Aries June 2014

Your Sexiest Summer Ever!

Your Sexiest Summer Ever!


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JUNE <strong>2014</strong><br />

ARIES<br />

(<br />


P. 52<br />

get it on!<br />

MAKE<br />

SEX<br />

HOTTER<br />

Get The<br />

ways to let loose<br />

together<br />

V-Shape<br />

Body<br />

WHAT<br />

GUYS<br />

In Just<br />

DON’T<br />

15 Minutes<br />

TELL<br />


YOU AND<br />

PRIDE<br />

WHY<br />

summer<br />

your<br />

best places to<br />

eat, drink, & be merry.<br />

sexiest<br />

Get Ready FOr...<br />

• DRUNK SEX<br />


• 1 GUY - 4 DATES<br />

ever !

ARIES<br />






ME, MYSELF, & I<br />




GAY NEWS<br />


HOT SEAT<br />


BEAUTY<br />















Mehbuba Al<br />





JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 2<br />

“With Men In Mind”, <strong>Aries</strong> is<br />

the life-stylist and advocate<br />

— for courageous, dynamic,<br />

men who hunger to be the<br />

best they can be in every<br />

range of their life.<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> is looking to change the<br />

name “GAY” to be a finer and<br />

respected definition of each<br />

and every community, rather<br />

than the definition that everybody<br />

has come to know.<br />

Here at <strong>Aries</strong> we strive to<br />

provide info on relationships,<br />

romance, the best in fashion,<br />

beauty, the latest in men’s<br />

health/well being, and what<br />

is happening in pop culture<br />

/ entertainment. Everything<br />

that courageous dynamic<br />

MEN want to know about.

3 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 4

Letter From The Editor<br />

Fun In<br />

The Sun!<br />

Sun, Tahoe, and of course the best drink that<br />

my Auj had ever made. Thank you Pintrest! All I<br />

can tell you is that it was made with Malibu rum,<br />

fruit punch, and cut up strawberries for some<br />

fun. Nothing beats when you head to the becch<br />

for the first time of the summer—breakin’ it in.<br />

Since that was the case, a new outfit was in order.<br />

So heading to my fav store H&M, going from<br />

rack to rack, I put together an amazing look,<br />

thanks to my best pal—GALEN! As the sun got<br />

higher and higher, the deeper our buzz became.<br />

I finally met<br />

the amazing<br />

Tory. She is a<br />

wild one!<br />

Drink of<br />

Choice<br />

Hippie<br />

Juice<br />

-1c. Smirnoff<br />

Watermelon<br />

-Vodka -<br />

1/3c. Triple<br />

Sec<br />

-1/3c. Malibu<br />

Coconut<br />

Rum<br />

- 4 scoops<br />

Country<br />

Time Pink<br />

Lemonade<br />

Mix<br />

-Water, and<br />

Strawberries<br />

David Hexberg<br />

David Hexberg<br />

Editorial Director<br />

davidhexberg@ariesmag.com<br />

Twitter@ ariesmagazine<br />

ariesmagazine.com<br />

5 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


5 Letter from the<br />

Editor<br />

8 Behind The Scenes<br />

11 <strong>Aries</strong> Inbox<br />

112 <strong>Aries</strong>cope<br />

116 Red-Hot Read<br />

119 <strong>Aries</strong> Quiz<br />

<strong>June</strong><br />


38 In The Scene<br />

40 <strong>Aries</strong> Guy -<br />

Matt Ryanz<br />

44 Ron Price<br />

50 Courageous,<br />

Dynamic, Men<br />


12 Celeb Buzz<br />

15 Street Crush<br />

16 Bitch It Out<br />

18 Gay Cinema<br />

20 10 Things To Do<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 6


23 Confessions<br />

24 Worst date ever<br />

27 Dirty little<br />

secrets<br />

ME, MYSELF, & I<br />

28 I Survived My<br />

Wedding<br />

32 Friends Vs.<br />

Boyfriends<br />

37 Your Guide To Pride<br />


52 Philly Guy Killed<br />

From Grindr App<br />

BEAUTY<br />

54 Shaggy Pomp<br />

56 Ask Sabrina<br />

58 $10—tops!<br />

61 The Skinny On—pH<br />

Balanced Skin<br />


63 Must Have!<br />

64 To Heal or<br />

Not To Heal<br />

66 Your Go-To<br />

Summer Outfit<br />

69 California Dreaming<br />

71 Ask Jaake<br />

72 Scout Sixteen<br />


77 Keep Your Sex<br />

Life Alive<br />

78 Have Drunk<br />

Sex Sober<br />

80 Sex Q&A<br />

81 Sex Position<br />

of the Month<br />


83 Make Your Summer<br />

Dates Hot!<br />

84 Your Guide To The<br />

Male Brain<br />

86 1 Guy,<br />

4 Blind Dates<br />

92 Secrets to The One<br />

Year Relationship<br />

97 Relationship Q&A<br />


100 Starting A Business<br />

With Your Bestie<br />

IN & OUT<br />

102 I Like The Stubble!<br />

HEALTH<br />

107 Take A Break!<br />

110 Sex Won’t Torch<br />

Calories, But<br />

We Still Love It!<br />

112 Get The V-Shape<br />

Body You Deserve!<br />

7 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Ron getting his makeup<br />

and hair done by our<br />

Beauty Director Sabrina<br />

Filling out his<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> Quiz<br />

He brought<br />

his own boots!<br />

Behind<br />

The<br />

Scenes<br />

Ron Arrived at 2pm wearing his Starbucks<br />

uniform. He had just gotten off<br />

of work. While waiting for our Beauty<br />

Director—Sabrina—and photographer—Vic—<strong>Aries</strong><br />

had him fill out his<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> Quiz. He was so ready for the<br />

shoot. “Hey if something like this<br />

comes your way, then it must be a<br />

good sign to take it.”, says Ron .<br />

Setting Up!<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 8

9 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 10


{ }<br />

AFTER<br />


“I would have never thought to<br />

put those 3 reasons into play. The<br />

reason “The Chemistry’s Fading”<br />

really puts it into perspective. We<br />

used to be so close. Talking to<br />

me about how I feeling sparked<br />

the flame again.”<br />

—Harold, B., Williamsport, PA<br />


“Got my guy really good this year, and never<br />

saw it coming. He always gets me and I<br />

wanted a good ideas to get him. I didn’t just<br />

prank him once, twice, but three times. Next<br />

year will be even better. ”<br />

—Cain M., Reno, NV<br />


“This is by far the best page in the entire<br />

magazine. God such hotties, where do I find<br />

them and get their number. Keep this in the<br />

magazine! ”<br />

—Brant P., Reno, NV<br />

What You Thought<br />

of the April Issue<br />

BEFORE<br />

We had a hunch that some of you were wanting to see<br />

a guy who wasn’t toned, but still was fit. James was<br />

our guy. Most of you don’t know is that he used to be<br />

a little chubbier. During the photo shoot he whipped<br />

out his phone and gave me a sneak peak at what he<br />

used to look like. All I can say is this....KEEP GOING<br />

JAMES! He looks amazing, I love hearing/seeing people<br />

taking control of there lifes and making a change.<br />

Really takes empowerment to a whole new level if you<br />

ask me. Some of his friends actually emailed me and<br />

wanted to thank me for putting him on the cover. Somebody<br />

like this needs to be recognized. This inspires me<br />

to even hit the gym and get that beach bod! Totes Jelly<br />

over here.<br />






Here at <strong>Aries</strong> we love to help out<br />

fellow gay businesses! HuntleyHomme.com<br />

is a clothing shop for gay men where you can<br />

express yourself! A lifestyle brand dedicated to<br />

the homosexual and homocentric. All you have<br />

to do is facebook <strong>Aries</strong> Magazine why you’re an<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> guy. #IWANTTHIS....#ARIESGUY. All<br />

I can say is the product is fantastic and that it is<br />

super comfortable. Don’t Miss Out!!!!<br />


“This has always been a tough subject for me to swallow. You never<br />

have too much fun. The consequences are just that, boring as hell.<br />

I have been in jail 5 times in the pass year and It’s something that I<br />

don’t want to do or end up in again. So where does the line end for<br />

fun and the begin for adult. This article really helped me find that<br />

line.”<br />

—Jerry T., Asheville, NC<br />

Talk to us! What do you think about the issue?<br />

Visit <strong>Aries</strong>magazine.com to comment or<br />

e-mail your thoughts to davidhexberg@ariesmag.com<br />

11 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


PLAY BALL!<br />

Ryan P. out at<br />

his son Deacon’s<br />

Baseball<br />

Game.<br />

Batter Up!<br />

Flynn making dad<br />

Orlando Bloom<br />

look to see the<br />

camera. LOOK!<br />

Happy<br />

Hot-Dads’ Day!<br />

We’re not going to try to<br />

ake “DILF” happen, but<br />

there’s something about a<br />

hot guy with his kid...Question<br />

is, who’s cuter: these<br />

celebs or their little<br />

snugglebugs?<br />

Chris<br />

Hemsworth’s<br />

biceps may be<br />

bigger than his<br />

daughter,<br />

But he’s<br />

he’ll protect<br />

her while in<br />

INDIA.<br />

CELEB<br />

BUZZ<br />

We dig Mark<br />

Wahlberg<br />

and son<br />

Brendan’s<br />

matching<br />

kicks more<br />

than they dig<br />

the game.<br />

Ever wonder what<br />

kind of dad Dawson<br />

would be? James<br />

Van Der Beek is super<br />

cute with Olivia<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 12

13 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 14

Street<br />

Crush<br />

We asked some of you to send<br />

in the hotties from your area.<br />

15 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Maybe you should have worn<br />

an undershirt!<br />

Bitch It Out!<br />

Working your last nerve! There<br />

are people who tend to get<br />

under your skin so here is a<br />

place to vent!<br />

I am not sure<br />

about what<br />

the hell he is<br />

wearing but<br />

the knee pads!<br />

The latest<br />

trend...The<br />

Lohan<br />

Denny’s really<br />

wants you to<br />

feel like you’re<br />

at home!<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 16

Who’s Ready<br />

To Get Dirty?<br />

SEPTEMBER 20TH —<br />

RENO, NV<br />

REGISTER @<br />


17 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


The movie Geography Club (2013),<br />

directed by the twin actor/director/<br />

awesome Gary and Edmund Entin, is<br />

the movie adaptation from the book<br />

(2003) of the same name by Brent<br />

Hartinger. Despite the generation<br />

gap between the alternate media<br />

releasing, the fundamental themes<br />

of life that cause people to live in<br />

fraudulence and desperation for<br />

the prized status quo that Hartinger<br />

originally wrote into his novel are<br />

presented without obfuscation by the<br />

Entin directors in this easily relatable<br />

high-school teen dramedy.<br />

Russell, the main character played<br />

by Cameron Deane Stewart, is an<br />

average guy with a quirky sense of<br />

humor and a good general optimism<br />

about life.* He doesn’t question his<br />

sexuality, but that doesn’t mean that<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 18<br />

navigating high school isn’t going<br />

to be particularly farcical for him<br />

or any of this Breakfast Club-esque<br />

cast of characters. Russell with his<br />

comically compensating friend Gunner,<br />

played by Andrew Caldwell, and<br />

a few other courageously relatable<br />

friends embark along a modern take<br />

on the road to age-appropriate self<br />

actualization through love interests<br />

and the social turbulences of high<br />

school.<br />

Since more people gain a rapid understanding<br />

of their sexuality in this<br />

decade, Geography Club focuses on<br />

the struggle for what to do with your<br />

identity in this world of peer pressure<br />

after you have already accepted<br />

yourself, rather than retell the story<br />

of the ‘one’ who needs to be shown<br />

who they are. Because really in life<br />

“this is your thing, run with it.” Mrs.<br />

Toles.<br />

I gave Geography Club 6 out<br />

of ten <strong>Aries</strong> Ram horns. Don’t let<br />

my score fool you into not watching<br />

this fun-times-with-friends movie<br />

though. Geography Club is loaded<br />

RATING<br />

B-<br />

July’s Next<br />

Gay Movie<br />


with ridiculous unpredictable scenarios<br />

that kept me asking “what’s gonna<br />

happen next!?” The only conspicuous<br />

issues that really rammed this<br />

movie in the nuts were the fact that<br />

some stories shouldn’t be condensed<br />

into one movie, just like this one…<br />

The depth of detail allocated for this<br />

film is a far cry from what must be<br />

held in the pages of the book from<br />

which it was adapted, but it’s now<br />

modern. (Hartinger-book author- did<br />

make a whole series…) But really,<br />

this movie isn’t on a H.P. budget, so<br />

dismount the hippogriff and blow off<br />

the cinematic expectation of a Hollywood<br />

smash hit and enjoy the incredible<br />

acting, WTF’s, and the awww’s<br />

this movie has to offer.<br />

On a more analytical note,<br />

I was surprised to find that by the<br />

time I was done watching the movie<br />

a second time I had generated 16<br />

pages of notes on a wide variety of<br />

topics from the directing and editing<br />

to the acting and character development.<br />

While I do not have the<br />

space necessary to extrapolate on all<br />

reasons why I think there are pertinent<br />

reasons to watch the film, there<br />

are a few key story lines and character<br />

archetypes that really caught my<br />

attention.<br />

All the relationships in this movie<br />

seem to tell the same story on<br />

slightly different avenues. One of<br />

the greatest things you can do in life<br />

is to find someone who you can be<br />

yourself around, often times though;<br />

we don’t have the ability to find that<br />

person until we can come to terms<br />

with how we want society to treat<br />

us. Geography club explores several<br />

different relationships in which each<br />

person has a completely different<br />

take on how they want society to<br />

view them. As the movie develops<br />

you are sure to relate one of these<br />

situations. Interestingly enough,<br />

many of the characters depicted in<br />

the “Geography Club” were direct<br />

parallels of people I knew.<br />

Ever person alive can relate<br />

to having less than their fair share of<br />

integrity on more than one occasion.<br />

Self reflection is a necessary break<br />

away from the abstract falsities of<br />

our everyday lives that can bring us<br />

back to self actualization. Though<br />

there is only one perspective telling<br />

the story, the times during which<br />

Russell becomes self reflective are<br />

excellent parallels to his evolving<br />

feelings towards being alone in the<br />

world.<br />

As the “geography club”<br />

comes together it’s obvious that each<br />

person inherently shares a common<br />

fear of being judged for who<br />

they really are by their peers. This<br />

emotional theme is experienced by<br />

everyone alive, so the importance of<br />

a fun, safe and therapeutic support<br />

group has almost become a requirement<br />

for maturity. Because all of the<br />

members of the “geography club”<br />

are open to each other about the intricacies<br />

of their fears, through their<br />

connection, they are able to support<br />

one another and lift weight from the<br />

daily trials of high school.<br />

Of course this movie has many<br />

other plot lines and themes that are<br />

a guaranteed accompaniment to any<br />

LGBTIQA movie, and if you are<br />

one of those people who enjoy films<br />

about inspirational quotes based on<br />

simple yet profound statements such<br />

as “learn to be yourself,” trust me<br />

you won’t be disappointed.<br />



“When I was writing Russel<br />

(the main character<br />

-- spelled “Russell” in the<br />

movie version), I thought<br />

of him as pretty autobiographical.<br />

He’s not “me”<br />

exactly, but he has my<br />

sense of humor, my general<br />

optimism, and my<br />

sense of not being crazy<br />

about being in the spotlight.<br />

I see him and his<br />

friends as being very very<br />

quirky. I figured a lot of<br />

gay guys could relate to<br />

him and his friends, especially<br />

the nerdy intellectual<br />

types, but I didn’t<br />

particularly think he’d<br />

have massive crossover<br />

appeal.”<br />

19 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

10 Things to d<br />

Rock Out<br />

Go See These<br />

Lucy Hale<br />

From her hit series<br />

“Pretty Little Liars,”<br />

Lucy’s coming out<br />

with a country album,<br />

<strong>June</strong> 3<br />



The heroic Viking Hiccup<br />

and his faithful dragon<br />

Toothless must protect<br />

the peace -- and save<br />

the future of men and<br />

dragons from the power-hungry<br />

Drago.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 3<br />

The Purge 2<br />

A couple are quickly trying<br />

to get to their home<br />

before The Purge starts<br />

but their car runs out of<br />

gas<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<br />


AGE OF<br />


As humanity picks up<br />

the pieces, following the<br />

conclusion of: Dark of<br />

the Moon, Autobots and<br />

Decepticons have all but<br />

vanished from the face of<br />

the planet.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 27<br />

Miranda Lambert<br />

She’s back again but<br />

this time with a glitzy<br />

album.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 3<br />

22 JUMP STREET<br />

Officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and<br />

Jenko (Channing Tatum) go deep<br />

undercover at a local college, but<br />

when Jenko meets a kindred spirit<br />

on the football team, and Schmidt<br />

infiltrates the bohemian art major<br />

scene, they begin to question their<br />

partnership.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 13<br />

Read These<br />

50 Cent<br />

Get in sync with the<br />

animal inside!<br />

<strong>June</strong> 3<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 20<br />

How to be Gay<br />

Far from being deterred<br />

by stereotypes, Halperin<br />

concludes that the<br />

genius of gay culture<br />

resides in some of its<br />

most despised features.<br />

Drama Queen<br />

Drama Queen is fast,<br />

funny, and delivers a<br />

healthier option than<br />

accepting the worst<br />

and expecting the<br />

world. For many gay<br />

men, drama is an essential<br />

spice of life.

o this Month<br />

Tune In<br />

Attend This<br />

Pretty Little Liars<br />

The girls are back for another<br />

season. Now that “A” knows<br />

the girls have to deal with new<br />

hits. <strong>June</strong> 10<br />

True Blood<br />

Season 7 of True Blood is<br />

the seventh and final season<br />

of the show. For those who<br />

wanted to watch the show<br />

catch up before it’s all over.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 22<br />

