Congratulations, Girls! - St. Pius X Catholic High School

Congratulations, Girls! - St. Pius X Catholic High School

Congratulations, Girls! - St. Pius X Catholic High School


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Vol 44 Issue 5 <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> X <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> 2674 Johnson Road NE Atlanta, Georgia 30345 404.636.3023 www.spx.org March 16, 2006<br />

<strong>Congratulations</strong>, <strong>Girls</strong>!<br />

2006 AAAA <strong>St</strong>ate Champs<br />

The dangers of staph<br />


PARKER<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

As we all know <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> is very competitive when<br />

it comes to athletics. Each<br />

sport involves frequent physical<br />

contact in which athletes<br />

are injured every day. But<br />

did anyone ever think that<br />

those injuries could be life<br />

threatening if they are not<br />

treated properly? Each year<br />

more and more athletes are<br />

being diagnosed with staphylococcus,<br />

otherwise known as<br />

a staph infection. <strong>St</strong>aph is a<br />

bacterial infection that infects<br />

the bloodstream and can<br />

stem to various areas such as<br />

the bone, kidneys or heart. A<br />

staph infection usually occurs<br />

in those who have minor skin<br />

abrasions such as a scrape or<br />

a cut. If these wounds are not<br />

properly cared for staph can<br />

occur and spread to various<br />

organs in the body. A staph<br />

infection can affect anyone,<br />

especially athletes who do not<br />

clean their sports equipment<br />

or wash their clothes. “Wet<br />

clothes are breeding ground<br />

for staph”, says Coach Gary<br />

Schmitt. “Take uniforms<br />

home at least once a week to<br />

wash.” A warning was issued<br />

by the National Federation<br />

of <strong>St</strong>ate <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> Associations<br />

in October of 2003<br />

about a staph infection that<br />

could not be cured by the<br />

ususal antibiotics used to treat<br />

the disease. Several people<br />

have been hospitalized across<br />

the United <strong>St</strong>ates and the<br />

cases seen have been worsening<br />

each year. Coaches at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> have become more aware<br />

of this infection when athletes<br />

are injured during physical<br />

activities. Athletes need to<br />

inform their coaches when<br />

they have any kind of open<br />

wounds because it is possible<br />

that it could become extremely<br />

infected and develop into<br />

staph. So athletes, be more<br />

cautious of the injuries that<br />

you get when playing your<br />

activities because you never<br />

know when those injuries can<br />

turn into a staph infection.<br />

<strong>St</strong>aph grows in perfectly spherical cells that form<br />

irregular grape-like clusters. These cells colonize human<br />

hair, skin and mucous membranes . Picture courtesy of<br />


Golden Lines<br />

2 editorials<br />

Golden Lines<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> X <strong>Catholic</strong><br />

<strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

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Atlanta, Georgia 30345<br />

404-636-3023 phone<br />

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www.spx.org<br />

Co-Editors-In-Chief<br />

Marie Phelan<br />

<strong>St</strong>efann Plishka<br />

Features Editor<br />

Lauren Lightfoot<br />

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Patrick Dubas<br />

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Chris Milich<br />

Opinions Editor<br />

Kyle Joyce<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Members<br />

Sarah Allen<br />

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Nick Berlon<br />

Will Cloyd<br />

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Jarrod deLoach<br />

Elisa Graciaa<br />

Natasha Mattesi<br />

Ryn MacArthur<br />

Brent Modak<br />

Mackenzie Parker<br />

Clare Sweeney<br />

<strong>St</strong>ephanie Turski<br />

Adviser<br />

Rachel Braham<br />

Principal<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Spellman<br />

The Golden Lines is<br />

published approximately<br />

10 times per school year<br />

by the students of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

X <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> for<br />

the entire student body and<br />

surrounding com mu ni ty.<br />

Views pre sent ed by the<br />

Golden Lines pub li ca tion<br />

are not nec es sar i ly those<br />

of school faculty, school<br />

ad min is tra tion, publication<br />

ad vis er or advertisers.<br />

Topics, facts and opinions<br />

associated with the Roman<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Church will be<br />

in keeping with such<br />

teachings.<br />

Letters to the editor are<br />

encouraged and welcomed,<br />

but must be signed by the<br />

writer. They should be<br />

addressed to the editors,<br />

Marie Phelan and <strong>St</strong>efann<br />

Plishka and delivered to<br />

them in the care of the<br />

Golden Lines adviser, Ms.<br />

Rachel Braham. Please<br />

bring all signed let ters to<br />

room 304. The Golden<br />

Lines reserves the right to<br />

edit any letters. Letters<br />

to the editor will not be<br />

published anonymously.<br />

KYLE<br />

JOYCE<br />

Opinions Editor<br />

Celebrities. The<br />

very word brings to mind<br />

a world of adventure,<br />

intrigue, and unspeakable<br />

idiocy. What is a celebrity?<br />

My definition is as follows:<br />

a man or woman who<br />

was featured in a few<br />

movies and suddenly<br />

receives the adulation<br />

reserved for only the best<br />

of humanity…look in<br />

Webster’s, it’s there. My<br />

problem with celebrities<br />

is not just the fact that the<br />

average-Joe cares about<br />

their lives for reasons<br />

beyond rational thought,<br />

but the fact that Joe thinks<br />

that they matter. When<br />

celebrities speak, they<br />

think that people take to<br />

heart or at the very least<br />

care about what they<br />

say. For instance…Tom<br />

Cruise. While a good<br />

actor, my interest in him<br />

pretty much ends there.<br />

He has opinions, good<br />

for him, really, but so<br />

do 295,734,134 other<br />

people in this country. His<br />

opinions apparently count<br />

for something because he<br />

has a camera in front of<br />

him. I actually respect the<br />

celebrities who run away/<br />

get angry at the camera<br />

toting people of the world<br />

because they have realized<br />

something very important:<br />

America doesn’t need to<br />

know that they went to the<br />

coffee shop at 2:43 p.m.<br />

Shows like Entertainment<br />

Tonight or the E! channel<br />

with constant gossiping<br />

about the brand of dress<br />

someone wore, or how<br />

much their wedding cost,<br />

or the random person<br />

they are dating just need<br />

to realize what they are<br />

doing to America: wasting<br />

massive amounts of time.<br />

What makes it worse is<br />

that people actually watch<br />

that brain-rotting garbage.<br />

Therefore, celebrities<br />

reluctantly consider<br />

themselves role-models for<br />

America…thus they join<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

Kyle Complains...<br />

W h y t h e y a r e w o r t h l e s s<br />

PETA, marry someone<br />

else every two or three<br />

years, and buy small dogs<br />

to spend more money<br />

on per year than the<br />

total GDP of many small<br />

countries. Obviously they<br />

are in touch with the heart<br />

of America. Saints among<br />

men…<br />

Yes, it makes<br />

perfect sense, and truly,<br />

they are idols for us<br />

all. Some of the more<br />

intelligent people among<br />

the average do buy into<br />

the hype of the “look at<br />

me, I’m better than you”<br />

culture of the celebrity<br />

world. That is why they<br />

demand autographs,<br />

quite possibly the least<br />

important relic a person<br />

can impart (unless it is<br />

on a check). First, I wish<br />

someone would explain<br />

the importance of an<br />

autograph to life; it serves<br />

no good, and is often<br />

just a scribble on a page.<br />

It contains no emotion<br />

or even personality, just<br />

ink on a page that spells<br />

a famous name. The<br />

autograph of Pluto you<br />

get at Disney Land is<br />

worth just as much. Heck,<br />

anyone that wants to pay<br />

$100 for the autograph<br />

of any celebrity, come see<br />

me…bring a marker…<br />

Yet still, even knowing<br />

the ridiculousness of<br />

such relics, the normal,<br />

but mentally unstable<br />

among us create shrines<br />

in the image of their semi<br />

worship.<br />

How about fan<br />

clubs? Some people collect<br />

stamps, some people make<br />

tiny little ships inside of<br />

bottles, and some people<br />

stalk celebrities. I would<br />

say at this point, “to each<br />

his own” if membership<br />

in the activity did not<br />

immediately merit a oneway-trip<br />

to the nut house.<br />

Anyone with a macaroni<br />

picture of Brad Pitt needs<br />

to seriously re-think her<br />

grasp on reality.<br />

For the same<br />

reason, deviants and<br />

psychopaths can gather<br />

sign-toting armies of<br />

believers outside of<br />

courtrooms demanding<br />

the release of their<br />

demigod. To be fair, these<br />

particular celebrities were<br />

not found guilty…for all<br />

that is worth. The army<br />

still arrived before the<br />

verdicts protesting the<br />

unlawful imprisonment<br />

of someone who can’t<br />

possibly be guilty of a<br />

crime because they are<br />

attractive, sing, play<br />

a sport, or were in a<br />

movie…it makes a ton of<br />

sense…it really does.<br />

This frightening<br />

truth causes much fear<br />

and distress in my heart<br />

because these armies<br />

of idle idol worshipers<br />

could be mobilized if the<br />

objects of their undying<br />

devotion figure out the<br />

full extent of the power<br />

they hold. No other<br />

celebrity has this power<br />

to the extent of Oprah<br />

Winfrey (shudder). If<br />

anyone can affect the New<br />

York Times Best Seller<br />

List by recommending a<br />

book…we got problems,<br />

America. Granted, she<br />

does good things, such as<br />

buy cars for everyone in<br />

her audience. Ok, good<br />

works are good, obviously,<br />

but where do we draw<br />

the line between ultimate<br />

good and inevitable supervillainy?<br />

My opinion is<br />

that she is coming close,<br />

call it intuition.<br />

There is however,<br />

one celebrity that<br />

deserves some props,<br />

Bono. When a celebrity<br />

becomes a celebrity<br />

through charity with<br />

a side career in music,<br />

then that is acceptable.<br />

Every single one of them<br />

should take note of how<br />

to be a responsible human<br />

Oprah may be basking in her halo right now becasue she gives away<br />

a lot of money and great prizes, but is all of that just part of her<br />

plan of world domination? Illustration courtesy of Gray Thibadeau<br />

being. He is seen only<br />

when he is appearing<br />

in some sort of benefit,<br />

and then disappears into<br />

responsible anonymity<br />

like a normal person.<br />

He does, however,<br />

lose some credibility<br />

because of his constant<br />

wearing of strangely<br />

colored sunglasses. Why<br />

does everyone need a<br />

trademark? In my book,<br />

Bono gets my highest<br />

rating ever, one thumb<br />

up…for the rest of them…<br />

shame.<br />

So, you may be<br />

asking yourself, what<br />

should I get out of this<br />

article? Fortunately, I have<br />

no problem telling you<br />

what to think. You should<br />

get out of this beacon for<br />

sanity an appreciation for<br />

what celebrities really are:<br />

just rich, loud, completely<br />

useless people. Thank you<br />

for your time.

