Rapture by Pat Bravo


Rapture lookbook. She is fearless & sophisticated. She dares to wear bold prints with bright hues of lemon, red & blue. She loves to be raptured by the beauty in everything she sees and wears her heart on her sleeve.

For me, a sewing machine is everything. At the age of nine, I sat down for the first time be

fore my mom’s sewing machine. When I was 13, I joined a sewing school in my native Buenos

Aires, where I learned everything about fabrics, dressmaking and patterns. When it was time

for college, I decided to study law, but after 3 years I dropped out and I began taking

painting classes. Around that time, I met the one that was going to be my husband, and

has been the love of my life for 25 years, Walter Bravo. He is my friend, my confidant, my


During the past six months I’ve been busy in my creative space, passionately sewing and

designing with heaps of inspiration. The results are a true labor of love and I’m thrilled to finally

share with you, Rapture! The fabrics are inspired by one of my favorite designers, KENZO,

and the watercolor style that has currently become the latest trend. The color palette has

soft pastels, yet it’s bright and happy too! Perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

I’m so happy right now in my professional and personal life, so I wanted Rapture to be a

reflection of this joyous time!

“Maxi Dress” by Pat Bravo

Make it yourself!

Gardening Bag

by Pat Bravo

Coming Soon!

“The Staple Dress”

by April Rhodes

Patricia Infinity Cowl”

by Luvinthemommyhood

Magazine Project

American Patchwork &

Quilting Magazine

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Summer 2014

“Floral Geometry

Tabletop” by Pat Bravo

for We all Sew / Bernina

Coming Soon January 2014

Magazine Project

Sew It Today

Coming Soon!

April/May 2014

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“Euphloria Laundry Bags”

by Pat Bravo

Magazine Project

American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

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Summer 2014

“Happy Crossings”

by Pat Bravo

Coming Soon!

Magazine Project

Generation Q Magazine

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“Blissfull” by Pat Bravo

Magazine Project

Quilt It Today

Coming Soon!

1 RPT-1704 Euphloria Viridian

2 RPT-1706 Hypnotic Paramour Red

3 RPT-1703 Butterfly Bliss Teal

4 RPT-2702 Wild Beauty Saffron

5 RPT-1709 Vivacious Marvel Cherry

6 RPT-1705 Bonbons Cerise

7 RPT-1700 Dreamscape Sun

8 RPT-1701 Delicate Femme Vanilla

9 RPT-2706 Hypnotic Paramour Rose

10 RPT-2708 Windswept Onyx

11 RPT-2704 Euphloria Coral

12 RPT-2707 Saccharine Caramel

13 RPT-2701 Delicate Femme Apricot

14 RPT-2703 Butterfly Bliss Aqua

15 RPT-2709 Vivacious Marvel Orange

16 RPT-1702 Wild Beauty Pineapple

17 RPT-1708 Windswept Ruby

18 RPT-2700 Dreamscape Moon

19 RPT-2705 Bonbons Candy

20 RPT-1707 Saccharine Lemon

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When it comes to designing a collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of

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