Orange Is New Black<br />

Netflix cleverly told us when<br />

the new season starts. Let’s<br />

see what’s in stock. <strong>June</strong> 22<br />

San Fransisco Gay Pride<br />

The two-day celebration takes place in Civic Center<br />

Plaza in downtown San Francisco the last full<br />

weekend of <strong>June</strong> each year. The Parade, which<br />

takes place the Sunday morning of the event, kicks<br />

off from Beale Street along Market and ends at<br />

Market and 8th St. in the heart of downtown San<br />

Francisco. <strong>June</strong> 28-29<br />

21 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 22


You reveal your most<br />

embarassing, RIDICULOUS,<br />

what-was-I-thinking moments.<br />

“I decided to visit my Grandma<br />

that I have not seen in a long time.<br />

When I arrived in to town, I didn’t tell<br />

her I was and wanted to surprise her.<br />

I got to her house and when I entered<br />

I witnessed my G-MA and a stranger<br />

younger man doing the nasty.”<br />

—Jesse D,. 20, Reno, NV.<br />

“I have a Family Guy<br />

addiction. I’ve seen every<br />

episode. I can predict what<br />

the characters will say.<br />

Every Saturday, I’m secretly<br />

happy, because I can<br />

watch Family Guy all day.”<br />

—Taylor J,. 24, San Fran.<br />

“I<br />

have every<br />

other month a new<br />

roommate. I think it’s because<br />

I walk around naked<br />

every chance I get. I tell them<br />

that I do, but I don’t think<br />

they believe me until they<br />

see my man<br />

meat.”<br />

—Taylor J,. 24, Reno,<br />

NV<br />

“I was with a guy at a club, and we were<br />

heading down domn some really steep stairs.<br />

I turned to give him a sexy look, instead I<br />

ate it. I scraped my knees and everyone was<br />

laughing at me, but I think he might have<br />

liked me even more for it..”<br />

—Izzy G,. 21, Carson City, NV<br />

23 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


He Wasn’t<br />

Gay<br />

& Thought<br />

It Was A<br />

Double<br />

Date!<br />

“I thought<br />

he was a<br />

nice, gay<br />

guy. He<br />

thought I’d<br />

like a date<br />

with a girl.”<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 24<br />

I<br />

usually don’t go out with a<br />

guy I meet online before I see<br />

what he looks like. I usually<br />

ask to do camera to camera,<br />

but this time, I looked like a<br />

mess, so I exchanged numbers with<br />

one guy and we talked for 10 minutes<br />

through the phone. He seemed<br />

nice, so we arranged to meet the next<br />

day for coffee. We decided to meet<br />

in Jabal Amman in front of this nice,<br />

old café.<br />

I arrived there and waited<br />

for 10 minutes outside before he<br />

arrived. He picked me up and we<br />

went to Rainbow Street. But, when<br />

we reached a place called Batata,<br />

I started to worry! There were two<br />

girls waiting in front, one of them<br />

wearing a short, red dress and the<br />

other wearing jeans with a cute top.<br />

He stopped at the girls and<br />

said, “Oh, these are my friends, let<br />

me pick them up, maybe they need a<br />

lift.”<br />

I kept quiet because I knew<br />

this was some sort of game from the<br />

looks on the girls’ faces. It looked as<br />

they knew he was coming.<br />

He introduced me and then<br />

informed them that I was gay. They<br />

said, “Really? Oh, how cute.”<br />

I tried to excuse myself and<br />

said that I had to leave, but they were<br />

so insisting that I found myself having<br />

dinner with them. After awhile,<br />

they started asking me all types of<br />

questions:<br />

“What do you do?” “Do<br />

you have a boyfriend?”<br />

“Does your family<br />

know?” “What’s gay sex<br />

like?” “What’s your religion?”<br />

It all made me really uncomfortable.<br />

Enough was enough. I looked<br />

at my “date” and told him, “Nice<br />

one, disrespectful much?” Then I<br />

headed to the door. He wasn’t gay!<br />

Very interesting to meet a straight<br />

guy on Manjam (a gay online dating<br />

site). What a scene!

25 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 26

Artwork By: Matt Skingsley<br />


So you couldn’t keep it to yourself!<br />

“I sold your<br />

iPad to pay<br />

for my addiction.<br />

I don’t<br />

regret it.”<br />

“When you’re at<br />

work, your boyfriend<br />

comes over and we<br />

have amazing sex.<br />

Tells me that it’s<br />

way better than<br />

you.”<br />

“GIVE IT UP!<br />

YOU WILL<br />


THE GUY<br />


EX. ALONE IS<br />


NAME.”<br />

“I started losing<br />

weight cuz I hate<br />

how our community<br />

labels us gays.<br />

I’m not a bear and<br />

don’t want to be.”<br />

“I hacked into<br />

your facebook<br />

and saw that<br />

you like me.<br />

Why won’t you<br />

tell me that you<br />

like me?”<br />

“The next time you<br />

start talking crap<br />

make sure that I’m<br />

not friends with<br />

someone you like.<br />

He’s never gonna<br />

like you now. ”<br />

“In high school<br />

you said that you<br />

tried to commit<br />

suicide with a<br />

paperclip, little<br />

did you know<br />

that everybody<br />

was ready to<br />

give you one”<br />

“I am patiently<br />

waiting<br />

for you<br />

to die so I<br />

don’t have<br />

to worry<br />

about you<br />

being alive<br />

and coming<br />

near my mom.”<br />

“All I ever want<br />

to do is just<br />

leave you. I<br />

was in love<br />

with you until I<br />

found out you<br />

cheated on me.<br />

#Waiting”<br />

27 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

LIVE IT UP!<br />

I Survived My<br />

Wedding By: Tamisha Seals<br />

There it is, he’s on one knee after a romantic night out. He pulls out a<br />

beautiful red velvet box, opens it to reveal a sparkling diamond ring.<br />

He then asks that magical question, “will you marry me?” Of course<br />

you say yes! Here begins a long journey. No one is thinking about it at<br />

first, but suddenly it sinks in. You’re getting married and now there’s a<br />

wedding to plan. You think about the colors, suits, dresses, venues, the<br />

reception, food, etc. Even with a wedding planner this will take some<br />

time and hard work. I’m going to help out a little bit to help you survive<br />

the wedding.<br />

All For The Right Reason<br />

You said you would, and you both<br />

know one thing, you’re madly in<br />

love. So getting married seems like<br />

the thing to do, right? Well before<br />

you plan every detail and have<br />

everyone show up for the day (only<br />

to have someone get cold feet) make<br />

sure you’re are getting married for<br />

the right reason. Now a good reason<br />

to marry would be you’ve both<br />

known each other for a significant<br />

amount of time, and have got to<br />

know each other well enough that<br />

you are willing to deal with their<br />

whole package, family included. The<br />

last thing you need is to be getting<br />

a divorce because you can’t stand<br />

your partner’s mother. Family has a<br />

big impact on relationships. You also<br />

have to be willing to stand behind<br />

each other, even in disagreements.<br />

Another good reason is that you<br />

communicate well with one another.<br />

Though you won’t always agree with<br />

your partner, you must learn to argue<br />

respectfully. If you love that person<br />

you shouldn’t hurt them no matter<br />

the circumstances. Communication<br />

is the key to a healthy and happy<br />

marriage. A friend of mine explained<br />

his reason, “it wasn’t ever really a<br />

thought, it was more of a feeling. It<br />

was like my heart could read theirs<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 28<br />

and vice versa. We didn’t even<br />

have to speak it into words, we just<br />

knew!”<br />

Planning The Wedding<br />

Planning the wedding doesn’t have<br />

to be as stressful as you might think.<br />

The key word here is to PLAN! Keep<br />

in mind that things may not go as<br />

planned, and it’s a good idea to keep<br />

an open mind. If you’re searching for<br />

specific things, plan to have back ups<br />

in case something goes wrong. The<br />

more prepared you are the better results<br />

you’ll have. Just don’t go over<br />

board from nervousness. I’m sure<br />

every couple has their, “must haves,”<br />

so make a list of those things and<br />

circle which ones you are willing to<br />

alternate or change on sudden notice.<br />

If you simply must have something,<br />

then make sure you give extra time<br />

in order to obtain it. Try to have at<br />

least two options for things like your<br />

venue, cake, flowers, or decor. It’ll<br />

help ensure you don’t come across<br />

many disappointments. Be willing to<br />

compromise and most importantly<br />

take breaks from planning and relax<br />

with your partner. You wouldn’t<br />

want planning your wedding to pull<br />

you apart. Let your wedding planner<br />

do all the hard work. Picking<br />

out your decor should be fun and<br />

excited, not a headache. Remember<br />

they are there to help you that’s why<br />

you hired them. They are an expert<br />

at what they do and can make sure<br />

your special day is as magical as you<br />

have ever dreamed. If you and your<br />

partner choose not to hire a wedding<br />

planner, and have your family help<br />

instead, be sure they understand it’s<br />

your wedding and you guys call the<br />

shots. Some good tips from Theknot.<br />

com are: 1.Know how many guests<br />

will be there, so you know where<br />

to plan your venue. 2. Beware of<br />

wedding blackout dates, know ahead<br />

of time if your wedding date falls on<br />

the same date, like a special event<br />

that would affect traffic or hotel<br />

availability. 3. If you need to cut cost<br />

then start with the guests, if you cut<br />

ten guest at $100 a person, that saves<br />

you $1000.<br />

Choosing A Venue<br />

I’ve included this in this guide because<br />

I’ve come across some great<br />

tips that you should know. Picking<br />

the location of your venue is going<br />

to take some research. Get a folder<br />

to store important vendor numbers,<br />

dates for meeting, and pictures that<br />

get your idea out. Though the location<br />

of the venue is entirely up to the<br />

two of you, and with so many places<br />

that offer a wide variety of commodities<br />

and accommodations, this<br />

decision can be tough. Like I mentioned<br />

before find out ahead of time<br />

how many guests will be there, and<br />

keep in mind the closer you schedule<br />

the date the more money you may<br />

be able to save. Theknot.com says,<br />

“Your wedding vendors should be<br />

your go-to, most-trusted experts<br />

during the planning process. When<br />

working with them, you should feel<br />

free to really explore what it is you<br />

want.” You may also want to consider<br />

a location where your friends and<br />

family won’t have trouble making<br />

it to the ceremony. Another thing<br />

I’d like to mention, is that Mother

29 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

to have many people that will want<br />

in that top ranking position in the<br />

wedding then good creative way to<br />

avoid disappointments is to to have a<br />

playoff. That’s right! It’s competitive<br />

and fun! Have everyone that wants<br />

to be in the wedding party sign up<br />

for both sides. Find a few wedding<br />

friendly games and let the games<br />

begin. Everyone has a fair chance<br />

to be in the wedding party and no<br />

disappointments made. You can also<br />

host a party where you have a drawing<br />

to find who’s in and who’s out.<br />

Some exceptions to this would be<br />

who your florist and photographer<br />

are. In this case you’d want to check<br />

out their portfolio, and some satisfied<br />

customers.<br />

Nature isn’t always on our side. If<br />

you plan to have an outdoor wedding,<br />

see if you can make an easy<br />

transition to an indoor wedding in<br />

case it’s raining cats and dogs. You<br />

wouldn’t want your guests too leave<br />

to early either because it’s too hot<br />

or cold out. You might even want to<br />

consider some kind of pest control.<br />

Before you sign a contract with a<br />

venue see if they’ll throw a few extras<br />

in there, like an hour longer for<br />

cocktails. Decide whether or not you<br />

want a combination of the ceremony<br />

and reception at the same place. You<br />

may be able to save some money if<br />

your ceremony is held at the family<br />

church, and reception elsewhere, but<br />

then that means your guests will also<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 30<br />

have to do some extra traveling.<br />

The Wedding Party<br />

This might be the easiest decision to<br />

make, or the nightmare of decisions.<br />

If you don’t have many friends or<br />

family that live in the same state, or<br />

country, then deciding who’s going<br />

to be in your wedding party can be a<br />

piece of cake. Realistically, everyone<br />

is going to want to be included. First<br />

of all, there shouldn’t be any doubt<br />

who the person of honor is in both<br />

parties. Best friend, brother, sister,<br />

favorite cousin, someone who has<br />

a close and loyal relationship with<br />

you and you know in your heart who<br />

that person is. If you just so happen<br />

The HoneyMoon<br />

Now this has got to be every newlyweds<br />

favorite part of getting married.<br />

All the running around, and nervousness<br />

is finally over. Everyone is partied<br />

out, the families are joined, and<br />

now it’s time for some one-on-one<br />

time. Hopefully the two of you have<br />

already picked out a destination.<br />

Most people have, but not everyone,<br />

and some people don’t even go. If<br />

you’re choosing to go on a honeymoon<br />

and spoil yourselves, I don’t<br />

blame you. Being newly married is<br />

a great cause for celebration. Taking<br />

time for intimacy in seclusion so that<br />

you relationship can bond is wonderful.<br />

Some top spots to visit are<br />

The French Riviera, Italy, Rome, and<br />

Venice. The exotic and romantic setting<br />

can bring the two of you close<br />

together, not to mention the beautiful<br />

scenery, great food, and nice people.<br />

Many places offer a honeymooners<br />

discount to save you money as well,<br />

and some places will even wine and<br />

dine you for free. Visit Priceline.<br />

com for a full list of honeymoon<br />

destinations and package deals. I<br />

hope you’ve survived your wedding<br />

and I wish you a lifetime of love and<br />


31 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

By: Leyla Luanne<br />



We’ve all done it.<br />

Leaving for a trip out<br />

of town, we’re all<br />

packed and ready to<br />

go. We’re halfway to<br />

our destination and we look back with a<br />

wrinkle on our brow, a familiar feeling<br />

tickling at the back of our mind. We’ve<br />

forgotten something, we’re sure of it.<br />

Reaching back, we sift through all of<br />

our belongings, but nothing jumps out at<br />

us. We’ve got our wallets, our IDs, our<br />

toothbrush. We’ve got three extra pairs<br />

of underwear and three or four pairs of<br />

socks. We’ve got all those loose, little<br />

odds and ends. Anything and everything<br />

we could’ve thought of and a few we<br />

didn’t and still, there’s that certainty that<br />

something is undeniably missing.<br />

It isn’t until about an hour later,<br />

or maybe after our arrival that we realize<br />

what it was. That the horrid, nagging<br />

sensation of absent minded neglect was<br />

real. It was certain. It was there all along.<br />

And of all the things we could’ve<br />

forgotten, this one time, we forgot our<br />

best friend.<br />

Except it isn’t just this one time.<br />

We’ve done it before. More than once.<br />

Too often. But we’ve only just now realized<br />

it, because it began before we knew<br />

it. It was a moment, it was a breath, a<br />

glance, a smile, a laugh and suddenly<br />

our entire world has changed.<br />

Suddenly every waking moment<br />

is spent dreaming about that one, special<br />

someone and every night is spent in<br />

anticipation of the next moment we’ll<br />

see them again. If it’s love, all the better,<br />

but even if it’s just that fiery poker in the<br />

hearth of our loins, the fact of the matter<br />

is, our world now revolves around that<br />

certain someone. And that certain someone<br />

is the only axis we tilt on, spring,<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 32<br />

VS.<br />

When you start dating a new guy, be<br />

ready for some friendship fail-out.<br />

Here’s how to help all your relationships<br />

coexist...and, hopefully, grow.

