SPECIAL EDITION JULY 2013 - Saint Mary's University


SPECIAL EDITION JULY 2013 - Saint Mary's University


Dear Residence Student:

Welcome to Residence Life at Saint Mary’s University. We are pleased that you have

chosen us as your home away from home.

You will probably feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious when you first arrive and this is normal. However, you will

discover immediately that there is a lot of support for your new adventure from professional housing staff, your Residence

Assistant (RA) and from returning students. Your RA will have activities planned to help you make new friends

quickly and to assist you with getting acclimatized to residence and our campus. You will also be encouraged to participate

fully in the University’s Orientation Week, which will support your transition to university.

Living in residence can be the opportunity of a lifetime: new friends, exciting activities, new experiences, and

challenging learning opportunities. The residence life program supports each students’ academic pursuits as well and

we have high expectations of our students with regard to their behavior and how it affects others living in residence.

For all of you returning to residence, we are glad to have you back as you further your pursuits of academic excellence

while leading a well rounded life. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September.


Centre for Housing and Residence Life

How to get to SMU


Student Services


Move-In Schedule


Who Lives in Residence


Key Pickup/Parking




Services available/Computer Setup


Orientation Week


ID Cards/”No-Shows” & Late Arrivals


Internation Orientation/Student Health 101


FAQ/What to Bring


Shinerama 1


Personalizing your Room


Shinerama 2


New Student and Family Orientation


Co-Curricular Record 1


Service Centre


Co-Curricular Record 2




Student Support Program


Campus Services/Important Numbers




Liquor Policy/Housing and Res Life Staff


Second Hand Smoke


Counseling Services


Residence Pictures


Career Services


By Car:

Follow the Trans-Canada (Nova Scotia

Highway 104) from New Brunswick/Cape


Take Exit #15 to get on Highway 102 South

(careful: this is the only exit to Halifax).

Halifax is a pleasant 100 kilometer drive

away (about an hour).

Follow directions as described below to get

from Highway 102 into the City.

From the Airport:

From Highway 102 South:

Once on Highway 102 South, stay in the right


The Highway forks off at Exit 5 which leads to

Highway 118 and Dartmouth.

The right fork is Highway 102.

*For more detailed directions or

alternate routes, just go to maps.google.ca, use your

home address as the “From” location and 932 Robie

Street, Halifax as your “To” location.

Continue along Highway 102 until it ends. It

becomes Bayers Road in Halifax. Be careful as

you enter the city—the speed limit drops to

70km/hr and then 50 km/hr.

Just past the Halifax Shopping Centre, turn

right onto Connaught Ave.

Continue along Connaught until you reach the

end of the street. There you will turn left onto

Jubilee Rd.


SAT 31


(begins at 9:00am)













(ends at 5:00pm)*


We want to make moving into Residence as

convenient as possible with our 5-Day Move

In! Keys will be available to your room any time after 9:00am on

Sunday, September 1st!

We have friendly staff available 24 hours a day so when you

arrive, no matter what time, you will be able to sign-out your

keys and check-in to your room. When you arrive, please report

to the Loyola Residence Desk to pick up your keys.

First Year Students are encouraged to move in August 31st and

September 1st so they can enjoy the many activities and events

planned for Frosh Week!

Returning Students are encouraged to move in on September

3rd and 4th (or after 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday) to allow

the new students to move in first and get settled before classes


Pick the date that works best for you. Remember that Orientation/Frosh

Events begin Sunday, September 1st and are only

open to New SMU Students, and that classes start Wednesday,

Sept. 4th!


A very limited number

of carts will be

available so please

Check out the Schedule of Services Offered During Residence

Move-In to help you plan your first week here! It can be found

online at:


*If you plan to arrive after 5pm on Wednesday, September 4th,

2013, email us at residence.life@smu.ca before August 31st

with your ETA. This with ensure you are not declared a No-


All keys will be available at the Loyola Residence Desk. Keys will be

available there for all three (3) Residences: Loyola, Vanier, and

Rice, 24 hours a day beginning 9:00am on August 31st

To sign-out your keys, please bring a piece of Photo ID.








