope. Standing Resolutions<br />

shall be regulatory in nature whose<br />

application is not limited to one year, as<br />

a Standing Resolution shall be printed as<br />

an appendix to the Bylaws, but shall not<br />

amend nor change the meaning of the<br />

Bylaws.<br />

14.2 Life of Resolution. A Standing Resolution<br />

shall stand until its regulations are no<br />

longer in force or necessary in the opinion<br />

of the Board of Directors.<br />

14.3 Presentation and Adoption. Standing<br />

Resolutions shall be presented to the<br />

membership at a Business Meeting of the<br />

<strong>Society</strong> for action;, provided, however,<br />

that the Board may adopt such Resolutions<br />

between meetings of the membership,<br />

but such Resolutions shall be submitted<br />

for ratification at the next meeting<br />

of the membership.<br />

14.4 Effect of Prior Resolutions. Standing<br />

Resolutions in force at the time of the Bylaws<br />

shall remain in effect as herein above<br />

provided.<br />

Article 15 — Dissolution<br />

15.1 Upon dissolution of the <strong>Society</strong>, any surplus<br />

remaining after paying or providing<br />

for all liabilities of the <strong>Society</strong> shall be<br />

distributed to such other organization(s)<br />

organized and operated exclusively for<br />

charitable, educational, religious, or scientific<br />

purposes as shall at the time qualify<br />

as an exempt organization(s) under Section<br />

501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue<br />

Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision<br />

of any future Internal Revenue Law,<br />

as the Board of Directors shall determine.<br />

Make Sure Your Vote Counts!<br />

To be counted, your ballot must reach the Board of Elections no later than noon, June 6, <strong>2009</strong>. Do not send the ballot to<br />

APS Headquarters. Ballots not properly mailed to the Board of Elections at the address given here will not be counted. Send<br />

your ballot to: Board of Elections (<strong>2009</strong>), P.O. Box 55, Bellefonte, PA 16823-0055<br />

476 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

from the executive director<br />

by peter mastrangelo<br />

It’s Been Great!<br />

This is my last column. My last day at APS will be April 30. I<br />

want to express my thanks for being allowed to serve as your<br />

Executive Director for the past three years. It’s been great!<br />

During that time I have traveled across the country representing<br />

your <strong>Society</strong>, meeting many of you, whom I have come to know as<br />

friends and colleagues. I leave the <strong>Society</strong> in great hands with dedicated<br />

staff that serve the interests of the hobby and the <strong>Society</strong> with great<br />

skill, talent and care. They are the best!<br />

It also has been my pleasure to serve the Boards of the APS and APRL. To Library President Ken<br />

Grant, APS Immediate Past President Janet Klug, APS President Wade Saadi and, of course, the late Nick<br />

Carter, I could not have asked for better support and leadership during my tenure. Thank you!<br />

Now, it is time to move on. In his column this month, APS President Saadi discusses the financial<br />

challenges facing the APS and APRL that are compounded in this difficult economy. My departure<br />

releases financial resources that can be utilized to retain valuable personnel and program services to our<br />

members. Since I am also a member of the <strong>Society</strong> (yes, the collecting bug hit me, too), this is a prudent<br />

and necessary approach to take.<br />

While my immediate situation may be unsettled for a period of time, I trust that the future will<br />

be bright, that my stamp collecting will still be affordable, and that the APS will emerge a strong and<br />

financially secure organization. Thank you for your ideas, support, and encouragement over the past<br />

three years.<br />

Good-bye and God Bless!<br />

Pittsburgh<br />

The City of Champions Welcomes<br />

the APS & the Champion of Champions<br />

August 6–9<br />

David L. Lawrence Convention Center<br />

StampShow <strong>2009</strong><br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 479

in the know<br />

by mercer bristow<br />

High Technology & Counterfeiting<br />

As my age advances, so does<br />

the world of technological<br />

developments. I don’t mind<br />

looking back with nostalgia, but I do<br />

have one regret as the years go by —<br />

that I will not experience the wonders<br />

of technology our children and<br />

grandchildren will use. Imagine being<br />

six years old in <strong>2009</strong>, surrounded<br />

by computers that can take you anywhere<br />

in the world. Sure, it has some<br />

limitations and downsides, but this<br />

ability to surf the web can take your<br />

imagination to unlimited heights.<br />

Sadly, the same technology that<br />

enlightens and entertains also serves<br />

those just waiting to deceive the innocent<br />

and uninformed. One such new<br />

technological challenge for philately is<br />

the laser jet printer.<br />

Invented at Xerox in 1969, it was fifteen<br />

years before the first laser printer<br />

intended for a mass market was released:<br />

the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 8ppm. It<br />

sold for $3,500 and weighed seventyone<br />

pounds. Today, the least expensive<br />

monochrome laser printers often sell for<br />

well under $100.<br />

Laser jet print quality has improved<br />

many fold since its introduction. But,<br />

from the start, philatelic counterfeiters<br />

were eager to embrace this machine to<br />

create fraudulent spurious material by<br />

adding bogus cancellations, surcharges,<br />

and overprints to otherwise genuine<br />

stamps.<br />

A good rule-of-thumb suggests that<br />

certification is needed for authenticity<br />

if:<br />

• a cancel adds significantly to the value<br />

of an otherwise uncanceled stamp;<br />

• a surcharged stamp is worth<br />

substantially more than an<br />

unsurcharged stamp; or<br />

• an overprinted stamp is worth<br />

substantially more than an<br />

unoverprinted stamp.<br />

Seen on the left,<br />

Bermuda’s genuine<br />

1875 “One Penny” on<br />

1-shilling surcharge<br />

catalogues $625<br />

unused, making a<br />

tempting subject for<br />

forgers able to simulate<br />

the surcharge. The<br />

stamp on the right,<br />

submitted in the late<br />

1990s for certification<br />

to the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Expertizing<br />

Service, proved that<br />

someone found that<br />

temptation irresistible.<br />

To put it more bluntly, whenever a<br />

basic stamp is worth appreciably more<br />

with the addition of some marking, that<br />

marking needs to be closely and critically<br />

scrutinized.<br />

I first noticed fake markings applied<br />

to stamps by laser jet printers just prior<br />

to the millennium. I wrote about one<br />

such fraudulent surcharge in 1999 after<br />

I examined an item that had been submitted<br />

as Bermuda’s 1875 “One Penny”<br />

surcharge on its green 1-shilling stamp<br />

(Scott 15). The unsurcharged green<br />

1-shilling Victoria stamp, one of the<br />

island’s first issues in 1865, today cata-<br />

This enlargement of the surcharge on the genuine stamp<br />

(above left) shows the characteristics of the authentic<br />

surcharge. Note the distinct outlining at the edges of the<br />

letters, where the ink has been “pushed” away from the<br />

center of the design and dried in hard, clear, sharp lines.<br />

The lines in the underlying typographed 1-shilling stamp<br />

can be seen through the letters of the overprinted text.<br />

Applied using a laser printer, this bogus “One Penny”<br />

surcharge lacks the definition, sharpness, and precise<br />

shape of the authentic typeset-printed surcharges. The<br />

edges of the bogus surcharge are poorly defined, and the<br />

surcharge itself is completely opaque.<br />

480 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

A philatelic tragedy is this Falkland<br />

Islands 1933 5-shilling stamp. Some<br />

faker seeking to fraudulently enhance<br />

its apparent valued added a bogus<br />

laser jet-printed cancel, and thereby<br />

turned a scarce and valuable unused<br />

stamp many collectors would love to<br />

have had into a sad souvenir of human<br />

greed.<br />

logues $450 unused and $67.50 used.<br />

The “One Penny.” Surcharge — added a<br />

decade later to help meet a temporary<br />

shortage of low-value stamps — boosts<br />

those book values to $625 and $310, respectively.<br />

Upon close inspection, we determined<br />

that the submitted item was a<br />

genuine 1-shilling green stamp that had<br />

been fraudulently modified with the<br />

addition of a laser jet print of the surcharge.<br />

Shown on the previous, adapted from<br />

our original scans, is a genuine “One<br />

Penny” surcharged 1-shilling stamp on<br />

the left, overlapped by the laser jet-printed<br />

forgery on the right. The overprints<br />

alone also have been enlarged to show<br />

finer detail.<br />

There were a number of distinguishing<br />

characteristics of the bogus surcharge,<br />

one of which is best seen under<br />

high magnification. The edges of the bogus<br />

surcharge are poorly defined, with<br />

speckles surrounding an opaque letter<br />

that is solidly inked in. This is unlike<br />

the inking of the authentic, original surcharge,<br />

which shows a distinct outline<br />

on each letter caused by the ink being<br />

“pushed” away from the central body<br />

of each letter, a characteristic of letter<br />

press printing. The lines of printing on<br />

the original stamp show through in the<br />

lettering of the genuine surcharge.<br />

The forged surcharge also has an inferior<br />

appearance overall, with uneven<br />

edges, and lacks the crisp, sharp appearance<br />

and characteristic gloss of the ink<br />

used in the authentic surcharges. Note,<br />

too, the club-like blobs at the feet in the<br />

“P” and the “n”s in the fake, which contrast<br />

with the clean serifs on the true<br />

“One Penny” surcharge.<br />

This was the first laser ink jet-printed<br />

fakery ever submitted to the <strong>American</strong><br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Expertizing Service. From then<br />

on, we were on the lookout for similar<br />

material submitted for APEX certificates.<br />

We were not disappointed (or, rather, we<br />

were), as more submissions arrived with<br />

similar, dangerously deceptive high-tech<br />

alterations.<br />

Most of this fakery took the form of<br />

bogus cancellations that had been added<br />

to make stamps appear to be more<br />

valuable. Especially regrettable were the<br />

valuable stamps that had been altered by<br />

fakers and thereby made worthless, except<br />

as a cautionary tale.<br />

The 5-shilling King Penguin stamp<br />

from the 1933 “Permanent Occupation”<br />

set issued by the Falkland Islands<br />

is listed as Scott 74. Its catalogue value<br />

of $700 unused is quite substantial, but<br />

less than the $1,000 listed for a genuine<br />

used copy. Shown nearby is what was<br />

once a perfectly good unused stamp,<br />

ruined forever by someone who added<br />

a fake laser jet-applied cancel in hopes<br />

of parlaying fraud into a bigger payoff.<br />

Now the stamp is just a sad curio. What<br />

a shame.<br />

The list goes on, and the submissions<br />

continue to come in for examination.<br />

But laser jet-applied cancels, surcharges,<br />

and overprints are fairly easy to detect<br />

simply by using a 30-power magnifying<br />

glass. Just check the characteristics outlined<br />

earlier in this column. And, if you<br />

still can’t be certain, submit your stamp<br />

to APEX and we’ll take a look as well.<br />

APEX<br />

We Expertize the World...<br />

Not Just the U.S.<br />

APEX has the largest pool of philatelic<br />

expertise available in the hobby today.<br />

Our experts include: Luff Award Winners<br />

Gold-Medal Winning Exhibitors<br />

APS Dealer Members • Specialist Collectors<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> Expertizing Service • APEX<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> • 100 Match Factory Place • Bellefonte, PA 16823<br />