summer, winter and fall, every season<br />

from now until global warming takes<br />

us all.<br />

But at what cost? Is it friends<br />

and family be damned? Is it all the<br />

plans and gatherings meant for you<br />

and your friends and family are left<br />

by the wayside while you moon and<br />

swoon over your new lady or beau?<br />

Is it always going to be that you’ve<br />

forgotten, misplaced the plans outside<br />

of the immediate and desperate desire<br />

to be nearer, just a tiny bit nearer to<br />

everything and anything having to do<br />

with the candy draped on your bent<br />

arm? And if it comes down to it, if you<br />

have to choose, what do you do? How<br />

does the decision between beau and<br />

bro bring about a tie-breaker in this<br />

dog-eat-dog world of friendship versus<br />

lovers?<br />

Your man-candy wants to see a<br />

movie. He chooses the newest, romantic<br />

chick-flick and you agree without a<br />

second thought, without so much as a<br />

bat of the eyelashes, except immediately<br />

after you’ve given your consent you<br />

remember that your bestie bought you<br />

two tickets for the midnight showing.<br />

How do we reconcile? Do we lie in<br />

wait as your bestie dresses in her best<br />

imitation of the heroine, fluffs, curls,<br />

trims and primps. Do we hide? Do we<br />

come forward or do we come up with<br />

another solution?<br />

Do we suggest a threesome?<br />

Do we hint at the amount of missed<br />

opportunities we’ve had in which the<br />

two could have bonded like Elmer’s<br />

and palms and insist that the time is<br />

now? That the time is long overdue?<br />

That we cannot believe it has taken<br />

this long in the first place. Do we haggle,<br />

finagle and smooth talk our way<br />

out of the tough spot we cannot believe<br />

we were foolish enough to drop ourselves<br />

into?<br />

Is this a solution or a greater<br />

problem? Does your friend bite, take<br />

the bait and jump at the opportunity<br />

to finally be a part of your life once<br />

more, or do they see right through your<br />

sneaky, little scheme? Will they feel<br />

like you’re including them, or is this<br />

a pity invite? Will they feel like one<br />

of the crew, or a third wheel? Do they<br />

excite at the prospect of meeting this<br />

infamous stranger, or does their enthusiasm<br />

deflate as they realize, with cold,<br />

deadly certainty, that you have once<br />

again forgotten that the two of you had<br />

plans long before this perfect stranger<br />

came into your life?<br />

And what about the second<br />

scenario? The one that didn’t really<br />

occur to us? The one that would have<br />

us break plans with that certain someone<br />

to honor our promise to our bestie?<br />

Do we give up those warm, fuzzy,<br />

90 minutes of cuddling in the dark,<br />

fluorescent glow of the neon exit sign,<br />

setting the stage for the promise of a<br />

later night than an hour and a half beneath<br />

the silver screen could ever hope<br />

to endure?<br />

Do we risk upsetting our beau?<br />

Making him feel as though he is not<br />

your top priority, that he or she is<br />

second best, second thought, not your<br />

number one?<br />

Do we promise one or the other<br />

that we’ll make it up to them next<br />

time?<br />

Where is the solution? Where<br />

do we draw the line at integration over<br />

integrity? Is there a balance to be had<br />

at all? Or could it be that we simply<br />

need to make time for both, together<br />

and separately? And what if it isn’t<br />

always about you? What if the neglect<br />

can become something smothering on<br />

the opposite end? Does your beau not<br />

need a night out with their best buddies?<br />

Does your bestie not need some<br />

time to themselves and their friends<br />

as well? Is it possible that sometimes,<br />

just sometimes, you might just need to<br />

spend some time by yourself as well?<br />

The fact of the matter is,<br />

you need to find that elusive middle<br />

ground, the infallible balance of the<br />

justice scales. When we make plans<br />

with the bestie, we need to honor those<br />

plans, we need to set aside that time<br />

33 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

and let it be that not every sentence<br />

that comes out of our mouths begins<br />

with the name of that certain someone.<br />

We need to resist the urge to text<br />

them every couple of minutes. To<br />

check their check-ins, their statuses<br />

and their picture blogs.<br />

We need to understand that<br />

we are not their wardens and it’s ok<br />

to let them slip your mind every here<br />

and there. We need to accept that we<br />

if you do so. They are not mutually<br />

exclusive, they are not oil and water.<br />

In fact, if the one does choose to stay<br />

around, they may need to become<br />

one and the same.<br />

Much as your bestie has<br />

become your family, so too might<br />

your beau become your bestie or one<br />

day be your family. In the end, all<br />

roads lead to home, so in the interest<br />

of making it a happy, peaceful and<br />

bring them together. Cook with the<br />

oil, throw out the water, replace it<br />

with wine. After all, when everything’s<br />

said and done, don’t we<br />

all love a gathering of family and<br />

friends that comes together at dusk<br />

and stays firm long past the break of<br />

day, through shadow and light and<br />

laughter and the promise of bonds<br />

that strengthen with time and time<br />

again?<br />

should slip their mind every here and<br />

there. Because few people are whole<br />

without friends and family and we<br />

wouldn’t want to be the reason they<br />

lose that, nor would we want to<br />

throw that away ourselves.<br />

By the same token, there’s no<br />

need to separate that two eternally,<br />

especially considering that either one<br />

might stick around or leave at will<br />

harmonious place, make sure that<br />

your priorities are where they belong,<br />

in each given moment, in each<br />

plan, for better or for worse, bound<br />

by the bonds of affections that differ<br />

in many ways, but are, ultimately the<br />

same.<br />

Love and love alike. Share<br />

and dare alike.<br />

And when the time is right,<br />

Never forget where you’ve<br />

come from, who was there and who<br />

will always be, but never neglect<br />

the promise of a tomorrow in which<br />

you can stand firm in the promise of<br />

another who might stay by your side<br />

the same in the present and time to<br />

come.<br />

Family is family, after all.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 34

35 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 36

GUIDE<br />

Your<br />

To<br />

PRIDE<br />

There comes a time when you go<br />

to your first Pride, like a right of<br />

passge, if you will. Some of the<br />

new gays—or gaybies—just don’t<br />

know what to expect or how to<br />

really get the best out of their first<br />

Gay Pride. We got you covered!<br />

San Fransisco<br />

San Francisco throws one of the<br />

more colorful and prominent Gay<br />

Pride festivals in the world, with the<br />

key events taking place over the last<br />

weekend in <strong>June</strong> (on <strong>June</strong> 28 to <strong>June</strong><br />

29 in <strong>2014</strong>). Of course, San Francisco<br />

has a rich and lengthy history of<br />

gay rights, and the city’s Pride events<br />

are well-attended, well-organized,<br />

and great fun for visitors - it’s also<br />

one of the largest Gay Pride celebrations<br />

in the United States.<br />


There is going to be a lot of people<br />

every where you turn. And be prepared<br />

to be waiting. Try to hit all the<br />

venues before the crowd starts to hit.<br />

That way you can enjoy the parade<br />

and anything else you want to do.<br />

You will meet people from all over<br />

the U.S. and even out of the country.<br />

LIVE IT UP!:<br />

You’re in the sun, you’re seeing hot<br />

guys in barely anything, and there<br />

is a lot to do. While you’re enjoying<br />

pride, head down to FISHERMAN’S<br />

WARF, great place to find some amama<br />

items. If you have time take the<br />

Muni to Castro, located just outside<br />

of San Fran, the gayest town ever!<br />

New York<br />

New York City celebrates Gay<br />

Pride each <strong>June</strong> (<strong>June</strong> 27 to <strong>June</strong> 29,<br />

<strong>2014</strong>), to honor what many consider<br />

to be one of the foremost events in<br />

the history of lesbian and gay rights,<br />

the Stonewall Riots, which commenced<br />

early in the morning on <strong>June</strong><br />

28, 1969.<br />


Whether you’re marching or watching,<br />

make like a good scout and be<br />

prepared! Charring your torso to<br />

crimson is sure to ruin your night<br />

of bumping and grinding, whether<br />

you’re heading to the pier dance or<br />

your favorite club, so bring some<br />

sunblock. Finally, if you’ve got<br />

yourself wedged into a good spot,<br />

you’ll be unwise to leave it to forage<br />

for food, no matter how light-headed<br />

you feel.<br />

LIVE IT UP!:<br />

If you’re planning on heading down<br />

to New York for your Pride desitnation,<br />

then you’re in for a ride. Most<br />

of the events that happen are : Dance<br />

on the Pier, The March, Teaze, Vip<br />

Rooftop Party, and the Rally.<br />

Boston<br />

Boston’s always-vibrant Gay Pride<br />

celebration takes place this weekend,<br />

with the Parade and Festival on<br />

Saturday, <strong>June</strong> 9, and then the traditional<br />

block parties the following day<br />

in the charming Back Bay and funky<br />

Jamaica Plain neighborhoods. This is<br />

one of the earlier <strong>June</strong> Pride events<br />

of any major cities on the East Coast,<br />

and it tends to attract visitors from<br />

all over New England<br />


In a different climate and enviroment,<br />

this is town that you really<br />

don’t need to worry about. Just make<br />

sure to get out of the sun and that<br />

you are drinking water. Save the<br />

booze for the nightlife.<br />

LIVE IT UP!:<br />

This town is a little more traditional<br />

with their Pride Queeraoke, Flag<br />

Raising, Boston Gay Men’s Chorus’<br />

Pride Concert: Can’t Stop the Beat<br />

– feat. Alex Newell, and all of their<br />

famous block parties!<br />

37 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


Unity<br />

Vanity’s annual Unity Party prings all the<br />

gay organizers together for one night!<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 38

39 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 40


Matt Ryanz<br />

QWhat is the style of<br />

your music?<br />

AWell i’m a hopeless romantic<br />

so I tend to write songs about<br />

love. I like to say I write pop songs<br />

but I draw from a lot of influences<br />

like dance, rock and electronic.<br />

What do you hope to achieve<br />

Q in the next 5 years?<br />

ATo move people through music.<br />

That’s all I ever wanted to<br />

do so If I can still be doing that in 5<br />

years that would be amazing!<br />

How did you get your start?<br />

Q<br />

Well I always loved to sing and<br />

A perform but you could say my<br />

first real “break” was getting accepted<br />

to NYU’s music program.<br />

That really set the foundation for<br />

everything I have done as a songwriter<br />

and musician.<br />

QIf you could collab with any<br />

music artist, who would it be?<br />

AMiley Cyrus hands down!<br />

QWhat does love mean to you?<br />

Wow thats a heavy question!<br />

A Love is something that has<br />

shaped every aspect of my life.<br />

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay,<br />

straight, a different ethnicity or spirituality<br />

- most people want to spend<br />

their life with someone. That has<br />

influenced everything that I do not<br />

just as a musician but as a man. I<br />

guess thats what love means to me<br />

Check Out<br />

Matt’s<br />

Latest Music<br />

VIdeo, -It’s Love<br />

To Me-<br />

41 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 42

43 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

on<br />

price<br />

Photography By: Vic Crulich<br />

Makeup & Hair : Sabrina A.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 44

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JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 46

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JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 48

NAME:<br />

Ronald Vernon<br />

Price<br />


Ron or Ron Bro<br />

Frat Dude<br />


My Smile or<br />

My Abs<br />





Cailin<br />



Rescue Seuba Diver<br />



Jeans and T-shirt<br />


CRUSH IS:<br />

Sara Jean<br />

Underwood<br />



Don’t Settle for<br />

someone who isn’t<br />

completely there<br />

for you.<br />

WHO TOLD ME:<br />

My Father<br />



HER EYES<br />



Brotherhood<br />


KEPT:<br />

Fraternity Secrets<br />

that over 100<br />

years old.<br />



Family<br />



Are you a ticket?<br />

Because you have<br />

fine written all<br />

over you!<br />


Military Career and<br />

Athletic Awards<br />

MY HERO IS:<br />

Arnold<br />

Schwarzenegger<br />

49 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Shepard Smith<br />

Fox News discriminated against longtime anchor Shepard<br />

Smith because Smith is gay and decided last year to finally,<br />

officially, come out. If true, Fox News’ actions could constitute<br />

a violation of both New York city and state (2002) employment<br />

law, which bans job discrimination based on sexual orientation.<br />

While I wouldn’t expect Smith, a longtime and loyal Fox<br />

News employee, to sue the network for discrimination, all bets<br />

are off if the network pushes him too far, and/or lets him go.<br />

Smith is also now in an odd position. If the allegations are true,<br />

Fox News may want him to publicly deny them. Of course,<br />

such pressure from Fox News could only add to Smith’s ultimate<br />

damages in any future court case.<br />

courageous<br />

dynamic<br />

men<br />

Men and even yes...<br />

women. kicking ass<br />

and making a<br />

difference.<br />

Op-ed: My<br />

Two Dads<br />

I am standing outside the steps of city hall<br />

in San Francisco. Jonathan on one side of<br />

me, and John on the other. It is August 13,<br />

2009 and after 23 years of a domestic partnership,<br />

the state of California is finally recognizing<br />

my fathers’s marriage. Other gay<br />

and lesbian couples are here too, celebrating<br />

what they only had dreamed possible.<br />

All I can wonder is how could any of these<br />

marriages possibly affect the detractors of<br />

gay marriage?<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 50

51 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 52

GAY NEWS<br />

the case, and it is not being investigated<br />

as a hate crime. DA Whelan<br />

tells me, however, that “we heard<br />

through the grapevine he may have<br />

been part of the gay community.<br />

We don’t know if he was targeted<br />

because of that, but we’re looking at<br />

any avenue necessary.”<br />

Dizdarević and McBee<br />

moved to Philadelphia from Kentucky<br />

last year when Dizdarević got<br />

a job as a chemical engineer at the<br />

Stepan Company. The pair had been<br />

together since December of 2012. “I<br />

loved him so much,” McBee says.<br />

“We had so many big plans for the<br />

future.”<br />

Gay Philly Man<br />

Murdered By<br />

Grindr Hookup<br />

Philadelphia police believe<br />

that 25-year-old Dino Dizdarević<br />

was strangled and beaten to death<br />

by a man he drove to the city from<br />

Chester, Pennsylvania to meet after<br />

talking with on Grindr.<br />

Philly Mag has the gruesome details:<br />

G Philly has learned that a<br />

25-year-old Philly man was murdered<br />

last week after he drove to<br />

Chester, Pennsylvania, to meet a man<br />

he had connected with on Grindr.<br />

The Delaware County District<br />

Attorney’s Office confirms the<br />

body of Dino Dizdarević was discovered<br />

in a lot on the 900 block<br />

of Parker Street in Chester early<br />

on Thursday, May 1st. He had been<br />

strangled and, according to DA Jack<br />

Whelan, sustained “multiple bluntforce<br />

trauma injuries to the face.”<br />

On Wednesday, April 30th,<br />

Dizdarević told his boyfriend, Nick<br />

McBee, with whom he was in an<br />

open relationship, he was driving to<br />

Chester to meet a man he’d met on<br />

the app. McBee began to fear the<br />

worst when the night wore on and he<br />

hadn’t heard anything from him. “He<br />

was a responsible person. He always<br />

called to let me know where he was,”<br />

he says. “I knew something was<br />

wrong.”<br />

McBee filed a missing person’s<br />

report with the Philadelphia<br />

Police Department on Thursday<br />

morning, and was called to identify<br />

a body in Chester that matched<br />

the description. It was Dizdarević,<br />

though, according to sources close<br />

to the couple, he had been beaten so<br />

severely that he was only able to be<br />

identified from his clothing.<br />

Dizdarević and McBee<br />

Dizdarević and McBee<br />

So far no arrests have been made in<br />

What Do You Think?<br />

“Some of you people need to<br />

have respect!!! A man is dead<br />

and this could have happened to<br />

anyone grinder scruff plenty of<br />

fish or fuckin Christian mingle<br />

don’t hate on a guy for using a<br />

gay app he’s only human like the<br />

rest of us.” —Benjamin<br />

“What can one expect from an<br />

app called “GRINDR” it sounds<br />

like a brutal slang term used to<br />

make ground round out of slabs<br />

of raw beef.” —Mark<br />

53 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

BEAUTY<br />

Must Have Look<br />

Shaggy<br />

Pomp<br />

Remember how the<br />

Pompador was the it<br />

style to have. The hairstyle<br />

has been relaxed<br />

a bit creating the shaggy<br />

cut. For those men<br />

who don’t agree with the<br />

style this is an alternative.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 54