Students may move in anytime over the 5-day period, starting August 31st, 2013 at 9am until

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 at 5pm. If you plan to arrive later, you must notify the Centre for

Housing and Residence Life (see page 8 for details on Late Arrivals).





*When unloading your vehicle in front of the residences, you must have someone with your vehicle

at all times. Once your vehicle is unloaded, please park in a designated parking lot.

Many departments and services on campus will be offering extra or modified hours of operation during Move-In/

Orientation Week to help students get organized before classes start. Some of the services available will include…

Student ID Pickup

U-Pass Pickup

Meal Card Pickup

Orientation Pack Pickup

Orientation Week Activities

Tower Membership

Parking Permit Pickup

Phone/Internet Services


Signing of Student Loan Documentation

A tentative schedule of many of these services will be posted online



Beat the rush! New students can get a Computer Account (S# account) before even arriving on campus.

All you need to do is go to http://activate.smu.ca and put in your Self Service Banner Account (A# account)

information. You must be registered for courses to be able to activate your computer account for

the first time.

Once students arrive on campus and wish to register their computers for Internet in their residence,

open an internet browser window, which should take you to the registration page. If it does not work,

type netreg as the URL and you will be asked for your newly created computer account s# (see above).

Scroll to the bottom of the Computer Usage Policy and press Accept. This will automatically register your

computer for the internet. Please restart your computer and you should now be able to browse the internet.

Students who are new to the university are required to obtain an official University identification

card. An official University identification card must be presented to obtain the U-Pass and to purchase

a meal plan. These cards also serve as library cards, permit computer lab use, allow access to

The Tower, and enable students to qualify for discounts at some local businesses. There is no

charge for the initial ID card.

First time students can obtain their photo ID as soon as they are registered for classes! The library

encourages students to get their ID card as soon as possible to avoid the rush of Orientation week.

Students simply visit the library during regular hours of operation to have their photo taken and

receive their ID.

Returning students can have their ID cards validated at the Library as soon as they are registered!

*A schedule of Campus Services will be updated on the SMU website in July. Take a look to make

sure you know when various services will be open! Visit:


“No-Shows” are students who confirmed their bed space in Residence by returning their Residence

Agreement and paying the Confirmation Deposit, but who do not show up during the move-in period.

If we have not heard from students by 5pm on September 4th, they will be declared No-

Shows. If you need to arrive later than 5pm on September 5th, you must notify us in order to hold/

reserve your bed longer. Students who fail to arrive by this deadline are automatically withdrawn

from residence, their Residence Agreement (Contract) is cancelled, and their Confirmation Deposit

is absorbed by the University. Please do not let this happen to you!

Email us at residence.life@smu.ca before August 31st with your ETA to inform us if you plan to

move in after 5pm on Wednesday, September 5th, 2013 so that you are not declared a No-Show.


A Residence Assistant is a returning student employed by the Residence Life Department as part of

a team responsible for the welfare of all the students living in residence. RA’s provide personal

assistance to students, coordinate activities, explain and enforce policies and regulations, and act

as a liaison between residents and the Residence Life Department. Their goal is to promote a wellrounded

atmosphere in residence that is friendly, fun and fulfilling, while maintaining a degree of

order, discipline and security. They also provide opportunities to become involved in various social

and recreational activities. Your RA will be around to meet you shortly after you arrive in September.


Although each room is furnished, many students choose to bring their own belongings to personalize

their rooms. With a few finishing touches, you will soon think of your residence room as your

“home away from home.” Listed below are a few items that you may want to include when packing

to come to residence in September.

Residents living in Rice are reminded that, although the University provides a fridge and stove in

each apartment, it is the responsibility of the roommates to provide their own small appliances,

dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, etc..

Also, if you are in a double room or an apartment, we recommend that you talk to your roommate

(s) in September about obtaining a small microwave and/or bar fridge for your room.