Golden Lines<br />

editorials<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

G e t t i n g s t a r t e d e a r l y<br />

3<br />

MARIE<br />

PHELAN<br />

Co-Editor in Chief<br />

Going into my senior<br />

year, my mind was filled with<br />

many expectations of what I<br />

thought it would be like. Excitement<br />

for my last football<br />

season, homecoming, prom,<br />

and most importantly graduation<br />

were the only things<br />

that seemed to be on my<br />

mind. The thought of having<br />

difficulty deciding what<br />

college I was going to attend<br />

next year was not something<br />

I had anticipated.<br />

As a junior, I like every<br />

other junior student was<br />

required to give up my<br />

lunch once a week and attend<br />

a career’s session in the<br />

guidance office. At the time<br />

however, I did not realize all<br />

that talk about college was<br />

going to be a reality of mine<br />

one day. I was not concerned<br />

about college visits, starting<br />

any applications, or even contemplating<br />

taking the SAT.<br />

No matter how hard Mrs.<br />

Kapp tried everything she<br />

said eventually went in one<br />

ear and out the other.<br />

Now as a senior, I realize<br />

that there was actually<br />

a reason why the guidance<br />

office pushed the idea of<br />

college onto us in our junior<br />

year. This reason being- senior<br />

year alone is not enough<br />

time to figure everything<br />

that goes along with college<br />

out. In between school work,<br />

extracurricular activities, and<br />

my social life having enough<br />

Blah blah blog<br />



Guest Writers<br />

time this year to visit different<br />

schools and fill out all my<br />

applications was proven to be<br />

a very difficult task.<br />

Now well into the second<br />

semester of my senior year I<br />

know that there is no longer<br />

anything I can do to make<br />

my college decision any<br />

easier. Although I cannot<br />

make my situation any better<br />

for myself I can attempt to<br />

help out those who have not<br />

yet started their quest to find<br />

the perfect school.<br />

My advice to the younger<br />

classmen at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> is to<br />

start your process of exploring<br />

different colleges now.<br />

Do not wait until senior year<br />

foolishly thinking you will<br />

have enough time. Because<br />

before you know it your last<br />

spring break will almost be<br />

here and you could still have<br />

no idea where you will be attending<br />

school next year.<br />

So, start out by actually<br />

paying attention in your<br />

career’s class and really listen<br />

to your guidance counselor.<br />

I know it is a pain having<br />

to give up your lunch every<br />

week but it really will pay off<br />

someday. Go ahead and sign<br />

up early for the SAT, if any<br />

juniors haven’t signed up to<br />

take the ACT or SAT yet, I<br />

suggest doing so as soon as<br />

possible. Most importantly<br />

start your college visits now.<br />

I always thought that going<br />

on college visits my junior<br />

year was too early but I realize<br />

now that putting them<br />

off until this year was a huge<br />

Are you one of the many<br />

who believes what you post<br />

on the Web is private? Well,<br />

surprise, everyone! Posting<br />

information on the internet is<br />

not at all private. Honestly,<br />

you might as well stand in the<br />

middle of the airport with a<br />

megaphone and ring a bell to<br />

ensure that everyone pays attention<br />

to what you’re saying.<br />

Facebook, My Space,<br />

Xanga and any other blogging<br />

site you join or create yourself<br />

is public domain. You invite<br />

the entire world to view your<br />

private thoughts, photos and<br />

assorted posts. And, just so<br />

we’re all on the same page,<br />

the entire world includes your<br />

parents, teachers, college admissions<br />

staffs, employers and<br />

stalkers of all types. <strong>School</strong>s do<br />

have a right to protect school<br />

image as well as students and<br />

can act on so-called private<br />

web postings. Colleges and<br />

employers can and do deny<br />

admissions and employment to<br />

students over what they deem<br />

to be inappropriate behavior/<br />

content on the web.<br />

If you want to exercise<br />

your First Amendment rights,<br />

feel free to do so but also be<br />

ready to pay whatever consequences<br />

that come with<br />

standing by your Right. Moral<br />

of the story: be careful what<br />

you post and mindful of who is<br />

reading.<br />

Possible alternatives to an<br />

online blog engine:<br />

• A diary<br />

• A real life friend<br />

• A penpal<br />

mistake. Trying to find time<br />

to attend all of the college’s I<br />

applied to is something I am<br />

still struggling to do.<br />

I can not make any of<br />

you actually follow any of the<br />

advice I have given. However,<br />

please take into consideration<br />

that I actually know<br />

what I am talking about<br />

because I am experiencing<br />

this right now. For those of<br />

you who already know what<br />

With graduation just around the corner, not knowing what college<br />

you will be attending next year is not a comforting thought. To<br />

advoid having to deal with such discomfort start looking into what<br />

school you would like to attend in your junior and even sophmore<br />

years.<br />

school you want to attend,<br />

I am extremely envious. To<br />

those of you who have no<br />

idea please take this article<br />

into consideration and get<br />

started early.<br />

Choosing exactly which<br />

college is right for you will be<br />

a much more daunting task<br />

than you will expect. It seem<br />

too early to be contemplating<br />

college but trust me it’s not!

Golden Lines<br />

4 features<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

Imagine getting accepted<br />

to Georgia <strong>St</strong>ate or Georgia<br />

Tech without ever having<br />

to take the SAT. In effect,<br />

Georgia’s Promise, a bill proposed<br />

by the state legislature,<br />

allows students to do just<br />

that. If passed, any student<br />

in the top 10% of his or her<br />

high school class would be<br />

automatically accepted to any<br />

state university. While this<br />

may seem like a wonderful<br />

idea for students, in reality it<br />

does little to even the playing<br />

field and only promotes<br />

inequality.<br />

Georgia’s Promise<br />

has several serious flaws. The<br />

bill states that the top 10%<br />

of all high school students in<br />

Georgia would be eligible for<br />

unconditional acceptance to<br />

state universities. First of all,<br />

this gives larger high schools<br />

more seats in state colleges.<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

G e o r g i a ’ s p r o m i s e ?<br />

NICK<br />

BERLON<br />

What is wrong with Oscar,<br />

well actually what’s up with<br />

“the Oscars?” Every year<br />

around February and March<br />

the award season heats up<br />

with the Golden Globes, the<br />

Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.)<br />

awards and of course, the<br />

most recognized award<br />

show of the year, the Oscars.<br />

Every year the people at the<br />

Oscars ceremony line the red<br />

carpet and wait for the stars.<br />

For most of the girls who<br />

watch the Oscars this is the<br />

highlight of the night, to see<br />

which star is wearing what.<br />

For many of these other<br />

awards shows, girls can also<br />

watch who shows up in what<br />

dress, so what is the appeal<br />

for any of them to watch<br />

the Oscars? The reality is<br />

that all these other award<br />

shows have gained a lot in<br />

popularity. People watch<br />

the S.A.G awards because<br />

they get to see who the actors<br />

vote for, and the Golden<br />

Globes have started to get<br />

more recognition because of<br />

the way that they categorize<br />

the nominees. These award<br />

shows have a better split of<br />

movies, featuring categories<br />

It encourages overcrowding<br />

of high schools so that more<br />

students can gain automatic<br />

acceptance. It discourages<br />

smart students from other<br />

states from coming because<br />

seats will be filled with Georgia<br />

students. In Texas, for<br />

example, an almost identical<br />

bill was passed in 1997.<br />

In 2004, 67% of students<br />

at the University of Texas<br />

were accepted under this bill.<br />

This doesn’t even take into<br />

account the fact that quality<br />

of education is very different<br />

in different high schools.<br />

Private high schools such as<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> are not necessarily<br />

