OneEurope 1/93 East-West Magazine HOW TO BUILD THE ...

OneEurope 1/93 East-West Magazine HOW TO BUILD THE ...

AEGEE- Meeting in Sofia 17

Rumours, gossips, hoaxes 18

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Michael Waibel

Lorenz Spillner

Sebastian Huebner


Clemens von Willich and his miraculous computer (whose tea and classical cds helped to calm

the altogether 50 hours layout sessions)

ass. by Philipp von Klitzing, Sebastian Huebner, Michael Waibel, Lorenz Spillner

Special Thanks to:

The BIOST -Koeln


AEGEE Aachen

Zsuza Joerres (for translation of the speech of Dienstbier)

Pavel Miladinovic (for mailing the speech of Jiri Dienstbier)

Marc Coumans


Zsuzsa Kigyos - Budapest, Rainer Emschermann - Bonn, Gregorij Savelyev - Moskva, Carlo

Grossi - Milano, Albena Mihaylova - Sofia, Petya Jordanova - Sofia, David von der Lingen -

Freiburg, Andrea Feld - Debrecen, AEGEE Pecs, Otto Laszlo - Budapest, Tamara Krstelj-Zagreb

and Zoran Mrklic-Zagreb

page 3 -------------------------------------------------

Who wants to study in the WEST?

by Gregorij Savelyev

Do you come from Spain or from Germany and you want to study in Russia? No problem! Just

write to the university, pay a little fee and take the next train. But what to do if you come from

Russia and want to study in Germany? Read the true story of a 23 year old student of computersciences

from Moskva:

This is the way I came to Germany:

There are some things never meant to go together. These are ordinary USSR nationality and

foreign studies (Never say, that the USSR do not exist any more, because they do!). On the 20th

of January 1992 I recieved the invitation from the university of Cologne to take part in a german

language course. At that time I studied at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) and

immediately I asked the officials of our university to make the papers proper. The papers are:

leaving permit, normally issued by the KGB, and a visa which is normally made by the German

embassy. I contacted Mrs A, the chief of the department of international connections (DIC) of the

MPEI. Mrs A said that I looked like leaving the USSR forever and that she doesn't want to help

me. The things were running out of time and I failed to process the documents. I applied for the

next term and at the 5th of July I recieved the notification of admission again. Experienced I went

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