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old_annual-report-09.. - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago

See the


See the


See the


you make

Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2009

When you look into the world of UCP, you come face to face with the need for our programs and services.

> You see the need as a child struggles to speak.

> You see the need as a man gazes down a flight of stairs he can no longer descend.

> You see the need as a woman yearns for horizons beyond the walls of her mother’s house.

> You see the need as parents face institutionalizing their child because they can’t afford to make their home

accessible for him.

Every day, UCP meets those needs and so many more. We help people with disabilities conquer challenges, overcome

obstacles and find a brighter future. We make good on our commitment to create life without limits for people with disabilities.

But we couldn’t do it without you. Look into the world of UCP and see what happens when caring people give from

the heart. See the transformations that take place. See the wonder and the hope. See the difference you make.

See the Need

> One in every seven

Americans has a

condition that interferes

with everyday living.

> More than 9 million

Americans age 15 or

older require personal

assistance with

everyday activities.

> Most of the people who

rely on UCP’s services

live on less than half the

area’s median household

income: $37,700 for a

family of four.

> Disability-related costs

to the nation exceed

$200 billion.

> When a person with a

disability is gainfully

employed, costs of

government benefits

drop by $127 a month.

> Of America’s 69.6

million families, more

than 20 million have

a family member with

a disability.

Thanks to Tom McCluskey for contributing his photographic talents to this year’s annual report.

Dear Friends,

We live in challenging times.

During this past year, recession has swept through our economy and our lives. Many of us have had to confront difficulties we

never expected to see. Yet we recognize that others in our city and beyond face even more dire days.

A harsh economy is always worst for those who are already struggling — and for people with disabilities and their families,

struggle is often a way of life. For them, UCP is a lifeline, giving them the help and hope they need to stay afloat. Your support

puts that help within their reach. When you give to UCP, you make a difference in the lives of those who urgently need our

programs and services.

Making the most of every dollar you’ve donated, we have achieved remarkable success with our programs.

• UCP’s Ramp Up is the only nonprofit

program selected to receive co-funding

from the Chicago Mayor’s Office for

People with Disabilities for home

modifications for the indigent and needy.

In the past year, Ramp Up completed 53

home modifications, more than one a

week. Another 162 people are awaiting

our assistance.

• Early intervention training has grown

into a transformative force since it

started seven years ago. UCP now

has a $3.3 million Illinois Department of

Human Services contract to train all early

intervention providers statewide over the

next four years.

• The Levinson and Trutter centers

have opened new opportunities in

the community for adults with severe

disabilities. Businesses in Oak Park’s

Harrison Street Art District have welcomed

Levinson Center program participants as

part-time workers, while Cicero Town Hall

has collaborated with Trutter Center to

provide employment to our day

training participants, creating hope

for those in the program.

• ATEN, UCP’s award-winning computer

recycling program, distributed more than

4,000 refurbished computers at no charge

to benefit students with special needs in all

102 Illinois counties.

• Through the InfiniTEXT initiative,

our online repository of scanned

textbooks, UCP’s Infinitec is serving

students in Illinois and Kansas for

whom it is difficult or impossible to

use traditional printed texts.

• Infinitec’s Learner Box, a family of

instructional tools based on universal

design principles, is drawing positive

feedback from educators who use it to

teach literacy, math and life skills. After

just one academic year, Infinitec has sold

more than 300 Learner Box units to

school districts in five states.

We’re proud of achievements like these, but our work is far from over. Today, we’re asking you, our staunchest supporters, to dig

deeper and give more generously than ever. Yes, we find ourselves in challenging times. Yet it’s in challenging times that we truly

find ourselves — find what we’re made of and what we can do.

Together, we can do so much. Please give today, and see the difference you make.

Best regards,

David Pepper, Chairman of the Board

CEO, Pepper Construction Group

Emily L. Barr, President of the Board

President & General Manager, ABC7 Chicago

UCP Programs

children and families

> Institutionalized care for a person with disabilities

costs state taxpayers $145,000 a year on average.

Assistive Technology Exchange Network

(ATEN) distributes thousands of

donated, refurbished computers to help

children with disabilities.

ToyLend introduces parents, caregivers

and children to technologies that help

infants and toddlers with disabilities

develop through assistive technology.

Information and Resource Services

connects families with government

and independent agencies addressing

their needs.

The Holiday Fund brings gifts of toys

and clothes — and joy and hope —

to nearly 2,500 children and adults with


UCP’s Respitality Program gives parents

and caregivers a much-needed, muchappreciated

chance for rest and renewal.

The Infinitec North Early Education

Center blends progressive childcare

practices and inclusive special

education services with innovative

assistive technology resources.

Francisco Ramirez, a 10-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy,

lived in a home his parents could not afford to make accessible for

him. Confined to a motorized chair, he was unable to get to the

bathroom on his own and was quickly becoming too heavy to lift.

Compounding the problem, two of his siblings have been diagnosed

with the same progressive condition. Without an accessible home,

they could be forced into long-term hospitalized care, at a cost of

$43,000 a month per child. But UCP helped to make the Ramirez

home accessible, installing an overhead transfer track system to

move Francisco from his bed to a power chair and from the power

chair to the bathtub. Today, Francisco, his brother and four sisters

continue to live at home as a loving family.

Francisco Ramirez with a nurse

UCP Programs


> It costs just $30,000 a year to help an

adult with disabilities live at home and

participate in UCP’s day programs.

Our Adult Day Program helps people

with multiple and significant challenges

connect to the world around them.

Home-based Services help people

with developmental disabilities thrive

in their own communities, homes or

small-group settings.

Employment and Training offers

career and employment placement

assistance that charts the course

for a brighter future.

Beryl Skeel at Buzz Café

Beryl Skeel, 52, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Getting around

with her power wheelchair, she lived comfortably with her mother,

Grace. Then one night a fire broke out in their home. The family dog,

Rainbow, wakened Grace, and firefighters carried Beryl to safety.

Shaken but unharmed, they went to stay with Beryl’s personal care

assistant, Liz. Together, they confronted a long-delayed decision.

Beryl’s mother moved into senior housing, while Beryl remained with

Liz. Today, Beryl works in the bus dispatch center at UCP’s Julius

& Betty Levinson Center. She takes classes in cooking, gardening,

computers and wood-working. Once a week, she heads over to her

job at the Buzz Café in Oak Park’s arts district. She even handles

banking and grocery shopping for her mother. The fire could so

easily have ended her life. Instead, it opened a new chapter, one

that grows richer every day. The story even has a happy ending for

the heroic dog: Rainbow was adopted by a firefighter and now lives

at the fire house.

UCP Programs

mobility and accessibility

Ramp Up brings new hope of freedom

and independence — because no one

should ever be just a few steps away

from independence.

UCP’s Durable Medical Exchange is a

searchable Web site that helps people

with temporary or permanent disabilities

secure free medical equipment.


have the freedom and dignity to go anywhere I want to in my

own home. Thank you for giving me back my dignity,

opening up my world and making us feel safer (and for the big

smile I can't shake every time I think of your kindness).

– Jim Champion

When Jim Champion moved into his new home six years ago,

he had great plans. He wanted to turn the basement into a den

where he could shoot pool, display his sports trophies and

escape his disability, at least for a while. The Army veteran had

developed multiple sclerosis at 21. By his 40s, the disease had

left him unable to negotiate the basement stairs. All the solutions

he imagined proved too costly. That disappointment nearly

turned deadly during tornado season. Jim couldn’t take shelter

in the basement, and his wife, Sandy, refused to leave him

upstairs alone. Determined to keep his loved ones safe, Jim

reached out to Ramp Up. Soon he had gained access to his

basement — and so much more.

Jim and Sandy Champion

UCP Programs

professional development

Information, Training and Education

Services provide state-of-the-art

multimedia education programs for

professionals, families, and children

and adults with disabilities.

The Early Intervention Training

Web site provides instructional videos

online and handles an average of

100,000 assistance requests a month.

Over the past six years, more than

45,000 early-intervention specialists

have participated in the program’s

1,400 education and training

workshops across Illinois.

Infinitec Assistive Technology

Infinitec Media Production Services

Coalitions, active in school districts

creates videos and multimedia

across Illinois and Kansas, promote presentations used for UCP training

opportunities for inclusion and

programs in school districts throughout

independence for children with

Illinois and Kansas. These production

disabilities through assistive

services also are available to outside

technology, information and training, organizations, with all proceeds

and access to specialists.

benefiting UCP programs.

“Students who normally wouldn’t like to write use the computers eagerly to type.

The skills they learn using the computers will go a long way in helping them become

more productive citizens in the community.”

– Victoria Frederickson, teacher, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois

Spencer, Quinn and Max Campbell are triplets, now 10

years old. They live with their sister, Carly, who is 6. The boys

are outgoing and social, eager to tell everyone about their

toys and books and movies. Quinn especially likes

Madagascar, Charlotte’s Web and Kung Fu Panda. But for

Spencer and Quinn, talking isn’t easy. Both use a Dynavox

device to help them communicate. Spencer is so good with

his Dynavox, he was put in charge of announcing the weather

on his school’s closed-circuit television. This year, he won an

Infinitec award recognizing his mastery of technology. After

the ceremony, proud brother Quinn went around the room

holding his brother’s framed photo, announcing Spencer’s

name and clapping for everyone who would listen.

