Spring 1995 - Lock Haven University

Spring 1995 - Lock Haven University

Spring 1995 - Lock Haven University


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Perspective IS produced three times a year by the<br />

LJivi sion of <strong>University</strong> Advancement for alumni, parents<br />

and friends of <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> Un iversity<br />


Dr. Cra ig Dean Willis <br />

President <br />

Jerry L. Updegraff <br />

Vice President for UniverSity Advancement <br />

Luanne rvi. Lawn!flce <br />

Perspective Ed itur <br />

Director of Public RelJ tlons <br />

Patrick A. Donghla <br />

Director of Sports Information <br />

James C Reeser <br />

Director of Alumni! External Relations <br />

Lynn J Lytle <br />

Director of Development and the LHU Foundation <br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Patrick Don ghia <br />

Michell eHitl <br />

Tracy Hower <br />

Aaron Russell <br />

Design<br />

Bridgestreet Marketing<br />

Printing<br />

Reed Hann Litho<br />

Historical Photographs<br />

Compliments of the LHU Archives<br />

The <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> <br />

Alumni Executive Committee <br />

President<br />

Joseph D. Buckley, '80<br />

President Elect<br />

Thomas M. Ryan, '73<br />

Past President<br />

James M. Marzo, '63<br />

Treasurer<br />

Paul M. Wallson, '70<br />

Secretary<br />

Ruth E. Fleming, '55<br />

Elected Members<br />

Harol d M Adams, 55 <br />

Carmen Brown Bantill, '71 <br />

Thom as E. Ellin!l,66 <br />

J Patrick Gucn iero, '84 <br />

Ruth M. Holmes, '31 <br />

Ronald H. Jury, '72 <br />

Charles A. Leon ard, ' 73 <br />

Carol Day Liddick, '79 <br />

Donna J Long, '76 <br />

Edward F. McCloskey, '48 <br />

Richard Rhoades, '67 <br />

Ned N. Sweitzer, '40 <br />

Mali Class Notes infor mation and comments to Luanne <br />

Lawrence, Director of Public Relations, LHU , 120 Akeley <br />

Hall, <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong>, PA 17745. The Alumni Office can be <br />

reached at 1717) 893-2021. Now, send information to <br />

LHU through EMAIL-Ihualum@eagle.lhup.edu . <br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> is part of the State System<br />

of Higher Education. The <strong>University</strong> is an equal<br />

opportunity and affirmative action employer.<br />

Cover Story<br />

For LHU senior Tim Burdick,<br />

writing has given him the<br />

opportunity to express<br />

himself and his inner-most<br />

feelings After two international<br />

experiences, he began<br />

to open his heart through his<br />

pen This edition of<br />

Perspective focuses on<br />

several individuals wh o<br />

either have developed<br />

careers from self exp ressi on<br />

or who want to help others<br />

learn to put forth their true<br />

feelings Several of these<br />

individuals spend their lives working toward their passions and have chosen<br />

to step out of the realm of traditional occupations Tim hopes that graduate<br />

school will catapult him onto a career in teaching in which he can continue<br />

to grow in his own writing and help other students understand the value of<br />

self expression<br />

Education faculty sets Clinton County<br />

technology record<br />

Dr Gerald Cierpilowski, LHU chair,<br />

department of elementary and secondary<br />

education, offered a peak<br />

at the classroom of the future as<br />

he became the first teacher in<br />

Clinton County to teach a class in<br />

another state via the Internet.<br />

Cierpilowskl established a connection<br />

with Battleground Middle<br />

School in Battleground, IN, and<br />

together with his wife's aunt,<br />

Caroline Sadeak, a holocaust survivor,<br />

taught severa l middle school classes about the events surrounding her<br />

Journey from a small farming village on the border of Poland to a work camp<br />

in Siberia. The students had read the book, The Endless Steppe: Growing<br />

Up in Siberia by Esther Rudomin Hautzig, and compared and contrasted the<br />

author's experience with that of Mrs. Sadeak's life Chatting in "real time, "<br />

students asked questions through the computer keyboard which were directly<br />

sent to the screen in front of Dr. Cierpilowski and Mrs Sadeak. They in turn<br />

responded immediately to the students' questions, many of which focu sed on<br />

concern for family, possessions, safety, work and treatment. All students had<br />

a terminal from which they viewed the conversation, and questions were<br />

typed on the teacher's keyboard The class was part of Purdue <strong>University</strong>'s<br />

research project documenting survivors of the holocaust Purdue <strong>University</strong><br />

also provided the technological support to the Indiana Middle School.

Dr. Willis presides<br />

over the Winter 1994<br />

Commencement<br />

Ceremony.<br />

The President's Perspective<br />

b), President Craig Dean Willis, Ph. D.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>1995</strong><br />

College days have traditionally been times for young adults to express<br />

their feelings and their viewpoints in various ways. Through.out the<br />

decades, the university has remained an outlet for developing self<br />

expression. This issue of Perspective focuses on a form of expression ­<br />

the outward showing of creativity.<br />

We begin with a story on the nurturing of creativity in young<br />

children through the use of science. LHU early childhood education<br />

students are trained in techniques which enhance a child's ability to<br />

creatively reason and solve problems. The magazine continues as we<br />

look at some of the many expressions of creativity by faculty and<br />

students at LHU. We are pleased to feature in this edition of the<br />

alumni magazine two outstanding alumnae who have carved a niche<br />

for themselves in their individual fields.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>1995</strong><br />


Using science to develop a<br />

child's curiosity . 2<br />

Children are having fun in<br />

school, and Mom and Dad are<br />

worried Dr. Susan Ashley<br />

explains whafs happening<br />

with a new hands-on teaching<br />

technique .<br />

Struggling for their Crah<br />

Sandra eluston Hill, '63, and Gretchen<br />

Kreitler, '74, have faced challenges in<br />

their pursuit of careers in creativity.<br />

Writing their own chapters<br />

Two LHU seniors have found<br />

an outlet for self expression<br />

in writing One is headed<br />

for graduate school and the<br />

other for the world of stock<br />

car racing.<br />

Class Notes<br />

4<br />

6<br />

7<br />

LHU students have many outlets to express their feelings. There<br />

remains the Eagle Eye, the student-run newspaper, and an alternative<br />

newspaper, The Talon. The radio station and television station,<br />

<strong>Haven</strong> Scope, are alive and well and have good participation from<br />

within the student body. In addition, the Crucible is a literary<br />

creative publication in which students from all backgrounds share<br />

their poetry, short stories and photographs, and the International<br />

Review serves as an outlet for students expressing feelings about overseas<br />

experiences and American lifestyles. With other such media for<br />

the stud ents, LHU remains active in encouraging all students to<br />

express themselves and to develop their own opinions and attitudes<br />

in life.<br />

Please enjoy I<br />

Alumni News<br />

Who lAm<br />

A journey through Praeco<br />

shows us the path of self<br />

expression followed by LHU<br />

students over the years<br />

LHU slates summer<br />

camp schedule<br />

10<br />

12<br />

14<br />

Sincerely,<br />

From sports to dance and theatre, LHU<br />

offers an array of summer camp opportunities<br />

In the Spotlight 16<br />

Dr. Craig Dean Willis<br />

President<br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong>

Using science to deve lop a ch ildls curios ity<br />

oday's children may be doing some pretty fun things in school. .. activities that Mom and<br />

Dad may find to be a little out of the ordinary. Children under the age of eight may be<br />

having so much fun cutting things out of paper, mixing odd solutions and counting in<br />

strange ways that all they can talk about at day's end is the fun they that they had in<br />

school. And Mom and Dad are worried-- their child is not memorizing facts or repeating lists or even sitting<br />

quietly at a desk. They begin to wonder. .. what is really going on at my child's schoo!?!<br />

"Children are innately curious people. They are curious in our closets and in our pots and pans. They find<br />

presents we wrap and hide. They ask questions for which we have no answers," explains Dr. Susan Ashley,<br />

associate professor of education.<br />

Ashley is one of many educators throughout the country who wants<br />

to work with that natural curiosity in children under the age of<br />

eight. Concerned that the United States is los ing ground in sc ience<br />

"If natural curiosity is not fostered, they will lose that capacity."<br />

and math and in preparing children for the challenges of the subjects<br />

in later grades, they see the value of introducing young children to a<br />

non-discipline based science curriculum. Through experimentation,<br />

children become familiar with causes and effects and build a base<br />

line of knowledge to which they can refer as they learn theories and<br />

concepts later in their schooling.<br />

"Science is about asking excellent questions, and letting children enj oy discovering their own answers,"<br />