Phone: 814-933-3803 • Fax: 814-933-6128<br />

See us on the APS Website • www.stamps.org<br />

APEX Opinions Guaranteed<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 481

sales talk<br />

by tom horn<br />

Add $8.2 Million & $5 Million<br />

Escape to your own,<br />

self-controlled stampcollecting<br />

world with<br />

an approval circuit for<br />

an evening, or spend<br />

an evening browsing<br />

StampStore online for<br />

items you need.<br />

…and what do you get? A lot of<br />

stamps running through the APS selling<br />

services. Imagine having access to an<br />

inventory of $13.2 million — and these<br />

are the totals of the selling prices, not the<br />

catalogue values (which is in excess of<br />

$25 million).<br />

There are stamps of all kinds, and<br />

they are accessible only by members of<br />

the <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. The variety<br />

(mint, used, on cover, with special<br />

cancels, errors, blocks, high­value, lowvalue,<br />

and more), the sheer numbers<br />

(2–3 million in the sales books and more<br />

than 310,000 on StampStore), and value<br />

(the average asking price is around 50–55<br />

percent of the catalogue value) are hard<br />

to match, particularly through the mail.<br />

The stamps come from many different<br />

members (some 2,100) who want to<br />

sell through the APS, because we get the<br />

material in front of many other members<br />

(more than 6,600) who would appreciate<br />

the stamps and because it helps their <strong>Society</strong>.<br />

So much of this material is<br />

not, and would not be, out on the<br />

market as individually identified<br />

items.<br />

Sure, you can buy an accumulation<br />

that contains the type<br />

of material we have, but you<br />

would be hard pressed<br />

to find the items sold<br />

individually.<br />

Escape to your own,<br />

self­controlled stampcollecting<br />

world with<br />

an approval circuit for<br />

an evening, or spend<br />

an evening browsing<br />

StampStore online for<br />

items you need. Use the<br />

Circuit Request form<br />

inside the back mailing<br />

cover of this issue to<br />

begin your quest to fill<br />

album spaces through<br />

our approval circuits.<br />

AND visit Stampstore.<br />

org to find what you need.<br />

Summer Saturday<br />

Hours-Reminder<br />

Traveling this summer? While driving<br />

through central Pennsylvania, take<br />

a short detour south of Interstate 80<br />

to visit us at the Match Factory. Spend<br />

some time in the Sales Division, browsing<br />

through sales books and through<br />

the donations that have been prepared<br />

by our volunteers for selling at low, low<br />

prices. We will be open for business<br />

on six Saturdays this summer: June 6,<br />

June 20, July 18, August 1,<br />

August 15, and August 29<br />

from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our<br />

regular hours are 8 a.m. to<br />

4:30 p.m. Monday through<br />

Friday.<br />

June 20 is the weekend<br />

leading into our Summer<br />

Seminar and is the local<br />

club’s stamp show. August 1<br />

and August 15 are the weekends<br />

before and after Stamp­<br />

Show in Pittsburgh.<br />

There are many other events coming<br />

up at the Match Factory the rest of this<br />

year; please visit our website at www.<br />

stamps.org for details.<br />

Also, please let us know when you<br />

will be away from home, so we can route<br />

the circuits around your name on each<br />

circuit list while you are gone. An advance<br />

notice of two weeks or more is<br />

ideal.<br />

Other Reminders<br />

• The USPS postage rates increase this<br />

month.<br />

Visit<br />

the Sales<br />

Division &<br />

StampStore<br />

Online!<br />

www. stamps.org<br />

482 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

• Effective July 1, <strong>2009</strong> the posting fees<br />

for items submitted to StampStore<br />

will be 10 cents per item.<br />

How Did You Start<br />

Collecting Stamps?<br />

We still receive letters from members<br />

on this subject. Here is one from Arnold<br />

Neuman:<br />

In 1952, I was working in the<br />

Yorkville section of Manhattan,<br />

NY. This area had a Post Office on<br />

a street nearby where my associate<br />

would go to a certain window to<br />

obtain US plate blocks. The clerk<br />

would save the blocks for collectors<br />

in the neighborhood.<br />

I accompanied my friend and<br />

got caught up in collecting. When<br />

the clerk, by mistake, gave me the<br />

80¢ Air mail instead of the normal<br />

3¢ block having the same coloring<br />

and not wanting to accept something<br />

that was wrong, I gave him<br />

the difference between the $3.20 for<br />

the Air mail and 12¢ for the regular<br />

block. He thanked me for my<br />

honesty. That started me collecting<br />

other kinds of stamps, too.<br />

‘5 For 10’ Categories<br />

(Needs)<br />

We need U.S. items, except U.S. First<br />

Day Covers, U.S. Mint post-1950, U.S.<br />

Used post-1950 and U.S. Plate Blocks<br />

post-1950. You can earn coupons for<br />

free blank books and mounts for every<br />

10 completed books containing material<br />

from a set list of categories. (Each group<br />

of 10 o r more qualifying books must be<br />

received at the same time and the books<br />

must have at least $50 per book. ἀe coupons<br />

are issued when the qualifying books<br />

are reviewed soon after arriving.) Each<br />

book must be designed to fit one of the<br />

categories, exclusively. Details are sent<br />

with blank sales book orders. You also<br />

may visit www.stamps.org/Services/ser_<br />

Sales5for10.htm. [Note: Single-country<br />

books usually have better sales.] Below<br />

are categories that are in short supply:<br />

U.S. 19th Century Covers<br />

U.S. Air Mails (stamps)<br />

U.S. Cut Squares<br />

U.S. Fancy Cancels<br />

Australian States<br />

British Africa (pre-independence)<br />

China<br />

Eastern Europe (single countries)<br />

Germany pre-1945<br />

Japan<br />

Spain<br />

Turkey<br />

Collectible Postage<br />

It is important that circuit members<br />

use collectible postage when forwarding<br />

circuits. The member receiving a circuit<br />

likes to have some used postage to add<br />

to his/her collection as a little payback,<br />

however minimal, for the cost of forwarding<br />

each circuit. Continue to ask<br />

the postal clerk for a meter stamp, even<br />

if it is for $0, to indicate that the package<br />

was mailed through a clerk, giving it<br />

quicker passage through the postal system.<br />

Postage stamps and meter stamps<br />

are officially recognized as indicators<br />

that postage on a package has been prepaid.<br />

The proper mailing method must<br />

be used to forward circuits. Our main<br />

concern is for the circuit content.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 483

show time<br />

To obtain a listing in this section,<br />

submit a “Show Time” form, available<br />

online at www .stamps.org or b y mail<br />

from APS headquar ters. Information<br />

must be received 60 days before desired<br />

publication time. Listings are free to<br />

shows sponsored by APS chapters and<br />

affiliates. Sho ws that do not include<br />

exhibits are identified with *B*. Grand<br />

award winners from *WSP* shows are<br />

eligible for the annual APS World Series<br />

of Philately Champion of Champions<br />

competition.<br />

All information is subject to change<br />

without notice. While every effort is<br />

made to ensure accur acy, you should<br />

check with the specific show to v erify<br />

information. The APS w ebsite listing<br />

includes shows much further in advance<br />

than we have space to include in The<br />

<strong>American</strong> Philatelist<br />

Massachusetts <strong>May</strong> 1‐3<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Show, Northeastern Fed. of Stamp<br />

Clubs, Holiday Inn, Boxboro. Contact Jeff Shapiro,<br />

dirtyoldcovers@aol.com. *WSP*<br />

Canada <strong>May</strong> 2<br />

Saugeen Stamp Club Annual Show and Exhibition,<br />

Saugeen Stamp Club, Hanover Knights of<br />

Columbus Centre, 1 mile west of Hanover on the<br />

South side of the Highway, Hanover, Ont. Contact<br />

Peter Kritz, pkritz@coldwellbankerpbr.com;<br />

519‐364‐4752.<br />

Pennsylvania <strong>May</strong> 2<br />

HAVEX, Havertown Stamp Club, Union Methodist<br />

Church, Allston Rd. & Brookline Blvd., Havertown.<br />

Contact Ernie Anderson, drexelhillernie@comcast.<br />

net; 610‐259‐1045.<br />

Canada <strong>May</strong> 2‐3<br />

ORAPEX <strong>2009</strong>, RA Stamp Club, Ottawa <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Curling Rink at the RA Centre, 2451<br />

Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ont. Contact Robert Pinet,<br />

pinet.robert@gmail.com; 613‐745‐2788.<br />

Pennsylvania <strong>May</strong> 2‐3<br />

VALPEX <strong>2009</strong>, Spring‐Ford <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Friendship Fire Company, 269 Green Street,<br />

Royersford. Contact Dick Dehner, DickRoslie@<br />

verizon.net; http//SFPS.TRIPOD.com;<br />

610‐970‐5408. *B*<br />

Washington <strong>May</strong> 2‐3<br />

GESSPEX, Greater Eastside Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, VFW<br />

Hall, 4330 148th Ave., NE, Redmond. Contact Dana<br />

S. Nielsen, g‐e‐s‐s@comcast.net; http://g‐e‐s‐s.<br />

home.comcast.net; 722‐284‐6167.<br />

Pennsylvania <strong>May</strong> 8‐9<br />

BUTLERPEX, Butler County <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Tanglewood Senior Center, 10 Austin Ave., Lyndora.<br />

Contact Tom Sivak, tomsstmps2133@earthlink.net;<br />

724‐287‐1931.<br />

Utah <strong>May</strong> 8‐9<br />

Utah Spring Stamp Fest, Utah <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Utah State Fair Park, Bonneville Building, 155 North<br />