Spencer (left) and Quinn Campbell with their teacher, Amanda Bradley


2009 revenue

Fees for Services $1,917,841 24.00%

Contributions 2,603,980 32.59%

Special Events 363,533 4.56%

Memorials and Bequests 140,100 1.75%

Government Grants 2,878,328 36.02%

Interest and Investments 16,620 0.21%

Miscellaenous 70,232 0.88%

Grand Total $7,990,634 100.00%

“My brother Tim brought

incredible grace and courage

to living with CP. We lost

Tim this July, but our family

continues our involvement with

UCP, in Tim’s memory and in

honor of the many families who

share our experience.”

– Kevin Burke

2009 expenses

Program Services $7,726,210 90.82%

Administration $290,847 3.42%

Fundraising $490,426 5.76%

Grand Total $8,507,483 100.00%






& Bequests


Special Events


Program Services


Government Grants


Interests &





Fees for





UCP Board Member Kevin Burke, winner

of the inaugural Infinite Hope Award, with

his wife, Mary Grace, and brother Tim

Celebrating the

Difference You Make

Each year, UCP involves friends

and donors in events such as:

> Gambol

> Chip in fore Hope

> Great Chefs Tasting Party ®

> Holiday gift drive

> Infinitec Southwest and

Infinitec North dinner and

award celebrations

Left column: Gamers, diners and bidders

at Gambol

Center column: Vong’s Thai Kitchen

team; steering committee members

(from left) Jimmy Bannos of Heaven on

Seven, David DiGregorio of Osteria Via

Stato, UCP CEO Paul Dulle and Tom

Kenny of Mike Ditka’s at Great Chefs TM ;

and silent auction items

Right column: Robert Glavin (left), Linda

Post and UCP’s Paul Dulle; Phil Utigard

(left), Dan Sreenan, Paul Darby and Lou

Jacobsohn; and another fearsome

foursome at Chip in fore Hope

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Corporations, Foundations

and Organizations

$25,000 and over

Burke Beverage, Inc. (Kevin Burke)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Sedge Plitt Charitable Trust

Tellabs Foundation

Herbert C. Wenske Foundation


ABC7 Chicago (Emily Barr)

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

DickinsonGroup, LLC

McDonald’s Corporation (Jan Fields)

Patrick G. and

Shirley W. Ryan Foundation

Dr. Scholl Foundation


DLA Piper (Steven Napolitano)

Hannah & Frank Grossman

Charitable Trust


The Abbott Laboratories Fund

Adrenaline Y2K, Inc.

Argonne National Laboratory

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Department of Economic


The Friends of Nathan Foundation

Home Run Inn Foundation

(Joseph Perrino)

Knights of Columbus No. 11091

New Century Bank

(J. Garland Smith)

Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.

(T.J. Saye)

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal,

LLP (Mona E. Dajani)

Thornton Township

UCP – Washington

Westinghouse Electric Company


Alberto Culver Company

The Allyn Foundation, Inc.

East Balt Commissary, Inc.

Education Research and

Development Institute

Giannoulia Hospitality, LLC

Grubb & Ellis Company

(Matt Mulvihill)

Lancaster Family Foundation

Laurus Strategies (John Fitzpatrick)

Microsoft Corporation

Thorn River Foundation

Turano Baking Company

William Blair & Company


Best Buy Children’s Foundation

Blum-Kovler Foundation

Commercial Resources

Construction Co., Inc.

CS&C Learning, Inc.

Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice


Fair Oaks Farms

(Michael Thompson)

Genesis Press, Inc.

Jocarno Fund

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Keeley Construction, Inc.

Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz


Lexington Healthcare

Lincoln Financial Group

Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc.

Magnus Charitable Trust

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Oak Park Arts District Alliance

Peak Construction Corporation

Sikich LLP

Speer Financial, Inc.

Trabert & Hoeffer


Verizon Foundation

Wachovia Securities, LLC

WW Grainger, Inc.


Allstate Giving Campaign


Computer Associates

International, Inc.

Extended Home Living Services

The Habitat Company

Home Access Services

Horizon Advisors, LLC


McGladrey & Pullen, LLP

McMahon Painting Residential &


O’Keefe, Lyons & Hynes, LLC

Olivia Bea Ross Foundation

Polk Bros Foundation


Captions and Subtitle Services

George Gullo Development


Harris Bank

Home Mobility Solutions

The Jel Sert Company

Interactive Health Solutions

International Union of Elevator


ITW Foundation

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Liston & Tsantilis

Merendero San Marcos


Mulcahy, Pauritsch, Salvador &


O’Brien Recycling Corp.

Plum Design, Inc.

R Place

Schiller Real Estate

Solomon Goldberg Family


United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

Vernon Development, Inc.


Abbott Laboratories Employee

Giving Campaign

Absolute Vision Care, Ltd.

All Guard Auto Alarm

All Sealants, Inc.

Archer Veterinary Clinic


Bank of America

Barone’s of Crestwood

Bellman-Melcor, Inc.

Blue Fox, Inc.

Brookfield Bar Owners Association

Care Cleaners of Homewood

Concierge Car Services, LLC

CWU Contractors, LLC

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.


Douglas Allan Hair Salon

The Drake

eClick Performance

The Sidney Epstein & Sondra

Berman Epstein Foundation

G & G Optical Laboratory

The Hlavin Agency

Hospira Foundation


In Working Order

Jason’s Foods Incorporated

Kirkland & Ellis

Kizaric Properties, LLC

Ksiezak Development, Inc.

Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.

Kwasigroch Electronic, Inc.

Lawn-Tech, Ltd.

LPK International, Inc.

M & O Insulation

Mancari’s Chrysler & Jeep

Dave Martino Insurance

Agency, Inc.

MassMutual Brokerage

Meineke Discount Mufflers

Midco Electric Supply Company

Mid-Villa Pizza, Inc.

MYO Trucking Company, Inc.

Old Orland Insurance Agency, Inc.

Palos Electric Company

Palos Heights Medical Center

Patio Food Products, Inc.

Petritsch Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Posen Firefighter’s Association

Quimex, Inc.

Risatti Electric


School District 146

Silver Lake Country Club, Inc.

Southwest Dental Group

Sterba & Swope, LLP

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill, Inc.

Triple R Child Care, Inc.

U.S. Roofing & Siding, Incorporated

United Way of Lake County

Vacha’s Forest Flowers

Vagabond Hair Salon

VFW Ladies Auxiliary No. 2580

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 9773

VFW Ladies Auxillary Post 5079

Viewpoint Window Works, Inc.

Women of the Evangelical Church

of America

Woodside Plumbing


$25,000 and over

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Burke

The Estate of Morton J. Hauslinger


Mr. and Mrs. John Lahey

The Estate of Arthur Rubloff

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan


Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. Robert Glavin

Mr. Joseph Perrino


Ms. Emily L. Barr and

Mr. Scott Kane

Mr. Jerry J. Burgdoerfer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Drew

Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Flavin

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Nicoud

Mr. and Mrs. Donald


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Partynski

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tribbett

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Utigard


Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Behrman

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Harun Durudogan

Mr. James V. Garvey

Mr. Terry L. Graber

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Heilmann

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Z. Koryczan

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lancaster

Mrs. Betty Levinson

Mr. Bruce Liimatainen

Dr. and Mrs. David J. McElligott

Mr. Steven V. Napolitano

Mr. and Mrs. James Oberman

Ms. Mary Kay O’Brien

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Thompson

Ms. Jillian Tribbett


Mr. Hyalker Amaral

Ms. Catherine J. Avena

Mr. Joe Becht

Ms. Casey Becker

Mr. John Burke

Mr. John Choi

Mrs. Phyllis A. Diamond

Mr. Neil E. Drohan

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Mr. Philip Garoon

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Mr. John Gramlich

Mrs. Louise Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Horwich

Mr. Mark Kendall

Mr. and Mrs. William Kunkel

Mr. John Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levine

Mr. John Lyons and

Ms. Mary Anne O’Reilly

Mrs. Pamela A. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. John M. McCarthy

Fr. Martin O’Donovan

Mr. Bill O’Heir

Ms. Marina Olomon

Mr. George Poulos

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ranquist

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery R. Rech

Ms. Patrice A. Riebel

Mr. Richard Rodriguez

Ms. Ellen R. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sabloff

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Schadler

Mr. Mark Schoonveld

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scrivner

Mr. John Sennelhack

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. Arch W. Shaw and

Ms. Terry Forrest

Mr. Daniel Slavin

Ms. Madonna Spence

Mr. Mike Stevens

Ms. Louise Study

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney

Mr. Ken Hauff and

Mrs. Cricket Trutter Hauff

Mr. and Mrs. John Voss

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wagner

Ms. Kristin Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang


Mr. Patrick Ahern

Ms. Meghan Alroth

Mrs. GilMary Andrews

Mr. Abe Asllani

Mr. Joseph Aurelio

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Barnes

Ms. Mary O. Bishop and

Mr. Eli Wolf

Mr. Clarence Booth

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Boushie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Mikel S. Briggs