A shley says. "At this age the teacher is not telling the child the facts about science, but rather, challenging<br />

the students to construct their own questions and ideas. "<br />

As children work with hands-on experimentation, they are building<br />

assist them in their math and sc ience pursuits. Since oral language<br />

and the symbolic representation of our language (i.e. reading<br />

spontaneously but requires instruction, educators see the<br />

directly with science experiments and voicing their<br />

a foundation that will not only<br />

skills come naturally to a child,<br />

and writing) does not occur<br />

value of having students work<br />

thoughts about the processes .<br />

• ••

The dialogue and h ands-on association elicited in this form of<br />

teaching ass ists educators in subjects like reading and socia l<br />

studies. Although these studies are more didactic in nature,<br />

the science learning experiences are grounded in the oral<br />

modality and provide an important foundation for the language<br />

development of children.<br />

Curiosity must be developed in the primary grades for later use<br />

in disciplined-based education at the intermediate and high<br />

school levels. "If natural curiosity is not fostered, they will lose<br />

that capacity. Curiosity is the most critical adult thinking<br />

capacity and is valued." Ashley explains. "Using sc ience in<br />

this way with young children ties in with the ability of the child to accept the challenge of a<br />

problem and to creatively express him or herself."<br />

Hands-on, child-centered ed ucation has a long history which can be traced back to such<br />

theorists as Jean Piaget and Maria Montessorri. Because children are not memorizing<br />

facts or learning in more "traditional" ways, a change in mind set needs to<br />

occur for "developmentally-a ppropriate practice" to be accepted in primary<br />

education. At <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong>, students enrolled in the early<br />

childhood education program are graduating with a so lid foundation in<br />

this "new" way of helping children learn. With these additional skills,<br />

LHU can provide these majors with a better capacity fo r working with<br />

younger learners.<br />

"You don't have to be a scientist to help children and to promote their<br />

natural curios ity," explains A sh ley. "Many people, including parents and teache<br />

rs, shy away from science because they feel it is not their strength. But that<br />

is not necessary. All parents and teachers have the capacity to support<br />

children's natural curi osity and prepare them for formal education<br />

and adult life ."<br />

<br />

Parents begin to wonder. ..<br />

;;;;;;;~~!IrWlml<br />

~ ..<br />

Dr. Susan Ashley demonstrates a<br />

hands-on teaching technique to an<br />

LHU stu dent.

Sandra Cluston Hill. '63.<br />

has published two novels.<br />

to date.<br />

Gretchen Kreitler. '74. has<br />

earned recognition for her<br />

Outer Banks art work.<br />

he visi on of the artist<br />

dwelling in a one-room<br />

flat in New York City<br />

or some urban sening,<br />

living hand-to-mouth,<br />

never knowing from<br />

where the next meal<br />

\vill come, perpetuates<br />

the image of the "starving<br />

artist." But for two LHU<br />

alu mnae, this im age is<br />

shattered and rea li ty<br />

replaces romanticism as<br />

Avon, NC, and S tate<br />

College, PA , become the<br />

setting for their real-li fe<br />

artistic struggles.<br />

Gretchen Kreitier, '74,<br />

and Sandra C luston Hill,<br />

'63, have both sacrifi ced<br />

pieces of themselves for<br />

their craft.<br />

The two are a study in<br />

contrasts. Krei tier, a pen<br />

and ink artist on the<br />

Outer Banks of North<br />

Carolina, and Hill, a<br />

wordsmith residing in<br />

State C ollege , have both<br />

traveled different roads to<br />

reach the level of their<br />

present-day success. The<br />

paths of both, however,<br />

have led them thro ugh<br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> during their<br />


I <br />

! <br />

I<br />

prints, she finds herse lf<br />

cl e ~\l1in g houses to make<br />

ends meet. "My struggles<br />

have been the obvious:<br />

trying to make eno ugh<br />

romance novels. Her<br />

ma in sacrifice being time ,<br />

Hill says, "I spenJ many,<br />

many days in li braries<br />

researching materials to<br />

give my hooks an authen ­<br />

tic fla vor"<br />

"My struggles have<br />

Kreider decided to attend<br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> State College<br />

in order to cultivate her<br />

skills and deve lop her<br />

style. "I cannot stress the<br />

impact Bill Foster (associate<br />

art professor) had on<br />

me as a fine teacher and<br />

artist," Kreider remembers.<br />

"Among many other<br />

influences, my experiences<br />

at the College were<br />

of great value."<br />

Having taken the r ath<br />

less traveled, Kreider utilizes<br />

her creative ability to<br />

sketch natural scenes and<br />

wildlife. "I do everything,<br />

for the most part," she<br />

says," and I've been lucky<br />

enough to make some<br />

money in it." It is a deci­<br />

SLon not many have made<br />

with the sacrifice of time<br />

and material possessio n<br />

required, but one she<br />

easLly chose. The personal<br />

satisfaction and pride she<br />

receives through her<br />

finished pieces more than<br />

make-up for the materialistic<br />

success she cou ld<br />

have achieved in a more<br />

conventional career.<br />

Kreitler does not survive<br />

solely on the profits the<br />

sale of her work generates.<br />

In addition to se lling her<br />

sketches and silk-screen<br />

81r<br />

ra<br />

money to live on and, at<br />

the sa me tinle, have<br />

enough time to work on<br />

my draw ings. It's give and<br />

take ," sh e expla ins.<br />

Sandra Cluston Hill<br />

Hill, on the other hand,<br />

began her career on a<br />

different road. She<br />

received her bachelor's<br />

degree 111 mathematics<br />

from <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> S tate<br />

C o llege and taught for a<br />

year before realizing her<br />

pass io n fo r the written<br />

wo rd . "I am a voracious<br />

reader and after teaching<br />

for a while, I re alized I<br />

wanted to write," she<br />

relates. Hill returned to<br />

college and earned a<br />

bachelor' s degree in journa<br />

lism and wrote for<br />

newspapers in ew Jersey<br />

and Pennsylvania before<br />

turning her talent to<br />

U nlike Kreider, H ill<br />

doesn't h ave the financial<br />

burdens often associated<br />

with up-and-coming<br />

artists. Already established<br />

as a reporter and<br />

having four sons who no<br />

longer require her<br />

constant guidance, Hill is<br />

now able to explore once<br />

unknown avenues<br />

through the characters of<br />

her books.<br />

Both women h ave<br />

achieved success along<br />

the way. H av ing parents<br />

with artistic backgrounds<br />

inspired Kreider. Her<br />

work h as appeared on the<br />

cover of Outer Banks<br />

magazi ne and has won<br />

various awards at art<br />

shows. I l ill has recently<br />

sold four manuscripts to<br />

Leisure Books, a division<br />

of Dorchester Publishing.<br />

Her first book, The<br />

Reluctant Viking, was<br />

released in October of<br />

1994, and her sec nd,<br />

The Outlaw Vik ing, was<br />

released in January.<br />

Despite the winding road<br />

that is sure to be ahead<br />

for the women, both c ite<br />

a willingness to continue<br />

along their chosen paths.<br />

Kreider hopes that recent<br />

silk-screens of her work<br />

will prove successful. Hill<br />

is working on a threebook<br />

series set in<br />

medieval times. Kreitler<br />

sums up the attitu es of<br />

both women, say ing " I<br />

hope I keep making it."<br />

been the obvious: trying<br />

to make enough money<br />

to live on and, atthe<br />

same time, have enough<br />

time to work on my<br />

drawings,"<br />

Gretchen Kreitler<br />

Kreitler sums up the<br />

attitudes of both<br />

women, saying "I hope<br />

I keep making it."

