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<strong>CENTRE</strong> <strong>FOR</strong> <strong>JAIN</strong> <strong>STUDIES</strong><br />

<strong>UNIVERSITY</strong> <strong>OF</strong> <strong>RAJASTHAN</strong>, <strong>JAIPUR</strong>.<br />

The Centre for Jain Studies, established in 1975, on the auspicious occasion of Lord MAHAVEER'S<br />

2500th Nirvan celebrations.<br />

This centre was established to promote research work in Jainism. The aim of the centre was to<br />

reclaim lost texts and study the manuscripts to know about the art and culture of those times.<br />

It has missionary zeal to sponsor and promote research in Jain Studies along with other aspects of<br />

comparative Religions and Culture. the Centre is located at Humanities Block, University of Rajasthan<br />

Campus, Jaipur.<br />

At the time of establishment of the Centre the University had taken a decision that Jainology be<br />

treated more as an area of research and the main purpose for establishing the centre should be to encourage<br />

the study of Jain religion, Philosophy, arts, literature and ethics in the University.<br />

In order to attract the diversified Jainological studies the University also accomodated the study of<br />

source material, ideas, thoughts, literature and history of Jainism to be studied as special papers in the<br />

regular courses of the Department of the Sanskrit, Philosophy and History. In view of this decision the PG<br />

classes in Jain Studies are being taken with PG. departments of History. Sanskrit and Philosophy of the<br />

University and the faculty of the Centre is associated with them thoroughly ever since the establishment of<br />

the Centre. The Centre has undertaken the following courses.<br />

1. D.Litt.<br />

2. Ph.D.<br />

3. M.Phil course in Jain Studies with highest number of candidates in any such institution in India. The<br />

course covers major Jain thoughts.<br />

4. Post-Graduate Diploma in Jain Studies and Archaeology.<br />

5. Certificate course in Jain Dharm and Darshan.<br />

Every year a number of seminars, conferences and extension Lectures are held at the centre on<br />

various subjects of Jain Studies as well as Prakrit and Apabhramsa and scholars from the Universities and<br />

institutions all over the country participat in them. The Centre had invited many Scholars, Saints, Monks<br />

from all over the world for delivering lecture, seminars etc.<br />

Extention Lectures were delivered on different subjects from time to time by the following scholars<br />

& sadhu-sadhvies of various sects some of the important extention lecturers are .<br />

1. Muni Nathmalji 2. Muni Vidyanandji 3. Muni Chitra Bhanu 4. Muni Sushil Kumarji 5. Acharya<br />

Shree Vardhman Sagarji 6. Acharya Gyan Sagarji 7. Sadvi Sangha Mitraji 8. Pt. Darbarilal Kotia 9. Pt.<br />

Kailash Chand Shastri 10. Prof. Nathmal Tantia 11. Prof. J.P. Sharma, Hawai University, USA 12. Prof.<br />

C.B. Tripathi-Berlin, Germany 13. Prof. Padam Nabh S. Jaini, USA 14. Prof. B. Bhatt Patiala 15. Prof.<br />

A.N. Upadhyaya 16. Pt. Dalsukh Malvania, 17. Prof. Prdhumana Kumar Jain, Prof. Rajaram Jain & some<br />

others.<br />

Important Seminars & Conferences, were organised by the centre along with exhibition of<br />

manuscripts etc. :-<br />

1.Jain Art & Architecture, 2. Shraman Sanskriti ki Prachinta, 3. Bhattarakon ka Jain Sanskriti ke<br />

Sanrakshan mein Yogdan, 4. Jain Nyaya, 5. Vyapti Evam Vyapti ka Arth, 6. Jain Manovigyan, 7. Ahimsa<br />

Vicharna - Jain Drashti Mein, 8. Jain Religion & Society, 9. Rajasthan Ke Jain Darshnikon Ka Sanskrit<br />

Sahitya Ko Yogdan, 10. Bhartiya Darshanon mean Karm Sidhanta, 11. Bhartiya Sanskriti mein Shraman<br />

Parmpra Ka Yogdan, 12. Ved, Darshan Evam Sahitya Ko Acharya Ramchandra Divedi Ka Yogdan, 13.<br />

Urgent Problems facing the Nation, 14. Puran Vidhya Sangoshti, 15. Anekanta, 16. Non-Violence & Peace,<br />

17. Acharya Gyansagar Ka Sanskrit Sahitya Ko Yogdan, 18. Bhattarak Tradition, 19. Environmental<br />

management in the prospective of Jainism, 20. Jaina contribution of Indian Heritage, 21. Relevance of<br />

Bhagwan Mahaveer's Teachings in Modern Times, 22. Bhartiya Sanskriti mein Karma Sidhanta Vyavastha,

23. Non-violence in Indian Religions, 24. Jain Sahitya Mein Jeevan Mulya, 25. Jainism & Hinduism, 26.<br />

Bhartiya Parampra Mein Dhyan-Yoga, 27. Jain Samajik Evam Sanskritik Chintan.<br />