55 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 56

QA<br />

<strong>Aries</strong><br />

&<br />

beauty director<br />

Sabrina Alcasas<br />

answers your<br />

most<br />

burning Q’s<br />

Ask<br />

Sabrina<br />

Q<br />

.Is last year’s SPF safe to<br />

use?<br />

A<br />

.Sunscreen generally has a shelf life of<br />

about three years. Try to use it by the<br />

expiration date on the bottle. Of course, any<br />

change in color, scent, or consistency, it’s<br />

probably better to discard it and purchase a<br />

new bottle.<br />

Q<br />

.Why do some sunscreens leave my<br />

skin chalky?<br />

A<br />

.Zinc oxide is an ingredient in sunscreen that<br />

can leave a white, chalky residue on skin.<br />

Which is unfortunate, because it is also a powerful<br />

sunblock. Finding a sunscreen containing zinc<br />

or titanium oxide but one that will not leave your<br />

skin a disturbing milky-white color is a process…<br />

the following are a few that have been tested and<br />

apparently do not leave that residue: Zinka Clear<br />

Zinc-Oxide Sunscreen SPF 30 (9.99 at Surfshop.<br />

com), Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Suncsreen<br />

SPF 45 ($10.00 at Whole Foods), Kiss My Face<br />

Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 ($13.00 at<br />

Whole Foods).<br />

.My face gets grimy in the heat.<br />

Q Should I wash it more?<br />

A<br />

.Wash your face daily to remove dirt and excess<br />

oil, but over washing can dry out skin. Instead,<br />

carry a few refreshing facial wipes during those hot,<br />

sticky summer months. Try Neutrogena’s Hydrating<br />

Cleansing Towelettes, about $5.00 at drugstores. A<br />

quick wipe-down over your face, hairline and jawline,<br />

and the front and back of your neck can keep<br />

your pores clear and skin non-grimy.<br />

Q<br />

.How do I treat a<br />

sunburn?<br />

A<br />

.Immediately, you could take ibuprofen<br />

or aspirin to bring the painful<br />

swelling down, take a cool bath or<br />

shower, or apply a cold compress to the<br />

area. Aloe Vera, either store-bought or<br />

squeezed straight from the plant, is very<br />

soothing to burned skin. Cold aloe-vera<br />

feels great-keep a bottle in the refrigerator.<br />

You can find aloe vera at any drugstore,<br />

and it’s usually only a few dollars.<br />

Cortisone cream gently applied to the<br />

area will bring down swelling as well.<br />

Make sure you keep properly hydrated by<br />

drinking plenty of water as you’re treating<br />

your burn, and when your skin starts healing,<br />

gently apply a non-scented lotion to<br />

the area to keep skin moisturized. If your<br />

skin is blistering, you could gently rub an<br />

antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin, available<br />

at drugstores, on the blisters to help<br />

them heal and to prevent infection. Wear<br />

loose clothing while your skin is healing to<br />

avoid further irritation.<br />

57 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

TIKI BAR<br />

Start the day in vacay<br />

mode with sea grass<br />

scented soap.<br />

Caswell-massey sea grass<br />

soap, $10<br />


Not like traditional sunscreens,<br />

it blends in with<br />

your skin without leaving<br />

a white residue.<br />

Zinka Clear Zinc-Oxide<br />

Sunscreen SPF 30,<br />

9.99 at Surfshop.com<br />

SOAK IT IN<br />

Argan oil creates soft,<br />

shiny, envyinducing<br />

hair...in just one wash.<br />

Got2b oil-licious Golden<br />

Shimmer Conditioner, $6<br />

BY : Sabrina A.<br />

$10—<br />

Tops!<br />

Budget-friendly buys<br />

that make you look and feel<br />

like a million bucks<br />

DETOX<br />

Used weekly, this mask<br />

detoxifies sweaty pores.<br />

Formula 10.0.6 Deep<br />

Down Detox Mask, $6<br />


Way convenient when<br />

you get stuck with the<br />

bright seat at brunch.<br />

Sun Bum SPF 30+ Face<br />

Stick, $10<br />

YES<br />

Yes To Cucumbers<br />

Natural<br />

Sunscreen Stick,<br />

approx. $7.00 at<br />

Target.com<br />


Coconut scented<br />

towelettes were<br />

made for the beach.<br />

Pacifica Purify<br />

Coconut Water<br />

Cleansing JUNE Wipes, <strong>2014</strong> $6 / ARIES 58<br />


To cure sunburns this<br />

green liquid is amazing!<br />

Banana Boat Aloe After<br />

Sun Lotion, $5.00 – 7.00<br />

at drugstores

59 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 60

Olay Age<br />

Defying Classic<br />

Cleanser, $6<br />

Pro+Therapy MD<br />

Skin Balancing<br />

Cleanser, $30<br />

pH-<br />

Balanced<br />

Skin<br />

By: Suria Aktar<br />

THE SKINNY ON...<br />

Dry, tight, or breakout-prone<br />

skin is often a sign that your<br />

pH levels are out of whack. Get<br />

ready to get centered.<br />

A New Sort of Scale<br />

You probably haven’t even the term pH balance<br />

much since high school chem, but the state of<br />

your skin depends on it. A quick refresher: pH<br />

refers to levels of acidity and alkalinity, 0 being<br />

the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.<br />

Your skin’s protective barrier is happiest at a<br />

slightly acidic 5.5. “There, it retains moisture<br />

and keeps out infection and irritants,” says<br />

Rosemarie Osborne, PhD, research fellow at<br />

P&G Beauty. But everyday habits (even simple<br />

ones like washing your face—see boxes at right)<br />

can send your pH slidng away from the magic<br />

number.<br />

Is Your pH<br />

in Check?<br />

A well-balanced complexion<br />

is smooth, moist, and comfortable.<br />

If you are more in the<br />

flaky, sensitive, or breakout<br />

prone camp, tweak your routine<br />

with these derm-approved tips,<br />

and expect happier, healthier<br />

skin in two to four weeks.<br />

Another reason<br />

to monitor pH:<br />

Men with chronically higher<br />

pH levels have more wrinkles<br />

than those with more acidic,<br />

well-balanced skin, to a study<br />

published in the British Journal<br />

of<br />

Dermatology.<br />

Aveeno<br />

Positively<br />

Radiant<br />

Brightening<br />

Cleanser, $6.49<br />

Sebamed<br />

Cleansing Bar,<br />

$13 for 3<br />

Watch Out For Water<br />

H20 with its Ph of 7, makes<br />

skin more alkaline. Moisture<br />

right after washing to<br />

rebalance the barrier, says<br />

Sherry Ingrahm, a Dermatologist<br />

in Houston, Texas<br />

Beware of Soap<br />

Most contain harsh detergents<br />

that grab on to grime<br />

and skin’s protective lipids.<br />

Avoid ingredients like sodium<br />

stearate, and palmate.<br />

(or try washes below)<br />

61 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 62




SLEEVE<br />

SHIRT£28.00<br />

riverisland.com<br />

Must Have Item<br />

On the runways of fashion week,<br />

it’s been “spotted” that the lastest<br />

trend for men is the Polka<br />

Dot print. There’s something<br />

very approachable and likeable<br />

about a guy in polka dots. If<br />

you’re still not convinced, try<br />

a pair of swimming shorts on<br />

holiday or start with a simple<br />

t-shirt. For those of you worried<br />

about resembling a male Minnie<br />

Mouse, remember, polka dots<br />

are as masculine as you are<br />

63 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

News<br />

To Heel or<br />

Not To Heel!<br />

A new trend is on the rise and, you may have guessed<br />

it, it has to do with men’s love of high heels. It’s not<br />

drag, supporters of the trend insist: it’s called being<br />

up to speed with everything.<br />

The other day, the NY<br />

Times ran a piece on the<br />

fashion at some of the<br />

hippest, exclusive parties<br />

in town – and noted that<br />

countless men attending<br />

them were wearing high<br />

heels.<br />

Mind you, we’re not<br />

talking Simon Cowell-high<br />

type of shoes, but heels<br />

that would probably make<br />

even a woman feel dizzy.<br />

Some of them are<br />

lucky enough to fit into<br />

designer sample / women<br />

sizes, but others have to<br />

look everywhere to find<br />

a manufacturer willing to<br />

customize their offering to<br />

fit them.<br />

All of them, though,<br />

insist that wearing high<br />

heels doesn’t mean they’re<br />

going out in drag. As they<br />

see it, men have far too<br />

few options when it comes<br />

to fashion, whereas the<br />

ladies have more than one<br />

could (care to) count.<br />

“I never leave the<br />

house with less than eight<br />

inches [20.3cm] on my<br />

feet. It helps you see over<br />

the cattle,” 23-year-old<br />

Sean Wagner says for<br />

the publication. Promoter<br />

Luke Nero says<br />

Wagner is not the<br />

only man to have<br />

a diehard passion<br />

for towering<br />

heels.<br />

“I went<br />

to a loft party<br />

yesterday, and<br />

there was a guy<br />

in normal shorts,<br />

normal tank and<br />

really hot red<br />

pumps. That’s<br />

it! Everyone<br />

was like, ‘Oh<br />

my God, I love<br />

those shoes!’”<br />

Nero explains for the same<br />

publication.<br />

Some men are even<br />

willing to pay upwards of<br />

$2,000 (€1,447) for a pair<br />

of their favorite designer<br />

shoes and it’s all in the<br />

name of diversifying their<br />

wardrobe.<br />

“I love the height.<br />

It helps when you’re in a<br />

club. I’ve bought Louis<br />

Vuitton. I’ve bought Gucci.<br />

But a lot of designers<br />

don’t go high enough for<br />

me. I found a company in<br />

Arizona that will do 15-inch<br />

heels for $3,000 [€2,170],”<br />

Wagner says.<br />

This Guy<br />

Does Not<br />

Look Happy!<br />

WE<br />

WOULD<br />



ABOUT THIS!!!!<br />





JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 64

65 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


$18 abercrombie.com<br />

Shirt $24.95<br />

hm.com<br />

Flip-Flops $14.94<br />

oldnavy.com<br />



$29.97 hollisterco.com<br />

Sunglasses $7.50<br />

aeropostale.com<br />

Shorts $20<br />

oldnavy.com<br />

Your Go-To<br />

Summer Outfit<br />

Switch up your jeans-and-a-tee combo<br />

shirt $25<br />

homokind.com<br />

Sleeveless Shirt<br />

$34.95 pacsun.com<br />

PREP SHORT $25<br />

ae.com<br />


$109.00 tommy.com<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 66

67 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 68

City View Tank Top<br />

$29.95 pacsun.com<br />


$39.98 hollisterco.com<br />

Swim Shorts<br />

$12.95 hm.com<br />

Liam enjoying his<br />

days in the summer<br />

sun<br />

California<br />

Dreaming<br />

What up, Cali? Bold prints,<br />

neon swimwear, and metallic<br />

accessories combine surf<br />

style with look-at-me<br />

L.A. accents.<br />

Get inspired by<br />

The Mamas & The<br />

Papas<br />

Rusty Surfboard<br />

$259.00<br />

surfstationstore.com<br />

Carpe Diem<br />

$43.96<br />

SurfandDirt.com<br />

Head<br />

phones<br />

$200<br />

norstroms.com<br />

Eros<br />

$108.00<br />

macys.com<br />

Board Shorts<br />

$39.95 zumiez.com<br />

Tykho Rubber Radio<br />

by Lexon<br />

$75<br />

lexonusa.com<br />


$34.99 quksilver.com<br />

69 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 70

QA<br />

<strong>Aries</strong><br />

&<br />

fashion director<br />

Jaake Castro<br />

answers your<br />

most burning Q’s<br />

Ask<br />

Jaake<br />

Q<br />

. Recently helping my dad clean his closet,<br />

I discovered that he has skinny jeans that<br />

are acid-washed. They fit me but not him anymore.<br />

Can I wear these? Are they in?<br />

.Firstly, kudos to your dad for being a bad ass.<br />

A Secondly, ask your dad, can I have his hand me<br />

downs? No, seriously, can I have his hand me downs?<br />

Q<br />

. Is it appropriate to wear a dress shirt other<br />

than white to a formal black-tie event? Are<br />

checked shirts ever appropriate, for instance?<br />

.You have to understand the vibe of the black-tie<br />

A event. There are some instances where it is not ok<br />

to deviate. For instance, funerals and baptisms should<br />

be strictly white. Late night parties, weddings, and<br />

work conventions warrant you some more freedom.<br />

Even in the most liberal black-tie events I would avoid<br />

prints and patterns. So while I wouldn’t recommend a<br />

checked shirt, a solid color of your choice would be a<br />

good choice.<br />

Q<br />

. I have unearthed my old HS Varsity Jacket.<br />

I have seen that they are in. My biggest<br />

concern is that people my think that I am trying<br />

to relive the past. What is your take on this?<br />

.Are you trying to relive the past? If not, then why<br />

A are you bothered by what people may think? Setting<br />

my preaching aside, you are definitely right about varsity<br />

jackets being in. You are lucky to own an old pair. I was<br />

homeschooled,<br />

Q<br />

. Sometimes when I see<br />

a certain style or look in<br />

your magazine, I try to imitate<br />

it. However, even when<br />

I have all the elements of the<br />

look, I feel less put together<br />

than the guys on the pages.<br />

What am I missing?<br />

.This is where personal style<br />

A comes into fashion. It’s important<br />

to remember that anyone<br />

can buy fashion, not everyone can<br />

have style. The first thing is making<br />

sure you’re aware of your body<br />

type. Fashion is an art form that<br />

requires a lot of self-knowledge.<br />

What looks good on me is not<br />

going to necessarily look good on<br />

you and vice versa. You have to<br />

know what will flatter your body.<br />

The second thing fashion requires,<br />

is total confidence. I could put you<br />

in the most flattering clothes for<br />

your body and we could spend a<br />

lot of time and money on the look<br />

and you may still FEEL less put together.<br />

I am guessing it’s the second<br />

piece, because I could put on<br />

an oversized tshirt and neon pink<br />

underwear that don’t fit and I’d still<br />

be fiercer than half the people I<br />

walk by on the street. Say it with<br />

me, “I’m Fierce.”<br />

71 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 72<br />

scoutsixteen.com<br />

Black<br />

Magic<br />

Hydrogen-1 Shoe / Kenneth<br />

Cole Leather Jacket (similar) /<br />

Zara Shirt / Vintage Bandana /<br />

DL1961 Jeans

scoutsixteen.com<br />

Finding<br />

the Light<br />

7 Diamonds Shirt / Polo Ralph<br />

Lauren Shorts<br />

73 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 74<br />

scoutsixteen.com<br />

Desert<br />

Cities<br />

UGG Australia Boots / 21Men<br />

Shirt / DL1961 Denim (cut into<br />

shorts) / Topman Suspenders /<br />

Topman Bandana

scoutsixteen.com<br />

Hawaiian<br />

Nights<br />

7 Diamonds Hawaiian Shirt / Globe<br />

Jogger Pants / 7 For All Mankind<br />

Jacket / Converse Sneakers<br />

75 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 76


Keep Your<br />

Sex Life Alive<br />

So things between you two<br />

have run a little dry. Try<br />

these tips to get back on<br />

your game.<br />

Be Graphic<br />

Telling him how much you want him,<br />

gets his blood flowing. Be a little dirty<br />

when you’re sharing your feelings. Also<br />

don’t be afraid to be touchy or grabby.<br />

Be Surprising<br />

Remember what he likes best sexually<br />

and surprise him with it from time to<br />

time. Nothing beats a surprise BJ when<br />

he gets into the shower. Take advantage<br />

of him when he’s watching T.V.<br />

Try Something New<br />

Be selfless in bed, ask him about what<br />

he’s in the mood for sexually and do<br />

your best to make it happen. He may ask<br />

the same question to you.<br />

77 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

HAVE<br />

DRUNK<br />

SEX<br />

SOBER<br />

(Seriously!)<br />

A few drinks can make a guy go from<br />

mortal to god in the bed. But sober sex,<br />

if done right, can feel tequila-crazy too<br />

(that’s a promise or next round is on us).<br />

Seven shots of Fireball and two<br />

cups of strawberry vodka soda, who<br />

hasn’t said something he would never<br />

say IRL—”Smack my ass and tell<br />

me I’m a bad boy!” —while assuming<br />

a very complicated, very unflattering<br />

position in bed. A little liquid<br />

courage goes a long way in terms of<br />

loosening inhibitions and giving us<br />

the body confidence of Zac Efron.<br />

A recent survey of 1000<br />

gay men across the U.S. on C-date<br />

found that 50% prefer to have sex<br />

while tipsy. Sex under the influence<br />

is often a little crazier, a little dirtier<br />

than what you get on your average<br />

Tuesday evenng. But the downside and games until you wake up the<br />

to a boozy romp is that it’s harder to next morning unable to remember<br />

climax. “Alcohol slows your blood your wild hookup. Or worse, you do<br />

flow,” explains Tammy nelson, PhD, remember and realize with horror<br />

Author of Getting the Sex You Want. that last night’s striptease was more<br />

“That prevents blood from reaching sloppy than seductive (which totally<br />

the nerve endings at the tip of your happened to “a friend” of Mine—<br />

penis —which has to happen in order ahem).<br />

for an climax to occur.”<br />

So the question is, can you<br />

Not to mention, it’s all fun<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 78<br />

have the fun of drunk sex without<br />

actually drinking any alcohol? Yes,<br />

you can still get a little freaky, have a<br />

happy ending, and not want to crawl<br />

into a hole the next morning. Try<br />

these tips, and bottoms up (literally...<br />

depending on how you feel about<br />

that, of course).

1TEASE<br />

IT OUT<br />

Flirty banter over beers and a game<br />

of Big Buck Hunter, hips grazing<br />

as you push your way up to the<br />

bar, those hungry eyes...drunk sex<br />

is marked by a heated buildup that<br />

culminates in ripping each other’s<br />

clothes off, banging into furniture,<br />

and tripping your way to the bed.<br />

Cultivate that feelings of anticipation<br />

by planting a sexy seed. “I<br />

texted my boyfriend at work that I<br />

was wearing sexy red underwear<br />

he loves,” says Alexander, 28. “We<br />

were both champing at the bit by<br />

the the time we got home.” Whether<br />

it’s a look you give him in the<br />

pharmacy or a quick make-out<br />

in the hallway, do something that<br />

serves as the appetizer to really<br />

wild, (faux) waste-y sex.<br />

CREATE 2A<br />

(BLURRY)<br />

VISION<br />

When you picture a bar (a nice one,<br />

not your local watering hole), you<br />

probably see good-looking people<br />

rubbing elbows in an intimate,<br />

dimly lit space. That sets the mood<br />

for things to come...Bring that sexy,<br />

hazy feeling into your own boudoir<br />

(must be said with an exaggerated<br />

French accent) with a red lightbulb.<br />

As one reviewer on Amazon.com<br />

says, “Not much of a light scource,<br />

but sets the tone in a dark room<br />

where you are enjoying anyting<br />

that’s cool to do in a dark room.”<br />

That’s the kind of review that’ll<br />

make you click Add to Cart without<br />

thinking twice.<br />


The novelty of getting it on in and out of the ordinary space mimics<br />

the rush of alcohol-assisted sex. “I used to prefer drunk sex<br />

to sober sex, but since I’ve made the effort to have more sober<br />

sex, my boyfriend and I have since been trying it in the craziest<br />

places—like on top of a picnic table by the lake,” says Robert, 22.<br />

“We replaced the adrenaline factor of getting drunk with the risk<br />

factor of getting caught.” If you’re a play it safe kinda of guy, do<br />

it in a different room of the house, in the shower, on the floor, or<br />

against the wall. Or try a hotel room —you will reap the novelty<br />

benefits, without having to explain yourselves to an officer of the<br />

law while half-naked.<br />



BODY<br />

NOISES<br />

When you are all liquored up, it’s easy<br />

to not give a damn. Whether you haven’t<br />

been to the gym in a while or you<br />

fart so loud your neighbors hear it, it’s<br />

NBD. To channel that carefree attitude,<br />

create an environment where the sex<br />

sounds are not skanky. Music is a key<br />

part of that. “Silence can be a scary<br />

thing,” says Jayme Waxman, author of<br />

Hot Sex, “You hear the bed creaking<br />

or focus on the weird sex sounds your<br />

bodies are making. Drown that out<br />

with a play-list that makes you want to<br />

move in a seductive way.”<br />


BADASS<br />

WITHIN<br />

The whole point of drinking before sex<br />

is to help you let go of your inhibitions,<br />

so do something that signals to him<br />

and to your brain that things could get<br />

a little out of hand. 5A few moves that<br />

work like Jager-bombs: A well timed<br />

expletive (“that feels so f&^%ing<br />

good” right as he enters you), your<br />

nails in his back, or grabbing a tuft<br />

of his hair while you kiss him. Drunk<br />

sex is like really good cardio—you are<br />

rolling around, flushed, sweaty, and out<br />

of breath. So initiate postion changes<br />

to up the physicality. He may be surprised,<br />

but it’ll make him want to up<br />

the ante too.<br />



There’s soemthing about the middle of the night that feels illicit,<br />

so next time you wake up at 2 a.m. to pee, don’t go back to<br />

sleep—go to town on him instead. Fall into that bleary-eyed, no<br />

words needed kind of hookup that’s the touchstone of drunk sex.<br />

Because you’ll be in a slightly dreamy state, the next morning<br />

will feel almost the same: Did that really happen...or did I imagine<br />

it? Knowing you can rock his world at any given moment is a<br />

bigger turn-on for both of you than three vodka sodas on Friday<br />

night.<br />

79 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

SEX Q&A<br />




by Matthew Embrey McClain<br />

QWhat is the<br />

most sensitive<br />

part of the<br />

penis, and<br />

how should I<br />

touch it?<br />

AEvery penis is an individual.<br />

Though, many have reported that<br />

along the underside of the penis just<br />

below the glands and following the frenulum.<br />

Touching a penis doesn’t require<br />

a degree, nor will it ever. However, since<br />

every person’s penis is their own, every<br />

person will be stimulated in a slightly<br />

different manner. Just experiment with<br />

your S.O. until you both establish which<br />

areas are the most sensitive and to which<br />

type of touch. With lube or with-out? Soft<br />

caresses, or grip ripping tugs? With food<br />

or with-without?<br />

Q.<br />

Every time I have<br />

doggie-style sex I experience<br />

pain. Is there an<br />

angle or a technique that<br />

will make it feel good?<br />

AHey the myth is true. Some people are<br />

cat people, while others are doggy style.<br />

Sounds like you might be a cat person. Not to<br />

discourage though. Try using a quality lubricant<br />

and don’t let your S.O. “pound the f$&k out of<br />

you.” Butt sex causes micro tears in lining of<br />

the intestine walls. Micro tears aren’t that big<br />

of a problem. Macro tears are. Don’t get macro<br />

tears. Macro tears mean you, your doctor and/or<br />

the emergency room become un-sexually intimate. Plus it could<br />

mean that you wouldn’t ever get to experience those micro tears<br />

again… And no one wants that type of work restriction.<br />

Q.<br />

I love how lube feels but<br />

hate that it gets all over my<br />

hands and sheets. How can I<br />

reduce the mess factor?<br />

A<br />

Thank you so much for asking this question. Not many<br />

people choose to be choosy when it comes to commissioning<br />

their slippery sexual coatings, but I will be willing to<br />

wager that by switching it up to a well manufactured lubricant<br />

that slides right into your needs can increase your sexual pleasure<br />

by 10% alone. I have spent copious spans of time studying lube<br />

and have come to one conclusion. IF IT AINT MESSY IT AINT<br />

LUBE!!! By definition lube is meant to coat objects in order to<br />

reduce friction force. Just choose a lube that creates a mess that<br />

you can better deal with. Also reduce the amount of lube you<br />

use. Many lubes become gunky or cause you to lose sensitivity<br />

if too much product is applied. If you are more conservative<br />

when it comes to the application process then stay away from<br />

silicone lubes as many will permanently stain fabrics.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 80