6<br />

·... . . . .. . . . ..<br />

Often when LHU students venture to travel abroad they<br />

undergo a metamorphosis in the way that they view life<br />

Senior English major Tim Burdick not only changed his outlook,<br />

but resurrected in him self a new spirit of understanding and a<br />

quest for satisfying his inner soul after two international<br />

experiences Tim has now brought that new openness to his<br />

writing<br />

Sharing Tim's love of the written word is another senior, so<br />

unlike Tim that they truly demonstrate the beauty of diversity in<br />

written expre ss ion Kevin Kovac, a journalism major, has<br />

written about dirt track modified stock car racing for<br />

several years Unlike his counterpart who finds tranquillity<br />

in poetry and fiction writing, Kevin 's ski lls<br />

have led him to an ever-changing, hectic life<br />

iting their <br />

own chapters <br />

Kevin attended races since 12 years of age and in<br />

his yo uth landed a writing position with the Area<br />

Auto Racing News. Today his features span<br />

several other racing publications and newspaper<br />

sports sections He is so enthused about the sport, that<br />

he timed his graduation date around ra cing season and potential<br />

job availability in the field Although he never actually<br />

stepped into a stock car for a serious race, his interest takes<br />

him throughout northeastern United States and Canada .<br />

He is the repeated winner of the Flemington (New<br />

Jersey) Courier Times "Reporter of the Year," and the<br />

Eastern Motor Sport Press Association Convention<br />

Writing Award .<br />

In an environment as competitive as racing, Kevin holds<br />

intentions of co ntinuing his writing after he leaves LHU III<br />

December <strong>1995</strong>. With a portfolio crammed with clips<br />

and an already-broad level of experience of reallife<br />

racing coverage, he is more prepared than<br />

many students to tackle this very difficult task<br />

of "making it" in the sport. His established<br />

contacts and reputation promise to open<br />

doors that a man of his age would not<br />

typically find available.<br />

While he does not find his so lace on<br />

the race track, Kevin's counterpart Tim<br />

grew as a writer from exchanges in<br />

Scotland and England He came to<br />

LHU on a generous scholarship earned<br />

through his 70-page autobiography. At<br />

first, his enrollment in the Honors<br />

Program<br />

demanded<br />

much of his<br />

energy, and<br />

his writing<br />

was not as<br />

strong. But<br />

in his sophomore<br />

year he<br />

traveled to<br />

Scotland.<br />

When he<br />

returned, he<br />

"exploded" as<br />

he moved from a<br />

"cl iche" style to a<br />

more polished presentation.<br />

He kept journals of his experiences<br />

and used long stints on tra ins as time to<br />

write short stories and poetry.<br />

At times Tim feels like som ething of an outcast and believes his<br />

friends would describe him as "eccentric ." His style is certainly<br />

unique and has earned him attention at LHU. As an editor of<br />

the <strong>University</strong> literary magazine, The Crucible, he has attracted<br />

an audience of students, faculty and staff who are intrigued<br />

by his use of words and self expression. Last year he earned<br />

the "Outstanding English Major" award, and has had a play<br />

produced on campus His experiences abroad showed him that<br />

life offers so much. "The sun never sets on my friends ," he<br />

explains as he talks about the diversity of his friendships<br />

gained over the years.<br />

After May graduation, Tim will continue his path of<br />

growth as he continues his work in graduate school<br />

"I have a true love of words and the power of<br />

images," he says "I had a fresh start here (LHU), and<br />

find that this has been a good environment for meno<br />

inhibiting factors"<br />

While worlds apart in interests and style<br />

of writing, both Tim and Kevin express<br />

themselve s and their interests and values<br />

in their art. Both have a mature<br />

outlook on the future and have<br />

definitive plans to make their individual<br />

styles work for them.<br />

Neither sees this expression as a<br />

hobby or as a passing IIlterest<br />

Both feel that their writing is an<br />

integral part of their lives and an<br />

aspect in which the y will continue<br />

to grow

Al ma Kay Crawford, '33, was<br />

recent ly ele ted secretary 011 ock<br />

<strong>Haven</strong> Uruversit 's Council of<br />

Trllstees. She is a rellred teacher<br />

and is living in York, PA,<br />

Lcdr. Paul l Frantz U.S.N.R. (Ret.), '38, has been<br />

appointeD as a charter member of the National Advisory<br />

Council of the US Navy Foundation . The foundation I<br />

composed of dis Inguished Americans including forme r<br />

oresidents. chiefs of Naval operation . secretaries of the<br />

Navy and decorated Navy officers,<br />

Andrew lentvorsky, '55, was<br />

recently inducted Into the South<br />

Central Chapter of he Pennsyl vania<br />

Sports Hall of Fame.<br />

James J. Muro, '56, recently pub­<br />

Ii,hed his twelfth book. entitled Creating and Funding<br />

Educational Foundarions: A Guide for Local School<br />

Dis/riets.<br />

Richard Brown, '57, of Derrick City has been selected<br />

as the "Volunteer of the Year" of the McKean Co unty<br />

School Retirees.<br />

Virginia (Zaner) Hillyer, '67, was<br />

recently a rec ipient of the 1994-95<br />

Outstanding Teacher award given out<br />

by the Shippensburg <strong>University</strong> Schoo l<br />

Study Council. She i ~ a teacher at<br />

Conewego Township Elementary<br />

School. where she is the reading department chairperson<br />

and the readi ng recovery teacher-trainer.<br />

Joseph and Judith (Weisbroad) DeGregorio, '68,<br />

ecently celebrated their 25thwedding anniversary She<br />

is employed by the Pennsylvan ia College of Technology as<br />

a mathematics teacher. He is a mathemati cs teacher at<br />

McCall Middle School in Montoursville. They are the par·<br />

ents of wo sons and two daughters.<br />

larry Underkoffler, '69, has been promoted to director<br />

of manufacturing at Pave-Mark Corp.. headquartered in<br />

Atlanta, He resides in rv1arietta. GA.<br />

of two sons.<br />

Peggy (Campbell) Schively, '70,<br />

and her husba nd, Jay. re cen tly cele·<br />

brated their 25th wedding anniversary<br />

She is employed by Metropolitan<br />

Life Insurance Co. as an account<br />

representative, They are the paren s<br />

Herb long, '73, finished an IIlternship this sum mer with<br />

the Cali fornia State UniverSity on his speCial educati on<br />

degree. Previously, he was employed as an explosives<br />

engineer for 21 years He is now employed by the<br />

Myerstown Area High School<br />

Cynthia W. Symons, '75, rece ntly received an ASHA<br />

1994 Distinguished Service award. She is presently<br />

employed by Kent State <strong>University</strong> as an associate praies­<br />

.sor in healt education In the Oepa men! of Mult.<br />

Counseling, Health and Vocational Education.<br />

Tom M. Troutma n, '76, lives In Elizabethtown, PA. He<br />

markets altemative-risk programs in central Pennsylvania.<br />

He has been employed for 16 years in the commercial<br />

iflsurance business.<br />

Ann M. Holmes, '77, recently marlled Brian W Kriebel<br />

She is employed at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Salt sbury<br />