A large member of old and rare manuscripts have been scaned and these have been kept in use for<br />

scholars, coming from different places in India & abroad. They have been found very useful not only for<br />

research purposes, book writing etc., but also for general study.<br />

This Centre is one of the premier institutions for Jain Studies and it is, engaged in research on<br />

various aspects of Jain Studies and Manuscriptology. Its aim is dissemination of knowledge on Prakrit,<br />

Apabhrmsa Language & Literature, Jain Philosophy & religion and Manuscriptology in a comparative,<br />

critical and historical perspective.<br />

FACULTY :<br />

Director, Professor<br />

Jain Anil, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.<br />

Emeritus Fellow<br />

Jain P.C., M.A., Ph.D., Jain Darshanacharya<br />


1. Preservation, Catalouguing and Publication of Manuscripts of Jain Shastra Bhandar in Rajasthan.<br />

2. Studies of Jain Darshan, Literature & Culture.<br />

3. Research on Ahinsak-Aahar<br />

4. Environmental Preservation<br />

5. Research on Water Preservation<br />

6. Prakrit : Language and Literature<br />

7. Apbhramsa : Language and Literature.<br />

The Centre awards every year various fellowships and Scholarships.<br />


1. Building up of a manuscript library for preservation of ancient and medieval Jaina literature,<br />

systematically cataloguing them, and making them available to the scholarly world for consultation<br />

and research work.<br />

2. Correspondingly setting up a strong research reference library of published works/books and<br />

periodicals.<br />

3. Editing and publishing Jaina literary works, beginning from the canonical to narrative literature, as<br />

also books dealing with Jaina art and architecture.<br />

4. Publishing the Institute's own Research Journal.<br />

5. Organising continually inter-disciplinary seminars and conferences with a view to evaluating<br />

comparative contribution of Jainism to Indology including religion, philosophy and culture and also<br />

development of languages.<br />

6. Publication of important manuscripts in Prakrit, Apabhrmsa and Sanskrit bearing upon different<br />

facets of Jainism.<br />

7. Continues to organize extension lectures by eminent scholars of Jainism and their publication and<br />

also to arrange lectures, Seminars, etc., with a view to popularise literature of Prakrit and Sanskrit<br />

languages.<br />

8. Helping researchers of other Departments/Institutions so far as they relate to Jainism.<br />

9. Formulating and completing short term and long term projects relating to specific problems of<br />

language, literature, History and culture of Jainism.<br />

10. To help in the propagation of Prakrit, Sanskrit and Apabhrmsa languages and literature, at global<br />


11. To publish Journal, research articles, essays relating to studies of Jainism, Prakrit and Sanskrit<br />

languages.<br />

12. To prepare descriptive catalogues of MSS lying in the various Jain Granth Bhandars in the<br />

Rajasthan state.<br />

INDEPENDENT LIBRARY <strong>OF</strong> <strong>JAIN</strong> <strong>STUDIES</strong> <strong>CENTRE</strong><br />


We have 5000 books and 100 copies (photostat) of old and rare manuscripts consisting pages. Member of<br />

researchers come per month to consult it.<br />


1. The Centre plans to enrich the library and to establish a good Museum too, for which resources need<br />

to be augmented. The main thrust of the Institute is to become a Centre of Excellence in Indology in<br />

general and in Jainology, in particular.<br />

2. Rajasthan has been a flourishing field for Jainism through the ages in the area of religion, literature,<br />

architecture, sculpture, and painting. It is a treasure house of Manuscripts of Jaina and Non-Jaina<br />

literature preserved by Jain scholars and sadhus in the form of very rich Libraries, Granthagaras and<br />

Upashrayas. The rich and religious Jain community and dedicated Jain monks look forward towards<br />

the Centre for Jain Studies on the campus as an institution which can contribute a lot to the<br />

comparative study of different sects and religions in the disciplines of art and architecture, literature,<br />

philosophy, history and archaeology in the context of Jainism and Jainology. As such, the<br />

development of this centre shall not only serve the purpose of the centre in true sense but shall bring<br />

repute and honour to the University of Rajasthan as also the state of Rajasthan, during coming years.<br />

3. Being a research oriented Centre with the existing 500 users, it should have practically all the<br />

printed books on Jainism plus some important other books of other comparative religions &<br />

cultures, connected with research purpose. Likewise manuscripts should also be obtained and<br />

preserved for editing and research work. Either they can be purchased or can be made available<br />

through computer scan/microfilms/photostat.<br />

4. The centre has an ambitious plan for construction of a huge building in the university campus for<br />

accommodating the following five units under the auspices of the Centre for Jain Studies.<br />