aries sex-position<br />

of the month<br />

THE<br />


CARRY<br />

This position offers the deepest penetration,<br />

nor are you going to be able<br />

to really go at (unless you make it<br />

your own and use the chair a little<br />

differently) you’re able to settle in<br />

for some comfort sex. The friction<br />

from this angle of entry feels really<br />

stimulating for both playmates and<br />

it’s worth giving a shot. Team work<br />

is the key—there’s some co-dependent<br />

body balancing needed to<br />

see this one through, but one you<br />

get the feel for what’s going on, it<br />

shouldn’t cause you too much hassle.<br />

Solid thrusts from the waist will see the<br />

maximum enjoyment derived by your partner<br />

or by the top, While an arched back and<br />

slightly widened stance from partner bottom<br />

will make sure that this sex position packs<br />

some extra punch—or depth!<br />

81 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 82


Make Your<br />

Summer Dates<br />

HOT!<br />

By: Luis Marroquin<br />

Yard Sales<br />

With summer temperatures soaring,<br />

there’s no better way to beat the heat<br />

than getting up and starting your<br />

day early. Yard sales typically start<br />

before 9 a.m., so get there right when<br />

they begin before all the good stuff’s<br />

gone . Rummaging through someone<br />

else’s stuff may seem strange at<br />

first, but you’ll likely find all sorts<br />

of items to laugh about together, or<br />

something that brings up a special<br />

memory. And, you never know,<br />

you might find something great for<br />

your home at an incredible bargain.<br />

What’s more romantic than saving<br />

money?<br />

Outdoor Movie Night<br />

Movies are everyone’s kind of “last<br />

resort” date option, but summer is<br />

when the big, exciting blockbusters<br />

come out. Give yourself a break and<br />

get out of the heat by taking in a matinee<br />

instead of the standard Friday<br />

night appointment. For something a<br />

little different, check your local paper<br />

for public outdoor screenings of<br />

classic movies. Lots of metropolitan<br />

areas do it, and all you usually need<br />

are a blanket and a snack.<br />

State Fair<br />

The state fair is great for so many<br />

reasons. The gluttonous food oddities,<br />

the corny but yeah OK kind of<br />

scary haunted houses, and terrifying<br />

rides that look like they’ll break at<br />

any second. Best of all, it only comes<br />

once a year and now is usually the<br />

time. Going together is likely to<br />

bring back childhood memories, and<br />

that’s always a good thing. Split a<br />

deep fried pizza (or whatever they’re<br />

doing), play some rigged carnival<br />

games and enjoy an evening together<br />

on the midway.<br />

83 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

your guide to the male brain<br />

By: Allister Dean<br />

HOW<br />

TO HAVE<br />

THE<br />

“What<br />

Are<br />

We?”<br />

Talk<br />

One minute you two<br />

are lovey-dovey in<br />

the street and acting<br />

like a total couple.<br />

The next, he’s giving signs<br />

that you may not be as<br />

exclusive as you though.<br />

It’s hard to bring up, but<br />

you need to set the record<br />

straight because guys can<br />

get weird about commitment.<br />

“When it seems like<br />

time to define your couple<br />

status, men often freak<br />

out and wonder if there’s<br />

someone better or if they<br />

want to give up their carefree<br />

single-guy role,” explains<br />

relationship expert<br />

Harlan Cohen, author of<br />

Getting Naked. You deserve<br />

to know if your guy’s<br />

going to waste your time.<br />

here’s you three step plan.<br />

Hey, Guys!<br />



These secrets are bad enough—but what’s worse<br />

is the twisted logic guys use to “justify” them.<br />

Brace yourselves, guys!<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 84<br />

1Choose<br />

The Right<br />

Time<br />

Unfortunately, there<br />

isn’t a magic formula<br />

that determines when<br />

you should have the<br />

talk. But generally<br />

speaking, it’s go<br />

time when you have<br />

your first “You’re<br />

killing me Smalls”<br />

moment—you get the<br />

sense that you two<br />

may not be on the<br />

same page, and the<br />

where-are-we suspense<br />

is nagging at<br />

you so freaking badly<br />

that it’s all you can<br />

think about.<br />

2Choose<br />

The Right<br />

Place<br />

Bring it up during an<br />

active moment like when<br />

you’re walking in the<br />

park or making dinner<br />

together—that way, the<br />

question isn’t the center<br />

of the universe, which<br />

eases the intensity. FYI,<br />

fancy dinners out are a<br />

terrible idea—the formality<br />

adds pressure, and if<br />

the talk doesn’t go well,<br />

you’ll both want to leave,<br />

but you’ll still have to<br />

deal with the blll. Pillow<br />

talk also isn’t ideal. If he<br />

says he doens’t want to be<br />

your BF, you’ll feel extra<br />

vulnerable since you’re<br />

naked and just did intimate<br />

things—so it’s best<br />

to do it fully clothed.<br />

“I save cute guys in<br />

my phone under girls’<br />

names. So if my BF<br />

sees our texts he thinks<br />

it’s a gal pal.”<br />

—Tom M., 22<br />

3Choose<br />

The Right<br />

Words<br />

The key is to stick with<br />

an open-ended phrases<br />

that give him a chance<br />

to share his thoughts<br />

without forcing him to<br />

answer. Say, “I’m dating<br />

only you right now,<br />

and I want to know<br />

if we’re in the same<br />

place,”o r“My cousin’s<br />

wedding is soon, and<br />

people will ask what we<br />

are...I’d like to know<br />

what to say.” If he says<br />

he’s down to commit,<br />

sweet—Grandma will<br />

be tickled pink to meet<br />

your BF. If he gets all<br />

“Uh, I don’t know....,”<br />

then move on, and wear<br />

your sharpest suit to<br />

that wedding.<br />

“When we met, I was<br />

actually trying to hit on<br />

his friend, but I never<br />

told him so he wouldn’<br />

get mad.”<br />

—Damien G., 28

DECODE HIS...<br />


Sadly, covering your naked body with ice cream<br />

and licking it off is not an everyday option—due<br />

to the calories (him), the cold (you), and the<br />

cleanup (probably you). But these other go-to<br />

dates reveal tons about his boyfriend MO.<br />



Since he got tix<br />

ahead of time, he’s<br />

clearly a plan-in-advanceder<br />

(score),<br />

and he likes to<br />

shake it (score<br />

again).<br />


Loud music makes<br />

talking hard. So he<br />

could be more into<br />

his music cred than<br />

he is into you.<br />


If he’s a little more<br />

into his music, be<br />

sure to watch his<br />

alcohol in-take. He<br />

may be one of hardcore<br />

rocker.<br />



Hitting the sand with<br />

you is just his excuse<br />

to see you half<br />

naked, so he can<br />

picture you riding,<br />

uh, more than the<br />

wave.<br />


You get to peep at<br />

his hotness too—oh<br />

six pack! Be warned<br />

he may be a little<br />

more into your bod<br />

than your brains.<br />


If he’s an image<br />

guy, then try to see<br />

if he’s looking at<br />

guys. Then he’s not<br />

really into you<br />

A PICNIC<br />


If you manage to<br />

find a guy who will<br />

voluntarily plan a<br />

date by definition<br />

(all talk and no<br />

action, go ahead<br />

and give him some<br />

action.)<br />


He wants to get to<br />

know you for you—<br />

aka he’s BF Material.<br />

YAY!<br />


Be sure that it’s not<br />

too good to be true.<br />

Guy’s have a bucket<br />

list & this may be<br />

one of them. Keep<br />

everything in check.<br />


vintage<br />

boyfriend<br />

(noun.) An old boyfriend who’s pretty<br />

lame, but you find yourself going<br />

back to him in between better guys<br />

because, well, he’s around. And he<br />

knows what you like in bed. Kyle:<br />

I’m pretty sure I’ve hit an all-time<br />

dating low. I’m hooking up with my<br />

vintage boyfriend again. He’s just<br />

so easy. How lazy can I get?<br />

The Rise of<br />

the (Viral)<br />

Grand Gesture<br />

Okay, so maybe he’s not<br />

going to stand outside your<br />

window and blast In Your<br />

Eyes from a boombox like<br />

Lloyd Dobler did, but we’re<br />

in a new age of the viral<br />

grand gesture. Recently, am<br />

anonymous NYC guy put up<br />

600 fliers with the hashtag<br />

#ThisIsHowImGoingToWinHerBack<br />

all over the city<br />

to try to win his ex back. His<br />

efforts, alas, didn’t work, but<br />

he’s just the latest in a slew of<br />

men who are trying to dispel<br />

their growing rep as wimpy<br />

beta boys by posting love<br />

declarations online. While<br />

public gestures like viral proposal<br />

videos seem natural to<br />

them since they’ve grown up<br />

in a social-media world, let it<br />

be known: Flowers work too!<br />

That said, we’ll take romance<br />

anytime we can get it.<br />

t<br />

“I told him I was one<br />

year older at first to<br />

seem mature. Now<br />

it’s this stupid lie that I<br />

have to keep up!”<br />

—Chris C., 25<br />

“My boyfriend’s roommate<br />

is so hot, but I tell<br />

my him he’s average so<br />

my BF won’t get jelly<br />

over it all.”<br />

—Greg Y., 23<br />

“I have sex dreams<br />

about his dad, but i<br />

keep it secret from both<br />

of them for obvious<br />

reasons. ”<br />

—Nick G., 24<br />

“When I found out that<br />

he cheated on me,<br />

I slept with his twin<br />

brother to get back at<br />

him in my mind. ”<br />

—Brian T., 26<br />

85 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 86

4BLIND<br />

DATES<br />

ONE<br />

GUY<br />

Blind dates are making a come back,<br />

but this time, apps are involved. The<br />

big question: Are they worth trying,<br />

or are they just the latest in a slew<br />

of seriously questionable date fads.<br />

Remember speed dating circa 2009?<br />

One brave reader goes on four blind<br />

dates—arranged by apps and one<br />

good old-fashioned setup. Meet Lee,<br />

the man of the hour.<br />

87 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

In today’s dating landscape, it’s practically unheard of to go out with a new<br />

guy without having online-stalked him first. So we were fascinated and wanted<br />

to try this out with three of the most popular dating apps known to gay<br />

men. So we set out to find the right guy and see<br />

what types of guys are on each of them, plus we<br />

wanted to see what it was like going on a blind<br />

date with one guy that wasn’t from the virtual<br />

world. The types of apps —Grindr, OkCupid,<br />

Scruff.<br />

DATE #1<br />

HOW THE<br />


Once you’ve downloaded<br />

Grindr and set up an account,<br />

the next step is filling<br />

out profile and getting your<br />

picture approved. After that<br />

you can see the radius of<br />

men in the area. This app<br />

really doesn’t match anybody,<br />

merely a picture of<br />

either a persons face or for<br />

those who are afraid —just<br />

their chest /member. Before<br />

Lee could take a look to see<br />

who caught his eye, the men<br />

of Grindr started to message<br />

him like a fresh piece of<br />

meat. He only has about 2<br />

photos of himself that were<br />

just selfies (fully clothed).<br />

*Names Have Been Changed<br />

THE DATE<br />

After uploading myself, I was a little<br />

scared to even talk to anybody on<br />

there. Guys came in a lot of different<br />

guys fof different shapes and sizes<br />

and they all messaged me either<br />

looking for sex, saying hi, and evening<br />

trading picks.<br />

One guy really stood out<br />

to me. He was clothed, no penis/<br />

shirtless pics, or his idea of a first<br />

date was really sweet. We talked<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 88<br />

for hours chatting about life<br />

and what we want to do in the<br />

future, a conversation I hadn’t<br />

had contact with for the longest<br />

time. BTW, his name is *Jared.<br />

Tall, blonde, somewhat built<br />

and great smile. Yes, that seems<br />

what everybody looks for these<br />

days, but can’t help myself.<br />

After a week of exchanging<br />

elegant words together,<br />

it was decided that we both<br />

needed to see each other face to<br />

face. A little nervous I had my<br />

straight guy friend come over<br />

and help me find the right look<br />

that said, “I am very much interested<br />

in you”.<br />

The local bar was the place to<br />

meet, both of us knew where it was,<br />

so there was no way that he could<br />

be late. I was the first to arrive and<br />

ordered myself a “Manhattan”. As<br />

the jumping leg was going off under<br />

neath me, “Lee?”, turning around<br />

and looking at Jared we shook hands.<br />

The night was young, meaning that<br />

it was only 10pm. Throwing back<br />

a few drinks between us, I noticed<br />

throughout the evening he kept<br />

taking out his phone and checking<br />

somethng, then putting it back in his<br />

pocket. It really didn’t bother me<br />

until he left if on the bar and messages<br />

from Grindr popped up. Right<br />

then and there I knew that he really<br />

didn’t mean what he said and was<br />

only saying what he’d could to get<br />

me out and probably get me hammered.<br />

Looking at my watch, I told<br />

him that I had to be at work the next<br />

morning, hugged and he walked me<br />

out the door. An hour after the date<br />

he message me a pic of himself on a<br />

bed with a jockstrap on saying that<br />

when I was ready, come on over.<br />

Can you believe some guys!<br />

This guy really had me fooled and<br />

thought I was going to fall for his...<br />

whatever you want call it...”Nasty<br />

Mojo”. Deleted the app from my<br />

phone when I had a moment of peace<br />

and the trama has left my body.<br />

Never again!<br />


This was my least favorite<br />

app. No only did I not have<br />

a spark with *Jared. But left<br />

me feeling like an idiot for<br />

not seeing his signs.