Township<br />

Richard Jacque s, '77, recently married Lisa Cordes. He<br />

io iI teacl1er for NEIU NO 19 in rl1e Mountain iew School<br />

District. The couple resides in Archbald. PA<br />

Terry Rieker, ' 77,<br />

returned to his alma<br />

mater during the Fall<br />

semester and visited<br />

with Dr. Stan<br />

Wi sniewski, professor<br />

of art, and seve rn I<br />

of Dr. Wi sniewski 's<br />

classes. Terry is cur·<br />

rently working on his<br />

-...011..-__ MFA at the<br />

Marylan d Institute of Fine Art He is teaching<br />

art at Hagerstown North High School , MD.<br />

Gary Carlson, '78, was rece ntly hired as a high school<br />

guidance counselor in the <strong>Spring</strong> Cove School Distric t.<br />

Emmanuel B. Mwengela, '78, was recently awarded a<br />

master's degree in urban planning. from the College of<br />

Social Work at San Jose State Unive rsi ty<br />

Jayne (Boloue) Duncan, '79, is employed by the<br />

administrative office of the PA courts and has been tile<br />

Elizabeth town District Justice since 1991. Since gradua·<br />

tion from LHU. she has earned a doctorate from Dickinson<br />

School of Law. She was recently inducted into the<br />

El izabethtown Busi ness and Profess ional Women 's Club.<br />

She res ides in Elizabethtown, PA, with her husband,<br />

William, and chi ldren. Ben and Emily,<br />

Leonard Paranae, '79, finished his classwork in August<br />

1994 for his elementary and secondary principal 's certifi·<br />

cate from East Stroudsburg Un iversity. He was then<br />

appointed head teacher at the Dru ms Elementary School<br />

by the Hazleton Area School Board. He has b en teach·<br />

ing elemen tary school si nce the Fal l of 1979.<br />

Edward V. Young, '80, was recently<br />

hired as the new Altoo na Area High<br />

School head boy's basketball coach.<br />

Maureen Murphy Klees, '81 , is<br />

marri ed to Martin J. Klees. They<br />

reside in Hop Bot om. PA, Bod are the proud parents of<br />

Adam Martin Klees. who was bom Nov. 3, 1993.<br />

Tim Snyder, '81, in partnership with his wife and another<br />

couple. recently opened a video billboard business<br />

called Compass Computer Associates, In Waymart, PA.<br />

Terry A. Gilman, '82, was recently appoi nted to the<br />

Middletown Borough Council . He Is currently employed<br />

by the communications depar ment of GPU Nuclear.<br />

Three Mile Island.<br />

Cynthia Walters Sleasman, '82, and her husband.<br />

Tnomas, announce th birth of their third son, Trent Ryan,<br />

born Sept 7, 1994 Trenl joins brothers Jarad (4) and<br />

Collin 13) The Sleasman amily resides in Phoenix. AZ<br />

Debra Kariehner Flurie, '82, and Maurice Flurie, '83,<br />

are tl1e parentsof two children Alexandra (5) and Maurice<br />

IV ("Max"). 2. He recei ved an MA in health and physical<br />

education from Tennessee Tech in 1985 and an M.Ed.<br />

from Shippensburg Univers ity in 1990 He is the assistant<br />

principal at Cumberland Valley High SCllOO\. She is<br />

an instructor at Harrisburg Area Community Col lege in<br />

the department of lIe a1t11 sciences. They re si de in<br />

Mary SVille, PA.<br />

Dawn Marie (Eid) Renfrew, '83, and Wayne A.<br />

Renfrew, '82, announce the birth of their second chil d,<br />

Mitchell Barin. ill March 1993. Mitchell joins his brother.<br />

Spenser Reed (5) Dawn recently received her Master's of<br />

Science in school health at Southern Connecticu t State<br />

<strong>University</strong>. She is currelltly teaching health and physical<br />

education at North Canaan Elementa ry School. Wayne<br />

works for SCASCO Oil Company in sales and marketing.<br />

The fami ly resides in Winsted. Cl<br />

Brian Aumiller, '84, recentl y married Mich ele Gamble.<br />

He is employed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania<br />

in Harrisburg The couple resi des in Lewistown, PA.<br />

Mark Everett, '84, was recently hired by the Northern<br />

Potter School District as an elementary phys ical education<br />

teacher,<br />

R. Thomas Greene, '84, recently married Nancy K.<br />

Glenn. He is employed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat<br />

Commi ssi on as a fisheries biol ogist. The cou ple resides ill<br />

Jersey Shore. PA.<br />

David B. Hawke, '84, has earned a doctor of ministry<br />

degree from Tri nity Evangelical Seminary of Florida. He<br />

and his wife. Debra, are currently residi ng in Hornel l. NY.<br />

Beth Ann Hess, '84, is currently employed by the<br />

Hanover Borough Police Department. Since graduation<br />

from <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong>. she has also received her master's<br />

degree in criminal justice fr om Sh ippensburg <strong>University</strong><br />

Robert J. Lynn, '84, recen tly married Kristin B. Zierle. HfJ<br />

is employed by Will iamsport Area School Distri ct, The<br />

coup le resides in Wi lliamsport. PA.<br />

CPT(P) James Whaley, '84, and his wife. Jill, announce<br />

the birth of the ir first child. Amel ia Ann, all Oct. 28, 1994,<br />

at St. Joseph's Hospital in Ann Arbo r. MI. n1e couple is<br />

currently stationed at Fort Clayton in the country of<br />

Pa nama<br />

Patte (Kiefer) Bakker, '85, and her hu sband. Fred. have<br />

two sons. Matthew. 9. and Cody, 6, She is now employed<br />

as the direc or of rel igi ous ed ucation far Saint Elizabeth<br />

Ann Seton Church . The family lives in New Jersey<br />

Anne (Trzok) Crowell, '85, and her l1Usband. Earl.<br />

announce the birth of their fil st chi ld, Susan Marie. She<br />

was born Sept. 12. 1994.<br />

Judy A. Krisher, '85, recently married Steven Heimbach<br />

The couple resides In Sunbury, PA.