(i) Jain Archaeology Unit.<br />

(ii) Jain Manuscriptology Unit.<br />

(iii) Unit of Prakrit & Jain Darshan.<br />

(iv) Unit of Non-violence & Peace.<br />

(v) Unit of Ethics and Yoga.<br />

5. Shri Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain (Teerth Sanrakshini) Mahasabha, Rajasthan Chapter has also<br />

agreed to contribute a sum of Rs. 2 crore for establishing Vardhaman Shraman Faculty in the above<br />

building under the Centre for Jain Studies within the above five units. The university has agreed to<br />

provide sufficient space and to arrange matching grant for the building and also for meeting<br />

recurring expenditure on staff etc. in due course of time. This project is yet to be materialised.<br />

6. Another important project in our view is CATALOGUING AND PRESERVATION <strong>OF</strong><br />

MANUSCRIPTS BY COMPUTER SCANNING lying at various Jain Granth Bhandars in Rajasthan<br />

and Publication of Catalogues. This would require funds to approximately 2 crores.<br />

7. The Centre has already prepared about one lac MANUSCRIPT'S CATALOGUES out of which four<br />

volumes have already been published. This is a unique and unparallel academic work in the whole<br />

country, specially in Jainology and Manuscriptology and is being appreciated all over.<br />

8. A detailed proposal for this project has been prepared and is expected to get through as soon as the<br />

funds are made available to the Centre from various funding agencies including Central Govt., State<br />

Govt., UGC etc.. The summary of the works to be done in course of time in this regard is given<br />


1. Survey and identification of places where old manuscripts are available.<br />

2. Listing out the MSSs in the proformas devised by the Govt. Organization and NGOs.<br />

3. Computerising the newly prepared list of Bhandars for the benefit of people pursuing oriental<br />

studies and research on Jainism.<br />

4. Scanning the MSS by use of computerized digital scanners and create an image-file data-base<br />

of such records, specially in respect of rare and unpublished works lying in the Granth<br />

Bhandars.<br />

5. Imparting training to the local people, incharge of the Bhandars in the art of preservation of<br />

the manuscripts.<br />

6. Arrange and Index the manuscripts in the Bhandars on the basis of Indexed data-base.<br />

7. Preserving the manuscripts through proper chemical treatment with the help of experts as<br />

well as scientific and proper environment for their storage and retrieval.<br />

9. The view to help students and research scholars interested in Jain Studies. Some of these activities<br />

have started with the advent of M.Phil course P.G. Diploma in Jain Studies and Certificate Course<br />

from 2000.<br />

10. It also plans to introduce FULL-FLEDGED COURSES IN PRAKRIT AND APABHRMSA in<br />

addtion to M.Phil, PG Diploma & certificate courses under the auspices of Jain Centre.<br />

11. The Centre plans to do everything to FULFILL THE OBJECTIVES stated above with the help of<br />

the Central and State Govt. and the jain community in Rajasthan, India and abroad. The help and<br />

cooperation of University administration is already available and promised for future.<br />

12. We propose to introduce AWARDS AND HONOURS with the help of Industrialists and Business<br />

Tycoons from all over India, for the scholars who had done excellent academic/social work in the<br />

field of Jainology and Human-welfare. A mild start has been done in the seminar held in Feb., 2004<br />

and is likely to continue in the coming years i.e. 2005 onwards.<br />


(i) Publications made : Authors<br />

(1) Jain Thought & Culture - Prof. G. C. Pandey<br />

(2) Jain Nyaya ka vikas (Hindi) - Muni Nath Mal<br />

(3) Jain Granth Bhandars in Jaipur and Nagaur - Dr. P.C. Jain<br />

(4) A descriptive Catalogue of MSS in<br />

Bhattarkiya Granth Bhandar, Nagaur Vol. II<br />

- Dr. P. C. Jain<br />

(5) Jain Art & Architecture - Prof. R.C. Dwivedi<br />

(6) A Descriptive Catalogue of MSS in<br />

Bhattarkiya Granth Bhandar, Nagaur Vol. III<br />

- Dr. P. C. Jain<br />

(7) A Descriptive Catalogue of MSS in<br />

Bhattarkiya Granth Bhandar, Nagaur Vol. IV<br />

- Dr. P. C. Jain<br />

(8) Jain Political Thought - G. C. Pandey<br />

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¼12½ O;kfIr & fopkj & izksñ HkkxpUnz tSu HkkLdj<br />

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¼16½ tSu laLÑfr dk Hkkjrh; laLÑfr dks ;ksxnku & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

¼17½ Hkkjrh; n'kZuksa esa vfgalk & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

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¼20½ Hkkjrh; laLÑfr esa deZ fl)kUr O;oLFkk & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

¼21½ Hkêkjd ijEijk & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

(ii) Under publications<br />

¼1½ vkpk;Z Kkulkxj dk laLÑr lkfgR; dks ;ksxnku & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

¼2½ tSu /keZ ,oa fgUnw /keZ & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

¼4½ Hkkjrh; ijEijk eas /;ku ;ksx & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

