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<strong>Your</strong> <strong>best</strong> <strong>connection</strong><br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong><br />

Quality since 1926

Well conducted. Right from the start.<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong> is a medium-sized company in Southern Germany<br />

with more than 200 employees. Since 1926 we are offering the type<br />

of cable products you can expect from one of the leading cable<br />

manufacturers in Germany. “Made in Germany” is our objective and<br />

incentive. Our sales team attaches great importance to personal<br />

customer support in the sense of a long-term partnership.<br />

We produce cables and wires of all types for regional and international<br />

use at our two sites in Rottweil.<br />

In order to live up to our own high standards as a reliable and flexible<br />

partner to trade and industry, we carry out our entire production<br />

process, from copper via plastic to the finished cable, using our own<br />


Our fi rst objective is to satisfy our customers. Our products are<br />

environmentally friendly and are produced according to international<br />

quality approvals.<br />

Thanks to our competent team we are in a position to meet these<br />

high requirements. For decades <strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong> is a reliable employer<br />

offering a wide range of training opportunities for young people.

Sustainability in practice.<br />

Keeping in mind today for the day after tomorrow.<br />

For us the need to protect the environment for future generations<br />

goes without saying. We encourage our staff and suppliers to behave<br />

in an environmentally responsible way. For instance, we observe all<br />

environmental laws and disposal is carried out strictly by certified<br />

environmental companies only.<br />

We don‘t just talk about renewable energy, we use it. Making careful<br />

use of precious resources and consumables is fundamental to us.<br />

Goods which do not meet the standards of our quality control<br />

department are separated out by type within the company and<br />

recycled in line with environment directives.

Care and service.<br />

Down to the smallest detail.<br />

Our work is guided by high quality standards, economic processes<br />

and fair client orientated trade.<br />

In compliance with DIN ISO 9001, every single organisational process<br />

within the company is regularly checked and brought up to date.<br />

Specific quality objectives are constantly monitored, and met by our<br />

quality assurance department and the production testing laboratory.<br />

The modern testing and measuring devices which form an integral<br />

part of our production process provide a proven process and<br />

system orientated contribution to quality management and continual<br />


The power of our wire drawing.<br />

For each standard.<br />

All copper wires and copper braids are produced in compliance with<br />

national and international standards in our own wire drawing plant.<br />

Highly experienced and motivated staff are the basis of our success.<br />

Regular training and ongoing quality and process control ensure<br />

consistently high product quality.

The art of designing a perfect substance.<br />

We are specialists in all matters related to plastics, with many years‘<br />

experience in granulate manufacture. This of course extends to<br />

technical specifications and all related process technologies.<br />

Qualified employees and modern control technology guarantees<br />

consistant high granular grades.

Huge product range for each application.<br />

More cables are not possible.<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong> offers the largest product range of all German cable<br />

manufacturers. You will find our product range in full and up to date<br />

on the internet on www.xbk-kabel.de. The following is an overview<br />

of our range:<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Energy<br />

Power cables<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Communication<br />

Telecommunication lines<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Control<br />

Industrial control cables<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Greenline<br />

Renewable energy<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-LAN<br />

Data cable<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Rubber<br />

Rubber insulated industrial cables<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Industry<br />

PVC-sheathed cables<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-Silicone<br />

Silicone cables

Full service up to delivery.<br />

On time and personally taken care of.<br />

Our logistics department prides itself on its fast deliveries and client<br />

orientated, flexible service. The logistics centre located at the Berner<br />

Feld industrial estate in Rottweil with its excellent transport links<br />

offers the prerequisites for the delivery of our quality products.

Highest quality.<br />

Tested and approved.<br />

Many years of experience in cables and wires and our DIN EN ISO<br />

9001:2008 quality management system guarantees high quality in<br />

product, delivery and service.<br />

You have the option of downloading our DQS and IQNet certificates<br />

from the internet on www.xbk-kabel.de.

www.xbk-kabel.de<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong> Xaver Bechtold GmbH<br />

Unterdorf 101<br />

D - 78628 Rottweil<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 741/254-0<br />

Fax: +49 741/254-112<br />

E-Mail info@xbkkabel.de<br />

<strong>XBK</strong>-<strong>KABEL</strong> Logistics Centre<br />

Berner Feld 50<br />

D - 78628 Rottweil<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 741/254-571<br />

Fax: +49 741/254-586<br />

E-Mail info@xbkkabel.de

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