Alarm clock




Clothes hangers



basket / detergent

Pictures (family/friends)

Pillows / bed linen

Plates/bowls/eating utensils

Plastic mug (with lid)

Posters and poster putty

Soap/toiletry items/towels


Warm winter clothes


The Residence Department does not allow the use of push pins, tacks, staples,

nails or any items of this nature when putting items up on the walls of

your room. Students should only bring items that can be put up on the walls

using Poster Putty, and 3M “Command” Adhesive Hooks (See the Residence

Handbook online). The use of any other type of two-faced tape products is

not permitted. Poster Putty and 3M “Command” Adhesive products are

available from most stationary or office supply stores. Magic-Mounts are

available at the SMU Bookstore. Other heavier items should be able to be

displayed while free standing on a shelf or desk top.

Students are reminded that putting up wall paper or wallpaper borders is not

permitted within residence. Fire code requires that you not mount any type

of decorations on your room ceiling.

All residence room doors have been equipped with a message board for students

to use. These message boards are to be used with “dry erasable”

markers only.

Halogen lamps are not permitted in residence due to the high risk of fire if

material comes in contact with the halogen bulb. Burning candles are also not permitted. Candles are permitted

as a decorative item for your room provided they have never been lit. Fire regulations prohibit the

use of electrical kitchen appliances (hot plates, toasters, etc) in Vanier and Loyola Residences. Also, pets

(including fish), carpets or rugs are not allowed in Residence. Please refer to the Residence Handbook for a

detailed list of prohibited items:


Halifax has Sunday Shopping; however, most stores have much more limited hours than their regular

weekly hours. When you move into residence, we suggest that you check the hours of any grocery

stores, convenience stores, malls, or other stores you are visiting before you head out.

Also please note that Monday, September 2nd, 2013 is a national holiday (Labour Day); therefore

stores, banks, and offices (including many University offices) are all closed until Tuesday September

3rd. For information on what services are available during move-in, check our website at:



Advantages of attending Summer Orientation:

New Student & Family Orientation will introduce you to our campus, university

services, new people, and generally helps prepare you (and your parents)

for your first year at Saint Mary's! You will have the opportunity to:

Participate in information sessions

Win incredible prizes, including a 1/2 credit tuition voucher!

Learn all about the resources and services available to you

Become familiar with campus and members of the university community

Meet members of SMUSA and get a jump-start on Orientation Week by purchasing a SMUSA Frosh pack

Hear about transition challenges and key success strategies

Meet new friends

And much more!

If you plan to attend, please sign-up for this event by visiting http://www.smu.ca/orientation/

new.html. If you have any questions regarding the Summer Orientation or your first year at Saint

Mary's University, please contact the Student Success Coordinator via email at success@smu.ca or

phone 902.496.8797.

Accommodations On Campus:

For your convenience we will have accommodations available in residence at a starting price of $43.70

($26.69 for students) per night from July 21-23, 2011. You can choose between apartment style, single

or double rooms (special student rate of $53.09). Prices include taxes and breakfast. Please feel free

to contact this toll-free number to book your rooms - 1-888-347-5555. You can also visit the following

website for more information: http://www.smu.ca/conferences

If you wish to stay in residence during New Student and Family Orientation, we encourage you to reserve

your room early as reservations are dependent on availability. We would also like to ask that

you state that you are attending New Student and Family Orientation when planning

accommodations with us here at Saint Mary's University.



Visit the Orientation Website at www.smu.ca/orientation/ to find out more about this and other orientation

options that are right for you!

Our Services

Registration Inquiries

Tuition & Fee Payment Inquiries

Confirmation of Enrolment

RESP Enrolment Verification

Student Loan Authorization

Don’t waste your time!

It’s all online!