1000 West, Salt Lake City. Contact Dave Blackhurst,<br />

dblackhu@wcfgroup.com; 801‐580‐9534.<br />

Louisiana <strong>May</strong> 9<br />

Baton Rouge Stamp Show, Baton Rouge Stamp<br />

Club, Cortana Mall, Entrance 5 (next to Sears),<br />

Corner Florida Blvd. And Airline Highway, Baton<br />

Rouge. Contact Zbigniew S. Cypel, mrbretired@aol.<br />

com; 225‐802‐7919.<br />

Ohio <strong>May</strong> 9<br />

TRUMPEX <strong>2009</strong>, The Warren Area Stamp Club, J<br />

V Johnson Community Center, 800 Gillmer Road,<br />

Leavittsburg. Contact Howard Lutz, howrex2@aol.<br />

com; 330‐924‐5124.<br />

Colorado <strong>May</strong> 15‐17<br />

Rocky Mountain Stamp Show (ROMPEX), Rocky<br />

Mountain Phil. Exhibition, Inc., Holiday Inn ‐ Denver<br />

International Airport, John Q. Hammonds Trade<br />

Center, Chambers Rd & I‐70, Denver. Contact<br />

Rusty Morse, rmss@rockymountainstampshow.<br />

com; www.rockymountainstampshow.com;<br />

303‐421‐8833. *WSP*<br />

New York <strong>May</strong> 15‐17<br />

ROPEX, Rochester Phil. Assoc., ESL Sports<br />

Centre, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd.,<br />

Rochester. Contact Dave Robinson, stamptmf@<br />

frontiernet.net; http://www.rpastamps.org/ropex.<br />

html; 585‐266‐2524. *WSP*<br />

484 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Ohio <strong>May</strong> 16‐17<br />

FALLSPEX 46, Cuyahoga Falls Stamp Club,<br />

Lions Park Lodge, 6th Street and Silver Lake<br />

Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls. Contact Hugh Kleasen,<br />

blixtenAR@aol.com; 330‐923‐5856.<br />

Illinois <strong>May</strong> 22‐24<br />

COMPEX <strong>2009</strong>, 10 Clubs of the Combined<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Exhibition of Chicagoland, Inc., Forest<br />

View Educational Center, 2121 S. Goebbert,<br />

Arlington Heights. Contact Charles Berg,<br />

stampkingchicago@hotmail.com; 773‐775‐2100.<br />

New Jersey <strong>May</strong> 22‐24<br />

NOJEX, North Jersey Federated Stamp Clubs, Inc.,<br />

Crown Plaza, Meadowlands, Two Harmon Plaza,<br />

Secaucus. Contact Robert G. Rose, rrose@phks.<br />

com; www.nojex.org; 973‐966‐8070. *WSP*<br />

Oregon <strong>May</strong> 22‐24<br />

PIPEX, Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs/<br />

Oregon Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, Double Tree Hotel,<br />

Lloyd Center Exhibition Hall, Portland. Contact<br />

Ron Sumner, rmsumner1@juno.com; www.<br />

oregonstampsociety.org; 503‐774‐2344. *WSP*<br />

Connecticut <strong>May</strong> 24<br />

HPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

Virginia June 5‐7<br />

NAPEX, National Phil. Exhibitions of Washington<br />

D.C., McLean Hilton at Tyson’s Corner, 7920<br />

Jones Branch Dr., McLean. Contact Thomas<br />

Lera, frontier2@erols.com; www/napex.org;<br />

703‐205‐0600. *WSP*<br />

New Jersey June 6<br />

Merchantville Stamp Club Saturday Bourse,<br />

Merchantville Stamp Club, Temple Luthern Church<br />

Parish Hall, 5600 North Route 130 (at Merchantville<br />

Ave.), Pennsauken. Contact Dave Grayson,<br />

merpex@aol.com; http://mysite.verizon.net/<br />

vzexkfun; 856‐667‐3168.<br />

Alabama June 6‐7<br />

HUNTSPEX, Huntsville <strong>Philatelic</strong> Club, Tom<br />

Vevill Conference Center University of Alabama,<br />

Huntsville 550 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville.<br />

Contact Heinrich Hahn, hhahn@bellsouth.net;<br />

http://www.stampshows.com/huntsville_hpc.html;<br />

256‐536‐7785.<br />

Canada June 12‐14<br />

Royal <strong>2009</strong> Royale, St. Catharines Stamp Club &<br />

RPSC, Parkway Convention Centre, 327 Ontario<br />

St., St. Catharines, Ont. Contact Stuart Keeley,<br />

stuart.keeley@sympatico.ca; www.royal<strong>2009</strong>.ca;<br />

905‐227‐9251.<br />

Ohio June 12‐14<br />

National Topical Stamp Show, <strong>American</strong> Topical<br />

Association, Dayton Convention Center, 33 East<br />

Fifth Street, Dayton. Contact Robert J. Mather,<br />

burrobob@wi.rr.com; www.americantopicalassn.<br />

org; 262‐968‐2392. *WSP*<br />

Connecticut June 28<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

Ohio June 28<br />

Hudson Stamp Bourse, Lincolnway Stamps,<br />

Clarion Inn, 240 Hines Hill Rd. (Near Rt. 8 and<br />

Ohio Turnpike), Hudson. Contact David G. Pool,<br />

lincolnway@sssnet.com; 330‐832‐5992. *B*<br />

New York July 10‐12<br />

Metro Expo New York Stamp Show, Metropolitan<br />

Expositions LLC, Midtown Holiday Inn, 440 W. 57th<br />

Street between 9h & 10th Aves. On 57th St., New<br />

York. Contact Elaine Dunn, stampnews@aol.com;<br />

www.metroexpos.com; 603‐424‐7556. *B*<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 485

Michigan July 11<br />

Bay De Noc Stamp and Coin Club Show, Bay De<br />

Noc Stamp and Coin Club, Bay De Noc College<br />

Cafeteria, 2001 N. Lincoln Ave., Escanaba.<br />

Contact Mark Kuehn, triplejump@charter.net;<br />

906‐785‐2103. *B*<br />

Minnesota July 17‐19<br />

Minnesota Stamp Expo, Twin City <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Crystal Community Ctr., 4800 Douglas Dr., N.,<br />

Minneapolis. Contact Tom Eckers, tome56@<br />

earthlink.net; www.stampsminnesota.com;<br />

763‐533‐1860. *WSP*<br />

Nevada July 25‐26<br />

Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show, Nevada<br />

Stamp Study <strong>Society</strong>, National Bowling Stadium,<br />

300 North Center Street, Reno. Contact Harvey<br />

Edwards, renostamp@earthlink.net; http://home.<br />

earthlink.net/~renostamp/; 775‐246‐4769.<br />

North Carolina July 25‐26<br />

CHARPEX <strong>2009</strong>, Charlotte <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Harris Conference Center, 3216 CPCC Harris<br />

Campus Dr. (Formerly CPCC West Campus Dr.),<br />

Charlotte. Contact Gene Zhiss, ejzhiss@carolina.<br />

rr.com; www.charpex.info; 704‐563‐8110.<br />

Connecticut July 26<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

Massachusetts July 31‐August 2<br />

AMERICOVER, <strong>American</strong> First Day Cover<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Holiday Inn, Boxboro. Contact Norm<br />

Elrod, showinfo@afdcs.org; www.afdcs.org;<br />

931‐473‐6164. *WSP*<br />

Michigan August 1‐2<br />

COLPEX, Collectors Club of Michigan, Sokol<br />

Cultural Center, 23600 W. Warren Ave., Dearborn<br />

Heights. Contact Charles Wood, jarnick@wowway.<br />

com; 248‐546‐1282. *B*<br />

Ohio August 1‐2<br />

CINPEX 09, Greater Cincinnati <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Hugh Watson (Greenhills) <strong>American</strong><br />

Legion Hall, 11100 Winton Road, Cincinnati.<br />

Contact Jim Siekermann/Ron Maifeld,<br />

jims150320@aol.com; www.freewebs.com/gcps;<br />

513‐825‐4379/714‐759‐5580 Cell. *B*<br />

Pennsylvania August 6‐9<br />

APS StampShow, <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000<br />

Fort Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh. Contact Dana<br />

Guyer, stampshow@stamps.org; www.stamps.<br />

org; 814‐933‐3803 ext 217; Fax 814‐933‐6128.<br />

*WSP*<br />

Washington August 8<br />

Strait Stamp Show, Strait Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, Sequim<br />

Masonic Lodge, South 5th and Pine, Sequim.<br />

Contact Cathie Osborne, rickcath@wavecable.com;<br />

360‐683‐6373.<br />

Pennsylvania August 10‐15<br />

PSS National Convention, Precancel Stamp<br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Inn at Greentree, Greentree. Contact<br />

Robert Bruhn, grturff@yahoo.com; 330‐478‐0642.<br />

*B*<br />

Kansas August 15‐16<br />

The Wichita Show, Wichita Stamp Club, Cessna<br />

Activity Center, 2744 George Washington Blvd.,<br />

Wichita. Contact Ralph Lott, 316‐747‐2118.<br />

Connecticut August 23<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

486 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

Maryland September 4‐6<br />

BALPEX, Baltimore Phil. Soc., Marriott’s Hunt Valley<br />

Inn, 245 Shawan Rd., I‐83 Exit 20 E., Hunt Valley.<br />

Contact Robert E. Gibson, Sr., balpex@verizon.net;<br />

www.balpex.org; 410‐332‐4741. *WSP*<br />

New York September 11‐12<br />

Metro Expo New York Stamp Show, Metropolitan<br />

Expositions LLC, Midtown Holiday Inn, 440 W. 57th<br />

Street between 9h & 10th Aves. On 57th St., New<br />

York. Contact John Dunn, stampnews@verizon.net;<br />

www.metroexpos.com; 800‐635‐3351. *B*<br />

Canada September 11‐13<br />

BNAPEX <strong>2009</strong> SEAWAYPEX, British North America<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, Ambassador Conference Resort,<br />

1550 Princess Street, Kingston, Ont. Contact<br />

Jerome C. Jarnick, jarnick@wowway.com; www.<br />

bnaps.org; 248‐689‐1966.<br />

Arkansas September 12‐13<br />

32st Annual Stamp & Postcard, Mountain Home<br />

Area Stamp Club, Ramada Inn Convention<br />

Center, Hwy. 62 and Commerce Drive, Mountain<br />

Home. Contact Bill Burdick, whbj@suddenlink.net;<br />

870‐425‐7799.<br />

Nebraska September 12‐13<br />

Omaha Stamp Show, Omaha <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Metro Community College‐South Campus, 2909<br />

Babe Gomez Ave., Omaha. Contact Edgar Hicks,<br />

edgarh@fcstone.com; www.omahaphilatelicsociety.<br />

org; 800‐228‐2316 ext 2506. *WSP*<br />

Pennsylvania September 18‐20<br />

SEPAD.TWO, Metropolitan Expositions LLC &<br />

CASDA, Park Ridge Hotel & Confernece Center<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 487

at Valley Forge, 480 North Gulph Road, Rte<br />

422, I‐76, King of Prussia. Contact Elaine Dunn,<br />

stampnews@aol.com; www.metroexpos.com;<br />

603‐424‐7556. *B*<br />

Texas September 18‐20<br />

Greater Houston Stamp Show, Houston <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Humble Civic Ctr., 8233 Will Clayton Pkwy.,<br />