¼5½ tSu lkekftd ,oa lkaLÑfrd fpUru & MkWñ ihñ lhñ tSu<br />

Lot of research work has been done by scholars on Jain philosophy, art & cutlure & Literature as<br />

265 research scholars have been awarded D.Litt, Ph.D. and M.Phil Degrees in Jain Studies by the<br />

University of Rajasthan.<br />

List of scholars awarded Ph.D. Degree from University of Rajasthan on Jain Darshana Subjects :<br />

1. ACHARYA Hariram - Hall Aur Gahasattsai.<br />

2. AGARWAL Purusotham Das. - Madhyakaleen Hindi Krishna Kavya Mein Roop Soindrya Ki<br />

Abhivyanjna<br />

3. AGRAWAL Suresh Chand - Purvamadhyakalin Jain Sahitya Mein Vyapar Evam Udyog:Rajasthan<br />

Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Mein 700 Se 1100 Esvi Mein (Trade And Industry In Early Medieval Jain<br />

Literature With Special Reference To Rajasthan(700ad To 1100ad).<br />

4. BAIRATHI Anjana - Bharat Ka Samajik Evam Sanskritik Itihas : Jain Purano Ke Pariprekshya<br />

Mein.<br />

5. BAIRATHI Kusum P. - Acharya Harish Chandra Vyaktitva Evam Krititva<br />

6. BAJ Ku. Snehlata - Hindi Ke Madhyaugeen Jain Premakhyan Kavya<br />

7. BANSAL Maya - Jaivansha Mahakavya Ka Tulnatmak Va Samalochanatmak Adhyayan.<br />

8. BARETH Uma - Shrivar Evam Shuk Ki Rajtaranginiyon Mein Chitrit Bharatiya Sanskriti.<br />

9. BARWAD H.P. - Vartman Ki Paryavarniya Samasyayaon Aur Unka Samadhan - Jain Dharm Ke<br />

Pariprekshya Mein.<br />

10. BHANAWAT Narendra Kumar - Rajasthani Veli Sahitya.<br />

11. BHANAWAT Sanjeeva - Sanskritik Chetna Ke Vikas Mein Hindi Jain Patrika Ka Yogdan.<br />

12. BHARDWAJ Anjubala - Jain Dharm Mein Paryushan Parva : Ek Adhyayan<br />

13. BHARILLA Alpna - Pramukha Jain Sidhantanam Darshnik Vivechanam.<br />

14. BUMB Smt. Manjula - Jain Kavi Trilok Rishi Aur Unka Yug.<br />

15. CHATURVEDI Rekha - Jain Sahitya Ka Aitihasik Tatha Sanskritik Vivechan.<br />

16. DADHICH M.P. - Khumman Raas Aur Unka Adhyayan<br />

17. DEY Kundorani - Rajasthani Evam Hindi Ki Jain Prabandh Rachanayen(1540-1700).<br />

18. DIKSHIT Manjula - Harishen Krit Brihat Katha Kosh Ka Samalochanatmak Evam Samikshatmak<br />

Adhyayan.<br />

19. DIXIT Shyam Shankar - Terahvin-Chaudavin Shatabdi Ke Jain-Sanskrit-Mahakavya.<br />

20. GARG Ganga Ram - Dhundhad Pradesh Ki Shahityik Dharayen.<br />

21. GODIKA Smt. Nirmla - Paryavaran Santulana : Jain Darshan Evam Sanskriti Ke Pariprekshya Mein<br />

22. GOSWAMI Sharda - Agarchand Nahata:Vyaktittva Evam Krititva.<br />

23. GOYAL Anjana - Ravisenacharya Krit Padam Purana Evam Balmiki Krit Ramayana Ka<br />

Tulanatmaka Adhyayan.<br />

24. GOYAL Naresh Chandra - Acharya Vidhyasagarji Krita “Mook-Matti” Ek Adhyayan<br />

25. GOYAL Santosh Kumar - Pracheen Bhartiya Dharmon Mein Ahimsa Ki Avdharna Ka Vikas<br />

26. GULATI Urmil - Amritvagbhavacharya Ki Sanskrit Rachnaon Ka Samalochanatmak Adhyayan.<br />

27. GUPTA Santosh - Jain Sanskrit Puranon Mein Nari Ki Sthiti.<br />

28. GUPTA Smt. Sushila - Rajasthani Lokmahabharat ka Shahityik Evam Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

29. GUPTA Trilok Chand - Vinodilal Ki Rachnayan : Kavyatva Evam Bhasha Sanrachana.<br />

30. <strong>JAIN</strong> Smt. Laxmi - Hindi Ke Etihasik Natakon men ‘Shrman Sanskriti’.<br />

31. <strong>JAIN</strong> (Smt.) Kokila - Tirthankar Adinath Aur Unka Manviya Sanskriti Ke Unnayan Mein Yogdan<br />

32. <strong>JAIN</strong> Abha - Bharat Ka Sampradayik Vibhajan Aur Hindi Katha Sahitya.<br />

33. <strong>JAIN</strong> Ajit Kumar - Jain Sanskriti Evam Sahitya Mein Sangeet<br />

34. <strong>JAIN</strong> Anamika - Bhattaraka Subhachandra Vyaktittva Evam Krititva.