Online Payment Options

Interac Online (Self Service Banner)

Online Banking

International Payments - Travelex


Visit our website: www.smu.ca/servicecentre

Wednesday, September 4th - Classes Begin

Friday, September 13th - Fall Payment Deadline

Friday, September 13th - Fall Registration Ends

Friday, September 25th - Medical/Dental Plan Opt Out Deadline


Email: service.centre@smu.ca Phone: 902-420-5582 In Person: McNally Main 108

There are many services available in our Residences and around our campus here at Saint Mary’s University. These services are

put in place for the students, so please take full advantage of all of them. The services include:

High-speed wireless internet access from residence


Access to telephone from every residence room

(local calls only)

Card-operated laundry facilities

Aramark Food Services (a variety of locations on

campus, see page 18)

Tim Horton’s (two locations) and Just Us! Coffee

Fitness and recreation facilities (Homburg Centre

for Health & Wellness)

Local transportation system (Husky Patrol, Metro


Counselling Centre (Personal Counselling, Academic

Coaching, etc.)

Full-service Royal Bank machines

Barbershop and Hairstylist

24-hour access to select computer labs

Photocopying machines

For more information on services offered on campus, visit www.smu.ca

Fire/Police 911

Residence Security Desk 420-5591

University Security Desk (E) 420-5000

University Security 420-5577

Centre for Housing and Residence Life 420-5598

Admissions 420-5415

Aramark Office 420-5599

Art Gallery 420-5445

Arts Faculty Advisor 420-5437

Atlantic Centre 420-5452

Bookstore 420-5562

Commerce Faculty Advisor 420-5527

Counseling Services 420-5615

Employment Centre 420-5499

Health Services 420 5611

International Centre 420-5436

ITSS 496-8111

The Journal 496-8201

Library 420-5547

Metro Transit 490-6600

Observatory 420-5633

Ricoh Print Centre 420-5579

Science Faculty Advisor 491-5661

Service Centre 420-5582

SMUSA Info Desk 496-8713

TESL Centre 420-5691

Homburg Centre 420-5555

University Switchboard 420-5400

The Residence Department promotes a safe living environment within the residence community with respect to alcohol

use, based on education and enforcement. Our residents and guests have an obligation to make legal and responsible

decisions regarding the use of alcohol, which comply with the Residence Liquor Policy and the Nova Scotia Liquor Control

Act. More details regarding the policy are outlined on p.25-26 of the Residence Handbook. Here are some key points you

need to know:

Underage drinking (under 19 years of age) is prohibited within residence.

Students may consume liquor in their rooms/apartments and in floor common lounges only.

Open liquor may be transported between rooms on a floor only if:

It is in a non-glass container (plastic mug or cup, with lid)

It is not consumed while transporting

Open liquor is not permitted to leave the floor by any means and is prohibited in elevators,

elevator lobbies and stairwells.

Liquor that can be transported off of the floor includes:

Liquor sealed in its closed original container and carried in an unopened case/box.

Liquor sealed in its closed original container and carried in a non-transparent bag (i.e. re-usable grocery bag, backpack, paper bag, etc).

Drinking games and large quantities of liquor are not permitted.

The Centre for Housing and Residence Life would like to welcome you to Saint Mary’s Residence!

Whether you will be living in Loyola, Vanier, or Rice, we hope to see you in our office from time to time. Located

towards the cafeteria, feel free to drop in and say “Hello” when you’re walking by, or on your way to class. We

look forward to seeing you in September!

The Centre offers students assistance with all of their residence and

meal plan needs. Our office is just steps away from the cafeteria and

minutes away from all three Saint Mary’s Residences. If you have any

questions you can stop by when you have a break at lunch! Our goal

is to offer every student smooth, friendly and effective assistance!

The Counseling Centre

Personal Counseling • Couples Counseling • Academic Coaching • Consulting

4 th Floor Student Centre, 420-5615



Sarah Morris, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Student

Donnie Jeffrey, M.Ed.

Manager of Career Services &

Clinical Therapist

Brent Conrad, Ph.D.


Anne-Elise O’Regan, M.Sc.

Psychologist (Candidate Register)

Bobbi Beuree, B.A.

Student Success Coordinator

Ashleigh Dempsey


Our professional team is here to help.

Personal Counseling Academic Coaching Couples Counseling



Relationship difficulties

Self-esteem concerns

Family issues, etc.