the same in educational quality<br />

as public high schools, and<br />

even public schools are not<br />

necessarily the same around<br />

the state. Georgia has been<br />

near the bottom in quality of<br />

education over the last few<br />

years and allowing students<br />

to go somewhere they might<br />

not be ready for is just setting<br />

them up for failure.<br />

wrong.<br />

The Oscars seem to add<br />

a new category every year,<br />

like best animated film or<br />

best mini series. This way<br />

the Oscar organization is<br />

recognizing the people that<br />

take pride in making short<br />

films or animated movies that<br />

turn into classics. Actors that<br />

use their comedic talents to<br />

act in these movies also don’t<br />

get any time in the spotlight<br />

at the Oscars. These actors<br />

may not be able to play a<br />

This bill recognizes<br />

a problem—the problem of<br />

education in Georgia. While I<br />

do not agree with the way it is<br />

being handled, Georgia does<br />

need educational reform.<br />

At the moment, however,<br />

the SAT and students’ GPAs<br />

speak for themselves; we do<br />

not need a special bill to get<br />

Georgia students into the<br />

colleges of their choice. If<br />

they have the grades to be<br />

in the top 10%, chances are<br />

that they can get into state<br />

colleges anyway.<br />

Right: The Georgia <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Capitol Building gleams in the<br />

bright sunlight. Inside, state<br />

senators and congressmen<br />

work to pass bills and discuss<br />

important issues in Georgia.<br />

One such bill, entitled<br />

“Georgia’s Promise,” will<br />

give the top 10% of students<br />

in their graduating class<br />

automatic admission to state<br />

colleges. Image courtesy of<br />

www.atlantaga.gov<br />

W h a t ’ s w r o n g w i t h O s c a r ?<br />

for best drama, best musical,<br />

and best comedy. That is<br />

serious role or they just<br />

choose not to, but some of<br />

season there was not one<br />

and Prejudice,” and Resse<br />

what the Oscars need, a them are exceptional in their<br />

JARROD<br />

category for best comedy, roles and they don’t get the<br />


because every year a comedy Oscar nomination because<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

comes out that will be<br />

they are not acting in a movie<br />

hysterical but it doesn’t get that is categorized as a drama<br />

the credit that it deserves.<br />

Comedies appeal to all ages<br />

but to keep them out of the<br />

Oscars because they don’t<br />

measure up to the drama is<br />

or musical.<br />

I have come to realize that<br />

my complaints are not going<br />

to be heard by the Oscars<br />

organization, so I have<br />

decided to give<br />

my overview,<br />

opinions, and<br />

winners, on<br />

the Oscar<br />

nominees. The<br />

Oscars are what<br />

film fanatics<br />

wait all year to<br />

see. After the<br />

nominations<br />

Oscar winner Mira Sorvino introduces the 78th<br />

Academy Awards Nominations at the Academy of<br />

Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.<br />

come out, the<br />

debate starts<br />

on who will win<br />

Best Actor or<br />

who will take<br />

home Best Picture. When<br />

the nominations came out<br />

on Tuesday, February 31, all<br />

the hype was on “Brokeback<br />

Mountain.” The film was<br />

nominated for Best Picture,<br />

Best Director Ang Lee, and<br />

Best Supporting Actor Jake<br />

Gyllenhaal. At the end of<br />

Oscars night “Brokeback<br />

Mountain” did not win Best<br />

Picture, but Ang Lee won<br />

for Best Director, an award<br />

that honors a long career of<br />

brilliant films. This Oscar<br />

movie that stood out from<br />

the rest so the race was tight.<br />

Now to be honest I can’t<br />

really judge “Brokeback<br />

Mountain” because I didn’t<br />

see it, but I did see “Crash”<br />

and I thought that it was<br />

the best movie I saw all<br />

year. All the actors gave<br />

great performances and<br />

the movie showed great<br />

emotion; people should<br />

watch this movie because it<br />

shows what is wrong with<br />

American culture. “Crash”<br />

won for Best Picture and I<br />

could not be happier, it was<br />

a great movie and everyone<br />

who worked on it should be<br />

honored for that award.<br />

Best Actor was more of<br />

a runaway, Philip Seymour<br />

Hoffman portrays author<br />

Truman Capote in the years<br />

leading up to the writing of<br />

his best-known book, “In<br />

Cold Blood,” in the movie<br />

“Capote,” which was also<br />

nominated for best picture. I<br />

know what you are thinking,<br />

“who,” and “for what movie?”<br />

I agree I hadn’t even heard<br />

of this movie until the<br />

nominations came out, but<br />

Hoffman did win for Best<br />

Actor, which was no surprise.<br />

The award for Best Actress<br />

was a more interesting race,<br />

it came down to a man who<br />

changes to be a woman,<br />

Keira Knightley in like the<br />

tenth remake of “Pride<br />

Witherspoon who sings<br />

her heart out in “Walk The<br />

Line.” I don’t know about<br />

you, but a woman playing a<br />

man who has turned into a<br />

woman, kind of freaks me<br />

out. Nevertheless Felicity<br />

Huffman who plays Bree<br />

Osbourne in “Transamerica”<br />

gets a nomination because<br />

of the bias that the Oscar<br />

voters put on anyone who<br />

plays a controversial role<br />

in a movie. People who<br />

watch the Oscars and also<br />

watch the movies that are<br />

nominated feel like the best<br />

actors and best movies should<br />

be nominated and win the<br />

award. Most people don’t<br />

want the person playing the<br />

most controversial role to<br />

win, that takes away from<br />

the talent that they show<br />

in the movies and adds in<br />

the politics of the Oscar<br />

organization. When George<br />

Clooney gave his acceptance<br />

speech for Best Supporting<br />

Actor in “Syriana,” he put it<br />

the best, “all of these movies<br />

are nominated for a reason,<br />

they are all amazing pieces of<br />

art… how can you compare<br />

art in any category.” There<br />

are many problems with the<br />

Oscars that the organization<br />

needs to look at and change,<br />

but I did watch the Oscars,<br />

mainly because I wanted to<br />

know who would win, not<br />

who was wearing which dress.

Golden Lines<br />

features<br />

March 16, 2005<br />

Wave of change in the judicial branch<br />

CHRIS<br />

MILICH<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

In the news recently,<br />

Americans have witnessed<br />

the nominations and confirmations<br />

of two Supreme<br />

Court Justices: Chief Justice<br />

John Roberts and Associate<br />

Justice Samuel Alito. For<br />

anyone who may not know,<br />

the Supreme Court of the<br />

United <strong>St</strong>ates is the highest<br />

court in the nation and<br />

is based in Washington DC.<br />

Justices on the Supreme<br />

Court must be nominated<br />

by the president and confirmed<br />

by a bi-partisan, or<br />

cross-party, committee of<br />

the Senate. Supreme Court<br />

Justices are also appointed to<br />

their positions for life, unless<br />

they choose to retire, as did<br />

the outgoing Justice Sandra<br />

Day O’Connor. In President<br />

Bush’s second term, he has<br />

had the opportunity to nominate<br />

two Supreme Court<br />

Justices.<br />

When Sandra Day<br />

O’Connor announced her<br />

retirement, President Bush<br />

was in an important position<br />

to appoint a new Justice.<br />



Co-Editor in Chief<br />

Limbo—not the fun<br />

party game, but the place<br />

unbaptized babies go if they<br />

die—is being eliminated from<br />

Roman <strong>Catholic</strong> theology. In<br />

December 2005, thirty theologians<br />

gathered at the Vatican<br />

to debate many issues of<br />

theology, including the state<br />

of limbo. In the fifth century,<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Augustine dismissed the<br />

existence of any intermediary<br />

place between heaven and<br />

hell. Because no evidence<br />

of limbo exists in Scripture,<br />

Augustine refuted pressure<br />

to acknowledge a special<br />

place for the unbaptized<br />

babies of the <strong>Catholic</strong> faith.<br />

But in the Middle Ages, <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Thomas Aquinas softened<br />

the belief of Augustine by<br />

purporting the reality of a<br />

place called ‘limbo’ where<br />

God sent unbaptized babies.<br />

The Middle Ages was the<br />

ideal time for the concept of<br />

limbo to come about because<br />

of the high mortality rate of<br />

babies. Aquinas gave hope<br />

to thousands of parents that<br />

After careful consideration,<br />

the President chose an upstanding<br />

Circuit Court Judge<br />

from Buffalo, New York.<br />

Roberts’s hearings in front<br />

of the Congressional Committee<br />

were tense, to say the<br />

least. Questions from both<br />

Democrats and Republicans<br />

closely examined his record<br />

and analyzed his character.<br />

Nevertheless, Judge John<br />

Roberts became Associate<br />

Justice Roberts and took his<br />

seat on September 29 th , 2005.<br />

Shortly before John<br />

Roberts was confirmed, the<br />

Chief Justice of the Supreme<br />

Court, William Rehnquist,<br />

died after a series of health<br />

problems. President Bush<br />

had yet another important<br />

decision to make in appointing<br />

a Chief Justice, as well<br />

as replacing Justice William<br />

Rehnquist. The President<br />

changed his nomination of<br />

Roberts to Chief Justice and<br />

nominated Harriet Meirs,<br />

a prominent Texas lawyer,<br />

as Associate Justice. Harriet<br />

Meirs was widely considered<br />

unqualified for the high court<br />

and President Bush later<br />

withdrew her nomination.<br />

The failed nomination<br />

of Harriet Myers prompted<br />

their dead children would<br />

not suffer in hell, but could<br />

instead enjoy relative happiness<br />

in an intermediate location.<br />

Because the concept<br />

of limbo did not originate in<br />

any scriptural source, it was<br />

never considered a point of<br />

doctrine, but it still held a<br />

strong place in <strong>Catholic</strong> tradition.<br />

According to tradition,<br />

the Hebrew prophets also<br />

join unbaptized babies in the<br />

“natural happiness” of Aquinas’<br />

limbo.<br />

The beginning of limbo’s<br />

demise came in the 1960s<br />

with Vatican II. One of<br />

the basic tenets coming out<br />

of the council was that all<br />

people—whether or not they<br />

have been baptized—have<br />

a chance for salvation. This<br />

change in church philosophy<br />

directly threatened the ageold<br />

belief in limbo.<br />

Limbo is not the only<br />

church tradition that has<br />

been blacklined since Vatican<br />

II. The tradition of only saying<br />

Mass in Latin was eliminated<br />

in favor of vernacular<br />

languages, and the tradition<br />

that only males can contribute<br />

to the rites and rituals of<br />

the Mass changed to allow<br />

the President to nominate another<br />

person: Samuel Alito.<br />

After a brutal series of confirmation<br />

hearings, it seemed<br />

that the Democrats on the<br />

committee were pushing<br />

Alito too much. Republicans<br />

talked about fighting back<br />

and Alto’s wife was basically<br />

pushed to tears during one of<br />

the hearings after some scathing<br />

questions. But the Alito<br />

family pushed through and<br />

Associate Justice Samuel Alito<br />

was confirmed the same day<br />

as President Bush’s <strong>St</strong>ate of<br />

the Union speech.<br />

The confirmations of<br />

Chief Justice Roberts and<br />

Associate Justice Alito mark<br />

2 of the 5 <strong>Catholic</strong>s on the<br />

high court (quote) . Only<br />

time will tell how these new<br />

Justices will use their power,<br />

5<br />

but we can all hope that their<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> faith will guide them<br />