Mr. Jeff A. Brody

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brunk

Mr. Gerard Burke

Ms. Tracy Butler

Ms. Katie Casey

Ms. Michelle Castellarin

Ms. Irene M. Catanese

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Champion

Mr. John J. Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Chardell

Ms. Rachel Curly

Mr. Michael Daley

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Mrs. Marti A. DeGraaf and

Mr. Jonathan T. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Pankaj Desai

Mrs. Mary Eugene

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fahey

Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Farrell

Mr. Lozell Fishback

Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzpatrick

Ms. Huguette Fondeur

Mrs. Corrine R. Gasner

Mr. Dave Gauger

Mr. and Mrs. John George

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Goodman

Mr. Patrick Hackett

Mr. John Harris

Mr. Eric Helsley

Mr. Reagan Hogerty

Ms. Marion M. Hoyda

Mr. Craig Kappel

Mr. John Karfias

Ms. Ethel Kyles

Ms. Mary Sue Lyon

Ms. Carol A. Mabus

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Manne

Mr. John McKinney

Ms. Erin Mogensen

Ms. Lou Mullins

Mr. William Murphy

Mr. James S. O’Brien

Ms. Lisa O’Brien

Ms. Sandra O’Heir

Mr. Adam Paris

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Paton

Ms. Cathy Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Rodgers

Mrs. Mary C. Rogulich

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rome

Mr. Ron Rooth

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Rybak

Mr. T.J. Saye

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Schwartz

Mr. Stanley Schwartz

Mr. Faraz Shahid

Mr. and Mrs. Chris P. Stefanos

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tennant

Mr. Anthony Turano

Dr. and Mrs. James D. Upchurch

Mr. Jared Voto

Mr. Christopher Wood

Mr. C. Joseph Yast and

Ms. Helen Krowicky

Ms. Margaret Zegley

Ms. Marny Zimmer


Ms. Nova Baranski

Ms. Doreen Bartoni

Ms. Wendy Bartusiak

Ms. Beverly Blettner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown

Dr. Donald Bush

Mr. and Mrs. James Christ

Mr. Steve Clements

Ms. Jennifer Conrick

Mr. Keith Cooper

Ms. Jocelyn Cornbleet

Mr. John Costello

Mr. Frederick Crawley

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Cuevas

Mrs. Stephanie DeCarlo

Mr. and Mrs. Julian C. D’Esposito

Mr. John Druhan

Mr. Jamie Eigner

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Emmering

Ms. Karen Enright

Ms. Dora E. Eskridge

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feinberg

Mr. Mike Giambrone and

Ms. Sheila Mussolino

Ms. Ernestine Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Goldberg

Mr. Jordan M. Goodman

Mr. Doug Grane

Mr. Greg Grill

Ms. Virginia Hackett

Ms. Amy Hannon

Mr. Timothy J. Harris

Ms. Kerry Heiple

Ms. Marni Helfand

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin I. Herman

Mrs. Marian Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hochberg

Mr. Steve Hoffman

Mr. Bob Hoffmann

Mr. James Hughes

Ms. Rosie James

Mr. and Mrs. Aggelos Katsaggelos

Ms. Patricia Keane

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kelley

Mr. Tom Kern

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kistner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kneale

Mr. Gary Kohn

Mr. Larry Lembcke

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Lind

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liszeo

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Loebbaka

Ms. Janet Lukich

Mr. Benjamin E. Lumicao

Mr. John Maceyunas

Mr. Karl Magsamen

Ms. Annik Mathews

Ms. Nicole Mayer

Ms. Kate McBride

Mr. John McEnroe

Mr. Nate Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Mormann

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Murtaugh

Mr. Barton J. Neri

Mr. Dan Niespodzianski

Mrs. Paulette Novakovich

Ms. Maureen O’Brien

Ms. Linda L. Owens

Mrs. Lorraine D. Phifer

Mr. Alex Piagnarelli

Mr. Alan M. Polikoff

Ms. Julie Quinn

Mr. Thomas A. Raduenzel II

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Reed

Ms. Stephanie Roldan

Ms. Diane Rostenkowski

Ms. Denise Schuba

Ms. Maureen A. Shannon

Mr. Cameron Sherding

Mr. Michael Smith

Mr. Michael Spence

Ms. Rosaria Srednick

Ms. Patricia Steen

Mr. Kim Suchy

Ms. Sally Tannenbaum

Ms. Regina Thoele

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tower

Mr. Joseph Turano

Ms. Barbara Wagner

Ms. Liz Walker

Ms. Nancy J. Walsh

Ms. Beth Weibel

Dr. Thomas J. Wodniak, D.D.S.

Mr. Dan Wohlfeil

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wolin


Mr. and Mrs. Donald Abernathy

Mr. Bernard E. Adams

Ms. Shirley M. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Adducci

Ms. Nancy A. Agajeenian

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Agnew

Ms. Leticia Albarran

Ms. Heather Alderman

Dr. Marlene Alejos

Ms. Betty J. Allen

Ms. Laura Allen

Ms. Anna Altoff

Mr. Steven Amato

Mr. Bob Anderson

Ms. Diane Anderson

Mr. Larry I. Anderson

Ms. Michelle Anderson

Mr. Apolonia Andrasiunas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andriano

Ms. Lorraine Anello

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Annenberg

Ms. Karen L. Annichiarico

Ms. Glenda Apata

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ardon

Ms. Tina Arena

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Armstrong

Ms. Stephanie Arno

Mr. and Mrs. Neil G. Aronson

Mr. James Arpaia

Mr. Ronald Atanus

Mr. Tom Aurelio

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Avolio

Ms. Laura Bachman

Ms. Kate Bacon

Mrs. Frances Baker

Ms. Madelyn Baker

Mr. Robert Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Baldacci

Ms. JoAnne Bangs

Ms. Barbara Bara

Mrs. Gwynne Barba

Ms. Karen A. Barge

Mr. Lawrence Baron

Ms. Cheri Barrett

Dr. and Mrs. Erwin P. Barrington

Ms. Grace Barry

Ms. Olga Bartell

Ms. Leona Barth

Mr. Thomas Bartholomew

Mr. Aaron Basch

Mr. Scott Bastian

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bastounes

Mr. Laurence Bather

Ms. Judith Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Baumgartner

Ms. Valerie Baumgartner

Ms. Carrie Bauza

Mrs. Joyce M. Beals

Ms. Elaine Beatovic

Ms. Nancy Becka

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Becker

Ms. Marcella Behrman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Behrman

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Benesch

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Bennett

Ms. Laura Benton-Synowic

Ms. Delores Bergen

Mr. Paul Berghoff

Ms. Diane Bergquist

Mr. Kenneth M. Bernatek

Ms. Jill A. Berndt

Ms. Henrietta Berning

Mr. John Bernstein

Ms. Beverly Bernzen

Mr. George Berry

Mrs. Marian J. Betley

Ms. Denise L. Bettenhausen

Ms. Cynthia Beyer

Mr. Bernard Biegel

Ms. Jennifer Bigelow

Ms. Marilyn Bill

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Mr. Randy Birten

Mr. John Bishir

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Mr. and Mrs. George M. Blackwell

Ms. Linda Bobich

Mr. Frank Bongiorno

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bonistalli

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bonniwell

Ms. Linda Booth

Ms. Debra Boros Erikson

Ms. Camille Borozan

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Bos

Mr. Jason Bosket

Mrs. Anne S. Bouchard

Ms. Rosemary T. Bova-Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Roland D. Bowker

Ms. Jean Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bremer

Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan

Mrs. Michelle M. Brennan

Ms. Anne F. Brescia

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Brescia

Ms. Linda Bretbarth

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Brock

Mrs. Mary J. Brockhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bronersky

Ms. Terri Broniec

Ms. Barbara A. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brown

Ms. Susan Brown

Ms. Donna Brtis

Mr. Duane Brueggemann

Mr. and Mrs. William Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Budd

Mrs. Jacqueline C. Budwitis

Mrs. Barbara Bulow

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bulow

Ms. Toni Burauer

Mr. Carmen Burgos

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Burica

Mr. Harry R. Burke

Ms. Marian Burke

Mr. Tim Burke

Mr. and Mrs. William Burke

Mrs. Catherine A. Burns

Mr. Mike Burns

Mr. Kenneth Burr

Mr. Eric Burton

Ms. Erin Butler

Ms. Denise Byerwalter

Ms. Kathleen Byrne

Ms. Kelly Cain

Ms. Lynne B. Caldwell

Ms. Nancy Callaghan

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Camalick

Ms. Elayne Campbell

Ms. Sarah Cantrell

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Canzoneri

Ms. Sheila Carey

Ms. Caryn Carlson

Ms. Julie Carlson

Mr. Ronald D. Carlson

Ms. Kathleen J. Carroll

Ms. Laura Carston

Ms. Cheryl L. Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Casey

Mr. William Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cassa

Ms. Mary Castellarin

Mr. Peter Castellarin

Mr. Stephen Castellarin

Mr. Thomas J. Castellarin

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Caswell

Mr. Mike Cavanaugh

Mrs. Karen Cazeau

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Ceebin

Mrs. Margaret Centeno

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cetera

Ms. Sue Chadwick

Mr. Harry Channon

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Chapman

Ms. Teresa Charpenel

Ms. Cindy K. Chavanne

Ms. Tina Chen

Ms. Jamie Childs

Mrs. Diane B. Chin

Mr. Michael J. Chinino

Mr. Robert S. Chirinko and

Ms. Barbara G. Cohen

Ms. Angela Chobot

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Cholakian

Mr. and Mrs. James Chomko

Ms. Athena Christos

Mr. George Christos

Ms. Michelle Ciabattari

Mr. Troy Cicero

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cichon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cici