Stress management

Time management

Note taking skills

Exam strategies

Organizational skills, etc.

Communication problems


Trust concerns


Intimacy issues, etc.

Our services are free and confidential. Call or drop by our office to make an appointment.

Drop-in sessions are available for new students to our centre during the academic year.

Welcome From the staff at Career Services

Career Development Centre

Carmen Burke , BBA

Career Information Specialist

Leslie MacNeill, BA, CWC

Career Information Specialist

Write your resume

Look for jobs effectively

Research career paths

Career Counselling

Find career direction

Figure out your major

Take an assessment

Lindsey Hudson, MEd

Career Counsellor

Karen Schaffer, MA

Career Counsellor

Co-Curricular Record

Activate your record

Find out about activities

Engage SMU community

Donnie Jeffery, MEd

Manager , Career Services

Alex Krimer. B.Comm

Co-Curricular Record Coordinator

To book an appointment:

Call or email—420-5761

Career.services@smu.ca or

drop by 4th Fl Student Centre

Karen Morash

Career Services Secretary


Career Services helps thousands of Saint Mary’s Students every year through comprehensive

programs, current resources and individualized service; resume and cover letter

development, selection of majors, deciding on programs, creating a clear career path,

graduate school, Interviews, individual career counseling, writing of assessments and

overall career development.

Undecided about your career? Not sure how to get there? Need help with your resume,

cover letter or Interview? This is the spot for you! Career Services is located on the

fourth floor of the Student Centre and is open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm.

Please visit our website www.smu.ca/career to find out more information about our services

as well as the resources available to help you with your career needs.

There are a number of on-campus services available to students in the Student Centre.

While this building is not connected to any other, it is very important! Located just

across from the Atrium and Library, the Student Centre offers services from counselling

to the bookstore. Listed below are the services offered on each floor:

1st Floor: Food Services, Gorsebrook, SMUSA Info Desk

2nd Floor: The Bookstore

3rd Floor: Atlantic Centre, International Centre, Career Development Centre

4th Floor: Student Services Secretary, Career Services, Health Services, Student

Here are some fun facts about students in residence:

We have students from over 50 different countries represented in residence.

Over 36% of students in residence are International students.

Not all new students are 1st years; many new residence student are coming to us from off-campus, transferring from other

universities, or visiting from International universities.

We also house over 50 students in the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) program.

Plus, we do not only have SMU students; we also house over 20 students from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

(NSCAD) as well as other local colleges who do not have residences!

Some students are entering their 1st year, other students are entering their 5th year.

The ages of students living in residence range from 16 to 29 years old.

As you can see, you will be entering a very diverse community at SMU this fall! We hope you take the opportunity to learn from

the students on your floor.

*These statistics are from mid-June. Some numbers may have changed since the issue was printed.

In many situations, the issues that hold students back from doing their best are not related to course content, but to the

approach students take toward their school work. Academic struggles are complex and can involve elements of motivation,

confidence, and attitude, along with a student’s natural abilities and study habits.

The Student Success Coordinator is available to meet with students individually to provide one on one Academic Coaching.

This is an interactive discussion in which students are guided in the process of setting academic goals and building

skills in order to help them succeed in their university career. We will discuss current approaches to academics and decide

on helpful changes.

Students will receive help developing a personalized plan and learn success strategies in the following areas as needed:

Time Management & Goal Setting

Stress Management

Communicating with Professors

Presentation Skills

Exam Preparation & Test Taking

Note Taking

Planning & Organization

NOTE: Academic Coaching is NOT tutoring or counseling. To book an appointment, phone 902.420.5615 and specify

Academic Coaching.


What is SMUSA?

On behalf of the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA):

Welcome Home!

The Students’ Association is excited to have you in its membership!

SMUSA is an organization owned by the students of Saint Mary’s University whose purpose is to provide

advocacy, representation, services, programs and governance to the student body. We are comprised

of a student government, student employees, and a small core of dedicated full-time staff.