to make the right decisions.<br />

The front of the Supreme<br />

Court building<br />

pictured below, designed<br />

in a classical Greek style.<br />

In the main hall of the<br />

building, bust sculptures of<br />

all Supreme Court Justices<br />

are featured. From<br />

www.supremecourtus.gov<br />

Limbo gone from <strong>Catholic</strong> tradition<br />

females to participate in the<br />

celebration. The liberalization<br />

of many age-old ideas at<br />

Vatican II helped to open the<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Church up to many<br />

changes happening rapidly<br />

around the world. As a body<br />

of believers, the Church will<br />

never stop changing and<br />

growing.<br />

As of late 2005, all deceased<br />

unbaptized babies will no longer<br />

spend eternity in limbo! The<br />

Roman <strong>Catholic</strong> Church recently<br />

eliminated the scripturally-unsubstantiated<br />

belief that has<br />

been a part of <strong>Catholic</strong> tradition<br />

since the Middle Ages. Illustration<br />

courtesy of <strong>St</strong>efann Plishka.

Golden L<br />

6 featu<br />

January 26 th was not<br />

an average day for Chris<br />

Lynch. After Mass was over<br />

and 1,042 students, parents<br />

and faculty remained<br />

packed in the gym while<br />

Mrs. McCullough announced<br />

scholarly achievements for<br />

the seniors calling attention<br />

to the fact that they only have<br />

a few more months and they<br />

will say au revoir to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

for good.<br />

Katherine Petti won<br />

valedictorian and gracefully<br />

walked up to receive her certificate.<br />

When Chris Lynch<br />

was announced as salutatorian,<br />

his friends screamed<br />

with excitement as he pushed<br />

through the row to receive<br />

his award. Further into the<br />

presentations, Chris’ name<br />

was announced again for<br />

Principals List highlighting<br />

again his academic achievement.<br />

Besides balancing his 4<br />

to 5 hours a day studying so<br />

he can be up to par with his<br />

classes, he spends 3 1⁄2 to 4<br />

hours a day participating in<br />

gymnastics. He feels that being<br />

committed to a rigorous<br />

schedule and being involved<br />

in gymnastics “teaches you<br />

how to manage time and<br />

pace time wisely. I like to<br />

have something to do (all<br />

the time),” as Chris says with<br />

laughter. “I do have time<br />

with my friends, I promise.”<br />

Recently,Chris broke<br />

both of his ankles during a<br />

competition floor routine.<br />

He had injured his ankles so<br />

many times in the past that<br />

this time they broke. With<br />

a mere hyper extension, he<br />

would usually be able to just<br />

get up and procceed with<br />

his routine. “I would just<br />

keep chugging along” Chris<br />

said. This time he’ll have to<br />

slowly progress back into his<br />

routine.<br />

Chris is a member of<br />

the Junior Men’s Gmnastics<br />

Junior Olympic Team, where<br />

he has competed since he<br />

was 9. Competitions are held<br />

across the country in places<br />

like Chicago, Michigan, and<br />

California where Chris says<br />

he has “stayed in somepretty<br />

bad hotels.”<br />

While the Junior Mens<br />

Gymnastics Junior Olympic<br />

team may sound super prestigious,<br />

Chris explains “It’s<br />

the only junior gymnastics<br />

league,” Chris has accomplished<br />

a lot in his time with<br />

the Junior Men’s Gymnastics<br />

Junior Olympic Team<br />

including state team 5 times,<br />

competing at Jr. National 4<br />

times, and 3 time Academic<br />

All American. However, he<br />

does not acknowledge them<br />

as such; he has faith that<br />

“everyone is capable.”<br />

My parents have been<br />

very supportive and have<br />

tried to help keep me<br />

grounded,” Chris said. They<br />

remind me that while I may<br />

be the best now there will<br />

always be someone better<br />

who I haven’t encountered<br />

just yet. It helps keep me<br />

focused.”<br />

Chris’ hard work, good<br />

humor and kind personality<br />

earn him the respect of many<br />

friends. “I appreciate all<br />

the support my friends give<br />

me. It’s nice to know they’re<br />

behind me in whatever I do,”<br />

Chris said.<br />

Although Chris doesn’t<br />

have have Olympic dreams.<br />

He does hope to be a college<br />

gymnast as well as a successful<br />

student. So far, Chris’<br />

dreams have come true and<br />

there’s no reason to believe<br />

his future dreams won’t be<br />

realized. With continued<br />

dedication and determination,<br />

Chris is well on his way.<br />

March 16,<br />

Chris Lynch:“Dream Until Your Dream Comes True”<br />

RYN<br />


<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

Chris does a 1 and<br />

a half twist to punch<br />

front at one of his<br />

gymnastic meets.<br />

Chris works very<br />

hard at his skills and<br />

practices 3 1/2 to 4<br />

hours everyday.<br />

Right: Chris does<br />

a double back from<br />

the rings in a competion.<br />

Chris takes<br />

pride in what he has<br />

done and perservers<br />

through much. Photos<br />

courtesy of Chris<br />

Lynch.<br />

Lee Sheehan and Collective Soul make a national splash<br />

LAURA<br />

receive admittance until in<br />

she has.<br />

there today, and he’s not<br />

The Tonight Show, she will<br />

ninth grade.<br />

Playing at Lee’s level afraid to play other types of be appearing at Symphony<br />

deGIVE<br />

Music has always been takes dedication; she practices<br />

music.” She doesn’t currently Hall in Atlanta as a soloist<br />

two to four hours a day. compose music herself, but if with an orchestra on March<br />

Features Editor<br />

a part of Lee’s life; she has<br />

played the violin since she But she loves playing and the she majors in music she will 26 th . Lee’s magnificent talent<br />

Lee Sheehan, a senior at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong>, is now a nationally<br />

known fiddler. On Friday,<br />

February 3 rd , she performed<br />

with the band Collective<br />

Soul on The Tonight Show,<br />

stunning and amazing an<br />

entire nation. “It was pretty<br />

awesome,” she admits. “We<br />

only got to play for about five<br />

minutes, but we hung out on<br />

set all day and stuff. We got<br />

to meet the other guests on<br />

the show and see the Days of<br />

Our Lives set.”<br />

This opportunity came<br />

her way through the Atlanta<br />

Symphony Youth Orchestra<br />

(ASYO), in which she plays<br />

first violin and is a concert<br />

master. What is a concert<br />

master? “Basically one below<br />

the conductor,” she explains.<br />

She has been involved in the<br />

ASYO for five years, having<br />

was four years old. She explains<br />

that at first her parents<br />

had to push her to practice,<br />

but when she was about eight<br />

years old, they gave her a<br />

choice. Either she could continue<br />

playing the violin and<br />

discipline herself to practice,<br />

or give it up. She chose to<br />

continue playing, and from<br />

there she began to participate<br />

in youth orchestras, the foundation<br />

of her success today.<br />

She is glad that she kept up<br />

her commitment, because<br />

music has had “an amazing<br />

influence” on her life.<br />

She says that Spanish comes<br />

easier to her because music<br />

is sort of a second language,<br />

and the cultural experience<br />

has been invaluable. For<br />

these reasons, she wishes that<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> had an orchestra so<br />

that other students could<br />

“high of being onstage” that<br />

comes with performing. The<br />

amount of time she spends<br />

practicing doesn’t bother her.<br />

She says that she<br />

no longer dreams<br />

of playing professionally,<br />

but she<br />

hopes to double<br />

major in music<br />

and something<br />

else. She’s looking<br />

at such colleges<br />

as Tufts, Northwestern,<br />

and New<br />

York University.<br />

When asked<br />

what famous<br />

performer she<br />

would most like<br />

to play with, she<br />

responds, “YoYo<br />

Ma. I’ve met him<br />

a couple times and<br />

seen him perform,<br />

have to learn to compose and<br />

improvise.<br />

If you missed Lee on<br />

is not something you want to<br />

miss!<br />

auditioned successfully in have the extremely positive but I’ve never played with<br />