35. <strong>JAIN</strong> Anisha - Jainagam Shahitya Mein Arthik Vichar<br />

36. <strong>JAIN</strong> Anubhav Prakash - Bhartiya Sanskriti Mein Acharya Kundkund Ka Yogdan<br />

37. <strong>JAIN</strong> B. Umapati - Jain Vangamaya Mein Anuyogon Ka Vishleshantmak Adhyayan<br />

38. <strong>JAIN</strong> Babita - Sarak Aachar Sravakachar : Itihas Aur Puratatva Ke Priprakshya Mein.<br />

39. <strong>JAIN</strong> Bhagchand - Vartman Pariprekshya Mein Jain Darshan Ki Prasangikta.<br />

40. <strong>JAIN</strong> Bharat Kumar - Jain Pooja Padhyati : Ek Vivechan<br />

41. <strong>JAIN</strong> Charitra Lata - Jain Agamon Mein Sharaman.<br />

42. <strong>JAIN</strong> Darshan Lata - Gyanarnav : Ek Sameekshatmak Adhyayan.<br />

43. <strong>JAIN</strong> Deepak S. - Panchastikay Sangrah : Ek Anusheelan<br />

44. <strong>JAIN</strong> Dhan Kumar - Acharya Amritchandrasya Darshnik Sidhantanam Samalochanatmak<br />

Adhyayanam<br />

45. <strong>JAIN</strong> Dharmchand - Baudh Pramanvad Ka Jain Drishti Se Parikshan.<br />

46. <strong>JAIN</strong> Dheeraj - Visva Samsyaon Ke Sandharbh Mein Jain Sidhanta<br />

47. <strong>JAIN</strong> Dr. P.C. - Shahityik Unnayan Mein Bhattarakon Ka Yogdan. (D.Litt)<br />

48. <strong>JAIN</strong> Gulab Chand - Ravishenacharya Ka Padam Puran : Ek Adhyayan.<br />

49. <strong>JAIN</strong> Gyanlata - Mahapragya Pravartak Panna Lal Ji Maharaj Vyaktitva Evam Kratitva<br />

50. <strong>JAIN</strong> Indra - Jawaharacharya:Jiwan Aur Sahitya.<br />

51. <strong>JAIN</strong> Jaishree - Psychological Analysis Of Karma Philosophy With Special Reference To Jainism<br />

52. <strong>JAIN</strong> K. C. - Ancient Cities In Rajasthan (D. Litt)<br />

53. <strong>JAIN</strong> Kailash Chandra - Jainism In Rajasthan.<br />

54. <strong>JAIN</strong> Kamala Kumari - Tirthankar Mahaveer Charit-Mulya Hindi Prabandh Kavya.<br />

55. <strong>JAIN</strong> Ku. Krishna - Jain Agama Shahitya Mein Pritibimbit Rajnaitik Va Samajik Jeevan<br />

56. <strong>JAIN</strong> Lal Chand - Jain Kaviyon Ke Brajbhasha-Prabandh-Kavyon Ka Adhyayan (Vikram Samvat<br />

1700 Se 1899 Esvi Tak).<br />

57. <strong>JAIN</strong> Manisha - Jain Sahitya Mein “Vivaha” Ek Samalochnatmaka Adhyayan<br />

58. <strong>JAIN</strong> Manju - Dwadash Anuprekshaon Ka Samajik Evam Darshanik Adhyayan.<br />

59. <strong>JAIN</strong> Manorama - Sanatkumar Chakri Charit Mahakavya : Ek Adhyayan.<br />

60. <strong>JAIN</strong> Minaxi - Bhagwan Mahaveer Evam Unse Purva Ka Jain Dharma, Darshan Evam Sanskriti.<br />

61. <strong>JAIN</strong> Munni - Rajjabvani Ka Bhasha Shastriya Adhyyan.<br />

62. <strong>JAIN</strong> Narendra Kumar - Hindi Sant Sahitya Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Mein : Mahakavi Bhudhar Das :<br />

Ek Samalochanatmak Adhyayan.<br />

63. <strong>JAIN</strong> Padma - Rajasthan Ke Jain Granth Bhandar Evam Unka Sanrakshan<br />

64. <strong>JAIN</strong> Prem Chand - Jain Harivansh Purana Ka Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

65. <strong>JAIN</strong> Raj Kumar - Jain Darshan Mein Gyan Ka Swaroop.<br />

66. <strong>JAIN</strong> Rajshree - Mahavira’s Thought And Its Relevance In Contemporary Social System.<br />