SMUSA is here to serve as the students’ official voice. We advocate on your behalf and make sure the

highest quality of life is provided for each student. If you ever have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate

to contact us!

What does SMUSA offer you?

Here are a few of the ways that SMUSA is working for students on campus and in the community

Information Desk: Located in the Student Centre, the Info Desk provides photocopying, ink

cartridge refills, faxes, stamps, envelopes, express posting, bindings, transparencies,

calling cards, cell phone pre-paid cards, and much more!

Husky Patrol Safe Drive Program:

Sunday-Friday, 6:30pm—12:00am

(call 496-8713 to reserve)

Societies: Join one of over 50 societies that

unite people by academic, social, cultural and

religious commonalities

Events: Orientation Week, Winter Carnival,

concerts, dances, and others!

The Gorsebrook Lounge: our campus pub

Online Tutor Database

Student Dental Plan

Employment Opportunities: over 100

student jobs on campus

Metro Transit U-Pass

Scholarships and Bursaries

Student Health Plan

Carrigan Desjardins

VP Student Life

Jared Perry


Michael MacDonell

VP University Affairs

Visit www.smusa.ca for more details!



Greetings new SMUdents and welcome to Saint Mary’s University! Hopefully

you are getting excited for the year ahead, and are ready to start things off

right with an AMAZING Orientation Week. The week will run from September

1st until September 5th and will be your opportunity to meet all of your fellow

first year students by participating in the week’s events! Every day and evening

will be packed full of FUN including comedy nights, a hypnotist, BBQs, icebreakers,

Shinerama, and a big ticket concert! For constant updates on events,

bands, schedules and to get in touch with your leaders for the week, follow us

on Facebook: SMU Orientation Week 2013


This event is a MUST, as it is one of the FIRST activities during Orientation Week

and is where you will meet your leaders for the week as well as all your fellow

first year students! An afternoon out on the Turf at Huskies Stadium will be spent

playing games, doing icebreakers and learning all our SMU cheers. This activity is

a free event regardless if you’ve purchased your orientation pack or not!!


Shinerama is a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, which is the most common, fatal,

inherited disease affecting Canadian youth. During Orientation Week on Tuesday

September 3rd, SMU will have its SHINE DAY, which is when all students and

leaders venture downtown Halifax in groups to shine shoes, sing, dance, cheer,

do car washes, (pretty much whatever is fun!) all in an effort to collect money to

go towards Cystic Fibrosis research and care. The group with the most creative

theme for the day will win a prize! It’s an extremely fun day and a great way for

everyone to work creatively in smaller groups to raise money for an extremely

important cause.

The Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association is very much looking forward to this week and welcoming each

and every one of you to the next four years of your life! It will be a great opportunity to meet your Student President

as well as his fellow executives. We can’t wait to welcome you all to Husky Nation!!


During the orientation week the International Centre will be holding an Off-Campus Service

Expo. This expo will give you the chance to check out and explore some service booths from

banking to cell networks and learn about students' societies such as African, AIESEC, Chinese

and Caribbean Societies. These societies will be available to talk about what they do and how

you can join their societies. Also, register for our International Huskies (Soccer Teams), Peggy's

Cove Trip and Tall Ship Silva Harbour Tour.

For more information regarding the international student orientation please visit the orientation

website: http://www.smu.ca/orientation/international.html You may also contact the

International Center at international.centre@smu.ca or at 902-420-5436.

Academic Coaching is an interactive service offered by the Intake & Programs Coordinator at the Counselling

Centre, located on the 4 th floor of the Student Centre. Whether you are a new student interested in learning

effective university level academic skills or someone who needs a little guidance and support around identifying

goals, overcoming procrastination, or just creating a positive university experience, Academic Coaching can


Usually the things that hold a student back from being successful have nothing to do with ability and everything

to do with their approach. It’s important to learn student life skills in order to create a scenario in which success

is the likely outcome. This may include learning stress management techniques, building productive decision

making skills, and figuring out how your thoughts and expectations have a huge impact on your overall


What can you expect in a session? You will have the opportunity to share your concerns around your academic

performance, discuss current approaches and what has and has not worked for you, and learn success strategies

to help you rise to the top of the class! It is a supportive and positive environment designed to help you

feel comfortable sharing and learning in your own unique way. We encourage you to make an appointment by

phoning 902.420.5615. You can also email counselling@smu.ca or stop by the office to book in person. We

also offer drop-in hours on Monday afternoons from 2-4pm, Wednesday mornings from 9:30-12pm, and Friday

afternoons from 2-4pm. We look forward to meeting with you to help create an action plan for success!