Mark McCoy, '85, is a new member of the Greenwood<br />

High School teachers' staff as a mathematics instru ctor.<br />

He plans to attend Penn State <strong>University</strong> in the spring to<br />

get his science certllication.<br />

Jill Odell, '85, married Thomas Grey In 1988. They enjoy<br />

their two girls, Amanda, 6, and Julie, 2. Tile Grey family<br />

res ides in Mari etta, PA.<br />

Suzanne Raugh, '85, recently marri ed Joseph Dows. She<br />

attends Temple <strong>University</strong> and Is employed \,'vith the<br />

Lancaster County Ciliidren and Youth Agency.<br />

Kate Brady Toner, '85 and Ken Toner, '86, announce<br />

the birth of their first child, Kelly Ann, in February 1993.<br />

Kate teaches biology labs at Bucknell Uni versity,<br />

Lewisburg, PA, and Ken is th e su pelVisor of Computer<br />

Technical support for th e PLCB in Ha rri sburg The Toner<br />

family resides in Liverpool , PA.<br />

Kim M, Wilkinson, '85, recently married Perry R. Sh indle.<br />

She is the public affa irs di re ctor with the Pennsylvan ia<br />

Nurserymen's Associ ation, Ha rrisburg.<br />

Seth Moser, '86, recently recei ved a master's degree in<br />

education from Bucknell <strong>University</strong>. He is an elementary<br />

teacher in th eWill iamsport Area School District.<br />

lynne L. Partridge, '86, recently married Robert P. Kline.<br />

She is a physi cal education teacher with Carl isle Area<br />

High School.<br />

Oebra Pinkerton, '86, is currently employed by the news<br />

depa rtment of WHTM-TV IChanneI27). She resides in<br />

Harrisburg, PA.<br />

Maureen Selinko, '86, recentl y marri ed Michael J<br />

Golden. She is employed by the Sc huylkill <strong>Haven</strong> Area<br />

School District as a teacher The coupl e re sides in<br />

Pottsville, PA.<br />

Renae Witherite, '86, recently married Shawn Butl er.<br />

She is a teacher at Bald Eagle Area High School. The couple<br />

resi des in Bellefonte, PA.<br />

Oennis OeSanto, '87, recently married Nancy L.<br />

Shangraw He is employed by M.W Farmer and Co. as a<br />

pu rchasing/ inventory controller The couple resides in<br />

Williamsport, PA.<br />

Janna Empfield, '87, recently married Terry Gohl. She is<br />

a master's candi date at Penn State and is employed by<br />

Valley View Nursing Center as a therapeuti c recreation<br />

coord in ator. The couple resides in Jersey Shore, PA.<br />

Elisa Falzetta, '87, has joined the staff of ABC Television<br />

in the International Nell"s and Entertainment market ing<br />

department in New York City. She resides in Brooklyn<br />

Heights, NY.<br />

Rick l. May, '87, recently married Lisa A. McDowelL He<br />

is the manager of Workout Plus in Harrisburg . The co uple<br />

resides in Harrisburg, PA.<br />

Michele M, Voltz, '87, rece ntly married Jack E. Dietzel<br />

She is employed as an elementary teacher in <strong>Spring</strong> Cove<br />

School Distri ct. The coup le resides in Alto ona, PA<br />

Catherine Fedorko, '88, recently married Richard T.<br />

Carrell. She is a first grade teacher at Trtlnsfiguration<br />

School, West Hazleton. The cOllple resides in<br />

McAdoo, PA.<br />

~<br />

Jeanette Selle-Englert, '88, and W. Fned Englert proudly<br />

announce the bi rth of tlleir second child - Cassandra<br />

Nichole - bom JU ly I , , 994 The family resid es in Jersey<br />

Shore, PA.<br />

Kimberly IMertz) Beery, '89, recently won an award<br />

for highway safe ty. She handles all of the public<br />

rel ation s, promotions, advertising and manage rial duties<br />

at the Cressona Mall. where she has been employed for<br />

two years<br />

Joey Callahan, '89, works as a comedian, mainly in the<br />

Phil ade lphia area, but also does some travelling nationwide.<br />

Kerry John Heimbaugh, '89, recently married<br />

Denise Se lby. He is a computer systems ana lyst with<br />

the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation,<br />

Harri sburg, PA.<br />

Jennifer Herlocher, '89, is currently working for th e<br />

state of PA as a targeted HIV/AIDS case manager in<br />

Lycom ing/Clinton counties. She is also active in many<br />

organizations relating to HIV/AIDS includi ng programs that<br />

are edu ca ting communities in central PA.<br />

Andrea lee Keisch, '89, recently married Dr. Randolph<br />

Cord le. She is a physical therapist with Rehabilitation<br />

Hospital of Indi anapol is. The couple resides in<br />

In dianapolis, IN.<br />

Vincent J. IBill) Paczkoskie Jr., '89, recently graduated<br />

fromHahnemann <strong>University</strong> School of Medicine. He is<br />

currently doing an ortilOpedic surgery residency at<br />

Hahnemann <strong>University</strong> Hospita l.<br />

Angela M. Blanchard, '90, re cently<br />

marrie d David K. Meyer She is a second<br />

grade teacher in the Will iamsport<br />

Area School District. The couple<br />

resides in Mackeyvil le, PA.<br />

Jacqueline J, Branz, '90, recent ly ma rried Nich olas<br />

Mistiszyn. She is employed as a social worker at the<br />

Berw ick Retirement Village Nursing Home. Berwick. The<br />

couple resides in Conyngham, PA.<br />

Patricia Lynn Hoover, '90, has recen tly been hi red as<br />

the athletic director of Linden Hall in Liti tz, PA. She will<br />

also serve as a dorm parent. She has been teaching in the<br />

Warwi ck School District since 1991 and has also been an<br />

instructor for the American Red Cross, Lancaster and a<br />

cou nselor at Camp Wohelo, Waynesboro, PA.<br />

Kelly Inman, '90, recently married Gre tch en Meagher.<br />

He is a sales represe ntative at Ace Distributi ng in York.<br />

The coup le resides in York, PA.<br />

Suzan Selfe-Stough, '90, and Matthew Stough, '92,<br />

proudly announce the birth of their first child, Zac hary<br />

Anson, born Oct. 6, 1994. The family resides in State<br />

College<br />

Martin A. Tobias, '90, recently married Laura D. Sylvain.<br />

He is employed as a social studies teacher at Smethport<br />

Junior-Senior High School, Smethport. The couple resides<br />

in Smethport. PA.<br />

Mary Unger, '90, and Douglas Doyle, '93, were recently<br />

married, She is employed as a medical necorrls coordinator<br />

with Orthopedic Surgical Group in Pittsburgh. He is<br />

employed with Merid1an Management Group, The couple<br />

resides in Regent Square. PA-<br />

Kimberly A. Volpe, '90, necently married Darrin H. Dessel<br />

of Edison , NJ She is employed as a recreational therapist<br />

at Roosevelt Hospital. a long term ca ne facility She<br />

has been employed by the hospital since 1991. The couple<br />

resides In East Brunswick, NJ.<br />

Amy p, Caldwell, '91, recently married Andrew J.<br />

lawrence. She is employed by li ncoln Intermediate Unit<br />

12 as an early intervention teecheL The couple resid r,s in<br />

Hanover, PA.<br />

Marcie A, Crouse:91, recently married Kevin GentlY!.<br />

She is employed by Lycoming/ClirllQIl Head Starl. The<br />

couple resides in Farwell. PA.<br />

Heather Harbst, '91, recently married Scott Turner. She<br />

is employed as grants coordmator at the BradfordCounty<br />

Courthouse. The couple resides in Waverly, PA<br />

Michelle M. lato, '91, recently marri ed Travi s W<br />

Fuhrman. '91 . She is empl oyed by the Anderson Pretzel<br />

Bakery. The couple re sides in Lancaster, PA.<br />

James W, McKivigan, '91 , recently married Ste phanie<br />

M. Spade He is employed as a recreation specialist by<br />

the Federal Correctional Institute, Minersville. Thecouple<br />

re sides in Orwigsburg, PA.<br />

Christine Williams-Palmiter, '91, has been named the<br />

director of adm issions and public relat ions for All ied<br />

Med ical Careers in Scranton and Edwardsville, PA<br />

Elizabeth A, Pressler, '91 , recently married Keith G<br />

Baker. She is the editor of "Construction Equipment<br />

Guide," Glenside. The couple resides in North Wales, PA.<br />

Becky L Day, '91, and Stephen J. Reeser, '91 , were<br />

recently marri ed. She is currently a special educat ion<br />

teacher. He is empl oyed as an assistant di strict fisheries<br />

biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.<br />

They both have earned master's degrees-she at East<br />

Stroudsburg <strong>University</strong>, and he at Te nne s~ee Te ch<br />

Universi ty. The couple resides in Sta ffordsvil le, KY.<br />

Jill M, Anderson, '92, recently married Eugene Ransdon,<br />

She is employed by the Keystone Central Scho ol Di stric<br />

as a subst itute teacher. The couple resides in Renovo, PA<br />

Darla Aron, '92, recentl y married Rou-shu Wang. She<br />

attends Hopkins-Nanjing Center lor Chinese and American<br />

Stud ies in Nanjing, China.<br />

Meredith E. Bennett, '92, recently married David J.<br />

Koe!lisch . The couple resides in We st Lafayette, IN.<br />

Melissa Billotte, '92, recently married R. Lee McGoniga l.<br />

She is a registered nurse at Clearfie ld Hospital Home<br />

Health, Snow Shoe offic e. The couple resides in<br />

Frenchville, PA<br />

Michelle L Bosch, '92, rec ently marrie d Joseph Bitner.<br />

She is a special education teacher for the Allegheny<br />

County Board of EdlJcation. The couple resides in Beech<br />

Creek, PA.<br />

Kathleen A. Oelp, '92, recently married Robert Pelle;ier<br />

She is employed by the Baltimore city schools. The couple<br />

res ides in Hunt Valley, MD.<br />

Barbara C. Oescavish, '92, recently married C Richard<br />

Bloom, She is a supervisor at Ule Wal-Mart DistributiOll<br />

Center. The couple resides in Houtzdale, PA<br />

Rayna Forsythe, '92, recently married Phil ip An to l. She<br />

teeches mUltihandicapped students In the Austintown<br />

Sch ool district, Austintown, OH. Tile couple resides in<br />

Poland, OH.<br />

Tonya Horton, '92, was recently hired as librarian for tn~<br />

Williamsburg High School<br />

C. Michael Kauffman, '92, necently married Jessical.<br />

Lehman. He is employed by the School District 01<br />

Philadelphia. The couple resides in Philadelphta, PA

o L A 8 8 0'1'. 8 <br />

Ttlyl<br />

nmothy Kolbe, '92, recently received his doctor of medi­<br />

" degree from Temple Universi ty School of Medicine,<br />

/; adelphi a, PA. Hepreviously receivedamaster's<br />

~rl1e from Hahnemann <strong>University</strong>. He will continue<br />

hi Ira i m~ g at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in<br />

00 Iwf.ed ic s<br />

n<br />

SI,<br />

oun<br />

Michelle A. Kramer, '92, and Terry A, McClelland,<br />

'92, were recently married. She is employed by Head Start<br />

! el ,n latertowfI, NY, as a senior tea cher. He is employed by<br />

~g'/lay as crop sales specialist in Castorland, NY. The<br />

wJjlleresides in Beaver Fall s, NY.<br />

Holli M, Kubalak, '92, recently graduated from the<br />

BJ':;man Gray School of Medicine from the physician<br />

a,sistant progam.<br />

Larry Patterson, '92, recently married Tricia Fleig He is<br />

currently studying for his master'sdegree at Millersville<br />

<strong>University</strong> and is employed with Highway Film Delivery,<br />

~ar risburg.<br />

Scott F.C. Rossman, '92, recently graduated from the<br />

\ P <strong>Lock</strong><strong>Haven</strong> VII Police Academy<br />

re<br />

ies<br />

fdlife.<br />

I<br />

Corey Seyler, '92, recently married Inez Markey. He is<br />

employed by Lehigh Vall ey Orthopedic, Allen town. The<br />

couple resides in Allentown, PA.<br />

Malani Spotts, '92, recently married Dani Leitzel. She is<br />

employed by ARC of New Jersey as a job coach. The couple<br />

resides in Hackettstown, NJ.<br />

dor1<br />

Matthew Stough, '92, graduated with his Master's of<br />

ict<br />

Science in materials science and engineering from the<br />

, PA. Pennsylvania State <strong>University</strong> in December 1994 as part of<br />