Humble. Contact Denise Stotts, stottsjd@swbell.<br />

net; www.houstonphilatelic.org; 281‐955‐9664.<br />

Nova Scotia September 25‐26<br />

No VaPEx 09, Nova Scotia Stamp Club, Dartmouth<br />

Sportsplex, Dartmouth. Contact John Hall, www.<br />

nsstampclub.ca; 902‐434‐6529.<br />

Wisconsin September 25‐27<br />

MILCo PEx , Milwaukee Phil. Soc. Inc.,<br />

Mount Mary College Bergstrom Hall, 2900 N.<br />

Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee. Contact<br />

Carol Schutta, harryncarol@hotmail.com; www.<br />

milwaukeephilatelic.org; 414‐464‐6994. *WSP*<br />

Illinois September 26‐27<br />

CUPEx , Champaign‐Urbana Stamp Club, Urbana<br />

Civic Center, 108 E. Water Street, Urbana. Contact<br />

Louise B. Toft, louiseb@pubserv.com; www.<br />

prairienet.org/cusc/; 217‐359‐9115.<br />

Connecticut September 27<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, annex YMa, 554 Woodward ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

California October 2‐4<br />

WINEPEx <strong>2009</strong>, Redwood Empire Collectors Club,<br />

Marin Center avenue of the Flags, 10 avenue<br />

of the Flags, San Rafael. Contact Kurt Schau,<br />

auctions@harmerschau.com; 707‐778‐6454.<br />

New Jersey October 3‐4<br />

Clifton <strong>2009</strong> Fall Stamp, Cover, and Post Card<br />

Show, Clifton Stamp <strong>Society</strong>, Inc., Community<br />

Recreation Center, 1232 Main avenue @<br />

Washington ave., Clifton. Contact Thomas Stidl,<br />

stidl@verizon.net; www.cliftonnj.org/stamp;<br />

973‐471‐7872. *B*<br />

Ohio October 3‐4<br />

Cuy‐LorPex <strong>2009</strong>, Cuy‐Lor Stamp Club, Lutheran<br />

High School West, 3850 Linden Rd., Rocky River.<br />

Contact Ray Simko, ranrsimko@msn.com.<br />

Illinois October 10<br />

Will County Stamp Show, <strong>Philatelic</strong> Club of Will<br />

County & Naperville area Stamp Club, Messiah<br />

Lutheran Church, 19901 S. Houbolt Road<br />

(Jefferson‐Route 52 & Houbolt), Joliet. Contact<br />

Max Zollner, mezollner@comcast.net; http://www.<br />

virtualstampclub.com/apschapwillcounty.html;<br />

815‐725‐7544.<br />

Oklahoma October 10‐11<br />

Lawton/Fort Sill annual Stamp Show, Lawton/Fort<br />

Sill Stamp Club, Super 8 Motel, 2202 Indian Trail<br />

Rd., Lawton. Contact Bernard S. Pawloski, Jr.,<br />

obiks46@yahoo.com.<br />

Pennsylvania October 11<br />

Fall <strong>2009</strong> CaPEx , Capital City <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Linglestown american Legion, 505 N. Mountain<br />

Road‐I‐81 Exit 72, Harrisburg. Contact Linn Kinney,<br />

717‐732‐7813.<br />

Indiana October 16‐18<br />

INDYPEx , Indiana Stamp Club, Indianapolis<br />

Marriott East Hotel, 7202 East 21st Street,<br />

Indianapolis. Contact John Becker, indypex@<br />

indianastampclub.org; http://indianastampclub.org.<br />

*WSP*<br />

488 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

New York October 16-17<br />

STEPEX <strong>2009</strong>, Elmira Stamp Club, Big Flats<br />

<strong>American</strong> Legion Post, 45 S. Olcott Rd. (I‐86, Exit<br />

49), Big Flats. Contact Alan Parsons, alatholleyrd@<br />

aol.com; 607‐732‐0181.<br />

Delaware October 17<br />

58th Annual Stamp Show, Dover Stamp Club,<br />

St. Andrews Lutheran Church, 425 North<br />

DuPont Highway, Dover. Contact Melvin Nace,<br />

doverstampclub@aol.com; 302‐674‐0837.<br />

Pennsylvania October 17<br />

GETTYPEX 09, Blue & Gray Stamp Club,<br />

Gettysburg Fire Company, 35 North Stratton Street,<br />

Gettysburg. Contact Dwight L. Monn, dmonn@<br />

pa.net; 717‐624‐4864.<br />

Michigan October 17-18<br />

MOTOPEX, Motor City Stamp & Cover Club, Sokol<br />

Hall, 23600 W. Warren, Dearborn Heights. Contact<br />

Robert Quintero, qover@comcast.net; www.<br />

motorcitystampandcover.com; 248‐546‐0038. *B*<br />

New Mexico October 17-18<br />

NewMexPex <strong>2009</strong> Stamp Show, Albuquerque<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, Meadowlark Senior Center,<br />

4330 Meadowlark Lane, SE, Rio Rancho. Contact<br />

Paul L. Morton, p.morton@att.net; http://www.<br />

newmexicostamps.com/; 505‐867‐9664.<br />

Connecticut October 18<br />

THAMESPEX, Thames Stamp Club, Waterford<br />

High School, Rope Ferry Rd., (Rt. 156 & Rt. 1),<br />

Waterford. Contact Obie Hill, obiehill@tvcconnect.<br />

net; 860‐464‐0000.<br />

Oklahoma October 23-24<br />

OKPEX, Oklahoma City Stamp Club, First Christian<br />

Church Gym, 3700 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma<br />

City. Contact Joe Crosby, joecrosby@cox.net;<br />

405‐749‐0939. *WSP*<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 489

Michigan October 24‐25<br />

Kent <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> Stamp Show, Kent <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Aquinas College‐Donnelly Center, 1607<br />

Robinson Road, SE at Woodward Lane, Grand<br />

Rapids. Contact Ron Mrozinski, oldkentstamps@<br />

gmail.com; www.oldkentstamps.com; 616‐891‐9878.<br />

Connecticut October 25<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

Pennsylvania October 30‐November 1<br />

U. S. Classics <strong>2009</strong>, U.S. <strong>Philatelic</strong> Classic <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

<strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, 100 Match Factory<br />

Place, Bellefonte. Contact Wade Saadi, wade@<br />

pencom.com; http://www.uspcs.org/<strong>2009</strong>_APS_<br />

NPM_USPCS_Meeting.html; 212‐513‐7777.<br />

Indiana October 31‐November 1<br />

AWPEX <strong>2009</strong>, Anthony Wayne Stamp <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Concordia Lutheran High School, 1601 Saint Joe<br />

River Road, Fort Wayne. Contact Jim Mowrer,<br />

stamp4@verizon.net; 260‐471‐2469.<br />

Michigan October 31‐November 1<br />

AAPEX, Ann Arbor Stamp Club, Morris J. Lawrence<br />

Bldg., Washtenaw Comm. College, 4800 E. Huron<br />

River Dr., Ann Arbor. Contact Harry & Dottie Winter,<br />

http://aastampclub.googlepages.com/.<br />

New York November 7‐8<br />

SYRAPEX <strong>2009</strong> ‐ Celebrates the 90th Anniversary<br />

of the Syracuse Stamp Club, Syracuse Stamp<br />

Club, Holiday Inn at Carrier Circle, 6555 Old<br />

Collamer Rd., South, East Syracuse. Contact<br />

Michael Ammann, kmarializ@juno.com; www.<br />

syracusestampclub.org; 315‐468‐3710.<br />

Pennsylvania November 7‐8<br />

PITTPEX ‘09, <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> of Pittsburgh, South<br />

Fayette Fire Hall, 661 Millers Run Rd., Bridgeville.<br />

Contact Ron Carr, rgc211215@aol.com; www.<br />

virtualstampclub.com/apschap_psp; 412‐561‐6562.<br />

California November 13‐15<br />

Filatelic Fiesta <strong>2009</strong>, San Jose Stamp Club, Santa<br />

Clara Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Road, San Jose.<br />

Contact Stephen Schumann, sdsch@earthlink.net;<br />

filatelicfiesta.org; 510‐785‐4794. *WSP*<br />

Virginia November 13‐15<br />

VAPEX, Virginia <strong>Philatelic</strong> Federation, Inc., Holiday<br />

Inn ‐ Patriot, 3032 Richmond Road, Williamsburg.<br />

Contact David B. Collins, rainbowx2@cox.net; http://<br />

vaphilatelic.org; 757‐872‐6264. *WSP*<br />

Ohio November 14‐15<br />

Rubber City Stamp Club 90th Annual Stamp<br />

Exhibition and Bourse, Rubber City Stamp Club,<br />

Akron General Health & Wellness Center, Rt. 18 at<br />

Crystal Lake Road, Montrose (Akron). Contact Tom<br />

Hirschinger, 330‐336‐8227.<br />

Illinois November 20‐22<br />

CHICAGOPEX, Chicago <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

490 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Sheraton Chicago Northwest, 3400 W. Euclid,<br />

Arlington Heights. Contact Kevin Doyle,<br />

doyle‐stamps@att.net; www.chicagopex.com.<br />

*WSP*<br />

New York November 21<br />

Autumn Stamp Festival, Buffalo Stamp Club, VFW<br />

Leonard Post, 2450 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga.<br />

Contact George H. Gates, gghg53@aol.com;<br />

716‐633‐8358. *B*<br />

Connecticut November 22<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

California December 4‐5<br />

PENPEX, Sequoia/Peninsula Stamp Clubs,<br />

Redwood City Community Activities Bldg., 1400<br />

Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City. Contact Kristin<br />

Patterson, penpexredwoodcity@yahoo.com; www.<br />

penpex.org; 408‐267‐6643.<br />

Florida December 4‐6<br />

FLOREX — The Florida State Stamp Show, FSDA<br />

& Central Florida Stamp Club, Central Florida Fair<br />

Grounds, Commercial Exhibit Hall, 4603 West<br />

Colonial Drive (SR 50), Orlando. Contact Francis<br />

Ferguson, show@florexstampshow.com; www.<br />

florexstampshow.com; 407‐493‐0956‐Cell. *WSP*<br />

Connecticut December 27<br />

NHPS 4th Sunday Show, New Haven <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Annex YMA, 554 Woodward Ave., New<br />