DATE #2<br />

HOW THE<br />


This free app comes on<br />

either Iphone or the Android.<br />

Once downloaded, you have<br />

the option of setting preferences<br />

and answering questions.<br />

The questions match<br />

you up with people who<br />

have answered the same.<br />

It even tells you if you are<br />

more of friend or if you two<br />

are compatible with guys in<br />

your area. From there you<br />

decide the next step.<br />

*Names Have Been Changed<br />

told him where to go meet me. Let<br />

round two begin.<br />

As he walked in, his attitude<br />

seemed more of, hey I am interested<br />

lets talk. But I still kept my guard up.<br />

Drinks were ordered and the<br />

conversation went a little deeper. We<br />

talked about work, family, and what<br />

we would like to accomplish in life.<br />

Before I knew it, we were laughing<br />

up a storm. Everyone around us look<br />

as us like we were crazy people. No<br />

matter.<br />

Around 1pm Alex* stated<br />

that he had to go, couldn’t leave his<br />

dog home by itself for any longer.<br />

Understanding his request, I walked<br />

him back to his car. Handshakes before<br />

turned into a hug and a request<br />

for a text later. God this guy was a<br />

great choice and amazing to talk too.<br />

Over the sparks were flying<br />

and I enjoyed the conversation that<br />

we had between us. I was a little<br />

scared at first, but I am glad that I<br />

stuck it out. It’s very rare to ever find<br />

a guy who is looking for a good time<br />

that doesn’t involve sex.<br />

OkCupid is a great app that<br />

can really help you narrow down<br />

the guys so you are not wasting time<br />

with guys who are looking for that<br />

one thing. I hope that he calls me for<br />

another date. He really grabbed my<br />

attention.<br />


A lot different from the grindr<br />

app and scruff. This app is<br />

something that I would come<br />

back to. It was legit & did the<br />

work for me.<br />

THE DATE<br />

This app didn’t seem so scary, hell<br />

even the icon seems invitable. Ok-<br />

Cupid def is a better choice. In one<br />

night I set my preferences, answered<br />

the questions that seem a little<br />

ridiculous. Poof, guys were already<br />

at my front screen. Diggin’ around,<br />

checking the guys that the app had<br />

said was good for me. Most of the<br />

guys that I saw, looked a little better<br />

to choose from. Not so many pics of<br />

guys shirtless or of their members.<br />

I had a few messages from<br />

guys—not like the massive mob of<br />

messages from Grindr—and Alex*<br />

seemed to catch my eye. Not going<br />

to be fooled again, I combed<br />

over his profile making sure that he<br />

seemed legit, like he really was looking<br />

for love.<br />

Feeling like I was comfortable<br />

to talk to him, the convo started.<br />

Alex* seemed as genuine as his profile.<br />

He cut right to chase and asked<br />

me out to drinks, little did he know<br />

that I was already at the bar. So I<br />

89 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

DATE #3<br />

HOW THE<br />


Another free app that you<br />

can download. Much like<br />

grindr it has the same feel<br />

to it. There is no questions<br />

to answer. This app is very<br />

easy to use.<br />

*Names Have Been Changed<br />

THE DATE<br />

The following weekend, it was time<br />

to download SCRUFF. Much like the<br />

first app the type of guys you find<br />

are a little older—when I say older<br />

I mean 30’s and above— and more<br />

like the bear/cub type. Don’t get me<br />

wrong I found guys that had 6 pack<br />

abs and hairy as well.<br />

Once again when I upload<br />

photos, published my profile, the<br />

guys were instantly sending me messages.<br />

Hi how are you?, What are<br />

you up to?, and one that never get’s<br />

old....Wanna FU%K? Nothing makes<br />

me laugh harder than when I get a<br />

message with that in it. If that’s a<br />

pick up line, you might want to stick<br />

to something else.<br />

I wasn’t really<br />

interest in this app<br />

and the guys that I<br />

was encountering<br />

on it. Really was<br />

going to give up until<br />

one guy—Kyle* —, decent,<br />

decided to message<br />

me. Kind of a nerdy guy, but<br />

man was he built. HOT GAY NERD<br />

ALERT!<br />

The convo started like usual,<br />

sharing life stories, family, etc. We<br />

agreed to meet in person. I always<br />

like to be the early person,—at least<br />

I thought I did—but he was already<br />

sitting at the bar waiting for me. The<br />

wow factor jumped up even more.<br />

His pictures really didn’t do him<br />

justice, his looks were much better in<br />

person.<br />

We talked more, got into<br />

some deep conversation, exchanged<br />

some laughs, and even kissed. Yes a<br />

little too soon, but I was feeling him.<br />

He really wasn’t a drinker and asked<br />

if I would like to have dinner instead.<br />

Brownie points! So we came to the<br />

nearest restaurant, which was Chili’s<br />

..YUMMY! Plus I was starving.<br />

Such a gentleman, he made<br />

sure that I was taken care of before<br />

himself. Maybe this app wasn’t a<br />

complete waste of my time. As the<br />

convo started up again and we<br />

waiting for our food, his phone went<br />

off and I thought, this is a date, how<br />

come you didn’t turn your phone off.<br />

He surprised me again by apologizing<br />

for the cell, turning it completely<br />

off and putting it in his jacket pocket<br />

which was on the chair. Nothing<br />

makes a man hotter than when he<br />

gives you his undivided attention. I<br />

was melting inside for him. I wanted<br />

to get to know him more and more.<br />

As we finished our meal, he<br />

asked me if I wanted dessert. Guy,<br />

you are dessert!. Asking him what<br />

he wanted to do, he replied, “I have<br />

a sweet tooth, I’ve got to have my<br />

dessert early”. Right then and there<br />

I wanted to take him home. But I’m<br />

not that type of guy and just smiled<br />

from ear to ear. Not getting the deseert<br />

he paid for everything. I tried to<br />

at least pay for half, but he insisted<br />

that he was the one who was going to<br />

pay for the meal.<br />

As we headed back to our<br />

cars, he walked me to mine. Locking<br />

eyes, without saying anythi ng<br />

hekissed me. It wasn’t one of those<br />

kisses that meant that I like you, it<br />

meant more of....I had a really good<br />

time and I’m glad that I met you. I<br />

felt like popping my foot like one of<br />

those chicks in those campy films.<br />

He gave me his number and said text<br />

me. The best night and date that I<br />

ever had!!!!<br />


Really didn’t care for the app.<br />

But if you dig deep you can<br />

find a diamond in the rough.<br />

This app is like C+.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 90

DATE #4<br />

The Old Fashion<br />

Blind Date<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> Editor set up Lee up<br />

with Ron*. A 25-year-old<br />

construction worker. We<br />

told Lee that he has dark<br />

brown hair and works with<br />

his hands. We told Ron* that<br />

Lee was 28 and gorgeous.<br />

We asked them to meet at 5<br />

p.m. at a local bar. That’s it.<br />

*Names Have Been Change<br />

THE DATE<br />

I had a lot of anxiety going into this<br />

once. I didn’t even know what he<br />

looked like—what if I couldn’t find<br />

him? Luckily, when I got there, I<br />

saw a guy sitting and looking at the<br />

door, so I figured it was him. “Ron?”<br />

I mouthed and he nodded. He was<br />

cute—medium cut hair, jeans, and a<br />

collared shirt. I introduced myself,<br />

and ordered a vodka soda, and then<br />

got to it. “So I know nothing about<br />

you!” I said. He laughed and started<br />

to talk about his life and how he’d<br />

got this point.<br />

The rest of the date was wonderful.<br />

We didn’t have a romantic<br />

vibe, but I was cool with that. It was<br />

more like a meeting of the minds.<br />

We spent an hour at our current bar<br />

and hopped to another one and talked<br />

more. We parted ways with a friendly<br />

good-bye hug.<br />


Although I didn’t know anyting<br />

about Ron*. I had a good<br />

time. The convo was great.<br />

It’s great having a new friend.<br />


No matter how you swing<br />

this, I like the OkCupid<br />

app the best of all. It gave<br />

me a chance to express<br />

myself a little more & see<br />

who thinks the same. It’s<br />

a shame that I Kyle* happened<br />

to be on SCRUFF,<br />

but hey! Ron* & I are still<br />

dating to this day, we have<br />

clicked! We have a lot more<br />

in common than I thought.<br />

Grindr was something I<br />

didn’t care for & would<br />

never go back too. Just too<br />

many hungry men who are<br />

just looking for one thing.<br />


91 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 92

Secrets<br />

of the<br />

First Year<br />

Relationships<br />

By: Allister Dean<br />

You know handing your<br />

partner a key will change<br />

the obvious. The way you<br />

act around each other,<br />

number of kitchen gadgets,<br />

who you go out with,<br />

and etc. Some of us want<br />

to know what it takes to<br />

stay and hit that 1 year<br />

mark.<br />

93 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Let’s be honest<br />

here....we love<br />

the feeling that<br />

we get when you<br />

are in a new relationship<br />

and<br />

want to keep<br />

that. Over time<br />

things become<br />

routine and less<br />

fun. We have<br />

why!<br />

You Flirt With<br />

More Randoms<br />

Even though my guy makes me<br />

feel like the most handsome man in<br />

the world, I still can’t turn off the<br />

flirt-dar. “I want through a phase<br />

right after our fisrt year, when I flirt<br />

shamelessly with guys when I went<br />

out with my friends,” says Gary 28.,<br />

who’s been with his guy for almost<br />

five years. “It feels good to know<br />

that you are still desired.” When your<br />

guy (and there is even something<br />

dumpy sounding about that title to<br />

some), there is this fear that you will<br />

lose that somethin’ somethin’ that<br />

makes men turn their heads, so you<br />

may even go into flirt overdrive, “it<br />

is always nice to be reacted to as a<br />

guy,” says Pepper Schwartz, PhD,<br />

coauthor of The Normal Bar, “As<br />

long as it is only a little flirting there<br />

is no harm done.”<br />

You Think About<br />

Breakup<br />

“This is effed up!”,says Max, 29.<br />

“But in those early months, if my<br />

guy really pissed me off, I though,<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 94<br />

I’ll just break up with him!” You<br />

might even dream about what life<br />

would have been like with an ex—<br />

with time, even your douchiest<br />

former boyfriend can take on a Ryan<br />

Gosling-like glow. But—scouts honor—thinking<br />

about a breakup won’t<br />

doom you to it. “Even happy couples<br />

have considered a breakup,” says<br />

Schwartz. “Being in a relationship<br />

is hard work, but a lot of men have<br />

a fairy-tale view on it. It’s normal<br />

especially in the beginning to doubt<br />

that this is the right person when<br />

your fantasy doesn’t align with the<br />

reality.” When your boyfriend does<br />

sometihng annoying, you have to fix<br />

it or you feel like you are stuck with<br />

it forever. That’s helps getting past<br />

the big bumps in the road.<br />

Your Skinny<br />

Jeans Get Tight<br />

A loving relationship has a direct<br />

correlation to love handles. A recent<br />

survey by Southern Methodist<br />

University shows that the happier the<br />

union, the more likely it is that you<br />

will gain weight. Not only that, but<br />

so many men go on crazy diets to<br />

just to get back to where they were<br />

when they first met. “I was in shape<br />

to begin with, but I lost around 15<br />

pounds for my 1 year anniversary,<br />

Aaron, 30, “Over the course of the<br />

year following, I returned back to<br />

the weight I was and the jeans that I<br />

wore on our first date fit once again.<br />

You Are Not<br />

Attached<br />

At The Hip<br />

I was out of college, I envisioned<br />

marriage like so: coming home every<br />

night to snuggle and eat a homemade<br />

quinoa salad with fancy silverware.<br />

The only part of that fantasy that<br />

became reality was the fancy silverware.<br />

“I was also surprised that my<br />

boyfriend and I didn’t send more<br />

alone time together,” agrees Angelo,<br />

25, and have been together for<br />

3 years. “I thought we had become<br />

homebodies, but I was still playing<br />

the intramural soccer on weeknights<br />

and still wanting to party with our<br />

friends on the weekends.” Turns out,<br />

this is a sign of a healthy relationship.<br />

“If you are feeling validated<br />

by your partner and you know that<br />

person loves you and is committed<br />

to you, you are going to do your own<br />

thing and not feel paranoid about<br />

spending time apart,” says marriage<br />

therapist Eris Huemer, PsyD. And<br />

research shows that couples who<br />

maintain their independence tend to<br />

be happier in the long run.<br />

Sex Gets Better...<br />

File this one under pleasant surprises.<br />

“People tend to think of relationship<br />

sex as routine, but it gets better,<br />

not worse,” says Marco. “There is a<br />

new depth to your relationship, and<br />

the sense that you are really going<br />

through life together makes you feel<br />

connected during sex. That makes<br />

everything so much more intense.<br />

... But Less<br />

Frequent<br />

The flip side is that the promise of<br />

forever also means that the chase is<br />

ovah. Also, running a household is a<br />

lot of unsexy work. There is a learning<br />

curve when it comes to being in<br />

a relationship with a guy you run a<br />

household with to the guy you get<br />

naked with. “I keep tabs on how<br />

often we have sex and try to have<br />

it,” says George., 23. Smart, because<br />

regular sex will keep strong. “It’s all<br />

about keeping each other less unhappy<br />

and more in sync.”

95 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 96

QASK HIM<br />


Love advice from our guy<br />

guru, Andy McBride<br />

Is it possible to<br />

go from friend<br />

zone to romance<br />

with one of your<br />

guy friends if you<br />

have only ever<br />

been platonic. If<br />

so, how do you<br />

do it?<br />

A. I’m sure the majority of us<br />

have been in this situation where<br />

you start to develop feelings for a<br />

friend. Depending on the depth of<br />

your friendship, it may be as simple<br />

as just being straight up and<br />

asking him if he would consider<br />

going on a date with you. If you<br />

aren’t that close of friends then I<br />

would recommend trying a group<br />

outing first so it’s not awkward<br />

and try to make it a point to spend<br />

more time with him than you<br />

normally would and then you can<br />

follow up with a text saying that<br />

you had a lot of fun and that you<br />

two should do something together<br />

sometime with no one else. The<br />

worst that can happen is he won’t<br />

feel the same way towards you and<br />

only like you as a friend, in which<br />

case at least you’ll know for sure<br />

and it shouldn’t make it weird between<br />

you two since you’ve been<br />

friends from the start. And who<br />

knows, he may feel the same way<br />

towards you and hasn’t wanted to<br />

say anything out of fear of losing<br />

your friendship. I’ve personally<br />

known a few relationships that got<br />

started that way and they are still<br />

together. Just remember: You’ll<br />

never know if you don’t try!<br />

97 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Q.<br />

I’m dating<br />

a new<br />

guy, and he’s<br />

great except<br />

that he’s somewhat<br />

of a slob<br />

when he eats.<br />

He gets food<br />

in his teeth, on<br />

his face, and<br />

sometimes...<br />

on his clothes.<br />

It’s embarrassing!<br />

How do I<br />

get him to eat<br />

like a civilized<br />

adult?<br />

A<br />

This can be a tricky subject,<br />

given your relationship is<br />

still fresh. You want to approach it<br />

in a positive way so you don’t come<br />

off confrontational. Being a sloppy<br />

eater is acceptable when you’re 5,<br />

not when you’re out on a date with<br />

your boyfriend and in public. It can<br />

absolutely be embarrassing and make<br />

you feel uncomfortable when you<br />

go out. It’s a reasonable request and<br />

is definitely something that can be<br />

changed if it’s approached the right<br />

way. All men can be messy eaters<br />

and some may not realize it until<br />

someone points it out and it can take<br />

someone he cares about to bring it up<br />

before he can consider changing his<br />

ways. Be kind when you are trying<br />

to let him know. It may hurt his ego<br />

at first, but hopefully he thinks about<br />

it and realizes that he does look like<br />

pig in public. Be gentle!<br />

Q.<br />

I go on a<br />

lot of first,<br />

second, and<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 98<br />

third dates. It<br />

seems that the<br />

guys are interested<br />

in me as<br />

I am into them.<br />

But then they<br />

disappear. Why<br />

is that?<br />

A<br />

Well depending on what you<br />

do on these dates, the other<br />

guy can think it’s moving too fast<br />

or too slow. Some guys just like to<br />

“play the roll” and expect you to<br />

put out after a few dates and if you<br />

don’t then they just move on. If you<br />

are looking for an actual relationship<br />

then those types of guys are not for<br />

you. On the other hand you may<br />

be taking it too fast on these dates.<br />

Taking it too fast isn’t a good thing<br />

unless you two are on the same page.<br />

You want to leave room for imagination<br />

and if you spend so much time<br />

with each other at first and rush into<br />

things, it makes it so you don’t have<br />

anything to look forward to. Relationship<br />

work out best if you take it<br />

slow. Nothing beats a relationship<br />

that has a really good foundation<br />

beneath it.<br />

Q.<br />

My boss<br />

and I have<br />

been dating<br />

in secret for<br />

some time. He<br />

has promoted<br />

me to a higher<br />

rank in the<br />

workplace. He<br />

told me that<br />

when we make<br />

it official that<br />

he won’t get<br />

into trouble. I<br />

feel like if we<br />

decide to break<br />

up, is he going<br />

to demote me?<br />

Should I feel<br />

this way and<br />

be worried?<br />

A<br />

Having office relationships<br />

can be tricky, especially<br />

when it is with your superior. Hopefully<br />

when you got promoted it was<br />

based on your capabilities at your<br />

job and not on your relationship<br />

with the boss. The type of guy that<br />

your boyfriend is, or the cause of<br />

your potential future break up, will<br />

determine if this will have an impact<br />

on your job title or not. If you have<br />

a mutual break up then I don’t see<br />

too much concern how this can affect<br />

your job, but on the other hand, if it<br />

is a messy one or if it was something<br />

you specifically to cause the break<br />

up then that’s where you run the risk<br />

of having him take it out on you at<br />

work. That’s part of the risk though<br />

when it comes to dating your boss.<br />

Most likely if he is already a boss<br />

then he would have had to have good<br />

justification to promote you and he<br />

will be questioned if he decides to<br />

demote you if things don’t work out<br />

and he probably won’t want to risk<br />

that and keep things how they are at<br />

work. Either way it is a tough situation<br />

to be in so I say that feeling worried<br />

about it is definitely appropriate,<br />

you may feel it is worth the risk then<br />

making it official is the next step<br />

in your relationship and it can even<br />

strengthen it since it shows you two<br />

don’t care what others think and in<br />

the end you’ll be happier since you<br />

don’t have to feel like you are sneaking<br />

around or keeping any secrets.<br />

Make sure to keep it professional at<br />

work and pleasure outside it.

99 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

WORK<br />

START A<br />



BESTIE<br />

(Without Killing<br />

Each Other)<br />

You have secrets, So it<br />

makes total sense to create<br />

a business with your BFF.<br />

Most people don’t know that<br />

they are good co-owners<br />

til it’s to late and you end<br />

up getting a professional<br />

divorce. You can avoid an<br />

ending with a few precautions<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 100