Lee Sheehan, third from the left, smiles with the members of Collective<br />

Soul and others on the red carpet. She has played with Collec-<br />

eighth grade, even though experience with classical him. I think he’s one of the<br />

most of the excellent musicians<br />

in the ASYO do<br />

music and instruments that most charismatic soloists out<br />

tive Soul on several occaisions, most recently on the Tonight Show.<br />


ines<br />

res 7<br />

2006<br />

Spring Musical underway<br />

SARAH<br />

ALLEN<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

The <strong>Pius</strong> Players<br />

worked on their production<br />

of Newsies which debuted<br />

February 11, 2006. The<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> Players is not a club,<br />

but a co-curricular activity.<br />

The drama company<br />

involves students from each<br />

grade level. Newsies was<br />

the children’s show this<br />

year. The children’s show<br />

was aimed to attract young<br />

children in the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

community. Although the<br />

show intended to attract<br />

many younger siblings and<br />

children of staff members<br />

there was also a great turn<br />

out of students. The combination<br />

of exciting song and<br />

dance numbers along with<br />

the wonderful performances<br />

of all the Players made the<br />

show a great success.<br />

We have not seen the<br />

last of the <strong>Pius</strong> Players yet.<br />

Junior and senior members<br />

of the program are<br />

currently rehearsing for<br />

the spring musical, Guys<br />

and Dolls. The exuberant<br />

show is sure to be entertaining.<br />

The show is an upbeat<br />

story about the unpredicted<br />

chemistry between a<br />

conventional <strong>St</strong>. Vincent de<br />

Paul worker, cast as Katherine<br />

Petti and a New York<br />

gangster, Sky Masterson,<br />

portrayed by Matt Lummus.<br />

Not only is there a blossoming<br />

love taking place, but<br />

also there is the subplot of<br />

a long time love between<br />

the eratic Nathan, otherwise<br />

known as the talented<br />

senior Neil Partadiharja and<br />

Miss Adelaide, portrayed by<br />

the hilariously entertaining<br />

Elizabeth Coralli. Rhythmical<br />

songs and quirky dialogue<br />

are sure to turn out a<br />

sizeable crowd.<br />

Mrs. Spark and the <strong>Pius</strong><br />

Players continue to produce<br />

crowd pleasing shows. With<br />

the recent display of talent<br />

during Newsies, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

community eagerly awaits<br />

another fresh production.<br />

The show is an innovative<br />

change of pace that will not<br />

disappoint. Guys and Dolls<br />

will run March 15 th -19 th .<br />

Tickets are $5 and can be<br />

purchased in the cafeteria<br />

from 10:30 A.M. until 1:00<br />

P.M. Monday through Friday,<br />

March 6 th to Mar 10 th<br />

and March 13 th to March<br />

17 th . If still available, tickets<br />

will be sold at the door<br />

before each performance. So<br />

be sure to buy your tickets<br />

and enjoy the show.<br />

Above Right: Senior members<br />

of <strong>Pius</strong> Players strike a pose.<br />

These members have been<br />

working hard on the upcoming<br />

production.<br />

Below Right: Junior Members<br />

unite for a photo opt. The<br />

juniors enjoy taking notes<br />

from the seniors who they will<br />

miss next year. <strong>Pius</strong> Players<br />

is a great way to learn about<br />

theater and meet new people.<br />

Photos courtesy of the great<br />

director Ms. Spark.<br />

All eyes on Krista Tate<br />



<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

Dedicated, determined,<br />

and dominating. These are<br />

just a few words to describe<br />

the six-foot guard for the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> Varsity Golden Lions<br />

basketball team. Krista Tate,<br />

number ten, is a new sophomore<br />

to the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> community.<br />

Transferring from Holy<br />

Innocence, she describes her<br />

new school as, “a lot bigger,<br />

a lot more diverse, and very<br />

welcoming.” On the other<br />

hand, Krista confesses that<br />

her new team is “the one<br />

that everyone is against. All<br />

the other schools want the<br />

Golden Lions to lose, and it is<br />

much more competitive compared<br />

to Holy Innocence.”<br />

Krista Tate began<br />

her basketball career at the<br />

age of five when she attended<br />

Christ the King Elementary<br />

<strong>School</strong> in Buckhead. Her<br />

inspiration has always been<br />

her father who as a member<br />

of the Norfolk <strong>St</strong>ate College<br />

basketball team taught<br />

her everything she knows.<br />

Possibly one of her strongest<br />

points out on the court that<br />

she may have learned from<br />

her father is “seeing the<br />

floor.” In other words, Krista<br />

is very aware and observant<br />

of all her surroundings. This<br />

is a great quality to have as<br />

a team member to help lead<br />

the other players in what to<br />

do and where to go.<br />

Although Krista<br />

Tate is only a sophomore, she<br />

already has several colleges<br />

interested in her. Spanning<br />

across the country, just a few<br />

of these include <strong>St</strong>anford,<br />

Duke, Louisiana <strong>St</strong>ate University,<br />

and Kentucky. Of the<br />

schools that have contacted<br />

Krista with letters of interest,<br />

she is most excited about<br />

Duke University. She says, “I<br />

have always liked Duke and<br />

it has a very good basketball<br />

program.”<br />

When asked to<br />

describe the girl’s varsity<br />

basketball team in one word,<br />

the first thing that came to<br />

Krista’s mind was “determined”.<br />

Just as any fan could<br />

see, Krista explains, “We set<br />

a goal at the beginning of<br />

the season to win state and<br />

we have been working really<br />

hard to get there and want<br />

it so bad.” She embraces the<br />

fact that her teammates are<br />

very competitive, which only<br />

helps motivate Krista to work<br />

harder and reach her full potential<br />

as a basketball star out<br />

on the court. It is no surprise<br />

that she is one of the Golden<br />

Lions’ key players on and off<br />

the court.<br />

One of the perks of<br />

being a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> Golden Lion<br />

basketball player is the intensity<br />

and rush one feels running<br />

up and down the court.<br />

When asked what her favorite<br />

part about the game is,<br />

Krista replied, “The adrenaline.<br />

When you are down<br />

and you push your way back<br />

through, there is nothing<br />

like that feeling of adrenaline<br />

just rushing through your<br />

body.” Krista’s intensity and<br />

dedication is shown on and<br />

off the court. She never fails<br />

to amaze the crowd with her<br />

impressive basketball skills<br />

that she possesses out on the<br />

court. It is hard to believe,<br />

yet, at the same time a relief,<br />

to know that Krista is only a<br />

sophomore and this school<br />

community will be able to<br />

enjoy two more years of<br />

watching her play. Although<br />

Krista is a new member to the<br />

school and team, she has already<br />

won the hearts of many<br />

fans and continues to prove<br />

her success as a dedicated,<br />

determined, and dominating<br />

basketball player.<br />

Krista Tate goes up for a shot against Tucker. Krista is one of the<br />

many important aspects that has led the girls team to the playoffs<br />

this year.

Golden Lines<br />

8 features<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

Scholastic Arts Award Winners in <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />


TURSKI<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

This year, three<br />

students from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> X<br />

had their artwork receive<br />

awards from the Scholastic<br />

Arts and Writing<br />

Awards. The students<br />

participating in the competition<br />

are awarded keys<br />

of either silver or gold<br />

depending on what competition<br />

they qualify for.<br />

Silver keys allow the<br />

artwork to be judged<br />

in the state competition<br />

while gold keys allow the<br />

art to move on to Nationals,<br />

where the artwork<br />

will be judged against<br />

other works for the top<br />

of the genre. A little over<br />

100 students per state<br />

receive one of these keys.<br />

Megan Brigham, one<br />

of the students qualifying<br />

for the statewide competition,<br />

made a graphic<br />

design with ink entitled<br />

“Apple Transformation,”<br />

a piece that shows three<br />

apples in a row. The<br />

left apple is melting, the<br />

middle one seems as if it<br />

is peeling away in curves,<br />

and the last one is donning<br />

a corset which is<br />

squeezing its middle.<br />

The second student<br />

who qualified for the<br />

statewide competition,<br />

Danielle Brutto, used oil<br />

paint on two wood panels<br />

to depict a repeated image<br />

of a woman. The<br />

painting is called “Toreador,”<br />

and was inspired<br />

by a Salvador Dali painting.<br />

Megan Kisling, the<br />

only recipient of a gold<br />

key from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong>, created<br />

a printmaking piece titled<br />

“Child in the Dark.” It<br />

depicts a child carved in<br />

linoleum in layers of red<br />

and orange with the top<br />

layer in black. This piece<br />

is going to New York<br />

where it will be judged<br />

against others for the<br />

top of the genre in the<br />

nation. If she wins she<br />

can get up to $10,000 in<br />

scholarships.<br />

The Scholastic Arts<br />

and Writing Awards is a<br />

prestigious competition<br />

that has taken place every<br />

year since 1923 with an<br />

average of 250,000 students<br />

participating each<br />

year. It has been sponsored<br />

by the Alliance for<br />

Young Artists andWriters<br />

Inc. since 1994.<br />

Loehmann’s Plaza (Briar Cliff Rd.) (404)<br />

929-0224<br />

Abernathy Sq (Publix) (404) 255-5151<br />

Above: Megan<br />

Kissling<br />

and Megan<br />

Bringham<br />

pose in the<br />

art room.<br />

Danielle<br />

Brutto is not<br />

pictured, but<br />

all three girls<br />

won keys in<br />

the Scholastic<br />

Arts<br />

and Writing<br />

Awards, although<br />

only<br />

Megan K’s<br />

art will be<br />

going to New<br />

York. <strong>St</strong>aff<br />

photo.<br />

D a n c e , D a n c e<br />



<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

The crowd goes<br />

wild as half time begins<br />

(RROOOOOARRR). The<br />

teachers step out on the court<br />

after being introduced. The<br />

lights dim, and then POW…<br />

the music starts, and they<br />

battle it out for the title of the<br />

best teacher dance couple in<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong>. Well maybe that’s<br />