Haven. Contact Brian McGrath, soggy3@aol.com;<br />

http://www.NHPS1914.org/; 203‐389‐2863. *B*<br />

2010<br />

Ohio February 5‐7<br />

COLOPEX, Columbus Phil. Club, Makoy Center,<br />

5462 Center Street, Hilliard. Contact Chuck<br />

Wooster, cwooster@aol.com; http://www.colopex.<br />

com. *WSP*<br />

Arizona February 12‐14<br />

ARIPEX, Arizona Fed. of Stamp Clubs, Mesa<br />

Convention Center, 201 N. Center St., Mesa.<br />

Contact Bill Chesser, mchesser@availe.com; www.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 491

aripexonline.com; 602‐956‐3497; 480‐967‐4827.<br />

*WSP*<br />

California February 19‐21<br />

APS AmeriStAmp expo, <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Riverside Convention Center, Riverside.<br />

Contact Dana Guyer, stampshow@stamps.org;<br />

www.stamps.org; 814‐933‐3803 ext 217; Fax<br />

814‐933‐6128.<br />

Missouri February 26‐28<br />

St. Louis Stamp Expo, Area Clubs, St. Louis<br />

Renaissance Airport Hotel, 9801 Natural Bridge<br />

Road, St. Louis. Contact David Kols, expo@<br />

regencystamps.com; www.stlstampexpo.org;<br />

800‐782‐0066; Fax 314‐361‐5677. *WSP*<br />

Wisconsin March 6‐7<br />

Stampfest 2010, Milwaukee <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, Inc.,<br />

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Hall, 1414 S. 92nd Street,<br />

West Allis. Contact Carol Schutta, harryncarol@<br />

hotmail.com; www.milwaukeephilatelic.org;<br />

414‐464‐6994. *B*<br />

Ohio March 19‐21<br />

Garfield‐Perry March Party, Garfield‐Perry Stamp<br />

Club, Masonic Auditorium, 36th & Euclid Ave.,<br />

Cleveland. Contact Roger Rhoads, rrrhoads@aol.<br />

com; www.garfieldperry.org. *WSP*<br />

Texas April 16‐18<br />

TEXPEX, Southwest Phil. Foundation, Doubletree<br />

Hotel Dallas Near the Galleria, 4099 Valley View<br />

Lane (LBJ Freeway at Midway Rd.), Dallas.<br />

Contact Tom Koch, tkoch@utdallas.edu; www.<br />

texasphilatelic.org/texpex.htm; 972‐883‐4951;<br />

972‐883‐2473. *WSP*<br />

California April 23‐25<br />

WESTPEX, Western Phil. Exhibitions, Inc.,<br />

San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, 1800 Old<br />

Bayshore Highway, Burlingame. Contact Edward<br />

Jarvis, ejarvis@westpex.com; www.westpex.com;<br />

415‐387‐1016. *WSP*<br />

Massachusetts April 30‐<strong>May</strong> 2<br />

<strong>Philatelic</strong> Show, Northeastern Fed. of Stamp Clubs,<br />

Holiday Inn, Boxborough. Contact Jeff Shapiro,<br />

dirtyoldcovers@aol.com. *WSP*<br />

Colorado <strong>May</strong> 14‐16<br />

Rocky Mountain Stamp Show (ROMPEX), Rocky<br />

Mountain Phil. Exhibition, Inc., Holiday Inn ‐ Denver<br />

International Airport, John Q. Hammonds Trade<br />

Center, Chambers Rd & I‐70, Denver. Contact<br />

Ronald Hill, rmss@rockymountainstampshow.<br />

com; www.rockymountainstampshow.com;<br />

303‐241‐5409. *WSP*<br />

New York <strong>May</strong> 14‐16<br />

ROPEX, Rochester Phil. Assoc., ESL Sports<br />

Centre, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd.,<br />

Rochester. Contact Dave Robinson, stamptmf@<br />

frontiernet.net; http://www.rpastamps.org/ropex.<br />

html; 585‐266‐2524. *WSP*<br />

492 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Virginia June 4‐6<br />

NAPEX, National Phil. Exhibitions of Washington<br />

D.C., McLean Hilton at Tyson’s Corner, 7920<br />

Jones Branch Dr., McLean. Contact Thomas<br />

Lera, frontier2@erols.com; www/napex.org;<br />

703‐205‐0600. *WSP*<br />

Colorado June 25‐27<br />

National Topical Stamp Show, <strong>American</strong> Topical<br />

Association, Crowne Plaza Denver Airport,<br />

15500 East 40th Avenue, Denver. Contact<br />

Robert J. Mather, burrobob@wi.rr.com; www.<br />

americantopicalassn.org; 262‐968‐2392. *WSP*<br />

Illinois August 6‐8<br />

AMERICOVER, <strong>American</strong> First Day Cover <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Marriott Hotel, Oak Brook. Contact Norm Elrod,<br />

showinfo@afdcs.org; www.afdcs.org; 931‐473‐6164.<br />

*WSP*<br />

Ohio August 7‐8<br />

CINPEX 10, Greater Cincinnati <strong>Philatelic</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong>, Hugh Watson (Greenhills) <strong>American</strong><br />

Legion Hall, 11100 Winton Road, Cincinnati.<br />

Contact Jim Siekermann/Ron Maifeld,<br />

jims150320@aol.com; www.freewebs.com/gcps;<br />

513‐825‐4379/714‐759‐5580 Cell. *B*<br />

Virginia August 12‐15<br />

APS STAMPSHOW, <strong>American</strong> <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>,<br />

Richmond Convention Center, Richmond.<br />

Contact Dana Guyer, stampshow@stamps.org;<br />

www.stamps.org; 814‐933‐3803 ext 217; Fax<br />

814‐933‐6128. *WSP*<br />

Wisconsin September 17‐19<br />

MILCOPEX, Milwaukee <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong>, Inc.,<br />

Mount Mary College Bergstrom Hall, 2900 N.<br />

Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee. Contact<br />

Carol Schutta, harryncarol@hotmail.com; www.<br />

milwaukeephilatelic.org; 414‐464‐6994. *WSP*<br />

Illinois October 9‐10<br />

CUPEX, Champaign‐Urbana Stamp Club, Urbana<br />

Civic Center, 108 E. Water Street, Urbana. Contact<br />

Louise B. Toft, louiseb@pubserv.com; www.<br />

prairienet.org/cusc/; 217‐359‐9115.<br />

Michigan November 6‐7<br />

AAPEX, Ann Arbor Stamp Club, Morris J. Lawrence<br />

Bldg., Washtenaw Comm. College, 4800 E. Huron<br />

River Dr., Ann Arbor. Contact Harry & Dottie Winter,<br />

http://aastampclub.googlepages.com/.<br />

California November 12‐14<br />

Filatelic Fiesta 2010, San Jose Stamp Club, Santa<br />

Clara Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Road, San Jose.<br />

Contact Stephen Schumann, sdsch@earthlink.net;<br />

filatelicfiesta.org; 510‐415‐6158. *WSP*<br />

Ohio November 13‐14<br />

Rubber City Stamp Club 91st Annual Stamp<br />

Exhibition and Bourse, Rubber City Stamp Club,<br />

Akron General Health & Wellness Center, Rt. 18 at<br />

Crystal Lake Road, Montrose (Akron). Contact Tom<br />

Hirschinger, 330‐336‐8227.<br />

Visit www.stamps.org<br />

for the complete Show Calendar!<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 493

22.10 x 24.89 mm (overall)<br />

Colors: Red, Blue, Black<br />

Plate Numbers: S followed by 3 single<br />

digits (every 31st stamp)<br />

On June 5, <strong>2009</strong>, in McLean, Virginia<br />

(Napex Stamp Show, no ceremony), the<br />

Postal Service will issue a 44-cent, U.S.<br />

Flag stamp in one design, in a pressuresensitive<br />

adhesive, booklet of 10.<br />

(c) Format: Booklet of 10 (1 design)<br />

Modeler: Avery Dennison, SPD<br />

Manufacturing Process: Gravure<br />

Engraver: Keating Gravure<br />

Printer: Avery Dennison (AVR),<br />

Clinton, SC<br />

Press Type: Dia Nippon Kiko (DNK)<br />

Sizes (w x h): 18.54 x 21.34 mm (image);<br />

22.10 x 24.89 mm (overall); 44.20 x<br />

165.1 mm (booklet)<br />

Colors: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black<br />

Plate Numbers: V followed by 4 single<br />

digits<br />

Marginal Markings: Stamp Side: ©<strong>2009</strong><br />

USPS; USPS logo; Plate block number<br />

in one position. Cover: US Flag; Ten<br />

self-adhesive 44¢ stamps; $4.40. Back<br />

Cover: Promotional text; Barcode<br />

(679300) in one position.<br />

Tiffany Lamp Reissued<br />

On April 28, <strong>2009</strong>, in Washington,<br />

DC, the Postal Service reissued a 1-cent,<br />

Tiffany Lamp definitive stamp in one<br />

design in a water-activated gum (WAG)<br />

coil of 10,000 stamps. The stamp was<br />

previously issued in the following formats:<br />

• March 1, 2003, water-activated<br />

gum (WAG) coil of 3,000.<br />

• March 16, 2007, pressure-sensitive<br />

adhesive (PSA) pane of 20.<br />

• March 7, 2008, PSA pane of 20.<br />

• June 7, 2008, WAG coil of 3,000.<br />

Denomination: 1-cent Definitive<br />

Format: Coil of 10,000 (1 design)<br />

Designer/Art Director: Derry Noyes,<br />

Washington, DC<br />

Illustrator: Lou Nolan, McLean, VA<br />

Modeler: Donald H. Woo<br />

Manufacturing Process: Offset<br />

Printer: Banknote Corp. of America, Inc./<br />

Sennett Security Products, Browns<br />

Summitt, NC<br />

Press Type: Alprinta, 74<br />

Paper Type: Nonphosphored, Type III<br />

Adhesive Type: Water-activated<br />

Colors: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black,<br />

Green<br />

Stamp Orientation: Vertical<br />

Sizes (w x h): 18.28 x 20.57 mm (image);<br />

22.10 x 24.43 mm (overall)<br />

Plate Numbers: S followed by 5 single<br />

digits (every 14 stamps)<br />

Purple Heart Reissued<br />

On April 28, <strong>2009</strong>, in Washington,<br />

DC, the Postal Service reissued the Purple<br />

Heart definitive stamp with a 44-cent<br />

denomination. This stamp was previously<br />

issued in the following formats:<br />

• 2008, 42-cent pressure-sensitive<br />

adhesive (PSA) pane of 20.<br />

• 2008, 42-cent water-activated<br />

gum sheet of 100 (available only<br />

at Stamp Fulfillment Services,<br />

Kansas City, MO).<br />

• 2007, 41-cent PSA pane of 20.<br />

• 2006, 39-cent PSA pane of 20.<br />

• 2003, 37-cent PSA pane of 20.<br />

Denomination: 44-cent Definitive<br />

Format: Pane of 20 (1 design)<br />

Designer/Art Director/Typographer:<br />

Carl T. Herrman, Carlsbad, CA<br />

Photographer: Ira Wexler, Braddock, MD<br />

Modeler: Joseph Sheeran<br />

Manufacturing Process: Offset/<br />

Microprint “USPS”<br />

Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.,<br />

Williamsville, NY<br />

Press Type: Stevens, Vari-size Security<br />

Press<br />

Paper Type: Prephosphored, Type II<br />

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive<br />

Colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow<br />

Stamp Orientation: Vertical<br />

Sizes (w x h): 18.54 x 21.34 mm (image);<br />

22.10 x 24.89 mm (overal); 135.89 x<br />

125.22 mm (pane)<br />

Plate Numbers: P followed by 4 single<br />

digits<br />

Marginal Markings: Front: ©2003 USPS;<br />

Price; Plate numbers; Header: “Purple<br />

Heart The Medal for the Combat<br />

Wounded”; Plate position diagram.<br />

Back: USPS logo; Barcodes (113700) in<br />

4 positions.<br />

594 Americ An Phil Atelist / June <strong>2009</strong>

APS<br />

Spread the Good Word<br />

about Your Business, Show, or Club!<br />

Take advantage of the advertising opportunities with APS<br />

Display Ad • Classified Ad • Online Banner Ad<br />

Call 814-933-3818 for d etails<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 495