Hi SMUdents!

I hope you’re all getting excited for SMU’s Orientation Week 2013! We have a TONNE of fun activities

planned for O-Week!

For the third year in a row Saint Mary’s University will be participating in Shinerama during O-

Week! SHINE DAY is a day where the whole university community comes together to raise money

for Shinerama. Shine Day is one of the most fun and memorable days of O-Week. Shinerama

is Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser for cystic fibrosis research and care. There are

more than 60 other schools taking part across Canada and our goal at SMU is to raise at least

$23,000 this year!

Cystic fibrosis is (CF) is a fatal, inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the lungs and

digestive systems of its young victims. When Shinerama began in 1964, most kids with CF did

not live long enough to attend kindergarten, but now thanks to research and treatment there is

real hope that those living with CF can attend school like us, have a career and start a family.

Right now, we have Team SMU Shine’s donation page set up online.

Donating online is quick and easy, so be sure to pass it along to family

and friends! Every penny counts and we need to raise $3,500.00

online! Just click on this link:

Tuesday, September 3 th is SMU’s official SHINE DAY! The day will start at 9am at The Homburg

Centre for Health and Wellness . Kinda early? Don’t worry we’ll feed you a FREE breakfast!

PLUS, we’ll be providing you with a FREE lunch, delivered to you right to your group! Basically,

after the opening ceremonies at The Homburg Centre, you’ll head downtown Halifax in your

Frosh Groups to various locations to shine shoes, sing, dance, wash cars, dress up, (pretty

much do whatever is fun and creative!) to collect donations for Shinerama.



and click Donate! You can create a team under Saint Mary's University

Shinerama 2013, or stay totally anonymous- it’s up to you!

Remember, ALL of the money goes to Cystic Fibrosis Canada, which is the MAIN reason we are

doing this. However, we also have to show Dal and The Mount that we are the BEST school in

Halifax, so let’s raise THE MOST money!!!!

For more information please visit:




Student Support Program – Here to Help

Did you know that you have free access to professional support services to help you with everyday

challenges, complex issues, and everything in-between?

Your Student Support Program (SSP) offers help when you need it most – anytime, for any


Your SSP is here to help

• Immediate and confidential help for any concern

• Find solutions to the challenges you face as a student

• No cost

No one will ever know you have used the SSP unless you choose to tell them.

Your SSP is customized for student life

Chat online with a counsellor – no appointment needed

Video Counselling with extended hours

E-Counselling with easy registration

Free mobile device app with counselling tools

Book services online

Support available in 147 languages 24/7/365

Getting to Know Your

Food on Campus

By: Erica Savage, RD

Manager of Wellness & Sustainability

Starting a new year is exciting and brings about so many opportunities and choices! The same goes for dining on campus.

You want to make your meal plan work for you, have healthy choices while studying and try different flavours and dishes

from our international cuisine options.

In residence the majority of your dining will be at the Fresh Food Company (Dockside). Be sure to take advantage of the

salad bar, explore the dining hall and build and color your plate from different stations. Keep your portions in mind, as to

not overeat. Sample from the SPICE section which offers vegan and vegetarian meals; try feature sandwiches at deli and

have a home cooked meal at the comfort zone. Learn about theme meals, dining promotions and new initiatives on campus

by checking us out on Facebook or viewing the dining calendar (posted at Dockside).

Your FLEX dollars can be used campus-wide. This extra feature gives you an opportunity to dine at the Gorsebrook, grab a

fair trade and organic coffee at the Atrium, have a snack from Tim Horton’s

or try something from the express fridges (Student Centre, C-Store). Try

pizza pizza, extreme pita and Mediterranean cuisine at the student centre.