67. <strong>JAIN</strong> Rajul - Aacharya Gyansagar Rachit Virodaya Mahakavya Ek Adhyayan.<br />

68. <strong>JAIN</strong> Rakesh Kumar - Virodaya Mahakavyasya Darshanikamanusheelanam.<br />

69. <strong>JAIN</strong> Sanyam Prakash - Mahakavi Svayambhu Virachit Paumchariu : Ek Sanskritik Adhyayan<br />

70. <strong>JAIN</strong> Saroj Kumari - Jain Darshan Ko Acharya Haribhadra Suri Ka Yogdan.<br />

71. <strong>JAIN</strong> Satish Chandra - Aklank Devkrit Rajvartik Ka Samikshatmak Adhyayan.<br />

72. <strong>JAIN</strong> Seema - Purudevchampu Ka Sanskritik Adhyayan<br />

73. <strong>JAIN</strong> Shanta - Leshya Ka Manovagyanik Adhyayan.<br />

74. <strong>JAIN</strong> Sharda - Concept Of Freedom And Its Relation To Education.<br />

75. <strong>JAIN</strong> Shila - Acharya Jinsena Evam Unke Shahitya Mein Pratibimbit Bhartiya Sanskriti<br />

76. <strong>JAIN</strong> Shobha Lal -Vidhyanand Virachitaya Apta Prikshaya Darshanik Vivechnama.<br />

77. <strong>JAIN</strong> Smt. Asha - Mahakavi Puspdant Virchit Ramayankavya Ek Sanskritik Adhyayan<br />

78. <strong>JAIN</strong> V. Dhankumar - Acharya Kundkund Sahityetatvanam Samikshatmakam Adhyayanam.<br />

79. <strong>JAIN</strong> Vandana - Jain Sanskrit Puranon .... Addhyayan.<br />

80. <strong>JAIN</strong> Veersagar - Pt.Doulatram Kasliwal Aur Unka Sahitya.<br />

81. <strong>JAIN</strong> Vidhyavati - Mahapuran : Ek Sanskratik Adhyayan<br />

82. <strong>JAIN</strong> Vidya - Padampuran:Ek Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

83. <strong>JAIN</strong> Vimal Kumar - Vishishta Jain Stroton Ka Samalochanatmak Adhyayan<br />

84. <strong>JAIN</strong> Yogesh Chandra - Jain Darshan Mein Bandhan Moksha<br />

85. <strong>JAIN</strong> Yogeshchandra - Jain Shraman : Swaroop Evam Mimansa.<br />