Ms. Mary M. Ciciora

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cimino

Ms. Maria Cipolla

Ms. Vicki Ciullo

Ms. Marybeth Clancy

Ms. Patricia Clancy

Mrs. Jeanine M. Clark

Mr. Patrick Clark

Mr. Bryan Cleal

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Clifford

Mr. Patrick Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cohen

Ms. Marilyn S. Colby

Mr. Mike Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Comerford

Ms. Terri L. Comerford

Mrs. Janet M. Condon

Ms. Sheila Connaughton

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Connelly

Mr. Andrew Connor

Mrs. Margo Conway

Mr. Hugh Cook

Mrs. Aileen Cornbleet

Ms. Marian C. Cornyn

Ms. Arlene E. Cosentino

Mr. Irwin L. Coskey

Rep. Elizabeth A. Coulson and

Mr. William Coulson

Mr. Robert Coverick

Ms. Denise Cowan

Ms. Erin Cowan

Mr. N. Paul Coyle

Ms. Tara Cozzie

Ms. Carolyn Crabbe

Ms. Mary Craig

Mr. Benjamin Crane

Mr. John Crinion

Mr. Ed Croco

Ms. Elizabeth Cuda

Mrs. Mary K. Cullen

Mr. R. S. Cummings

Mr. Robert Cunningham

Mrs. Marjorie A. Curran

Ms. Therese Cutler

Ms. Karla Cutting

Mr. Charles Cuttone

Ms. Joyce Cwik

Ms. Emma L. Dabney

Mrs. Janet L. Dabrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dabrowski

Mr. James D. Dace

Ms. Susannah M. Dailey

Ms. Kathy Dalloz

Ms. Margery S. Damm

Ms. Loretta Damon

Ms. Elizabeth J. Danaher

Ms. Valerie Danek

Mr. Anthony Danielak

Ms. Denise Danihel

Ms. Kathleen A. Darling

Mr. and Mrs. William J.

Davidson, Jr.

Mr. James F. Davis II

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis

Mr. Marc Davis

Ms. Sara A. Davis

Ms. Janice M. De Boer

Mr. and Mrs. David J. De Marco

Ms. Linda G. Dean

Ms. Jeanne Debruyn

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dederick

Mr. Thomas Dee

Mr. Tim Deegan

Mr. Robert D. Deisinger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Del Carlo

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Delaney

Mr. Ray Demaertelaere

Ms. Patricia A. Demsko

Ms. Helen Denlinger

Mr. John Denning

Ms. Annie Derethik

Ms. Mary J. Derex

Ms. Susan M. Desanto

Mr. Nicholas DeSousa

Ms. Mary A. Deutsch

Ms. Mary Dias

Ms. Maureen Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dimoulis

Mr. Don Dixon

Mr. Kevin Doherty

Mr. Don Domico

Ms. Gail Donahue

Mr. Ken Donarski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Doppelt

Ms. Mary Doran

Ms. Sharon Dovick

Ms. Debra Dowling

Ms. Ann Doyle

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Dreebin

Mrs. Karen Driessen

Mr. Dave Druhan

Mr. Jerry Druhan

Mr. Clay Drury

Mr. Matt D’Souza

Mr. Terence Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dugan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. Dulle

Mr. J.P. Dunleavy

Mr. Stephen Dunleavy

Ms. Mildred L. Durr

Dr. and Mrs. P. H. Durudogan

Dr. and Mrs. Yilmaz Durudogan

Mr. Mark Duski

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Dvorak

Mr. David M. Dykstra

Mr. Bernie Dyme

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dywer

Ms. Irene Dziekan

Mrs. Barbara Dziewinski

Mr. Richard Earnisse

Ms. Betty Eaton

Ms. Loretta K. Edlund

Mr. Brett A. Efimov

Mr. Chad Eisenberg

Ms. Rocca Elliott

Mr. Jannson Engleman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T.


Mrs. Susan S. Epich

Mrs. Lucia Erkert

Mr. Ruben Escodedo

Mr. Mark A. Esquivel

Ms. Debra Eubanks

Mr. Harold T. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Evans

Mrs. Patricia Evans

Mrs. Betty Fabry

Ms. Mary Jo S. Fairbanks

Mrs. Kristen B. Falese

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Falloon

Ms. Wendy Farmer

Mr. Perry M. Favia

Mr. Steve Fedor

Ms. Linda Ferguson

Mr. John M. Ferrara

Ms. Francis A. Ferrone

Mr. Charles F. Fey

Ms. Katherine Fink

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischer

Mr. Ed Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. James Fischer

Mr. Jeff Fischer

Mr. Raymond Fish

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fisher

Ms. Rochelle Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgerald

Mr. Kevin B. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Jean M. Fitzgibbon

Mr. Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick

Ms. Darlene Flamm

Mr. Thomas Flavin

Mr. Jill Flodstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Flynn

Mr. John T. Folan

Mrs. Ruth J. Follett

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ford

Mrs. Roberta K. Forde

Mrs. Patricia A. Formentini

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Forster

Ms. Judith Foster

Ms. Carolyn Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Frangella

Mr. Charles R. Franklin

Ms. Miriam Franklin

Mr. Don Franko

Ms. Beverly A. Frankovich

Ms. Janet Franks

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Franz

Mr. Alan Freeman

Ms. Barbara Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Frentzel

Mr. Ralph Freye

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Fried

Mr. Stuart Friedman

Mr. Larry Frutkin

Mrs. Suzanne T. Fumi

Ms. Linda Furlan

Mrs. Marilyn J. Gabrysiak

Ms. Stephanie M. Gabrysiak

Dr. Deborah Gaebler-Spira

Dr. Dennis Gaeta

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Gage

Mr. and Mrs. David Gaichas

Ms. Irene Gainer

Mr. Martin Gainer

Mr. Terrance Gainer

Mr. Timothy Gainer

Mr. Edward Gallagher

Ms. Helen Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gallagher

Ms. Carol A. Galligan

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Galvin

Ms. Margaret M. Gannon

Ms. Dorie Ganzel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gardner

Ms. Mary Garofalo

Mr. John Garrison and

Dr. Marylynn Garrison

Ms. Marie Garrity

Ms. Linda Garske

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Garvey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaskey

Ms. Denise C. Geary

Ms. Mary L. Gebka

Mr. Martin Gembis

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gemini

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Genender

Ms. Julie Gerard

Mr. Bruny Gerena

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gerwing

Mr. Pete Giannakas

Ms. Theresa A. Giblin

Mrs. Margaret A. Giermak

Ms. Annette Gill

Ms. Michelle G. Gillette

Mrs. Lucy Gimble

Mr. and Mrs. David Giordano

Mr. Howard Girovich and

Ms. Carol Fox

Ms. Elizabeth Glascock

Mr. Ronald Goc

Ms. Mary Godlewski

Ms. Andrea Goff

Mr. and Mrs. James Golding

Ms. Karen Goldsmith

Ms. Maureen Golubiak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gonzales

Mr. Kenny Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gore

Ms. Suzan M. Gorham

Ms. Nancy Gorman

Dr. Kathleen Gorman-Kyler

Ms. Caroline Graves

Ms. Shelly Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Grayer

Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Green

Ms. Grace R. Greenberg

Ms. Diana J. Greimann

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Griffin

Mr. Nelson Griffiths

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Grill

Mr. Jeff Grossman

Mr. Thomas E. Grubisich

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Gruca

Ms. Donna Grummich

Mr. Norman D. Grunewald

Mr. and Mrs. Faustino Guerrero

Ms. Mary Guido

Ms. Susan Guldan

Mr. Steve Guranovich

Mr. Dale Gustafson

Ms. Gail Gutierrez

Ms. Eileen J. Haeck

Mr. Christian Hage

Mr. John P. Haggerty

Mrs. Joyce C. Hahn

Ms. Patricia Hair

Mr. Jamie Hall

Ms. Mineola Hall

Ms. Suzanne R. Hall

Ms. Mary Hallam

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hallberg

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Hallgren

Mr. David Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. John W.