not EXACTLY how it happened,<br />

but wouldn’t it be cool<br />

if it did??<br />

The crowd DID go<br />

wild as they took the court,<br />

the lights did not dim, but<br />

the music did start. Each<br />

teacher couple was introduced<br />

and each got a louder<br />

scream than the one before.<br />

They went out and did their<br />

dance, each of which was<br />

extremely entertaining and<br />

creative, which we owe much<br />

credit to Ms. Martin for making<br />

up and teaching each<br />

couple their own routine.<br />

Coach Schmitt and<br />

Mrs. Williams performed<br />

a well-orchestrated salsa.<br />

This was followed by Coach<br />

Karvis and Coach <strong>St</strong>andard<br />

who did a hip-hop number.<br />

Then there was Coach<br />

Cantwell and Ms. Guilbau<br />

who performed a tango.<br />

But we cannot forget Mr.<br />

Spellman and Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ockard<br />

with their groovy rendition<br />

of the electric slide. “All the<br />

dances were pretty cool; they<br />

did well,” says senior Patrick<br />

Odom.<br />

Each couple did a<br />

very good job. However,<br />

when it came down to it, the<br />

winners were Coach Karvis<br />

and Coach <strong>St</strong>andard. Their<br />

attire went perfectly with<br />

their performance; Coach<br />

<strong>St</strong>andard was in his white tee<br />

as Coach Karvis was looking<br />

Ghetto Fab in her Apple<br />

Bottoms jacket. That is not<br />

to say that the other teachers<br />

did not have great outfits<br />

to go along with their dance<br />

number. Each couple was<br />

equipped with the perfect<br />

outfits and attitudes perfectly<br />

matched their own dance.<br />

Coach Schmitt looked<br />

suave in his dressy pants and<br />

shirt along with Mrs. Williams<br />

who looked sophisticated<br />

in her little black dress.<br />

Coach Cantwell looked very<br />

debonair as he tangoed the<br />

night with the smooth Ms.<br />

Guilbeau. Ms. <strong>St</strong>ockard and<br />

Mr. Spellman shook up the<br />

crowd with their flash-dance<br />

attire.<br />

Senior Erin Conboy<br />

says, “I thought every one of<br />

the duets was great, I wish we<br />

didn’t have to pick a winner.”<br />

Which is true, each student<br />

wishes they didn’t have to<br />

pick, because it was a hard<br />

decision.<br />

To all the teachers<br />

that tried, you did a great<br />

job, and congratulations for<br />

having the guts to go in front<br />

of hundreds of people and<br />

shake your groove thing!<br />

Don’t give up hope; you<br />

could still win next year!<br />

Above, Coach Schmitt and Mrs. Williams take the court ready to do their thing, as the crowd goes wild.<br />

Even though the dynamic duo did not win the competition they were definitely a crowd pleaser. Courtesy<br />

of Natasha Mattesi.

Golden Lines<br />

student activities<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

Boys and girls sweep Region Tournament<br />


DUBUS<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent Activites Editor<br />

Saturday February<br />

11th was undoubtedly the<br />

most special night in the<br />

history of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> X<br />

Golden Lions’ basketball<br />

program. Both the boys<br />

and girls team capped off<br />

an incredible week by being<br />

crowned the champions<br />

of the highly competitive<br />

region 6-AAAA tournament.<br />

The boys avoided<br />

a near upset in the<br />

quarterfinals from the<br />

Lakeside Vikings. After<br />

a horrendous first half on<br />

both sides of the ball, the<br />

Lions overcame a nine-point<br />

halftime deficit to advance<br />

to the semifinals with a<br />

59-48 win. An unyielding<br />

defense was the key to<br />

success for the Lions, which<br />

would prove to be a theme<br />

throughout the tournament,<br />

as they only allowed the<br />

Vikings nine total points<br />

in the second half until the<br />

starters were subbed out in<br />

the finals seconds.<br />

The Lions next<br />

faced an evenly matched<br />

Etowah team in the semifinals,<br />

in a low scoring<br />

defensive struggle. Despite<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> shooting a season low<br />

25 percent from the field,<br />

their harassing defense<br />

never allowed Etowah to get<br />

into a rhythm on offense<br />

and kept the game close.<br />

Senior Spencer<br />

Davidson converted two<br />

clutch free throws down<br />

the stretch to give <strong>Pius</strong> a<br />

three-point advantage with<br />

11 seconds remaining. The<br />

defense forced Etowah<br />

to take a wild shot at the<br />

buzzer that was off the mark<br />

to seal the 36-33 win for the<br />

Lions and setting up a date<br />

with second-ranked Tucker<br />

in the finals.<br />

The Tigers had<br />

defeated the <strong>Pius</strong> both times<br />

when the two teams met<br />

in the regular season, and<br />

Saturday’s match up looked<br />

to be no different. Cameron<br />

Tatum’s monster dunk<br />

early in the game energized<br />

Tucker and put the Lions<br />

in an early deficit. Despite<br />

not being able to get into<br />

a rhythm on offense, the<br />

Golden Lions were able to<br />

hang around within eight<br />

to 10 points the entire first<br />

half.<br />

The second half<br />

started the same as the first<br />

and it looked as if the Lions<br />

were on the verge of being<br />

blown out. <strong>Pius</strong> committed<br />

several self-imposed<br />

turnovers that led to easy<br />

buckets for Tucker, whose<br />

lead stretched to 16 points.<br />

But just when it<br />

looked like <strong>Pius</strong> was going<br />

to fade away, they got a<br />

burst of new life. After<br />

almost a four-minute dry<br />

spell without a field goal,<br />

the Golden Lions quietly<br />

surged to cut the lead from<br />

16 to six at the end of the<br />

third quarter. After a threepointer<br />

by the Tigers to<br />

start the final period, <strong>Pius</strong><br />

continued to chip away at<br />

the nine-point lead. The<br />

Lions’ signature defense<br />

kicked in as a worn out<br />

Tucker team appeared<br />

confused on the offensive<br />

end and were forced to fire<br />

up well-defended threepoint<br />

attempts.<br />

Fatigue for the<br />

Tigers started to show in<br />

every aspect of the game<br />

as they were getting outhustled<br />

on both offense and<br />

defense. The momentum<br />

of the game clearly had<br />

swung to <strong>Pius</strong>, as the Lions<br />

authoritatively brought<br />

down every rebound and<br />

started to get into a rhythm<br />

offensively. The large crowd<br />

of <strong>Pius</strong> supporters began to<br />

get back into a game that<br />

had appeared lost.<br />

Behind guard<br />

Aaron Parr, who was shut<br />

down in the first half, the<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> boys fought their way<br />

back to not only tie the<br />

game, but also take the lead<br />

54-52 with two minutes<br />

remaining. Tucker finally<br />

appeared to wake up after<br />

a timeout and quickly tied<br />

the game with 95 seconds<br />

remaining. After a costly<br />

foul by Tucker, Davidson<br />

converted one of two free<br />

throws to give the Lions<br />

a 55-54 advantage. The<br />

defense made one more<br />

final stand as Tucker’s<br />

Tatum missed a shot at<br />

the buzzer to seal the win<br />

in front of a stunned and<br />

overjoyed crowd.<br />

“The win is<br />

greatest feeling in the<br />

world, especially after losing<br />

two tough games earlier<br />

in the season to Tucker,”<br />

said junior Jordan Shultz,<br />

who played a key role in<br />

the comeback. “The team<br />

knew we could beat them<br />

and never gave up, even<br />

after being down 16. It all<br />

pays off the hard work that<br />

everyone has put forth.”<br />

Parr led a balanced<br />

scoring attack for the Lions<br />

with 17 points. The win<br />

marks only the second time<br />

that <strong>Pius</strong> has captured the<br />

boys’ region championship<br />

in school history.<br />

Being crowned<br />

the tournament champions<br />

was nothing new for the<br />

Lady Lions, as the victory<br />

marks the fifth consecutive<br />

conference championship<br />

for head coach <strong>St</strong>ephanie<br />

Dunn and <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong>. This<br />

year’s game was certainly<br />

the most special of them<br />

all, however, as the girls<br />

defeated archrival and<br />

number one-ranked Marist<br />

in an overtime thriller that<br />

snapped the War Eagles’ 20-<br />

game winning streak.<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> cruised into<br />

the semi-finals with a 62-39<br />

route over Forsyth Central,<br />

where they met defending<br />

state champions, the Etowah<br />

Eagles. Despite Etowah<br />

leading by nine at halftime,<br />

the Golden Lions came out<br />

a more focused team in the<br />

second half and won big, 72-<br />

47. The victory marks the<br />

sixth time that the Lions<br />

have defeated the past<br />

state champions.<br />

Saturday’s<br />

conference final was a<br />

highly anticipated affair<br />

that matched the number<br />

one ranked Marist<br />

War Eagles and third<br />

ranked <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong>. The two<br />

powerhouses had split<br />

victories in the regular<br />

season meetings, with<br />

both teams winning big at<br />

home. Neither team let<br />

their fans down this time,<br />

however, when a thrilling<br />

game was decided in the<br />

final seconds of overtime.<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> came out<br />