membership report<br />

No. 3, March 31, <strong>2009</strong><br />


The following applications were received during March <strong>2009</strong>. If no<br />

objections are received by the Executive Director (814-933-3803) prior to<br />

<strong>May</strong> 31, <strong>2009</strong>, these applicants will be admitted to membership and notice<br />

to this effect will appear in the August <strong>2009</strong> issue.<br />

Abrahamsen, Melany (215587) Port Jefferson<br />

Station, NY FDC; 32; Laundry Attendant<br />

Anderson, Robert E. (215605) Cleveland, TN US-<br />

UN-VAT; 65; Retired<br />

Atkisson, John L. (215606) Sparta, WI US-<br />

SWEDEN; 65; Engineer/Business Owner<br />

Austin, Brian (215588) Folkestone, Kent, England<br />

41; Cover Dealer<br />

Baldock, Robert A. (215563) Glasgow, KY<br />

COMMEM; 69; Security<br />

Barry, Robert R. (215584) Topsham, ME 73;<br />

Retired<br />

Bartlett, Gail E. (215665) Sacramento, CA 46<br />

Belk, James W. (215654) Pasadena, TX US; 50; IT<br />

Security Analyst<br />

Bellando, William P. (215607) Camas Valley, OR<br />

WORLDWIDE; 88; Retired<br />

Bergquist, Rollin L. (215564) Golden Valley, MN<br />

US-CANADA; 83; Retired<br />

Berry, Delbert (215589) Shingle Springs, CA<br />


Retired<br />

Berthet, Robert R. (215599) New Iberia, LA US-<br />

FRANCE; 47<br />

Bikic, Alberto R. (215565) North Vancouver, BC<br />

CANADA-NZ-US-LATIN AM; 71; Retired<br />

Bishop, Thomas J. (215608) Cape Coral, FL US<br />

COMMEM; 61; Retired<br />

Blasberg, James G. (215641) Bellmawr, NJ<br />

COMMEM-US; 70; Architect<br />

Bodine, Gregory S. (215586) Naperville, IL<br />

WORLDWIDE-US; 47; Teacher<br />

Bolin, Clyde (215663) Somerset, KY GER-UN-<br />

LIECH; 71; Retired<br />

Borntrager, Calvin (215566) Middlebury, IN US<br />

COMMEM, DEFINITIVES; 72; Retired<br />

Brandt, Sierra (J-215568) Merkel, TX<br />

Buda, Jerry (215567) Poughkeepsie, NY US<br />

FEDERAL/JUNIOR DUCK; 56; Utility Employee<br />

Busch, Theodore B. (215590) Barker, NY AIR<br />

MAIL-US; 71<br />

Campos-Zapatero, Orlando A. (215618) Miami, FL<br />

CUBA; 68; CPA<br />

Chaney, Chera (J-215569) Merkel, TX<br />

Cole, Richard G. (215624) Forestville, CA 55;<br />

Attorney<br />

Corman, Thomas (215570) State College, PA US;<br />

71; Retired<br />

Cotton, Vincent J. (215571) McMurray, PA US; 51;<br />

Attorney<br />

Danger, Kathleen A. (215611) White Bear Lake,<br />

MN US; 46; Human Resources<br />

Davis, Brian J. (215614) Amarillo, TX<br />


DeMario, Charles L. (215619) Hubbard, OH PRE<br />

1960 US; 59<br />

Dickson, Annabelle E. (J-215669) Fort Smith, AR<br />


DiMauro, Susan E. (215559) Fonda, NY 61<br />

Dingley, Karen L. (215620) Providence, RI 55<br />

Dowden, Marvin K. (215622) Irmo, SC PLATE<br />

BLKS; 62; Medical Billing Manager<br />

Duester, Joachim (215632) Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt<br />

OMAN-MUSCAT-GWADAR; 54; Diplomat<br />

Dunlap, Tracey (215572) Naples, FL US-MIDDLE<br />

EAST; 47; Registered Nurse<br />

Eakin, Paul (215583) Houston, TX 19TH C US; 54<br />

Eaton, John (215573) Irving, TX US-BRIT; 56;<br />

Retired<br />

Erickson, Robert (215615) Seattle, WA 19TH C<br />

GER STATES; 66<br />

Essig, David L. (215613) Toledo, OH MINT US<br />

SINGLES; 57; Retired<br />

Evans, Josie A. (215638) Boise, ID 25<br />

Farnham, Thomas R. (215642) Charlotte, NC 55;<br />

Retired<br />

Farris, Gary (215626) Riverside, CA US-<br />

WORLDWIDE; 65; Retired<br />

Foster, Theodore W. (215556) Milton, PA 85;<br />

Retired<br />

Frank, Lisa B. (215602) Pittsburgh, PA 47<br />

Fraser, Donald S. (215643) Lake Wales, FL 70;<br />

Retired<br />

Frederick, Brian (215664) Wayne, NJ<br />

WORLDWIDE-US; 41<br />

Garrison, Annette C. (215562) Birmingham, AL 74<br />

Geltmacher, Scott (215659) Spanaway, WA<br />


Gordon, Morris J. (215660) Silver Spring, MD 76;<br />

Retired<br />

Gottscheu, Gord C. (215656) Port Elgin, ON<br />

CANADA 51; Retired<br />

Grigsby, John M. (215574) Toledo,<br />



COUNTRIES-SOS; 44; Truck Driver<br />

Haaf, Gary (215634) Depew, NY CANAL ZONE; 62<br />

Hand, James (215591) Rochester, NY US-<br />


Harvey, Michael (215650) Corvallis, OR 60<br />

Hawkins, George C. (215557) Antioch, TN 19TH C<br />

US; 45; Business Owner<br />


Applications 215148, 215265 through<br />

215408 as previously published have<br />

been accepted for membership by the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents.<br />


Total Membership, Feb. 28, <strong>2009</strong> 39,975<br />

New Members .............. 145<br />

Reinstated ...................... 23 168<br />

40,143<br />

Disbanded Chapters ......... 1<br />

Deceased ....................... 28<br />

Resignations ................... 79 108<br />

Total Membership, Mar. 31, <strong>2009</strong> 40,035<br />

Heil, John C. (215603) Camp Hill, PA US-VAT; 44;<br />

Actuary<br />

Hodsen, Roman (215553) East Hartford, CT US-<br />

POLAND; 58<br />

Hook, David C. (215648) Norfolk, VA 1800’S; 40;<br />

Sales<br />

Johnson, Robert (215592) Colorado Springs, CO<br />

US; 54; Retired<br />

Johnson, William L. (215581) Albuquerque, NM US<br />

PLATE BLKS; 63; Machinist<br />

Jones, Joanna N. (J-215627) Huber Heights, OH<br />

US-HORSES; 12; Student<br />

Jose, Garcia O. (215554) San Juan, PR US; 41;<br />

Controller<br />

Kapralova, Olga (215658) Scottsdale, AZ RUSSIA;<br />

49<br />

Karadjas, George (215635) Amawalk, NY<br />

WORLDWIDE; 53; Hair Stylist<br />

Karpel, John P. (215621) East Haven, CT<br />


Kennedy, Terry (215628) Gardena, CA USED US;<br />

Retired<br />

Kleinle, Mark (215666) Lock Haven, PA US<br />

COMMEM; 56; Retired<br />

Kriz, Michael I. (215630) Moscow, TN US; 54;<br />

Retired<br />

Lamon, David (215593) Appleton, WI MINT US,<br />

SINGLES, BLKS, SHEETS; 68; Retired<br />

Laurie, John K. (215604) New Durham, NH<br />


Company Director<br />

Levy, Leon W. (215609) Burlingame, CA US-<br />

ISRAEL; 77; Pharmacist<br />

Licker, Maurice D. (215655) Martinsburg, WV US,<br />

REV; 56; Property Manager<br />

Maselis, Patrick V. (215644) Roeselare, Belgium<br />

BELGIUM-CONGO-SUDAN-NZ; 48; General<br />

Manager<br />

Matz, William R. (215601) Atlanta, GA<br />


Mellaraj, Mirselindi (215616) Cleveland, OH 27<br />

Miles, Jeffrey S. (215636) Traverse City, MI US-<br />

GB-EUR; 55; Professor<br />

Mohamed, Nizar F. (215577) Lethbridge, AB E<br />

AFRICA; 66<br />

Montgomery, Ronald E. A. (215661) Toronto, ON<br />

CANADA-US; 74; Retired<br />

Moore, Bradley E. (215610) Palm Bay, FL US<br />

SINGLES, PLATE BLKS; 74; Financial Planner<br />

Morgan, Sandra (215575) West Hartford, CT 65;<br />

Professor<br />

O’Banion, Kay (215576) Meadow Grove, NE<br />

O’Connor, Michael T. (215653) Fortune Bridge, PE<br />

US-CANADA; 55<br />

Palmer, Robert (215645) Bayside, NY 85; Editor/<br />

Indexer<br />

Parker, Leven N. (215600) Evansville, WY US; 28<br />

Phillips, Patrick (215662) Homewood, AL 45<br />

Porche, Earle J. (215558) Metairie, LA US; 65;<br />

Retired<br />

Quashnick, Kyle (215552) Port Ludlow, WA 33<br />

496 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Reimann, Richard D. (215594) Zimmerman, MN<br />