Mr. Jimmie Hamp

Ms. Betsy Hanisch

Ms. Laura Hanrahan

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Hansen

Ms. Patricia Hanzie

Mr. Antonn N. Harden

Mr. Don Harkins

Mrs. Nancy A. Harmening

Ms. Bunny Harmon

Mrs. Ann Harris

Ms. Brandi L. Harris

Mr. Chris Harris

Mr. George Harris

Ms. Barbara D. Hartnett

Mrs. Annette Hatter

Ms. Lisa Haverty

Mr. Phillip Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. George Healey

Ms. Elizabeth Hedrick

Mr. Cornelis Heemskerk

Ms. Nancy Heitner

Mr. Eric Helfand

Dr. Cynthia J. Henderson and

Mr. Prentiss Jackson

Ms. Lorraine G. Hendrickson

Ms. Susan Hennessy

Ms. Alyson Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Herbert

Ms. Teresita H. Hernandez

Mr. Bud Hervman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hessling

Ms. Barb Hesterberg

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hickey

Ms. Helen M. Hickey-Wanshek

Ms. Margaret Hillyard

Mrs. Maureen Hinds

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hoelzel

Mr. Joshua Hoen

Ms. Frances Hofbauer

Mr. Ron Hoffman

Mr. Dave Hohulin

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hoke

Ms. Susan Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Holmes

Ms. Paula Holtzman

Mr. Thomas Holz

Ms. Mona L. Hook

Mr. and Mrs. John Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Norman V. Horler

Mr. David Hough

Ms. Gerri Howard

Mr. Bill Hubbard

Ms. Barbara Huber

Mr. and Mrs. George Huffman

Mr. Andy Hulett

Mr. Joshua Hyman

Ms. Teresa M. Hypke

Dr. David Iaccino

Mr. Mark A. Ingraham

Ms. Susan Ireland

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ivers

Mrs. Kimberly Jachowicz

Ms. Beth Jaeger

Ms. Janet Jaekel

Mr. and Mrs. James Jager

Ms. Rachel Jarvela

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Jensen

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Mr. Roger Jensen

Mrs. Jean S. Jerabek

Mr. Jason Jesudoss

Ms. Bess Joffe

Ms. Debra A. Johannes-Haskins

Ms. Carol Johns

Ms. Alice M. Johnson

Ms. Angela Johnson

Ms. Arlene M. Johnson

Ms. Carla L. Johnson

Ms. Cathy L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Johnson

Ms. Lynn M. Johnson

Ms. Margaret Johnson

Ms. Mary C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Johnson

Ms. Kathleen Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jones

Ms. Terese Jones

Ms. Anita Jonker

Ms. Pam Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Jorgensen

Ms. Roberta Jorik

Mrs. Roberta S. Jorsch

Ms. Joyce D. Josepher

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Jozefiak

Ms. Susan Jozefiak

Mr. and Mrs. John Jula

Mr. Lee Junkins

Mr. Andy Jurczyk

Ms. Kathryn Kaapke

Ms. Patricia A. Kaczor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kainrath

Ms. Bellene Kaish

Mr. Mike Kalas

Mr. Albert A. Kaleta

Ms. Julie Kaminski

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Kamp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kamradt

Ms. Lisa Kane

Mr. Seth Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Kanter

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kaplan

Mrs. Joseph Kaptur

Ms. Katherine Karoubas

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Kase

Mrs. Laura R. Kaskie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katz

Mr. Edward Kaucky

Mr. and Mrs. Algis Kaunas

Mrs. Geraldine M. Keane

Ms. Clare R. Keating

Ms. Mary R. Keeling

Ms. Valerie Kehoe

W. Kelleher

Ms. JoRene Kelley

Ms. Janis Kelsey

Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard Kelter

Mr. Clifford B. Kennedy

Ms. Diana Kennedy

Mr. Edward R. Kent

Mr. Christopher Kentra

Mr. Edward Kentra

Ms. Mary Pat Kerrigan

Mr. Joe Keslin

Mr. Dwight Keyzer

Mr. Tarig Khan

Mr. Steve Kidwell

Mrs. Therese Kies

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kimel

Mr. John F. Kincinas

Ms. Linda J. King

Mr. Pat King

Mr. Patrick King

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kinney

Mr. Scott Kitei

Ms. Karyn Kitley

Mr. Doug Klang

Mr. Jim Klenk

Ms. Andrea Klimczak

Ms. Linda M. Kling

Ms. Lavergne Klisiak

Mrs. Carol E. Klockowski

Ms. Judith Koch

Ms. Kathleen M. Koch

Mr. Gerry Koci

Ms. Elizabeth Kociolek

Ms. Patricia Kociolek

Ms. Evelyn L. Koczur

Mrs. Janet L. Koenig Nelson

Mrs. Virginia Koepel

Ms. Helen Kolakowski

Ms. Virginia Kolbuck

Ms. Ann Koleczek

Mr. and Mrs. Antony J. Kontos

Mr. Edward Koruba

Ms. Nancy Kosek

Ms. Gina Koshiol

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosmos

Ms. Irene Koszylko

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kotula

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kovacevich

Ms. Karen Kozarewicz

Mrs. Sandra Krahn

Ms. Sharon E. Kristof

Mr. Bill Krug

Mr. David W. Kubiak

Mrs. Arlene E. Kuiken

Ms. Laura A. Kujawa

Mr. Richard A. Kukac

Mrs. Lydia M. Kulovitz

Ms. Karen Kunz

Ms. Christine Kupfer

Ms. Susan P. Kuranishi

Ms. Karen L. Kurek

Mr. Jerome Kurtenbach

Ms. Anna M. Labiak

Ms. Carla A. Labriola

Mr. Craig Labus

Mrs. Allomelia Lajeune

Ms. Lorraine C. Lally

Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Lally

Ms. Marina Lambropoulos

Mrs. Breta L. Landy

Ms. Carolyn Lane

Ms. Melanie Lane

Mr. Bob Lang

Ms. Kathy Lang

Ms. Marie Langdon

Mr. and Mrs. Al Langenbahn

Ms. Barbara Langley

Ms. Theresa Lanham

Mr. Tim Lankford

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LaPorte

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Larson

Ms. Patricia M. Larson

Mr. John Lasage

Mr. Anthony Laterza

Ms. Antoinette Latora

Mrs. Janet A. Laux

Ms. Sarah Lavin

Mr. Matt Lawler

Mr. Peter Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lawrisuk

Ms. Luanne Lea

Mr. Michael E. Leahy

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie LeBrun

Ms. Mary Jo Leddin

Mrs. Audrie Leen

Ms. Karen Legreid

Ms. Susan B. Lehner

Ms. Kathy Lehnerer

Ms. Diane Leib

Ms. Pamela Leiter

Mr. Ken Lejkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Ted F. Lekan

Mr. Mike Lenhart

Mrs. Susan Lennon

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Leon

Ms. Melinda Leonard

Mr. Randall R. Lestarczyk

Ms. Vicki Leuck

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Levickas

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Levine

Ms. Kathleen Lewanski

Ms. Sandra M. Leyva

Ms. Christine Liberatore

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Liberatore

Ms. Joan M. Lieb

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lill

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lilly

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lindstrom

Mrs. Karen Lingle

Mr. and Mrs. James Lipinski

Mr. Douglas Lipke

Mr. Jim Litke

Mr. John Litke

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Litman

Mrs. Alma Little

Ms. Janine Lockman

Mr. Tom Logsdon

Mr. William Logsdon

Ms. Nancy Lombaer

Mr. Thomas J. Lonergan

Ms. Marlene T. Long

Ms. Julie A. Longo

Mr. Keith Lord

Ms. Myra Loris

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Lucheon

Mr. Michael Ludikin

Ms. Carol S. Lueth

Ms. Nancy Lukasik

Ms. Mary Lunn

Mr. James S. Lyke

Ms. Sandra Mabus

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mack

Mr. Nancy J. MacMullen

Mr. Larry Maday

Ms. Christine C. Madsen

Ms. Barbara Magaha

Ms. Denise Maggio (Dec’d)

Ms. Barbara Magliola

Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Maher

Mr. Sean Maher

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Maita

Mr. Pradyuman N. Majethia

Ms. Patricia Majka

Ms. Karen Major

Mr. Dean Malito

Ms. Margie Malloy

Ms. Mary A. Malloy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Malloy

Mrs. Linda Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Mancini

Mr. Tom Mandler

Ms. Kathleen M. Mannion

Mr. John Mantsch

Mrs. Martha D. Marin

Ms. Ruth L. Marinello

Mr. Mario Marr

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Marrs

Ms. Loretta G. Martin

Mr. Dave Martino

Ms. Helen L. Maruszak

Ms. Judy M. Maruszak

Ms. Lorene Mason

Ms. Kimberly A. Massell

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mate

Mrs. Martha Matrisciano

Mr. and Mrs. William Matson

Mrs. Erlyne E. Matusewicz

Mr. Walter O. Maul, Jr.