firing from the starting tip,<br />

paced by junior, all-state<br />

center Kelly Cain who<br />

scored 11 points in the first<br />

quarter alone. The Golden<br />

Lions lights-out shooting<br />

helped build an 18-point<br />

first half lead and it looked<br />

as if the War Eagles would<br />

be blown right out of the<br />

gym.<br />

The tide turned at<br />

the beginning of the third<br />

quarter, when Cain was<br />

called for her third foul<br />

and forced to the bench.<br />

Fraderica Miller and Dre<br />

Mingo took advantage of<br />

Cain’s temporary absence<br />

and led the War Eagles on<br />

a 16-0 run to make it a 44-<br />

40 heading into the final<br />

period.<br />

A wild fourth<br />

quarter ensued with Marist<br />

taking and protecting the<br />

lead for most of the game.<br />

After a three pointer by<br />

Taylor Davidson and a<br />

defensive stop, senior Jane<br />

Fleming put the Lions<br />

pack on top by one with<br />

an incredible offensive<br />

rebound and score. After<br />

a late three by Marist to<br />

regain the lead with only<br />

a few seconds remaining<br />

9<br />

it looked as if the War<br />

Eagles had won. But Kelly<br />

Cain snatched an offensive<br />

rebound and converted the<br />

put-back to tie the game at<br />

56 with only four seconds<br />

remaining.<br />

The Golden Lions<br />

were forced to play catch-up<br />

during much of overtime<br />

after Marist jumped out<br />

to an early lead with Cain<br />

surprisingly sitting the first<br />

few minutes due to foul<br />

trouble. Freshmen Morgan<br />

Toles’ clutch three-pointer<br />

tied the game at 64 a piece<br />

with just under a minute<br />

remaining. After a missed<br />

free throw by Fleming, Cain<br />

again came up with clutch<br />

offensive rebound and scored<br />

a dramatic game winningbasket<br />

with eleven seconds<br />

remaining. The War Eagles<br />

could not create their own<br />

late dramatics with a missed<br />

shot at the buzzer that sent<br />

the crowd into bedlam and<br />

<strong>Pius</strong> fans rushing onto the<br />

court to celebrate with their<br />

team.<br />

Cain’s clutch<br />

performance (21 points<br />

and 10 blocks) came at an<br />

opportune time with several<br />

scouts present at the game,<br />

including University of<br />

Tennessee women’s head<br />

coach Pat Summit.<br />

Both the boys and<br />

girls earned a number one<br />

seed for the playoffs as well as<br />

a first round playoff game.<br />

The Boys and girls celebrate<br />

their Region titles at Alpharetta<br />

marking the first time that both<br />

teams had won their conference<br />

in school history. The boys<br />

advanced as far as the Elite 8 of<br />

the state playoffs, while the girls<br />

earned a trip to the Final Four at<br />

the Gwinnet Civic Center.

Golden Lines<br />

10 student activities<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

Swim and dive teams compete at state<br />


<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

As the season came<br />

to an end, the top <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

swimmers and divers saw<br />

their hard work pay off as<br />

they competed against the<br />

best athletes in the state. The<br />

regular season ended in late<br />

January but the swimmers<br />

and divers continued training<br />

and preparing four days a<br />

week for the region, metro<br />

and state meets.<br />

As the teams advanced<br />

to the different meets,<br />

they became more selective<br />

as to which swimmers would<br />

advance. Led by Coach<br />

Scott Carter, the entire team<br />

traveled to region together<br />

and placed third. After<br />

competeing in the more<br />

selective metro meet, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong><br />

competed in the state swim<br />

meet. At the state level, the<br />

top ten athletes in each event<br />

competed.<br />

Kelly McDowell ‘08<br />

was excited about competing,<br />

as this was her first year<br />

going to state. Reflecting back<br />

on the regular season and<br />

looking forward to the coming<br />

meets, she commented on<br />

the great possibilities ahead.<br />

“We lost a lot of great seniors<br />

last year but the freshman<br />

Pole-vault, long<br />

jump, high jump, triple<br />

jump, sprints, long-distances,<br />

discus, shot put, relays, and<br />

more – there is something for<br />

everyone on the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> X<br />

Track and Field team.<br />

Official practice<br />

for the diverse sport began<br />

January 30 th , but many of the<br />

tracksters have been gearing<br />

up for the season for many<br />

months, some even since<br />

summer. The early practice<br />

certainly paid off last year,<br />

considering the team made<br />

it to state last year, finishing<br />

in the third place. Hopes are<br />

even higher this year and<br />

each area of the team is working<br />

hard to play their part<br />

in capturing victory, Coach<br />

class<br />

brought us many talented<br />

athletes. They really stepped<br />

up and helped the team out.”<br />

The boys swim team<br />

placed tenth at state and the<br />

girls placed ninth. Individual<br />

awards were given to<br />

students for their outstanding<br />

acheivements and efforts.<br />

Chris McCormick ‘06 was<br />

given the Diving MVP award,<br />

while Laura Beamer ‘07<br />

received an award for Most<br />

Improved and Peter Hillyer<br />

‘09 was given the Coaches<br />

award. For swimming,<br />

Patrick Magrath ‘07 and<br />

Heather O’Toole ‘09 were<br />

given MVP awards, Taylor<br />

Hayes ‘07, Carolne Carscallen<br />

‘07 and Kelly McDowell<br />

‘09 were given the Most Improved<br />

award. John Kiphart<br />

‘06 and Maggie Hamilton<br />

received the Coaches award.<br />

<strong>Congratulations</strong> to the<br />

swimming and diving teams<br />

for a great season.<br />

Take your marks...GO!<br />

CLARE<br />


<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

Left: Laura Beamer ‘07 dives at<br />

a meet against Marist<br />

Top Right: Graham Munger ‘09<br />

brought a lot to the team as a<br />

freshman<br />

Bottom Right: Patrick Magrath<br />

‘07, voted MVP for boys swimming,<br />

competes in a season<br />

meet<br />

Photo courtesy of Al Johnson<br />

Garrison explains, “I am very<br />

excited about the upcoming<br />

season. Everyone has been<br />

working very hard to make<br />

sure this season is as successful<br />

as possible.”<br />

To prepare for their<br />

competition, practices are<br />

held five days a week usually<br />

lasting from 3:30 until<br />

around 5:30. Because track<br />

and field is such a unique<br />

sport with different areas for<br />

people to excel in, practice<br />

can vary greatly for people<br />

depending on what event<br />

they choose to compete. Athletes<br />

are expected to perform<br />

their best on and off the field.<br />

The track and field<br />

staff similarly is made up of<br />

various individuals all gifted<br />

in their area of expertise.<br />

Coach Garrison is the overall<br />

head coach and oversees<br />

the track and field team as a<br />

whole. The staff also includes<br />

two time track and field<br />

Olympic gold medalist, Antonio<br />

McKay. There are many<br />

familiar <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> faces like<br />

Coach Ghebru, Coach Walsh,<br />

and Coach Guilbeau, but<br />

also outside coaches include<br />

Coach Pratt, Coach Kirillov,<br />

Coach Mahoney, and Coach<br />

Miller. All coaches find different<br />

ways to help and improve<br />

the athletes in their events<br />

and get them ready for hard<br />

competition.<br />

Be sure to keep your eye<br />

on this year’s track and field<br />

team, the competitions are<br />

never lacking in excitement.<br />

The first track and field competition<br />

was held March 8 th at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Pius</strong> against Lakeside and<br />

Chamblee. Beginning Sunday,<br />

March 11th, the Varsity<br />

team will be competing<br />

against some of the top teams<br />

in the state. Coach Garrison<br />

expresses his confidence<br />

in this year’s team, “If we<br />

continue to improve daily, I<br />

am confident these teams can<br />

compete for a Region 6AAAA<br />

Championship and possibly a<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate AAAA Championship.”<br />

Sprinters Mariela Rodriquez, Christine Mbaba, Tom Myers, and Hillary<br />

Braxton run a relay at practice. They are shown here preparing<br />

for their first meet that was on Wednesday, March 1.<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Photo

Golden Lines<br />

student activities<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

11<br />

Spring Sports Kick into <strong>High</strong> Gear<br />

WILL<br />

CLOYD<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

Winter Olympics: totally awesome or a total bust?<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

The Winter Olympics<br />

have come and gone,<br />

and it seems as if no one<br />

cared. The winter games,<br />

which come around every<br />

four years did about as bad in<br />

ratings as the men’s ski team<br />

did in their events. American<br />

Idol doubled the Torino<br />

games in ratings. This year’s<br />

American team was supposed<br />

to be invincible. The heavens<br />

were going to open up and<br />

gold medals were going to<br />

rain down from the skies.<br />

This was supposed to be the<br />

best American team ever, the<br />

best skiers, the best skaters,<br />

and the best snowboarders.<br />

The self proclaimed best<br />

ski team ever, led by Bode<br />

Miller, made the cover of<br />

Sports Illustrated. In my<br />

mind if you make the cover<br />

of one of the most syndicated<br />

magazines in the world you<br />

had better be good. But, alas,<br />

this historic team that was<br />

supposed to break all the<br />

American ski records didn’t.<br />

In fact as of today the best<br />

ever has only 2 medals. While<br />

two medals is nothing to scoff<br />

at, it falls far short of being<br />

incredible. I’m not saying<br />

<strong>Girls</strong> Lacrosse: Entering their fourth year of<br />

competition in division 6 AAAA, the Lady Lion’s<br />

lacrosse team expects their best showing ever with<br />

five returning seniors. After a 6-8 season Coach<br />

Angela Raviele predicts 11 wins and 7 losses with “a<br />

feasible goal of winning the region.” In order to meet these lofty goals the lions<br />

will need to win important games which include, Westminster, Woodward,<br />

Centennial, and Lovett. The Lions are definitely on the rise and worth<br />

checking out this season.<br />

<strong>Girls</strong> Soccer: Coming off their state runner-up performance at the state<br />

championship last year, the Lady Lions soccer team has their eyes on the<br />

prize as they gear up for another season. Returning eight senior, the Lions<br />

have depth and experience which they need to utilize in their big games this<br />

year against Woodward, Marist, and Macintosh. The latter beat the lions<br />

convincingly in the state AAAA championship last year. The big surprise so<br />

far this year is super frosh Sami Malik who will be starting in goal. Coach<br />