EARLY MINT US, ERRORS; 68; Retired<br />

Robbins, Thomas R. (215578) Omaha, NE US-<br />

WORLDWIDE; 62; Retired<br />

Rogers-Vaughn, Bruce (215631) Franklin, TN<br />

SLANIA-ENGRAVED; 52; Psychotherapist<br />

Sablatura, David F. (215585) El Campo, TX MINT<br />

US; 48; Contractor<br />

Savage, Don (215646) Savannah, GA US; 56;<br />

Teacher<br />

Schreiber, Scott M. (215652) Wilmington, DE 30;<br />

Chiropractor<br />

Scott, William B. (215629) Bath, SD WORLDWIDE<br />

AIR MAIL-US; 57; Retired<br />

Sellars, John (215668) Coppell, TX US, PLATE<br />

BLKS-CANADA; 63; Retired<br />

Semple, Robert W. (215579) Fort Worth, TX 58;<br />

Banker/Executor<br />

Serigos, Ernesto (215597) Madrid, Spain WWII;<br />

34; Businessman<br />

Siatkowski, Maciej (215633) Gdansk, Poland; 61;<br />

Mechanic<br />

Smith, Erik B. (215667) Missouri City, TX 41;<br />

Government<br />

Smolinski, Meg M. (215617) Washington, DC<br />

WORLDWIDE; 28; Executive Assistant<br />

Spaleta, Edward J. (215649) Astoria, NY 35<br />

Stone, Julian D. (215560) Sherman Oaks, CA AIR<br />


Swain, Charles E. (215595) Shelbyville, KY PRE<br />

1940 US-MODERN FDI; 49; Bookkeeper<br />

Sweet, William J. (215657) Mountain Home, AR<br />

US; 73; Retired<br />

Thayer, Richard H. (215580) Altoona, PA 1840-<br />

1940 US; 72; Retired<br />

Thomson, Frederick M. (215647) Menomonee<br />

Falls, WI AUST-SPAIN-PORT-US; 76; Retired<br />

Vachon, Nelson (215651) Salem, CT US-POST<br />

1965 WORLDWIDE; 56; Carpenter<br />

Vaughn, Kelly (215598) Bartlett, TN 30<br />

Vergara, Hans (215639) Leawood, KS MINT US<br />

PLATE BLKS; 42<br />

Walsh, Daniel (215555) New York, NY CYPRUS; 53<br />

Whelpley, James H. (215612) Chester, NJ EUR; 69;<br />

Lifeguard<br />

White, Austin G. (215551) Paulding, OH 19TH C<br />

US; 49; Antique Dealer<br />

Whitehouse, Cale (215596) Chico, CA<br />

Whittemore, Mark (215623) Comfort, TX 44<br />

Willey, Robert W. (215637) Omaha, NE MINT US;<br />

58; Title Abstractor<br />

Wolf, Fred C. (215640) Fort Myers, FL<br />

WORLDWIDE; 64; Retired<br />

Wright, Jeff T. (215625) Williamsport, PA 53; Sales<br />

Wright, Sandra (215582) Dobbs Ferry, NY 46<br />

Zoellin, Robert E. (215561) Grass Valley, CA MINT<br />

US; 51; Driver<br />

Zuercher, Tom L. (215670) Ashland, OH US; 55;<br />

Clergy<br />


Goebel Senior Center Stamp Club (215346),<br />

Thousand Oaks, CA, CONTACT: Stanley<br />

Cotter, 5545 Adelina Ct., Agoura Hills, CA<br />

91301<br />


Ripon <strong>Philatelic</strong> <strong>Society</strong> (2790-011633), Ripon, WI<br />


Bouma, Robert W. (4568-032671), Anapolis, MD<br />

Dote, Anthony J. (3961-029935), Philadelphia, PA<br />

Fickett, Robert N. (088348), Lunenburg, MA<br />

Goldstein, Nathan, II (3786-016085), Amarillo, TX<br />

Gordon, Morris J. (075864), Silver Spring, MD<br />

Harman, Lyle E. (148603), Wellsboro, PA<br />

Hofecker, Jay (142915), Hendersonville, NC<br />

Jackson, Ralph (214911), Owensboro, KY<br />

Leder, Cyril M. (5508-033343), Fenton, MI<br />

Lindauer, Mrs. Syl (5945-044235), Louisville, KY<br />

MacKenzie, Paula C. (214127), Waukegan, IL<br />

Masseo, George P. (104131), White Plains, NY<br />

Metzger, Edmond A. (3177-023988), Springfield, IL<br />

Nelson, James W., Jr. (088074), Milwaukee, WI<br />

Nortum, Rose (5081-032875), Harbor City, CA<br />

Painter, John W. (165661), Cinnaminson, NJ<br />

Pascavis, Beryl G. (197693), Naples, FL<br />

Pierce, Richard M. (172597), Dixfield, ME<br />

Rieder, Robert A. (179841), San Antonio, TX<br />

Rodes, Elmer O., Jr. (210774), Roanoke, VA<br />

Roessler, George (142604), Selden, NY<br />

Santangelo, Gennaro A. (090478), La Mesa, CA<br />

Schreiber, Walter R. (202605), Bear, DE<br />

Smith, Marvin (166062), Chattanooga, TN<br />

Spitzengel, Gailen L. (109171), Montebello, CA<br />

Szpond, Edward S. (194436), Elizabeth, NY<br />

Turnbull, George W. (187912), Framingham, MA<br />

Vrugtman, Johannes (8470-056929), Midlothian, VA<br />


The following have been approved for classification<br />

as full-time (D) or part-time (P) stamp dealers<br />

according to qualifications established by the<br />

Board of Vice Presidents.<br />


Anyone having any information on the status<br />

or address of the following members is<br />

requested to advise the Membership<br />

Department (814-933-3803, ext. 209) by<br />

<strong>May</strong> 31, <strong>2009</strong>. If no information is received,<br />

these members will removed from the<br />

membership rolls.<br />

Agarwal, Shaski K. (7265-184238), Orange, NJ<br />

Aicher, D. Craig (7835-055601), Shavertown,<br />

PA<br />

Amundaray Hijo, J.I. (5813-041684), Caracas,<br />

Venezuela<br />

Baltz, Charles (5933-044090), Stroudsburg, PA<br />

Birdsong, Lawrence E. (8271-057205),<br />

Onalaska, WI<br />

Clark, Alan J. (1012-042380), Washington, PA<br />

Clifton, Yeaton H. (7105-050407), Logan, UT<br />

Enzler, Hugh (6006-044512), St. Paul, MN<br />

Erickson, Eric A. (7484-046815), Holualoa, HI<br />

Ginatta-Hidalgo, Emilio (1970-035487),<br />

Guayaquil, Ecuador<br />

Gottlieb, Murray (8798-060498), Staten Island,<br />

NY<br />

Jeffrey, Frank R. (6380-046083), Fort Myers, FL<br />

Kimball, Ann (6624-046696), Patterson, CA<br />

Lieblich, Jerome H. (10066-069206), Irvine, CA<br />

Newberger, Richard J. (4645-036518), Palo<br />

Alto, CA<br />

Potts, Herbert H. (10494-074752), Seattle, WA<br />

Schwarz, Helen W. (10645-073096), St. John’s,<br />

NL, Canada<br />

Stasiukynas, Vytautas (6365-045880), Chia,<br />

Colombia<br />

Stauber, Allan G. (2723-092430), Cross River,<br />

NY<br />

Werger, Barbara (2297-085318), Bend, OR<br />

Diaz, Oscar (Oscar Diaz 192345-P), 1645<br />

Williamsburg Circle, Pittsburgh, PA 15241-2968,<br />

412-854-4522. MEXICO-SPAIN-JAPAN-<br />

ISRAEL<br />

Sismondo Experts (Sergio Sismondo 169290-D),<br />

10035 Carousel Center Dr., Syracuse, NY<br />

13290-0001, 315-422-2331. EXPERTIZATION<br />

Watkins, George, Stamps (George H. Watkins, Jr.<br />

9004-131961-P), 14810 Tuttle Lane, Iola, TX<br />

77861, 936-394-2147. LATIN AMERICA-US-<br />


Recruit a New Member & Earn $5<br />

No one knows the value of an APS membership better than you do — and<br />

no one can promote our services and beneἀts more effectively than you can.<br />

If you know a friend, relative, neighbor, or business associate who might appreciate<br />

a membership in the APS, just send us their name and address.<br />

We’ll contact them — and when they are approved for membership, we’ll send<br />

you a check for $5. It’s that easy. Be sure to include your name and APS number.<br />

Send your prospective member information to:<br />

APS • 100 Match Factory Place • Bellefonte, PA 16823 or e-mail: requests@stamps.org<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 497

classifieds<br />

United StateS<br />

U.S. OR U.N. approvals. Plate blocks,<br />

singles, mint or used. Send want list<br />

or request our approvals. Stewart’s<br />

Stamps, Box 3204, Seminole, FL<br />

33775 (1301)<br />

BELOW MARKET prices for United<br />

States. Used and unused, most<br />

grades. Send 42¢ stamp for price<br />

list of older issues before the year<br />

1940. Compare for proof of lowest<br />

prices before ordering. Lowell A.<br />

Donald Co., P.O. Box 728, Rutland,<br />

VT 05702 (1306)<br />


Seconds to superb, 3,500 lots, 48<br />

pages, colored photos. No. 1 through<br />

B.O.B., Illustrated grading, special<br />

discounts, 48-hour service. Specify<br />

mint & or used. Layaways and credit<br />

cards accepted. IOWA STAMPS,<br />

Box 77-A, Ankeny, IA 50021. Phone:<br />

515-964-1202 Website: www.<br />

iowastamps.com E-mail: iowasc@<br />

netins.net (1305)<br />

www.philbansner.com (1303)<br />

www.wiltonstamp.com (1307)<br />

YOUR CHOICE of U.S. MNH stamp<br />

sets: 909-21, 785-94, 859/91, 1054-<br />

59a, $2 with U.S. approvals. Only<br />

one set per request. Beginners<br />

welcome. Personal service.<br />

Littleflower Stamp Co., POB 751024,<br />

Petaluma, CA 94975 (1300)<br />

WWW.DELCAMPE.NET - Online<br />

Auctions - 15 million listings !!!<br />

(1301)<br />

55 YEARS OF SELLING U.S. stamps<br />

and covers by approval. Write<br />

today for a approval selection of<br />

mint, used U.S. singles, blocks, plate<br />

blocks FDCs. Want lists filled. John<br />

Robie Box 2-P Linden, CA 95236<br />

(1302)<br />


Great prices! SASE for list. J. Himes,<br />

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COMMONWEALTH Our lists of Pre-<br />