Ms. Rosemary Maus

Ms. Mary Mayer

Ms. Veronika H. McAdam

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. McAlpine

Mr. Sean McAuliffe

Ms. Katie McBride

Mrs. Frances M. McCabe

Mr. and Mrs. Jason McCabe

Ms. Janice R. McCafferty

Mrs. Daniel J. McConville

Mr. Edward T. McCormick

Mr. Glen McCoy

Mr. John McCroskey

Ms. Margaret McDonnell

Mr. Matt McElligott

Mr. and Mrs. James D. McEnroe

Mr. Charles McErlean

Mrs. Terese McFarland

Ms. Margaret M. McGarel

Mrs. Bridget T. McGill

Ms. Mary McGrath

Mr. Jeffrey McIntosh

Mr. Patrick McKenzie

Ms. Dianne McLaughlin

Mrs. Leah J. McMaken

Ms. Barb McSweeney

Ms. Mary Meeks

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Meier

Ms. Michelle Meiner

Ms. Carol Meller

Mr. Donald Meloy

Ms. Lisa Mendelsohn

Ms. Cynthia C. Menker

Mr. Gregory Menn

Ms. Cheryl Mensik

Ms. Paulette Mervine

Mr. Dave Meyer

Ms. Joanne Meyer

Mr. Mickie Meyer

Ms. Anna Mae Michaels

Mr. Matt Michaels

Ms. Kathleen Michals

Dr. Charlene M. Michel

Ms. Maureen Michels

Mr. Jeff Mikols

Mr. Andrew Miller

Ms. Arlene Miller

Ms. Heather Miller

Mr. Jeffrey Miller

Ms. Marissa Miller

Mrs. Patricia L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller, Jr.

Ms. Robin A. Miller

Ms. Susan K. Mish

Mr. Jason Mitan

Ms. Gail Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Moe

Ms. Vanessa Moesta

Mr. Mark Mogensen

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Molfese

Mrs. Leona R. Molotsky

Ms. Patricia A. Monson

Ms. Mary Jo Montana

Ms. Julia W. Montgomery

Mrs. Patricia Moody

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore

Mr. Kirk Morabito

Ms. Mary Ann Morales

Ms. Therese Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris

Mrs. Maureen Mrugala

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Muckian

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Muir

Mr. James Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. James Mulvaney

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mulvihill

Ms. Audrey Munnich

Ms. Lois Murphy

Mr. Thomas L. Murphy

Mr. Bangalore Murthy

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Naso

Mr. Lionel Nathan

Ms. Nancy L. Nauheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Curt C. Nerenberg

Mr. Richard R. Neufeld

Mr. Greg Neumarke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Nevin

Mrs. June C. Ninnemann

Mr. Justin Nolan

Ms. Mary Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Nolan

Mr. Michael Norkus

Ms. Lorraine A. Norwood

Ms. Phyllis Novak

Mr. and Mrs. James Oberg

Mr. Nick Oberman

Ms. Dolores O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. John R. O’Brien

Ms. Karen O’Brien

Mrs. Patricia D. O’Connor

Ms. Patricia M. O’Connor

Ms. Susan J. O’Donnell Quinn

Mr. Francis O’Donnell, Jr.

Ms. Loretta M. O’Donnell

Ms. Erin O’Donovan

Mr. Tom O’Gara

Ms. Karen O’Gean

Mr. Richard O’Heir

Mrs. Marilyn O’Keefe

Ms. Patricia L. Oleck

Ms. Carol Olive

Mrs. Joyce M. Olson

Ms. Marilyn E. Olson

Ms. Sheila A. Olson

Mr. John Omahen

Ms. Mary T. O’Malley

Ms. Mary ONeil

Ms. Susan Oostman

Ms. Linda O’Reilly

Mrs. Diane L. Orlowski

Mrs. Joanne M. Ortman

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Osborne

Ms. Sandra O’Shaughnesy

Mr. Michael Ostrowski

Mrs. Theresa F. O’Toole

Ms. Josette Otten

Ms. Laura Owens

Mrs. Sally Ozinga

Ms. Patricia A. Page

Mrs. Susan R. Pagliaro

Ms. Mary Palecek

Ms. Doris Paliga

Ms. Katie Palmer

Ms. Theresa Paluch

Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Panozzo

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Panozzo

Mrs. Margaret Panozzo

Mrs. and Mrs. Ronald D. Panozzo

Mr. Angelo Parente

Mr. Charles H. Park

Ms. Ethel Parker

Mrs. Susan M. Pasquarella

Mrs. Vicki M. Pate

Mr. Devon Patterson

Ms. Dolores Pavone

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Payonk

Mr. Ruben Paz

Ms. Ursula Pazdan

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Pedersen

Ms. Diane Pehr

Ms. Catherine M. Pekoz

Mr. Daniel Pender

Ms. Shirley M. Perkowitz

Ms. Lucretia Perrone

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Persino

Ms. Marjorie Pesaresi

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peters

Mr. Edward Peters

Mr. and Mrs. William Peters

Mr. Cleo B. Petersen

Ms. Donna Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Peterson

Mr. Raymond Petter

Ms. Cecile Pettle

Mr. Jerry Peven

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Pfeifer

Mr. K. K. Phillips

Mr. John Picken

Ms. Odessa Pickett

Mr. Christopher Picone

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Picone

Ms. Dorothy V. Piekos

Ms. Grace W. Pierce

Mrs. Marie A. Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pierce

Ms. Terri Pignatiello

Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Piket

Mr. Michael Pildes

Dr. Burton G. Pinchuk

Mr. Krsto Pivas

Ms. Sue Plascencia

Ms. Lynda Plugge

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Poggi

Dr. Betty H. Pointer

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Poll

Ms. Helen Porter

Ms. Linda Postregna

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Potempa

Mr. William Potts

Ms. Rita T. Pratl

Ms. Victoria Pray

Mr. Michael Presbitero

Mr. and Mrs. John Prince

Ms. Shirley A. Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Procunier

Mrs. Denise Prohaska

Mr. and Mrs. Garry Prouty

Ms. Nadine Przychodni

Mr. Emmett Purcell

Mr. and Mrs. John Putz

Mr. Duane Quaini

Ms. Rita M. Queeney

Mrs. Susan Quinn-Suchor

Mr. Joe Quirke

Mr. Bob Raffin

Ms. Karen Rago

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Raines

Mr. John Ramsey

Ms. Margaret Randolph

Mr. Steve Ransone

Ms. Laurie E. Rapinchuk

Ms. Bridget S. Raya

Mr. Shaun Rbielson

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Rediger

Ms. Marlene J. Reding

Ms. Lillian Reed

Ms. Sandra Reiner

Ms. Barbara Relerford

Mr. Donald W. Reusche

Mr. Nate Rexroth

Ms. Rosemary Riccordino

Ms. Janet A. Rice

Mr. Michael G. Richards

Mr. Jerald Richman

Ms. Barbara A. Rickert

Mr. Fred Riebel

Mr. James R. Riedel

Mrs. Gail E. Riester

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Riordan

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Riskedal

Ms. Charlotte A. Roberts

Mr. David Roberts

Ms. Lucy Rodriquez

Mr. Roger Roethle

Ms. Barbara A. Rogers

Mr. Mark Rogers

Ms. Sylvia Roldan

Ms. Joan M. Romaniak

Mr. John Romans

Mr. Edward Rook

Mr. William Rosen

Mr. Todd Rosko

Mr. Robert Rospierski

Mr. and Mrs. John Ross

Ms. Thelma Ross

Ms. Peggy Rovy

Ms. Margaret Rowley

Mrs. Carolyn P. Roy

Ms. Kristin Rozmus

Mr. and Mrs. William Rubenstein

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ruklic

Mr. Brent Rupiper

Mr. Richard Ruszkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Rutter

Mrs. Karen L. Rybak

Mrs. Rose A. Sabbia

Mrs. Patricia A. Sager

Mr. and Mrs. Annivar Salgado

Ms. Julie Sallas

Ms. Darlene J. Saller

Ms. Katie Salo

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Salpietro

Mr. Phil Salvador

Mr. Tyler Sandberg

Ms. Brenda Sanders

Ms. Joyce Santefort

Ms. Diane Santell-Cote

Mr. Gene Savaria

Mr. John Savino

Ms. Lida Sawszak

Ms. Diane Saxon-Carter

Mr. and Mrs. James Scanlan

Mr. Gene Scaramella

Mr. Robert Scarola

Mr. David Schadler

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Schalke

Mr. Michael Schaller

Mr. Tim Schaller

Mr. Joe Schamberger

Mr. Charles Schank

Mr. Alfred Schectman

Mrs. Amelia Schettler

Ms. Catherine Schmeski

Mrs. Susan T. Schmid

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schmidt, Jr.