86. JAT Jagdish Prasad - Beesaldev Raso Ka Kavyashastriya Adhyayan.<br />

87. JAT Ku. Sunita - Rajasthan Ke Pramukh Jain Teertha Sthalon Ka Adyayan

88. JHA Vinay Kumar - Jain Sankrit Purano Mein Rajnaitika Vichar Evam Sansthayen<br />

89. JOSHI Kishan Baldev - Rajasthani Aur Hindi Naminath Rajul Vishayak Jain Kavya.<br />

90. JOSHI Krishna Mohan - India As Reflected In Prakrit Inscriptions.<br />

91. KANKARIYA Ku. Manju - Muktibodh Ki Rachna-Dharmita Shilp Ki Raah Se.<br />

92. KASLIWAL Kastur Chand - Jaina Grantha Bhandaras In Rajasthan.<br />

93. KASLIWAL Narendra Kumar - Rajasthan Ke Jain Mandir : Ek Samikshatmaka Adhyayan.<br />

94. KATARIA Chhitarmal - Beesaldev Raas Ki Bhasha Dhvnyatmak Evem Roopatmak Adhyayan.<br />

95. KATARIYA Chhitar Mal - Bisaldevras Ki Bhasha.<br />

96. KAUR Ajai - Jain Kavi Nathmal Bilala : Vyaktitva Evam Krititva.<br />

97. KAUSHIK Jagdish Prasad - Apabhramsa Ke Vikas Kram Mein Pashchimi Rajasthani.<br />

98. KHICHA N.K. - Mahavir Ka Artha Shastra.<br />

99. KOTHARI Purnima - Prashamarati Aur Umaswati Ka Samikshatmak Vaigyanik Adhyayan<br />

100. KOTIA Mahaveer Pd. - Hindi Jain Shahitya Mein Krishna<br />

101. KUMAR Ashok - Bhartiya Darshanon Mein Atma Jain Darshan Ke Vishish Paripreksha Mein<br />

102. KUMAR Ashok - Jain Sanskrit Purano Mein Hindu Devi-Devata (7vi Se 10vi Shatabdi).<br />

103. MAHATMA Shri Toshan Lal - Mahapuran Mein Varnit Shiksha Darshan (Aadi Evam Uttarpuran<br />

Ke Sandarbh Mein)<br />

104. MATHUR M.M. Swaroop - Kushallabha Aur Unka Sahitya<br />

105. MATHUR Naveen Kumar - Jain Jewelry : Evolution In Employment & Elan<br />

106. MATHUR Uma - Hindi Santkavya mein Samprdayik Sadbhava.<br />

107. MEENA Balbeer Singh - Jain Puran Shahitya Mein Pratibimbit Jeewan<br />

108. MEENA Rishikesh - Purva Madhyakaleen Bharat Ki Samajika Vyavastha : Jain Pauranic Shahitya<br />

Ke Pariprekshya Mein.<br />

109. MEENA Suresh Kumar - Hindu Dharma Evam Jain Dharma Ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan<br />

110. MISHRA Rajesh Kumar - Sanskrit Ke Pauranik Mahakavya.<br />

111. MODI Ku. Leela - Hadaoti Lokgeeton mein Sanskriti.<br />

112. PANDEY Lallan - Dashkumar Charitam:Ek Sanskritik Anusheelan.<br />

113. PARASHAR Ashok - Harishchandra Ki Kritiyon Ka Sanskritka Adhyayan<br />

114. PAREEK Kailash Chandra - Hindi Ke Jain Dharma Sambandhi Aadhunik Upnnyas : Ek<br />

Anusheelan.<br />

115. PAREEK Koshal - Rajasthan Ka Ek Nagar Mein Jain Samudaya Ke Samaj Shastriya Adhyayan.<br />

116. PAREEK Ramesh K. - Rajasthan Fagu Shahitya Aur Uska Sanskritik Mahatva<br />

117. PAREEK Suresh Chand - Adhunik Hindi Jain Prabandh Kavya.<br />

118. PARMAR Alpna - Acharya Gyana Sagar Ke Shahitya Mein Pratibimbit Bharatiya Sanskriti.<br />

119. PARNAMI Ekta - Religiosity and subjective well-being : A comparative study of Jains and Hindus.<br />

120. PATNI Ms. Vritika - Acharya Bhadrabahu Rachit Bhadrabahu Samlita : Ek Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