his continuing education toward a Ph.D. in engineering.<br />

e<br />

rican<br />

Bruce E. Ulmer, '92, has been promoted to associate<br />

director of market support serv ices at Speedway, Inc ., a<br />

full-l ine seed company specializing in agronomic, turf and<br />

vegetable seeds,<br />

David J. Skelley Jr., '93, recentfy married Pamela<br />

Conrad He is employed as an athletic tralOer W lt~<br />

<strong>University</strong> Drth pedles, StateCollege. The co uple reSid es<br />

in Tipton, PA<br />

Sheri Spochan, '93, recently married Douglas Miller.<br />

The couple resides in Somerset.<br />

Beth A, Stilzel, '93, rece ntly marp ed Patrick A. Dong l1ia.<br />

She IS a substitute te ac her in the <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> area. The<br />

couple resides in <strong>Lock</strong> Have n, PA<br />

Stacy Capinjola, '94, was recent ly hired as a physical<br />

education teacher at SI. Bernard Elementary School in<br />

Bradford. She is also employed by th eYMCA of Bradford.<br />

Donald B, Meeker, '94, recently married Kristine M.<br />

Brown. He is employed with Keystone Central School<br />

District as a substitute teacher. The couple resides in <strong>Lock</strong><br />

<strong>Haven</strong>, PA.<br />

William J, Miner, '94, recently married Janice E. Olcese.<br />

He is employed by Northumberland County Human<br />

Services, Sunbury The couple resides in Shamokin, PA.<br />

lisa M, Mottin:94, and Douglas l. Stratton, '94, were<br />

recently married. He was stationed at Fort Sam, Houston,<br />

TX, and after th ree mon ths of medical training wil l be<br />

transferred to Fort Bragg, NC.<br />

Air National Guard Ai rman 1st Class Elanda K. Reese,<br />

'94, has graduated from ba sic training at Lackland Air<br />

Force Base, San An tonio, TX.<br />

Karina Rishel, '94, recently married Theron Mi ller. She<br />

is employed as acase manager at Juniata Valley Tri­<br />

County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission, Yeagertown.<br />

The couple res ides in Port Royal, PA.<br />

Ryan Titus, '94, has successfully completed an<br />

internship at Anna ndale Sport and Health Inc, in<br />

Annandale, VA.<br />

In Memutku <br />

Eleanor Shope, '1 2<br />

Kathryn Latimer, '18<br />

Inez Prince, '21<br />

Catherine R. Breneman, '26<br />

Loretta M. Close, '26<br />

Rachale E. Krape, '26<br />

Grace Shearer Shi rey, '<br />

Margaret Blair, '27<br />

Bessie Lipez Lintz, '27<br />

Lenore S Kintz.ing, '28<br />

Emma E. Masden, '28<br />

Rhoda Rogers, '28<br />

Margaret An tes, '29<br />

John Ratchford, '29<br />

Elizabeth Bowers, '31<br />

D. Madeline Brungard, '33<br />

Harietta Herring, '33<br />

Alma Probst Kress, '33<br />

Alice Detwiler, '35<br />

Esther Gebhard, '37<br />

Ruth Crowley, '38<br />

Katherine McCraner, '41<br />

Fredrick Snyder, '42<br />

Ruth Cathcart, '45<br />

Loui s Tuba, Jr, '50<br />

J Arlington Young, '50<br />

Martin (Dick) Richard<br />

Hewitt, '63<br />

Ernest L. Vannucci, '63<br />

Lorrain e McFadden, '85<br />

August 19, 1994 <br />

October 31, 1994 <br />

August 11, 1994 <br />

September 10, 1994<br />

October 23, 1994<br />

August 23, 1994<br />

September 24, 1994<br />

October 27,1994<br />

August 28, 1994<br />

September 6, 1994<br />

October 23, 1994<br />

December 4, 1994<br />

October 29, 1994<br />

June 20, 1994<br />

August 29, 1994<br />

igaL<br />

Sherry L Williams, '92, recent lv married James C<br />

FlegaL She is employed as a substitute teacher for several<br />

school districts. The couple resides in Clearfie ld, PA.<br />

Amy Bischof, '93, was recently hired as a learning support<br />

teacher at theWes t Milton Middle School.<br />

Pamela J, Dougherty, '93, recen tly married Robert W<br />

Wehler. She is employed by Lycoming Child Care Services<br />

as a teache r. The couple res ides in Jersev Shore, PA.<br />

Michelle D. Wehr, '94, recent ly married Mark D. Smiles .<br />

She is a preschool teacher at Garden of<br />

Children School, State College. Tile couple resi des in<br />

Centre Hall, PA<br />

Dr. Hugh W i l li ~mson , former dean 01 the calle~<br />

of Arts and Science and lang-standing LHU<br />

professor, died on Decembe r 20, 1994.<br />

I<br />

Patrick Hill, '93, is attend ing gradua te SCllool at Clarion<br />

<strong>University</strong> of Pennsylvania to pursue a master of sGience<br />

degree in communication He is employed by Dimension<br />

Media Services, Williamsport, and WHTO radio,<br />

Williamsport<br />

Loriann Riviello, '93, has joined FCF Public Rela tions Inc.<br />

as a junior account exec utive. Most recently, she was<br />

employed as an accaun executive at WKRZ Radio,<br />

Pittston, PA. She currentlv resides in Audubon, PA.<br />

Heather Lesher, '93, has been awarded a master of science<br />

degree in athletic raining from West Virginia<br />

<strong>University</strong> in organtown. She is employed as an athletic<br />

trainer at Boston College.<br />

SA Amy L Long, '93, has beenassigned to th e U,S. Coasl<br />

Guard presidential honor guard in Alexandria, VA,<br />

Kevin Murray, '93, recently married Phyliss Poukish.<br />

He is employed by Divine Providence Hospital at the<br />

Sleep Disorder Center. The couple resides in South<br />

Wfillamspon, PA.<br />

Dr Hugh A. Williamson<br />

Former LHU Dean of the Co/lege of<br />

Arts and Science.<br />

Williamson was a member of the <strong>University</strong><br />

community from 1955 to 1988. Prior to serving as<br />

dean, he was a professor of chemistry and director<br />

of the Division of Natura l Science and<br />

Mathematics. In 1989, in response to a special<br />

request by the administration, he came out of<br />

retirement for one year to se rve as acti ng interim<br />

dean of the College of Arts and Science. He held<br />

an Ed.D. from Corne ll <strong>University</strong> and bachelor's<br />

and master's degrees from Buckne ll <strong>University</strong>.<br />

He was inducted into the <strong>University</strong>'s "Roll of<br />

Service. "<br />

On June 11, 1994, the <strong>University</strong> dedicated<br />

the courtyard outside of Sloan Fine Arts Center,<br />

the Williamson Courtyard That same month<br />

Dr. William son and hi s wife, El izabeth Botts<br />

Williamson, established the Williamson-Botts<br />

Scholarship at LHU. Students el igible for the<br />

scholarship must be full-time students enroll ed<br />

in the College of Arts and Science who hold a<br />

OPA of at least 3.5. Memorial contributio ns<br />

may be made to this fund. For additiona l<br />

information, contact the <strong>University</strong> Foundation at<br />

(717) 893-2293.