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FASCINATION To find out more<br />

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DISCOUNT 66 2/3% from Current<br />

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To calculate the number of lines your ad will require, figure 34<br />

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Only APS members may advertise; be sure to include<br />

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Send your copy and payment to: AP Classifieds,<br />

100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823.<br />

New classified ads will be accepted by fax or e-mail if charged<br />

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Please include your card number and expiration date.<br />

Renewals only are accepted by telephone<br />

at 814-933-3803, ext. 224. Fax: 814-933-6128,<br />

E-mail: adsales@stamps.org. Classified ads may also be submitted<br />

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Renewal Notice: If (1300) appears after your ad,<br />

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Deadline for the July issue is <strong>May</strong> 22.<br />

Payment in advance. No change of copy. No refunds.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 499


United States, Europe, British<br />

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Former Colonies * Fair Prices<br />

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AUTOGRAPHED FDC-s. www.<br />

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Box 5555, Auckland 1141, New<br />

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collections<br />


Lots — Free Lists. CLAUDE HELD,<br />

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Box-314 UlaanBaatar-38 Mongolia<br />

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DonAtions<br />

DONATE STAMPS, coins, and other<br />

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ARIE Foundation, PO Box 64, Old<br />

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DUCK HUNTING STAMPS full list<br />

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<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 501

u.s. new issues<br />

Koi!<br />

On April 17, <strong>2009</strong>, in New York,<br />

New York (Spring Postage Stamp<br />

Mega Event), the Postal Service<br />

issued a 28-cent, Koi stamped card in<br />

two designs. This newest stamp product<br />

in the <strong>American</strong> Scenes series features<br />

colorful carp know as koi. Many <strong>American</strong>s<br />

collect koi, prizing these large freshwater<br />

fish for their bold, bright colors in<br />

striking combinations and patterns. The<br />

stamp art is by Kam Mak, Brooklyn, New<br />

York, who left Hong Kong as a child and<br />

grew up in New York City’s Chinatown.<br />

He based his paintings on photographs<br />

he made of koi.<br />

The Koi stamped cards are available<br />

in the following formats: Singlecut<br />

cards, Double-cut reply cards, and a<br />

Sheet of 40 cards.<br />

Denomination: 28-cent Stamped Card<br />

(a) Format: Single-cut Cards<br />

Series: <strong>American</strong> Scenes<br />

Designer/Art Director/Typographer:<br />

Ethel Kessler, Bethesda, MD<br />

Artist: Kam Mak, Brooklyn, NY<br />

Modeler: Joseph Sheeran<br />

Manufacturing Process: Offset<br />

Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.,<br />

Williamsville, NY<br />

Press Type: Stevens, Vari-size Security<br />

Press<br />

Paper Type: Nonphosphored Type III,<br />

Block<br />

Colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow<br />

Image Orientation: Horizontal<br />

Size (w x h): 139.70 x 88.90 mm (card)<br />

Marginal Markings: ©<strong>2009</strong> USPS;<br />

Recycled logo followed by “recycled”<br />

(b) Format: Double-cut Reply Cards<br />

Size (w x h): 139.70 x 177.80 mm (card)<br />

(c) Format: Sheet of 40 Cards<br />

Printer: Sterling Sommer, Tonawanda, NY<br />

Press Type: Heidelberg, Speedmaster<br />

Polar Bear<br />

On April 16, <strong>2009</strong>, in New York,<br />

New York (Spring Postage Stamp Mega<br />

Event), the Postal Service issued a 28-<br />

cent, Polar Bear definitive stamp in one<br />

design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive<br />

pane of 20 stamps.<br />

This stamp features a polar bear by<br />

illustrator Nancy Stahl, who has created<br />

several designs for the Postal Service including<br />

the Florida Panther in 2007 and<br />

the Dragonfly in 2008. This stamp shows<br />

the bear’s head, chest, and front paws,<br />

and in the background is a dark blue sky<br />

dotted with stars. Stahl used a collection<br />

of photographs to create this highly stylized<br />

illustration.<br />

The Polar Bear stamp is available in<br />

the following formats: PSA Pane of 20<br />

and PSA Coil of 100.<br />

Denomination: 28-cent Definitive<br />

(a) Format: Pane of 20 (1 design)<br />

Designer/Art Director/Typographer:<br />

Carl T. Herrman, Carlsbad, CA<br />

Artist: Nancy Stahl, New York, NY<br />

Modeler: Donald Woo<br />

Manufacturing Process: Offset,<br />

Microprinting, “USPS”<br />

Printer: Banknote Corporation of America/<br />

SSP, Browns Summit, NC<br />

Press Type: Alprinta, 74<br />

Paper Type: Phosphor Tagged, Overall<br />

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive<br />

Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black<br />

Stamp Orientation: Vertical<br />

Sizes (w x h): 18.54 x 21.34 mm (image);<br />

22.10 x 24.94 mm (overall); 134.62 x<br />

123.95 mm (pane)<br />

502 Americ An Phil Atelist / <strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong>

Plate Numbers: “S” followed by<br />

4 single digits<br />

Marginal Markings: Front: ©<strong>2009</strong> USPS;<br />

Price; Plate numbers in 4 corners of<br />

pane; Plate position diagram. Back:<br />

USPS logo; Barcodes 113100 in 4<br />

corners of pane.<br />

(b) Format: Coil of 100 (1 design)<br />

Modeler: Avery Dennison, SPD<br />

Manufacturing Process: Gravure<br />

Engraver: Keating Gravure<br />

Printer: Avery Dennison (AVR),<br />

Clinton, SC<br />

Press Type: Dia Nippon Kiko (DNK)<br />

Paper Type: Prephosphored, Type II<br />

Colors: Yellow, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan,<br />

Black, Blue<br />

Plate Numbers: “V” followed by 5 single<br />

digits<br />

Marginal Markings: Plate numbers on<br />

every 20th stamp in coil<br />

Richard Wright<br />

On April 9, <strong>2009</strong>, in Chicago, Illinois,<br />

the Postal Service issued a 61-cent,<br />

Richard Wright commemorative stamp<br />

in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive<br />

pane of 20 stamps (Item 113000).<br />

With this 25th stamp in the Literary<br />

Arts series, the USPS honors author<br />

Richard Wright (1909–1960). Best<br />

remembered for his controversial 1940<br />

novel, Native Son, and 1945 autobiography,<br />

Black Boy, Wright drew on a wide<br />

range of literary traditions, including<br />

protest writing and detective fiction, to<br />

craft unflinching portrayals of racism in<br />

<strong>American</strong> society.<br />

The stamp artwork by Kadir Nelson,<br />

San Diego, California, features a portrait<br />

of Richard Wright in front of snowswept<br />

tenements on the South Side of<br />

Chicago, a scene that recalls the setting<br />

of Native Son. Nelson’s portrait of Wright<br />

was based on a circa 1945 photograph.<br />

Denomination: 61-cent Commemorative<br />

Format: Pane of 20 (1 design)<br />

Series: Literary Arts<br />

Designer/Art Director/Typographer:<br />

Carl T. Herrman, Carlsbad, CA<br />

Artist: Kadir Nelson, San Diego, CA<br />

Modeler: Joseph Sheeran<br />

Manufacturing Process: Offset,<br />

Microprinting, “USPS”<br />

Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.,<br />

Williamsville, NY<br />

Press Type: Mueller Martini, A76<br />

Paper Type: Nonphosphored, Type III,<br />

Block Tag applied<br />

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive<br />

Colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray,<br />

Yellow<br />

Stamp Orientation: Horizontal<br />

Sizes (w x h): 36.07 x 21.34 mm (image);<br />

39.62 x 24.89 mm (overall); 183.90 x<br />

151.13 mm (pane)<br />

Plate Numbers: “P” followed by 6 single<br />

digits<br />

Marginal Markings: Front: ©2008 USPS;<br />

Header “Literary Arts 25th in a series”;<br />

Plate position diagram; Price “$0.61<br />

x 20 = $12.20”; Plate numbers in four<br />

positions. Back: USPS logo; Descriptive<br />

text on back of each stamp; Barcode<br />

113000 in two positions.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2009</strong> / Americ An Phil Atelist 503

worldwide in a nutshell<br />

by bob lamb<br />

Republic of Finland<br />

Status: Republic in northern Europe<br />

Area: 130,160 sq mi<br />

Population: 5,250,275 (est. <strong>2009</strong>)<br />

Currency: 100 cents = 1 euro (about US$1.45)<br />

Finland is believed to have been settled by tribes from central Asia. Its<br />

language is Uralic rather than Indo-European, with Lapp and Estonian<br />

its only significant close linguistic kin in Europe. Finland’s<br />

nearly 700-year association with Sweden<br />

began in the middle of the twelfth century<br />

with Swedish efforts to spread Christianity.<br />

Sweden’s continued expansion led to Finland’s<br />

annexation, Westernization, and, in<br />

1556, its establishment as a Grand Duchy<br />

of Sweden — a status it maintained until<br />

the Napoleonic Wars.<br />

At the beginning of the eighteenth<br />

century, Sweden’s status as a world power<br />

began to wane as Russia’s rose. Although<br />

there were some signs of discontent with<br />

Swedish rule, the Czar’s efforts to court the Finns were unsuccessful.<br />

In 1809 Napoleon, who was angry that Sweden would not<br />

join the Continental Blockade of England, encouraged Czar Alexander<br />

I to attack Sweden and annex Finland. For five months,<br />

12,000 Finns held back 60,000 Russian troops, but in the end they<br />

were forced to give way. The Swedes, who at that point saw Stockholm itself<br />

threatened, agreed to surrender Finland.<br />

To many Finns, the abdication of the Czar in 1917 broke their governmental<br />

link with Russia, and the Finns declared their independence, which<br />

the Bolsheviks recognized. But independence was not fully achieved until the<br />

resolution of a brief but bitter civil war. Finland fought another war with the<br />

Soviet Union during the winter of 1939–40 and a limited continuation war<br />

from 1941–44. Finland’s determined defense against the Russians probably<br />

thwarted Stalin’s plans to make it a Soviet Republic.<br />

A general postal service was established in 1638. Finland introduced the<br />

postage stamp in 1856, before Russia itself. Fearing that growing Finnish nationalism<br />

eventually would spawn an independence movement, Alexander<br />

III introduced a period of Russification. As one of these measures the Finnish<br />

postal system was taken over by the Russian Ministry of the Interior. This<br />

change is evident in designs in the issue of 1891. In December 1917 Finnish<br />

stamps with the coat of arms of the Republic reappeared. The Finnish government<br />

has continued to issue stamps imprinted Suomi / Finland ever since.

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