121. PUROHIT Braj Narain - Terapanthi Jain Shwetambar Sampraday Ka Rajasthani Aur Hindi Sahitya.<br />

122. RAMESH Chandra - Hindi Aalochana Aur Muktibodh Ke Aalochna Mana.<br />

123. SADHVE Kamla Kumari - Tirthankar Mahaveer Charitmulak Hindi Prabhanda Kavya.<br />

124. SADHVI Dr. Surekha Shree - Panchparmesthi Vishyak Jain Vicharna Anya Bhartiya Darshnon Ke<br />

Paripreksha Mein<br />

125. SADHVI Sahaja Sadhana - Hemachndracharya Krit Trishasthi Shalaka Purush Charitra : Ek<br />

Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

126. SADHVI Saumya Gunashree - Vidhi Marg Prapa Ke Pariprekshaya Mein Jain Vidhi Vidhano Ka<br />

Samikshatamak Adhyayan<br />

127. SANGHI Smt. Nirmla - Acharya Shivakoti Krit Bhagwati Aradhna : Ek Parisheelan.<br />

128. SATYAVRAT - Jain Sanskriti Mahakavya Ka Adhyayan<br />

129. SAXENA Sita Ram - The Influence Of The Agamas On The Ramcharitmanasa.<br />

130. SAXENA Suresh Chandra - Kavivar Vrind Aur Unke Vansajon Ki Hindi Kavyashastra Ko Den<br />

131. SETHI Babu Lal - Pushpdant Virichit Adipuran Ek Sanskritik Adhyayan.<br />

132. SETHI Babulal - Jain Harivanshpuran Kaleen Samaj<br />

133. SETHI Dr. B. L. - Mahakavi Puspadant Vyaktitva Evam Krititva (D.Litt.)<br />

134. SHAH Nitesh - Kavivar Dhyanatarai Ke Shahitya Mein Pratibimbit Adhyatma Chetana.<br />

135. SHAH SMT. Renu - Phnishvarnath Ka Katha Shilp.<br />

136. SHARMA Basanti Lal - 18vin Satabdi Ka Rajasthani Jain Shahitya.

137. SHARMA Bhuvanesh Kumar - Sanskriti Ki Bharatiya Avdharana : Etihasik Evam Darshnik<br />

Parisheelan<br />

138. SHARMA Chhotelal - Prakrit Ram Kavya Parampara (Sahityik,Sanskritik Evam Bhasik<br />

Adhyayan,Tisri Shatabdi Se Solhavi Shatabdi Tak). 2 Pt. (D. Litt.)<br />

139. SHARMA Govardhan Dass - Prakrit Aur Apabhransh Unka Dingal Sahitya Par Prabhav.<br />

140. SHARMA Hirendra Kumar - Shree Dayodai Champukavyasya Samalochanatmaka Addhyayanam.<br />

141. SHARMA I C - Terapanthi Sect Of Jaina’s Belonging To Swetambar School.<br />

142. SHARMA Ishwaranand - Mahakavi Jinharsh:Ek Anusheelan.<br />

143. SHARMA Kailash Chand - Gyansagar Pranitasya Sudarshanodaya Mahakavyasya Kavyashastriya<br />

Parisheelanam<br />

144. SHARMA Kailash Chandra - Acharya Samastbhadra Aur Unka Ratankarand Shravakachar<br />

145. SHARMA Kamla Kumari - Aadhunik Hindi Praband Kavyon Mein Mahabharat ke Kathankon Ka<br />

Vikas<br />

146. SHARMA Krishna Gopal - Historical And Cultural Gleanings From The Early Jaina Inscriptions<br />

From Rajasthan (Upto 1200ad).<br />

147. SHARMA Ku. Jyoti - Karpur Manjari Ka Samalochnatmak Adhyayan<br />

148. SHARMA Madan Gopal - Pradyumna-Charit Kavya Ka Alochanatmak Tatha Tulnatmak Adhyayan.<br />

149. SHARMA Narottam Lal - Acharya Gyansagar Virhchit Jayodaya Mahakavya Ek Sanskritik<br />

Adhyayan.<br />

150. SHARMA Rajesh - Muktibodha Ke Kavya Ka Sanrachanatmak Adhyayan.<br />

151. SHARMA Ramavatar - Acharya Shri 108 Gyansagar Maharaj Prenitrasya Virodaya Mahakavyasya<br />

Kavyashastriya Parisheelanam<br />

152. SHARMA Shiv Kumar - Hindi Jain Kavya Mein Ram Ka Swroop.<br />

153. SHARMA Shri Anshul - Acharya Amritchandra Ki Rachnaon Ka Sanskritik Adhyayan (962-1015)<br />

154. SHARMA Sitaram - Jain Parampara Mein Ramkatha.<br />

155. SHARMA Sunil Kumar - Doctor Brihmanand Sharma Pratipadasya Rasaswaroopsya<br />

Sammikshanam<br />

156. SHARMA Sunil Kumar - Rashtrapati Purskrit Pt. Shri Jagdish Sharmanam Vyaktitva Kratitvam<br />

Cha.<br />

157. SHARMA Sushila - Acharya Mahaprgya Ka Bhartiya Vangmay Ko Yogdan<br />

158. SHEKHAWAT Sunita Singh - Jambusami Charioo Ek Adhayayan<br />

159. SHREEVASTAVA Neena - Hindi Jain Kaviyon Ka Mukta Kavya (Padetar)<br />

160. SHUDHATMA Prabha - Kundkund Aur Unke Tikakar.<br />

161. SINGH Brijendra - Jain Kavi Dhyyanatrai Ka Bhakti Kavya .<br />

162. SINGH Mast Ram - Critical Study Of Geographical Data In The Early Jain Puranas.<br />

163. SINGH Ravindra - Prabandh Sahitya Aur Jain Itihas Lekhon Ki Samasya.<br />

164. SINGHAI S.K. - Jaindarshne Muktimargah<br />

165. SINGHAI Shreyansh Kumar - Jain Karam-Siddhant Bandh Mukti Prakria<br />

166. SINGHAL Pragati - Jatasingh Nandi Krit Varangcharit Ka Samikshatmak Adhyayn<br />

167. SIYAL Snehlata - Upmiti Bhavprapanch-Katha:Ek Adhyayan.<br />

168. SOGANI Kamal Chand - Ethical Doctrines In Jainism<br />

169. SUREKHA - Jain Darshan Mein Samyaktava Ka Swaroop.<br />

170. SUTRAKAR Prabhuram - Sanskrit Vangmay Mein Mahatma Gandhi.<br />

171. SWAMI Narain - Samaya Sundar Aur Unki Rajasthani Rachnayen.<br />

172. TOSHABADA Radhakrishna - Reetikaleen Shahitya mein Krishna Bhakti Ka Swroop Evem Vikas.<br />

173. TYAGI Deepak Kumar - Mahakavi Harichandra Krit Dharmsharmabhyudya Ka Samalochanatmak<br />

Adhyayan<br />

174. VAISH Rukmani - Kushallabh Ke Katha Sahitya Ka Loktatvik Adhyayan.<br />

175. VAISHNAV Kadambini - Shri Amritchandrachary Virchit Purusharthsidhyupaya : Ek Adhyayan<br />

176. VATSSAL Mahima - Sanskrit Charitra Kavyon Mein Tirthankar Mahavir Vishayak Kavya: Ek<br />

Vishleshanatmak Adhyayan.<br />

177. VYAS Bholashankar - Prakrit Paingalam On Prakrit And Apabhramsa Matters (D. Litt.)<br />

178. YADAV Lalita - Jain Sanskrit Pouranik Shahitya Mein Pratibimbit Nari Ka Swaroop (7-10vin<br />


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