Winter Commencement <br />

On Sunday, December 11 , 1994,<br />

approximately 210 students to ok on<br />

the status of alumni as th ey participated<br />

in Winter 1994<br />

Commencement. Keynote speaker<br />

for the event was Dr Colleen<br />

Hacker, '78, now associate professor<br />

of physical education at Pacific<br />

Lutheran <strong>University</strong>, Tacoma, WA. Dr.<br />

Hacker has coached the PLU women's soccer teamfor 14<br />

years, and for five consecutive years has led them to the<br />

National Associa tion of Intercoll egiate Athletics national<br />

championship She has been recognized repeatedly for her<br />

teaching and coaching skills After graduating from <strong>Lock</strong><br />

<strong>Haven</strong> State College, she went on to earn a ma ster's degree<br />

in exercise and sports science at the <strong>University</strong> of Arizona,<br />

and a Ph .D. in exerci se and moveme nt science from the<br />

<strong>University</strong> of Oregon<br />

Alumni Day Announcement<br />

LHU Alumni Mark Your Calendars....<br />

Saturda y, June 10 will be the <strong>1995</strong> <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> Alumni Dayl All alumni are invited to return to their alma mater to<br />

catch up on current events and reli ve old memories. The day is filled with activities including<br />

10<br />

9 a.m.-noon Alumni Registrati on, Parsons Union Bu ild ing<br />

10 a.m. Roll of Service Induction, PUB<br />

noon<br />

Class Reunion Luncheon, Bentl ey Dining Hall<br />

All alumni are invited to attend and enjoy the fun. Special seating this year will be provided for the<br />

Reunion Classes of '25, '30, ' 35, '40, '45, ' 50, '55, '60, ' 65, '70, and '75.<br />

5-9 pm Individual Class Dinners/Parties<br />

We hope to see you there l Watch your mail for further information<br />

For details. contact the Alumni OHice at (7171893-2021 .

The Scottsdale, AZ, SSHE <br />

reception attracted several LHU <br />

alums. <br />

Pictured above are: <br />

Betsy Woolridge Kauffman, '76, <br />

Julin Coffey Noll, '24 <br />

Lois Hahn Ramsey, '44, <br />

Alumni Director Jim Reese r, '64, <br />

Rich Morell, '76, Will Rivera , <br />

'81, Bill Young, '54, and Scott <br />

Emery, '77 <br />

State System Alumni Events in Scottdale, AZ, San Diego and Long <br />

Beach, CA headed the January calendar. The ph otos above show a <br />

portion of the 150 in attendance at San Diego and Scottsdale while <br />

the photo below shows Marian, '48, and Mel. '49, Darrow with <br />

President Willis at the Long Beach reception.

WHO <br />

I AM ... <br />

1931 Praeco<br />

In 1931, The <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> State Teachers College boasted of the<br />

accompl ishments of its female students in particular. While the<br />

candids reflected the silliness of boys dressed as flappers and<br />

girls smil ing coyly fo r the ca me ra, this photo of the championship<br />

baseball team reflects the strength of fema le participation As<br />

the female students were being introduced to spring sports, the<br />

yea rbook points out that "previous to the (championship) tournament,<br />

the girls received instruction on the technique of baseball in<br />

gym classes. " In 1931, LHSTC women's athleti cs consisted of<br />

field hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseba ll , track, tennis and<br />

saddle club.<br />

Just as every bell rings atone<br />

unique to itself, so does the<br />

personality of<br />

every student ring a distinct and individual note<br />

throughout the world.<br />

The campus world is strange and<br />

unfamWar at first,<br />

aworld of doubt and challenge,<br />

lonliness and<br />

understanding, and above all,<br />

aworld of hope for the<br />

fUlnllment of dreams in a<br />

better future. nurtured and<br />

nourished at-­<br />

lock <strong>Haven</strong> State College<br />

(excerpt taken from the 1964 Praeco, author<br />

unknown)<br />

1946 Praeco<br />

The Class of '46 was very proud of its returning<br />

soldiers. A specia l page dedicated to "Ex-G I's"<br />

was captioned, "They came back to graduateand<br />

were late but welc ome additions to the class<br />

of '46." These students ret urned with a new<br />

maturity and sense of their world Pictured here is<br />

Cla ir Klinger whose phi losophy was "Nothing but<br />

himself can be his parallel" Past and future editions<br />

of Praeco featured pride in those stu dents<br />

who chose to fight for their country<br />

1968 Praeco<br />

The fun of the ' 60s was a highlight in 1968 The<br />

"Ugly Leg Contest" attracted nine men search<br />

ing for the title. Awarded a ceramic mannequin<br />

leg as the trophy, the competition was fierce l<br />

It was the same year they called <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong><br />

State College Sieg Conference Center, "C amp<br />

Hate-to-Lea ve-It" They celebrated the<br />

introduction<br />

of closed<br />

circuit television<br />

and a<br />

new li ne of<br />


1971 Praeco<br />

"Under the symbol<br />

of Independen ce,<br />

the rights of freedom<br />

of speech,<br />

freedom to assemble,<br />

freedom to<br />

accept or reject<br />

ideas, and freedom<br />

to express oursel ves<br />

we re exercised at<br />

LHSC in May 1970.<br />

It was demonstrated<br />

that the students<br />

cou ld participate<br />

in an organized,<br />

non-violent form of<br />

dissent."<br />

1972 Praeco<br />

Be llbottoms, flowers in<br />

the hair, hot pants, and<br />

platforms fill the pages<br />

of the 1972 yearbook<br />

Throughout this edition,<br />

se lf expression through<br />

fa shion is the theme.<br />

Candids feature fema le<br />

stu de nts in short skirts<br />

with thick masca ra, and<br />

males with long hair,<br />

mustaches and wide<br />

collars Students<br />

demonstrated thei r<br />

individuality with loud<br />

patterns and polyeste r.<br />

1994<br />

While Praeco is no longer published, keeping track of student<br />

trends and expression remains an important part of campus<br />

life. Today' s stud en t is thoughtful about the history of our<br />

past. The student body is much more diverse than ever before<br />

as non-traditional students add a mature dimension to the<br />

classroom The extensive international exchange program<br />

brings students from around the world into the cla ssroom to<br />

share lea rning experi ences Express ion through fashion sometimes<br />

mirrors the images of the 1970s. The baseball cap is an<br />

integ ral part of daily wear as are swea tshirts and t-shirts with<br />

explicit messages about who the person proposes to be.<br />


LHU slates summer camp schedule <br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> has long been known as one of central Pennsylvania's<br />

premier summer sport camp sites. Throughout the department of athletic's long<br />

history, camps in wrestling, soccer and basketball have drawn thousands of<br />

young people to LHU's campus.<br />

Last year alone, nearly 3,500 campers were part of a session of one sort here at<br />

The <strong>Haven</strong>. With the addition of the <strong>University</strong> Foundation Fields, new artificial<br />

surface and an "Olympic" style eight lane track at Hubert Jack Stadium (both<br />

slated to be finished during this upcoming summer), and a Camps Director, <strong>Lock</strong><br />

<strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> is making great strides at strengthening its position as one of<br />

Pennsylvania's fine st summer camp facilities.<br />

While traditionally strong camps in wrestling, socce r, football and basketball continue<br />

to be the main focus of the entire program, nearly every athletic program at<br />

the <strong>University</strong> offers a corollary camp run by its head coach. As of this date, 11<br />

sport camps are slated to be run by LHU 's outstanding coaching staff. In addition<br />

to that, camps in theatre (in conjunction with the Millbrook Playhouse ), dance<br />

(run by the Michael Mao Dance Company), and a recreational sports day camp<br />

are also scheduled.<br />

The list of camps offered at <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> is growing every day. Each<br />

coach is the director of his or her own camp while the <strong>University</strong>'s Director of<br />

Camps oversees the entire camp picture. The <strong>1995</strong> summer camp program<br />

Includes va rious camps in baseball, boy's basketball, girl's basketball, field hockey,<br />

football, boy's soccer, girl's soccer, softbal l, girl's swimming, girl's volleyball,<br />

wrestling, dance, theatre, and recreational sports. The camps are designed for<br />

boys and girls of all ages<br />

For more information on LHU camps, just return the coupon below or call the LHU camps office at (711) 893-2500.<br />

--------------------------------<br />

Please send me more information on the following LHU summer camps:<br />

o Baseball o Boy's Basketball o Girl's Basketball o Dance o Field Hockey<br />

o Football o Recreational Sports o Boy's Soccer o Girl's Soccer o Softball<br />

o Girl's Swimming o Theatre o Girl's Volleyball o Wrestling<br />

Name----------------____________________________________________<br />

Address ------------------------------------------------------------­<br />

City State Zip ------­<br />

Send this coupon to <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong>, Camps Office, Akeley Hall, <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong>, PA 17145.