Mr. Edward P. Schmitt

Ms. Loretta Schmitt

Ms. Katherine J. Schneegas

Mrs. Pamela A. Schobert

Ms. Bonnie Schoenherr

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scholefield

Ms. Cynthia Schouten

Mr. Karl Schramm

Ms. Liz Schreiber

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schroeder

Mr. Jeffrey Schulman

Ms. Joyce L. Schultz

Mrs. Dian Schulz

Mr. Daniel J. Schuman

Mrs. Sharon L. Schussler

Ms. Frances Schwartz

Ms. Marnie Schwartz

Mr. Patrick A. Schwarz

Ms. Katherine Schweitzer

Ms. Jessica Scott

Mrs. Daune M. Sebastian

Mr. Sunil Sekhri

Mr. Michael Semenzin

Ms. Sharon L. Sendzimer

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Sevik

Mrs. Elaine Shanahan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Shanto

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Shapiro

Ms. Adelle Shaps

Ms. Susan Sheahan

Ms. Barbara J. Sheehan

Ms. Mary B. Sheehan

Ms. Joan Shepherd

Ms. Susan Shields

Ms. Lela S. Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shumate

Mrs. Rose L. Shure

Mr. Gregory Shurilla

Mrs. Gerri H. Shute

Mr. Sidney Sideman

Mr. D.A. Sigler

Mr. and Mrs. Myron R. Silverman

Ms. Ellen C. Simon

Mr. Michael R. Simpson

Mr. Gerald Sims

Ms. Lynn E. Sinal

Ms. Kathleen Skahill

Mrs. Karen F. Skiba

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Skoniecke

Ms. Rosemarie Skopec

Ms. Zoe Skopec

Mr. and Mrs. Emil A. Skorup, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Slize

Ms. Marie Slowik

Ms. Beverly J. Smith

Ms. Janet Smith

Ms. Marie Smith

Dr. Mehlin B. Smith

Ms. Patricia Smith

Mr. Jerome B. Smoler

Ms. Jane Sneiderman Stokar

Mrs. Martha Sokol

Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Soprych

Mr. and Mrs. Guadalupe Soto

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Sparkowski

Ms. Theresa Specht

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spelman

Mr. and Mrs. Roland I. Spencer

Mrs. Cindy M. Spicka

Ms. Peggy Staehlin

Ms. Kathleen Stahulak

Ms. Teresa J. Stahulak

Mr. Rich Standish

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Stapleton

Ms. Mary Ellen Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Staudacher

Ms. Shirley Stavinga

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stavropoulos

Mrs. Sharon M. Stec

Ms. Tricia C. Steele

Ms. Mary Stefanatos

Ms. Elizabeth A. Stern

Ms. Linda Steward

Ms. Kathleen Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. William Stockus

Mr. Robert Stoffle

Mr. Errol Stone

Ms. Mattie M. Stover

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strand

Ms. Ann Strangeman

Mr. Jason Streepy

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Strickel

Mrs. Megan J. Strohacker

Ms. Margi Strombeck

Mr. Lenny Strong

Mr. Chester Stroyny

Ms. Patricia Strzembosz

Ms. Mary Sublewski

Ms. Joanne Suczynski

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Sudd

Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan

Mrs. Nancy E. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Sullivan

Mr. Christopher Sultz

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Summerlin

Mr. Kadir Sunardio

Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Sunke

Mrs. Susan L. Suria

Mr. Allan C. Sutherland

Ms. Christina D. Swartzfager

Mr. Jason Sweatt

Ms. Diane Sweigert

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Swider

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Swieringa

Ms. Sheila Swillum

Ms. Lanese Swopes

Mr. Kevin J. Szelagowski

Ms. Maxine Szwajkowski

Mrs. Marianne Taepke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taft

Ms. Marilyn Tamburrino

Ms. Audrey Tancos

Mr. Sam Tarre

Ms. Lucille Thoma

Mr. T. F. Thomas

Mr. Arthur Thompson

Ms. Jill Thornton

Mrs. Carol J. Tietz

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Tighe

Mr. Christopher Tillotson

Ms. Karen Tilton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tilton

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tinaglia

Ms. Dan Tokarz

Mr. Robert Tomaska

Ms. Marianne Tomim

Mr. Glenn Tomko

Mrs. Debra A. Torpy

Mr. Brian Townsend

Mr. Robert Tracy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trainor

Ms. Debra J. Trapp

Mr. Jay Traverso

Ms. Matina Travis

Ms. Angel Trichak

Mr. Michael A. Triggs

Ms. Lucy Trimarco

Mr. and Mrs. James Troy

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Trtanj

Mrs. Vasiliki Tsonis

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tusman

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tzakis

Ms. Laura Urbanski

Ms. Victoria A. Ursitti

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vacca

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Vahl

Ms. Cynthia K. Valenciano

Mr. Joseph Valente and

Ms. Margaret Quinn

Ms. Barbara Van Assche

Ms. Adeline Van Beek

Ms. Louise Van Der Vort

Ms. Marie Van Huis

Mr. Joe Vanhoon

Mr. and Mrs. James Vanryn

Ms. Jean D. Varner

Ms. Yolanda Velazquez

Ms. Cindy Villardito

Ms. Christine Villiger

Ms. Debra Vishny

Mr. Rob Vitton

Mr. Richard R. Vivolo

Ms. Rita Vlahos

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Vrba, Jr.

Mrs. Edna P. Vysinka

Ms. Bernadette Wachel

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Wachholz

Mr. Walter Walas

Ms. Dorothy Walenta

Ms. Elizabeth Walker

Mr. William G. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Walston

Ms. Pearlie Ward

Mrs. Eileen Warmac

Mrs. Lynda L. Warner

Ms. Merle D. Warshausky

Mr. Norman Wasz

Ms. Elaine Watson

Ms. Rita L. Watson

Ms. Susan N. Watts

Mr. Chad Waynee

Mr. Andy Webb

Ms. Sherry Webb

Mrs. Bernadette Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. James Weger

Ms. Mary Jo Weiland

Ms. Catherine M. Weiler

Ms. Angela M. Welch

Ms. Linda Welch

Mr. Ray Welcome

Mr. Robert Wennberg

Ms. Laverne H. Wenzelman

Ms. Sharon Werner

Mr. Terence Werner

Mr. Eric Westberg

Ms. Christine White

Ms. Pauline White

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. White

Mr. Chris Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Whittingham

Mr. M. Craig Widby

Ms. Diane Wilczak

Ms. Patricia A. Wilfinger

Mr. Pat Williams

Ms. Anna E. Wilma

Mrs. Betty S. Wilsak

Ms. Bethany Wilson

Ms. Nicole Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Brad P. Wind

Ms. Christine L. Winship

Ms. Catherine Wirtz

Ms. Carol Wisniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wisniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Witkus

Ms. Loretta Wittenberg

Ms. Debbie Wloch

Mr. Joseph Wloch

Ms. Shirley A. Wodynski

Mr. Matthew Wolfson

Ms. Heather Wood

Ms. Colleen Woulfe

Ms. Pamela Woycheese

Ms. Ann Wright

Ms. Gail Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Wsol

Mr. Tom Wyness

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

Ms. Susan Yost

Ms. Brooke Young

Mr. Evan Young

Mrs. Georgia M. Young

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Young

Mr. Raymond F. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zaban

Ms. Leona Zalewski

Mr. and Mrs. John Zappavigna

Ms. Pat Zawierski

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Zemke

Ms. Joan Zielinski

Ms. Laura Zimmer

Dr. and Mrs. Irving H. Zitman

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Zivin

Mr. Joe Zuercher

Ms. and Mr. Linda Zugenbuehler

Ms. Bridgette Zydzik

In honor of

Christy Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Eunice Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Andrew Behrman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Behrman

Denise Bettenhausen

Ms. Diana Kennedy

Steven and Kathy Budd

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Budd

Gina Bufano

Mr. William G. Walker

Megan Burke

Ms. Patricia A. Kaczor

Allyson Cain

Ms. Kelly Cain

Peggy Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

John Dose

Mr. Walter O. Maul, Jr.

Scott Drossos

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Paul and Suzi Dulle

Mr. Jerry J. Burgdoerfer

Ms. Peggy Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

Harvey and Kathy Feingold

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Goldberg

Scott and Lynn Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Levine

Peggy Foran

Ms. Bess Joffe

Becky Fries

Ms. Gina Koshiol

Stuart Goldin’s 55th Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Myron R. Silverman

Greg Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Grill

Paul and Sandy Hankowitz

Ms. Shirley A. Prince

Sue Hazzard

Ms. Joyce D. Josepher

Donna Knoebel

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Deb Lahey

Mr. John J. Chandler

Amanda Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. John Prince

Joanne T. Mele

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Susan O’Donovan

Mrs. Catherine J. Avena

Ms. Peggy Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Julian C.


Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Courtney Paraday

Ms. Arlene Miller

Keith Petter

Mr. Raymond Petter

Billy Phifer

Ms. Madelyn Baker

Lorraine Phifer

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Bob Procunier’s 80th Birthday

Mr. Larry I. Anderson

Mrs. Frances Baker

Ms. Denise L. Bettenhausen

Ms. Marilyn Bill

Ms. Linda Booth

Ms. Debra Boros Erikson

Ms. Rosemary T. Bova-Wood

Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.