Get to know your campus dining hot spots, by grabbing a few friends and

trying out the different areas.

Dietary needs or questions about nutrition? We have an on-site dietitian on

staff! This is a free service for students which includes private consults,

group presentations, dining hall tours, etc. Contact dietitian@smu.ca for

more information and look for the “Get the Good Stuff” symbol on campus

for healthy dining options.

You’ll be happy to know we practice green dining! Notice that there are no

trays in the dining hall? This is because we are a tray-less operation; saving

water, chemical and energy normally used to clean trays. It also encourages better portion control and less food wastage.

There is also no garbage produced in the servery area with the exception of peanut butter and margarine packages with

are individually wrapped for allergy reasons. There are bulk condiments, re-usable dishes and energy efficient equipment

used. We recycle tins, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper in the kitchen and fryer oil is recycled into biodiesel and animal

feed. We compost and have a compost area at our sorting station available for students to participate in the green initiative.

Our cleaning chemicals are green seal certified or environmentally better. In terms of food, we have a farm to table

program which consists of purchasing local, bringing farmers onto campus

and promoting these local menu items. We promote eating vegetarian

as part of our “Meatless Mondays”, to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

We encourage students to get involved in their dining experience, as it’s

essentially your home dining room. Watch the LCD screens for upcoming

theme nights, ask about our farm-to-table program, venture across campus

and visit the pub. Most of all, enjoy your food and if you have any

questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with the management

team. Our contact information is located at

www.smu.ca.campusdish.com. Happy Dining!

Enjoying hot beverages: Second-hand smoke free style

As many people already know, second hand smoke is detrimental to everyone’s

health. It contains chemical irritants that cause Lung Cancer and many

other diseases. The public usually perceives indoor second hand smoke as a

more serious concern as compared to outdoor smoke exposure. However,

outdoor second hand smoke is harmful to health too as the consistent exposure

to this environmental hazard can be just as injurious to an individual’s

health. Students are exposed to outdoor smoke frequently during their busy

lives - on their way to class, while chatting with friends outside a restaurant,

while waiting for buses Chair, TARS (Tobacco Alcohol Research Society) at

stops, and the list goes on throughout their daily travels. In recognition of the

increased knolwedge on the harms, many organizations have moved toward

policies that restrict exposure to second hand smoke in outdoor environments. The restrictions either increase

the minimum distance for smoking from a main entrance or ban outdoor smoking altogether.

“The premise for such policy movements is clear, to protect the public from the proven effects of second hand

smoke” says Kelly Thompson, InBalance Wellness Coordinator.

How does that work? Outdoor policy bans

“denormalize” smoking or make smoking a socially unacceptable behavior that deviates from acceptable social

norms. It also restricts smoking behaviour by setting a legal barrier to smoking.

An interesting example of outdoor smoking restrictions is a recent Starbucks policy in over 10,000 stores in the

U.S. where the minimum distance for smoking from an entrance was set to 25 feet. Not only can the public in the

U.S. enjoy a nice beverage, they can savour it in a healthy environment with no second hand smoke nearby. Now

that’s a healthy way of enjoying beverages.

Can Starbuck in Canada do the same thing? “ Yes, they can, provincial

laws for outdoor smoking set a minimum distance for smoking from main

building entrances. Municipalities have the green light to strengthen

those laws using their own by-laws. Organizations have the legal right to

amend municipal by-laws by introducing policies” confirms Mohammed Al

-hamdani, Chair of TARS. As an example: the provincial government of NS

sets a minimum of 4 meters, Halifax Regional Municipality sets a minimum

of 5 meters, and organizations can increase the distance to 10 meters

from an employment entrance or place a total outdoor smoking ban.

While Starbucks’s example is unique to coffee shops, a similar initiative is

expected by other coffee shops to join the ever-growing smoke-free community.

Written by: Mohammed Al-hamdani

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