Capital <br />

Campaign <br />

Update <br />



Through an overwhelming show of support. <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> has received more than $2.2 mi llion in gifts and pledges toward its <br />

Capital Campaign goal of $2.5 million. <br />

Substanti al contributions from alumni, parents, friends, corporate partnerships and internal support has resu lted in the complete funding<br />

of severa l of the Campaign's projects including Jack Stadium, scholarships and property acquisition An add iti onal $180,000 has<br />

been received as undesignated contributions which may be used for any of the seven proJects.<br />

The recent alumni and parent solicitation program bro ught a commitment of more than $400,000 to the Campaign projects At this time<br />

efforts continue to take place as volunteer leaders Dr. Mickey Greenberg, a <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> physician, and Ralph Lovette, former<br />

Hammermill plant manager, take the reigns of the pro fessional and corporate fundraising effort. The alumni phase of the Campaign<br />

was led by Ron Jury, Class of '72<br />

One of the accompl ishments of the <br />

Campaign has been the securing of the <br />

funding for Jack Stadium which will <br />

upgrade the facility to an artificial turf, <br />

eight-lane track and field event areas. <br />

The Stadium will now accommodate a <br />

growing number of intercollegiate and <br />

intramural sports as well as local high <br />

school track. Jack Stadium is one of <br />

two Shared-Funded Capital Projects <br />

addressed in the Capital Campaign To <br />

date, although the Shared Funded <br />

Capital Projects obligation has been <br />

met, the Campaign still seeks an addi ­<br />

tional $600,000 for Ulmer Hall <br />

For more information on the progress <br />

made in the Campaign or on ways to <br />

contribute, contact the Advancement <br />

Division at (717) 893-2293. <br />

Alumna1s generosity assists Capital Campaign<br />

Caroline Cathcart Alleman, '29, has established a charitable gift annuity with the <strong>University</strong> which will assist in LHU's scholarship <br />

efforts. Th ro ugh the annuity, she will receive an annual percentage of her contribution in Quarterly payments until her death The <br />

remainder of the contribution will be used to fund th e Caroline Cathcart Al leman Scholarship which wil l be activated upon her death <br />

Carol ine chose this form of giving to her alma mater because it provided income to her in her lifetime and then will later assist students 1 ~<br />

in need. For mo re information on charitable gift annuities, contact the LHU Advancement Division at (717) 893-2293.

•<br />

Dr. Craig Dean Wil ,lis, LHU president participated in the Inaugural Summit of Thomas B. Courtice, fourteenth<br />

president of Ohio Wesleyan <strong>University</strong>, on Jan. 27 in Delaware, OH. Recognized as the outstanding education<br />

graduate at the Ohio Wesleyan <strong>University</strong> Sesquicentennial in 1992, Dr. Willis was a member of a panel discussing<br />

"Challenges Ahead for Higher Education." He was joined by colleagues from Barat College, Kentucky<br />

Wesleyan College, DePauw <strong>University</strong>, and Albion College. The summit was presented by the Ohio Wesleyan<br />

<strong>University</strong> alumni. Following the discussion, Dr. Willis attended the installation of the new president and the<br />

ceremonies that fol ~ owed.<br />

CC aGgressive'y tackiiDIII"I"'___urs \1<br />

Under the leadership of LHU Student Cooperative Council President Jason Cristofaro, a group of concerned<br />

students have formed a committee to examine the issues students face in leasing agreements. The "Rental<br />

Agreements Committee" is designing a plan of action which will complement off-campus student programs<br />

Looking at both the condition of facilities in which students live as well as the legal concerns of leasing agreements,<br />

the committee is designing a student pamphlet which will explain their rights and responsibilities in a<br />

rental situation. Working in conjunction with <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> City officials, the students are planning to eventually<br />

have lawyers come to<br />

campus to address specific<br />

student concerns in<br />

this area. They are also<br />

hoping to bring landlords<br />

to campus for discussion<br />

groups. Their goal is to<br />

provide assistance this<br />

semester for students<br />

searching for housing<br />

next Fall .<br />

1b<br />

With the receipt of a $30,000 grant <strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong> will provide state-of-the-art distance education opportunities<br />

to teachers in rural areas of the Commonwealth. Through the Intel Pro-Share Personal<br />

Videoconferencing System currently in place at LHU, teachers in Coudersport School District and Renovo<br />

Elementary School in Keystone Central School District will receive graduate credit through a professional development<br />

science in-service program. Dr. Susan Ashley, associate professor of early childhood education, willi<br />

teach the course from Robinson Learning Center at LHU directly to the schools. K-3 teachers in Renovo and<br />

Coudersport will be able to interact with Dr. Ashley through this technology which provides voice and color picture<br />

visualization between the instructor and the students. Teachers will videotape their teaching lessons as<br />

part of their assessment. The capabilities offered by the grant are part of the College of Education and Human<br />

Services' ongoing mission of outreach to area schoo l districts.

ck <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong><br />

2<br />

6-10<br />

19<br />

21<br />

23<br />

25<br />

26<br />

27<br />

29<br />

30-April 1<br />

WINTER SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m.<br />


YOUNG PIANIST CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 3 p.m.<br />

SHARON LUND, lecturer, Multi-Purpose Room, PUB, 7:30 p.m. For tickets call 893-2756<br />

KAREN GOLDBERG, Coffeehouse, Multi-Purpose Room, PUB, 8 p.m. For tickets call<br />

893-2756<br />

"SOUNDS OF JAZZ" FESTIVAL CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 7 p.m. For tickets,<br />

call 893-2127<br />

MASTERWORKS CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 3 p.m.<br />

ART EXHIBIT OPENING featuring the works of Michael Don Fess, Jerry Wray and Marshall<br />

Cunningham, Sloan Gallery, 8 p.m.<br />

THIRD STREAM, Jazz uartet, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m. For tickets call 893-2127<br />

WASH AND DRY, Mainstage Musical Theatre Production, Sloan Theatre, 8 p.m. Curtain.<br />

For tickets call 893-2756<br />

2<br />

6-8<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

12<br />

17<br />

19<br />

20<br />

20-23<br />

23<br />

25<br />

27<br />

30<br />

SHANNE KEENY SENIOR RECITAL, flute, Price Pertc.mnance Center, 3 p.m.<br />

WASH AND DRY, Mainstage Musical Theatre Production, Sloan Theatre, 8 p.m. Curtain.<br />

For tickets call 893-2756<br />

TIMOTHY DISHONG SENIOR RECITAL, French horn, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m.<br />

LHU CHOIR FESTIVAL CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 3 p.m.<br />

OXFORD DEBATE CLUB, Multi-Purpose Room, PUB, 8 p.m.<br />

STUDENT S LOISTS RECITAL, Price Performance Center, 4:30 p.m.<br />


STUDENT SMALL ENSEMBLES RECITAL, Price Performance Center, 4:30 p.m.<br />

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS 1 O'CLOCK LAB BAND, Price Performance Center,<br />

8 p.m. For tickets, call 893-2127<br />

RHA <strong>Spring</strong> Weekend<br />

SPRING CONVOCATION, Keynote Speaker, Dr. Bill Schulz, executive director, Amnesty<br />

International, Price Performance Center, 1 p.m.<br />

PERCUSSION CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m.<br />

JAZZ/ROCK ENSEMBLE/COMBO CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m. For<br />

tickets, call 893-2127<br />

PRESIDENT'S CONCERT, Price Performance Center, 8 p.m.<br />

1<br />

3<br />

4<br />

13<br />

21<br />

ART EXHIBIT OPENING featuring the works of graduating LHU seniors,<br />

STUDENT SOLOISTS RECITAL, Price Performance Center, 4:30 p.m.<br />

LHU CHOIR/ SOLOISTS CHOICE CONCERT, Multi-Purpose Room, PUB, 7 p.m.<br />


SPRING MUSICALE, Price Performance Center, 3 p.m., Sloan Gallery, 8 p.m.


orfice of Alumni and External Relations <br />

120 Akeley Hall <br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong> <strong>University</strong><br />

<strong>Lock</strong> <strong>Haven</strong>, PA 17745<br />

Non-Profit <br />

US Postage <br />

PAID<br />

Williamsport. PA 17701 <br />

Permit No. 281

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