Ms. Peggy Childs

Ms. Angela Chobot

Ms. Patricia A. Demsko

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dimoulis

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dugan

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gardner

Mrs. Margaret A. Giermak

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ivers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kotula

Ms. Lorraine C. Lally

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Levickas

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Liberatore

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lill

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Litman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Malloy

Mr. Edward T. McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Molfese

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Nolan

Ms. Mary T. O’Malley

Mrs. Diane L. Orlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Poggi

Dr. Betty H. Pointer

Ms. Rita M. Queeney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Raines

Mr. and Mrs. John Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Schalke

Ms. Ellen C. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spelman

Ms. Patricia Steen

Mr. Robert Wennberg

Ms. Gail Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zaban

Ms. and Mr. Linda Zugenbuehler

Greg Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaskey

Jonathan Schuardt

Ms. Ann Strangeman

Amanda Tonsor

Ms. Jessica Scott

Sandra Wisniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wisniewski

Anita Zamora

Ms. Eileen J. Haeck

Mei Zhang

Ms. Peggy Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Ms. Peggy Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Richard Brown

Ted Burke

Helen E. Childs

Cheryl Deardorff

Dave Hohulin

Deb Jensen

Agnes Leming

Patrick Schwarz

Ms. Peggy Childs

In memory of

Bernie Allen, Jr.

Ms. Betty J. Allen

Helen Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Isabelle Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dominick Borowczyk

Ms. Myra Loris

Bonnie Callaghan

Ms. Theresa A. Giblin

Mary Constance Dulle

Ms. Emily L. Barr and

Mr. Scott Kane

Mr. Kevin R. Burke

Ms. Peggy Childs

Mrs. Diane B. Chin

Rep. Elizabeth A. Coulson and

Mr. William Coulson

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. Greg Grill

Ms. Susan Ireland

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liszeo

Ms. Denise Maggio

Dr. and Mrs. David J. McElligott

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Ms. Laura Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Partynski

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shumate

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tennant

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Utigard

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

Vince and Victoria Iaccino

Dr. David Iaccino

J.J. Jones

Merle and Pat Mertz

Christopher S. Lake

City of Rolling Meadows, Finance


Mr. Edward Gallagher

Barry Levine

Ms. Peggy Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Craig MacInTosh

Ms. Nancy J. Walsh

Denise Maggio

Mrs. Catherine J. Avena

Ms. Emily Barr

Mr. Jason Bosket

Mr. Kenneth Burr

Ms. Jamie Childs

Ms. Peggy Childs

Mrs. Diane B. Chin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cici

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dywer

Ms. Debra Eubanks

Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio Finaldi

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Mrs. Lucy Gimble

Ms. Elizabeth Glascock

Mr. Greg Grill

Mr. Norman D. Grunewald

Mr. Dave Hohulin

Ms. Deborah Jensen

Mr. John Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liszeo

Ms. Heather Miller

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Ms. Victoria Pray

Mr. and Mrs. Annivar Salgado

Mrs. Amelia Schettler

Mr. Patrick A. Schwarz

Ms. Matina Travis

Ms. Nancy J. Walsh

Ms. Angela M. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Hao C. H. Zhang

Mildred Martin

Ms. Lynne B. Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Riskedal

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tusman

Steve Smith McField

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Michelle Sally Miedema

Ms. Judith Bauer

Roger Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Nelson

Mary Piekos

Ms. Dorothy V. Piekos

Calvin Ridgell

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Deardorff

Estelle Roupas

Mr. and Mrs. Antony J. Kontos

Ida Sarti and Nicky Sarti

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Canzoneri

Mike Shapiro

Mr. Philip Garoon and Family

Ms. Peggy A. Childs

David and Kiersten Summerlin

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Summerlin

Henry Svoboda

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T.


Michael Ernest Toppin

Ms. Peggy Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

John Trutter

Mr. and Mrs. Curt C. Nerenberg

George Wedemeier

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Michael Williams

Mr. Lawrence Baron

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gemini

Ms. Patricia Hanzie

June Young

Ms. Peggy Childs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Phyllis Baxter

Harriet Brokenshire

Ed Fiala

Robert Kainrath

Ron Kratzert

Steve Smith McField

David Pietrowicz

Calvin Ridgell

Bette Rogers

David Shute

Baby Skalitzky

Ms. Peggy Childs

Fiscal Year 2009 Honor Roll of Donors

The boards

Gift-in-kind Donors of

$250 or more

Advanced Life Sciences

Alan B. Shepard Middle School

Ambrosia Catering

American Airlines

Mrs. Catherine J. Avena

Baird’s Decorating Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Behrman

Bentley Carpets

Berkshire Mae Marketing

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Brownstone Tavern and Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Burke

Carol Fox & Associates

Casey Moran’s

Ms. Irene M. Catanese

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Classic Portrait Source

Colin Lyons Photography

Ms. Loretta Coniglio

Mr. Matthew Deegan

DickinsonGroup, LLC

DLA Piper

Downtown Cleaners, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Drew

Mr. John Druhan

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dulle

Dr. and Mrs. Harun Durudogan

Edelman Leather

Mrs. Janice Fields and

Mr. Doug Wilkins

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

and Wine Bar

Frank’s Bar Lincoln Park

The French Pastry School

Mrs. Corrine R. Gasner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilson

Give Me Some Sugar

Grey Goose Vodka

Harry O. Channon, Jr.

The HAVI Global Group Solutions LP

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Heilmann

Hester Painting and Decorating

Howl at the Moon

Hurrikane Solutions

Illinois Sports Facility Authority

Mr. Richard Kasvin


Kingston Mines

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Z. Koryczan

La Madia

Mr. and Mrs. John Lahey

Lake Forest Sportscars

Language Stars

Mr. Roger Lapinski


Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc.

Loyola University

Mr. Pradyuman N. Majethia

Maria Pinto

McDonald’s Corporation

Mendocino Wine Company

Metropolitan Limousine, Inc.



Nacional 27

Nicolas Joseph

Ms. Susan M. O’Donovan

Ms. Sandra O’Heir

Orland Park Recreation

The Palace

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pepper

Pepper Construction Group, LLC

Ms. Roxane Renaud-Lozich

Mr. Scott Rhoades

Ms. Ellen R. Rose


Salon 0 Sixty-Five

Reyes Sanchez

Scrap-Scrap-Scrap the studio

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith

SN Personal Training

Stuart-Rodgers Photographers, Ltd.

The Studio, Inc.

Sun-Rich International

Teddie Kossof


ToyLend Board

Mr. Ken Hauff and

Mrs. Cricket Trutter Hauff

Mr. John Vitello

Whitehall Rehab & Skilled Care

Board of Directors

David Pepper

Chairman of the Board

Steve Napolitano

Chairman Emeritus

Emily L. Barr


Paul Dulle


Operations Committee

Michael Thompson


Operations Committee

Phil Utigard

Vice Chairman

James Garvey

Vice Chairman

Deb Lahey


Martin Heilmann


Life Directors

Pat Brickhouse

Keith Cooper

Phyllis A. Diamond

Evelyn Echols

Thomas E. Emmering, D.D.S.

Roger Hughes

James Lancaster

Betty Levinson

Herschel Seder

Howard L. Stone

Honorary Directors

Senator M. Maggie Crotty

Rep. Elizabeth Coulson


Paul Behrman

Bernetta Braun-Tennant

Jerry J. Burgdoerfer

Kevin R. Burke

Mona E. Dajani

Daniel D. Drew

Laura Durudogan

Janice L. Fields

John C. Fitzpatrick

Michael T. Flavin, Ph.D.

Steve Gilson

Alan Goldberg

Jordan Goodman

Tom Heimsoth

Lester Z. Koryczan

Karen Maloney

Matt Mulvihill

Denise Oberman

Joseph Perrino

Patrice A. Riebel

Shirley W. Ryan

T.J. Saye

James D. Upchurch

Kathleen B. Walgreen III

Thomas J. Wodniak, D.D.S.

UCP Leadership Team

Paul J. Dulle, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Peggy Childs

Executive Vice President

Mei Hong Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Brown

Senior Director of

Direct Services

Ted Burke

Senior Director of

Early Intervention Training

Susan O’Donovan

Senior Director of


ToyLend Board

Jordan Goodman


Stephanie Lukich Roldan

Vice President

Judith Susan Rocha


Andres Hernandez

Board Member-at-Large

Susan Cahill

Christopher Huertus

Susan Kuranishi

Christopher Lake

Ellen Rose

UCP Locations

United Cerebral Palsy

of Greater Chicago

547 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 225

Chicago, Illinois 60661

312-765-0419 fax 312-765-0503

Infinitec Southwest

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

7550 West 183rd Street

Tinley Park, Illinois 60477

708-444-8460 fax 708-429-3981

Infinitec West

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

826 South Addison Avenue

Villa Park, Illinois 60181

630-705-1321 fax 630-705-1323

Infinitec North

Arthur & Mary Rubloff Building

776 Red Oak Lane

Highland Park, Illinois 60035

John T. Trutter Center

3145 South 55th Avenue

Cicero, Illinois 60804

708-863-1186 fax 708-863-1189


UCP Services

Children and Families

Assistive Technology Exchange Network (ATEN)


Information and Resource Services

Respitality Program

Holiday Fund

Infinitec North Early Education Center


Adult Day Program

Home-based Services

Employment and Training

Mobility and Accessibility

Ramp Up

Durable Medical Exchange

Professional Development

Information, Training and Education Services

Early Intervention Training

Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalitions

Infinitec Media Production Services

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