1<br />

Give credit<br />

where credit is<br />

due. Acknowledge<br />

each other’s<br />

contributions<br />

quickly<br />

and often.<br />

3<br />

Admit your<br />

mistakes. When<br />

you don’t, it’s<br />

a relationship<br />

killer.<br />


Steps to take before you sign<br />

for that small-business loan.<br />

Start With<br />

Baby Steps<br />

How do you find out whether you<br />

have the right work chemistry?<br />

Test the waters by doing a project<br />

together that has a defined beginning<br />

and end. You can evaluate<br />

it and see how well you work<br />

together before you invest all<br />

the time and energy in starting a<br />

business.<br />

Determine<br />

Your Roles<br />

Friendship works well when<br />

people are similar , but a business<br />

partnership can benefit from<br />

personalities that naturally create<br />

checks and balances. Matching a<br />

big-picture person with someone<br />

2<br />

Keep your eye<br />

on the prize.<br />

You have shared<br />

goals—that’s<br />

your priority.<br />

who loves details...or someone<br />

who’s great at marketing with<br />

someone who’s great at numbers.<br />

You can move twice as fast when<br />

you have everything covered. Put<br />

each person’s responsibilities in<br />

writing and review those roles<br />

every few months. Writing brief<br />

updates of daily accomplishments<br />

to keep each other connected<br />

and motivated.<br />

Give Yourself<br />

A Way Out<br />

Draft a partnership agreement.<br />

You might start on the same<br />

page, but you can end up having<br />

radically different visions. An<br />

independent business consultant.<br />

Lawyers are great at figuring out<br />

what the worst -case scenario<br />

is and starting a conversation<br />

around it. Having an exit strategy<br />

in place takes away the<br />

fear of what could happen. And<br />

deciding what you will do with<br />

your assets—do you need a non<br />

compete agreement to keep your<br />

clients if your partner leaves?<br />

Who owns the materials you create<br />

together? — your future.<br />

Find A<br />

Referee<br />

An impartial third party, such as<br />

a business consultant or someone<br />

you know in your industry,<br />

can help you and your partner<br />

solve problems in a strategic—non-emotional—way.<br />

Get<br />

an adviser on board who really<br />

believes in both of you and cn<br />

understand your business when<br />

growing plans do arise.<br />

Schedule<br />

Check-Ins<br />

Talk with your partner outside of<br />

the work, so it’s just the two of<br />

you and there are no distractions.<br />

In this meeting talk about the<br />

uncomfortable issues at hand.<br />

The more you communicate with<br />

each other, the better the both of<br />

you are off. This will make those<br />

big decisions easier to make and<br />

help you get to the top of your<br />

game.<br />

Make Time<br />

For Your Friendship<br />

In the office, take the friendship<br />

off the table. But after-hours,<br />

have some work-free fun. No<br />

feelings are going to get hurt and<br />

both of you can be bosses instead<br />

of friends. When you leave<br />

the work place go back to having<br />

fun and leave it at the door. If you<br />

talk about work in your free time,<br />

you both will be angry with each<br />

other and never take time away<br />

from the place that brought the<br />

two of you closer.<br />

101 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 102

IN & OUT<br />

I Like The<br />

Stubble!<br />

By:Zak Baldridge<br />

So I want to get a little personal and<br />

why I have beliefs that I do. I came<br />

out to my parents six years ago this<br />

Labor Day Weekend. I decided to<br />

tell them before anyone else because<br />

I needed their support more than<br />

anyone else in this world. I’ll get to<br />

their reaction later, have to build up<br />

steam right?!<br />

Looking back over the years<br />

of my life, I somewhat always knew<br />

I was gay. I didn’t know what to call<br />

it but I knew I was different. When<br />

I was growing up, I thought the<br />

attractions I felt towards my gender<br />

were just a normal thing. I wondered<br />

if this was something that everyone<br />

eventually feels and those thoughts<br />

would go away. Fortunately, they<br />

never did.<br />

I pride myself on being<br />

different and because of being gay, I<br />

am the person I am today. It doesn’t<br />

define me but it’s made me a stronger<br />

individual.<br />

I always had friends that<br />

were girls. I had very few friends<br />

that were boys. I always received the<br />

sympathy of girls and thought this<br />

was just the way it was going to be.<br />

When I was a kid, my nickname was<br />

“Bawl-baby.”<br />

I cried when something<br />

didn’t go my way or when I was<br />

embarrassed. It was a mechanism so<br />

I wouldn’t get teased more because<br />

it would bring sympathy or make<br />

the other person uncomfortable and<br />

they’d leave me alone...WIN WIN,<br />

right!? Not so much. I was teased all<br />

the time.<br />

I don’t remember a lot of<br />

good times in school. I was made fun<br />

of for not being good at sports. I was<br />

made fun of for being skinny. I was<br />

made fun of for not doing well in<br />

school. You name it, I got made fun<br />

of. I remember one memory that is<br />

burned into my brain.<br />

It was my 8th grade graduation<br />

and I didn’t get my hair cut<br />

before the date. My hair was long but<br />

instead of just being a “cool” kid and<br />

leave it as is, I combed it over like<br />

a 65 year old man trying to cover<br />

a bald spot. Needless to say, my<br />

nickname from then on was Donald<br />

Trump. Not a good memory.<br />

Things are about to get a little<br />

more personal. I remember a time<br />

that I was made fun of by someone<br />

very close and dear to me and that I<br />

looked up to very much. They called<br />

me names and teased me because I<br />

acted differently, called me a fag and<br />

I was supposed to just take it. I stood<br />

up for myself at the age of 13 and<br />

tried to stand up for myself but they<br />

won out. This was extremely hard<br />

to deal with but like all kids, we just<br />

use it to build ourselves.<br />

I remember that this was the<br />

same time that I moved in with my<br />

grandparents. I moved back to the<br />

small town of Pawhuska and started<br />

my sophomore year of high school<br />

with all the bullies that teased me<br />

in elementary school and wouldn’t<br />

you know it, they didn’t forget my<br />

nickname of “Bawlbaby.” I had that<br />

name till graduation.<br />

Around that time, I noticed<br />

that I wasn’t dating girls like all<br />

my friends were and didn’t have<br />

the desire. I was never attracted to<br />

girls although they were some of my<br />

closest friends. I knew what gay was<br />

by then and thought that I might be.<br />

I remember looking a pictures online<br />

of men, you know what I’m talking<br />

about, and realizing this isn’t something<br />

that “normal” boys do. I hated<br />

myself and felt that<br />

I was a dirty person and no<br />

one could ever know about these<br />

thoughts. So I started getting very<br />

involved in church activities because<br />

I knew this wasn’t something that<br />

God wanted me to be and if I prayed<br />

hard enough, I could pray it away. I<br />

also knew that this wasn’t a healthy<br />

lifestyle because I was taught in 6th<br />

grade that when a man has sex with<br />

another man, he will automatically<br />

get HIV/AIDS. I was pretty terrified<br />

of being gay.<br />

I got involved in one of the<br />

most conservative churches to help<br />

me pray it away, Assemblies of<br />

God Church. Well, that didn’t work<br />

because I still had these “awful”<br />

thoughts. I graduated from High<br />

School never having a girlfriend but<br />

thinking I wanted to marry my best<br />

friend, Jayme. She was always my<br />

date to the prom.<br />

I then started college and<br />

what a difference a day makes. I felt<br />

so empowered going to college and<br />

thought, this is where I’ll stop being<br />

attracted to men and I’ll find the girl<br />

of my dreams. I started going to the<br />

Church of Christ which is a little<br />

more conservative than Assemblies<br />

of God. They don’t have instruments<br />

103 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

when they sing and women can’t<br />

pray in front of men. I thought that<br />

weird but thought,<br />

“This church<br />

will change<br />

me!”<br />

I tried this for four years. I<br />

remember going to visit my parents<br />

that first semester in Oklahoma City.<br />

It was around September and I’d<br />

been in college for just a few weeks.<br />

I thought that I would stop having<br />

these thoughts but they got worse<br />

and worse.<br />

I was driving on Interstate<br />

35 and crying so hard I could hardly<br />

see. That’s when I thought it would<br />

be so much easier to just drive my<br />

car off a bridge than to have these<br />

“awful” thoughts and one day die<br />

from HIV/AIDS because that’s what<br />

I was taught if a man sleeps with<br />

a man. Needless to say, one of the<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 104<br />

lowest moments of my life.<br />

Thank God I didn’t do anything<br />

like that. I met a good friend<br />

named Cary, who now goes by Patrick.<br />

He and I hung out all the time.<br />

We clicked and I felt good about<br />

just being alone the rest of my life<br />

surrounded by friends and ignoring<br />

these thoughts would be easy. He<br />

was dating another friend of mine<br />

and was a great friend.<br />

Through the years I had a<br />

couple of friends come to me and tell<br />

me they were gay. Cary first then my<br />

best friend Vince. I thought, “They<br />

must be coming to me for help and<br />

just to talk.” I was a little slow minded<br />

back then ;) They were telling<br />

me one for support and two because<br />

they were hoping that I would finally<br />

come out as well.<br />

Before my first<br />

senior year,<br />

I was a<br />

“super-senior,”<br />

I went on a couple dates with<br />

this girl named Lauren. She was<br />

exactly what I thought I wanted my<br />

wife to be. I thought, this is how<br />

it’ll work. But I still had attractions<br />

to men and couldn’t stand to fake<br />

my life. I called Cary and talked to<br />

him for hours. Then I went down to<br />

visit him in Houston. Granted, I still<br />

hadn’t told him that I was gay but we<br />

talked about a lot of stuff. I finally<br />

came back to Still-water to start the<br />

new semester and couldn’t just lie<br />

to myself anymore. I was telling<br />

my friends that there isn’t anything<br />

wrong with being gay! I was telling<br />

them that God loves them no matter<br />

what! I finally took a sip of my own<br />

medicine.<br />

I told my parents first. I knew<br />

that I needed their support and I got<br />

it. I was terrified. I made a special<br />

trip Labor Day Weekend to Albuquerque<br />

where they were living and<br />

I remember it being on the tip of my<br />

mind the entire weekend.<br />

I wouldn’t talk the whole<br />

time pretty much. Then we were sitting<br />

out on the back porch the night<br />

before I was going to leave the next<br />

day. I thought, “Now or never!” So<br />

I told them that I came in for a reason<br />

and I was mostly worried about<br />

my Dad’s reaction. I knew my Mom<br />

wouldn’t have a problem because<br />

she asked me if I was gay SEVER-<br />

AL times! Of course I always got<br />

super-defensive when she asked but<br />

back to the story.<br />

I told them and before I could<br />

get the words out, wouldn’t you<br />

know it, I was bawling my eyes out.<br />

I was worrying I’d be disowned by<br />

my family, they’d never talk to me<br />

again, and tell the entire family that<br />

I was a freak. I tend to over think<br />

things.<br />

They were amazing! My

Mom was sitting there crying with<br />

me and my Dad was just quiet for a<br />

bit. I remember it vividly. (I’m tearing<br />

up as I’m writing this because<br />

I’m amazed at how blessed I am with<br />

the parents that I have.)<br />

I then remember my Dad<br />

looking over at me telling me that<br />

they loved me no matter what I was.<br />

It didn’t matter to them. At that exact<br />

moment, years and years of guilt,<br />

self-hate, and a multitude of other<br />

problems just fell off my shoulders.<br />

It was like someone took a hundred<br />

pound weight off each side of my<br />

body, it was an amazing feeling.<br />

I also remember the next<br />

morning before I left, my Dad walks<br />

up to me and just says, “with this<br />

decision, just be sure to wear a<br />

condom.” I was like, WOW, that’s<br />

good enough, thanks! It made me<br />

laugh. Oh and by the way, I learned<br />

my sophomore year of college about<br />

how a person contracts HIV and<br />

once I figured that out, my whole<br />

thought process changed!<br />

I told my parents to not tell<br />

anyone because I wanted to tell them<br />

but you know how parents are. My<br />

Dad called my brother and my sister<br />

and told them both and said<br />

“Zak’s going to<br />

tell you that<br />

he’s gay and<br />

if you have a<br />

problem with<br />

it, you’re out of<br />

the family and<br />

we’ll never talk<br />

to you again.”<br />

Who can ask for more supportive<br />

parents than that!? Mom was<br />

very excited and happy that I had<br />

finally been honest with myself and<br />

she had the love and compassion to<br />

not say, “I told you so!” ;) Love you<br />

Mom and Dad!<br />

So I told my sister at dinner<br />

one night that I was seeing someone<br />

and his name was Nick. She almost<br />

choked on her salad! She was good<br />

at acting like she didn’t know.<br />

I told my best friend Vince lastly<br />

because I wasn’t able to be there<br />

for him like he needed me to when<br />

he came out to me and I felt guilty.<br />

I told him and it took him a couple<br />

days to deal with it but then he took<br />

me out on my first “gay-outing!” We<br />

decided to do it up big and it was<br />

Halloween. Amazingly fun! I’ve<br />

never looked back.<br />

Still to this day, I have never<br />

slept with a woman, nor wanted to,<br />

and I’ve only kissed one girl. It was<br />

a random event and quite funny in<br />

my opinion. I was with a group of<br />

my friends and we were at a bar and<br />

she asked them if they had all been<br />

with girls.<br />

They all had and I said I<br />

hadn’t. She asked me if I had even<br />

kissed a girl and I said no. She said<br />

well how do you know you’re gay?<br />

I said, “you just know ;)” Then she<br />

came up and started kissing me! She<br />

was quite the firecracker! She was a<br />

gorgeous blond and I was flattered<br />

but then she had to ask, “so how was<br />

that?” I said, “I miss the stubble!”<br />

105 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 106

HEALTH<br />

Take<br />

A Break!<br />

So summer is finally here<br />

and all you want to be is lazy.<br />

Do that! Giving yourself a<br />

breather—whether it lasts minutes<br />

or a week—makes your<br />

body stronger, your sleep<br />

sounder, and your<br />

mood happier.<br />


Studies show that taking regular<br />

vacations—that means a couple<br />

of times per year; now’s a good<br />

time!—substantially lowers the risk<br />

of heart disease. Plus, you can count<br />

on banking extra hour of high-quality<br />

sleep during trips lasting at least<br />

seven days—and 20 minutes more of<br />

solid shut-eye for a few nights after<br />

you get home—according to research<br />

by sleep scientist.<br />



Even if you only have the time or<br />

cash to go away for a couple of days,<br />

plan something. People anticipating<br />

a vacay feel more enjoyment<br />

and less gloom as soon as the trip<br />

is scheduled, according to a study in<br />

Applied Research in Quality of Life.<br />

Book early to maximize the benefits<br />

of that I can’t wait mood.<br />


Studies show that 20 to 30 minutes<br />

of sleep can boost your mood, alertness,<br />

and performance. It works like<br />

a mini vacation. Treat yourself to a<br />

nap after work on nights you plan to<br />

go out.<br />

107 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

SEX<br />




Those reports that say you can<br />

burn a cheeseburger’s worth of<br />

calories in bed? Wishful thinking.<br />

A new study annoyingly found that<br />

the average bonk session only<br />

burns 21 calories. (Come. On.)<br />

But(!) sex still has delicious health<br />

benefits.<br />


During sex, the hormones<br />

oxytocin, vasopressin, and<br />

melatonin surge in your body,<br />

helping you get a solid night of<br />

shut-eye.<br />


The release of oxytocin during<br />

climax can reduce stress levels<br />

for several hours (yes, we said<br />

hours) by inhibiting a major<br />

stress hormone.<br />


Arousal and climax cuase a<br />

surge in oxytocin and DHEA,<br />

hormones that are associated<br />

with a decrease risk for breast<br />

cancer.<br />


COLD<br />

In a study, people who had sex<br />

once or twice a week had immunoglobulin<br />

A (IGA) levels<br />

30 percent higher than those<br />

who abstained. IgA bolsters<br />

your immune system, so get<br />

it on and maybe you will skip<br />

that next cold or flu.<br />


A 10-year study of more than<br />

3,500 participants found that<br />

people who had sex three times<br />

per week on average looked 7<br />

to 12 years younger than they<br />

actually were. Experts aren’t<br />

sure why...but do you care?<br />

sources: SARI ECKLAR COOPER, LCSW;<br />




OF THE<br />

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109 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

YOU BURN<br />

50%<br />






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Your city<br />

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111 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Workout<br />

1<br />

The<br />

15-minute<br />

V-shape<br />

workout<br />

To sculpt a defined torso you<br />

need to zero-in on the most<br />

neglected muscles in your<br />

back. You’ll know which<br />

ones they are when they’re<br />

sore tomorrow. Perform<br />

the moves in a circuit with<br />

60 seconds rest between<br />

each exercise. Rest for two<br />

minutes after completing a<br />

circuit. And repeat. If Chord<br />

Overstreet can do it, so can<br />

you!<br />

3<br />

Dumbbell<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 112<br />

Dumbbell bench press<br />

Lie on your back on a<br />

bench, holding a dumbbell<br />

in each hand level with<br />

your chest, palms facing<br />

in. Keeping your elbows<br />

tucked in, push the weights<br />

up above your chest. Pause,<br />

then gradually lower the<br />

weights to the starting position.<br />

Do 10-12 reps.<br />

2<br />

Rack pull<br />

Set a barbell at knee level<br />

on a squat rack. Stand with<br />

your knees slightly bent<br />

and gently touching the bar.<br />

Bend to grasp it with an<br />

overhand grip. Your hands<br />

should be just outside your<br />

legs, your back arched.<br />

Now stand up, keeping the<br />

bar close to your body.<br />

Perform 10-12 reps.<br />

row<br />

Hold a pair of dumbbells and<br />

lower your torso until almost<br />

parallel to the floor. Let the<br />

weights hang at arm’s length.<br />

Pull your shoulders back and<br />

together, hold the position for 2<br />

seconds, then row the weights<br />

up to either side of your rib<br />

cage, still squeezing your<br />

shoulder blades.<br />

Perform 10-12 reps.