Gilmore’s prediction for the year is another return to the state championship<br />

assuming the lions, “work hard and enjoy each others company.”<br />

Boys Lacrosse: Coming off a 9-8 season the boy’s lacrosse team is keeping<br />

hopes high for another trip to the state playoffs, as well as their first playoff<br />

victory. Coach Carter is very pleased with the squad he has this year. This<br />

includes 10 seniors, as well as a core group of sophomores and juniors who are<br />

expected to make an impact this season. “This team is very versatile, as well as<br />

hard hitting” says Coach Carter, who will need his team to be both during key<br />

region games against Marist, Lakeside, and Evans.<br />

Boys Soccer: Entering the season ranked third in the state in AAAA the<br />

Lions are optimistic about returning to the state finals. In order to do so they<br />

will need to win important region games against Marist, Chamblee, Etowah,<br />

and Lakeside. Even more important non-region games include Walton,<br />

Brookwood, and Woodward; Woodward being the only team in that group to<br />

be ranked higher than the Lions in the preseason polls. Coach Bailey is also<br />

optimistic about the season saying, “We expect to be in the final four again this<br />

year and know we can compete with the best for the <strong>St</strong>ate Title.”<br />

BRENT<br />

MODAK<br />

the U.S. ski team should not<br />

have been confident going<br />

into the games, but the<br />

athletes just do not seem to<br />

care. The leader of this year’s<br />

dream team of skiing, Bode<br />

Miller admits that he doesn’t<br />

shy away from Happy Hour<br />

just because he might he<br />

representing his country the<br />

very next day. Miller went<br />

into the Torino games as a<br />

perennial powerhouse in five<br />

events. His best finish so far is<br />

fifth. Last time I checked the<br />

best ever brought back gold,<br />

silver, or at least bronze.<br />

And then there was<br />

the American Men’s hockey<br />

team. While no one can<br />

criticize their never say die<br />

attitude, one can criticize<br />

just about everything else<br />

the hockey team did. They<br />

couldn’t even beat Latvia. I’m<br />

not asking for another Miracle<br />

on Ice (1980 U.S. Men’s<br />

hockey team, which won<br />

gold), but the least the team<br />

could do was beat Latvia.<br />

The United <strong>St</strong>ates has<br />

had its fair share of great<br />

Olympic moments this year.<br />

There was Shaun White who<br />

went big at the Halfpipe and<br />

went home with a gold. And<br />

Shani Davis who became the<br />

first black athlete to win a<br />

gold when he won the 1,000<br />

meter men’s speed skating.<br />

White and Davis are what<br />

Winter Olympics are all<br />

about. Both compete at the<br />

highest level and win at the<br />

highest level. But that is not<br />

what seemed to thrill them.<br />

Shaun White and Shani Davis<br />

appeared proud to be an<br />

American. When they won<br />

gold both athletes draped<br />

themselves in the American<br />

flag and represented their<br />

country the way it should be<br />

Bode Miller of the USA cuts a gate in the<br />

first run of the Men’s Giant Slalom at<br />

Sestriere Colle, Italy Sunday February 19,<br />

2006. Miller finished tied for 6th. (Erich<br />

Schlegel/Dallas Morning News/KRT)<br />

represented.<br />

Some might say that I<br />

am bashing these guys too<br />

much, but the way I look<br />

at it if you are getting paid<br />

millions of dollars a year to<br />

play a game you’d better do a<br />

good job. When Nike launches<br />

a series of commercials<br />

with you as the star I think a<br />

little more than fifth place is<br />

expected of you. Bode Miller<br />

has lined his pockets from his<br />

lucrative Join Bode commercials,<br />

but Miller has failed to<br />

place at any of the events he<br />

has competed in so far. Being<br />

the best ever, as Bode claims,<br />

is more that just winning<br />

medals it’s representing your<br />

country in an appropriate<br />

manner. When an athlete<br />

dawns that red, white, and<br />

blue he/she is competing for<br />

more that medal, they are<br />

competing for his/her country<br />

and that is something that<br />

cannot be taken lightly.

Golden Lines<br />

12 backside<br />

March 16, 2006<br />

Cloudy forecast for the Middle East<br />

FRANTZ<br />

DESTIN<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff Writer<br />

On January 26,<br />

2006 the Palestinian Central<br />

Elections Committee announced<br />

that Hamas, the<br />

largest Palestinian Islamist<br />

movement had won the majority<br />

of the vote in the election<br />

for seats on the Palestinian<br />

Legislative Council. The<br />

result of the election means<br />

a defeat for the ruling Fatah<br />

party, of which Palestinian<br />

Authority President Mahmoud<br />

Abbas is a member.<br />

This power shift represents<br />

clear change in ideologies<br />

and is a potential threat to<br />

all peace plans in that part<br />

of the world. In the past,<br />

Hamas had its actions rooted<br />

in its goal to create an Islamic<br />

Republic of Palestine in Israel,<br />

the West Bank, and the<br />

Gaza <strong>St</strong>rip. Furthermore, its<br />

charter calls for the accomplishment<br />

of its goal through<br />

the destruction of the <strong>St</strong>ate of<br />

Israel as well as any secular<br />

Palestinian governments. As<br />

a result Hamas is known for<br />

its numerous directed suicide<br />

attacks against Israeli citizens<br />

and military targets. Hamas<br />

has been branded as a terrorist<br />

organization by the United<br />

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a news conference<br />

in Gaza, Sunday February 19, 2006. Israel settled for watereddown<br />

restrictions on the Palestinian Authority in an apparent nod<br />

from international calls to avoid adding to Palestinian hardships<br />

after Hamas’ election victory.<br />

Spring Break 2006 plans ...<br />

<strong>St</strong>ates, Australia, Canada, the<br />

European Union, and Israel.<br />

However, the group has also<br />

been noted as the driving<br />

force behind numerous successful<br />

social and charitable<br />

organizations for Palestinians<br />

in the Middle East.<br />

How Hamas will make use of<br />

its newly acquired legislative<br />

power is a question yet to be<br />

answered.Hamas’ win of 76<br />

of the 132 seats in the Palestinian<br />

Legislative Council,<br />

which in effect is the legislature<br />

of the Palestinian National<br />

Authority responsible<br />

for the administrative government<br />

of parts of the West<br />

Bank and the Gaza <strong>St</strong>rip,<br />

has brought mixed reactions<br />

worldwide among the<br />

proponents for peace in the<br />

Middle East. In response<br />

to the election results,<br />

President Abbas has urged<br />

Hamas to keep progressing<br />

in negotiations for peace.<br />

Additionally, Prime Minister<br />

Ahmed Qurei and the<br />

Palestinian Authority Cabinet<br />

have resigned and given up<br />

their posts enabling Hamas to<br />

form a new government. In<br />

his recent <strong>St</strong>ate of the Union<br />

address, President Bush<br />

made it clear that the United<br />

<strong>St</strong>ates would not deal with<br />

Hamas unless it renounces<br />

terrorism. Furthermore, the<br />

Bush administration and the<br />

European Union have threatened<br />

to cut off all financial<br />

aid to the Palestinian Authority<br />

if Hamas members come<br />

to hold ministerial positions.<br />

On the other hand, President<br />

Vladimir Putin has made a<br />

point to indicate that Russia<br />

has no intentions of cutting<br />

off assistance to Palestine.<br />

The future of the Israeli-<br />

Palestinian conflict currently<br />

rests in the hands of a terrorist<br />

organization in the Middle<br />

East.<br />

Cruise to San Juan, <strong>St</strong>. Thomas, and <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Maarten with Natalia Prada-Rey, Laura<br />

McGill, and Emily Sutlive.”<br />

- Nicole Emmett, 12<br />

“Going to Seagrove with Celeste,<br />

Madelyn, and Marie. -Chelsea Cogan, 12<br />

“Going to Destin with my<br />

girlfriend! Ooo La La!!!”<br />

- John Charles<br />

White, 12<br />

“Barbados!”<br />

- Rebekah Baer, 11<br />

“Hangin’ out!”<br />

- Brian Malone, 11<br />

“Sleep, have fun, eat, and sleep again.”<br />

- Crystal Agu, 12<br />

“Road trip across America with my friends… Devan, Maryellen, and<br />

Jackie!” -Jennifer Angelich, 11<br />

“Probably spend a lovely week at the<br />

resort and spa at Barton Manor. OK,<br />

so it’s not a resort, it’s my house, but<br />

the neighbors do have a kiddie pool in<br />

their backyard.”<br />

- Pat Barton, 12<br />

“This year we are spending time in the<br />

Caribbean (Montego Bay, aJamaica).”<br />

- Jessica Johnson, 11<br />


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