Alternating dumbbell shoulder press<br />

Hold a pair of dumbbells just wider<br />

than shoulder width with your arms<br />

bent and palms facing each other.<br />

Bend your knees slightly and press one<br />

dumbbell up until your arm is straight.<br />

As you lower that dumbbell, press the<br />

other one up to complete 1 repetition.<br />

Do 10-12 reps.<br />

5<br />

4<br />

Pull-up hold<br />

Hang at arm’s length from a pullup<br />

bar with an overhand grip,<br />

your hands about shoulder-width<br />

apart. Pull your chest up to the<br />

bar and hold for 10-20 seconds.<br />

Perform as many reps as you can.<br />

Once you can manage more than<br />

5 reps, add some extra resistance<br />

by placing a dumbbell between<br />

your feet. Do 10-12 reps.<br />

Diagonal cable raise<br />

Attach a handle to a floor-level<br />

pulley. Stand left-side-on and grab<br />

the handle with your right hand<br />

in front of your left hip. Without<br />

rotating your torso, pull the handle<br />

up and across your body until your<br />

hand is over your head and your<br />

thumb is pointing up.your feet. Do<br />

10-12 reps, then switch sides to<br />

balance your muscle.<br />

6<br />

113 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>


Gemini<br />

(May 22 - <strong>June</strong> 20)<br />


You are thoughtful and curious.<br />


You can be scattered and moody.<br />


Bold colors and unique looks<br />


A day poring over your favorite<br />

activities for inspiration.<br />

Birthday Boy<br />

John Cho<br />

<strong>June</strong> 16, 1972<br />


You like to ask for what you want!<br />


Follow your curiosity. Do you have a<br />

hidden talent that you want to develop?<br />

This is the month to explore<br />

new interests and make little life<br />

upgrades. Go for a new haircut or<br />

splurge on a pair of new sunglasses<br />

to amp up your style.<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 114<br />

Cancer (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Tying up loose<br />

ends. Complete old projects before<br />

you burst onto the summer<br />

social scene. Also think before<br />

you speak. Gather all the facts<br />

about a challenging situation<br />

before charging ahead. Don’t<br />

bother overcommiting yourself.<br />

Practice saying no politely so<br />

you don’t get overwhelmed<br />

with obligations. SEXY CAST:<br />

If you have nagging doubts<br />

about the guy you are dating,<br />

wait a week before making any<br />

major decisions. THINGS TO<br />

DO: Go on a music hunt. Try<br />

different types of music. There<br />

maybe a chance that you might<br />

like an artist that you never<br />

though you would.<br />

Leo (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Expanding<br />

your group of friends. Don’t<br />

wait for invitations—you can<br />

host a party yourself! You are<br />

a social butterfly this month.<br />

So spread the love. Let your<br />

freak flag fly. Embrace your<br />

quirks and unique insights—<br />

they make you who you are<br />

and attract people to you. Don’t<br />

bother micromanaging. A team<br />

effort will yield the best results.<br />

SEXY CAST: Flaunt your body<br />

and show your dominate side.<br />

This month he may let you take<br />

control and be on top. (For the<br />

time being). THINGS TO DO:<br />

Don’t let a bad day get the best<br />

of you. Strug it off and head to<br />

the beach and soak of the sun.<br />

Virgo (AUG 23 - SEPT 22)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Speak up! You<br />

have a shot at major career success<br />

this month. Be willing to<br />

put yourself out there and stand<br />

up for your ideas. It’s time to<br />

grow a pair! Take a risk and<br />

ask someone new out on a date.<br />

You’ll feel exhilarated when he<br />

says yes. Being brave never felt<br />

so good. Don’t bother holding<br />

onto grudges. The negative<br />

vibes only hold you back when<br />

you are ready to move on.<br />

SEXY CAST: A former flame<br />

could reemerge . Hear him out,<br />

take it sow, and let him prove<br />

he’s serious.THINGS TO DO:<br />

Blast from the past. Rekindle<br />

an old hobby that you haven’t<br />

done in a long time. Something<br />

so simple can make you happier<br />

this month.<br />

Libra (SEPT 23 - OCT 22)<br />

LIFE/WORK: A guy getaway.<br />

<strong>June</strong>’s fresh air has stirred your<br />

need to explore. So plan a road<br />

trip to visit an old buddy. The<br />

fun antics will lift your spirits<br />

and remind you that guy<br />

friendships rock! Start your<br />

own trend. Come up with your<br />

own fashion-forward look and<br />

watch the domino effect take<br />

hold. Don’t bother signing up<br />

for a million activities. Commit<br />

to just one and it wil be more<br />

rewarding. SEXY CAST: Your<br />

inner sex god walks on the<br />

wild side. Use your imaginations<br />

and spice up your moves.<br />

THINGS TO DO: Go buy<br />

yourself some happy. After the<br />

last few months you deserve it.<br />

Scorpio (OCT 23 - NOV 21)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Transform<br />

yourself. You are shedding your<br />

old skin, and you will emerge<br />

stronger, clearer, and more focused<br />

than before. Donate your<br />

old stuff to charity and release<br />

the past. Take care of you. You<br />

are so supportive of your loved<br />

ones. But now is the time to<br />

priortize your personal needs.<br />

When you feel stronger, you

can lend a hand. Don’t bother getting<br />

possesive with a friend. It will burn<br />

you out. SEXY CAST: Your sexual<br />

chemisty is sizzling. Bring props into<br />

the bedroom for a seduction you will<br />

both remember. THINGS TO DO:<br />

Sleep in. Take a day off and sleep in,<br />

getting the well sleep you need will<br />

recharge your battery.<br />

Sagitta. (NOV 22 - DEC 21)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Your closest relationships.<br />

Evaluate your standing<br />

with the most precisous people in<br />

your life. If there’s a brewing issue,<br />

talk it out. Someone important will<br />

be glad you cared enough to take the<br />

lead. Pay it forward. You’re naturally<br />

generous, and your good karma will<br />

come back to you in spades. Don’t<br />

bother being a diva. Chill out and<br />

don’t stir things up. SEXY CAST:<br />

You have got the magic touch with<br />

guys this month. Play the field<br />

until one stands out from the pack.<br />

THINGS TO DO: Surprise your man<br />

with a little naughtiness. You will<br />

get the response that you have been<br />

looking for.<br />

Capricorn (DEC 22 - JAN 19)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Approaching a<br />

work challenge from a fresh angle.<br />

The new moon will help you find a<br />

creative solution to a difficult problem.<br />

Trust your talents. Tap into your<br />

natural abilities and incorporate them<br />

into your everyday life. Find one<br />

thing that brings a burst of happiness<br />

in your day, and do it more often.<br />

Don’t bother procastinating, when<br />

your tempted to head to the beach,<br />

run one errand before you go then<br />

you’ll deserve the break! SEXY<br />

CAST: Small gestures, like a back<br />

massage, will go a long way with<br />

your guy this month. THINGS TO<br />

DO: Try something new. Give your<br />

creative flow a chance to come up to<br />

the surface. It will open doors that<br />

you never knew could open.<br />

Aquarius (JAN 20 - FEB 18)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Indulge your sily<br />

side. See a comedy show with your<br />

friends, and crack jokes with the<br />

sexy guy at the next table. Your<br />

humore is on fire. Declare your love.<br />

Be the gutsy heroine of your own<br />

love story, and make your affections<br />

known to your cursh. He’ll<br />

be impressed by your boldness and<br />

confidence. Don’t bother pushing for<br />

consensus. Make your own Saturday<br />

night plans and you will have a<br />

blast with those who jump on board.<br />

SEXY CAST: An unexpected romance<br />

will be introduced. So keep<br />

your eyes peeled! THINGS TO DO:<br />

Host a party like never before. Show<br />

everybody your party and fun side.<br />

You will be the talk of the town.<br />

Pisces (FEB. 21 - MARCH 20)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Shake your pad<br />

up. Your eye for design is keen this<br />

month. You will find some beautiful<br />

items that reflect your signature<br />

style. Hit flea markets or antigue<br />

stores for some steals. Lead the<br />

pack, put together a brainstorming<br />

meetings at work. Getting the team<br />

together works wonders for office<br />

morale. Don’t bother being pessimistic<br />

about a family issue. Think positive<br />

thoughts. SEXY CAST: Open<br />

up to your partner and he’ll also<br />

share his softer side. He’s all about<br />

growing your emotional connection.<br />

THINGS TO DO: Let someone wait<br />

on you. You deserve the attention<br />

after you have been with others.<br />

<strong>Aries</strong> (MARCH 21 - APRIL 20)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Your social media<br />

presences. You’re busy worrying on<br />

several new projects. Use your posting<br />

savvy wisely, and get your word<br />

out there. What’s old is new again.<br />

Reconnect with old friends by having<br />

acquaintances by having a get-together.<br />

Don’t bother glossing over<br />

details. Check your work and avoid<br />

careless mistakes. SEXY CAST: A<br />

friendship could turn romantic if you<br />

are single. in a relationship? Plan a<br />

group date, and try a new hot spot.<br />

THINGS TO DO: Take it slow this<br />

month. Rushing things will only dig<br />

holes for you.<br />

Taurus (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)<br />

LIFE/WORK: Dedicate a few hours<br />

to your new favorite hobby. You will<br />

love the satisfaction that you will<br />

feel as you improve. Dream big.<br />

To reach your potential you have to<br />

summon your confidence and am<br />

high. Make a list of your best attributes—there<br />

will be more than you<br />

think. Don’t bother playing mind<br />

games. You will benefit from being<br />

honest about your intentions. SEXY<br />

CAST: Plan a date night —and sexy<br />

seduction—at your place. THINGS<br />

TO DO: Don’t bother with cheap<br />

men. Go out and spurlge on yourself.<br />

Gemini<br />


LIBRA<br />

He’s into the idea of<br />

building a solid partnership,<br />

and so are<br />

you. When he commits,<br />

he only has<br />

eyes for you.<br />


His thirst for adventure<br />

pushes you<br />

beyond your comfort<br />

zone. You share<br />

many common interest,<br />

and yet he finds<br />

your independence<br />

sexy too!<br />

115 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 116

117 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

Red-Hot Read<br />


Liam’s vision of a tropical vacation<br />

with cocktails and cabana boys faded<br />

away with the tide and instead there<br />

was this, a special hell, surrounded<br />

by screaming kids and overweight<br />

moms. Alex really knew how to give<br />

his best friend a good time.<br />

Liam leaned against the glass and<br />

sighed. Somewhere up there, Alex<br />

was laughing at him. The bastard<br />

could have given him a train ticket<br />

to anywhere; the Orient Express, for<br />

instance. The lyrics said a “Ticket<br />

to Ride,” not fucking Ryde. But no,<br />

Alex loved the Isle of Wight after a<br />

summer vacation during college and<br />

he would not be moved. So a ticket<br />

to the ass end of nowhere it was.<br />

Maybe Alex had secretly hated him<br />

all these years.<br />

hen Liam Marshall’s best friend, until Sam Owens comes to his<br />

Alex, loses his fight with colon rescue.<br />

cancer, he leaves Liam one final<br />

Sam’s family has vacationed<br />

on the Isle of Wight ev-<br />

request: buy a ticket to Ryde,<br />

on the Isle of Wight, and scatter ery year for as long as he can<br />

Alex’s ashes off the pier. Liam is remember, but he’s never met<br />

tired, worn out, and in desperate anyone like Liam. Determined to<br />

need of a vacation, but instead of make Liam’s vacation one to remember,<br />

Sam looks after him—in<br />

sun, sea, sand, and hot cabana<br />

boys, he gets a rickety old train, and out of the bedroom. He even<br />

revolting kids, and no Ewan Mac- introduces Liam to his entire family.<br />

But as Sam helps Liam let go,<br />

Gregor.<br />

Liam would have done he’s forced to admit that he wants<br />

anything for his friend, but fulfilling<br />

Alex’s final wish means letting life, but to Sam and what they<br />

Liam to hang on—not to his old<br />

go of the only family Liam had have together.<br />

left. Lost, he freezes on the pier…<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 118<br />

The Isle of Wight was obviously<br />

a popular destination for families,<br />

because from the second Liam had<br />

gotten on the ferry to the island he<br />

hadn’t been able to get away from<br />

whining brats. Liam wasn’t one of<br />

those men whose life was going to<br />

be completed by progeny. He liked<br />

Kathy well enough, even though<br />

he’d deny it if pushed, but she was<br />

Alex’s kid, so of course Liam liked<br />

her. Children en masse were hell on<br />

earth. Particularly the little fucker<br />

behind him.<br />

The train eventually reached Ryde.<br />

Could any train ride be so slow? The<br />

island was the size of a handkerchief.<br />

The majority of the crowd got off,<br />

to Liam’s relief. He was particularly<br />

pleased to be rid of the evil kid<br />

who had spent most of the journey<br />

kicking the back of his seat. After<br />

days of riding this train from hell, he<br />

had no patience for some bored brat.<br />

He’d glared at the monster when the<br />

kicking had started, and then tried<br />

glaring at the mother. The woman<br />

had stared back with sublime indifference.<br />

Liam thought about moving

to the seat behind the kid and kicking<br />

his seat to see how he liked it. He<br />

could just imagine how that would<br />

go down. Pervert On Train Attacks<br />

Small Child! Liam’s imagination ran<br />

wild as he visualized the headlines. It<br />

might even get on YouTube. Somebody<br />

would record it on their cell<br />

phone and upload it. Liam shuddered<br />

as he imagined the small clip going<br />

viral. His mother would never speak<br />

to him again. The nightmare had<br />

kept him occupied until the train<br />

disgorged the horrid child and his<br />

equally horrid mother at Ryde Esplanade.<br />

For the couple of minutes it took to<br />

get to Ryde Pier Head station, Liam<br />

leaned against the back of the seat<br />

and closed his eyes. Forget the last<br />

few days riding this God-awful train.<br />

Today was the day to fulfill Alex’s<br />

request. Then he could go home and<br />

get on with his life.<br />

His empty life.<br />

Mingling with the few passengers<br />

waiting for the catamaran that left<br />

from the pier, Liam got himself a<br />

latte from the coffee shop in the<br />

terminal building, taking it to sit<br />

outside on one of the benches. He<br />

sipped it carefully, having learned<br />

from previous experience that the<br />

baristas made their coffee extra hot.<br />

Liam’s bottom lip was still recovering<br />

from the last time.<br />

It was blustery outside of the protective<br />

shell of the terminal building,<br />

but Liam appreciated the feel of the<br />

wind and sun on his face. Alex was<br />

right. He had spent too long inside,<br />

not wanting to leave the sick man<br />

alone for any length of time. Digging<br />

inside his backpack, Liam drew out a<br />

small rosewood container and placed<br />

it on his lap. He stroked the box gently.<br />

The wood felt warm to the touch,<br />

as if it contained the spirit of the<br />

man within. Alex had wanted a small<br />

amount of his ashes to be sprinkled<br />

in the sea at Ryde after Liam had ridden<br />

the train. It was a simple request<br />

and one Liam intended to honor.<br />

He finished his coffee, taking his<br />

time to appreciate the rich flavor.<br />

Overhead, seagulls wheeled in<br />

circles, looking for scraps of food.<br />

Contrary to Liam’s expectations,<br />

it wasn’t raining. In fact, it hadn’t<br />

rained the whole time he’d been in<br />

England, a fact that seemed to dominate<br />

the news headlines. Seriously,<br />

two weeks without rain and there<br />

was a drought?<br />

It was the right time now. The sun<br />

was glinting off the water and there<br />

was a light gust of wind that should<br />

scatter Alex’s spirit far over the<br />

waves. Taking a deep breath, Liam<br />

went to the rail, intending to open<br />

the box and send the remains of his<br />

friend into the four winds.<br />

It was simple. He could open the<br />

box and then he could go back to his<br />

home in Michigan. His fingers fumbled<br />

at the clasp, unable to complete<br />

the simple task. Liam’s eyes filled<br />

with tears: frustration and anger at<br />

himself for being so useless, grief for<br />

the loss of his friend.<br />

The loss of Alex in his life was profound.<br />

For more than twenty years,<br />

Alex had been the mainstay of his<br />

world; not his lover but his friend,<br />

brother, partner in crime. Disposing<br />

of his ashes would leave Liam with<br />

nothing left of Alex. He would lose<br />

him all over again.<br />

The tears spilled over onto Liam’s<br />

cheeks, and he dashed them away<br />

impatiently. He fumbled at the catch<br />

of the box only to be thwarted by a<br />

large hand over the clasp.<br />

“I wouldn’t do that here if I were<br />

you.”<br />

Annoyed at being stopped when he<br />

had finally worked up the courage<br />

to open the box, Liam looked up to<br />

glare at the man, only to be caught<br />

by the sight of beautiful brown eyes,<br />

framed by long, dark lashes.<br />

“Why not? Is there a law against it?”<br />

Liam snapped.<br />

The man smiled gently. “Probably<br />

not, but if you chuck the ashes here,<br />

you’ll end up with them in your face.<br />

The wind’s blowing in the wrong<br />

direction. You need to move over to<br />

that side today.”<br />

“Oh.” Liam’s hostility faded in the<br />

face of such a reasonable explanation.<br />

Feeling like a complete idiot,<br />

he looked around for another place,<br />

where he wouldn’t get a mouthful of<br />

ashes. Alex would have loved that.<br />

“Do you want to go over there? I’ll<br />

look after your bags for you,” the<br />

man said helpfully, pointing to the<br />

other side of the pier.<br />

He had a kind face, Liam noticed.<br />

He was probably in his late twenties,<br />

although Liam was dreadful<br />

at guessing ages, with blond, wavy<br />

hair caught back in a ponytail. Not<br />

a stunner, but kind and gentle, with<br />

those amazing golden-brown eyes<br />

that were very expressive. At the moment,<br />

they were completely focused<br />

on Liam.<br />

“I promise not to nick anything,” the<br />

man assured him.<br />

Liam started to walk over to the<br />

place where he could throw the ashes<br />

and then stopped, his feet rooted to<br />

the spot. He couldn’t do it, couldn’t<br />

throw Alex away. It was too soon.<br />

Liam needed more time. He needed<br />

forever.<br />

119 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 120


Are You<br />

Acting<br />

Your Age?<br />

1 2 3 4<br />

Flipping through the<br />

channels, you are<br />

most likely to stop and<br />

watch...<br />

What’s your current<br />

living situation?<br />

What’s your favorite<br />

dessert?<br />

You’re having lunch<br />

with a few friends. After<br />

lunch you’ll probably going<br />

to...<br />

a. The O.C, - that has<br />

a some-what concept<br />

about life<br />

b. CSI - all about<br />

murder and who did<br />

it.<br />

c. SpongeBob<br />

SquarePants - A cartoon<br />

about a sponge<br />

and his underwater<br />

adventures.<br />

a. You live with your<br />

boyfriend.<br />

b. You live alone or<br />

with roommates.<br />

c. You live with your<br />

parents and you are<br />

loving every min of it.<br />

a. Tiramisu- is so pretty<br />

to look at I don’t<br />

want to touch it.<br />

b. Creme Brulee, it’s<br />

the adult thing to eat<br />

after you eat an adult<br />

meal.<br />

c. Candy! I need my<br />

sugar rush.<br />

a. Run around outside<br />

and have fun<br />

b. Scope out some<br />

hotties to talk to. He<br />

might be my future<br />

husband!<br />

c. Take a nap. That<br />

really wore me out.<br />


1 to 4<br />

GROW UP!<br />

You are a kid at heart. You never<br />

quite really grew up.You still have an<br />

optimistic life view - and you look<br />

at the world with awe. Playful and<br />

fun, you bring a lighthearted attitude<br />

to every part of life.You’re a little<br />

irresponsible, but your charm makes<br />

up for it (in most cases)!<br />

5 to 8<br />


You are a teenager at heart. You<br />

don’t quite feel like a grown up yet,<br />

but you don’t feel like a kid. You<br />

question authority and are still trying<br />

to find your place in this world.<br />

You’re quite rebellious, and you<br />

don’t like being told what to do.<br />

You like to do things your way. You<br />

have your own unique style, taste in<br />

music, and outlook on life.<br />

9 to 12<br />


You are a thirty-something at heart.<br />

You’ve had a taste of success and<br />

true love, but you want more! You’re<br />

responsible, wise, and have enough<br />

experience to understand a lot of the<br />

world. You’re at the point in your life<br />

where you understand yourself pretty<br />

well. You are figuring out what you<br />

want... and how to get it!<br />

1. a - 1 b - 3 c -2 2. a - 3 b -1 c -2 3. a - 2 b - 1 c - 2 4. a - 3 b - 2 c - 1<br />

121 ARIES / JUNE <strong>2014</strong>

ariesmagazine.com<br />

JUNE <strong>2014</strong> / ARIES 122

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